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Oromia Today July 23, 2016

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Odaa OromooNo To Fascist TPLF Ethiopia's genocidal militarism and mass killings in Oromia, Ethiopia

Already the Oromo are subjected to genocide under Tigray Tigriny gang rule, a crime that is condemned by the world body and many culprits from different countries with lesser magnitude had been brought to justice at international courts. But that of the Oromo, Sidaamaa, Mazhangir, Gambeela is overlooked for not publicly declared reason, though the Oromo suspects it is part of the conspiracy that led to Oromiyaa’s colonization. Therefore the youth has to remember the Oromo saying about the snake that said “Abbaatu of maraa” (it is up to one to coil oneself) when suggested cutting it because it is too long. It is they that take the initial step for survival; help will come depending on their continued determination and commitment for human cause.



Oromia Today

By Obbo Ibsaa Gutamaa

The continued colonial status of Oromiyaa cannot be understood without understand the nature of the colonizer, the Abyssinian state. The power struggle within that state has lived not only creating tension to the Habashaa but also affecting the peaceful life of its neighbors in one way or other, more so since an era known as The Scramble for Africa. The catalyst in it, international conspiracy that started early is also still actively engaged exasperating the misery. Since then much had changed in structure and function of Habashaa state not for the colonies. Now suffice to try and see the relation of Eritrea and Ethiopia in context of Tigray Tigriny in the eyes of a mute observer.

Eritrean highland known as Kabasaa is occupied by Tigrinya speaking population similar to those in present Tigray sate. Both together are referred to as Tigray Tigriny and are majority population in Eritrea while minority in Abyssinia and Ethiopian Empire. Their last king that ruled both at the same time were Yohannis IV, (1872-1889) who was able to extend his rule over the rest of Abyssinian state and also sanctioned colonization of Oromiyaa by Shawaan king. Part of Tigray Tigriny and the whole present Eritrea fell to Italy after the battle of Adwa, 1896. It was transferred to Ethiopian empire in 1956. It is now an independent country. Its independence did not come easily. It has taken so many lives among who were gallant, brilliant and intimate friends of this writer with who they have experienced the ups and downs of student life at Haile Sillaasee I University. The dead also include his compatriots who were mobilized by the opposite side. This writer shall cherish the memory of his friends and never forgets the victimized compatriots as long as he lives. Let their soul rest in peace.

The Tigray Tigrinys are now in power in both Ethiopia and Eritrea. They are historically and culturally interconnected for thousands of years. Their country is a land mass bordered by Amaaraa, Agawu, Oromo, Saahoo, Afar, Kunaamaa and Beejjaa, almost all Kuusaa people’s land. In short they are the heart lands of Abyssinia mostly sharing the same political, social and economic life. For the first time they were politically separated when a part became Italian colony. It is historical accidents that separated them and when another similar accident brought them together megalomania of their leadership could not keep them together. From experience there is no win, win position in dealings of their elites. One has always to win by force or deceit. There cruelty against anyone challenging them has no bounds.

Their king Yohannis IV pulled out eyes of the Agawu king before him who was his brother in law and cut tongues of Oromo in Walloo from hate; he betrayed the trust of people like Waldamicha’el, chief of Bahiree Nagaash and killed them. TPLF is a copy of him. Because of such traditional lack of moral inhibition and democratic political culture problems were observed between the two comrades in arms. They overthrew the most brutal tyrant but did not to bring fundamental change to the system and liberate the peoples but to replace him in exploiting the colonies. Tyranny got more fertile ground in them. Both groups have their eyes on the colonies’, in particular Oromiyaa’s precious metals and cash crops and raw material for their presumed industries. During the Transitional Tigrean Government their combined force overpowered Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) and massacred gallant Oromo heroes and sent thousands to concentration camps to advance this ambition of theirs. Oromo are better than the steer that licks the hand of one that drives it to slaughter house to forget this. However, their authoritarian personality did not permit them to enjoy their victory together.

Since then we have seen against all expectations, how they went to the most devastating war few years after their shared victory over OLA. The devastation was of course mostly on recruits from other peoples, majorly Oromo not on their kin. So they did not feel the pinch much. During the emperor and the Darg the Army was dominated by Amaaraa core officers with few assimilado. In the present government it is totally Tigrinya dominated officer core for they had no assimilado to trust. They did not also trust their cousins, the Amaaraa whom they were rather out to break their morale. In both Habashaa periods the army belonged to the dominant group, though Amaaraa have given them some representation.

The previous army was loyal to the regime that ruled the empire, but separately organized from the civilian leadership up to the Darg. The Tigray Tigriny army is the regime; it is the total guerrilla force composed of one nationality. Historically no Habashaa rebel has dismissed the whole army of the vanquished like TPLF did but was embraced by the victor and remained army of the Habashaa. “We are the dead and also the leaving, so follow us” was their transitional slogan. Tigray Tigriny on both sides of Marab agreed on the dismissal. They changed that code and established all Tigray Tigriny army. They also agreed on short transitional arrangement in which different Organizations other than those of the Amaaraa will participate. But with understanding that power will be monopolized by TPLF in Ethiopia and Eritrea will be declared independent. No genuine Amaaraa independent parties will ever raise their head as long as the Tigrinyaas are in power. The new rulers had a policy that the empire will be geared towards supplying the needs of Tigray Tigrinys.

Though both Amaaraa and Tigray Tigrinys are called Habashaa after their place of origin in Yemen, they claim separate territory and language despite being political partner since they crossed the Red Sea. As a senior partner Amaaraa has led them to grandeur and victories over the neighboring peoples. It was the Amaaraa that pushed the Kuusaa people to farther south and expanded their boundary to Shawaa. It is Amaaraa that renewed the myth of Sheba to give Habasha ideological basis. Unlike Tigray Amaaraa have been growing by assimilating other nationalities as a result of which some have started to say there are no people called Amaara. In reality that is what is making them cling to the ancient civilization, Ethiopia, to cover ethnographic weakness. It is that weakness that the Tigrinyaa hammered on to reduce them to Amaaraa ethnicity and ending their disguising under the name Ethiopia. Without the assimilado their number will not be much greater than Tigray Tigriny as it seems. Now the assimilado and the opportunist who together call themselves “forces of unity” (FU) (euphemism for Amaaraa) are making the most noise against Oromo liberation; the assimilado remember the disgraceful chasing out from Gondar by Teedros of Ejjuu warlords branded as aliens after years of service to Habashaa Crown, in which they improved the system of justice in a way never seen. They are afraid the same might happen to them if colonies are gone.

Be that as it may, rulers of Tigray Tigrinys have deprived the Amaaraa of all their gains of the last century including the hard won colonies, three thousand year extension to empire Ethiopia, and sea outlets. Demanding from all individuals to register their ethnic identity, the assimilado which comfortably passed for Amaaraa, claiming to be Ethiopian now could not find roots to attach to. The lost sheep is back to its owner. Except the few that have nostalgia for the old Nafxanyaa days many appreciated regaining their lost identity. Thus Amaaraa is trimmed down numerically and psychologically. Amaaraa activists now are of two types; remnant of ancient occupying army (Nafxanyaa) and Amaaraa from the homeland. Most Nafxanyaa remnants residing in the rural towns except for calling themselves Amaaraa for being Orthodox Christians, cannot tell from where their ancestors were recruited or if they are really ethnically Amaaraa. Even if the family had mentioned a country of origin those that went to investigate will not be that much. The truth is they know only the countries they are born, brought up and live in. If not moles, they have equal rights with the natives.

But some of the remnants may not feel comfortable without super imposed Ethiopia in spite of the natives showing them love and tolerance on many occasions. Despite that there are those that feel the pain of oppression and identify with natives and believe only what they personally experienced not scare mongers’ tales. Some others yet feel insecure from their racist mentality and fear of retaliation for abuses they heard their forebears committed on the natives. Such have nostalgia for the past they never lived and will have a hard time to adjust. It is from these that “FU” recruit their vocal members. They are dangerous for any peace efforts that Amaaraa may try to make with the Oromo, because they are neither Oromo nor Amaaraa. Oromo means people, Oromiyaa knows no discrimination no hate, and any one that cries foul will be ashamed. Incidents could happen here and there but that could not be a reason to smear the good name of their generous hosts. It is against basic Oromo tradition to harm any human being, it is a safuu. Oromiyaa supports all peoples whoever they are that struggle for their liberation without any string attached.

The Habashaa from homeland had come into contact with the Oromo in schools, in particular high schools and colleges. Some did not believe their eyes Oromo having normal physical features different from the monstrous one they well told back home. Except for childhood racist bias which they had opportunity to correct, they had no direct physical confrontation as colonizer and colonized. That doesn’t mean childhood brainwashing did not leave stigma on their memory about the colonized. The psychologically formed glory of greater Ethiopia by propaganda of monks, daftaraas and opportunist historians doesn’t go easily. Those concerned have to find a way out to bright and peaceful future. Since they cannot revers what years of revolution by the down trodden has done to the empire, they have to accept the fact and try to heal existing wounds rather than rubbing salt on them.

Therefore, it is hoped they will be wiser than crying over spilt milk. Ethiopia is not the only country that lost colonies and adjusted themselves to their new size geographically, psychologically, as well as economically. Only self-reliance pulling back to their original holding can make one independent and proud. The Nafxanyaa days are long gone. Just like the Boer is not problem of Holand Nafxanyaa descent should not be Habashaa or Amaaraa problems; they are problems of the colonies. Unless they have intention of continuing dominating Oromiyaa further, they have to fight for their own liberation not claiming those Nafxanyaa decendants as excuse for their hidden agenda. The shrinking of the British Empire and recent UK withdrawal from EU can be a harbinger for future possibilities.

The Tigray Tigriny has at least recognized on paper that the colonial people have separate history and identity from the colonizers. This was criticized by Amaaraa elites and later by some Tigrinyaa elites. Though they have historical and blood relations Eritrean elites had fought for the right of nations to national self-determination and got it. It is surprising to hear them saying that for Oromiyaa is a distortion of history and blamed TPLF despite their earlier concurrence with it when they were buddies, in accepting that the empire was only a century old. No one can easily turn this back and retain the colonies under domination. They won it not as a charity from any Habashaa group but by their own sweat and blood. It is the culmination of century old struggle. It is what brought down the emperor and the Darg. Not realizing they are losing Abyssinia itself Amaaraa elites are growling about the loss of an empire. Tigray Tigriny, despite showing deceptive face now will eventually unite for wider hegemonic venture. Their saying, “Ya qooxuun awurd bilaa ya bibbituwaan xaalech” (To get more from the raft she lost what was in her arm pit) is happening to the Amaaraa.

Amaaraa have all the potentials to stand on their own. They have the resources; demography and experience to enable them do that. Therefore they are an entity to reckon with in that region. With Oromia they are neighbors with extensive boundary line. They are the vanguard of the Habashaa expedition that colonized Oromiyaa and so nearest enemy which if reformed can become strategic friends. Both can guarantee freedom peace, stability and prosperity for the region if they can stand together as equals. For both the initial priority must not be relation within Ethiopia but friendship as independent neighboring countries. Amaaraa should beware of organizations with baseless power mongering Nafxanyaa influence. Amaaraa’s longtime partner the remaining part of Tigray Tigriny is almost gone. The empire had no control over them for over twenty five years. TPLF is building its power base as never seen. Infrastructures for all activities are laid down. Social and economic institutions are built. They are at stage to declare independence or merger with Tigray Tigriny in Eritrea. No propaganda or appeal to history of “FU” can stop them. Amaaraa has to make peace with itself before trying to make peace with others. It is not easy to get rid of the illusion of being custodian of Ethiopianism that has rusted in subconscious.

The Oromo do not see their country as a periphery of Ethiopia but as its neighbor and a country with its own peripheries. Oromo do not feel marginalized in relation to Habashaa power but as occupied and deprived of their freedom by them. They are not complaining of being denied participation in their authoritarian system but of their loss of freedom. Thinking otherwise undermines how Oromo view themselves and all the sacrifices Oromo patriots paid and are paying to liberate their nation from occupation. It is disgusting when some Oromo claim expertise and air opinion contrary to vision of majority population only to be embraced by Habasha peers. The Oromo is determined that no Habashaa group can any more present itself as dictator on the life of other nations and nationalities in the region albeit as a neighbor with equal rights Distracting suggestions about Oromo rights and democracy are pouring from Ethiopianist Organizations. But no nationalist will be moved by those suggestions as long as Oromiyaa is under occupation and cannot freely express its will.

It now seems for the moment that only the two Tigray Tigriny rivals seem to be the only leading bulls in Abyssinian kraal. They mobilize all nations and nationalities under them to serve as cannon fodders in their senseless wars of dominating the kraal. For the Oromo such wars do not bring any material or spiritual benefit. Whoever wins Oromo remains the loser. The boarder points they are taking as pretexts for clashes now are all in Tigray Tigriny land. Though legally international, in reality it is a domestic Tigrinya affair. Now, for all nations and nationalities in the horn a task of liberating and developing themselves is awaiting them. The hegemonic plan of Tigray Tigriny groups for the Horn of Africa has to be stopped. The border issue is their own problem, no others should any more sacrifice their youth for others interest. Their fight will go on until one bull remains to head the kraal and that should be taken as their own business not of the colonies. Every other people in the empire are responsible not to serve force of tyranny dangerous to pan Africanism.

Tigray Tigriny was broken up when their partner, the Amaaraa colonized countries to its south like Oromiyaa. Their leader, Minilik probably did not want to risk his newly gained colonies when he agreed with another colonizer not to cross the Marab creek. Minilik was a proxy partner in conspiracy for the Scramble for Africa. Tigray elites had no power to challenge their new king but gave up on their siblings and part of their domain for which only few years ago Yohannis and Aluulaa were engaged in battles with Egypt and Italy in its defense. Despite Tigrinya leaders not supporting independence of Oromiyaa, Minilik’s colonies are on their way to freedom. The Tigrinya do not seem to give up on Amaaraa holdings as the Amaaraa gave up on theirs in the 19th century but will try to replace them as colonial masters and superpowers in Abyssinia and the Horn. This should be thwarted by all means. The time now has come to reorganize The Horn of Africa under a new order.

Instead of making peace with their nearest neighbor the Oromo, Amaaraa elites preferred to go after their vanguard organization, the OLF with smear campaign. They think they can win the Oromo by attracting some misguided unreliable renegade activists. The objective or “kaayyoo” articulated by the OLF were those in the hearts and minds of each free thinking Oromo, which even defecting of some of the founding fathers did not erase. That shows whether OLF is there or not the Oromo independence movement cannot be stopped. Therefore to address the concern will be to advantage of all sides. Any among the Habasha groups that respects Oromo interest can be a friend and partner for peace and freedom. Oromo have no special preference between them. Both together had caused Oromo people suffer for over a century. Now their falling apart means nothing as long as one remains confronting them. They want to be free and independent.

The overall changing world order as a result of technological revolution, do not tolerate old and archaic colonial relations to continue. The colonies likewise have awakend and demanding for their rights. Habashaa internal and colonial relations are cracking. The last two centuries had brought big fundamental change to Amaaraa than on Tigrinya. As a result it is imperative for Tigray Tigrinys to rethink and get reorganized for enduring security. Their internal conflict will be there only as long as guerrilla leaders of TPLF and EPLF are around. Their present quarrel in addition to power struggle between guerilla leaders is majorly over the booty of war that is left over from what they shared initially. They have no intention to destroy each other. As minority more inclined to group interest than Ethiopianism they have more chance of getting support from big powers. This follows the same logic of history of the British that left strengthening Yohannis IV of Tigray Tigriny with gift of arms favoring him over Oromo chieftains, Warqit and Mastawat of Walloo that defeated Teedros for them.

The seeming quarrel with one and friendliness with the other of big powers are not more than a temporary leer on kids. There is no country in the world that does not violate human rights but vary in degree. One Tigray Tigriny government have no less count in abuses than the other but there is double standard judgement by big powers. One is favored against the other to force it submit to their dictates and has nothing to do with alleged abuses. They are overlooking even genocide being committed when it comes to TPLF. Tigray Tigriny area is seen as strategic zone for global interests. Today we might think it to be at a distance because we are not feeling the strength and they are not taking Oromiyaa as a nation of interest. Even then any change in the territorial, political and religious formation in Middle East and in particular around the Red Sea is going to affect Oromo interest. If the Amaaraa stop whining about lost imperial glory and join the others in defense of the region then only can a fair and new political game start in the Horn of Africa.

When we talk about Habasha we cannot help to right away talking about their leadership that had been crooked, cruel, passionless and greedy all the time. But we don’t talk about the common Habasha people who are bigger than that. They are one of the kindest, humble, passionate, and generous and God fearing peoples of the region. This is what this writer who had travelled around in their country can attest. They can have biases against the colonized peoples from brainwashing of the leaders and lack of information. However they are as oppressed as the colonized people by those thugs and need fundamental reform. How did such snakes come out of dove’s eggs is so far an answered question. They have been sacrificing innocent farmers senselessly for their group’s glory from time immemorial. Over and above that, those leaders have brainwashed them to praise and be proud of those that subjected them to wretched life for centuries. That empty pride from ignorance and lack of information has made many to develop the attitude of being superior to peoples of the colonies. But people of the oppressor nation, have no excuse to go on keeping silent when crime is committed in their name.

In the present world the struggle for survival has prominence over the rule of law. Human beings had been trying to put rein over greed that could be detrimental to survival of the race if left unchecked. That is why civilizations had emphasized the rule of law for peaceful coexistence. There is no civilization that gave prominence to rule of law than Oromoo civilization. But when they encountered those that believe in rule of the muscles they became at disadvantage. The word “law” has especial place in their thought so they revered alien laws as if they were their own. But when they realized they were devoid of safuu (ethical considerations) they rejected them. That is Habashaa tradition carried down to this day as exemplified by TPLF elections.

Democracy is said to be government of the people for the people by the people. TPLF claiming to implement what culturally it has no clue for ended up forming, government of itself, for itself, by itself. Somehow the Oromo survived colonizers greed and cruelty for over a century. Now with increased challenge to survival, Oromo nation has no choice but fight back hard until independent Republic Oromiyaa, is formed.

Peaceful struggle for over six months did not bear fruit. Few voices from democratic centers have tried to make the voice of the voiceless Oromo to be heard. But those that could stop the tragedy gave more attention to self-interests’ strategic advantage and rather continued building abusive capacity of the dictators rather than alleviating human suffering. During the last six months conservatively estimating more than five hundred have died but TPLF argues that number is exaggerated as if killing any number is justified. They have made killing style of administration, forgetting its criminal dimension even when they talk in public. Unlike the old Nafxanyaa these can do anything to build their national capacity and destroy that of the colonies. The old Nafxanyaa developed a theory that all the land up to Lake Victoria was theirs, part of the motherland. So, most of their exploit were not invested in Amaaraa homeland. Tigray Tigriny are classical colonialist, they are not only taking the resources but even had dismantled factories, and removed all moveable even soil and taken them away just like colonizers did to Eritrea. They have now superb infrastructures, hydroelectric power, sea ports etc. that could give them capacity for self-reliance if they were reunited or even if they make peace. That is done at the expense of Oromiyaa with its raw material and market in their mind for their fledgling industries. Is it not said, “The wise cuts wood for yoke from the threshold of a fool”?

The Oromo, including those who think are lodged in alien court comfortably, must realize that their identity is under threat. Trying to stabilize what struggling oppressed people have put out of balance is to dig ones grave. It is only revolutionary Oromiyaa that could keep them afloat. Hegemony of any group of colonizer will strive more to turn them into individuals that it could turn around at will. If that happens, individual rights and “one man one vote” will be emphasized and peoples’ rights pushed down to the level of self-help organization. No true child of the Oromo will give up on the sovereignty of the nation for a second class right of Ethiopian citizenship. After destroying their national (group) identity all the injurious defamatory and derogatory references will come back to dehumanize them as usual. So far those have affected self-confidence and determination of most of them. Unless it is cleansed, the nation will turn to a nation of quitters and swindlers. Only better offer than the Tigray Tigriny constitution is henceforth acceptable and that is independence.

Already the Oromo are subjected to genocide under Tigray Tigriny gang rule, a crime that is condemned by the world body and many culprits from different countries with lesser magnitude had been brought to justice at international courts. But that of the Oromo, Sidaamaa, Mazhangir, Gambeela is overlooked for not publicly declared reason, though the Oromo suspects it is part of the conspiracy that led to Oromiyaa’s colonization. Therefore the youth has to remember the Oromo saying about the snake that said “Abbaatu of maraa” (it is up to one to coil oneself) when suggested cutting it because it is too long. It is they that take the initial step for survival; help will come depending on their continued determination and commitment for human cause.

It cannot also be forgotten that thousands of Oromo youth have been butchered between Eritrea and Amaaraa junta run Ethiopia, in wars that did not concern them. They never got proper burial for they were the concern of no body. Now also the same history is repeating itself under Tigray Tigriny gang domination. Fresh bones are scattered from Bure to Aqordaat added to the older ones from Ambaalagee to Qaaroora. The same is happening in Somalia. Henceforth, no self-respecting, patriotic Oromiyaan should participate on either side, they have own country called Oromiyaa to die for. Let the Tigray Tigriny kill each other for theirs if they wish. Oromo youth have to resist all temptations and coercions for recruitment. It will be a blessing if their carrion were fed by hyenas and vultures of Oromiyaa rather than alien scavengers. Colonization has left on Oromiyaans scar that cannot easily wished away with continued exasperation of the misery just like its beginning. They have come so far dying, dodging and humiliating themselves to survive. They can no more continue like that. Tigray Tigriny rule has to be the end of all abuses they can bear. Oromiyaa’s patriots like American liberation activist Henry Patrick of 1775, are saying “Give me liberty, or give me death!”. Henceforth no one could tell the Oromo what they want unless they ask for it. There is no turn back from the path of liberation. After seeing how a part of Tigray Tigrinys gang subjected them to untold misery it will not be hard to imagine what their prolonged combination could do. They are hungry vultures that know no consideration. To fear death facing extinction and humiliation is not Oromo way. The clandestine plan of Tigray Tigriny to extend colonial rule further, not only replacing but destroying the Amaaraa if not today will happen tomorrow. Readiness to combat it is imperative, because whatever happens to them could affect their interest, Oromo have to watch out their neighborhood.

Long Live free and independent Oromiyaa! Victory to the oppressed! Justice shall prevail!

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our fore parents!

Obbo Ibsaa Guutamaa; goota Afaan Oromoo Oromiyaa keessatti bobeesse nama jabaafi seenaan barabaraan yaadatudha!

We and Them (Oromo and the Colonizer) | Nuu fi Isaan (Oromoo fi Koloneeffataa) October 15, 2015

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Nuu fi Isaan (Oromoo fi Koloneeffataa)

Ibsaa Guutama irraa* | Onkoloolessa 2015

Atoo Sarbaa hin qabduu sarbaa millaa hin qabduu maaliin lafa dhiittaa yaa abbee?
Atoo gamtaa hin qabduu gamtaa dhiiraa hin qabduu maaliin nama miitaa ya aabbee?”*

Roorroo koloneefataa hammaa bahaa kan yaaliin seenaa, aadaa, afaanii fi dudhaa Oromoo balleessuuf godhame dabalatutu qabsoof ummata kakaase. Hardhas yoo tahe waldhaansoon mirgaaf godhamu itt fufaa,sirna Gadaa keessaa akeekota dhimma itt bahuun dandahaman guddifachuun irra ilaalamuu hin qabu. Ijoolleen Oromoo yero qabsoo bilisummaaf ka’an sana,kaayyoon saba saanii akkasumas firaa fi diinni eenyu akka tahan isaaniif taliila ture. Sun sagantaa malbulchaa dhaaba kallacha qabsoo Oromoo tahe, ABO irra kaa’ameera. Baras firaa fi diina gidduu timjii mullatutu ture. Angoon hoggansaas akeekamee ture. Bulee garuu want halle caalaa dimimmisaawaa fi laaqamaa dhufuutt ka’e. Amma firaa fi diinaa gargar baafachuun mamii dha; daangaan angoo fi barri hoggansaa, mirgaa fi dirqammi qondaalotaa fi miseensotaa sadarkaa hin beekamne gahaniiru. Eenyuun “Nuwi”, eenyuun “Isaan” jechuuf qabsaawoti qayabbannoo waloo dhabaa jirruu. Kanaaf dargagggoon hireen ummata kanaa dhimma keenya jedhan keessa deebi’anii mari’achuun yeroo saati. Dur Gadaan tokko yeroo murtaaweef hin dabarsu ture. Gadaa haaraan dhufu seera ofii tumata. Yoo haaraa hin baafnes kan darbe irra deebi’ee akka kan ofiitt tuma. Eenyuu seeraa ol hin turre. Sun akeekaa guddifatamuu qabu. Amma egaa,Gadaan seeraanis aadaanis kan dargaggoo waan taheef dirqammi joonjee qabate keessaa sabicha baasuu kan saaniitii. Kan kana gochuu dandahan qaama yaa’ichaa tahanii qabsoo sabaaf gumaachaa kan jiranii. Akki qabsoon Oromoo battala adda addaatt si’ana itt qabamaa jiru yaaddessaa dha. Kanaaf hundi garaa qulqulluun of qoree yaada furmaataa dhihessuu qaba. Gara kanatt masaka kennuuf hayyooti Oromoo hundi dirqamaa fi abbaawummaa qabu.

Martoota wiirtuwaloo

Oromummaan “Nuwii” kan ofiin jedhan akka martoota wiirtuwalooti ilaalamuu dandahu. Martii xiqishuu tuqaa wiirtuutt haantu akka warraatt ilaalamuu dandeessi. Sana duuba balbala, qomoo, gosa, jedhee sabatt ol guddata. Sabi marti alaa guddicha hunda haammatu jechuu dha. Tokko tokkoon martootaa keessa tuqooti nuu fi isaan kan waliin jedhan jiraachuu dandahu. Hundu tuqaa miira, dudhaa, amantoota, ganda fi godinaa qabu. Addummaan sun dhaloota duuba waan guddifatanii. Kanaaf jijjiiramuus ni dandahu. Gamnii, jabina martoota waliigalaaf garagarumaatt dhimma bahuu ni dandaha; hamaa harkatt garuu burjaajii uumuu dandahu. Sadarkaa kamittuu, tuqaaleen martii tokko keessa jiran martii takka haa tahu, martoota wiirtuwaloo ol, amanamummaa barbaadnaan waan jallatetu jira jechuu dha; shaffisaan sirraawu qaba. Addummaan tokkummaa sabichaa caalaa jabaannaan balaa qaba.

Oromummaan waan dhalootaati, kan ofirraa dhiqanii baasan mitii; qaceen saa dhalootaa dhalootatt darba. Dhugaan kun utuu jiru Oromummaan ilaalcha waloo masakaa hundaaf tahee fulduratt gahaatt hin bane. Afanfajjii fi kolomsiisa holola diinaan faca’etu akka Riqa Arrojii yk Ilaalaa Baabiloon jedhamuu afaan wal waldhaalchisaa jira. Qabsaawota kan ofiin jedhan keessa kan of hin beekne fi ofitt hin amannetu jiru. Sabichi saba guddaa, qaroomota dhaloota Kiristos dura beekaman keessaa gahaa qabu. Aadaa demokrasiin kanneen hanga yoonaa beekaman keessaa yoo caale malee kamiinuu gadi miti. Lakkoofsa ummataa naannaa saa jiran keessaa guddicha. Qabeenya uumaan hafee hin qabu. Beekumsa ogummaa, nagaa jaallachuu fi jannummaan kan komatuun hin jiru. Waaqtokkee tahuun kan isa dursu hin jiru. Kan maqaa saan sosso’an garuu kana hunda hin calaqisanii. Sodaatamu irra tuffatamu; hogganuu irra hogganamuu; nagummaa irra hammeenya agarsiisuu fi ummata ofii qindeessanii surraan mullachuu irra wan asgali hin jedhamneen bakka buufachuu yaaluun kan isa salphisantu caala. Kanaaf dandeettiin ummata kanaa kan harka jiruu fi riphaan dhimma itt hin bahamin jira. Maal wayyaa? Salphina kana keessaa attamiti bahamaa? Kan seexaan saanii salphina akkasii hin fudhanne itt yaaduu qabu. Halaalatt harka utuu hin hiixatin dura qeyee ofii soneeffachuun filmaata biraa hin qabu.

Oromummaan martii gandummaa, amantee, gosummaa kkf haammata. Hunda madaalee gaggeesssuutu irraa eegama. Jarri faaya saatisii. Kanaaf hundi amanamummaan isaaf qaban mara dursa jechuu dha. Hariiroon “Isaan” kan jedhaman waliin uumamu amanamummaa kana kan faallessu tahuu hin qabu. Sana malee raayyaa irraa adda bahanii diina mararfachuutu dhufa. Koloneeffataan keenyaa, nuwiif diina. Nuuf diina jechuun kan abba tokkee haa tahu saboota fedha saanii malee too’annoo jala galchee yk galchisiisee qaama fi qabeenya saanii irratt akka fedhett ajaju, mirgaa fi eenyummaa saanii haalee gara laafina tokko malee humnaan of jala jiraachisu jechuu dha. Diinni keenya daangaa nutt darbe. Dhalooti, afaanni, biyyi, daayi, dantaa fi kaayyoon keenya adda addaa. Nuti wararamoota inni warartuu dha. Nuti cunqurfamoota inni cunqursaa dha. Nuti kodee dhaa inni halagaa dha.

Kanaaf nuwummaa keenya akka qilleensi hin gallett eeggannu malee miiddhaan nu biraa hin hafu kan jedhamu. Kun akka Oromoon of itt ilaalanii. Gurguddoo Habashaaf Oromiyaan si’anaa yeroo hin yaadatamnee kaasee biyya saanii ture. Oromoon warartuu naannaa kana jaarraa 16faa madda hin beekamne kan laga faa dabalatuuf kkf. dhufan. Oromoon aangoo waaltaa qabaatanii waan hin beekneef akka saba tokkoott ilaalamuu hin qaban. Mirgi saanii abba abbaa kabajamuufii caaluu homa argachuu hin qaban. Kun yaada raagoti saanii dabtarooti sammuutt jaarraa hedduuf gad huduman. Kanaf mirga Oromoon kiyya jedhu hin fudhataniif. Qarqabaa kana kan Oromoon isaanitt michooman fudhachuun gaaffii sabummaa kan silaa Oromo akka sabaa walabaatt aangessuu dandahan irraa dheessan. Kana ilaalaniitu ummatii, sochiin saanii fashaluu irraa hin baraaramu kan jedhan.

Hamma yoona kaasaa Oromummaaf waliin dudhama fi murannoo agarsiisuu irratt walbuusuun miidhamaa jirra. Hanga hardhaatt kan gidiraa waliin itt gallett “nuwi” dhiisanii “isaanitt” galuun horooman hin agarre. Kan walfakkaatu yoo waliin dhaabbate qofa miidhaga. Ummatooti addunyaa yoomuu caalaa wal irratt hirkachuutu nutt himama. Haa tahu malee hunduu dantaa biyya fi nama ofii durfannoo akka kennan waliin nutt hin himamu. Hunduu humnaa fi bu’aa caalaa ummata ofiif argamsiisuuf, dadhabaa macalaqsanii bira darbu malee “anaa haanyaatu” jedhanii olkaasanii hin tirsanii. Caalmaa kana argachuuf haa tahu hurrisa jalaa bahuuf kan anjaa qabu, kan tokkummaa fi qophii cimaa qabu. Akka itt of ijaarruu fi mala ittiin qabsoofnu nammi nutt hin himuu; sun diroo keenyaa. Oromoon dorgommee addunyaa keessa seenuuf dura of bilisomsuu qabu jennee kaanee. Nuwii fi isaan gargar baafachuu kan uggetu sanaaf qophaawuu dandaha.

Ummata ofii damqsanii iddoo saanii dhugaa akka qabatan gochuu irra halagaatt riqatanii of fooyyesuu kan filatan hedduu dha. Hamma yoonaa dhugaa lafa jiru sirriitt rogaan mullisuuf sabboonoti hedduun yaalaniiruu. Isaanuu ukkamsaa sadoo meeqa keessaan hasaasan malee hamma irraa eegamu mandi’uu hin dandeenye. Kan hafan sagalee ol kaasanii iyyicha dabarsuu dhiisanii ofitt guungumu. Oromoon hedduun biyya saanii, ulfina saanii fi eenyummaa saanii dhabanii utuu jiranii maal nuun jedhuutu rakkisaanii. Kan homaa hin qabne wanti jedhamuun akka hin jirre hin hubatanii. Aarii ukkamfatanii bokokanii taa’uu. Sana futtaafatan malee yartuun itt taphataa haftii.

Kanaaf, falli saanii bakka itt kufanii ka’anii, diina digaluu taate ofirraa urgufuu dha. Hundi salphinaa fi roorroo irra gahaa jiruuf waliin aaduu fi iyyuun hunda hirriba dhowwan malee, miidhama saaniif eenyuu xiyyeeffannoo kennuufii hin dandahu. Tuffii fi salphinni kan finiinsu, kan sanaan middhaan itt dhagahamu qofa. “Baraa fi furguggee guugguufanii jala bahu” jedhanii kan gombifaman jiru. Garuu achittis jalaa hin baanee, gubbaa dhaa gad itt erganii. Baras, furguggees si’aawun itt deeman ofirraa qola’uu. Du’a hin olleef ofirratt alba’uun qaanii waliin jiraachuu taha. Qaaniin sabicha diinaaf ulfina. Yoo yeroon dammaqanii duran hin dhaabbanne isaan babbaqasuu, facaasuu, deegsuu fi gadgaloo gochuun qaanesuun itt fufa.

Hedduun beekota qabnuu, hololli Habashaa ittiin surrii dhiqamaa guddatan barumsa dhaabota beekumssaa olhaanoo irraa argatan caalaa kan gadi lixe fakkaata. Dabballooti ol haanoon dirqama qabsoo ummataa itt kenname baatanii jijjiirammi haalaa, dhiibbaan fedha adda addaa fi rakkinni abba abbaa gara dhabsiisaa jira. Sochii bilisummaa Oromoo rakkina sabicha qabate irraa eegalee. Maqaan Oromoo jedhamu sochichaan bakkatt deebi’e. Oromoon biyya Oromiyaa jedhamtu qabaachuun kan haalan jiraatanuu isaan fudhatama argate. Afaan ofiin barachuu fi ittiin hojjechuun isaan mirkaneeffame. Qubee ofii qabaachuun isaan eegalamee. Isaan bu’aa guguddaan galmeeffame. Bu’aa sochiin bilisummaa fide himamee hin dhumu.

Jiji kun jannoota lafeen saanii awwaala malee hafe Oromiyaa irra faca’ee jiruun galmeeffame. Haadholiin Oromiyaa ergasii janna dahuu dhaabanii laata? Kanneen qabeenya Oromiyaa gufuu tokko malee bolquu barbaadan olhaantummaa malbulchaa irratt argachuuf kara karaa bobba’anii sochicha haleelaa jiru. Isaaniif akkuma durii Oromoo raatessanii irra bahuuf sochiin bilisummaa Oromoo badu qaba. Kanaaf tumsa alaa manaa qindeeffataniiru.Sochiin bilisummaa bakka miiddhaan jiruu hogganamu malee injifannooleen hanga yoonaa galmeeffaman duubatt deebi’uu dandahu. Sochicha badii irraa oolchuun dirqama Oromoo hundaati.

Garuu yoo maal godhame sun dhugoomuu dandaha? Jalqaba seerroti dhabaa fedha abba tokkee fi murnaa qufsuuf gara dhabsiifamuu akka hin qabane mirkanaawuu qaba; garuu akka abbalamiifitt hojii irra ooluu qabu. Dhaabi hawwa abba tokkee yk garee quufsuuf fedha kutaa miseensota saa tokkoo qofa calaqisuu fedhu murna fedhaa yk waldaa dhuunfaa malee, dhaba malbulchaati ofiin jechuuf hin dandahu. Kanaaf akka dhaaba malbulchaatt fiixaan akka hin baane beekamaa dha. Diinni Oromiyaa harkatt galfate of harka tursuuf boqonnaa malee halkaniif guyyaa hojjeta. Gara Oromoon tattaaffii walfakkaataan hin mullatu. Yoo shakalli akkasii jijjiiramuu baate Oromoon yeroo hundaa gaaga’amaa tahanii hafu dandahu. Diina didhchiisanii hojii ittisaa irratt harkifachuun didhchiisuu dhiisuu caalaa hamaa tahuu dandaha. Adda bilisummaa maqaa qabu tahuuf, halkanii fi guyyaa giidoo kan diinaa caaluun jabaatanii hojjechuu gaafata. Halagaa akkeessuun demokraasii irraa qoolifachuu manna hundee ofiitt deebi’ani heeraa fi seeran buluu wayya ture. Hamma yoonaa erbaala irratt malee Oromoon jaarmota demokraasii shakalan hin horannee. Dhaabi saanii angafti hunda caala jedhamullee hangammeessa saba guddaa kanaf malu hin geenye.

ABOn yeroo adda addaa gargar cacaba dhufe. Dhihenyuma murni gargar caban araaraa buusanii hamma Korri Sabaa demokratummaan ijaramee fi iddoosa ta’e walgahe dhaabicha tokkeessutt gurmeessa tokko jalatt hojjechuuf waliigaluun waan gammachiisuu. Hogganooti “nuwii” fi “isaan” kan jedhu miseensota ABO gidduutt cichee akka hin hafne, dhaaba hundee tokkomsuuf durfannoo kennu jedhamee abdatama. Namooti ulfina qaban dhugaa fi ifaa tahuu, fedha of qulqulluu gochuu barbaaduun bakka hin buusanii. Waliigalteen tolfame hanga yaa’iin nagaa xumuramutt akka itt wal tahamett yoo gaggeeffame wanti injifannoon hin baaneef hin jiru. Sanaaf Gummiin Sabaa fi kan murtii hojii irra oolchan abbaawummaa fi itt gaafatama qabu. Hunduu qulqullina garaa, akka olhantummaan gaggeessee injifannoon hulluuqsisu abdata. Hogansii carraa argame kanatt dhimma bahee daba qajeelchuun seeraan bulmaatatt deebisuu hindandeenye ummata guddaa kana injifannooti geessuu akka hin dandeenye dursee beekamuu qaba.

Sun akka fedhe tahus barsiifati dullachi jijjiiramu malee hobbaatiin hawwame argamuun mamii qaba. Sanneenii addaan bahinsaa fi hankaakuuf kaasaa kan tahanii. Garuu kan qabnuu tirsuu malee ammaafi filmaata biraa kan qabnu hin hin fakkaatu. Yoo kan tirsinu nurkatt dadhabe garuu fala hin dhabnu. Maal wayyaa, Oromoon qaba kan jedhamus ABOma? Waan halle ilaalcha sirriitt galchuuf warraaqsa dhuga gaafata. Yeroo inni jabaatu eegee kan wuxxisan, yoo dadhabu ijaan argaa saa kan hin feene fi maqaa itt baasan jiru. Sabboonaa kan ofiin jedhuu ujuu Oromoo kana jibbuun of jibbuu dha; ofittoo fi doofaa malbulchaa tahuu dha. Oromummaa kan jaallatuuf xiiqii walgiduu utuu hin tahin kan baasu hojii dha. Hoggansi kamu dhiibbaa jireenya ofii fi kan hariiroo halagaan utuu hin dagamin sochii qabsoo bakka seett deebisuuf tolfamuuf gamtaa agarsiisuu qaba. Sochiin bilisummaa hanga diina harka bahanitt hin dhaabbatu. Hoggansi garuu yeroon kan dangahame waan theef imaammati saanii egerref kan dhimma baasu malee kan ofiffumaa hardhaa quufsu qofa tahuu hin qabu.

Gadaan kan dargaggooti. Jibba, laafinaa fi hammeenyi abba tokkee Gadaa darbee dhaalmaan darbuu hin qabu. Kana attamitt hambisuu dandeenya? Oromummaan jibbaan hin jaaramu. Goototi keenya jaalalaaf itt dhumanii. Ijoolleen keenyas isaan faana bu’u jennee abdanna. Dadhabaa qabnu jabeessanii jabaa keenya hirromsanii, daba keenya sirromsanii ilaa fi ilaameen nu gaggeessuu maalee, kan tirsaa dhufne badduu baasu hin jennuu. Oromiyaa kan Oromoo kan taasisu walabummaa dha. Kaayyoo walabummaatt yoo hin cichine, ummata maxxannee malee, bilisa fi abbaa biyyaa tahuun hin jiru. Oromoof jireenyi gammachuu fi bilisi abjuu tahee hafa.

Habashooti ummatooti kolonii Itophiyaa hundi of dhiisanii “nuwii” ta’aniiru jedhanii of amansiisaniiru. Sunis namoota yartuu moora ofii caalaa kan saaniif gamtaa agarsiisan laaluuni. Isaaniin kolonota cabsanii hardhas isaanuuman cabsaa jiru. Nuwi caalaa Itophiyaan hin jiru; nuti jirmaa malee dame fottoqu mitii; qabsoo nagaa malee lolli nu hin baasuu, kkf jedhaa mooraa diina shororkeesaa tahe beekaas utuu hin beeknis gabbisan jiru. Sanaaf fayyaalessi “ishooyee” dhiichisu hedduu dha. Dinni jabeessuuf “shuu!” jedhaa jirus akkasuma. Oromoon digaluu ofirraa urgufa malee jirma irraa fottoqu hin qabu. Oromoof waldhabdee eenyu waliinuu qaban nagaan fixachuun akeeka dudhaati. ABOnis haala kun itt dandahamu lafa kaa’eera. Walabummaan Oromoo garuu maaliifuu dhoofsisaaf dhihatee hin beeku. Kan hamaan itt dhufu ofirraa fachisuun mirga dhalootaati. Empayerri seenaa keessatt nagaan diigamee hin beeku. Kan duriif gowwoomniiru, “Gaallaa Gabarii Haaraan” lammattaa Oromoo hin gowwoomsituu.

Dargaggoon, Hagoosii fi Irgaxeen maaliif Tolasaa fi Birbirsott garaa jabaatu, maaliin caallanii biyyuma saanii irratt gooftaa itt tahan kan jedhu deddeebi’anii gaafachuu qabu. Deebiin saa halagaa waan tahaniif garaa itt jabaatu; qawwee waan qabaniif gooftaa irratt tahanii kan jedhu tahuu dandaha. Halagummaan seenaan dhufe; roorrisaa jalaa bahuuf falli qawwee harka buusuu qofa. Tolasaafaan yoo mirga ofii gaafatan diina nutti hammeessuuf jedhanii firooti rom’an jiru. Diina isaan fixuutt jiru sana caalaa mal akka hin gonetu sodaatame lataa? Tolasaafaan sodaan akka isaan hin baafne baranii qaata “Lama nun suufan” jedhanii ka’anii. Sanyi gadigalooti yoo ofiin hin jenne, Oromoon kamuu akkuma Tolasaafaa kutachuu qaba. Kanneen gooftaa irraa fagaatanii jiraachuu se’atanii hin beekneef, garaagarummaan ulfinaa fi salphinaa itt hin mullatu. Jannaa fi abeebi sanaan gargar bahu. Kan onnee qabu du’a hin sodaatu. Kan du’a hin sodanne gadgalummaa hin fudhatu. Kanaaf diinaaf hin sarmu.

Wayyaaneen mootummoota darban irraa adda fakkaachuuf sabooti Itophiyaa jala jiran mirga hiree muteeffannaa akka qaban heera saa keessatt galchee jira. Sun mirga ilmoo nama addunyaa maraan beekame, eenyuu sababa kamiifuu haaluu hin qabneett beekama. Garuu Madrak ni balaaleffate. Wayyaaneen hiree murteeffannaa haa fudhatu malee kolonummaa hin fudhanne ture. Kan angoo irraa finqilchaman hundi imaammata Wayyaaneen sabootaaf qabu hunda akka yaada gandummaa fi ummata Itophiyaa addaan ciruutt fudhatanii gadoodaa jiru. Ummata Itophiyaa yoo jedhan Amaaraa fi Tigraaway mataa qabu; jarri jabaannaan wacci koloniin wan guddaa miti jedhanii yaadu. Waa hin hubataniif malee, Wayyaaneen leelloo addaa Oromoo qabuuf utuu hin tahin akka itt Empayera tursuuf mala dhahuu saatii. OFKn Wayyaaneenuu ni soba malee hojiirra oolchuuf miti jennee, Ango 39 gaddhiifnee halagaa fromfachuuf Madrakitt galle jedhanii. Safuun kan carraa argataniin mirga ummata saaniin dhoofsisuutt cehaniitii.

Oromoof, empayerri diigamu malee furmaati hin jiru. Itophiyaan Empayera kan taate erga humnaan biyyoota walaba kibba shee koloneeffattee booda. Empayera kan isee tolche hariiroo kana. Empayerri haa diigamu jechuun hariiroo kun haa dhaabbatu jechuu dhaa. Itophiyaanis kolonoottis biyyoota walirraa walaba tahan ta’u jechuu dha. Waldhabdeen jiru karaa fedheen furmaata argachuu baannaan gidiran ummatoota wayyabaa itt fufa. Sun dhaloota egeriif akka tolu, hardha itt dhiiguu, itt cabuu, itt hidhamuu fi itt du’uu akka gafatu akeekkachiisa.

Kaasaan hundee mamii fi haala dimmimmisaawaa qabsaawota Oromoo gidduutt uume hariiroo Oromiyaa fi finnaa Itophiyaa gidduu jiru irratt qayyabannoo waloo dhabuu dha. Dadhabinni abba abbaa, ofittummaa, ofirrumaa fi kanneen biraa dabalata. Yoo sun qulqullaawe danqaraa karaa qabsoo irra buufame waliin kaasuun dandahama. Waan kana irratt gara hundaan keessaanlaalummaan jiraachuu qaba. Wal sobuu safuu gochuu dha. Ummati garaagarummaa Mormitu Amanamtuu tahanii mootummaa Habashaa waliin dhaabbatanii fi kan kanneen walabummaa Oromiyaaf bilisa tahanii qabsaawan gidduu jiru hubachuu barbaachisa. Isaan lamaan faradoo kaabaa fi kibbatt gulufan fe’achuu saanii utuu ilaallu “Bitaan yaaban mirgaan yaaban walgahi kooraa dhumaa” jechuun wan namaaf hin qayyabatamne. Jechichii akkuma jirutt kanneen gar tokkott farda tokkoo fe’atan qofaaf dhugaa tahuu dandaha.

Mormitooti Amanamtuun Oromoon aangoo baayyina saaniin walgitu argatanii Itopiyaa ta’anii jiraachuu dandahu jedhu. Yaadi akkasii caasaa fi hariiroo haaran kan amma jiru bakka bu’ utu uumama kan jedhu of keessaa qaba. Kun, kan hundi bu’uura saa itt buufatu yeroon cehumsaa jira jechuu dha. Kanatt amannaan utuu harka hin kennatiin dura dhoofsifsisuu hammam dhugoomuu akka dandahu mirkaneeffachuu ture. Garuu kan isaan yaadan waan gurra saboonotaatt ni tola jedhan malee waan ittt amanan miti. Yaadichi akka hin fudhatamnes beekuu. Jara aadaa aangoo nagaan walitt dabarsuu hin qabne hafee eenyuu wan itt dafqee, it naafatee, itt du’ee argate tola gad hin dhiisuu. Kanaaf sanaa yaaduun, isaanuma waliin akka mormituu amanamtuutt Oromiyaa saamuu irratt qooda fushachuun abbbalamee fakkaata. Sana utuu hin taane sabboonota dhugaan harka walqabatanii karaa dandahamu hundaan warartuu ofirraa buqqisanii hiree ofiitt abbaa tahuu yaaluu turanii. Imaammati saanii soda irratt waan hundaaweef harka kennachiisaa dha; kanaaf kaayyoo goototi du’aniif bakka hin bu’u.

“Nuwii” jechuun nuti Oromoon jechuu tahu ni hubana. Nuwii fi koloneeffataan keenya cunqurfamoota fi cunqursaa dha. Kanaaf hanga hariiroo kanaan jirrutt walii diina. Nama Oromoo haala duree tokko malee isanitt galee, Itophiyaa demokraatessuuf jedhu Oromoo raatessuu irraa akkamitt addatt ilaalaa? Wayyaanee irraawoo? Oromoon mormituu amanamtuu utuu hin tahin akkuma Wayyaanee DDUT (TPDM) keettoo harka lafa jalaan ni kaawwata taha. Jarri akkasii akeekas kan itt gabaasanis qabu; bakka dhaqan oo’ifatanii kan hafan hin tahanii.

Garee filachuun mirga abbaatii. Garuu mirgi sun kan dantaa Oromoo miidhu akka hin taane of keessaa bahanii ilaaluu gaafata. Oromoon utuu walabummaan jabeessee of hin ijaarinii fi, of hin bilisomsin Itophiyaa keessa seene gaafii saaf deebi soquu dhuguma dandaha? Koloneefffatan diinamoo fira ofirroo dha? Yoo diina tahe rukuttaa malee deemuuf hin taa’uu. Fira ofirroott kan fudhataniif qabsoon rukuttaa hin qabne yaalamuu ni dandaha. Kan qawwee hin hikkanne, mana hidhaa guyyuu cimfataa jiru, kan guyyuu ummata ofiitt roorrisu waliin dhaabbatanii waa’ee nagaa dubbachuun of sobuu hin tahuyii? Oromoon kan morman sirna koloniitii. Malbulcheessitooti keenya maaliif ABUT qofa irratt akka xiyyeeffanu nu tolchuu fedhu? Kan empayericha akka jirutt tursuu fedhu hundi diina ABUT gadii miti. ABUT qofa addaan baasanii ilaaluun murnoota Nafxanyaa ofirroo tahan walii tumsutt geessuu akka dandahu irra ilaalamuu hin qabu. Murni aangoo irra bahu hamilate kamuu Empayera sirna Nafxanyaa waan bakka bu’uuf kan waliin nakkaran taha. Diina akkasii waliin tole jedhanii hojjechuun nagummaa ni taha? Yoo dhuguma Oromummaatt ni amanna tahe utuu qawwee biyya ofiitt gara galchuutt hin ka’in debifnee of haa gaafannu.

Bu’uuri Oromummaa cimaan duubaan utuu hin jiraatiin caasaa empayeraa irraa dorgommeen aangoof godhamu fedhaa fi deggersa halagaan malee moo’uun hin dandahamu. Maqaa Oromoon mooraa diinaa keessatt sana malee moo’uu nan dandaha jechuun ofitt qoosuu dha. Halagaan sana fedhee deggeru yoo jiraate bu’aa keessaa kan harka guddaa barbaadu. Qabsoon Oromoo dadhabbii taatotaan yeroof rakkina keessa seenuun, kan murannoo hin qabne abdii kutachiisuu dandaha. Sun Oromoon ofirraa baqachuuf sababa tahuu hin qabu. Gaaffiin Oromoo kan deebii argatu yoo kanneen gaafatan waliin daawiitii Oromummaan ilaaluu yaalan qofa. Naannaa jirrutt martii martiin mari’achuu barbaachisa. Marii akkasiin yoo hobbaatiin argame, waan halle dhooftuu godina, ganda, gosa, amanteen furuu ni dhiifna taha. Dargaggoon haala jijjiiramuun xaxamu hin qaban. Manguddoon jibbaa fi ilaalcha dhiphoo ijoolleett dabarsuu yaalan yoo jiraatan abaaramoo dha.

Karaa fedheen waldhaantoo keenya itt oofaa sirna gadaa keessaa haala tokko tokko foyyessinee guddifachuu yaaluu dha. Fakkeenyaaf sirnaa gadaa keessatt guddina daa’imaaf xiyyeeffanoo guddaatu kennama ture. Ijoolleen waggaa dhalootaatt hiramanii hawasa keessatt qooda bahatan qabu. Barnoota, hojii, shakala qamaa adda addaatu akka waggaa dhalootaa yk hiriyaatt kennama. Bakka hedduutt hiriyaan kun dabballee, foollee (gaammee guddaa fixiqqaa) qondaalaa fi Raabaa Doorii jedhamu. Ijoollee aadaa fi namusa barsiisuuf ammas sun waan hin taaneef hin jiru. Wayyaaneen Oromiyaa, ganda, garee, gooxii, shaniif tokko, caasaa jedhutt hireera. Sanaa olis aanaa, godinaa kan jedhaman jiru. Ijaarammi hiriyaa kanneen keessatt tahuu dandaha.

Barnooti unkeffamaan mootummaa jala jira. Aadaa ofii guddifachuun mirga Heeraan beekame wan taheef barnoota hin unkeffamne akka dudhaatt kennuun mirga. Kanaaf guddina aadaa fi eenyummaa ofii kara sana misoomfachuun ni dandahama. Taphi, sirbi fi hojiin hiriyaa walitt fidu jajjabeefamuun bu’aa qaba. Egereen Oromoo daa’imman saaniitii. Yoo danda’ame kan diriire keessatt sirna hiriyaa ijaaruu dha. Bakka hin dandahamnett qixaa caasaa jiruun ijarrachuu dha. Seeraan ifatt guddini hawaasoma sabicha dhorgamnaan akkuma kan malbulchaa fudhatanii lafa jalaan lixuu dha. Kanneen Oromiyaa keessatt ganda fi jalee saa gaggeessan namootuma Oromiyaati. Wanti yaalamu isaanis kan hammachuu dandahu waan taheef gamtaa dhowwannaan safuu itt tahaa.

“Isaan” mirga ummatoota koloneeffatanii beekanii,seera saanii irra godhaniiruu. Mirgi seeraan jiru yoo hin guutamin abbaatu falmataa. Sana fiixaan baafachuun “Nuwi” ilaala jechuu dhaa. Mootummaa Cehumsaa kan seename nagaan fiixaan baafannaan amanameetu. Nu dagani. Haalamnee ari’amnee. Ergasii saqaan nu giddu jiru baldhataa malee dhiphataa hin jiru. Qabsoo nagaa wanti jedhamu akka hin baafne utuma waliin jirruu itt hidhamnee, itt duunee agarree. Mootummaan abbaa hirree tahe, kan seeraan bulmaata hin beekne biratt qasoon nagaa of ajjeesuu gaditt hin laalamu. Namooti utuma arganii sana lallaban jiru. Dhuumisii ummataa morma nagaa “Master Plan” Finfinneetiin gahe sammuu saanii hin hanqooqnee.

Cinaan waa jechuuf, Finfinneen wiirtuu Oromiyaa ummati hedduun qotatee, horii horsiifatee, lon hora obaafachuuf kan kallatii hallee itt yaa’an hundaa keessumsiisee, wal horee basha’ee irra jiraatu turte. Erga qabamtee babbalachuu hin dhaabne. Moototi ergasii dhufan hundi waa itt dabalaama dhufanii. Seeraa qofaan utuu hin tahin fedhaa gabaanis baballatteettii. Yero qabamte nammi irra jiru hundi buqqa’ee mooraa raayyaa koloneeffataatt hiramtee. Booda seeraan magaalaa muummitt finnaa Empayeraa, Oromoon homaa keessaa hin qabne taatee. Hamma Dargiitt magaalaa Amaaraa turte. Innis wuxinee “Master Plan” dhiisee darbe. Finfinneen hardhas yeroof Afaan Amaaraa haa dubbattu malee lafa naannaa seetii Oromoo irraa buqqisaa jiran raayyaa Tigrawaayyi hiramaa jiraachuutu dhagahama. Afaanni yoom akka jijjiiramu hin baramne.

“Master Plan” kan jedhamu seeraan mirkaneessuu malee Finfinneen qaata magaalota naannaa jiran liqimsitee. Haalli kun madaa o’aan jiraachuu fi bara Oromummaan nammi deebisee harka wal qabachuutt ka’e dhufuu saaf malee qabsoo biyya ofii irratt abbaa tahuuf godhamaa jiruu addatti kan ilaalamu miti. Yeroo kana sun tahuun tuffii diinni ummatichaaf qabu ifaatt baase. Duran keessan miti jedhanii keess nu ariinaan nama meeqa itt wareegne. Hin turre nu sossobachuuf deebitan jedhan. Garuu maqaaf malee achi keessaa homaa akka qabannu hin goone. Ammammoo Master Plan jedhanii nutt dhufanii. Kanaaf tuttuqaan Finfinneef nu kakaasaa jiru akeeka keenya isa guddaa akka nuwi hin irraanfachiifne eeggachuu dha. Nuuf Finfinneen qama Oromiyaati; hardha iseef iyyinullee qabsoo walabummaa see kan Oromiyaan addatt hin laalluu. Isaaniif waanti amma godhaa jiran bulchootaf madda duroomaa kanaan dura hin tuqamne argamsissuu fi mirkaneessaa wiirtuun Oromiyaa Amaara harka Tigrawaayitt darbuuti. Shaggar qofa utuu hin tahin magaalota Oromiyaa hunda malaan Oromiyaa keessatt laaqii Habashaa tahanii akka hafan mala dhahaa jiru. Oromoon maal godhaa jiraa?

Akkuma bara Cehumsaa kan fira fakkaatanii Mormituu Amanamtuu dhiddhiiban Wayyaaneef yeroo bituuf malee isaan hirromsuuf akka hin taane muuxannoo gahaatu jira. Hundi, haala malbuchaa hardha addunyaa keessa jiruun, dantaa saaniif walabummaa sabootaa utuu hin tahin, Empayera humna yaroon moo’amu filatuu. Haala kana kan jijjiiruu dandahu qabsoo cunqurfamoota qofaa. Kana irratt qabsoon Oromoo qooda guddaa taphachuu dandaha. Sochii bilisummaatii jiru sirna empayeraa jalatt maqaa Oromoon eenyuu goloota sabhedduu waliin dorgomee xiyyeeffannoo hin argatu. Yeroo hagam haa fudhatuu malee, kan kaayyoo saaf dudhama fi kutannoo qabu bakka akeekate irraa hin hankaakuu. Hanga Oromiyaan walaboomtutt “Nuwii fi Isaan” gidduu firummaan hin jiru.

Ulfinaa fi surraan gootota kufaniif; walabummaa, walqixxummaa fi bilisummaan kan hafaniif; nagaa fi araarri Ayyaana abboolii fi ayyoliif haa tahu.

* Ibsaa Guutama: Gubirmans.com



We and Them (Oromo and the Colonizer)

By Ibsaa Guutama* | October 2015

“You have no calf muscle; how can you kick the ground boy?
You have no cooperation; how can you hurt others boy?” *

Unbearable colonial abuse that included attempt to erase history, culture, language and tradition of the Oromo made people to rise in struggle. That is why while continuing the struggle for birth right, to adopt relevant principles from the Gadaa system should not be overlooked. When the Oromo youth rose for the national liberation struggle, their people’s kaayyoo and who enemies and friends are, were clear to them. That has been put down in the political program of their vanguard organization, the OLF. Then, there was visible cairn between enemy and friends. Leadership prerogatives were also set. With time, everything started to get murkier and jumbled up. Now, there is hesitation to distinguish between friends and enemies; leadership term and power limit, functionaries and members rights and duties became beyond definition. We are losing common understanding to whom to say “We” and “They”. Therefore, it is incumbent on the youth that feels concerned about affairs of their people to start debating seriously. In olden days, a Gadaa never outstays its term. Each incoming Gadaa proclaims new laws or proclaim the existing ones as its own. No one was above the law. That is a principle to be emulated. Now, that the Gadaa legally and culturally belong to the youth, the duty to pull the nation out of the confusion rests with them. Those who can do this are those who are part of the process and are contributing to people’s struggle. How the Oromo struggle is being handled by different quarters these days is worrisome. Hence, everyone has to self-examine in good faith and come up with suggestions on how to find a solution. All Oromo leading personalities have duty and responsibility to help in leading towards that end.

Concentric circles

Those who considered themselves as “We” in Oromummaa can be seen as concentric circles. The small circle near to the center can be considered as the family. After that, it develops to “balbala”, clan, tribe and nation. It means, the nation is the outer circle that embraces all. In each circle, there could be points that refer to each other as “we” and “they”. In all circles, there could be different points of character, faiths, counties and regions. Those differences are adopted after birth and can also be changed. For the wise, the differences can benefit in overall strengthening of the circles, but in the hands of the evil, they could bring catastrophe. At any level, if points in a circle demand higher loyalty than the circle or the concentric circles, it means something is wrong; it has to be fixed fast. If difference outweighs unity of the nation, it will have a disastrous consequence.

One is born with Oromummaa and it is not something one can wash away; its gene passes from generation to generation. Even with this truth Oromummaa is not surging forward to be the guiding outlook for all. Confusion and temptations spread by enemy propaganda is creating new version of legendary “Ladder of Arroojii” or The Tower of Babel where failed to the same language. Among activists there are those who are not self-conscious and also lack self-confidence. The people are great people that had share in pre-Christian civilizations. They had democratic culture if not the greatest, not inferior to any known so far. They are the biggest in numbers among those in the region. They have significant natural resources. No one will blame them for knowledge, skill, love of peace and bravery. No one preceded them in monotheism. But those that move in their name do not reflect all those qualities. Rather they humiliate Oromummaa by being despised rather than feared; be led rather than leading; show meanness rather than humility; rather than appearing graceful by coordinating own people, to replace it, they prefer gathering around them trifles that reperesent no one. For these reason visible and potential capabilities of this people is not utilized. What is to be done? How can it be possible to pull out from this humiliation? Those whose conscience cannot bear such humiliation have to think over. There is no alternative to putting ones house in order before stretching hands yonder.

Oromummaa embraces the circles of regionalism, faith, tribalism etc. For this reason it means loyalty to it has priority over all others for Oromo individuals. Any relation with all those referred to as, “They” should not contradict such loyalty. Otherwise it could result in separating from the hoard and favoring the enemy. Our colonizer is our enemy. For us enemy means one that puts individuals or nations under control or helps to put under control without their consent and orders on their body and resources at will and also denies their human and national rights and identity by forcing them to live under one with cruelty. Our enemy defiled our boundary. We are different in origin, language; country, vision, interest and objective. We are the invaded and they the invaders. We are the oppressed and they are the oppressors. We are kin they are aliens.

That is why it is said, if our being “We” is not guarded airtight we can never avoid abuse. This is the way Oromo view themselves. For the Habasha elites, present day Oromiyaa is their own territory from time immemorial; Oromo are invaders that came to this area in 16th century from uncertain origin that include rivers etc. Oromo had never had central authority so should not be considered as one nation. The do not deserve more than respect for their individual rights. These are ideas their ideologue daftaraa (clerics) inculcated in them for centuries and reinforced by chauvinist Nafxanyaa cadres of the present day. As a result they do not recognize the rights Oromo claim. This package is what Oromo in cahoots with them have accepted and abandoned the national question whose response could empower Oromo as an independent nation. That is why people say their move is doomed to failure.

So far we are continuing being persecuted for failing to show commitment and determination for cause of Oromummaa in unison. We had never seen when those that abandoned us in misery and run to those we call “They” flourished. It is only when the similar are put together that they become adorable. We are told that peoples of the world have become interdependent more than ever. However we are not told that every one of them gives priority to their own people’s interest. To amass more power and profit all advance by crushing the weak and never say “Oh my!” and help them up to walk them. Be it to get upper hand or to scape being stampeded those that have advantage are those that have strong unity and are well prepared. Now no one has to tell us how we organize ourselves and methods we use for our struggle that is our own part. We started our struggle because we believed that Oromo should first be liberated before entering competition with the world. It is only one that dares to distinguish between “We” and “They” that can get ready for it.

Instead of raising their own people’s level of consciousness so that they get their proper place there are many that chose to align with the enemy and improve own profile. So far many nationalists have tried in earnest to reveal the existing truth. Even them they tried to whisper through conspiratorial gagging and could not thunder as they were expected. The rest instead of magnifying and passing this frail voice preferred to murmur to themselves. Many Oromo worry about public opinion despite losing their country, honor and their identity. They do not realize that the public has no opinion for one who has nothing. That does not mean they are not angry, rather they are living with suppressed rage. Unless they release that, they will continue being played upon by a minority.

Therefore their solution is to rise from where they have fallen and shake off the parasitic enemy. Unless all roar and shout together for the abuse they are suffering from and deny others quite sleep no one will pay attention to their suffering. Only those that feel the pain of contempt and humiliation are outraged. There are those that ducked saying “You bend and make time and missiles to pass over you.” But missiles were sent down from above. It is only by actively standing against missiles that one can fend it off. To shit on oneself for inescapable death is to live with shame. The nation’s shame is honor for the enemy. It will continue shaming Oromo by dismantling, dispersing, impoverishing and dehumanizing them unless they awake in time and counter it. .

Habasha propaganda of brainwashing they grew with seems to have gone deep into the minds of most Oromo intellectuals than all they got from higher institutions of knowledge. Higher cadres that are entrusted with responsibility for the struggle were disoriented by changing conditions, pressure from different interest groups, personal problems and others. Oromo liberation movement emanated from the problem the nation was in. To learn and work in afaan Oromo was achieved by the movement. To have own letters (Qubee) was started by it. It is by the movement that many benefits were registered. All benefits achieved by Oromo liberation movement cannot be exhaustively told. These were registered by the braves whose bones are scattered all over Oromiyaa and never seen a grave. Did Oromo mothers stop giving birth to heroes after them? Those that want to exploit Oromiyaa’s resources without impediment are relentlessly attacking the movement from different direction to get political dominance. For them to stupefy Oromo and mount it just as before, the liberation movement must be destroyed. For this they are coordinating alliance from in and out. Unless liberation movement is led from where the problems are victories so far registered could be reversed. To save the movement from perishing is the duty of all Oromo.

But how can that be realized? First and formost it must be observed that organizational laws are not distorted to fit individual or group interest but implemented as they were intended for. Organization that tries to reflect interest of segment of its membership to satisy an individual or clique desire is an interst group or private association and cannot claim to be a political organization. Therefore its failure as a political organization is predetermined. Enemy that controls Oromiyaa is working day and night without rest to retain it longer. On Oromo side we do not see similar effort being made. If this practice remains unchanged the Oromo would always remain victims. The risk of challenging an enemy and dragging foot on defense could be more damaging than not challenging. It requires working hard day and night in greater force than the enemy to be worthy of the name liberation front. That could be achieved only if activist go to their roots and live according to own constitution and laws rather than imitating aliens and shun democracy. So far, except on paper Oromo did not produce practicing democratic organizations. Even its oldest and so far the best of all their organizations is not yet up to the standard this great nation deserves.

OLF, the vanguard organization had come down breaking apart at different times. It was a happy event when recently factions that broke up decided to work under one management until a General Assembly democratically constituted and genuinely reprsentative sits to unify them. It is hoped that leaders will give priority to unify the grass root so that “we and they” that could emanate from narrow mindedness will not persist among OLF members. Honarable people will not replace truth and openness with self defense. If the peace process goes as agreed, there is no reason that it could not come out successful. For that the National Council and those with executive functions have the responsibility and accountability. All hope that good faith shall prevail to take them through to victory. It must be known that leadership that cannot take this opportunity and correct irregularities to bring back the rule of law cannot lead this great people to victory.

That be as it may, the desired result may not be achieved unless old habits change. Those are what led to divisions and failures. But we have no immediate alternative than trudging with what we have. But if what we trudge cannot caryy on we will will not lack a solution. What should be done? It needs no less than a revolution to put things back in their right perspective. There are some that wiggle their tails when it is strong and hate even to see it with their eyes and call names when it is powerless. For any one that calls oneself a nationalist to hate OLF is to hate oneself. From one that loves Oromummaa what is required is work not grudge? Any leadership must cooperate to get the struggle back to its place, without being distracted by alien relations and personal predicaments. Liberation movement is not going to stop until freedom. But because leadership is limited in time, their policy should not be to satisfy their present ego alone but one that would be useful for the future as well.

This Gadaa belongs to the youth. Hate, weakness and meanness of some individuals of the past Gadaa should not be passed as heritage to the succeeding ones. How can we make stop to this? Oromummaa cannot be built on hatred. Our heroes perished for love. We hope our children will follow their example. They will rather strengthen the weak among us, empower our strong, straighten our crooked and lead us with “ilaa fi ilaamee” (orderly discussion) than finishing off what we have come dragging. It is independence that assures Oromiyaa belongs to the Oromo. Unless one holds fast to kaayyoo of independence it is not possible to be people with freedom and master of own country, except a “Maxxannee” or dependent people.

The Habashaa had convinced themselves that all colonial peoples have abandoned their identity and became them. That emanates from the few people that showed more cooperation to them than to their own people. They broke the colonies using them and are still continuing to use such collaborators to break them. There are those that knowingly or unknowingly nourish the terrorist enemy camp saying, there is no more Ethiopian than We; we are the stem not a branch to be pulled off; armed struggle is of no benefit to us but peaceful struggle etc. There are lots of naïve that say bravo to this. Enemy that say go for it are also as many. Oromo have only parasites to shake of and have no stem to get pulled off from. For Oromo it is a traditional policy to peacefully resolve conflicts they have with anyone. But their independence is nonnegotiable for whatever. To fend off anyone that comes with evil intentions is a birth right. In history empires have never been dismantled peacefully. The Oromo say we had been fooled by the so called “Gaallaa Gabar” (Buffer zone Gallaa) of olden days and shall never be fooled again by their new version.

The youth have to repeatedly ask themselves the question, why are Hagos and Irgaxe harsh on Tolasaa and Birbirso, in what ways are Hagoses better than them that they became their masters in their own country? The answer may be they are harsh because they are aliens; and they are better because they have the guns. Being alien comes with history; to be free from oppressors the solution is to disarm them. There are kin that tremble when the Tolasaas ask for their rights saying they will provoke the enemy to get harsher on them. What more can an enemy that is already erasing them more to frighten them than it already did? The Tolasaas had already realized that fear cannot be the solution and declared “they will never sniff us again”. If they are not accepting that they are of inferior race, any Oromo person ought to have determination like the Tolasaas. Those that have never imagined living away from their masters cannot visualize the difference between honor and humiliation. The brave and cowards are distinguished by that. The courageous are not afraid of death. One that is not afraid of death does not accept dehumanization. For that reason one does not obey the enemy.

To seem different from past regimes Wayyaanee has inserted articles in its constitution recognizing the right of nations under the Ethiopian state to national self-determination. That is a human right recognized by the world not to be denied for any reason by any one. But Madrak condemned it. The Wayyaanee accepted nations’ right to national self-determination though it did not recognize their colonial status. The group that was overthrown is still lamenting about policies Wayyaanee have for nationalities as regionalism and intention to divide the people of Ethiopia. When they say the people of Ethiopia they have in mind Amaaraa and Tigrawayi; if these are strengthened they believe the cacophony of the colonies is not a big deal. They did not understand that Wayyaanee had recognized those right not because it favors the Oromo but that was the only way to keep the empire going for the time under the circumstances. The OFC also said they believed Wayyaanee is only lying and would not put it into practice, so we agreed to scrap article 39 to join Madrak and befriend aliens. Woe to those that with any chance compromise their nation’s interest.

For the Oromo there is no solution unless the empire is dismantled. Ethiopia became empire after she colonized independent peoples to the south of her kingdom by force. It was that realtion that made her empire. Let the empire be dismantled means let that relation cease to exist. It means Ethiopia and her colonies become independent of each other. Ethiopia cannot continue as empire if Oromiyaa become independent. Independence of Oromiyaa can come through peaceful negotiation or armed struggle. If the conflict is not resolved soon in any way the suffering of majority people will continue. It requires bleeding, getting maimed, get imprisoned and dying for it today, for future generation to lead a better life tomorrow.

The lack of common understanding on the relation between Oromiyaa and the Ethiopian state is the root cause of suspicious and murky relations between Oromo activists. Individual weakness, selfishness, arrogance and others are secondary. It is only possible to get rid of the road block if that gets clear. On this issue transparency is required from all sides. Deceits must be made “safuu”. The people must clearly know the difference between joining colonial government with Oromo name as loyal opposition and struggling independently for independence of Oromiyaa. If two horses were saddled facing south and north, to say “If you mount on the left or right side destination is the saddle” is absurd. The saying may literally be true only for one horse.

Loyal Oppositions say the Oromo can live as Ethiopians by being given political power commensurate with their numbers. This assumes the creation of new structure and relations to replace the present one. That demands a transitional period where all organize their own base. If one believes in this the possibility must have been negotiated before surrendering. But what they wanted is something that appeals to nationalist ears, not what they believe in. They know that the idea will not be accepted by the colonizer. Let alone folks that have no culture of peacefully transferring power, no body willingly gives up what one had sweated for, maimed for and died for. Hence even thinking about it seems having the intention to join them in blundering Oromiyaa as Ethiopian loyal opposition not going beyond that. Otherwise they should have joined true nationalist to dislodge the invader by all available means and become masters of their own destiny. Their policy is based on fear and so capitulatory; for this reason it cannot substitute the ideal heroes are dying for.

“We” means, we the Oromo. We and our colonizers are the oppressed and the oppressor. For this reason until such relation is changed they are our enemies. How can we see an Oromo person that joined them with excuse of democratizing Ethiopia differently from one stupefying Oromiyaa? What about from Wayyaanee? Oromo, like Wayyaanee may assign underground agents like TPDM not loyal opposition. Such types will have objectives and where to report; they will not be those that remain wherever they find comfort.

To choose sides is ones right. But that needs to go out of oneself and see if that choice does not affect Oromoo interest. Can the Oromo really look for answers to their question in Ethiopia before getting independently well organized and liberating themselves? Is the colonizer an enemy or an arrogant friend? If it is an enemy it cannot go away without violent means. For those that take it as an arrogant friend non-violent struggle may be tried. Is it not deceiving oneself to stand with a system that did not disarm itself, strengthens its prisons daily and one that continuously abuse its own people and talk about peaceful struggle? The Oromo are against the colonial system. Why do our politicians want us to target only the TPLF? Any one aspiring to control the empire maintaining as it is, is no less an enemy than the TPLF. Let it not be overlooked that singling out the TPLF could lead to allying with chauvinist Nafxanyaa groups. Any group that takes power represents the empire Nafxanyaa system to deal with. Can it be considered struggle at all let alone peaceful struggle to willingly work with such an enemy? Let us ask ourselves again, before we start turning guns against own people.

It is naivety for one that has no strong Oromummaa rear to expect winning competition for power within empire’s structure without the will and support of aliens. To believe that you could win in enemy camp without that support, with Oromo name, is to make fool out of oneself. Even if there is an alien that is willing to support, it is one that expects bigger return from the benefit. That Oromo struggle is in difficulties because of weakness of actors can put those lacking determination into despair. That should not be an excuse for Oromo to run away from their own self. Oromo question could get answer only when those that asked try to see it in light of Oromummaa. Let it be debated in circles wherever Oromo are. There is no reason for such discussions not to lead to fruitful results. If so they may stop using region, tribe, and faith as a measurement to interpret the world. The youth should not get entangled in passing phenomenon. If there are elderly that try to transmit hate and narrow outlook affecting the young they will be only the cursed ones.

Advancing our struggle in whatever way, it is good to try and adopt certain aspects from the Gadaa system. For example, in the Gad system much attention was given to raising children. In society children are divided into age groups and given roles. Education, work and different physical exercises were given according to “hiriyaa” or peer group. These peer groups are referred to in many places as dabballee, foollee (gaammee guddaa fi xiqqaa) qondaalaa and Raabaa Doorii. There is no reason why raising children teaching culture and discipline should not be practiced in that way now. The Wayyaanee had divided Oromiyaa in structures called ganda, garee, gooxii and “one for five”. Above that there are also zones and districts. Formal education is under the government. Since it is a constitutional right to develop ones culture; to give informal education in a traditional way is a right. For this reason it is possible to advance the development of one’s culture and identity in that way. The future of Oromo nation is its children. If possible the hiriyaa system can be organized in already existing structure. Wherever it is not possible a parallel structure to the existing could be built. If societal development is officially forbidden one has to take it underground just like the political one. Those that head structures are citizens of Oromiyaa; safuu can be invoked on them for they are also embraced.

“They” who recognized the rights of the colonized peoples have put them in their constitution. It is up to those (We) that claim those rights to get them enforced. The OLF participated in the Transitional arrangement believing it will be fulfilled peacefully. “We” were cheated. We were denied and expelled. Since then the gap between us and “they” is keeping on widening not narrowing. We had worked with them dying and being imprisoned; by doing so we proved that so called peaceful struggle doesn’t work. To talk about peaceful struggle with dictatorial governments or those that do not abide by the rule of law amount to committing suicide. There are people who even if they have seen what happened still advocate for it. The genocide committed during peaceful protest against so called Finfinnee Master Plan did not scratch their minds.

Just to note as a passing remark, Finfinnee was the center of Oromiyaa where people lived in happiness tilling land and raising domestic animals as well as entertaining cattle brought to her hora (salt water) from all parts of central Oromiyaa and producing offspring. She has never stopped expanding since occupation. Rulers that came since went on adding portions to her. Not only by law has she also increased but with market influence as well. When she was occupied native Oromo were evicted and she was divided into military camps. Later she was incorporated as the citadel of colonial government in which Oromo is left with nothing in her. She was Amaara town until the demise of Darg. Though she is still speaking Amharic it is told that the surrounding area from which Oromo are again evicted are distributed among Tigrawayi hoard. It is not known when the language will be switched to Tigrigna. But how long should Finfinnee remain alien to Oromiyaa?

The purpose of so called Master Plan is only to legalize Finfinnee’s fait accompli swallowing of the surrounding towns. Except for occurring at a time when the wounds are new and people have started to join hands conscious of their Oromummaa, it cannot be separately viewed from the struggle to become masters of own country. The so called Master Plan only exposed the contempt the enemy has for the people. Earlier they chased us out saying it is not yours and we sacrificed so much people and resources as a result. It did not take them long to tell as to get back just to wheedle us. But except for the name we were not given any thing in it. Now they came with what they say Master Plan. Be it as it may, provocation that is agitating us for Finfinnee should not make us forget our higher goal. For us Finfinnee is part of Oromiyaa; though we are lamenting for her today we do not see the struggle we make for her differently from that we make for our Oromiyaa. For them what they are doing now is exploiting the resource so far untouched and assuring the transfer of hub of Oromiyaa from Amaaraa to Tigraawway with expanded radius. Not only Shaggar but they are also plotting to make all towns in Oromiyaa remain Habashaa islands in Oromiyaa. What are Oromo doing?

There is enough experience that, there are those trying to cajole the Opposition pretending to be friends simply to buy time for the Wayyaanee, not to empower them, just like the transitional period. From the political conditions in the world all preferred an empire lead by minority for their own national interest not for independence of the oppressed majority. This situation can be changed only with struggle of the oppressed. In this Oromo struggle could play a major role. As long as there is Oromoo liberation movement no party competing in Oromo name against multinational parties under empire system will get attention.However long it might take with determination and commitment they will not fall short of their desired goal. There will be no friendship between “We and They” until Oromiyaa is liberated.

Ulfinaa fi surraan gootota kufaniif; walabummaa, walqixxummaa fi bilisummaan kan hafaniif; nagaa fi araarri Ayyaana abboolii fi ayyoliif haa tahu.

* Ibsaa Guutama: Gubirmans.com