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Oromia: Qophii Qe’ee Oromoo Anolee June 24, 2015

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The Historic Inauguration of Aannolee Oromo Martyrs’ Memorial Monument and Aannoolee Historical Museum: Siidaa Wareegamtoota Aannolee April 12, 2014

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Photo: Lammiiwani koo bagaa itii sin gayya harma muraa anolee guyaa tokko nusii komaxaa hudaa ishii muraa!!

The Abyssinian war lord Menelik, also known as African Hitler, cut the right hands and breasts of men and women, respectively, during his conquest of Oromia and the rest of today’s  people and lands of Southern Ethiopia in 1880s. During Emperor Hailesellasie and Mengistu Hailemariam’s Dergue time the erection of Aannole memorial monument was not thinkable.  The present state of Oromia has spent over a million dollar to build the  Aanolee Oromo Martyrs’ memorial monument. Many  admirers of the genocidal Menelik have  opposed to the erection of  memorial center  but there is nothing they could do to prevent this inauguration. Aannole  observed the largest human gathering on the 6th April 2014 on the event of inauguration of the monument and the historical museum.





The Aannolee Oromo Martyrs’ Memorial Monument was unveiled in Hetosa, Arsi, Oromiyaa, on April 6, 2014 – also inaugurated was the Aannolee Cultural/Historical Museum. The Monument commemorates the Oromo martyrs whose limbs and breasts were cut off atrociously by the invading Abyssinian/Shoan Amhara army of Menelik II in 1886. Known as the harmaf harka muraa Aannolee, the Menelik’s Abyssinian/Shoan Amhara army mutilated an unknown number of Oromo men’s right hands and Oromo women’s breasts for resisting Abyssinia’s conquest of the Oromo land.

According to the recently published book by Prof. Abbas H. Gnamo, “Conquest and Resistance in the Ethiopian Empire, 1880-1974 – The Case of the Arsi Oromo,” the Aannolee Oromo Martyrdom has “become the symbol of Oromo resistance.”

Prof. Gnamo continues:

“Of all the brutalities committed by the Shoan army and its leaders against the Oromo, the worst was the Anole mutilation known as harmaf harka muraa Anole (the mutilation of hands and breasts at Anole) – a tragedy on which Ethiopian sources are silent …
… Anole is located about 25km north of Asella, an area where most battles took place and where the Arsi inflicted heavy losses on the Shoan army. Anole seemed to have been chosen to avenge Shoan losses and to teach a lesson to the Arsi who still resisted after their shattering defeat at Azule on September 6, 1886. Arsi strong men and women were assembled under the pretext of concluding peace. All the men and women present, whose exact number was unknown perhaps more than thousand people, were mutilated; their right hands and right breasts were cut off. As a further form of humiliation, fear and terror, the mutilated breasts and hands were tied around the necks of the victims who were then sent back home.”


Photo: Aanole monument inaugurated  today  to remind our new generation the massacre committed to our forefathers and mothers by #Neftegna system!!


Photo: Aanolee Martyrs Memorial Monument, Aanolee, Arsi, Oromia, Ethiopia (April 6, 2014). Respect to the innocent civilian Martyrs! Never Again and We Move On!