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የእምዬ የኢትዮያ ጉዞ ወደኋላ!Ethiopia : Marching Backwards July 28, 2020

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የእምዬ የኢትዮያ ጉዞ ወደኋላ!Ethiopia : Marching Backwards

By Leenjisso Diigaa | July 27, 2020

Whenever hate rides arrogance outpacing reason, tolerance and harmony the outcome is fairly predictable. Fanning persistent campaign of Oromophobia over the airwaves and other venues is a clear and present danger to society. This impacts not only the Oromo human dignity and that of people of the wider-South, who share similar historical experiences and aspirations but also to the well-being of the entire malformed Ethiopian Nation State (of victims). The bigoted self-righteous forces of alienation and despair must investigate their racist persuasions before irreversible damage is done. The appeal for Red Terror re-enactments by the resurrected remnants of Derg proponents is not only incompatible with current politically savvy society but it’s also a regrettable reliving of a savage and barbaric episode in human history. Declarations of open war on the Oromo, urging and prodding for more massacres of an innocent population, arbitrary arrests, tortures and meting out cruelty of injustices in society will not bring any submissions or peace but intensifies the resolve to resist it. Violence begets violence for there must be a limit to the level of beatdowns and indignation human beings can endure before they SAY NO to it. The more people are marginalized the more determined they become to end it. History is replete with such human experiences. It’s the law of human nature. Violence in all its forms must be condemned regardless of the identity of the victims. For one to campaign with the right hand to free one (Iskender) and with left hand to jail the other (Jawar) betrays the contradictory nature of the ideology of the hypocrites. Justice must not be partially enforced. It’s ought to be based on nothing but the truth, not on the person’s identity.Fate of the people occupying same echo system is inevitably and intricately intertwined. Irresponsibly disturbing their long maintained equilibrium for peace and harmony comes at an immense cost. The evidence is loud and clear. The lLoss of majority Oromo lives and that of others along with their properties are the direct results of Oromophobia driven well financed and orchestrated campaign of destruction. It will benefit no party. Oromo’s ethos of love and accommodation should have not been reciprocated with egregious, rude and rubbish narratives that promotes their dehumanization, antagonization that foments conflicts.Condemning followers of particular faith as “extremists” or “terrorists” for political expediency is wrong. Religions have long been with the people and will continue to exist in the future.As much as others do in theirs, the Oromo of any religious affiliation have the right to a dignified life in their homeland, Oromia of Ethiopia, not Madagascar or Indian Ocean. Ethiopia must change her attitude of omission and animosity towards people who resist her antiquated addiction with human misery, it’s only thereafter that God will bless her richly. Until Ethiopia begins to see all nationalities as a equal human beings with dignity no power or force can buy her peace and prosperity. Why would Ethiopia march backwards to the “ብሔራዊ ዉትድርና” era and beyond (to the era of የተገዙ “ቀይ ባሪያ”ና “ጥቁር ባሪያ”).In the season when a communist Derg is offered a comfort from where he preaches about God’s blessing while rehearsing the long forgotten feverish slogans of oppression and, with the same breath, calling for annihilation of people, Ethiopia is for sure in big trouble. The ghosts of the past belong in their distant attics not in public place of influence. Col. Mengistu must be laughing his heart out all the way from Zimbabwe hearing the echo of his reigns. የእምዬ የኢትዮያ ጉዞ …


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