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Oromo do not want to be called Ethiopia but Oromiyaa. But they value peace and stability more than anything else July 29, 2018

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Odaa Oromoooromianeconomist

Oromo revolution is primarily to have free and stable Oromiyaa

Obbo Ibsaa Guutamaa

Secularism is Oromo political culture and tradition: Up until Haile Sillaasee, one church and government used to share power, economy and social practices. Darg and Wayyaanee did not have legal share in church affairs. But just like the emperor they appointed head of the Orthodox Church. Though it is said religion does not interfere in state matters both did not abandon heritage. PM Abiy is reverting to the past and eulogizing the two religions. He claimed everything fell apart because they lost credibility. Gadaa system believed in separation of state and religion. Abbaa Gadaa did not have power over faith of the high priest (Qaalluu) Abbaa Muudaa. It is the same for Abbaa Muudaa over politics. Just like, political culture, economy and social affairs all practices of Ethiopian government and that of Oromiyaa are different. The eldest religion “Waaqeffannaa” belongs to the Oromo, that will be an answer for those that ask why PM did not mention them like he did the others. Secularism should not be expected from Ethiopian state. Looked from principles of human rights country and governance belongs to all that live in it. Those that believe and do not believe have equal claims. Faith is private. That is why creating conditions in which all live without discrimination are necessary. The PM, when he talked about Ethiopia from the time it was called Abyssinia did not mention about the “Oromo Question”, which is thorn in Ethiopia ‘s hind. It seems he has forgotten that that was the cause for coming about of the change. That is why Nafxanyaa remnants and underlings say, “Racist, ethnic federalism, demarcations by language, separatist, etc. and badmouth Oromo nationalists. But Oromo are not spoiled culture and they do not return insult for insult. However, Nafxanyaa system will never again reign over Oromiyaa until the last Oromo with liberated mind remains. They have to know that there is nothing wrong with ethnic independence or federalism rather than braying as if they got something out of the ordinary. Peoples of the region worry about peace, freedom, equality and stability not about names of countries like Oromiyaa or Ethiopia. Some persons speaking in Amharic always want to impose their own thinking with a voice that seem that of feudalism from beyond its grave. They never ask what the others want. Oromo do not want to be called Ethiopia but Oromiyaa. But they value peace and stability more than anything else. How do anti-people elements reconcile their archaic thinking with that position? Oromo wish the people of the world respect each other’s differences and live in peace and develop together. Oromo revolution is primarily to have free and stable Oromiyaa. Saying Oromo is sovereign over Oromia does not mean Oromo revolution is out to destroy peace stability and development of the region. Just like it brought the present change with blood and sweat, it is duty bound to strengthen unity and prosperity of the region by cooperating in bringing about free and equal African people to the stage. No one can deny them this right or make Oromiyaa their fiefdom without their will. But first the Oromo nation have to establish its own identity and strong rear. Even if he is leaning towards Ethiopia Dr. Abiy is the first ruler of Ethiopia to promise stablishing supremacy of the law and a system of fair and free elections. As long as that is his objective and making effort to implement it supporting him is to one’s own advantage. Without fear or threat, like he said to raise arms on each other when it is possible to discuss peacefully is absurd. At an era when the strong are preparing on how to conduct war from the outer space and raise its standard, saying armed struggle is out of fashion may be true for the oppressor; for the oppressed it would remain as current as ever. On this we go separate ways with the Doctor. Oromiyaan haa jiraattu! Unless he gives priority to his blessed objectives of supremacy of the law fast, with present conditions there is much to be worrisome for all. For issues concerning peoples’ rights he has to be supported in every possible way. Otherwise, saying give him time only, could mean denying oneself time. It has to be thought over.

Oromiyaan haa jiraattu!



I found this comment by @Guma Teressa on my Timeline worth bringing to the front door.

“It’s shocking to hear PM Dr. Abiy declare that there should only be Ethiopian diaspora community and diaspora soccer federation organized under the banner of “Ethiopia”, and implicitly dismisses Oromo communities and soccer federation.
Is that why he snubbed OSA’s invitation?
He will pay dearly, politically speaking, for this embarrassing statement. He should know better! No one ought to explain to him the reason why Oromos had to establish their own communities and soccer federation. The irony of all this is he belongs to “Oromo People’s Democratic Organization”. Why the hell he joined OPDO if he is so averse to ethnicity?
If he continues to make this kind of nonsensical attack on the social and academic spaces Oromo people created for self-preservation, his base will soon crumble and the hyenas will devour him for dinner.
Do not patronize Oromo institutions, Dr. Abiy!!!!”



Actually very annoying, still in 21st century the Oromo people are being forced or seduced to give up themselves and be something else. The PM’s idea of preaching Ethiopianism to everyone to bring all people together as its an identity in everyone’s blood and culture is wrong. Rather than part of people identity Ethiopism has been an artificial method of rule that imposed on the majority of nations nationalities in the empire. It is only to make occupation and exploitation simple and centralized. It is a good idea to bring people together on mutual interests. Rather than imposing his way of unity that has been adopted from the northern, he has to first speak to each nations and ask them how they think and wish to come together. He has to learn national self determination ideals. Free world is not like his Ethiopia’s federal government. People like the Oromo have got the advantage of living in free and democratic world and organized themselves not on Ethiopianism model but as Oromo nation. For Oromo people in diaspora, Ethiopian community around is practically an Amhara community. They respect the way others organizing themselves. They respect their own independent community as well. A call give yourself and join the assimilation is not acceptable. As a democratic leader, to reach to the Oromo people the pm has to go where communities of Oromo are and assure them what he can offer them. The pm to be successful in organizing diverse nations has to look at Euro zone nations (Common currency, common national bank, free movement of people with politically independent nations). Why is it a problem to have separate Oromo and other communities as far as it is the peoples will to do? In Britain, the 4 nations that make the United Kingdom: Scotland, Welsh, English and Irish do compete in world and European cups as independent countries. It has not reduced the Union. Actually reduced mistrust and increased the recognition of each other and cooperation. The best, functional and true form of unity is recognizing the nationhood and identity of the Oromo and the like as they are. The people have already recognized themselves in such way. Try to impose something which is not acceptable to them is disunity and finally the end of the empire. Ethiopia will join dead empires: Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Roman Empire, the Scramble for Africa,ect… The New Nation Oromia will play Germany and win World Cup like Croatia.


Oromo nationalists have vision not only for those who are under the Ethiopian empire but also for unity of all African peoples July 23, 2018

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Odaa Oromoooromianeconomistfb367-alaabaanewOromia in the African Union

Oromo nationalists have vision not only for those who are under the Ethiopian empire but also for unity of all African peoples

Obbo Ibsaa Gutamaa

Remnants of old Nafxanyaa system are taking Habashaa people as idiots when they presented crime committed somewhere in Africa as if Oromo were massacring their compatriots. But the people have shown them wisdom and forced them to apologize. These Nafxanyaa system hopefuls are running around spreading rabies to contaminate people to people relations. Therefore, it is advised to distinguish those from the true Habashaa folks. Oromo enemies also try to present Oromo liberation movement as if it does not have vision for other nations and nationalities after destruction of the Imperial Nafxanyaa system. Priority for the liberation movement is set as independence of the Oromo nation. But the vanguard of Oromo liberation movement had a proviso starting from its initial program; “It will work to bring about where possible political union with other nations on the basis of equality, respect for mutual interests and the principle of voluntary association.” Oromo, starting from their name are visionary people. Oromo means “People” or Orma. They believe that humanity is one, but each people is created with own culture and language and given a definite territory and natural wealth. However, those unsatisfied with their own nature want to change that natural order. That is how colonization (maaqnat) of Oromiyaa and other neighboring independent countries occurred. It was with heavy guns against spears, arrows and clubs that the Habashaa led force subdued nations found to the south of their kingdom. Those soldiers that wielded guns at that time were called “Nafxanyaa” irrespective of their national origin. “Nafxi” literally means ammunition; Nafxanyaa thus means man of ammunitions. Though it does not mean Amaaraa, Amaaraa and Tigraaway were the majority fighters and leaders of the colonial force. Nafxanyism is a system then established over Oromiyaa and others. There are their remnants that have still nostalgia for that system and remain problems to people to people relations. In a simple language the essence of Oromo revolution is no outside force will be ruler over them without their expressed will. Oromiyaa will not be the first country in which aliens live among natives. Let alone after declaration of human rights on international level, Oromo had lived respecting them before that from time immemorial with guidance of their Gadaa politico-social system. Law had been supreme for all times in Oromiyaa. Be the Oromo or non-Oromo everybody is expected to live by the constitution and laws of that nation. Be it what or where alien that came by force or guests will never be allowed to curve out an island in Oromiyaa for their own. Oromo nationalists have vision not only for those who are under the Ethiopian empire but also for unity of all African peoples. Founders of the OLF were youth under the spell of Pan-Africanists like W. E. Dubois, Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah and others. Though Ethiopian governments well know that the Oromo question is the greatest of problems in maintaining their empire are afraid to address it. All of them have Nafxanyaa mentality of dominating other nations by force without their consent for glory and exclusive benefits from resources of their colonies. The “Qeerroo/Qeerrantii movement” is a continuation of more than hundred years of struggle against this. Oromo and all oppressed struggle shall continue until their sovereign right over their land and resources is recognized. Dr, Abiy is the leader of the reformist faction of EPRDF. There are organization rules against which he rebelled but there are also those that he has to retain to be legitimate. For this reason, he is still the leader of the ruling Ethiopian party. The office he occupies is the same old Ethiopian office and demands from him to maintain the dominant position of Ethiopia over Oromiyaa and all other colonies. That is what he has asserted over and over. Therefore, considering his government as an Oromo one is a failure of understanding relations of the very building blocks of EPRDF and Ethiopianism. Anyways he could be good for Ethiopia and the world if he could maintain supremacy of the law. That will also be good for Oromo for it will enable peacefully presenting their case. Oromo revolutionaries will not be distracted by Nafxanyaa hopefuls trying to smear Oromo name with fake demonstration; or be it when Oromo people are being massacred in all corners and their efforts to silence Oromo artist at such a time when the Doctor is calling for peace, love and “maddamar”. Let it be known that Oromo will no more remain subservient to alien rule. Oromo youth has shown them that they are not afraid of death when it comes to their right and the potentials they have to stop any aggressor. Oromiyaan haa jiraattu!

Harcaatuun sirna Nafxanyaa durii ummata Habashaa akka raatuutt fudhachuun yakka biyya Afrikaa tokkott tolfame akka waan Oromoon lammii saanii fixeett agarsiiste. Garuu umatni gamnummaa agarsiisuun akka dhiifamaa gaafatan isaan dirqeee jira. Abdattuun sirna Nafxanyaa kun olii gadi fiigaa nyaanyee facaasuun hariiroo ummataa fi ummata gidduu faaluu yaala jirti. Kanaaf isheef ummata Habashaa dhugaa addaan baasanii ilaaluutu gorfama. Diinoti Oromo kufaatii sirna Imperiyaal Nafxanyaa boodaa, sabootaa fi sabaawota empayerittiif sochiin qabsoo bilisummaa Oromo daaya (vision) hin qabu jedhanii dhiheessuu yaalu. Durfannoon sochii bilisummaa, walabummaa saba Oromo akka tahe lafa kaa’amee jira. haa tahu malee kallachi qabsoo Oromoo waan tahuu dandahu akka kaa’ett; “Bakka dandahamett sabaawota biraa waliin tokkumaa malbulchaa, walqixxummaa, fedha waliif kabajaa fi akeeka fedhaan waldaa ummachuun hundaawe irratt hojjeta” jedha. Oromoon maqaa saanii irra ka’ee ummata daaya qaban tahuun ifaa dha. Oromoo jechuun, ummata/Orma jechuu dha. Ilmaan namaa tokkuma jedhanii amanu. Garuu toko tokoon umataa aadaa fi afaan saa waliin uumamee, daangaa fi qabeenyi uumaa beekamaan kennameefii. Haa tahu malee kanneen uumaa saaniitt hin quufne sirna uumaa jijjiiruu barbaadu. Akkasitt koloneeffamuun Oromiyaa fi biyyoota ollaa walaba turan biro kan tahe. Qawwee gurguddaanitu humni Habashaa fi kan kalchaniif biyyoota walaba, Oromiyaa fi saboota kibba, eeboo, mancaa, xiyyaa fi shimala qofa hidhatan cabsuuf kan bobbahan. Loltooti yeros qawwee qabatanii itt duulan saba kam keessaayyuu haa dhufanii “Nafxanyaa” jedhamu turan. “Nafxii” jechuun rasaasa jechuu dha; kanaaf Nafxanyaa jechuun nama rasaasaa jechuu dha. Amaara jechuu yoo baateyyuu humna koloneeffataa sana keessatt heddumminaa loltummaa fi hogganummaan kan argaman Habashoota turan. Nafxanyumaan egaa, sirna koloneeffataa Oromoo fi kanneen biroo irra buufate. Harcaatuun saanii sirna sana yaadan, kan ummataa fi ummanni akka wal hin agarre rakko uuman jiru. Afaan salphaan, annisaan warraaqsa Oromoo, fedhaan ifsatan malee Oromiyaa irratt alaa dhufee bulchaa tahuu kan dandahu jiraachuu hin qabu jechuu dha. Oromiyaan kan halagooti abbaa biyyootaan walmakanii keessa jiraatan biyya isee jalqabaa miti. Sadarkaa sabgidduutt mirgi ilmaan namaa erga labsamee hafee isaan dura yeroo hin yaadatamneef masaka sirna Gadaa malbulchaaa fi hawaasomaan masakamanii kabajaani jiraatanii turanii. Bara hunda Oromiyaa keessatt seerrii olhaanaa tahee jiraate. Oromoo tahee Oromoomitiin heeraa fi seera sabichaa ulfeessanii jiraachuutu irra eegama. Waan fedhe, bakka fedhe haa tahu halagaa humnaan dhufe haa tahu kan keessummummaan dhufe Oromiyaa keessatt laaqii dhuunffaa Qoree baafachuun gonka hin hayyamamuufii. Sabboonoti Oromoo kanneen empayer jala jiraatan qofaaf utuu hin tahin tokkummaa ummatoota Afrikaaf daaya qabu. Dargaggoon Oromoo ABO bu’uursan kanneen irra marsa Pan Afrikessootaa akka, W. E. Dubois, Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah fi kanneen biroo jala turanii. Mootummaa saanii jiraachisuuf rakkinni guddaan qaban gaaffii Oromoo tahuu beekanuu, mootummooti Itophiyaa fala itt soquu ni sodaatu. Hundi saanii surraa fi bu’aa addatt argatanii jedhanii saboota biraa gad qabanii jiraachisuu kan fedhan sammuu nafxanyummaa kan qabani. Hamma lafa saanii irratt abbaan biyyuumaa saanii beekamutt Oromoo fi ummatooti cunqurfamoo hundi qabsoon saanii hin dhaabbatu. Dr. Abiy hogganaa murna haaromsaa EPRDF keessaati. Danbiileen dhaabaa inni irratt fincile jiru; garuu seerawaa tahuuf kan innii hambifates jiru. Kanaaf inni ammayyuu miseensa gola aangoo irra jirruu Itophiyaatii. Ergasuu, akeeki saa masakaa kan Itophiyaa dullattii, olhantummaa Itophiyaa, Oromiyaa fi fi kanneen biraa hunda irratt jabeessuu dha. Kanaaf motummaa saa akka mootummaa Oromoott fudhachun dhaabaa fi dagalee EPRDF qayyabachuu dadhabuu dha. Kan fedhe tahus olhaantummaa seeraa eegsisuu yoo dandahe Itophiyaaf dansa. Gaaffii saanii karaa nagaa dhiheeffachuu waan dandahaniif Oromofis gaarii dha. Yeroo Doktorichi nagaa, jaalala fi “maddamariif” waamicha godhaa jiru kana dogoggorsituun hedduu dha. Warraaqxoti Oromoo, yaalii abdattuun sirna Nafxanyaa, maqaa Oromoo balleessuun agarsiisa sobaa dhiheessuun; ummati Oromoo golee hallett halagaan itt rorrifamaa jiraachuu haa tahu, ogneessaa Oromoo ukkaamsuu yaaluu saaniitiin dagamanii karaa nagaa irra hin mittiqanii. Oromoon sii’achi hacuuccaa bulcha halagaa jala hin jiraatuu. Dargaggoon Oromoo waan mirga saanii ilaalu irratt soda du’aa akka hin qabnee fi buuba dhaabuuf humna riphaa qaban itt agarsiisanii jiru. Oromiyaan haa jiraattu!

The Oromo Question and the Answer it Requires May 19, 2018

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Odaa Oromoo


The Oromo Question and the Answer it Requires

Every Nation and nationality under the empire is yearning for freedom from oppression probably except Tigray, which has freed itself but exported colonizer to others. It is half a century since the Oromo started struggle for liberation. The Amaaraa also have started to struggle for their unity and identity. Shekechoo, Sidaamaa and Gambeela were mowed down for demanding their denied rights. The blood of the massacred is still crying for justice to their respective nations. All others have unsatisfied grievances, which could explode at any time. Priority for the majority now is not collective concern but attending their immediate individual pain. There are those who do not feel the pain of each nationality they have collaborated in causing. They still want everyone to entertain their worst days under empire system as the good old days. But who are these people that want to impose on others their own dreams. Now every decision has to be made by one concerned. If there are common problems it needs the will of everybody to participate in the deliberation as equals. And every participant has a veto power on own interest. Therefore, the regional problem can be solved if only there are no self-appointed persons or groups that claim to have prerogative. Peoples have to meet directly. To talk about Oromiyaa, it will be good to understand the Oromo question, which is defined only by the Oromo for any possible negotiation.

Oromo question is about regaining the sovereignty on their country Oromiyaa and the human rights they were denied by alien war campaign. Sovereignty here means the supreme power and full right a nation has on own people and land, resources over and below ground and the natural environment in one’s territory, free from alien interference. By human rights here it is meant the recognition of a person for being human according to Gadaa constitution and laws, UN Charter and world conventions. A body that administers this interest on behalf of the Oromo nation is Oromiyaa state. The Oromiyaa state is led by a government formed for a limited period through election conducted according to the law. The government will have Caffee or a legislative Assembly, Office of the Luba with executive power and hierarchical bureaucracy filled with officials and professional workers used by the Luba office

The Oromo nation was deprived of its sovereignty in the 19th century, during the period imperialists shared out Africa among themselves, in the campaign known as “The Scramble for Africa”. The imperialist then took Ethiopia differently from other African countries for different geopolitical reasons. That was how they allowed Ethiopia/Abyssinia to invade independent countries around her and join their colonizers list. To enable her do that Italy, France, Britain and Russia provided her with massive weapons and military experts. Let alone dare crossing their boundary it was not able even to think, when both Oromiyaa and Ethiopia were armed with traditional weapons. It was after gaining weapons of mass destruction of the time that Oromiyaa was occupied and the Oromo turned into nation of serfs or “ciisanya. “Ciisanya” was a person having only one smoke emitting tukul and his labor freely exploited. Many of Oromo nationals were sold abroad and many boys and girls were taken home.

It was from among those they took home that they raised to high ranks changing their birth names and hiding their fathers’ names. Ras Mokonin, Fitiraarii Habtagorgis, Dajjaach Baalchaa, Fitiraarii Gabayyoo, Dajjaach Gabramaariyam etc. were Ethiopian officers known for their bravery and intelligence. Because it could expose Oromummaa their birth name and fathers’ name were never heard. Though his father’s name was never exposed Baalchaa’s name was left as it was give in “haammachiisaa” by Oromo Qaalluu after birth because he failed to fulfil the criteria priests wanted. Gathering captives and “ciisanya” they involved them in wars that does not concern them. Those that survived were never given equal treatment with their Ethiopian peers. Oromummaa was not a source of pride. Not only that of those recruited history of the Oromo nation as a whole was buried. Amaaraa language, culture and history was imposed on Oromo in Oromiyaa. Not only being sovereign, it even tried Oromo identity to be forgotten by generation that comes after occupation. World technological development brought changes to Oromo view of themselves. It raised the question, “who are we?” and surged forward with Oromummaa. With research and oral tradition, they got at home, they were able to learn that their fathers did not submit without resistance. With that they came across many Oromo heroes and heroines’ names in North, South, East, West and Center. They even came to know that there were many braves among enslaved Oromo with no match. Thus, they found evidences that the Oromo were not by nature cowards and ignorant as the enemy tried to inculcate in them. But for not knowing how to express it together, Oromo oppression has reached a point of exploding from over suppression. They now believed that Waaq did not create the Oromo to be servants for the Habashaa but were subdued by force. With that Oromo youth of the 60s were able to communicate and get closer. For the first time in order to present Oromoo oppression they were able to come out with a political organization with program. The organization they came out with was called Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). As a pioneer OLF contributed much to the political consciousness of the Oromo. But it is staggering before reaching its goal for several different reasons. Political leadership or political organization is required to articulate people’s grievances in a systematic way.

People’s oppression does not stop because leadership did not reach in time. Because OLF got weak many groups watching the growing oppression started to get organized to stand against it. Even the enemy camp started to create organizations for the Oromo to cool down their anger and derail their liberation struggle. One that came out viable among them was that created by Tigray group the OPDO. There are also Oromo groups that that accepted the Ethiopian Constitution and organized under it as Opposition. All those are not able to replace Kaayyoo laid down by OLF. But it is said, “one leaps the way one was hurt”. Oppression of the people has increased and reached intolerable level. But deciding to die defending themselves against evil all the people rose in unison with rage. It embraced all that came to it in support. The people were not as divided as organizations formed in their name. All that came to them were made part and parcel of the people. Taking the initial Kaayyoo put down by OLF and strengthening their unity more than ever marched together like they did in the 15-16th century. With that it has brought in enemy’s camp change that was never seen before. Oromo son has climbed to Ethiopian Empire power without being asked to drop his Oromummaa. Now the Ethiopians have no time to argue about profile but are looking for any one that they could set against Tigrean over lordship. Oromummaa is not contemptible for the time as long as their other criteria to be Ethiopian Chief is met.

Oromo people did not go into struggle with full force but had been warming up for it. Now they are moving in toto raising their arms to regain what had been snatched away from them. All have started to get together in social groups to practice Gadaa system to acquaint themselves with past challenges and knowledge. That is one of the symptoms for Gadaa returning with renewal. It will be inevitable that OLF will also get out of the quagmire it was thrown into and be part of people’s movement to reach its goal. Then all that left it would return. Oromo objective of independence and freedom will also hit its goal. Oromo means people. People do not shun people. Just like their name they will live in peace and happiness with all. Bickering over small dispute has to stop. Any arising problem will be resolved with “ilaa fi Ilaamee’ (art of dialogue). Oromo democracy is not democracy that majority imposes its will on minority. All decisions were passed only with consensus. It is such characteristic that makes it different from hither to existing democracies. Th Oromo believe that even the smallest community like Baiso, Karo, Kwegu, Maawoo etc. with population from 500-100 have their own territory and deserve respect and protection from bigger neighbors. The Oromo have no hatred for aliens but for abuses. It assures all that dictatorship will not be born from Gadaa heritage but democracy.

Liberation of Oromo means liberation of all its neighbors and beyond. Oromo hirelings being used as instrument of oppression by the colonizer will stop only then. It took the enemy long time to recognize the name “Oromo”. However, but when they talk about Ethiopia among themselves, even though they have proclaimed in their laws they won’t include Oromo and other colonies in their thoughts. Even if they include they take them only as something like star orchid. At heart, they know that Oromo are not Ethiopians. To mention few instances, in his letter of 29 October, 1862 to Queen Victoria, Teedros took Oromo being aliens on the same level with Turks. Minilik presented himself in his “Treaty of Addis Ababa” as Emperor of Ethiopia and “Oromo” countries. Whom do they want to tell them than their hero butcher kings. The Habashaa ruling class have used the Oromo for over hundred years. Oromiyaa became base for life of this ruling class. Oromo’s coming out with question of sovereignty threatened their luxurious life style. It is when plundering by force as usual is becoming impossible that they started to change tactics.

Now they are saying, in building the empire, the serfs and slaves and the masters have equal accountability and responsibility. Taking away all their land, denying their identity and oppressing and abusing them for over a century is forgotten. Discrimination between Ethiopia and Oromo country they call “Gaallaa Mareet” is taken as never existed. They chose narrating false history over asking for pardon for wrongs done and offering for discussion on future relations. Even had the story was true, it cannot over ride t a birth right; the present generation can say, “I will not live with anyone without my free will”. There had been no relation formed based on free will between Ethiopia and Oromiyaa so far. It is another question to say it can be formed in times ahead? Unless we bring to the same level our understanding for political concepts, democracy, bilisummaa and equality it will be difficult to create accord. The Habashaa conquered Oromiyaa after bloody war and kept it in the same way. Do they want to repeat that again? Time has changed, arrogance and greed has to be curbed for safe passage.

The Oromo know themselves as a nation whose identity is different from Ethiopians and that Ethiopia occupied them breaking them by force. Ethiopian registry also knows Oromiyaa as their “Qiny gizaat” (Colony). Present Ethiopian groupings do not want to visit their archives for verification. Oromiyaa for them is part and parcel of Ethiopia from time immemorial. Wrong premises lead to wrong conclusion, that is their problem. They are presenting descendants of early occupiers of Oromiyaa and those that went to Oromiyaa for different reasons and are living among the natives without communal territory. What they fail to understand is that immigrants do not have the legal right to deny sovereignty of natives on their country. The Oromo look upon persons willing to live with them as their own offspring. Except for the ungrateful few with nostalgia for Nafxanyaa system majority live in peace sharing whatever the environ offers them. There had been no threat to life and property of peaceful residents of Oromiyaa greater than that to the natives. Unless one alienates oneself nobody even notices that one is alien. Those that think differently are only those that hope return of Nafxanyaa system. That has now become history. Ethiopians have their own country as Oromiyaans have their own. If they go to each other’s countries it is required to live according to law of country they went to.

There are some that had been away from their country for a long time and speak Amharic and claim to be educated campaigning against Oromiyaa and the Oromo. They say to have made so many studies among them about governance and languages. Their study showed them that Oromo is not a nation; there is no something called Oromo country or Oromiyaa; that Qubee is not more convenient than “Fidal”. The whole issue is about business. If Oromiyaa remains subservient to Ethiopia they can get especial treatments through their connections; for those that have patented works especially on improved “Fidel” and Amharic language Oromiyaa staying under Ethiopia opens for them bigger market than in the mother country alone. They have already concluded that unless Amharic get superiority, they cannot break through the Qubee wall. The worst thing about these people is that they are appealing to Amaaraa nationalism for their own individual benefit. It is not their concern if Amaaraa and Oromo clash for they will not share the pain from distance. They cling to “Ethiopia name” because they are not sure to which nationality they belong except for being distant descendants of the colonial army commonly known as Nafxanyaa and having hatred for the Oromo.

Present conditions in the Ethiopian Empire are not the same with the past. The previous leaders lost the rein to internal struggle and are staggering unable to control even their surroundings. However, the stand many of them have on the empire is no different from the far past. One that mounted on the saddle of empire and is troubling people for last three decades ago is group of Tigrean ruling class. Because of its selfishness let alone sharing power with Amaaraa as before, they have looted what it had, and also put under question ownership on its surrounding area. The greater part of Ethiopia is Amaara. It was Amaaraa that completed empire building started by Yohaannis. Amaaraa could not save even Tigray while crying for Ethiopia. Its destiny is not becoming better than the colonies. Its rage on junior partner can be clearly seen.

It has become over four decades since Oromoo raised questions of sovereignty and reclaiming rights taken away from them. They use armed and political struggle for the purpose. Nature forces neighboring African peoples to live adjacently forever. For this reason, Oromo have repeatedly made statements that they give priority for resolving conflicts peacefully. However, they will never give up willingly their birth rights and their country. They will decide without alien interference on relations they will have with neighbors and on the way, they choose to live. That is why they are paying dear to get the right of nations for national self-determination realized. They will continue paying more sacrifice to guard what so far are achieved to respect the memory of those that paid their lives for them. There are those whose guts have melted, that say how long should blood flow, rather better to take whatever the enemy throws for us and live. One will not prefer begging what belongs to one from aliens over dying, unless one has birth defect. Some are born without honor and have no principle and know no “safuu’ to be trustworthy. They never complete what they started for they have no commitment for any cause.

As an organization the struggle that OLF wages first is to give Oromo rights mentioned above; then it is to establish independent republic Oromiyaa. However, it believes that it is the sole right of the Oromo people to decide on the way they want to lead their lives in the future. It is possible that different Oromo groups can have different suggestions. Therefore, all have the chance to present own suggestions for the people to choose from alternates. Be them aliens or friends they have legal obligation to abide by people’s free will. To stand against people practicing this right will be taken as arrogance and criminal act. As long as any people believe in their unity and ask to live together no one has the right to stand against them. It may be proper to ask how those who had been together go apart and what type of preparation is required? But that should not be actions which block the right of national self-determination.

The Oromo will not give consideration for those that try to make them doubt their choice and separate identity in alien language by calling them “Zaranyaa and gosanyaa” (racist and tribalistic”). For Oromo independence is a right. They will not give attention to those that do not respect for this right. Those that want to reimpose Ethiopian superiority on them are enemies. To ask for creating relations is one thing; but those that start with propaganda that Oromo interest is wrong has to ask themselves as to who they are to say that? For Habashaa to present themselves as having rights to decide on how Oromo has to lead their lives is only arrogance. Even if they take the existing federal system it will be with Oromiyaa state not with stronger federal hand. This may not go down with chauvinists. The existing constitution also needs to be renegotiated.

OPDO leaders said they have addiction to Ethiopia. Though they did not express it in this way there could be others that have similar addictions. Those that have addiction must be left alone to quench their craving or put in rehabilitation but should not be condemned. If supremacy of the law is guaranteed and the right to free self-expression is recognized for all, there is nothing that necessitates fighting. It will be good for all if there is condition in which one can go around and peacefully express oneself and share ideas with people. Those are all in the constitution of the empire. For this reason, the solution available is facilitating for practicing rights of assembly, freedom of self-expression and speech. If there is one that says that one will not solve problems unless blood is spilt he/she is insane. And if one says one will not recognize group rights one is only a warmonger. He is one that thinks Oromo cannot choke in return if choked. Oromo love peace. But they will not submit to one that denies them the right of sovereignty over their country and their identity.

According to the law EPRDF is one of the Ethiopian parties. It claimed to be elected by people and is in power. Since it represents the force that occupies Oromiyaa, its chairman being Oromo does not erase EPRDF being the enemy. For Oromo question to get answer it is the one with whom to negotiate and as well as against whom to struggle. It will be advantageous if the Ethiopian Empire can hold fair and free elections. It is easier to negotiate with democrats than with dictators. However, empires have never been democratized but dismantled. Ethiopian state had been around for a long period. But its system was a system lead by one monarch. Though that was changed the system that came after it however they pretend to come through election they were administration of one party. Those parties are controlled by one individual. The present party EPRDF could not free itself from Habashaa political culture. One that created it and have real power is an organization that abandoned Habashaa tradition called TPLF (Wayyaanee). TPLF/EPRDF jeopardized the general election and also turned the party into one-man dictatorial rule. Therefore, what they call democracy is fake. Because they are not willing to dismantle the empire they cannot democratize. The people are waging a movement that will uproot oppression once and for all for they can no more bear it. With that skirmish is happening in the organization. It has appointed a person who came with popular pressure as its chairman and the Prime Minister as well.

Peoples of the empire are not asking about the next election. All want the PM to chase out TPLF before that. To demand for chasing out TPLF means demanding to dismantle EPRDF. There are those that are preparing to turn Ethiopia to the days of the emperor believing that to be inevitable. A big Tawaahido monk even dared to come out cursing article 39 of the constitution. That means the oppressed that reached here paying sacrifice that demanded blood that flowed like flood are being looked upon with contempt. Therefore, it is only the struggle the Oromo started towards liberation that can give hope to peoples of the empire’s dream for democracy. Autocratic and democratic systems do not fit into each other. Unless people who desire to live in democratic system with equality denounce autocratic rule the two systems cannot exist side by side in the same camp. If all people could wage internal democratic struggle it would be easier for democrats to unite. It would only be deceiving oneself to talk about freedom and equality with dictatorial mentality.

If peoples of Africa strengthen their unity they can be hope for each other and all black race. It is essential to recognize that groups have their own culture, tradition, language and style of life. To separate and adopt elements that connect us and those that make it essential to depend on each other, will strengthen not weaken us. To make acceptance of equality of peoples a priority can serve as starting point of unity. One putting the other under control without his will, deceit, lack of transparency in relations between each other could only keep us apart rather than pulling us together. We can get solutions in common only if we can put issues that relate to history of the Ethiopian empire on the table and ask what is better for us? Otherwise the benefit of trying to present the history in distorted way would only lead to mistrust.

Today’s freedom could stop carried over yesterday’s slavery but cannot go back and erase it. Those that were master and slave recognize each other’s yester day’s status. To say a house that the slave built for the master and master lived collecting rents on it, is our common home that we built for each other will be naked foolery. It cannot be denied that the slave has put his blood and sweat into it. But blood and sweat is not paid for benefit of the slave but of the master. Today the master is in problem because the slave rebelled. As a result, he has started to say that they did both right and wrong together and have equal responsibility and accountability with intention of sabotaging the freedom the slave almost grasped. For that the master is trying to present as evidence the different wars the slave participated in and demonstrated gallantry. The slave participated in those wars not from love of a country but was driven to them by force. Let as see one of those wars:

Oromiyaa, Tuulama to Booranaa was occupied 1886-1896. The Battle of Adwa was in 1896. It is unlikely to say in ten years she was molded into Ethiopia and entered into battle travelling over thousand miles over whelmed with love of country. Wounds inflicted on the Oromo and others did not heal and people did not come out from trauma of war by that time. Whatever done was done by the slave drivers whip from behind. Oromo say, “Sirba Giddii kan mangistii” (Forced dance of the government) when forced to do what they are not willing to do. Minilik and Italians were then contemporary colonizers. They had different agreement between them. Abrogating treaties and clash between forces are not new for the world. What is new is the clash being between a black technologically backward country and technologically advanced white country. Both have recruited black fighters from countries they recently colonized. When on the Ethiopian side the colonizer and the colonized are both black notwithstanding color discrimination on Ethiopian slaves; on the Italian side the colonizer is white the colonized is black. The era was when blacks who were sold earlier and scattered all over the world were raising their heads and seeds of pan Africanism were being sawn; and Africa was being shared out among imperialists. To see defeat of the white was joy for all of them. It lifted the morale of those that fell under slavery. Mistaking the true nature of the conflict many took it as anti-colonial war against a colonizer.

The Battle of Adwa as being source of pride for black race it has also some covered up shameful deeds for the black. All captives of Minilik’s war with southern peoples like the Oromo were turned slaves and used as pack animals and domestic servants for Habashaa warriors. One can only imagine the abuse on those pretty little girls by them. White captives from the Battle of Adwa, were handled with care and respect, while a hand and a leg of each black captive were amputated and left in the field without any help. That they were crying for water until death put them to rest is documented in registry of history. That was not strange practice for rulers of Ethiopia. Teedros and Yohaannis had also done that on the Oromo. That was on text books of Ethiopian students, like “Ethiopian history” by Taklatsaadiq Mekuria. Minilik had cut breast and hand of Oromo he defeated on tree branches on road side. The Annolee and Asulee case can be cited among others. These days there are those that demand the destruction of memorial for victims of Harma Muraa Harka Muraa of Annolee. Why didn’t they destroy all these years the memorial erected in the center of Oromiyaa for the person who committed all the crimes. Are they not remembering him for achievement of that deed? How can such double standard be corrected?

How can a mentally sane person be proud of the likes of Minilik that committed genocide? Unless it was by force, how can one imagine the possibility of Oromo marching in the campaign that he was leading? That has now turned history. It does not change the life we are leading now and that of the future. We better try building trust. To lie to each other on identity of Oromo can be obstacle for that. There for if Ethiopians could keep their history to themselves, and stop irritating the others, they can negotiate on things that are useful for both sides. Otherwise, can’t it show that bringing their man-eater kings and praising on square common to all indicate that their offspring as well have similar cruelty characteristics? Oromo can have relations only with those that come for peace and reconciliation holding green grass.

After his defeat at the battle of Maycawu Haayila Sillaasee complained in his book that “Gallaas (Oromo) attacked us from the back”. Does that show love for Ethiopia? Modern Ethiopia is country of Amaaraa and Tigree yesterday and today as well. If one focus and listen when descendants of Nafxanyaa discuss about “being Ethiopian” at all times one could prove that. Their heroes are the likes of Minilik and Teedros persons that mowed down the Oromo and humiliated the survivors. Whenever they celebrate their anniversaries, it is a little short of tears as if these kings were dead only recently. With that we also get the opportunity to mourn our compatriots they mowed down. Their activists wrap themselves with the banner that the army of genocide was flying when it invaded Oromiyaa and expect the Oromo to march with them. We do not share, one country, one flag, common heroes, one common history to be proud of together and we do not have common feelings with which we could cherish the same past memories. Not only as class but also as nations, we lived as, enslaver and enslaved; ruler and ruled and oppressor and oppressed. However, we have lived together known each other’s ins and outs to some extent. We have lived together as individual friends and wife and husband; In general, even if you call us “Aramanee” (Heathen) many of us have the same religion with you. Could all those become bridges for future intercourse? Even if they could, they will not be reasons for continuing sucking our blood. For all purposes, let us put aside our vengeance and try as equal African peoples and form relations of which the black be proud of. Oromo do not discriminate human beings for skin color. But they say, “Hokkoon gara ofiitt haatii.” (The hoe throws towards herself).

Above it is tried to show our difference and our commonality. If we could stop trying inserting lies into our relations, there could be lots that enable us understand each other. For example, we are in the same geographical area with the same climate and weather. Those could sometimes get sever and unless tackled together it can be difficult to do it alone. We have rivers that flow to each other. It can be beneficial to use them with joint plan. We can pass through difficulties in our region if we recognize and respect each other’s rights and interests. When the Oromo say something why should Amaaric speaker jump to say “I know for you?” Unless one become them, can’t there be development? Can’t there be relations unless one is them? Can’t they exist unless they exploit Oromiyaa? If peace is wanted in the region they have to change old thinking. Oromo question is for regaining their stripped sovereignty and rights and live with abundance and happiness. Those could happen only if they could realize their right of nations to national self-determination up to and including independence without any obstacle put on their way. The questions what types of relations will they have with neighbors and with whom will they live forming union are questions that should come only after that? Let them be free first.

Some quarters have started to flatter the Oromo. They do not see Oromo actions as they are but interpret them to fit their interest. They push the Oromo to see the world not as it is but as they want it to be seen. For this reason, if Oromo raise questions outside criteria they put down for them they are given adjectives like narrow, tribalistic, secessionist or terrorist. From among them TPLF/EPRDF proclaimed OLF terrorist. Since then it is imprisoning, torturing, killing and abusing any Oromo that it hates as member of OLF. That is why the Tigree official stood witness of all prisons speaking afaan Oromo. Though what surprised him was the failure of the assimilation policy. The mark of all enemies of Oromo is condemning and demonizing OLF. That is why they attack it from all direction through inlets they get in order to keep it weak and divided. With stick and carrot, they have caused few dropouts from among malignant tumors of national struggle. There are still those who lament about the drama TPLF performed twenty-five years ago concerning massacres of Arbagugguu and Baddannoo despite individual Amaaraa that witnessed the act standing witness that OLF had no hand in them. This could also be TPLF tactic for diversion of the issue. Whatever they do, Oromo do something because they believe in it and will brag about it; hiding is safuu. The weaklings in OLF, unable to stand against enemy machinations with discipline are seen falling under them. OLF is an organization formed with the will of patriots and heroes and heroines. It should not be assessed by wavering, dishonorable cadres that have abandoned the Kaayyoo. There are those that intentionally or from ignorance want to divert the objectives of OLF taking these cadres as a reason. The true OLF is revolutionary. It will not turn back from advancing Oromo interest. Oromo independence, unity of Africa, and peace and calmness of the world are always its objectives. Long live Oromiyaa! Let Bilisummaa flourish!

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty, equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our forefathers!

Ibsaa Guutama
May 2018

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Article by Professor  Asafa Jalata  published in European Scientific Journal,  Vol 12, No 5 (2016) 
The Oromo National Movement And Gross Human Rights Violations in the Age of Globalization, click here to read in PDF.

Oromia: The New Agenda for Oromo Struggle February 9, 2016

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Odaa Oromoo

The New Agenda for Oromo Struggle

Ibsaa Guutama, Gubirmans

Oromo youth have created a new agenda that is no more limited to elites but mobilizes the whole population. It is a fluid process that can engulf any impediment on its way. During those days when Oromo were totally suppressed and placed under alien rule and all possible rights were denied no one from the colonizers camp had come out to say “please have compassion for them” When they found no way out from boundless oppression their youth of the sixties were able to find an opening and filled them with hope that liberation was possible. To fulfill that they drew a political program and vowed that they will not turn back until democratic Republic Oromiyaa is found. When they saw this, Ethiopians came out on them from all corners and threw contempt and insults. Even today no one among them has come out to say “they have the truth, wrong is being done on these people in particular, let us correct our policy and find viable solution”. They talk much about unity; its content is for them and is not meant to include non-Ethiopians like the Oromo. One person from among them, student Walalliny Makonnin is being condemned to this day for writing about the right of nations for national self-determination.

To hoodwink the question people have for ownership of their country they started saying all peoples of Ethiopia have questions of class the harm done to Oromo is no different from others and so can be overcome through class struggle. Oromo youth fooled by this rallied to fight their wars. Later they were betrayed and crushed. Some that survived joined those that had held firmly to the question of independence and freedom. Though some dropped out of the struggle by unknown pressure those that newly joined the struggle are numberless. They are still trying to repeat those lies. But there will be no turning back until what is aimed for is achieved. Youth that excel their elders and more proud of their identity are coming forth. The question is not one that can be gaged bay Wayyaanee but one that is feared to bring about her demise. She knows that people’s arms cannot be bent with Agaazii club; that is why the struggle for her is becoming the last birth pang and so catastrophic.

Oromo revolutionaries had taken vow that in Democratic Republic Oromiyaa human rights for all Oromiyaan citizens will be realized equally. In the same manner that it will be a country where universal human rights shall be respected and will not be where they are gagged and humiliated like in Ethiopia was ensured by fathers that built organization for the struggle. To get these rights respected Oromiyaa will not expect permission or suggestion from any one. The youth have asserted that the right of nations to national self-determination is a birth rights not something that someone bestows on a nation. All nations and nationalities that want to befriend them have to accept this truth. Oromiyaa is not a twig of anybody but a self-dependent country. Historically Oromiyaa is known as a country that allows others to live with it its laws not one that pushes away immigrants. With Oromo let alone human beings all living things will not be touched outside the law, it is also safuu (unethical).

Despite that knowledge, there are those that are sneaking around to create discord among Oromiyaans. To fend off these is the duty of all natural and naturalized Oromiyaa citizens. That is only to get own law respected not from fear of anyone. With Oromo anyone refusing to abide by the law is equally accountable for one’s action. If the exclusive right of the Oromo over Oromiyaa is not recognized that life for them has no meaning is already determined. Never again will they live denied the democratic heritage of their forefathers, suppressed by minority and traitors. There are groups that have taken this determination seriously and started to correct therir approaches. This is victory for Oromo youth.

To rally their constituency some Ethiopian elites still repeat what their fathers were bellowing on them that countries occupied during formation of their empire are their exclusive gift from their day of birth. That is why they are lamenting that “a country cannot be created with struggle for identity”. This shows that they are stunned by the coming forth of identity they thought to have suppressed long ago. The Oromo has nothing to fight for more than to get their Oromummaa (Oromoness). Oromummaa means personality, land, history, culture and resources. For what are they expected to fight if not for these? There is no doubt that identity of Oromo is created by Oromiyaans and identity of Ethiopia is created by Ethiopians. The Oromo had never accepted and will not accept formation of Ethiopian identity by crushing that of the Oromo. The colonies have broken their chains. Henceforth their will not be any capable “moderate” Oromo that could help driving the Oromo back to chains.

Agenda of the struggle has now changed from the first phase. The doubt about Oromo unity created between diaspora Oromo has been aborted and its being as strong as steel has been assured by Oromo youth. They have also asserted that the Oromo struggles only for one thing, for realization of being owners of their country and get back the lost right of national self-determination including independence. Oromo youth has never mentioned about secession but independence; they do not even understand what it means. The struggle is not to replay the role of Obbo Goobana Daaccee but to correct his mistakes. That did not benefit even him but rather destroyed him.

Aliens are trying to divide Oromo activists into extremists and moderates similar to the situation in 1998. That is what the Oromo say patriots and galtuu. Then without Oromo notice among them it was heard from foreign diplomats. If they say it will happen it happens. They split apart without delay. For this reason without neglecting, it is advisable to be vigilant and ward of alien hand that could possibly come through galtuu. No one should lend ears for those that say it is only from the Wayyaanee that Oromo have to guard themselves. Oromo nationals have to abstain from all that deny the right Oromo have to independence. All have to know that no one can represent all Oromo until such a time when a common leadership comes out and declare a national policy for alien relations. If they are not those that want to reinstitute Ethiopian dominance over their people, all oppressed nationalities have to worry about liberation of their country from oppression. For that first responsibility is theirs. If all could make efforts on ones part to create a peaceful environment, equality, love and happiness will not be difficult.

Those who want to reload Ethiopianess that was once forcefully imposed over others are nowadays heard groaning. Oromo had served as fountain of oppressor’s power and power of reaction over a long period of time. Now the majority of Oromo have returned to use their power for their own liberation. If there are remnants they are only the sluggish that is only burden not a force for the aliens. Based on this fact it must be known that Oromo have drawn a new political agenda of struggle. To relate to Ethiopia as oppressed and oppressor is no more but as equals. There is no weaponry that the incumbent government did not pile in its arsenal. But that cannot defeat the power of determined people. Hence what is required is to facilitate how peoples of the region could live in peace and tranquility as good African neighbors. If they try to set relations they have with the Oromo just like in the past it could be inviting catastrophe on their own people. Rather than tackling the impossible problem of mounting Oromiyaa as before, it would be better for them to adjust their tactics and strategy to reality.

Even if it was not intentional for the youth, they are able to get attention to the Oromo question by touching soft parts of Western Governments. The recent resolution of European Parliament seems that they are saying “we regret for imposing on you Minilik and Haayila Sillaasee. Had they not been enmeshed in their policy “national interest has priority over all others” and though they pushed aside their moral principle and said they will continue to give help to Ethiopia, they could not hide that situation in Oromiyaa had pricking their conscience. We hope that the condition that may result from that could make it a must for them in the course of time to take similar measures as the Europeans. Both see what is going on from the angle of their interest.

The Oromo people are under disaster. The Wayyaanee has scattered terror in them that they spend day and night with fear. Every home of Oromo mother has become a home of mourning. With pain of wounds in their hiding place and tortures in prisons Oromo youth everywhere are moaning and are subjected to live in nightmares. Families of the imprisoned are suffering from hunger, thirst and lack of necessities. The education system is disrupted and Oromiyaa is being taken back one generation. All nationals are expected to give priority for search of solutions to said problems. Though their rising together has given hope, if warding off with equal force is not started there is a possibility of untimely retreat from the struggle. At his moment what is wanted is one that stands by their side and give encouragement and help in devise strategy together not one that vaunts from a distance. Results may delay but victory for the truthful is inevitable.

Oromo political organizations are still following the old trend. They are just starting beating drums calling for unity when people back home are already fighting in unison. Even then they had never been sincere, for each want to appear as chief on every forum and the ego do not want to be swallowed in unity of decadent organizations. They are unable to pull themselves out of the force of habit of previous years. There is no one among them that clashed in the field of struggle for the cause they claim to stand for. It is like the saying, “Birds fight in the air for meat on the ground”. They think individually as opposed to collecting thinking that the struggle requires. Why did all leave OLF forming miniature Odaa, to sit idle in foreign land? There are those who say OLF lacks democratic practice and compassion. That should worry no body now; it has become history since what happened in the country. The question now must be going back to play own role or pull out of politics? Since they had been spending most of their time in fund raising they may continue with it in case they could be fringe benefit for the nation.

By this time Oromo should have a quarter where they could receive fugitives for protection. Every year, we hear about killing enemy fighters, not about liberation of a land. There were times when false information was fed. For instance, once we were shown fighters slaying camel for food. We believed the camel died to save the struggle. We did not know that she was commercial created to help in collecting alms. Be as it may what happened after that? They showed us some fighters lining up to hand over to the enemy arms supplied by the people. Many strange things not fitting the struggle for liberation were seen since then. Abba Jifaar, Mootii of Jimma is often quoted for saying “Respect starts at home” rising as the little Abba Jobir arrived at a meeting late as planned. Note that no one will remain sitted when he rises. It would be ridiculous to believe organizations that could not handle those nearest to them with due respect are sincere in their call for unity to the far offs. Unity and comradery becomes reliable only if they start at home.

But there was no soul that came out and took responsibility and accountability for all that happened. A political organization requires strict discipline and transparency. If one is not in a surrounding where one can apply own laws it will be difficult to question common member or member of the leadership for good or bad. The lack of consequences for infringement of rules is one of the causes of schism. If they melt (unite) together another episode jarring to our ears is going to be performed otherwise to expect them to bring more benefit for the country than what they did so far, will be lying to and cheating the people. People’s leadership is one that lives in the country, to deserve that they have to go back and reestablish themselves the soonest possible.

As it stands now difference between Oromo diaspora organizations and those of the Habashaa are not visible. Oromo organizations and elites are forming warm relations with Habashaa ones without any preconditions. They are taking the Oromo youth and farmers movement as giving them the opportunity to overthrow the Wayyaanee and strengthen the empire. It should have been the time to dismantle the empire system by keeping the enemy at arm’s length. Blood and sweat of Oromo children is not something to be used as negotiation tool by any one. The Oromo can communicate only with those that recognize their exclusive right over Oromiyaa beforehand.

Organizations having Oromo name and working as opposition parties are having hard time for being Oromo their Ethiopianess having been denied. They are the ones that taste the abuses Oromo people are daily undergoing. They wanted Ethiopia, which has demonstrated enough that it does not want any Oromo as equal partner. Members of legally registered organization like Bekela Gerba, Dejene Tafa, Bekele Nega, Addisu Bullala, Desta Dinka, Derejje Merga, Gurmessaa Ayana (sic) are said to have been added to old list of old prisoners for being Oromo. Baqqalaa Garbaa went back from US after promising in front of the world in mid 2015 to conduct non-violent struggle. He was trying to implement terms of the constitution in collaboration with terrorist like TPLF. It seems they imprisoned him with allegation of inciting the Oromo people’s struggle, and now he is found between life and death. He is an Oromo son whose bravery cannot be denied; it may be said he followed an erroneous policy but no one can belame him for betraying his people. At this juncture when Oromummaa is being looked down with contempt and is being humiliated, it is only Oromiyaans that can make it feared and respected. That is why Oromo children are paying the ultimate sacrifice. It is not the time one can stand aside and let an adversary harm ones own. All Oromo are obliged to rescue Baqqwala and comrades in distress. They like all of us have family and dreams. Whatever befall on him and his comrades have to be a challenge to us all.

Though some elders are stumbling, the principal objective started fifty years ago are being continued by present day youth. At this time when the struggle is heating up there is no visible difference of outlook between revolutionaries. Thanks to Wayyaanee’s push even those in doubt are being dictated by their conscience. The present condition seems that at least theoretically they have drawn a minimum program between them. Since beseeching is not helping for own survival for all to fend off the enemy has become a must. Blood has flown, such a grand people is humiliated, elderlies are slashed together all values Oromo revered are smashed. An alien without safuu or ethical values occupied them. Therefore they refused submit and kneel for inevitable death.

Be it for any cause to allow an alien build its enemy nest in Oromiyaa amounts to putting a noose around ones neck. Oromiyaans that chose to become tools for enemy force are responsible for the danger that befalls them as consequence. Traditionally Oromo respect those that come in peace and give them essential protection. Oromo had never discriminated any one for one’s identity. For this reason, to maintain the respect and benefit provided them is up to the beneficiary. Oromummaa is not a matter of blood; it is independence, equality and democratic Gadaa outlook. Let all who do not know, know and those that knowingly distort will have what they deserve. As a people that have national sovereignty, the Oromo have no alternatives to strengthening their unity more. For them to determine the level of unity they are going to have with Ethiopia and other neighbors, they have to be liberated first. It is only an independent country that can negotiate with other countries on equal terms. Unity that might be created with aliens could be viable only if based on treaty signed properly with free will of participants. Viva Oromo unity! The struggle shall not stop short of victory!!

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty, equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our forefathers!

Ibsaa Guutama
February 2016

We and Them (Oromo and the Colonizer) | Nuu fi Isaan (Oromoo fi Koloneeffataa) October 15, 2015

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Nuu fi Isaan (Oromoo fi Koloneeffataa)

Ibsaa Guutama irraa* | Onkoloolessa 2015

Atoo Sarbaa hin qabduu sarbaa millaa hin qabduu maaliin lafa dhiittaa yaa abbee?
Atoo gamtaa hin qabduu gamtaa dhiiraa hin qabduu maaliin nama miitaa ya aabbee?”*

Roorroo koloneefataa hammaa bahaa kan yaaliin seenaa, aadaa, afaanii fi dudhaa Oromoo balleessuuf godhame dabalatutu qabsoof ummata kakaase. Hardhas yoo tahe waldhaansoon mirgaaf godhamu itt fufaa,sirna Gadaa keessaa akeekota dhimma itt bahuun dandahaman guddifachuun irra ilaalamuu hin qabu. Ijoolleen Oromoo yero qabsoo bilisummaaf ka’an sana,kaayyoon saba saanii akkasumas firaa fi diinni eenyu akka tahan isaaniif taliila ture. Sun sagantaa malbulchaa dhaaba kallacha qabsoo Oromoo tahe, ABO irra kaa’ameera. Baras firaa fi diina gidduu timjii mullatutu ture. Angoon hoggansaas akeekamee ture. Bulee garuu want halle caalaa dimimmisaawaa fi laaqamaa dhufuutt ka’e. Amma firaa fi diinaa gargar baafachuun mamii dha; daangaan angoo fi barri hoggansaa, mirgaa fi dirqammi qondaalotaa fi miseensotaa sadarkaa hin beekamne gahaniiru. Eenyuun “Nuwi”, eenyuun “Isaan” jechuuf qabsaawoti qayabbannoo waloo dhabaa jirruu. Kanaaf dargagggoon hireen ummata kanaa dhimma keenya jedhan keessa deebi’anii mari’achuun yeroo saati. Dur Gadaan tokko yeroo murtaaweef hin dabarsu ture. Gadaa haaraan dhufu seera ofii tumata. Yoo haaraa hin baafnes kan darbe irra deebi’ee akka kan ofiitt tuma. Eenyuu seeraa ol hin turre. Sun akeekaa guddifatamuu qabu. Amma egaa,Gadaan seeraanis aadaanis kan dargaggoo waan taheef dirqammi joonjee qabate keessaa sabicha baasuu kan saaniitii. Kan kana gochuu dandahan qaama yaa’ichaa tahanii qabsoo sabaaf gumaachaa kan jiranii. Akki qabsoon Oromoo battala adda addaatt si’ana itt qabamaa jiru yaaddessaa dha. Kanaaf hundi garaa qulqulluun of qoree yaada furmaataa dhihessuu qaba. Gara kanatt masaka kennuuf hayyooti Oromoo hundi dirqamaa fi abbaawummaa qabu.

Martoota wiirtuwaloo

Oromummaan “Nuwii” kan ofiin jedhan akka martoota wiirtuwalooti ilaalamuu dandahu. Martii xiqishuu tuqaa wiirtuutt haantu akka warraatt ilaalamuu dandeessi. Sana duuba balbala, qomoo, gosa, jedhee sabatt ol guddata. Sabi marti alaa guddicha hunda haammatu jechuu dha. Tokko tokkoon martootaa keessa tuqooti nuu fi isaan kan waliin jedhan jiraachuu dandahu. Hundu tuqaa miira, dudhaa, amantoota, ganda fi godinaa qabu. Addummaan sun dhaloota duuba waan guddifatanii. Kanaaf jijjiiramuus ni dandahu. Gamnii, jabina martoota waliigalaaf garagarumaatt dhimma bahuu ni dandaha; hamaa harkatt garuu burjaajii uumuu dandahu. Sadarkaa kamittuu, tuqaaleen martii tokko keessa jiran martii takka haa tahu, martoota wiirtuwaloo ol, amanamummaa barbaadnaan waan jallatetu jira jechuu dha; shaffisaan sirraawu qaba. Addummaan tokkummaa sabichaa caalaa jabaannaan balaa qaba.

Oromummaan waan dhalootaati, kan ofirraa dhiqanii baasan mitii; qaceen saa dhalootaa dhalootatt darba. Dhugaan kun utuu jiru Oromummaan ilaalcha waloo masakaa hundaaf tahee fulduratt gahaatt hin bane. Afanfajjii fi kolomsiisa holola diinaan faca’etu akka Riqa Arrojii yk Ilaalaa Baabiloon jedhamuu afaan wal waldhaalchisaa jira. Qabsaawota kan ofiin jedhan keessa kan of hin beekne fi ofitt hin amannetu jiru. Sabichi saba guddaa, qaroomota dhaloota Kiristos dura beekaman keessaa gahaa qabu. Aadaa demokrasiin kanneen hanga yoonaa beekaman keessaa yoo caale malee kamiinuu gadi miti. Lakkoofsa ummataa naannaa saa jiran keessaa guddicha. Qabeenya uumaan hafee hin qabu. Beekumsa ogummaa, nagaa jaallachuu fi jannummaan kan komatuun hin jiru. Waaqtokkee tahuun kan isa dursu hin jiru. Kan maqaa saan sosso’an garuu kana hunda hin calaqisanii. Sodaatamu irra tuffatamu; hogganuu irra hogganamuu; nagummaa irra hammeenya agarsiisuu fi ummata ofii qindeessanii surraan mullachuu irra wan asgali hin jedhamneen bakka buufachuu yaaluun kan isa salphisantu caala. Kanaaf dandeettiin ummata kanaa kan harka jiruu fi riphaan dhimma itt hin bahamin jira. Maal wayyaa? Salphina kana keessaa attamiti bahamaa? Kan seexaan saanii salphina akkasii hin fudhanne itt yaaduu qabu. Halaalatt harka utuu hin hiixatin dura qeyee ofii soneeffachuun filmaata biraa hin qabu.

Oromummaan martii gandummaa, amantee, gosummaa kkf haammata. Hunda madaalee gaggeesssuutu irraa eegama. Jarri faaya saatisii. Kanaaf hundi amanamummaan isaaf qaban mara dursa jechuu dha. Hariiroon “Isaan” kan jedhaman waliin uumamu amanamummaa kana kan faallessu tahuu hin qabu. Sana malee raayyaa irraa adda bahanii diina mararfachuutu dhufa. Koloneeffataan keenyaa, nuwiif diina. Nuuf diina jechuun kan abba tokkee haa tahu saboota fedha saanii malee too’annoo jala galchee yk galchisiisee qaama fi qabeenya saanii irratt akka fedhett ajaju, mirgaa fi eenyummaa saanii haalee gara laafina tokko malee humnaan of jala jiraachisu jechuu dha. Diinni keenya daangaa nutt darbe. Dhalooti, afaanni, biyyi, daayi, dantaa fi kaayyoon keenya adda addaa. Nuti wararamoota inni warartuu dha. Nuti cunqurfamoota inni cunqursaa dha. Nuti kodee dhaa inni halagaa dha.

Kanaaf nuwummaa keenya akka qilleensi hin gallett eeggannu malee miiddhaan nu biraa hin hafu kan jedhamu. Kun akka Oromoon of itt ilaalanii. Gurguddoo Habashaaf Oromiyaan si’anaa yeroo hin yaadatamnee kaasee biyya saanii ture. Oromoon warartuu naannaa kana jaarraa 16faa madda hin beekamne kan laga faa dabalatuuf kkf. dhufan. Oromoon aangoo waaltaa qabaatanii waan hin beekneef akka saba tokkoott ilaalamuu hin qaban. Mirgi saanii abba abbaa kabajamuufii caaluu homa argachuu hin qaban. Kun yaada raagoti saanii dabtarooti sammuutt jaarraa hedduuf gad huduman. Kanaf mirga Oromoon kiyya jedhu hin fudhataniif. Qarqabaa kana kan Oromoon isaanitt michooman fudhachuun gaaffii sabummaa kan silaa Oromo akka sabaa walabaatt aangessuu dandahan irraa dheessan. Kana ilaalaniitu ummatii, sochiin saanii fashaluu irraa hin baraaramu kan jedhan.

Hamma yoona kaasaa Oromummaaf waliin dudhama fi murannoo agarsiisuu irratt walbuusuun miidhamaa jirra. Hanga hardhaatt kan gidiraa waliin itt gallett “nuwi” dhiisanii “isaanitt” galuun horooman hin agarre. Kan walfakkaatu yoo waliin dhaabbate qofa miidhaga. Ummatooti addunyaa yoomuu caalaa wal irratt hirkachuutu nutt himama. Haa tahu malee hunduu dantaa biyya fi nama ofii durfannoo akka kennan waliin nutt hin himamu. Hunduu humnaa fi bu’aa caalaa ummata ofiif argamsiisuuf, dadhabaa macalaqsanii bira darbu malee “anaa haanyaatu” jedhanii olkaasanii hin tirsanii. Caalmaa kana argachuuf haa tahu hurrisa jalaa bahuuf kan anjaa qabu, kan tokkummaa fi qophii cimaa qabu. Akka itt of ijaarruu fi mala ittiin qabsoofnu nammi nutt hin himuu; sun diroo keenyaa. Oromoon dorgommee addunyaa keessa seenuuf dura of bilisomsuu qabu jennee kaanee. Nuwii fi isaan gargar baafachuu kan uggetu sanaaf qophaawuu dandaha.

Ummata ofii damqsanii iddoo saanii dhugaa akka qabatan gochuu irra halagaatt riqatanii of fooyyesuu kan filatan hedduu dha. Hamma yoonaa dhugaa lafa jiru sirriitt rogaan mullisuuf sabboonoti hedduun yaalaniiruu. Isaanuu ukkamsaa sadoo meeqa keessaan hasaasan malee hamma irraa eegamu mandi’uu hin dandeenye. Kan hafan sagalee ol kaasanii iyyicha dabarsuu dhiisanii ofitt guungumu. Oromoon hedduun biyya saanii, ulfina saanii fi eenyummaa saanii dhabanii utuu jiranii maal nuun jedhuutu rakkisaanii. Kan homaa hin qabne wanti jedhamuun akka hin jirre hin hubatanii. Aarii ukkamfatanii bokokanii taa’uu. Sana futtaafatan malee yartuun itt taphataa haftii.

Kanaaf, falli saanii bakka itt kufanii ka’anii, diina digaluu taate ofirraa urgufuu dha. Hundi salphinaa fi roorroo irra gahaa jiruuf waliin aaduu fi iyyuun hunda hirriba dhowwan malee, miidhama saaniif eenyuu xiyyeeffannoo kennuufii hin dandahu. Tuffii fi salphinni kan finiinsu, kan sanaan middhaan itt dhagahamu qofa. “Baraa fi furguggee guugguufanii jala bahu” jedhanii kan gombifaman jiru. Garuu achittis jalaa hin baanee, gubbaa dhaa gad itt erganii. Baras, furguggees si’aawun itt deeman ofirraa qola’uu. Du’a hin olleef ofirratt alba’uun qaanii waliin jiraachuu taha. Qaaniin sabicha diinaaf ulfina. Yoo yeroon dammaqanii duran hin dhaabbanne isaan babbaqasuu, facaasuu, deegsuu fi gadgaloo gochuun qaanesuun itt fufa.

Hedduun beekota qabnuu, hololli Habashaa ittiin surrii dhiqamaa guddatan barumsa dhaabota beekumssaa olhaanoo irraa argatan caalaa kan gadi lixe fakkaata. Dabballooti ol haanoon dirqama qabsoo ummataa itt kenname baatanii jijjiirammi haalaa, dhiibbaan fedha adda addaa fi rakkinni abba abbaa gara dhabsiisaa jira. Sochii bilisummaa Oromoo rakkina sabicha qabate irraa eegalee. Maqaan Oromoo jedhamu sochichaan bakkatt deebi’e. Oromoon biyya Oromiyaa jedhamtu qabaachuun kan haalan jiraatanuu isaan fudhatama argate. Afaan ofiin barachuu fi ittiin hojjechuun isaan mirkaneeffame. Qubee ofii qabaachuun isaan eegalamee. Isaan bu’aa guguddaan galmeeffame. Bu’aa sochiin bilisummaa fide himamee hin dhumu.

Jiji kun jannoota lafeen saanii awwaala malee hafe Oromiyaa irra faca’ee jiruun galmeeffame. Haadholiin Oromiyaa ergasii janna dahuu dhaabanii laata? Kanneen qabeenya Oromiyaa gufuu tokko malee bolquu barbaadan olhaantummaa malbulchaa irratt argachuuf kara karaa bobba’anii sochicha haleelaa jiru. Isaaniif akkuma durii Oromoo raatessanii irra bahuuf sochiin bilisummaa Oromoo badu qaba. Kanaaf tumsa alaa manaa qindeeffataniiru.Sochiin bilisummaa bakka miiddhaan jiruu hogganamu malee injifannooleen hanga yoonaa galmeeffaman duubatt deebi’uu dandahu. Sochicha badii irraa oolchuun dirqama Oromoo hundaati.

Garuu yoo maal godhame sun dhugoomuu dandaha? Jalqaba seerroti dhabaa fedha abba tokkee fi murnaa qufsuuf gara dhabsiifamuu akka hin qabane mirkanaawuu qaba; garuu akka abbalamiifitt hojii irra ooluu qabu. Dhaabi hawwa abba tokkee yk garee quufsuuf fedha kutaa miseensota saa tokkoo qofa calaqisuu fedhu murna fedhaa yk waldaa dhuunfaa malee, dhaba malbulchaati ofiin jechuuf hin dandahu. Kanaaf akka dhaaba malbulchaatt fiixaan akka hin baane beekamaa dha. Diinni Oromiyaa harkatt galfate of harka tursuuf boqonnaa malee halkaniif guyyaa hojjeta. Gara Oromoon tattaaffii walfakkaataan hin mullatu. Yoo shakalli akkasii jijjiiramuu baate Oromoon yeroo hundaa gaaga’amaa tahanii hafu dandahu. Diina didhchiisanii hojii ittisaa irratt harkifachuun didhchiisuu dhiisuu caalaa hamaa tahuu dandaha. Adda bilisummaa maqaa qabu tahuuf, halkanii fi guyyaa giidoo kan diinaa caaluun jabaatanii hojjechuu gaafata. Halagaa akkeessuun demokraasii irraa qoolifachuu manna hundee ofiitt deebi’ani heeraa fi seeran buluu wayya ture. Hamma yoonaa erbaala irratt malee Oromoon jaarmota demokraasii shakalan hin horannee. Dhaabi saanii angafti hunda caala jedhamullee hangammeessa saba guddaa kanaf malu hin geenye.

ABOn yeroo adda addaa gargar cacaba dhufe. Dhihenyuma murni gargar caban araaraa buusanii hamma Korri Sabaa demokratummaan ijaramee fi iddoosa ta’e walgahe dhaabicha tokkeessutt gurmeessa tokko jalatt hojjechuuf waliigaluun waan gammachiisuu. Hogganooti “nuwii” fi “isaan” kan jedhu miseensota ABO gidduutt cichee akka hin hafne, dhaaba hundee tokkomsuuf durfannoo kennu jedhamee abdatama. Namooti ulfina qaban dhugaa fi ifaa tahuu, fedha of qulqulluu gochuu barbaaduun bakka hin buusanii. Waliigalteen tolfame hanga yaa’iin nagaa xumuramutt akka itt wal tahamett yoo gaggeeffame wanti injifannoon hin baaneef hin jiru. Sanaaf Gummiin Sabaa fi kan murtii hojii irra oolchan abbaawummaa fi itt gaafatama qabu. Hunduu qulqullina garaa, akka olhantummaan gaggeessee injifannoon hulluuqsisu abdata. Hogansii carraa argame kanatt dhimma bahee daba qajeelchuun seeraan bulmaatatt deebisuu hindandeenye ummata guddaa kana injifannooti geessuu akka hin dandeenye dursee beekamuu qaba.

Sun akka fedhe tahus barsiifati dullachi jijjiiramu malee hobbaatiin hawwame argamuun mamii qaba. Sanneenii addaan bahinsaa fi hankaakuuf kaasaa kan tahanii. Garuu kan qabnuu tirsuu malee ammaafi filmaata biraa kan qabnu hin hin fakkaatu. Yoo kan tirsinu nurkatt dadhabe garuu fala hin dhabnu. Maal wayyaa, Oromoon qaba kan jedhamus ABOma? Waan halle ilaalcha sirriitt galchuuf warraaqsa dhuga gaafata. Yeroo inni jabaatu eegee kan wuxxisan, yoo dadhabu ijaan argaa saa kan hin feene fi maqaa itt baasan jiru. Sabboonaa kan ofiin jedhuu ujuu Oromoo kana jibbuun of jibbuu dha; ofittoo fi doofaa malbulchaa tahuu dha. Oromummaa kan jaallatuuf xiiqii walgiduu utuu hin tahin kan baasu hojii dha. Hoggansi kamu dhiibbaa jireenya ofii fi kan hariiroo halagaan utuu hin dagamin sochii qabsoo bakka seett deebisuuf tolfamuuf gamtaa agarsiisuu qaba. Sochiin bilisummaa hanga diina harka bahanitt hin dhaabbatu. Hoggansi garuu yeroon kan dangahame waan theef imaammati saanii egerref kan dhimma baasu malee kan ofiffumaa hardhaa quufsu qofa tahuu hin qabu.

Gadaan kan dargaggooti. Jibba, laafinaa fi hammeenyi abba tokkee Gadaa darbee dhaalmaan darbuu hin qabu. Kana attamitt hambisuu dandeenya? Oromummaan jibbaan hin jaaramu. Goototi keenya jaalalaaf itt dhumanii. Ijoolleen keenyas isaan faana bu’u jennee abdanna. Dadhabaa qabnu jabeessanii jabaa keenya hirromsanii, daba keenya sirromsanii ilaa fi ilaameen nu gaggeessuu maalee, kan tirsaa dhufne badduu baasu hin jennuu. Oromiyaa kan Oromoo kan taasisu walabummaa dha. Kaayyoo walabummaatt yoo hin cichine, ummata maxxannee malee, bilisa fi abbaa biyyaa tahuun hin jiru. Oromoof jireenyi gammachuu fi bilisi abjuu tahee hafa.

Habashooti ummatooti kolonii Itophiyaa hundi of dhiisanii “nuwii” ta’aniiru jedhanii of amansiisaniiru. Sunis namoota yartuu moora ofii caalaa kan saaniif gamtaa agarsiisan laaluuni. Isaaniin kolonota cabsanii hardhas isaanuuman cabsaa jiru. Nuwi caalaa Itophiyaan hin jiru; nuti jirmaa malee dame fottoqu mitii; qabsoo nagaa malee lolli nu hin baasuu, kkf jedhaa mooraa diina shororkeesaa tahe beekaas utuu hin beeknis gabbisan jiru. Sanaaf fayyaalessi “ishooyee” dhiichisu hedduu dha. Dinni jabeessuuf “shuu!” jedhaa jirus akkasuma. Oromoon digaluu ofirraa urgufa malee jirma irraa fottoqu hin qabu. Oromoof waldhabdee eenyu waliinuu qaban nagaan fixachuun akeeka dudhaati. ABOnis haala kun itt dandahamu lafa kaa’eera. Walabummaan Oromoo garuu maaliifuu dhoofsisaaf dhihatee hin beeku. Kan hamaan itt dhufu ofirraa fachisuun mirga dhalootaati. Empayerri seenaa keessatt nagaan diigamee hin beeku. Kan duriif gowwoomniiru, “Gaallaa Gabarii Haaraan” lammattaa Oromoo hin gowwoomsituu.

Dargaggoon, Hagoosii fi Irgaxeen maaliif Tolasaa fi Birbirsott garaa jabaatu, maaliin caallanii biyyuma saanii irratt gooftaa itt tahan kan jedhu deddeebi’anii gaafachuu qabu. Deebiin saa halagaa waan tahaniif garaa itt jabaatu; qawwee waan qabaniif gooftaa irratt tahanii kan jedhu tahuu dandaha. Halagummaan seenaan dhufe; roorrisaa jalaa bahuuf falli qawwee harka buusuu qofa. Tolasaafaan yoo mirga ofii gaafatan diina nutti hammeessuuf jedhanii firooti rom’an jiru. Diina isaan fixuutt jiru sana caalaa mal akka hin gonetu sodaatame lataa? Tolasaafaan sodaan akka isaan hin baafne baranii qaata “Lama nun suufan” jedhanii ka’anii. Sanyi gadigalooti yoo ofiin hin jenne, Oromoon kamuu akkuma Tolasaafaa kutachuu qaba. Kanneen gooftaa irraa fagaatanii jiraachuu se’atanii hin beekneef, garaagarummaan ulfinaa fi salphinaa itt hin mullatu. Jannaa fi abeebi sanaan gargar bahu. Kan onnee qabu du’a hin sodaatu. Kan du’a hin sodanne gadgalummaa hin fudhatu. Kanaaf diinaaf hin sarmu.

Wayyaaneen mootummoota darban irraa adda fakkaachuuf sabooti Itophiyaa jala jiran mirga hiree muteeffannaa akka qaban heera saa keessatt galchee jira. Sun mirga ilmoo nama addunyaa maraan beekame, eenyuu sababa kamiifuu haaluu hin qabneett beekama. Garuu Madrak ni balaaleffate. Wayyaaneen hiree murteeffannaa haa fudhatu malee kolonummaa hin fudhanne ture. Kan angoo irraa finqilchaman hundi imaammata Wayyaaneen sabootaaf qabu hunda akka yaada gandummaa fi ummata Itophiyaa addaan ciruutt fudhatanii gadoodaa jiru. Ummata Itophiyaa yoo jedhan Amaaraa fi Tigraaway mataa qabu; jarri jabaannaan wacci koloniin wan guddaa miti jedhanii yaadu. Waa hin hubataniif malee, Wayyaaneen leelloo addaa Oromoo qabuuf utuu hin tahin akka itt Empayera tursuuf mala dhahuu saatii. OFKn Wayyaaneenuu ni soba malee hojiirra oolchuuf miti jennee, Ango 39 gaddhiifnee halagaa fromfachuuf Madrakitt galle jedhanii. Safuun kan carraa argataniin mirga ummata saaniin dhoofsisuutt cehaniitii.

Oromoof, empayerri diigamu malee furmaati hin jiru. Itophiyaan Empayera kan taate erga humnaan biyyoota walaba kibba shee koloneeffattee booda. Empayera kan isee tolche hariiroo kana. Empayerri haa diigamu jechuun hariiroo kun haa dhaabbatu jechuu dhaa. Itophiyaanis kolonoottis biyyoota walirraa walaba tahan ta’u jechuu dha. Waldhabdeen jiru karaa fedheen furmaata argachuu baannaan gidiran ummatoota wayyabaa itt fufa. Sun dhaloota egeriif akka tolu, hardha itt dhiiguu, itt cabuu, itt hidhamuu fi itt du’uu akka gafatu akeekkachiisa.

Kaasaan hundee mamii fi haala dimmimmisaawaa qabsaawota Oromoo gidduutt uume hariiroo Oromiyaa fi finnaa Itophiyaa gidduu jiru irratt qayyabannoo waloo dhabuu dha. Dadhabinni abba abbaa, ofittummaa, ofirrumaa fi kanneen biraa dabalata. Yoo sun qulqullaawe danqaraa karaa qabsoo irra buufame waliin kaasuun dandahama. Waan kana irratt gara hundaan keessaanlaalummaan jiraachuu qaba. Wal sobuu safuu gochuu dha. Ummati garaagarummaa Mormitu Amanamtuu tahanii mootummaa Habashaa waliin dhaabbatanii fi kan kanneen walabummaa Oromiyaaf bilisa tahanii qabsaawan gidduu jiru hubachuu barbaachisa. Isaan lamaan faradoo kaabaa fi kibbatt gulufan fe’achuu saanii utuu ilaallu “Bitaan yaaban mirgaan yaaban walgahi kooraa dhumaa” jechuun wan namaaf hin qayyabatamne. Jechichii akkuma jirutt kanneen gar tokkott farda tokkoo fe’atan qofaaf dhugaa tahuu dandaha.

Mormitooti Amanamtuun Oromoon aangoo baayyina saaniin walgitu argatanii Itopiyaa ta’anii jiraachuu dandahu jedhu. Yaadi akkasii caasaa fi hariiroo haaran kan amma jiru bakka bu’ utu uumama kan jedhu of keessaa qaba. Kun, kan hundi bu’uura saa itt buufatu yeroon cehumsaa jira jechuu dha. Kanatt amannaan utuu harka hin kennatiin dura dhoofsifsisuu hammam dhugoomuu akka dandahu mirkaneeffachuu ture. Garuu kan isaan yaadan waan gurra saboonotaatt ni tola jedhan malee waan ittt amanan miti. Yaadichi akka hin fudhatamnes beekuu. Jara aadaa aangoo nagaan walitt dabarsuu hin qabne hafee eenyuu wan itt dafqee, it naafatee, itt du’ee argate tola gad hin dhiisuu. Kanaaf sanaa yaaduun, isaanuma waliin akka mormituu amanamtuutt Oromiyaa saamuu irratt qooda fushachuun abbbalamee fakkaata. Sana utuu hin taane sabboonota dhugaan harka walqabatanii karaa dandahamu hundaan warartuu ofirraa buqqisanii hiree ofiitt abbaa tahuu yaaluu turanii. Imaammati saanii soda irratt waan hundaaweef harka kennachiisaa dha; kanaaf kaayyoo goototi du’aniif bakka hin bu’u.

“Nuwii” jechuun nuti Oromoon jechuu tahu ni hubana. Nuwii fi koloneeffataan keenya cunqurfamoota fi cunqursaa dha. Kanaaf hanga hariiroo kanaan jirrutt walii diina. Nama Oromoo haala duree tokko malee isanitt galee, Itophiyaa demokraatessuuf jedhu Oromoo raatessuu irraa akkamitt addatt ilaalaa? Wayyaanee irraawoo? Oromoon mormituu amanamtuu utuu hin tahin akkuma Wayyaanee DDUT (TPDM) keettoo harka lafa jalaan ni kaawwata taha. Jarri akkasii akeekas kan itt gabaasanis qabu; bakka dhaqan oo’ifatanii kan hafan hin tahanii.

Garee filachuun mirga abbaatii. Garuu mirgi sun kan dantaa Oromoo miidhu akka hin taane of keessaa bahanii ilaaluu gaafata. Oromoon utuu walabummaan jabeessee of hin ijaarinii fi, of hin bilisomsin Itophiyaa keessa seene gaafii saaf deebi soquu dhuguma dandaha? Koloneefffatan diinamoo fira ofirroo dha? Yoo diina tahe rukuttaa malee deemuuf hin taa’uu. Fira ofirroott kan fudhataniif qabsoon rukuttaa hin qabne yaalamuu ni dandaha. Kan qawwee hin hikkanne, mana hidhaa guyyuu cimfataa jiru, kan guyyuu ummata ofiitt roorrisu waliin dhaabbatanii waa’ee nagaa dubbachuun of sobuu hin tahuyii? Oromoon kan morman sirna koloniitii. Malbulcheessitooti keenya maaliif ABUT qofa irratt akka xiyyeeffanu nu tolchuu fedhu? Kan empayericha akka jirutt tursuu fedhu hundi diina ABUT gadii miti. ABUT qofa addaan baasanii ilaaluun murnoota Nafxanyaa ofirroo tahan walii tumsutt geessuu akka dandahu irra ilaalamuu hin qabu. Murni aangoo irra bahu hamilate kamuu Empayera sirna Nafxanyaa waan bakka bu’uuf kan waliin nakkaran taha. Diina akkasii waliin tole jedhanii hojjechuun nagummaa ni taha? Yoo dhuguma Oromummaatt ni amanna tahe utuu qawwee biyya ofiitt gara galchuutt hin ka’in debifnee of haa gaafannu.

Bu’uuri Oromummaa cimaan duubaan utuu hin jiraatiin caasaa empayeraa irraa dorgommeen aangoof godhamu fedhaa fi deggersa halagaan malee moo’uun hin dandahamu. Maqaa Oromoon mooraa diinaa keessatt sana malee moo’uu nan dandaha jechuun ofitt qoosuu dha. Halagaan sana fedhee deggeru yoo jiraate bu’aa keessaa kan harka guddaa barbaadu. Qabsoon Oromoo dadhabbii taatotaan yeroof rakkina keessa seenuun, kan murannoo hin qabne abdii kutachiisuu dandaha. Sun Oromoon ofirraa baqachuuf sababa tahuu hin qabu. Gaaffiin Oromoo kan deebii argatu yoo kanneen gaafatan waliin daawiitii Oromummaan ilaaluu yaalan qofa. Naannaa jirrutt martii martiin mari’achuu barbaachisa. Marii akkasiin yoo hobbaatiin argame, waan halle dhooftuu godina, ganda, gosa, amanteen furuu ni dhiifna taha. Dargaggoon haala jijjiiramuun xaxamu hin qaban. Manguddoon jibbaa fi ilaalcha dhiphoo ijoolleett dabarsuu yaalan yoo jiraatan abaaramoo dha.

Karaa fedheen waldhaantoo keenya itt oofaa sirna gadaa keessaa haala tokko tokko foyyessinee guddifachuu yaaluu dha. Fakkeenyaaf sirnaa gadaa keessatt guddina daa’imaaf xiyyeeffanoo guddaatu kennama ture. Ijoolleen waggaa dhalootaatt hiramanii hawasa keessatt qooda bahatan qabu. Barnoota, hojii, shakala qamaa adda addaatu akka waggaa dhalootaa yk hiriyaatt kennama. Bakka hedduutt hiriyaan kun dabballee, foollee (gaammee guddaa fixiqqaa) qondaalaa fi Raabaa Doorii jedhamu. Ijoollee aadaa fi namusa barsiisuuf ammas sun waan hin taaneef hin jiru. Wayyaaneen Oromiyaa, ganda, garee, gooxii, shaniif tokko, caasaa jedhutt hireera. Sanaa olis aanaa, godinaa kan jedhaman jiru. Ijaarammi hiriyaa kanneen keessatt tahuu dandaha.

Barnooti unkeffamaan mootummaa jala jira. Aadaa ofii guddifachuun mirga Heeraan beekame wan taheef barnoota hin unkeffamne akka dudhaatt kennuun mirga. Kanaaf guddina aadaa fi eenyummaa ofii kara sana misoomfachuun ni dandahama. Taphi, sirbi fi hojiin hiriyaa walitt fidu jajjabeefamuun bu’aa qaba. Egereen Oromoo daa’imman saaniitii. Yoo danda’ame kan diriire keessatt sirna hiriyaa ijaaruu dha. Bakka hin dandahamnett qixaa caasaa jiruun ijarrachuu dha. Seeraan ifatt guddini hawaasoma sabicha dhorgamnaan akkuma kan malbulchaa fudhatanii lafa jalaan lixuu dha. Kanneen Oromiyaa keessatt ganda fi jalee saa gaggeessan namootuma Oromiyaati. Wanti yaalamu isaanis kan hammachuu dandahu waan taheef gamtaa dhowwannaan safuu itt tahaa.

“Isaan” mirga ummatoota koloneeffatanii beekanii,seera saanii irra godhaniiruu. Mirgi seeraan jiru yoo hin guutamin abbaatu falmataa. Sana fiixaan baafachuun “Nuwi” ilaala jechuu dhaa. Mootummaa Cehumsaa kan seename nagaan fiixaan baafannaan amanameetu. Nu dagani. Haalamnee ari’amnee. Ergasii saqaan nu giddu jiru baldhataa malee dhiphataa hin jiru. Qabsoo nagaa wanti jedhamu akka hin baafne utuma waliin jirruu itt hidhamnee, itt duunee agarree. Mootummaan abbaa hirree tahe, kan seeraan bulmaata hin beekne biratt qasoon nagaa of ajjeesuu gaditt hin laalamu. Namooti utuma arganii sana lallaban jiru. Dhuumisii ummataa morma nagaa “Master Plan” Finfinneetiin gahe sammuu saanii hin hanqooqnee.

Cinaan waa jechuuf, Finfinneen wiirtuu Oromiyaa ummati hedduun qotatee, horii horsiifatee, lon hora obaafachuuf kan kallatii hallee itt yaa’an hundaa keessumsiisee, wal horee basha’ee irra jiraatu turte. Erga qabamtee babbalachuu hin dhaabne. Moototi ergasii dhufan hundi waa itt dabalaama dhufanii. Seeraa qofaan utuu hin tahin fedhaa gabaanis baballatteettii. Yero qabamte nammi irra jiru hundi buqqa’ee mooraa raayyaa koloneeffataatt hiramtee. Booda seeraan magaalaa muummitt finnaa Empayeraa, Oromoon homaa keessaa hin qabne taatee. Hamma Dargiitt magaalaa Amaaraa turte. Innis wuxinee “Master Plan” dhiisee darbe. Finfinneen hardhas yeroof Afaan Amaaraa haa dubbattu malee lafa naannaa seetii Oromoo irraa buqqisaa jiran raayyaa Tigrawaayyi hiramaa jiraachuutu dhagahama. Afaanni yoom akka jijjiiramu hin baramne.

“Master Plan” kan jedhamu seeraan mirkaneessuu malee Finfinneen qaata magaalota naannaa jiran liqimsitee. Haalli kun madaa o’aan jiraachuu fi bara Oromummaan nammi deebisee harka wal qabachuutt ka’e dhufuu saaf malee qabsoo biyya ofii irratt abbaa tahuuf godhamaa jiruu addatti kan ilaalamu miti. Yeroo kana sun tahuun tuffii diinni ummatichaaf qabu ifaatt baase. Duran keessan miti jedhanii keess nu ariinaan nama meeqa itt wareegne. Hin turre nu sossobachuuf deebitan jedhan. Garuu maqaaf malee achi keessaa homaa akka qabannu hin goone. Ammammoo Master Plan jedhanii nutt dhufanii. Kanaaf tuttuqaan Finfinneef nu kakaasaa jiru akeeka keenya isa guddaa akka nuwi hin irraanfachiifne eeggachuu dha. Nuuf Finfinneen qama Oromiyaati; hardha iseef iyyinullee qabsoo walabummaa see kan Oromiyaan addatt hin laalluu. Isaaniif waanti amma godhaa jiran bulchootaf madda duroomaa kanaan dura hin tuqamne argamsissuu fi mirkaneessaa wiirtuun Oromiyaa Amaara harka Tigrawaayitt darbuuti. Shaggar qofa utuu hin tahin magaalota Oromiyaa hunda malaan Oromiyaa keessatt laaqii Habashaa tahanii akka hafan mala dhahaa jiru. Oromoon maal godhaa jiraa?

Akkuma bara Cehumsaa kan fira fakkaatanii Mormituu Amanamtuu dhiddhiiban Wayyaaneef yeroo bituuf malee isaan hirromsuuf akka hin taane muuxannoo gahaatu jira. Hundi, haala malbuchaa hardha addunyaa keessa jiruun, dantaa saaniif walabummaa sabootaa utuu hin tahin, Empayera humna yaroon moo’amu filatuu. Haala kana kan jijjiiruu dandahu qabsoo cunqurfamoota qofaa. Kana irratt qabsoon Oromoo qooda guddaa taphachuu dandaha. Sochii bilisummaatii jiru sirna empayeraa jalatt maqaa Oromoon eenyuu goloota sabhedduu waliin dorgomee xiyyeeffannoo hin argatu. Yeroo hagam haa fudhatuu malee, kan kaayyoo saaf dudhama fi kutannoo qabu bakka akeekate irraa hin hankaakuu. Hanga Oromiyaan walaboomtutt “Nuwii fi Isaan” gidduu firummaan hin jiru.

Ulfinaa fi surraan gootota kufaniif; walabummaa, walqixxummaa fi bilisummaan kan hafaniif; nagaa fi araarri Ayyaana abboolii fi ayyoliif haa tahu.

* Ibsaa Guutama:

We and Them (Oromo and the Colonizer)

By Ibsaa Guutama* | October 2015

“You have no calf muscle; how can you kick the ground boy?
You have no cooperation; how can you hurt others boy?” *

Unbearable colonial abuse that included attempt to erase history, culture, language and tradition of the Oromo made people to rise in struggle. That is why while continuing the struggle for birth right, to adopt relevant principles from the Gadaa system should not be overlooked. When the Oromo youth rose for the national liberation struggle, their people’s kaayyoo and who enemies and friends are, were clear to them. That has been put down in the political program of their vanguard organization, the OLF. Then, there was visible cairn between enemy and friends. Leadership prerogatives were also set. With time, everything started to get murkier and jumbled up. Now, there is hesitation to distinguish between friends and enemies; leadership term and power limit, functionaries and members rights and duties became beyond definition. We are losing common understanding to whom to say “We” and “They”. Therefore, it is incumbent on the youth that feels concerned about affairs of their people to start debating seriously. In olden days, a Gadaa never outstays its term. Each incoming Gadaa proclaims new laws or proclaim the existing ones as its own. No one was above the law. That is a principle to be emulated. Now, that the Gadaa legally and culturally belong to the youth, the duty to pull the nation out of the confusion rests with them. Those who can do this are those who are part of the process and are contributing to people’s struggle. How the Oromo struggle is being handled by different quarters these days is worrisome. Hence, everyone has to self-examine in good faith and come up with suggestions on how to find a solution. All Oromo leading personalities have duty and responsibility to help in leading towards that end.

Concentric circles

Those who considered themselves as “We” in Oromummaa can be seen as concentric circles. The small circle near to the center can be considered as the family. After that, it develops to “balbala”, clan, tribe and nation. It means, the nation is the outer circle that embraces all. In each circle, there could be points that refer to each other as “we” and “they”. In all circles, there could be different points of character, faiths, counties and regions. Those differences are adopted after birth and can also be changed. For the wise, the differences can benefit in overall strengthening of the circles, but in the hands of the evil, they could bring catastrophe. At any level, if points in a circle demand higher loyalty than the circle or the concentric circles, it means something is wrong; it has to be fixed fast. If difference outweighs unity of the nation, it will have a disastrous consequence.

One is born with Oromummaa and it is not something one can wash away; its gene passes from generation to generation. Even with this truth Oromummaa is not surging forward to be the guiding outlook for all. Confusion and temptations spread by enemy propaganda is creating new version of legendary “Ladder of Arroojii” or The Tower of Babel where failed to the same language. Among activists there are those who are not self-conscious and also lack self-confidence. The people are great people that had share in pre-Christian civilizations. They had democratic culture if not the greatest, not inferior to any known so far. They are the biggest in numbers among those in the region. They have significant natural resources. No one will blame them for knowledge, skill, love of peace and bravery. No one preceded them in monotheism. But those that move in their name do not reflect all those qualities. Rather they humiliate Oromummaa by being despised rather than feared; be led rather than leading; show meanness rather than humility; rather than appearing graceful by coordinating own people, to replace it, they prefer gathering around them trifles that reperesent no one. For these reason visible and potential capabilities of this people is not utilized. What is to be done? How can it be possible to pull out from this humiliation? Those whose conscience cannot bear such humiliation have to think over. There is no alternative to putting ones house in order before stretching hands yonder.

Oromummaa embraces the circles of regionalism, faith, tribalism etc. For this reason it means loyalty to it has priority over all others for Oromo individuals. Any relation with all those referred to as, “They” should not contradict such loyalty. Otherwise it could result in separating from the hoard and favoring the enemy. Our colonizer is our enemy. For us enemy means one that puts individuals or nations under control or helps to put under control without their consent and orders on their body and resources at will and also denies their human and national rights and identity by forcing them to live under one with cruelty. Our enemy defiled our boundary. We are different in origin, language; country, vision, interest and objective. We are the invaded and they the invaders. We are the oppressed and they are the oppressors. We are kin they are aliens.

That is why it is said, if our being “We” is not guarded airtight we can never avoid abuse. This is the way Oromo view themselves. For the Habasha elites, present day Oromiyaa is their own territory from time immemorial; Oromo are invaders that came to this area in 16th century from uncertain origin that include rivers etc. Oromo had never had central authority so should not be considered as one nation. The do not deserve more than respect for their individual rights. These are ideas their ideologue daftaraa (clerics) inculcated in them for centuries and reinforced by chauvinist Nafxanyaa cadres of the present day. As a result they do not recognize the rights Oromo claim. This package is what Oromo in cahoots with them have accepted and abandoned the national question whose response could empower Oromo as an independent nation. That is why people say their move is doomed to failure.

So far we are continuing being persecuted for failing to show commitment and determination for cause of Oromummaa in unison. We had never seen when those that abandoned us in misery and run to those we call “They” flourished. It is only when the similar are put together that they become adorable. We are told that peoples of the world have become interdependent more than ever. However we are not told that every one of them gives priority to their own people’s interest. To amass more power and profit all advance by crushing the weak and never say “Oh my!” and help them up to walk them. Be it to get upper hand or to scape being stampeded those that have advantage are those that have strong unity and are well prepared. Now no one has to tell us how we organize ourselves and methods we use for our struggle that is our own part. We started our struggle because we believed that Oromo should first be liberated before entering competition with the world. It is only one that dares to distinguish between “We” and “They” that can get ready for it.

Instead of raising their own people’s level of consciousness so that they get their proper place there are many that chose to align with the enemy and improve own profile. So far many nationalists have tried in earnest to reveal the existing truth. Even them they tried to whisper through conspiratorial gagging and could not thunder as they were expected. The rest instead of magnifying and passing this frail voice preferred to murmur to themselves. Many Oromo worry about public opinion despite losing their country, honor and their identity. They do not realize that the public has no opinion for one who has nothing. That does not mean they are not angry, rather they are living with suppressed rage. Unless they release that, they will continue being played upon by a minority.

Therefore their solution is to rise from where they have fallen and shake off the parasitic enemy. Unless all roar and shout together for the abuse they are suffering from and deny others quite sleep no one will pay attention to their suffering. Only those that feel the pain of contempt and humiliation are outraged. There are those that ducked saying “You bend and make time and missiles to pass over you.” But missiles were sent down from above. It is only by actively standing against missiles that one can fend it off. To shit on oneself for inescapable death is to live with shame. The nation’s shame is honor for the enemy. It will continue shaming Oromo by dismantling, dispersing, impoverishing and dehumanizing them unless they awake in time and counter it. .

Habasha propaganda of brainwashing they grew with seems to have gone deep into the minds of most Oromo intellectuals than all they got from higher institutions of knowledge. Higher cadres that are entrusted with responsibility for the struggle were disoriented by changing conditions, pressure from different interest groups, personal problems and others. Oromo liberation movement emanated from the problem the nation was in. To learn and work in afaan Oromo was achieved by the movement. To have own letters (Qubee) was started by it. It is by the movement that many benefits were registered. All benefits achieved by Oromo liberation movement cannot be exhaustively told. These were registered by the braves whose bones are scattered all over Oromiyaa and never seen a grave. Did Oromo mothers stop giving birth to heroes after them? Those that want to exploit Oromiyaa’s resources without impediment are relentlessly attacking the movement from different direction to get political dominance. For them to stupefy Oromo and mount it just as before, the liberation movement must be destroyed. For this they are coordinating alliance from in and out. Unless liberation movement is led from where the problems are victories so far registered could be reversed. To save the movement from perishing is the duty of all Oromo.

But how can that be realized? First and formost it must be observed that organizational laws are not distorted to fit individual or group interest but implemented as they were intended for. Organization that tries to reflect interest of segment of its membership to satisy an individual or clique desire is an interst group or private association and cannot claim to be a political organization. Therefore its failure as a political organization is predetermined. Enemy that controls Oromiyaa is working day and night without rest to retain it longer. On Oromo side we do not see similar effort being made. If this practice remains unchanged the Oromo would always remain victims. The risk of challenging an enemy and dragging foot on defense could be more damaging than not challenging. It requires working hard day and night in greater force than the enemy to be worthy of the name liberation front. That could be achieved only if activist go to their roots and live according to own constitution and laws rather than imitating aliens and shun democracy. So far, except on paper Oromo did not produce practicing democratic organizations. Even its oldest and so far the best of all their organizations is not yet up to the standard this great nation deserves.

OLF, the vanguard organization had come down breaking apart at different times. It was a happy event when recently factions that broke up decided to work under one management until a General Assembly democratically constituted and genuinely reprsentative sits to unify them. It is hoped that leaders will give priority to unify the grass root so that “we and they” that could emanate from narrow mindedness will not persist among OLF members. Honarable people will not replace truth and openness with self defense. If the peace process goes as agreed, there is no reason that it could not come out successful. For that the National Council and those with executive functions have the responsibility and accountability. All hope that good faith shall prevail to take them through to victory. It must be known that leadership that cannot take this opportunity and correct irregularities to bring back the rule of law cannot lead this great people to victory.

That be as it may, the desired result may not be achieved unless old habits change. Those are what led to divisions and failures. But we have no immediate alternative than trudging with what we have. But if what we trudge cannot caryy on we will will not lack a solution. What should be done? It needs no less than a revolution to put things back in their right perspective. There are some that wiggle their tails when it is strong and hate even to see it with their eyes and call names when it is powerless. For any one that calls oneself a nationalist to hate OLF is to hate oneself. From one that loves Oromummaa what is required is work not grudge? Any leadership must cooperate to get the struggle back to its place, without being distracted by alien relations and personal predicaments. Liberation movement is not going to stop until freedom. But because leadership is limited in time, their policy should not be to satisfy their present ego alone but one that would be useful for the future as well.

This Gadaa belongs to the youth. Hate, weakness and meanness of some individuals of the past Gadaa should not be passed as heritage to the succeeding ones. How can we make stop to this? Oromummaa cannot be built on hatred. Our heroes perished for love. We hope our children will follow their example. They will rather strengthen the weak among us, empower our strong, straighten our crooked and lead us with “ilaa fi ilaamee” (orderly discussion) than finishing off what we have come dragging. It is independence that assures Oromiyaa belongs to the Oromo. Unless one holds fast to kaayyoo of independence it is not possible to be people with freedom and master of own country, except a “Maxxannee” or dependent people.

The Habashaa had convinced themselves that all colonial peoples have abandoned their identity and became them. That emanates from the few people that showed more cooperation to them than to their own people. They broke the colonies using them and are still continuing to use such collaborators to break them. There are those that knowingly or unknowingly nourish the terrorist enemy camp saying, there is no more Ethiopian than We; we are the stem not a branch to be pulled off; armed struggle is of no benefit to us but peaceful struggle etc. There are lots of naïve that say bravo to this. Enemy that say go for it are also as many. Oromo have only parasites to shake of and have no stem to get pulled off from. For Oromo it is a traditional policy to peacefully resolve conflicts they have with anyone. But their independence is nonnegotiable for whatever. To fend off anyone that comes with evil intentions is a birth right. In history empires have never been dismantled peacefully. The Oromo say we had been fooled by the so called “Gaallaa Gabar” (Buffer zone Gallaa) of olden days and shall never be fooled again by their new version.

The youth have to repeatedly ask themselves the question, why are Hagos and Irgaxe harsh on Tolasaa and Birbirso, in what ways are Hagoses better than them that they became their masters in their own country? The answer may be they are harsh because they are aliens; and they are better because they have the guns. Being alien comes with history; to be free from oppressors the solution is to disarm them. There are kin that tremble when the Tolasaas ask for their rights saying they will provoke the enemy to get harsher on them. What more can an enemy that is already erasing them more to frighten them than it already did? The Tolasaas had already realized that fear cannot be the solution and declared “they will never sniff us again”. If they are not accepting that they are of inferior race, any Oromo person ought to have determination like the Tolasaas. Those that have never imagined living away from their masters cannot visualize the difference between honor and humiliation. The brave and cowards are distinguished by that. The courageous are not afraid of death. One that is not afraid of death does not accept dehumanization. For that reason one does not obey the enemy.

To seem different from past regimes Wayyaanee has inserted articles in its constitution recognizing the right of nations under the Ethiopian state to national self-determination. That is a human right recognized by the world not to be denied for any reason by any one. But Madrak condemned it. The Wayyaanee accepted nations’ right to national self-determination though it did not recognize their colonial status. The group that was overthrown is still lamenting about policies Wayyaanee have for nationalities as regionalism and intention to divide the people of Ethiopia. When they say the people of Ethiopia they have in mind Amaaraa and Tigrawayi; if these are strengthened they believe the cacophony of the colonies is not a big deal. They did not understand that Wayyaanee had recognized those right not because it favors the Oromo but that was the only way to keep the empire going for the time under the circumstances. The OFC also said they believed Wayyaanee is only lying and would not put it into practice, so we agreed to scrap article 39 to join Madrak and befriend aliens. Woe to those that with any chance compromise their nation’s interest.

For the Oromo there is no solution unless the empire is dismantled. Ethiopia became empire after she colonized independent peoples to the south of her kingdom by force. It was that realtion that made her empire. Let the empire be dismantled means let that relation cease to exist. It means Ethiopia and her colonies become independent of each other. Ethiopia cannot continue as empire if Oromiyaa become independent. Independence of Oromiyaa can come through peaceful negotiation or armed struggle. If the conflict is not resolved soon in any way the suffering of majority people will continue. It requires bleeding, getting maimed, get imprisoned and dying for it today, for future generation to lead a better life tomorrow.

The lack of common understanding on the relation between Oromiyaa and the Ethiopian state is the root cause of suspicious and murky relations between Oromo activists. Individual weakness, selfishness, arrogance and others are secondary. It is only possible to get rid of the road block if that gets clear. On this issue transparency is required from all sides. Deceits must be made “safuu”. The people must clearly know the difference between joining colonial government with Oromo name as loyal opposition and struggling independently for independence of Oromiyaa. If two horses were saddled facing south and north, to say “If you mount on the left or right side destination is the saddle” is absurd. The saying may literally be true only for one horse.

Loyal Oppositions say the Oromo can live as Ethiopians by being given political power commensurate with their numbers. This assumes the creation of new structure and relations to replace the present one. That demands a transitional period where all organize their own base. If one believes in this the possibility must have been negotiated before surrendering. But what they wanted is something that appeals to nationalist ears, not what they believe in. They know that the idea will not be accepted by the colonizer. Let alone folks that have no culture of peacefully transferring power, no body willingly gives up what one had sweated for, maimed for and died for. Hence even thinking about it seems having the intention to join them in blundering Oromiyaa as Ethiopian loyal opposition not going beyond that. Otherwise they should have joined true nationalist to dislodge the invader by all available means and become masters of their own destiny. Their policy is based on fear and so capitulatory; for this reason it cannot substitute the ideal heroes are dying for.

“We” means, we the Oromo. We and our colonizers are the oppressed and the oppressor. For this reason until such relation is changed they are our enemies. How can we see an Oromo person that joined them with excuse of democratizing Ethiopia differently from one stupefying Oromiyaa? What about from Wayyaanee? Oromo, like Wayyaanee may assign underground agents like TPDM not loyal opposition. Such types will have objectives and where to report; they will not be those that remain wherever they find comfort.

To choose sides is ones right. But that needs to go out of oneself and see if that choice does not affect Oromoo interest. Can the Oromo really look for answers to their question in Ethiopia before getting independently well organized and liberating themselves? Is the colonizer an enemy or an arrogant friend? If it is an enemy it cannot go away without violent means. For those that take it as an arrogant friend non-violent struggle may be tried. Is it not deceiving oneself to stand with a system that did not disarm itself, strengthens its prisons daily and one that continuously abuse its own people and talk about peaceful struggle? The Oromo are against the colonial system. Why do our politicians want us to target only the TPLF? Any one aspiring to control the empire maintaining as it is, is no less an enemy than the TPLF. Let it not be overlooked that singling out the TPLF could lead to allying with chauvinist Nafxanyaa groups. Any group that takes power represents the empire Nafxanyaa system to deal with. Can it be considered struggle at all let alone peaceful struggle to willingly work with such an enemy? Let us ask ourselves again, before we start turning guns against own people.

It is naivety for one that has no strong Oromummaa rear to expect winning competition for power within empire’s structure without the will and support of aliens. To believe that you could win in enemy camp without that support, with Oromo name, is to make fool out of oneself. Even if there is an alien that is willing to support, it is one that expects bigger return from the benefit. That Oromo struggle is in difficulties because of weakness of actors can put those lacking determination into despair. That should not be an excuse for Oromo to run away from their own self. Oromo question could get answer only when those that asked try to see it in light of Oromummaa. Let it be debated in circles wherever Oromo are. There is no reason for such discussions not to lead to fruitful results. If so they may stop using region, tribe, and faith as a measurement to interpret the world. The youth should not get entangled in passing phenomenon. If there are elderly that try to transmit hate and narrow outlook affecting the young they will be only the cursed ones.

Advancing our struggle in whatever way, it is good to try and adopt certain aspects from the Gadaa system. For example, in the Gad system much attention was given to raising children. In society children are divided into age groups and given roles. Education, work and different physical exercises were given according to “hiriyaa” or peer group. These peer groups are referred to in many places as dabballee, foollee (gaammee guddaa fi xiqqaa) qondaalaa and Raabaa Doorii. There is no reason why raising children teaching culture and discipline should not be practiced in that way now. The Wayyaanee had divided Oromiyaa in structures called ganda, garee, gooxii and “one for five”. Above that there are also zones and districts. Formal education is under the government. Since it is a constitutional right to develop ones culture; to give informal education in a traditional way is a right. For this reason it is possible to advance the development of one’s culture and identity in that way. The future of Oromo nation is its children. If possible the hiriyaa system can be organized in already existing structure. Wherever it is not possible a parallel structure to the existing could be built. If societal development is officially forbidden one has to take it underground just like the political one. Those that head structures are citizens of Oromiyaa; safuu can be invoked on them for they are also embraced.

“They” who recognized the rights of the colonized peoples have put them in their constitution. It is up to those (We) that claim those rights to get them enforced. The OLF participated in the Transitional arrangement believing it will be fulfilled peacefully. “We” were cheated. We were denied and expelled. Since then the gap between us and “they” is keeping on widening not narrowing. We had worked with them dying and being imprisoned; by doing so we proved that so called peaceful struggle doesn’t work. To talk about peaceful struggle with dictatorial governments or those that do not abide by the rule of law amount to committing suicide. There are people who even if they have seen what happened still advocate for it. The genocide committed during peaceful protest against so called Finfinnee Master Plan did not scratch their minds.

Just to note as a passing remark, Finfinnee was the center of Oromiyaa where people lived in happiness tilling land and raising domestic animals as well as entertaining cattle brought to her hora (salt water) from all parts of central Oromiyaa and producing offspring. She has never stopped expanding since occupation. Rulers that came since went on adding portions to her. Not only by law has she also increased but with market influence as well. When she was occupied native Oromo were evicted and she was divided into military camps. Later she was incorporated as the citadel of colonial government in which Oromo is left with nothing in her. She was Amaara town until the demise of Darg. Though she is still speaking Amharic it is told that the surrounding area from which Oromo are again evicted are distributed among Tigrawayi hoard. It is not known when the language will be switched to Tigrigna. But how long should Finfinnee remain alien to Oromiyaa?

The purpose of so called Master Plan is only to legalize Finfinnee’s fait accompli swallowing of the surrounding towns. Except for occurring at a time when the wounds are new and people have started to join hands conscious of their Oromummaa, it cannot be separately viewed from the struggle to become masters of own country. The so called Master Plan only exposed the contempt the enemy has for the people. Earlier they chased us out saying it is not yours and we sacrificed so much people and resources as a result. It did not take them long to tell as to get back just to wheedle us. But except for the name we were not given any thing in it. Now they came with what they say Master Plan. Be it as it may, provocation that is agitating us for Finfinnee should not make us forget our higher goal. For us Finfinnee is part of Oromiyaa; though we are lamenting for her today we do not see the struggle we make for her differently from that we make for our Oromiyaa. For them what they are doing now is exploiting the resource so far untouched and assuring the transfer of hub of Oromiyaa from Amaaraa to Tigraawway with expanded radius. Not only Shaggar but they are also plotting to make all towns in Oromiyaa remain Habashaa islands in Oromiyaa. What are Oromo doing?

There is enough experience that, there are those trying to cajole the Opposition pretending to be friends simply to buy time for the Wayyaanee, not to empower them, just like the transitional period. From the political conditions in the world all preferred an empire lead by minority for their own national interest not for independence of the oppressed majority. This situation can be changed only with struggle of the oppressed. In this Oromo struggle could play a major role. As long as there is Oromoo liberation movement no party competing in Oromo name against multinational parties under empire system will get attention.However long it might take with determination and commitment they will not fall short of their desired goal. There will be no friendship between “We and They” until Oromiyaa is liberated.

Ulfinaa fi surraan gootota kufaniif; walabummaa, walqixxummaa fi bilisummaan kan hafaniif; nagaa fi araarri Ayyaana abboolii fi ayyoliif haa tahu.

* Ibsaa Guutama:

Obama’s Pilgrimage of National Interest.   Godaansa Fedha Sabaawaa July 14, 2015

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???????????Ethiopia's scores on freedom

Obama is going to tie knots with TPLF-EPRDF’s Ethiopia, the poorest country on the planet – on behalf of the richest and the most powerful country of the world. That is his right. Forget the stereotypical consolation of discussing human rights and democratic governance. The main purpose is economy and security. Again forget about the highest economic growth rates fanned by financial institutions. That, there is no growth can be seen with necked eyes. Million are hungry and destitute. This trip will try to accomplish the deregulation of remaining sectors, like banking, telecoms, land, etc. As far as the peoples of the Ethiopian empire are concerned, these were already deregulated, but monopolized by TPLF business conglomerates. International corporations want their big share. – Ibsaa Gutamaa

Obama’s Pilgrimage of National Interest

By Ibsaa Guutama* | July 2015

The oppressed and abused of Africa, and their friends and sympathizers are making their voices heard high above the globe that President Obama refrain from legitimizing dictatorship and human rights abuse in Ethiopia. This is not a casual visit, but a pre-planned trip for which arrangements were made to pave the way for the diplomatic pampering of the most brutal regime in the area; a long-time Guerrilla-friendly ambassador was appointed in addition to a visit by the U.S. Assistant Secretary for African Affairs. The rulers of Ethiopia were among those that Clinton’s Democrats branded as the “new breeds of African Democrats.” Many have now fallen out of line. These ones are also starting wavering. This visit of the President may keep them in line before they jump to another bandwagon. Obviously, it is not a pilgrimage of democracy, but that of “NATIONAL INTEREST.”

Democracy is an ideal which all human beings aspire to attend. So far, we have seen attempts, not commitment, to it. It is a principle well defined by persons like Abraham Lincoln, “Government of the people for the people …” But, in most cases, it remains in principle, not in practice. Otherwise, it is assumed that democracy is the standard of political governance – which has, at least, as ingredients equality, freedom, fairly elected officers, and freedom of speech and expression. Any of this missing, there could be no democracy. As the Assistant Secretary of U.S. State Department once said, “America believes in ‘NO DEMOCRACY NO COOPERATION.’” Ethiopia lacks even the few ingredients of democracy mentioned; however, cooperation has never been lacking for the last quarter of a century. It is alright to delay one to three years, but not to abide by one’s promise for so long, for the greatest country of the world is tantalizing. If people’s sovereignty was respected, there was no need to petition a far off power for one’s internal affairs. Their problem could be solved within the region. But, that remaining a wish, expecting fairness and impartiality from those interfering is not too much. Considering their position, they have the moral responsibility to do that.

On part of the abused people, the assumption that democracies of the world will come to their rescue should have been given up long ago. But, unfortunately, protest is made through the social media, through demonstration marches, through written materials, etc. to oppose the continued cooperation. It is all in vain; world powers are blinded by national interests. Hence, the poor and oppressed peoples of Africa are left solely to themselves to fight for their rights. The real “survival of the fittest” theory is being practiced by the world against Africa. Africans have come so long on their own; they have to continue gallantly defending their land, interests and dignity – not to perish silently. Whatever they are doing, world powers are doing knowingly and convinced that they are doing the right thing. Thousands could go hungry, rot in prison, forced to flee their country, and thousands could die and disappear, they are not worth severing friendship relations with perpetrators of genocide.

Obama is going to tie knots with TPLF-EPRDF’s Ethiopia, the poorest country on the planet – on behalf of the richest and the most powerful country of the world. That is his right. Forget the stereotypical consolation of discussing human rights and democratic governance. The main purpose is economy and security. Again forget about the highest economic growth rates fanned by financial institutions. That, there is no growth can be seen with necked eyes. Million are hungry and destitute. This trip will try to accomplish the deregulation of remaining sectors, like banking, telecoms, land, etc. As far as the peoples of the Ethiopian empire are concerned, these were already deregulated, but monopolized by TPLF business conglomerates. International corporations want their big share.

As for security, the TPLF is “the key ally of the U.S.” in hunting down terrorism. Already, many Ethiopian empire’s recruits have perished unaccounted for in Somalia. TPLF is ever ready to engage whenever the U.S. pays without any limit to geography in their deployment. The visit may encourage the continuation of this relation. As for terrorism, TPLF is manufacturing them at its convenience – killing thousands, and terrorizing and imprisoning numberless. Yes, the people have risen and are rising further against the TPLF terror. It is a rise for “liberty equality, freedom and peace” – which no body claims to know its cause and effect more than America. But since terrorism is not defined, the whole population of the empire is branded as a terrorist and is subject to persecutions. It is without consideration to redefine that the package is going to be discussed to strengthen the relation. The peoples of the empire, in particular the Oromo and journalists, are going to continue being terrorized.

Let alone a big power, the tiniest being knows no limit in defending its interests. But, for human beings, there should have been moral restraints. Here, our concern is not that for now. It is a lesson from history. During the past regimes, and under the present one, whenever there is an occasion, the destitute in towns are rounded up, beaten and taken to unknown places. There, they live in crowded enclosure without enough food and water in a deplorable hygienic environment. Many perish unreported. Now that a leader of the most powerful country is coming, and since the coming is unprecedented, unprecedented measures are certainly going to be taken. What makes this time different is that thousands were recently uprooted from their homes by the land grab, and the policy to de-Oromize and expand Finfinne (Addis Ababa). The evicted are the majority of thousands of homeless in Finfinnee. A fate worse than that of the infamous Shoolaa Camp under the emperor is awaiting them. Then very few mothers, children and the elderly were saved from typhus epidemic after university students discovered them accidentally. In addition to rounding these up much more harsh measures are to be expected to impress U.S. intelligence that certainly will be there to bolster their efforts.

Many complain that the visit amounts to recognizing the atrocities committed by the notorious dictators of the Horn of Africa. Had Africa not been ruled by autocrats pretending to be elected democrats, the visit would not have happened. Only those types can serve as partners in plundering the wealth and service of the continent during this period of the New Scramble for Africa. Whether the President visits or not, his administration had already recognized legitimacy of the illegitimate. The endeavors made to “democratize, and the free and fair election” was praised by frontline cadres months ago. Was it true? What they should complain about must have been their not been ready to defend their interests as peoples. Assuming democratic values are intrinsically universal, and no double standard for it, it would have been just if the President did not make the trip his predecessors had avoided. Healthy human and political developments could have eventually served the interests he is after better and for a longer time to come. But, the world had never been just.

If the President does not come out with a conclusion that he was dealing, not with hooligans, but legitimate rulers, the agony of the peoples of the Horn is going to be double fold; for the hooligans will be more encouraged with their brutality. We wish the President a good trip to his father’s land and back to the White House. Here inHabashaa land, his Lou people are going to be considered as Americans for his participation in the American administration, as Oromo are considered likewise for Tafarii’s participation in the Ethiopian administration. This trip will give the Wayyaanee a moral boost. We will see the leaders gleaning sitting around this powerful leader of the world to get photographed for the last time. People of the empire will wake up to another miserable day worse than before.Bon Voyage, Mr. President! Viva Oromiyaa! The struggle shall continue!

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty, equality and freedom for the living, and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our forefathers!

* Ibsaa Guutama:

Godaansa Fedha Sabaawaa

Ibsaa Guutama irraa* | Adoolessa 2015

Ummati Afrikaa cunqurfamee fi itt roorrifame fi michuulee fi mararfatooti sagaleen saanii akka dhagahamutt baaqulaa ol kaasanii Presidant Obaamaan akka abbaa hirree fi mirga ilmoo namatt roorrisaa seerawaa gochuu irraa of qoqopbatu iyyaa jiru. Kun daawwii tasaa utuu hin tahin imaltu dursee karoorfame. Bulchoota godinaa keessaa nama nyaataakan tahee qanansiisa malbeekii kennuuf karaa haxaawuuf jechuun, daawwii Ittaantu Barreessituu Murnaasa Finnaatt dabalamee ambasadara michuu riphee lolaa bara hedduu muudamteett . Bulchooti Itophiyaa kanneen demokratoti Klinton “dhaloota demokratotaa haaraa” jedheen keessaa tokko turan. Hedduun amma karaa irraa maqaniiru. Jarri kunis daddaaqaa jiru. Daawwiin Presidant kun utuu isaan kan biraatt hin utaalin karaa irra isaan buusa taha. Godaansich godaansa demokraasii miti, kan “FEDHA SABAAWAATI.”

Demokraasiin fakmishoo ilmaan namaa hundi bira gahuuf hawwani. Hanga yoonaa abbala malee hojii irra ooluu saa hin agarree.Kun akeeka namoota akka Abraham Loncolniin dansatt “Mootummaa ummataa ummataaf …” jedhamee furameera. Garuu gara caaluu shaakala utuu hin tahin akeeka tahee hafe. Kanaaf malee akka jedhamutt demokraasiin hangammeessa bulcha malbulchaa kan qabeen saa yoo xinnaate “walqixxummaa, birmadummaa, qondaalota qajeeltoon kennatamanii fi bilisummaa haasaa fi of ifsuu” of keessaa qabu. Kanneen keessaa tokko hirdhannaan demokraasiin hin jiru. Akka bar tokko Ittaanaa Barreessaan Finnaa jedhett Amerikaan “DEMOKRAASIIN HIN JIRU, GAMTAAN HIN JIRU” kan jedhutt amana. Itophiyaatt qabee yartuu dhahaman keessaa hundatu hanqata. Garuu gamtaan arfacha jaarraaf hanqatee hin beeku. Waggoota tokko fi sadii tursuun hama hin tahu; yeroo dheeraa akkasiif biyyi addunyaa keessaa dagaagaan kun irbuu seene hin guutin hafuun malalchiisaa dha. Utuu moo’ummaan ummatootaa ulfeeffame dhimma keessa waliif humna fagoott iyyachuun barbaachisaa hin turre. Dhibdeen saanii godinaa keessatt furamuu dandaha ture. Garuu sun hawwa tahee hafus jara dhimmicha keessa seenan irraa qajeeltuu eeggachuun waan guddaa miti.

Sun kan fedhe haa tahu, gara itt roorrifamootaan demokraatoti addunyaa nuu birmatu taha jedhaanii eeggachuu qaata dhaabbachuutu irra ture. Garuu kan nama dhibu mormiin, gamtaan akka dhaabbatu karaa qubqabsiisii hawaasomaa fi dhiicha hiriiraan, barruulee kkf itt fufee jira. Hundi dhama’uu qofa; anga’oon addunyaa “fedha sabaawaan” jaamaniiru. Kanaaf hiyyeeyyii fi cunqurfamoon Afriikaa akka mirga ofiif lolatan of qofaatt dhiifamani. “Baraarama kan caalaa of dandahuu” dhugaan addunyaan Afriikaa irratt shaakalamaa jira. Afriikaanoti hanga yoonaa ofumaan as gahaniiruu; callisanii dhumuu irra jannumaan lafa, fedha fi ulfina saanii irraa faccisaa itt fufuu qabu. Anga’ooti addunyaa kan godhan hunda beekaa godhu, akka waan sirrii hojjetaa jiran of amansiisaniiru. Kumooti beela’uun, hidhaa keessatt samuun, biyyaa ari’amuu fi kumooti du’uu fi baduun firummaa kanneen qacefixa raawwatanii dhiisisuuf nafii hin guutani.

Obaaman ABUT-ADWUE biyya, biyyoota addunyaa hunda keessaa deegduu taatett rakoo qaluuf deema. Sun mirga saati. Jecha mararfannaan keessa deddeebi’amu waa’ee mirga ilmaan namaa fi bulcha demokratawaa jedhamu haa irraanfannu. Mummichi manaa isa baase dhimma diinagdee fi nageenyatii. Ammas waa’ee deettii guddina diinagdee dhaabota horoon afarsamus haa irraanfannu. Akka guddinni hin jirre ija qullaan ni argama. Kumkumooti beela’oo fi deegoo dha. Daawwiin kun kutaa diinagdee dambii jalaa hin bahin hafan kan baasisuu yaalu.Ummatoota Empayera Itophiyaaf kun qaata dambii jalaa bahee, garuu hidhata daldala ABUTin dhuunfatame. Korporashinooti addunyaasi qooda guddaa ofii barbaadu.

Waan nageenya ilaalutt gooltuu duukaa bu’ee adamsuuf ABUT “gartuu furtuu U.S.” Somaliyaa keessatt madaqfamtuun Empayera Itophiyaa heeduun duruu dhumanii gabasa malee hafanii. ABUT utu lafquwiin isa hin danga’in U.S. kaffallaan ergamuuf qophee dha. Daawwich akka hariiroon kun itt fufu jajjabeessa taha. Waan gooltummaa ilaalutt ABUT akka fedhett homishee, kumoota ajjesee fi shoroorkeessee kanneen lakkofsa hin qabne hidha. Dhuguma shoroorkaa ABUTiin mormuun ummatooti ka’aniiru, caalaa ka’aas jiru. Kaka’a “gaaffii mirgaa, walqixummaa, birmadummaa fi nagaaf” godhamu, kaasaa saa fi itt baha saa Ameriika caalaan beeka kan jedhu hin jirre. Gooltummaan waan maljechi saa hin himamneef dilormaan empayeritt hundi gooltuu jedhamee unkuramaa jira. Utuu sana hin maljechisini kan amma hariiroo jabeessuuf walti qabaaman mari’atamuuf deemu. Ummatooti empayeritt keessattuu Oromoo fi jornaalistoota shororkeessuun itt fufufuuf deema jechuu dha.

Aanga’aa guddaan hafee uumaa bucureenuu fedha ofii eeggachuufn hin daangahamu. Garuu ilmoo namaaf safuun madaalaa jiraachuu qaba ture. Ammaaf dhimmi keenya sana miti. Barnoota seenaati. Bulchoota duriif isa ammaa jalattis yeroo waa tokko jiraatu deegaan magaalota keessaa marfamanii tumamaa bakka hin beekamnett geeffamu. Achitt dallaa nammi walitt gooji’e keessa nyaataa fi bishaan gahaa malee, haala qulqulinni hin eegamne jala jiraatu. Heedduun dhumanii hin gabaafaman. Amma mootiin biyya hunda caalaa jabaan dhufaa jira. Dhufaatiin akkasii kanaan dura argamee waan hin beekneef tarkaanfiin fudhatamus mamii malee kan argamee hin beekne taha. Kan isa si’anaa adda tolchuu ummati kumootaan samicha lafaa fi imaammata Finfinnee Orommiteessuu fi ballisuuf lafa saanii irraa kumootaan buqqifamuu dha. Alabul kumootaan lakkaawaman Finfinnee keessaa garri caaluu buqqifamoota sana. Hiree Mooraa Shoolaa bara Nugusaa caalaa hamatutu isaan eeggata jechuu dha. Yeroo sana haadhootaa fi ilmaanii fi Manguddoo yartuutu akka tasaa barattoota Universiitiin argamanii golfaa irraa hafanii. It dabalee jara kana marsanii qabuu fi qaruutee angoo saanii ol kaasuuf Amerikaa dhufuun saanii hin hafnett of agarsiisuuf tarkaanfii caalaa hamaa tahe fudhachuun akka hin hafne hedama.

Hedduun kan komatan, daawwichi badiisa abbaa hirree gamsiisa Ganfa Afriikaan hojjetamaa jiruun hamma ishoo jechuuti jedhaniitu. Afrikaan jara abbaa hirrootaa kan ummataan kennataman fakaatanii dhihatanii utuu hin bulfamtu taatee daawwichiyyuu hin godhamu ture. Jara akkasii qofa kan saamicha qabeenyaa fi maayi baasii waldayyichaa irratt bara Hirmannaa Afriikaa Haaraa kana miltummaan tajaajiluu kan dandahan. Presidantiin daawwatee dhiisee bulchi saa qaata seerawwoo kan hin taane, seerawoo tahuu kan beekeefi. “Ifaajjee demokratawuu fi kennata qajeelaa fi bilisa hojii irra oolchuuf deemanis” dabbaloota qaraatiin ji’oota dura farsamaniiru. Kun dhugaa dhaa? Kan isaan komachuu qaban mirga ofii irraa faccifachuuf qophee tahuu dhabuu saanii tahuu qaba ture. Demokraasiin nafii barbaachisaa halle hammataa qaba yoo jedhame fi hangammeessa lakkuu hin qabu yoo tahe Presidantiin imala angafooti saa lagatan utuu hin goonee dansa ture. Misi fayyaa qabeessi ilmoo namaa fi malbulchaa, bulee fedha inni duukaa jiru caalaatti yeroo dheeraaf tajaajilu dandaha ture.

Prsesidantichi addaggoota utuu hin tahin bulchoota seerawoo waliinin dubadhe jedhee baanaan gadadoon ummatoota Gaanfaa dacha tahuuf deema; addagooti jajjabina argatanii hammeenya saanii kan dur caalaa cimsanii itt fufu. Presidantichi milla mikii qabuun gara biyya abbaa saa gahee Waayit Hawusitt akka deebi’u hawwinaaf. Akka biyya Habashaatt ummati saa Luwoon waan inni bulcha Amerikaa keessatt qooda fudhateef Amerkaaniitt fudhatamuuf deemu; akkuma Oromoon Tafariif jedhamee ilaalaman jechuu dha. Imalli kun hamilee Wayyaanee dhiitessa. Hoogganooti see, hooggana addunyaa humna guddaa kanatt marsanii yeroo dhumaaf footoo kahuuf yoo ilkaan afan ilaaluuf deemna. Ummati empayeraa bariin dammaqee guyyaa gadadoo kan duraa caalutt gad baha. Karaa Nagaa! Oromiyaa haa jiraattu! Qabsoon itt fufa!

Ulfinaa fi surraan gootota kufaniif; walabummaa, walqixxummaa fi bilisummaan kan hafaniif; nagaa fi araarri Ayyaana abboolii fi ayyoliif haa tahu!

* Ibsaa Guutama:

Sabboonoti qabsoo ummataa biyyatti gargaaruuf maal gochuu danda’u? What can nationals do to help the struggle back home? July 10, 2014

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Sabboonoti qabsoo ummataa biyyatti gargaaruuf maal gochuu danda’u?

Ibsaa Guutama irraa*

Finfinneen Oromiyaa keessatt bu’uurfamte kanaaf qaama see ta’uun wal hin falmisiisu. Oromiyaan jaarraa oliif qabaa halagaa jala jirti. Finfinneen akka battala human qabateetti tajaajiltuu waan taateef Oromoon too’annoo bucuullee irraa hin qabu. Finqiclha Dargii duuba Oromiyaan humna qabatee jiruun kan fakkeessaa ta’us ifatt beekamtee caasaan bulchaa dhaabbateefii jira. Waan hariirtii ulee falfalaa fakkaatuun empayerittiin Federeeshinatt jijjiiramte. Kanaaf finnooti federeeshinaa hundi ijaaruu fi gaggeessuuf gumaacha walqixee qabu jedhamee yaadama. Kanaaf finnaan federaalaa tokko kophaa ba’aa baatu hin qabatu jechuu dha.

Yoo Oromiyaan feete Federeshinichi Finfinnee Oromiyaa irraa kiraayi fudhachuu yookaa bakka tolaa lafa bitee magaalaa mummittii haaraakaroorfatee ijaarrachuu qaba. Sun hafee ammmas Finfinnee akka lafa qabaa jala jiruutt fudhachuun ofumaa baballisuu yaaluun geeddarama uumaa empayerichatt goone jedhame haaluu dha. Filmaati biraa federalummaa gaabbanii akkuma durii ifaan finnaa empayeraatt deebisne jechuu dha. Sana duuba gaaffiin jiru federalummaa utuu hin ta’in kan kolonummaa ta’a. Akka fedhettuu humni halagaa biyya abbaa keessatt Oromoo ajjeesuun qajeelaa utuu hin ta’in yakka yakka hundaa caaluu. .

Amma ummati Oromiyaa mirga saanii irraa hamaa ittisuuf yoomuu caalaa, meeqayyuu itt haa bahu walii tumsa agarsiisaa jiru. Barattootii fi warri kaaba, kibba, bahaa fi lixaa mootummaan Itophiyaa dubbii Oromoo keessa lixanii burcuu yeroo tokko ka’uun morma agarsiisaa jiru. Mootummichi heera harkuma saatiin midhaasse kan hin kabajne ta’uu beekanuu bu’aa ciicannoo kennufiidhan bahanii heerichi dhugaatt heera ta’uu saa mirkaneessuuf yaaluutt bobba’ani.

Kuunnoo kaa, mootummichi eenyummaa saa dhugaa saaxiluun rasaasa, dullaa fi fuura imimsaa garba gamaa galfateen loltu addaa Agaazii jedhamtu hiriirsee isaan simate. Daa’imman hedduun lubbuu saanii dhabanii qabeenyi hedduunis barbadaawe. Addunyaan empayera fi mootummaa farra ilmoo namaa akkasii jalatt qabsoon nagaa akka hin danda’amne taliila ta’uu saaf akka hubatu taasifameera. Seerooti saanii dhooftuu sobaati. Ummatooti mirga saanii dhalootaa irratt kan hin callifne waan ta’aniif filmaati jiru lola qofa ta’uun waan nama gaddisiisuu.

Itophiyaa waan halle, durooma waa tattaa, human namaa fi surrii saamuu malee hanga yoonaa waan Oromiyaaf buufte hin qabdu. Surrii itt lola’e kan waajjirbulchii Itoophiaa bara dheeraaf jiraachise. Surroota sana isaanii kan fuuloo ta’ee fula saanii xuraawaa dhosseef. Gaaffiin Oromoo gaaffi bilisummaa sabaawaa sammicha seermalee akasii hambisuuf kan dhihaate yoo ta’u kan koloneeffataa olhaantummaa gad jabeessuuf kan dhihate. Yoo qabamsi raawwate malee dhoofsisaaf irraa ka’i waloo hin jiru. Kan golli sadaffaan qayyabachuu dadhabu sana ta’a. Gaaffiin hiree ofii ofiin murteeffachu dhugooffachuu mirkanii jireenya seenaa sabichaa irratt hundaawaa.

Mootummaan amma jiru kana beekuun kan heera saa keessatt mirga kana galche. Sun waan qajeelaa dha. Sobaan dhiheessuun garuu addagummaa dha. Oromomitiin seexaa qaban kan Oromiyaa keessatt dhalatan, jiraatan, yk hojjetan kanneen keesumsiisoo, michuu, nama biyya walii ta’an waan bilisomuu irraa sodaatan kan hin jirreef isaan waliin qabama raawwachiisuuf akka dhaabbatan eegamuu. Kanneen jibba sanyii fi amantee koloneeffamoo hin qabne ummati Oromoo naga qabeessoo fi aada qabeessoo akka tahan beeku. Nama nagaatt roorrisuun uumaa sabichaa keessa waan hin jirre. Garuu Wayyaaneen ofii yakka hamaa tolchee kan biraatt maqachuun amala see waan ta’eef dammaqanii eeggachuu dha.

Koloneeffataa inni eegalaallee yeroo mootii Itophiyaa fi biyya Oromoo ofiin jechuu labse adda addummaa biyyooti lamaan, Itophiyaa fi Oromiyaan qaban beekuufii saa agarsiisa. Oromoon akka wallaaloti tokko tokko xeeban gosa hedduu of keessaa qaba malee ofii gosa miti. Mootummaan ammaa gaaffii bilisummaa Oromoo irra darbama jira. Heera tumuun, Oromoo qabsoo saanii irraa dagachiisee, hamaa dhiiga lolaasu duuba fiduu deemuuf yeroo bitachuu saa ture. Hacuuccaa hagamiittu dhimma bahuun deebii gaaffii akkasiif barbaachisu yeroo hin beekamneef dabarsuun boombii innaa eeggatee dhukahu waan ta’eef irra darbuun hin dandahamu. Kanaaf bu’aa olloototaa fi addunyaa jedhamee ariitiii dandahamuun ilaalamuu qaba.

Ka’ka’i barattoota dhiheenya ta’e qabattee ilaalamu qaban hedduu keessaa tokko qofaa. Kanneen biro akka “Ittissa Haaromaa” (GRD) kan nammi hedduun kuusaa saa jireenyaa gowwoofamee bondi bituun itt dhagalaase; “Samicha lafaa” kan Oromiyaan ummati see buqqifamuun gatii yartuun gurguramte; Afaan Oromoo waajjiraalee fi waabaroota Finfinnee akka hin seene ittifamuu fakkaatan Oromoo waan laalaniif roorroo biraa irratt dabalamuun qabattee morma guddaa kaasuu danda’an keessatt argamu. Lagi Abbayyaa bishaa gara caalu Oromiyaa irraa argata. Yaa’aan saas lafa Oromiyaa guddaa tuqa. Bishaan qajeellaan dhimma itt bahamuu kan mormu hin jiru. Garuu akki inni itt eegalee malbeekiin kan gorsamu mitii, horiin barbaachisu kan hanga dhumaatt baasu miti, yaadi duuba jirus mamsiisaa dha. Wanti sanaan dhufuu kan Oromiyaa hubuu danda’u samicha lafaa gadi hin ta’u.

“GRD” surraa yeroo abba tokkee yk murnaaf moo, dhuguma akka jedhame dantaa Itoophiyaafii? Gartokko leellisuun mufannaa hariiroo sabgidduu mimichiiruunf malee dantaa Itophiyaa waliin kan wal hin agarree laata? Uumaa mootummichaa, martii dhibantootaa dhiphoo qabeenya walitt guuruuf araada qabu irraa yoo laalamu hamilaticha dhumaan gahuuf utuu hin ta’in kan dhoofsisa “dhaabuu yk jijjiiruuf ta’u” irraa bu’aa argamuu jedhanii eegalan fakkaata.

Laggeen Oromiyaa hamma yoonaa hidhaman irraa bu’aa kan argatan Oromiyaa utuu hin ta’in biyya koloneeffatoo fi daldaloota alaatii. Abbayyas adda hin ta’u. Waan lafa laalutt laftii ammayyuu kan mootummaati akka jedhamett hafe. Abbaan akka fedhutt dhimma itt bahuu danda’a. Kanaafi mootummichi kan gaafate hundaaf gatii salphaan gurguratu yk deggertoota saaf hiree akka gurguratanii durooman godhu yk galtuu Oromoo booda “kiraayi sabsaabii” jedhee ittiin dorsisuuf gurguraddhaa jedhee kennuufiitt jira. Jara akksii irraa kan bitatetu abbaan lafaa akka diinaatt ilaala malee kittillayyoon TPLF Oromoo buqqiftee jalaa miliqaa jirti. Lafti kan Oromooti, Oromoon keennaa haa ta’u gurgurtaa akkasii hin hayyamus kontraata akkasiisn seenames kabajuuf hin dirqamu. Kontraata seermalee, fedha Oromoo hin eegnee. Gaaffii Oromoo walii galaa kan laalutt mootummichi raawwachuu mirga of ifsaa gabbaarotaa irratt kan mallatteesse fakkaata. Kanaaf akkaataan ofirraa faccisuu jijjiiramuun dirqii dha; sana malee hiriirri nagaa kamuu of ajjeesuu ta’aa

Fixiisa duuba wanti nama aarsuu, mootummaan afaan dadhabootaa keessatt qooqa hudumuun obbolaa saanii du’anii fi qabsoo saanii akka balaaleffatan gochuu dha. Dubbiin saa kan Federaalati. Kan qawwee daa’imatt jifffatanis isaanii. Garuu kaasaa jeequmsichaa jajallisuun hamajaajii gooftoliin saanii uumuuf deeman balaaleffachuf kan ergaman Goobanoota haaraa dha. Ummatooti Itophiyaa balaaleffannaa akkasii duruu beeku. Mootii moototaaf “harka alaa”, Dargiif “CIA Qixiranyaa”, Wayyaaneef ” gooltuu fi farra guddinaa” jedhamu turan. Goobanooti haaraan akeeki “Karoora Muummichaa” barruun jiraachuu dagatanii Finfinnee magaalaa “Metropolitan’ guddaa tokkott jijjiiruf akka tahe haaluu yaalaniiru.

Oromoon namoota maqaa guddinaatiin Oromiyaa babbaqassanii qabeenya saanii mulquu kan yaalan dura ni dhaabbatu. Qabsoo bilisummaa fi tokkummaaf Oromoon tolchu hololli hamaa n akkamiiyyuu dhaabuu hin dandahu. Oromiyaa walaba tokko taate malee sabi Oromoo jedhamu hin jiraatu. Jaarmaa malbulchaa jabaa dhabuun baraatooti qooda dursuu akkuma yeroo mootii moototaa fudhachaa jiru. Akkuma barasii ABO dullachi hin qophaawu taanaan murni ijaarame biraa fulduratt cehuun kaayyoo sochii bilisummaa ganamaa haaromsa. Hanga roorroon hin raawwannett warraaqsa Oromoo dhaabuun hin danda’amu. Gamnoomaan qabsaawoti Oromo kan gochuu danda’an waan kaleessa ta’eef gadooduuti yeroo dabarsuu dhiisanii amma kaasee maaltu hojjetamuu qaba kan jedhu ilaaluu dha. Kaleessi hamaa fi tolaa saa waliin sokkeera; tolchuuf haa tahu balleessuuf hardha qabannee wayyaa ta’a kan jennu boritt aggammataa jirra.

Oromoo callisisuuf yekki tolfamu caalaatt o’ee oofamaa jira. Haalli badaan torbanoota darbanii kan fuggifamu miti. Garuu sabboonoti hundi akkaataa yakkooti sun itt hinfufne irratt yaaduu akka jalqabantu abdatama. Biyya keessatt geengoon ofirraa ittisuu qaata naanna’uu eegalee. Namooti miidhaan hacuuccaa itt dhagahamaa jiru caccaba Oromiyaa fi jiraattota arraddaa akaakilee fi bakka hiddi hannura dhaloototaa itt bu’ee buqqisuu ofirraa faccisuu ittuma fufuu.

Too’annaa gabii dhabsiisuuf sochii saanii cimfachuu qofa isaan barbaachisa ta’aa. Duuti dargaggoo fi namoota homaa hin balleessinee garaa nama guba garuu yeroo hunda bilissummaaf gatiin baafamu jiraa. Sannaayiroon basaasaa“Goox”, “Garee” fi “Aand Laamist” cabaniiru. Diinni ababbarutt ka’eera; itt fufanii jarjarsuun balleessaa ofiin xaxamee of oolchuuf dhofsisisuu dirqamuu danda’a. Mee, qabattee dhimmasiisan tokko tokko akkaataa sabboonotii fi namooti hundeen Oromiyaa ta’an ala jiraatan gamtaa walirraa hin citneen qabsoo biyyatt tolfamu itt gargaaran xinxaluu dandahan haa laallu.

Oromoon addunyaa guutuu keessa jiran hawaasatt, waldoota dhugeeffannoo fi ogumaatt ijaaramanii jiru. Garuu hundi saanii basaasotaa fi maandhee riphoo luuxxee galtuunkan faalamanii. Dhimma baasuuf dura of afalla’uu qabu. Jaarmaa noolaaf kan jedhame hundi kanneen malbulchaafis dhugaa dha. Akeeki jarmotaa hawaasaa naannaan danga’amaa dha. Gidiraan Oromoo garuu qindooma baaqula guutuu gaafata. Oromoo hundaaf waan dhimma baasuu gochuu waliin bobba’uuf waan danda’aman irratt xiinxala gadi fagoo gaggeessuu fi qabaticha sirriitt qayyabachuu feesisa. Muuxannoo darban irraa wanti baraman yoo jiraatan ilaalamuu qabu.

Jaarmoti malbulchaa yoo bobbaa saanii qindeeffachuu danda’an shaffisoo ta’uu. Yoo hanqatan dhaabotaa fi hooggani haala keessa dhalachuu waan danda’aniif isaanii dhimma hin baafnee ta’uun akka jiru beekamuu qaba. Kanneen sababa addaaf jara kaaniitt makamuu hin dandeenye qabsoo ummataatt gufuu akka hin taane eeggachuu dha. Haala amma jiru jalatt yaada wayyabaa tuffachuu fi mata jaboo ta’uun hin baasu. Biyyatt ijoo dadhabaan Oromoo lammooma, amantee fi gosaa. Diinni sana tuttuquun waldhabdee uumuu yaala. Kanaaf hundi utuu hin yaadin akka hin qabamne dammaqee eeggachuu gaafata. Nammuu guddina aadaa fi qabsoo ummataatt gufuu ta’uuf keetolee koloneeffatoo fi baballatoo kan ergamoota dhaabota amantee fakkaatanii dhihataan jiraachuu hubachuu qaba. Jarri kunis gargarbaaftuuf farra nagaa waan ta’aniif sabboonota amantoota hundaa keesssa jiraniin dura dhaabbatamuu qabu.

Kan irraanfatamu hin qabnee Wayyaaneen basaasota bobbaasuuf qabeenya motummaatt dhimma bahee kan didaniin hunda akka hordofuu. Akeekota saa keessa waldhabdee sabboonota ala jiran gidduutt uumee mormituu saa laashessuu fi iyyaatii sochii saanii corachuufi. Bakka danda’amett isaan keessaa PDO saaf namoota madaqfata. Sanaaf mala haaraa fi dooyaa namaa, luuxee galtuu abbaa dhimmaa caalaa dhimmamaa taatee dhihaattutt dhimma baha. Kun akka masaka dhaabbataa ergamtoota malbeekii kennamett gaggeeffama. Kanaafii jaarmmaa qilleensi hin seennee fi miseensoti amanamoon kan soqaman. Sabaawoti Oromoo jaarmaa saba saanii waliin yk diina waliin jiru. Mooraa lama tajaajiluu hin danda’anii. Waan akkasii keessatt waandhibnummaan dhaabbachuu qaba.Safuun, Oromoo fi nafii walfakkaataa kan qaban gidduu qofatt dhimma baasaa

Ummatooti olla Oromoo kan kolonoma jalatt kufanii fi ammas muummee sanaa ciiga’ami kan irra gahu jiruu. Jar asana waliin hidhata qabsoo uumuun bu’a qabeessa. Jarri sun ummata moo’oo daangaa ofii qabanii fi saboota kanaan dura hidhata qabsoo uummatan hariiroo saanii yeroo danda’ame sadarkaa olhanutt guddifachuu yaaluu dha. Harki diinaa gargar isaan baasuu fedhu caqasamuu qaba. Qabsaawoti Oromoo jara akkasiif bu’aa cicannoo kennuu malee ta’innaan hariiroon akka hin boorofne eeggachuu qabu. Kana malee kiyyoo diinni kaa’ee seenuu ta’a.

Oromooti ala jiran hedduun nambiyyoota biyya keessa jiraniiti. Jarri kun akka murna lammiitt waldaa noolaa qabu. Kanaaf yeroo hundaa ummati duubatti dhiisanii dhufan birmadhaa harka abba hirree jala nabaasaa jedhee iyyataa akka jiru irraanfachuu miti. Utuu isaan jiraniifii Oromiyaa, biyyi seenaan walaba fi demokaraatoftuu taate hirkattuu taatee jiraachuu hin qabdu. Kun seexaa saanii fi didhaa tahuu qaba. Kanaaf qabsoo nagaa malbeekii ummata saanii keessatt qoda taphatan akka qaban fudhachuu qabu. Ummatichi aangoo namaa beekoo fi ogeeyyi akkasumas deggersa waatattaa gosa hundaa barbaadaa. Murni Oromoo hamma saanii madda qabeenyaatt saaqaa qabu hin jiru.

Nammi biyyaa dhimma waloon isaan ilaalu mari’achuu walitt qabamuuf birbadummaa hin qabu. Garuu yoo hacuuccaan dangaa darbuu sodaan qabamuu ni haqamaa. Oromoon sadarkaa sana ga’aa jira. Wayyaaneen ijoolleen hiriirtee dhiistee Oromo hidhuuf ajjeesuun see hin hafuu. Sabicha keessatt hamlee yoo cabsite malee abbaa biyyumaa fi qabeenya samaa jirtu gaafata jettee sodaattii. Hanga danda’amett akka inni hin xiixne, qabeenya akka hin horanne, akka waa hin baranne ukkaamsitee bulchuu yaaltii. Kan Oromummaa ofiitt amanan karaa sabi kun xaxaa halagaa keesssaa futtaafatu maluu fi gargaaruu qabu. Kan lubbuu fi bilisummaa saanii maqaan akka hin badne wareegaa jiran duubbee ofiitt boonaniitu. Biyya ofii keessatt tuffatamanii, birmadummaa dhabuun jiraachuu caalaa wanti badaa fi salphisaan hin jiru. Kanaaf kanneen balaa sana jala hin jirre dubbee cimaa fi amansiisaa ta’u qabuu. Oromummaatu sana gaafata. Nammi tokko yoo hidhamu yk ajjeefamu abbicha qofa utuu hin ta’in hawaasi, warraa fi maatiin, jeeqama malbulchaa, hawaasomaa fi diinagdee keessa wan seensisuuf dubbee ta’uufiin barbachisa.

Qabsaawoti barruu karbooniin garagalchuu eegalan heddummeessituu alkoolii fi stencil keessa darbanii amma bara maxansitu elektronik gahaniiru. Ergamaa fi shiboo sibila isaan dhimma itt bahaa turan amma quunnamtii koputaraan bakka buufameeraa. Hedduun sana utuu hin dhaqqabin karaa mirgoo deemaa of akka barru nu tolchanii darbani. Nammi tokko akka dulloomaa deemeen komputaraa fi yaada ammayyaan walfudhachuun akka isa dhibu beekamaa dha. Kanaaf dhalooti haaraan komputaratt colluma qaban qabsoo shaffisiisuuf itt gaafatama karaa sanaa akka fudhatan jajjabeessuun dansa. Karaa dullachi qunnamtiif haa ta’u bulchaaf yeroon waan itt darbeef jijjiirrachuun anjaa qaba. Akka biraatt akeeki Gadaa kan yaa’a malbulchaa haaromsuu akka baraaf ta’utt guddifamuu qaba jechuu dha. Beekumsi muuxannoon argames dudhaa Oromoo keessatt qooda taphatu qaba. Oromoon yaadannoo ulfina dabankufoota durii fi dhihoo jedhanii bilisummaa irraa fuula deeffachuu hin qabanii. Balaan dhiheenya humna addaa adda koloneeffataa, nama nyaatoo TPLF/EPRDFn ergamaniin dargaggoo Oromoo irratt bu’e yaadachuun yeroo garaan nu madaawu imimmaan qabachuun nu dhiba. Gumaan saanii lafatt akka hin hafne booree nurra kaa’anii darbanii.

Ulfinaa fi surraan gootota kufaniif; walabummaa, walqixxummaa fi bilisummaan kan hafaniif; nagaa fi araarri Ayyaana abboolii fi ayyoliif haa tahu!


What can nationals do to help the struggle back home?

By Ibsaa Guutama*

Finfinnee is found in Oromiyaa, and so it is the indisputable part of it. Oromiyaa has been under occupation for over a century. Finfinnee was turned into the headquarters of the occupying force where Oromo was forced to serve with sweat and blood rather than getting benefit out of its formation. After the overthrow of the Darg, the state of Oromiyaa and the interest it has in Finfinnee was formally recognized by the occupying regime and a sort of administrative structure was created for it.

With what seemed a magic wand, the empire was turned into federation. It is assumed that all federal states will have equal contributions in organizing and running it so that no one state should bear a federal burden alone. Therefore, federal state has to lease Finfinnee if Oromiyaa wills or buy land or found a brand new citadel with master plan of its choice. Other than that, trying to expanding Finfinnee will be denying the change in nature of the empire. The alternative is to recant the officially declared federal status, and reestablish it as a colonial empire. Then, the question becomes not federal, but colonial. Be it as it may for an alien force to kill Oromo in their own land for whatsoever reason is unjustifiable, and so is wanton aggression and criminal.

Now the people of Oromiyaa are showing solidarity to defend their rights more than any other time, whatever the cost may be. Students and parents in north, south, west and east Oromiyaa had simultaneously gone out to protest the meddling of the Ethiopian regime in affairs of Oromiyaa. Though they know that the government is not known to respect its own single-handedly crafted Constitution, they gave it benefit of the doubt and went out to test the truth if the Constitution is constitutional. Alas, the government exposed its true self and met them with live bullets and clubs – imported from abroad, and a special force known as “Agaazii.”

Numerous under ages lost their lives, and properties were destroyed. The world has witnessed in clear terms the impossibility of peaceful struggle under such an empire and such anti-people regime. Their laws are only fake instruments. Since people cannot give up on their birth rights, it is lamentable that the alternative available to them is going to remain the violent ones alone.

Ethiopia so far has given nothing to Oromiyaa, but has taken away everything valuable, material wealth, human labor as well as brains from her. It is the brain drained that sustained Ethiopian bureaucracy for a long time. It is those brains that they use as masks to cover their dirty face.

The Oromo question is a question of national liberation to end such undue exploitation, while that of the colonizer is question of domination. There is no common premise for negotiation unless the occupation ends. That is what third parties might fail to understand. The demand for the realization of the right to national self-determination is based on historic fact of life of the people. It was realizing this that the present regime included such right in its constitution. That was the right thing to do. To fake it, is hooliganism. Conscientious non-Oromo who were born, lived or worked in Oromiyaa are expected to stand with their hosts, friends and Oromo compatriots in resisting occupation and have nothing to fear from being free. Those who have no biases against race and creed of the colonized know that the Oromo are the most peaceful and cultured people. To do harm to innocent human beings is not in the nature of the nation. But the possibility of TPLF committing heinous crimes and putting the blame on others must be watched out.

Even the first colonizer recognized the separate status of the two countries Oromiyaa and Ethiopia when he declared himself as emperor of Ethiopia and Oromo country. Oromo is a nation of many tribes not a tribe (gosa) as some ignorant want to refer to it. The present regime has kept on postponing the question of Oromo liberation. Promulgation of the Constitution was only to distract Oromo from their struggle, and buy time for the bloody repression it was going to unleash later. Whatever repressive force it may apply, the response to such questions cannot be avoided indefinitely for it is a time bomb waiting to explode when the appropriate time comes. Therefore, for the benefit of all neighbors and the world, they have to be attained the soonest possible.

Recent student uprising is only one out of several issues of concern. Others like the unsustainable “Great Renaissance Dam” (GRD) in which many are fooled into spending their life’s saving in buying bonds; “Land Grabbing” where Oromiyaa is being sold at the expense of eviction of natives; prohibition of Afan Oromo from schools and offices in Finfinnee also concern Oromo and could possibly be issues provoking public protest in addition to the overall human rights abuses. The Abbayya River gets most of its water from Oromiyaa and its course touches big swath of Oromo land. No one will object to fair use of the water. But, the ways it started is not diplomatically commendable, financially sustainable and the motive is questionable. The consequence affects Oromiyaa no less than the land grab.

Is the “GRD” for momentary individual or group glory or is it really meant for national benefits as stated. Is it meant to manipulate rifts in international relation in favor of one side and has nothing to do with Ethiopia’s interest? From the nature of the regime that is addicted to amassing wealth for small circle of cohorts, it is not to take the project to completion, but to benefit from possible negotiation to modify or end it. Many harnessed rivers of Oromiyaa did not benefit her, but the mother land and foreign business. Abbayya will not be different. As far as the question of land is concerned, land still remains property of the alien government. The owner can dispose of it as it liked. That is why the regime is selling to whoever asks at very cheap price; or give to supporter who amass wealth by selling it or give it to galtuu Oromo whom they could blackmail later with crime of “kiraayi sabsaabii” (rent seeking). It is Oromo land; the Oromo cannot accept the sale of their land or obliged to respect such contracts. It is unlawful contract that did not take peasant farmers’ interest into consideration. As far as the general Oromo question goes, it seems the regime has signed the end to the right of subjects to peacefully express oneself. Therefore, the form of resistance is sure to change, otherwise any peaceful demonstration there will be suicidal.

After the massacre, the most outrageous thing is the putting of words in mouths of the vulnerable by the regime to say things against their dead compatriots and their struggle. The case is Federal. They are also the ones that turned their guns against children. But they were the Neo-Goobanaa that had come out to distort the real causes of the uprising and blame culprits their masters are going to create for it later. The old Goobanaa served the same pacifying role until his dishonorable fall. The Ethiopian peoples have enough experience about allegations. Coined epithets were for the king “foreign hand,” for Darg “CIA hirelings,” and forWayyaanee they are “terrorists and anti-developments.” The Neo-Goobanaa also tried to deny the objective of the Master Plan that is to turn Finfinnee into one metropolitan “Addis Ababa” forgetting the plan is there in black and white.

The Oromo are opposed, of course, to those bodies that are trying to dismantle Oromiyaa in the name of city planning and development that dispossesses them. No amount of malicious propaganda will stop the Oromo struggle for liberation and the integrity of united Oromiyaa. There cannot be a nation called Oromo without integrated free Oromiyaa. For lack of formidable political organization, students are taking the lead as during the emperor’s days. Just like those days, if old OLF is not ready, other organized group will come forward and revitalize the originalKaayyoo of the liberation movement. As long as repression continues, Oromo revolution cannot be stopped. The wisest thing for Oromo activists is not to waste time lamenting about what happened yesterday, but on what should be done henceforth. Yesterday with its best and worst has gone; to make or break, we have today aiming at better tomorrow.

Committing more crimes to silence the Oromo is already in full gears. The tragic events of past weeks cannot be reversed. But it is hoped that all nationals have already started to ponder on how to stop such crime continuing. Domestically, the wheels of resistance have already started rolling. People who are feeling the brunt of alien repression will continue to put up resistance against dismantling Oromiyaa, and evicting the inhabitants from their ancestral grounds where umbilical cords of generations were buried. They may require only to strengthening their movement as to make it difficult for the enemy to control Oromiyaa. The death of young students and innocent nationals is heartbreaking, but there is always price to be paid for freedom. The spy networks of “Goox,”“Garee” and “Aand Laamist” are broken. The enemy has already started to be frantic; keeping the moment could make it entangled with its own follies and forced to negotiate for own survival. Let us raise issues of concern on how nationals and people in the Diaspora help Oromo struggle back home by assessing areas of sustainable cooperation.

Oromo all over the world are organized into communities as well as faith based and professional associations. But all organizations are infested with active and sleeping cells of infiltrators. To be useful for the national cause, they need to cleanse themselves first. What is said of civic entities is also true for political organizations. The functions of a community organization are limited to a surrounding. The Oromo predicament requires global coordination. It needs an in depth assessment of possibilities and thorough understanding of the issue to operate in unison for pan Oromo benefit. Past experiences have lessons to learn from.

Political organization will be effective if they could coordinate their operations. If they fail, it must be known that organizations and leaders can be born out of a situation and make them irrelevant. Those that cannot for reasons take part in joining efforts should take necessary care as not to be obstacle to people’s struggle. Refusing to yield to ideas of majority and stubbornness do not serve under the prevailing situation. The enemy pokes there to trigger conflict. So everyone has to be vigilant not to be caught off guard. On has also to beware of gents of colonialists and expansionists disguised as missionaries of religious establishments to take part in creating obstacles for cultural development and peoples’ struggle for freedom. These are also to be countered by nationals from faiths for they are divisive and anti-peace.

One important thing to remember is that Wayyaanee is using structures created in its embassies and government fund for espionage wherever there is dissidence. Among its objectives are creating conflicts among nationals abroad to paralyze opposition against it and also to gathering information on their movements. Where possible, they also recruit from among their ranks for their PDO’s. For this, they use modern technics as well as human spies, infiltrators who act more radical than true nationalists. This is carried out in accordance with permanent guidelines given to diplomatic missions. That is why tight organization of trusted members is needed. Oromo nationals are either with national organizations or with the enemy. They cannot serve both camps. Liberal attitudes have to stop in such matters. Safuu serves in Oromo context and only with those who have similar values.

There are peoples neighboring Oromiyaa – who had fallen to colonial rule and still face alienation by the same source. Solidarity of struggle with those is indispensable. Those are sovereign peoples with own territory, and deserve unequivocal recognition from all nations, including Oromo, without any precondition. Those who had already joined hands in struggle have to take it to higher level whenever possible. Enemy hand to divide them has to be watched out. Oromo activists have to give benefit of the doubt for such people as not to jeopardize relations by jumping to conclusions on assumptions. Otherwise, it will be walking into enemy trap.

Many Oromo living abroad are citizens of respective countries they live in. These, as ethnic groups, may have civic organizations. There are many arenas open to them to influence decision making of their respective countries. As long as they have the votes, they will have the voice as well. They have always to keep in memory that the people they left behind are crying to be rescued from dictators. Oromiyaa, a historically free and democratic country, should not remain dependent when they are there for her. It has to remain a challenge to their conscience. Therefore, they should take on themselves that they have at least a role to play in the peaceful or diplomatic struggle of their people. Their people need knowledgeable and skilled manpower as well as material support of all sorts. No Oromo group has more exposure to resources than they do.

People back home are not free to gather and discuss matters of common interest. But when oppression pass their limits, fear of being caught fades away. That is the stage where Oromo is reaching. Whether children demonstrate or not, the Wayyaanee will is not stopping incarcerating and killing Oromo. Unless it breaks the morale of the nation, it is afraid that Oromo will demand ownership of the land and resources it is plundering. As far as possible, it will try to gaga it so that it does not utter a word, produce wealth and it remains uninformed. All who believe being Oromo have to help and devise means that this nation can release itself from the alien entanglement. Those who give their lives and freedom to maintain the name high are doing so believing in their rear.

There is nothing worse than living despised and humiliated in own country. For this reason, those who are not living under that scourge have to be strong and dependable rear. Oromummaa demands that. Because when a person is imprisoned or killed, not only the person, but the community and family enter into political, social and economic crisis that is why to support from the rear becomes essential.

Those activists who started with carbon copying and have passed through alcohol and stencil duplicators have now reached the electronic printer age. Messenger and copper wire telephone they used are now replaced by computer communication. Many did not get chance to see it, but they have traveled tortuous road and passed away contributing to our self-consciousness. We may not realize that the older one is the less comfortable one becomes with computers and modern ideas. Therefore, computer suave and better informed younger generation has to be entrusted with that for efficient functioning of the struggle. The old ways have to phase out, be it in communication or administration, for they are becoming obsolete. In other words, the Gadaa principle of rejuvenation of political process has to be adopted in a way fitting changing times. Wisdom acquired through ages has its proper role to play in Oromo tradition. The Oromo have to gear up for the drive towards liberation in memory of their old and recent martyrs. We cannot help being in tears when our hearts bleed remembering the recent atrocities committed against Oromo youth by occupation’s special force sent by TPLF/EPRDF butchers.

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living, and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our fore parents!