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Partial list of Oromo nationals murdered by Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed Ali’s security forces since 17 August 2020 August 24, 2020

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Partial list Oromo nationals murdered by Ethiopia’s fascist dictator, PM Abiy Ahmed Ali’s military forces just in one week, 15-23 August 2020.

Awash Post: Abiy’s security forces brutally murdered over 100 innocent civilians within days. Many have sustained bullet injuries and some of them may not survive. Sheiks, children and teachers were victims of cold-blooded murder. Those people were not armed and did no harm to anybody (property).Abiy has sworn to silence and suppress Oromos using AK47. Literally, Oromia is under siege. Though horrified and traumatized by Aby’s actions, Oromos’ determination and spirit to end another round of oppression and injustice are stronger than ever before.

Ajjeechaan Oromoo irratti raawwatame madaallii kamiinuu suukkaneessaadha. Xiqqaa fi guddaan, sheekaa fi barsiisaan hin hafne. Ijoollee woggaa 10 odoo hin hafin mataa dhayaa kuffisan. Garajabeenna seenaan hin dagannetu humna Abiyyi bobbaaseen Oromoo irratti raawwatame.Amma, gummaa kan du’ee baasuun, isa hidhame hiiksisuun dirqama Oromoo hundaati. Aaarsaa dabalataas yoo kan nu kaffalchiisu ta’e, dhiigni dhangala’e bu’aa malee akka hin hafne godhuuf, qabsoo sabaa sadarkaa itti aanutti ceesisuuf qabsoo keessaa fi alaan finiisuudha falli.~ Nesru Hassen


The Africa Optics: Sheik Omar and his wife were killed at their home by government security forces. Their three-months old infant who sustained an injury at the time also died the next day.

Red Terror again! Inhuman criminal Terror Killings are currently taking place in Oromiyaa. Youngsters are taken out of prison and their homes and summarily executed. Examples are that in Ijaajjii West, Muneessaa South and Dirree Xayyaaraa East. Dirribaa Ingidaa, Baaburee Magarsaa, and Bayyaan Alii respectively were reported as taken out and killed summarily and thrown into the wilderness and refused honorable burial. These are samples of hundreds of victims of terror being reported. Red terror of 70s we experienced was between two parties, Darg and cronies they named Red on one part and EPRP they called White. The present one is Government Colorless Terrorist, against Oromo people. It is typical genocide. War that started in the last two years led by Kolonel Abiy and supported by Nafxanyaa system hopefuls is now escalating to an extent that soon great ratio of Oromo population is going to be wiped out and chaos reign. The government is now managed by amateur incapable for pacifying the situation but can kill without distinguishing, age, gender and health situations. Rape and arsenal are rampant. In self-defense Oromo have launched peaceful protest, which is being met by life bullet. That discredits peaceful struggle and may push many to armed struggle for survival. All peace-loving people have to rally for help. Send to the world in writing, audio and pictures what is going on under Abiy. In that way you can make stop to extinction of a civilization. Oromiyaan haa jiraattu! ~ Ibsaa Guutama


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