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It is a mistake to ignore the emancipatory potential of the Oromo movement November 11, 2017

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A post written by someone named Wond Wossen about what’s currently transpiring in Ethiopia has been circulating on my social media sphere (find the link to his post at the bottom of this page). Upon seeing it I could not help but write another perspective because the points raised by Wond Wossen are not only problematic but also commonly expressed. I find many problems with his analysis.
Let me just mention a few:
Like most political analyses on Ethiopia, Wond Wossen makes the grave mistake of centering elites at the expense of ordinary people’s movement for justice. He frames what’s happening in Ethiopia today as a simple struggle between two factions of the same ruling elite. In doing so, he has completely erased the struggle that the Oromo people have been waging for decades. For the past 50 years, Oromos have been articulating and demanding for a transformation of Ethiopia’s political, social and economic and cultural space. More recently, the Oromo protests from 2014 onwards has brought to the fore the most pressing issues not only in Oromia but across Ethiopia—issues of land grab, unjust imprisonment, economic marginalization, denial of civil liberties, repression of all sorts, lack of political representation, nepotism and corruption and so on. For three consecutive years, Oromo people have been demonstrating against a violent regime and forcing it to contend with their demands. Remember, the cancellation of the Master plan?
Wond Wossen, like so many Ethiopian analysts, fails to recognize the emancipatory potential the Oromo movement has not only for the region but also for Ethiopia at large. Not only does he completely dismiss the just Oromo movement, he also reduces the Oromo public to mere cheerleaders for power. He seems to suggest that the only thing the wider Oromo public—whether in the diaspora or in Ethiopia — are interested in is to see some Oromo faces in what he considers to be “powerful positions” in the federal government. He could not be more wrong. Oromo people have not been dying en masse so that some Oromo person will hold an important position within the current system. They continue to risk their lives to transform the social, political and economic culture of Ethiopia. They have been risking their lives to end economic, political and social marginalization. He does not seem to know much about the historical relationship between OPDO and the Oromo public. In so far as Oromo people are rallying behind the new OPDO leadership, it is cautiously, as artist Jambo Jote told top ranking members of OPDO at a gathering last week. Unlike what Wond Wossen suggests, the Oromo public is not going to settle for mere cosmetic changes. They have not been dying on the streets to see some OPDO faces in power while they are ripped from their lands, their family, friends and comrades languishing in prison and their political life reduced to rubber stamping 100% wins for EPRDF. Whatever new rhetoric and project OPDO has developed it can be understood only in the context of the Oromo movement. OPDO leaders did not wake up one morning and thought, “today, we have to challenge the TPLF for federal power”.
Sadly, Wond Wossen is not alone in erasing the potential of Oromo movements to transform Ethiopia’s long-standing authoritarian political culture and establishment. This is actually part and parcel of the problem Oromo people have with the Ethiopian state infrastructure—which dismisses Oromo aspirations, contributions, values, institutions, and political traditions. What is even sadder is this erasure is happening at a time when the Oromo people’s movement, and others that for now go unnoticed, may well be in the process of transforming the country right before our eyes.
Many analysts on Ethiopia seem to think that these lofty principles such as democracy, equality and justice will come about when supposed political parties from Ethiopia and the diaspora get together and “negotiate” on how to put the country “on the path of democracy and stability.” Wond Wossen mistakenly assumes that democracy is a top down process, arrived at after a meeting or series of meetings in American or European capitals. Isn’t that exactly how we got into the mess we are in right now? Democracy is not something that is given from above; it is the product of a balance of social forces and comes about in a given society through particular processes. Democracy, contrary to what Wond Wossen suggests, doesn’t come about because TPLF or OPDO gathers a crowd and tells them they are now free. Or because TPLF sits down with OLF and G7 and whoever else and decides to share a piece of the pie.
Wond Wossen also completely misses the fact that competition between various elites has the potential to open up space for democratic processes to emerge. The best example is when the OPDO started standing up for itself; it opened up all sorts of spaces and possibilities. Make no mistake; this is not because the OPDO has overnight transformed itself into a beacon of democracy and justice. For example, the relationship between Oromia Police and the citizens have changed dramatically. Whereas the police used to unleash violence on protesters, now they take pictures with them and there is an expectation that they will protect protesters, not shoot at them. This is something unheard of in the entirety of the EPRDF rule. Wond Wossen suggests that the Oromia Regional government returned grabbed land to its rightful owners to score points against the TPLF. In reality, one of the major demands of the Oromo protests was the issue of land grab. If OPDO is returning stolen land back to the people, it is because that is what the people have been demanding. If he thinks this is all about scoring a point, he should ask himself why the regional government could not return land in 2006 or 2012. In the same vein, he also misconstrues the actions the regional government is taking against the vast network of contraband trades in the region as mere retaliation against TPLF. However, the heart of the matter is that the contraband trade is the manifestation of the economic marginalization the people are fighting in the region. For example, Oromo Khat farmers have been impoverished while there is a flourishing multimillion-dollar Khat trade in the region. Same thing can be said about Coffee and other commodities. So, targeting the contraband trade is ensuring that the region’s people benefit from their labor. Whether or not OPDO also manages to score a point against TPLF is secondary. The point here is that political elites don’t do things out of the kindness of their hearts; they take decisive actions when there is a demand from below requiring them to act. Political situations create conditions for particular kinds of policies or actions to be taken. In doing so, they determine what is politically advantageous for them in the changing context and what is not.
Another very good example of what I am talking about can be seen in the arena of freedom of expression. On OBN, the regional State controlled media; viewers are now consuming content that would have been considered taboo just a year ago. The Oromo Federalist Congress recently held a press conference on OBN; the network is creating space for Oromo intellectuals and activists to hold hours long discussions on the most sensitive political questions. In an unprecedented gathering with top OPDO officials, some of the most critical Oromo artists expressed their opinions freely on the draconian censorship of their art. In response, Lemma Megerssa declared that the era of censorship of Oromo art has come to an end. Within days, songs that were hitherto banned from the regional TV network were on air to the delight of millions. The point here is not that certain songs were played or that interviews were held and etc. I am also not here to glorify the regional government. I am merely trying to underscore the fact that certain political conditions create space for democracy and freedom of expression among other things. This is not a gift the ‘elite’ give to the people. To think so is a huge mistake. We must see these things in light of the protests and the demands that the Oromo people continue to place upon the system. We also have to appreciate the domino effect and emancipatory potential that this will have for the rest of Ethiopia.
Needless to say, to reduce the entirety of what is happening in Ethiopia today, as a struggle between TPLF and OPDO is not only to miss the point but also to be incredibly shortsighted and miss major developments that are happening right below the surface. Unfortunately, for people who are used to viewing political change only coming from Addis and radiating to the “periphery” it must be unfathomable that Oromos, and others in the margins are transforming Ethiopia from the ‘regions’.
Here’s Wond Wossen’s post…


Ten Point Plan to Ease the Current Crises in Ethiopia October 12, 2017

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Odaa Oromoooromianeconomistoromoprotests-image-from-financial-times

Ten Point Plan to Ease the Current Crises in Ethiopia 

By Dr. Birhanemeskel Abebe Segni

I was listening to the slogans and songs of the Oromo people who were protesting again throughout Oromia region in their tens of thousands in each localities. The following ten points are the essence of the demands of the people as expressed through their slogans and songs.

Based on the the slogans and songs of the protesters, I recommend the TPLF/EPRDF government to immediately carryout the following policy reforms to meet the demands of the Oromo people and calm the situation:

1. End all forms of TPLF/EPRDF interference and indirect rule in the Oromia Region through the federal police, federal security, and federal military and federal justice structures of the federal government that denied the Oromo people direct self-rule.

2. Make Afaan Oromo Federal Working language on equal footing with Amharic.

3. Restore the status of Addis Ababa as an Oromia City.

4. Release all political prisoners including Dr. Merera and Mr. Bekele Gerba.

5. Dismantle the Somali Janjaweed Militia locally known as Liyu Police. Remove all the federal military and security officers who organized and lead the aggression and invasion of Eastern and Southern Oromia by the Somali Janjaweed Militia and caused the displacement of over 600,000 Oromo civilians. Resettle back all the displaced on their land, and compensate them for their Janjaweed looted property. Bring to justice the killers of our people.

6. Increase the number of Oromo federal workforce both in the military, security and civil service sectors from the current 10% to at least 40 to 50% in proportion to the population size and economic contribution of the Oromia region.

7. Restructure the power balance within EPRDF based on the population size of EPRDF member parties or dismantle it all together to establish a new coalition government.

8. Repeal and end all land grab policies, compensate and resettle the Oromo farmers evicted from their ancestral lands.

9. Make all companies in all regions to pay tax to the coffers of the respective regional governments to increase the economic benefits of the region’s population instead of the current monopoly by the federal government.

10. Develop clear economic policy that will end the marginalization and exclusion of the Oromo people from the Ethiopian economy including restoring the ownership of the Oromo people on their natural resources, produces, goods and services.


IB Times Exclusive interview with executive director of Oromia Media Network

By IB Times

Ethiopia has been suffering from a super centralized TPLF autocratic, barbaric and terroristic rule.


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???????????Oromo student protest at Haromaya University, Oromia, on 30 November 2015. The peaceful protesters ruthlessly attacked by TPLF (Agazi) fascist Ethiopian regime forces.Say no to the master killer. Addis Ababa master plan is genocidal plan against Oromo peopleOromo students, voices of the voiceless




Bulchiinsa Yuunibarsiitii Harammayyaaf


Nuti dargaggootni barattootni Oromoo yuunibarsiitii Harammayyaa DUULA cunqursaa fi Gidiraa Maqaa Master Plan Finfinnee fi Magaalota Oromiyaa Federaala jala galchuuf Caffeen Oromiyaa raggasisee jiru wayita dhageenyetti gadda guddaatu nutti dhagaa’ame. Uummatni keenya Oromiyaa badhaatuu keessa utuu jiruu mootummaa isa misoomsuu fi mootummaa wabii uummataa dhaabbatu dhabuun balaa beelaan lafarraa duguugame dhumaa jiruu yeroo aginuutti obsinee tenyee ilaaluuf boqonnaa dhabnee waan jirruuf iyyachuuf dirqamnee jirra. Bara 2014 Karoora master plan Finfinnee hin fudhannu jennee gaaffii mirga abbaa biyyummaa karaa nagaan waan gaafanneef mootummaan EPRDF/TPLF/OPDO jedhaman humna waraanaa of harka qabu nurratti bobbaasuun ilmaan Oromoo dhobbootaan lakkaa’aman daa’imman ganna 8 hanga manguddoo ganna 80tti kanneen umriin isaanii keessatti argamu dabalatee ilmaan Oroomoo guyyaa saafa loltoota mootummaan ajjeefamaniif mootummaan itti gaafatamummaa fudhachuu diduun dhiiga ilmaan Oromoo irra ejjechuun karoora master plan Finfinnee fi Karooraa Magaalota Oromomiyaa Federaalaa jala galchuuf dabballoota mootummichaa kan maqaaf ‘ Caffee Mootummaa naannoo Oromiyaa’ ofiin jedhan karoora master plan Finfinnee fi Magaaloota Oromiyaa federaala jala galchuuf karoorfame kan raggasisuun gadda gadda caaluu nutti ta’ee jira.

1. Caaffeen Mootummaa naannoo Oromiyaa OPDO’n Karoora Master Pilaanii Finfinnee kan mootummaan EPRDF/TPLF Oromiyaa ittin diiguuf qopheeffate hojii irra olchuuf tooftaa haaraa labsii Magaalaalee Oromiyaa jedhu itti dabaluun akaakee Master pilaanii Finfinnee kan jabeessuu fi saffisaan karooricha hojii irra olchuuf kan oluu Caffeen Oromiyaa murtii dabaa kan duula labsii duguuginsa sanyii (genocide)n wal gitu uummata Oromoo fi Oromiyaa irratti raggasisuun yakka uummata qe’ee irraa buqqisu, kan aadaa Oromoo fi Afaan Oromoo balleessuu fi teessuma Maappii Oromiyaa cicciruu biyyarratti labsuun yakka duguugaa sanyiin wal madaaluu labiin mirkaneessuun yakka guddaa uummata Oromoo irratti raawwataniru waan ta’eef seeraatti dhiyaachuun itti gaafatamuu qabu, Labsiin Magaalota Oromiyaa fi Master Pilaaniin Finfinnee gaaffii tokko malee akka haqamu gadi jabeessuun gaafanna!!

2. Balaa Beelaa Uummata Oromoo irra qaqqabee jiruu fi Uummata keenyaa balaa beelaan akka baalaa harcafamee waan nyaatu dhabee dhumaa jiruuf itti gaafatamaan mootummaa EPRDF/TPLF Oromiyaa saamaa jiruu fi OPDO uummata Oromoo saamsisaa jirtu ta’uu ni hubachiifna. Oromiyaan badhaatuudha dhimmi uummatni Oromoo balaa beelaan dhumaa jiruuf mootummaa aantummaa uummataa Oromoo qabuu fi wabii uummataaf dhaabbatu dhabuu fi uummata keenyaa misoomsuu dhabamuu irra uummatni keenyaa balaa beelaan gaaga’amaa jiraatuuf iyyachuuf dirqamnee jirra. Dhaabbileen gargaarsa Addunyaa uummata keenyaa balaa beelaan dhumaa jiruuf akka dirmannaan atattamaa itti fufinsaan godhamuuf jabeessinee uummataa keenyaaf iyyannoo dhiyeesina.

3. Bara darbe Ebla 11/2014 irraa eegaluun gaaffii mirgaa fi dimookiraasii karaa nagaan barreeffamaan dhiyeeffaneef aangawootni sirna EPRDF/TPLF/OPDO’n yakka ajjeechaa duguuginsa sanyii (genocide)n wal gitu uummata Oromoo irratti labsuun uummata karaa nagaa sirna abbaa irreen mormaa jiru jumlaan ajjeessan, hidhatti guuran, barnoota irraa ari’atan, manguddoo ganna 80 hanga daa’ima ganna 7tti utuu bira hin darbiin guyyaa saafaa yakka gara jabeenyaan guutameen dhukaasanii ajjeessaniif to’annoo jala oolfamanii hatattamaan seeraatti akka dhiyaatan irra deebi’uun gaafanna!!

4. Yaaliin magaalawwan gurguddoo Oromiyaa naannawaa Finfinnee kanneen akka:Bushooftuu, Dukam, Aqaaqii Qaallittii, Sandaa faa, Laga-Xaafoo Laga-Daadhii, Sulultaa, Buraayyuu, Hoolotaa fi Sabbataa bulchiinsa Finfinnee jala galchuu fi magaalaawwan Oromiyaa kanneen akka Adaamaa, Shaashamannee, Walisoo,Jimmaa,Mattuu, Naqamtee fi Amboo illee to’annaa mootummaa Federaalaa fi bulchiisa magaalaa Finfinnee jala galchuuf shirri guddaan Oromiyaa irratti raawwatamaa waan jiruuf, mootummaan ‘EPRDF’ akeeka kana akka hatattamaan nurraa dhaabuu gaafanna!!

5. Gurgurtaan lafaa maqaa Investimeentii fi Liizii jedhuun mootummaa amma aangoo irra jiruun Oromiyaa keessatti babal’chuun Uummata keenya qe’ee fi qabeenya dhabsiisuun abbaa biyyummaa fi qe’ee uummata Oromoo sarbaa waan jiruuf, keessattuu, naannawa Finfinneetti uummanni keenya qe’ee fi qabeenya isaanii irraa buqqifamuun jiruu fi jireenyaan dararamaa waan jiraniif, akeekni kun uummata keenya irraa akka dhaabbatu gaafanna. Kanneen qe’ee fi qabeenya isaanii irraa buqqa’aniifis beenyaa guddaan kanfalameefii qe’ee isaanii fi lafa isaaniitti akka deebi’an gadi jabeessuun gaafanna!!

6. Mirgi dimookiraasii fi namummaa uummata keenyaaf akka kabajamuu jala murree akeekkachiifna!!

7. Yakka shororkeessummaa fi Maqaa Siyaasaan Ummanni Oromoo yeroo irraa gara yerootti jumlaan hidhaatti guurame manneen hidhaa biyyattii keessatti dararamaa jiru haalduree tokko malee akka hiikaman ni gaafatna!! Yakka sobaan Oromoo hidhuu fi murtii sobaa irratti dabarsuun uummata shorokeessuun uummata keenya irraa dhaabbachuu qaba jenna!!

8. Uummanni Oromoo akka baay’ina isaatti, akka qabeenyaa isaa fi bal’ina lafa isaatti gama siyaasaan qoodannaan aangoo sirna ‘EPRDF’ keessatti qabu xiqqaa fi qaanfachiisaa waan ta’eef, bulchiinsii sirna dimookiraasii dhugaan dhaabbatee, uummata keenyaaf qoodannaan aangoo siyaasaa madaalawaan kennamuufii akka qabu beeksifna. Mirgi abbaa biyyummaa uummata Oromoo kabajamuu qaba.Uummanni Oromoo gita bittaa kamiyyu jalaa ba’ee ofiin of bulchuu qaba. Mirgi qe’ee fi abbaan qabeenyummaa isaa mirkanaa’uu qaba jennee jabeessinee gaafanna!!

9. Biyya dimookiraasiin hin jirreefi mirgi namoommaa ukkanfamuun afaan qawwee qofaan bultu keessatti filmaata haqa qabeessaa fi dimookiraatawaa ta’e gaggeessuun hin danda’amu waan ta’eef maqaa filannoo waliin dha’insaa fi sobaan mootummaan EPRDF, jecha dimookiraasii fayyadamuu malee gochaan isaa faallaa dimookiraasii waanta’eef adeemsii filannoo sobaa daheeffachuun Addunyaa biyya lafaa gowwomsuun umrii bittaa abbaa irrummaa dheereffachuuf yaaliin EPRDF gaggeessa jiru Addunyaa dimookiraasii fi mirga ilma namaa kabajjuuf kallatti hundaan saaxilamee, Filannoo sobaan daldaluun dhaabbachuu qaba. Gama addunyaan deeggarsii Filannoo sobaaf godhamu dhaabbachuu qaba. Biyyattii keessatti yoo nagaa fi Dimookiraasiin barbaachisee Mootummaan Ce’umsaa hundeeffamee bu’uurri dimookiraasii dhugaan hundeeffamee Filannoon dhaabbilee siyaasaa biyyatti hundaa kan bilisummaa sabaa isaanii fi walabummaa biyyaaf dhaabbatan,kan kabajamuu mirga dimokiraasii fi mirga namoommaaf falman kan hirmaachisuu filannoo dhugaadhaaf haalli akka mijeeffamu gadi-jabeessinee gaafanna!!

10. Humnootni tikaa,waraanaa fi milishootni mootummaa EPRDF’n hundeeffamanii bu’aa mootummaa Wayyaanee qofa tiksuu qofaaf dhaabbatan hatattamaan akka diigaman jabeessinee gaafachuun; humnootni tikaa fi qaamoleen nageenya sabaa fi sablamoota biyyatti eegan
gartuu/leellistummaa kam irraa iyyuu bilisa ta’an hundeeffamuun nageenya uummataa fi biyyaaf akka dhaabbatan ta’ee gaaffii mirgaa abbaa biyyummaa, dimookiraasii, fi namummaa akka tiksan akka godhamu jabeessinee gaafatna!!

11. Lafti kan qotee bulaa ta’uu qaba.Uummatni Oromoo fi lammiileen cunqurfamoon sabaa fi sablamootni biyyattii lafa qabeenyaa isaanii irraa haala fedheen iyyuu dirqisifamanii buqqifamuu hin qaban. Dhiibbaan mootummaan EPRDF bifa kamiinuu irratti godhuu akka dhaabbatu gaafatna. Kanaafuu, nuti dargaggoonni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Harammayyaa qabxiileen jajjaboon armaan olitti tarrifaman akka mootummaa gabroomfataa saba keenya hacuucaa jiru kanaan akka hojiitti hiikamaniif jecha, wareegama fedheyyu baafnee qabsoo hadhaawaa gochuuf waan murteeffanneef, jarmiyaaleen siyaasaa fi waldaaleen hawaasa Oromoo hundii fi jarmiyaaleen siyaasaa fi waldaaleen sabaa fi sablammoota cunqurfamoo biyyatti hundi nu cina dhaabbaachuun akka falmattan jabeessinee gaafatna. Dhabbileen mirgoota namummaa addunyaa fi mootummootni gamtoomanii kanneen sirna giloobalayizeshiinii keessatti hirmannaa guddaa qabdanii fi bulchiinsa dimookiraasii babaldhisa jirra jettan akka nu cinaa dhaabbachuun mootummaa abbaa irree EPRDF irra qoqqobbii siyaasaa fi dinagdee kaayuudhaan dhiibbaa feesisu akka gootanii fi uummata keenya balaa beelaan dhumaa jiruuf dirmannaa itti fufinsa qabu akka gootan jabeessinee gaafachuun gaaffiiwwan keenya kana hubachuu fi qaama dhimmi isaa ilaalu qooda fudhachuun deebii sirriin akka nuuf kennamu barbaadna jechuun iyyaannoo keenya kabajaandhiyeeffanneera!!

Barattoota Oromoo Yuunbarsiitii Harammayyaa

Uummata Oromoo Hundaaf
Jaarmiyaalee Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo Hundaaf
(Dhaabbolee mormitoota Mootummaa ERDF)
Bulchiinsa Mootummaa Naannoo Oromiyaatiif
Koomishinii Poolisii Oromiya fi Dhimmoota Nageenyaa Oromiyaaf
Bulchiinsa Godina Harargee Bahaa fi Komishinii Poolisii Godina Harargee Bahaaf,
Dhaabbilee Mirga Namummaa Biyyattiif, Afrikaa fi Addunyaaf
Dhaabbilee Gargaarsaa Idil Addunyaa Hundaaf


Maddii: –

The Oromians Protest Ethiopia’s Tyrannic Rules, Its Land Grabs And The New Master Plan Of Ethnic Cleansing Against The Indigenous Oromo People In The Name of Development Expansion Of Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) November 25, 2015

Posted by OromianEconomist in Africa, Ambo, Finfinne is Oromia's land, Finfinnee, Finfinnee is the Capital City of Oromia, Finfinnee n Kan Oromoo ti, Genocidal Master plan of Ethiopia, Jen & Josh (Ijoollee Amboo), No to land grabs in Oromia, No to the Addis Ababa Master Plan, NO to the Evictions of Oromo Nationals from Finfinnee (Central Oromia), Oromia, Oromia wide Oromo Universtiy students Protested Addis Ababa Expansion Master Plan, Oromian Voices, Oromians Protests, Oromiyaa, Oromo and the call for justice and freedom, Oromo Nation, Oromo Protests, Oromo students movement, Oromo students protests, Oromo University students and their national demands, Oromummaa.
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OOromo students, voices of the voicelessOromo Protests defend Oromo National Interest

Ambo your sacrifices will be remembered for everSay no to the master killer. Addis Ababa master plan is genocidal plan against Oromo peopleSay no to the master killer. Addis Ababa master plan is genocidal plan against Oromo people. Say no.


Guyyaa Har’aa Sadaasa 25/2015 Gootootni Qeerroon Barattootni Oromoo Godina Lixa Shaggar Magaalaa Amboo Mormii Maaster Palanii Finfinnee Fi Gaaffii Mirga Saba Oromoof FDG Bifa Addaa Ta’een Dhoosan,Daandiileen Konkolaataa Wallagga Geessu Cufame.


Barattoonni Magaalaa Giincii fi naannawaashii hiriira bahuun karoora Maaster pilaanii Finfinnee balaaleeffatan.

Oromo Federalist Congress Public Meeting in Finfinnee to protest TPLF's landgrab in the name of Master Plan. picture2

Oromia (Finfinnee): KFO fi Fincila Diddaa Saamicha Lafaa (FDSL). The public meeting convened by Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) in Finfinne on Sunday, October 18, discussed the so called the ‘Master Plan’ and conclude that it is a land grab policy disguised as a development plan and called on Ethiopian authorities to halt it, and on the public to continue rejecting it.

“Siyaasi guddaan siyaasa lafaati. Namni lafa isaarraa buqqa’e eenyummaan isaas achitti dhaabbate.”  Dr Maraaraa Guddinaa

“Dubbiin Lafaa Dubbii Lafeeti.”
Obbo Baqqalaa Garbaa


Mootummaan EPRDF(TPLF) Labsii Master Plan Finfinnee fi Magaaloota Oromiyaa To’achuuf Baasee  Caffeen Oromiyaa Raggasiise Guutummaatti Dura Dhaabbachuun Qeerroon Bilsummaa Ibsa Qabxii 8 Baase.

Onkoloolessa 12,2015

Sochiin Dargaggoota Oromoo Biyyoolessaa (Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo) Labsii Master Plan Finfinnee fi Magaaloota Oromiyaa to’achuuf labsame Caffeen Oromiyaa raggasiise duula Oromoo qe’ee isaa irraa balleessuu fi diigumsa Oromiyaarratti raggaasifame dha jechuun gadi jabeessee balaaleffachuun ibsa ejjennoo qabxii torba dabarsan.

Duula lammiilee Oromoo dhabamsiisuu fi Biyyaa Balleessuutu Uummata Oromoo fi  Oromiyaa  irratti labsame.Labsii mootummaan Wayyaanee maqaa OPDOn  Caffee Oromiyaa teessisuun yaa’ii Onkololessaa 1-3tti taa’ame  irratti labsii Master Plan Finfinnee mirkaneessuuf taa’ame , Finfinnee dabalatee Magaalotni Oromiyaa hundi akka harka mootummaa EPRDF/TPLF’n to’atamutti raggaaasifamee waan jiruuf Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo dhimma labsii Caffeen Oromiyaa dabarsee kana gadi jabeessuun balaaleffachuun ibsa murtii qabasoon dura dhaabbachuu baase!!

Jaarmiyaan Sochii Dargaggoota Oromoo biyyoolessaa ykn  Qeerroon Dargaggootni  Barattootni Oromoo labsii kana yeroo dhageenyutti Oromiyaan, Uummatni Oromoo, Aadaan,Afaanii fi eenyummaan Oromoo akkasumas qabeenyi Oromoo ,sirni Gadaa Oromoo, hawaasummaan,barnootaa fi dinagdee Oromoo harka sirna garboomsaa EPRDF/TPLF ‘n kan to’atamu ta’uu waan nutti  muldhateef gadi jabeessuun balaaleffanne.

Labsiin Kun akkuma bara 2014 Qeerroon, Barattootni Oromoo dhaabbilee barnoota olaanoo mormii master Plan Finfinnee,Magaalota naannawaa Finfinnee fi Magaalotaa gurguddoo Oromiyaa kanneen akka Amboo,Jimmaa, Mattuu, Neqemtee, Gimbii, Walisoo, Adaamaa, Shaashamannee,fi Harammayaa to’achuun bulchiinsa Magaalaa Finfinneetiin akka to’atamtuuf kan itti yaadamee as baheedha jechuun gaaffii iyyannoo keenyaa lakkoofsa 1ffaa hanga 9ffaatti jiru keessatti kallattii hundaan dhiyeeffannee sagalee guddaa fi wareegama qaalii itti kanfaluun kan dura dhaabbatnedha. Yoo xiqqaatee ilmaan Oromoo 280 olitti lakka’aman wareegamakanfalaniiru, ilmaan Oromoo kumootaan lakkaa’aman manneen hidhaa biyyatti garaagaraa keessatti jumlaan hidhamuun dararaa ulfaataa argaa kan jiranii fi barattootni Oromoo dhibbootaan lakka’aman barnoota isaanii irraa arii’atamaniru. Labsiin raggasifame kunlLabsii wareegama ilmaan Oromoo irra tarkaanfatee afaan qawweetti abdachuun Oromiyaa diiguu fi ilmaan Oromoo shororkeessuun jireenya dhorkatuu fi labsii seenaa keessatti yakka ol-aanaa ta’e baasuu fi raggaasisuun Caffee Oromiyaa Wayyaaneen dhaabde itti gaafachiisu dha. Uummanni Oromoo labsii raggaasifame kana tokkummaan dura dhaabbachuun aduunyaa jiru mara keessatti mormiin akka dura dhaabbachuun barbaachisaa dha. Gahee abbaa biyyummaa fi mirga tikfachuu qabnu mara kafaluun mirga keenyaa fi mirga biyyaa keenyaa kabachiifachuuf ibsa armaan gadii uummata Oromoo hundaaf dabarsuuf dirqamnee jirra!!.

1. Nuti Qeerroon dargaggootni Oromoo mootummaan Wayyaanee maqaa master Palan jedhuun duula uummata Oromoo irratti bane jiru kan Caffeen Oromiyaa raggasise, Balaaleffachuun kallattii hundaan FDG finiinsuun mirga keenya akka falmatnu dhaammatna. Akkuma Irreechaa Hora Arsadee fi malkaa Ateetee irratti tokkummaa isaa jabeeffate diina rifaasisaa ture; akkasumas wal arguun dhimmoota labsii duguuginsa sanyii fi diigumsaa Oromiyaa irratti labsamee raggasifame kana balaaleeffachuun walleelee warraaqsaa fi sagalee dhaadanoo mormii guddaa dhageesisuun, labsiicha balaaleffatan kun waadaa guddaa waadaa Oromummaa waliif seenuun labsii diinaa ni fashaleessina,bakka hundatti mirga Oromoo ni kafachiifna,ni falminas jechuun waadaa mirga namoomaa fi Oromoo tiksuuf qabdanii haaromfattan kabajuuf qophii haa taanu jechuun Qeerroon dhaamsa dabarsa.

2. Caffeen Mootummaa naannoo Oromiyaa Onkololessaa 1-3tti taa’een seenaa gurracha fokkataa hojjechuun Master Plan Finfinnee raggasisuu irra darbee Magaalota Oromiyaa hunda dabarsee gurguree jiru kun uummata Oromoo kan bakka hin buune fi uummata Oromoof kan hin dhaabbatne ta’uu kan muldhisuu yoo ta’uu yakkaa ulfaata Oromoo fi Oromiyaa irratti raggasisee kana hattamaan irra deebi’uun akka haquu gadi jabeessinee gaafatna. Yoo labsii Wayyaanee EPRDF/TPLF kan qopheesse hin haquu ta’ee Caffeen Oromiyaa ofiin jedhuu yakkamaa ol anaa ta’ee seeratti akka dhihaachuu qabu uummanni Oromoo bakka jiruu irratti hojjechuu qaba jenna.

3. Yakka ajjeechaa fi saaminsa,akkasuman dararaa haraa hundaan mootummaan EPRDF/TPLF uummata Oromoo irratti fudhachaa turee fi jiruu, akkasumas yakka fulduratti uummata Oromoo fi saboota cunqurfamoo irratti fudhatamuuf Caffeen kun itti gaafatama guddaa jala jiraachuu Qeerroon hubachiisa!!

4. Miseensotni Caffee Murtii qomoo Oromoo balleessii Uummata irratti dabarse kun kan isaan jiraatan uummata Oromoo sadarkaa aanaa jiru keessa ta’uu beekuun Uummatni Oromoo dargaggootni Oromoo, hojjettootni Oromoo, Barattootni Oromoo, qonnaan bultootni Oromoo, ogeessootni fayyaa Oromoo , Poolisootni Oromoo , humni raayyaa ittisa biyyaa Oromoo taatanii fi hojii dhabdootni Oromoo yakka miseensota Caffee Oromiyaa uummata Oromoo fi Oromiyaa irratti taasisaa jiran dura akka dhaabbattan.

5. Uummatni Oromoo hundi Oromiyaa diigamaa fi gurguramaa jirtu, Saba Oromoo jumlaan ajjeefamaa, hidhaamaa fi jiruuf barnootarraa arii’atamaa jiru, uummata keenyaa qe’ee irraa buqqa’aa balaa beelaan haleelamaa jiruu garaa maalitu nuuf ta’aa? Kanaaf haalduree tokko malee yeroon gamtaan kaane falmannuu amma Oromoo harka walqabadhuun ka’ii!!

6. Jaarmiyaaleen siyaasaa Oromoo fi beektootni Oromoo hundi Labsii uummata Oromoo fi Oromiyaa irratti labsame kana utuu arginuu teenyee wal irratti ilaaluun itti gaafatama guddaa jala waan isin galchuuf, Oromoon kan qabsaa’uuf, Uummata isaa waanjoo garbummaa keessa jiru bilisa baasuu fi Oromiyaa harka abbaa irree keessatti qawween, saamamaa eegamaa turtee kana walaboomsuuf yoo ta’u, Erga biyyi ciicciramtee diigamtee maaliif akka qabsaa’amuu fi eenyuuf akka qabsa’amu gaaffii keessa waan isin galchuuf yeroon harka walqabatnee labsii waloon Oromiyaa fi Oromoo irratti labsame raggasifame kana waloon kaanee dura dhaabbachuun falmannuu amma ta’uu hubachuun waamicha lammummaa gadi jabeessuun isiniif dabarsina!!

7. Poolisootni Oromoo, korri bittinneessaa Oromiyaa, Milishoonnii Oromiyaa fi ilmaan Oromoo Raayyaa ittisa biyyaatti keessatti argamtan labsii Master Plan Finfinnee fi Magaalaalee Oromiyaa to’achuuf labsame raggasifame kana dura akka dhaabbattan waamicha keenya isiiniif dabarsina. Mootummaan Wayyaanee EPRDF/TPLF Humnoota caqafaman kana irraa meeshaa hidhannoo waraanaa hiikkachiisuu waan danda’uuf bakka jirtaan hundatti dammaqiinsaan of eeggannoo gootanii duula saba Oromoo irratti baname akka balaaleffattanii mirga saba keessanii falmattan jechuun waamicha keenya isinii goona . Jechuun Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo labsii Master Plan Finfinnee fi Magaaloota Oromiyaa to’achuu fi Uummata Oromoo jumlaan hidhuu,fi aajjesuuf qophaa’e kana kutannoo fi muratnoodhaan dura dhaabbachuun falmachuutti kan jirruu ta’uu ibsa qabxii torba dabarfachuun labsii uummata keenyaa fi Oromiyaa irratti raggasifamee gadii jabeessuun balaaleffanna!!

Injifannoon Uummata Oromoof!

Gadaan gadaa Bilisummaati!!

Onkoloolessaa 12/2015

Master Plan Finfinnee Ilaalchisee Ibsa Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo


Mootummaan Abbaa Irree EPRDF/TPLF  Master Plan Finfinnee Bara Haarawaa As Adeemu Irraa Eegaluun Hojii Irraa Kan Oluu dha Jechuun Kenne Ilaalchisuun Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo Gadi fageenyaann Balaaleeffachuun Ibsa Qabxii Torba Qabu Uummata Oromoo Hundaaf Dabarse.

Ibsa Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo

Fulbaana 3,2013 Finfinne

Dhimmi Master Plan Finfinnee  Uummata Oromoo hunda ilaallata, angawaan Wayyaanee dhiiga ijomaan Oromoo irratti wareegaman dhimma Oromoo lafa irraa dhabamsiisuun yakka duguuginsa Sanyii (Genocide)n  wal gitu uummata Oromoo irratti karoorfamedha. Dhimma Qeerroon dargaggootni barattootni Oromoo fi Uummatni Oromoo bara darbe Ebla 11/2014 irraa eegaluun Finfinnee fi Oromiyaa falmachuu fi bilisummaa uummata Oromoo kabachiisuuf wareegama qaalii sochii hadhaawaa gaggeessuun wayyaanee dura dhaabbatan ;mootummaan wayyaanee yakka dugugginsa sanyii uummataa Oromoo irratti rawwachaa jiruuf itti gaafatamuu utuu qabuu ammas dhiiga Oromoo dhangalaasuun Master Plan Finfinnee hojii irra ni olchina jechuun uummata Oromoo bittinneesse, lafaaf qabeenyaa Oromoo irra ilmaan isaa qubsiisuun Oromoon bara baraan gita bitta jalaa akka hin baanee fi Oromiyaa dhabamsiisuuf Uummata Oromootti dhaadachaa jiraachuu ifatti beeksifacha jira.

Akeekaa diinaa  balaaleffachuu fi Finfinnee, Oromiyaa fi gaaffii mirga abbaa biyyummaa fi bilisummaa Uummata Oromoo kabachiisuuf wareegamaa hadhaawaa fi qaalii baasuuf Qeerroon bilisummaa Oromoo kutannoo fi murannoodhaan  qabsoo gitaa fi FDG ‘n wayyaanee abbaa irree murna EPRDF/TPLF dura kan dhaabbatu ta’uu ibsuun ; UUMMATA OROMOO HUNDAAF Ibsa ejjennoo qabxii torba of keessa qabu dabarse. ibsa-qeerroo-bilisummaa-oromoo-fulbaana-3-2015

Wallagga Godina Horroo Guduruu Hojjettooti Warshaa Shukkaara Finca’aa Diddaa Kaasan Itti Fufuun Hojii Dhaabuun Gabaafame.

finca'aaHagayya 11, 2015 irraa kaasee hojjettootni Warshaa sukkaaraa Finca’aa gaaffii mirga namummaa fi Dimookiraasii gaafatneef hangaa deebii argannuutti FDG egallee jirruu itti fufna jechuun FDG fi gaaffiin keenyaa nuuf haa deebi’uu jechuun guutummaatti hojiin Warshaa shukkaaraa Fincaa’aa dhaabbatee jira.

Hojjettootni Warshaa Sukkaaraa Fincaa’aa hundi guyyaa kaleessaa irraa eegaluun Hojii warshichaa guutummaatti dhaabuun FDG jabaatee itti fufee jira, Guyyaa har’as bulchiinsii Warshaa sukkaaraa sochii FDG hojjettootni kun godhan irraa naasuu fi soda guddaa keesssa seenuun hojjeettoota warshaa Sukkaaraa Fincaa’aa tasgabbeessuuf yaaliin guddaan godhamullee Qeerroowwaan dargaggootni Oromoo , Uummatni, hojjettoottni warshaa sukkaaraa Fincaa’aa hundi hojii warshichaa dhaabuun gaaffii mirga namummaa fi dimookiraasii finiinsan. Torbanoota darban keessa Dhimma ilmaan Oromoo hojjettoota Warshaa Shukkaaraa Fincaa’aa hojii irraa Arii’atamuu fi Gaaffii mirgaa kaachisuu ‘’Hagayyaa 06/2015 Hojjettootni Oromoo Warshaa Sukkaaraa Fincaa’aa keessaa hojjechaa turan Oromummaan yakkamuun arii’atamuu’’ gabaasuun keenyaa ni yaadatama, sarbamuu mirga uummataa keenyaa fi uummatni keenyaa mirga isaa sarbamaa callisee akka taa’uu hin qabne hoggansii Qeerroo bilisummaa Oromoo Godina Horroo guduruu jala bu’uun falmii gaggeessuu irratti argama, haaluma kanaan uummaatni keenyaa gaaffii mirgaa tokkummaan finiinsuun diina dura dhaabbachuun falmii mirga abbaa biyyummaa itti fufee jira, Uummatni Oromoo qindeessuummaa qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoon sochii isaa jabeeffachuun gaaffiiwwaan bu’uuraa armaan gadii bu’uuraa godhachuun mootummaa wayyaanee abbaa irree irratti FDG itti fufee jira.
1. Mirgi namummaa fi dimookiraasii nuuf kabajamuu qaba,
2. Mirgii biyyaa abbaa keenyaa keessaatti nurraa sarbamee nuuf kabajamuu qaba.
3. Haal duree tookko malee hojjeettootni warshaa Suukkaaraa Fincaa’aa irraa Oromummaan yakkamanii arii’aman hojiitti deebi’uu qabu.
4. Oromummaan yakkamuun hojii irraa arii’atamuun, hidhamuu fi doorsifamuun atattamaan dhaabbachuu qaba.
5. Mootummaan wayyaanee Ilmaan Oromoo hojjettoota warshaa Sukkaaraa Fincaa’aa hojii irraa arii’uun , ilmaan saboota biiroo ulaagaa tokko
malee namoota 250 fidee bakka ilmaan Oromoo arii’amni qacaree yeroo gabaabaa keessaatti carraa guddinaa fi sadarkaa kennaafi jiruu
atattaamaan dhaabuun tajajillii seeraa qabeessi hojjetoota hundaaf wal qixa kenaamuu qaba.
6. Daballiin miindaa hojjettoota warshaa Sukkaara fincaa’aa haalaa hin eegamnee gadi bu’ee waan jiruuf hojjettootni Warshichaa haala jiruu fi jireenyaan dararamaa waan jiraniif daballiin miindaa jiruuf jireenya hojjeettootaaf mijataa ta’ee akka kennaamuuf kanneen of keessaa qaban gaaffii mirgaa kaachisuun hiriiraa ba’uun sagalee mormii guddaa dhageesisaniru.

Godina Shaggar Lixaa Aanaa Qarsaa Keessatti Warraaqsi Bilisummaa Itti Fufe,Shaggar Kaabaa Kuyyuu Keessatti Ammoo Barruuleen Warraaqsaa Qeerroo Baldhinaan Faca’e.

Hagayya 13, 2015 Finfinnee

diddaa9Godina Shaggar Lixaa aanaa Qarsaa Malmaa ganda Hagaroo Waliboo jedhamu keessatti waldhabbiin dargaggoota Oromoo fi milishoota Wayyaanee jidduutti ta’een FDG ka’uu Qeerroon gabaase, Hagayya 12,2015 sochiin Qeerroo jabaachuu irraatti hidhattooti Wayyaanee manneen uummataa irra deemuun jiraattota reebanii hiraarsuun ijoollee keessan fidaa isaantu mootummaaf bitamuu dide sababaa jedhuun namoota hedduu qabanii reebaa jiru,keessatti namni guddaan Obbo Birraa Badhaasoo jedhmu bulchitoota gandaa fi hidhattootaan reebamuu irraa miidhami guddaa irra gahee jiraachuu Qeerroon gabaasa. Kana malees mana jireenya uummataa irra deddeemuu fi sakatta’uun qabeenya uummataa saamaa akka jiran odeessi nu gahe addeessa. Haalli kun hammaachuu irraan hanga ammaa diddaan dargaggootaa fi jiraattota naannoo itti fufee bulchitoota Wayyaanee haalaan yaaddessee akka jiru beekama.  Kana malees Shaggar  kaabaa Kuyyuutti har’a waraqaan qabsoo faffacaate.

  • Wayyaanen farra Oromooti Lafti ummata samamun haa dhaabbatu
  • Wayyanen saamtuu fi hattuudha
  • Qonnan bulaan lafa isa irra hin buqqa’in
  • Manni qonnan bulaa diigamu hin qabu
  • Oromon lafa isaa buqqa’un haa dhaabbatu.

Jedhame waraqaan daandii irratti faffaca’ee jiraachuu qeerroon addeessa.  Poolisooni naannoo dhimma kana qorachuu fi yaada uummata baruufis
qorannaa adeemsisu jirti. Gaaffin uummata kan mirgaa yoomu kan hin
dhabbannen itti fufee jira.

Naannoo Kibbaa Godina Shaakkisoo Magaala Teeppii Keessatti Warraaqsi Bilisummaa Itti Fufuu Qeerroon Gabaase.

Gabaasa Qeerroo Hagayya 13, 2014 Teeppii

diddaa9Walgayiin dabballoota abbaa irree Wayyaanee naannoo Kibbaa godina Shakkaa, magaala Teeppiitti Hagayya 11,2015  adeemsifamuu ture sochii Qeerroo fi dargaggoota naannoo Kibbaa magaala Teeppitin feshalaa’e.

Odeessa Qeerroo aanaa Sidaamaa irraa ibsuun, bulchitootni aanaa fi magaala Teeppii dhimmi nageenyaa fi misoomaan walgayiin uummata jiraattota magaalaa waamameen gaaffiin mirgaa ka’uudhaan walgayiin feshelaa’e. Dargaggoonni magaala kanatti argamaniin gaaffii mirgaa kaasuun
– Gaaffiin mirgaa gaafannu deebii argachuu qaba
– Nagaa uummataa kan booresse mootummaadhuma wayyaaneeti
– Maqaa filannoon kanneen hidhamanii fi reebaman itti gaafatamni
mootummaadhuma tahuu qaba Fi kkf gaaffiin ka’een hidhatootni fi poolisoonni gaaffii dargaggootaa deggeruudhaan walgayiin akeekames feshalaa’uu Qeerroo gabaasee jira.
Haaluma kanaanis magaalota kanneen akka Hawaasaa, Sidaamaa fi Walaayittaa Sooddoo keessa gaaffiin mirgaa itti fufe. Hojjetootnis hojii dhaabuu fi maqaa filannoon miidhaan mootummaan hawaasa irratti gaggeessaa jiru dhaabbachuu qaba kan jedhanii fi dhiibbaan mootummaan Wayyaanee gaggeessaa jiru qixa kamiinuu dhaabbachuu qaban jechuun gaaffiin mirgaa hojjetoota mootummaa, uummataa fi dargaggoota deggereen ka’ee jira.

Duulli Mana Diiggaa Handhuura Oromiyaa Finfinneetti Jalqabe Magaalota Oromiyaa Biroos Dhaqabaa Jira.

Haggayya 08, 2014 Naqamte

IMG_20150807_060829Guyyaa kaleessa Hagayya 7,2015 mootummaan abbaa irree Wayyaaneen/Tigray  Uummata magaalaa Naqamtee dhaloota irraa dhalootatti naannicha jiraataa turan maqaa Investeraaf bakka kennuu fi plilaala malee mana ijaaraa turtan sababa jedhuun seeraan ala mana jiraattootaa diigaa jiru.

Kutaa bulchiinsa Bakkee Jamaa  naannoo Yuunibarsiitii Wallaggaa ganda 07 fi naannoo masaraa Kumsaa morodaa maqaa green area jedhuun manneen dhibba afurii ol diiguuf saganteessan itti fufee Hagayya guyyaa 6 fi 7, 2015 duulli faccifannaa ykn qabsoon warraaqsa bilisummaa uummataa kutaa Bakke Jamaarraa kan Wayyaanee fi  ergamtoota isaanii OPDO kan isaan mudate  yeroo ta’u  kana irrattis  yeroo ta’u amma naannoo Yuunibarsiitii 07 manneen pilaastikaan ijaaraman kan diigamaniifi manneen biroo haala qindawaa ta’een ijaaramanis akka diigamuu qaban akeekkachiisi itti kennameera.
Keessaayyuu kan nama dhibu immoo utuu humna waraanaa isinitti hin bobbaasin diigaa jechuun akeekkachiisaa jiraachuun Wayyaanee dhumashee ta’uuf mallattoo fi Abdii kutannaa cimaa ta’uu ilmaan Oromoo walabummaa fudhanne tti himuu barbaanna.
Manni Abbaa fi haadha ofii yeroo diigamu callisan ilaaluun qaanii waan taa’eef Tokkummaa kaanee yaafalmannu falmachuutu nuuf furmaata!

Oromia (Buraayyuu): Godina Addaa Oromiyaa Naannoo Burraayyuu Adda Addaa Keessaa Guyyota Arfan Darban Keessa Qonaanan Bultooti 400 Ol Lafa Irraa Buqawuun Diiddaa Jiraatottaa Daran Dabalee Jira.Waraanni Wayyaanees Uummata Adamsee Dararaa Jiraachuu Qeerroon Gabaase.  Adoolessa (July) 23, 2015

Guutummaatti toora  armaa gadii irraa (Read more at):-

Dhimmi Master Plaanii fi Saamichi Lafaa Tooftaa Jijjiirratee Deemaa Jiru Dura Tokkummaan Dhaabbachuuf Qonnaan Bulaa, Barataa fi Hojjettooti Shaggar Kaabaa‏ Jiraatan Ibsan

Adoolessa 22, 2015 Finfinnee


Qonnaan bulaa, barataa fi hojjetaan garagaraa shaggar kaabaa aanaa Kuyyuu, Sulultaa, Caancoo, Akaakoo fi kanneen biroonis godina addaa dabalatee dhimmi Master Pilaanii deebi’ee ka’uu hin qabu jechun walitti dhufuun kana duras dhaabbachuuf of qopheessuu Qeerroon gabaasee jira.

Ammos dhimmi Master Palan Finfiinnee kun tooftaa jijjiratee qonnaan bultootaa fi jiraattotaatti waan dhufaa jiruuf qabeenyaa fi mirga Oromummaa keenya kan sarbu dura of qusatnoo tokko malee ni dhaabbatna jechuun  qonnaan bulaan aanaalee kanneen irraa ibsuu Qeerroon naannicha irraa gabaasee jira.

Tooftaa fi malli mootummaan Wayyaanee saamicha lafaa raawwatuu fi qonnaan bulaa Oromoo balleessuu fi qabiyyee lafaa Oromoo dhuunfachuuf
gama kamiinuu itti wareegamuuf dargaggootni barattootni Oromoo fi uummanni godina kana keessatti har’a dhaamsa waliif dhaamuun yomiyyuu
mootummaa Wayyaanee ofirratti hin goobsinu jechuun murteeffachuu gabaasni Qeerroo addeessa.
Shaggar Kaabaa aanaa Caancotti halkan Adoolessa 20,2015 halkan waraqaaleen garagaraa magaala keessa faca’an
– Dacheen Oromiyaa kan Oromooti, Oromoodhaan haa bultu,
-Saamtotni fi sobdoonni nun bulchin.
-Mootummaan wayyaanee shororkeessaadha.
-Dinaaf hin jilbeenfannu
-Uummata Oromoo saamuun haa dhabbatu
-Miirri maqaa Master Pilaanii waamu haa dhaabbatu
-Wayyeen diina uummata oromooti
-OPDOn uummata Oromoof hin dhaabbanne
Kan jedhu waraqoonni bakka garagaraatti barreeffamuun maxxanfaman irraan kan ka’e har’a poolisii fi humni waraana federaalaa naannicha qubachuu Qeerroon gabaasee jira.

Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa Eebba Eebbifamtoota Barattoota Oromoo Ilaalchisuun Qophii Addaa Marsaa 2ffaa Qopheeffachuun Hegeree Qabsoo Oromoo Irratti Marihatan, ABO fi WBOs faarsan. Goototni qeerroon Barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa akeekaa diinni keenya Oromiyaa diiguuf Oromoo balleessuuf, umrii gabrummaa dheereffachuuf maqaa Maaster plan Finfinnee jedhuun yeroo amma kana illee hojii irra olchuuf fiiga waan jiruuf akkeeka karooraa badii balleessii kana fashaleessuu fi karroorrii Oromoo balleessuuf irra deddeebiuun akeekkamaa jiru kun akka haqamuuf yeroon gamtaan dura dhaabbannuu amma waan taeef Uummatni Oromoo bakka jirruu hundaa dammaqinsaan akka bira dhaabbannu jechuun waamicha dabarsana,

Gabaasa Qeerroo Jimmaa Waxabajjii 25,2015

Goototni barattootni Oromoo Yuunivarsiitii Jimmaa qophii bifa adda taeen mooraa Main Campus keessatti qopheeffachuun walaloolee warraaqsaa fi sirboota warraaqsaa garaagaraa dhageesisuun ABO/WBO fi Hoggantoota qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo faarsan. Jaal Daawud Ibsaas Dargaggoota Qeerroo barattoota Oromoon faarfamee jaalalaa fi kabaja qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoof qaban daraggootni barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa ibsatan. Qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo galmaan gauufi wareegama kamuu baasuun kan nurraa jiru tauun gadi jabeessuun wal hubachiisaan, keessattuu Jaalalli, tokkummaan fi kabajni Oromummaa fi eenyummaa akka jabaatuuf boqonnaa tokko malee hojjechaa kan turanii fi uummata Oromoo gidduutti addatti immoo dargaggoota gidduutti jijjirama guddaa fiduun milkii guddaa gonfachuu isaanii ibsuun tarsiimoo siyaasaa wayyaanee abbaa irree EPRDF/TPLF dura dhaabbatani kan jiran tauu mirkaneessuun qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo fi ABO faarsuu itti fufan.

Goototni barattootni Oromoo Yuunivarsiitii Jimmaa humna waraanaa fi humnoota tikaa Wayyaaneen eeggichaan hamaan utuu irratti gaggeeffamaa jiruu fi Doorsifamaa jiranii seenaa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo keessatti seenaa guddaa hojjechaa jiraachuu ibsatan. Goototni qeerroon Barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa akeekaa diinni keenya Oromiyaa diiguuf Oromoo balleessuuf, umrii gabrummaa dheereffachuuf maqaa Maaster plan Finfinnee jedhuun yeroo amma kana illee hojii irra olchuuf fiiga waan jiruuf akkeeka karooraa badii balleessii kana fashaleessuu fi karroorrii Oromoo balleessuuf irra deddeebiuun akeekkamaa jiru kun akka haqamuuf yeroon gamtaan dura dhaabbannuu amma waan taeef Uummatni Oromoo bakka jirruu hundaa dammaqinsaan akka bira dhaabbannu jechuun waamicha dabarsana, Bakka hundaatti uummatni keenyaa bakka jirruu hundatti dammaqnee Uummata keenyaa dammaqfachuun roorroo mootummaa abbaa irree dura dhaabbachuu amma jechuun waamicha dabarsan.

Mormii Caamsaa 30 Bara 2015 magaalaa buraayyuu keessati ta’e keessaa hanga tokko. Sababin mormii bahaniif mani jireenya isani isin deegartoota OFC jechudhaan Wayyaaneen irrati waan diigameef.

On 30 May 2015 residents in Buraayyuu (Central Oromia) protesting the demolishing of their residential houses by TPLF/ Agazi  for being the supporters  and voting for  the popular opposition OFC/Medrek) in the  24 May 2015 General Elections.

Oromo protests in Buraayyuu Oromia 30 May 2015

Warraaqsi Bilisummaa Dargaggoota Oromoo Itti Fufuun Godina Wallaggaa,Horroo Guduruu Keessatti FDG Itti Fufe.

diddaa9Caamsaa 30,2015 Godina Horroo Guduruu Wallaggaatti FDG uummata Oromoo fi dargaggoota Oromoon Jabbaachuun Walqabatee barsiisotni Oromoo kan keessatti argaman namootni 12 hidhamuu maddeen Qeerroo gabaasan.
Diddaan Uummataa kallattii hundaan mootummaa abbaa irree Wayyaanee EPRDF/TPLF irratti jabaachuun kan itti fufe yoo ta’uu, Godina Horroo
Guduruu Wallaggaa AANAA AMMUURUU jedhamu keessatti diddaan uummata daran jabaachuun mootummaa Wayyaanee guyyaa irraa gara guyyaatti raafama guddaa keessa galee jira.

Wayyaaneen gaaffii uummataaf deebii kennuu dhabuun ilmaan Uummata Oromoo qaroo biyyaa ta’an qabee hidhuu fi dararaan gochaa diinummaa isaa calaqisiisuu fudhachaa jiraachuun ibsame jira, haaluma kanaan ilmaan Oromoo kanneen barsiisotni Oromoo keessatti argaman AANAA AMMUURUU irra Caamsaa 29/2015 maqaa uummata nurratti kakasuun fincila nurratti gaggeessaa jirtu jedhamuun fi isin miseensota Qeerroo
Bilisummaa Oromooti jedhamuun qabamuun kanneen hidhaman ta’uu madden Qeerroo bilisummaa magaalaa Shaambuu irraa gabaasan.ilmaan Oromoo hidhaman kessaan kanneen maqaan nu ga’ee jiruu keessa:
1.Barsiisaa Arabuu Yaasiin
2.Barsiisaa Jireenyaa Dachee
3. Barsiisaa Gammachuu
4.Dargaggoo Garramuu Biyyansaa kanneen keessatti argamaan AANAA AMURUUtti hidhamuu maddeen keenya gabaasan.mootummaan wayyaanee hidhaa fi ajjeechaan warraaqsaa FDG fi bilisummaa keenya dura dhaabbatus nuti ilmaan Oromoo wareegama kamiifuu of qopheesinee mirga keenyaa fi bilisummaa keenyaa kabachiifachuuf murteeffannee kaane jirra jechuun dhaammata sabboontootni Oromoo dhaammatu.

Caamsaa 29/2015 Godina Lixa  Oromiyaatti Uummatni Oromoo  Filannoon  Fakkeesii Wayyaanee Irratti Dammaquun  Mormiin Dura Dhaabbachuun FDG Jabeessan.

DiddaaUummatni Oromoo Godina lixa Oromiyaa keessatti filmaata fakkeessii abbaa irree EPRDF/TPLF/OPDO maqaa dimookiraasii sobaa fi filmaata sobaa baachuun Uummata ganna 24 guutu Gowwomsaa jiraate irratti Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo filmaatichi soba, waliin dhaahaa fi itti fakkeessii ta’uu Uummata Oromoo dursee irra deddeebi’uun ibsoota garaagaraa baasuun uummata Oromoo  waan hubachiiseef uummatni Oromoo  Oromiyaa bakka hundattuu  filmaata Wayyaanee dura dhaabbachuun FDG kaachisuun  mirga abbaa biyyummaa fi bilisummaa isaa deeffachuuf qabsoo warraaqsaa FDG karaa nagaa fi dimookiraatawaa ta’een finiinsa jira. Haluma kanaan Yeroo amma kana Godina dhihaa Oromiyaa AANAA MIDAA QANYII, MEETTAA ROOBII,  Adaa’aa Bargaa,  Calliyaa Geedoo, Iluu Galan, Baakkoo, Giincii (Dandii), Jalduu, fi Gindabarti, Amboo, Tokkee Kuttaayee, Xiiqur Incinnii, fi Godina Bahaa Wallaggaa Siree, Guutoo Waayyuu, Magaalaa Neqemtee, HAROO LIMMUU, HEEBANTUU , Limmuu Galiilaa, Giddaa Ayyaanaa, fi Godina Horroo Guduruu Wallaggaa ;  Aanaawwaan JImmaa Gannatii, Haratoo, Hammuuruu, Jaartee Jaardagaa, Hagamsaa, SHaambuu, Jimmaa Raaree, Finca’aa,  fi Guduruu fa’aatti Uummatni haalaan filmaata fakkeessii fi sobaa Wayyaanee irratti dammaquun diddaa cimaan jala dhaabbachuun FDG itti jabeessa jira.

odina dhihaa Oromiyaa Aanaawwaan armaan olitti tarreeffaman keessatti yeroo amma kana Uummatni fi Mootummaan garboomsaa wal irraa haala waliitti deebi’uu hin dandeenyeen gargar bahee jira, Manneen barnootaa sadarkaa 2ffaa fi Qophaa’inaa Hanga sadarkaa 1ffatti jiraan adeemsa baruu fi barsiisuu dhaabani jiru, Wajjiraalee garaagaraa keessatti hojiin gaggeessummaa uummataa dhaabbatee jira, bakka hundatti uummatni mootummaa akka hin qabne fi mootummaa bakka isa bu’uu akka hin qabne Warraaqsa gochaa jiruun mirkaneessa jira.

Magaalaa Neqemteetti Manneen barnoota sadarkaa 2ffaa fi Qopha’inaa, koolleejjii technikaa fi Ogummaa , Koolleejjii barsiisota Neqemtee, dabalatee Caamsaa 27/2015 barattootni Oromoo barnoota dhaabuun FDG dhoosuuf wayita jiranitti hoomaan Waraanaa Magaalaa Neqemtee irra qubsiifamee jiruu irra garagaluun magaalitti raafama guddaa keessa buusee jira, Barattootni Oromoos barnoota dhaabuun gar uummata fi maatii isaanitti deebi’an. Kana Maleesa Guutummaa Godna Dhihaa Oromiyaa keessatti diddaan uummataa kallattii hundaan mootummaa Wayyaanee EPRDF/TPLF/OPDO irratti jabaachuun mootummaa wayyaanee raafama Guddaa keessa galchee jira.

Mootummaan Wayyaanee EPRDF/TPLF/OPDOn  Uummata afaan qawween bulchaa akka jiran uummatatti argisiisuuf Dhukaasaanii ajjeessuu, ukkamsanii hidhuu fi gara dabarsuu ifatti gaggeessa jira, adeemsii kun Uummata daranuu FDG kan Onnachiisee fi akka namni diinaan wareegamuu irraa diinarratti qabsoo finiinsuun Wareegamuutu Caala jedhee murteeffatu godhee kan jiru ta’uun isaa haala amma qabatamaan Oromiyaa keessatti rawwachaa jiru irra hubachuun dabda’amera.

Caamsaa 28/2015 Godina Lixa Shaggar AANAA MEETTAA ROOBII Keessattis Fincilli Ummataa Daran Jabaachaa Dhufe.

DiddaaGodina Lixa Shaggar Aanaa Meettaa Roobii keessatti holola mootummaan Wayyaanee maqaa filannoo dharaatiin afarsuun walqabatee fincilli ummataa Magaalota akka Gooroo, Eelaa, Minaaree, Laga Roobii, Shinoo fi gandoota baadiyyaa kanneen akka Suubbaa Gaajoo, Dhalataa, Qaxqaxoo, Kuyyuu Gicii cimee Kan itti fufe tahuun ibsameera.

Addaatti immoo Uummatni Oromoo Meettaa Roobii ganda ‘’Kuyyuu Gicii’’ jedhamtuu ganda gootichi Oromoo Jaal Laggasaa Wagii itti dhalatee yoo taatu yeroo amma kana FDG finiinsuun qamni mootummaa Wayyaanee sadarkaa Aanaa irraa hanga Sadarkaa Federaalaatti jiru kamuu akka nutti hin seennee jechuun of irraa kan ittisan ta’uun ibsame jira. Yeroo Ammaa kanatti Gadindi dhalootaa Gooticha Oromoo Laggasaa Wagii qama bulchiinsa Aanaa illee of irraa ittisuun, diina dura dhaabbatan milishootni  gandaa illee gara uummataa hiriiruun qaamni mootummaa kamuu hidhatees, ergama addaas qabaatee akka ganda Kuyyuu Giciitti hin seenne dhorkatan, hanga bilisummaan keenya gonfanutti halagaaf garboomnee hin bulluu jechuun uummatni murtoo fudhachaa jira.

Akka Waliigala guutummaa AANAA MEETTAA ROOBIItti  Ummatni sagalee keenya diinaaf hin laatnu jechuun,filmaata sobaa keessatti hirmaachuun fafa jechuun uummatni karaan keenyaa tookichaa kanaan booda falmannee falmachiisuuf murtii fudhannee jirra jechuun FDG jabeessuun kan itti fufan yoo ta’uu , Caamsaa 26/2015 gandoota baadiyyaa keessatti korojoon filannoo wayyaanee utuu gara Aanaa Geessuuf adeemanii uummatni itti iyyuun koree boordii irraa fudhachuun ibiddaan barbadeessuun gabaafame, Waraanni wayyaanee uummata sodaachisuuf sagalee dhukaasaa meeshaa gurguddaa dhageesisaa jiraachuun ibsame jira.

Mootummaan Wayyaanee ummata Oromoo shororkeessee jiraachuu akkuma bare sababa kanaan walqabatee guyyaa har’aa dargaggoo Taaddasaa Shifarraa magaalaa Gooroo keessatti loltoota mootummaa wayyaatiin rukutamee Hospitaala Phaawuloos Finfinnee galuun dhagahame. Haaluma walfakkatuun dargaggootni Oromoo fi qonnaan bultootni lakkoofsaan 40 ol tahan yeroo ammaa naannuma kanaa mana hidhaatti darbamanii dararamaa jiraachuunis barame. Uummatni Oromoo AANAA MEETTAA ROOBII Waan manaa baaneef mana argannutti manatti hin deebinu, Kan manaa baaneef Bilisummaa fiduufi malee rasaasa diinaan reebamnee galuu miti jechuun Ibsa ijjannoo baafatan ummatni naannichaas. Qabsoon daran finiinee itti fufee jira.

Yuuniversitiilee Gara Garaa Keessatti Ka’e Gaaffiin Mirgaa Barattoota Oromoon Itti Fufe.

Caamsaa 30,2015 Adaamaa

DSC00047Yuuniversitii saayinsii fi teknoloojii Adaamaa keessatti Caamsaa gaafa 27/2015 barattootni waraqaa garagaraa mooraa keessatti facaasuun
kan dhagayame YEROO BILISUMMAAN KEENYA DHIYAATE KANATTI HIN CALLISNU YAA BARATTOOTA OROMOO KA’AA kan jedhu barattootni waraqaa balaliituu bittimsuun eegduwwan mootummaa Wayyaanee bakkaa kan sochoose tahee jira, akkasuma yuuniversitii Bulee Horaa, Madda Walaabu fi Haromayyaa keessatti walleewwan qabsoo dhageessisuu, mootummaa Wayyaanee hin barbaannu, bulchiinsi Wayyaanee nugaheera jechuu fi barumsa dhaabuun gara FDG olkaasuun uummata dhageesisuu fi hirmaachisaa jiraachuu Qeerroon gabaasaa jira.

Gaafa Caamsa 29/2015 barattootni mooraa Yuuniversitii Bulee Horaa keessaa qabamanii bahan yeroof maqaa isaanii argachuu baannus ilmaan Oromoo sabboonummaa qabanii fi kijibni mootummaa Wayyaanee wayita kana aangoo isaa itti fufee jiraachuuf karoorfate kun yoomiyyuu cal kan nama hin jechiisne tahuu barattootni diddaa gaggeessanii fi kanneen fincila kaasuuf adda dureedha jedhamanii shakkaman tikoota wayyaaneen qabamanii mooraadhaa bahuus gabaasni Qeerroo nugahe hubachiisa. FDG ammas haaluma wal irraa hin cinneen itti fufee jiruudha.

Oromiyaa Bakkoota Garaa Garaa Keessatti Barattooti Manneen Barnootaa Dhaabuun Oromoota FDG 2014 Irratti Wareegamanii fi Lammiilee Liibiyaatti Dhumaniif Uccuu Gaddaa Uffachuun Yaadachaa Jiru.

Ebla 30, 2015 Finfinnee

Gadaa11Har’a dhaabbileen barnootaa barumsa dhaabuudhaan hucuu gaddaa uffatanii barattoota waggaa darbe wareegaman yaadachuu fi akkasuma addatti uummata Oromootiin yaadannoon gaddaa dhiyoo biyya Liibiyatti namoota ajjeefaman kan lammiin Oromoo keessa jiru irratti ta’e gaddaa jirama.

Ebla 30,2015 har’a Yuuniversitiileen kanneen akka Adaamaa, Amboo, Wallaggaa, Mattuu, Dirre Dawaa, Bulee Horaa, Madda Walaabuu, Hawaasa fi Jimmaa barumsa dhaabuun hucuu gaddaa uffatuudhaan daandii bahanii yaadannoo taasifamaa akka jiru gabaasi nu gahe addeessa. Manneen barnootaa sadarka garagaraa lixa Shaggar keessatti argaman Amboo, Calliyaa,Baabbichoo, Miidaqany, Xiqur Incinnii sadarkaa 1ffaa irraa kaasee hanga oliitti barumsi dhaabbatee daandiitti bahuudhaan barattootani yaadannoon gadda mootummaa Wayyaanee balaaleffatuun agarsiisaa jiru. Alaabaan manneen barnootaa keessa jirus kan Oromiyaas gadi butuudhaan, Akka walii galaatti dhabbileen barnootaa barumsa dhaabuu fi itti fufuudhanis Warraaqsi Bilisummaa itti fufaa jira.

Gabaasi dabalataa itti fufa

Goototi Dargaggoonni Oromoo Yuuniversitii Wallaggaa Diddaa Sirna Wayyaanee Itti Fufan.

Maqaa dorgommii Ispoortii jedhuun dargaggoota Istaadiyoomii Wallaggaa keessatti walitti qabuun kan afaan faajjessaa jirtu Wayyaaneen,karaa dabballoota isaanii filmaataaf jecha barattoota Yuuniversitii Wallaggaa akka isaan mormii kamiinuu ka’u keessatti hin hirmaatne olola adda addaa gaggeessaa turan. Dargaggoonnis haala kana kan hubatan magaalaan Naqamtee keessa naannawanii mormii fi diddaa isaanii dhageessisaa oolanii jiru.

Kana irratti dabalees mooraalee Yuuniversitii fi naannoo Istadiyoomii keessa naannawuun dhadatnoo fi walleelee warraaqsaa akka dhageessisaa turan odeessi jiru beeksisa. Dadhatnoolee Qeerroon dhageessisaa turan keessas:-

  • Oromiyaan ni bilisoomti!
  • Mootummaan Wayyaanee gabroomfataa dha,
  • Abbaay Tshayyee farrummaa uumata Oromoof qabuun seeratti dhihaachuu qaba.
  • Walabbummaa fi bilisummaan Oromoof haqa.
  • Maaster planiin Finfinnee daddaffiin akka dhaabbatu fi kkf irra turan

Mormii dhageessifamee fi muldhifame kunis akka media adda addaa irratti hin dabarreef jecha manneen interneetii fi network jiru akka cufaa oolan gabaasi Qeerroo Naqamtee nu gahe addeessa.


Warraaqsi Bilisummaa Dargaggoota Oromoon Qabsiifame Godina Iluu Abbaa Booraa Magaalaa Aggaaroo fi Aanaa Adda Addaatti Itti Fufuu Qeerroon Gabaase.

diddaa9Bitootessa 28,2015 Godina Jimmaatti FDG gootota dargaggoota barattoota Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaan qabsiifame jabaachuun gara uummataa magaalaa fi baadiyyaa Godina Jimmaatti babaldhachuun guyyaa har’aa Warraaqsi FDG Magaalaa Aggarootti kabaja ayyaana waggaa 25ffaa dhaaba ergamtuu Wayyaanee OPDO irratti uummatni FDG kaachisuun Ayyaanni Wayyaaneen qophaa’ee mormii guddaan fashalaa’e. Mootummaan Wayyaanee OPDO ‘n guyyaa har’aa Magaalaa Aggarootti maqaa guyyaa 25ffaa ayyaana Wayyaanee OPDO’n qopheessitee
uummata dirqamaan hojii isaanii dhaabanii akka irratti hirmataaniif humnaan baasteetti Uummatnii fi Goototni barattootni Oromoo M/B sadarkaa 2ffaa fi Qopha’ina Aggaaroo, M/b sadarkaa 1ffaa magaalaa Aggaaroo fi Koolleejjii Tekinikaa fi Ogummaa Aggaaroo fi Uummatni Oromoo fi sabaa fi sablamootni Magaalaa Aggaaroo, Magaalaa Gembee fi baadiyaa Aanaa Goommaa fi Aanaa Toobbaa irraa uummatni dirqamaan maqaa ayyaana hundeeffama dhaaba maxxannee fi ergamtuu wayyaanee OPDO waggaa 25ffaa kabajuu jedhuun Isteediyeemii Aggarootti uummatni kumootan lakka’amu walitti dhufuun mootummaa Wayyaanee dirqamaan fedhii uummataa malee doorsisee mana baasetti garagaluun mootummaa Wayyaanee irratti FDG kaachisaan.

Goototni Qeerroon dargaggootni barattootni magaalaa Aggaaroo fi aanaa Goommaa sagalee dhaadannoo dhageesisuun mootummaa Wayyaanee balaaleffachuun olola Wayyaaneen maqaa Filannoo kijibaan ofaa jirtuu irraatti uummaatni nuti Wayyaanee OPDO hin filannuu, Dimookiraasiin hin jiru, olola wayyaanees hin barbaadnu, mirgootni amatii keenyaa nuuf kabajamuu qaba, mirgii dimookiraasii fi namummaa nuuf haa kabajamuu, Oromoo hidhuun, ajjeesuu fi biyyaa irraa baqachiisuun dhaabbachuu qaba jechuun ifatti ba’ee uummatni Wayyaaneedhaan nuti isin hin filannuu isin hin barbaadnuu jechuun uummatni fi dargaggootni sagalee guddaan Wayyaanee balaaleffatan.mootummaan Wayyaanee walga’ii ofii isaan dirqisiisee uummata baase irrattii mormiin uummataa guddaan isa mudatee waan qabee gadhiisu dhabuun akkuma amala isaa humna poolisoota federaalaa, fi nannootti dhimma ba’uun uummata dura dhaabbate, dhukaasaa qawwee fi rookkeeta garaagaraa dhukaasuun uummaata sodaachisuuf dhukaasaa kan ture yoo ta’uu walga’iin maqaa ayyaana guyyaa dhaloota ergamtuu Wayyaanee 25ffaa kabajamuuf yaalames hoggansa Qeerroo bilisummaa Oromoo qindeessitoota warraaqsa sochii FDG karaa nagaa gaggeessuun mirga uummata Oromoo kabachiisuuf godhaniin sochiin mootummaa abbaa irree FDGtti jijjiramuun walga’iin wayyaanee bu’aa tokko malee mormii guddaan fashalaa’uu danda’e jira.

Qeerroon Bilisummaa Yuuniversitii Jimmaa Warraaqsa Bilisummaa Jabeessanii Itti Fufuun Guyyaa Har’aa Seenaa Galmeessan

 Bitootessa 24/2015 Goototni dargaggootni Qeerroon Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa  FDG qabsiisan jabeessuun itti fufuun guyyaa har’aa uffata gaddaa uffachuun ilmaan Oromoo bara darbee mootummaan EPRDF waraana itti bobbaasuun mooraa  Yuunibarsiitii fi manneen barnootaa sadarkaa adda addaa keessatti fixeef gaddaa qaban mormii guddaan ibsachuun walleelee warraaqsaa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo leellisuun gootota ilmaan Oromoo faarsan.

   Goototni barattootni Qeerroon Oromoo hanga gaaffii keenyaaf deebiin nuuf kennamuutti warraaqsii FDG haala wal irraa hin citneen itti fufa nuti bilisummaaf falmanna, nuti mirga keenyaa fi mirga uummata keenyaa kabachiisuuf falmanna, Mootummaan abbaa irree EPRDF/TPLF/OPDO’n bara darbee baatii Eblaa irraa eegaluun ajjeechaa jumlaa fi duula duguugginsa sanyii fi ukkaamsaa  hidhaa utuu uummata Oromoo irratti gaggeessa jiranii har’a biyya bakka buuna biyyaa bulchaa jirra, ayyaanaa hundeeffama keenyaa waggaa 25ffaa kabajna jechuun dibbee sobaan afuufamtee dhiitofte reebaa jiraachuun mootummaa wayyaanee fi ergamtoota Wayyaanee OPDO/TPLF itti gaafatamaa seeraa fi seenaa jalaa baasuu hin danda’u.
Jimma[1]Goototni barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa waraaqsa FDG egaalan jabeessuun mootummaa wayyaanee boqonnaa dhorkuun torbee dhuma kana dheengaddaa dabbaallootni mootummaa wayyaanee fi mataan mootummaa Wayyaanee jiilli abbootii irree EPRDF/OPDO/TPLF Muktaar Kadirii,Hayleemaariyaam Dassalee fi Barakt Simoonin durfaman mootummaa keenyaa warraaqsaa dargaggoota barattoota Oromoon raafamee kufuuf jiru kufaatii irraa haa baraarruu jechuun guyyaa hundeeffama ergamtuu wayyaanee OPDO kabajuu maqaa jedhuun uummata gooluu fi olola siyaasaa oofuuf gara Jimmaatti duula gochuun dhiphina keessa galanii jiraachuun hubatamera. Goototni barattoota Oromoo dhugaaf falmataan dullii olola siyaasaa  fi humni poolisaa fi waraanaa gaaffii mirga abbaa biyyummaa keenyaa duubatti hin deebisuu, deebii gaaffii mirgaa fi dimookiraasii gaafachaa jirruus hin ta’u jechuun tarkaanfii gara jabinaan mootummaan abbaa irree barattoota Oromoo nagaa irratti fudhateen gootota ilmaan Oromoo wareegamaniif gaddaa guddaa nuti dhagaa’amu ibsachaa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo galiin ga’uuf warraaqsa FDG gama kamiinuu ni finiinsina hanga gaaffiin karaa nagaa gaafachaa jirruu deebii sirrii argannuutti duubatti hin deebinu jechuun eebbifamtootni barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa barattoota Yuunibarsiitii jimmaa ilmaan cunqurfamoo kaan illee dabalachuun mooraawwaan yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa Saayinsii fi Teekinooloojii irraa ka’uun uuffata gaddaa uffachuun magaalaa Jimmaa keessa wallee warraaqsaa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo faarsu fi gootota Oromoo qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo irratti wareegaman faarsaa gara mooraa Main Campusiitti walitti dhufuun nuti eebbifamtootni ilmaan Oromoo yoom iyyuu yoo eebbifamnes uummata keenyaaf jiraanna, uummata keenya waliin jiraanna, mootummaan abbaa irree uummata keenya irraan kaafna jechuun marii gabaaba godhachuun  obbolaawwaan keenya bara darbee sabaaba gaaffii mirgaa gaafatneef dhaabbilee barnoota garaagaraa keessatti wareegamaniif gadda guddaatu nutti dhagaa’ama barattoota Oromoo mootummaan EPRDF/OPDO/TPLF garaa laafina tokko malee dhukaasee ajjeeseef yoom iyyuu itti gaafatamuu qaba jechuun dhaamsa dabarfachuun walleelee warraaqsaa mooraa Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa keessa naanna’uun sirbuun qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo faarsan.

Diddaan Sirna Wayyaanee fi Gaaffiin Mirga Abbaa Biyyummaa Guyyaa Har’aa Yuuniversitii Afur(4) Keessatti Jabaatee Itti Fufe.

Diddaa, Gabaasa Qeerroo Bitootessa 19,2015

Dhaabbilee barnootaa Yuuniversitii, koollejjii, godinaalee oromiyaa naannoo adda addaatti FDG gaaffii dhimma gubachuu bosona Oromiyaa, dubbii  Abbaa Tsaayee fi mirga walabumaa Oromiyaaf falmuun wal qabsiisudhaan Qeerroon Oromiyaa keessatti diddaan ka’ee jira, bakka gabaasa Qeerroo ibsu irraa kana gaditti kan argamuudha.

  1. Haromayyaa Yuuniversitii:-


    Mooraa yuuniversitii guddicha Haromayyaatti Bitootessa gaafa 18/2015 dhaabaa ibsaa fi manaa irratti barruu mata dureen isaa “Sabboontotni Oromoo FDGf Kaaffee keenya Keessatti Ganama Sa’a 7:30 Irratti Wal Arguun Dhaamsa Dabarsina” jedhuun dhaadannoolee qabxii 8 qabu waliin bakka garagaraatti maxxanfamee bule odeessi Qeerroo yoo addeessu, dhaadannoon qabxiidhaan maxxanfamanis

  • Bosonni oromiyaa mootumma wayyaaneetiin gubachaa jira,manca’aa jira
  • Ilmaan Oromoo yoo xiqqaate 35,000 ol mana hidhaa keessaa gadhiifamuu qabu,
  • Barattoota ajjeefamaniii fi hidhamaniif mormii keenya itti fufuu qabna
  • Poolisiin federaalaa mooraa keessaa haa bahu
  • Mirgi diimokiraa fi uummataa haa eegamu
  • Kaardii filannoo sobaa hin fudhannu
  • Abbaay Tshaayee uummata oromoo arrabsuun seeraan gaafatamuu qaba
  • Maqaan Master Pilaanii kana booda ka’uu hin qabu.

Kan jedhu dhaadannowwan kanaa olii kana mooraa keesatti bittimsuun humni waraana wayyaanee gubbaadhaa socho’uun kaleessa naannoo fi keessa mooraa Yuuniversitii Haromayyaa buufatee akka jiru odeessaan Qeerroo addeessa. Barattootnis nyaata kaaffee lagachuudhaan barumsas dhaabuun kan beekame, humni ittisa biyyaa sochii barattootaa kana dhaamsuuf garasitti ergame diddaa barattootaa dhaamsuu akka hin dandeenye odeessaan ibsa.

  1. Yuuniversitii Jimmaa:-

    yeroo barattooti didanAkuma beekamu yeroo darbe sadarkaa itti aanaa fi gorsaan mootummaa Itoophiyaa kan ta’an Abbaay Tsaahe dhimma Master Pilaanii dubbiin afaanii baafate ilmaan oromoo kamuu jalaa dhokataa miti,kanumaan kan wal qabate diddaan mooraa barnootaa yuuniversitii oromiyaa keessa jiru mara keessatti dhimma qabeenyaa oromiyaa gubataa fi manca’aa jirus dabalatee gaaffiin ka’aa akka jirus odeessa Qeerroon darbaa jira, haala kanaan kaleessa Bitootessa 18/2015 yuuniversitii Jimmaa mooraa Kiitoo Fardiisaa(Engineering Compus) jedhamee kan beekamu, mana yaalaa barattootaa moorichaa keessatti Qeerroodhaan barruun afaan Oromoo fi afaan Ingiliffaatii fuula 9 qabu mata duree “Master Pilaaniin Hojii Irra Ooluu Hin Qabu fi Dubbii Obbo Abaay Tsahe Dubbates Tuffii Uummata Oromoo Akka Tahe” keessattis waamicha diddaa kan ibsu barruun kun bakka namni argu lama lafa kaa’amee jira, jalee mootummaatiin argamee yeroodhaan toohatame malee mooraa yuuniversiti keessatti barruu hedduun akka maxxanfamee jiru Qeerroon odeessa isaa nuun gaha,kanumaan mootummaan wayyaanee mooraan xiyyeeffannoo guddaadhaan akka eegamu,humna ittisaa mijeeffachaa mooraa Yuuniversitii sana qofaaf mijeeffachaa akka jiru odeessaan Qeerroo addeessa. Akka Yuuniversitii Jimmaatti mootummaan sodaa guddaa keessa seeneera, barataan Oromoo diddaadhaaf of qopheessee akka jiru hubachuu irraan, barruuleen waamichaas mumul’aa waan jiraniif hordoffii jabeeffachuun karoorfata, haaluma kana fakkaatuun guyyaa har’aas barattootni mooraa keessatti sochii diddaa mul’isuun dhagayamee jira, diddaan itti fufuu qaba.

  2. Adagirat Yuuniversitii:

    Gaafiin mooraa Yuuniversitii kanatti ka’ee jiru dhimma amantaan kan wal qabate tahullee barattootni Oromoo heddumminaan keessatti gaaffii miidhaan saba Oromoo kaasuun, gubachuu bosonaa fi warshaalee Oromoo keessa jiranis kaasuudhaan gaaffii barattootaa gara gaaffii mirgaatti naannessanii guyyoota lamaan kana jechuun Bitootessa 17 fi 18 barumsi dhaabbatee akka jiru odeessaan Qeerroo gamasii addeessaa jira. Barumsas akka hin baranne Oromiyaan boca uumamashee mootummaa Wayyaanen utuu gadhisaa jirtuu, ilmaan Oromoo mana hidhaatti osoo gidirfamuu jireenya dhuunfaa keenyaaf barumsa kennee lafa dhiituun haa dhaabbatu jechuun diddaan mooraa kanattis qabatee akka jiru odeessi nugahee jira.

  3. Naannoo Wallootti:-

    Aanaa Gudayaa ganda Konkaa Ijaa jedhamau Bitootessa gaafa 15 fi 19 /2015 mootummaa irraa ergamee hojii basaastummaa aanaa kana keessatti kan hojjetu dhalootaan Amaara kan tahe tokko nama dhalootaan oromoo tokko sabboonummaa qabu harka mootummaatti dabarseekennuu irraan tarkaanfiin ajjechaa basaasaa mootummaa wayyaanee kana irratti raawwatamee jira. sababa kanaan manneen jireenyaa saba amaaraa 4 ol tahus ibiddaan gubateera,diina mootummaan ergamee uummata hammeenyaaf kennaa jiru kana irratti boombiinis darbatamee namoonni hedduun mada’anii jiru, odeessa Qeerroo hubatamu irraa uummanni tarkaanfii mootummaa wayyaanee irratti fudhachuu eegalee jira,deggertootni mootummaas sodaa kana keessa seenuudhaan hojii isaanii irraa akka deebi’aa jiran dhalootaan saba biraa kan tahan, ilmaan habashaa hojii diinummaa irratti bobbahanii jiranis naannoo sana irraa uummataan ariyamaa akka jiran odeessi Qeerroo addeessa.

Qeerroo’s Status Updates: Feb. 22, 2015 – March 13, 2015

Oromo students protests continue to erupt in several towns in the Oromia Regional State of Ethiopia – taking various forms in recent weeks. The new round of protests began on February 22, 2015, when Oromo students and youth of Jimma town turned an Oromian Sports Championship event, which had been taking place in the city, into a protest against the so-called “Addis Ababa Master Plan” and against the recent inflammatory speech of Abay Tsehaye, one of the TPLF strongmen. The students chanted slogans, such as “Finfinne is ours! Adama is ours! Jimma is ours!” and more, a reminiscent of the bloody April/May 2014 widespread protests, in which more or less the same slogans had been chanted throughout Oromia. The Oromo youth were also singing revolutionary songs in the whole stadium. The protests continued beyond control in Jimma Stadium and on the streets of the city on a daily basis until the Sports Championship was to come to a close on Sunday, March 1, 2015.

Audio: Feb. 23, 2015 – Jimma, Oromia

Audio: Feb. 25, 2015 – Jimma, Oromia

Speech of Oromian “President” Muktar Kedir Interrupted

On March 1, 2015, the Oromo students protest escalated to a higher level when two high-level delegates of the Ethiopian government, the so-called President of Oromia – Muktar Kedir and President of Amhara Region Demeke Mekonnen appeared in the stadium for the closing ceremony, and also in an attempt to address and pacify the protesting youth. As the whole stadium erupted with shouting voices, slogans and revolutionary songs of the students, Muktar Kedir was unable speak at all, and he and all the “guests,” including the Honorable GuestDemeke Mekonnen, were forced to leave the stadium in humiliation and eventually reported to have left the city the same day.

Audio: March 1, 2015 – Jimma, Oromia

Govt Messenger’s Indoctrination Meeting Foiled in Nekemte

On the evening of March 1, 2015, the same day students of Jimma university protested, a meeting organized in Wollega University by the government delegate and messenger Dr. Getachew Begashaw through the university administration intended to inculcate the students with the evil policies of the government and to pacify the Oromo students from protesting was foiled by the Oromo students, and the meeting was dismissed. It was as soon as the meeting began that Oromo students started shouting, singing revolutionary songs and chanting slogans, such as “the [Addis Ababa] Master Plan will never be realized! OLF is the hope of Oromo people! International community should be made aware of the genocide committed against us!” and more. Dr. Begashaw and other “guests” were forced to stop their lecture, and leave the university while the students continued chanting slogans and singing in the whole university campus throughout that night. Although the students were protesting peacefully, hours later, a large number of police force entered the university campus and started beating the students and arrested many of them, including a 3rd-year electrical engineering student Kuma Gammachu. The whereabouts of the arrested students is still unknown.

At least 10 Oromo Students Abducted in Jimma

On March 2, 2015, the Ethiopian government unleashed its police force in Jimma University, and abducted at least 10 students for no crime other than exercising their rights by peacefully protesting, together with thousands of other Oromo students. Among the abducted Oromo students of Jimma University are:

1. Guddisa Amsalu, Afan Oromo – 2nd-year

2. Dejenee Gonfa, Afan Oromo – 2nd-year

3. Adam Muktar, Law – 2nd-year

4. Sisai Kebede, Law – 2nd-year

5. Sisayi, Geography – 2nd-year

6. Musxafa Edeto, Biomedical Engineering – 4th-year

These and other abducted Oromo students are said to be held in a prison in Jimma city in an area known as Alazar.

Looting of Oromian Top Soil Thwarted in Sibu Sire

On March 7, 2015, Oromo farmers – who were evicted from their land and from whom their farm land was given to investors in East Wollega zone, Sibu Sire district, in a village called Tuqa Wayyu – organized the youth and the local Oromo population, and stopped lorries which were looting top soil (fertile soil) of their land and taking to an unknown place.

Three OPDO Officials Fired

On March 10, 2015, the government fired three OPDO officials in Western Shaggar (Shoa) zone, Abuna district, accusing them of siding with the protesting Oromo people for their right and being sympathetic to Oromo students. These are:

1. Shiferaw Mekonnen, Head of Finance of the district

2. Bacha Lamessa, Head of Human Resource

3. Girma Bacha, Jobs Coordinator

Protest in Wama Hagalo: An Oromo Pastor Arrested

On March 10, 2015, protest of the Oromo population for their right and against the policies of the EPRDF government was flared up in Eastern Wollega zone, Wama Hagalo district, Qasso town. A fierce clash has occurred between the Oromo population – who were protesting, and government police forces during which the police arrested several people, among whom are:

1. Qajeelaa Raggaasaa

2. Boodanaa Baqqalaa

3. Misgaanuu Raggaasaa

4. Danjaa Dhangi’aa

5. Dhugaasaa Abdiisaa

6. Booboo Addunyaa

7. Misgaanuu Addunyaa and many more.

Moreover, an Oromo pastor of the Evangelical Church of the district, Waqgari Ayana, was abducted and disappeared, accused of praying to God for the downfall of the current government. The whereabouts of this pastor is still unknown. It is to be recalled that a respected Oromo pastor Gudina Tumsa was abducted and killed by the Derg regime in 1970’s.

2nd Round of Protest in Wollega University

Oromo students of Wollega University, Nekemte town, protested for the second time on March 11, 2015 in their university campus. It was right after their breakfast that the students gathered in front of the cafeteria and started chanting the slogans which they had prepared. One of the students who was interviewed by Simbirtu Radio and another student interviewed by OVL/SBO (Oromo Voice of Liberation) – both explained the details of the protest. It was before the protest expanded to the entire campus that a large number of police force came and dispersed the students. It is reported that still a tense situation exists in the university campus, and no two students are allowed to stand together.

Audio: March 11, 2015 – Wollega, Oromia

Protest in Busa: Young Oromo Severely Beaten & Abducted


On March 11, 2015, protest of Oromo population erupted in South West zone of Oromia, Dawo district, Busa town, during which the people chanted slogans, such as “Oromia belongs to the Oromo! We will not give Finfinne (Addis Ababa)! We need peace! We are fed-up of Woyane’s lies!” and more. During this time the government dispatched a large number of police force which were seen beating the protesters. Especially the police has severely beaten an Oromo youth Geleta Waqo – dragged him on the floor and have taken to an unknown location.


(SBO, Bitootessa/March 11, 2015): Yunversitii Wallaggaa keessatti guyyaa har’aa ganamarraa qabee goototni barattootni Oromoo FDG mootummaa wayyaanee irratti jalqaban itti fufuu oduun nu gahe ifa godha.

Yunversitii Wallaggaa keessatti guyyaa har’aa ganamarraa qabee goototni barattootni Oromoo FDG mootummaa Wayyaanee irratti jalqaban itti fufuu oduun nu gahe ifa godha. Humnootni Faashistii Wayyaanee barattoota osoo isaan mooraa hin ba’in baay’inaan itti duulanis sochii isaanii dhaabuu akka hin dandeenye ibsameera. Barattootnii fi poolisootni wayyaanee walgaarreffatanii akkuma jiranitti jiraachuu dha oduun nu gahe kan ibsu. Barattootni dhaadannoolee adda addaa kan wayyaanee balaaleffatuu fi FDG leellisu dhageessisaa akka turanis ibsameera.

Haaluma walfakkaatuun Yunversitii Jimmaa, Mattuu Amboo, Bulee Horaa fi kkkf keessattis sochiin FDG jabinaan mootummaa wayyaaneerratti mul’ataa akka jiru oduun walqabatee nu dhaqqabe addeessee jira.

Sochii FDG barattootni Oromoo bifa haaraan itti jiran irratti odeessa dabalataan jiru akkuma nu dhaqqabaa deemuun kan wal hubachiisnu ta’uu isin beeksisna.

– Sagalee Bilisummaa Oromoo (SBO)

Gootonni barattooti Oromoo mooraa Yuuniversitii Wallaggaa har’a Bitootessa 11,2015 irraa jalqabanii gaaffii mirgaa mootummaa Wayyaaneetti dhiheeffatan akka deebii argatuuf jecha FDG itti fufanii jiru.Mooaraan Yuuniverstii Wallaggaa dhadatnoo fi sirboota Warraaqsaan gootamtee jirti,Poolisoonni Wayyaaneen keeessa mooraa fi alaan hidhatnoo guutuun naannicha qubatanii barattoota doorsisaa jiru,gariin poolisoonni Oromiyaa ammoo barattoota Oromoo jajjabeessaa akka jiranii fi haalaan dhaabatanii akka ilaalaa jiran qeerroon ni gabaasa.

Mooraaleen Agriculture fi Saayinsii and Technology Yuuniversitii Jimmaa Waraana Wayyaaneen Sakatta’amaa Jira,FDGs Bifa Qindaawaan Itti Fufaa Jira.

 diddaa9Bitootessa 10,2015 Mootummaan Wayyaanee EPRDF/TPLF/OPDO jechuun of waamaa jiru Sochii warraaqsa dargaggoota barattoota Oromoon irratti qabsiifama jiruun yaaddoo fi dhiphina keessa seenuun Mooraa Yuunibarsitii Jimmaa irratti dabballootaa fi poolisoota isaa bobbaasuun sakkatta’insa gaggeessa jira.

Sochiin warraaqsa FDG goototni Qeerroon barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa qabsiisaniin walqabatee, sochiin kun haalan jabachaa jiraachuu fi itti fufinsa qabachuu irraan mootummaan abbaa irree Wayyaanee waan qabee gadhisuu walaaluudhaan sochii kana duubaan kan jiru ABO dha.  hojjeetootni mootummaa, barsiisota, fi poolisotni illee sochii kanatti ijaaramanii jiru jechuun baala lafaa sochootu hundaa ija shakkii guddaan ilaaluu irraa bakka argan hundatti dhaabiitti mirga namaa sarbuun sakkatta’insa seeraan alaa gaggeessa jiru. Keessattuu Mooraa Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa arfan Mian Cumpas, mooraa Business anda Economics, Mooraa Agriculture fi Mooraa Saayinsii fi Technology irratti sakkatta’insa balbala ittin ol gara mooraatti seenanii fi gadi ba’an irra poolisoota isaa hiriirsisuun sakkatta’insa seeraan alaan muddama seene jira.

Sochiin Warraaqsa FDG gootota dargaggoota Qeerroo Oromoon qabsiifame bakka hundatti haala walfakkaatuun jabaatee itti fufaa jira, keessattuu sochiin warraaqsa gootota barattoota Oromoo dhabbiileewwaan barnoota olaanoo fi manneen barnoota sadarkaa 2ffaa dabalachuun walduukaa socho’aa jiraachuun mootummaa wayyaanee muddama guddaaf saaxilaa jira. Warraaqsi gootota barattoota Oromoo dhaabbilee Barnoota olaanoo Jimmaa, Wallaggaa, Amboo, Adaamaa, Harammayyaa, fi madda Walaabuu keessatti daran jabachaa jiraachuu maddeen keenya bakka hundaa gabaasa jiru.  Hogantootni Sochii Warraaqsa FDG sochii bilisummaa uummata keenyaa gonfachiisuuf gaggeessa jirru mudamuun sakatta’insaa fi raafamni wayyaaneen argisiisuu kamuu dhaabuu hin danda’uu FDG jabaatee bakka hundatti itti fufa jechuun dhaamsa dabarsuun uummatni Oromoo bakka jirtan hundaa ka’uun sochii kanatti hirmaachuun mootummaa abbaa irree dhabamsiisuuf yeroon warraaqsi bakka hunda qabsiifamu amma waan ta’eef bakka jirruu hundatti dirqama Oromummaa bahuu qabdu jechuun itti fufuun wamicha gochaa jiraachuu beeksise.

Barruuleen Warraaqsaa Magaalaa Adaamaa fi Gandoota Baadiyyaa Naannoo Keessatti Baldhinaan Raabsamaa fi Maxxanfamaa Oole.

Adaama 111Bitootessa 10,2015 gabaasa Qeerroo waraqaan waamichi abbaa biyyummaa fi gochaa gar-jabeenyaa mootummaan Wayyaanee ummata Oromoo irratti gaggeessaa jiru dura dhaabbachuuf waraqaan dhaaddannoo mata duree IYYAA IYYA DABARSAA.WARAABESSI ILMAAN OROMOO NYAACHUU BARE ABBAAY TSAHAAYYEE GUYYAAN YUUSE  jedhu manneen barumsaa,waajjiraalee fi gaandoota baadiyyaa tokko tokko keessatti haala hoowaa ta’een ummata keessa raabsame bakkoota muldhatoo ta’an itti ammo maxxanfamee jira, keessattuu tuffii fi ilmaan Oromoo ajjesiisuf hiisisuu keessatti gahee guddaa kan qabu hoogganaa Wayyaanee Abbaayi Tsahaayyee fi ergamtootni isaa OPDO irratti ummatni keenya bakka jiruu akka dura dhaabbatu waamicha dabarsa

Qabiyyeen barruulee kanaas akka armaa gadii ta’a

  1. Abbay Tsahaayyee yakka duguuginsa sanyii ummata Oromoo irratti raawwachaa jiruuf itti gaafatamuu qaba.
  2. Mirgi bilisummaa ummata Oromoo fi saboota cinqurfamoo kabajamuu qaba.
  3. Abbummaan lafaa ummata keenyaaf mirkanaa’uu qaba.
  4. Hiree uumata Oromoo Wayyaaneen hin murteessu ofiif mirteeffanna
  5. OPDOn of hooggani hin dandeenye ummata Oromoo bakka hin buutu
  6. Biyyaa fi Qabeenya uumata Oromoo irratti Wayyaaneen abbaa ta’uu hin dandayu.
  7. Hidhamtoonni siyaasaa ilmàan Oromoo haal duree tokko males mama hidhaa irraa bahuu qabu.
  8. Ajjeechaa gar jabeenyaa ilmaan Oromoo irratti  raawwatameef, ABBAAYI TSAHAAYYEE, MUKTAAR KADIR, DAMMAQAA MOKONNONI fi fakkaattonni isannii itti gaafatamuu qabuAdaamaa jajja
  9. Master pilaanin finfinnee haal duree tokko malee dhaabbachuu qaba.
  10. Uummata oromoo hiyyoomsuf lafa isaa irraa buqqisuu fi gibira humnaan olii sassaabun haa dhaabbatu.
  11. Osoo dhiigni ilmaan Oromoo dhangala’e hin qoorin Abbaay Tsahaayyee ummata oromoo likkiitti galchina jedhee nutti dhaadati dura has dhaabbannu
  12. ,Oromoof kan hojjetu fakkaatee ergama wayyaanee galmaan gahuuf ilmaan Oromoo ficcisiisaa kan jiru OPDO haa balaaleffannu.
  13. Ummatni Oromoo mirgaa lafa isaa humnaan dhabe filannoo sobaatin otoo hin taane qabsoon deeffata .kan jedhuudha waraqaaleen kun haaluma walk fakkaatun godina shawaa bahaa aanaa fantaallee iddoowwan, magaala mataa haraa,magaalaa Haroo qarsaa, Mag/Harpo adii, Martii, Haroo huubaa ,Qararri, Ilaala,Dhagaa hujufaa,Xuxxuuxii,Nuqusa,Harangamaa,Maarigaa,Dirree Sadeem,Baddannoo,Turoo,Gidaara,Gaara diimaa,Buses,Godoo,Weebaa,Kapii 1,2,3,Faatee,Leedi,Saara,Galchaa,Bantii,Ajoo tarree,Ajoo,Jaarraa nuunnuu,Qobboo,Yaayya,Baalcii,Dhimbibaa,Harramurii ,Gololcha ,Qacaacaluu baadiyaalee jedhamuu fi kkf keessatti haala hoo’aa ta’een waraqaan warraaqsaa kun bifa lamaan facaafamuu fi maxxanfee jira .sochiin Qeerroon naannichaa godhe kun ergamtoota wayyaanee daran yaaddoo keessa galche .dhuma irratti ilmaan oromoo iddoo garagaraa irra jirtan gochaa diinni ummata Oromoo irratti gochaa jiru dura haa dhaabbannu .gabaasa Qeerroo naannichaa gabaasa.
  1. Adaaamaa 112Adaama jAdaama jaAdmaama jaa

Godina Jimmaa Aanaa Shabee Somboo fi Ganda Baachoo Booree Keessatti Diddaan Sirna Wayyaanee Gaggeefamaa Oole,Barsiisoti Oromoo Ta’anis Sababa Kanaan Qabaman.

oromo in ethioBitootessaa 11,2015,  Godina Jimmatti Sochiin Warraaqsa FDG gootota dargaggoota Qeerroo barattoota Oromootiin qabsiifamuu eegale jabaachuun gara uummata Oromoo baadiyyaa godina Jimmatti babal’acha jiraachuun walqabatee mootummaan Wayyaanee sabboontota ilmaan Oromoo nagaa qabee mana hidhatti darbaa jira.

Motummaan Wayyaanee waan qabee gadhiisuu dhabuun sabboontota ilmaan Oromoo  badii tokko malee humna waraanaa poolisii federaalaa irratti bobbaasuun hidhatti ukkamsuu itti fufe jira. torbee kana keessa sabboontotni Oromoo Godni Jimmaa Aanaa garaagaraa keessa maqaa Oromummaan Oromoota hidhatti darbamaa jiru.

Haaluma kanaan magaalaa Jimmaa fi Aanotaa Godina Jimmaa garaagaraa irra kanneen hidhaman:

  1. Nazifaa Abbaa Tamaam jiraataa magaalaa Jimmaa ganda Bachoo Booree jedhamu keessatti uffataa hodhuudhaan kan maatii isa jiraachisu,
  2. Barsiisaa Gammachuu jedhamu aanaa Shabee Somboo  M/B Marsaa jedhamu irraa utuu barsiisuu humna Poolisii Federaalaan ukkanfame.

Kana malee Anaa Deedoo irraa ilmaan Oromoo torba kanneen ammaf maqaan isiinii nu hin qaqqabiin humna poolisii federaalaan qabamanii mana hidhatti darbamuu maddeen keenya gaabasan.

Haaluma kanaan Yeroo amma kana Mootummaan Wayyaaneen humni Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo ABO’n Godina Jimmaa keessa buufate jira maqaa jedhuu fi maqaa sakkatta’aa dhabamsiisuu jedhuun humna poolisii naannoo Oromiyaa irraa shakkii guddaa qabatuun ajaja mootummaa federaalaatiin poolisoota Federaalaa fi waraanaa aanota Godinichaa keessa bobbaasuun ilmaan Oromoo maqaa qorannoo fi sakkatta’insaan dararuu fi ukkamsuun hidhatti darbaa jiraachuun saaxilamera. Adeemsi gochaa diinummaa mootummaan Wayyaanee fudhachaa jiru kun uummata bakka jiruu dammaqsuun akka uummatni fincilee  sochii FDGtti makamuun mirga isaa kabachiifatuuf dirqamsiisa jiraachuu irraa uummatni utuu hidhatti hin ukkanfamiin harka walqabatnee mootummaa abba irree irratti finciluun yeroon gamtaan kaanee falmannuu amma jechuun dhaamsa waliif dabarsaa jiraachuun ibsame jira.

Godina Jimmaa Keessaatti Warraaqsi Bilisummaa Qeerroo Bilisummaan Qabsiifame Deggersa Uummataan Aanota Adda Addaa Keessatti Itti Fufe

diddaa9Bitootessaa 7,2015 Godina Jimmatti FDG goototni Qeerroon barattootni Oromoo dhaabbilee barnoota olaanoo yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa, Koolleejjii barsiisota Jimmaa fi dargaggoota Oromoo magaalaa Jimmaan qabsiifame gara uummatatti tarkaanfachuun aanota Godina Jimmaa addaa addaa keessatti sochiin warraaqsaa itti fufe.

Oromo: Students Write Appeal Letter to University Administration

Barattoota Sabboontota Oromoo Wareegamaniif Yaadannoo Taasisuuf Manneen Barnootaa Godina Lixa Shaggar Heddumminaan Har’a Cufaatti Oole.‏

Gabaasa Qeerroo Qeerroo Magaala Amboo

Geedoo fi tokkee kuttaayyeeBitootessa 3/2015 Lixa Shaggar irratti barattootni guyyaa har’aa jechuun Bitootessa 3/2015 barattoota waggaa darbee wareegamaniif yaadannoo taasisuuf manni barumsaa akka cufamuu fi barataan kamiyyuu mana barumsaa akka hin deemne kaleessa irraa kaasuun ergaa waliif dabarsuudhaan waamicha taasisanii jiru, haaluma kanaan guyyaa har’aa barattootni mana barumsaa Calliyaa,Geedoo,Miidaqany, Amboo,Gudar, Tokkee Kuttaayee fi kkf guutummaan guututti manni barumsaa cufaatti oolee jira,

Kana malees waraqaalee warraaqsaa hedduunis halkan edaa kan bittimfame waraqaalee balaliituun magaalaa Amboo fi naannoo Yuuniversitiitti bittimfamee kan bule tika mootummaa Wayyaaneen naasuu guddaa keessa seenuudhan, ganamaan ka’anii
funaanuun dhagayamaa jira. kanumaan wal qabsiisuun barattootni naannoo jiranitti walitti dhufuudhaanis yaadannoo barattoota waggaa darbe wareegamaniif taasisaniin hucuu gaddaa uffachuudhaan, gumaan obboloota ilmaan Oromoo wareegaman keessattuu dhimma naannowaa Finfinneef mootummaa Wayyaaneen galaafatamaniif wareegamni isaanii bilisummaan deebi’uu  qaba jechuudhaan dhaadannoo fi ergaa waliif dabarsaa akka jiran Qeerroon gabaasa.

Oromia: Appeal Letter of Oromo Students of Jimma University March 2, 2015

Gootonni Qeerroo Bilisummaa Yuniversitii Wallaggaa FDG Kaasaniin Aangawoota Wayyaanee Arihan, Bartaa Electrical Waggaa 3ffaa Kumaa Gammachuu fi Hedduun Poolisootaan Butaman.

diddaa9Bitootessa 1,2015 Gabaasa Qeerroo Naqamte, Sochii barattoota Oromoo qabaneessuuf kan saganteeffate mootummaan Wayyaanee kaabinoota gurguddaa jedheen kan yaadu Dr,Geetachoo Bashargoon kan durfamu gartuu sochii barattootaa qabaneessu gara mooraa Yuuniversitii Wallaggaa Naqamteetti erguun baratoota walitti qaban,hanga ammaatti ammaatti hojjettooti mooraa kanneen hidhata ABO qaban baajeta moorichaa miliyoonaan kan lakkaawamu mootummaa kasaarsanii jiru jechoon badii gara hojjettootaa badii mallamaltummaa riguu fedhan.

Kanatti aansees garuu mooraan kun fakkeenyumma gaarii qaba jechuun Ministeerri barnoota Federaalaa gaafa Bitootessa 1,2015  ykn eda halkaniitti sagantaa TRENDS AND CHALLENGS IN ADOPTION OF SCIENCE jedhu  barattoota Yuuniversitii Wallaggaa barsisuuf  gadi itti taa’e.Haa ta’u malee wayita sagantaa kana irratti argamanitti goototni barattoota Yuunibarsiitii Wallaggaa kaabinoota waltajjii ta’anitti iyyuudhaan biyya keenya gurgurtanii nu keessa hin teessan jedhuun waltajjicha irratti dhadatnoo fi faaruulee warraaqsaa itti iyyanii bakka sana irraa qaaniin arihan.

Waltajjiin kun erga diigamee Qeerroofi qarreen mooraa kana keessaa balbala gudda hanga mooraa komtootti dhaadhannoo dhageessisaa turan

  1. Maaster pilaaniin finfinnee goonkumaa hojiirra hin oolu
  2. Duguuggaa sanyii nurratti raawwatuuf addunyaa kanatti sagaleen keenya nuuf haadhaga’amu
  3. ABOn gaachana qabsoo Oromooti
  4. WBO-n abdii uumata Oromooti
  5. Qeerroon Bilisummaa qabsoo itti fufna,diinota qeerroo golee Oromiyaa kamuu keessatti dura dhaabbanna.
  6. Nuti tokko tokkummaa keenyaan walaba nibaana jechaa erga turanii booda

Jedhuu fi sirboota barannoo rorroodha aabbee  mallattoon kannisa ittiin nuhiddiifi yaaoromoo qotan qotu malee  lafa hin qabatanii du’an du’u malee  diina hyin sagadanii jechaa erga turanii haala kanaan Poolisoonni heddumminaan mooricha seenuun barattoota Oromoo hedduu raabuu fi hidhuun barataa elektirikaalaa waggaa 3ffaa kan ta’e Kumaa Gammachuun dabalatee barattooti hedduun mana hidhaatti geeffaman.

Bitootessa 1/2015 Goototni Dargaggootni Qeerroon Barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa, Kolleejjii Barsiisota Jimmaa, Manneen Barnoota Sadarkaa 2ffaa Jimmaa fi Dargaggootni Oromoo Magaalaa Jimma FDG jabeessanii itti fufuun Muktar Kadirii fi Dammaqee Mokonni Of Irraa Arihan.

diddaa9Bitootessa 1/2015 Goototni Dargaggootni Qeerroon Barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa, Kolleejjii Barsiisota Jimmaa, Manneen Barnoota Sadarkaa 2ffaa Jimmaa fi dargaggootni Oromoo Magaalaa Jimma FDG jabeessanii itti fufuun ergamoota Wayyaanee Muktar Kadiri fi Dammaqee Mokonnoon angawoota Wayyaanee olaanoo dura dhaabachuun dhaadannoo dheekkamsaan guutame dhageesisuun, Angoowwaan Wayyaanee EPRDF/TPLF Abbay Tsahayee yakkamaan akka Seeratti dhiyaatu gaafachuun FDG dhoosan.
Mootummaan abbaa irree Wayyaanee sochii Warraaqsaa gootonni dargaggootni qeerroon barattoonni Oromoo magaalaa Jimmaa keessatti guyyaa shanii oliif wallee warraaqsaan qabsiisaniin soda fi yaaddoo guddaa keessa seenuun aangawoota sirna EPRDF/TPLF Dammaqee Mokonnooni fi Muktaar Kadiri jedhaman waraana waliin ilmaan Oromoo sodachisuu fi ficcisiisuuf bobbasee ture, gootonni ilmaan Oromoo Warraqsa egalan daran jabeessuun FDG dhoosuun dura dhaabbatan. Ergamaan Wayyaanee
sochii warraaqsa dargaggoota barattoota Oromoo Moktaar Kadir dhabachuu dadhabuun baqatee kan sokke yoo ta’uu, ergamtichi Wayyaanee Dammaqee Mokonnoon jedhamu immoo bataluma FDG dhoofametti xiyyaraan baqatee magaalaa Jimmaa keessa ba’uun dhagaa’ame. Goototni dargaggootni Qeerroo barattootni ilmaan Oromoo dhugaan qabsoo finiinsan sochii Warraaqsaa FDG guyyoota shanii oliif Wallee Warraaqsaan eegalan jabeessuun guyyaa har’aa stadium guddaa Magaalaa
Jimmaa keessatti argamu keessatti bakka Waldorgommiin Ispoortii Oromiyaa inni dhumaa /xummuraa gaggeeffamaa jirutti walitti dhufuun FDG dhoosan, Dirreen Ispoortii gara dirree FDG fi falmii mirga abbaa Biyyummatti jijjirame.
Goototni daraggootni barattootni Oromoo lafa waraannii wayyaanee
kumootan lakka’amu jiruu fi humnootni tikaa angawoota wayyaanee waliin
hiriiranii jiranitti dhaadannoo armaan gadii dhageesisan:
1. Abbay Tsahayee seeratti dhiyaachuun yakka duguginsa sanyii uummata
keenyarratti rawwacha jiruuf itti gaafatamuu qaba.
2. Abbay Tsahayee aangoo gadhiisuu qaba!!
3. Abbummaan lafaa uummata keenyaaf haa mirkanaa’u!!
4. Mirgi bilisummaa uummata Oromoo fi saboota cunqurfamoof kabajamuu qaba!!
5. Mirgi abbaa biyyummaa keenyaa nuuf haa mirkanaa’u!!
6. Ofiin buluu qabna halagaan nu hin bulchu.
7. Mirgii dimookiraasii fi namummaa kabajamuu qaba.
8. Nuti dimookiraasii barbaanna!!
9. Mirgi abbaa biyyuummaa, eenyummaa fi Oromummaa keenyaa nuuf kabajamuu qaba!!
10. Biyya dimookiraasiin hin jirree keessatti filannoo dimookitawaa
gaggeessuun hin danda’amu !!
11. Filannoon sobaa fi fakkeessa dhaabbachuu qaba!!
12. Muktaar kadir Oromoo bulchuu hin qabu!, uummata keenya arrabsiisaa
fi tuffachiisa jira.
13. Master planiin Finfinfee dhaabbachuu qaba!!
14. Gaffii mirgaa waan gaafatneef mootumman hidhaa julmaa,ajjeechaa,
fi hidhaa nurratti rawwate seeratti dhiyaachuu qaba
15. Yakka Oromiyaa keessatti U/Oromoo irratti gaggeefamaa jiruuf
Abbay Tsahayyee, Muktar Kadir, Dammaqee Mokonnoon, itti gaafatamuu
16. Hidhamtootni siyaasaa ilmaan Oromoo hundi halduree tokko malee
hiikamuu qabu!!
17. Nuti bilisummaa barbadna!! Oromiyaan bilisoomuu qabdi, jechuun dhaadannoowwaan dheekkamsaan guutamee afaan ingiliffaa fi afaan
Oromoon wal harkaa fudhuun dhageesisaan. Wallee Warraaqsaan qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo ABO ‘n durfamuu fi hogganoota qabasoo bilisummaa Oromoo faarsan. Sochii warraqsa FDG kanaan wal qabatee goototni barattootni dargaggootni barattootni Oromoo 10 olitti tilmaamaman humna waraana wayyaanee Muktar Kadirii fi dammaqee Mokonnoon eeguuf bobbafameen ukkanfaman, maqaa adda baasuun gabaasna. Poolisootni Oromiyaa fi dhalootaan Oromoo ta’an tarkaanfii diinummaa fudhachuu irraa of qusachuun uummataan jalatamaa fi kabajamaa jiraachuun hubatame. hoggantootni Sochii warraqsaas poolisoota ilmaan Oromoo tarkaanfii gara jabeenyaa fi diinummaa irraa of qusachuu poolisota Oromiyaatti hedduu isaan galateeffate, biyyi kun yoo bilisoomte isin illee walumaan bilisoomtu, uummata keessaniif dhaabbadha dhaamsa jedhus dabarseefi jira.
Goototni hayyoonni hagganoonni Sochii Warraqsaa FDG fi qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo karaa nagaa warraqsa FDG biyya keessatti qabsiisuun qabsoo finiinsa jiran ammas irra deebi’uun uummata Oromoo hundaaf waamicha FDG gadi jabeessuun dabarsuu itti fufuun ” Yaa ilmaan Oromoo waanjoo gabrummaa baatnee taa’uu hin qabnu bakka jirruu hundaa quba walqabaachuun tokkummaan kaanee biyyaa keenyaaf, mirga uummata keenyaaf, Oromummaa keenyaaf, bilisummaa keenyaaf, lafa Oromoo saamamaa jiruuf, ilma Oromoo ajjeefamaa, hidhamaa jiruuf, barnootarraa arii’amaa jiruuf, eenyummaa keenyaaf yeroon gamtaan kaanee falmannu amma.

Diddaan Qeerroo Yuuniversitii Jimmaa fi Kolleejjii Barsiitota Jimmaa Ummataa fi Poolisoota Oromoo Dabalatee Sadarkaa Jabaan Itti Fufe, Waraannii fi Humni Tika Wayyaanees Muddama Seene.

Guraandhala 26,2015   Goototni Qeerroon barattootni Oromoo Yuunivarsiitii Jimmaa, Kolleejjii barsiisota Jimmaa fi Magaalaa Jimmaa keessatti argaman  diddaa siran cunqursaa Wayyaanee Jabeessuun guyyaa har’aa i hogganaa abbaa irree Wayyaanee TPLF/EPRDF kan ta’ee Abbooy Tsaayyee balaaleffachuun Magaalaa Jimmaa keessa nanna’uun Wallee Warraaqsaa FDG finiinsuun mootummaa abbaa irree Wayyaanee balaaleffatan.

Akkuma bara darbe baatii Ebla 11,2014 irra eegaluun gaaffii mirga abbaa biyyuummaa fi dimookiraasii karaa nagaa qabsiisuun FDG dhoosuun  Seenaa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo keessatti boqonnaa haarawaa banan torbee kana keessaa waldorgommii Ispoortii akka Oromiyaatti Jimmaatti gaggeeffama jiru sababeeffachuun  Wallee Warraaqsaan uummata Oromoo hundaaf dammaqinsa qabsoo gochuu eegalaan; guyyaa har’aas itti jabeessuun ifatti ba’uun mootummaa Abbaa irree EPRDF /TPLF Abbaay Tsayyeen durfamuu Wallee Warraaqsaa dhaadanoon wal makatee fi barnoota guddaa uummataaf dabarsuu fi FDG’f nama onnachiisuu dhoosuun ifatti abbootii Irreef uummatni jilbeeffatee akka hin bitamnee magaalaa Jimmaa keessa naanna’uun labsii godhani jiru.

Diddaa guyyaa har’aa goototni ilmaan Oromoo qabsoo bilisummaa uummata Oromoo ittin faarsaa olaanifi hogganaa wayyaanee Abbay Tsaayyee ittin balaaleffachaa oolaan , hedduu kan uummata hawwatee fi uummaatni fi dargaggootni Magaalaa jimmaa manaa ba’uun wallee warraaqsaa kanatti makamuun mootummaa abbaa irree Wayyaanee balaaleffachuu fi kan itti hin bullee ta’uu ibsachuun, Addatti immoo hogganaa Wayyaanee TPLF/EPRDF kanneen akka Abbaay Tsayyee sagalee guddaan balaaleffachuun: wallee warraaqsaa Ka’aa lollaa, Wayyaanee lollaa, Abbaa Irree Abbaay Tsayyee hogganaa wayyaanee lollaa , Ka’ii Oromoo falmadhuu, Wallaggarra falmadhuu, Amboo irraa falmadhuu, Jimmaa Irraa falmadhuu, Iluu irraa falmadhuu, Harargee irraa falmadhuu, Arsii gubbaa falmadhuu, Gujii Booraanaa falmadhuu, Arsii Baalee falmadhuu, Ka’aa lollaa abbaay Tsayyee lollaa, jechuun sagalee guddaan wallee warraaqsaa qabsiisuun Waamichaa FDG uummata Oromoo hundaaf dabarsan. ”kA’AA LOLLAA Hogganaan abbaa irree EPRDF/TPLF  Abboyi  Tsayyee uummata Oromoo jumlaan ajjeesisaa, hiisisaa, biyyaa irraa arii’achaa turee dhiyeenya immoo jechoota eenyummaa sabummaa fi mirgoota sabummaa uummatichaa tuquun dhimmaa ”MASTER PLAN FINFINNEE” wal qabsiisuun uummaata Oromoo abaaraa/arrabsaa .fi doorsiisa ture ni lollaa, ni balaaleffatna, aqngoo irraa bu’uu qaba jechuun  wallee warraaqsaa jabaataa fi aarii jechoota dhiyeenya Abaay Tsayyee hogganaan abbaa irree wayyaanee EPRDF/TPLF dubbatee  addatti kan balaaleffate yoo ta’uu, akka walii galaatti qabsoo FDG finiinsuuf qindoominaa fi ga’uumsa Sochii dargaggoota Oromoo FDG gaggeessa jiranii uummataaf ibsuun, FDG waliigalaatti akka uummatni Oromoo makamuu fi harka walqabatee ka’uuf karaa kan saaqaa jiru ta’uun hubatame jira. Uummatni Oromoo Magaalaa Jimmaa , Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa,fi  kolleejjii  barsiisota Jimmaa sochii gootota Qeerroo barattoota Oromoo kanatti boonuun, isin malee maal qabna, isin cina jirraa, ija Abbay Tsayyee dhiiga ilmaan Oromoo dhugaa turee fi dhuguuf labsii dugguugginsa sanyii Genocide labsa jiru irraa isin haa qabu, isin waliin jirraa jabaadha jechuun jalalaa fi fedhii guddaa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoof qaban ibsatan, FDG keessattis harka walqabatnee ni kaana jechuun uummata Oromoo hundaaf dhaamsa isanii dabarsan.

Humnootni Poolisii Wayyaanee dhalootaan Oromoo hin ta’iin  fi humni tikaa fi dabballootni  Wayyaanee sochii kana dura dhaabbachuuf ramadamaan human isaani ol waan ta’eef waan qabanii gadhiisan dhabuun dhiphina guddaa keessa seenani argamu. Magaalaan Jimmaas muddama guddaa keessa seentee kan jirtu ta’uun beekamadha.

  Guraandhala 23,2015 Waldorgommii Ispoortii Akka Oromiyaatti Magaalaa Jimmaa irratti gaggeeffamaa jiruun wal qabatee Guyyaa hardhaa Magaalaan Jimmaa Wallee Warraaqsaa FDGf uummata qopheessuun dhuunfatamte. Poolisootni Oromiyaas sochii Qeerrootti makamuun Wallee Warraqa wallisaa turan.

Goototni Dargaggootni barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa, Koolleejjii barsiisota Jimmaa fi dargaggootni Oromoo jirattootni magaalaa Jimmaa bakka waldorgommiin Ispoortii Shaampiyoonaa Oromiyaa gaggeeffama jirutti walitti qabuun Walleelee Warraaqsaa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo leellisuu fi FDGf uummata qopheessuu qabsiisuun magaalaa Jimmaa keessa naannaa’uun eenyummaa, Oromummaa fi gootummaa isanii ibsachuun uummata haalaan dammaqsan. Guyyaa hardhaa Istadeumii Magaalaa Jimmaa keessatti yeroo taphattootni Kubbaa miilaa Magaalaa Amboo fi Jimmaa taphatan walleen warraaqsaa haalaan jabaate, magaalaan Jimmaas raafama guddaa keessa seente, humnootni basaasaa to’achuu hin dandeenye. Walleewwaan Warraaqsaa dhageesisaan keessaattis Jimma kan keenya, Amboo kan keenyaa, Finfinneen kan keenya, Wallaggaan kan keenya, Iluun kan keenyaa, Harargeen kan keenyaa, Adaamaan kan keenya, Bishooftuu, Burraayyuun, Holotaan, Sulultaan, Xaafoon, fi Sabbataan kan keenya Oromiyaa Badhoon biyya keenyaa jechuun haala uummata hawwatuun wallee warraqsaa magaalaa Jimmaa keessa nanna’uun finiinsan. Poolisota Oromiyaa magaalaa Jimmaa keessa jiraniif goototni qeerroon barattootni Oromoo waamicha “Poolisiin kan keenyaa” jedhu waan dabarsaniifPoolisootni hedduun wallee warraaqsaatti makamuun gootota sabboontota Oromoo waliin wallee warraqsaa finiinsan.

Walleewwan warraqsaa Goototni Oromoo finiinsan kunis mataduree: akka halagaan Oromiyatti hin seenne, “Yaa gadhee maaf fokkortaa dhiira namarra baasa kobbortaa,” “Siifan lolaa uummataa narra hin gortuu” kanneen jedhaman ifatti magaalaa Jimmaa keessa naanna’uun uummata sochoosan. Diinaafis firaafis haagaluu jechuun goototni Qeerroon barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa, kolleejjii barsiisota Jimmaa fi dargaggootni Oromoo jiraattootni magaalaa Jimmaa sodaa tokko malee ifatti wallee qabsoo warraaqsa FDG qabsiisuun hidhaa, du’aa, fi daraara fedhee illee fudhachuuf qophii ta’uu ibsatan. Uummaatni jiraattootni Magaalaa Jimmaa daandiitti gadii yaa’uun gootummaa dargaggoota Qeerroo barattoota Oromoo kana kan ajaa’ibsiifatan yoo ta’uu Poolisootni Oromiyaa Wallee warraaqsaa kanatti makamuun qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo faarsan. Waraabbii fi Suuraan Sagalee waraabamee attach isiniif goone jirruu irraa guutummaa wallee warraaqsaa caqasaa.

Ethiopia Official Threatens to Continue Mass Murder in Oromia to Grab Land; Use the Hashtag “#StopAbayTsehaye” to Protest Abay Tsehaye and the Addis Ababa Master Plan

February 21, 2015 · Finfinne Tribune  &

(OromoPress) – Abay Teshaye, a member of the Executive Committee of Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and adviser to the current nominal Prime Minster of Ethiopia, made a genocide threat against the Oromo people who oppose the implementation of a land grabbing policy. Abay Tsehaye made the threat with a vitriolic tone of hatred and arrogance toward the Oromo:

“The master plan will be implemented now. If anyone from the Oromia regional administration or anti-peace forces oppose this, we’ll cut them to size,” OMN reported citing a leaked Amharic audio of Abay Tsehaye from a meeting that took place in Hawasa town in the south. Made against the Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO) and the wider Oromo people; the threat comes on a the heels of massacre across Oromia region from May to July 2014. Oromo media have repeatedly reported that Abay Tsehaye was one of TPLF/EPRDF masterminds of the episode of genocide that claimed the lives of over 200 Oromo students and led to the incarceration of 3,765 students and farmers across Oromia in mid-2014. The students were protesting the implementation of a land grab policy in Oromia towns and rural districts in and around Fifninnee/Addis Ababa, which led to an unexplained disappearance of over 200,000 Oromo farmers.

Abay Tsehaye made the statement at an official meeting on behalf of his party and the Tigrean-led Ethiopian government. His speech was not an empty threat since he and other TPLF officials have followed through with threats and engaged in acts of genocide in Oromia State against innocent civilians, especially the Oromo youth, over the last 24 years (since Tigreans grabbed state power). Oromo activists created a Twitter hashtag #StopAbayTsehaye to protest the angry and arrogant genocide threat by Abay Tsehaye and to spread awareness about the issue to the global audience.


Stop Abay Tsehaye 2

Tigrean Neftengna's land grabbing and the Addis Ababa Master plan for Oormo genocideTigrean Neftengna's land grabbing2 and the Addis Ababa Master plan for Oormo genocideTigrean Neftengna's land grabbing3 and the Addis Ababa Master plan for Oormo genocide

Ethiopioan Army is dominated by Ethnic Tigreans

We Are Ready to Pay Any Sacrifice to Stop Abay Tsehaye and His Cohorts


We Are Ready to Pay Any Sacrifice to Stop Abay Tsehaye and His Cohorts

Qeerroo Bilisummaa Calls for Revolt In Response to Abay Tsehaye’s Insult of the Oromo People

One of the leaders of the TPLF/EPRDF regime and an architect of the so called “Addis Ababa Master Plan”, Abay Tsehaye, has openly insulted the Oromo people and particularly the OPDO by saying that the “Master Plan” will be put into practice by all means. Filled with contempt and arrogance, Abay Tsehaye said those who oppose the Master Plan “will be put down” or “face the consequences”. He proved the long time belief that the so called OPDO is nothing but a puppet of the TPLF which can be intimidated by a single TPLF individual. The dictatorial Woyane Ethiopian regime’s leader Abay Tsehaye, who is working as an “advisor” of the Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn, is one of the TPLF heavy-handed personnel who interfere in all internal affairs of the nominal so called “Oromia regional government”. He is said to be constantly harassing and intimidating high ranking OPDO officials and the leaders of the so called Oromia Regional Administration by calling them into his office. It should be clear that his current insult of Oromo nationalists and members of the Oromia regional administration is an insult to the entire Oromo nation. The so called “Master Plan”, which Abay Tsehay and his TPLF hooligans are trying to shove down into the Oromo people’s throat, is a plan intended to evict Oromo farmers from their ancestral land and destroy the Oromo identity. It intended to take away Oromo land without the will of the owners of the land and destroy Oromo language by incorporating Oromian towns and villages into one big Addis Ababa, the capital city which should belong to Oromo in the first place. In doing so, Abay Tsehaye and the Tigrayan elites have a plan to divide Oromia into two: East and West.

In April and May, 2014, Qeerroo Bilisummaa has organized Oromian youth for nationwide protest against this so called “Master Plan”, in which the regime brutally killed hundreds of school children and arrested and ruthlessly tortured tens of thousands others. Our people have already paid the ultimate sacrifice with their blood and the lives of their children. The current chauvinistic outburst of Abay Tsehaye only reaffirms to us that our struggle should continue and that we should pay all necessary sacrifice. We will NEVER let this minority regime dictate its will upon us. We shall ignite the torch of Revolt Against Subjugation (Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa) again and defend our father’s land and dignity. A minority regime will not “put us down”. More:- Stop Abay Tsehaye and His Cohorts

Areal Satellite Images of the Addis Ababa expansion (1992-2013) at the Expense of Oromo Farmers

Guraandhala/February 19, 2015 · Finfinne Tribune | |

By “Reinvent Ethiopia”

Addis Ababa has expanded rapidly over the last 20 years by swallowing villages and farming communities, all of whom are Oromos, along its path. This has resulted in the eviction of at least an estimated 100,000 Oromo farmers to make way for “industry” and other high priority “development” endeavours, and for the construction of luxury apartments and mansions for TPLF officials and their accomplices. These farmers, because they have never had any experience with urban ways of life and doing business, soon become homeless, jobless begging on the street when they run out of the unfair compensations they were given by the government. This is very sad, and a crime of genocidal proportion.

Many OPDO officials, contrary to their TPLF masters, know these horrifying stories of farmers left on the street of Addis begging, and others working as daily labourers. And it seems they have said enough when they resisted the top-down approach of imposing the so-called Addis Ababa surrounding Oromia integrated Master Plan, which is kind of a way to legitimize the annexation of towns around the city. Many were killed when they peacefully took to the streets to protest the Master Plan in April/May 2014. No enquiry has ever been conducted regarding the massacres in Ambo and other locations.

And TPLF continues to bully OPDO officials to submit themselves in continuing to committing genocide on the Oromo farmers. Some bow for their masters. Others not so much.

Many believe the Master Plan is not according to the interest of the Oromo people, and it has to be prepared by the Oromia regional state after Addis Ababa is handed over to the Oromia regional state as a special administration territory, also stipulated in article 49(5). Well, TPLF is not even willing to amend the plan, let alone giving the city to Oromia regional state. This is shown in the ignorance of officials, such as Abay Tsehaye, who declares war on people as unison on public meeting. Abay Tsehaye, probably the second in command of TPLF, has vowed to crush any resistance to the Master Plan. But the Oromo youth or Qeerroo and other political parties, both peaceful and through armed movement, have echoed their concern and promised to address the issue seriously.

The following video is a compiled satellite night time images making time lapse of Addis Ababa since 1992. It clearly shows the city has rapidly grown particularly huge jump between 2003 and 2006.

Ask yourself, is this growth or genocide? What is the meaning of development if it just displaces resources, makes one rich for every 1000 poor? Ask yourself, why farmers who have always lived with their land in pride, sustain themselves for generation, are removed from their livelihoods into new ways of life that are quite radical and hard to comprehend?

“Master Plan” Finfinnee irratti Ibsa ABO:- Balaa Ummata Oromootti aggaamame hanqisuun dirqama Oromummaa ti!

 Guraandhala/February 18, 2015 · Finfinne Tribune | |


OLF logo

Gabrummaa waggoota dhibbaa oliif Oromiyaa irratti diriirfame ummata Oromoo Kumootaan qe’ee fi lafa isaa irraa buqqaasuun lafa dhablee taasiseera. Magaalaa Empaayera Itophiyaa handhuura Oromiyaatti gadi dhaabuuf tarkaanfii sanyii duguuggii/genocide/ wal gituun fudhatamaa tureen gosootni Oromoo Abbichuu fi Galaan naannoo irraa dhabamsiisamaniiru. Tarkaanfiin diinummaa maqaa “Maaqnaat” jedhuun adeemsifamaa ture bara Wayyaanees maqaa “misoomaa fi guddinaan” itti fufamuu irraa yeroo ammaatti Oromoon qe’ee fi jireenya isaa irraa buqqaafamaa jiru kan durii irra caalaa dhufe malee hin xiqqaanne. Mootummaan Wayyaanee karooraa fi imaammata Abbootii isaa irraa dhaale itti fufsiisuun waggoota 23 dabraniif lafoota akka Boolee Bulbulaa, Laga Xaafoo, Aqaaqii, Sabbataa, Sulultaa, Buraayyuu fi kkf irraa qotee bulaa Oromoo ari’uun gurgurataa fi hirataa har’a gahuunis dhokataa miti.

Karoora bittootaa ummata Oromoo hin fayyadne, qe’ee fi lafa isaa irraa buqqaasee hiyyummaa fi deegaaf saaxilu kana mormuun lammiileen Oromoo hedduu wareega lubbuu itti baasaniiru. Kan man hidhaatti guuramanii fi dhaanaman kumoota hedduun lakkaa’amu. Lammiiwwan Oromoo kabajamuu mirga ummata Oromoof jecha diinaan ajjeefamanii fi hiraarfaman, akeekni irratti wareegama lammummaa baasan bilaashatti akka hin hafnee fi karoorri diinaa Oromoo irratti xiyyeeffate kunis akka hin milkoofne gochuun ammas dirqma lammii Oromoo hundaa tahu gadi jabeeffamee hubatamuu qaba. Karoorrii fi imaammatni bittoota Itoophiyaa maappii Oroomiyaa jijjiiruun gaaffii walabummaa fi bilisummaa ummata Oromoo hanqisuu akka tahe eenuyyuu jalaa dhokataa miti. Kanaafis jalqabaa hanga ammaatti ummatni Oromoo shira diinotaa kana gootummaan dura dhaabbatuun haqa isaaf wareegama baasaa akka ture seenaan QBO ni hubachiisa. Shiraa fi hammeenya bittoota Itophiyaan Oromoo irratti dalagamaa dhaloota har’a dhaqqabe kanas ABOn irratti qabsaawaa fi qabseessisaa akka turee fi jirus hubatamaa dha.

Karoora Master plan Finfinnee jedhuun shira yaadame kana ilaalchisee HD ABO J/Daawud Ibsaa waggaa haaraa bara 2015 ilaalchisuun dhaamsa dabarsaniin ,”Master plan Finfinnee kan jedhamu haala kanaan dura mootummootni Itophiyaa dabran gochaa turan irraan addatti bifa baraneen ummata Oromoo lafa isaa irraa buqqaasuun eenyummaa isaa dhabamsiisuu irratti kan xiyyaafate dha”jechuun shira duubaan jiru saaxilaniiru.

Karoora diinummaa lafaa fi magaalota Oromiyaa bulchiinsa Oromiyaa jalaa baasuudhaan bulchiinsa Federaalaa jala galchanii akka fedhanitti gurguratuu fi hiratuuf baafame kana ilaalchisee qondaalli ol aanaa mootummaa Wayyaanee Abbaay Tsahaayyee haasaa dhiheenya godheen, “Karoorri Finfinneef baafame hojii irra ni oolfama! Kan kana dura dhaabbatu hundas ni sirreessina! eenyummaa keenya itti agarsiifna!” jechuun bulchitootaa fi qondaalota OPDO-tti dhaadateera. Abbootiin irree osuma dhaadatanii kan dhabaman tahuun beekamaa tahus dhaaduun qondaala Wayyaanee kanaa , Wayyaanotni hangam ummata akka tuffatani fi hagam ammo akka salphatanii gadi bu’an agarsiisa.

Dhabamaa fi deega ummata Oromoon jireenya qananii jiraatuu kan baratan bittootni Itoophiyaa dhaadatuun, ummatni Oromoo mirgaa fi eenyummaa isaatiif falmatuu irraa tasa isa hin dhaabu. Ummatni Oromoos karoorri hojii irra oolfama jechuun qondaalli diinaa ittiin dhaadatu kun kan eenyummaa fi mirga isaa irratti xiyyeeffate tahuu caalaatti waan hubatuuf walabummaa fi bilisummaa isaa gonfachuuf qabsoo itti jiru finiinsun galii isaan kan gahatu tahuun shakkiin hin jiru.

Kanaaf ilmaan Oromoo sirna farra ummata Oromoo tajaajiluuf itti fufuu murteeffataniin ala OPDO keessa jiran, haasaan tuffii, karaa biraa ammo abdii kutannaa fi jibbiinsaa Abbaay Tsahaayyee, diinni yoomiyyuu diina tahuu kan mirkaneessu waan taheef mirga ummata Oromoo kabajsiisuuf ummata isaanii cinaaa hiriiruun akka qabsaawan, tarkaanfii seenaa qabeessa fudhattaniinis gaafatama seenaa jalaa akka of baasan ABOn waamicha Oromummaa amma illee irra deebiin dabarsaaf.

Kan waliin kanneen wal qixxummaa, dimokraasii fi haqaaf falmina jedhan hundi gochaan farrummaa ummata Oromoo mirga jiraachuu dhabsiisaa jiru kun wayta ifatti raawwatamaa jiru kanatti, saaxiluu fi dura dhaabbatuu irra moggaa dhaabbatanii ilaaluu filatuun ykn akka hin dhagahiinitti callisuun seenaan gaafachiisaa tahuu akka hubatan ABO gadi jabeessee dhaama. Karoora diinaa eenyummaa Oromoo dhabamsiisuu irratti xiyyeeffate kana ABOn jabinaan kan dura dhaabbatuu fi fashalsu tahuu irra deebi’ee ummata Oromoof dhaamaa, karoorrii fi imaammatni mirga ummataa hin kabajnee fi ummata abbaa biyyaa dhabamsiisuu qabsoo ummataan kan fashalu tahuu ABOn gadi jabeessee hubachiisuu fedha.

Injifannoo Ummata Oromoof!

Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo

Guraandhala 18, 2015

Ibsa Ejjennoo Haala Yeroo Irratti Garee Deeggartoota Paartii Kongirasii Federaalawaa Oromoo(KFO) Idil-Addunyaa irraa Kenname.

Ministeera Dhimma Federaalaa kan turanii fi yeroo ammaa kana Waajjira Muummicha Ministeeraa keessatti Gorsaa Olaanoo ta’uu dhaan kan tajaajilaa jiran Obbo Abbaay Tsehayyee dhimma Maaster Pilaanii Finfinnee ilaalchisuudhaan haasawaa taasisan keessatti tuqaalee armaan gadii irratti Olaantumaa Seeraa Kan Cabsan fi Kabaja uummataa kan mulqan waan ta’eef Cimsinee balaaleffanna.

1ffaa:- Dhaadannoon Obbo Abbay Tsehayyee dhaadatan Seera Fi Heera cabsuudhaan uummata keenya irratti lola kan labse waan ta’eef cimsinee ni Mormina.
2ffaa:- Dhaadannoon Obbo Abbaay Tsehayyee dhaadatan Tuffii Motummaa Naannoo Oromiyaaf qaban qofa osoo hin taane Tuffii uummata Oromoof qaban kan agarsiisu waan ta’eef cimsinee balaaleffanna.
3ffaa:- Dhaadannoon Obbo Abbaay Tsehayyee dhaadatan kun Seera fi heera biyyattii keessaa Ofiin Of Bulchuu Mootummoota Naannoo Keewwata 50-52 irratti barreeffamee jiru kan Cabsan waan ta’eef Cimsinee ni Mormina.
4ffaa: Dhaadannoon obbo Abbay Tsehayyee uummata Oromoo irratti dhaadatan seeraa fi heera biyyattii Keewwata 42 Lakkoofsa 2 fi 4 irratti akkasumas Keewwata 89 lakkoofsa 6 irratti barreeffame burkuteessuu dhaan murtee uummata hin hirmaachisne murteessuuf waan dhaadataniif dhaadannoo isaanii kana cimsinee mormina.

Walumaa Galattii Obbo Abbaay Tsehayyee gita hogganummaa biyyattii isa olaanaa irra osoo jiranii Seeraa fi Heera biyyattii cabsuudhaan haasawa uummata xiqqeessu fi tuffii calaqqisu waan ta’eef Garee Deeggartoota Idil-Addunyaa Paartii Kongirasii Federaalawaa Oromoo(KFO) kan balaaleffatu ta’uu beeksifna. Kanaafis Olaantummaan Seeraa biyyattii keessatti akka kabajamuuf Obbo Abbay Tsehayyee aangoo isaaniirraa kaafamanii gocha raawwataniif seeraaf dhiyaatanii akka itti gaafataman cimsinee gaafanna!!!

Garee Deeggartoota Idil-Addunyaa Paartii Kongirasii Federaalawaa Oromoo(KFO) irraa
Gurraandhala 2015

SBO Gurraandhala 18 Bara 2015. Oduu, Haasaa Hoggana Wayyaanee Abbay Tsahayyee irratti qophii qophaa’ee fi gabaasa hiriira nagaa hawaasa Oromoo Norway akkasumas SBO Sagantaa Afaan Amaaraa

“We Will Not Allow Tigrean Buildings and Factories on the Graves of Oromo Farmers.” – OFC Editorial Takes Decisive Position to #StopAbayTsehaye

Abay Tsehaye: The ugly face of Tigrean Chauvinism

Few months ago, in an interview with journalist Befekadu Moroda of Oromia Media Network (OMN), I asserted that TPLF and the Tigrean ruling class have transformed into Neftegna. Abay Tsehaye’s recent words and behavior testament to that. Remember the Neftegna system that gave monopoly over the means of violence and the sources of wealth produced chauvinistic agents who exploited and disrespected oppressed groups in Ethiopia. The system also engineered social behaviors that justified the actions of those agents and popularized myths of the dominant groups socio-cultural superiority. Overtime, the ruling class and its base began rationalizing and institutionalizing prejudice and extreme form of violent responses towards those who dissented.

During the early years of their rule, as violent and oppressive they were, TPLF differentiated themselves from their predecessors by being sensitive and showing reasonable respect for groups they subjected. However, they began abandoning such sensitivity as they consolidated power and began amassing wealth, and they have started adopting the ugly behaviors of their predecessors. Nowadays, emboldened by the absolute monopoly of the means of violence, intoxicated with abundance of wealth at their disposal and facing no so significant threat to their rule, the TPLF Tigrean rulers’ rudeness, arrogance and disrespect for other cultures have become their norm. Just like their predecessors, they have the false sense of inherent superiority which had made them feel invincible. This behavior is even worse among their rising generation – which was born into wealth and power and grew up being drugged with post-victory (post-1991) bravado of TPLF.

This is good and bad news. It’s ‘bad’ because such collective behaviors increase and justify violence and repression against the subjected populations. However, on the ‘good’ side, it makes the system intolerable – expanding the base of resistance, and, consequently, speeding up the downfall of the system.

Abay Tsehaye’s Bravado Exposes the TPLF Master Plan

The Gulele Post,   • February 15, 2015

Abay Tsehaye’s threat, its tone and spirit, is very revealing of TPLF’s contempt and disrespect for Oromos, even those who are serving them as puppets. What is the story behind such outburst? After completion of the the Master Plan without any involvement from the Oromia side, Abay Tsehaye gathered senior OPDO leaders and ordered them to implement the plan. They expressed concern that they were not involved in the process of drafting the plan and that it will be hard to convince the rank and file. They were told they will not take NO for answer. The OPDO leaders could not even agree on the matter and when they took the issue to the mid-level leadership, they were met with fierce resistance and hostility. While the Oromia state leaders were planning to bring the issue to the Caffee ( parliament) for deliberation, Abay/TPLF could not wait so they bypassed them, gathered administrators of cities surrounding Finfinne and told them to begin implementation. At this meeting, the city administrators raised several procedural and policy objections and said they cannot take this plan without further study and deliberation at Caffee ( Oromia parliament level.) The administrators said they cannot convince the public about a plan even they themselves neither understand nor accept. In their typical manner Abay Tsehaye and TPLF leaders rejected the request for further discussion at the leadership level and gave them strict orders to begin the implementation phase. This conflict reached the public leading to the mass protest and massacre of April/May 2014.

During and in the aftermath of the protest, OPDO leaders agreed on the need to postpone the Master Plan as a way of containing the situation. This idea was initially accepted by the official EPRDF including the Prime Minister. However, Abay Tsehaye summoned the OPDO leaders and accused them of sabotage and threatened to eliminate them from the top down, and anyone who stands in the way of the Master Plan. Terrified, the puppet leaders went home and began hibernating avoiding the subject altogether.

Therefore, what is heard in this leaked audio of Abay Tsehaye threatening over a thousand urban planners and administrators is nothing new. His contempt towards Oromo and insidious plan to rob them of their land must be confronted. They have already began implementing the Master Plan and Abay Tsehaye had made it abundantly clear that they will go ahead by any means necessary. Well this needs to be met with the same spirit–the plan must be stopped by any means necessary.

Lets remember that the Finfinne issue is not isolated. TPLF’s real master Plan is to establish Tigrean economic monopoly by depriving Oromos of any real source of economy across the country including fertile land, mineral sites, manufacturing and trade. Therefore the target of Oromo resistance needs to focus on fighting back against this real Master Plan. The resistance needs to identify businesses of TPLF and its affiliates across Oromia and take them on to ensure they don’t succeed.
Arrogant TPLF leaders should realize that their power is more vulnerable than their fortified headquarters lead them to believe. The roots and branches of their domination extends deep into the remotest part of our homeland.

Biyya tuffatan harreen garmaaman
The Gulele Post • February 15, 2015

“Waan feetaanis fiddan Masteer Pilaanin Finfinnee hojirra ni oola. Warra nu dura dhaabbate abbaa feetes taatu ‘likkii’ galchina. Qondaalonni Oromoo godiina naannawa Finfinnee yakkamtoota. Qonddaalonni Oromiyaa laamshoodha.” Kun hundi arrabsoofi dhaadannoo qondaaltichi Wayyanee guddichi Abbaay Tsahaayyee Oromoota walitti qabee itti huruurse kaassaayi. Sagalee gabaabduu waraabamtee OMN geette irraa jechoota fokkisaa akkasii yoo dhageenyu kan nuti hin dhagayin hafan maal faa akka ta’e yaadun nam hin dhibu. Akkan dhagayetti, tibba mormiin godhamaa ture san qondaaltoota OPDO gurguddoo walitti qabuun arrabsoo dhuunfaa bira dharbee hamma doorsisuufi harkaan itti aggaamutti gahame ture.

Tuffiifi jibba Abbaay Tsahaayyeefi waahillan isaa Oromoof qaban afaan ajaayan as bahe kun dhimma nam- tokkee akka hin taane namuu hubachuu qaba. Ejjennoo jaarmayni Wayyaanneen qabattee deemtuun, kan qabeenya Oromoo saamuun sirna cunqursaa isaanii tursiisuuf hammeenya hammamii raaw’achuuf akka muratan ragaadha. Karoorri maqaa Master Pilaaniitin Finfinnee bal’isanii, Oromiyaarraa muranii fudhachuu kunis kophatti laalamuu hin qabu. Master Pilaaniin kun karoora guddicha fi isa ol aanaa Tigroonni ol’aantummaa dinagdee yoomifu turu ijaaruuf qaban irraa kan maddeedha. Akkuma namuu argu yeroo amma kanatti lafti gabbataan jaraaf hirmaa jira. Iddoon albuudaa, warshaalee gurguddaani fi magaalaan sochii dinagdee qabdu too’annaa jaraa jala galfamaa jira. Daldaltoonni Tigraay hamma baadiyyaa Oromiyaatti caasaa diriirfachuun daldaltoota Oromoo taphaan ala godhanii jiran. Qonnaan bulaa Oromoo kaan lafa irraa fudhatanii warshaafi mana jireenya waardiyyaa isaani godhatan. Warra hafe ammoo xaa’oo gatiin samii tuqee itti fe’anii kasaarsanii hiyyoomsan.

Bifa kanaan Oromoo bakka hundatti saamanii hiyyoomsuun Tigree erga duroomsanii booda, dureeyyonni kun Finfinneetti galanii tujaara bakka hin sochoone taasisuuf saffisaan carraaqaa jiran. Milkaayaas jiru. Wanni magaalaa Finfinnee bal’isanii too’achuu fedhaniifis karoora kana waan qabaniifi.

Shira kana fashalsuufi tuffii warra Abbaay kana ofirraa dhaabuuf falli jiru karoora dinagdee Wayyaanee kana hongeessuudha. kana gochuuf:

1. Mormiin master Pilaanii kanarratti ka’e itti fufuu qaba. Diddaan hawaasaafi dargaggoota dabalatee, Ilmaan Oromo sirna san keessa jiran akka Pilaaniin kun hojirra hin oolle waan danda’an hunda godhuu qabu. Hubadhaa, tumsa ilmaan Oromootin alatti karoorri kun hojitti hin jijjiiramu. Kanaaf baatanii ifatti mormuu yoo dadhabdan dalaguma isaan isinitti kennan lafarra harkisuun qabsoof gumaachuun dandeessan.
2. Hunda caalaa daldalaafi sochii diinaggee Wayyaaneefi warri isaanitti hidhatan Oromiyaa keessatti godhan fashalsuurratti fuulleffachuu feesisa. Qabeenya akka dhuunfaafi gurmutti qaban adda baafatanii bifa danda’ame maraan kuffisuuf tattaafachuun dirqama. Ooyruu qonnaa isaan nama keenya irraa kafatanii irraa duroomaa jiran, warshaa guddaa malaammaltummaan harkatti galfatan, lafa albuudaan ummata ardaa sanii hagabsaanii saamaa jiran hunda adda baafatanii irratti xiyyeeffachuu barbaachisa.

Walumaa galatti tuffi Wayyaanee kana kolaasuufi karoora ol’aantummaa diinaggee jaaruuf qaban kana hoongessuf mormiin qofti gahaa miti. Tarkaanfiin qabatamaan kasaaraa keessa isaan galchu itti dabalamuu baannan jarri nutti koflaa, nu ajjeessaa nu arrabsaa hidda isii gama maraan gadi fageeffachaa jirti. Qanni gaariin hiddi kun biyyoo, biyyaafi saba keenya jidduutti gadi dagaage. Kun ammoo biyyee san irraa haadhanii, saba itti dammaysanii biyya ofiirraa buqqaasuuf haala mijaayaadha. Of gaafadhaa, wal gaafadhaa, falfala jaraa kanaaf fala faladhaaa!

Godina Kibba Lixaa Shaggar Magaalota Adda Addaa Keessatti Barruuleen Warraaqsaa Qeerroon Maxxanfaman.

Gurraandala 10,2015 Waliiso

IMG_20141224_211615Magalaa Walisoo, Buusaa, Tajii, Asgorii,Tullubollo, Sabbataa fi bakkewwan adda addaa keessatti barruuleen warraaqsaa hedduun Qeerroo Bilisummaan maxxanfamuu gabaasi naannicha irraa nu gahe addeessa.

Sochii Warraaqsa Bilisummaa ta’aa jiru daran jabeessuun dhadannoolee uumata onnachiisanii fi waamicha diddaa sirna Wayyaanee kan qabu barruuleen kun bakkoota mootummaan Wayyaanee beeksisa maxxanfatu irrattii fi lafa magaalota bakka bebbeekamoo irratti maxxanfamuu fi uumataafis raabsamuu gabaasi Qeerroo naannicha irraa nu gahe addeessa.

Keessattuu Qeerroon aanaa Daawoo magaala Buusaa mana murtii fuula duraa fi secondary fuuldura ti waraqaa waamichaa dhoobuu fi magaala iddoo hedduu ti faca’uurraan kan ka’ee uummanni gammachuu guddaan kan itti dhagaheef qeerroon daraan kan onnatan ta’uu odeessi gama sana irraa nu dhaqabeera.

Gabaasa guutuu dhimma kana agama fuula duraa dhiheesina.

Warraaqsi Bilisummaa Wallagga,Qellem Keessatti Daran Jabaachuun Uummanni Ajaja Mootummaa Wayyaanee Lagate.

Gabaasa Qeerroo Qeellam,Gurraandhala 10,2015

diddaa9Qellem, Jimmaa Horroo ganda qonnaan bulaa Akkoo Jirruu jedhamtu keessatti uummanni ajaja mootummaa waan lagataniif tika wayyaneen reebaman,gabaasa Qeerroo Jimmaa Horroo hara Guraandhala 9 addeessuun guyyoota murasa dura Guraandhala 4 mootummaan misooma lafaa,jedhuun daagaa qotuu jedhamu ajaja basee baadiyaalee keessa qonnan bulaa dirqisiisuun akka bahan ajaja baasaa ture, uummannis yeroo ammaa ajaja mootummaa Wayyaane bakka hundaatti waan lagataa jiruuf humnatti fayadamuu, humna milisha baatiwwan muraasa dura dhimmuma kanaaf leenjifatee ture uummata keessa gadhiisee uumata keessa deemuun WBOn isin keessa jira isintu nyaachisa jechuun jiraattota haa hiraarsan malee uumanni takkaa fudhachuufii hin dandeenye.

Haaluma kanaan halkan halkan uummata irra deemanii reebicha hamaa qote bultootaa fi dargaggoota irratti raawataa jiru guyyaa jedhame kanaa kaasee kanaan namootni miidhamanii buufata fayyaatti argamanii osoo yaalamanii gaffii taasisaniif namootni kaan hallan sa’a 9:00tti manaa waamamuudhaan, gadi fuudhanii reebamuu isaanii duubbachuun Qeerroof ibsa godhanii jiru namoota reebicha kanan miidhaman:
1.Aadde Dambalii Ruudaa
2.Dar.Mohamadnuur Siraaj
3.Dar.Ashennaafii Gindaabaa
4.Dar.Isaaquu Gindabaa fi
kanneen biroos kan maqaan nun gahin hafan jiru, tikoota uummata eebuu waliin kan hiriiranii jiran keessaa bulchaa ganda kanaa kan tahe
Shumbaa Daggafaa, milishaa gandichaa Margaa Agichoo kanneen biroo fuula isaanii ukkaamfachuudhaan namoota humna biraa mootumma irraa ergame waliin uummata dhaanuun reebicha irratti raawwataa jiraachuu gabaasni nu gahee jira.

Wallagga,Godina Horroo Guduruu Aanaa Jaardagaa Jaartee Keessatti FDG Humna Mootummaan ol Tahe Dhohe.

Gabaasa Qeerroo Aliboo Amajjii 26,2015

diddaa9Mootummaan abbaa irree Wayyaanee Bara filannoo 2015 kana milkeessuudhaaf duula Kaardii fudhadhaa humnaan gaggeessaa jiraachuun isaa beekamaa dha. Haalli kunis Aanaa Jaardagaa Jaartee Magaala Jaardagaa fi Aliiboo keessatti daran hammaataa tahuu irraan darbee tajaajilawwan hawaasaa Karoora mootummaa Guddinaa fi Tiraanisfoormeeshinii jedhamuun Uummatatti ololaman keessaa kanneen akka Ibsaa fi Bishaanii haala olaanaadhaan Uummata Magaala Aliiboo rakkisuu fi himatanis qaamni deebii deebisuuf waan dhibeef Hiriira nagaa Humna mootummaa wayyaanee ol tahe godhanii jiran. Barattootni, Barsiisotni, Jiraattootni, Daldaltootni, Hojjettootni mootummaa fi dhuunfaa magaala kana keessaa guutummaan hiriira kana keessatti hirmaachuudhaan diddaa dhageessisanii jiran. Dargaggootnii fi Uummatni Hiriira kana irratti bahuudhaan walleewwan Warraaqsaa ‘’ SII WAYYAAREE, OROMOON LEENCUMA DURUU, ABO NUUF WAYYA,..’’ Kanneen jedhaman wallisuudhaan dhaadannoowwan garaa garaas dhageessisuu irratti argamu. Dhaadannoowwan

1.      Tajaajilawwan Hawaasaa kanneen akka Ibsaa argachuu qabna

2.      Kanneen hidhaman haa hiikaman

3.      Kaardii filannoo dharaa hin fudhannuu fi kanneen biroo kaasuudhaan Hiriira nagaa gaggeessuu irratti argamu

Ebla 2014 keessas Uummatni Magaala kanaa adda durummaan Master Plan wayyaaneen qopheessite dura kan dhaabbate yoommuu tahu FDG itti fufinsa qabu gaggeessuudhaan Mootummaa wayyaanee hundeedhaan akka buqqisuuf FDG itti fufanis hooggansi Qeerroo Magaala Aliiboo gabaasee jira.

Baha Oromiyaa Magaalaa Awwadaay Keessatti Filannoo Caamsaa Keessa Gaggeefamuuf Kadimamtoota Nama 7 Wayyaaneen Dhiheeffate Uummati Oromoo Diddaan Dura Dhaabate.

Gabaasa Qeerroo Amajjii 23,2015 Awadaay.

diddaa9Filannoo Caamsaatti gaggeeffamuuf kaadhimamtoota jechuun namoota Wayyaaneen dhiyeeffataa jirtu irratti mormiin uummataa mudate.

Sirni abbaa irree Wayyaanee karaa lukkeewwan isaa OPDO godina Harargee bahaa magaalaa Awwadaayitti wal gahii gaafa Amajjii 21,2015 uummataa fi miseensota OPDO walitti qabuun kaadhimamtoota filannoo caamsaatiif kaadhimaman jechuun uummatatti beeksisuuf walitti qabe irratti mormiin jabaan uummataa fi miseensota isaa irraa isa mudate. Akka odeessa Qeerroo Awwadaay irraa nu qaqqabetti miseensota OPDO dabalatee kaadhimamtoonni kanneen namoota badii uummata Oromoo irratti dalaganii fi amantii keenya sirnaa dhiisee amantii mootummaan barbaadu dirqamaan nu irratti fe’uuf waarreen deeman waan taheef gonkumaa bakka nu bu’uu hin dandahan jechuun wal gahii walitti qabame irratti lukkeewwan Wayyaanee qaaneessuun wal gahii bittimsuun, dhaadannoo nama ‘’bakka nuu bu’u u dandahu kan filatu uummata Oromooti malee qaama biraa nu hin barbaachisu’’ jechuun sagalee isaanii dhageessifataa akka turan gabaasni nu qaqqabe ibsa.

Kanneen kaadhimamtoota jechuun uummataaf dhiyaatanii mormiin isaan mudate keessaas; –

Sheek Qamaara, nama sirna dargii keessa bakka sagadaa uumataa fuudhee waajjira taasifachuun dargii tajaajilaa ture ammas sirna Wayyaanee tajaajilaa jiru.

  1.  Yuusuuf Qophee nama golgaa amantaan sirna Wayyaanee tajaajilaa jiru.
  2. Ahamad Haaruun nama amantii sirna Wayyaaneen gaggeeffamu leellisu.
  3. Muktaar Karroo nama waggoota kudha shanii duraa calqabee maqaa amantiin wayyaaneen walii galee hojjetu,
  4. Sheek Bakarii Imaam ,
  5. Mahaammad Aliyyii,
  6. Sheek Mahaammad Saalihaa kanneen

Jedhaman namoota miidhama uummata Oromoo irratti gama hundaan halkanii
guyyaa hojjetan waan taheef, balaaleffannaan uummata qofaan otoo hint a’iin miseensuma OPDO dabalatee mormiin jabaa akka isaan mudate gabaasin nu qaqqabe mirkaneessa.

Uummatni Magaala Finfinnee Jiraatu Carraa Argateen Filannoo Dharaa Fashalsuudhaaf Duula Wayyaanee Irratti


Amajjii 25,2015 Gabaasa Qeerroo Finfinnee

9804_586148321520127_6529646606074484948_nGuyyaa har’aa jechuun Amajjii 25 Bara 2015 Waamicha Paartii mormaa Andinnet Uummata Magaala Finfinneedhaaf waamicha hiriira nagaa dabarsee booda Uummatni muraasni hiriira irratti wayita argamu; Mootummaan Wayyaanee garuu dhaadannoowwan dhageessifamaa jiran seera qabeessa miti jechuudhaan waraana hedduumminaan itti bobbaase. Wayita kanatti Uummatni magaala kana jiraatu waraana Mootummaa Wayyaanee Uummata hiriira nagaa bahetti duule dura dhaabbachuudhaan Fincila diddaa garbummaa gaggeessaa oolanii jiran. Uummatni rakkoo jireenyaa fi gidiraa mootummaan wayyaanee uummata irratti buusee jiru hadheeffachuun filannoon dharaas daran waanjoo garbummaa kana kan dabalu malee nageenya waaraa kan hin fidne tahuu ifaan dubbatanii jiran. Uummatni mana mana isaadhaa waraana wayyaaneetti bahuudhaan filannoo dharaan lammaffaa hin gowwoomnu jechuudhaan duula fincilaa godhee jira. Mootummaan wayyaanees haala kanaan kan baarage rakkoo uummata hidhaa fi reebuu hammeessus Uummatnis tarkaanfii walfakkaataa waraana wayyaanee irratti fudhachuudhaan Poolisootni hedduun madeeffamanii jiran. Paartiileen Mormitootaas filannoo dharaa fi abbaa irrummaan guutame kana keessaa akka of baasuu qaban Uummatni diddaa gaggeesse keessatti ifa godhee jira.
Addatti Uummatni Oromoo magaala Finfinnee keessa jiraatu hiriira irratti kan argaman osoo hin taane waraana Wayyaanee Uummata nagaa hiriirsuuf gadi bahe dura dhaabbachuun isaa Paartii Mormaa Andinnet haala olaanaadhaan ajaa’ibsiisee jira. Haala amma eegalame kanaan jabeeffamuudhaanis Mootummaan Wayyaanee hundeedhaan buqqa’uu akka qabuu fi Uummatnis daran diddaa isaa jabeessee akka itti fufu Jaarmayaan Qeerroo Bilisummaa waamicha isaa gadi jabeessee dabarsa.

Wallaggaa Aaanaa Jimmaa Horroo Keessatti Filatnoo Mootummaa Wayyaaneen Wal Qabatee FDG Ka’uun Barattooti Oromoo 6 Hidhaman Kaan Amma Illee Diddaa Itti Fufan

Odeessa Jimmaa Horroo – Amajii 15, 2015

OromoQeerroo 2015_4

OromoQeerroo 2015_1Dargaggoota godina Wallagaa aanaa Jimmaa Horroo keessatti argaman yeroo adda addaatti fincilli diddaa gabrummaa waan ka’aa tureef, kana malees humni WBOyeroo yeroon naannichatti waan sochii muldhataa muldhisuuf jecha dargaggoonni Oromoo diddaa sirna bulchiisa Wayyaanee waan qabaniif kaardiin filatnnoo Wayyaanee bara kanaa akka hin raabsamneefii murtiin darbe.
OromoQeerroo 2015_3
OromoQeerroo 2015_2
Dargaggoonni aanaa kanaa naamusa filannoo jeequuf warra qophaya jiran waan taheef jedhamee barattootas tahee dargaggoota hundaafuu kaardiin filannoo dhorkamuu Qeerroon gabaasaa jira. Akkasuma aanama kana keessa ganda Baabboo jedhamu keesstti dargaggootaan qarshii 3, 3 fidaa waraqaa eenyummaa baafadhaa isaan booda filannoof kaardii isiniif laanna jedhame tole jechuun dargaggoonni qarshii jedhame kana kennan, horiin isaan irraa fuudhames gara darbe dargaggoonni kaardiis fudhachuu hin dandeenye qarshii keenya deebisa Wayyaanee silaafuu hattuudha jechuudhaan daraggoonni Oromoo guyyaa kaleessaa FDG kaasanii jiru.
Haala kanaan namootni 6 dargaggoota kan qindeessu filannoon aka hin gaggeeffamneef dargaggoota ijaaraa kan jiraniidha jedhamuun ganda Baabboo irraa konkolaataa poolisiin galgala sa’a 12 booda waajjira poolisii aanichaatti
gaaffeman, namootni kun maqaan isaanii:
1. Mikaa’el Hirkisa-ogeessa fayyaa Looniiti
2. Nuuraddiin Muusaa-Daldalaa
3. Amad Horaa-Qonnaan Bulaa
4. Shaful Boshoraa-Barataa
5. Iddoosaa Raagaa-Qonnaan Bulaa
6. Shuumaa Lammeessaa-Qonnaan Bulaa
Namootni kun amma waajjira poolisii aanaa Jimmaa Horroo keessa jiru, maqaan ittiin yakkaman tokko namusa filannoo kan jeeqan, kana gochuufis uummata fi dargaggoota ijaarsa irratti kan argaman jedhamuun. Suuraaleen kun barattoota qabamanii fi loltoota sirncha muldhisa. Suurawwan barattoota ariyamanii kanneen nama 10

Filannoon Dharaa Mirgaa fi Bilisummaa Hin Fidu, Jechuun Daraggoonni Adaamaa Kardii Filannoo Lagatan.

Gabaasa Qeerroo Adaamaa,Amajjii 16,2015

Qeerroo vivaFilannoon baranaa uleedhan fudhatamuuf jira jedhu jiraattonni magaalaa Adaamaa fi naannawa ishee tokko tokko akkuma beekkamu filannoo bara kana adeemsifamuuf mootummaan Wayyaanee lafa jala yaalii akka hin moo’amneef olola garagaraa magaalaa hanga baadiyyaatti taasisaa jira.

Yeroo kana immoo ummanni kaardii filannoo akka fudhatuuf dirqamaan mana manarra deemee fudhachiisaa jira achumaan duula na filadhaa jedhus taasisaa jira.Sababuma kanaan dargagootni naannawa magaala Adaamaa kaardiin keessan mirga ykn bilisummaa nuuf hin fidu kaardii kijibaa hin fudhannu jechuun didan ,ergamtoonni mootummaa wayyaanes dargaggoota kaardii fudhachuu didan isin ilaalcha addaa qabdu jechuun ganda keessatti doorsisaa sodaachisaa akka ummanni kaardii dirqiin fudhatu taasisaa jiratan illee dargaggoonni lagataa jiraachuu Qeerroo gabaase. Ummannis sodaachisuu fi doorisaan kaardii mootummaan nutti hiru mirga dimokoraasii fi bilisummaa sabaa waliin waan wal hin ilaalleef gochaa abbaa irrummaa kana dura ni dhaabbatna jedhanii jiru.

Uummanni Oromoo Godina Shaggar Kaabaa, Naannoo Garba Gurraachaa Jiraatan Sababaa Saamicha Lafti Qonnaan Bultootaa Irraan Kan Ka’e Walgayii Wayyaanee Lagatan!‏

Gabaasa Qeerroo Shaggar Kaabaa, Amajjii 8,2015

diddaa9Shaggar gara kaabaa, aanaa Garba Gurraachaa irraa gabaasi Qeerroo akka ibsutti Amajjii gaafa 5 mootummaan Wayyaanee dhimma misooma guddina biyyaa jedhuu fi gumaacha hidhaa laga Abbaayiif hojjetoota isaa garagaraa uummata waliin magaala Garba Gurraachaa irratti walitti qabuun uummataa fi hojjetoota mariisisuuf sagantaa qabatee ture, akka walii galaatti uummatas tahe hojjetaan akka yaada mootummaatti uummata jiraattotni aanaa kana keessa jiraatu walgayii kana irratti hirmaatee akeeka mootummaa galmaan gahuuf dhibbaan namootni akka bobbahan ture, sammuu uummataa keessaa kan hin baanee fi hanga ammaatti uummanni akka Shaggar  kaabaatti qabatee jiru leenjii barattootni yeroo gannaa walgayii mootummaan EPRDF teesisaa ture irratti gaaffii dhimma qotee bulaan lafa isaa irraa ariyamee, lafti qote bulaa mootummaadhaan saamamee gurguramaa ture irratti gaaffii uummata bakka bu’anii gaafataa turan irratti mootummaa biraa deebiin waan hin kennamin hafeef, akkasuma mootummaan Wayyaanee miidhaan ilmaan Oromoo irraan gahaa jiru ilaalchisee uummanni Oromoo quuqaa garaa isaa keessa jiru baafatee himachuuf carraa kan hin argatne tahuu ibsanii jiru.

Haala kanaan mootummaan Wayyaanee ammoo dhimma maqaa misoomaan uummata walitti qabuu fi hidhaa laga abbaayiif uummata irraa qarshii sassaabu kun uummata Oromoo jiraattoota aanaa kana keessa jiraatu biratti gocha saaminsa bifa isaa jijjiirratee fi tooftaa sirni gabroonfataa kun itti fufiinsaaf karaa mijeeffachaa jiru tahuu isaa waan hubateef mootummaan wayyaanee dursee walgayii kana ajajuu isaan dursa guyyaa tokkoo waan taheef uummanni aanaa kana keessa jiraatu dhaamsa waliif dhaamuudhaan hojjetan mootummaa uummata Oromoo waliin tahuun walgahii EPRDF Wayyaanee yaame lagatanii jiru.

Amajjii 5,2015  irratti namoota 15n hin caalleen hirmaatame, isaan kunis gaaffii uummataa kaasan, gama tokkoon mootummaan uummata miidha, uummata hidhaa, ajjeesaa akkamiin uummanni mootummaadhaaf ajajamaa, lafti Oromoo gurgumee dhumeera, lubbuu baayees dhimma lafa Oromiyaatiif dhabneerra, kan jedhan kanneen qaamuma mootummaa godina kanaa tahuu odeessaan nu gahe addeessa.

Tuttuqaan Wayyaanee uummata Oromoo gamteessaa jira, akka gabaasa Qeerrootti  mootummaadhaan ajajamuu keenyaan dura mootummaan dura gaaffiwwan hunda ilmaan oromoo hunda irraa ka’aa jiru kallattii adda addaan kanaan dura ka’e karaa miidiyaatiin deebii haqaa akka kennu, ammas taanaan fuula durattis mootummaa hojii gara jabeessaan uummata keenya irratti raawwataa jiru hin beeknu, gocha isaa darbaniifiyyuu itti gaafatamuu qaba, jedhanii namootni walgayii kana irratti argamanis uummata aanichaa bakka bu’anii dubbatanii akka jiran odeessan qeerroo ibsa.

Godinaalee Oromiyaa Garagaraa Keessatti Uummanni Ajaja Wayyaanee Lagachuu fi Fesheleessuu Eegale‏

Gabaasa Qeerroo  Amajjii 5,2015

diddaa9Godinaalee Oromiyaa garagaraa keessatti ayyaanni jijjiirraa bara haarawaa fi guyyaan WBO Amajjii 1/2015 haalaan kabajamee jira. Gabaasoti Qeerroo kallattii Oromiyaa gara garaa irraa kan dhaamamaa jiru akka ibsutti.  Waggaan haaraa Amajjii 1 fi guyyaa WBOn  uummata Oromoo birattis kan durii caalmaadhaan beekamee barattootaan, hojjetootaan, qonnaan bulaadhaan, caasaa opdo keessaallee uummata Oromoo waliin kan hiriiraniin haala hoo’aadhaan kabajamee darbe.

Walumaa gala kabajaan guyyaa kanaa bara kana mootummaa Wayyaane biratti mufii fi aariin bakkoota gara garaatti humnoota tikaa bobbaasuun yerootti uumata adamsaa turan muldhata. Wayyaaneen uummatni Oromoo duukkaa akka hin jirre yeroo hubatee naasuu guddaadhaan guutameedha yeroon kun, Oromiyaa godinaa hanga gandaatti kan mul’atus ijoolleedhaa hanga abbootii Oromootti Wayyaaneen galafaataa, gabroonfataa, ajjeesaa tahuu isaa caasaa mootummaatti ifaa ifatti yeroo itti baasanii dubbatanii fi waajjiraalee, manneen barnootaa, buufata fayyaa, bulchiinsa magaalota garagaraa fi naannoolee isaanitti barruulee mootummaa Wayyaanee abaaruu fi dhaadannoolee uummata Oromoo jajjabeessuutu mul’ata, kunis caasadhuma OPDO keessaa qabaniin kufaatii mootummaa Wayyaaneef warra yaadda’an irraa gara mootummaatti gabaasa tahu irraa Wayyaaneen waan dhagayuuf haala uummata Oromoo yeroo ammaa irra jiru ilaalchisuun keessattuu ayyaanni guyyaa WBO kan miillanaa kun uummata Oromoo biratti haalaan beekamee waan jiruuf akkuma beekames kabajamuun isaa ifatti waan mul’ataadha. kanumaan wal qabsiisuudhaan:-
Godina wallagga lixaa, Gimbii, Najjoo, Dambi Doolloo, Anfilloo, Jimmaa Horroo, Aayira Gullisoo, fi buufata manneen barnootaa keessatti caasaa OPDO  irraas amantaa waan dhabeef, humna waraana isaa keessaa kanneen sabaan Oromoo hin taane filee gara kanatti erguuf karoora keessa galchee jira jechuun odeessaan qaama mootummaa keessaa bahe nu gahaa jira. naannolee kanatti guddaa kan shakkee jiru yeroodhaa yerootti kan gabaafamaa ture uummanni ilaalcha ABOn dhugamee, ajaja ABOtiin socho’aa jira malee mootummaadhaan miti, fincilli ka’uun dura caasaa OPDO irraa abdiin waan hin jirreef humnuma waraana isaa keessayyuu kan sabaan Oromoo hin taanetti fayamuuf akka jiru qophii mootummaa Wayyaanee gama kanaan dursee odeessaan ibsa.

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Oromo Speaks: Some of the Collected Inspirational Speeches (Interviews) of Oromo Women September 29, 2015

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15-Year-Old Haawii’s Moving Speech on the Importance of Media, OMN and the Struggle to Uphold Afan Oromo

Mini Documentary by Seenaa Jimjimo

‘The Oromo Community Association in Chicago was featured on Chicago Public Radio’s Worldviewprogram on Wednesday, October 20, 2010. Listen below the full segment of the program on the Oromo people, the Oromo Community Association in Chicago, and the benefit jazz concert that the Association will hold on October 24, 2010.From the Chicago Public RadioThere are an estimated 40 million Oromo in Ethiopia, which makes them the nation’s largest ethnic group. Their numbers extend into Kenya and Somalia as well. Yet, despite their wide influence in the Horn of Africa, many people have never heard of the Oromo. Seenna Jimjimo of Chicago’s Oromo Community Association and Kadiro Elemo talk with Jerome about the Oromo culture, the struggle for independence and the local Oromo community in Chicago.’


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Oromian Voices: Current Affairs, News, Views, Analysis and Entertainment from Oromia Media Network, Madda Walaabuu and Other Various sources. #Oromia. #Oromo September 13, 2015

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???????????Oromia Media Network Oromia knwoledge and social media sources


http:// http:// http:// Journalist Abdi Fite Raises Questions for Abbaa-Duulaa: OMN Journalists Discuss Abbaa-Duulaa’s Tigrean-Sanctioned Trip to Little Oromia: See more @ Do you know this facts about Oromo and Oromia?

Oromia: Caalaa Bultuume: “Wareegama Guddaa Ba’a” [New Oromo Music – 2015] September 11, 2015

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 Must listen: Gooticha Artist Caalaa Bultumee Wallee Haaraa Fulbaana 2015

» Caalaa Bultuume: “Wareegama Guddaa Ba’a” [New Oromo Music – 2015]

Caalaa Bultuume:


Oromo Diaspora Mobilizes to Shine Spotlight on Protests in Oromia – Ethiopia August 13, 2015

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Ambo your sacrifices will be remembered for everIn loving memory of fallen Oromo heroes

Oromo Protests defend Oromo National Interest



Oromians held peaceful  protests in  Brussels, Belgium against Ethiopia's genocide against Oromo  people

Oromians held peaceful  protests in  Brussels, Belgium against Ethiopia's genocide against Oromo  peopleOromians held peaceful  protests in  Brussels, Belgium against Ethiopia's genocide against Oromo  people1

Oromians held peaceful  protests in  Brussels, Belgium against Ethiopia's genocide against Oromo  people2

Peaceful protest held in Brussels, Belgium opposing TPLF/ Ethiopia’s land grabs and genocide going on against Oromo people. (Picture above are from Oromo social net works, 11 August 2015).

‘Mormii lafa nannoo Finfinnee irrati Burussel Belgiumti goodhamee. Nami lafa isaa irra buqayee waan hunda dhaba, enyuuma isaa, amanta isaa, afaan isaa dhaba. Kanaafu Uumani Nannoo Finfinne bara Minilik irra kasee Hanga harati buqa’aa jira kana dhabuu qabna, dhadannoo jeedhun mormii goodhama ture irra suura murasa.’

Oromians in USA  held peaceful demonstrations in front of the White House and States Department in protest of mass arrests and genocidal killings going on in Oromia/ Ethiopia by fascist TPLF Ethiopia. 19 June 2015. Lammiiwwan Oromoo biyya Ameerikaa jiraatan   Waxabbajjii 19 bara 2015 Waashingteenitti wal  gahuun gidira fi ajjeechaa Wayyaaneen saba Oromo irraan gahaa jirtu balaaleffachuun mootummaan Ameerikaa akka dhiibbaa godhu gaafatan.

Kan VOA Afaan Oromoo, SBO fi OMN gabbaasan  irraa caqasaa: OromoProtests against genocidal TPLF Ethiopia3. 19 June 2015 OromoProtests against genocidal TPLF Ethiopia2. 19 June 2015OromoProtests against genocidal TPLF Ethiopia4. 19 June 2015 OromoProtests against genocidal TPLF Ethiopia1. 19 June 2015

OromoProtests against genocidal TPLF Ethiopia. 19 June 2015

A Call to Demonstrate Against the TPLF Tyrannical Regime in Ethiopia!

 Wednesday, 27 May 2015
Dear All Oromos and friends of the Oromo in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area and living in other states of USAThe Oromo Community Organization (OCO) of the Washington Metropolitan Area, the Oromo Youth Self-help Association (OYSA), the International Oromo Women’s Organization (IOWO) and the Coordinating Committee formed to establish the Oromo Community Association in North America (OCO_NA) have jointly planned to hold a protest rally in front of the White House and US State Department on June 19, 2015 starting 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM against the Oromo massacre by the TPLF led minority regime in Ethiopia.The purpose of this protest rally is to strongly protest against the ongoing widespread human rights violations and extrajudicial killings of Oromos in general and Oromo students in universities in particular by the TPLF minority regime in Ethiopia. In May 2014 the government security forces killed 70 students demonstrating against the TPLF led minority regime in Ethiopia land grab policy, thousands wounded and arrested. Oromo youth are targeted in general. There are about 45,000 political prisoners as reported by different ex-political prisoners

The current Ethiopia Government is the regime that dehumanizes the Oromo public; violates the basic human rights to freedom of expression, association, and peaceful assembly. The Regime is holding thousands of Oromo political prisoners in its notorious Maikelawi and many other Government detention centers without due legal process and displaces millions of Oromo farmers from their land in the name of master plan development to grab land. The arrests and tortures of Oromos have continued. Many of those who survived the torture have remained incarcerated. For example, at the end of 2014 two Oromo farmers in Salale Zone, North Shoa were brutally murdered and their bodies dragged and put on public display for resisting oppression against /TPLF regime. Very recently, in 2014, Mr. Abbay Tsehaye, one of the top officials of TPLF, adviser of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and head of the Addis Ababa Master plan designers declared war of terror and genocide against the Oromo people for resisting the expansion of Addis Ababa Administration into Oromia State and the ongoing Oromo land grab by the TPLF led minority regime. Oromo citizens couldn’t live peacefully to work, to learn and determine their destinies. Ethiopia is an open prison for the Oromo nationals. Thousands are fleeing their country due to lack of security, peace, freedom and guarantee for life. Young Oromos who fled their country due to Ethiopian government brutality have fallen victims to the beheadings by ISIS in Libya. Many others have perished in the Mediterranean Sea when smugglers’ boats capsized. Oromos are also victims of recent xenophobic killings in South Africa and displacement of refugees by civil war in Yemen. We are protesting to expose this wanton state aggression against the citizens. We make the protest rally to request the U.S administration and the democratic loving Americans to exert utmost pressure on the Ethiopian dictatorial regime so that it stop the arbitrary arrests, kidnappings, tortures and killings of innocent Oromos and university students for simply exercising their God-given basic human rights; freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of peaceful demonstration. We request because the regime is the ally of the United States. In particular, the rally will demand a halt to the killing of Oromo students who are peacefully protesting against the so-called Integrated Development Master Plan whose sole purpose is to illegally expand the capital city, Addis Ababa/Finfinnee towards Oromia State, thereby systematically evicting Oromo farmers from their ancestral lands as well as dispossessing them of their properties, identity, culture, language, freedom, way of life…etc. We also oppose and denounce the false & predetermined election and its shameful results which was orchestrated to legitimize and elongate the authoritarian tenure of TPLF at the expense of the voices of millions of Oromo and other peoples in Ethiopia. The irresponsible TPLF minority gangs once again proved their dictatorial grip to power by declaring EPRDF’s sweeping the election. All Oromos, democratic nations and friends of Oromo should stand against the heinous acts being perpetrated towards Oromo students by the minority led Ethiopian government as well as against the so-called Addis Ababa-Oromia state integrated master plan and also condemns in the strongest terms, the killings and violent atrocities committed against Ethiopian immigrants in Libya, South Africa and Yemen. We also demand that the authorities ordering and executing this massacre against Oromos and other peoples be held accountable for their crimes at an international court.

OCO, OYSA, IOWO and OCA-NA Coordinating Committee are calling upon all Oromos and friends of Oromo in USA and diaspora to demonstrate against this killer and cunning minority led regime in Ethiopia on the same day June 19, 2015. CO, OYSA, IOWO and OCA-NA Coordinating Committee a Joint Board of Directors Sorce: Ayyaantuu News

OROMO in Melbourne Say No to killings in Oromia, Ethiopia,  South Africa, Libya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and other part of the world

It is time to speak up

Oromo & Others Rally in Oslo Against Terrorism in S. Africa, Libya & State Terrorism in Ethiopia

UN Special Procedures Urged to Visit Ethiopia to Investigate Crackdown on Oromo Protests

6 Today, The Advocates for Human Rights, along with Human Rights First, theInternational Oromo Youth Association, Oromia Support Group Australia, the Oromo Community of Minnesota, the Oromo Studies Association, and World Without Genocideat William Mitchell College of Law, sent a letter to six of the United Nations’ special procedure mandate-holders, urging them to request and conduct country visits to Ethiopia to investigate actions taken by the Ethiopian Government in response to student-led protests in the state of Oromia. The request comes on the heels of last month’s Universal Periodic Review of Ethiopia at the United Nations Human Rights Council, where the Government of Ethiopia agreed to “grant full access to Special Rapporteurs and Special Procedures Mandate holders to visit the country, notably the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education,” and to “accept the outstanding requests for visits from the special procedures” of the United Nations. The letter, addressed to the Special Rapporteur on the right to education, the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, the Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, the Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association, and theSpecial Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, notes that country visits from these independent UN experts “are urgently needed because no entities in Ethiopia are able to conduct independent fact-finding.” “Moreover,” the letter notes, “the situation is grave. The June 1 death of a student in custody suggests that demonstrators are being subject to torture and other forms of ill-treatment while in custody.” Click here to read the full letter.

Oromos in Arizona Confront Abay Tsehaye’s Messengers: የፊኒክስ Oromo ወጣቶች የአባይ ጸሀይዬን ቅጥረኞች ልክ አስገቡ!

Oromo Film Maker Gammado Jamal to Release New Movie: “Mr. Master Killer” on YouTube on Feb. 28, 2015 – WATCH TRAILER NOW

TVORO: Hiriira Nagaa Hawaasa Oromoo Trondheim (Guraandhala 14, 2015)

Guraandhala/February 20, 2015 · Finfinne Tribune | |

Report by Kiyyaa Gonfaa On Saturday, February 14, 2015, members of the Oromo Community in Norway protested in front of Trondheim Torg against the repressive and dictatorial Ethiopian regime. The demonstration was organized by the Oromo youth in Trondheim. The aim of the protest was to condemn the human rights violations against the Oromo people – as a result of which, many Oromos have been arrested, tortured and killed, and thousands have disappeared. The trend of repression is increasing alarmingly and a huge number of Oromos have been jailed, tortured and exposed to inhuman conditions under fabricated charges. The TPLF/EPRDF leadership has a standing policy of protracted attacks against the Oromo people – irrespective of age, sex, profession and occupation. To criminalize Oromo, being only Oromo is enough in Ethiopia. The recent Amnesty International report says, at least 5,000 ethnic Oromos have been arrested between 2011 and 2014 based on their actual or suspected peaceful opposition to the government. These include peaceful protesters, students, members of opposition political parties and people expressing their Oromo cultural heritage. After the Amnesty International report, the human rights violations against Oromos have continued. Just two month, on December 9, 2014, in Oromia, Salale province – Darra district – Goro Maskala town, the government soldiers killed Katama Wubatu and his comrade in front of the public. The Ethiopian ruling elites are most likely will continue their wild acts of killing, torturing and forcing millions Oromos to flee their homes. We are calling on the international community to stand against the brutality of the Ethiopian regime – particularly Norway, U.S.A., the UK and EU governments – to stop their relationships with the Ethiopian dictatorial regime and to stop sending their taxpayers’ money to TPLF. There are reports by international organizations that the aid has been used against the people to whom the money has originally been sent for. Finally, the organizers of this demonstration delivered a letter to the Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende at Clarion Hotel Trondheim. The slogans raised and chanted during the demonstration were:- – JUSTICE for massacred Oromo students; – STOP killing and imprisoning innocent Oromos; – FREE all Oromo political prisoners; – STOP selling Oromo land to foreign and local investors; – Ethiopian government, STOP evicting Oromo farmers from their land; – TPLF is brutalizing people in Ethiopia for 24 years; – Killing Oromos will never stop the Oromo struggle; – TPLF, you can kill thousands, but you can not kill 40-million Oromos …

Boobbaan Mootummaa Wayyaanee Salphinaan Xumuramte!Toronto, Canada, 8th February 2015

Oromo Australia against Ethiopian regime agents.png3Oromo Australia against Ethiopian regime agents.png2Oromo Australia against Ethiopian regime agents.png4

Another round of #OromoProtests against fascist TPLF Ethiopian regime’s delegation led by Abduleziz  staying in Melbourne at 81-95 Henry St. Albans, February 7, 2015.

Liberation is a journey. However, for the weak minded, it is a journey toward an unreachable destination. For the brave community like Australian Oromo Community however, it is neither a short distance running nor it is unreachable destination. Nonetheless, for the shortsighted opportunists, liberation is the process of economic transactions. It is the process through which they make a living by selling their own people and information. Here is the protest of Australian Oromo Community in Victoria against those men and women who used the Oromo cause and came to Australia and now running around in Australia’s malls and hotels where this, the Tigre Trojan horse, named Abduleziz eats and sleeps at 81-95 Henry st. St. Albans on February 7, 2015. Thanks to the sacrificed heroes, we have glimpsed our future, we know the way and we have the truth on our side. #OromoProtests Hawaasti Oromoo Magaalaa Melbourne keessa jiraatan walgahii jila mootummaa Itoophiyaa morman. Hiriira mormii yeroo lammataaf Guraandhala 7, bara 2015 taasisan irratti akka ibsanitti, kanneen mootummaa Itoophiyaa deeggaran dhiittaa mirga namoomaa biyyattii keessatti gaggeeffamaa jiru waliin qooddatan. Walgahii Melbourne, naannoo St Albaansi (81-95 Henry st. St. Albans on February 7, 2015) keessatti godhame kana mormuuf hawaasti Oromoo, Ogaadeenii fi Itoophiyaa gamtaan bahanii dhaadannoo fi ejjannoo isaanii ibsataniiru. Ajjeechaan Itoophiyaa keessatti raawwataa jiru haa dhaababtu! Daaímman mana barumsaatti ajjeesuun gochaa shororkeessummaadha! Mootummaa abbaa Irree deeggaruun gocha isaa garagaaruu dha fi kkf sagalee tokkoon dhageessisaa turan. Jilli Ittaanaa prizidanti Caffee Oromiyaa, Abdulaaziz Mohaammadiin durfamu kun toraba darbes hoteela Kirawon Pilaazaa keessatti walgahii gochuuf yaalii mormiidhaan haqameera.

Oromo Australia against Ethiopian regime agents.png3
Oromo Australia against Ethiopian regime agents.png5
#OromoProtests against TPLF agents in Melbourne,  7th February 2015
#OromoProtests against OPDO/ TPLF agents meetings in  Melbourne and said no place for murderers in Australia. 31 January 2015. Due to the protesters the meeting  was cancelled by Australian security forces.  
Oromo protests against OPDO TPLF agent and say no place for murderers in AustraliaOromo protests against OPDO TPLF agent and say no place for murderers in AustraliaOromo protests against OPDO TPLF agent and say no place for murderers in AustraliaOromo protests against OPDO TPLF agent and say no place for murderers in Australia
 #OromoProtests against OPDO/ TPLF agents meetings in  Melbourne and said no place for murderers in Australia. 31 January 2015. Due to the protesters the meeting  was cancelled by Australian security forces.
(Oromedia, 31 Amajjii 2015) Hawaasti Oromoo, Ogaadenii fi Amaaraa gamtaan hiriira mormii gaggeessaniin walgahiin jaladeemtotaa fi ergamtoota wayyaanee akka fashalu godhan. SONY DSCSONY DSCGabaasaan keenya Melbourne, Victotria irraa akka nuu gabaasetti, ergamtooti Wayyaanee hawaasa dogoggorsuuf teessoo kijibaa durasanii facaasan. Kutattooti Oromoo, Ogaadeenii fi Amaaraa garuu jala buúun yeroo isaan walgahiif qophaaánitti dursanii bakka isaan dhoksaan qabatanitti argamuun walgahiin sun akka haqamu taasisan. Jala deemtuu fi ergamtuun Wayyaanee biyya Hambaa keessa jiranis ummata duratti qaaniánii deebiúuf dirqamaniiru. Walgahiin kun akka haqames bakka buáan poolisii Victoria ummataaf himee jira. Mormitootis, hiriiraa fi mormii isaanii itti fufuun, “Australian Yakkamtootaaf dahoo hin taatu! Abdulaziz ergamaadha! Abdulaziz yakkamaa dha!”dhaadannoolee jedhan dhageessisaa oolana. Hiriirri mormii kun karaa nagaatiin kan gaggeeffame gara saatii afurii oliif ture; Hiriira  yeroo dheeraaf Hoteel Crown Plaza  jalatti gaggeefame kana irratti haadholiin  dargaggooti fi maanguddooti gamtaadhaan argamuun jiloota Wayyaanee qaanessanii jiru.
#OromoProtests in Frankfurt, Germany in front of the Ethiopian embassy where meeting by Woyane (government) officials led by Dhaabaa Dabalee was underway. 31 January 2015.
Oromians in Germany protested against OPDO Woyane visit 31st january 2015
Oromians in Germany protested against OPDO Woyane visit 31st january 2015
Oromians in Germany protested against OPDO Woyane visit 31st january 2015
#OromoProtests in Frankfurt, Germany in front of the Ethiopian embassy where meeting by Woyane (government) officials led by Dhaabaa Dabalee was underway. 31 January 2015.



URGENT: Statement released by Western Australian Oromo Community

January 21, 2015 |

The Western Australian Oromo Community says any individual or/and group of individuals who may take part in  meeting with the Ethiopian government do not represent the Oromo Community in Western Australia. This is in reference to telephone conversation and written request made by Ethiopian Embassy in Canberra, Australia to meet with Oromo diaspora by high level of delegate from Oromia Regional State led by Vice President. Thank you for your invitation. As Oromo Community in Western Australia, we held a series of meeting and discussion about your request and made the following official statement to your request. We would like to inform you that we are not only unable to participate in any formal or informal discussion or dialog with the current Ethiopian Government body or it’s representative, but also we strongly and firmly oppose such gathering in its any form. We the Oromo community in Western Australia demands that the current Ethiopian regime immediate cessation of hostility against Oromo people. We demand that Government stops its lip service campaign in the election year; release all political prisoners without any precondition, respect the basic human right of freedom of speech, peaceful assembly, and expression. We also demand that the Government stop displacing Oromo people from its ancestral lands. We speak loud and clear that the Government cease the power immediately and allow opposition political parties to operate in the country freely. We also demand that the Government respect its article 39 constitution and allow the nation and nationalities in the empire of self-determination including cessation or union at will. Then only we believe that the door of dialog and discussion with this Government be open. According to the press release “the current Ethiopia Government is the regime that dehumanized the Oromo public: marginalized the Oromo people politically, economically, and socially.” Here is the press release from Oromo Community of Western Australia. Official Statemen_OCWA The email letter sent to the Oromo community from Ethiopian Embassy Canberra indicated that “high level delegation of the Oromia Regional State led by the Vice President will visit Perth after January 23, 2015 (the specific date will be notified later) to meet with Oromo Diaspora in your city and the surroundings.” The purposes of the meeting are:

  1. To brief on the objective situation (political, economy and social development) of the region,
  2. To brief on the Diaspora Housing Development Program and
  3. To brief on the upcoming Oromia International Diaspora Day

The venue will be in one of the big hotels in Perth, the cost of which will be covered by us. Therefore, as Chairman of your association, we seek your assistance to inform the leadership and members to attend the forthcoming meeting in Perth. The Diaspora Minister Counselor will call you on Saturday, 17 January 2015, for detailed discussion. Here is a letter sent from Ethiopian Embassy Canberra: Ambassador’s Letter

Read more  at:

Oromo in Steinkjer, Norway, Demonstrate Against Oppression

Oromo in Steinkjer demonstrate against the government in their home country.

DSC_0249 January 16, 2015, Steinkjer, Norway (Trønder-Avisa – Google Translation) — Thursday could hear slogans chanted throughout the square in Steinkjer. The reason was that a group of Ethiopians demonstrated against what they perceive as a dictatorial regime in their homeland. Being persecuted: – We belong to the Oromo people, the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia, with around 40 percent of the population. The Government of Ethiopia is dominated by minority tribe that makes around 6 percent of the Ethiopian Population. Oromo being pursued by this government – including putting journalists and politicians from our group of people in jail, telling Alisee Fira Aynagee, who organized the demonstration. – You are far away from Ethiopia now. What do you hope to achieve? – We hope that some of the residents in Steinkjer come to hear our message, and we hope to arouse the Norwegian government, which supports the regime in Ethiopia, says Aynagee. Amnesty calls for action A report by Amnesty International tells of persecution, imprisonment, torture and killing of Oromo people in Ethiopia. Among other reports of youths being captured in military camps, where they get glowing coal on empty stomach, because they support the Oromo People’s Liberation Movement, Oromo Liberation Front. Teachers are being tortured when they refuse to teach in government friendly propaganda, and it is expected that Oromo politicians will be gagged towards the election in Ethiopia later this year. “At least 5,000 of the Oromo people have been imprisoned in Ethiopia between 2011 and 2014 because of peaceful opposition against the government,” writes Amnesty. The organization believes regional and international human rights organizations must react against the Ethiopian government to put an end to the persecution, which is described as “often shocking brutal.” Want secession Oromo people want Oromia shall be independent again. Land area was independent until 1890, when it was conquered and incorporated into Ethiopia. Since 1978, the Oromo celebrated their National Day to commemorate those who sacrificed their lives to liberate the people from what they see as Ethiopian colonialism. Oromia is a land area of 600,000 km2, ie about ten times as large as Norway, and about 35 million people considered Oromo. Source:  Trønder-Avisa

 For more see:


Oromo Demonstration In Bergen, Norway Dec 20,2014 #BecauseIAmOromo #OromoProtest

Oromians in Germany (Berlin) Rally Against Tigrean Rulers’ Repression in Oromia.  3rd December 2014. #BecauseIAmOromo
Mudde 3 Bara 2014 yeroo ergamaan wayyaanee, Hayilamaram Dassaleny, gurgurtaa boonditi fi kadhaa gargaarsa mallaqa hidha haaromsa laga abbayaatif gara jaarman magaalaa Barlinitti imale ture ilmaan Oromoo Jaarman jiraatani kanneen Berliinitti dhiho jiranus ta’e kanneen fagoolle osoo fageenyi jara hin daangessin Iddoo adda adda irraa fageenya dheeraa km 6oo tahu deemuun gara magaalaa gudditti jaarmanitti imaludhaan hiriira nagaa bahani oolaniiru kaayyoon hiriira kanaas maqaa boonditin ummata oromoo saamuu fi goyyomsuun haa dhaabbatu, barattoota fi beektota oromoo hidhuunifi ajjeessuun harka murunifi harma muruun akka irra hin deebi’amne akekkachiisaniiru. Mootumman woyyaane dhibbaa fi cunqursaa ummata oromoo irraan gaha jiru irra akka of qusatuu fi Oromiyaan yero dhiho kessatti akka bilisoomu qabdu dhadanno jedhuun sagalee isaani dhageesifachaa turan. Kana males muslimtoonni kutaa biyyatti addaa addaa keessa funaanamani badii tokko male mana adabaa biyyatti keessatti hidhamanii jiranu bilisaan akka gadi lakkifamanuuf ifatti gaffi dhiyyessaniiru. 

Waamicha hiriira mormii magaalaa Berliinii kan guyyaa 03/12/2014

Kabajamoo fi jaallatamo hawwaasoota/jiraatoota Oromoo biyya Berliin, Jarmanii, Awuroopaa fi firoota oromoo hundaaf,

Duran dursee nagaan oromummaa bakka jirttan maratti isiin haa qaqabu. Itti aansuun yeroof akka „Mumicha Ministeera Itoophiyaa“ jedhamee beekamuu fi ergamtuu Wayyaanee kan tahe Hailemariam Dessaalanyi gaafa 02-03/12/2014 magaalaa Berliin akka dhufuu/argamu fi akka Piresidaantii biyya Jermanii kan tahe Jochim Gauck duukaa akka marii qabaan odeefanoo mirkana’e qabna. Nuti hawaasnni Oromoo magaalaa Berliin kan biyya Oromiyaatti taha jiru (Sarbaminsa Mirga namumaa,Ajjechaa,Hidhaa siyaasaa, gidiraa, dhabamsiisa fi saamicha) fi kessumaa kan yeroo dhiyoo dura karaa AI „Amnesty International“ yakka umaata oromoo iratti otoo wal-iraa hincitiin tahaa jiru otoo hin irranfatiin mormii keenya wal-cina dhabachuudhaan sagalee guddan akka dhageesisnnuf akka irratti argamtaan isin afferra.Dirqamni lammummaas nurra jira. Guyyaa:03.12.2014 Sa’aa: 09:00 – 13:00 Edoo: Balbala Piresidaantii Jarmanii ful-dura Spreeweg 1, 10557 Berlin KHG-HOB

Rally in Norway Against Tigrean Rulers’ Repression in Oromia Against Oromo

Oromos in Lillehammer, Norway, Rally Against Tigrean Rulers’ Repression in Oromia Against Oromo (November 29, 2014) – Rally Against Repression #BecauseIAmOromo
Rally in Norway Against Tigrean Rulers’ Repression in Oromia Against Oromo

London’s Rally Against Repression in Oromia by Tigrean Military

26 November  2014 ·

Oromos in  UK marched in front of Westminster, Parliament Square, on November 26, 2014, to call attention to the repression against the Oromo people by the Tigrean military occupying Oromia. In October 2014, a detailed report, entitled “‘BECAUSE I AM OROMO’ – SWEEPING REPRESSION IN THE OROMIA REGION OF ETHIOPIA,” was published by the London-based Amnesty International. Thousands of Oromos were killed, and others imprisoned and/or exiled over the last 23 years since the occupation of Oromia by the Tigrean military government of Ethiopia. Protesters have asked the UK government to severe its financial support to the Tigrean military government of Ethiopia; the Tigrean military government uses the money from the West to finance its repression in Oromia (#BecauseIAmOromo).
Oromo Rally London BecauseIAmOromo 2014 2
Oromo Rally London BecauseIAmOromo 2014 3
Oromo Rally London BecauseIAmOromo 2014

Oromo-American Citizens Council (OACC) on Amnesty’s “Because I Am Oromo”

     Sadaasa/November 26, 2014 · Finfinne Tribune | |

The following is a press release from the Oromo-American Citizens Council (OACC) on the Amnesty International’s Report: “Because I Am Oromo” —————- OACC Oromo Americans 2014 2Oromo-American Citizens Council (OACC) is a Minnesota based, non-profit organization set up, among others, to expose human rights violations against the Oromo people and influence the policy of the U.S. towards Ethiopia. Minnesota is a state with the highest population of Oromos outside Africa. OACC collaborated with the Advocates for Human Rights in the 96-page report issued in 2009 under the title, “Human Rights in Ethiopia: Through the Eyes of The Oromo Diaspora.” That Report documented the experiences Oromos in Diaspora faced when they lived in Ethiopia. In May 2005, the Human Rights Watch also issued a report entitled, “Suppressing Dissent: Human rights Abuses and Political Repression in Ethiopia’s Oromia Region.” This report, for the first time, exposed the mechanisms used the Ethiopian government to control rural communities in Oromia through the Gott and Garee Systems. Furthermore, the periodic U.S. State Department’s own annual reports have documented rampant human rights violations against the Oromos over the years. Amnesty International’s report, ETHIOPIA: BECAUSE I AM OROMO: SWEEPING REPRESSION IN THE OROMIA REGION OF ETHIOPIA, is the most researched and the most comprehensive report ever conducted about human rights violation against the Oromos. The vivid descriptions of tortures conducted against Oromos, the long imprisonment without trial, the murders by security forces, the harsh actions taken against peaceful protests are all well documented with irrefutable evidences. The report further disclosed that any act of Oromo nationalism that is not controlled by the government, such as the Oromo language and the culture development movement, results in detentions and tortures. For that, we want to take this opportunity and congratulate and thank Amnesty International. While appreciating the efforts and achievements in documenting human rights violations against Oromos under the circumstances, we also want to reiterate that this is only the tip of the iceberg; the reality is much worse than what is documented in this report. Furthermore, we want to warn all stakeholders that this is not a time to rest on our laurels. Especially, as the 2015 election is approaching, the human rights violations will get worse. We, therefore, call up on: (a) All Oromo and Ethiopian civic organizations to come forward and work on the recommendations of the report mostly in mobilizing the communities and in putting pressure on the government. We need to get united and make our voices heard opposing such violations together as this is an issue that unites all of us. (b) All other international human rights organizations, based on this report, to put pressure on donor countries to make the respect of human rights a precondition to further assist the Ethiopian government. Nagessa Dube, Executive Director Oromo-American Citizens Council (OACC)

(November 16, 2014, Brisbane,Sydney, Australia – G20): Members Oromo Community in Australia held peaceful rally protesting   against mass killings, torture  and arrests of Oromo people by TPLF Ethiopia. The peaceful rally was held during G20 meetings in Brisbane. The Oromo community protests against Ethiopia’s genocidal killings, mass arrest and evictions which are happening in state of Oromia. The protesters call for rule of laws,  freedom, human rights protections and expressed that the Ethiopian regime has been killing the Oromo nationals  just because of that they are Oromo. They call  for all G20 nations to stop funding the genocidal Ethiopian regime.
#BecauseIAmOromo. #OromoProtests. #FreeOromoStudents. 16th November 2014
Oromians living around Lillehammer, Norway are calling for peaceful demonstration on 29 November 2014 at 12 :00. This peaceful rally is to protest against  human right violation and crime committed by TPLF Ethiopia in Oromia against Oromo people.  #BecauseIAmOromo (

London (Nov. 26, 2014): A Peaceful Rally Against Repression in Oromia – #BecauseIAmOromo

A Peaceful Demonstration to All Oromos and Friends of Oromo! #BecauseIAmOromo SpeakUpRise2014 The OCUK has organised a big demonstration to protest against the never ending human rights violations in Oromia and to support the Amnesty International on its 2014 Report “Because I am Oromo” – which was the response of Oromos who had been the victims of the Ethiopian prisons to the interview questions by the Amnesty International on why they were persecuted by the Ethiopian government. Please come along and join the demonstration, and be the voice for the voiceless Oromo in Ethiopia: “I am arrested, tortured, looted, my property confiscated, and dehumanised ‘Because I am Oromo.’” Date: Wednesday, November 26, 2014 Time: 12:00 noon – 4:30 PM Address: Westminster, Parliament Square, SW1P 3BD – Closest station: Westminster (Jubilee, District and Circle Lines) OCUK Management Committee

“Because I am Oromo” Rally in Phoenix, Arizona (Nov. 13, 2014) – #BecauseIAmOromo

Jaarmiyaan Hawaasa Oromoo Sadaasa 13, 2014 hiriira ba’uun gabaasa dhaabbatni mirga namoomaa Amnesty International Onkoloolessa 28, 2014, dalagaa faashistummaa ummata Oromoo irratti mootummaan Wayyaanee raawwatu saxiluun dhiheesuu isaatiif deggerssa qabu agarsiise. Dhaabbatni mirga namoomaa Amnesty Internationalf galata guddaa qabaachaa, addatti ammo mataa gabaasa kanaa Mrs. Claire Bestonf haala ulfaataa bakka mootummaan qorannoo bifa kanaa geggeessuuf hin haayyamne jalatti adeemsisu isheetif, Haawasini Oromoo Arizoona galata gudda keennef. Dalagaan ammenya fi gara jabinaa ummata Oromoo irratti raawwatamaa jiru kana daran ta’uu hubachiisaa, Moottumman warra dhiyaa kessuumaayyu Amariika fi Biriitish Imaammata dantaa alaa isanni akka irra deebihanii ilaalanis gafatani jiru. Haawasini Oromoo Arizoona lammiilee Oromoo biyyoota ambaa keessa jiraatanf dhaamsa isaani dabarfatan: “Abbaan iyyate Ollaan dirmata” akkuma jedhamuu miidhaa Oromoo irra gahaa jiru kan saxil baasuu dandenyu yoo nuu irrati ciccinnee hojjene qofa ta’uu beekne kan Amnesty International ifa godhe akka fakkenyati qabatuun sagalee ummataa tahuun mootummootaa fi dhaabbiilee adda addaatti akka iyyata ummata keenya dhiheessitan waamicha isiniif dhiheessa; nuu gama keenyan iyyannaa ummata keenyaa mootummootaa USAtti dhiheeffanne, gara fulduratis dhaabbiilee adda addaatti akka iyyata ummata Oromoo dhiheefannu jabinnan irrati hojjechuf waada galun hiriira keenya milkin xumuranne. Jaarmiyaan Hawaasa Oromoo

#BecauseIAmOromo Rally – Phoenix, Arizona – Nov. 10, 2014


  Because I am Oromo Discussion, Oromo Community in Minnesota, USA,  Nov 8 2104

Oromo community in Hammer and arround Hamer Norway had a demonstration  against the ongoing mass killing of Oromo students in Oromia by the TPLF/EPRDF regime of Ethiopia. #BecauseIAmOromo. #OromoProtests. #FreeOromoStudents.  3rd November 2014

Building Momentum in Geneva with the Oromo Diaspora

ethiopia-adoption-of-report-1 November 6, 2014 (The Advocates Post) — This fall was a busy time for advocacy at the United Nations on human rights in Ethiopia. It was also a great time to see The Advocates for Human Rights’ new toolkit, Paving Pathways for Justice and Accountability: Human Rights Tools for Diaspora Communities, in action. Universal Periodic Review Concludes with Some Fireworks In a one-hour session on September 19, the UN Human Rights Council adopted the outcome of its second Universal Periodic Review of Ethiopia. You can watch the video of the session here. I’ve blogged about the UPR of Ethiopiabefore, and the adoption of the outcome is the last step in the process. The adoption of the outcome is also the only opportunity civil society organizations have to speak during the UPR process. The Advocates for Human Rights is based in Minnesota, not Geneva, so we don’t generally get a chance to address the Human Rights Council during the UPR process. But I often watch the live webcasts, and this time I got up early to livetweet. civicusSeveral non-governmental organizations took the floor and raised concerns about the human rights situation on the ground in Ethiopia. Civicus World Alliance for Citizenship Participation, for example, expressed concern about Ethiopia’s refusal to accept recommendations to remove draconian restrictions on free expression. Renate Bloem (left), speaking for Civicus, added:

While relying on international funding to supplement 50-60 percent of its national budget, the government has simultaneously criminalized most foreign funding for human rights groups in the country. These restrictions have precipitated the near complete cessation of independent human rights monitoring in the country. It is therefore deeply alarming that Ethiopia has explicitly refused to implement recommendations put forward by nearly 15 governments during its UPR examination to create an enabling environment for civil society.

The Ethiopian Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Minelik Alemu Getahun (top), lashed out at the NGOs that commented, particularly Civicus:

I regret the language used by some of the NGO representatives and particularly the call for action some of them made against Ethiopia in the Council for alleged isolated acts. Some of the language used in the allegations, particularly the remarks by CIVICUS on our budget is outrageous and incorrect. I can assure the Council that Ethiopia relies on its peoples and their resources, which is not unusual supplemented by international support.

The Human Rights Council then adopted the outcome of the second UPR of Ethiopia. The recommendations Ethiopia accepted are contained in the Report of the Working Group and an addendum, available here. Some of the more promising recommendations that Ethiopia accepted in September are:

  • Implement fully its 1995 Constitution, including the freedoms of association, expression and assembly for independent political parties, ethnic and religious groups and non-government organisations (Australia).
  • Take concrete steps to ensure the 2015 national elections are more representative and participative than those in 2010, especially around freedom of assembly and encouraging debate among political parties (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).
  • Consider implementing the pertinent recommendations from the Independent Expert on Minorities, with a view to guaranteeing equal treatment of all ethnic groups in the country (Cape Verde).
  • Monitor the implementation of the anti-terrorism law in order to identify any act of repression which affects freedom of association and expression and possible cases of arbitrary detention. In addition, develop activities necessary to eliminate any excesses by the authorities in its application (Mexico).

Now it’s up to people on the ground in Ethiopia, as well as people outside of Ethiopia like the Oromo diaspora, to lobby the Ethiopian Government to implement the recommendations it accepted and to monitor whether the government is keeping its word. The next UPR cycle for Ethiopia will begin in about 4 years, when NGOs will have a chance to submit new stakeholder reports demonstrating whether Ethiopia has implemented the recommendations it accepted,  pointing out any developments on the ground since the last review, and advocating for new recommendations that will improve human rights in Ethiopia. Learn more about how you can get involved in the UPR process of Ethiopia (or any other country) on pages 200-210 of Paving Pathways. Opportunities Ahead for Voices to be Heard achprThere’s much more to be done in the effort to build respect for human rights in Ethiopia. In addition to the next steps mentioned above, the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights will be reviewing Ethiopia’s human rights record in its December 2014 session. In September, the Advocates and the International Oromo Youth Associationsubmitted a lengthy alternative report to the African Commission, responding to the Ethiopian Government’s report. The African Commission will conduct an examination of the Ethiopian Government and then will issue Concluding Observations and Recommendations. You can read the African Commission’s Concluding Observations from its first review of Ethiopia, in 2010, here. To learn more about advocacy with the African Commission, read pages 268-280of Paving Pathways. On Wednesday, November 19, Amane Badhasso and I will have a talk with the Amnesty International chapter of the University of Minnesota Law School. The students are eager to learn more about human rights in Ethiopia, and they want to participate in a collective activity to show their support. There’s been a lot of attention lately to a report Amnesty just released on human rights violations against the Oromo people. Organizations like The Advocates for Human Rights and Amnesty will be ineffective if they work on their own. The Oromo diaspora, as well as other diaspora communities from Ethiopia, have a critical role to play in leading the way to promoting human rights, justice, and accountability in Ethiopia. The Advocates for Human Rights hopes thatPaving Pathways will lay the groundwork for many more fruitful collaborations. Are you a member of a diaspora community? Do you know people who are living in the diaspora? What steps can the diasporans you know take to improve human rights and accountability in their countries of origin or ancestry? How could Paving Pathways and The Advocates for Human Rights assist them? By Amy Bergquist, staff attorney for the International Justice Program of The Advocates for Human Rights. More posts about the crisis in Ethiopia:

See also more @ MADDA ODUU SBO/VOL irraa Sadaasa 02,2014 Ilmaan Oromoo Iskaandineviyaatti argaman guyyaa kaleessaa jechuun Sadaasa 01, 2014 Osloo, Norwayitti walitti dhufuudhaan Sadaasa 9 guyyaa yaadannoo FDG waggaa 9ffaa haala bareedina qabuun kabajatanii/yaadatanii oolaniiru.

Qophii yaadannoo guyyaa FDG Sadaasa 9, waggaa 9ffaa kana irratti ilmaan Oromoo bakka adda addaa jiraatan qooda kan irraa fudhatan oggaa ta’u, keessumaa dargaggootni Oromoo Osloo Norwayitti argaman baay’inaan qooda irraa fudhachuun qophiilee adda addaa kan guyyaa kana ilaallatan dhiheessaniiru. Ilmaan Oromoo sabboontota biyyaa FDG keessatti wareegaman, akkasumas gootota Oromoo QBO keessatti aarsaa ta’aniif dungoon qabsiifamee yaadannoon sammuu godhameefii jira. Sirna kabajaa guyyaa yaadannoo FDG Sadaasa 9 kan waggaa 9ffaa Osloo Norwayitti geggeeffame kana irratti kutaaleen hawaasaa hundi kan irratti argame si’a ta’u, akkaataa itti FDGn caalaatti jabaachuu fi babal’achuu danda’u, jabinaa fi hanqinoota jiran irratti, akkasumas akkamittiin QBO kan ammaarra jabeessuun fuula duratti tarkaanfachuun karaa danda’amu irratti marii bal’aan geggeeffamuun, yaadotni ijaaroo fi murteessoo ta’an dhihaachuu isaanii oduun SBO dhaqqabe ifa godhee jira. Waltajjii yaadannoo Guyyaa FDG Sadaasa 9, Sadaasa 01,2014 Osloo, Norwayitti geggeeffame kana irratti walalooleenii fi qophiileen adda addaa kan sochii FDG fi gootota Oromoo falmaa kana keessatti kufanii fi gootummaa isaanii faarsan akkasumas Oromoo jajjabeessanii fi onnachiisan kan dhihaatan si’a ta’u, caalbaasiin adda addaas dhihaatanii galiin irraa argame QBO fi sochii FDG jabeessuuf akka oolfame beekuun danda’ameera. Qophii kana ilaalchisuun yaada namootni adda addaa saganticha irratti hirmaatan SBOf laatan ammoo SBO guyyaa har’aa jechuun SBO Sadaasa 02,2014 irraa dhaggeeffachuu dandeessan.

Oromo Rally at the U.N. to Seek Justice/Freedom for Those Slain/Imprisoned by Ethiopian Regime


Lammiiwwan Oromoo kutaalee United States adda addaa irra har’a kan New Yorkitti argamu waajjira Tokkummaa Mootummootaa fuulletti hiriira nagaa geggeessan. Onokoloolessa 17 Bara 2014. #OromoProtests, 17th October 2014

First Look (Happening Now): Oromos from Northeast America in Protest Rally in Front of the U.N. HQ in New York to Seek Justice and Freedom for Oromos Slain and Imprisoned by Abyssinian Regime in
#OromoProtests    @ New York City, October 17, 2014 at the United Nations. Oromo communities in Upstate new York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Ohio, Atlanta and other places are organizing to come as a group.

Oslo Peaceful Protesters Demand Freedom for Oromo Political Prisoners and Denounce Land-Grabbing in Oromia.

16th October 2014 #OromoProtests

IOYA and The Advocates for Human Rights Representatives at the United Nations Office discussing issues concerning rights of a child in Ethiopia, the recent‪#‎Oromoprotests‬ in Oromia and ‪#‎FreeOromoStudents‬. Photo Cred: Amy Bergquist On September 26, IOYA leaders co-presented a report on the rights of children in Ethiopia along with the Minnesota-based Advocates for Human Rights at the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva, Switzerland. During the weeklong engagement, IOYA representatives participated in several meetings discussing human rights issues related to Oromo, spoke at a side event looking at diaspora engagement on human rights (with Ethiopia as a case study) and met with the U.N. Committee in a 2.5 hour, closed-door session. Fuulbaana 15 Bara 2014 Hiriiri Nagaa Mootummaa Wayyaanee irratti Magaalaa Torontooti Geggeeffame. Sept. 15,2014 Demonstration in Toronto by Oromo community to protest the Tyranny of TPLF Ethiopia . #OromoProtests. Fuulbaana 15 Bara 2014 Hiriiri Nagaa Mootummaa Wayyaanee irratti Magaalaa Torontooti Geggeeffame. (suuraa kana olii ilaalaa). Sept. 15,2014 Demonstration in Toronto by Oromo community to protest the Tyranny of TPLF Ethiopia. #OromoProtests. (see above in pictures)

Melbournians Hold a Concert for Oromo Human Rights

(Advocacy for Oromia, 12 August 2014) — The Human Rights Concert for Oromia was held in Ascot Vale, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, on August 9, 2014. Bonsen Dhabasa, 10 years old boy who was six months old when his father was arrested; five years old when his mother was imprisoned presented his memoir of persecution account on this Human Rights for Oromia concert in Melbourne. This is our Human Rights Concert. The people coming together as one and uniting against a common enemy! Corrupt power. We are the voice of the people! This is dedicated to those suffering under suppression and Human Rights Abuses. The people on the ground who are treated like collateral damage by those who have vested interests and no concern for human values or human rights! Melbourne’s diverse communities came out to support the Oromo people’s struggle for human rights, and oppose the ongoing human rights violations against Oromo students and civilians by the Ethiopian TPLF regime. The people coming together as one and uniting against a common enemy! Corrupt power. The big message of the day was, “We are the voice of the people!” This is dedicated to those suffering under suppression and Human Rights Abuses. The people on the ground who are treated like collateral damage by those who have vested interests and no concern for human values or human rights! Currently, thousands of Oromo students and civilians are languishing in Ethiopian government’s prisons in connection with #OromoProtests, a movement which opposes the Ethiopian TPLF regime’s Master Plan to expand the boundaries of Addis Ababa (Finfinne), and subsequently to dispossess Oromo farmers surrounding Finfinne of their lands, and evict them from their ancestral lands. The Human Rights for Oromia concert held in Melborne, 9th August 2014, #OromoProtests

EthioTube  Interview with Oromo Recording Artist Nigusuu Taamiraat on #OromoProtests

Taken from  Hagayya/August 4, 2014 ·   And also see @–the-Scene–Interview-with-Artist-Nigussu-Tamrat–Oromo-Protest-in-front-of-the-White-House–August-01-20 Embedded image permalink #OromoProtests #FreeOromoStudents, 1st August 2014. The above pictures are huge crowd at the Oromo  Washington DC  rally marching from the white house to State Department, 1st August 2014. #OromoProtests. The day also marking the 50th  Golden Jubilee  Anniversary of Maccaa & Tuulamaa Movement. http://

Oromo_Demonstration_August-page-0 #OromoProtests: Oromo Peaceful Protest Rally in Washington, DC- August 01, 2014.


#OromoProtests at Ethio-US Business Summit in

Houston, Texas

July 30, 2014 Appeal Letter to President Barack Obama Following the DC‪#‎OromoProtests‬ Solidarity 3-Day Hunger Strike oromocommunity The joint  appeal letter of the Oromo Community Organization(OCO) of Washington-DC, OYSA/WWDO and IOWO to President Obama on the Hunger Strike conducted from July 23 – 25, 2014. ——————— President Barack Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 RE: Staging Solidarity Hunger Strike to Protest Massacre, Torture, Detention of the Oromo People by the Ethiopian Government Dear Mr. President, On May 9, 2014, the Oromo Community Organization of Washington D.C. Area (OCO), the Oromo Youth Self-help Association (OYSA) and the International Oromo Women’s Organization (IOWO) held a large demonstration in front of the White House and State Department to express our deep concern and outrage about the massacre of Oromo students in April and May, just for peacefully demonstrating against government land grab; some as young as nine years, from Ambo and other towns of Oromia Regional State by the TPLF Aga’azi force and army of the Ethiopian government. Similar demonstrations were held in many state capitals of the United States, Europe, Australia, Middle East, and Africa to condemn the callous crime of the Ethiopian Government. Candlelight vigils were also held in front of the White House on May 22, 2014, and in many states of the U.S. and other countries, at different times, where Oromo communities reside. According to partial reports received, 61 students were shot dead, 903 students are detained and still being tortured. The massacre of Oromo students by the Ethiopian regime is parallel to the 1960 Sharpeville massacre of 69 black people by the Apartheid regime of South Africa for demonstrating against the Pass Law. The blood of the black South Africans led to the abolition of Apartheid and creation of Democratic South Africa with the support of democratic nations of the world. We hope the blood of the innocent Oromo students will not be ignored and left in vain but motivate the leaders of the democratic nations of the West to help bring justice, liberty, peace and democracy in Ethiopia in general and Oromia State in particular. Today, it is estimated that there are more than 50,000 Oromo political prisoners in Oromia in various concentration camps and prisons. Although it is difficult to know exactly how many Oromos have been killed or massacred by the regime, mass graves have been discovered in many places, including Hamaressa in eastern Oromia. The annual reports of the U.S. Department of State and other credible sources regarding human rights abuses in Ethiopia indicate that the Department is familiar with the massive human rights violations that have been committed by the Ethiopian government on the Oromo and other peoples in the country. During our demonstration in May, we submitted appeal letter to the State Department to use their leverage to make a difference in the social, political, and economic crisis perpetrated by the Ethiopian regime against the Oromo people and others in Ethiopia. In response to our appeals, the State Department units handling Ethiopian affairs have jointly granted us audience to discuss the problem of human rights abuse, detentions without warrant, extrajudicial killings, torture, land grab and eviction without appropriate compensation, lack of freedom of expression, right of assembly, justice and democracy. Though they have the information, we have given them additional extensive dimensions of the problem. The State Department has also replied to our appeal letter expressing their concerns about human right abuses in Ethiopia. Similarly, United States Senators, Honorable Al Franken and Honorable Amy Klobuchar representing Minnesota State; and Honorable Patty Murray and Honorable Maria Cantwell representing Washington State have written letters to Secretary Kerry expressing their deep concerns of Ethiopian government violence against its citizens. They asked the Honorable Secretary to use his influence for the respect of rule of law and human rights in Ethiopia. They stressed the Ethiopian Government’s equal treatment of all ethnic groups and implementation of democratic system must be central to their relationship with the United States. A member of the Parliament of Australia also has tabled the Oromo plight in Ethiopia for debate and asked his government for action to curb the Ethiopian government violence against peaceful citizens. – Read More ( #OromoProtests #FreeOromoStudents, 28 July 2014.

Hawaasa Oromoo Roobii dabre irraa eegalanii nyaataa fi dhugaatii lagachuun mormii dhageessisaa jiran.

(VOA, 25th July 2014) Maaster Plaanii kan magaalee addaa Oromiyaa Finfinnee jala galcha – jedhame mormuuf kanneen hiriira nagaa ba’an barattoota Oromoo irratti tarkaanfii humnoota mootummaan fudhatame – jedhan ajjeechaa, reebichaa fi hidhaa mormuudhaan as Washington DC kanneen jiraatan miseenonni hawaasa Oromoo Roobii dabre irraa eegalanii nyaataa fi dhugaatii lagachuun mormii dhageessisaa jiran. Mootummaan Itiyoophiyaa lammiiwwan isaa irratti miidhaan geessisu hammaatee itti fufee jira- kanneen jedhan – miseensonni hawaasa Oromoo kun masaraa Waayit Haawus fuulleetti nyaataa fi dhugaatii lagachuun mormii geggeessanitti kanneen hirmaatan namoonni gara soddomaa ta’an, kaayyoon isaanii miidhaa uummata isaanii mudataa jiru mootummaa Ameerikaa fi addunyaatti beeksisuu ta’uu dubbatan. Naannoon Masaraa Waayit Haawus bakka tuuristoonni itti heddummaatan waan ta’eef, ergaa keenya lammiwwan Ameeikaa qofa otuu hin taane tuuristoota biyyoota Addunyaa adda addaa irraa dhufanii fi falmitoota mirga dhala-namaa dhaqqabsiifannee jirra – kanneen jedhan – mormitoonni kun, “hedduun isaanii suuraa keenya kaafatanii, barreeffama nu irraa fuudhanii, akka mootummoota biyya biyya isaanitti beeksisanii fi nu waliin dhaabatan waadaa nuuf seenanii jiran”. Qindeessitoota mormii kanaa keessaa, akkasumas, hirmaattota keessaa haga tokko dubbisnee jirra.

Gabaasaa Guutuu Armaa Gaditti Caqasaa

hawaasa Oromoo Roobii dabre irraa eegalanii nyaataa fi dhugaatii lagachuun mormii dhageessisaa jiran.


International-Oromo Youth-Association has been invited by the Committee on the Rights of the Child, to attend its Pre-sessional Working Group meeting on September 26 in Geneva, Switzerland to discuss the situation of child rights in Ethiopia. Earlier this last month, IOYA submitted a report on rights of a child in Ethiopia (Co Author) with The Advocates for Human Rights , Amy Bergquistt . FreeOromoStudents ‪#‎OromoProtests. #FreeOromoStudents. 18th July 2014.

Dhimma mirga namaa Oromiyaadhaa gadi fageenyaan akka hordofu mootummaan France beeksise

Adoolessa/July 18, 2014 · Finfinne Tribune |

Dhiibbaa mirga namaa Itophiyaa keessattiiyyuu kan saba Oromoo irratti raawwatamu ilaalchisee mootummooti biyya adda addaa balaaleffachaa turuun ni beekam. Hidhaan, reebichiifi ajjeechaan barattoota Oromoo irra baatii Eebilaa 2014 dhaabbilee barnootaa Oromiyaa keessatti raawwatames kan dhaloota saba kanaa bira darbee qaama heddu rifachiseef yakka sukkanneessaa kana akka mormanu taasiseedha. Ajjeechaa barattootaa kana mormuun Caamsaa 9, 2014 Oromooti jiraattota biyya France ta’aniifi kanneen yakka mootummaa abbaa irree Itophiyaa kana balaaleffatanu hiriira mormii magaala gudditti Paris waajjira ministra dhimma alaa akkasumas Embasii Itophiyaa duratti bahun yakka shororkkeessaa kana balaaleffachuun ni yadatama. Hawaasni Oromoo biyya France kan balaaleffate yakka mootummaa Itophiyaa qofa utuu hin ta’in deggersa mootumman France mootummaa abbaa irree sanaaf laatu keessattiiyyuu hirmmaannaa qophii «master plaanii Finfinnee» jedhamu irratti fudhatanu ilaalchisee ture. Mormiin hawaasa kanaas barreeffamaan waajjira Prezidantii France irraa eegalee qaamota dhimmi isa ilaala jedhamee yaadame hundaaf akka gale oduu si’as tamsa’e irratti ibsamuun ni yaadatama. Waajjirri Prezidantii France deebii iyyata hawaasaa kanaaf laate irratti ajjeechaa naannoo Oromityaa keessattiiyyuu Universitoota Jimmaa, Amboofi Adaamatti raawwatame siriitti hubachuu isaa ibsee mootummoota lamman gidduu hariiroon jiruu cimaa ta’uyyuu hundeen isaa kan kabajaa mirga dhala namaa irratti hundaahe akka ta’e dubbata. Fakkeenyaafis gumii mirga dhala namaaa irratti France mootummaa Itophiyaatif kabaja mirga namaa ilaalchisee hubachiisa laachuu isii; kunis kabaja bilisummaafi mirga dhala namaa guutuutti kabajuu akka ta’e ibsa. France qindaahina gamtaa Awrooppaa jalatti socho’uun hidhaa balaaleffatoota mootummaa akkasumas gaazexessitootaa irratti baatii Caamsaa darbe raawwatame balaaleffachuun kun dhiibbaa mirga yaada ofii ibsuufi wolabummaa sab-qunnamtii kan hubu ta’uu isaa addeesseera. Itti ida’uunis Embaasiin France kan Finfinneetti argamu miilttowwan isaa kan Awrooppaafi Amerikaa woliin ta’uun dhaddacha himatamtoota kanaa irratti argamuun dhugaa jiru adda baafachuuf yaaliin godhame diddaa mootummaa Itophiyaatiin gufachuu isaa saaxileera. Hata’u male jedha deebiin wajjiraPrezidaantii kun hariiroon Franciifi Itophiyaa gidduu jiraatu uumamatti kan kaayyoo kabaja mirga dhala namaa, wolabummaa seeraafi guddina diinagdee irratti hundaheedha jechuun dhuma irratti mootummaan France iyyata hawaasa Oromoo kana hubannaa itti laatee akka hodofu ibseera. Kara biraatiin Masterplaanii Finfinnee kan woldiddaafi gaaga’ama uume irratti hirmaannaa fudhateera kan jedhamu bulchiinsi magaala Lyon (France) deebii barreeffamaan woldaa hawaasa Oromoo France kanaaf erge irratti komii dhimma kana irratti dhihaate xiinxalaa jiraachuu isaa ibseera. Hawaasni Oromoo biyya France ammas hanga mirgi ummata keenyaa guutummaatti kabajamutti fageenyi lafaa utuu isa hin daangessin falmii isaa akka itti fufu hubachiisa. —————— FrenchLetter1_2014