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Oromia: Dr Birhanu Nega alone displaced and took the farmland of 217 Oromo farmers household. That means he alone displaced and grabbed the farmland of more than 1000 Oromos using the racist and anti Oromo regime. September 5, 2020

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By Birhanemeskel Abebe Segni

Dr Birhanu Nega alone displaced and took the farmland of 217 Oromo farmers household. That means he alone displaced and grabbed the farmland of more than 1000 Oromos using the racist and anti Oromo regime. Could these Oromo victims get justice from the racist Neftagna regime? Not at all. Over the last 15 years alone, Addis Ababa expanded three fold by displacing about 1,500,000 Oromo people. Literally, the racist and anti Oromo regime committed genocide on our people. Still, system driven, land grab and the genocidal mission against the Oromo people continued in the name of development, religion, business etc. It is forgone conclusion that the Oromo people cannot seek justice from the racist regime. Then, what type of political discourse could an Oromo hold with the racist system that calls an Oromo who speak about the equality of the Oromo people in that country an extremist, terrorist and so forth? None! From now on, the Oromo people should not fool themselves and wast any time by talking about democracy, election, law etc for there is none! Oromos who talk about these nonexistent things should also stop lying and giving false hope to the Oromo people. It is critically important to know that unless and until the racist Neftagna System is defeated, subdued and dismantled, let alone equality, the Oromo people will not be considered as human beings in Ethiopia. These dehumanization of the Oromo!? We have all seen it. We are all living it! Therefore, let all Oromos focus only on organizing and mobilizing the Oromo people to defeat, subdue and dismantle the racist Neftagna System!

ዶ/ር ብርሃኑ ነጋ ብቻ 217 የኦሮሞ ገበሬ አባወራዎችን (በትንሹ ከአንድ ሺህ ህዝብ በላይ) አፈናቅሎ መሬታቸውን ወስዷል። እነዚህ ኦሮሞዎች ከዘረኛው ነፍጠኛ ስረዓት ፍትህ መጠየቅ ይችላሉ? በጭራሽ! ይህ አሁን ያወቅነው አንድ ሰው ብቻ ስረዓቱን ተጠቅሞ የፈፀመው ግፍ ነው። ባለፉት 15 ዓመት ብቻ አዲስ አበባ አንድ ሚልዮን አምስት መቶ ሺህ የኦሮሞ ህዝብ ላይ ጄኖሳይድ ፈፅማ በቆዳ ስፋት ሶስት እጥፍ ሰፈታለች! በልማት፣ በሃይማኖት፣ በንግድ፣ በተለያዩ የሌብነት ስልቶች የኦሮሞ ህዝብ መሬት መቀማቱን ቀጥሏል። ይህን የተደራጀ ስረዓታዊ ወረራ እና ጄኖሳይድ ለስረዓቱ ሌቦች አቤት በማለት የኦሮሞ ህዝብ የሚያገኘው አንዳች ፍትህ የለም። ለኦሮሞ ህዝብ እኩልነት የሚናገር ፅንፈኛ በሚባልበት ስረዓት ውስጥ የምን ፖለቲካ ነው ኦሮሞ የሚያካሄደው? የለም! የኦሮሞ ህዝብ ከዚህ በኋላ ለአንድ ቀን እራሱን ዲሞክራሲ፣ህግ፣ ምርጫ፣ ቅርጫ እያለ ማታለል የለበትም። ይህን ውሸት መፍትሄ ብላችሁ የምታወሩ ኦሮሞዎችም አቁሙ! የነፍጠኛው ስረዓት ካልተሸነፈ እና ካልገበረ የኦሮሞን ህዝብ እንኳን እኩልነት፣ እንደሰውም አይቆጥርም። ውሸት ነው እንዳትሉ እያያችሁት እና እየኖራችሁት ነው። ስለዚህ የኦሮሞ ህዝብ ብቸኛ ግብ የነፍጠኛው ስረዓት ማፍረሰ እና ማስገበር ብቻ መሆኑን አውቃችሁ በሙሉ ኃይላችሁ ህዝቡን አንቁ እና አደራጁ!!


Azhar Kïa Abadir

Amhara businessmen Belayneh Kindie and Worku Aytenew took 250 hectares of land from the hearts of Addis through direct involvement of the retard. Haile G/S took free land from South, Oromia and Amhara in the name of building resort. These three Amhara looters are behind all of Addis land grab and why they are supporting this retard. Oromo businessmen Dinku Deyasa and Gemshu Beyene are chased away from their mother land. Gemshu is still in Oromia but Dinku was attacked by mafias several times. It is so sad that Oromo’s resources are looted by these crooked Amharas but Oromos are killed on their soil because they born Oromo. This madness must be stopped by the blood of Oromos. This struggle must be the binding one. You have well prepared leaders and there will be no risk of power sabotage afterwards. In this short time, peaceful struggle aimed at deteriorating the mafia’s economy must be strongly executed. This is a bitter struggle. Military is told to shoot anyone on the road so that direct confrontation is risky. However, self defense is legal whenever the military is attacking you while you are protesting peacefully. Military has no legal ground to kill peaceful protesters. It is beyond its mandate and should be taught a desirable lesson like of Tegarus. Military seems to be brave on Oromos because they knew that Oromos are peaceful. Effective road closure surrounding Addis will bring down this mafia. Never carry gun or other artileries. Just peacefully. You will definitely win and determine your fate. Amharas who did not support this mafia are just your families and protect them taking any respobsibilities. However, any nation and nationalities who support this mafia have to learn some lessons. All lessons should of economic deterioration.

Oromo is winning! Luel Henok

የኦሮሞን መሬት ለመቀማት እጅግ ቀላሉ መንገድ -ትናንት፣ ዛሬና ነገ-(The Easiest way to grab Oromo’s land)****************************

1. አንድ ጨረቃ ቤተ እምነት ይሰራል!

2. ከዚያ በዙሪያ የመጤ ሰፋሪዎች ጨረቃ ቤት ይሰራል!

3. እድርና ማህበር ይበዛል!

4. መብራት:ውሃና ስልክ በፊውዳል ሰንሰለት በፍጥነት ይገባላቸዋል!

5. ከፖሊስና ፀጥታ አካላት ሰንሰለት በመፍጠር አካባቢያችሁን ጠብቁ በሚል ያስታጥቋቸዋል!

6. ኦሮሞ ያለ ቤተ እምነት በራሱ መሬት ላይ መቀበር አልችልም ብሎ ስላመነ መቀበሪያ አገኘሁ ብሎ ይደሰታል:ተጨማሪ መሬቱን ይሰጣል;ንብረቱን ይሰጣል::

7.በአገልግሎትና በበአላት ስም የሚመጣ ፊውዳል እዚያው ቀርቶ ጨረቃ ቤት ይሰራል!

8. ኦሮሞ ምስጢራቸውን እንዳያይባቸው የትኛውም አገልግሎት ውስጥ አያስገቡትም!

9. ቆይቶ ኦሮሞና ኦሮሙማ ጠፍቶ….ባዶ እጁን ቀርቶ;ቤተሰቡን በትኖ; መቀበሪያ አገኘሁ ያለውንም ሳያገኝ ተሰዶ መንገድ ዳር ሞቶ ማዘጋጃ ይቀብረዋል::ይሄ ትናንት ነዉ። ዛሬም ይሄ እንዳለ ሆኖ ሌላ ሀይል ተጨምሯል። ሴቶችና ህፃናት ከየጎዳናዉ ተሰብስበዉ የደብተራዎች ሚዲያ በሆነዉ ESAT እና EBC ዜና ይሰራል። ለዶ/ር ምልኬሳም ይደወላል። በዚህ ስልት አንፎ አካባቢ የተጀመረዉ ቆሟል። ነገስ? ነገ ኦሮሞ ነቅቶባቸዋልና ቄሮ በራሱ መሬቱን ያፀዳል።=with Worku Bedada=

Oromia: EZEMA and PP: The clash over the Oromo land September 1, 2020

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EZEMA and Urban Land – Addis Ababa

By Faisal Roble, August 31, 2020,

EZEMA, a political party in Ethiopia that is birthed out of remnants of EPRP, All-Amhara Organization, Medhin led by a fascist individual known as Goshu Wolde, and remnants of former landlords once again betrayed the ongoing revolution; first it stood by when Oromo comrades were killed and jailed; and then it temporarily ended up forming what could be a short unholy alliance with PM Abiy’s Prosperity Party (PP). The two joined hips not because they love each other but because they want to break the Oromo spirit. Their unholy unification is based on the ever-elusive pan-Ethiopianims – a crude ideology that sacrifices regional and local histories in favor of a never substantiated Solomonic history – a history that is more of a myth than a real history based on the histories of the peoples of Ethiopia.

To cement its image as the guardian of a radical version of Ethiopianism negotiated on the concept of Andinet-fusuminet, a narrative that seeks to protect the left-over of an old oppressive system, EZEMA has hastily released what could be perceived as its land policy. In it, it falters on the question of urban land of Addis Ababa. Reading EZEMA’s 15-pages report, I understand that there is an attempt to delineate the distribution of about hundreds of thousands of acres of vacant suburban land and the distribution of 96,000 condominiums. It would have been a high toll if their study was not politically charged.

EZEMA makes an accusation without showing any proof that a large portion of the 96,000 condominium units are reserved for workers belonging to the Oromia regional state. It adds that the rest is distributed to Dr. Abiy’s cronies.There are some truths to EZEMA’s accusation, especially when it accuses the government of PP of handing keys of finished units to government bureaucrats. Such a practice is common even in the regions. It is customary for both federal and regional governments to give prime land to cronies. PP functionaries in the regions are as guilty of this accusation as they come. In the process, often legitimate owners of such lands are pushed aside.Having said that, the spirit of EZEMA’s August 2020 report is to express its philosophy on the land question pertaining to Addis Ababa. In the report, EZEMA saws the unprovable suspicion that Dr. Abiy’s government is illegally handing finished units to Oromo. In a clever way, it reinvigorates the debate on the question of Addis Ababa and comes to saying that urban land is grabbed by Oromo with the approval of Dr. Abiy’s government. But how does this accusation sit with the killings of Oromo politicians and Oromo activists by the same government? It is this argument that makes EZEMA’s August report nothing but a false pretext to cleverly revive the debate over Addis Ababa at this sensitive time when Oromo advocates are in jail and have no freedom of expression.

The thin thread that holds EZEMA and PP has always been to silence the Oromo and other nationality voices so that urban land of Addis Ababa is “managed” without resistance. In other words, the EZEMA report is the tool for a fight for the control of one of the most important resources that belongs to Oromo – LAND. And this fight is an affirmation that Ethiopia’s history in the last century has been the looting and defending of land by different forces. The urban land question finally saws a wedge between two wrong sides whose unholy alliance is unsustainable. The clash over Oromo land will soon foment open conflict between EZEMA and PP. A Somali adage says: a stolen she camel will never produce a legitimate calf. The original sin of stealing Oromo land must first be corrected before land is legalized to consumers. We need a serious and democratic land policy.

Oromia: Bilxiginnaan Maaster Pilaaniin saamichaa bifa haarawaan qabattee as baate:“Zoonii Diinagdee Addaa Gadaa” jedha maqaansaa: Extensions of the garrison-town-economic-model of Ethiopia February 23, 2020

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Awash Post: Bilxiginnaan Maaster Pilaaniin saamichaa bifa haarawaan qabattee as baate. Karoorri haarofni Adaamaa Minjaarii (naannoo Amaaraa) fi godina Guraageen (Na Kibba) walqunnamsiisa. Zooniin diinagdee addaa uumamu kun bulchiinsa Oromiyaan ala ta’a. Oromiyaan qircamuuf! Hanga Oromiyaan diigamtutti jarreen raftee bulaarti hin fakkaatu.

Kan Dr Barii Ayano, professor of economics, barreesse dubbisaa!!!

PP’s Plan of Economic Zones in Oromia a State within a State: Disintegrating & Weakening Oromia

1. A friend inbox me PP’s Cafee Oromia draft a proclamation titled “Wixinee Labsii Zoonii Diinagdee Addaa Gadaa”, which has a theme to create economic zones. I read it thoroughly. It is important to note that the proposed economic zones stretch from Adama to Minjar Shonkoraa and Gurage zone. Thus, it is not limited to the Oromia Regional State. It is another puzzling document that adds to our mistrust of PP leaders’ plans for the Oromia State & the Oromo people.

2. Different countries create economic zones for various reasons. However, the underlying objectives are similar. The special economic zones have sets of business, trade, financial and economic laws that differs from the wider systems of a country. Economic zones also have sets of tax laws and regulations, which are very lax and different from the rest of a country. For instance, China started establishing special economic zones in late 1970s to create two economic systems in the country. The larger China operates under the Central Planned Economy whereas economic zones operated under the liberal market economy like the West. The goal of the two economic system was to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from the advanced economies to the economic zones, which have the modus operandi of the Western liberal market economic system. Simply put, the market economy was allowed in the economic zones whereas planned economy operates in the rest of the larger China. The plan worked for China in attracting foreign capital in the form of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), which helped China to largely avoid foreign borrowing-dependent economy.

3. When it comes to PP’s plan for the economic zones, it raises more questions than answers. First, the title of the “Zoonii Diinagdee Addaa Gadaa” is literally annoying. I am stating this not based on my opinion but after reading the contents of the draft proclamation. The planned economic zones have nothing to do with the Gadaa culture. The economic zones will be very independent of Oromia Regional State in business, trade, governance, etc. laws and regulations. Simply put, the economic zones will be administered by a board, which will be mandated to administer the economic zones as the board members see fit. The outlying areas (like farmers) that will be included in the economic zones will be subjected to the laws and regulations set up by the board. (I am well versed in the economic zones and their applications in different countries). The planed economic zones of PP will one of the most relaxed economic zones in the world that accord unlimited powers to the board that govern the economic zones. Simply put, the economic zones will be a state within a state, with very little control of the Oromia Region on their modus operandi.

4. The economic zones will be independent and the most economically powerful area in the Oromia Region, which can eventually surpass the already economically powerful Addis Ababa. What is the core purpose of creating an independent economic power within the Oromia Regional State? Why does the border of the economic zones cross all the way to Minjar Shenkora and Gurgage zones? What is the impact of the very large independent and powerful economic zones on the integrity and viability of Oromia as a state? What is the effect of the economic zones on rural Oromia around and within the economic zones? The draft proclamation states the economic zones will have positive impacts on the Oromo people and our cultural ethos. Yet, the economic zones will be governed by independent board members, with the prime duty to attract foreign and local investors. The Oromia Region cannot intervene and enforce pro-Oromo laws and regulations.

5. Whenever we discuss economic matters, our premise should be the fact that our people are predominantly agrarian with rural based economy. An economic model that transforms the livelihood of our people must begin from transforming the mainstay-the dominant-agricultural sector. PP’s economic plans of mega city and economic zones owned by foreigners and the few local rich people won’t improve the living standards of our people. They are just another master plan schemes that will evict Oromo farmers in millions from their ancestral lands. We will end up under the scenario where the top 2% or 1% of the rich, who are connected nepotism and corruption are rampant, owning and dominating the economy. At its core, PP’s economic plan is merely serving the rich. The majority will end up being daily laborers with meager salary that cannot even feed their families. The farmers within the economic zones will be evicted and become landless. (PP’s document itself hints this and glossy over it by stating compensation). There is nothing economically worse for the Oromos or other farmers than losing their ancestral lands. Simply put, we should measure economic progress and development in terms of their contributions to improving the living standards of our people. The proposed economic zones will not improve the living standards of our farmers, who dominate the economy. The few rich, who have access to capital, so-called investors, will get rich; the poor majority will get poorer. There are alternative economic policies that can be drawn that can seriously consider the economic hardships of our people in order to improve their living standards.

6. Politically speaking, the economic zones will create a powerful economic state within Oromia. It will weaken the rest of Oromia in political and economic terms. The economics zones will be more powerful than the other parts of larger Oromia. It also destroys the integrity and viability of Oromia as a state. We can safely conclude that PP’s unitary government plan has the agenda to bank on unitary economic plan. In other words, unitary government will give us unitary economic policy tools that favors the few rich urbanities, with the help of foreign finance. It’s not geared towards addressing the economic plights of the rural majority. The multinational federal system, if it is correctly implemented, will give us decentralized economic system that will consider the real economies on the ground. Banking on mega cities and mega economic zones will not help the majority. They are just extensions of the garrison-town-economic-model of Ethiopia, which has survived for generations by exploiting and extracting resources from the rural sector with very little reciprocated benefits.

7. Theoretically speaking, Ethiopia is heading towards elections in few months. Why do the PP leaders in Oromia come up with large scale mega projects that take years to complete? Where do they get the mandate for the long-term plan on the eve elections? They cannot be taken as economic policy proposals for election campaigns either since the opposition groups can easily dig into them and capitalize on them for their advantages. PP leaders are not drawing economic policies that attract the majority. Giving it a title “Diinagdee Addaa Gadaa” for the proposed economic zones is less than fool hardy. It is insulting our intelligence. We can read their proposal and evaluate its impact on our people in terms of economy, politics, culture, etc. The EPRDF/PP regime never contemplate impact studies of their mega projects. They are addicted to copycat syndrome. Yet, they have the audacity to lecture us that they are building ‘homegrown’ economy.

Oromia (Finfinnee): Maasaanuun daangaa qabdi August 4, 2019

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Jawaar Mahaammad: ‘Kaayyoon ‘Master Plan’ jalqabaas quubsuma uummataa jijjiiranii naannicha alagoomsuudha’

BBC Afaan Oromoo, Bitooteessa 8 Bara 2019

Rogeessaa fi xiinxalaa siyaasaa Jawaar Mahaammad
Goodayyaa suuraaRogeessaa fi xiinxalaa siyaasaa Jawaar Mahaammad dhimma Finfinnee irratti

Magaalaan kamiyyuu daangaa mataasaa qabaachuun dirqama jedha xiinxalaan siyaasaafi rogeessi Obbo Jawaar Mohaammad.

Obbo Jawaar Mahaammad yeroo Maaster Pilaanii Qindaa’aa Finfinnee hojiirra ooluuf yaalame keessa mormii ture keessatti tarkaanficha mormuun nama qooda guddaa qabu ture.

Akkaataa Maaster Pilaanichaatti magaalaa Finfinnee babal’isuuf jecha seeraan ala magaalicha irraa fageessuun manneen jireenya ijaaramaa turan jedha.

Finfinneen magaalaa guddoo Oromiyaa waan taateef, babal’inni ishee akkamitti seeraan ala jechuu dandeenya kan jedhu ilaalchisee Jawaar waan jedhu, ”Dhimmichi waldhabdee naannolee lamaanii osoo hin taane, magaalan kamiyyuu daangaa mataasaa qabaachuu waan qabuuf,” jedha.

Magaalotumti Oromiyaa keessa jiran kamiyyuu daangaa qabu jedhee, fakkeenyaaf magaalaan Adaamaa Walancitii deemee mana ijaaree qooduu hin danda’u jedha.

”Maasaanuun daangaa qabdi.”

Dhimmi amma raawwachaa jiru seeraa fi heera kan hin eeggannee fi qonnaan bulaa buqqaasuuf jecha waan raawwachaa jiru jedha Jawaar.

”Quubsuma uummataa jijjiiranii naannicha alagoomsuun, booda adeemsa keessa immoo Finfinnee naannoo biraatiin waliiti qabanii Oromiyaa bakka lamatti muruun; karoora master pilaaniidhaan lafa kaawwame sana hojiitti hiikuuf kan yaadamedha,” jedha xiinxalaan siyaasaa kun.

Aanga’oonni naannoo Oromiyaa tokko tokko Finfinneen iyyuu kan keenya daangaa nu hin barbaachisu ejjennoo jedhu akka qaban dubbata.

Haa tahu malee Jawaar inni akkuma jirutti tahee Finfinneen magaalaa amala addaa qabdu fi qonnaan bulaa buqqisaa babal’ataa bultudha jedha.

Dabalataan ajandaa siyaasaa guddaas waan taheef daangaa itti gochuun dirqama jedha.

Gaaffii uummatni dhiyeessaa ture cinatti dhiisuun manneen ijaaramaan kennuun seeraan ala waan taheef ammas mormiin jalqabe jedhan.

Gaaffii abbaa biyyummaa

Gaaffiin abbaa biyyummaa Finfinnee gaaffi qabsoo Oromoo keessaa isa ijoodha jedhanii garuu cehumsi kun nagaa fi tasgabbiin haa gaggeefamu jedhameeti gaaffiin kunii fi Afaan Oromoo yeroodhaaf akka bulu kan taasifamee ture jedhan.

Uummannis garaan isaa osoo aaruuti mootummaan gaaffii keenya suuta nuuf deebisa jechuun kan ture kan jedhu Jawaar mootummaan garuu deebisee karoora master pilaanii waan irratti yaaleef uummanni dallanee hiriira bahe jedhe.

”Hiriirrii fi gaaffiin ammaa kun kan ijaarsa manneetii qofa natti hin fakkatu, gaaffii abba biyyummaa Finfinnee kan inumaayyuu alagaan Finfinnee hin seentan jedhee mataa raasuu fi mootuymmaanis irra dibee darbaa jiru furuuf waan godhamu natti fakkata.”

Haalli kun yoo yeroodhaan hin furamne jijjirama siyaasaa amma biyya keessa jiru irratti dhiibbaa qabaachuu danda’aa gaaffii jedhu Jawaar uummanni ammas jijjiramicha deeggaraa jira jedhee uummannis tasgabbaa’ee karaa nagaa qabuun gaaffii isaa dhiyeessuu qaba jedhe.

Mootummaanis deebisee madaa isaa tuttuquu dhiisee gadi taa’ee tasgabbiidhaan uummata kana waliin mari’atee deebii itti kennuutu furmaata jedha Jawaar.

Mootummaan micciireen humnaan deebisuuf kan yaalu yoo tahe garuu uummata waliin wal dhabuun gatii akkamii akka nama kaffalchiisu fi eenyu akka injifatu waan beekamudha jedhee sadarkaa kana irra garuu gaha jedhee hin yaadu jedha.

Related, Oromian Economist sources:

“Finfinnee irratti abbaa biyyummaa Oromoo kan kabajsiisu Oromoo dha malee ODP yookiis paartii siyaasaa kamuu miti. Qabsoon Oromoo Finfinneedhaan finiinti, Finfinneedhaan furamtis. Kun diinaafis firaafis ifa tahuu qaba. ODPiif dhaamsi qabnu ‘Yaa soogiddaa ofii jettu mi’aaahii…’ dha. Ummata Oromoo waa meeqa obsee jara jajjabeessuu filate mufachiisanii humna jibbaa fi abaarsa dunuunfiitiin dachii jala jara dabarsuu fedhuuf dhugaa galchuu/gammachiisuu filatan taanaan filannoon kanuma jaraa ti.

Ummata keenyaaf wantin dhaamu waan tokko qofa. Kaleessas paartii siyaasaatiin osoo hin taane akka ummataatti qabsooftee dhiibdee dhuftee as geesse. Har’a garuu sagaleen kee dhokatee sagalee waca humnoota siyaasaatu lafa qabataa jira. Nagaadonni siyaasaa kamuu dantaa keetti qabatanii si ganuus tahee siin nagaduu malu. Dammaqinsaan ofirraa eegaa injifannoo kee dhiigaan asiin geesse ammas qabsoo haalli si gafatu kamiinuu kabasiisuuf of qopheessi.” – Yaya Beshir

Oromia: Iyya Koyyee March 6, 2019

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Lafa Oromoo saamanii qaama Finfinnee godhuuf murteen har’a dabre ergaa guddaa dabarseera. Hurrii duraan nutti maraa bahan nuu saaqee qulqulleesseera. Akkuma kaleessa jenne gara itti deemaa jirru nuu akeekeera. Murteen kun hayyama MNO ala godhame jechuuf ragaan hin jiru. Taakkalaan ODP dha. Finfinnee isatu bulcha. Ixaa kanas isatu baasise. Kanaafuu ODPiitu lafa Oromoo lubbuun gootota qaqqaalii 5000 itti gabbarame dabarsee kenne. Dantaa Oromoo dabarsanii kennuun waadaa kaleessa ”Gooftaa keenya ummata keenya” jedhan san ganbuu dha. Gantuuf ammoo gatii barbaachisu ummanni keenya ni beeka. Salphoo soqolatte soqolaa gargaaruu itti beeyna.

Qabsoo kee dhiiga kumootaa itti wareegdee asiin geesse. OPDOn sabatti deebiteetti jechuun amanattee imaanaa kee itti kennattee nu ceesisi jetteen. Amma jarri imaanaa kee ormatti gurgurataa jirti. Kanaafuu bakka jirtuu ganiinsa kanaaf deebii malu kennuuf of qopheessi. Rakkoo sababa kanaan dhalachuu malu kamiifuu kan itti gaafatamu qaama imaanaa ummataa gane qofa dha. Guyyaa har’aa irraa qabee tasgabbii dhabiisa dhalatu kamiifuu kan itti gaafatamu qaama Mootummaa ofiin jedhuu dha. Qabbanaahu harka, gubu fal’aana!

Dhimmi finfinnee ijjannoo ifa ta’een qabsa’uu qabna.
1ffaa bulchiinsi finfinnee guutummaa guututti Oromiyaa jala galuu qabdi. Akkuma magaalaan oromiyaa keessa jiraatan daangaa magaalaaf malu Mootummaan oromiyaa tolchuu qaba.
2ffaa Eenyummaan oromoo waggaa 100 oli finfinnee keessaa haqame bakkatti deebi’uu qaba.
3ffaa seerri wayyaaneen fayidaa addaa jettee dhimma finfinnee tumte guutummaatti haqamuu qaba.
4ffaa hixxaan amma bahe kun guutummaatti haqamuu qaba.

Kondominiyeemii. Koyyee Faccee, Galaan, Tullu Diimtuu fi Galaan bulchiinsa Godina Addaa Oromiyaa gala jiru. Finfinneen seeraan ala ijaarte. Tarkaanfiin sirrii manneen kana godina addaaf dabarsanii akka godinni raabsu gochuu qofa. Raabsaan amma Finfinneen goote seeraan ala. Namni Finfinneen kenniteef tokkos itti galuu hin danda’u.

198 Ways to Fight the T-TPLF’s State of Emergency in Ethiopia and Win, Al Mariam’s Commentaries February 19, 2018

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Odaa OromoooromianeconomistNo To Fascist TPLF Ethiopia's genocidal militarism and mass killings in Oromia, Ethiopia

198 Ways to Fight the T-TPLF’s State of Emergency in Ethiopia and Win

One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The T-TPLF state of emergency declaration is an unjust law!

The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress… If there is no struggle there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation are men who want crops without plowing up the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters.” — Frederick Douglass, anti-slavery statesman.

The endurance of the Ethiopian people suffering under T-TPLF ethnic apartheid rule has completely vanished. Today, they are on the move agitating and mobilizing for peaceful nonviolent change.

Author’s Note:

Make no mistake about it!

The peaceful struggle for political change in Ethiopia is now in its final and terminal phase.

On February 16, 2018, the Thugtatorship of the Tigrean Peoples’ Liberation Front (T-TPLF) declared a war of the people of Ethiopia for the third time since October 2016 by declaring a state of emergency. That is the T-TPLF’s response to the Ethiopian people’s peaceful demands for change.

That declaration of a state of emergency is the T-TPLF’s last hurrah, their curtain call.

But the whole emergency declaration is a crock of horse manure. This is the third emergency declaration since October 2016. The people’s demand did not stop. What is so different now?

The T-TPLF state of emergency declaration should be called by its proper name: License to kill. License to jail. License to torture.

But the T-TPLF has had that license for 27 years. It is nothing new. It changes nothing.

When they T-TPLF massacred thousands of people in October 2016 at the Irrecha Festival, they did not have a declaration of emergency. For 27 years, the T-TPLF has massacred, jailed and tortured hundreds of thousands of innocent Ethiopians without a declaration of emergency.

Do the T-TPLF bosses now believe the people will kneel down to them, kiss their shoes and become their slaves in their ethnic apartheid empire simply because they scribbled a piece of paper with the words, “state of emergency”? That declaration is not worth the paper it is written on.

The fact of the matter is that the T-TPLF bosses today are desperadoes, criminals with no place to run or hide. They are at the end of their ropes, on their last legs. They do not know what to do to continue to cling to power and maintain the ethnic apartheid system they have enjoyed over the past 27 years.

So they try to prove they still have power and they are still the masters of Ethiopia’s 100 million people.

But make no mistake.

The state of emergency declaration is about sending a message to the people of Ethiopia and to the world. It is a message that announces the T-TPLF is making its final stand to cling to power come hell or high water:

The T- TPLF will never, never give up power peacefully and allow a democratic transition in Ethiopia.

The T- TPLF will kill, massacre, jail and torture to crush the people’s demand for peaceful change and cling to power.

The T-TPLF would rather see a civil war than give up power peacefully.

The T-TPLF would rather go down blazing than find peaceful ways of addressing the people’s demands.

The T-TPLF will have it ONLY its way: All for itself and nothing for anyone else. It will be the T-TPLF way of the highway.

The T-TPLF in its emergency declaration is offering the Ethiopian people a stark  choice: Bow your heads, drop down on your knees and live like slaves, or die trying to be free with your nonviolent civil disobedience boots on.

So, the dreaded day has come for the T-TPLF. Ethiopia is at the crossroads and the crosshairs.

The T-TPLF wants an Armageddon.

The people of Ethiopia want peace, truth and reconciliation.

The people have resolved to free themselves of ethnic apartheid rule.

The T-TPLF is determined to keep them under ethnic apartheid rule.

The T-TPLF bosses know the end is near; and they are facing the final curtain.

How so?

The people have met their most formidable enemy. That enemy was hiding within them.

For decades, that enemy dwelled in their hearts, minds and every cell in their bodies.

That enemy goes by the name FEAR.

But the people have conquered FEAR and in so doing conquered the T-TPLF.

Robert Holmes (“The Ethics of Nonviolence”, 2013 at p. 226”), explained it best:

For power dissolves when people lose their fear. You can still kill people who no longer fear you, but you cannot control them. You cannot control dead people. Walk through a cemetery with a bullhorn, if you like. Command people to rise up, clean the streets, pay taxes, report for military duty, and they will ignore you. Political power requires obedience, which is fueled by the fear of pain to be inflicted if you refuse to comply with the will of those who control the instruments of violence. That power evaporates when the people lose their fear…

Simply stated, nonviolent social change by civil disobedience and mass resistance simply means the people have lost their fear of their oppressors.

What is to be done by people who have lost their fear of their oppressors?

What is to be done in the face of T-TPLF’s declaration of state of emergency and beyond?

In 1901, V.I. Lenin wrote a pamphlet entitled, “What Is to Be Done?” (p. 47). He argued the working class will not be politically mobilized into action simply by fighting economic battles over workers’ wages, working conditions and other economic rights. To transform the working class into a potent Marxist political force, Lenin said it would be necessary to form a “vanguard” of dedicated revolutionaries to spread Marxist political ideas among the workers.  He prescribed, “To bring political knowledge to the workers the Social Democrats must go among all classes of the population; they must dispatch units of their army in all directions.”

I say what is good sauce for the goose is good for the gander. The principles that apply to a violent revolution apply equally to a peaceful nonviolent revolution.

The peaceful nonviolent movement led by the “youth vanguard” cannot win the struggle without educating and empowering all segments of Ethiopian society.

The youth vanguard must educate, inform, empower and mobilize all segments of the  population, all members of ethnic groups in their own languages and traditions, all age and faith groups, all members of the professions and trades in the techniques of nonviolent struggle in the fight for democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

The time is NOW for the youth vanguards of the Ethiopian peaceful nonviolent revolution to penetrate every nook and cranny of Ethiopian society.

The youth vanguard, above all, must teach and preach ETHIOPIAWINET which is simply defined as LOVE.

The ultimate aim of the Ethiopian struggle must be the victory of ETHIOPIAWINET over ethnic hate and ethnic apartheid system.

Teaching and preaching peaceful change must be made synonymous and go hand in hand with teaching and preaching of  ETHIOPIAWINET way of life.

The youth vanguard must teach and preach the philosophy and practice of nonviolent peaceful change and ETHIOPIAWINET in the schools, colleges and universities.

They must teach and preach peaceful change and ETHIOPIAWINET in the churches and mosques.

The must teach and preach peaceful change and ETHIOPIAWINET in the civil service and bureaucracy.

They must teach and preach peaceful change and ETHIOPIAWINET in the armed forces, the police and security forces.

They must teach and preach peaceful change and ETHIOPIAWINET among women and girls.

They must teach and preach peaceful change and ETHIOPIAWINET to the urban and rural youth.

They must teach and preach peaceful change and ETHIOPIAWINET in the tea rooms, restaurants and bars.

They must teach and preach peaceful change and ETHIOPIAWINET in the shops and market places.

They must teach and preach peaceful change and ETHIOPIAWINET in the stadiums and sports fields.

They must teach and preach peaceful change and ETHIOPIAWINET among the elites, the wealthy and privileged.

They must teach and preach peaceful change and ETHIOPIAWINET among the poor, the powerless and defenseless.

They must teach-in and teach-out peaceful change and ETHIOPIAWINET.

They must preach on and on!

They must be the change they want to see. They must live a life of ETHIOPIAWINET.

I have been teaching and preaching nonviolent social change and promoting truth and reconciliation for over 12 years.

I got involved in the Ethiopian human rights struggle because I was outraged by the Meles Massacres of 2005.

The Meles Massacres stirred deep emotions in me. For the first time in decades, I realized that though I had left Ethiopia, Ethiopia had not left me. The Meles Massacres made me realize that even though I had moved away from Ethiopia permanently, Ethiopia had not moved out of me permanently. It is a feeling that is hard to explain even today. I can only say that the massacre of those unarmed citizens (and the shocking photographs) triggered in me an emotion of volcanic outrage (that some say still flows unabated; I will not argue with them). I was not merely shocked and appalled; I was shaken to the core.

It has been said that in desperate times, we either define the moment or the moment defines us. It was at this time that I resolved to define my moment by using my pen (keyboard) as a weapon of nonviolent resistance against the tyranny of Meles Zenawi and his gang of criminals in designer suits.

I believe it is my moral obligation (and all human beings) to speak up against human rights crimes and agitate for peaceful nonviolent resistance. In my efforts, I have tried to make a small contribution by providing civic education in nonviolent resistance.

Indeed, before Official Day 1 of my involvement in the Ethiopian human rights struggle on July 3, 2006, I wrote a three-part commentary on civil disobedience and nonviolence and its relevance in the struggle for freedom, democracy and human rights in Ethiopia.  I undertook that effort after the Tegbar League Addis Ababa Leadership Committee issued a statement in March 2006 indicating that it

will organize nonviolent actions such as blocking major roads, work slowdowns, boycott of schools, and boycott of products that are produced or sold by EPRDF-affiliated companies. These nonviolent actions are intended to systematically make the country ungovernable and paralyze the Meles regime. There will be no public demonstration and direct confrontation with the blood thirsty Federal Police and Meles Zenawi’s death squad.

To provide intellectual support to Tegbar and spread knowledge about the philosophy and practice of nonviolence and civil disobedience, beginning in April 2006, I issued my series.

In Part I “Of Civil Disobedience and Nonviolence” (April 23, 2006), I examined the ideas of Henry David Thoreau, who inspired Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King in leading an independence and civil rights movement.

In Part II “Of Civil Disobedience and Nonviolence” (May 10, 2006), I examined Gandhi’s use of  “Satyagraha,” which he defined as “truth-force,” “love-force” or “soul-force.” In fighting for human dignity of Indians in South Africa and later independence of India. Gandhi’s message to the colonial oppressors of India was simple. “My ambition is no less than to convert the British people through nonviolence, and thus make them see the wrong they have done to India. I do not seek to harm your people.”

In Part III “Of Civil Disobedience and Nonviolence” (May 18, 2006), I examined MLK’s efforts to bring peace, harmony and interracial unity between black and white people in America”.

Over the past decade, I have written dozens of commentaries promoting nonviolent change, truth reconciliation, direct action and have tried to mobilize Ethiopian intellectuals to join me in the effort.

In October 2008, I wrote a commentary entitled, “The political economy of remittances in Ethiopia”. That commentary was in fact an analysis of the billions of dollars Diaspora Ethiopians send back to Ethiopia. I raised a number of questions which focused on the role of remittances in providing economic buoyancy to help keep afloat, support, prolong and entrench the one-party, one-man dictatorship of the T-TPLF in Ethiopia.

I am gratified to learn of recent efforts by an “international task force calling for remittance boycott against regime in Ethiopia.”

In my September 2013, commentary, “The Diplomacy of Nonviolent Change in Ethiopia”, I wrote abut how people lose their fears of oppressive government and muster courage to fight back with civil disobedience. The “diplomacy” of nonviolent change involves the use of  dialogue, negotiations, compromise, bargaining, concessions, accommodations, cooperation and ultimately peace-making and reconciliation.

In my September 2013 commentary , “Interpreting and Living MLK’s Dream”, I discussed Dr. King’s message of hope and redemption for our time and his unlimited imagination and hope in the infinite capacity of humanity to be humane while acutely aware of  “man’s inhumanity to man”.

In 2014, I joined the boycott of Coca Cola Company for its disrespectful and humiliating treatment of the great Ethiopian patriot Teddy Afro. In my June 2014 commentary“Why I am boycotting Ȼoca Ȼola”, I called on my readers to boycott Coca Cola products. I promised then never to touch a Coca Cola product, a promise I have kept to this day.

In my January 2017 New Year message, “Dare to Dream With Me About the New Ethiopia in 2017”, I shared my dreams of the Beloved Ethiopian Community to peacefully emerge from the nightmare of T-TPLF ethnic apartheid rule. Here are a few of those dreams of: ONE Ethiopia at Peace with itself. Ethiopians finding their unity in their humanity instead of their ethnicity. Ethiopians regardless of ethnicity, religion and region subscribing to the creed, “I am my brother’s, my sister’s keeper.” The day when Truth shall rise from the ashes of lies and lead all Ethiopians on the path of reconciliation in Ethiopia. Human rights extinguishing  government wrongs in Ethiopia. True multiparty democracy with iron clad protections for human rights. Learned men and women using their intellectual powers to teach, preach and touch the people. The release all political prisoners.

Above all, I have a dream of the day when Ethiopia’s young people will put their shoulders to the wheel and take full charge of their country’s destiny, leaving behind the politics of hate and ethnicity; turning  their backs on those wallowing in moral bankruptcy and corruption and creating a new politics for a New Ethiopia based on dialogue, negotiation and compromise.

Simply stated, I dream of the New Ethiopia, rising over the horizon in a peaceful revolution, as a shining “city high on top of the African hill”.

In my December 2013 commentary, “Mandela’s Message to Ethiopia’s Youth: Never give up…!” Never give up and keep on trying to build your Beloved Ethiopian Community! Dare to be great. Change yourselves first before you change society. Keep on trying. Come together. Be virtuous. Be patriotic. Be courageous. Dream big. Lead from behind. Be optimistic and determined.  Learn and educate the people.

In my January 2018 commentary, “Unarmed Truth and Unconditional Love (Reconciliation): Dr. Martin Luther King’s Message to Ethiopians Today”, I examined Dr. King’s lifelong message of nonviolence, peace, reconciliation in the context of Ethiopia’s dire crises today and building of a new Beloved Ethiopian Community.

All Ethiopians have a moral and ethical obligation to engage in peaceful, nonviolent change in their motherland

The time has come for all freedom-loving Ethiopians to stand up and be counted. It is time for truth or consequences. We all have a choice to make: Stand with the people of Ethiopia, or by not doing so stand with their oppressors.  It is a choice without moral relativism or ambiguity. One can choose to be part of a 27 year-old problem or part of the solution to usher in the New Ethiopia.

Dr. King said, “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” He explained, “A just law is a man-made code that squares with the moral law or the law of God. An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law. Any law that uplifts human personality is just. Any law that degrades human personality is unjust.”

The T-TPLF’s state of emergency declaration is an unjust law. It is a law that contravenes God’s law. It violates natural law. It is a government wrong against God-given human rights.

The peaceful, nonviolent struggle in Ethiopia must go on.

We must have Churchillian resolve in our peaceful nonviolent struggle.

Facing an imminent invasion of Britain by the Nazis, Winston Churchill was ready to fight and threw down the gauntlet. “We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, and in the air, on the beaches, the landing grounds, in the streets, in the hills; we shall never surrender.”

Ethiopians in Ethiopia and in the Diaspora must go on to the end. We must fight the T-TPLF using every weapon of peaceful nonviolent struggle.

We must fight them with civil disobedience and mass resistance in the schools, in the colleges and universities, in the streets, in the urban and rural areas, in places of worship and public gatherings, in every hamlet, village, town and city.

We must fight the T-TPLF in every open and closed political space, in the workspace and even in the prison space. We must fight them in the monkey courts and in the kangaroo parliaments. We must fight them during the day and in the night. We must fight them in the sunshine and in the rain.

Diaspora Ethiopians in the West must do their fair share. We must fight their lobbyist in the halls of Congress and in the White House. We must fight them in the newspapers, on television and radio. We must fight their trolls in cyberspace and social media.

We must fight them, to paraphrase what Churchill said of the Nazis, and carry on the struggle, until, in God’s good time, the New Ethiopia, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of all Ethiopian people from the yoke of T-TPLF ethnic apartheid system.

A very special request, my humble plea to all who are engaged in the peaceful struggle – Please no violence

We must not bring ourselves to the level of the T-TPLF.

That is because we have the most powerful weapon in our hand, hearts and minds.

That weapon is nonviolence.

We must not resort to violence against our brothers and sisters, neighbors and compatriots.  Gandhi said, “the strong are never vindictive” and have no need for violence.

We who advocate nonviolent change are strong! In body, spirit and soul.

Let us heed Dr. Martin Luther King’s words:

Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness… The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy, instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it. Through violence you may murder the hater, but you do not murder hate. In fact, violence merely increases hate…. Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.”

For 12 years, I have toiled day and night, night and day, to see the daylight, the sunlight of freedom and equal opportunity shine on Ethiopia.

I do not ever want to see Ethiopia full of blind people, blinded by hate and revenge.

My dream is to see Ethiopia blinded by the light of love and of truth.

I have stood with Ethiopia’s young people through thin and thick for a long time

Now I ask them to stand with me in actively practicing NO VIOLENCE. NO DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY. NO REVENGE.

Hate and violence cannot drive out hate and violence out of Ethiopia. Only love, understanding and tolerance can do that.

We are better than the hate mongers, those who use violence to suppress human rights.

Let us become the change we want to see!


How can every Ethiopian man, woman and child live up to their moral and ethical obligation to resist T-TPLF tyranny and work for peaceful nonviolent social and political change.

Let me count the ways!

The following document is authored by Prof. Gene Sharp, the “intellectual father of peaceful resistance” and founder of the Albert Einstein Institution, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the study of nonviolent action. Prof. Sharp passed away on January 28, 2018. He has influenced numerous anti-government resistance movements around the world.

PDF copy of the document is also available.

Prof. Sharp prepared the 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action to demonstrate that “practitioners of nonviolent struggle have an entire arsenal of ‘nonviolent weapons’ at their disposal.” He classified those “weapons” into three broad categories: nonviolent protest and persuasion, noncooperation (social, economic, and political), and nonviolent intervention.   

=============  ==============  =================  =============

                                  198 METHODS OF NONVIOLENT ACTION


Formal Statements

  1.                    Public Speeches
                      2. Letters of opposition or support
                        3. Declarations by organizations and institutions
                        4. Signed public statements
                        5. Declarations of indictment and intention
                        6. Group or mass petitions

Communications with a Wider Audience

  1.                    Slogans, caricatures, and symbols
                      8. Banners, posters, and displayed communications
                        9. Leaflets, pamphlets, and books
                        10. Newspapers and journals
                        11. Records, radio, and television
                        12. Skywriting and earthwriting

Group Representations

  1.                    Deputations
                      14. Mock awards
                        15. Group lobbying
                        16. Picketing
                        17. Mock elections

Symbolic Public Acts

  1.                    Displays of flags and symbolic colors
                      19. Wearing of symbols
                        20. Prayer and worship
                        21. Delivering symbolic objects
                        22. Protest disrobings
                        23. Destruction of own property
                        24. Symbolic lights
                        25. Displays of portraits
                        26. Paint as protest
                        27. New signs and names
                        28. Symbolic sounds
                        29. Symbolic reclamations
                        30. Rude gestures

Pressures on Individuals

  1.                    “Haunting” officials
                      32. Taunting officials
                        33. Fraternization
                        34. Vigils

Drama and Music

  1.                    Humorous skits and pranks
                      36. Performances of plays and music
                        37. Singing


  1.                    Marches
                      39. Parades
                        40. Religious processions
                        41. Pilgrimages
                        42. Motorcades

Honoring the Dead

  1.                    Political mourning
                      44. Mock funerals
                        45. Demonstrative funerals
                        46. Homage at burial places

Public Assemblies

  1.                    Assemblies of protest or support
                      48. Protest meetings
                        49. Camouflaged meetings of protest
                        50. Teach-ins

Withdrawal and Renunciation

  1.                    Walk-outs
                      52. Silence
                        53. Renouncing honors
                        54. Turning one’s back


Ostracism of Persons

  1.                    Social boycott
                      56. Selective social boycott
                        57. Lysistratic nonaction
                        58. Excommunication
                        59. Interdict

Noncooperation with Social Events, Customs, and Institutions

  1.                    Suspension of social and sports activities
                      61. Boycott of social affairs
                        62. Student strike
                        63. Social disobedience
                        64. Withdrawal from social institutions

Withdrawal from the Social System

  1.                    Stay-at-home
                      66. Total personal noncooperation
                        67. “Flight” of workers
                        68. Sanctuary
                        69. Collective disappearance
                        70. Protest emigration (hijrat)

Actions by Consumers

  1.                    Consumers’ boycott
                      72. Nonconsumption of boycotted goods
                        73. Policy of austerity
                        74. Rent withholding
                        75. Refusal to rent
                        76. National consumers’ boycott
                        77. International consumers’ boycott

Action by Workers and Producers

  1.                    Workmen’s boycott
                      79. Producers’ boycott

Action by Middlemen

  1.                    Suppliers’ and handlers’ boycott

Action by Owners and Management

  1.                    Traders’ boycott
                      82. Refusal to let or sell property
                        83. Lockout
                        84. Refusal of industrial assistance
                        85. Merchants’ “general strike”

Action by Holders of Financial Resources

  1.                    Withdrawal of bank deposits
                      87. Refusal to pay fees, dues, and assessments
                        88. Refusal to pay debts or interest
                        89. Severance of funds and credit
                        90. Revenue refusal
                        91. Refusal of a government’s money

Action by Governments

  1.                    Domestic embargo
                      93. Blacklisting of traders
                        94. International sellers’ embargo
                        95. International buyers’ embargo
                        96. International trade embargo

Symbolic Strikes

  1.                    Protest strike
                      98. Quickie walkout (lightning strike)

Agricultural Strikes

  1.                    Peasant strike
                      100. Farm workers’ strike

Strikes by Special Groups

  1.                    Refusal of impressed labor
                      102. Prisoners’ strike
                        103. Craft strike
                        104. Professional strike

Ordinary Industrial Strikes

  1.                    Establishment strike
                      106. Industry strike
                        107. Sympathetic strike

Restricted Strikes

  1.                    Detailed strike
                      109. Bumper strike
                        110. Slowdown strike
                        111. Working-to-rule strike
                        112. Reporting “sick” (sick-in)
                        113. Strike by resignation
                        114. Limited strike
                        115. Selective strike

Multi-Industry Strikes

  1.                    Generalized strike
  2.                    General strike

Combination of Strikes and Economic Closures 

  1.                    Hartal
  2.                    Economic shutdown 

Rejection of Authority

  1.                    Withholding or withdrawal of allegiance
                      121. Refusal of public support
                        122. Literature and speeches advocating resistance

Citizens’ Noncooperation with Government

  1.                    Boycott of legislative bodies
                      124. Boycott of elections
                        125. Boycott of government employment and positions
                        126. Boycott of government depts., agencies, and other bodies
                        127. Withdrawal from government educational institutions
                        128. Boycott of government-supported organizations
                        129. Refusal of assistance to enforcement agents
                        130. Removal of own signs and placemarks
                        131. Refusal to accept appointed officials
                        132. Refusal to dissolve existing institutions

Citizens’ Alternatives to Obedience

  1.                    Reluctant and slow compliance
                      134. Nonobedience in absence of direct supervision
                        135. Popular nonobedience
                        136. Disguised disobedience
                        137. Refusal of an assemblage or meeting to disperse
                        138. Sitdown
                        139. Noncooperation with conscription and deportation
                        140. Hiding, escape, and false identities
                        141. Civil disobedience of “illegitimate” laws

Action by Government Personnel

  1.                    Selective refusal of assistance by government aides
                      143. Blocking of lines of command and information
                        144. Stalling and obstruction
                        145. General administrative noncooperation
  2.                    Judicial noncooperation
                      147. Deliberate inefficiency and selective noncooperation by enforcement agents
                        148. Mutiny

Domestic Governmental Action

  1.                    Quasi-legal evasions and delays
                      150. Noncooperation by constituent governmental units

International Governmental Action

  1.                    Changes in diplomatic and other representations
                      152. Delay and cancellation of diplomatic events
                        153. Withholding of diplomatic recognition
                        154. Severance of diplomatic relations
                        155. Withdrawal from international organizations
                        156. Refusal of membership in international bodies
                        157. Expulsion from international organizations 

Psychological Intervention

  1.                    Self-exposure to the elements
                      159. The fast
                                            a) Fast of moral pressure
                                            b) Hunger strike
                                            c) Satyagrahic fast
                        160. Reverse trial
                        161. Nonviolent harassment

Physical Intervention

  1.                    Sit-in
                      163. Stand-in
                        164. Ride-in
                        165. Wade-in
                        166. Mill-in
                        167. Pray-in
                        168. Nonviolent raids
                        169. Nonviolent air raids
                        170. Nonviolent invasion
                        171. Nonviolent interjection
                        172. Nonviolent obstruction
                        173. Nonviolent occupation

Social Intervention

  1.                    Establishing new social patterns
                      175. Overloading of facilities
                        176. Stall-in
                        177. Speak-in
                        178. Guerrilla theater
                        179. Alternative social institutions
                        180. Alternative communication system

Economic Intervention

  1.                    Reverse strike
                      182. Stay-in strike
                        183. Nonviolent land seizure
                        184. Defiance of blockades
                        185. Politically motivated counterfeiting
                        186. Preclusive purchasing
                        187. Seizure of assets
                        188. Dumping
                        189. Selective patronage
                        190. Alternative markets
                        191. Alternative transportation systems
                        192. Alternative economic institutions

Political Intervention

  1.                    Overloading of administrative systems
                      194. Disclosing identities of secret agents
                        195. Seeking imprisonment
                        196. Civil disobedience of “neutral” laws
                        197. Work-on without collaboration
                        198. Dual sovereignty and parallel government

Without doubt, a large number of additional methods have already been used but have not been classified, and a multitude of additional methods will be invented in the future that have the characteristics of the three classes of methods: nonviolent protest and persuasion, noncooperation and nonviolent intervention.

It must be clearly understood that the greatest effectiveness is possible when individual methods to be used are selected to implement the previously adopted strategy. It is necessary to know what kind of pressures are to be used before one chooses the precise forms of action that will best apply those pressures.

[1] Boston: Porter Sargent, 1973 and later editions.


Additional resources on the application, techniques and experiences of nonviolent resistance in different countries:






U.S. ‘strongly disagrees’ with Ethiopia state of emergency February 17, 2018

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Odaa Oromoooromianeconomist

U.S. ‘strongly disagrees’ with Ethiopia state of emergency, Africa News

U.S. 'strongly disagrees' with Ethiopia state of emergency


The United States embassy in Ethiopia said on Saturday it disagreed with the government’s decision to impose a state of emergency to calm political unrest the day after the prime minister’s surprise resignation.

The statement came after the council of ministers imposed yet another six months nationwide state of emergency last night, which defence minister Siraj Fegessa, said would include a ban on protests and publications that incite violence.

‘‘We strongly disagree with the Ethiopian government’s decision to impose a state of emergency that includes restrictions on fundamental rights such as assembly and expression,’‘ the statement said.

We strongly disagree with the Ethiopian government’s decision to impose a state of emergency that includes restrictions on fundamental rights such as assembly and expression.

The prime minister’s resignation followed a wave of strikes and demonstrations successfully demanding the release of more opposition leaders.

‘‘We recognise and share concerns expressed by the government about incidents of violence and loss of life, but firmly believe that the answer is greater freedom, not less,’‘ it said.

Under a previous state of emergency, declared in October 2016 and lasting 10 months, thousands of Ethiopians were arrested by the military.

The current state of emergency has to be approved by the national parliament, which is currently on recess, giving the council 15 days to enforce the emergency rule until parliament reconvenes.

The statement urged the government in Ethiopia “to rethink this approach and identify other means to protect lives and property while preserving, and indeed expanding, the space for meaningful dialogue and political participation that can pave the way to a lasting democracy.”


Ethiopia’s authoritarian regime backtracks on reforms. With an economic record at risk, Ethiopia is sacrificing democracy, FT

What triggered unrest in Ethiopia? Al Jazeera

Ethiopia: Final Days of the Regime, Counter Punch

Obboo Baqqalaa Garbaa: Labsiin Yeroo Hatattamaa Qabsoo Uummataa Hin Dhaabu, VOA Afaan Oromoo

Dhaamsa Dr Maraara Qeerroo Hundaaf Guyyaa hardhaa, Kichuu


Ethiopia 2024 dollar bond hits 6-mth low after PM resigns, Reuters

Reform or repression? Ethiopia ‘faces watershed moment’ after PM resigns, Democracy Digest

Why is Ethiopia in upheaval? This brief history explains a lot, WP

Ethiopia’s Counterproductive State of Emergency, Atlantic Council


“ማስተር ፕላኑ ተመልሶ መጣ!” – ረቂቅ አዋጁ ለፌዴሬሽን ምክር ቤት ተመርቷል November 26, 2017

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Odaa OromooOromianEconomist

Say no to the master killer. Addis Ababa master plan is genocidal plan against Oromo people

via “ማስተር ፕላኑ ተመልሶ መጣ!” – ረቂቅ አዋጁ ለፌዴሬሽን ምክር ቤት ተመርቷል

Global Voices: The Fraught Relationship Between Ethiopia’s Capital City and Largest State. #Finfinnee July 7, 2017

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The Fraught Relationship Between Ethiopia’s Capital City and Largest State

Holy Trinity Cathedral in Addis Ababa was built after 1941 to commemorate the liberation of Ethiopia from Fascist Italy. Photo by David Stanley via Flickr. CC BY 2.0

At the end of June, the Ethiopian Council of Ministers revealed a bill that seeks to address questions of social services, language, education and culture involving the country’s capital, Addis Ababa, and Oromia, Ethiopia’s largest region within which Addis Ababa is located.

The government and its supporters say the law is needed to redress the historical injustices that the people of Oromia suffered since the establishment of Addis Ababa. Critics see the law as a tactic to disenfranchise the residents of Addis Ababa. Some go further in their allegation that the law is intended to worsen the already sensitive ethnic relations in Ethiopia.

Most of the debate about the bill has fallen along the lines of regional elites against more cosmopolitan elites, tradition against modernity, and ethno-nationalists against civic nationalists — divisions that are often a source of strife in Ethiopia.

On the map of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa is a stretch of high plains inside the state Oromia. With just 0.047 percent of the country’s territory, Addis Ababa is the largest metropolitan area in Ethiopia. Numerous ethnic and religious groups from every corner of Ethiopia live in Addis Ababa; a significant number of Addis Ababa’s 4 million residents generally present themselves as cosmopolitan, liberal and post-ethnic.

Oromia, meanwhile, is home to the Oromo people, the single largest ethnic group comprising at least 34 percent of Ethiopia’s 100 million population, but which has also historically been politically marginalized. Addis Ababa is the seat of the current government —  EPRDF, which is dominated by the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front — and although it is inside the state, Oromia does not control the city; the federal government does and has since 1991 when Ethiopia was transformed into a federation of nine ethnic-based regional states.

The Ethiopian constitution, however, accorded Oromia what the government called “Special Interest” over Addis Ababa when it was adopted in 1995 due to the city’s unique location.

The purpose of the new draft law is to legislate the “Special Interest” provisions of the constitution and solve other problems that have arisen between Addis Ababa and Oromia, such as the possible expansion of the city’s boundaries, which would have meant the eviction of Oromo farmers whose subsistence depends on farmlands that are located around the city.

The expansion, among other things, was at the heart of protests mounted by Oromo students from 2014 to 2016. The Ethiopian government cracked down on the movement hard; according to rights organizations, hundreds were killed and thousands were arrested before Ethiopian government declared a state of emergency in October 2016.

The proposed law is contentious, but many expect that it will be passed over the next few days.

Addis Ababa’s skyline provides a backdrop for Meskal Square, site of military parades and rallies during the Communist era which ended in 1991. Photo by David Stanley via Flickr. CC BY 2.0

Incorporating Oromo identity into Addis Ababa

There are about 13 “titles” in the bill, each dedicated to the “Special Interest” of the state of Oromia over Addis Ababa.

In its major provisions, the bill would incorporate Oromo (known as “Afaan Oromo”) as a working language of the municipality, mandate that the city government provide education for residents of Addis Ababa whose mother tongue is Afaan Oromo, and preserve Oromo cultural enclaves and buildings within the city. The bill also sanctions the use of Finfine (in Oromo language) as an alternative name of Addis Ababa and allows the renaming of streets, public squares, and neighborhoods in Addis Ababa with names memorializing Oromo culture and identity.

This part of the bill has been discussed widely on social media as it deals with the history, identity and language use of Addis Ababa.

Opponents fear it causes division and strife by appealing Oromo nationalists, and some have further claimed the problems these provisions claim to solve don’t actually exist.

However, many Oromo nationalists support this part of the bill, albeit with qualms.

Who owns Addis Ababa land?

Oromo nationalists, however, categorically oppose a different part of the bill that deals with the ownership of land in Addis Ababa.

In the current practice, the federal government owns the land and the bill explicitly asserts that Addis Ababa is a federal land. But the bill would warrant the state of Oromia to acquire and develop land for government activities and public services free of occupancy payment.

For critics, that doesn’t do enough to grant Oromia its rightful and historical ownership of the city of Addis Ababa. As a guest author of the pro-government news analysis site the HornAffairs wrote:

The constitution clearly provides that territorially the Ethiopian State is structured into only nine regional states. The territory of Ethiopia comprises the territory of these member states.

Apart from the member states territory there is no piece of land belonging to the federal government or any other kind of administration. Any conception of Addis Ababa as an administration with its own separate territorial jurisdiction outside of Oromia or as a federal territory is ruled out from the beginning.

Anyone living in Addis is living in Oromia Regional State.

Non-Oromo opponents of the bill claim that this section will allow discrimination against Addis Ababa residents, who usually present themselves as post-ethnic and cosmopolitan.On Facebook, the former chairman of Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce, Kebour Ghenna, wrote: 

Very soon, I will be celebrating my sixtieth birthday in Addis Ababa. My son was born in Addis Ababa. I was born in Addis Ababa. My father was born Addis Ababa. My grandfather also!

Last week’s EPRDF arbitrary edict, offering Addis Ababa an absurd affirmative action model has come as a surprise and shock to me… I am sure to many others too. This decree reinforces further the attempt of the government to divide of Addis Ababians according to ethnic lines, and disenfranchises a huge number of residents.

But Oromo nationalists argue back that they were forcefully removed from the land over the course of numerous bloody disputes, so it makes sense for Oromia to be guaranteed some level of influence over the city. In his response to Kebour Ghenna, Birhanemeskel Abebe wrote:

No Armageddon! No Apocalypse at the return of Addis Ababa’s as an Oromia City and Capital!

Healthcare and jobs

Another important component of the bill deals with jobs, social and health care services.

Under current practice, all Ethiopians including Oromos in Addis Ababa are entitled to jobs, social and health care services. But the bill would institute opportunity structures for Oromo youth who live in and around the city of Addis Ababa, seeming to imply that there is discrimination against Oromos in Addis Ababa. Opride, a news analysis site wrote:

…the draft further alienates and excludes the Oromo people from the city by misconstruing basic constitutional and human rights as Oromia’s special interest. For example, a key provision on health care states that Oromos living in towns and rural areas around Addis Ababa can “access health care services at government hospitals and medical facilities like any resident of the city.” This is laughable. It implies that there is a law in place that currently prevents Oromos from seeking medical treatment at public hospitals and clinics in Addis Ababa. Or that Addis Ababa residents currently enjoy preferential access and treatment at public health institutions in the city.

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The Interest of Oromia – Article 49 Does Tell

UNPO: PAFD Press Release: TPLF/EPRDF’s Regime Must Unconditionally Stop Its Plot to Indirectly Implement Addis-Masterplan in Oromo land


UNPO: PAFD Press Release: TPLF/EPRDF’s Regime Must Unconditionally Stop Its Plot to Indirectly Implement Addis-Masterplan in Oromo land July 4, 2017

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PAFD Press Release: TPLF/EPRDF’s Regime Must Unconditionally Stop Its Plot to Indirectly Implement Addis-Masterplan in Oromo land


On 30 June 2017, the People’s Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD) issued a press statement denouncing the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF)’s violation of the rights of the Oromo in the framework of the expansion of Addis Ababa. The “masterplan” aiming at expanding the capital into surrounding Oromia, thus threatening of eviction a number of Oromo farmers, had sparked the protests that led the ruling party to impose a state of emergency in the country back in October 2016. While the power in place has officially made a U-turn, cancelling the plan after months of peaceful demonstrations in Oromia and beyond, the PAFD today fears that the masterplan will be indirectly implemented, thus overlooking the rights of the region’s inhabitants.

Below is a press statement published by the PAFD:

Article 49 (5) of the current Ethiopian constitution recognizes the Oromia’s special interest in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa). According to these rights, Oromia should have had the said interests honored, decades ago. However, in the past 26 years, TPLF’s regime has repeatedly denied these and the other fundamental rights; instead displacing tens of thousands of Oromo peasants from the environs of Finfinnee and the other neighboring villages and districts, as the capital rapaciously expands. Tens of thousands of Oromo civilians have been murdered by the security and armed forces of the incumbent for demanding these rights to be honored. Tens of thousands become destitute beggars in their own ancestral lands; whereas TPLF and its affiliates exponentially increase their wealth in Oromo land, including in Finfinnee.

Furthermore, between 70 and 80, 000 unlawfully incarcerated Oromo’s noncombatant civilians including prominent politicians, academics, peasants, students of all categories, are to date languishing in various substandard prison cells and discreet torturing chambers. To this date, TPLF works hard to continue with its confiscation of the Oromo land, the current fake, the ‘Oromo interest in Finfinnee’ mantra is, a continuation of its plots to further displace millions.

As we speak, TPLF pretends to be caring for the Oromo nation’s interests in their own soil, despite it has continually brutalized the nation for the last 26 years for demanding these. TPLF’s pretense on legalizing the special interest for Oromo nation in Finfinnee is nothing other than; firstly, a plot to deceive the Oromo nation, and secondly separate them from their fellow non-Oromo country men and women with whom they have peacefully coexisted for centuries, with the said systematically masterminded plots. Thirdly and ultimately, the regime aims at indirectly implementing its Addis-Master plan under whose name, the regime has mass murdered Oromo civilians; for abhorring crimes, no one held into account to date.

Therefore, TPLF demonstrates its inaptness when, it erroneously asserts that, the Oromo nation doesn’t know its malicious plots against the Oromo’s national interest. The fact is that, the level of Oromo national consciousness is beyond TPLF’s comprehension; the reason why it recklessly plans for further bloodshed. From this time onwards, the Oromo nation never allow TPLF’s barbaric regime to continually milk its wealth peacefully. The Oromo is not stagnating with the level of the 18th century mentality of subservience. If TPLF begs the subservience of the Oromo nation and the rest peoples of Ethiopia after this period, it plays fatal game. The time of innocence and subservience is over. We would like to reiterate that, TPLF’s brutal regime must know that, the sons and daughter of the Oromo nation have already shaken its foundation since October 2015 Oromo revolution. This is clear to both friends and foes, including the incumbent. It was the Oromo revolution coupled with lately joined Amhara, that has obliged TPLF’s regime to impose ‘State of Emergency’ since October 2016. It must be crystal clear to TPLF and its Oromo quislings that, the Oromo nation never surrenders its rights. The nation with likeminded nations and peoples of the country fights, to the last drop of blood. This must be unambiguously clear.

We strongly believe that, the owner of the land in Finfinnee and its environs is the Oromo nation, but no one else. TPLF can’t give Oromo’s land to Oromo people. Instead, TPLF must lease the Oromo land from the Oromo people. It can’t be other way around. Therefore, the current maliciously masterminded, fake Oromo ‘special interests’ lies and deceits brings no benefit to the Oromo people. The Oromo nation unequivocally knows this unshakable fact, as do its allies and the entire peoples of Ethiopia. TPLF’s reckless plots, rather will be extremely dangerous, as it is unfolding whilst the regime is ruling the country under State of Emergency.

Finally, disregarding the outcries and bloods of thousands of Oromo people, who have been gunned down in broad day lights by the army and security forces of this very regime, whilst demanding their fundamental rights, the ongoing TPLF’s attempts only exacerbates, already volatile situation. It further angers the Oromo nation and their allies, thus prepare them for further bitter struggle. It must be clear to TPLF’s from Oromia, and the other regions’ looted wealth intoxicated generals and politicians that, the Oromo nation never allow its land to be further graveyards for its sons and daughters whilst enriching TPLF and its affiliates. We strongly believe and reiterate that, the said special interest are better rationed to those who have settled in Oromo land including in Finfinnee, for all including TPLF and its bandit-generals, by the legitimate owners of the land, the Oromo nation. TPLF’s minority regime has no legitimate rights to overtake the land of the Oromo whose population constitute over 40% out of 104 million. The actions and policies of TPLF’s minority regime is indefensible, thus, we wholly condemn it with all possible words, and urge it to uncondti0nally stop it.

PAFD, Executives, June 30, 2017

Click here to read the  PAFD Statement in PDF 

The Interest of Oromia – Article 49 Does Tell July 4, 2017

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The Interest of Oromia – Article 49 Does Tell

(Paulos Kebede), Horn Affairs,  July 3, 2017

Following the circulation on social media of a document said to be draft law for determining Oromia Regional State’s interest in Addis Ababa, there was a flurry of comments on what the meaning of Article 49(5) of FDRE constitution could be.

Some wanted to see Addis Ababa as a federal territory in which Oromia Regional State only has a special interest. Others chose to consider Addis Ababa as a City State accountable only to the federal government. Still others called for constitutional amendment in order to make Addis Ababa Administration accountable to Oromia Regional State.

In all sides, though, the discussion was narrowly focused on Article 49.

 It was as if everybody is trying to limit his/her engagement with the constitution to the barest minimum level possible. That may tell a story about the passion with which Ethiopians hold their constitution. And when one considers the political reality, not the constitutional rules per se, no wonder passion for the constitution lacks.

With regard to the tripartite relationship the constitution calls for in Addis Ababa, in the political practice over the last decades, the federal government prevailed. Addis Ababa barely survived. The interest of Oromia was completely relegated.

The thesis of this article is that FDRE constitution provides fair and balanced approach in addressing the diverse concerns represented by the Federal Government, Oromia Regional State and Addis Ababa Administration.

Because, the three constitutional propositions under Article 49: (1) Addis Ababa shall serve as the capital city of the federal government; (2) the residents of Addis Ababa shall have full right of self-government; and (3) Addis Ababa Administration shall be accountable to the federal government – can fully be given meaning without remotely suggesting that Addis Ababa is outside the territorial/functional jurisdiction of Oromia Regional State.

 Any interpretation otherwise would in fact make the constitution document for lessons in self contradictions. For somebody concerned in the determination of where the law stands, therefore, calling the Federal Government’s adventure into the territorial and functional jurisdictions of Oromia Regional state over the last decades unconstitutional is as easy as saying the emperor has no clothes. It only requires honesty.

One must wonder, how come so obvious a constitutional provision be misconstrued for so long? Especially when it relates to the largest and most populous member of the federation at the center of it all?

The answer would take us to the story of what became the fate some of the architects of the constitutional principles and how fast some of the other architects grew into power elites playing a wealth game even at the risk of the same constitutional order they fought to establish.

Now that the Council of Ministers has approved a draft proclamationwhich impinges even more into the jurisdictions of Oromia Regional State, the most interesting question is ‘could this trigger a shift?’

A shift from subserviently abiding the central government to assertion of their authority by regional states? And could this start in Oromia? Does Oromia Regional Administration have the gut to reclaim the authority it has long abdicated and end up becoming the major guarantor of the federal constitutional order?

If so and the issues involved are clear and simple. They only require FDRE Constitution 101 discussion on the following questions:

1/ Finfinne/Addis Ababa: does it fall out of the territorial jurisdictions of Oromia regional state?

The constitution clearly provides that territorially the Ethiopian State is structured into only nine regional states. The territory of Ethiopia comprises the territory of these member states.

Apart from the member states territory there is no piece of land belonging to the federal government or any other kind of administration. Any conception of Addis Ababa as an administration with its own separate territorial jurisdiction outside of Oromia or as a federal territory is ruled out from the beginning.

Anyone living in Addis is living in Oromia Regional State.

What this means is the territorial limit in which the residences of Addis Ababa are given full right of self-government lays within the territorial jurisdiction of Oromia‐ a regional government established to give effect to the self-determination right of the Oromo nation.

Addis Ababa/Finfinee is a place where the self-determination right of the Oromo nation and the self-governance right of Addis Ababa residents interplay.

In other words, Addis Ababa is a local government structure within the state of Oromia. But unlike the other local government structures in the regional state Addis Ababa is constitutionally named self-government structure.

The reason for that is quite understandable.

Oromia Regional State is a state administration which is established to give effect to the constitutional rights to self-determination of the Oromo nation. And as such among its primary responsibilities are the promotion of the linguistic and cultural rights of the Oromo nation and the preservation of their history. This is in addition to its role as a regional self-administrator.

One can, therefore, assume that in formulating administrative, economic and social policies of the regional states and in determining the regional state structure historical, cultural and linguistic considerations may be applied.

This may not always suit to the priori ties of the residents of Addis Ababa who as a matter of fact are culturally and linguistically distinct from the bigger Oromia.

Apart from this consideration, however, Addis Ababa residents’ rights to local self-government has the same meaning as the right to self-government of the residents of any of the other Oromia regional government’s local structures.

2/ Does the full right of self-government of Addis Ababa residents exclude accountability to Oromia regional state?

Local self-governance presupposes administering one’s own matter in one’s own locality and proportional participation in the regional and federal matter.

What are the self-matters for Addis Ababa Administration? What are the powers and responsibilities that will be required to undertake effectively such matters? What resources does Addis Ababa need to use or administer? Where does Addis Ababa Administration’s finance come from?

Pondering over these questions in light of the federal constitution makes the answer obvious and unequivocal.

Be it for Addis Ababa or any other local administration in any of the regional states, the federal constitution doesn’t provide list of powers and responsibilities. Nor does it gives them their own revenue sources.

Whatever authority local governments have comes from regional government laws. That makes accountability to the regional administration evident. Plus full measure of self-government does not suggest the absence of accountability.

If that was what it means, the constitution wouldn’t have made the Addis Ababa administration accountable to the federal government.

3/ What does accountability/responsibility of Addis Ababa Administration to the Federal government mean?

The Ethiopian constitution establishes governments at two tiers: federal and regional. Both tiers of governments do have legislative, executive and judiciary powers and separate revenue sources. The constitution clearly prohibits each level of governments from acting on the powers and responsibilities of the other.

Therefore, there is no way the federal government, without viola ting the constitution, could legislate or assume judicial or executive authority on matters reserved for regional governments.

The powers and functions reserved for the federal government relate to issues that affect the interest of the whole nation. The constitution has not given power to the federal government to engage in the day to day governmental activity of any locality in the country.

Whenever the federal government engages itself in any locality in any region it must demonstrate that it is ac ting on federal matter that concerns the country in its entirety.

If the task undertaken is a federal one, then the cost will be borne by the federal government and it will be covered out of the revenue sources reserved for the federal government. And all the revenues assigned to the federal government must be marked for expenditures that benefit the whole country.

But if the task falls under the responsibilities and functions given to regional states, the cost could be covered from regional government revenue sources. The federal government may delegate its powers and responsibilities to regional states. And whenever it does so, it could hold the regional state responsible/accountable.

But on matters of regional matter (maters falling under the powers and competencies of the regional state), there is no constitutional way of making a regional state or any local self-government structure within the state accountable to the federal government.

Therefore, the issue of a regional government structure’s accountability to the federal government could be raised only in relation to federal matters. The federal government could never hold a local government in a given state responsible/accountable to itself on issues of regional matters.

In the first place it could never delegate to any local self-governing structure powers and functions given to a regional state. That would be usurpation of power.

Article 49 (3) of the constitution says that the Administration of Addis Ababa shall be responsible to the Federal Government. That is precisely because as per sub article 1 of the same article the City has been selected to serve as the Capital City for the Federal government.

There will be a number of issues in Addis Ababa which could affect the effectiveness of the federal government in discharging its constitutional responsibilities. To such extent only, therefore, the federal government has a concern in Addis Ababa Administration and could hold the administration accountable.

A good test to identify on what issues Addis Ababa Administration shall be accountable to the federal government is to check as to how the project/activity is financed.

If Addis Ababa exercise powers and responsibilities delegated to it by the federal government, the expenditure would be covered by the federal government. Then the accountability to the federal government would be a proper and constitutional one.

But that is pretty rare. The functions and activities of Addis Ababa Administration are bread and butter issues. Tasks and activities which fall under jurisdictions left to regional states.

In terms of accountability, therefore, much of the talk should be between Addis and Oromia. Accountability to the Federal government is need based and is exceptional. That is why it is clearly stated in the constitution.

Accountability to the regional government is the principle. It is so because of the Administration being the integral structure of the regional state.

To just read the statement of the constitution that Addis Ababa Administration shall be accountable to the federal government and regard it as to mean that the federal government should take charge of all the legislative, executive and judiciary matters of Addis Ababa is misinterpretation of the federal constitution at its grandest level.

Therefore, as the issues discussed above indicate all roads seem to lead to the Oromia Regional State legislators. Caffee Oromia could start the deliberation on Addis/Finfinne Charter. The issue of course merits discussions by all the stake holders.

The Federal Legislators in the meantime should deliberate to repeal the Addis Ababa City Charter and replace it with a new proclamation which limits itself to the constitutional interests of the Federal Government.

Better also for them to look into the other laws, which as per the above discussed and other principles of the constitution, are glaringly in contradictions to the federal constitution.

አዲስ አበባ የኢትዮጵያ ግዛት ለመሆን የኦሮሚያ ግዛት መሆን እንዳለባት፥

ይህ ጽሁፍ አዲስ አበባ ከህገ መንግስቱ አንጻር ያለችበትን ሁኔታ [status quo] ለማስረዳት ተጻፈ።

የኢፌዲሪ ህገ መንግስት አንቀጽ 2፣ ስለ የኢትዮጽያ የግዛት ወሰን እንዲህ ይደነግጋል፤

የኢትዮጵያ የግዛት ወሰን የፌደራሉን አባሎች ወሰን የሚያጠቃልል ሆኖ በዓለም አቀፍ ስምምነቶች መሰረት የተወሰነዉ ነዉ።

አያይዘን መረዳት ያለብን የፌደራሉን አባላት ዝርዝር ነዉ። አንቀጽ 47 (1)፣ የፌደራል መንግስት አባላትን እንዲህ ይዘረዝራል፤

የኢትዮጵያ ፌደራላዊ ዲሞክራሲያዊ ሪፐብሊክ አባላት የሚከተሉት ናቸዉ፤

፩. የትግራይ ክልል፣
፪. የአፋር ክልል፣
፫. የአማራ ክልል፣
፬. የኦሮሚያ ክልል፣
፭. የሱማሌ ክልል፣
፮. የቤንሻንጉል/ጉሙዝ ክልል፣
፯. የዳቡብ ብሔሮች፣ ብሔረሰቦችና ሕዝቦች ክልል፣
፰. የጋምቤላ ሕዝቦች ክልል፣
፱. የሐረሪ ሕዝብ ክልል።

ስለዚህ፣ የኢትዮጵያ የግዛት ወሰን የዘጠኙ ክልሎች የግዛት ድምር ብቻ ነዉ። ማለትም፣ ከዘጠኙ ክልሎች ግዛት በላይ ወይም ከዘጠኙ ክልሎች ግዛት ያነሰ ኢትዮጵያ ግዛት የላትም።

ሽሬ፣ መቐለ፣ አዱዋ በክልልነት እስካልተጠቀሱ በትግራይ ክልል ስር ካልታቀፉ፣ የኢትዮጵያ ግዛት አይሆኑም። ደብረብርሃን፣ ባህርዳር፣ ደብረማርቆስ በክልልነት እስካልተጠቀሱ የአማራ ክልል አካል ካልሆኑ፣ የኢትዮጵያ አካል አይሆኑም። ድሬዳዋ፣ ነቀምቴ፣ ሱሉልታ በኦሮሚያ ካልታቀፉ፣ በኢትዮጵያ ግዛት ወሰን ሊታቀፉ አይችሉም።

አዲስ አበባ የራሷ መስተዳድር ያላት ከተማ መሆኗ በህገ መንግስቱ አንቀጽ 49(2) ሰፍሯል። ከዚህም በላይ፣ አዲስ አበባ የፌደራል መንግስት ርዕሰ ከተማ፣ አንቀጽ 49(1) እና የብዙ ዓላም አቀፍ ድርጅቶች መቀመጫና መዳረሻ ናት። ይሁን እንጂ አዲስ አበባ በክልልነት ወይም በፌደራሉ አባልነት አልተጠቀሰችም።

የኢትዮጵያ የግዛት ወሰን ከክልሎች ወይም ከፌደራል አባላት ወሰን ግዛት አንጻር ብቻ የተወሰነ መሆኑን ተመልክተናል። እንዲሁም፣ አዲስ አበባ ከተማ እንጂ ክልል እንዳልሆነች ከህገ መንግስቱ አይተናል። በዓለም ላይ፣ ‘ሀ’ የ’ለ’ ክልል አካል ነዉ፣ የሚል ህገ መንግስት የለም፤ አስፈላጊም አይደለም።

ከዚህ አንጻር፣ የፌደራል ህገ መንግስታችን፣ ዓለም ላይ ካሉት ህገ መንግስታት ያለፈ ተግቷዋል። አዲስ አበባ በክልል መታቀፏን ግልጽ አድርጓል። አንቀጽ 49(5) ‘… አዲስ አበባ በኦሮሚያ ክልል መሀል የሚገኝ በመሆኑ …’ የሚል ሀረግ የጠቋሚነት ሚና አለዉ። በመሆኑም፣ አንቀጽ 2 እና 47(1)ን ብቻ አንብበዉ፣ አዲስ አበባ የኦሮሚያ አካል መሆኗን ለማይረዱ፣ ሀረጉ አጋዥ ነዉ።

የማጠቃለያ ነጥቦች፦

1. የኢትዮጵያ የግዛት ወሰን የክልሎች የግዛት ወሰን ድምር ነዉ፤ አንቀጽ 2።
2. ክልሎች ዘጠኝ ብቻ ናቸዉ፤ አንቀጽ 47(1)።
3. አዲስ አባባ ከተማ እንጂ ክልል አይደለችም፤ አንቀጽ 49(2)።
4. አዲስ አበባ በኦሮሚያ መሀል ስለሚትገኝ፣ የኦሮሚያ ግዛት ናት፤ አንቀጽ 47(1,4)) 49(5)።
5. አዲስ አበባ የኦሮሚያ ግዛት በመሆኗ፣ የኢትዮጵያ ግዛት ሙሉ ይሆናል፤ አንቀጽ 2፣ 47(1)፣ 49(2, 5)።

Manii Marii Ministeroota Itoophiyaa faaydaa addaa Oromiyaan Finfinnee irraa argattu jedhee irratti wixinee baasee labse. Master Plan (Master Killer) 2.0 July 1, 2017

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(VOA Afaan Oromoo,Waxabajjii 28, 2017):  Akkuma kanattiFinfinneen Oromiyaatti akkuma durii Finfinnee jedhaniin. Sadarakaa addunyaatti,ardiittii,akka biyyoolessaatti,akka mootummaa federaalaatii fi bulchiinsa magaalaatti ammoo Addis Ababa jedhanii yaaman.

Fifinneetti Afaan Oromoo afaan hujii tahanii hojjatan.Labsii manii marii laaluuf deemu tana nama hedduutti irratti mari’achuuf taa’a.

Yaadii ammaa bahe kun waan seera bulmaata mootummaa Federaala Itoophiyaa bara 1987 bahe keessa jiru.

Seerii gaafasii lakkoofsa 49 keeyyata 5 keessatti faaydaa addaa Oromiyaan Fifninnee keessaa qabdu eeganifii keessaa keessoo isii ammoo seeraan mirkansaniif jedha.

Seera wixinee kana baasuuf marroo hedduu carraaqanii hojjachaa bahan jedha gabaasii misnisteooraa mootummaa kun.

Faaydaan Oromiyaan Finfinnee keessaa qabdu kun faaydaa ummataa dhibii,Oromoo hin tahin Fifninnee keessa jiraatu gama tokkolleenuu jalaa hin tuquu.

Isumaa karaa qajeelaan akka waliin jiraatanii faaydaa waliin qabanillee jabeeffatan tolchaaf jedha gabaasii kun.

Faaydaa addaa Oromiyaan Finfinnee keessaa argatti jedhan keessaa tokko bulchiinsii Fifninnee maatii ijoolleen isaanii afaan Oromootiin afaan baqaffataniif, Finfinnee keessatti mana barumsaa Afaan Oromoo barsiifachuu fedhan mana barumsa sadarkaa tokkeessoo qopheessaaf.

Akka Oromoon afaan ufiitiin tajaajila aadaa,aartii fi tajaajila gara garaa argatu tolchuuf afaan Oromoo Finfinneetti afaan hujii tahan.

Wantii eennummaa Oromoo mullisaa Finfinnee keessa dhadhaabuulleen waan wixinee labsan keessatti bahe keessaa tokko.

Akkuma kanaan waan seenaa fi eennummaa Oromoo keessatti beekan Finfinnee keesssatti dhaabuuf deeman.

Karaa,waljajjii,ollootaa fi maqaa fulaa hedduu akkuma durii Oromoon yaammatuunitti jijjiiramuu qaban jedha Wixinee kun.

Maqaan Finfinnee jedhuu fi Addisa Ababa jedhu seera duratti walqixxee ulfinna qaba.

Bulchiinsii Finfinnee bajetuma ufiitiina qonnaan bulaa Oromootii fi hawaasa qabayaa seera qabdu dhaabeefii akka faaydaa irraa argatan tolchaa jedha.

Qonnaa bulaa Oromoo qahee isaa irraa buqqahellee akka innii mirga handhuraa ufii ka dhabe argatu tolchuuf waajjira dhimmi sun laaluufitti jaarama.

Warra duraan buqqa’ee waan isaaf male hin argatanillee qoratee waan qajeelachanifitti jiraa jedha wixinineen kun.

Marii seera wixinee hedduu baafte tana keesatti paartii OPDO,bulchiinsa mootummaa naannoo Oromiyaa,bulchiinsa naannoo Finfinneetii fi bulchoota mootummaa federaalaa hedduutti qooda keessaa qaba.

Wixinee tana irratti mari’atanii seeratti jijjiiruuf ammoo nama heddutti irratti mari’achuuf deema.

Mootummaan Federalaa rakkoolee naannoo Oromiyaatii fi Amaaraa hiriira nama baafate faluuf jedhee rakkoo isa keessa jirtu falee,gaafii ummataa deebisaa jedhee hojjachaa bahee jedha.

Taatullee labsiin wixinee amma baate tun waan hiriira kanaatiif bahuu fi dhibaachuu isii wantii gabaasii koree ministerooraa kun jedhe hin jirtu.


OPRIDEHere is a direct (word-to-word) translation of those “particulars” that the  Council of Ministers referred to the House of People’s Representatives for ratification. As written, the Amharic language draft, which is being denounced as master plan 2.0, is devoid of substance, vague and otherwise misleading. Click here to read more..

ODF: For over two years, across the width and length of Oromia massive protests were staged against the Addis Ababa Master Plan. Thousands were killed and tens of thousands herded into various detention centers for peacefully petitioning the government to respect and abide by the very laws it promulgated. Having brought the country under a state of emergency decree, the regime is relaunching the same Master Plan rejected by the Oromo populace under the guise of expansion of transportation and health services, rapid economic development, and proper compensation. Click here to read more..

Hayyuu Seeraa: Waa’ee Faayidaa Addaa Oromiyaan Finfinnee Irraa Qabuu Seerri Bahe Jedhamu Gaaffiilee Ijoo Uummata Oromoo Gaafate Hin Deebisne

Dr Tsegaye regassa Ararsa

Dr Tsegaye regassa Ararsa






OPDOn ammas Finfinne gurgurattee jirti. Wixinee manni marii ministirootaa qopheesse keessa mirgi gurguddaan Oromiyaan qabaachuu maltu hin jiru
– Dhimmi bulchiinsa waloo ( shared administration) hin jiru
– Galii magaalattii qooddachuun ( revenue sharing) hin jiru
– Bishaan magaalattiin Oromiyaa irraa argattuuf kaffaltiin hin jirtu. ( Finfinneen gandoota bishaan keessaa bahuuf boolla bishaanii jaarti jedha)
– Waa’ee Finfinneetti daangaa tolchuu hin jiru
– Kan biraa dhiisaati maqaan Addis Ababa jedhuuyyuu sadarkaa aaddunyaafi federaalaatti akkuma jiruun itti fufa. Finfinneen ‘beekkamti seeraa’ kennamaaf golgaa jedhuun jala darbame.

Kuni gonkumaa fudhatama hin qabu. Wixineen kun Oromiyaaf waan tokko osoo hin kennin magaalattiin kan amma duraa daran akka babal’attee Oromoo lafaa buqqiftu kan godhuudha. Kuni salphina. Hasharbashar wixineen kun qabate facebook Addis Araggaa dubbihimaa OPDO jalaa argattu. Jawar Mohammed

‘Mirga addaa Oromiyaa jedhamee kan dhihaate keessaa tokko “gabaa qonnaan bultoonni Oromoo midhaanfi kudraa itti gurguratan magaalattiin qopheessuu qabdi” jedha. Qonnaan bulaan Oromoo callaa isaa Finfinnee geessuun, isa caalaa magaalattii fayyada. Kan duraa ummanni magaalattii waan nyaatu kallattiin ( fresh) harka qonnaan bulaatii akka shamatatu haala mijeessa. Lammaffaa qaraxa silaa Oromiyaan Sulultaafi Sabbatatti guurrachuu malu bulchiinsi Finfinnee argate. Kanaafii bar labsiin kun dantaa Finfinneefi warri isii dhuunfate Oromiyaa irratti diriirsa kan jennuuf.’ Shamshadin Taha

The Proclamation of special interest should address: 

In a country where federalism is opted, a given legal policy matter may be percieved by all states, or by group of states or by one state. Accordingly, one can divide states’ interest into three; universal, categorical, and special [particularistic] interest. Space will not allow a full flegde analysis of the first two types. I focus only on special [particularistic] interest.

In special state interest, legislation affects a single state only or same legislation may have differential effects on states. It is percieved either by a single state or by different states in different ways. A single state percieves an interest vis-a-vis the federal government that it shares with no other state[s].

The concept of special interest entered the Ethiopian legal regime in 1992, in Transitional peroid. A Proclamation enacted to establish fourtheen National Regional Self-governments, proclamation number 7/1992, Article 3(4) reads:

The special interests and political rights of the Oromo over Region Thirteen [Harari] and Region Fourtheen [Addis Ababa] are reserved. These Regions shall be accountable to the Central Transitional Government and the relations of these Self-governments with the Central Transitional Government shall be prescribed in detail by special law.

Article 49(5) of the FDRE Constitution articulates:

The special interest of the State of Oromia in Addis Ababa, regarding provision of social services or utilization of natural resources and other similar matters, as well as joint administrative matters arising from the location of Addis Ababa within the State of Oromia, shall be respected. Particulars shall be determined by law.

Pursuant to the second proviso of the same Article, the coming [law] proclamation should address the followings:

⃣. Provision of social services፡

Access to housing, education, health, water, transport, other matters needed for achieving adequate living standards constitute social services.

⃣. Utilization of natural resources፡

Water, forest, mineras, stones, and everything else natural are natural resources. However, one may note that there is hardly any natural resources that the City offers to Oromia. The City itself is dependent on the natural resources of Oromia, out of the City.

⃣. Joint administrative matters፡

Administration is a practical management and direction of the executive department and its agencies. In effect, it involves and starts from representation in the Council and Administration of the City. The word ‘joint’ is important as it impresses fifty fifty per adminstration.

⃣. Other similar matters፡

The phrase, ‘other similar matters’ have no objectivity. Two lines of interpretations can be accorded.
The narrow line of interpretation argues other similar matters is meant to show matters that are immediate to those expressly mentioned. Accordingly, it includes land administration, free access to infrastructures, buildings, halls, industry, naming of the City and sub cities, security matters, participation on policy matters concerning matters affecting interests, and the like.
The second line of argument is broad. It includes automatic representation without election or permanent allocation of a percentage of seats of Addis Ababa City Council, addition of Afaan Oromo as working language of the City, levy and collect revenues and taxes, and the like.

⃣. Addis Ababa as part of Oromia vs independent City:

During the Transitional Period, as established by ‘proclamation’ {not proclamation in strict sense} number 1/1991, Addis Ababa was a City State, proclamation number 7/1992, Article 3(1). This proclamation is repealed by the Federal Constitution, proclamation number 1/1995, by which Addis Ababa is omitted to be City State, by default of Article 47(1).

The Constitution spells out that Residents of Addis Ababa have full measure of self government, and shall be represented in the House of Peoples’ Representative, Article 49(2 and 4). These two Sub-articles give an impression that Addis Ababa is an independent City. It is by the same impression the Charters of the City are proclaimed, establishing the City as independent Chartered City Administration, proclamations number 87/1997 and 361/2003.

Further, Article 49(3) of the Constitution renders the Administration of the City responsible to the Federal Government. The Federal Government, hence, has interest over the City in this regard.

The same Constitution emphasizes the location of Addis Ababa is [with] in Oromia. In line with this scenario, Article 2(1) of the Revised Constitution of Oromia, proclamation number 46/2001, defines Oromia as an ‘… uninterrupted territory…’ The quoted phrase is intended to convey Oromia as landmass, the territory of which is connected from one point to the next without being interrupted. It, in effect, claims Addis Ababa as part and parcel of the State or City within the State.

The proclamation is expected to entertain and harmonize the status of the City as self government City while determining the special interest of Oromia as the location of the City is within the State.

⃣. Intergovernmental relations:

Federalism inevitably implies intergovernmental relations. Leave alone the existence of the interests of Federal Government and Oromia, which are two different governments in the Ethiopian Federation, over Addis Ababa, the recognition of special interest of Oromia in the City Administration, joint administration in particular, necessitates the existence of intergovernmental relations.

The recognition of special interest of Oromia despite the City has full measure of self government and the responsibility of the City to the Federal Government entails the tripartite interrelations, Article 49(2,3 and 5).

The proclamation should ascertain this trinity and establish a channeling institution among them.

⃣. Spillover effects:

Spill over effects are externalities those are not directly evolved in something. In one way or another, the recognition of special interest is a due acknowledgement of the existence of [negative] spill over effect.

Among different studies, a study conducted by Action Professionals Association for the People, aka APAP, indicated downstream users of rivers flowing out of Addis Ababa face health problems, environmental pollution and other human suffering due to the pollution by liquid and solid products of industries and garbages of dwellers of the City, APAP, press release, 20/12/2005. Hence, it seems, the Constitution is trying to disseminate the message that the spillover effect can only be redressed if and only if the special interest is recognized.

The proclamation, while determining the special interest, should address the scheme of redressing the spillover effects in particular.

The Constitution is general in general and Article 49(5) is general in particular. As the Constitution has these things to accomplish, the determining proclamation should address the same in detail. Failing in short of these, the proclamation does not fully and duly serve the purpose of the Constitution.

‘Bu’aa addaa Oromiyaan Finfinnee irraa qabdu: Qurrammi Oromoo Dargi finqilche waan biraa waliin hobbaatii heera saa aango 45/5 keessatt dabales argamsiisee jira. Suniyyuu naannaa waggaa 25f Mormii Oromoo lafa sossoosaa fi wareegama yeros baafameef malee awwaalamee ture. Amma TPLF wuxinee seeraa qabattee sana laalu irratt ifsa baasee jira. Sunis wuxinee seeraa kan dursee ambaaf dhimise ture. Yaa’a tumaa keessa maal fakkaatee akka bahu ta’innaan malee hin beekamu. Mootummaan TPLF ang’aa isa duraa ari’ee Finfinnee kan qabate akka boojuutt malee Oromoon yk ummati biraa fedheef miti. Kanaaf Finfinnee irratt angoo fi mirga, akkasumas abbaawummaa biyya Finfinnee marsee jiru irratt ejjennoo seeraa haa tahu safuu hin qabu. Akka ifsichi jedhutt Finfinneen laaqii Oromiyaa gidduutt argamtu utuu hin tahin qaama saatii. Haalli danuu seenaa, mooraa lolataa koloneeffataa taasiseen jijjiiramuu kan dandahu yoo Oromiyaan kolonummaa baate qofa. Koloneeffataa fi kanneen biroo waliin hariiroo ummachuun kan dandahamu yoo Oromiyaan kolonummaa baate qofa. Yoo haalli sun jijjiiramee Oromiyaan jara kaan waliin federeeshina uumuu barbaadde, finnooti federaawan hundi haala maaliin Finfinnee akka magaalaa muummitii federeeshinaatt dhimma bahan yk magaalaa biraa bu’uursuuf dhoofsisuu qabu. Itt gaafatammi bulcha magaalaa Finfinnee fi magaalota Oromiyaa hundaa federaalaaf utuu hin tahin finnaa Oromiyaaf taha. Seerri ittiin bulan dhimma federaalaa utuu hin tahin kan Oromiyaatii. Haasaan waa’ee bu’aa Oromiyaan Finfinnee irraa qabduu si’ana walmaraa jiru waa’ee mirgaaf utuu hin tahin gara dabarsuu fi malaammaltummaaf kan karoorfame.’ Ibsaa Guutamaa

KFO: Finfinneen Akkuma Magaalaalee Oromiyaa Biroo Mootummaa Oromiyaa Jalatti Buluu Qabdi

(VOA Afaan Oromoo,  Wxabajjii 29 bara 2017): Faayidaa addaa Oromiyaan magaalaa Finfinnee irraa Argattu ilaalchisee, Manni Marii Ministeerotaa Itiyoophiyaa walgahii gaafa Kibxata dabre geggeesseen dhimmoota seera ta’anii tumamuu qaban – jedhe irratti mari’achuun Mana Maree Bakka Bu’uota Uummataaf ibsa baaseen beeksisee jira. Dhimmi kun Mana Maree Bakka Bu’uota Uummataan seera ta’ee bahuu isaa dura, qaamota dhimmi ilaaluun akka mariin irratti geggeessamu dubbata.

Gama biraatiin, Miidiyaa hawaasummaa dabalee, sabaa-himaalee adda addaa irratti qeeqawwanii fi mormiileen wixinee seeraa yaadame kana irratti dhihaataa jira. Paartiin mormituu – Koongiresni Federaalawa Oromoo, waa’ee qabiyyee ibsa bahe sanaa maal jedha? Namoon itti-aanaa prezidaantii paartichaa – Obbo Mulaatuu Gammachuu haasofsiisee jira.

Gabaasaa guuutuu dhaggeeffadhaa



TPLF’s baby candy for Oromia: Is it the question of Freedom or Question of Addis Ababa


Lakkii yaa Shaggar
Lakkii yaa Finfinnee
Haqa sirraa dhabnee
Kanaaf si jibbinee
Jibbaa keessi sobaa
Lakkii nuy dhiiftee
Hin jiraatiin qofaa
Cabni kee kan keenyaa
Ookkolli keenyaas keetii
Osoo Warqee sirraa qabnuu
Maaf nuuf laattaa Meetii
Lakkii yaa Shaggar
Lakkii yaa Finfinnee
Diddu si abaarraa
Haandhuura kee dhiifnee
Moggaarra marmaarraa
Jilbaan jilbeeffannee
Waan abaarsaa hundaa
Seeraan qixeeffannee
Kan si saamuuf deemuun
Haa hankaaku jennee
Sagaleetu huursee
Kan Qomoof lammiitii
Kanaaf wal-mararaa
Burqaan imimmaanii
Gullalleerraa madda
Daalattitti wal-kuuseet
Aqaaqitti darba.
Finfinnee si gaaf’uu
Deebii naa deebistaa
Imimmaan Oromoo
Dhugde akka Illeensaa
Lakkii yaa Finfinnee
Hin bahiin nu keessaa

Meeqa manaa baaftee
Achumaan hambiftee?
Reeffa kichuuf hayyuu
Qurxummistee nyaattee
Awwaalcha dhorkitee
Kaanis dhidhimsitee
Kaanis Allaattiif laattee.
Qondaalticha nanaa
Qondaala Finfinnee
Ati diina Oromoot
Obboleessa Lilmee.
Amma osoo ka’ani
Abboonnikoo durii
Tufaa inni Gullallee
Abbaankoo Galaanii
Osoo sitti dhufanii
Abbichuus waamanii
Silaa maal deebiftaa
Ni himtare xuurii?
Dhugaa waaqaa-lafaa
Kumni eessa seenee?
Harka kee keessatti
Meeqatu maseenee?

Hin dhageessuu laata sagalee Oromoo
Boo’icha mararroon haadhashee waammattu
Iyya haadha hiyyeessaa imimmaan haayyoolee
Mudhiishee hidhattee ilmoosheef watwaattu
Boo’ichi lammiikoo wal-kuusee-wal-kuusee
Waraabessi Finfinneerraan caccaraanee yuusee
Iyyee mamardhatee gungumee gadoodee
Imimmaan coccosee ija harmee guusee
Lakkii gantuun ta’iin
Hin yaadiin yoomillee
Si jaalannaa malee si jibbina hin jennee
Si sossobuu malee sitti iyyina hin jeennee
Lakkii garaa laafii si feenaa yoomillee

Copha Sammuurraa!
Of-beekuun injifannoo injifannoo caaluudha!
Margaa Angaasuu Amanaa
June 28, 2017

Ten Preliminary Measures Oromia MayTake on Addis Ababa Until the Prodigal City will Submit to the Jurisdiction of Oromia

Until the full ownership and territorial integrity of Oromia is fully and completely restored on Addis Ababa as an Oromia city, the Oromia Regional State and the Oromo people should start taking the following preliminary measures to force the submission of the prodigal city of Addis Ababa to the full legislative, executive and judicial power of Oromia National Regional Government, with immediate effect.

1. Oromia National Regional State should immediately and unilaterally delimit and demarcate the boundary between this prodigal city and Oromia National Regional State based on the 1991 border of this city, and ban this city from collecting any form of tax outside its borders and jurisdiction.

2. Oromia National Regional State should immediately adopt Afaan Oromo as the working language for all official and business communications with this prodigal city.

3. Oromia National Regional State should stop using Addis Ababa as the market hub for all Oromia business, and relocate to Oromia cities. All Oromia markets including but not limited to grain markets, vegetable and fruit markets, meat and live animal markets, coffee markets, hid and skin markets and all other resources of Oromia should be relocated to Oromia cities. Oromia should license Oromia based exporters for all Oromia resources and products; and ban Addis Ababa-based exporters from exporting Oromia commodities, goods, and products.

4. Oromia National Regional State should immediately stop using Addis Ababa general distributors and wholesalers, and start licensing Oromia general distributors and wholesalers to distribute imported goods and services throughout Oromia. Oromia National Regional State should immediately license Oromia importers of all goods and services sold in Oromia markets.

5. Oromia National Regional State should immediately issue laws that will impose tariff, taxes and sale price on water and electricity supplies Oromia provides to Addis Ababa, and start rebuilding Oromia from these proceeds.

6. Oromia National Regional State should immediately impose a toll on all Addis Ababa licensed cars including private and commercial cars, taxis, trains and buses that use Oromia roads. The proceeds collected from these road tolls will be used to rebuild Oromia infrastructures and maintain Oromia roads.

7. Oromia National Regional State should immediately issue laws that will impose dry port service fees for all imports and exports passing through the inland dry port at Mojo to Addis Ababa.

8. Oromia National Regional State should start charging lease and real estate taxes on all Addis Ababa owned properties located in Oromia including factories, businesses, and other facilities.

9. All Addis Ababa waste disposal facilities in Oromia should be closed until the health effect and environmental sustainability of those facilities are studied and Oromia determines the appropriate cost and fees Addis Ababa should pay to continue using these facilities, if at all.

10. Oromia National Regional State should issue laws that will totally ban Addis Ababa from getting any land either in the form of a lease or sale from private or government entities in Oromia except through limited term rent!

Oromia: Tartiiba qubee jijiiruun fumaata hin ta’u. #ABCDeebisaa #OromoProtests June 6, 2017

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“Early grade reading: The incompetent Ethiopian government has once again to demonstrate its prejudice against the Oromo people. It was supposed to help puples overcome their deteriorating reading skill with US provided fund. RTI (research institute) recommended raising teaching reading skill not alphabet distortion. It pointed out the need for competent teachers to teach the language and teaching aids for the kids. That is what should be improved. It recommended “particular attention to the frequency of letters and words in the language” not to start the alphabet board with those letters as pseudo experts in Sulultaa and their bosses want to convince the people. Qubee Oromo was introduced after the policy was thoroughly discussed by the then legislature. Now it is announced without telling the form of decision making it followed. This is a package that the Oromo people won by their struggle that costed so much sweat and blood. It cannot be taken away without costing the same amount. This is harbinger of worst things to come and should not be passed in silence. People that put Oromummaa after alien interest might have collaborated in this shameful act of isolating Qubee from the long tested Latin alphabet formation. But the main assault is coming from the sinister regime and it alone has to account for it. The empire is no more the source of Oromo knowledges and to meddle with Qubee at one center cannot stop its flourishing and getting desiminated from another center. Oromo have to learn from their Wala’ita neighbors of the past years, when they rose in 1998 against “Wedagogda” Qubee that was meant to distort their identity. Qubee can be acceptable only in the form adopted by the Oromoo.”-Ibsaa Gutamaa

The Qube Saga: Another Attack on the Oromo People


Abdii Boruu:- Tartiiba Qubee Afaan Oromoo jijjiiruun waan boba’aa jirurratti boba’aa dabaluu dha

“Qubeen siidaa injifannoo Oromoo ti!” Ezekiel Gebissa

Toltu Tufa, Barreessituu kitaabban Dabballee akkana jette:-

“Qubeen Afaan Oromoo ar’a ittiin fayyadamnu argamuu kan danda’e ijibbaata hayyoonni Oromoo yeroo dheeraaf godhan irraahi. Akkasumas warraaqsi quddina afaanii bara dheeraaf hayyootaa godhamaa turuun isaa ni beekama. Itti fufuudhaan, Sadaasa 3 bara 1991 magaala gudditti Oromiyaa Finfinnee keessatti Afaan Oromoo afaan hujii, barnoota fi mana murtii ta’ee akka tajaajilu seeran labsame jira. Labsa guyyaa seena qabeessa kana irratti NAMOONNI 1000+ ta’an argatan. Labsa kana irratti maan guddoota, hayyoota, dargaggootaa fi bakka bu’ootni dhaabilee Oromoo gara garaa qooda fudhatanii jiru. …Amma, harka namni kudhan qofaatiin, tattaaffii namni 1000 ol kan heera fi seeran dalagame diiguudhaaf ka’anii jiru. Ummanni kanneen karaa #OromoProtests akka irraa haa bannuuf jechu dubbii kana oofuu eegalan.#OldTricks #TimeWasters.”   


OPride: The Qubee Afaan Oromo fiasco: What We Know and What We Don’t Know







OMN- Jijjiiramuu Tartiiba Qubee Ilaalchisee Marii 2ffaa (LIVE)



Wixineen Labsii Keeyyata 49(5) hiikuuf qophaaye dantaa Oromiyaan Finfinnee irrraa qabdu kan dhabamsiisu malee kan eegsisu miti. A leaked legislative document: TPLF’s baby candy for Oromia: Is it the question of Freedom or Question of Addis Ababa May 3, 2017

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A leaked legislative document: TPLF’s baby candy for Oromia: Is it the question of Freedom or Question of Addis Ababa


‘Wixinee seeraa ka dantaa addaa Oromon Finfinne irraa qabu ilaalchise dhiyaate balaa guddaa baate jira. Dangerous dha! Gabaabaatti: wixineen sun Oromoo, Oromummaa fi Biyya Oromoo walitti qabee gurgura!’ – Ogeessa Seenaa Henok G. Gabisa irraa

Wixineen Labsii Keeyyata 49(5) hiikuuf qophaaye dantaa Oromiyaan Finfinnee irrraa qabdu kan dhabamsiisu malee kan eegsisu miti.

Jawar Mohammed

Wixineen Labsii Keeyyata 49(5) hiikuuf qophaaye dantaa Oromiyaan Finfinnee irrraa qabdu kan dhabamsiisu malee kan eegsisu miti. (Ani hanqina wixinee kana airratti qabxiilee muraasa kaaseera. Ogeeyyonni seeraa keenyas sirritti xiinxalaatii ummata hubachiisaa maaloo)

Qorannoo ka’uumsaa ( Concept Paper) dhimma dantaa addaa Oromiyaan Fifninnee irraa qabdu hojitti hiikuuf gara mootummaa naannoo Oromiyaan qophaaye ilaallee jirra. Akkasumas wixinee Labsii , heera mootummaa federaalaa keewwata 49(5) irra kaayame hiikuuf qophaayes agarree jirra. Wanni hubannes

1. Wixineen labsii kun qorannoo ka’uumsaa irratti hundaayee qophaaye. Qorannoon kun abbaa biyyaa Finfinnee Oromoo tahuu ragaa gahaadhaan dhiheessee jira.
2. Wixineen labsii kun Afaan Oromoo afaan hojiifi barnoota bulchiinsa Finfinne akka tahu lafa kaaya. Kunis dansaadha.
3. GARUU gaafii abbaa biyyummaa Oromoon gaafatuuf dantaa addaa Oromiyaan ni qabdi jedhamee heera federaalaa keewwata 49(5) irra kaayameef deebii hin qabu. Akka waan hariiroon Finfinnee Oromoo ishii keessa jiraatanii qofatti lafa kaaya. Fakkeenyaaf eenyummaa isaanii tursuuf mirgi hojjachuu, afaan ofii dubbachuu, maqaaleen gandootaa kan duritti deebi’uu faa tarreessa. Kun dogonora guddaadha. Heerri mootummaa kan jedhu Oromiyaan dantaa addaa qabdiidha. Oromoonni Finfinneekeessa jiraatan akka jiraataa kamiittuu mirgafi tajaajila isaan barbaachisu argatu. Tajaajila addaa yoo isaan barbaachise jiraattonni sun akkuma saboota biroo bulchiinsa magaalatti gaafachuun kabachiifatu. Kun waan keewwata 49(5) walqabate homaatuu hin qabu. Dantaan addaa Oromiyaa kan kabachiifamu Oromiyaan akka qaama tokkotti bulchiinsa Finfinnee waliin hariiroo yoo uumteedha. Hubadhaa, keewwata san keessatti ‘dantaa Oromoo’ jechuurra dantaa Oromiyaa waan jedhameeftu jira. Oromiyaan caasaa mootummaa Oromoonni dantaa waloo isaanii ittiin qindeeffachuuf jaaraniidha. Naannolee ollaa waliinis tahee mootummaa federaalaa waliin dantaa Oromoo kan qindeessuu Oromiyaadha. Dantaa Oromoon Finfinnee irraa qabu mootummaa Oromiyaatitu kabachiisaa jechuudha. Kanaaf keewwanni kun kan hiikkamuu qabu dantaan Oromiyaan Finfinnee irraa qabdu maali? Akkamiin hojitti hiikama kan jedhuuni. Fakkeenyaaf bulchiinsa Finfinnee keessatti bakki 25% Oromootaan haa qabamu jedha. Alaa yoo laalan waan gaarii fakkaata. Hubadhaa yaanni kun kan dhufe ummata Finfinnee keessaa harki 25% Oromoodha yaada jedhurraayi. Maarree akkas taanaan Oromoo kennaa addaa osoo hin barbaachisin filannoodhaan harka san inuma argata. Maarree maalif dantaa Oromiyaa dhiisanii dantaa Oromoota Finfinnee keessaa jedhanii hiikuu barbaadan? Oromoonni Finfinnee keessaa naannawa takk qofa hin jiraatan. Eenyummaan isaanitis kan hundaa hin beekkamu. Kanaaf of qindeessanii mirgaaf dantaa isaaniitif falmachuuf ni rakkisa. Kanaaf dantaa waloo Oromoota sanii kan bif milkaayeen geggeessuu danda’u caasaa mootummaati, mootummaa Oromiyaa. Kan diduudhaaf jecha Gumiin Oromoota Finfinnee ni dhaabbata jedha. Kuni qoosaadha. Biyya federaalaa keessatti sabni caasaa mootummaatin malee afooshaa ( civic society) dhaan mirga hin kabachiifatu.
4. Akka faaydaa addaa Oromiyaa jedhamee kaayame kan koflaa tokko naannoon Oromiyaa waajjiroota Finfinnee keessaa qabaachuuf mirga qabu jedha. Finfinneen teessoo mootummaa Oromiyaa tahuu heerri naannichaa ni kaaya. Kana jechuun waajjira hamma barbaadde ni qabaatti. Maarree labsii kana keessatti maalif kaayame? Ittiin nu sossobuufi.
5. Dhimma hamaan biraa Oromoota hiddaan Finfinnee ta’aniif mirgi addaa kennama jedha. Hubadhaa Oromoo Finfinnee keessaa erga hiddaan buqqaasanii gadaan meeqa lakkaayameera.
6. Daangaa Finfinnee marii bulchiinsa magaalattiifi Oromiyaatin gara fuulduraa daangeffama jedha. Bandhinniifi daangaan Finfinnee waggoota 22 dura gaafa heerii mootummaa tumamu murtaayee jira. Kanaafuu daangaa gaafas murtaaye sanirra deemanii dhagaa dhaabuu malee wanti gara fuulduraatti bulchiinsi Finfinnee mari’atan hin jiru. Yaanni kun kan dhufe daangaa seeraan ala waggota dabran babaldhifame san dhugeeffachuufi lafa biraas itti dabalachuufi.

Waliigalatti wixineen kun abbaa biyyummaa Oromoon Finfinnee irraa qabu deebisuu dhiisaatii ‘dantaa addaa’ xiqqoo heerri mootummaa kaaye sanuu ni faallessa. Yoo dhugaan labsii mirgaafi dantaa Oromoo kabachiisu baasuu barbaadan qabxiilee armaan gadii mamii malee afaan qajeellootiin lafa kaayuu qaban.

1. Yoo xiqqaate Oromiyaan Finfinneen, akkuma Hararaiifi Dirree Dhawaa, bulchiinsa walootiin bulchuu qabdi.
2. Galii Finfinneen argattu irraa dhibbeentaan seeraan murtaa’u Oromiyaaf galuu qaba
3. Imaammata fayyadama lafaa, kunuunsa naannoofi hawaasummaa irratti Oromiyaan veto power qabaachuu qabdi.
4. Afaan Oromoo afaan hojiifi barnootaa sadarkaafi manneen barnootaa hundaa ta’uu qaba.
5. Itti fayyadama bishaanii, kuusaa kosiifi kanneen biroo irraa Finfinneen Oromiyaaf kaffaluu qabdi.

Labsiin qabxiilee kana hin hammanne mirgaafi dantaa Oromoo dhiibuuf kan qophaaye ta’uun beekkamuun sabni keenya falmii cimaadhaan dura dhaabbatee akkuma maastar Pilaaniifi labsii magaalota Oromiyaa sanitti haqsiisuuf qophaayuu qaba.

Concept Paper
Draft Proclamation

“Wantoota gaggaarii wixineen labsi dantaa addaa Oromiyaa qabate fudhannee kan hafe booda itti dabalanna” yaada jedhun argaa jira. Kuni dogonora cimaadha. Hubadhaa wanni haasa’aa jirru waa’ee heera mootummaa hiikuuti. Heerri tumamu tokko takka jallannaan deebisanii qajeelchuun laaftuu miti. Gaafa heerri ammaa kun bahu mirga abbaa biyyummaa Oromoon Finfinnee irraa qabu guututti mirkaneessun magaalattin Oromiyaa jalatti akka bultu gochurra gara “dantaa addaatti” gadi hirdhise. Har’a kunoo mee dantuma addaa sanuu nuuf kabajaa jechuuf dirqamnee jirra. Haaluma kanaan faaydaalee bubuutuu qalbii nama hawwataniif jecha labsiin dantaa addaa Oromiyaa heeraan kaayame guututti hin kabachiifne yoo fudhanne, boru bubuutuu waadaa galamte san nuuf laadha jennee kadhachuuf dirqamna. Kanaaf labsiin bahu dantaa Oromiyaan Finfinnee irraa qabdu guututti kan eegsisu ta’uu baannaan keeyyanni 49(5) osoo hin hiikkamne hafuu wayya. Keessattuu aangon Finfinnee bulchuufi galii isii qooddachuu Oromiyaaf laatamuu baannaan labsiin kun wixineema ta’ee hafuu qaba malee raggaasifamuu hin qabu. Qondaalonni labsii kanarratti dalagaa jiran takkaa onnatanii fooyyessuu ykn dhiisanii keessaa bahuu qaban. San didanii itti fufnaan ummanni isaan nyaachuuf jira.” – Jawar Mohammed

OPDO should walk away from signing any surrender agreement on Addis Ababa short of full Ownership Rights of the Oromo people on that city!

By Birhanemeskel Abebe Segni

1. What is the current status of Addis Ababa?

For an outsider, Addis Ababa is the seat of the Ethiopian federal government. It is also the host city of the Headquarters of the African Union (AU), formerly the Organization of African Unity (OAU), and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), and other international organizations, and diplomatic mission numbering over one hundred twenty embassies and consulates making it the diplomatic capital of Africa with the potential to become one of the leading world metropolis.

However, this very rosy picture becomes more murky and troublesome when one looks into the domestic sides of Addis Ababa. The domestic picture of Addis Ababa is in stark contrast to what it claims to portray itself nationally and globally. It is one of the most segregationist and discriminatory city in the world. It is built on evicting and dispossessing the Oromo people of their ancestral land through the war of conquest, and a predatory land grab policy that evicted and dispossessed the land belonging to the Oromo people.

In 1843, Major William C. Harris, the Head of United Kingdom’s Delegation who visited Ethiopia during that time and stayed with an Amhara warlords of the day vividly recorded in his book “The Highlands of Aethiopia (1844, Vols. I-III)” his eyewitness description of the carnage, the savagery, and the barbarity of those warlords on Oromo residents of Finfinnee. Major Harris’s Book Vol. II (p. 185-198) accounts on how tens of thousands of Oromo peaceful and unarmed residents of Finfinnee were massacred and destroyed by a European armed savages and warlords through its war of looting expeditions. In 1887, Addis Ababa was built on the graves of those brave Oromo heroes and heroines.

This agony of Oromo forefathers on whose grave Addis Ababa is built is the everyday agony and brutalizing memory every Oromo youth carries in his heart and lives with every single day. It is the cause for which every single Oromo will fight for and die for until the ownership rights of the Oromo people on Addis Ababa is fully and completely restored and respected.

Fast forward, over the last 25 years alone, Addis Ababa evicted close to one million Oromo residents from Oromo districts surrounding Addis Ababa silently and incrementally through systematic and consistent military style operations. In his Book “ The Meles Legacy: Addis Ababa, the Ownerless city”, Erimias Legesse, the Former State Minister for Ethiopian Government’s Spokesperson Office, accounted over 10 years he was in the Addis Ababa City Council alone, close to 150,000 Oromo families were evicted from their land, and their whereabouts are unknown.
When the recent French supported Addis Ababa Master Plan slated to evict twelve million Oromos in ten years’ time from 36 cities and seventeen woredas in Central Oromia zones was announced it triggered the memories of 1840- 1887 all over again. The Oromo people protested and drew the battle lines not to be played again.

2. How is the EPRDF handling question of the Oromo people over Addis Ababa?

In spite of the war of conquest partly mentioned above, no other Ethiopian regimes formally questioned the ownership rights of the Oromo people on Addis Ababa, since its creation in 1887, except the current EPRDF government of Ethiopia.

Let’s recap this. Under all previous Ethiopian regimes, including that of Emperor Menelik II, Lij Iyasu, Queen Zewiditu, Emperor Haile-Selassie, and the military regimes of General Teferi Bantii & Colonel Mengistu Haile-Mariam, the status of Addis Ababa as the seat of the central government and its status as the Capital City of Shewa Province has never been disputed or questioned or even debated!

Administratively, the Municipality of Addis Ababa was reporting to Menagesha Awraja, an area that covers pretty much the current Special Oromia Zone surrounding Addis Ababa. Menagesha Awraja in turn was reporting to the Shewa Province which in turn reports to the Ethiopian central government. At no time in its history was Addis Ababa separated from Shewa Province and placed under the political control of the Ethiopian central government let alone becoming a separate region except in the last 25 years.

The project of separating Addis Ababa from the Oromia State and that of the Oromo people started rolling as soon as the current government took the state power from the Derg Regime in 1991. As soon as it assumed the state power, the government of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi established Addis Ababa as a separate region, calling it Region 14, by proclamation No.7/ 1992 in 1992. Article 49 sub article 5 of the current federal constitution simply adopted the watered down version of this proclamation.

To avoid immediate backlash from the Oromo people, the newly crowned rebels recognized “the political rights and special interests of the Oromo people and region 4 over Addis Ababa” under Article 65 of Proclamation No.7/1992. The political rights and special interests of the Oromo people enshrined under this proclamation has never been legal elaborated or even get discussed. In short, Proclamation 7/1992 denied the Oromo population of the former Shewa Province their city in the name of self-administration, and the entire Oromo people the right to administer one of their city and the loss of the heartland of Oromia and their capital city with stroke of a pen.

In a further strategy to weaken the Oromo people’s ownership rights on Addis Ababa and empower Addis Ababa as a colonial enclave, the EPRDF government divided and disenfranchised Shewa Oromo population in the former Shewa Province into five zones which now includes West Shewa, North Shewa, South West Shewa, East Shewa, and the Special Oromia Zone surrounding Addis Ababa. A small part of the old Shewa province is also redistricted under the Amhara National Regional State with Debre Berhan as its zonal capital.

This strategy, which seems to have worked well until the #OromoProtests, was to divide and give the OPDO boys small balls for each one of them in their respective zones so that they will take off their eyes from the bigger ball while the big guys will play the national political and economic tournament with perfection with the bigger ball in Addis Ababa. The EPRDF sold this poly of creating six zones out of the previously one and very strong Shewa province as an administrative convenience for these newly created zones. In reality, none of the newly created zones gained any politically and economic advantage in the last 25 years except being weakened, impoverished, disenfranchised and gerrymandered to benefit the predatory beasts in Addis Ababa.

The current so called “talks” on Article 49 sub article 5 of the Federal Constitution’s “special interests clause of Oromia in Addis Ababa” is sequel two of the poly of the EPRDF to finish and perfect what the 19th Century war of conquest failed to do by completely separating Addis Ababa from Oromia and the Oromo people.

3. How is Addis Ababa treating the Oromo people now?

The policies of Addis Ababa toward the Oromo people has always been predatory. Its policies are premised on evicting, dispossessing, displacing and exploiting the Oromo to benefit, make room and place for non-Oromo settlers. Over the last twenty-five years, Addis Ababa is not only displacing and evicting the Oromo people, it is also the prison and torture capital of the Oromo people where all major torture centers and hidden prisons including Ma’ikalawi are located. Some call Addis Ababa the Gitmo of the Oromo people where tens of thousands of Oromos are tortured, killed, and detained.

Politically, economically and socially speaking, except for the nominal claim that Addis Ababa is the capital city of Oromia, Addis Ababa is the antithesis of everything Oromo. There is virtually no Oromo political, economic and cultural presence in Addis Ababa. All political, economic and cultural powers are fully in the hand of the settlers. Despised, marginalized and excluded in their own land, the Oromo people are considered as undesirables and strangers not welcomed in Addis Ababa, and are openly discriminated against.

According to the Addis Ababa City Charter, Amharic is the only official working language of the city. This means Afaan Oromo is legally and factually banned in Addis Ababa. Afaan Oromo speakers neither get employment nor public services this city provides through its public institutions. Afaan Oromo speakers’ political participation in Addis Ababa is unthinkable. Instead, the EPRDF government appoints Amharic speaking Oromo with no political constituency in the city as the Mayor of Addis Ababa to serve as a rubber stamp for the wish and whim of the deep state, and cow the Oromo people through well perfected political fraud.

There is no single Afaan Oromo public school or college in Addis Ababa. There is no single Afaan Oromo print or broadcast media for Afaan Oromo speakers in Addis Ababa. All Addis Ababa-based print and broadcast media outlets, theaters, and cinema centers, youth centers, museums, and city operated social institutions are legally banned from using Afaan Oromo. With the exception occasional translation services in court hearings, there is no single entity that provides even translation or interpretation services for Afaan Oromo speakers. All legal documents and court decisions are issued only in Amharic.

In fact, since the environment of discrimination is so pervasive and heavy, almost all private businesses and social institutions including churches, banks, hospitals, clinics, hotels, cafés, retail and wholesale shops conducts all their businesses only Amharic. One hardly finds Afaan Oromo speaking businesses or churches in Addis Ababa.

For Afaan Oromo speaking citizens of Addis Ababa, Oromo refugees in New York or Washington DC or Minneapolis have more self-worth and rights than Afaan Oromo speakers in Addis Ababa. Oromo speaker in Washington DC, New York or Minneapolis can get interpretation services in hospitals and other public institutions, a right an Oromo in Addis Ababa could not even contemplate.
Although it might be unfair to blame Addis Ababa for all the misery and ills of the Oromo people, it is fair to say that all the racist and discriminatory policies and laws against the Oromo people by the Ethiopian regimes continue to be hatched and nurtured in Addis Ababa. The Ethiopian government’s monolingual language policies and systemic policies of exclusion and marginalization of the Oromo people from Ethiopia’s economically, politically and social systems are developed and executed with near perfection and exported to the rest of the country from here.

Addis Ababa is a city that aspires to become a global city before it becomes a city to its own people on whose land it is founded. Owing to this discriminatory and segregationist policies, the Oromo people’s relationship with this city is that of love and hate. They love it because they believe it is their city. They hate it because they are being segregated, discriminated and unwelcomed in it.

4. What is the demand of the Oromo people on Addis Ababa?

The demand of the Oromo people on Addis Ababa is simple and straight forward. It is the demand to right the wrongs listed above! It is the demand of ownership right of the Oromo people on their land and their city. It is the demand of the Oromo people to politically administer their city and have a part in its development. It is the demand for the Oromia national regional government to have a taxing power (the power to impose and collect tax) and police power (the power to issue laws and policies and enforce them) on Addis Ababa and to administer it.

Rejection of the Ethiopian government’s aggression and denial of self-governance rights of the Oromo people of themselves and their capital city, Addis Ababa, is at the heart of the #Oromoprotests that is going on for the last two years.

This demand of the Oromo people over Addis Ababa is best encapsulated in the single rallying cry of the #OromoProtests. It says “Finfinneen Handhura Oromiya ti!” in Oromo language. Loosely translated, it means “Addis Ababa is the heart, the umbilical cord & the center of Oromia!” It simply means Addis Ababa is the heartland of Oromia and Oromia’s capital city. The two are inseparable; one and the same! Oromia will not exist without Addis Ababa, and Addis Ababa will not exist without Oromia!

The slogan “Finfinneen Handhura Oromiya ti!” shows the undisputed ownership, full political and economic rights including the police and taxing powers of the Oromia State over Addis Ababa. The slogan shows Addis Ababa is inextricably connected with the dignity and the honor of the Oromo people.

The Oromo people have never ever lost, relinquished, nor abandoned their ownership rights on Addis Ababa, and never will! Not now! The future belongs to the Oromo people to right the wrongs and injustices perpetrated on the Oromo people in Addis Ababa and its surroundings. The OPDO has no political, legal or historical mandate from the Oromo people to sign any form of surrender agreement that undermines, diminishes, compromises or further complicates the fully political, economic and social rights of the Oromo people on Addis Ababa. Not now. Not ever!

5. Why has OPDO no legitimacy to sign the surrender agreement with EPRDF and Addis Ababa Municipality?

OPDO cannot spend the political capital it never had both within the Oromo people and the member organizations of the EPRDF. For the last 27 years of its existence, OPDO was literally homeless and never had a legally recognized capital city to govern the Oromo people.

Most people don’t know this very important fact. OPDO’s boutique offices in Addis Ababa has no legal basis to exist there. Neither the federal government’s constitution nor the charter of Addis Ababa city administration nor the constitution of Oromia recognizes Addis Ababa as the capital city of Oromia. Not even the internal party rules of EPRDF recognizes Addis Ababa as the political capital of OPDO, nominally the ruling party in Oromia.

The EPRDF, mainly the TPLF, decides where the OPDO should be in a given year depending on the political tempo of the Oromo people. Initially, in 1991, OPDO was kept in Addis Ababa because of the pressure from the OLF. Then, after the OLF got weakened, OPDO was sent to Adama. When the pressure mounted on EPRDF/TPLF from Matcha Tullama Self-Help Association, the Oromo students, and OFC, OPDO was returned from Adama to Addis Ababa where it still exists.

Now, the EPRDF and Addis Ababa city powerholders are talking to the OPDO on the “special interests of the Oromo people over Addis Ababa” because of the #OromoProtests while those Oromo leaders who voiced their concern with the Oromo people like Dr. Merara Gudina, Bekele Gerba and tens of thousands other brave Oromo leaders are languishing in prison.

For the EPRDF, OPDO, in spite of the good intentions and brave efforts of some OPDO leaders, are just a front to pursue their selfish economic, political and security interests in Oromia, and use it as a tool to appease the Oromo people when the going gets tough. All well-meaning and enlightened OPDO leaders from top to bottom knows this political reality and fact. And the Oromo people knows it very well.

Therefore, the OPDO has no political and legal mandate of its own to negotiate, compromise and agree to anything fundamental let alone sign off on the surrender agreement of any sort short of the full political, economic and social rights of the Oromo people over Addis Ababa.

If the EPRDF leadership and the powerholders in Addis Ababa want a legitimate and final solution on the question of Addis Ababa and other Oromo issues, please release the Oromo leaders in prison and negotiate with them and other rightfully designated Oromo people’s leaders.

It is important for the EPRDF leadership and the deep state in Addis Ababa to know that their political fraud of separating Addis Ababa from Oromia is dead on arrival. The Oromo people will never ever accept, negotiate or compromise on any gamesmanship and deception short of complete and clearly defined full political, economic, cultural and administrative rights of the Oromo people and Oromia National Regional State over Addis Ababa.

“Finffinnen Magaalaa guddoo Oromiyaatifi teessoo mootummaa federaalaati. Finfinneen teesoo mootummaa Oromiyaati jechuun sirrii miti.” -Dr Birhanu M Lenjiso

‘Finfinnee is an Oromo city; it is the capital of Oromia, it can not be neutral. As such, it will undergo a fundamental change. Anyone who cries foul of the ”special interest” proclamation, specially those within the federal government, should know that the simplest solution to the problem is to change the seat of federal government. How about that? Any attempt to deny or resist changes to the city might very soon turn it into a sieged Balkan town.’- Biyya Oromiyaa

‘If you want to respect the so called ‘special interest’ of Oromia in Finfinnee, start with the simple act of making the Finfinnee City Council accountable to Oromia. Formally recognize the Oromo name of the city and of its sub-cities. Declare Afaan Oromo as one of the working languages of the city. Anything less is a joke. (But then, what of politics in Ethiopia today is not a brutal joke?’ #OromoRevolution – Tsegaye Ararssa

‘Dubbiin tana…heerri mootummaa federaalaa keewwanni 49(5) qabxii ifatti lafa kaaye qaba
– Finfinneen Oromiyaa keessatti argamti
– Dhimma fayyadama qabeenya uumamaafi bulchiinsa waloo irratti hariiroon bulchiinsa Finfinnee fi OROMIYAA seeraan murtaaya jedha. Kana jechuun keewwata kana yeroo labsiidhaan hiikkamu hariiroo bulchiinsa waloo mootummaan naannoo Oromiyaafi bulchiinsi Finfinnee jidduu jiraachuu malutu murtaayuu qaba. Wixineen labsii amma dhihaate garuu hariiroo jiraattota Finfinnee dhalata Oromoo tahaniifi bulchiinsa Finfinnee jidduu jiru kaaya. Wixineen kun keewwata 49(5) waliin hariiroo homaatuu hin qabu. Mirgi Oromoonni Finfinnee keessaa qabaachuu malan heera bulchiinsa Finfinnee fooyyessuun hojitti hiikuun malee mirgaafi dantaa Oromiyaan Finfinnee irraa qabdu jallisuun miti.’ – Naf-tanan Gaadullo

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Abdii Boruu:- Faayidaa Addaa Naannoon Oromiyaa Finfinneerraa qabu laalchisee labsii Wayyaanee

By Abdii Boruutiin*  Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com  May 3, 2017 

Dhiyoo kana faayidaa addaa naannoon Oromiyaa Finfinneerraa qabu ilaalchisee mootummaan Wayyaanee labsii mata dureen isaa የኦሮሚያ ክልል በፊንፊኔ/አዲስ አበባ ላይ ያለውን ሕገ-መንግስታዊ ልዩ ጥቅምን አስመልክቶ የተዘጋጀ የጥናት ሰነድ jedhu tokkos dhiyaatee jira. Labsii gara fuula 14 qabu kana dubbisee hanaga naaf galetti hubadhee jira. Duraan dursee, wanni nama gammachiisu Qabsoon Bilisummaa Oromoo (QBO) fi sochiin uummata Oromoo hangam Wayyaanee irratti dhiibbaa akka godhe fi jilbiifachiisaas akka jiruu dha. Kun ammoo wareegama Sabboontotni Oromoo kaffalanii fi kaffalaas jiraniin waan argameef galannii gootota keenyaa daangaa hin qabu. Asitti aansee wantan wixinee labsii kanarraa hubadhee keessaa qabxiilee tokko tokko kaaseen yaada koo dhiyeessuu yaala.

Wixinee qorannoo sana keessatti akkana jedhamee lafa kaayame:

የጥናት ሰነዱ ዓላማ
2.1. የኦሮሞ ብሄር የሰፈረበት መልክአ ምድር አንድ አካልና እምብርት የሆነችው ፊንፊኔ ታሪካዊ አመሰራረት፣ ነባር ነዋሪዋንና የስሟ ወደ አዲስ አበባ እና የሌሎች ቦታዎች ስያሜዎች መቀየርና መዛባት ፖለቲካዊ ምክንያቶችና ይህም በሚኒሊክ የተስፋፊ ሥርዓት የደረሰውን ጭቆናና የተፈፀመውን ግፍ ለማስገንዘብ፣

Wixinee labsii sana keessatti ammoo akkan jedhamee lafa kaayame:

1) የከተማው ስም ፊንፊኔ ከአዲስ አበባ ጋር እኩል መጠሪያ ይሆናል፡፡

ስለ ባህላዊና ታሪካዊ ጥቅሞች
1) በከተማ አስተዳደር ውስጥ የሚገኙ የተለያዩ ቦታዎች መጠሪያ ወይም ስያሜዎች በጥንት ስሞቻቸው እንዲጠሩና ተዛብተው እየተጠሩ ያሉት ስሞች እንዲስተካከሉ ይደረጋል፡፡

Mee gara dhimmoota birootti otuu hin seenin dura asumarraa kaanee haa ilaallu. Finifinneen handhuura Oromiyaa ti jedhamee erga amaname fi maqaan kunis sirna weerartuu Minilikiin gara “Addis Abebaa”tti akka jijjiirame erga mirkanaawee; bulchinsa magaalaattii keessatti bakkeewwan (iddoowwan) maqaalee isaanii kan duriitiin akka yaamaman erga murteeffamee; dursee kan ta’uu qabau, maqaan Minilikiin jijjiirame sun deebi’ee maqaa isa uumaatiin “FINFINNEE” dhaan yaamamuu qaba malee, innii hangafti kun dagatamee ykn dhiisamee, maqaaleen bakkeewwanii qofaan jijjiiramuun gahaa miti. Kanaafuu, “የከተማው ስም ፊንፊኔ ከአዲስ አበባ ጋር እኩል መጠሪያ ይሆናል፡፡” kan jedhu fudhatama hin qabu. Otuu seenaan ragaa ta’uu, wanti maqaa koloneeffataatiin yaamamuuf sababni hin jiru jechuu dha.

1) የከተማው ወሰን የከተማው አስተዳደርና የክልሉ መንግስት በሚያደርጉት የጋራ ስምምነት ይወሰናል፡፡

Asirratti wanti ifa ta’e hin jiru. Erga Darguun kufee, Wayyaaneen aangoo qabattee kaasee hanag har’aatti jechuun waggoota 26n dabran kana keessatti Finfinneen seeraa ala uummata Oromoo naannoo ishii jiraatan buqqistee baay’ee babal’attee jirti. Sana birallee dabranii, maqaa Maastar Plaaniitiin fagaatanii deemuuf yaalii godhaa jiru. Egaa, asirratti daangaa isa kamtu murtaa’a? Bulchinsa magaalaattiis ta’ee mootummaan naannoo Oromiyaa ofiin jedhu kun lamaanuu warra fedhii uummata Oromoo kabajanii fi kabachiisanii miti. Isaan lamaanuu tajaajiltoota Wayyaanee ti. Eenyutu eenyu wajjin mari’atee, daangaa kana murteessa? Dhimmi uummata Oromoo hin mari’achiisne fi fedhii isaa hin eegne milkaayuu hin danda’u.

የኦሮሞ ብሔር ተወላጆች መብት
1) በከተማው አስተዳደር ነዋሪ የሆኑ የኦሮሞ ብሔር ተወላጆች በኢትዮጵያ ፌዴራላዊ ዲሞክራሲያዊ ሪፐብሊክ ሕገ-መንግስት እና በሌሎች የሀገሪቱ ሕጎች የተከበሩ መብቶች በከተማው ውስጥ የመጠቀም ሙሉ መብት አላቸው፡፡

Kun uummata oromootti qoosuu fi mirga inni biyya abbaa isaarratti qabu gadi xiqqeessuu dha. Duraan sirumaayyuu mirga tokkollee waan hinqabaanneef, amma mee akkuma lammiilee biyya sanaattuu haa laalamu jechuu dhaa?? Dhimmi ijoon dhimma naannoon Oromiyaa ykn ummatni Oromoo Finfinneerraa faayidaa addaa qabaachuu ti malee, kan Oromoo Finfinnee keessa jiraatanii qofaa mitii bar!! Uummatni Oromoo bal’aan Finfinneerraa faayidaa addaa yoo qabaate fi mirgi isaa guutuun yoo kabajame, kan jiraattota Oromoo magaalaa tanaas ni eegama jechuu dha. Maarree, maaliif dhimmicha gadi buusanii akkanatti xiqqeessanii laalu??

ስለ አስተዳደራዊ ጥቅሞች
2) በከተማው መስተዳደር ም/ቤት ውስጥ የኦሮሞ ብሄር ተወላጆች እንደ ከተማው ነዋሪ ያላቸው ውክልና እንደተጠበቀ ሆኖ፣ ከምክር ቤት ወንበር 25% የማያንስ የኦሮሞ ብሄር ተወላጆች ብቻ የሚወከሉበት መቀመጫ ይኖራቸዋል፡፡

Kun baay’ee nama ajaa’iba! Mee hubadhaa, biyyuma abbaa isaa fi handuura biyya isaa keessatti harka afur keessaa harka tokko qofaa (25%) qabaachuun uummata keenya tuffachuu dha. Akkuma saree waan sitti darbinu funaannadhuutii callisi jechuu fakkaata.

6) ፊንፊኔ/አዲስ አበባ የኦሮሚያ ክልላዊ መንግስት ዋና ከተማ ሆና ታገለግላለች፡፡

Finfinneen magaalaa guddoo (hangafa) naannoo Ormiyaa ti erga jedhamee; bulchinsi ishiillee bulchinsa naannoo Oromiyaa jala galuu qaba. Akkanatti mirgi uummattota magaalaa tanaa kan Oromoo hin taane eegamaaf malee, Oromoon achi keessa jiraatan akka saba bicuutti laalamanii mirgi murtaaye tokko isaaniif kennamuun sirrii hin ta’u. Jaalatamus jibbamus, Finfinneen guutumaa guutuutti bulchinsa naannoo Oromiyaa jala galuu qabdi. Finfinneen qaama fi handhuura Oromiyaa erga taatetti, faayidaa addaa wanti jedhu kunuu hin jiru. Fudhatamus dhiisamus dhugaan jiru isa kana.

ስለ ማህበራዊ የአገልግሎት ጥቅሞች
2) ለኦሮሚያ ክልላዊ መንግሥት ኃላፊዎችና ሠራተኞች እንዲሁም የኦሮሞ ተወላጆች የመኖሪያ ቤት በከተማ አስተዳደሩ ከሚገነቡ የጋራ መኖሪያ ቤቶች በ15% ቅድሚያ የማግኘት ወይም የመከራየት መብት ይኖራቸዋል፡፡

Kun maal jechuu akka ta’eyyuu ana naaf hin galu. Dhibbantaa 15 (15%) dursa argachuu jechuun maali? Maaliif hangi kun murtaaye?

11) የከተማው አስተዳድር ለከተማው ህዝብ ከሚያቀርባቸው አገልግሎቶች ጋር በተያያዙ የልማት ሥራዎችን በክልሉ መንግስት ጋር በመመካከርና በመስማማት ሊፈፅም ይችላል፡፡ [sarara anatu itti dabal]

Bulchinsi magaalaa Finfinnee, dhimma akkanaarratti mootummaa naannoo Oromiyaa wajjin mari’achuu fi waliigalteedhaan raawwachuu ni danda’a malee dirqamaa miti jechuu dhaa? Yoo hin barbaadne ofuma isaatiif akka barbaadetti murteessuu ni danda’a jechuu fakkaata. Asirratti fedhiin uummata Oromoo kan hin eegamne yoo ta’e, kun akkamitti laalama?

የኦሮሚያ ክልላዊ መንግስት መብቶች
3) የክልሉ መንግስት የዚህን አዋጅ ማሻሻያ ሀሳብ በማመንጨት ለኢፌዲሪ የሕዝብ ተወካዮች ምክር ቤት የማቅረብ መብት ይኖረዋል፡፡ የሕዝብ ተወካዮች ምክር ቤትም ይህን አዋጅ ለማሻሻል ሲፈልግ የክልሉ መንግስት አስተያየት መጠየቅ ይኖርበታል፡፡

Kun sirriitti hubatamuu qaba. Tokkoffaa, mootummaan naannoo Ormiyaa mootummaa walabaa otuu hin taane, kan fedhii Wayyaanee eegaa jiruu dha. Waanuma Wayyaaneen itti himte mirkaneessee isaanumatti deebisee dhiyeessa jechuu dha. Lammaffaa, Wixinee kana (akkuma jiru kanattuu) fooyyessuuf, waan hir’ate guutuuf kan irratti mari’achuu fi yaada dhiyeessuu qaba uummata Oromoo bal’aa dha malee, mootummaa Wayyaanee tajaajiltuu miti. Kun waanuma ofiif karoorfatan murteessuuf deemu malee, fedhii uummata keenyaa eeguuf dantaa akka hin qabne ifatti mul’isa.

Egaa, qabxiilee tokko tokkon kaasuu yaale malee, akka hubannoo kiyyaatitti, walumaagalatti wixinichi hir’ina fi wanta ifa hin taane hedduu ofkeessaa qaba. Gadi fageenyaan hubachuun barbaachisaa dha. Kaayyoon labsii kanaa ammoo sochii uummata keenyaa kan akka ibiddaa boba’aa jiru kana qabaneessuu fi yaada uummata keenyaa karaarraa maqsuuf (attention diversion) waan yaadame malee, kun dhugumatti faayidaa uummatni keenya Finfinneerraa qabu hojiirra oolchuufii miti. Gaafiin uummata Oromoo inni bu’uraas kan akkanatti laayyoodhumatti deebi’uu miti. Gaafiin isaa deebii argachuu kan danda’u, yoo uummatni keenya guutumaa guututti abbaa biyyummaa isaa mirkaneeffate qofaa dha. Kunis wareegama ulfaataa gaafata malee, mirkanaa’uun isaa hin oolu. Injifannoon xumuraa kan uummata Oromoo akka ta’u shakkiin tokko hin jiru.


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 Addis Abeba, Jan. 18/2017 – When Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn indicated last week that a draft law was prepared on the “special interest” of Oromia in Finfinnee (aka Addis Abeba), discussions have resurfaced on the issue of the status of the city and its relations with Oromia. Last week, I had the privilege of discussing the matter in a couple of radio interviews where, inter alia, I was asked what the content of the special interest is, what I anticipate the content of the draft law will be, and whether passing the law would address the concerns raised in the Oromo protests that has rocked the country for over two years now. What follows is a set of reflections on some of these issues.[1]

This announcement about the draft being prepared on the ‘special interest’ comes at a time when the country is under a state of emergency the end of which is indefinite even according to the Prime Minister.[2] The announcement comes at a time when, in the wake of the Oromo protests against the Master Plan, at least over 700 people are killed by the regime and thousands more are injured. In particular, it comes after key Oromo political leaders—such as Bekele Gerba and Dr Merera Gudina–and tens of thousands of protestors have been sent to jail and military detention centers, respectively, for demanding the right to ownership of their Oromo land including Addis Abeba. The announcement comes at a time when the Oromia and Amhara regions are chiefly being administered by the Command Post in charge of implementing the state of emergency law. The Master Plan, which was once said to be repealed, is reportedly being implemented within Addis Abeba. The boundary between the city and its Oromo suburbs that are still within the administrative jurisdiction of Oromia is not delimited. The repression of all forms of dissent continues. This immediate political context is not without a precedent. In fact, one can say that it is only the continuation of a long-drawn historical context.

Before the advent of Art 49(5)…

Historically, it is now a well-known fact that the notion of Oromia’s ‘Special Interest’ entered the Ethiopian legal universe in 1992 through the instrumentality of the Proclamation that established National/Regional Self Governments (Proclamation No. 7/ 1992). This is the proclamation that set the blue-print for what came later to be the constituent units of the Ethiopian Federation. Adopted to give effect to the decentralization that was envisaged in the Transitional Charter – and to valorize the right of ethno-national groups to self-determination – it established 14 self-governing national regions. Accordingly, Oromia became one of the 14 self-governing States. Addis Abeba, like the City of Harar, was also a region in its own right. Oromia’s ‘special interest’ over both cities was first recognized in this piece of legislation (1).In Article 3 (4), it is provided that:

“The special interest and political right of the Oromo over Region Thirteen [Harari] and Region Fourteen [Addis Abeba] are reserved. These Regions shall be accountable to the Central Transitional Government and the relations of these Self-Governments with the Central Transitional Government shall be prescribed in detail by a special law.”

Very much like the provision in Art 49 (5) of the Constitution that came later, it envisaged a ‘special law’ (meant to clarify the relation of accountability to the Central Government), but such a law was never promulgated. It is interesting to observe that, unlike in the constitution, in this transitional period law, the Oromo has not just a “special interest” but also a political right over the two self-government regions. It is also important to observe that there is no attempt to delimit the boundary of the city. As a result, it was not clear as to where exactly the jurisdiction of the government of Addis Abeba ends and that of Oromia commences.

While it looked like a city-state in a federation, Addis Abeba was also seen as a city within a larger state, i.e., Oromia. In other words, administratively, it was an enclave falling outside of Oromia while also housing the Government of Oromia as its capital. In a sense, Addis Abeba is in Oromia, but not of Oromia. Oromia was a State governing from Addis Abeba without, however, governing Addis Abeba itself. While the meaning of ‘special interest’ was understood to mean much more than having a seat for the Oromia government in the city, for the entire period of the transitional times, this remained to be the only ‘interest’ Oromia could obtain.

The concept of Oromia’s special interest was thus injected into the language of public law in the country accompanying the shift away from a formerly unitary state to what was subsequently to become a ‘multinational federation’. Acutely sensitive to the rights of sub-national groups (called ‘Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’) in Ethiopia, this ‘ethno-federalization’ was a reaction, and a push back, to the goings-on in history. We can thus see its immense historical import in its potency to speak both to the past and to the future. The ‘special’ in the ‘special interest’ phrase hails not only from the mere fact of geographic location of Addis Abeba in Oromia but also from the implicit recognition of the essentially Oromo identity of the city. Historians have routinely described the fact that, until it was violently raided and occupied by the forces of the Shoan Kingdom in the 19th century, the city was inhabited by the Oromo.

When it was ‘founded’ as the capital of the modern Ethiopian Empire in 1886, it was set as a launching pad for the campaigns of imperial conquest on the peoples of the Southern, South-Eastern, and South-Western peripheries. With a violent beginning marked by conquest and occupation of the land; raid, massacre, and displacement of the population; and transformation of the cultural and environmental terrain by the soldiers, it started as a garrison town. A cursory glance at writings by William Harris[3], Alexander Bulatovich[4], and even Evelyn Waugh[5], indicates that the State operated in Addis Abeba as an occupying force of settler colonialists bent on pushing out and displacing the indigenous Oromo peoples. Because the settlers generally spoke Amharic and confessed the Ethiopian Orthodox faith and because of the disproportionate concentration of modern urban facilities in Addis Abeba, it became increasingly different culturally from its surroundings.

Consequently, it projected a cultural life that is different from that of the Oromo. The culture, identity, and language of the Oromo became the constitutive outside of the cultural life in the city. In time, the Oromo were effectively marginalized and otherized. For most of the 20th century, the Oromo, although historically the host, was forced to live like the alien and the guest in what was their own homeland. Informed by this memory and propelled by years of national liberation struggles, the politicians that negotiated the Transitional Charter (Proc. 1/1991) and made the law (Proc. 7/1992) sought to emphasize the need to acknowledge the Oromo presence in the city’s affair through the ‘special interest’. The ‘special interest’ package was thus a way of making up for the artificial (created or intentionally produced) absence of the Oromo. In other words, it was a method of presenting the absent, a way of bringing back the Oromo to its own.

What does the Law Say about the Special Interest?: The Legal Context

When the constitution of FDRE was finally adopted in 1995, the ‘special interest’ clause was more or less carried over into art 49(5). To understand the full textual context of the special interest package in art 49 (5), it is important for us to reproduce the entirety of article 49 in full. Accordingly, the provision in art 49 reads as follows:

  • Addis Abeba shall be the capital city of the Federal State.
  • The residents of Addis Abeba shall have a full measure of self-government. Particulars shall be determined by law.
  • The Administration of Addis Abeba shall be responsible for the Federal Government.
  • Residents of Addis Abeba shall in accordance with the provisions of this constitution, be represented in the House of Peoples’ Representative.
  • The special interest of the state of Oromia in Addis Abeba regarding the provision of social services, or the utilization of natural resources and other similar matters, as well as joint administrative matters arising from the location of Addis Abeba within the State of Oromia, shall be respected. Particulars shall be determined by law.  

Owing to the unclarity of the clause in art 49 (5), coupled with the lack, to date, of the law constitutionally envisaged to enunciate the content, it became imperative for people to ask “just what is the ‘special interest’?” And what is so special about it? In this section, we make a close reading of the provision to explore what could be in the package.

Developments: Toward Articulating the Content of the ‘Special Interest’

It is important at the outset to underscore that Addis Abeba is a Federal capital city within a State. In this, it is more like Berne (of Switzerland) or Ottawa (of Canada). It is not a city-state (in the style of Berlin or Brussels). Nor is it a federal capital territory or a federal district (in the style of Abuja, or Canberra, or Washington DC). Once that is recognized, i.e., that Addis Abeba is a city in Oromia, one should have an explicit discussion and mutual understanding about what it means to be a federal capital because that automatically indicates that the Federal Government does not have a ‘natural’ right to be in the city. Unfortunately, that discussion did not happen. That was a historical blunder about a city mired in several historical misdeeds and mistakes.

That it was made accountable solely to the Federal Government was the second big blunder committed at the time of adopting the constitution. Given the fact that the city is Oromia and that it is also a ‘natural’ capital of the government of Oromia, it should have been made accountable to Oromia. Or, at the very least, it should have dual accountability to both the Federal and Oromia Governments. That did not happen. Commanding exclusive say on the administration of the city (in the name of ultimate accountability), the federal government ‘banished’ the Oromia government at will in 2003 and allowed it back into the city in 2005. In this, the federal government expanded and re-enacted the original violence of dispossession and displacement of Oromos from the city thereby perpetrating a new wound before the historical wounds could heal. Had it not been for this contemporary constitutive mistake, this ‘original sin’ of constitutional drafting in 1995, there wouldn’t have been anything special about the special interest of Oromia. If there would be ‘special interest’, it would have been that of the Federal Government or the non-Oromo residents of the city. These twin mistakes of recent history led to events of dire consequence that continue to claim lives and limbs to date.

The Host made a Guest

Having made a guest out of the host through the legal fiction of excision, i.e., by excising the city out of the political and administrative jurisdiction of Oromia, it became necessary for Ethiopia, almost as an afterthought, to ‘concede’ a lame ‘special interest’ to Oromia in Art 49(5). Over the years, the government of Oromia and Oromos in general hung on this provision more as a symbolic rallying point to interrogate Ethiopia for what is actually beyond the specific content of the Oromo interest in the city.

To the Oromo public, the city became the metaphor for what Ethiopia has made of the Oromo in general: an invisible, non-speaking, non-acting other who inhabits the interior of the territory but the exterior of the polity. It became the concentrated expression of the ‘life’ and the agony of the Oromo in the Ethiopian polity: their present-absence and their absent presence at a time.

Today, the Federal State presided over the coalition of four parties that make up the EPRDF became the new empire in a federal form, and the leaders became the new emperors in a democratic-republican garb. This forced the quip from many commentators that in Ethiopia ‘plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose’ (‘the more it changes, the more it remains the same’).

Hence, the wide Oromo discontent over the whole arrangement with regard to Addis Abeba. Taking advantage of the historic asymmetry in power, the city administration, mostly prompted by the federal government, has consistently acted in complete neglect or wilful defiance of the interests of Oromia and Oromos.

Legal Silence Exploited

Taking advantage of the undefined territorial boundary of the city, the administration continued to expand its competence over the suburbs surrounding Addis Abeba. Routinely, the Federal and the City Governments exploited the legal silence on the matter of special interest. Thus, the Addis Abeba Land Administration office often acted as the authority in charge of land administration in areas such as Labbuu, the Laga Xaafo-Marii continuum, Bole-Bulbula, Buraayyuu, Sabbata, Sululta, and districts beyond the Aqaqii-Qaallittii corridor (such as Galaan, Dukam, etc). The Federal Government continued to implement its industrialization policy by reserving Industrial Zones, Recreation Parks, and designated investment sites (much like Special Economic Zones). In doing all these things, the Federal Government and the city never took the trouble to consult with Oromia, much less the Oromo people. Evictions of farmers with little or no compensation became a routine practice.

Pollutions, Waste, Deforestation, Evictions

Pollutions from industrial emissions were sustained with no sense of accountability from the part of the city. Waste was dumped recklessly causing massive health risks. Deforestation and soil degradation was intensified in the neighboring districts, especially after the rise of investment in flower farms, dairy farms, and poultry farms. Homelessness of the evicted farmers and residents started to be felt among the people.

Oromia and Oromos Respond Resentfully: #Oromorprotests Emerges

The response from the Government of Oromia was late, but it did come in the form of a 2009 Caffee Oromia proclamation that established a Special Zone of 17 districts and 36 towns in the area. Its attempt at legislative articulation of the ‘Constitutional Special Interest of Oromia over Addis Ababa’ remained a draft to date. Its demand for enunciation of the content of the ‘special interest’ by the Constitutional Inquiry Council (CIC) was rejected on the ground that the CIC and the House of Federation do not give an advisory opinion in the absence of litigation.

Also, Oromo residents of the inner city resented the absence of Schools and cultural centers that operate in Afaan Oromo. The fact that the city has become anything but Oromo over the years made Oromo residents lament the complete cultural insensitivity to the needs of the Oromo in the city. Increasingly, the demand for schools in Afaan Oromo and cultural centers began to be vocally expressed in the last decade or two (resulting in efforts to construct an Oromo Cultural Centre and to open public schools that operate in Afaan Oromo)[6].

While such demands were gaining momentum steadily over the years, the Integrated Regional Development Plan (alias the Master Plan) was announced to the public in 2014. Immediately, it provoked a resistance in all corners of the Oromia region.

The day-to-day encroachment of Oromia’s jurisdiction with the informal expansion of the city; the general spill over effects of the city; its becoming the dumping ground for Addis Abeba waste for no gain; the pollution of the rivers, the soil, and the general environment of the surrounding districts and towns; the evictions with ‘compensations’ whose lower limits are legally left unregulated; the insensitivity to the cultural and linguistic needs of Oromo residents; the temperamental behaviour the Federal Government showed vis-à-vis Oromia’s claim to Addis Abeba as its capital city; these and other resentments fed the anger that emerged in the wake of the revelation of the Master Plan.

Apart from its violation of the principles of federalism and a healthy intergovernmental relation that should exist in a working federation, one of the reasons given for resisting the Master Plan was that it liquidates the ‘special interest’ of Oromia. As was noted above, the particulars envisaged to ‘be determined by law’ were never determined.

Giving Content to the ‘Special Interest’

According to art 49 (5), the articulation of the content of the ‘special interest’ is hoped to revolve around the meaning of four broad phrases:

  1. ‘Provision of social services’
  2. ‘Utilization of natural resources’
  3. ‘Joint administrative matters’
  4. ‘Other matters’ similar to provision of social services or utilization of natural resources.

In the endeavor to give content to the special interest clause, one is expected to interpret these phrases in a judicious manner that can also satisfy the popular discontent that was ignited into full manifestation in the protest to the Master Plan.

Social Services

In particular, we must identify the kind of social services that Addis Abeba should provide to Oromia. Normally, ‘social services’ connote services such as access to housing, education, health, water, transport, and other matters needed for achieving adequate living standards. From experience, we know that one of the unmet needs of Oromia in Addis Abeba is access to public buildings and properties for their offices and residential places for their officials and civil servants. And the need for designated plots of land on which to build houses for the employees of the state.

Organizing public schools that operate in Afaan Oromo is another kind of social service seen as a pressing need. Related but not often articulated is the need for building or making spaces for public libraries run in Afaan Oromo, exhibition centres, concert halls, theatres, museums, galleries, cinema halls, printing presses dedicated to the nurture and development of Oromo cultural lives, shows, performances, plays, memories, arts/paintings, movies, books, etc. This need to give attention to culture also requires the need for memorializing personalities and historical moments of the Oromo through naming streets, places, squares; and erecting statues. In addition, subsidizing Oromo arts and printing and publications as part of making the Oromo presence felt to anyone who comes to and inhabits the city is an important aspect of social service. In other words, the provision of social services also extends to the cultural representation of the Oromo in the life of the wider city.

Similarly, health facilities and other utilities such as public transport services that operate in Afaan Oromo should be considered part of the social services to be provided to Oromos. One way of addressing this could be making Afaan Oromo the co-equal working language of the City Government. The move to make Afaan Oromo and other languages to become working languages of the Federal Government will also help curb part of the problem of access to social services and facilities such as public transport, celebration and registration of vital events (birth, marriage, death, certification, authentication, licensing, etc).

 Natural Resources

The proposed law must also clarify the type of ‘natural resources’ Addis Abeba has, resources that Oromia uses, and identify the modes in which it continues to use them. The effort to give content to this phrase becomes confounding when we note the fact that there is hardly any natural resource that the city offers to Oromia. Anything ‘natural’ in the city is ipso facto that of Oromia because the city itself is of Oromia anyway. The city actually is dependent on the natural resources of Oromia. Water, forest products, hydroelectric supply, minerals, sand, cement products, precious stones, food products, and everything else that Ethiopia (beyond and above Addis Abeba) needs come from outside of the city, Oromia and the other regions.

In the course of articulating this interest, one needs to consider the benefits Oromia should get from the delivery of these resources. One way of doing this is to agree on the percentage of income that should go back to Oromia’s revenue based on what is often called the principle of derivation in federal countries. If the federalism was properly functioning, this would have been handled through a negotiated channel of financial intergovernmental relations.

Joint Administration

The proposed law to be prepared must determine the scope and method of exercise of the envisaged ‘joint administration’. For this, we will first need to identify what tasks are matters for joint administration. Secondly, we need to decide who is responsible for what aspect of the administration. In the area of inter-jurisdictional roads (say maintenance); border management; managing trans-boundary forests, rivers, etc.; inter-jurisdictional legal cooperation (whose police takes responsibility for cross-border criminal activities); these and some such activities need to be spelt out.

One obvious area of joint administration is management of land. Because legislative power over land issues is a matter for the federal government and administration is for the States, issues such as town planning, mapping, cadastre, land redistribution among residents, designing construction regulations, etc should have been a matter for states, districts, and local/municipality governments. And in these areas, local governments of Oromia and the city administration (i.e., sub-cities and districts) could find some collaboration. Accordingly, the government of the state of Oromia and the government of the Addis Abeba City could coordinate their activities as they have overlapping jurisdictions (i.e., Oromia has a territorial jurisdiction while the city has a self-administrative jurisdiction) because the city is also the capital city of Oromia.

Ideally, ‘joint administration’ could have happened if the city was made accountable to the Government of Oromia rather than to the Federal Government. At the very least, joint administration could have been achieved through making the City government accountable to both the Federal and the Oromia governments. Settling on one of these options would mitigate the injustice of the original constitutional arrangement that: a) made Addis Abeba the capital city of the Federal government without the consent of Oromia and Oromos; and b) made the city’s self-government accountable exclusively to the Federal Government.

‘Other issues’

The meaning of the ‘other issues’ over which Oromia has a special interest is to be decided contextually on the basis of issues that rear their head in the course of day-to-day life experience. One cannot be definitive about the list of things to be included in this category.

However, twenty years of experience should have brought forth several such issues that may need to be specified while leaving others to the discretion of administrators subject to judicial review.

Who Takes Initiative?

Even assuming that the content of the ‘Special interest’ is clear, there is another issue left for us to determine: who comes up with the law that “determines” the “particulars”? Is it the Federal Government, the City Government, or the Government of Oromia? So far, the federal government had hesitated to legislate on the matter even in the face of a repeated demand by the government of the state of Oromia. That is of course because the federal government wants to exploit the ambiguity that remains because of the legal vacuum.

Legal silence is strategically deployed by the Federal and Addis Abeba Council to avoid their part of the obligation and to continue to enjoy what doesn’t rightfully belong to them in the absence of a law that proscribes it. Oromia’s attempt in the past (2006) to legislate on the matter could produce only a draft piece of legislation that couldn’t ultimately be presented to and passed by the Caffee Oromia.

Beyond the Content: Reconciled Relationship between the City, the Region, and the Country-Redemption via Relocation?

If there was an inclusive participatory constitutional moment that acknowledges the presence of the Oromo in the polis-to-be between 1992 and 1994, one or more of the following scenarios might have been negotiated:

a) Find a (new) site that is commonly agreed upon by all the constituent members of the Federation to be the Federal District Territory;

b) Designate another city in another State or in Oromia as the seat of the federal government accountable to that state;

c) Designate different cities that can serve as seats for the different branches of the Federal Government;

d) Agree to have a roving capital city for the federal government every decade or so;

e) Designate Addis Abeba as the capital city with a self-governing council ultimately accountable to Oromia—an essentially Oromo city in which the federal government may have some form of ‘special interest’

f) Designate Addis Abeba as a federal capital city whose self-governing council will be accountable to both the federal and the Oromia governments.

 Towards a Redemptive Discourse

We all know that the constitution-making process was less ideal than one would hope for. It was marked by lack of legitimacy on procedural and substantive accounts.[7] The work required now, while attending to the immediate needs of giving content to the ‘joint administrative issues’, is to identify potential areas of constitutional amendments that would overcome the problems caused by original flaws in the constitution. This will force us to engage in—and engage the public with–what I called, elsewhere, a ‘redemptive constitutional discourse,’ a discourse that overcomes the deficits in original legitimacy, a discourse that ‘corrects’ the imperfect beginnings of the constitution by also attending to the trauma caused by inaugural violence with which the city was incorporated into, and made the capital of, the modern imperial Ethiopian state.

Relocating the Capital

While that is being done, the search for a lasting solution to the violent Ethio-Oromia relations, especially regarding Addis Abeba needs to begin and continue. In particular, it is imperative that we consider the possibility of relocating the Federal Government elsewhere. Removing the Federal government will help undo the trauma of the violent occupation at the moment of ‘founding’ and subsequent displacement of the Oromo through the ‘settlement’ of others. Relocation has the advantage of:

  1. Dissolving the altercation over ownership of the city;
  2. Securing the socio-cultural interests of the Oromo in the city;
  3. Restoring full jurisdiction of Oromia over its territory;
  4. Rescinding the legal excision of the city from the administrative jurisdiction of Oromia through the provision of article 49;
  5. Enhancing the Oromo’s right to exercise of ultimate political power in the city;
  6. Restoring the host, the Oromo, to its rightful position and securing the rights of the guests, the non-Oromo inhabitants, in a context of mutual recognition;
  7. Arresting the continued lawless expansion of the city and the concomitant land grab, eviction, and ethnocide thereof;
  8. Responding to, and thereby dissolving, the question of the so-called ‘special interests’ within the context of Oromia and Oromia alone;
  9. Comprehensively responding to the demands of the #Oromoprotests whose rallying cry has been “Finfinnee belongs to Oromo” (“Finfinneen kan Oromooti!”).

The legal relocation of the Federal capital has more transformative potential for the entire polity than the obvious advantages outlined above. It is a restoration of Oromo agency and authority over the decision on what matters to their life in their land and in the wider country. The issue of choosing a negotiated site for a federal capital city is an opportunity to help the wider country to agonize over its history, its state system, its capacity to deal with historical injustice, and its hope of re-building the state on a fairer, more just, and more plural foundation. In short, it allows for a redemptive constitutional discourse to emerge.

It has to be explicitly stated however that to remove the Federal Government is not synonymous with removing the inhabitants of the city. The inhabitants will be part of Oromia and like all other people living in the wider Oromia, their rights shall be respected. Yes, there may be some people who work for the federal government institutions that may have to commute to and from work if they choose to continue living in Addis Abeba after the relocation of the capital. Yes, there will also be people who might move to the new capital altogether. But they don’t have to. No one has to. It is important to remember, incidentally, that not all the inhabitants of the city are employees of the Federal Government as such. The federal Government is merely its institutions, agencies, and its workers. That is not the (entire) population of the city.

Pending Redemption…Shift Accountability

Until that is done through constitutional revision or amendment, it may be necessary to consider the shift of accountability of the city government from the Federal to the Oromia government. It may be imperative for the Federal Government to start paying rent to the Oromia government as a token of acknowledgement to their being hosted by Oromia.

The quest for a lasting solution should start with identifying unconstitutional laws and policies that violate Oromia’s rights and special interests. Laws such as the one that promulgated the Addis Abeba Charter of 2003 (Proc. 361/2003, especially its article 5), the Investment Amendment Proclamation of 2014 (Proc. 849/2014, especially its provisions regarding ‘Industrial Development Zones), and projects like the World Bank sponsored Industrial Zone Projects (such as the Resettlement Action Plan [of] the Qilinxo Industrial Zone (April 2015) should all be rescinded.

New laws may need to be issued. An example is a proclamation that governs the lowest threshold for rates and modes of compensation awarded to a farmer in the event of eviction from her/his land. To be sure, there was a 2005 Proclamation (Proc. 455/2005) that provides for expropriation of land holdings and compensation. However, this proclamation, apart from enhancing the dispossessive regulatory and police powers of the Ministry of Federal Affairs, federal and local governments, and of several other agencies, it says little about the substance of the compensation, especially for collective landholdings (about which it says nothing). Needless, to say, as the actual practice of expropriation has routinely demonstrated, even the normative gesture in the law of providing a replacement remains to be more a legal rhetoric than an actual reality, more a juridical promise than a political practice.

Not so Special

Recognition of special interest is exception-making. Through a ‘special interest’ package, a rightful entity extends some rights, as part of underserved acts of grace, to another that cannot lay claim to these rights. To Oromia and Oromos, there is hardly anything special about the ‘special interest’. The city is naturally and intrinsically part of Oromia. As such, Oromos and Oromia have pre-eminence over the city. They lay claim over the city as their own natural territory. Oromo interests are not supposed to be granted to them by others as some kind of favor. They have the more fundamental right of an owner. As such, they do not need others to make exception in their favor in order to guarantee the protection of the interest of the Oromo in the city. If anything, it is the Oromo that should make exception to the other inhabitants in granting them, for instance, the right of self-government at the municipal level.  In other words, if anything was to be ‘special’, it was the ‘interest’ of other peoples who live in the city that should have been so designated as to constitute the ‘special interest’ of non-Oromos in this inherently and primarily Oromo city.

However, owing to the legacy of imperial conquest and violent occupation of the city and the consequent dispossession and displacement of the Oromo from the city, it is now the guests that are extending (and so far denying) the ‘special interest’ of the hosts. This is a testament to the total lack of self-awareness on the part of the Federal and City Governments about the land they stand on. It is a testament to their moral blindness and (and the consequent incapacity) to pay attention, to see the original owners of the land, and to recognize their natural rights thereof. The result is the failure to understand the pain of dispossession and relentless quest of the Oromo for restoration.

The more consequential result is that this moral blindness is blocking the redemption of the relationship between the city (Addis Abeba), the Region (Oromia), and the Country (Ethiopia). That is why it comes as no surprise that the contestation over the city is pivotal to the making or breaking of the Ethiopian state in our own time. AS


ED’s Note: Tsegaye R Ararssa, Melbourne Law School. Email: tsegayer@gmail.com.

Cover Photo: Partial view of Addis Abeba

Photo Credit: Dereje Belachew

End Notes:

[1] The substance of most of these reflections were extensively discussed elsewhere. Here, in most sections, I present a rehash of those reflections. See Tsegaye Ararssa, “The Special Interest in Addis Ababa: The Affirmation of Denial,” Addis Standard (Jan 18, 2016) available at http://addisstandard.com/the-special-interest-the-affirmation-of-denial/.

[2] Technically speaking, this government which needed a special—emergency–measures to secure peace and stability, does not have a legal mandate to enact a law before repealing the emergency declaration and calling the army back to its barracks. Nor does it command a moral authority to make a legislation for the people it killed, maimed, arrested, detained, and tortured unaccountably only because they protested.

[3]William Harris, The Highlands of Ethiopia (1844).

[4] Alexander Bulatovic, Ethiopia through Russian Eyes: A Country in Transition, 1896-1898 (Richard Seltzer, Tr), (2000).

[5] Evelyn Waugh, Waugh in Abyssinia (1936).

[6] Note that the Oromo Cultural Center in Addis Abeba was built and inaugurated only in 2015.

[7] See, for example, Ugo Matei, ‘The New Ethiopian Constitution,’ Cardozo Review (1995), http://www.jus.unitn.it/cardozo/Review/constitutional/Mattei2.html; and  Tsegaye Regassa, ‘The Making and Legitimacy of the Ethiopian Constitution,’ 23 (1) Afrika Focus (2010), 85-118.

Oromia (Finfinnee): Fascist TPLF is still pushing to implement the deadly ‘Master Plan’, this time with UN Habitat December 20, 2016

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Odaa OromooOromianEconomistSay no to the master killer. Addis Ababa master plan is genocidal plan against Oromo peopleno-to-fascist-tplf-ethiopias-addis-ababa-master-plan-master-killer-no-to-genocide-against-oromo-people



The irresponsible and minority regime in Finfinnee/Addis Ababa that had declared the scrapping of the so-called ‘Addis Ababa Integrated Master Plan’ a year ago is again doing its best to test the strength of the Oromo people by making another systematic move to implement the deadly ‘Master Plan’ that has caused the death of more than 2,000 Oromo protesters in all over Oromia since Nov. 2015.

TPLF and its puppet OPDO, had been forced to scrap the plan months after the outbreak of Oromia wide protest against the ‘Master Plan’ and the mufti-faceted subjugation against the Oromo people for over a century. The Oromia wide protest that was the first in its kind in Africa, had a profound and shaking impact on the failing Ethiopian empire as it was a revolution that originated from rural grass root Oromo farmers that have been highly affected by the corrupt TPLF led regime.

Even if the Master Plan was declared scrapped a year ago, the Oromo protest has been going on opposing the systemic political, economic, social and cultural marginalization of the Oromo people by the successive Ethiopian rulers.

Due to the indiscriminate and disproportionate attack by Agazi force against the Oromo protesters simply because they have been requesting legitimate and basic rights, more than 2, 000 Oromos have been killed, more than 10, 000 injured, and close to 250, 000 are detained and are being tortured by the TPLF security forces in different detention centers in Oromia.

The current move by TPLF is another round of attempt to implement the ‘Master Paln’ to displace Oromo from their ancestral land with the help of a UN agency called UN – Habitat; However, this must be the last call for all Oromo to renew their resolve to get ride of this brutal minority regime once and for all.

Oromia: OMN:Gaafiif Deebii Gaazexeessaa DHRTVO Duraanii Yihun Ingidaa Waliin Godhame. December 20, 2016

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Odaa OromooOromianEconomistSay no to the master killer. Addis Ababa master plan is genocidal plan against Oromo peopleSay no to the master killer. Addis Ababa master plan is genocidal plan against Oromo people. Say no.

Murtoo kanarra ga’uuf akkan harkifadhe nan beeka; Ta’us yeroon waan darbite natti hin fakkaatu. Ani kana booda miidiyaa mootummaa keessa dalaguuf mooraalii hin qabu. Qabsoo saba kootii dura dhaabbachuunis kaayyookoo miti! Nama dhugaan quuqama uummataa qabu taatee miidiyaa mootummaa keessa dalaguun du’a dachaadha. Uummatakeefis ofiikeefis hin taatu. Uummati sitti gadda, sammuukee dhabda. Ogummaa keettis hin taatu; diinagdeenkees 0 dha. Hundaa ol kan nama ajaa’ibu ammoo mootummaan ati hojjettuufillee si hin amanu. Waan maraafuu miidiyaa mootummaa keessa ta’ee hojiin hanga ammaatti dalagaa tureen namoota natti gadditan hundumaa dhiifaman gaafadha? Anis akka ilma Oromoo tokkootti qaama qabsoo saba kootii ta’uukoo akka naaf hubattanin barbaada! Namoonni kabajaa fi jaalala obbolummaa naaf qabdaniin, miidiyaarratti na arguu barbaaddan akka jirtan nan beeka. Isin tarii miidiyaa dhugaan hawaasa tajaajiluun, yeroo booda tajaajila ogummaakoo deebitanii argachuu dandeessu jedheen yaada. Kun ta’uu yoo baate garuu gamanumaan dhiifaman isin gaafadha, Galatoomaa!
(Yihun Ingidaa, Gaazexeessaa) Onkoloolessa 3 bara 2016



Killing Parks in Ethiopia: The so called “Industrial Parks” are reportedly turning into “killing and Mass Grave Parks” around Addis Ababa, Bushoftu, Adama and Dire Dawa August 9, 2016

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Odaa OromooOromianEconomist


The so called “Industrial Parks” are reportedly turning into “killing and Mass Grave Parks” around Addis Ababa, Bushoftu, Adama and Dire Dawa

This is one of the modern Industrial Parks, dubbed as Light Industrial City, to be built in Ethiopia as part of the larger plan for industrialization. It is situated at the southern outskirts of Addis Ababa, known as Jamo area. The local farmers were involuntarily removed. Now, it is turned into a Killing Park.

Credible reports indicate that the security forces are detaining a large number of people in large business storehouses affiliated with the regime and factory buildings built by the regime under the guise of “Industrial Park Development Corporation” around the cities of Addis Ababa, Bushoftu, Adama and Dire Dawa.

Reports also indicate that these parks are becoming killing parks where Oromos are killed and buried in mass graves in the compound of these parks.

It is to be noted that the so-called “Industrial Park Development Corporation” is one of the institutions of land grab that is evicting tens of thousands of Oromo farmers from around these cities and many parts of the country.

Similarly, reports indicate that victims of the government brutality are being denied medical assistance in government run healthcare facilities. In Addis Ababa, hundreds of the participants of the Grand ‪#‎OromoProtests‬ on Saturday, August 6, 2016, who were seriously injured but not detained were denied access to medical services at the order of the regime’s security forces across the city.

In cases where the victims get admitted to hospitals, the regime’s security forces are removing the medical files of the victims, particularly of the dead, from Hospital records in many Hospitals across Addis Ababa in an attempt to hide the identity of the victims and absolve the perpetrators of the crime from future persecution.

Reports coming from Zewditu Memorial Hospital in Addis Ababa indicates that the medical file of an Oromo Protester by the name Tarekegn Deressa who died at the Hospital of brain concussion after being seriously beaten by the security forces in Meskel Square on Saturday, August 6, 2016, was deleted from the hospital computers and hard copy paper files taken from the Hospital records to hide any trace of what happened to this brave man.

Hospital sources indicate that deleting and hiding the medical files of those killed from hospital records are becoming the operating procedure the regime security forces are using to hide the identity of the victims and absolve the perpetrators of these crimes from future persecution.

Ethiopia is in a serious national crisis. It needs a national solution. An alternative political solution must be immediately thought-out. The government must immediately stop this state of terror and the killing sprees across the country by reigning over the security and military forces carrying out this brutality and heinous crimes.

The international community, particularly the United States, the United Kingdom, European Union, Japan, India, China, World Bank and IMF must immediately take concrete measures to halt the bloodshed and prevent the country from descending into further crisis by lending diplomatic, financial and technical supports for an all-inclusive national political solution. ‪#‎OromoProstes‬ + ‪#‎AmharaProtests‬ =‪#‎EthiopiaProtests‬!


NO TO IMPUNITY! The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission is not an independent institution and that it is incapable of doing human rights monitoring has long been admitted by the regime itself. So, no report it presents is a result of an independent inquiry June 14, 2016

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Odaa OromooSay no to the master killer. Addis Ababa master plan is genocidal plan against Oromo people. Say no.#OromoProtests, Qabosoon itti fufa jedhu aayyoleen#OromoProtests against the Ethiopian regime fascist tyranny. Join the peaceful movement for justice, democracy, development and freedom of Oromo and other oppressed people in Ethiopia


By Tsegaye Ararssa)

That the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission is not an independent institution and that it is incapable of doing human rights monitoring has long been admitted by the regime itself. So, no report it presents is a result of an independent inquiry. No statement it makes is an impartial statement. What we heard yesterday is not even close to the admission of guilt on the part of the regime made by the Prime Minister and the Spokesperson earlier in the year.
We have yet to see its report, the methods it used, and the personnel it mobilized to conduct its investigation. We have yet to see whom they identified as these “other forces who sought to take advantage of the people”. We have yet to see how “these other forces” are implicated. We have yet to see a full description of who did what so that we can make them responsible. To blame indefinite (and invisible) forces for the people killed (over 500 now), for the people injured (in thousands), and for the people arbitrarily arrested (estimated to be over 50,000), for the destruction of property (through vandalizing and burning of university campuses), for the suspension and dismissal of Oromia’s civil administration unconstitutionally (without even a semblance of legality that could be seen if there were an emergency declaration or a “federal intervention”) is a farce of incredible proportion. And we reject that completely, and we say NO!

Referring to “these other forces” as the responsible bodies without clearly identifying them and without establishing the mode of their involvement is only deflecting responsibility from the regime that acted completely lawlessly (illegally and unconstitutionally) to take “merciless and definitive measures” on protestors and to subject the entire region to military rule. This is simply unacceptable. And we say NO to impunity!

The report claims that the federal army, special forces, federal police, and the entire intelligence personnel was unleashed on Oromia to kill, injure, arrest, and terrorize the people [totally in accordance with the order of the Prime Minister to take “merciless and definitive measures”] on the invitation of the region. However, it doesn’t even care to tell us when was it requested, how it was requested, and according to which rules of procedure (apart from that put in place for a legitimate Federal Intervention in the regions). This is completely illegal and unacceptable. We reject this, and mercilessly and conclusively say NO to that, too!
The report claims that the crisis was caused, among other things, by a misunderstanding of the Master Plan. This suggests that the Master Plan is an appropriate plan. This is utterly unacceptable. We say NO!

By issuing this statement by the EHRC, the regime is now suppressing and displacing the truth of the atrocities it perpetrated on innocent protestors.
We say NO to this suppression of the truth, our truth, just as we say NO to the repression of the protest, and the wider systematic oppression of the Oromo and other peoples of Ethiopia by a regime that has rendered itself not just undemocratic but utterly anti-democratic.
The modest road we suggested from the start remains to be the only road the regime has to take in order to restore peace (and survive this crisis as a regime).
We state it to them again:
1. Rescind the Master Plan unequivocally (both in Addis and in the adjacent Oromia Zones). Take a clear, public stance by issuing a Parliamentary Resolution against the Master Plan.

2. Stop the violence and remove the Army, the Special Force, the Federal Police, and the intelligence personnel from all civilian life in Oromia.

3. Release all the political prisoners arrested in relation to the protest, including political dissidents arbitrarily taken captive in the wake of the re-eruption of the protest.

4. Set up a genuinely independent commission with members and/or observers from international organizations to conduct a proper investigation to the crisis and to make efforts to establish responsibility (political, administrative, legal, and moral) for the harm caused in the process.

5. Take political responsibility as a government, apologize to the public officially (with a clear statement written and delivered in a proper forum fully transparently to the media), and take all appropriate measures to restore the dignity of the victims and pay reparations to the same.

6. Remove all officials who are at the forefront of political and administrative responsibilities, for by being implicated in the bloodbath that they caused in the course of the crisis, they have totally lost the moral legitimacy, the legal competence, and the public credibility to govern.

7. Ensure that those who did and caused the killings, injuries, rapes, tortures, and arbitrary arrests be held legally accountable (in accordance with the criminal law of the country) before an independent court of law. Allow a forensic determination of guilt and punishment in proportion to the degree of their participation. Fail to do this, the regime will be haunted by the possibility of being brought before international justice institutions (or at least they will face the inconvenience of having to defend themselves).

8. The Government in Oromia has lost all the credibility and all the legitimacy (which it never had anyway!) to govern the region. It is imperative that the Caffee Oromia dismiss itself and call for an election before the next parliamentary year (leaving the day to day administration of matters to a care taker government of the old cabinet).

9. Stop all acts of eviction of farmers from their land which, to most of them, is their only means of livelihood. Work towards a better (possessory) tenure security over the plots of land they now have. Stop all activities of land grab and consequent displacement of people everywhere (in Oromia and beyond) even in the name of “development.” Work towards a more legally entrenched, fair, just, and consultative mode of development planning where necessary expropriation is done with due, effective, and adequate compensation.

10. Ensure that the ‘Special Interest’ clause of the constitution is implemented urgently. In the determination of the content of the Special Interest, Oromia’s voice must be properly listened to as well as that of the city government of Addis Ababa. Start a comprehensive, inclusive, open, and genuinely participatory discussion with all the peoples of Ethiopia about where to place the federal Capital city. In an act of bona fide cooperation, the Oromia government should take steps towards suggesting another options and modes for relocating the capital city within or outside of Oromia (and its own contribution, as the largest State in the Federation, towards building the new capital–if this be the option).

These things are doable things. These things are easier things to do for the regime. Anything short of this will only provoke a more vehement and persistent resistance. To do anything less, or anything other than these modest suggestions, is an invitation for further crisis.

We will do everything at our disposal to resist this. We keep saying NO!
We keep saying NO to justification and rationalization of State terror.
We keep saying NO to all forms of impunity for the gross violation of human rights in Oromia and beyond.
We keep saying NO to all forms of eviction from land including through the Master Plan.


The new turning point in Oromo social and political trends:#OromoProtests: The Greatest United Action by Oromos Since the 16th-Century April 23, 2016

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Odaa OromooSay no to the master killer. Addis Ababa master plan is genocidal plan against Oromo peopleNo To Fascist TPLF Ethiopia's genocidal militarism and mass killings in Oromia, Ethiopia#OromoProtests iconic picture

In his recent article, the veteran Oromo political leader Ob. Ibsaa Guutama wrote, the “Oromo rage, that was suppressed for ages, started to erupt with thunderous sound from November 2015. Never in the history of Oromo since 16th century had such great number rose together to determine its own destiny. Such a civilian tide has never been seen rising at the same time empty-handed in the history of the region to challenge an enemy – armed to the teeth with modern weapons …”

Here are the videos of the Oromo Protests: the Greatest United Action by Oromos since the 16-Century – the Oromo people protesting against the Ethiopian Federal government’s Master Plan with unflinching determination. This 5-part video series covers the period of the Oromo Protests from November 29, 2015 to January 4, 2016.

Oromo Protests: The Greatest United Action by Oromos Since the 16th-Century | Videos

 More at:-

Oromo Protests: The Greatest United Action by Oromos Since the 16th-Century | Videos

Oromia: #OromoProtests: Gabaasa Fincila Xumura Garbummaa (FXG) Oromiyaa 2016 February 29, 2016

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Odaa OromooOromo Protests defend Oromo National Interest

#OromoPRotests tweet and share#OromoProtests against the Ethiopian regime fascist tyranny. Join the peaceful movement for justice, democracy, development and freedom of Oromo and other oppressed people in EthiopiaOromo Students protest @ Mandii, Western Oromia 25th November 2015Oromo Students protest @ Ambo, Oromia 25th November 2015 picture1


Gincii, Amboo, Jalduu, Gudar, Giddaa Ayyaanaa, Mandii, Najjoo, Laaloo Assaabii, Jaarsoo, Gullisoo, Bojjii, Gujii, Dambi Doolloo, Gimbii, Naqamtee, Buraayyuu, sabbataa, Dirree Incinnii, Adaamaa, Harammayyaa, Mattuu, Baale (Robee), Madda Walabu, Walliisoo, Tulluu Boolloo, Sulultaa (Caancoo), Horroo Guduruu, Buuraayyuu, Dirree Dhawaa, Calanqoo, Ada’aa Bargaa, Baddannoo, Holootaa, Shaashee, Awaday (E. Harargee), Hara Qallo (Goro Dola, Gujii), Gaasaraa (Baalee), Bulee Hora, Jimmaa, Arjo, Heebantuu, Giddaa Ayyaanaa ,Kiiramuu, Ciroo, Dodolaa, Anfilloo (Mugii), Walqixxee, Diillaa, Bishooftuu, Finfinnee,  Yuniversiitii Finfinnee, Geedoo, Asallaa,  Shaambuu, Agaarfaa, Sibuu Siree, Kotobee, Wacaalee, Saalaalee, Machaaraa, Ammayyaa, Tokkee  Kuttaayee, Innaangoo, Baabbichaa, Laaloo Qilee, Hiddii Lolaa, .Mugii, Arsi Nagallee, Baabbichaa, Shukutee, Baakkoo, Shukutee,  Baakkoo, Jalduu, Gindoo, Buun’dho Beddellee, Grawwaa,Gaara Mul’ataa, Qarsaa, Qobboo (Dardar, Eastern Oromia), Sinaanaa (Baalee), Jimmaa Arjoo, Bojjii, Kombolcha,  Aggaaroo,Tajji (Iluu), Qilxuu Kaarraa, Baabboo Gambel, Daawoo,Tulu Milki (Warra Jarso), Hirnaa, Xuulloo,  Masalaa, Galamso, Bordode, Mi’esso, Waheel, Diggaa, Arjoo Guddattuu, Guraawa, waamaa Adaree, Shabee Somboo, Limmuu Saqaa, Amuruu (Agamsa), Daroo Labuu (Gaadulloo), Yaabelloo, Aliboo (Jaartee Jardagoo), Saasigga, Magaalaa Dafinoo, Dhumugaa, Daroo Labuu (Buraysaa) Begii (Kobor), Mardida Halo Guba (Daroo Labuu), Qassoo, Bonayyaa Boshee, Baalee  (Dalloo Mannaa)……………


Gabaasa FDG Oromiyaa Sadaasa (November) 12, 13,  25,  26, 27, 28, 30, Muddee (December) 1, 2, 3, 4,5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13,14, 15, 16, 17/18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25,  26, 27,28, 29,30, 31….    2015

Amajii (January) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13,14, 15, 16, 17,18,19, 20,21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29,30, 31……2016

Guraandhala (February) 1,  2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8,9, 10,11,12,13, 14, 15, 16, 17,18,19, 20, 21,22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28,29………… 2016


 #OromoProtests: International Community Alarmed as Ethiopia Crisis Worsens

#OromoProtests. International Community Alarmed as Ethiopia Crisis WorsensEthiopia's scores in freedom in the world 2016, freedom House World Report, January 2016.

DW NEWS:NGO highlights plight of Oromo in Ethiopia


Human Rights Watch says security forces are continuing to persecute members of Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group, the Oromo. Hundreds have allegedly been killed in recent protests over a government plan to expand the capital Addis Ababa into Oromo land.




Death toll climbs as #OromoProtests still rage in Oromia state ( Ethiopia); schools remain closed. As of 30 january 2016. Fascist Ethiopian regime conducts genocide against Oromo people.

Demands of #OromoProtests

HRW: Oromia: Ethiopia: No Let Up in Crackdown on Protests Killings, Detention of Protesters Enter Fourth Month

February 22, 2016



Oromia: Ethiopia: Govt Accused of Bloody Crackdown On #OromoProtests

February 23, 2016



 The Oromo people see the government’s violence as part of a systematic attempt to oppress and marginalise them. As Amnesty International (AI) states in its report ‘Because I am Oromo’: “thousands of Oromo people have been subjected to unlawful killings, torture and enforced disappearance.” People without any political affiliation are arrested on suspicion that they do not support the government – “between 2011 and 2014, at least 5,000 Oromos have been arrested”. Amnesty asserts that recent regime violence was “the latest and bloodiest in a long pattern of suppression”. This description of government intimidation and brutality will sound familiar to most Ethiopians.’  http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/02/19/ethiopia-unity-in-opposition/


By Amnesty International, 17 February 2016, Index number: AFR 25/3437/2016


The Ethiopian authorities arbitrarily arrested and detained a number of peaceful protesters including journalists and opposition party leaders in recent brutal crackdown on protesters in the Oromia Region. Those detained remain at risk of torture and other illtreatment and should immediately and unconditionally be released. Amnesty International considers the peaceful protesters arrested to be prisoners of conscience detained solely for peacefully exercising their right to peaceful assembly. They continue to be at risk of torture and other ill-treatment.

Read more at:-https://oromianeconomist.wordpress.com/2016/02/18/ai-urgent-action-detained-oromo-protesters-must-be-released/


URGENT ACTION, Detained Oromo Protesters must be released (1)


UNPO: Oromo: Ethiopian Government Resumes Oppression of Protesters


 “Every social injustice is not only cruel, but causes economic waste and generational loss. Equality, free expression, justice, peace, and freedom are key for the generation’s continuation and for changing the world.”



#OromoProtests (Oromia):More to be done by the international community to stop the continuing violations of human rights in Ethiopia



Unrest in Ethiopia: the ultimate warning shot?

The culture of power is one of centralisation. But real federalism couldn’t be beyond reach. Oromya shows that it is becoming an absolute requirement.


U.S. Senators request Sec. Kerry for full review of the situation in Ethiopia to protect innocent Oromo civilians


n a letter written to the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry [equivalent to the Minister of Foreign Affairs], U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken (both from the State of Minnesota) requested Sec. Kerry for a full review of the situation in Ethiopia in order for the U.S. Congress to take “immediate actions” to protect innocent Oromo civilians in Ethiopia. The full 2-page letter is attached below.



News Fulton County (#OromoProtests Global Rally) : Oromians in SA protest in Pretoria over killings at home. Demonstrators say government scheme to expand capital Addis Ababa endangers farmers




Will Expressing Concern Prevent State-Led Mass Murder in Oromia, Ethiopia?





At Least 17 Oromo Children Killed by Authorities in Ethiopia Land Protests


Oromo: UNPO: Civil Society and International Bodies Condemn Violence






Oromia (#OromoProtests): VOA: Ethiopia Boundary Dispute Puts Human Rights Violations in Spotlight




Foreign Policy In Focus: Ethiopia’s Invisible Crisis. #OromoProtests January 23, 2016




UN experts urge Ethiopia to halt violent crackdown on Oromia protesters, ensure accountability for abuses January 21, 2016


European Parliament adopts 19-point resolution on the human rights situation in Oromia/ Ethiopia January 21, 2016



European Parliament resolution on the situation in Ethiopia (2016/2520(RSP)). European Union strongly condemns the mass killings in Oromia. January 19, 2016



IBTimes: Addis Ababa master plan: Oromo protesters claim Liyu police killed 27 after government scraps plan January 20, 2016



In Ethiopia, anger over corruption and farmland development runs deep
Despite the government ending plans to build on Oromo land around the capital, clashes continue, as lack of transparency and maladministration fuel dissentWilliam Davison, The Guardian, Global Development, 18 January 2016 https://oromianeconomist.wordpress.com/2016/01/18/oromia-in-ethiopia-anger-over-corruption-and-farmland-development-runs-deep-oromoprotests/

Waamicha Hatattamaa Hawaasa Oromoo Biyya Alaa fi Oromiyaa Keessa Jiraataniif


Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo Irraa


Appeal of Oromo Student’s Union (OSU) to International Community

February 10, 2016, Finfinne (Addis Ababa), Ethiopia


  • Multinational organizations (UN, EU, AU, and others)
  • Countries supporting the Ethiopian regime in the name of development, peace and security, education, science and technology (USA, European countries, Canada, Australia, and others)
  • Human rights organizations (Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa, and others)
  • Oromo political organizations
  • Oromo studies Association (OSA)
  • Oromo community organizations all over the world and all other concerned bodies

We members of Oromo Student’s Union (OSU) appeal to the international community that we are currently living under difficult conditions. It is evident that the Ethiopian regime is committing genocidal crime on the Oromo people in general and the Oromo students in particular by deploying its military and police force and terrorizing us for peacefully protesting demanding our rights asking the legitimate and rightful questions of our people. Our questions are the questions of our people. Our demands are the demands of our people. Our demands can be divided into two major categories:

  1. Basic human rights must be respected. While the Oromo constitute the majority of the Ethiopian population, Oromia constitute the largest territory, and the region is the economic backbone of Ethiopia, the Oromo people have been marginalized in every arena. Over the past 24 years the Oromo people do not have proportional power and economic share in the country and have been ruled under the EPRDF which in essence is maneuvered and completely controlled by the TPLF party. Since the mass base of the TPLF/EPRDF is the minority Tigrean population, it has been in constant conflict with the Oromo people in Oromia. The Oromo people are ruled under the barrel of the gun being constantly killed, arrested, tortured, students dismissed from schools, civilians kidnapped and disappeared, are forced to leave their country and become refugees in several countries around the globe. Therefore we demand that the basic human and democratic rights of the Oromo people be respected and a system based on equality, justice, democracy, and a government based on the needs of our people be established.
  2. Master Plan must be stopped. Starting from 2014 we protested against the so called Master Plan of the TPLF/EPRDF regime, a plan which incorporates several Oromian towns into the capital Finfinne (Addis Ababa), evicts Oromo farmers from their ancestral land, eradicates Oromo culture, language and identity, planned to sell Oromo land and plunder Oromia’s natural resources, divide the map of Oromia into two, and causes pollution and environmental degradation. We presented our appeal in writing several times requesting that the Master plan be stopped. Instead of answering our request to stop the Master plan, the regime announced another plan to incorporate major Oromian towns which is another plan to incorporate the entire of Oromia under the jurisdiction of the federal government which on the other hand is controlled by the TPLF. When our requests fell into deaf ears we protested peacefully. The answer to our peaceful protest has been brutal killings, beatings, mass arrests, kidnappings and disappearances, inhuman torture by the regime’s so called Agazi troops. In addition to some 80+ people who were killed in 2014, more than 200 peaceful citizens, mostly students have been killed since November 2015. Thousands others have been wounded. Countless others have been jailed and are under severe torture. Read More:-  Oromo Student Union appeal to International Community Feb 2016 (1)

OMN: Oduu Gur. 29, 2016



#OromoProtests in Mega town, Borana, Oromia, Feb 29, 2016

#OromoProtests  in Mega town, Borana, Oromia,  Feb 29, 2016#OromoProtests  in Mega town, Borana, Oromia,  Feb 29, 2016 p2

Gawo Qebe, Qellam Wallaga Feb 29, 2016


Gawo Qebe, Qellam Wallaga Feb 29, 2016Gawo Qebe, Qellam Wallaga Feb 29, 2016 p2

#OromoProtests in Amuruu, Horroo Guduruu Wallaggaa, Oromia, Feb 29, 2016

#OromoProtests in Amuruu, Horroo Guduruu Wallaggaa, Oromia, Feb 29, 2016

#OromoProtests – Mass Protests, February 28, 2016, Jimmaa, Aggaaroo, Gommaa, Iluu.

Hardha warraaqsi roga Oromiyaa mara keessatti qabsiisame Jimmaa fi Agaaro, akkasumattis hanga Gommaatti Karaan ykn daandiin cufamuu isaa mirkanaawwe jira. Karaan kuni dabalata karaa Jimmaa fi Iluubaaboora wal quunnamsiisuus waan ta’eef Jimmaa fi Iluubaaboora gidduus cufamee jira. Karaan kan cufame toftaa hedduutti dhimma bahuu fi konkoolaataa gurguddaanis dabalata ta’uu isaa jiraattootni naannoo Yabbuu gabaasanii jiru.
Guccin warraaqsa bilisummaa Oromoo fi farra faashiistumaa Wayyaanee haala cimaan gaggeessamu isaa gootowwan Yabbuu, Geembee fi Agaaro qooda guddaa gumaachuun qeeqan kana dura bifa walalootin barreese akkan deeffadhu ykn dachaaffadhu dhiibaa narraan waan gahaniif dachaaseen jira. http://www.ayyaantuu.net/oromoprotests-mass-protests-february-28-2016/

Tamsaasa Raadiyoo OMN (Gur. 28, 2016)



Tamsaasa Raadiyoo OMN (Gur. 28, 2016)

OMN 2nd Anniversary UK Feb 27/2016




FXG Gootota Qeerroo Aanaa Shaakkisoo Magaalaa Haya Diimaa Godina Gujii Gurraandhala 27,2016

Goototiin Qeerroo Bilisummaa Godina Harargee Aanaa Habroo Keessatti Alabaa ABO balaliisuun “Biyya ofii maaltu gadhiisa” jechuun FXG gaggeessaa oolan.





OMN: Oduu Gur. 25, 2016



   #OromoProtests: Defo town, Habro, West Hararge, Oromia, Feb. 26 ,2016

Harargee Lixaa Aanaa Habroo Magaalaa Deefoo keessatti mormiin bifa kanaan amma eegalee jira

OromoProtests @Defo town, Habro District, West Hararge, Oromia, Feb 26 ,2016

OromoProtests @Baddannoo, Dheertuu Raamisi, East Hararge, Oromia, Feb 25, 2016

Guraandhala  25, bara 2016 Harargee Bahaa Aanaa Baddannoo Araddaa Dheertuu Raamisitti mormiin bifa kanaan itti oole.

OromoProtests @Baddannoo, Dheertuu Raamisi, Hararge, Oromia, Feb 25, 2016

OromoProtests and mass arrests in Itaya, Arsi, Oromia, Feb 25, 2016

OromoProtests @Itaya, Arsi, Oromia, Feb 25, 2016

#OromoProtests: Picture showing a moment a young man Samuel Abash was gunned down by Agazi in Haro Limu, East Walaga February  25, 2016.

Suuraa yeroo dargaggoo Saamu’eel Abaash jedhamu Wallagga Bahaa aanaa Haroo Limuu keessatti Agaaziidhaan ajjeefame agarsiisa. Gurraandhala 25, 2016 wareegame.

OromoProtests, picture showing a moment a young man Samuel Abash was gunned down by Agazi in Haro Limu, East Walaga Feb 25, 2016

OromoProtests in Arero, Borana, Southern Oromia, 25 February 2016

OromoProtests in Arero, Borana, Southern Oromia, 25 February 2016

OromoProtests in Hiddi Lolaa, Borana, Southern Oromia, 25 February 2016

OromoProtests in Hiddi Lolaa, Borana, Southern Oromia, 25 February 2016

OromoProtests in Dalloo mannaa, Bale, Southern Oromia, 25 February 2016

OromoProtests in Dalloo mannaa, Bale, Southern Oromia, 25 February 2016OromoProtests in Dalloo mannaa, Bale, Southern Oromia, 25 February 2016, p2

Guraandhala 25/2016 Godina Booraanaa ona Yaabelloo keessatti kaleessa FXG qonnaan bulaadhan eegale har’a bal’achuudhaan barattoota manneen barnoota sadarkaa hundaatti itti fufee jira. Amma sa’a kana aanaa Yaabelloo keeysaatti dhiiraa fi dhalaa guddaa fi xiqqaa osoo hin jennee daandiin cufamee dhaadannoo sagalee guddaa fi tokko taheen dhaga’amaa jira.
– Yaa oromo isaa hoomaan bulu ka’I mirgakee falmadhu,Bilisummaakee gonfadhu
– Dacheen dachee oromoo malee kan Tigre miti
– Oromiyaan bilisoomuu geesseetti
– Uummata xiqqaadhaan hin bitamnu
– Ka’I Qeerro hin kaanaa
– Abbaan biyyaa ABO dha
– WBOn hirkoo keenya abdii Kenya
Jechuudhan amma sa’a kana sagaleen Qeeyroo fi uummata guddaaa Boorana aanaa Yaabelloo keessaa dhaga’amaa jira.
Waraanni raayyaa ittisa biyyaa naannoo Sumaalee irra jiru garasitti fe’amaa jira. FXG itti fufti.




OMN: Oduu Gur. 24, 2016




Guraandhala 24,2016 Godina Lixa Shaggar Aanaa Midaa qanyiitti warraaqsii biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa FXG gaggeeffamaa jiru daran jabaachuun Manneen barnoota sadarkaa 2ffaa, Qophaa’inaa fi sadarkaa 1ffaa fi Gandoota Baadiyyaa keessatti gaggeeffamuun daran jabaatee itti fufe.Alaabaan ABO Aanaa MIdaa Qanyii dhuunfachaa jira.

Guyyaa har’aa Yeroo kanatti  goototni uummatni Oromoo  fi Qeerroon Dargaggootni Barattootni Oromoo Aanaa Midaa Qanyii M/B sadarkaa 2ffaa Midaa Qanyii kan Magaalaa Bixxillee keessatti argamuu fi Qonnaan Bultootni gandoota Goodaa Galaan walitti dhufuun hiriiraan alaabaa ABO qabachuun gara Magaalaa Baallammiitti adeemaa jiraachuu madden keenya gabaasaan.

Waraanni wayyaanee Aanaa Calliyaa Magaalaa Geedoo fi naannoo ishaatti bobbaafamee jiruu heddumina guddaa kan qabuu dheengaddaa,  kaleessaa hanga har’aatti Uummatatti bobba’ee uummata reebaa jira, Tarkaanfiin Diinummaa hammachaa jiruu kun Akka uummatni Oromoo waanqabutti fayyadamee diinaa of irraa haleeluu godhee waan jiruuf yeroo amma Uummatni Oromoo waan qabuun diina of irraa ittisuuf qophii ta’uu ibsuun Shororkeessa agazii of irraa ittisuuf jira.

Guraandhala 24/2016 Godina Wallaggaa Bahaa Aanaa Heebantuu keessatti Warraaqsii Biyyoolessa Oromiyaa #FXG utuu Wal irraa hin Citiin
gaggeeffama ture, guyyaa har’aa dhan Jabaachuun alaabaan ABO Aanaa Heebantuu Magaalaa Qeelloo keessa uummataa fi dargaggoota Oromoon
olqabame dhaabamera. Alaaban abbaa irree Wayyaanee OPDO barbada’uun gubateera.

Gurraandha 24,2016 Goototi Dargaggoonni Oromoo Godina Harargee Aanaa Daaroo Labuu Burraysaa Keessatti Akkanaan Oolan


FXG Gootota Qeerroo Bilisummaan Wallagga Beegii Aanaa Kobor Keessatti Akkanaan Oole/Gurrandhala 24,2016

Kobor BeegiiKoborKobor beegiieKobor beegiieeLaaloo Qilee

Guraandhala 24/2016 Godina Kibbaa Dhihaa Oromiyaa Godinaalee Iluu Abbaa Booraa fi Jimmaa Keessatti warraaqsii Biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa #FXG’n Guraandhala 23/2016 Irraa eegaluun bifa qindaa’een gaggeeffamuun itti fufe!

Guraandhala 24/2016 Godina Kibbaa Dhihaa Oromiyaa Godinaalee Iluu Abbaa Booraa fi Jimmaa Keessatti warraaqsii Biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa #FXG’n Guraandhala 23/2016 Irraa eegaluun bifa qindaa’een gaggeeffamuun mootummaa wayyaanee rifaasiisaa fi yaaddeessa kan jiru warraaqsaa waliigalaa Oromiyaa Godinoota cufa qabatee jiru kanadha. Guyyaa kaleessaa sagalee guddaan Jimmaa #ShabeeSomboo keessatti warraaqsii egaale har’as itti fufe jira.

Guyyaa har’a 24/2016 Godina Iluu Abbaa Booraa Magaalaa Baddalee keessatti gootota Barattooota oromoo Manneen Barnootaa Sadarkaa 2ffaa fi Qopha’inaan FXG’n finiina jira. warraaqsii Godina Kibba Dhihaa Oromiyaa keessatti Eegalee kun Aanota godina Jimmaa fi godina iluu Abbaa Booraa Cufaa keessatti jabaatee kan itti fufu ta’uu maddeen kenya ibsaniru.. Qabsoon itti fufa garboomsaan ni kufa!!

Guyyaa Har’aa Gurraandhala 24,2016 FXG Godina Wallaggaa Aanaa Ayiraa Gullisoo fi Boorna Magaalaa Yaabello Keessatti Haalaan Itti Fufee Jira.

Wallagga Ayiraa Gullisoo

Wallagga Ayiraa Gullisoo



Diddaa Dargaggoota Oromoo Harage Lixa Daaroo Labuu

“ABO Faarri Toleera Dhageessee” Jedhu Goototi Qeerroon Wallagga Magaalaa Dafinoo Aanaa Qondaala/Gurraandhala 23,2016


“Oromiyaan Biyya Keenya” Jechuun Gootonni Daroo Labuu Godina Harargee Gurraandhala 24,2016 FXG Itti Fufan.


Wallagga Qellem Aanaa Gidaamitti Namootni 7 Rasaasa Wayyaaneetiin Wareegaman‏

Gurraandhala 23,2016 Yeroo ammaa kana Godina Wallaggaa Qellem naannoo Begii fi Gidaamitti dhukaasni guddaan dhaga’amaa jira.
Magaalaan Gidaamii namni walitti hin deemu waraana Gambeela irraa dhufetu buufatee baadiyaa keessa deemaa jira.
Ganda Buriitti nama 5n yoo wareegamu Giraayitti nama 2tu wareegame kun kan barameedha jedhan dhukaasni gurguddaan aanaa Gidaamii keessa dhaga’ama. Qonaan bulaan dandii cufataa jira galgala kana. Gandootni hedduun garuu humni waraanaa guddaan mesha gurguddaa baatee socho’uu Qeerroon sodaa tokko malee FXG finiinsaa jira. Waraqaasa uummata keessa tamsaasaa jira.
Qonaan bulaan rasaasaan mada’ee baayeedha. Kan qabamaa ukkaamfamaa jiranis akkasuma jedha Qeerroon Gidaamii irraa. Sagaalee dhaadannoo halkan kanas baadiyaa keessaa dhaga’amaa jira. Uummata irratti waraanni gocha gara jabeenyaa fudhataa jira.
Naannoo Ga’oo Qeebbeettis FXG uummataa jabaatee jira. Daandiin cufamuudhaan uummanni walitti dhufuudhaan mootummaa wayyaanee akka hin barbaanne dhaadannoo dhageesisaa jira halkan kanas aanaalee heedduu Qellemitti itti fufee jira.


Oduu Gur. 23, 2016



 OMN 22 February 2016


Gurraandhala 23/2016 Walagga lixa magaalaa Begii keessatti FXG daran jabaatee itti fufee Alaaban ABO(Oromoo) Balali’aa Jira.

Godina Jimmaa Aanaa Shabee Somboo Keessatti Har’a Guyyaa Guraandhala 23, 2016 Baratootnii Mana Baruumsa Qopha’iina fi Sad.2ffaa FXG Gaggeessaa Jiru.


Har’a Gurraandhala 23,2016 Qeerroon Bilisummaa Mana Barnoota Sadarkaa 2ffaa Wallagga Aayiiraa Baratan Mormii Cimaan Magaala Keessatti ABO Faarsaa Jiru.

Ayiraa gullisoo1Ayiraa

Guraandhala 22/2016 Godina Dhiha Oromiyaa Godinaalee Qeellam Wallaggaa, Wallaggaa Bahaa, Wallaggaa Lixaa fi Lixa Shaggar keessatti Warraaqsii Biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa itti fufinsaan finiinaa oleera.

Guraandhala 22/2016 Godina Dhiha Oromiyaa Godinaalee Qeellam Wallaggaa, Wallaggaa Bahaa, Wallaggaa Lixaa fi Lixa Shaggar keessatti Warraaqsii Biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa itti fufinsaan finiinaa oleera.. Godina Qeellam Wallaggaa keessatti warraaqsa Qeerroo barattoota Oromoo fi uummataa Oromoon Aanaa Gidaamii fi Beegii keessatti warraaqsII FXG haalaa ajaa’ibsiisa ta’een gaggeeffame. Alaabaan ABO Oromiyaa cufaa keessatti balalii’aa fi uummataan olqabamee dhaabbachaa jiruu guyyaa har’aa Qeellam wallaggaa Beegii fi Gidaamii keessa balali’aa kan olee ta’uun ibsame jira. goototni dargaggootni Qeerroon barattootni Oromoo alaabaa ABO qabchuun dhaadannoo cimaa dhageesisaa kan turan dhumarrattis alaabaan ABO dhaabbatera. waraanni agaazii wayyaanee uummata irratti waraana banuun namoota hedduu madeessuu fi dargaggoo Qeerroo fi Qarree Oromoo kan ta’an lama wareegamuun ibsamee jira.kanneen wareegaman kunis
1.Barataa Toleeraa Margaa fi
2.Shaamarree Argannee kan jedhamtu rasaasaa irratti dhukaasaaniin wareegamuun beekamee jira. warraaqsii marsaa 3ffaa kun Qeellam wallaggaa Beegii, Anfilloo fi naannoo isheetti itti fufinsaan gaggeefama jira. Gidaamii fi naannoo isheettis gandoota baadiyyaa illee dabalatee haalan gaggeeffama jira.

Godina Lixa Wallaggaa Gimbii fi naannoo gimbiitti warraaqsii uummata baadiyyaa illee hirmachisee haalaan itti fufee olee jira, daandii konkolaataa hanga baadiyyaatti cufuun diina karaa darbaa dhorkuun rakkisaa jiraachuun ibsamera.
Godina Bahaa Wallaggaa Keessatti Warraaqsii Biyyoolessaa Oromoo magaalaa Naqamtee fi naannoo ishee aanotaa akka Jimmaa Arjoo, Nuunnuu Qumbaa, Sibuu Siree, Giddaa Ayyaanaa, Kiiramuu fi Saasiggaa keessatti haalan jabaachuun kan itti fufee olee yoo ta’uu, Haalli magaala Naqamtee keessatti dhukaasa waraanni wayyaanee gaggeessuu haalan ulfachuun uummata shoroorkeessa jira. Warraaqsii magaalicha keessatti itti fufinsaan gaggeeffama jira, barattootni manneen barnoota sadarkaa 2ffaa hanga Qophaa’inaa fi sadarkaa 1ffaatti jiran hunduu warraaqsaa finiinsaa jiraachuu maddeen keenya gabaasan.waraanni wayyaanee garaa laafina tokko malee Oromoo dhukaasee ajjeesuu ittuma fufuun Aanaa Saasiggaa keessatti warraaqsaa dheengadda gaggeeffameen walqabatee barattoota Oromoo irratti dhukaasuun barattootni Oromoo sadii(3) wareegamaniiru. maqaan barattoota wareegaman kunis:
1. Barataa Bilisummaa Abdiisaa
2. Barataa Amanuu Tarfaa
3. Barataa Galataa Nagaroo kanneen jedhaman waraana wayyaaneen irratti banteen wareegaman. kanneen madeeffaman illee hedduu jiraachuun ibsamee jira. warraaqsii FXG garuu daranuu jabaachuun itti fufe jira.
Godina Lixa Shaggar guyyaa har’aa kana Daandiin konkolaataa Amboo fi Geedoo Gidduu Tokkee fi naannoo magaalaa baabbichaatti haalaan waan cufameef mootummaan wayyaanee fi ergamtuun wayyaanee muddaama guddaa keessa galuun uummata Oromoo Magaalaa Tokkee Kutaayyee fi Baabbichaa irratti waraana bobbaasuun dararaa ulfaataa uummatarraan ga’uun uummata Oromoo irratti yakka sanyummaan guutame rawwachuu itti fuftee jirti, Magaalaan Amboo fi Gudar waraana Wayyaanee guddaan eegamaa olaan, Godinuma Lixaa Shagaggar Aanaa Meettaa Roobii keessatti tarkaanfii damee Milishaa Meettaa Roobii irratti fudhatmee fi Wajjiiraalee OPDO guggubachuun wal qabatee humni waraanaa magaalaa Shinoo irratti hedduminaan guurama jira, Aanaa Gindabarat Magaalaa Kaachiis Keessatti goototni Qeerroon barattootni Oromoo fi uummatni Warraaqsaa gaggeessuu diina raasa olaan. guyyaa har’aa irraa eegaluun sirnni gabaa akka hin gaggeeffamnee ifatti diinaa mirkaneessuun uummatni aanichaa cufti gabaa lagachuun mootummaa wayyaaneetti murannoo isaanii argisiisaniru. gabaasaan itti fufa..!!
Injifannoon Uummata Oromoof!!



Gootota Oromoo Magaalaa Gannaalee Godina Gujii Alaabaan Bilisummaa Balaliisuun WBO Faarfataa Oolan/Gurraandhala 21,2016


Gurraandhala 21,2016 Goototi Oromoo Ganda Aradaano Shifaa Naannoo Shaashamannee Bifa Kanaan FXG Finiinsaa Oolan.



Haala FXG Guraandhala 20/2016 Oolmaa‏

FXG Guraandhala 20/2016
1. Godina Baaleetti-Aanaa Gaasaraa, aanaa Ginniir (gandoota Doodoo, Odaa roobaa, Hariiroo, Dooyyoo, Hara, Eel-tokkee fi Duksii) guyyaa kana gara galgalaatti daandiiwwan keessoo deemsisan uummataan cufamanii dhaadannoo fi alaabaa ABO manneen barnootaatti fannifamee jira. Godina Baaleetti FXG hanga baadiyaatti kan itti fufaa jiruudha.Garuu meeshan amma uummata Oromo irratti dhukaasuuf konkolataadhaan fe’amee uummata keessa galaa jiru baayee guddadha.
2. Godina Gujiitti-Lafti kanaan dura abbaa qabeenya wayyaanee kan tahe Allaamuddiiniin saamame uumatni deeffatee hirmaataa jira. Deemsi fi murannoon kun torbee kana keessa shaggar kaabaa Sululaatti eegale. Qabeenyaan oromoo fi lafti oromoo saamame yoomiyyuu uummata Oromoof ni deebi’a jaallatani osoo hin taanee diddaa uumataatin. FXG har’a Gujiitti eegaleen lafti saamame uummanni gamtaan deffareera. Qabeenyaa
socho’aa diinaa fi ergamaa diinaa irratti tarkaanfiin achumatti fudhatamaa jira.
3. Godina lixa wallaggaa fi wallagga bahaa daangaa godinoota lamaanii kanatti WBOn seene kan jedhamuun wayyaaneen raafama guddaa fi jabaa keessa seentee jirti. Daandiin guddaan magaala Gimbii irraa gara Naqamtee geessu cufamee humni diinaa karaa itti darbu dhabee ofirra deebi’eera. Humni WBO dhufee uummata keessa walakkeessa Gimbii fi Naqamteetti argame jechuunis waraanni shawaa lixa irra jiru gara sanatti guuramaa jira.
4. Harargee Bahaa –Baaddannoon toohannoo uummataa fi Qeerroo jala jirti. OPDO fi kaabinoonni aanaa Baddanno keessa godaanani humna wayyaanee waammataa jiru. Booranaa fi Arsiin akkuma jirutti alaabaa isaa bakka hedduutti fannifatee bulchiinsa Wayyaanees diigee ofiin of bulchuu irratti argama.konkolaataan waraana fe’atee gara Arsii lixaatti duulaa jiru guyyaadhaa guyyaatti lakkoofsaan dabalaa dhufeera.
5. Godina shawaa lixaatti akkuma beekamu injifannoo gurguddaan argamanillee miidhaan uummata irra gahaa jiru daran jabaataadha.
Uummanni oromoo ammallee hin baane wal kukkutee bahaa jira. Humni uummataa kaan daandi cufuu kaan tarkaanfii qabeenyaa diinaa irratti
fudhatuu fi kaan ammoo FXGtti hirmaataa jira. Dhukaasni ummata irratti dhuka’uun FXG kana hin dhaabne jabeessaa jira.
6. Qellem wallaggaa aanaalee garagaraa kaleessas kan xuqne FXG baadiyaa keessatti adeemsifamaa jira. Kaleessa magaala Naqamtee
irratti poolisoota oromiyaa fi waraana agaazii gidduutti dhukaasni tureera poolisiin oromiyaa gara uummataa dhaabbatee ture. Bifuma kanaan har’a Qellem Gaa’oo Qeebbee fi Gabaa Arbii bakka jedhamutti wal irratti dhukaasuu isaanii Qeerroon kan gabaaseedha. Gara poolisii Oromiyaa keessa namootni sadii tahan kan mada’aan yoo tahu miidhaan jabaan kan hin qaqqabne Qeerroon gabaase.

FXG kun yeroo dhiyoo keessatti gara xumura wayyaaneetti kan geessuudha.wareegamni qaaliin osoo raawwatamaa jiru cichoominaan
qabsoo kanatti galii gochun muranoo fi jabina caasaa qabnuu gaafata.
Itti fufa!


#OromoProtests, Nagelle Borana, 20 Feb. 2016

Dargaggooti Oromoo daandii cufun human AGazii ofirraa haleellaa fi ofirraa ittisaa oolan.

#OromoProtests, Nagelle Borana, 20 Feb. 2016#OromoProtests, Nagelle Borana, 20 Feb. 2016 p2

#OromoProtests, Nagelle Borana, 20 Feb. 2016 p3

#OromoProtests in Xaxessa village, Gurawa district, East Hararge, Oromia,  Feb 20, 2016

#OromoProtests in Xaxessa village, Gurawa district, East Hararge Feb 20, 2016

#OromoProtests in Dadar, East Hararge Feb 20, 2016

#OromoProtests in Dadar, East Hararge Feb 20, 2016


OMN: Amharic News Feb. 20, 2016


OMN: Oduu Gurraandhala 19,2016


Guraandhala 19-20/2016 Godina Lixa Oromiyaatti FXG’n Jabaachuun Godina Bahaa Wallaggaa Magaalaa Naqamteetti halkan edaa galgala irraa kaasee mormiin uummataa halkan guutuu gagaalitti raasaa kan bule yoo ta’uun ibsame.‏

Guraandhala 19-20/2016 Godina Lixa Oromiyaatti FXG’n Jabaachuun Godina Bahaa Wallaggaa Magaalaa Naqamteetti halkan edaa galgala irraa
kaasee mormiin uummataa halkan guutuu gagaalitti raasaa kan bule yoo ta’uun ibsame.
Waraana Wayyaanee guddaan magaalaa Naqamtee keessa qubatee jiruun Sagaleen dhukaasaa utuu Wal irraa utuu hin citiin Uummatarratti
dhukaafamaa kan tureen Waraanni Wayyaanee Uummata Oromoo Magaalaa Naqamtee fi jiraattoota Magaalaa Naqamtee shoroorkeessaa kan bule
ta’uun mIrkanaa’ee jira. Wayyaaneen Uummata Oromoo sodaachisuuf Waraana Guddaa Magaalaa Naqamtee irra qubachiisuun uummata Oromoo
dhukaaftee Madeessaa fi Ajjeesaa kan bulte ta’uun hubatame jira.
Dhuukaasni Magaalaa Naqemtee keessatti halkan edaa dhageesifama bule duubdeebii dhukaasaa illee kan qabu ta’uun mirkanaa’ee jira. Waraanna
Wayyaanee keressaas loltootni Hedduun madeeffamuun hospital Naqemtee galanii kan jiran ta’uutu ibsama jira. Ilmaan Oromoo halkan Edaa
Magaalaa Naqemtee keessatti madeeffaman lakkoofsaan hedduu ta’uun yeroo amma hospitaalaa Naqamtee namoonni hedduun akka ciisaanii yaalaa gahaa illee dhaaba jiran ibsame, namoota kaleessa galgala waraana wayyaaneetiin rukutamanii madeeffaman keessatti barsiisotni
Yuunibarsiitii Wallaggaa kan argaman ta’uun Barsiisaa Geetinet Taaddaa kan jedhamuu Barsiisaa Engineering Yuunibarsiitii wallaggaa dabalatee namoonni nagaan hedduun utuu galgala daandii irraa gara mana galmaa isaaniitti adeemanii rasaasaan wayyaaneen reebaa kan turte ta’uu madden keenya ibsa jiru maqaa namoota madeeffamanii fi wareegama hundaa jala bu’uun kan isiniif gabaafnu ta’a.

OMN: Oduu Gur. 18, 2016


Aanaa Midaaqenyi Magaalaa Baallamii Keessatti FXG Gaggeefamaa Jira.

“Amboo Gara Galgalaa Alafatu Gaggalagala” Jecha dhugaa dha. Manni Hidhaa Karchallee Gubataa Jira.

Guyyaa Har’aa Godina Harargee Aanaa Gurawaa Araddaa Diree Gammachuu Keessatti FXG Itti Fufee Jira.


Gurraandhala 19,2016 Magaalli Amboo Ficila Xumura Gabrummaa Haala Jabaan Gaggeessaa Jirti. Waraanni Wayyaanee Heddumminaan Gara Magaalaa Ambootti Guuramaa Jira.Ummannis Diddaa Isaa Jabeesse.

Manni Hidhaa Amboo Yeroo gubatu 



Sagalee QEERROO Bilisummaa Oromoo(SQ) Qophii Guraandhala 17, 2016

Lixa Oromiyaa Baha Wallaggaa Bakkeewwan Hedduun Fincila Xumura

Gurraandhala 17,2016 Har’as gootonni Barattoota Oromoo Kan Baha Wallagaa jala jiran erga boqonnaa semisteeraati deebi’anii kanneen akka Mana barumsaa Naqamtee Magaalaa Keessatti argaman,M/Barumsaa Nuunnuu Qumbaa(Nuunnuu,WaamaaAdaree ,Dirree),M/Barumsaa Waamaa Hagaloo(Qassoo,Moxe,Kiillo,Baataa,Aleeluu),M/Barumsaa Qophaa’ina Naqamteef Jiituutti haalaan finiinfamaa jira.

OMN: Oduu Gur. 16, 2016


Diddaan Gootota Qeerroo Jabaatee ,Har’a Gur,17,2016 Wallagga Horroo Guduruu Aanaa Amuruu Manneen Barnootaa Keessatti FXG Haala Jabaa Ta’een Gaggeeffamaa Jira.


Guraandhala 15/2016 Warraaqsii Biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa FXG’n Godina Arsii Lixaa Aanaa Shaallaa, Shaashaamannee, fi Siraarootti Haalaan jabaachuun Finiinee, Ilmaan Oromoo 3 Olitti lakkaa’aman Shaallaa keesstti wareegaman.

Warraaqsii Biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa Haalaan jabaachuun Godina Arsii Lixaa AAnawwaan Shaashamannee, Shaallaa fi Siraaroo keessatti Uummata Oromoo, Qeerroo Dargaggootni Oromoo fi Barattoota Oromoo FXG finiinsuun Warraaqsaa Seenaa qabeessa gaggeessuutti seenan.Sochiin Warraaqsaa Uummataa kun Guraandhala 14/2016 Shashaamanneetti dargaggootaan finiinaa kan jiru Shaallaa fi Siraaroo dabalatee haalan Finiinee Itti fufuun waranni Wayyaanee Agaaziin waraana ilmaan Oromoo irratti baneen ilmaan Oromoo 3 olitti lakka’aman rasaasaa loltoota wayyaanee irra itti dhukaafameen Shaallaa Magaalaa Ajjee keessatti kanneen Wareegaman keessa maqaan kan beekame 1.Fincilaa Wariyoo fi 2.Usheexoo Nageessoo dabalatee ilmaan Oromoo 3 olitti lakka’am wareegamani jiru, Ilmaan Oromoo hedduun madeeffamuu Maddeen keenya gabaasan. Maqaa wareegamtoota Oromoo adda baasuun isiniif gabaasna. Goototni Oromoo Arsii Lixaa Aanaa Shaallaa Tarkaanfii Waraana Wayyaanee of irraa Ittisuuf fudhataniin Lultoota Wayyaanee Lama Galaafachuun hedduu irraan midhaa jabaa Qaqqabsiisuun tarkaanfii Of irraa ittisuu fudhachuun diinaa rifaasisan, haala kanaan walqabatee walqabatee Arsii Lixaa Shashaamannee, Shallaa Fi Siraaroon gara Dirree Waraanatti jijjiiramtee jirti. Addaatti Aanaan Shaallaatti goototni barattootni Oromoo M/B Sanbatee Shaallaatti tarkaanfii gootummaa Alaabaa Abbaa Irreecha Wayyaanee EPRDF/TPLF/OPDO mana barumsaa keessa buusanii gubuun, Alaabaa ABO ol qabuun Dhaabuun dhaadannoon armaan gadii dhageesisan. -Gaaffii mirga Abbaa biyyummaa haa kabajamu!! -hidhamtootni Oromoo hiikamuu qaba!! -Waraanni Wayyaanee Oromiyaa Gadhiisee bahuu Qaba. -dhabni jalee Wayyaanee OPDO n nu hin bulchiituu. -Sirni bulchiinsa Wayyaanee Oromiyaa gadhiisuu qaba. -Master Pilaaniin Finfinnee itti fufee jiruu hatattaman dhaabbachuu qaba kanneen jedhan dhageessisuun Warraaqsaa Jabeessaan Yeroo Amma kana Shaallaa keessatti Sagalee Dhukaasaa Meeshaa Waraanaa Gurguddaan Wayyaanee irraa uummata irratti dhukaafamaa jiruu dhagaa’ama jira.. Gabaasaan …Gabaasaan Kun Itti fufa. Godina Harargee Bahaa Aanaa Giraawwaa Magaalaa Laaftoo keessattis Haaluma walfakkattuun sochiin Warraaqsaa FXG haalaan Jabaachuun kan Itti fufee Olee yoo ta’uu Uummatni oromoo fi Qeerroon dargaggootni fi Barattootni Oromoo gaaffiin keenya gaaffii kabajamuu mirga Abbaa Biyyummaati, hanga Bilisummaa keenya gonfannuuti warraaqsaa irraa loltuu fi oloaa wayyaanee OPDO’n hin dhaabbannuu, OPDO’n nu hin bulchituu, OPDOn kan wayyaaneeti, Wayyaanee jalattii hin bulluu jechuun Warraaqsaa jabeessuun itti fufsiisan.

Har’a Gurraandhala 15,2016,  Godina Arsii Lixaa aanaa shaalla magaalaa Ajjetti lola guyyaa haraa poolisii federaalaafi ummata giddutti taasifameen poolisiin federaalaa 4 ajjiisanii meeshaarraa hiikkataniiru ummata keessaa ammaaf 3 dueera ,sababiin kalee galgagala konkolaataa magaalaa Shaashamannee keessaa osoo hamoommota fe’ee gara aanaa Shaallatti maaliif sirba caalaa bultume sirbisiisaa jedhaniin rasaasa itti roobisanii ijoollee maqaan isaanii Jannuu Tashitaa,Shuumii Nageessoo,Roobaa Jiloo fiHabtaamuu Fayyissa rukutuun yeroo ammaa hopsitaala Kuyyaa keessa jiru.



“WBO Kiyyaa Yaa WBO Kiyyaa” FXG Qeerroo Godina Walloo Gur,2016


Diddaa Gootota Barattoota Oromoo Yuniverstii Haromayaa Kaampaasii Harar Gurraandhala 2016

Arsii Lixaa Shaashimanneetti FXG itti fufe waraanni Wayyaanee uummata irratti dhukasa bane.‏

Guraandhala 15,2016, Godina Arsii lixaa magaala Shaashimanneetti kaleeysa FXG finiineen humneen Wayyaanee dura dhaabbachuudhaan uummannii fi barattootni fincila jabaa gaggeessanii jiru. Dhukaaasni guddaan uummata irratti baname namootni 15 ol rasaasasan rukutaman martinuu amma Hospitaala Kuyaaratti argamu. Kannen qonnaan bultoota rasaasa wayyanen kaleeysa rukutaman keeysaaa

1. Januu Tashitaa

2. Oba Jiloo

3. Shuma Nagaasa

4. Habtamuu Fayisaa

5. Amaan Jiloo

Kanneen jedhaman FXG kaleeysa bahan irratti kan dhahaman iidha. Uummanni tarkaanfis fudhatee jira. poolisoonni wayyaanen heddunis madeeffamanii jiru. Magaalan shaashimannee amma humna waraana weeraramtee kan jirtu yoo tahellee uummanni daandii cufaa jira. kaleeysa Gurandhala 14/2016 ganama irra kaasee hanga ammaatti fincili aanaa Shashimannetti jabaatera. Namootni hedduun hidhaatti guuramat jiru. Akkasuma uummata keeysaan tarkaanfin qabeenya diinaa fi kaabine irratti fudhatamuunis itti fufee jira .

Waraanni konklaataan 5 ol har’as Arsiitti duulaa jira FXG kunoo hamma galii isaa gahuttis godinaale oromiyaa bakka hedduutti
nuffii fi sodaa tokko malee itti fufeera.

Sabboonaa Kabbadaa Abarraa Margaa University Amboo Campus Waliso Irra Barnootaa Computer science Ebbifame Mana Hidhaa Waliisoo Ejersaa Keessatti Akkaan Dararamaa Jiraachuun Beekame.

12751902_1039826539411160_2038324116_oGuraandhala 15,2016 Sabboonan Oromoo Kabbadaa Abarraa Margaa daraaraa guddaan mana hidhaa Walisoo Ejersaa jedhamee beekkamu keessatti daraaraa guddaan akka irraa gahaa jiru barame. Kabbadaa Margaa Mormii Master Plan Finfinnee situ qindeessaa ture ammas uummanni akka mirgaa isaaf falmatu addaa dureen gootee jechuun gaafa guyyaa 7/2/2016 waraana Wayyaaneen ukkaamfame.

Kabbadaa Margaa kan dhalatee guddatee Godina kibba lixa Shaggar Aanaa Ammayyaa ganda qotee bulaa Arrooyyiti. Barnootaa Sadarkaa 1ffaa fi 2ffaa achuma Magaala Gindooti barate. Sadarkaa Olaanaa University Amboo Campus waliso irra barnootaa computer  science eebbifame dalagaa irraa illee dhorgamee jiraata ture. Bara 2004 Mormii Magaala gudditti Oromiyaa Finfinnee irraa Aadamaati dabarsuuf jedhan dhaabuuf taasifame irratti illee ijoollee Ammayyaa hedduu waliin hidhame, Bara 2006 illee Mormii ajjeechaa barattoota Oromoo akka Jaagamaa Badhaanee fa irratti hiriiraa taasifameen wal qabatee Ammayya irraa wagga 5 itti muranii hidhaa ture.

Baroota hedduuf barnootaa isaa irratti gufuu ta’anii bara hedduu mana barnootaa keessa akka turee fi osoo abdii hin murin University irraa eebbifame. Baruumsa xumuree hojii akka hin arganneef xalayaa jala barreessa turan . Rakkoo ilmaa Oromoo kana irraa gahuu cufaaf itti gaafatamni bulchitoota Godina kibba lixa Shaggar fi Aanaa Ammayyaa ta’uu uummanni naannoo heere.

Hundee Gaaffii Saba Oromoo: Hayyuduree ABO Ob Daud Ibsaa

Namoota garii biratti gaaffii saba Oromoo gaaffii dimokiraasii fi mirga namoomaa callaa fakkaata. Garuu, gaaffiin ummata Oromoo gaaffii sabummaa ti; gaaffii mirga abbaa biyyummaa ti; gaaffii mootummaa mataa ofii qabaachuu ti. Haasawaan Hayyuduree ABO, Ob Daawud Ibsaa, waggoota muraasa dura godhan kunis hundee gaaffii saba Oromoo hubachiisa.




OMN: Amharic News Gur. 13, 2016



Har’a Guraandhala 12 / 2016 Harargee Bahaa Magaalaa Gurawaa fi Godina Gujii Magaala Daawwaa Okkotee Keessatti FXG Itti Fufuun Goototi Qeerroo Dhadannoo Warraaqsaa Dhageessisaa Oolan.

Dhadatnoo ABO WBOn Haa Jiraatu Jedhu Goototi Qeerroo Bilisummaa



FXG Golee Oromiyaa Mara Keessatti Bifa Isaa Jijjiiree Torbaan Kana Guutummaatti Itti Fufee Jira. Garuu har’a Guraandhala 12/2016 Bakkoota Adda Addaatti Itti Fufe.

1. Godina Harargee bahaatti magaalota akka Giraawwaa fi kkf keessatti gandoota qonnaan bulaa hedduuttis gaaffiin mootummaadhumti wayyaaneen maal taanan uummata oromoo irratti harka isaa diriirfata doorsisni afaan qawwee hanga yoomitti jedhuun uummanni FXG har’a adeemsisee jira. Guyyaan har’aa Juma’aa irrattis hordoftootni amantaa musliimaa bakka saalata isaaniitti masjiida masjiidatti ajjeechaan haa dhaabbatu, doorisni uummata keenyarraa haa dhaabbatu…. Jechuun waraqaa hedduun barreessuun qabatanii argamaniiru. Gandootni qonnaan bulaa Hahargee bahaa keessatti argaman daandii cufuutti kana booda wamicha waliif dabarset jira.

2. Godina Qellem Wallaggaa aanaa Anfilloo, Jimma horoo fi Qaqetti FXG haareffamee waan jiruuf kaleeysaa irraa kaaase korri bittinneessaa waraana wayyane uummata goolaa jira. Qonan bulaan hidhaatti guurama jiru. Garataan akkasuma jedhu Qeeyroon gabaasan. Hidhaatti kan guuramaa jiru jabaatus nuti qabsoof booda hin deebinu diina jilbeenfachiisnee injifannoon keenya fiixan baasna jechunis dargaggootni godina qellem aanaale kanen keessatti dhaadanno isaani waraqaa fi sagaleedhan wal dhageesisa jiru. Dinni ammalle humna qabuun uummata doorsisaa jira.

3. Magaala Adaamatti FXG har’a taphattootaan dhowe. Taphattootni wal dorgommii irratti walitti dhufan mootummaa wayyaaneef oromoo kan tahe kamu akka hin jilbeenfanne fi waamicha sagalee dhaadannootn dhageesisuun poolisiin naannoo oromiyaa tarkanfii fudhatuu dargaggoota irratti qeeyroon gabaasee jira.

Godina Arsitti FXG itti fufsisuuf waamicha kallattii garagaraan taasifamaa jira. uummanni wal kaasuudhaan mootumma wayyanee abba irree ofirra
fonqolaachisna jechuunis wal yaamaa akka jiru qeeyron gabaasera.


OMN: Oduu Gur. 11, 2016


OMN: Oduu Gur. 10, 2016




FXG Godina Qellem A/Jimmaa Horroo Keessatti Uummataan Itti Fufee Jira.‏

Guraandhala 12,2016 Godina Qellem Wallaggaa aanaa Jimmaa Horroi ganda Warra Baabboo keessatti guyyaa lama dura kan gabaafame gaafa Guraandhala 9/2016 halkan keessaa sa’a 5:00 booda uummanni waamicha waliif taasisee ture.Halkan kana sa’a kana irraa kaasee FXG aanaa kana keessatti uummata qonnan bulaa baadiyaa keessaan dabalatee hamma ammaatti itti fufee jiraachuu Qeerroon keenya achirraa gabaasa gochaa jiru.
Guraandhala 10/2016 guyyaa guutuun FXG magaala Jimmaa Horroo keessatti taasifamaa oolera. Manneen daldalaa cufaatti oole. Dhaadannoon uummataa sagalee guddaadhaan daandii cufuun dhageesisaa oolaniiru. Barataan barumsa dhaabee FXGtti uummata waliin hirmaatee jira.
Sirbootni qabsoo uummataan dheekkamsaan kan guute qonnaan bulaa gandichaa waliin fincilli waraana wayyaanee rifaasisu kaleessa Guraandhala 10/2016 kan gaggeeffamaa oole yoommmuu tahu Itti fufuuudhaan ha’ammoo Guraandhala 11/2016 Humni waraanaa poolisii Oromiyaa fi kora bittinneessaa fi federaalli karaa magaala Nuunnuu irraan gara ganda Baabbotti bahuudhaan guyyaan kaleessaa gabaa kan ture FXG kana tasgabbeessuu kan hin dandeenye har’a haala daandii mijeeffataniin dargaggoota oromoo naannichaa tokko lamaan butanii dhabamsiisaa oolaniiru. Dargaggoota dhabaman keessaa
1. Marii Ayyawuu
2.Bulii Abdataa kannen jedhaman humna tikaatiin qabamanii eessa akka geeffaman kan hin beekamneedha. Waraanni wayyaanee halkan kanas gara sanatti bobbafaamaa jiruu fi achis buufatee jiru FXG aanaa Jimmaa Horroottii ka’ee jiru dura dhaabbachuuf kan ergamee achi buufatee jiru tahuun Qeerroon gabaasee jira.


Guraandhala 11/2016 Godina Dhihaa Oromiyaa keessatti Warraaqsii Biyyooleessa Oromiyaa Daran Jabaachuun Kutaalee Hawaasaa Oromoo hunda kan hirmaachiseen Konkolaachiftootni daandii Amboo-Finfinnee fi Amboo Naqamtee -Finfinnee Warraaqsaa uummata isaaniitti dabalamuun Warraaqsaa Hojii Dhaabuun itti Fufan.

  Rakkoon taajaajila Geejjibaa guddaan Amboo -Finfinnee Akkasumaas Amboo Naqemtee -Finfinnee Gidduutti mudachuun Godinni dhihaa Oromiyaa raafama ulfaataa keessa galte jirti

GuraanDhala 11/2016 Godinaalee Oromiyaa Garaagaraa keessatti Barruuleen Warraaqsaa FXG , Waarraaqsaa FXG itti fufsiisanii fi ABO  fi uummata Oromoo faarsaan Uummataaf raabsamuu fi bittneefamuu fi Daandiin Bakkoota Hedduutti Halkan Edaa Cufamuun  Mootummaa Wayyaanee Yaaddoo isa Dhumaa keessa galche jira.

   Godina Lixaa Shawaa Aanoota Garaagaraa kanneen akka Giincii, Jalduu, Ilfata, Amboo ,waddeessa, Xuuqur incinnii, Tokkee, Kuttaayee, Baabbichaa, Geedoo Calliyaa, Midaa Qanyii, Horroo Guduruu jimmaa Raaree , Guduruu,  Finca’aa  fi Godinaalee Bahaa Wallaggaa, fi Godina Kibbaa Lixaa shawaa Walisoo fi naannoo ishee fi Godinoota Oromiyaa dhihaa bakkoota hedduutti barruuuleen Warraaqsaa bittineeffamaa fi maxxanfamaa buluufi daandiiwwaan konkolaataa darbanii darbanii cufamuun  wal qabatee Wayyaaneen yaaddooftee Waraada  ishee dabalataan  Oromiyaa keessa qubsiisaa jiraachuun ibsame jira.

   Haaluma Wal Fakkaatuun Godinaalee Bahaa Oromiyaa Magaalaa Dirree Dawaa , fi Godinaal;ee Harargee Bahaa fi Harargee Lixaa, Godina Arsii Lixaa magaalaa Dodolaa fi bakkoota hedduutti barruuleen warraaqsaa bittinneefamuu fi maxxanfamuun Walqabatee Warraaqsii haalaa jabaatee itti fufaa jiraachuu irraa Mootummaan abbaa Irree Wayyaanee Muddama seenuun waan qabee gadhiisuu dhabuun humna Waraanaa isaan biyya goolaa fi Shororkeessa kan jiruu ammaas Waraanaa kallattii hundaan bobbaasaa jiraachuu fi Sochii amma adeemaa jiruu irraatti Waraanni Wayyaanee Wayyaaneetti garagaluun isaa kan hin ollee ta’uun hubatamee jira.


Guraandhal 11/2016 Godina Lixa Wallaggaa Magaalaa Gullisoo keessatti guyyaa Har’aa Warraaqsii FXG uummataa fi Dargaggoota Qeerroo barattoota Oromoon jabaatee itti fufee jiraachuu maddee keenyaa gabaasaan Yeroo amma kana Magaalaa Gullisoo keessatti uummatnii fi dargaggootni hiriiruun Wayyaanee dura dhaabbachaa jirachuun Warraaqsii jabaatee itti fufuun gaggeeffama jira.



#OromoProtests continues in Dawa Okkote town, Guji province, Oromia state, 12 Feb. 2016

#OromoProtests continues in Dawa Okkote town, Guji Zone, 12 Feb. 2016

#OromoProtests continues in Mandi and Manasibu, 11 Feb. 2016

#OromoProtests continues in Mandi and Manasibu, 11 Feb. 2016



OMN: Qophii Xiyyeefanna Gur. 10, 2016


OMN: Oduu Gur. 09, 2016



State Department Briefing on the situation in Oromia, February 9, 2016


 #OromoProtests continues in Saransari town, Goro Dola, Guji Province, Oromia, 10 February 2016.

#OromoProtests continues in Saransari town, Goro Dola, Guji Province, Oromia, 10 February 2016.

Sagalee Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo (SQ) Qophii Guraandhala 9, Bara 2016



Oromo Protests have spread to southern Oromia since last week to “stop the leeching tycoon and monopolist Alamoudi,” according to the protesters. Al Amoudi is a famous monopolist of many businesses in Oromia – including gold mining, cement factory (Derba query), tanneries and farms. Al Amoudi is one of the richest persons in Africa and the world, according to the U.S.-based Forbes magazine.  

Al Amoudi’s companies are criticized for failing to share profits with indigenous communities they work around (especially, in the gold mining in Guji Zone and the Derba cement query in Shawaa), and for failing to give back to the community in general; other business owners in Oromia, especially local small-business owners, also accuse Al Amoudi’s companies for receiving preferential treatments from the government and for engaging in predatory business practices to monopolize sectors of the economy. No where is this predatory practice evident than the dairy business; Oromo smallholding dairy farmers in Shawaa, especially those around Finfinne/Addis, were recently attacked in a vicious way by falsely propagating, through state-owned and government-affiliated media, that the milk from these smallholding dairy farmers causes cancer – this was done, in part, to promote Al Amoudi’s dairy company, Shola Milk, and also to drive the Oromo smallholding farmers out of their land through bankruptcy. Oromo Protesters say such abusive and predatory business practices must stop.

The government is also blamed for evicting thousands of Oromos, without compensations, to make land available to Al Amoudi’s companies whenever they request for it – especially in the gold mining region in Guji and the Derba query in Shawaa. In addition, Al Amoudi’s companies are said to have no regard for the environment; for instance, the leather/tannery and flower/horticulture companies in Oromia release toxic cancer-causing chemicals without any environmental treatment.

In many ways, Al Amoudi epitomizes what’s wrong with the current federal arrangement of Oromia in Ethipia, according to the Oromo Protesters; Al Amoudi is given the green light to “develop” in Oromia by the Federal Government in Addis Ababa – which itself is controlled by Tigrean elites of the TPLF/EPRDF ruling party; in many, if not all, cases, the business arrangements between the Tigrean-headed Federal Government and Al Amoudi are not transparent to the Federal Regional State authorities of Oromia.

The following is a report on the ongoing Oromo Protests against the “leeching tycoon and monopolist Alamoudi” in the gold-rich Guji Zone of Oromia; the protests have been staged since the mid of last week (starting around February 4, 2016, according to media reports). The government, as usual, relied on brute force to respond to the protests; the latest report says at least 1 Oromo person was killed, and 3 Oromo persons were critically wounded by the government’s special force, Agazi.   Read  more at:-


#OromoProtests continues, Abaro Village, Shashemene District West Arsi, Oromia, Feb 8, 2016.

Guyyaa hardhaa Guraandhala 8 bara 2016 Godina Arsii Lixaa Aana Shaashamanne Ganda Qotee Bulaa Abaaroo keeysati hawaasin Mormii akkaan jabaaf ho’aa tahe dhageeysisaa olera .

#OromoProtests continues, Abaro Village, Shashemene District West Arsi, Oromia, Feb 8, 2016

Har’a Gurandhala 8,2016 Godina Gujii, Aanaa Gooroo Doolaa, Magaalaa Haaraqalloo Keessaatti FXG Gaggeefamaa Jira


Har’a Gurandhala 08,2016 Godina Gujii Magaalaa Harqalloo Keessatti FXG Itti Fufe.




Amharic News Feb. 06, 2016








OMN, Oduu Guraandhala 5 bara 2016




OromoProtests continues in Karra/ Chiracha town, Gurawa district, East Hararge Feb 7, 2016

Har’a Harargee Bahaa Aanaa Gurawaa magaalaa Karraa ykn Cirraachaa keessattii barattoottafi dargaggoonnii akkasuma daa’imni umrii waggaa 10 hin caallee illee osoo manatti hin hafin ganama sa’attii 3 irraa hanga sa’attii 8ttii hirriira bahuun mormii qaban dhaggeessisaa oolaan.

#OromoProtests continues in Karra, Chiracha town, Gurawa district, East Hararge Feb 7, 2016

#OromoProtests: Gujii zone, Jiddoola town, Southern Oromia, Feb 6, 2016

#OromoProtests continues in Gujii zone, Jiddoola town, Southern Oromia, Feb 6, 2016

FXG Godina Gujii Magaalaa Jiddola fi Diddaa Shamarran Oromoo Hararge Baha Magaalaa Awadaay Cidha Irratti Taasisan.


#‎OromoProtests‬- (February 5  2016, Gujii, Oromia)

#OromoProtests: February 5, 2016  Oromo Protests continues in various districts of Guji Zone against  Medroc Exploitation. Farmers from various villages march to the town chanting ” Okkote is our land, Al Amudin is our enemy”. Okkote is one of the mineral deposit sites that is to be given to Medroc/ Al Amudin.

Ummanni Godina Gujii mormii saamicha albuudaa jabeessee itti fufee jira. Kan agartan kun yeroo ummanni baadiyyaa dhaadannoodhaan gara magaalaa bayaa jiruudha.
Okkoteen lafa teenya Alaamuddin diina keenya
Lagi Dambi lafa teenya, Alamuddin diina keenya” jechaa deemaa jiran.

#OromoProtests in Gujii, Oromia, 5 February 2016 #OromoProtests in Gujii, Oromia, 5 February 2016. p1

#OromoProtests in Gujii, Oromia, 5 February 2016. p2

On February 5, 2016  fascist TPLF security forces and Agazi were terrorizing  people of Ginici (Ginichi) town in fear of protests; every corners  was under military siege.

Suuraan armaa  gadii kun kan magaalaa Gincii kan Shawaa Lixaa keessatti argamu irraati .  Guraandhala  5 bara 2016 humni waraanaa fi agaazii egumsaa cimaa magaalicha keessatti gochaaoole; humni dbalataas ergamee jira.

fascist TPLF military and Agazi terrorizing people of Ginci (Ginichi) in Oromia, February 5, 2016

#OromoProtests in Girawaa (Doguu town), E. Hararghe, Oromia, 5 February 2016
Oromoonni Harargee Bahaa, aanaa Gurawaa, magaalaa Doguu dabablloota OPDO qaanessan. Akka dabablleen OPDO olola jalqabdeen ummanni walgahii dhiitanii bahan; dargaggoo fi baratoota magaalaa wajjiin waliti makamuunis mormii qaban dhagesisan.Ummati Oromoo jajjaboo kunneen walgahii gaafa Guraandhala 4 bara 2016 DhDUOn waamte irratti diddaa fi mormii isaanii mul’isuun ololli fi sobni OPDO akka fashalu godhan.

#OromoProtests in Girawaa (Doguu town), E. Hararghe, Oromia, 5 February 2016#OromoProtests in Girawaa (Doguu town), E. Hararghe, Oromia, 5 February 2016 p2

Gootota Oromoo Onnatoo Kamisee Walloo


Guraandhalaa 5, 2016 Godina Baha Wallaggaa aanaa Nuunnuu Qumbaatti  Warraaqsii FXG Qeerroo dargaggoota Oromoo fi Uummataan daran jabaachuun itti fufee jiraachuun Qeerroon Nuunnuu gabaasee jira, Konkolaataan Bulchiinsa Wayyaanee tokkos barbadooftee jiraachuun ibsame jira.

 Aanaa Nuunnuu Qumbaa bakka Magaalaa Adaree jedhamuun beekamtutti Warraaqsii uummataa fi dargaggootaan jabaachuun kan itti fufe, yoo ta’uu uummatni Oromoo fi Dargaggootni Oromoo Aanaa Nuunnuu Qumbaa Waraanaa Agaazii fi Dabballoota wayyaanee konkolaataan socho’anitti daandii cufuun Diddaa isaa jabeessuun konkolaataa wayyaanee tokko hojiin ala gochuun warraaqsaa finiinsan, gaaffii mirga abbaa biyyummaaf diibiin hanga nuuf kennamutti kanfaltii Gibiraa fi Buusii kamuu hin kaffallu, mootummaan Kufeera isin jalatti hin bulluu, Jaleen Wayyaanee OPDO’n Diigamteetti, kanaan booda Ofiin of bulchina jechuun warraaqasaan waraana wayyaanee dura dhaabbatan. Mootummaan Wayyaanee Guyyaa har’aa konkolaataa bulchiinsaa Aanaa Nuunnuu Qumbaa barbaadessitaan jechuun Uummataa Magaalaa Adaree jiraatu irraatti waraana Agaazii bobbaasee jiraachuun ibsame jira.

OMN: Oduu Gur. 04, 2016


Ummati Oromoo Gujii Tokkummaan Ka’uun Barattoota Oromoo 8 Hidhaa Wayyaanee Jala Jiran Baafatan.

(4.02.2016, ‪#‎Gujii‬, Oromiyaa) Ummati Oromoo Gujii gootummaa isaaniitiin barattoota saddeet mana hidhaatii baafatan. Ummati gamtaan bahuun pooilisoota aryatee baratoota 8 hidhaa keessaa baasee fudhatee galeera. Diddaa fi mormii seena qabeessa kanaan humna wayyaanee raasaa jiran.Humni dabalataa Hawaasaa irraa gara sanatti ergamaa jira. Ummati karaa cufee akka of eegagtu dhaamsi darbee jira.

Akkasumas humni warraanaa biraa kaampii 147 naannoo magaalaa Meeggaa Dubluq jirurraa gara Bulee Horaa kaatee jirti waan ta’eef uummati akak of eeggatu dhaamsi darbee jira,

Kana malees, yerooammaa naannoon Daawwaa, Ejersaa Gooroo, Bulchiinsi magaalaa Haya Diimaa fi gandi Booree Obbitti humnaa waraanaatiin dhunfatamtee jirti.

#OromoProtests @ Bule Hora, Southern Oromia, 4 February 2016

Gurandala 4,2016 FXG godina Booraana fi Gujii keessatti Har’a Guraandhala 4/2016 mormii Albuuda qabeenyaa oromiyaa saamamaa jiruu fi FXG oromiyaa keessatti
dhaabbatummaan itti fufee jiru sirna wal harkaa fuudhinsa Fincilaatiin Qeerroon godinaalee lamaan kanatti jabaassuun yeroo ammaa adda duree
tahee argamaa jira.
Addatti fXG Bulee Horaatti gaggaaffaa ooleen uummanni magaalicha guutummaatti baadiyaa keessaa fottoqee bahee jira. kumaatama
guddaadhaan kan lakkaawamu daandii bakka 8 olitti cufuudhaan FXG finiinsaa oolera. Kun gabaasa godina Booranaa irraa nu qaqqabe yoommu
tahu oromiyaa gara lixaa
– Shawaa lixaa
– Wallagga bahaa fi
– Shawaa kibba lixaatti kan wal irraa hin cinneen har’as yeroo dhumaaf FXG itti fufeera.
Shawaa lixaa Gindabarat, akkuma duraatti itti fufuun shawaan kibba lixaa Wallisoon akkuma duraan maanguddodhaan of bulchaa jiranitti
qabsoon keenya hanga oromiyaan bilisoomtutti kan jedhamun FXG kana fiixaan baasuuf haaressanii itti fufaniiru.
– Oromoon ka’ee Bilisummaa isaaa haa mirkaneessu
– Lafti saamame galuuf ka’eera ka’ii fiixaan baafadhu
– Qeerroon Bilisummaa ka’I uummatakee kaasi
– Wayyaaneen biyyaaf hin dhaabbanne lammisheef lafa oromoo saamtee kennaa jirti yeroon ka’ii dura dhaabbadhu
– WBOtu nutty urgaa’e
– Abbaan keenya ABOn yoom nuuuf galaa? Yoom nuuf dhufaa? Jechuun dhaadannowwan kunneen magaala Wallisoo fi Jalduu keessatti
har’a dargaggootaan dhageessifamaa ooleera. FXG isa xumura gabrummaatiin bifa jijjiiirratee itti fufeera.

FXG Aanaa Jiddaa Magaalaa Sirxii Keessatti Haala Jabaan Deemaa Jira


Gurraandhala 3,2016 Goototi Dargaggoonni Oromoo Baha Harargee Baadiyyaa Baddannoo Keessatti FXG Itti Fufan

Gurraandhala 3,2016 Ajajaan Humna Agaazii Dassalenyi Fiqaaduu Jedhamu humna hin beekamneen yeroo ajjeefamu,konkolaataan isaas 3l jedhamu naannoo Gaara Korbuutti akka barbaadoofte gabaafame.Baha Wallaggaa Aanaa Nuunnuu Qumbaa Keessatti FXG Ademsifamaa jiru daran hammaachaa dhufuun  Oromoonni hedduu waraana Wayyaanee Agaaziin yeroo ajjeefamanitti humna Wayyaanee irras miidhami gahaa jira.Guraandhala,3,2016 FXG Halkan edaa jalqabameen wal qabatee sodaaf raafama guddaa keessa mootumma gabronfataa kan galcheera yoo ta’u.ummatis sochii warraqsaa banbansisaa jirun daran jabaatee gaaffii mirga abbaa biyyummaa gaafataa jira.Haaluma kanaan eda halkan naannoo tabba Korbuutti Konkolaataa 3L qabeenyaan kan diinaa taate tokko humna addaan guutummaan guututti
gubatte (barbadofte) Akkasuma humni Wayyaane ajajaa Agaazii Dassalenyi Fiqaaduu nama jedhamu humna hin beekamneen ajjeefamuun gabaafame. Fincilli kun achumatti kan argamtu magaalaa Adareef Waamaa Hagaloo magaalaa Qasso kan itti fufee jiru yoo ta’u Agaazii hedduminaan achitti fe’amaa jirachuu beekamee jira.














#‎OromoProtests‬, (3 February 2016, ‪‎Gujii‬, Oromia)

#OromoProtests in Sabbaa Boruu district of Guji zone, Oromia. In addition to the national agenda, protesters are marching exploitation of minerals by Al Amudin without no benefit to locals.

#OromoProtests, Guji, Oromia, 3 Februray 2016. p1

Mootummaan Wayyaanee Godina Wallaggaa Anaa Jaarsoo Keessatti FXG Walqabatee Barattoota 26 Irratti Namoota 29 Ragaa Sobaa Waamuun Mana Murtiitti Dhiheessite.

Guraandhala 2, 201612695333_571671976318055_533002351_o

Wallagga Aanaa12633202_571672386318014_1319552747_o Jaarsoo Mana Murtii Jaarsoo Keessatti Barattoota Oromoo FXGn himatamanii ragaa sobaa itti qindaayee kanneen hidhaa jiran har’a Guraandhala 2,2016 suuraa muldhisu dha.

Haaluma kanaan guyyaa har’aa motummaan Wayyaannee gaaffiin master pilaniin gaafii sirridha ni dogogorree osoo jedhu baratoota gaaffii mirgaa gaafatan mana murtiitii dhiyeessun Kaabinoota isaaf poolisii dabalatee baratoota 26 irraattii ragaa sobaa namoota 29 qophessun akka addabaman gochuuf bartootaf ummataa gidirsaa jira…bartoota himaatamaniif….namoota irraattii ragaa ba’aan listii akka armaa gadii ta’a. 12632892_571677876317465_887667054_o12669280_571676429650943_1255414535_o12669735_571678532984066_304345797_o12669817_571677389650847_988585532_o12669932_571676962984223_1653857339_o


Gurraandala 1,2016  Godina Shaggar Aanaa Abuunaa Gindebert Keessatti Hojjettooti Mootummaa Hojii Gadhiisanii Gara Finfinneetti Godaanaa Jiru. Milishoonnis Meeshaa Lafa Kaayanii Uummatatti Makamaa Jiru

Ammajjii gaafa 26,2016 irraa eegalee hojjettooti mootummaa dhalootaan ilmaan Oromoo kanneen ta’an hojii aanaa irraa hojjetan hojii idilee isaanii gadhiisuun naannoo aanaa Abuunaa Gindebrat dhiisanii gara Finfinneetti godaananii jiraachuu Qeerroon gabaasa.

Gandoonni aanaa Abuunaa Gindebert irra jiranis dura ta’aa fi tokko Shanee fi kanneen kaan hojii fi dirqama Wayyaanee lagachuun meeshaa isaanii lafa kaayuun qabsoo uummataatti dabalamaa jiru.




Guraandhala 1,2016 Sochiin warraaqsaa FXG yeroo yeroon jabaacha osoo jiruu Mootummaan Wayyaanee yeroo ammaa kana maqaa Boqonnaa Semistera jedhuun manneen barnootaa kanneen duraan hafan iyyuu cufaa jira.Maqaaf boqonnaa Semisteraa haa jedhamu malee Oromiya keessatti sirni barnoota semistera duraa kana utuu hin gaggeeffamiin hafee jira. Godinalee Oromiyaa kanneen akka Lixa Shawaa, Kibbaa Lixa Shawaa(Walisoo), Wallagga Bahaa, Horroo Guduruu Wallaggaa fi Wallagga Lixaa keessatti sirni baruu fi barsiisuu warraaqsaa fi waraanaan goolamuun walqabatee guutummaatti hin aggeeffamne.

Godinaalee Baha Oromiyaa Harargee Lixaa, Harargee Bahaa, Arsii Lixaa, Baalee, Booranaa , Gujii fi Godina Kaaba Shaggar (Saalaalee)
keessattis haaluma walfakkatuun sirni barnoota ugguramee utuu jiruu maqaaf semisteera tokkoffaaf boqonnaa torbee lama kennuun cufamee jira
jechuun labsatani. Akkasumas kan dhaabbilee barnoota olaanoo fi Yuunivarsiitoota addaatti waraanaan waldhansoo ulfaataa keessa waan
jiraniifi barattootni hedduun durumaan iyyuu mooraa Yuunivarsiitii gadhiisuun gara maatii isaanitti deebi’anii waan jiraniif barnootni
hin gaggeeffamne.Amma semistera 2ffaa kanatti immoo murtii waliigalaa dabarfachuuf gamtaan Barattoota Oromoo marii guddaa gochaa jira.

oltooti Wayyaanee Itiyophiyaa Godina Hararge Magaalaa Qobboo Keessatti Uummata Bahaa fi Galma Dhorkaa Jiru.

 በምዕራብ ወለጋዋ ጉደቱ አርጆ በሰርግ ላይ በተካሄደው የኦሮሞ ተቃውሞ የሰው ሕይወት ጠፋ (Jan. 27, 2016)



OMN: Oduu Amajjii 31, Bara 2016


Sagalee Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo (SQ) Amajjii 30, 2016/Gaaffii fi Deebii Jaal Diiramuu Cabsaa Hoggansa Qeerroo Keessaa Tokko Waliin Ta’e


OMN: Oduu Amajjii 30, 2016


OMN: Oduu Amajjii. 29, 2016


Godina Wallaggaa Magaalaa Gidaamii fi Jimmaa Horroo Akkasumas Gada Burii Jedhamu Keessatti FXG Itti Fufee Oole.

Guyyaa Har’aa Amajjii 29,2016 Godina Wallaggaa aanaa Gidaamii fi Jimmaa Horroo akkasumas ganda Burii jedhamu keessatti FXH haala jabaa ta’een gaggeeffamaa oole,Warraanni Wayyaanee haala kanatti rifates jiraattotaa fi barattoota qabee hidhuu fi gidirsuu itti haa fufu malee uummanni naannichaa jabinaan loltoota Wayyaanee of irraa dhorkaa oolanii jiru jedha Qeerroon.

#OromoProtests @Holota, Oromia, 29 January 2016

#OromoProtests @Holota, Oromia, 29 January 2016

#OromoProtests @Abote, n. Shawa, Oromia, 29 January 2016

#OromoProtests @ Abote, n. Shawa, Oromia, 29 January 2016

#OromoProtests @ Amuruu High school Students, Horroo Guduruu, Oromia, 29 January 2016

#OromoProtests @ Amuruu High school Students, Horroo Guduruu, Oromia, 29 January 2016

Waraanni Wayyaanee Yuniversitii Finfinnee Naannoo Kiloo 6 Marsaa Oole.

2016-01-29 08.03.272016-01-29 08.06.242016-01-29 08.11.132016-01-29 08.11.252016-01-29 08.11.282016-01-29 08.11.502016-01-29 11.41.092016-01-29 11.41.152016-01-29 11.53.222016-01-29 11.53.28Har’a Amajjii 29,2016 FXG mooraa Yuuniversitii Finfnneetti ka’a sodaa jechuuun har’a poolisii fi waraanni nannicha qubatee marsaa oolera.
Suuraan asirraa argitan kun galma 1ffaa mooraa yuuniversitii kiiloo 6 irratti argamu tahee namoota nagaa qabanii gadhiisuun akka waan FXG kana dura dhaabbachuun itti milkaa’uu abjoo’atuutti yaadanii olii gi gadi waraana isaa mootummaan Wayyaanee kaachisaa jiira.
Mooricha keessattis halkan edaa waraqaaleen dhaadannoo garagaraa
Qerroodhaan bittimfaman
-Wayyaanee kana booda haa gaggeessinu
-Gumaa barattoota keenya wal taanee haa baasnu
-Yeroon Bilisummaa gaheera
-ABOn nuuf galuuf sagaleen dhaga’ameera
-WBOn abdii keenya boodatti hin deebinu
-FXGtiin oromiyaan ni bilisoomti
-Oromiyaan kan oromooti
fi kanaa olitti dhaadannoolee waraqaalee adda addaatin faca’ee bule mootummaa wayyaanee abbaa irree daran yaaddessuun har’a hoomaa waraanaa naannoo mooraa barnootaa yuuniversitii kiiloo 6 qubachiise oolera.

Waraanni Itiyophiyaa Wayyaanee Dararaa Dargaggoota Oromoo Sulultaa Irraan Gahaa Jiru.





OMN: Oduu Ama. 28, 2016









Amajjii 28/2016 Goot otni Qeerroo Baratto otni Oromoo Yuunibar siitii Jimmaa Waadaa Qabsoo Bilisummaa O romoo FXGf Qaban Irr aa Deebiuun Haaroms atan

Amajjii 28/2016 Goototni Qeerroo Barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa Waadaa Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo FXGf qaban irraa Deebiuun Haaromsachuun Mootummaa Wayyaanee EPRDF/TPLFtti Xummura gochuuf kan jiran tauu diddaan ibsatan. Goototni Qeerroon Barattoota Oromoo Waraanaa Mootummaa Wayyaanee Mooraa Dhihaa Biyyatti Magaalaa Jimmaa keessatti argamuun halkanii guyyaa gidirfamaa utuu jiranii wareegamaa qaalii dachaan kanfaluuf qophii fi murannoo isaanii waadaa isaanii jabeessuun T-Shirt Suuraa Gooticha Oromoo Generaal Taddasaa Birruu qabuu fi Dhaamsa Lammiin barate, gaaffii mirgaa gaafata jedhuu fi Handhuurri lafa keenyaa Hin muramtu harmeen keenya Waadaa seenneerra lafeen eegna” jedhuu hojjechiifachuun Uummatanii ejjeennoo isaanii jabeeffachuun Mootummaa Wayyaanee aangoo irraa qaarisuuf qabsoo wal irraa hin Citne FXG Oromiyaa cufa keessatti adeemaa jiruu daran jabeessuun kan finiinsaa jiran tauu ibsatan.

Haala Sirna Awwaalcha Dargaggoo Gammachuu Xilaahun Magaala Najjoo Wallaggaa Keessatti Kan Waraana Wayyaaneen Wareegamee.



FXG Harage Baha Aanaa Meettaa Magaala Gooroo Muxii Keessaatti Amajjii 28,2016 Gaggeeffame


Barruuleen Warraaqsaa fi Waamicha Qabsoo Xumura Gabrummaa Magaalaa Naqamtee Keessatti Daran Faca’aa Jira.

Amajjii 28,2016 Sabboontoi Oromoo aanaa Buunaa Gindereti Keessatti loltoota Wayyaanen baatii tokko dura qabamanii hidhaa keessatti dararamaa jiraachuu isaanii Qeerroon gabaase. .
Kanneen kunis
1. Barsiisaa Moosisaa Lataa
2.Barsiisaa Baayisaa Dhaabaa
3. Bart Dhabbaa Kinfee
4. Masarat Dachaa
5. Amaanuu Dachasaa
6. Shaaru Gutama
7. Lammeesaa Ergabus
8. Girmachoo Dilii
9. obbo Lataa Hordofaa nama umuriin isaan guddaa kan ta’e poolisii federaalaan qabamii mana hidhaa aanaa Abuuunaa Gindabarat keessatti baatii tokko oliif dararamaa jiru.

Halkan edaa Amajjii 27,2016 Barruuleen warraaksaa,alaabaan addabilisummaa Oromoo aasxaan Qeerroo fi dhaadannowwan garaagaraa naannoo Yuunibarsiitii Wallaggaa mooraa Yuunibarsiitichaa tii qabee hanga waraaba sukukkee akkasumas magaalaa Naqamtee kutaalee garaagaraatti faca’an

Waraqaleen maxxansaman kun
Kan nu ajjeese nun bulchu
Kan nuajjese seeratti haa dhiyaatu
Bulchiinsa garboomfattuu TPLF Tigiraay hin barbaaddu
OPDOn ergamtuudha fi kkf yeroo ta’an,guyyaa dheengadda naannoo Qophaa’inaa Naqamtee keessatti faca’uusaatiin guyyaa kaleessaa humni waraanaa uummata nagaa goolaan kan ture fi halkan edaas barruuleen warraaksaa maxxansamu irraan ka’e naannoo Yuunibarsiitichaatti humni waraanaa bobbaafamuu qeerroon gabaase

OMN: Oduu Ama. 27, 2016


Ammajjii 27/2014
Warraaqsii FXG Godina Dhihaa Oromiyaa Magaalaa Guddoo Naqamtee Keessatti Haalaan Jabachuun Itti Guyyaa Har’aa
Goototni Qeerroon barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Rifti Valley damee Naqamtee fi M/B Sadarkaa 2ffaa fi qopha’inaa Comprehensive Naqamtee Warraaqsaa Biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa kan xummura gabrummaa gaggeessa jiru.
Goototni Qeerroon barattootni Oromoo fi Uummatni Oromoo magaalaa Naqamtee waraanaan dursifamaa, ajjeefamaa fi hidhamaa sirna abbaa irree gabromsaa jalatti hin bulluu jechuun ji’a sadii guutuu utuu wal irraa hin citiin Magaalaa Naqamtee keessatti Warraaqsii Jabaachuun mootummaa abbaa irree boqonnaa dhorkaa jiraachuu maddeen Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo Magaalaa Naqamtee irraa gabaasaa jiruu, yeroo ammaa kanatti Magaalaan Naqamtee sochii warraaqsaa fi humna waraanaan raafama ulfaata keessa jiraachuun ibsame jiru, Goototni Barattootni Oromoo M/b Biiftuu Naqamtees gara Sochii Warraaqsaa kanaatti makamuuf akka jiran odeessi nu ga’ee ibsee jira

Warraaqsii Biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa FXG Hawwannaa fi Dirmannaa Saboota Cunqurfamoo Biyyatti Argachaa Jiraachuun Sabootni Cunqurfamoon Abbaa Irree Wayyaanee Irratti Warraaqsaa Gaaggeessa Jiraachuun Deeggarsa Isaanii Ifa Godhan.‏

Amajjii 27,2016

  1. NaannooUummata Gambeellaa Godina Anyuuwaki tti Barattootni  Yuunibarsiitii Gambeellaa dabee saayinsii Fayyaa kan  dhalootaan Anyuuwaki fi nuwwer ta’a Walitti dhufuun sirna EPRDF/TPLF balaaleffachuun Warraaqsaatti makamuu sagalee Mormii dhagesisuun ibsatan. Mootummaan Abbaa irree Wayyaanee akkuma amala isaa saboota walitti buusuun Umrii bittaa isaa asiin ga’atee jiruu Saboota Anyuuwakii fi Nuwwer Walitti buusuuf, Wal diddaa namoota dhuunfaa saboota lameen gidduu jiruu babaldhisuun barattootni kun deebi’anii akka walitti bu’aniif shira guddaa xaxaa jiraachuun ibsamee jira. Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo sabootni Cunqurfamoon biyyaatti abbaa irree wayyaaneen mirga namummaa fi Dimookiraasii mulqamtanii jirtan, Shira mootummaa wayyaaneen xaxamu kamuu irratti dammaquun Waldhibdee gosaa fi namoota dhuunfaa karaa nagaa fi jaarsolii naannoon akka furattan, Yeroon yeroo gamtaan wal tumsinee abbaa irree aangoo irraa maqsuun hiree saba keenyaa murteessinudha jechuun kachachala mootummaa wayyaanee irratti dammaquun saboota Anyuuwaakii fi Nuwweeriif damsaa dabarsee jira.

2.       Naannoo Uummattoota Kibbaatti Barruuleen Warraaqsaa kanneen mirga Saboota Cunqurfamoof falmituu fi kabajamuu Mirga ilma namaa fi Dimookiraasii of irraa qabduu Saboota Cunqurfamoo uummattootaa Kibbaa: Sidaamaa, Kafaa, Shakkoo Magenger, Walayittaa, Hadiyyaa Ka’aa Mirga keenyaafi Bilisummaa keenyaaf  Falmannaa jechuun Barreelee warraaqsaan Uummataaf Waamichaa FDG gochaa jiraachuun Walqabatee Mootummaan Wayyaanee Gara Godinootaa Naannoo kibbaa kanneen akka Miizaan Teeppii fi Yuunibarsiitii Miizaan Teeppii Dabalatee waamicha gochaa jiraachuun Mootummaa wayyaanee dura dhaabbachuuf qophii irra kan jiran ta’uu ibsachuun Walqabatee mootummaan wayyaanee waan qabee gadhiisu dhabuun gara kanattis Humna poolisii Federaalaa fi agaazii bobbaasaa jiraachuun ibsame jira.

“Baroode Kunoo Qeerroon Baroode” Wallee Warraaqsaa Haaraa

Oromiyaa Godinaalee Hedduu Keessatti Manni Barumsaa Dhaabbatee Jira‏

Amajii 27/2016
Arsii Bahaa magaala Asallaatti mootummaan wayyaanee Qeerroo dargaggoota lama ilmaan isaa ajajuun barattoota lama kana irratti gocha suukkanneessaa raawwatee kan jiru Qeerroon kan gabaaseedha.

Akka Qeerroon gabaasetti barattootni Yuunivarsitii Asallaa Amajji 21,2016 halkan 5:00tti barattoota lama: Isaanis
1.Kamaal Abubaker barataa saayinsii fayyaa waggaa3ffaa fi dhalataa harargee bahaa naannoo Dadarii kan tahee fi
2Tasfaayee Tashoomee barataa saayinsii fayyaa waggaa 1ffaa fi dhalataa Arsii Bahaa naannoo Boqojjii kan ta’an namoonni 4 ol tahan hucuu civil uffachuudhaan eeggatanii yeroo ijoolleen kun lamaan mana fincaanii seenan achi keessatti cuubeen waraananiinii gatanii erga deemanii booda barattoonni kun hospitaala seenuun yaalamaa jiru.

Wallaggaa lixaatti manneen barnoota sadarkaa 1ffaa irraa kaasee hanga qophaayinaatti cufamee jiraachuun Qeerroon gabaasee jira.
Maddeen oduu Qeerroo irraa akka hubannutti wallagga lixaa Aanaa Boojjii Birmajjii magaalaa Biilaa mana barumsaa sadarkaa lammaffaa Biilaatti barattoonni Amajji 22,2016 sa’a3 irratti Fincila Xumura Gabrummaa (FXG) kaasuun ni yaadatama. Yerooma sana irraa kaasuun wayyaaneen humna ishee gara barattootaatti ergiteen barattootni barumsa dhaabuun gabaafamee ture. Guyyaa kanaa kaasuun barattootni mana barumsaa akka hin deebine yoo tahu akka walii galaatti godinicha keessatti barattootni barumsa dhaabuu irratti argamu..
Magaalaa Najjootti barattoonni man barumsaa sad.2ffaa Amajji 25,2016 FXG haaressuuf gara mana barumsaatti wal gahanii turan, barattootni hunduu hirmaanna barumsaa dhaabuudhaan yaadaa fi ejjennoo tokkoon FXG itti fufna malee barumsa hin barannu jechunis barumsi hanga har’aa hin gaggeeffamin jira.

Wallaggaa bahaatti Aanaa Diggaa Magaalaa Arjoo Guddattuutti Amajji 24, Qeerroon, qonnaan bulaa fi dargaggoonni waltahuun daandii gara Asoosaa geessu dhagaaf wantoota garaagaraan cufanii dhiichisa qabsoo dhaadannoo akkasuma tarkaanfii qabeenyaa fi ilmaan tigree irratti fudhatanii jiru. Haaluma kanaan naannowwan kunneen hanga guyyaa har’aatti eegumsa guddaa jala akka jirtu Qeerroon ganama kana gabaasee
Naannowwan Oromiyaa magaalota keessatti FXG kan itti fufe tahullee daandiwwan cufamaa jiru.

Waldorgommii Ispoortii Yuniversitootaa Bulchiini Yuniversitiin Jimmaa Qopheessuuf Deemu Akka Haqamu Qeerroon Bilisummaa Xalayaan Kan Gaafate Deebii Argachuun Yuniversitichi Guutummaatti Haqamuu Beeksise.

imagesWal Dorgommii Ispoortii dhaabbilee barnoota olaanoo Yuunivarsiitoota Yuunivarsiitiin Jimmaa qopheesstee simachuuf jirtuu  ilaalchisuun Xalaayaa ariifachiisaa bulchiinsaa Yuunivarsiitii Jimmaatiif ”jettuu  kallattiin Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo irraa Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaaf barreessuun Social Media fi Medialee Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo irraan tamsaasameen akkasumas xalayaa waajjira bulchiinsaatti kallattiin kennameen raafamaa fi sodaa guddaatu akka walii galatti uumamee jira,

Haala kanaan Bulchiinsii Yuunivarsiitii Jimmaa qophiii Qeerroon gochaa jiruu fi Warraaqsaa FXG Oromiyaa keessatti lafa ciniinee jiru irraa sodaa guddaan itti bulee deebii hatattamaa kan injifannoo gonfatee nuuf kennuun, Wal dorgommiin Ispoortii kun Guyyaa har’aa Amajjii 26/2016 Guutummaatti Haqamuu Bulchiinsii Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa Beeksiise jira. 
Amma kan itti aanuuu Mootummaan Wayyaanee Aangoo Gadhiisuu qaba, Mootummaan Cee’umsaa Biyyatti Keessatti Hundeeffamee Bu’urrii Dimookiraasii fi Mirga Ilma Namaaf kabaja kennuu gadi dhaabbatee, Bilisummaan Uummata Oromoo akka dhugoomuuf Muranoon itti jabaachuudha.Injifannoon Amma kun Injifannoo Hafan Ida’achuun Bilisummaa Walii Galaa fiduu qaba.

Godina Wallaggaa Aanaa Waamaa Hagaloo Keessatti Kaabinooti Ragaa Sobaan Dargaggoota Oromoo Yakkaa Jiru.

Amajjii 26,2016 Godina Wallaggaa Bahaa Aanaa Waamaa Hagalootti fincila xumura garbummaa adeemsifamaa jiruun ilmaan Oromoo irratti kaabinooti OPDO wal ijaaruun mana murtii aanichaatti ragaalee sobaa funaanuun yakkaa jiru,kanneen keessaa:-

1 Siwayyaa Rabbumaa
2 Fayyeeraa Waaqumaa
3 Guutamaa Dheeressaa
4 Barsiisaa Olumaa
5 Moosisaa Tarfaa
6 Mulaatuu Addunyaa
7 Taajuu Daawud
Yeroo ta’an,ragaa kanas

Baala tuufoo ABO nuuf wayya nuufoo
Lafee keenya malee lafa keenya hin laannu
Buraayyuun laga xaafoon keenya finfinneenis keenya faayidaa irra argachuu qabna jechaa dhaadachaa fi sirbaa turan jechuun namoota armaan gadii kana irratti ragaa ba’aniiru

1 Geetuu Baqqalaa
2 Dirribaa Waaqumaa
4 Ibraahim Aagaa
5 Gannatii Sanbatoo
6 Kaalid Abduu yeroo ta’an, namooti mootummaa kufte kana jalatti taa’umsa eeguuf ragaa sobaa bahuuf jedhan kana irrattis tarkaanfiin uummataa Barsiisaa ta’e akka fudhatamus beekameera.

Mootummaan kufe biyya maqaletti yeroo galu isaan diinaaf suphaa ta’an immo bor waan isaan dhibuuf gocha akkasiirra akka of qusatan jechaa himatamtoonni kun beellama itti aanutti ragaa faccisaa akka dhiyeeffatan ajajmaniiru


OMN: Oduu Amajjii 26, 2016 #OromoProtets News, 26 January 2016







OMN: Oduu amajjii 25,2016



Amajjii 26,2016 Wallagga Mana Barnootaa Biiftuu Naqamteeti FXG Itti Fufee Baha Oromiyaa Ciroo Ammoo Gamtaan Barattooti Jaallan Isaanii Hiriira Irratti Madaawan Gaafatan.

Baha Oromiyaa Ciroo

Lixa Oromiyaa Naqamte











Amajjii 26,2016 Sa’aa ammaa kanatti, Gindeberet Magaalaa Kaachis Mana barumsaa Sadarkaa 2ffaa irraa kan ka’e hanga ammaatti FXG bifa adda ta’een deemaa jira, Waraanni Agaazii dhukaasa hedduu mana barnootaa Magaalaa Kaachis irratti dhukaasaa jira. Ummannii fi barattooti diddaa cimnaan dura dhaabbachaa jiru.




#OromoProtests 26 January 2016: Oromo political prisoners are on a hunger strike in Ma’ekelawi

Bekele Gerba, Dejene Tafa, Desta Dinka, Addisu Bulala, Oromo political prisoners in hunger strike January 25, 2016

According to media reports, Bekele Gerba, other imprisoned leaders of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), and other Oromo political prisoners are on a hunger strike in Ma’ekelawi, the notorious prison in Addis Ababa. The report said the political prisoners started their strike on Friday, January 22, 2016, and have vowed to continue the strike until their demands are met. Some of their demands, which they have communicated to the prison’s officials, include:

1) access to legal counsels and visitations by family as guaranteed by the Constitution and internationally accepted rights of prisoners;
2) cessation of torture of political prisoners in Ma’ekelawi;
3) access to proper medical care for all political prisoners.

It has not been possible to verify how many political prisoners are taking part in the strike. However, it has been confirmed that the following leaders of OFC are part of it: Bekele Gerba, Dejene Tafa, Desta Dinka, Addisu Bulala and others. Since November 2015, thousands of Oromos have been taken to Ma’ekelawi in connection with the ongoing ‪‎Oromo Protests against the lack of adequate self-rule for Oromia (of which the Master Plan is an example), and the decades-old marginalization of the Oromo people in the political, economic, social, linguistic and cultural spheres in Ethiopia as a whole. In addition to those thousands arrested in prisons and concentration camps across Oromia and Ethiopia, more than 160 Oromo persons were killed, and thousands of Oromo persons have been wounded by the Ethiopian Federal armed forces – including tens of Oromo children.

It is to be remembered that the Ethiopian government brought Bekele Gerba, Dejene Tafa, Addisu Bulala and others to a federal court in central Addis Ababa on January 22, 2016 (listen to the report in Amharic below) – this date is the same date on which the hunger strike reportedly began; many human rights organizations, such as the Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, accuse the Ethiopian government of using draconian laws to prosecute peaceful and legitimate political dissidents in biased courts to silence voices critical of the government’s violations of human rights and unjust policies.


#OromoProtests Support Group in Switzerland organized a successful rally at the UN Office in Geneva on January 25, 2016.

The rally was attended by Oromo peace activists in Switzerland as well as other Ethiopian Nationals concerned about the deteriorating human rights violations in Oromia and across Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government’s response to the peaceful Oromo Protests has so far been violent, which has negatively contributed to the increasingly unstable political and security conditions in Ethiopia in the fragile Horn of African region. In an attempt to calm the peaceful Oromo Protests through military means, the Ethiopian government has, over the last two months alone, gunned down more than 160 Oromo persons who took part or had been suspected of taking part in the Oromo Protests, which have been staged in Oromia since April 2014, and quite intensely since mid November 2015, against the lack of adequate self-rule for Oromia (of which the Master Plan is an example), and the decades-old marginalization of the Oromo people in the political, economic, social, linguistic and cultural spheres in Ethiopia as a whole. At least 17 of those killed and wounded are Oromo children.

The following are some photos from the Geneva solidarity rally (reported byOromiaTimes.org).



January 25,2016
Oduu Amma shaashimannee irraa dhufte

Gadina Arsii Lixaa Aanaa shaashimannee Ganda faajjii soolee mana barumsaa 1ffaa, faajjii soolee keessatti Barattoonni “Akka Alaabaan Gadi Bu’uu” Barsiisota Gaafatan Barsiisonni Sodaatanii “Akkamitti” jechuudhaan Barattoonni Nutu beeka Akkasaa jechuudhaan Alaabaa Gadi buusaa Cicciranii jiru,
Sababiin Alaabaa Gadi buusaa jechuu barattootaas waan Biyyi nageenya hin qabneef Alaabaan Gadi bu’uu qabaa Ajjeechaadhaa Akkasitti Rawwatamaa jiruu Akka waan Biyyi nageenya Qabuu Alaabaan maaf fannifama jechuu irraa kan ka’eedha,

Erga Alaabaan Ciccirameen booda gara waajjira poolisii Aanaa shaashimanneetti bilbilamuudhaan humni woraanaa poolisii konkolaataa 4 fii Agaazii konkolaataan tokko Ramadanii yeroo dhufan, haawasni naannoos barattoota cinaa dhaabbachuun, barattoonnis ulaa cufatanii mana barumsaa seenuudhaan, ummannis karaa nagaatiin gaaffii poolisootaaf dhiyeessan Akkas jechuudhaan “Barattoonni keenya waa taanaan isinirras Akka ga’u beekaa jechuu Barattoota keenya nutu gorfata Yoo Ajjeeftan Gumaa baafanna” jechuudhaan jiraaraattonni naannoo itti dubatanii jiru, reebichiiniif Ajeechaanis Akka hin jirre hubatamee jira, hawaasatu tokkummaan Afaan bineensaa keessaa ilmaansaa baafate tooftaan kun naannoo hunda Akka wol-ga’uu wol-hubachiisaa,


#OromoProtests, Arjo Guddattuu, 25  January 2016

In East Walaga, Digga district, Arjo Gudetu village, Agazi soldiers have fired on protesters wounding the following people last night
1) Gamachu Alamu Tasama, shot on his back
2) Zerihun Jiregna Bayana, shot on his stomach
3) Birhanu Kebede Sando, shot on his leg
These victims are currently being treated at Naqamte Hospital. Two of them are in critical condition.

Goodina wallaggaa Bahaa Aanaa Diggaa ganda Arjoo Guddatuu jedhamu keessaatti humni waranaa jirattotaa irrattii dhukkasaa baaneen namootni sadii Miidha ciccimaa lubbuu isaaniif soodachisaa ta’en miidhamanii hospitaalaa naqamtee keessattii yaaliin baqaqsanii suphuu godhamafii jira.
1. Gammachuu Alamuu Tasammaa–rasasaan lafeen mo’o isaa fi dugda kan caccabee
2. Zarihuun Jireeyaa Bayyanaa—- guutumman guututi maaruman (intestine, liver and spleen) isaa ciccitee bakkeetti ba’e kan jiru.
3. Biraanuu Kabbadaa sandoo— koronyoo isarraa rasasaan kan rukkutame. Kanneen keessaa namootni lama du’uf jedha jiru. Yaaliin attatamas lubbuu isaanii oolchuf ogeeyyii mana yaalaatin gargaramaa jiran.

FincilliFincilli Xumura Gabrummaa Eegalee Itti Fufee Godina Shaggar Lixaa Keessatti Motummaa Wayyaanee Daran Raasaa Jiraachuu Qeerroon Gabaase.

Amajjii 25,2015 Waraanni Wayyaanee ammallee uummata irratti dhukaasa banuu hin dhaabne jedha Qeerroon. Shaggar lixaa magaalaa Shanan keessatti har’a ganama irraa kaasuun uummanni bahee dhaadannoo dhageesisaa ture, ofiin of dandeenya ofiin of bulchina sirna wayyaanee hin feenu, mootummaa Wayyaane hin barbaannu, Wayyaaneen ajjeesaadha jechuun tarkaanfii waajjiraalee mootummaa Wayyaanee garagaraa irratti uummanni fudhate.

Humni waraana wayyyaanee uummata nagaa irratti dhukaasa baneen namnootni hedduun akka madeeffaman gabaafame. Barataan yeroof maqaan isaa nu qaqqabin rasaasa wayyaaneen wareegames jira. Sa’a kana magaalli shanan dirree waraanaa taatee jirti. Uummanni gaaffii isaa karaa nagaatiin itti fufee jira. waraanni magaalicha keessaa akka bahu sagalee uummataatu dhageessifamaa jira kun tahuu baannaan tarkaanfii fudhatamu itti seenna jechuunis qonnaan bulaan baadiyaa keessas bahaa jira.

Baha Wallaggaa Aanaa Sibuu Sireetti Humni Waraanaa Diinaa Agaaziin Oromoota Miseensa KFO Ta’an Isin ABO dha Jechuun Ukkamse.

Amajji 25,2016
Miseensonni KFO hedduun dararaa hamaa keessa kan jiran yoo ta’u,badii tokko malee hidhuuf reebutti fuulleffate jira TPLF haaluma kanaan magaalaaf baadiyyaa Siree keessa deemuun ilmaan Oromoo hedduu ABOf hojjettu miseensota ABOti sababaa jedhuun ukkaamsaa jira Namoota kanneen keessa hammi tokko:-

  1.  Sisay Galataa miseensa KFO kan ta’e yeroo gararaa mana hidhaa adaddaatti kan hidhamaa ture har’as achii buuteensaa dhabamee jira
  2. Barsiisaa Qanaasaa miseensa KFO kan ta’e innis yeroo gara yeroo reebichi hamaan kan irra ga’a ture hanga har’atti ukkamfamuusaa malee
    bakki buutesaa qirixii bishaan buute ta’e.
  3. Shibbiruu Kitilaa miseensa KFO kan ta’e manasaa deemuun kan qaban bakki buuteesaa dhabame
  4. Fiqaaduu Asaffaa Miseensa KFO kan ta’e ukkamfamee jira.
    Namoota qaroo hawwaasaa kana kan hisisanis saaxilamaniiru isaanis
    A Fiqaaduu Yohaannis
    B Addunyaa Aagaa Jarreen kun jala deemtota diinaa ta’uun hisisuuf ajjeesisufillee akka jiran ibsa gabaasi achii

Barattooti Oromoo Wallagga Yuunibarsiitiin FXG Haalaan Jabeessanii Jiru

Amajji 25,2016 Wallaggaa Yunibarsiitii keessatti FXG halkan edaa kan eegale har’as itti fufee ooleera.humni diinaa barattoota danuu madoo taasiiseera.kaansaani ukkamsaa jira ta’us humna barataa qabbaneessuu hin dandeenye.

Guyyaa har’aa 25/01/2016 Godina Wallaggaa Lixaa baratonnii mana barumsaa sadarkaa lamaaffaa Naajoo humni waranaaf humnii agazii akkasumaas makalakayaa humnii jedhamaan osoo magaalaa fi baadiyyaa Oromiyaa akkasumas Najjoo weeraranii jiranii qormaata hin fudhatnu jechuun mormii FXG dhageessisaa oolanii jiru.

Amajjii 25,016 FXG Godina Harargee Bahaa Magaalaa Guraawaa Keessatti Gaggeefame.


Godina Lixa shaggar Aanaa Amboo Ganda waddeessatti Uummatni Daandii Cufuu fi Kutuun Loltoota Wayyaanee Kora Bittinneessaa fi Agaazii Daandii Cite Keessa Bu’uun Miidhami Guddaa Irran Geessisan
January 25, 2016 Amajjii 24, 2016
Godina Lixa Shaggar Aanaa Amboo Ganda waddeessaa keessattii FXG Uummatan qabsiifame daran jabaachuun Uummatni Waraana Wayyaanee Uummata Baadiyaa gooluuf bobbaafame daandii itti cufuun karaa darbaa dhorkachuun daandii konkolaataa Baadiyaa amboo irraa gara Waddeessaatti geessuu kutuun Konkolaataan Wayyaanee uummata dararuudhaaf fiigaa jirtuu daandii cite keessaa buutee garagaluun loltootni Wayyaanee hedduun kan madaa’anii fi loltootni muraasni lubbuun galafaatamuun ibsame jira, Loltootni Wayyaanee hedduun madaa’aan yeroof Hopsitaalaa Amboo kan galan yoo ta’uu, kanneen lubbuun galaafataman atattamaan Wayyaaneen gara Finfinneetti fe’achuun gabaafamee jira. Yeroo amma kanatti mootummaan Wayyaanee nannicha irraa humna ibsaa fi network balleessee jiraachuun ifa ta’ee jira.

Godina Salaallee Keessatti FXG Haalaan Jabaatee Itti Fufe, Mootummaan garboomsaa Dhiphina Ulfaataa Seenee jira.

Amajjii 24/2016 Godina Kaaba Shaggar(Godina Salaaleetti) Warraaqsii FXG daran jabaachuun Itti fufe , Uummatni Aanoota  Hidhabuu Abootee,  Dagam, Sulultaa, Mukaa Xurii , Diddaan uummataa jabaachuun itti Fufuun Qeerroon Dargaggootn Salaalee  gamtaan wallee Warraaqsaa fi dhaadannoo dHageesisuun ABO fi qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo faarsuun kanaan booda Oromiyaa TPLF/EPRDF FI OPDO ergamtuun wayyaanee hin bulchitu Ofiin of bulchina jechuun murtii dabarfatan. Uummatnis Walii galee kanfaltii gibraa fi buusiiwwaan galii mootummaa abbaa irree wayyaanee bifa kamin iyyuu akka hin kanfallee murtii dabarfachuun , warraaqsaa jabeessuun itti fufuu madden keenya gabaasaan,  Akkasumas Dandiiwwaan bakkoota hedduutti uummataan Cufamee loltootni wayyaanee banuuf rakkachaa jiraachuu fi haalaa nuffisiisaa sochii uummataa karaa nagaa gaggeeffamuu irratti mootummaan wayyaanee waraana ajajuun adeemsii kun kan wal hin madaallee waan ta’eef uummataa harkaa meeshaa tokko iyyuu hin qabnee  irraatti dhukaasuun nu nuffisiisee jechuun loltootni wayyaanee psychologically dhiphinaa fi Of jibbaa jiraachuu ibsatan.

OMN: Gabaasa Addaa Oolmaa Oromiyaa (Amajjii 24, 2016)


OMN: Gabaasa Oolmaa Oromiyaa (Amajjii 23, 2016)


Oromo youth and families in Gincii (Ginchi) conveyed their  remembrance to Aschalew Worku Bayi.  #OromoProtests, 24 January 2016.
A commemoration of Aschalew Worku Bayi who was killed in Ginchi on 13 December 2015 and his remembrance service took place on 24 January 2016 at the presence of tens of thousands of people near Cillimo.
Amajii 24  bara 2016  ummanni Oromoo Aanaa Giincii yaadannoo sabboonaa Oromoo Aschaaloo  Warquu Bayii geggeessan.  Aschaaloon  Mudde 13 bara 2015 humna Wayyaaneen Gincitti wareegame. Amajii 24 bara 2016  wayita siidaan yaadannoo isaaf dhaabbate eebbifametti ummati hedduun argamuun yaadannoo kana irratti mallattoo diddaa Oromoo agarsiisaa oolan.
Oromo youth and families in Ginchi paused to remember Aschalew Worku. 24 january 2016. picture2
Oromo youth and families in Ginchi paused to remember Aschalew Worku. 24 january 2016Oromo youth and families in Ginchi paused to remember Aschalew Worku. 24 January 2016. picture3Oromo youth and families in Ginchi paused to remember Aschalew Worku. 24 January 2016. picture4



(SBO – AMAJJII 24, 2016) FXG Godina Kaaba Shaggaritti kan jabaate oggaa ta’u daandiin konkolaataa gara godina kanaatti guussu Amajjii 23,2016 irraa qabee guutuutti cufamee jira. Haaluma kanaan daandiin konkolaataa Finfinnee gara naannoo Amaaraa geessu cufamuu maddeen SBO beeksisaniiru.
Humni waraana wayyaanee FXG dura akka dhaabbatuu fi ummatatti akka dhukaasuuf ajajamee Godinoota Lixaa fi Kaaba Shawaa keessa qubatee jiru haalli fi murannoon ummataa isa sodaachisuu irraa waa hundi itti bitaacha’aa akka jiru ammoo kan gabaasan maddeen keessa waraanichaa ti.
Godinoota kanneen keessatti to’annoon ummataa jabaatee akka jirus ibsameera. Dhaadannooleen kaleessa ummataan Kaaba Shaggar keessatti dhageessifamaa oolan Bilisummaan Oromiyaa geesseetti, mootummaan wayyaanee nu irraa haa deemtu, wayyaanee of irraa kaasuu qabna, lafti keenya hin gurguramu, Oromiyaan kan Oromoo ti, Finfinneen kan Oromoo ti, ABOn nu haa bulchu, WBOn gaachana Oromoo ti, OPDOn hattuu dha; ummata Oromoo bakka bu’uu hin dandeessu kan jedhan.


(SBO – AMAJJII 24,2016) Warraaqsi Ummata Oromoo kan Fincila Xumura Gabrummaa Baha Oromiyaa Lixa Harargee keessatti kan yeroo kamii caalaatti jabaatee itti fufee jira. Guyyaa kaleessaa Amajjii 23,2016ttis ummatni Oromoo guutuutti jechuun kan danda’amu Mi’eessoo, Asabootii fi naannnolee sanatti diddaa sirna wayyaaneef qaban cimsanii mul’isaa jiran.

Keessumaa naannoo Mi’eessootti ummatni guutummaatti waraana wayyaanee fi caasaalee bulchiinsaa sirnichaa waliin lolatti kan seene oggaa ta’u, diddaan naannoo kanaa guyyaa 10ffaa akkuma qabatetti itti fufee jira. Lola waraana wayyaanee fi ummata gidduutti deemaa jiruun miidhaan humna abdii kutate wayyaaneen ummata irra gahus, ummatni keenya dargaggootaan walta’uun diddaa isaa finiinsee itti fufee jira.

Mootummaan wayyaanee gaaffii karaa nagaa ummatni dhiheeffate gara waraanaatti jijjiiruun ifatti ummata irratti lola geggeessaa jiraatus, ummatni keenya Baha Oromiyaa Mi’eessoo fi naannoo ishee of ittisuuf lolatti seenee jira. Tarkaanfii of ittisuu godhaa jiruunis meeshaalee waraanaa hidhattoota wayyaanee irraa hiikkachuun deebisee ittiin of ittisuu irratti akka argamus gabaafameera. Kaleessaa fi dheengadda qofa qawwee baay’ee hidhattoota wayyaanee irraa hiikkachuun diddaa isaa lafa qabachiisee itti fufuu dha maddeen keenya kan gabaasan.

Abdii kan kutate mootummaan wayyaanee ummata meesha maleeyyiitti meeshaalee waraanaa gugurdaa kan akka TAANKII bobbaasuun abbaa irrummaa, faashistii fi sirna nama nyaataa ta’uu isaa hojiin mul’isaa jira.

Tarkaanfii fi gochi wayyaanee Oromiyaa iddoo hundattuu ummata Oromoo jilbeenfachiisee ykn sodaachisee FXG irraa kan dhaabe osoo hin taane, caalaatti jabeessee falmaa bilisummaaf godhutti daran akka onnatu taasisee jira jechuun maddeen keenya haala qabatamaa Oromiyaa keessaa qabatamaan mul’isaniiru.


Amajjii 23,2016 Amboo Naannoo Waddeessa Jedhamutti Waraana Wayyaanee fi Uummata Jidduutti Falmaa Ta’een Dargaggoonni Oromoo 5 Wareegamanii ummanni 60 Ol Ammoo Loltoota Hedduun Qamanii Mana Hidhaa Amboo 03 Keessatti Dararamaa Jiru.

Amajjii 24,2016 Waddeessa(Amboo) irraa  Falmiin wiirtuu Waddeessaatti Mootummaa abbaa irree fi uummata haqa isaaf falmatu gidduutti geggeeffamaa jiru irratti dargaggooti  Oromoo armaan hedduu madoo fi Wareegama kafalaniiru.

  1.  Dargaggoo Biraanuu Gaaddisaa gaafa 23/1/2016 Ganda kaarraa naannoo guuniyaa ykn Faafama jedhamutti raasaan rukutamee wareegameera.
  2. Barataa Chuuchee Baqqaanaa Bayyansaa ganda Galan waddeessaa naannoo caffee Elemee jedhamutti rasaasaan rukutame kellaa fayyatti wal’ansa amma tokko argeetuyyuu gara hospitaala Amboo akka hin deemne karaatti duwwameera (bakka dhalootaa g Ganda Dikii)
  3. Barataa Hundeessaa Leellisaa Sirrii bakkuma Chuucheen rukutamatti rasaasaan kan rukutame yoo ta’u ( bakka dhaloo. Aanaa Amboo ganda ganjiifi gooroo horee) innilleen karaa hospitalaa deemuu dhabee rakkataa jira.
  4. Barataa Abarraa Sisaayee Hayilee bakkuma armaan olitti ibsametti rasaasaan kan rukutame yommuu ta’u (bakka dhalootaa Ganda Galan waddeessaa)
  5. Dargaggoo ammaaf maqaansaa nun qaqqabne akka malee miidhaa karaa Aanaa bakkee mana yaalaa qaqqabsiisuudhaaf gateetti uummataan baatamee deemee jira!

Kana malees namoonni 60 ol ta’anis qabamanii waajira poolisii Aanaa Amboo kan magaalaa Amboo ganda 03 tti dararamaa jiru kan sababa reebichaatiin miidhaan cimaan irra gahes wal’ansa dhabanii haala yaaddeessa keessa jirachuu Qeerroon gabaase.

Wallagga Aanaa Jaarsoo Keessaa Dargaggooti Oromoo Lolotoota Wayyaaneen Qabamanii Bakka Geeffaman Hin Beekamu Jedha Gabaasi Qeerroo.

Dasalenyi Alamaayyoo

Amajjii 23,2016. Barattooti Oromoo dargaggoo Solomoon Sobbooqaa fi Dasaaleny Alamaayyoo Loltoota Wayyaaneen Aanaa Jaarsoo Wallaggaa irraa qabamanii bakka buuteen isaanii hin beekamu.

Dasaleeny Alamayyoo namaa yeroo hedduuf mana hiidhaa wayyanettii dararama turedha A.LH ttii bara 2003 magaalaa Jaarsootii alabaan ABO hidhamee ture bara sana dhimaa alabaan wal qabate dararama heddunn irraa ga’a ture jira, ammos FXG Amajjii 23,2016 gaggeefameen wal qabatee loltoota Wayyaaneen qabamee bakka buuteen isaa hin beekamu.

Mootummaan Itiyophiyaa Wayyaaneen Wallaggaa Bahaa Waamaa Hagaloo Keessatti Barattootaa fi Jiraattota Nagaa Hidhuu fi Dararuu Itti Fufe.

Amajjii 24,2016 Yeroo ammaa kana Barattoonni digadamii lama mana hidhaa ykn karchallee Wallaggaa Bahaa jaatoo naqamtetti yeroo argaman Barattoonni sadii fi qonnaan bultoonni lama humna tikaatiin achi buuteen isaanii dhabame.

Barattoota keessaa

  1. Caalaa Bantii Nagarii
  2. Misgaanuu Addunyaa Bantii fi
  3. Dassaalenyi Eebbisaa yeroo ta’an,

Qotiisaan bultoota lama  kan hidhattoota isaanii turan uumataaf aantummaa agarsiiftan maqaa jedhuun hidhannoo hiikkachiisuun erga qabanii kan ukkamsan Baatilee Warqinaa Biluu fi Tasfaayee Warqinaa obbolaa lamman yeroo ta’an, Obbo Baatileen umurii ijoollummaa isaatiin waraana dargiin hirmaachise irratti qaama hir’uu kan ta’aniifi dhukaasanii qal’aa kan kutan waan ta’eef, wayyaaneen uummata daguuguuf karoora waan qabduuf namoota tarkaanfii ishee deebisuu malanii fi hawaasa biratti dhaga’aman dhabamsiisuun uummata shororkeessuuf badii dalagame ta’uu qeerroon addeessee jira

The PAFD extends its most sincere gratitude to the EU Parliament in general and to those who were the sponsors of the Ethiopian resolution, including members from the Socialists and Democrats (S&D), the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) and Greens/European Free Alliance (G/EFA) of the EU parliamentary groups in particular.

The resolution the European Parliament has adopted on 21 January 2016 offers great support to the millions oppressed in all parts of Ethiopia and gives them courage for a better democratic and just future.The multitude of committed genocides and unfolding atrocities in Oromia, Ogaden, Gambella, Sidama, Omo, Benishangul and other parts in Ethiopia will continue, unless the international community takes some urgent practical measures to stop them. The Ethiopian government has often ignored international calls for remedy of its human rights violations, knowing that there would be no follow up or significant repercussions. In 2007, for example, the UN called for an urgent investigation into the Ogaden war crimes and crimes against humanity. However, the Ethiopian government embarked on an all-out campaign of extermination and collective punishment of civilians in the region and the international community looked the other way. Similarly, the killings in Gambella and Sidama, as well as those in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) were also condemned by the international community, while the regime shrugged its shoulders and continued its massacres and curtailment of all democratic rights, while being rewarded with more money under the pretext of development.

History has shown that development at the expenses of democratic rights has ended in disasters and grave consequences. The Ethiopian situation is much more complex than other areas which aggravates the matter further because of unresolved historical injustices.

The PAFD calls upon the UN, AU and EU to follow up to their own resolutions and send independent commissions of inquiry to look into the massive human rights allegations that have been and are being perpetrated by the Ethiopian government against the civilian population and take appropriate measures to stop any further acts. All types of Ethiopian security forces must immediately withdraw from Oromia, Ogaden, Gambela and other areas into their barracks.

The PAFD calls upon all peoples in Ethiopia to stand together and act in unison against the atrocities committed by the regime, in order to regain their denied rights to democracy and true self-determination.

Issued by The Peoples Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD)

January 23, 2016



Breaking news: there has been reports of heavy gun fire exchange in Waddessaa area near Ambo since yesterday

(Oromia Press) — There has been reports of heavy gunfire exchange in Waddessaa area near Ambo since yesterday. Particularly localities such as Haro-Xirro, Wadessa-Galan, Xulle are said to be like war zones. Civilians have been trying to escape the fighting. Residents in nearby districts confirm Agazi special forces have been moving into the area in tens of cars since the night before yesterday. It is not clear who they are fighting or firing at as network in the area is down. Source claim the clash might have been caused when the army tried to disarm local government militia suspected of being disloyal. The conflict is said to have been intensified today and heavy casualties are feared. The military has prevented ambulances that tried to reach the area from nearby towns.

Kaleessarraa kaasee naannoo Waddeess (Aanaa Amboo) keessatti lolli cimaan deemsifmaa akka jiru odeeffanoon nu gahaa jira. Keessattuu bakkoota akka Haroo-Xirroo, Waddeessa-Galaan, Xullee fi kkf keessa dubbiin jajjabduu akka taateedha.Jiraatonni qarqara Amboo jiran dheengadda halkan humni Agaazii konkolaataa hedduun garasitti socho’aa akka bule ni himu. Garuu eenyurratti dhukaasaa ykn eenyuun wal dhayaa akka jiran mirkaneeffachuun nu dhibee jira. Lolli kan eegale yeroo Agaaziin milishoota mootummaa naannawa sanii hiikkachiisuuf yaaletti ta’uu hin oolu shakkiin jedhus jira. Lakki qonnaan bultootumaan wl haleelaa jiranis jedhama. Ambulaansii garas deemuuf yaalti Agaaziin darbuu dhoowwee jira. Network naannoo sanii cufaadha. Gama dandeenyeen qorannee dhugaa jiru isiniif gabaasuuf ni yaalla.


Waadaan Dargaggootaa Hojii Irra Oolee,Uummanni Oromoo Gibira Mootummaa Wayyaaneef Kafaluu Didee Baadiyyaalee Keessaa Ergamtoota Arihaa Jira.

Har’a Amajjii 23,2016 Akkuma beekamu ajjeechaa,hidhaafi dararaan hammaatuus qabsoon cichoomina gaafatti jedhu dargaggoonnii fi qonnaan bultoonni aanaa Amboo wiirtuu waddeessaa. Akkuma beekamu sirna awwaalcha gootaa fi Gara kuteetti Abdaataa Olaansaa irratti wayyaaneen ajjeechaa fi duguuggaa sanyii ilmaan Oromorratti xiyyiffate fiixaan gahachuuf mirgii reefu lafaa baatu qeerroo Leencoo Dinqeessaa. Galafaachuun isaa ni yaadatamaa Sirna awwaalcha leencoo irratti uummanni kumaatamaan lakka’amu bayee waadaa(irbuu) armaan gadii qeerroodhaan seenaanii gargar bahani.Ani gaafan irbuu sana dhagahu ni dhuguuma jedhee hin yaanne irbuu ulfataa ture. IRBICHIS AKKAS TURE

1, Har’abooda ilmaan keenya ajjeesanii reeffa isaanii yeroo fidan callisnee harkaa hin fuunu.

2,Gibira ilmaan keenya ajjeesuuf raasaasni ittiin bitamu bifa kamiinuu hin kaffalla.

3, Qarshii maaqaa dhaaba soba kan aangoo homaa hin qabnee buusii miseensummaa jedhanii nu saaman kamuu hin kaffallu.

4,Kana booda wayyaaneen ganda keenya keessa akka hin gulufneef karaa itti cufnaafi kakulee hedduu walii galanii gargar bahan.

KANA FIXAAN BAASUUF Gandaata kudha arfan wiirtuu waddeessaa jala jiran keessa gandoonni #Qullit,Galaan Waddeessaa fi kaarraa gaafa amajjii 20/2016 gara waajira gandaa deemuu har’aa kaastani gibiras ta’ee galii humna Wayyaanee cimsu kamiyyuu nun gaafatinaa wajira kanas cufaa deemaa jedhanii itti himan jarris akka diduu jennaan manattiin akka lammaffaa hojiif hin oolletti murtii wal fakkaataa gandoota sadanitti fudhatan guyyaa kanas dhadannoo ajaa’ibaa fi sirboota ajaa’iba sirbaa oolan gargar bahani!

Waadaa kana boodaa duubatti hin deebinu jedhus walii galanii gargar bahini.Akkuma amalasaa Wayyaanee sochii kana dhaamsuuf amajjii 22/2016 konkolaataasaa fudhatee itti qajeele;gaafa isaan darban uummanni akkuma nama hin arginee callisee ilaale isaanis gulufanii Ganda kaarraa gahan sana booda uummata walitti waamanii nama ganda kana barbadeesse baasaa, gibara kaffaluu diddanis kaffalAa jedhanii dursisuuf yaalini leenconni Oromoo ganda kanaas isunuu baha ganda kana keessa biyyi abbaa qaba warra hirmii faana haasaa’uu hin dandeenyu nuuf isin hamma guutuun mirga Oromoo kabajamutti walii galuu hin dandeenyu jedhaniin adda irraa bahan.

Sana booda uummanni tokkuma tokkoon gara manaatti qajeelee osoo xiqqoo hin turiin meeshaa manaa qabu fudhatee dacha’e sana booda jarri makiinaa kaafattee baqatti qajeelte uummannis dukaasa irra dhaabe iyyi lafa nyaate jarri kun kolaataa dhaan baqattus uummanni biraa hafuu didee dura goraa jechaa ganda Galan Waddeessaa kaafachuun hanga Ganda Dikiitti ari’e gaafa ganda Dikii gahan magaalaa Amboo irraa humni biraa dabalatee dhufus dhumatti moo’ichi kan uumataa ta’ee naannicha irraa baqatanii bahanii jiru.

” Hin Hafu Nin Dhufa” Wallee Warraaqsaa Sabboonaa Artist Joorj Abbuush


OMN: Oduu Oolmaa (Oolmaya) Oromiyaa amajjii 22,2016




Bulchiinsii Yuunibarsiitii Amboo Mirga Barattoota Oromoo cabsuun Barattoota Oromoo Dootsisuu,Barnoota Irraa Arii’uuf fi Hiisisuuf Qajeelama TPLF Irraa Fudhate Barattoota Oromoo Barbaadaa Jira.

12522933_1548993262083382_6009153603471822300_nGaafa Amajjii  19,2016 Bulchiinsii Yuunibarsiitii Amboo Mirga Barattoota Oromoo cabsuun Barattoota Oromoo Dootsisuu fi Barnoota Irraa arii’uuf hidhatti galchee dararuuf qajeelfama Mootummaa Wayyaanee Rawwachiisuu qofaaf jedhee Barattoota Oromoo 16  hatattamaan barbaada akka jiruu Beeksiisa Amajjii 19,2016 baaseen Beeksisee jira. Barattoota Oromoo kana irratti rakkoon tokkoo bakka fedheetti iyyuu irra ga’ee yoo argamee Itti Gaafatamaan Mootummaa EPRDF/TPLF/OPDO fi bulchiinsaa yuunibarsiitii Amboo ta’uu Sabboontootni fi uummatni Oromoo akeekkachiisan.

Barattootni Oromoo beeksifnii irratti Ba’ee hatattamaan barbaadamaa jiran maqaan isaanii kanneen armaan gaditti argaman kana:

1.Barataa Olaanaa Waaqoo.
2. Barataa ,Liibaan Dhangi’aa.
3, Barataa Abdii ejjetaa

4. Barataa kiisii Hinkoosaa
5. Barataa Firoomsaa Geetahuun
6. Barataa Tokkummaa Tuulii
6,Barataa Waaqumaa Gosaa
7,Barataa FIraanbar Nugusee
8,Barataa Gammachiis Booranaa
9,Barataa Gammachiis Qananii
1  Barataa Hiinaaftuu lammaa
12,Barataa Firaa’ol Namarraa
13, Barataa Gammachiis Hayilee
14, Barataa Gamachuu Amanuu
15,barataa Natiree Tasfayee
16, Barataa Daani’eel Mokoonnoon kanneen jedhaman irraatti beeksiisa diinummaa maxxansuun attattamaan barabaadamtuu jechuun barattoota Oromoo irratti Shororkeessa jiraachuun abbaa irreef fumaata tokko illee kan hin qabne ta’uun ibsame jira.





Amajjii 21/2016 Warraaqsii Dargaggoota Oromoo Hojii Dhuunfaa fi Dafqaan Bultootaan Magaalaa Finfinnee keessatti Waraana Oromiyaa keessatti ilmaan Oromoo ajjeesaa turee, Ayyaanaa Cuuphaa irratti hiriiree uummata gooluuf dhaabbatu FXG’n dura dhaabbachuu abaatee itti fufe

Amajjii 21,2016 Warraaqsii FXGn Dargaggoota Hojii Dhuunfaa fi Dafqaan Bultootaa Oromoon Magaalaa Finfinnee keessatti Ayyaana Cuphaa irratti Waraana Wayyaanee Oromiyaa keessatti Yakka Waraanaa Rawwachaa jiruu dura dhaabbachuun eegalame daran Jabaachuun itti fufe!, Uummata Ayyaana Cuuphaa Ayyaaneffachuuf baee Poolisootni Wayyaanee Dargaggoota Oromoo irratti Kutaa magaalaa Finfinnee Yakkaa Daandii gara Laga Xaafootti geessuu bakka Karraa jedhamutti dhukaasa baneen Magaalaan Finfinnee sochii dargaggoota Oromoon raafama keessa seente Walitti buinsi guddaan Poolisoota dhalootaan Oromoo taanii fi Tigirootaa gidduutti dhalateen Ayyaanni cuuphaa gara Fincilaatti jijjiraame, Poolisootni dhalootaan Oromoo taaan ilmaan Oromoo hanga qabeenyaa fi namarraan midhaa gahaa hin jirreetti Sagalee diddaa waan Dhageesisaaniif reebuu fi irratti dhukaasuu hin qabnu jechuun waan didaniif poolisoota gidduutti walitti buinsii uumamuun bakkuma Ayyaanaa Cuuphaa kanatti Utuu uummatni ilaaluu Poolisiin Tigiree tokkoo fi Poolisiin dhalootaan Oromoo tokko wal qabachuun wal reebuun, uummatni fi Daraggaggootni gara Poolisii Oromoo goruun Poolisii Tigiree reebuun akka achii ariian madden ijaan arganitu nuuf gabaase. Goototni Dargaggootni Oromoo Wallee Warraaqsaan Haalaan ABO,Oromiyaa fi Goototota dargaggoota Oromoo barakana Warraaqsarratti wareegaman faarsuun hin hafuu gumaan barattootaa keenyaa Beenyaa yabeenyaa hin haftu gumaan barattoota keenyaa, Sifaan Lolaa ABO narra hin gortuu, dargaggoon Oromoo kaatee bosona hin galtuu fi dhaadannoo Oromiyaa, Bilisummaa, Walabummaa , abbaa biyyummaa barbaadna jedhuu sagalee guddaan dhageesisan, Sochii kana dhaabsisuuf poolisiin Federaalaa Finfinnee yaalii guddaa wayita gochaa jiruutti walitti buinsii uumamee Dargaggootni oromoo hedduun poolisootaan reebamuun namootni 15 ukkanfamuun kan qabamanii hidhaman yoo tauu, dargaggootni Oromoos boodarra tarkaanfii of irraa Ittisuu fudhachuun poolisoota hedduu dhagaan tumuun konkolaataa poolisotaa lama dhagaan hojiin ala gochuun warraaqqasii jabaachuun itti fufaa jira, gabaasaan itti fufa.









Ayyaanni Cuuphaa Magaala Finfinnee Keessatti Gara FXGtti Jijjiramee Oole,Gootonni Qeerroon ABO Faarsuun Diddaa Isaanii Dhageessifataa Turan.

https://videopress.com/v/pEcmj4Yg?hd=0&autoPlay=0&permalink=0&loop=0Ayyaanni Cuuphaa Magaala Finfinnee Keessatti Gara FXGtti Jijjiramee Oole Amajii 20,2016 guyyaa ayyaana Cuuphaa jedhamee biyyattiitti kabajamee jira.  Ayyaanni oromiyaa guutuu keessatti  gara Fincilaatti jijjiiramuudhaan FXG gaggeeffamaa oolee jira. Addatti
1.    Magaala Finfinnee kutaalee garagaraa keessatti uummanni haala mijawaa argatuun dhaadannoo isaa dhageesisaa oole. Uummanni lafa jiruu
ayyana sababeessuun wal argee oole WBO fi ABO faarsaa oolee jira. waraabbiin asirratti argamu kan kutaa magaala Finfinnee keessaa Saarisitti daandii gubbaatti bahuun ija diinaa dura dhaabbachuudhaan dhaadannoo dhageesisaa oolaniiru. Bakka  hedduutti uummanni Oromoo ayyaana kana irratti argame ayyaanicha guutummaan guututti gara FXGtti jijjiiree oolee jira.
2.    Naannolee godina addaa Oromiyaa keessatti ilmaan tigrootaa Oromoo irratti dhaadatan kannen mootummaa isaanii deggeran irratti uummanni
tarkaanfii garagaraa adeemsisuudhaan adabee jira.  Ayyaana kana irratti magaalota naannowaa oromiyaa keessaa baasuun ilmaan tigree bakka oolmaa dhabsiisanii jiru.  Uummanni tarkaanfii wal fakkaataas adeemsisee jira.
3.    Godinaalee oromiyaa garagaraa keessatti ayyaana kanaan wal qabsiisuun FXG asdeemsifamee jiruun dargaggoonni hedduun qabamuun
dhagayamee jira. shawaa lixaa kanneen akka Amboo irratti dargaggoonni bahanii akka ayyaana kana irratti hin hirmaanne humna waraana
Wayyaanetiin dhorkamanii jiru. Magaalotaa kanneen biroo keessatti humna waraana wayyaanee ariyuudhaan ayyaanicha gara fincilaatti
naanneessuun uummanni FXG itti fufee ooleera. Qonnaan bulaa fi dargaggoota hedduu irratti hidhaan adeemsifamee jabaatee itti fufee ooleera.

Qeerroon Amboo Akkuma Aadaa Isaaniin Gootummaan Ayyaana Cuuphaa Sababeefachuun FXG Gaggeessuun Loltoota Agaazii Gamtaan Of Irraa Dhorkaa Oolan.









Ammajjii 20/2016 Magaalaa Finfinnee Keessatti Ayyaana Cuuphaa Sababeeffachuun Daragaggootni Oromoo Wallee Wallee Warraaqsaa fi Dhaadannoo FXG dhageesisan, Waraanni Wayyaanee Ayyaana Cuuphaa fi Dargaggoota Oromoo Shororkeessa oole!!‏

W0AAAnjgAmajjii 20,2016 Guyyaa Hardhaa Magaalaa Finfinnee keessatti Goototni Daragaggootni Oromoo Hojii Humnaa Hojjechuun of jiraachisan Ayyaanaa Cuuphaa sababeeffachuun walitti dhufuun Dhaadannoo fi Wallee Warraaqsaa Dhageesisuun Mootummaa Wayyaanee EPRDF Balaaleeffachuun ABO Faarsaan , Ayyaanni Cuuphaa kunis Sababaa Mootummaan Wayyaanee Humna waraanaa Guddaa irratti bobbaaseen uummatni Keessattuu Hordoftootni amantaa Kiristaana Ortoodoksii , nagaan ayyaaneeffachuu akka hindandeenyee fi Uummatni Waraanaan sodaachifamee Humna waraana mootummaa Wayyaanee EPRDF’n Shoroorkeessa guddaa ummatarraan ga’uun ibsame jira.

Goototni Dargaggoonni Oromoo Magaalaa Finfinnee keessatti argaman walitti dhufuun gaaffii kabajamuu mirga abbaa biyyummaa , mirga dimookiraasii fi kabajamuu mirgoota amantaa hundaa fi bilisummaa uummataa Oromoof jechaa karaa nagaa utuu mormanii wareegamaan gadda
guddaan ni yaadanna. Warraaqsaa FXG jabeessinee itti fufna jechuun Sagalee dhaadannoo fi wallee warraaqsaa dhageesisuun mormii qaban
ibsatan. Wallee Warraaqsaan Nuf jiraadhu ABO koo yaabbaa biyyaa utuun ilaaluu Oromiyaa biyyaa koo hin kennuu kanaafan iyyaa, Korma Guduruu Oromoon ABO’n gootumaa duruu , ABOn biyyaa hin gurguruu jechuun wallee warraaqsaa fi dhaadannoo ilmaan Oromoo hidhaman haa hiikaman, ilmaan Oromoo ajjeefamaniin mootummaan itti haa gafatamu jedhuun dhaadannoo Magaalaa Finfinnee fi Magaalota naannawaa Finfinnee jiran keessatti dhageesisan. Addatti Kutaa Magaalaa finfinnee Yakka jedhamuu Daandii gara Magaalaa Laga Xaafoo Laga daadhii itti baasuu bakka Karraa jedhamutti Dargaggoota Oromoo fi humna waraanaa wayyaanee poolisii federaalaa gidduutti walitti bu’insa uumameen dargaggootni hedduun Poolisii Federaalaan reebamuun gabaafamera.

Oromo Protests at the Timket (Ayyaana Cuuphaa/Epiphany) 2016

Shammarree Oromoo Adde Biraanee Fiqiruu Mul’isaan Mana Hidhaa Wayyaanee Kibba Lixa Shaggar Aanaa Dawwee Keessatti Dararaan Ulfaataa Irra Gahaa Jiraachuu Qeerroon Gabaase.

Biraanee Fiqruu Mul’isaa jedhamti dhimma mormii MP fi FDG Oromiyaa keessattin deemamaa jiruun walqabatee godina kibba lixa Shaggar aanaa Daawootti mana hidhaa aanichatti dararamaa jirti.Kan hidhamte gaafa guyyaa 27,12,2015ti ture ergasi beellama si’aa 2irratti gaafatan yoo ta’u yeroo lachuu guyyaa 9 sagaal irratti gaafatani turan. Ammas hanga 28/1/2016tti tursisan kan akkas rawwachisa jiru immo bulchinsaa aanaa kan ta’e obboo Fayyisaa Dhaabaa jedhamu, wajjirri poolisii aanaa fi mannii murtii anichaas hojii seeraa dhisaani hojii siyaasa dalagaa jiran.

Adde Biraaneen haadha mucaa tokkoo fi hojii daldalaa irratti bobbaatee hojjetaa kan turte sabboontuu fi gootota Oromoo kan taate ta’uun beekamti.

Qeerroon Bilisummaa Magaalaa Naqamteetti Qooda Ayyaana Timqataa Gara FXG Jijjiiran.










Har’a Amajjii 20,2016 Baha Wallaggaa magaalaa Naqamteetti Uummata Magaalattif Qeerroon Waliin ta’un “Dhala keenyaaf Haadhoo of biraa dhabaa yeroo jirrutti nuti gammachun ayyaana dabarsuu hin dandeenyu” jechuun gara FXG finiinsan walle warraqsaa kan yoomille gurra ummataa keessa hin banne (baala hadaami shaggo yaa sharritti fkkf)n geellifama ture Humni waraana kan qubsumas Naqamte godhate akkuma amala ummata bittimsus akka hin dhabbanne abdii guutun hima oduun achi nu dhaqabe.

Humni Waraanaa Shororkaa Mootummaa Waayyaannee Agaazii Baha Wallaggaatti Kan Duraa Irra Daran Dabalamaa Jiru.

Amajji 20,2016
Sagalee Uummataa uukkaamsuu kan amaleeffate Mootummaan Waayyaane,har’as aangoosaatti fayyadamee FXG dhaamsuuf dhamaati ta’e
duraa fashala’uun jiraatus abdii osoo hin kuti humna waraanaa hidhannoo guutu Uummata civil keessa bittumsuutti jira Akkasuma magaalaa Naqamtee keessatti amajji 18 2016 asitti Agaazii 400 guyyaa hara’aa Amajjii 20,2016 dabalanii baadiyyaa keessa qubachiisanii akka jiran gabaasame.

FXG Oromiyaa





FXG Oromiyaa Bakka Gara Garaa fi Magaala Naqamte Keessatti Itti Fufe.

Magalaan Naqamtees Guyyaa Har’aa FXG Itti Jira Manneen Barnootaa:-
1. Qopha’insaa naqamtee
2. Mana barumsaa Oolmà da’imanii beetel
3. Mana barumsaa sadarkaa 1ffaa fi 2ffaa Dibooraa
3. Mana barumsaa kibbaa Waachaa
4. Mana barumsaa Ask K eessaattii Mormii cimaan godhama jira. Daa’immaan heddunis gazii nama boosisun miidhamaniru. Mana barumsaa kibbaa waachaa Keessaattii dhukkasni hedduun godhama ture. Baratootni miidhamanis yaalii akka hin argannee dhorkamanii kallaattiin gara mana hidhaa naannoo dhidhessaattii geessamaniru.


#OromoProtests against TPLF Ethiopian tyranny in Waahel town near Dire Dawa, Hararghe, Oromia. 19 January 2016

Amajjii 19,2016 Dirre Dawaa Magaala Waahel Keessatti FXG Itti Fufee Jira.

#OromoProtests against TPLF Ethiopian tyranny in Waheel town near Dire Dawa, Hararghe, Oromia (picture2). 19 January 2016


#OromoProtests against TPLF Ethiopian tyranny in Miesso, Hararghe, Oromia . 19 January 2016.

Fascist TPLF has deployed its Liyu Police to the area and killed at least 4 people on 19 January 2016.

#OromoProtests against TPLF Ethiopian tyranny in Miesso, Hararghe, Oromia . 19 January 2016



” Kan Qaban Qabaan Guunne” Wallee Warraaqsaa Haaraa Arsits Biftuu Gadaa Gobanaa /Amajjii 2016







Gochi suukkanneessaan shamarran Oromoo sadii godina wallagga lixaa magaala Najjoo keessatti mana nama dhuunfatti waraana Wayyaaneen irratti fudhatamaa jira‏

Hidhaa fi gochi safuu cabsee fi suukkanneessaa saroota wayyaaneetiin uummata oromoo irratti gahaa jiru daran jabaatee itti fufe jedhu
Qeerroon godina wallagga lixaa aanaa Najjoo irraa ibsu.
Har’a Amajii 18/2016 addeessutti hidhaan barattootaa fi ummata irra gahaa jiru kan magaalaa Najjoo akkuma itti fufetti tahee gocha
suukkannessaa sharammaran magaala Najjoo irraa qabaman kanneen maqaan isaanii armaan gaditti tarreeffaman waraana wayyaaneen erga qabamanii mana nama dhuunfaatti geeffamanii kaasee gocha gudeeddaa irratti raawwatanii hanga ammaatti poolisiin wayyaanee gocha kana irratti raawwataa akka jiru qeerroon gabaasee jira. isaan kunis
1. Ayyaantuu Malaakuu
2. Guddee Gammachuu fi
3. Ayyaantuu Camaduu kan jedhaman sadan kun harkaa waraana Wayyaanee keessatti miidhamaa akka jirantu gabaafame. Mana nama dhuunfaa keessatti waraana wayyaaneen dhokfamanii haala gaddisiisaa kan dubbachuun nama saalfachiisu irratti raawwataa kan
jiran yoo tahu isaan keessaa Ayyantuu Camadu qaamni ishee hir’uu tahee cabdee akka jirtu gabaasni dhufe ibsa.
Kannen maqaan isaanii nun gahin dhabamanis eessa jiraatuu isaanii kan hin beekamne shamarran hedduu akka tahes Qeeyroon gabaasee jira.

Barattooti Oromoo Baha Wallagga FXG Itti Fufan

Amajji 18,2016
Baha Wallaggaa Qopha’ina Naqamte,
Wamaa Hagaloo
Magaalaa Moxe, Ganda Baataa,Magaalaa Qassoo,Magaalaa Killoo,Ganda Baabbaa Kofalee keessatti sochiin FXG haalaan finiinsaa turan. Akkasuma Waamaa Hagaloo Baataa keessatti kannen jalee mootummaa ta’an irratti tarkanfi ummati fudhatee madoo taasisan

Gaaffiin keenya gaaffii Abbaa biyyummaa ti hiriyoonni keenya hanga hiikamanitti hin barannu jechuun Barattoonni qophaa’inaa Moxee ka aanaa Waamaa Hagaloo FXG irra oolan

Gaafa Amajjii 18,2016, Akka gabaasi Qeerroo  ibsutti magaalota Moxee fi Qassoo keessatti alaabaan Wayyaanee erga guggubameefi qabeennaa Wayyaanee irratti tarkaanfiin fudhatamee kaase humni waraanaa aanicha goolaa akka jiru beekamaadha

Barattooti fi jiraattonni ukkaamsamaa utuu jranii ilmaan Oromoo ajjeestanii utuu qarshii gaafattanii barachuu hin dandeenyu jechuun FXG mormii dhaan sagalee isaanii dhageessisaa oolan. Dhumarratti humni waraanaa achii bittimsuu fi Barattoonni hedduun ukkaamsamuus oduun achii nu qaqqabe ifa taasiseera.

Gabaasi Qeerroo Waamaa Adaree Wallewwaan warraaqsa ciccimoo ta’anin
(Hoo baala kusa’e
DH.D.O Maal nurra ka’e
Waayyaanne maal nurra ka’e
Hoo yaa abbaa jiksa
Nafxanyaan maaf nu cunqursa
Hoo yaa abbaa daale
Diqaalicha enyummaasatan wal’ale
Hoo yaa birrole
Homaa hin qabnu kobbee malee
Hoo yaa birrole
Gabronfataadhan kajeele jechuun kan eegalan dhumarratti tarkanfiwwan qabeenyaa diinaaf basaastota,jalewaan TPLF (OPDO) irratti fudhatani Waajjiraalewwan magaalatti keessaa heddusaani barbadeessan.gadhee nama madoo taasisani akka itti fufan waadaan galan keessattu barattootni ukkanfaman hamma gaddhiifanitti,alaabaa keenya hanga fannifanutti itti fufna jedhan.

Godina Wallagaa Magaalaa Giddaa Ayyaanaa FXG.

Mootummaan Wayyaanee Barattoota Oromoo Mooraa Yuniverstiilee Keessaa Qabee Seeraan Ala Hidhe Kijibaan Dirree Waraanaa Irraan Qabe Jedheen Mana Murtii Irratti Yakkaa Jira.

Amajjii 19,2016 , Barattooti kun yeroo jalqabaaf 24 ka ta’an yoo ta’u,amma barattoota shan kan himataa jiru yeroo ta’u, adeemsi heeraa fi Seeraa kan hin eegamneefi maqaa Oromoo fi ABOtiin yakkamanii murna bicuu TPLF Tigiraayin humatamaa jiru. Barattooti kun amma mana yaalaa dhirkamuun,baay’ee kan miidhaman yoo ta’e illee haamileen oromummaa isaanii mana hidhaa maa’ikelaawwi fi Qilinxootiin utuu hin cabin mana Murtii Wayyaanee kanatti sodaa tokko malee uffata aadaa Oromoo uffatanii dhiyaatan

Himatamtoota Wayyaanee kana keessaa Barataa Magarsaa Warquu dhukkubaa fi dararaa irratti raawwatameen baay’ee hubamee kan jiru yeroo ta’u, Afaan Wayyaanee abbaa alangaa ka ifiin jettu himata irratti dhiyeessite gocha isaanii akka hin taane ibsaniiru.

Nimoonaa(Abbabaa) Urgeechaa yaada gartuu himatamtoota Abbabaafaa jedhaman kana irraa yaada Abbaa Seeraaf dhiyeessan ” maaster pilaaniin finfinnee itti himatamaa jirru mootummaan naannoo Oromiyaa uummati kan itti hin amannee waan ta’eef hojiirra hin oolu aantummaa uummata Oromootiif qabu nan mirkaneessa ” erga jedhee midhaa ga’e jedhuuf mootummaan naannoo Oromiyaa itti gaafatama haa fudhatu nuunis himanni keenya mootummaa federaalaan ilaalamuun hafee gara mootummaa naannoo tti nuuf haa deebi’uu ” yeroo jedhan abbaan seeraa garuu karaa qaama ilaaluu dhiyeeffachuu dandeessu nuun garuu qorannoo seeraa keenya addaan hin kunnu himata isinitti dhiyaateef guraandhala 14-16tti ragaa faccisaa akka dhiyeeffattan jechuun galmicha cufe

  1. Barattooti kun,Abbabaa (Nimoonaa)Urgeechaa   Haromaayaatti Barataa Injinrerii
  2. Magarsaa Warquu Barataa seeraa waggaa 5 ffaa Yuunibarsiitii haromaayaa
  3. Addunnaa Keessoo Barataa Adaamaa Yuunibarsiitii
  4. Bilisummaa Daammanaa Yuunibarsiitii Adaamaa

 Yeroo ta’u, wabii kuma kudhaniin alaa kan dhiyaate, Mo’iiboon Baqqalaa Garbaa Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaatti Barataa public health waggaa lammaffaati











#OromoProtests: Ethiopian Protesters Endure Brutality and Censorship Amid Land Struggle

Global Voices, 15  January 2016









On Oromo Protests, UN Had No Response to ICP, Now Cites Dialogue in Ethiopia



OMN: Gabaasa Hiriira Mormii Hawaasa Oromoo New York







UNPO: Oromo Demonstration in Brussels Demands European Union to take a Firm Stand against Ethiopian Government




Hiriira Mormii Hawaasni Oromoo Biyyoota Awurooppaa Waajira EU Belgium Brussels fuulleetti Taasisan.(Amaj 15,2016)


Baha Wallaggaa Waamaa Hagaloo Guutummaan FXG Haalan Jabaatee Itti Fufee Jira.

Amajjii 16,1,2016
FXG kan godinota Oromiyaatti qabsiifamee jiruun,tibba kana TPLF fi
OPDOn raafama guddaa keessa seenurra darbani waan dubbatanille harka waldhahaa jiraachuusaa ibsa isaani giddu kanatu dhugomsa Warraqsa Baha Wallaggatti ka’e jiru dhaamsuuf hoggantoonni godinichaa Kalessa gara Waamaa Hagalootti kan bobba’an ta’ulle daran FXG akka finiinuuf karaa saaqe waan hin yaadin kan isan mudate gaaffiin uummata naasise gaaffilen kunnin
1,barataa keenyaaf dargagota keenyatti bu’urra dura nu ajjeesaa
2,master plan dhabneerra jettanii wawwaatanis gaaffiin uummata Oromoo kan hundee achuma jira waan ta’eef nuti mootummaa keenya dhaabbachuu barbaadna ABOn nu haa bulchu.
3,erga gaaffiin barataa sirri ta’ee maa ajjeefatu,maa hiitu maa shorokeesitoota jettu?akka keessan qe’e nama deemee enyuun ajjeese
isinu jirtu kan nu jalatti ol adeemaaf qaro qabeeyyi dagugdan jechunwal-ga’icha diigan



Mootummaan Wayyaanee Barattoota Oromoo Yuniverstii Jimmaa Irratti Gocha Suukkanneessaa Raawwataa Jiru Irratti Dabalee Har’a Dhukkaamsuu Eegale.

Amajji 16,2016)
Barattoota Jimmaa Yunibarsiitirraa Ukkanfamani bakki buuteensaanii dhabame kan maqaan nu ga’e kana gaditti katabneerra
1,Kennaa Daammana (Seera Waggaa 5ffarraa)
2,Abdiisaa Bantii (Nurs Waggaa 2ffaarra)
3,Abram (Nurs Waggaa 2ffaarraa)
4,Bultuu Fiqaaduu (Foklarii waggaa 3ffaarraa) kanneen hafan hedduun kan jiranidha barattoota kana dhabusaanii malee essa akka ga’an hiriyoonnisaan hanga har’a beekanii hin jiran

Barattooti Qophaa’ina Biiftuu,Dargee Qophaa’ina NaqamteeHiriira FXG Bahaniin “Abbaan Biyyaa Oromoo” Dha Jechuun Gootummaan Waraana Wayyaanee Dura Dhaabbachaa Oolan.

Amajjii 15,2016 Guyyaa har’aa Barattooti qophaa’ina Naqamtee fi Mana barumsaa Daargee hiriira FXG bahuun gootummaan Waraana Wayyaanee dura dhaabbachaa oolan.

Barattooti kun dhadatnoo dhageessisaa turan Oromoon abbaa biyyaa dha,walabummaa keenya barbaadna. Oromiyaan biyya Oromooti. Mootummaa keenya tolfachuu barbaadna kan jedhuun dhadhatnoo dhageessisaa turan.

Haala kanaan barattooti mana barumsaa Daargee irraa baratooti kanneen kun hidhamuu dhagahama.

  1. Faana Amalawarq Bulii
  2. Leencoo Abdiisaa
  3. Simee Tafarraa
  4. Tafarii Dhangi’aa
  5. Biqilaa Baandaa

Goota Saba Isaa Oromoof Jecha Lubbuu Aarsaa Godhe, Geeggeessaa Jaal Abdataa Abdataa Olaansaaaf/Walaloo

12540529_1510388605923143_5360242150813297572_nLeelloo Sabaatiin,

Gaaffii abbaa biyyummaa, kan jaarraa oliif ture,

Baroota hedduuf ka’ee, deebii homaatu dhabe,

Hedduun itti dhumee, hedduun itti hidhame,

Harki itti ciramee, harmi irraa murame,

Akka harree fi gaangoo takaallaan oofamee,

Faanni ilaalamee, ilkeen lakkaawamee,

Mootummaa Ixoophiyaan, gabaatti baafamee, hedduun gurgurame(2)

Hiraarri kun hunduu, waan jiruuf har’a illee,

“Kun dhaabbatuu qaba !”, jedhee eerga murteessee,

Abdataa Olaansaa falmaa kan eegale(2)

Falmaan isaa kun, falmaa dhugaa ta’ee,

Hundumaa hiriirsee diina dura dhaabee,

Onnee abbootii isaatii dhalmayaan fudhate,

Kan sodaa hin beekne, homaa irraa deebine,

Haga funyaaniitti, diina qawwee hidhate,

Bakka lixxu dhowwee, kokkee isii qabee,

Diina wat-waachise, sodaa itti naqe. (2)

Maqalee fi Finfinneetti teessumma godhattee,

Ilmaa tigrootaa shira irratti xaxxee,

Gaaffii ummata Oromoo kan dhaabdu itti fakkaatee,

Wabii fi abdii borii, Oromiyaaf egeree,

Abdataa Olaansaa qacaleetti kutte(2)

Du’a isaa dhagahee, rifatuun holladhee,

Aariidhaan waadamee, garaan na gubatee,

Inimmaan ija irraa jigee gadi na yaa’ee,

“Gootaaf hin boowani haaloo bahuuf malee,”

Geggeessaa Abdataa Olaansaaf


Amajjii 15/2016 Miseensoti OPDO Taanii Sirnicha Keessa jira n Keessaa Godina Lix a Shaggar Aanaa Mida a Qanyiitti Hogganaa Wajjira Dargaggoota a fi Ispoortii kan t ure Kabbadaa Qoroo C amadaa FXG Waliin Ji rta Sababaa Jedhuun Hidhame.

Amajjii 15/2016 Mootummaan Abbaa Irree Wayyaanee Ilmaan Oromoo Miseensota OPDO taanii sirnicha Keessa jiran Illee Oromummaan Yakkee Hojjettoota Hedduu Hidhaatti Guuruu Eegalee jira, Godina Lixa Shaggar Aanaa Midaa Qanyiitti Hogganaa Wajjira Dargaggootaa fi Ispoortii kan ture Kabbadaa Qoroo Camadaa Oromummaan Yakkamee Mormii gaggeffamaa jiru keessatti qooda qabda jedhamuun Humna Waraana Agaaziin Ukkaanfamee Mana Hidhaa Maaikalaawwiitti darbamee jiraachuun ifa taee jira.

Dargaggoo Kabbadaa Qoroo Camadaa Bara 2005/1997 Fulduraa yeroo garaagaratti Oromummaan Hidhamee dararama kan turee fi Bara 2005 Humnootaa Tikaan qabamee Maaikalaawwiitti hidhamuun dararama guddaa keessa kan turee fi Bara 2009 Kan Gadhiifamee fi Miseensa OPDO Yoo taate malee hin jiraattu jedhamuun Miseensa OPDO baruma kana tauun Wajjira Milishaa Aanaa Midaa qanyii irratti Ramaduun akka yakka raawwatuuf dargaggoota Oromoo Aanaa Midaa Qanyii waliin walitti buusuuf shira guddaan irratti dalagamuun ni yaadatama. Boodarraa dargaggoota biratti fudhatama qabaachaa gaafa inni dhufuu, Shakkii guddaa keessa galuun waajjira Milishaa irraa kaasuun Wajjira dargaggoof Isport irratti ramadamuun utuu hojjechaa jiruu, Sochii Warraaqsaa FDGfi Mormii Master Pilaanii Finfinnee keessatti qooda qabda jedhamuu Humnoota agaaziin Ukkaanfamee kan mana hidhaatti darbamee jiru tauun saaxilame, kana Malees Kaabinootni Aanaa Midaa Qaanyii, Calliyaa, Aamboo, GINcii, Jalduu, Xuuqur Incinnii, Gindabarat, Adaaaa Bargaa, Meetaa Roobii, Mogorii fi Dandii hundii rakkoo ilaalchaa qabduu, Fincila mootummaa irratti gaggeeffamu keessa harka qabdu jedhamuun hidhamuuf Doorsifamaa jiraachuun ibsame jira!!

Gubachuu alaabaa fashist Waayyaanneen wal qabatee magaalaan QASSOO har’a dirre waraanaatti of jijjiirte

Ammajji 15,2016
Baha Wallaggaa Waamaa Hagaloo Magaalaa Qassoo keessatti dheengadda marsaa 3ffaaf kan eegale FXG hanga har’atti ummanni jabinaan injifatnnoo  galmeessaa kan jiru yoo ta’u,har’a amajji 15,2016 humna waraana uummata magaalattif baadiyyaa keessa tamsaasun kannen alaaba guban baasaa jechuun ummata dararaa kan jiru yoo ta’u hidhattoota baadiyyaas magaalaas meeshaa (qawwee) harkaa fuchuuf dhaadata kan itti bobba’e yoo ta’u gad ba’uuf ol galuun nutti ulfaate jechuun oduun achi as qari’e ifomsa.gabaasa guutuf walitti deebina

FXG Wallagga Naqamte Keessatti Itti Fufe

Amajjji 15,2016
Baha Wallaggaa Magaalaa Naqamtee Keessatti Gootota Qeerroo Barattoota Oromootiin itti fufe kaleessa gara cabsoo kan eegalan dhaadannoo osoo hin baratin qorumsa fudhachuu hin dandeenyu jedhuu kan eegalan
qeerroon barattootaa Qophaa’ina Naqamtee har’as itti fufuuf akka eegalaniin humna waraanaa hidhannoo guuttatee jiruun kan bittinfaman ta’us akka itti fufan wal hubachiisaniiru

Amajji 15,2016
Baha Wallaggaa Aanaa Nuunnuu Qumbaa Magaalaa Nuunnuu keessatti BBB haalaan hojirra oolunsaa nii yaadatama.
ji’a kana keessas barattoota magaalichaaf naannooshee yeroo hogantonni mana barumsaaf hoggantoonni aanaa “kottaaa qorumsa fudhadhaa”
jedhanitti “waan baranne waan hin qabneef qoramuu hin dandeenyuu” jechuun hokkora cimaa dhaqabsiisaa jiru

Magaalaa Naqamtee keessatti Barattoonni Qophaa’inni Naqamtee FXG Aakkuma Itti Fufanitti Jiru “Humni waraanaa dhaqaa gala nugaggeessu duuba nu hin deebisu.hanga bilisummaa gonfannutti qabsoo keenya itti fufna”jechuun sagaleen ala har’a galgala galmasaanitti sa’a 5:40tti magaalaa Naqamtee keessa hiriira tokkoon osoo walirraa hin citin sodaa tokko malee daandi konkolaata qabatanii FXG bifa haaraa ta’een osoo namas ta’ee kmkolaata wal gidduu hin baasin tokkummaan gaggeessaa turan. Humni waraanaa konkolaataan dubbatta waan jedhan fakkaatv yeroo hidhata guutuun bukkee deemaa turan.

Wallagga Horroo Guduruu Keessatti Abbootiin Seeraa Akka Baratooti Mana Kiraayeffatee Hin Teenye Murtii Dabarsan.

(Amajji 15,2016)
Horroo Guduruu Wallaggaa Aanaa Amuruu keeysatti hogantoota Aanaatin murtiin barattoota FXG kaasuu danda’uu jedhamanitti mana akka hin
kireessinee murtiin kenname.

Bule ka’ee mala itti FXG Fashalsu barbaaduuf(soquuf) kan hin ciifne jala deemtonni TPLF Horro guduru Wallaggaa Nannoo Amuru jedhamtu
keessatti abbooti mana magaala qaban hundinu akka mana barattoota qaroo qabanitti akka hin kireessine guyyoota darban muraasa keessa
murtii jabaa kennan.

JimmaAmajjii 15,2016Warraaqsii Fincila Xummura Gabrummaa (FXG) Gootota Qeerroo Barattoota Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa Daran Jabaachuun wal qabatee Mootummaan Wayyaanee waraanaa of harka qabu waraana guddaa Mooraa Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa keessa qubsiisuun barattoota Oromoo dararuu itti fufe.
Tarkaanfiin hammeenyaa Mootummaa Faashiistii kanaan nurratti fudhatamaa jiruu sochii mirga keenyaafi biyya keenyaaf falmachaa jirruutti dachaan kan nu jabeessuudha jedhu goototni barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimma.



OMN: Oduu Ama. 14, 2016

OMN NEWS, JANUARY 14, 1016. #OromoProtests


Oromo protesters ‘do not trust OPDO statement’

IBTimes UK, 14 January 2016



Humni waraana Wayyaanee godinoota Oromiyaa keessatti tarkaanfii bineensummaa isaa akka itti fufetti jira.

Amajjii 15,2016 Sibuu Siree

Guyyaa kaleessaa Wallaggaa Bahaa Aanaa Sibuu Siree magaalaa cingii keessatti hiriira barattoota irratti lubbuun nama tokkoo kan darbee yeroo ta’u, godinuma kana Aanaa Waamaa Hagaloo magaalaa Moxee keessatti mana nama dhuunfaa Galataa Diinagdee jedhamu cabsanii seenuun

Haadha manaa nama kana garmalee reebuun du’af jireenya gidduutti argamti Ilmi Obbo Galataa   Misgaanuu Galataas Humnoota tikaatiin ukkamfamee jira Yeroo amma kana tarkaanfii ambulaansii humna waraanaa deddeebiftu fi qabeenyaa TPLF irratti fudhatameen dargaggoonni. Aanichaa mana hidhaatti guuramaa jiru
Caalaa Bantii
Misgaanuu Galataa
Galataa Dinagdee
Fi kanneen maqaan nun qaqqabin heedduun harka diinaa keessa jiru Kanaan dura barnooti hidhaman guyyaa mana murtiitti dhiyaatan uummati aanichaa wajjin ba’uun nama ragaa sobaa irratti ba’u ilaalla jechuun barattoota hedduuf da’oo ta’anii kan jiran yeroo ta’u, uummati Oromoo bakka marattuu dawoo waliif ta’uu akka qabu dhaammatna.

Wallagga Magaalaa Najjoo Keessatti Har’a Amajii 14/2016 Dhukaasni Barattoota Irratti Dhuka’aa Oole. FXG Jabaatee Itti Fufe.‏

Amajiii 14,2016 Najjoo
Gaaasa Qeerroo Wallagga lixaa magaala Najjoo irraa Har’a barattootni mana barumsaa qophaayinaa magaala Najjoo, mana barumsaa Abdiisaa Aagaatti FXG ka’een humni waraana Wayyaanee dhukaasa banuun uummata bakka jiruu dammaqsuunis gara fincila barattootaatti hirmaachisee oole.

Akka gabaasni kun addeessutti har’a sa’a booda magaalaan Najjoo dirree lolaa taatee oolte. Uumataa fi humna waraana agaazii gidduutti lolli gaggeffamaa oole. Magaalaa Najjoo fi hangaa Goriitti uummanni daandii cufuudhaan dhaadannoo sagalee guddaadhaan dhageesisaa oole. Mootummaan wayyaaneen ammaa kaasee nun bitin jechuun dhaadachaa oolan.Qaama mootummaa wayyaanee magaala Najjoo keessaa
baasuun waajjiralee fi manneen jireenya diinaa fi ergamtuu irratti uummanni tarkaanfii adeemsisee jira. FXg har’a magaala Najjootti
gaggeeffameen barattootni hedduunis miidhamanii jiru, Dhibbaan barattootni lakkawaman ukkaamfamanii jiru. Barataa fi uummanni qonnaan
bulaan baadii keessaa fottoqee FXG kanatti hirmaachuun diina afaan qabsiisanii jiru. Haala qaawwaa argameen humni waraana Wayyanee
barattoota ukkaamsuun beekame, Injifannoon keenya jechunis uummanni ABO fi WBO faarsaa akka oole gabaasni Qeerroo irraa nu gahee jiru ibsa

OMN Oduu Oolmaa:Oolmaya Oromiyaa Amajjii 13, 2016


Sagalee Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo (SQ) Amajjii 13. 2016