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The Genocide Against The Oromo People

The Oromo Cause

Grand #Genocide is Brewing Against Oromia

Two Centuries of Genocide Against the Oromo: From Sahle Sellasie to Abiy Ahmed

The Oromo Community of the Netherlands submit complaint to the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) at the ICC asking for an investigation to be opened against the senior Ethiopian leaders for crimes against humanity committed against the Oromo and other nations in and outside Ethiopia September 4, 2020

SHRC Statement on Gross Human Rights Violations in Ethiopia

Ethiopia Insight: An imperial narrative gets recycled August 25, 2020

Partial list of Oromo nationals murdered by Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed Ali’s security forces since 17 August 2020 August 24, 2020

Ethiopia: HLHA Strongly condemns government security forces brutality in Oromia August 22, 2020

The Ethiopia watchdog said it is “deeply alarmed by the loss of life amid protests in Oromia,” calling on authorities to prevent security forces from using excessive force. August 21, 2020

Ethiopia is being led by dictator Abiy Ahmed, here is how!! #OromoProtests August 20, 2020









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