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Tributes paid to Agitu Ideo Gudeta, an Oromo refugee farmer who championed integration in Italy January 1, 2021

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The Guardian: Tributes paid to Ethiopian refugee farmer who championed integration in Italy

Agitu Ideo Gudeta, who was killed on Wednesday, used abandoned land to start a goat farming project employing migrants and refugees

Agitu Ideo Gudeta stearted with just 15 goats, increasing the herd to 180 in just a few years.

Agitu Ideo Gudeta stearted with just 15 goats, increasing the herd to 180 in just a few years. Photograph: Alessandro Bianchi/ReutersGlobal development is supported byAbout this contentLorenzo Tondo in Palermo@lorenzo_tondoFri 1 Jan 2021

Tributes have been paid to a 42-year-old Ethiopian refugee and farmer who became a symbol of integration in Italy, her adopted home.

Agitu Ideo Gudeta was attacked and killed, allegedly by a former employee, on her farm in Trentino on Wednesday.

Gudeta had left Addis Ababa in 2010 after angering the authorities by taking part in protests against “land grabbing”. Once in Italy, she tenaciously followed and realised her ambition to move to the mountains and start her own farm. Taking advantage of permits that give farmers access to abandoned public land in depopulated areas, she reclaimed 11 hectares (27 acres) around an old barn in the Mòcheni valley, where she founded her La Capra Felice (The Happy Goat) enterprise.

Gudeta started with a herd of 15 goats, quickly rising to 180 in a few years, producing organic milk and cheese using environmentally friendly methods and hiring migrants and refugees.

“I created my space and made myself known, there was no resistance to me,” she told Reuters news agency that year.

“Agitu brought to Italy the dream she was unable to realise in Ethiopia, in part because of land grabbing,” Gabriella Ghermandi, singer, performer, novelist and friend of Gudeta, told the Guardian. “Her farm was successful because she applied what she had learned from her grandparents in the countryside.‘Entire families are arriving at our shores’: Covid drives Tunisian exodusRead more

“In Italy, many people have described her enterprise as a model of integration. But Agitu’s dream was to create an environmentally sustainable farm that was more than just a business; for her it also symbolised struggle against class divisions and the conviction that living in harmony with nature was possible. And above all she carried out her work with love. She had given a name to each one of her goats.”

In a climate where hostility toward migrants was increasing, led by far-right political leaders, her success story was reported by numerous media outlets as an example of how integration can benefit communities.

“The most rewarding satisfaction is when people tell me how much they love my cheeses because they’re good and taste different,” she said in an interview with Internazionale in 2017. “It compensates for all the hard work and the prejudices I’ve had to overcome as a woman and an immigrant.”

Two years ago she received death threats and was the target of racist attacks, which she reported to police, recounting them on her social media posts.

But police said a man who has confessed to the rape and murder of the farmer was an ex-employee who, they said, allegedly acted for “economic reasons”.

Agitu Ideo Gudeta produced organic milk and cheese using environmentally friendly methods.
Agitu Ideo Gudeta produced organic milk and cheese using environmentally friendly methods. Photograph: Alessandro Bianchi/Reuters

The UN refugee agency said it was “pained” by Gudeta’s death, and that her entrepreneurial spirit “demonstrated how refugees can contribute to the societies that host them”.

“Despite her tragic end, the UNHCR hopes that Agitu Ideo Gudeta will be remembered and celebrated as a model of success and integration and inspire refugees that struggle to rebuild their lives,” the agency said.

“We spoke on the phone last week’’, said Ghermandi. “We spent two hours speaking about Ethiopia. We had plans to get together in the spring. Agitu considered Italy her home. She used to say that she had suffered too much in Ethiopia. Now Agitu is gone, but her work mustn’t die. We will soon begin a fundraising campaign to follow her plan for expanding the business so that her dream will live on.”

Gudeta would have turned 43 on New Year’s Day.

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How To Change The World In Three Steps | Toltu Tufa | TEDx Talks April 1, 2020

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Toltu Tufaa: The founder of the Afaan Publications is on the new project: Toltu Eessa jirta? September 3, 2019

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Professor Martha Kuwee Kumsa: Unsung heroine and iron lady! September 10, 2017

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Odaa Oromoooromianeconomist


Professor Kwee kumsa, inspirational Oromo woman

“Even though my imprisonment was limited to the radius of the prison compound – Ethiopia itself was a giant cell.”

Martha Kuwee Kumsa is an Oromo born in Ethiopia where she worked as a young journalist in the later half of the 70’s. She was separated from her three young toddlers, tortured and thrown in jail where she remained incarcerated without charge or trial for the ten years of the 80’s. She was released and brought to Canada through the intervention of Amnesty International and PEN International. She has chosen social work as her mid life career change and now teaches Social Work at Wilfred Laurier University.

(Jun 17, 2006)
Martha Kuwee Kumsa is standing in front of her social work students at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo. Out of the corner of one eye, the Ethiopian-born woman catches sight of a man in uniform lingering in the hall. She continues her lecture, but her heart beats faster and her breathing becomes heavier. Then she gets a clear view of the man — and it’s a university security officer, not a soldier come to drag her away. She relaxes.

“It’s amazing how the brain works and the body responds,” the soft-spoken Kumsa says of the triggers she has learned to cope with over the years.

Martha Kuwee Kumsa of Kitchener is at home in Canada, but still has strong feelings about her native Ethiopia. For years she had long dreadlocks, but two months ago she cut them off in a symbolic gesture.

Terror, struggle, pain and grief have all been part of a long journey in which she lost her husband, her home and sense of security.

Two months ago, in an act symbolic of those losses, she lifted her dreadlocks and cut them off.

Kumsa, 51, who now lives in Kitchener, had let her hair grow since moving to Canada and starting work on her PhD. This spring, however, she decided a woman her age shouldn’t have hair down to her buttocks.

Kumsa knows now, however, that there was more to the haircut than that. In Ethiopia, women who cut their hair are often in mourning.Image

Martha Kumsa was born in Dembi Dollo, a small town 800 kilometres southwest of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, near the border of Sudan.

The youngest daughter of a Presbyterian minister, she was named Martha after the Christian nurse who delivered her. The name she holds close to her heart is her middle name, Kuwee, the name of a heroine in Oromo history. But Kumsa wasn’t allowed to go by Kuwee in Ethiopia, where the Oromo people, the largest ethnic group in the country, are still struggling for equality.

Read more at source: Professor Martha Kuwee Kumsa: Unsung heroine and iron lady!


Oromia: OMN: Qophii Jiruuf jireenyaa Artist Dirribee Gadaa Bit 28, 2017. OMN: Interview with one of the most creative minds in Oromo music and art, artist singer Dirribee Gadaa March 29, 2017

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OMN: Artisti Dirribee Gadaa (Bit 28, 2017)





Mother of all earth December 31, 2015

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Odaa OromooOromo singer Artist Hawi Tezera



When I was a kid growing up in Ethiopia, I used to closely watch how the man around me acted towards women. I followed their characters and tried to learn from them. See, for a young boy like me, there was nothing more important than emulating them. The older ones in my community did things in a respectful manner towards women and girls. They talked to them in different way they do to us boys. Even when we mess around and get in trouble, we were scolded differently. One night we were watching a TV, a younger lady walked in and the older gentleman wanted her to take his seat. I was a little taken a back by his action. Later that night I asked him why he did what he did and he told me “A women is a mother of all earth, everyone comes into the world from a mother’s womb. No one knows who the mother give birth to, a king or a Pop. You should always respect a women because that is a measure of a just man”

The quote sound much better in our language (apologize for the lack of good translation) but it thought me a very important lesson in my young age. A women is a mother of all earth!

I am sure you heard about the current situation in Ethiopia and Oromo protest against the illegal master plan to take the land from poor farmers to give it to private foreign companies and government cronies. I am sure you heard the government killed 100 plus, injured hundreds of protesters and imprisoned over a thousand activists. The images of dead students some at the ripe age of teens and some in college years are televised and broadcasted in diaspora TV stations. Every single one of them are sad and infuriating. Here is a story of one of the thousands that are detained and tourtured by Federal security forces in Ethiopia.

Meet artist Hawi Tefera. The famous Oromo female singer Hawi Tezera was detained and tortured by the Ethiopian Federal police for releasing an Afan Oromo single music that’s critical of the Ethiopian government’s affairs, i.e. the Master Plan and the killings following the protests against the Master Plan, in the Federal State of Oromia. The single, which was released on December 15, 2015, was produced using the traditional Oromo protest genre called Geerarsa.

Upon the intervention of the Oromian State police, Hawi was released from her ordeal only to be imprisoned again over the last few days. In that time interval, activists able to take a photo of her pain inflicted body and no one knows where she is and how she is doing.

Here is the song she released.

Her story really bothered me and pained me. Who are the federal police officers that tortured her. How does a government with a good standing with the world, be able to do this without consequences? when do the world fell this low to do nothing while artists, students and farmers summarily executed because they protested.

Yes, in Ethiopia, the government is above the law. But when we torture the mother of all earth, bad karma will torture as back very soon.

Free Hawi Tefera!!

Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere!


Oromia: Famous Oromo female singer Hawi Tezera feared to be under another torture, activists say. #OromoProtests

Oromia Broadcasting Service/OBS TV: Harka Fuune, Wellistuu Kadijjaa Hajjii October 13, 2015

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???????????Oromo artist Kadijjaa Hajii, aadaa bareedaa qabnaa hin jiruu kan keenya kan gituuOromo artist Kadijjaa Hajii, aadaa bareedaa qabnaa hin jiruu kan keenya kan gituu1Oromo artist Kadijjaa Hajii, aadaa bareedaa qabnaa hin jiruu kan keenya kan gituu2

Oromo artist Kadijjaa Hajii

Seenaa Sabboontuu Oromoo Aadde Ayyaluu Ittisaa (1968-2015) April 14, 2015

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???????????Ayyaluu Ittisaa (1968-2015)Aaddee Ayyaluu Itisaa

Aadde Ayyaluu Ittisaa,  qabsoo uummanni Oromoo mirga isaa kabachiifachuuf  gaggeessu keessatti gahee olaana kan  turani. Kanumaan kan kaka’esi hidhaadhaaniis dararamaa akka turan seenaa isaanii irraa hubachuun danda’ameera. Aadde Ayyaluun gaaffii mirgaa Oromummaa isaaniif qabaniif jecha bara 2004- 2007 A.L.A.tti garee hooggantoota waldaa Maccaa fi Tuulamaa jedhamu waliin hidhamuun dararaan jajjabaan isaan irra akka gahe seenaan galmee isaanii ni ibsa.Dhuma irratti yakka malee hidhamuun isaanii waan hubatameef bilisaaniis gad-dhiifamaniiru. Aadde Ayyaluun mana hidhaa gad-dhiifaman illee dhimma gaaffii uummata Oromoof guyyaa tokko illee otoo of hin qusanne haga lubbuun isaanii Eebla 12 bara 2015 dhibee akka tasaan dhukkubsatanii lubbuun isaanii dabrutti, karaa dandahame hundaa Gaaffii mirgaa uummata Oromoof gumaacha gurguddaa gochaa akka turan seenaan isaanii dabalataan ni mirkaneessa. Maatii, firoottanii fi jaalleewwan, akkasumaas uummata Oromoo du’aan boqochuu sabboontuu aadde Ayyaluu Ittisaaf gaddaan liqimsamtan hundaaf jajjabina hawwaa, aadde Ayyaluu Ittisaaf ammoo ekeraan isaanii daadhii haa dhugu jenna.


Seenaa Ad Ayyaluu Ittisaa (1968-2015)

(Oromedia, 14 Ebla 2015) Aadde Ayyaluu Itisaa Abbaa ishee Obbo Ittisaa Deebisaa Jiraataa fi Harmee ishee Aadde Jaal’ee Lataa Toleeraa irraa bara 1968 GC haala amma waamamuun Godina shawaa lixaa Aanaa Calliyaa Ganda Qotee Bulaa Tulluu Kosorruu jedhamu keessatti dhalatte.

Akkasumas bara 1991 yeroo mootummaan dargii kufe irraa eegalee, miseensa Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo(ABO) ta’uun socha’aa kan turte yoo ta’u, haaluma kanaan bara chaarteraa waraan ABO muraasa Shaambal Yohaannis Moosisaan fi Obbo Sanyii Bakkasheen hoogganamu fi jiddugala Oromiyaa socho’aa kan tureef garee mahaandisummaan dirqamarra otoo jirtuu haxxee diinni hidheen shaambal Yohaannis Moosisaa yoo ajjeefamu, Qabsooftuu Ayyaluu Ittisaa qabamuun gara mana hidhaa karchallee Magaalaa Ambootti geeffamtee qaruuraa caccabaan  rifeensa mataa irraa haaduun dararama hamaa irraan ga’an. Akka kanaan, artistii beekamtuu fi jaalatamtuu Ilfinash Qannoofaa waliin karchallee Amboo keessatti dararama argaa turan.
Akkuma umuriin ishee barnootaaf gaheen mana barumsaa sadarkaa 1ffaa M/Tulluu maraa, Sadarkaa jidduu galaa magaalaa Geedoo M/Caacaa, sadarkaa olaanaa Amboo fi magaalaa Finfinnee Mana barumsaa Kokoba tsabaa jedhamutti xumurte.

Erga hidhaa irraa hiikamtees sodaa tokko malee, gara magaalaa finfinneetti deebi’uun dhoksaan hojii qabsoo itti fufte. Haaluma kanaan Waldaa Maccaa fi Tuulamaa keessatti miseensa guutuu ta’uun koree adda addaa keessatti sadarkaa adda addaa irratti itti gaafatammummaa fi miseensummaan socho’aa turte.

Haala jireenyaa mo’achuuf waajjira mootummaa Oromiyaa waajjira qabeenya uumamaa yeroosana jedhamee beekamu keessatti qacaramtee hojii yoo eegaltes shakkii miseensummaa ABOn dararaa yeroo dheeraa booda waajjira kamiyyuu akka hojjechuu hin dandeenye karaa mootummaa gita bittuu wayyaaneen akkeekkachiifamuun hojii dhaabde. Kun otoo ishee hin jilbeeffachiisiin ammas hojii qabsoo harka lafa jalaan gaggeessuu eegalte.

Aadde Ayyaluun Waldaa Machaa fi Tuulamaa keessatti kallattiin hojii aadaa fi seenaa guddisuu raawwataa turte. Haaluma kanaan otoo jirtuu, bara 2004 yeroo hooggantaatnii fi Baratootni Oromoo yuunversiitii fi gaazixeessonni Oromoo  hidhaman, Aadde Ayyaluunis maatii ishee nama lama waliin gara mana hidhaa Maa’ikelaawwiitti darbamte.
Aadde Ayyaluun erga hidhaadhaa baatees doorsisaa fi sodaachisoo wayyaaneef harka otoo hin kennine socho’aa waan turteef dhuunfaanis ta’e waajjira kam iyyuu hojjechuu akka hin dandeenye wayyaanotaan waan itti murtaa’eef hanga gaafa lubbuun ishee dabartuutti gargaarsa maatiin jiraachuu turte.Achiinis hooggantootaa WMT fi shamarreen qabsaa’ota Oromoo bebbeekamoo kan akka Aslii Oromoo, Feeruzaa Abdii, Sinqee…., Ayishaa…… jedhaman faa waaliin Karchallee Finfinnee, fi  Mana hidhaa Qaallittii erga turtee booda bara 2007 hidhaa waggaa sadii booda bilisaan hiikamte. Sanaa boodas yeroo adda addaatti hiriyyoonni ishee biyyaa akka baatu itti himan illee biyya abbaakoo diinaa gadhiisee hin bahu jechuun harkatti didaa turte.

Aadde Ayyaluun dubartoota qaqqaalii qabsoon Oromoo horate keessaa tokko fi mana dhaabuun bilisummaa booda amantaa jedhu kan qabduu fi hanga lubbuunshee darbe kanatti mana kan hin dhaabbanne ta’uu seenaan ishii ragaa baha.

Aadde Ayyaluun dhukkuba tasaatiin Ebla 12 bara 2015 Finfinneetti addunyaa kana irraa addaan baate; sirni awwaalcha ishii Ebla 14 bara 2015 bakka firoottanii fi jaallan ishii argamanitti qeée dhaloota ishiitti raawwate.

Aadde Ayyaluun nama hawaasa keessatti jaalatamtu turte; Waaqayyo maatii fi jaalleewwan qabsoo isheef jajjabina haa kennu.

Qabsaa’aan ni kufa; qabsoon itti fufa.


Bakka namni hin jirretti nama taatee kan argamte Daraartuu Abdataa seenaan uummata Oromoo yoom iyyuu ni Faarfata! November 7, 2014

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 Bakka namni hin jirretti nama taatee kan argamte Daraartuu Abdataa seenaan uummata Oromoo yoom iyyuu ni Faarfata!

By Seenaa Abdissa | Oromiyaa Irraa (Facebook)


November 6, 2014 (Gadaa.com) — Daraartuu Abdataa jedhamti. Biyya Garasuu Dukii kan taate Magaalaa Walisoo keessatti dhalattee Guddatte. Aadaa fi Afaan Oromoo Guddiisuuf barnoota sadarkaa gadii irraa jalqabdee kan tattaafachaa turte Daraartuun, Yunversiitii Dire Daawaa erga seentee boodas Piredizaantii Gumii GAAO ta’uu dhaan Dargaggoota Oromoo gurmeessitee Yunversiitii D/Daawaa keessatti akka Aadaa fi Afaan Oromoo dagaaguuf Shamarree carraaqaa turte dha! Haa Ta’u malee Maaster Pilaanii Finfinnee uummata keenya buqqaasuuf ka’e mormuu dhaan yeroo Barattoonni Yunversiitii D/Daawaa gaaffii mirgaa waan gaafataniif qofa mana hidhaatti guuramanitti Daraartuu Abdataa shamarran torba faana dargaggoota keenya waliin waajjira poolisii magaalaa D/Daawaa qaxanaa 2 keessatti hidhamte. Guyyaa Ja’aaf bakka kanatti erga dararamanii booda shamarran hundi isaanii akka gara barnootaatti deebi’an ajajni darbe.Haa ta’u malee Daraartuu Abdataa akkas jechuun deebii Laatte. “Nuti hundi keenya iyyuu gaaffii mirgaa gaafanne. Kun immoo badii hin qabu. Kanaaf iyyuu yoo nu gadhiistu ta’e hunda keenya gadhiisaa yoo nu adabsiisa ta’e immoo hunda keenya adabaa” jechuu dhaan deebii laatte. Deebiin Daraartuun Laatte kun qorannoo cimaaf akka saaxilamtu taasise. Kan barattoota kakaase sidha jechuu dhaan dararaan itti jabaate. Ji’oota hedduu dhaaf erga mana hidhaa keessatti dararamtee booda Guyyaa kaleessaa manni murtii Olaanaa badii tokko malee obboloota ishee 16 waliin murtii irratti dabarseera. Daraartuu Abdataas uummata Oromoof jecha keessumattuu qonnaan bultoota Oromoo naannawaa Finfinnee jiraataniif jecha barnoota ishee irraa addaan cittee umurii dargaggummaa ishee irraa waggaa tokkoof akka hidhamtu murtiin Diktaataroota irraa itti murtaa’eera. Akkasumas qarshii 500 akka adabamtu taasifameera! Waggaan tokko bor dhumti. Jireenya ofii dhiisanii saba ofiitiif akka Daraartuutti jiraachuun garuu boqonnaa sammuu bara baraa namaaf Kenna! Bakka namni hin jirretti nama taatee kan argamte Daraartuu Abdataa seenaan uummata Oromoo yoom iyyuu ni Faarfata!




Seenaa Gabaabaa Aadde Faaxumaa Galmoo (Haadha Abdii) 1930-2014 September 11, 2014

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Seenaa Gabaabaa Aadde Faaxumaa Galmoo (Haadha Abdii) 1930-2014


Qabsoo ummanni Oromoo gabrummaa jalaa bahuuf godhaa jiru keessatti injifannoon hamma yoonaa galmaawan heddu. Injifannoolee tana galmeeysuuf, biyya keessa qofa odoo hin taane, biyyoota alaa keessattiis wal’aansoo cimtuu tu adeemsifame. Akkuma kan biyya keessaatti, wal’aansooleen biyya alaatti godhamaniis seenaa if dandaye qabu.

Biyyoota sabni Oromoo maalummaa isaanii falmachuuf qabsoo cimtuu itti adeemsisan keessaa takka Somaalee dha. Tan lamadaa Jabuuti. Biyya Jabuutii keessatti maalummaa ifii beeysisuuf wal’aansoon Oromootaan godhamte, tan biyya Soomaalee tiin waldhabbii qabaattullee haala walfakkiitiis guddo qabdi. Kan biraa yo hanqate, hawaasa biyya sanii Oromummaa fudhachiisuuf qabsoon godamtee fii wareegamni saniif bahe tan biyya Soomaalee irraa gadii miti.

Akkuma kan biyya keessaatti, wal’aansoolee biyyoota alaatti godhaman keessattiis namoota seena qabeessa tahan tu jira. Haala kanaan, qabsoo Oromummaa beeysisuuf biyya Jabuutii keessatti adeemsifamte keessatti, warri maqaan isaanii alagaa fii lammii biratti sadarkaa duraatti beekkame keessaa tokko kan Aadde Faaxumaa Galmoo ti. Aadde Faaxumaa Galmoo, abbaa isii Obbo Aammad Muummad Galmoo fii haadha isii Aadde Aaminaa Alii irraa Bitooteessa 15, bara 1930-tti magaalaa Dirree Dhawaatti dhalatte. Abbaa fii haati aadde Faaxumaa, isii malees, ilmaan dhiiraa sadihii fii tan dubartii afur horan. Warri aadde Faaxumaa, Warri Galmoo, warra guddaa Dirree Dhawaa fii naannoo isiitti haalaan beekkame.

Gaafa umrin aadde Faaxumaa heerumaaf gaye, hireen bultii, Obbo Aammad Sheekh Usmaan Qawwee, nama dhaloonni Yakkaa, kan barnoota amantii tiif qe’eerraa fagaatee odoo daddeemuu Dirree dhawaa qubate, waliin walitti hiite.

Obbo Aammad akka aaddee Faaxuma fuudheen, bara 1964 keessa, hujii baabura gubbaa tan hojjachaa tureen haala walqabateen, gama Jabuutii deemuu mudate. Akka achi seeneen, warra aadde Sa’iidaa Abdallaa Kaamil, haadha warra Usmaail Galmootti dhihaate. Haati warra Usmaa’il Galmoo nama saba Affar irraa dhalate. Soddoonni obbo Aammad Jabuutii keessatti arkate gargaarsa barbaaduun itti dirmatanii, akka xiqqo tureen, hujii mootummaatti galmeeysan. Inniniis akka qubachuu isaa mirkaneeffateen, bara 1968 keessa, maatii isaa Dirree Dhawaa irraa if biratti godaansise.

Yaroon aadde Faaxuma biyya Jabuutii itti seente, yaroo warri biyyaa bulchiinsa Faransaayii ifirraa kaasuuf qabsaawaa turani. Aadde Faaxuma, nama sossoohinsi Afran Qalloo Dirree Dhawaa keessatti duruu onnee danfise waan taateef, dhibdee warra biyyaa hubachuuf yaroo irraa hin fuune. Falmaa abbaa biyyummaa fii fincilli sirna koloneeffataa ifirraa buqqaasuuf biyya Jabuutii keessatti godhamaa jiru, haala biyya abbaa isii tiin waan itti walfaakateef, guututti bira dhaabachuun barbaachisa tahuu daftee hubatte.

Aadde Faaxuma, sossoohinsa ummanni biyya Jabuutii godhaa jiran, kan ija isii tiin agarterraa hiis hubannootaa fii dammaqiinsa gudda arkatte. Kuni dammaqiinsa sossooha Afran Qalloo irraa arkatte daranuu keessatti cimse. If bira tartee, dubartoota Oromoo kanneen dammaqiinsa akka isii qaban, warra akka aadde Zeeynabaa Ibraahimii fii Halloo Sheekhaa (Habo Halloo) waliin tahanii, sossooha warra biyyaa maddii dhaabbachaa, ifiifiis wal gurmeeysuu jalqaban.

Haalli kuni, mootummaa Hayle sillaasee tan Jabuuti falmachaa jirtuu fii aadde Faaxumaa Galmoo walitti buuse. Embaasiin Xoophiyaa haala kanarraa isii qophuuf, waan itti jirtu dhiiftee, jaarmaya Waldaya Gargaarsa Dubartoota Iteege Manan kan ja’amu, kan maqaa niitii Hayle Sillaasee tan xiqqo dura duuteen moggaafametti akka makamtu ajajan. Saniifiis xalayaa miseensummaa dhaaba isaanii manatti erganiif. Garuu, onneen aadde Faaxumaa jibba gabroomsaa tiin guutamtee waan turteef, amrii gabroomfataa gurrattuu hin-qicanne. Inumaatuu, gochi jaraa, haala itti jirtutti daran akka cimtu godhe.

Waxabajjii 27, bara 1977, ummanni Jabuutii bulciinsa Faransaayii jalaa walaba akka tahaniin, Oromoonni biyya san keessa jiran, waldaya wal-gargaarsa Oromootaa kan Caayaa Oromoo-tti beekkamuuf jiraatu heeraan galmeeyfatan. Mootummaan Jabuutii, Maabara Xoophiyaa biratti Caayaa Oromoo galmeeysuun faallaa fedhii mootummaa Xophiyaa ti ture. Garuu murtii akkasii akka fudhattu an dirqe, tin’sa aadde Faaxumaa fii Oromoonni biyya san keessa turan qabsoo bilisummaa isaanii tiif godhani.

Caayaan Oromoo Jabuutii dhaabota biyya alaa keessatti maqaa Oromoo tiin jaaramanii heeraan galmeeffamaniif kan angafaa ti. Caayaan dhaabbatte, lammii Oromoo biyya san keessa qubatan gurmeeysuu malees, sossooha qabsoo bilisummaa Oromiya kan biyya keessatti jalqabameef dugugguuruu (lafee duuydaa) taate. Caayaan Oromoo Jabuutii damee lama qabdi. Dameen tokko kan Dhiiraa yaroo tahu kaan han Duartootaa ti. Damee lameen keessaa kan dubartoota haalaan cimaa ture. Kanaafiis sababni aadde Faaxuma. Gaafa Caayaan dhaabbaterraa, aadde Faaxumaa Galmoo, hooggantuu Caayaan Oromoo damee dubartootaa taate.

Caayaan Oromoo Jabuutitti dhaabbachun, yaroo mootummaan Soomaalee lafa Oromiyaa irraa hamma tokko kutachuuf, Dargii, warra Hayle Sillaasee iraa aangoo fudhatan waliin lola cimaa adeemsisaa turani. Lolli kuni, ummata Oromoo jalaa gubbaan ibiddaaf saaxile. Soomaaleen jalaan, Dargiin gubbaan, madaafa ijaa-gurra hin qabne waliti haruun, namaa-sa’a Oromoo qe’ee gugachiisuu jalqaban. San malees, yaroo sanitti, Dargiin Oromoota magaalota keeysa jiran Soomaalee gargartaniin araraasutti seente. Haalii kun Oromoota magaalotaa fii baadiyyoota lollii keessatti deemaa jiru, baqaaf qaadhime. Xiqqaa fi guddaan hawaasaa, Sheekkotiin, hayyoonni, manguddoon, waliigalatti, qarayyoon lammii odoo hin feene, qe’ee itti dhalatanii guddatan irraa biyyaa fii hawaasa hin beeyne, kan Somaalee fii Jabuutiitti, koluu bahuu jalqaban.

Aadde Faaxumaa Galmoo, tan yaroo tanatti Haadha Abdii taate, haala Oromoota mudate kanarraa akkaan gaddite. Isii fii aabban warraa tiis, ummata yakka tokko malee, qabeenyaa fii biyya isaanii irraa arihaman duratti jiruu sadoo jiraachuu maganfatanii, qabeenyaa fii onnee isaanii lammii isaanii tiif banan. Manaa fii mooraan isaanii kan baqattootaa tahee, Beet-Refuujii, ja’amutti seene.

Haadha Abdii tii fii mieensoonni Caayaa Oromoo Jabuutii, odoo dhibdee haalli armaa olii hawaasa Oromoo mudeef rakkatanuu, haalli qabsoo Oromoo biyya keessatti babal’atee, inniniis gama isaa tiin baqattoota alatti yaasuu jalqabe. Kuni Oromoota Jabuutii keeysa jiran kanneen ifiifuu jiruu jiraa gadii jiraachaa jiranitti ba’aa biraa dabale.

Yaroo tana, aadde Faaxumaa, yaroo hujii xixiqqoo cinatti hojjattee maatiif galii ittiin argaamsiiftu baqattoota gargaaruu irratti fuulleeysite. Baqattoota ummatarratti hiruun, warra ugummaa adda addaa qabanii hujii soquun, warra afaan hinbeeyneef simaa-baloo tahuun, kanneen dhukbsataniif qoricha barbaaduu fii mana yaalaa geeysuun hujii isii tahe.

Gama biraa iin, yo namni Oromoo toko du’e, khafana barbaaduun, lafa qabrii qotuu fii tajaajila reeyfaaf barbaachisu godhanii heeraan awwaaluun hujii abbaa Abdii yo tahu, awwaalchaa fii taaziyaa galte gurra namaatiin geeyuun hujii haadha Abdii tahe. Kana godhuuf, oowwa biyya Jabuutii kan halkanii fii guyya adda hin filanne keeysa, fooxaa isii mataarra kaayyattee, haga tokko lafarraa harkisaa, akka nama maratetti gandarra daddeemti. Haala isii kanarraa qalbiin fayyaa miti warri jechaa turan heddu. Awwaala boodaas, gaddi nama fira hin qabnee bakki itti taa’amu, yaroo baayyee, mana haadha Abdii ti. Akkasiin haati Abdii kan du’e awwaaltee, kan awwalcha dhuufe nyaachifte, addaan galchiti.

Haati Abdii, oggaa nama Oromoo tokkorra rakkoo tu gayee jachuu dhageeyse, gargaarsaaf yaroo itti lafaa kaatu if quba hin qabdu. Akkuma yaroo gaddaatti, fooxaa lafarra harkisaa, gandarra kaatti. Warra hojii qaburraa maallaqa hamma danda’an irraa funaantee kan rakkate rakkoo baafti. Waliigalatti, magaalaa Jabuutii keessatti yo namni Oromoo tokko hidhame kan gargaarsaaf yaammatu ykn himatu aadde Faaxuma . Kan dura dirmatuus isuma tahe.

Rakkoon baqataa Oromoo tii fii Oromiyan gabrummaa Habashaa jala jiraachuu haadha Abdii tiif takkaa hiriiba hin laanne. Dhuma bara torbaatamootaa, obboleeysi isii sab-boonaan, sossooha Afran Qallootiif utubaa ture, Obbo Usmaa’il Galmoo, manguddoota sossooha san tin’isaa turan waliin qabamee mootummaa Dargiitiin hidhame. Dargiin, isaa fii warra kaaniis hamma tokkoo eega mana hidhaa keessatti eega araraasan booda, galgala Waxabajjii 07a, bara 1979ii, mana hidhaa keessaa dhooysaan baasanii hiraataaf rasaasa nyaachisan. Kan kana godhaniif, firoottanii fii Oromoota biraa ittiin doorsisuu fi. Haa tahu malee, kuni, garaa aadde Faaxumaa daranuu jabeeysee, murannoo qabsoo bilisummaa tiif qabdu caalaa godhe.

Haati Abdii, guyyaan hunda caalaa isitti hammaate, kan isiin iraanfachu hindandeenye, bara 1991 keeysa, gaafa ummanni Issaa baqattoota Oromoorrati duula bananiin lammii isii bayyinaan qaqqalan tahuu mararfattee dubatti. Gaafana, baqattoota dhibba lamaa olii tu mana isiitti dhokote. Guyyaan kun guyya dukkanawaa jireenya isii tahee hafe.

Aadde Faaxuma, haala armaa olii tiin, jireenya sii guutuu, manaa fii maatii isii hadiyyeessitee, hara-galfii malee, arjummaa hambaa hinqabneen, baqataa Oromo tii fii qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo gargaaraa akka turte, Oromoota haala baqattummaa tiin Jabuutii keeysa dabran, saboontaa fii qabsaawota bira dabree alagaanilleen ragaa bahaniif.

Haati Abdii, nama faxina dafee waa hubatuu fii baratu. Nama yaroo waa’ee saba isii haasawutti kaate, yaanni akka galaanaati qoma keessaa burqu dhagayamee hin quufamne. Nama odoo mana barnootaa hin dhaqin, afaan Oromoo malees, kan Arabaa, Soomaalee, Affaar, Amaara, Adaree fii Faransaayii sirritti dubbatu.

Jaalalti haati Abdii bilisumaa ummata Oromo tiif qabdu hoonga hin qabdu. Haa tahu malee, dhibdee dadarkaa umrii fii if tajaajiluu dhabarraa itti dhufteen, baroota as aanaa kana dhukubsattee siree mudatte. Yaroo hamma tokkoof, maatii isii tiin odoo tajaajilamaa jirtuu, bilisummaa saba isii tiif hawwitu odoo ijaan hin arkin, Fulbaana 09, bara 2014, biyyuma baqattoota Oromoo kumaatama gargaaraa turtetti, gara fuula Rabbitti deebite.

Haati Abdii, Abdi malees, haadha Fooziya (Hiddii), Usmaan, Sa’iida, Aniisaa fii Aaminaa ti. Aadde Faaxumaa Galmoo, seena fincila diiddaa gabrummaa kan bara dheeraaf deemaa jiru keeysati qoodni laatte haalaan gudda. Qooda qabsoo saba Oromootifi gumaachite, seenaan qabsoo bilisummaa Oromiyaa bara baraan yaadata.

Rabbi jannataan haa qanani’u.


Qabsaawaan ni kufa, qabsoon itti fufa!

Oromiyaan ni bilisoomti!


Abbaa Faayoo / Abbaa Urjii

Caalaatti dirree kana irraa dubbisaa (Read more )@ http://www.gulelepost.com/2014/09/11/seenaa-gabaabaa-aadde-faaxumaa-galmoo-haadha-abdii-1930-2014/


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