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Ethiopia in the Extreme Food Security Risk Index – Map October 22, 2012

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The food security risk index – map
‘The index has been developed by the risk analysis company Maplecroft for governments, NGOs and business to use as a barometer to identify those countries which may be susceptible to famine and societal unrest stemming from food shortages and price fluctuations. This map shows the results of evaluating the availability, access and stability of food supplies in 197 countries, as well as the nutritional and health status of populations,’ The guardian.


As Africa is clearly the most afflicted, with six (Ethiopia, Somalia, S.Sudan, Congo, Chad  and Eritrea) of the seven  states at “extreme risk.” Afghanistan was the only  country outside of Africa at extreme risk ,  Maplecroft inside report. According to FAO’s study, out of Ethiopia’s total Population of 84.7 million the number of undernourished persons  are 34.0 million, and prevalence of undernourishment  is 40 %.


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