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Urgent Appeal on Behalf of Oromo Refugees Stranded in Yemen May 11, 2015

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OOromo refugees in Yemenoromomnoromomn

The following is a statement from the Oromo Community of Minnesota.


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
94 rue de Montbrillant
Geneva, Switzerland

Subject: Urgent Appeal on Behalf of Oromo Refugees Stranded in Yemen

The Oromo Community of Minnesota (OCM) is sending an urgent appeal to all governmental, non-governmental and UN humanitarian agencies, on behalf of Oromo refugees stranded in Yemen due to the ongoing fighting in that country.

The Oromo in Minnesota, the largest Oromo community outside East Africa, is following the plight of refugees in Yemen with great trepidation. Our compatriots make the difficult decision to flee from their beloved homeland due to rampant and persistent persecution by successive Ethiopian regimes. Their choices are either to stay in their country and remain silent over the daily injustices or speak up and get sent to prisons for the simple reason of asserting their inalienable rights; dare to oppose violations of human rights and face disappearance, long incarceration without trial, and extra-judicially killings simply because, to use the words of Amnesty international’s recent report, they are Oromo.

These refugees had to cross through harsh environments to get to the Gulf of Aden and then board overcrowded boats. They took these risky steps to escape more serious dangers at home. As the situation in Yemen deteriorates, most of the Yemenis have moved out to the relative safety of the countryside, while other refugees have left to other countries. The only helpless ones still stranded in urban centers are Oromo refugees. We are gravely concerned for their safety.

Our urgent appeal is for the protection of their critically endangered lives based on humanitarian grounds and their evacuation to a safer country. We humbly request that repatriation to Ethiopia not be an option as they are going to face persecution by the Ethiopian government, which is what drove them to make the excruciating choice of becoming refugees in the first place.

Therefore, the Oromo Community of Minnesota is appealing to all humanitarian agencies and all individuals of goodwill to do all things in their means to assist our brothers and sisters caught up in the present tragic situation in Yemen. Our community is ready and on standby to cooperate with humanitarian agencies in their concerted efforts to save the lives of our people.


The Oromo Community of Minnesota

– International Organization for Migration
– International Red Cross and Crescent Societies
– American Refugee Committee
– European Union
– US Department of State Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration
– American Red Cross Society
– MN Congressional Delegation
– Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton



Macha-Tulama-USA: Urgent Letter to #UNHCR About Conditions of Refugees in Libya, Yemen & South Africa May 5, 2015

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???????????Machaa Tuulamaa in USA


May 3, 2015

Mr. António Guterres, UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Case Postale 2500 CH-1211 Genève 2 Dépôt Switzerland

Your Excellency Mr. Guterres,

The Board of Directors of the Macha-Tulama Association, USA, is writing this urgent letter to bring to your attention about the suffering of thousands of Oromo refugees and other nationals in Yemen, South Africa, Libya as well as in the Middle East and Africa. Among these refugees were individuals who were killed or beheaded by terrorists and other criminal elements. Furthermore, the most vulnerable elements of these refugees such as the sick, women, children and elderly are dying every day. At this moment no calling is more urgent and noble and no responsibility greater for the leadership of UNHCR than trying its very best for saving the lives of thousands of Oromo refugees and others who are trapped among warring factions in Yemen and attacked by terrorists in Libya and burned by criminals in South Africa.

The Macha-Tulama Association (MTA) is a non-profit organization legally registered in the United States of America for advancing the objective for which the main MTA was established in Oromia (Ethiopia) in 1963. For your information, the Oromo constitute the single largest national group in Ethiopia. And yet, they are political minority in that country. Consequently, successive Ethiopian governments, including the present one, have banned MTA, the only civic institution of the Oromo people in the Ethiopian Empire. The MTA envisioned mobilizing Oromo citizens for fighting illiteracy, diseases, constructing schools, building roads and clinics, promoting Oromo self-consciousness, and reviving Oromo language, culture and history. It also struggled to restore the human dignity and inalienable rights of the Oromo people that have been suppressed by successive Ethiopian regimes.

Continuing the policies of the previous regimes of Ethiopia, the current minority Ethiopian government has intensified political repression as well as land-grabbing and transferring other economic resources of the Oromo and other peoples to the current government officials, their supporters and foreign corporations. It is the Ethiopian government’s policy of illegal land grabbing and political persecution of the Oromo and others that have forced the young, old, women and children to flee from their fatherland and get exposed to dangerous conditions in foreign lands. Oromo refugees and other nationals who have been forced to leave their homeland by the political and economic repression of the current minority Ethiopian government are exposed to gross human rights violations and terrorism. These refugees have been forced to flee from their homeland in order to seek protection from persecution, arbitrary imprisonment, torture and extra-judicial killings because of their ethno-national and religious identities, political opinions and their economic resources. According to Amnesty International report, entitled ‘Because I am Oromo: Sweeping Repression in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia, between 2011 and 2014 at least 5000 Oromo were arrested, tortured, and faced extra-judicial executions because of being Oromo, and for also peacefully demonstrating against the regime’s land grabbing policies and the so-called Addis Ababa Master Plan that has been intended to evict millions of Oromo farmers from their prime land around Addis Ababa (Finfinnee), the capital city of the Ethiopian Empire.

Unfortunately, global powers and international financial institutions indirectly finance the gross violations of human rights of the Oromo and other people claiming that the current minority Ethiopian government is “democratic” and promotes “development.” For the Oromo and other people who have been terrorized and evicted from their ancestral lands, the claims of democracy and development are just propaganda ploys. In fact, the policies of this dictatorial regime are exposing the Oromo and others to unimaginable misery. When the people have resisted illegal removal from their ancestral lands, the current Ethiopian government’s police force and soldiers have beaten and detained them without trial, and many have been killed. It was for the purpose of saving their lives that thousands of Oromo and others have fled from Ethiopia to foreign lands. However, those who fled to South Africa, Yemen and Libya have faced torture, looting, and burning; they have been also beheaded, raped, tortured and killed by criminal elements and extremists. (Please see the following sites and videos for further information). http://www.ayyaantuu.net/ethiopia-muslim-martyr-among-those-killed-by-isis/; http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/apr/20/south-africa-xenophobic-violencemigrant-workers-apartheid; http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Security-Watch/terrorism-security/2015/0420/Islamic-Statemurders-30-African-migrants-in-Libya-while-up-to-700-died-off-coast-video

Particularly, there are thousands Oromo refugees in Yemen alone in areas including Sana, Eden and other refugee camps. The current political crises and turmoil in Yemen has put the lives of these refugees in a very dangerous condition. These refugees are trapped among warring factions without any help from international and regional organizations such as yours. Many of these refugees have been raped, imprisoned, wounded or killed. They are also exposed to terrorists, fundamentalists, slavers and human traffickers. We are gravely concerned about the deteriorating conditions of Oromo and other refugees in Yemen, South Africa and Libya. These refugees are concentrated in camps and other places without adequate food, shelter and medical services. Therefore, we appeal to the UNHCR and your leadership to take the following urgent actions:

• First, we request that the UNHCR demand that the governments in Yemen, Libya and South Africa provide protection for Oromo and other refugees who have sought protection and safety in their countries.

• Second, we request that the UNHCR provide material support urgently for those Oromo refugees and others who are trapped among warring factions, especially in Yemen.

• Third, we appeal to the UNHCR to arrange suitable conditions with other countries for these refugees to have an opportunity for permanent settlement in third countries.

• Fourth, we request that the UNHCR seeks permanent solutions through the United Nations for eliminating political and economic conditions that have produced tens of thousands of Oromo and other refugees from Ethiopia.

• Fifth, we request that the UNHCR persuade big powers and international financial institutions not to finance the Ethiopian government’s policy of land grabbing, which has evicted tens of thousands of Oromo nationals and others from their ancestral lands.

We believe that as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the principal voice on refugee issues, you have an extraordinary opportunity to alleviate the incredible human sufferings of the Oromo and other refugees in Yemen, Libya and South Africa and in other countries. We urgently request you to take a concrete measure that will save the lives of Oromo and other refugees who are trapped among warring factions in Yemen. Additionally we request you to urge the government officials of Libya and South Africa to protect Oromo and other nationals in their countries. Finally, we thank you for your interest in the wellbeing of the Oromo and other refugees from Ethiopia and for taking concrete actions to protect them.


Abera Tefera,

For the Board of Directors of the Macha-Tulama Association, USA



His Excellency Ban Ki-moon,

U.N. Secretary-General

The United Nations, New York.

NY 10017 Fax: 212-963-7055

E-mail: Inquiries@UN.Org



His Excellency John Kerry

US Secretary of State

Washington, D.C.20520

E-mail: Secretary@state.gov


European Union

Fax: +32-2-285-73 97 / 81

E-mail: public.info@consilium.eu.int


U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants

2231 Crystal Drive, Suite 350 Arlington,

VA 22202-3711

Fax: (703) 769-4241

E-mail: uscri@uscridc.org

Amnesty International International Secretariat

1 Easton Street




Fax: +44-207-956-1157

E-mail: contactus@amnesty.org

Human Rights Watch

Rory Mungoven Global Advocacy Director

350 Fifth Avenue,

34th floor New York,

NY 10118-3299

USA Fax: 212-736-130



Macha Tulama Association Urgent Call to Help Refugees in Yemen, Libya and South Africa. #Oromo. #Oromia April 24, 2015

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April 21, 2015

As we all have been following the events happening in Yemen, South Africa and Libya and other countries in the Middle East and Africa, Oromos and other nationals are facing gross human rights violations, brutal and cold blooded murder. Oromos are appealing to Macha Tulama Association (MTA) to stand for them in any capacity as soon as possible. The appeal and plea are coming to MTA email address daily in large number. Our people are in desperate situation in the countries where they are seeking refuge to save their lives.

In the past, MTA-USA offered modest help in the wake of such emergencies. What is happening now is even more dangerous for Oromo nationals. MTA is now ready to facilitate the collection and delivery of financial support to those who are in desperate need. Time is of the essence in this issue. MTA is also planning to find the ways to support the resettlement works of the UNHCR and International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Therefore, we hereby request all Oromos and friends of Oromos to respond to these emergency calls for support of our brothers and sisters by contributing as much as we can online or by mailing check or money order to our address. We have created a separate account for this specific purpose. The board of MTA will look in to the means and ways of disbursing the funds soon and will announce on our website and social media.

To donate online, click on the “Donate” button below which takes you to “Emergency Reponse – Yemen, Libya and South Africa” page.

If you want to send check or money order, please make it payable to Macha Tulama and mail to the address below. If you have any question, email us at machatulama.usa@gmail.

811 Upshur St. NW
Washington, DC 20011


Macha Tulama Association

Washington, DC



Seenaa Sabboontuu Oromoo Aadde Ayyaluu Ittisaa (1968-2015) April 14, 2015

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???????????Ayyaluu Ittisaa (1968-2015)Aaddee Ayyaluu Itisaa

Aadde Ayyaluu Ittisaa,  qabsoo uummanni Oromoo mirga isaa kabachiifachuuf  gaggeessu keessatti gahee olaana kan  turani. Kanumaan kan kaka’esi hidhaadhaaniis dararamaa akka turan seenaa isaanii irraa hubachuun danda’ameera. Aadde Ayyaluun gaaffii mirgaa Oromummaa isaaniif qabaniif jecha bara 2004- 2007 A.L.A.tti garee hooggantoota waldaa Maccaa fi Tuulamaa jedhamu waliin hidhamuun dararaan jajjabaan isaan irra akka gahe seenaan galmee isaanii ni ibsa.Dhuma irratti yakka malee hidhamuun isaanii waan hubatameef bilisaaniis gad-dhiifamaniiru. Aadde Ayyaluun mana hidhaa gad-dhiifaman illee dhimma gaaffii uummata Oromoof guyyaa tokko illee otoo of hin qusanne haga lubbuun isaanii Eebla 12 bara 2015 dhibee akka tasaan dhukkubsatanii lubbuun isaanii dabrutti, karaa dandahame hundaa Gaaffii mirgaa uummata Oromoof gumaacha gurguddaa gochaa akka turan seenaan isaanii dabalataan ni mirkaneessa. Maatii, firoottanii fi jaalleewwan, akkasumaas uummata Oromoo du’aan boqochuu sabboontuu aadde Ayyaluu Ittisaaf gaddaan liqimsamtan hundaaf jajjabina hawwaa, aadde Ayyaluu Ittisaaf ammoo ekeraan isaanii daadhii haa dhugu jenna.


Seenaa Ad Ayyaluu Ittisaa (1968-2015)

(Oromedia, 14 Ebla 2015) Aadde Ayyaluu Itisaa Abbaa ishee Obbo Ittisaa Deebisaa Jiraataa fi Harmee ishee Aadde Jaal’ee Lataa Toleeraa irraa bara 1968 GC haala amma waamamuun Godina shawaa lixaa Aanaa Calliyaa Ganda Qotee Bulaa Tulluu Kosorruu jedhamu keessatti dhalatte.

Akkasumas bara 1991 yeroo mootummaan dargii kufe irraa eegalee, miseensa Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo(ABO) ta’uun socha’aa kan turte yoo ta’u, haaluma kanaan bara chaarteraa waraan ABO muraasa Shaambal Yohaannis Moosisaan fi Obbo Sanyii Bakkasheen hoogganamu fi jiddugala Oromiyaa socho’aa kan tureef garee mahaandisummaan dirqamarra otoo jirtuu haxxee diinni hidheen shaambal Yohaannis Moosisaa yoo ajjeefamu, Qabsooftuu Ayyaluu Ittisaa qabamuun gara mana hidhaa karchallee Magaalaa Ambootti geeffamtee qaruuraa caccabaan  rifeensa mataa irraa haaduun dararama hamaa irraan ga’an. Akka kanaan, artistii beekamtuu fi jaalatamtuu Ilfinash Qannoofaa waliin karchallee Amboo keessatti dararama argaa turan.
Akkuma umuriin ishee barnootaaf gaheen mana barumsaa sadarkaa 1ffaa M/Tulluu maraa, Sadarkaa jidduu galaa magaalaa Geedoo M/Caacaa, sadarkaa olaanaa Amboo fi magaalaa Finfinnee Mana barumsaa Kokoba tsabaa jedhamutti xumurte.

Erga hidhaa irraa hiikamtees sodaa tokko malee, gara magaalaa finfinneetti deebi’uun dhoksaan hojii qabsoo itti fufte. Haaluma kanaan Waldaa Maccaa fi Tuulamaa keessatti miseensa guutuu ta’uun koree adda addaa keessatti sadarkaa adda addaa irratti itti gaafatammummaa fi miseensummaan socho’aa turte.

Haala jireenyaa mo’achuuf waajjira mootummaa Oromiyaa waajjira qabeenya uumamaa yeroosana jedhamee beekamu keessatti qacaramtee hojii yoo eegaltes shakkii miseensummaa ABOn dararaa yeroo dheeraa booda waajjira kamiyyuu akka hojjechuu hin dandeenye karaa mootummaa gita bittuu wayyaaneen akkeekkachiifamuun hojii dhaabde. Kun otoo ishee hin jilbeeffachiisiin ammas hojii qabsoo harka lafa jalaan gaggeessuu eegalte.

Aadde Ayyaluun Waldaa Machaa fi Tuulamaa keessatti kallattiin hojii aadaa fi seenaa guddisuu raawwataa turte. Haaluma kanaan otoo jirtuu, bara 2004 yeroo hooggantaatnii fi Baratootni Oromoo yuunversiitii fi gaazixeessonni Oromoo  hidhaman, Aadde Ayyaluunis maatii ishee nama lama waliin gara mana hidhaa Maa’ikelaawwiitti darbamte.
Aadde Ayyaluun erga hidhaadhaa baatees doorsisaa fi sodaachisoo wayyaaneef harka otoo hin kennine socho’aa waan turteef dhuunfaanis ta’e waajjira kam iyyuu hojjechuu akka hin dandeenye wayyaanotaan waan itti murtaa’eef hanga gaafa lubbuun ishee dabartuutti gargaarsa maatiin jiraachuu turte.Achiinis hooggantootaa WMT fi shamarreen qabsaa’ota Oromoo bebbeekamoo kan akka Aslii Oromoo, Feeruzaa Abdii, Sinqee…., Ayishaa…… jedhaman faa waaliin Karchallee Finfinnee, fi  Mana hidhaa Qaallittii erga turtee booda bara 2007 hidhaa waggaa sadii booda bilisaan hiikamte. Sanaa boodas yeroo adda addaatti hiriyyoonni ishee biyyaa akka baatu itti himan illee biyya abbaakoo diinaa gadhiisee hin bahu jechuun harkatti didaa turte.

Aadde Ayyaluun dubartoota qaqqaalii qabsoon Oromoo horate keessaa tokko fi mana dhaabuun bilisummaa booda amantaa jedhu kan qabduu fi hanga lubbuunshee darbe kanatti mana kan hin dhaabbanne ta’uu seenaan ishii ragaa baha.

Aadde Ayyaluun dhukkuba tasaatiin Ebla 12 bara 2015 Finfinneetti addunyaa kana irraa addaan baate; sirni awwaalcha ishii Ebla 14 bara 2015 bakka firoottanii fi jaallan ishii argamanitti qeée dhaloota ishiitti raawwate.

Aadde Ayyaluun nama hawaasa keessatti jaalatamtu turte; Waaqayyo maatii fi jaalleewwan qabsoo isheef jajjabina haa kennu.

Qabsaa’aan ni kufa; qabsoon itti fufa.


Oromia: The Oldest Oromo Civic Association, Macha-Tulama Marks 50th year Anniversary Celebration August 20, 2014

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Some of the Founders of the Macha-Tulama Association; Photo: Public Domain



August 5, 2014  Published in Opride Contributors



It is a great honor to be part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Macha Tulama Association. For a people facing complete erasure, survival itself is a revolutionary act.

The fact that we are gathered here today to honor the founding of Macha Tulama 50 years ago speaks to the fact that despite all odds, we, as a people are survivors. Ethiopian history is full of attempts to annihilate the Oromo—culturally, politically, socially, economically, in all and every ways possible.

Oromos — cast as foreign, aliens to their own lands, have been the targets of the entire infrastructure of the Ethiopian state since their violent incorporation. Our identity, primarily language, religion and belief systems and cultural heritage have been the main targets of wanton destruction.

Oromo and its personhood were already demonized, characterized as embodiments of all that is inferior, shameful and subhuman from the beginning. Oromo people were economically and politically exploited, dominated and alienated.

Oromo cultural, political and religious institutions have been under massive attacks and dismantlement by consecutive Ethiopian governments. Oromos were rendered slaves on their own lands by a colonial land tenure system.

Given the huge systematic and structural forces that have been mobilized against Oromo people and its peoplehood, it is truly astonishing that we have survived. But we have survived not by some miracle, but because our ancestors have continuously resisted violent assimilation, dehumanization, economic exploitation, and complete eradication.

We have survived because our people have courageously and wisely Organized, sang, fought and sacrificed. We have survived because of brilliantly organized Oromo institutions such as Macha Tulama, which have held our communities together.

For five decades, this organization has been the vanguard of the Oromo people’s struggle for freedom, liberty and autonomy. Macha Tulama was conceived at a time when Oromo people desperately needed institutions that would provide direction, leadership, and mobilize the financial, human, intellectual and creative resources to empower Oromo communities.

The 50th Golden Jubilee Anniversary Celebration of Macha-Tulama Association at Washington DC, 1st August 2014
The upcoming 50th Anniversary Celebration of Macha-Tulama Association (MTA).
This historic event will be held on August 1, 2014 in Washington DC.
Please allow us to explain once again why this celebration will be held in Washington DC, thousands of miles away from Ethiopia.
The story of the establishment of the Macha-Tulama Association was an event of great drama and wonder that has captured the imagination of the Oromo public since 1963, while its banning in 1967 is story of epic proportion which demonstrates Oromo powerlessness in Ethiopia. History of modern Ethiopia includes few cases of injustice and open discrimination equal to the banning of the first Oromo peaceful civic organization, which has come to symbolize the condition of the Oromo nation under successive Ethiopian regimes to the extent that in 2014, the Oromo who constitute the single largest national group in Ethiopia, are not allowed even to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of their oldest civic organization in their own country.
The leaders of the Macha-Tulama Association came together from different parts of Oromia. They have become the symbol of courage and sacrifices that have propelled millions of Oromo into organized motion. Firm as their grasp of reality, they looked upon peaceful resistance with a boldness of imagination unsurpassed in modern Ethiopian history. What spirit was it that moved them, made them accept sufferings, torture, imprison­ment, loss of property, breakup of families and loss of life itself? Without a doubt, it was the spirit of Oromo political awakening that propelled these men and women onto a new historical stage. They became the organizational expression of Oromo national consciousness. Through their struggle and sacrifices, they won a lasting place in the hearts of the Oromo nation. Within four short years the leaders of Association not only united and provided the Oromo with central leadership, but also made them conscious of their unity and their dehumanization as second-class subjects and inspired them to be agents for their freedom and human dignity. The 50th anniversary celebration is organized for honoring the sacrifices made by the leaders and members of Macha-Tulama Association and for keeping alive the spirit of freedom and human dignity for which they struggled.
Without any doubt it was the Macha-Tulama Association that planted the tree of Oromo political consciousness. The limited gains the Oromo achieved since the 1970s was the fruit from that tree of political consciousness. The Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front, which has dominated Ethiopian government since 1991, is determined to deprive the Oromo of any independent organization by banning the Macha-Tulama Association, detaining its leaders from time to time and confiscating its property, thereby demonstrating the utter absence of the rule of law in Ethiopia.
We believe that you feel the pain and the daily humiliation of our people who are even denied the simplest right of celebrating the 50th anniversary of their oldest country-wide civic organization in their own country. Those of us who live in freedom beyond the tyranny of the TPLF regime have moral responsibility for supporting the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Macha-Tulama Association. It will give us a wonderful opportunity for informing the Western world that the Oromo and other peoples in Ethiopia are denied their basic human and democratic rights in their own country. What is greater shame for the TPLF regime that beats the empty drum of democracy than denying the Oromo the right to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their civic organization? Together, let us expose the brutality of the Ethiopian regime and lift up the spirit of our people. Now is the time for those of who are interested in freedom, democracy and the rule of law in Ethiopia to rise to the challenge of publicizing the 50th anniversary celebration so that more people will know about the tyrannical TPLF regime.
The plan of the day is:
· Demonstration at 9AM, gathering in front of the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW.
· Marching to US State Department, 2200 C St, NW, at 11AM – ending at 1PM.
· Official Celebration at the Ukrainian Catholic National Shrine, 4250 Harewood Rd, NE, Washington, DC 20017, starting at 4:30PM.
· Continuing with Oromo Cultural Evening at the Ukrainian Catholic National Shrine until midnight.
Please join us so that we joyously celebrate together the 50th anniversary of the Macha-Tulama Association and demonstrate to the TPLF leaders that they will never be able to kill the spirit of freedom and human dignity that the Macha-Tulama Association planted in the heart, mind and soul of the Oromo nation.
We thank you for your cooperation in this noble undertaking.
MTA 50th Anniversary Organizing Team