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Oromia: ‎TPLF‬ /EPRDF soldiers killed a six months pregnant ‪‎Oromo woman Shashitu Mekonnin‬ and her sister in law ‪‎QananiFikadu‬ in ‪‎Guduru. They threw their body of the cliff. Relatives thought they ran to other villages to escape but their bodies were found three days later. #OromoProtests December 29, 2015

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Odaa OromooStop killing Oromo StudentsStop TortureAgazi security forces beating Oromo women, children)agazi-fascist-tplf-ethiopias-forces-attacking-unarmed-and-peaceful-oromoprotests-in-baabichaa-town-central-oromia-w-shawa-december-10-20151

Last week TPLF /EPRDF soldiers killed a six months pregnant Shashitu Mekonnin‬ and her sister in law
‪‎Qanani Fikadu‬ in ‪ ‎Guduru‬ . They threw their body of the cliff. Relatives thought they ran to other villages to escape but their bodies were found three days later.” A witness tells VOA Afaan Oromoo.
“The way the Agazi forces killed two women and a man is very brutal; bodies of the women were left in a trench in the forest after they were executed. Their bodies were found after two days,”Eyewitness source.
The 7 month pregnant victim was named Shashitu Mekonnen. She was 19 and has recently completed 10th grade. Another victim was Qeneni Fikadu, 17 years old. They were shot dead by Agazi forces,
according to the sources.
The victims were buried at Wakiyo Church, the witness said. “It was inhuman to murder women who have nothing to do with the protest,” the witness told. Another victim, Tolossa Lelisa was also killed by Ethiopian security forces in the area.
The source said that security forces kill anyone who trespass the 8:00 PM curfew and throw their bodies into the woods.
“The current situation is not good; schools are closed; government offices were closed; there is no transport service,” the witnesses said. People are grossly arrested, harassed, and killed everywhere in
our Wereda, he said.
The TPLF security forces massacred more than 150 people in Oromia since 12 November 2015.

Addis Gazetta


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