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Ethiopia: President Obama Should Urge Changes to Help Civil Society, Political Opposition July 24, 2015

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Freedom House

Ethiopia's scores on freedom




(Freedom House) — As President Obama prepares to visit Ethiopia next week, Freedom House has prepared policy recommendations for the White House, highlighting Ethiopia’s undermining of civil society, independent media, and the political opposition:

“The political environment during parliamentary elections held in May included arrest, harassment and intimidation of opposition members and supporters,” the letter says. “Apart from seriously eroding citizens’ faith in any prospect of an inclusive political framework, the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front’s entrenched control over all levers of political power sends a strong signal that all avenues of legitimate dissent are closed, fomenting resentment that could lead to violent extremism.”

“Freedom House recommends that President Obama urge the Government of Ethiopia to undertake a comprehensive review of the country’s civil society and anti-terrorism laws and to release imprisoned journalists and peaceful political activists.”

Read the policy reccomendations below.

Ethiopia is rated Not Free in Freedom in the World 2015, Not Free in Freedom of the Press 2015, and Not Free in Freedom on the Net 2015.

Freedom House is an independent watchdog organization that supports democratic change, monitors the status of freedom around the world, and advocates for democracy and human rights.

Ethiopia: Policy Recommendations, July 2015


In 2009, the Ethiopian Parliament passed the Charities and Societies Proclamation (CSP), tightly restricting Ethiopian civil society organizations (CSOs). This includes limiting the amount of foreign funding that organizations are allowed to receive to 10 percent. Legislation passed in 2009, the Anti-Terrorism Proclamation (ATP) has been extensively used to silence critical voices including independent journalists and members of opposition political parties. These laws coupled with other government policies seriously limit the ability for independent voices to be heard.

Political Space and Inclusive Political Process

In May, the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) conducted another tightly controlled national election and won all seats in both federal and regional legislatures. The political environment included the widespread arrest, harassment and intimidation of opposition members and supporters. Apart from seriously eroding citizens’ faith in any prospect of an inclusive political framework, EPRDF’s control of all levers of political power sends a strong signal that all avenues of legitimate dissent are closed, fomenting resentment that could lead to violent extremism. The rise in politically motivated killings of opposition activists after announcement of the election results in May and June (seven reported cases) shows that local officials believe that a total win for EPRDF means no space for opposition. Freedom House therefore recommends that during his visit, President Obama:

  • Urge the Ethiopian government to release members and supporters of opposition political parties imprisoned as a result of their peaceful political activities.
  • Encourage the Ethiopian government to undertake a thorough review of electoral laws and institutions to allow for a meaningful engagement of civil society in voters’ education and election observation activities.
  • Call on the Ethiopian authorities to take measures to address the concerns being raised by the country’s Muslim population. A positive first step in this direction could be releasing representatives of the Muslim community that have been in prison since 2012 being tried under the ATP.

Civil Society and Media

The CSP has effectively decimated human rights groups in Ethiopia. While the stated purpose of the CSP is ‘to aid and facilitate the role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the development of the country,’ it has actually forced at least 10 prominent human rights and democracy promotion organizations to abandon their mandates in order to continue receiving foreign funding while others were forced to scale back their operations significantly. As a direct result of the CSP, Ethiopia’s leading human rights NGO, Ethiopian Human Rights Council (EHRCO, now HRCO), had to close 9 of its 12 regional offices and cut 85 percent of its staff. The Ethiopian Women Lawyers’ Association (EWLA), another prominent group, cut nearly 70 percent of its staff. Authorities also froze the bank accounts of these groups. In addition to the severe restrictions the CSP imposes on funding and human rights work, the dysfunctional legal framework it put in place is actively undermining the role of civil society in development. A 2014 performance audit conducted by the Federal Auditor General found that more than 85 percent of NGOs were not able to comply with one or more of the expenditure and reporting requirements. The Director of the Charities and Societies Agency, the government agency in charge of regulating NGOs, told parliament that if his agency were to enforce the CSP as written, all NGOs would have closed. During President Obama’s visit to Ethiopia, Freedom House recommends that he:

  • Urge the government of Ethiopia to undertake a comprehensive review of the CSP and the eight implementation guidelines (directives) that limit access to international funding for human rights organizations and their abilities to form networks and consortia.
  • In the short term, seek ways of making U.S. government funding accessible to Ethiopian human rights groups by setting up a special ‘human rights and civil society’ fund that is not subject to the 10 percent foreign funding cap. The European Union successfully negotiated such an arrangement with the Ethiopian government.
  • Welcome the recent release of five journalists and bloggers and call for the release of the remaining 11 journalists and bloggers as well as scores of peaceful opposition activists who are currently in prison.
  • Meet with human rights defenders, civil society activists and recently released journalists and bloggers as a demonstration of U.S government support and solidarity to their cause.

Human Rights and National Security

After Ethiopia’s most competitive elections in 2005 concluded with violence and the detention of hundreds of opposition members and civil society leaders, EPRDF moved to systematize the tools of political control through a series of restrictive legislation backed by intense crackdown on media and civil society intended to silence perceived opponents and critics. As a result, the operational space for legitimate opposition, independent media and human rights activists has been seriously constrained. The ATP is being used to pursue vigorous prosecution of opposition party members and journalists.

The excesses of Ethiopia’s counter-terrorism operations that include arbitrary arrests, widespread practice of torture, alarming trends of disregard to due process rights of detainees and excessive pre-trial detention have stifled legitimate dissent and created a profound climate of fear. Lack of accountability of security forces is exacerbated by a judiciary that is largely subservient to the executive and lacks institutional autonomy to exercise effective oversight and enforcement of constitutionally guaranteed human rights protections. Freedom House therefore recommends that President Obama:

  • Urge the Ethiopian government to review the provisions of the ATP that lay out an overbroad definition of legitimate activities of journalists and political activists as acts of terror.
  • Call on Ethiopian authorities to adhere to national and international standards of due process and fair trial in their treatment of detainees under the ATP; and establish an effective mechanism of accountability for law enforcement officials who commit human rights violations.
  • Offer US technical assistance in reviewing the ATP to bring it up to international standards, and train law enforcement and judicial personnel in international human rights principles and prudent counter-terrorism techniques.
  • Reiterate the need for civil society to be considered a partner rather than an obstacle in counter-terrorism efforts and stress the role civil society can play in addressing the underlying challenges and gaps that drive extremism.

Support for Human Rights and Democracy Promotion

Given the highly repressive political environment in Ethiopia, it is admittedly difficult to support those who risk their lives to promote democracy and human rights. But it is not impossible, and if such groups are to survive in Ethiopia, they need outside support. Even a small increase in democracy and human rights assistance can have an enormous impact in ensuring that local civil society is able defend the fundamental rights of all Ethiopians. Freedom House recommends that the Obama Administration:

  • Increase USAID’s democracy, human rights, and governance (DRG) budget for Ethiopia to support programs that aim to strengthen independent media and investigative journalism in an effort to stem growing trends of official corruption and other human rights abuses. The current obligated amount of $350,000 for DRG represents only 1.68 percent of the Agency’s obligated total funding for Ethiopia. Expand USAID programming to cover much needed capacity building support in digital security and human rights monitoring to civil society and digital activists.

Obama’s Pilgrimage of National Interest.   Godaansa Fedha Sabaawaa July 14, 2015

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???????????Ethiopia's scores on freedom

Obama is going to tie knots with TPLF-EPRDF’s Ethiopia, the poorest country on the planet – on behalf of the richest and the most powerful country of the world. That is his right. Forget the stereotypical consolation of discussing human rights and democratic governance. The main purpose is economy and security. Again forget about the highest economic growth rates fanned by financial institutions. That, there is no growth can be seen with necked eyes. Million are hungry and destitute. This trip will try to accomplish the deregulation of remaining sectors, like banking, telecoms, land, etc. As far as the peoples of the Ethiopian empire are concerned, these were already deregulated, but monopolized by TPLF business conglomerates. International corporations want their big share. – Ibsaa Gutamaa

Obama’s Pilgrimage of National Interest

By Ibsaa Guutama* | July 2015

The oppressed and abused of Africa, and their friends and sympathizers are making their voices heard high above the globe that President Obama refrain from legitimizing dictatorship and human rights abuse in Ethiopia. This is not a casual visit, but a pre-planned trip for which arrangements were made to pave the way for the diplomatic pampering of the most brutal regime in the area; a long-time Guerrilla-friendly ambassador was appointed in addition to a visit by the U.S. Assistant Secretary for African Affairs. The rulers of Ethiopia were among those that Clinton’s Democrats branded as the “new breeds of African Democrats.” Many have now fallen out of line. These ones are also starting wavering. This visit of the President may keep them in line before they jump to another bandwagon. Obviously, it is not a pilgrimage of democracy, but that of “NATIONAL INTEREST.”

Democracy is an ideal which all human beings aspire to attend. So far, we have seen attempts, not commitment, to it. It is a principle well defined by persons like Abraham Lincoln, “Government of the people for the people …” But, in most cases, it remains in principle, not in practice. Otherwise, it is assumed that democracy is the standard of political governance – which has, at least, as ingredients equality, freedom, fairly elected officers, and freedom of speech and expression. Any of this missing, there could be no democracy. As the Assistant Secretary of U.S. State Department once said, “America believes in ‘NO DEMOCRACY NO COOPERATION.’” Ethiopia lacks even the few ingredients of democracy mentioned; however, cooperation has never been lacking for the last quarter of a century. It is alright to delay one to three years, but not to abide by one’s promise for so long, for the greatest country of the world is tantalizing. If people’s sovereignty was respected, there was no need to petition a far off power for one’s internal affairs. Their problem could be solved within the region. But, that remaining a wish, expecting fairness and impartiality from those interfering is not too much. Considering their position, they have the moral responsibility to do that.

On part of the abused people, the assumption that democracies of the world will come to their rescue should have been given up long ago. But, unfortunately, protest is made through the social media, through demonstration marches, through written materials, etc. to oppose the continued cooperation. It is all in vain; world powers are blinded by national interests. Hence, the poor and oppressed peoples of Africa are left solely to themselves to fight for their rights. The real “survival of the fittest” theory is being practiced by the world against Africa. Africans have come so long on their own; they have to continue gallantly defending their land, interests and dignity – not to perish silently. Whatever they are doing, world powers are doing knowingly and convinced that they are doing the right thing. Thousands could go hungry, rot in prison, forced to flee their country, and thousands could die and disappear, they are not worth severing friendship relations with perpetrators of genocide.

Obama is going to tie knots with TPLF-EPRDF’s Ethiopia, the poorest country on the planet – on behalf of the richest and the most powerful country of the world. That is his right. Forget the stereotypical consolation of discussing human rights and democratic governance. The main purpose is economy and security. Again forget about the highest economic growth rates fanned by financial institutions. That, there is no growth can be seen with necked eyes. Million are hungry and destitute. This trip will try to accomplish the deregulation of remaining sectors, like banking, telecoms, land, etc. As far as the peoples of the Ethiopian empire are concerned, these were already deregulated, but monopolized by TPLF business conglomerates. International corporations want their big share.

As for security, the TPLF is “the key ally of the U.S.” in hunting down terrorism. Already, many Ethiopian empire’s recruits have perished unaccounted for in Somalia. TPLF is ever ready to engage whenever the U.S. pays without any limit to geography in their deployment. The visit may encourage the continuation of this relation. As for terrorism, TPLF is manufacturing them at its convenience – killing thousands, and terrorizing and imprisoning numberless. Yes, the people have risen and are rising further against the TPLF terror. It is a rise for “liberty equality, freedom and peace” – which no body claims to know its cause and effect more than America. But since terrorism is not defined, the whole population of the empire is branded as a terrorist and is subject to persecutions. It is without consideration to redefine that the package is going to be discussed to strengthen the relation. The peoples of the empire, in particular the Oromo and journalists, are going to continue being terrorized.

Let alone a big power, the tiniest being knows no limit in defending its interests. But, for human beings, there should have been moral restraints. Here, our concern is not that for now. It is a lesson from history. During the past regimes, and under the present one, whenever there is an occasion, the destitute in towns are rounded up, beaten and taken to unknown places. There, they live in crowded enclosure without enough food and water in a deplorable hygienic environment. Many perish unreported. Now that a leader of the most powerful country is coming, and since the coming is unprecedented, unprecedented measures are certainly going to be taken. What makes this time different is that thousands were recently uprooted from their homes by the land grab, and the policy to de-Oromize and expand Finfinne (Addis Ababa). The evicted are the majority of thousands of homeless in Finfinnee. A fate worse than that of the infamous Shoolaa Camp under the emperor is awaiting them. Then very few mothers, children and the elderly were saved from typhus epidemic after university students discovered them accidentally. In addition to rounding these up much more harsh measures are to be expected to impress U.S. intelligence that certainly will be there to bolster their efforts.

Many complain that the visit amounts to recognizing the atrocities committed by the notorious dictators of the Horn of Africa. Had Africa not been ruled by autocrats pretending to be elected democrats, the visit would not have happened. Only those types can serve as partners in plundering the wealth and service of the continent during this period of the New Scramble for Africa. Whether the President visits or not, his administration had already recognized legitimacy of the illegitimate. The endeavors made to “democratize, and the free and fair election” was praised by frontline cadres months ago. Was it true? What they should complain about must have been their not been ready to defend their interests as peoples. Assuming democratic values are intrinsically universal, and no double standard for it, it would have been just if the President did not make the trip his predecessors had avoided. Healthy human and political developments could have eventually served the interests he is after better and for a longer time to come. But, the world had never been just.

If the President does not come out with a conclusion that he was dealing, not with hooligans, but legitimate rulers, the agony of the peoples of the Horn is going to be double fold; for the hooligans will be more encouraged with their brutality. We wish the President a good trip to his father’s land and back to the White House. Here inHabashaa land, his Lou people are going to be considered as Americans for his participation in the American administration, as Oromo are considered likewise for Tafarii’s participation in the Ethiopian administration. This trip will give the Wayyaanee a moral boost. We will see the leaders gleaning sitting around this powerful leader of the world to get photographed for the last time. People of the empire will wake up to another miserable day worse than before.Bon Voyage, Mr. President! Viva Oromiyaa! The struggle shall continue!

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty, equality and freedom for the living, and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our forefathers!

* Ibsaa Guutama: Gubirmans.com

Godaansa Fedha Sabaawaa

Ibsaa Guutama irraa* | Adoolessa 2015

Ummati Afrikaa cunqurfamee fi itt roorrifame fi michuulee fi mararfatooti sagaleen saanii akka dhagahamutt baaqulaa ol kaasanii Presidant Obaamaan akka abbaa hirree fi mirga ilmoo namatt roorrisaa seerawaa gochuu irraa of qoqopbatu iyyaa jiru. Kun daawwii tasaa utuu hin tahin imaltu dursee karoorfame. Bulchoota godinaa keessaa nama nyaataakan tahee qanansiisa malbeekii kennuuf karaa haxaawuuf jechuun, daawwii Ittaantu Barreessituu Murnaasa Finnaatt dabalamee ambasadara michuu riphee lolaa bara hedduu muudamteett . Bulchooti Itophiyaa kanneen demokratoti Klinton “dhaloota demokratotaa haaraa” jedheen keessaa tokko turan. Hedduun amma karaa irraa maqaniiru. Jarri kunis daddaaqaa jiru. Daawwiin Presidant kun utuu isaan kan biraatt hin utaalin karaa irra isaan buusa taha. Godaansich godaansa demokraasii miti, kan “FEDHA SABAAWAATI.”

Demokraasiin fakmishoo ilmaan namaa hundi bira gahuuf hawwani. Hanga yoonaa abbala malee hojii irra ooluu saa hin agarree.Kun akeeka namoota akka Abraham Loncolniin dansatt “Mootummaa ummataa ummataaf …” jedhamee furameera. Garuu gara caaluu shaakala utuu hin tahin akeeka tahee hafe. Kanaaf malee akka jedhamutt demokraasiin hangammeessa bulcha malbulchaa kan qabeen saa yoo xinnaate “walqixxummaa, birmadummaa, qondaalota qajeeltoon kennatamanii fi bilisummaa haasaa fi of ifsuu” of keessaa qabu. Kanneen keessaa tokko hirdhannaan demokraasiin hin jiru. Akka bar tokko Ittaanaa Barreessaan Finnaa jedhett Amerikaan “DEMOKRAASIIN HIN JIRU, GAMTAAN HIN JIRU” kan jedhutt amana. Itophiyaatt qabee yartuu dhahaman keessaa hundatu hanqata. Garuu gamtaan arfacha jaarraaf hanqatee hin beeku. Waggoota tokko fi sadii tursuun hama hin tahu; yeroo dheeraa akkasiif biyyi addunyaa keessaa dagaagaan kun irbuu seene hin guutin hafuun malalchiisaa dha. Utuu moo’ummaan ummatootaa ulfeeffame dhimma keessa waliif humna fagoott iyyachuun barbaachisaa hin turre. Dhibdeen saanii godinaa keessatt furamuu dandaha ture. Garuu sun hawwa tahee hafus jara dhimmicha keessa seenan irraa qajeeltuu eeggachuun waan guddaa miti.

Sun kan fedhe haa tahu, gara itt roorrifamootaan demokraatoti addunyaa nuu birmatu taha jedhaanii eeggachuu qaata dhaabbachuutu irra ture. Garuu kan nama dhibu mormiin, gamtaan akka dhaabbatu karaa qubqabsiisii hawaasomaa fi dhiicha hiriiraan, barruulee kkf itt fufee jira. Hundi dhama’uu qofa; anga’oon addunyaa “fedha sabaawaan” jaamaniiru. Kanaaf hiyyeeyyii fi cunqurfamoon Afriikaa akka mirga ofiif lolatan of qofaatt dhiifamani. “Baraarama kan caalaa of dandahuu” dhugaan addunyaan Afriikaa irratt shaakalamaa jira. Afriikaanoti hanga yoonaa ofumaan as gahaniiruu; callisanii dhumuu irra jannumaan lafa, fedha fi ulfina saanii irraa faccisaa itt fufuu qabu. Anga’ooti addunyaa kan godhan hunda beekaa godhu, akka waan sirrii hojjetaa jiran of amansiisaniiru. Kumooti beela’uun, hidhaa keessatt samuun, biyyaa ari’amuu fi kumooti du’uu fi baduun firummaa kanneen qacefixa raawwatanii dhiisisuuf nafii hin guutani.

Obaaman ABUT-ADWUE biyya, biyyoota addunyaa hunda keessaa deegduu taatett rakoo qaluuf deema. Sun mirga saati. Jecha mararfannaan keessa deddeebi’amu waa’ee mirga ilmaan namaa fi bulcha demokratawaa jedhamu haa irraanfannu. Mummichi manaa isa baase dhimma diinagdee fi nageenyatii. Ammas waa’ee deettii guddina diinagdee dhaabota horoon afarsamus haa irraanfannu. Akka guddinni hin jirre ija qullaan ni argama. Kumkumooti beela’oo fi deegoo dha. Daawwiin kun kutaa diinagdee dambii jalaa hin bahin hafan kan baasisuu yaalu.Ummatoota Empayera Itophiyaaf kun qaata dambii jalaa bahee, garuu hidhata daldala ABUTin dhuunfatame. Korporashinooti addunyaasi qooda guddaa ofii barbaadu.

Waan nageenya ilaalutt gooltuu duukaa bu’ee adamsuuf ABUT “gartuu furtuu U.S.” Somaliyaa keessatt madaqfamtuun Empayera Itophiyaa heeduun duruu dhumanii gabasa malee hafanii. ABUT utu lafquwiin isa hin danga’in U.S. kaffallaan ergamuuf qophee dha. Daawwich akka hariiroon kun itt fufu jajjabeessa taha. Waan gooltummaa ilaalutt ABUT akka fedhett homishee, kumoota ajjesee fi shoroorkeessee kanneen lakkofsa hin qabne hidha. Dhuguma shoroorkaa ABUTiin mormuun ummatooti ka’aniiru, caalaa ka’aas jiru. Kaka’a “gaaffii mirgaa, walqixummaa, birmadummaa fi nagaaf” godhamu, kaasaa saa fi itt baha saa Ameriika caalaan beeka kan jedhu hin jirre. Gooltummaan waan maljechi saa hin himamneef dilormaan empayeritt hundi gooltuu jedhamee unkuramaa jira. Utuu sana hin maljechisini kan amma hariiroo jabeessuuf walti qabaaman mari’atamuuf deemu. Ummatooti empayeritt keessattuu Oromoo fi jornaalistoota shororkeessuun itt fufufuuf deema jechuu dha.

Aanga’aa guddaan hafee uumaa bucureenuu fedha ofii eeggachuufn hin daangahamu. Garuu ilmoo namaaf safuun madaalaa jiraachuu qaba ture. Ammaaf dhimmi keenya sana miti. Barnoota seenaati. Bulchoota duriif isa ammaa jalattis yeroo waa tokko jiraatu deegaan magaalota keessaa marfamanii tumamaa bakka hin beekamnett geeffamu. Achitt dallaa nammi walitt gooji’e keessa nyaataa fi bishaan gahaa malee, haala qulqulinni hin eegamne jala jiraatu. Heedduun dhumanii hin gabaafaman. Amma mootiin biyya hunda caalaa jabaan dhufaa jira. Dhufaatiin akkasii kanaan dura argamee waan hin beekneef tarkaanfiin fudhatamus mamii malee kan argamee hin beekne taha. Kan isa si’anaa adda tolchuu ummati kumootaan samicha lafaa fi imaammata Finfinnee Orommiteessuu fi ballisuuf lafa saanii irraa kumootaan buqqifamuu dha. Alabul kumootaan lakkaawaman Finfinnee keessaa garri caaluu buqqifamoota sana. Hiree Mooraa Shoolaa bara Nugusaa caalaa hamatutu isaan eeggata jechuu dha. Yeroo sana haadhootaa fi ilmaanii fi Manguddoo yartuutu akka tasaa barattoota Universiitiin argamanii golfaa irraa hafanii. It dabalee jara kana marsanii qabuu fi qaruutee angoo saanii ol kaasuuf Amerikaa dhufuun saanii hin hafnett of agarsiisuuf tarkaanfii caalaa hamaa tahe fudhachuun akka hin hafne hedama.

Hedduun kan komatan, daawwichi badiisa abbaa hirree gamsiisa Ganfa Afriikaan hojjetamaa jiruun hamma ishoo jechuuti jedhaniitu. Afrikaan jara abbaa hirrootaa kan ummataan kennataman fakaatanii dhihatanii utuu hin bulfamtu taatee daawwichiyyuu hin godhamu ture. Jara akkasii qofa kan saamicha qabeenyaa fi maayi baasii waldayyichaa irratt bara Hirmannaa Afriikaa Haaraa kana miltummaan tajaajiluu kan dandahan. Presidantiin daawwatee dhiisee bulchi saa qaata seerawwoo kan hin taane, seerawoo tahuu kan beekeefi. “Ifaajjee demokratawuu fi kennata qajeelaa fi bilisa hojii irra oolchuuf deemanis” dabbaloota qaraatiin ji’oota dura farsamaniiru. Kun dhugaa dhaa? Kan isaan komachuu qaban mirga ofii irraa faccifachuuf qophee tahuu dhabuu saanii tahuu qaba ture. Demokraasiin nafii barbaachisaa halle hammataa qaba yoo jedhame fi hangammeessa lakkuu hin qabu yoo tahe Presidantiin imala angafooti saa lagatan utuu hin goonee dansa ture. Misi fayyaa qabeessi ilmoo namaa fi malbulchaa, bulee fedha inni duukaa jiru caalaatti yeroo dheeraaf tajaajilu dandaha ture.

Prsesidantichi addaggoota utuu hin tahin bulchoota seerawoo waliinin dubadhe jedhee baanaan gadadoon ummatoota Gaanfaa dacha tahuuf deema; addagooti jajjabina argatanii hammeenya saanii kan dur caalaa cimsanii itt fufu. Presidantichi milla mikii qabuun gara biyya abbaa saa gahee Waayit Hawusitt akka deebi’u hawwinaaf. Akka biyya Habashaatt ummati saa Luwoon waan inni bulcha Amerikaa keessatt qooda fudhateef Amerkaaniitt fudhatamuuf deemu; akkuma Oromoon Tafariif jedhamee ilaalaman jechuu dha. Imalli kun hamilee Wayyaanee dhiitessa. Hoogganooti see, hooggana addunyaa humna guddaa kanatt marsanii yeroo dhumaaf footoo kahuuf yoo ilkaan afan ilaaluuf deemna. Ummati empayeraa bariin dammaqee guyyaa gadadoo kan duraa caalutt gad baha. Karaa Nagaa! Oromiyaa haa jiraattu! Qabsoon itt fufa!

Ulfinaa fi surraan gootota kufaniif; walabummaa, walqixxummaa fi bilisummaan kan hafaniif; nagaa fi araarri Ayyaana abboolii fi ayyoliif haa tahu!

* Ibsaa Guutama: Gubirmans.com

Appeal Letter to President Obama from Oromo Communities Association in North America (OCA-NA), an Umbrella Organization of NA Oromo Communities. July 10, 2015

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???????????OromoProtests against genocidal TPLF Ethiopia1. 19 June 2015

Appeal Letter to President Obama from OCA-NA, an Umbrella Organization of NA Oromo Communities.

July 07, 2015President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Tel: (202) 395-2020

Subject: Your Plan to Visit Ethiopia in July, 2015

Dear President Obama,

On behalf of the Oromo Communities in the United States, we, the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the (OCA-NA), are writing this urgent letter regarding your plan to visit Ethiopia in July 2015. OCA-NA is an umbrella organization of the Oromo communities, and represents thousands of citizen and legal residents of Oromo origin in the United States. It is organized to advocate for the human rights of the Oromo in Diaspora and those at home, in the Horn of Africa.

Like the majority of US citizens and the global community, we were excited when you were elected as the president of the United States in 2008 and expected huge progress for all freedom loving people in the world. Your statement in Ghana, during your first visit to Africa in 2009, in which you promised your administration’s commitment to support “strong and sustainable democratic governments” in Africa and to deny assistance to corrupt and dictatorial regimes confirmed our hopes and widened our imaginations. Despite moments of frustration, over the last seven years, we have continued to hope for your strong support for democracy and freedom in Ethiopia. On several occasions, the Oromo communities have appealed to your administration and to you personally, regarding the repressive acts of the Ethiopian regime. Incidentally, the Oromo residents of Washington, DC Metropolitan Area and representatives of communities from many states were holding a peaceful rally in front of the White House when they learned the announcement of your planned visit to Ethiopia.

It is with shock and profound sadness that we received this message. We are afraid that your visit sends the wrong messages to both the government of Ethiopia and the people suffering from government’s repressive policies. First, your visit emboldens the dictatorial EPRDF regime and encourages it to implement even more destructive and undemocratic policies. Portraying your visit as an endorsement of its misguided actions, the regime intensifies the violence against innocent people, continues violation of human rights, further suppresses dissidents, stifles legitimate grievances of citizens, and displaces farmers, the youth and intellectuals. Your meeting and photo ops with Ethiopian government officials will be exploited to the maximum by the regime to subdue the people claiming that your administration fully supports its dictatorial practices and the unbelievable 100 percent victory in its sham elections. Second, the Oromo in particular, and the Ethiopian people in general, would lose hope. They would feel the most powerful nation and its president, whose speeches and actions they passionately follow and expect highly from his administration, have ignored their plight. Your meeting in Addis Ababa with Ethiopian officials, who torment innocent people daily, will deepen the people’s disillusionment and frustrations. Third, the Oromo communities in US are extremely concerned that your visit will have negative implications for the policy objectives of your administration and the long term interests of United States in the region.

The Ethiopian government distorts facts, manipulates the reality, and represents itself as democratic. But, human rights organizations including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Survival International, Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa and the annual human rights reports of the State Department have attested to the massive human rights violations of the EPRDF regime. The well documented long list of imprisoned students, journalists, bloggers, and members of opposition political parties fully confirm the undemocratic nature of this regime. In a country like Ethiopia, with complicated and highly contested political issues, the recent 100 percent victory in the national elections is totally unbelievable, and leaves no doubt about EPRDF regime’s dictatorial rule. Finally, the Ethiopian government also exploits global and regional security issues. Declaring its support for the war on global terrorism and posing as an ally of the United States, the government uses resources it receives from big powers for suppressing dissent, terrorizing innocent people, and for subverting democratic processes. It should be clear that a regime that terrorizes its citizens cannot be a reliable ally to fight extremism.

Mr. President,

For these reasons, we are puzzled by your decision to visit Ethiopia and meet government officials who contradict your convictions and the principles of American democracy. First, we are strongly appealing to you to reconsider your planned trip to Ethiopia. Second, if your visit to the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa is absolutely necessary, we are strongly urging you not to meet Ethiopian government officials in public and not offer them the opportunity to use your visit for their domestic propaganda. Third, we also request you to make it clear to the people in public that the Ethiopian regime’s undemocratic practices are unacceptable. We believe the United States will not ignore the atrocities perpetrated against the 95 million people in favor of the oppressive regime in the name of alliance against global terrorism.


Oromo Communities’ Association in North America (OCA-NA)

Foreign Policy: ARGUMENT: Obama Should Stay Away from Ethiopia July 8, 2015

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???????????OromoProtests against genocidal TPLF Ethiopia3. 19 June 2015Why Do Authoritarian Regimes Make Their Armies Readily Available to Participate in International PeacekeepingTPLF in electoral fraud, 24 May 2015Thousand Oromos detained in 2014 protests

Obama Should Stay Away from Ethiopia



Obama Should Stay Away from Ethiopia

Later this month, President Barack Obama will become the first sitting United States president to ever visit Ethiopia, Africa’s second most populous country, and a nation viewed by many as a bastion of stability in a region otherwise beset with civil strife. The trip — which will also include a stopover in Kenya — is being billed as part of the Obama administration’s regional efforts “to accelerate economic growth, strengthen democratic institutions, and improve security.”

These are indeed laudable goals and should be actively pursued by the U.S. government. But the timing and tenor of the visit to Addis Ababa sends a worrying signal that Washington’s priorities — not only in Ethiopia, but on the entire continent — are actually at odds with the president’s oft-repeatedrhetoric about advancing human rights and strengthening African democracy and institutions.

Let’s be clear: Ethiopia is not a model of democracy that should be rewarded with a presidential visit.

Let’s be clear: Ethiopia is not a model of democracy that should be rewarded with a presidential visit. The long-ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), now in power for 25 years, claimed a landslide victory inlegislative polls held in May, winning all 547 parliamentary seats, which places it among the ranks of North Korea and Saddam Hussein’s Baathist Iraq in terms of the sheer efficiency of its electoral sweep. The results should not have come as a surprise: theEPRDF swept the last four elections, including in 2010,in which it took a whopping 99.6 percent of the vote. This time around, Washington and the European Union did not even bother sending election observers, knowing full well that anEPRDF victory was a foregone conclusion.The lead up to the May 24 vote saw a widespread crackdown on journalists, human rights activists, and opposition supporters. What’s worse, Obama’s trip was announced on June 19, the same week it was revealed that threeopposition party members were murdered in the country, all under highly suspicious circumstances.

So why is President Obama visiting a country where democracy is in such a sorry state and where human rights violations remain systemic and widespread? Because, despite the obvious lack of political rights and civil liberties in Ethiopia, and its status as one of the top jailers of journalists in the world, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn is palatable to Washington and other Western donors precisely because of who he is not: a retrograde dictator in the mold of his regional counterparts, Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea or Omar al-Bashir of Sudan. The brutal and oft heavy-handed oppression exhibited by the latter two regimes is brazen, whereas Desalegn and the EPRDF work within the (regime-controlled) judicial system, giving their repression a veneer of legality.

A former academic, Desalegn’s elevation to the highest office in Ethiopia came courtesy of the sudden death in 2012 of Ethiopia’s strongman, Meles Zenawi, who had ruled the country for two decades. Zenawi was a favorite in Washington: Though he brutally crushed political opponents and implemented a series of draconian laws meant to muzzle the press and stifle dissent, he also managed to establish an image of Ethiopia as a stable and growing economy in the troubled Horn of Africa. Zenawi’s Western allies, particularly the United States, applauded the country’s modest economic growth and the regime’s willingness to endorse the so-called “War on Terror.” As a result, leaders in Washington routinely turned a blind eye to the EPRDF’s rampant human rights abuses and its ongoing suppression of civil society, the media, and political opposition.

Several key Obama advisers were close associates and personal friends of the late prime minister. Susan Rice, Obama’s national security advisor and former top diplomat at the United Nations, for instance, made no secret of her esteem for and friendship with Zenawi, whom she eulogized as “a servant leader.” Another top Obama aide, Gayle Smith — the current nominee to lead the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which provided Ethiopia nearly $500 million in 2013 — was also never shy about her admiration for Zenawi.

Desalegn, largely seen as a compromise candidate for the shaky, ethnicity-based EPRDF coalition, has continued to rule in the same mode — and Washington’s perverse need to embrace a dictator in technocrat’s clothing has continued. This March, two months before Ethiopia’s sham elections, U.S. Undersecretary for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman publicly praised Ethiopia’s “democracy” during a visit to the country, which a state department spokesperson further bolstered by saying “her statements fully reflect the U.S. Government’s positions.” Even a cursory glance at Ethiopia’s abysmal human rights record would turn this bogus claim on its head.

On June 25, the State Department released its annual human rights reporton Ethiopia, citing widespread “restrictions on freedom of expression,” “politically motivated trials,” “harassment and intimidation of opposition members and journalists,” “alleged arbitrary killings and torture,” “limits on citizens’ ability to change their government,” and restrictions on freedom of assembly, association, and movement. Yet Ethiopia’s donors, including the United States, which provides nearly half of Ethiopia’s national budget, have continued to ignore these signs of trouble. The facade of economic growth and the West’s eagerness for a “development success story” to tout on the international stage has seemingly precluded genuine diplomatic pressure to reform.

To be sure, deeply afflicted countries surround Ethiopia. Despite recent progress, Somalia faces credible and ongoing threats from the al-Qaeda affiliated militant group, al-Shabab. South Sudan has devolved into an intractable civil war with no end in sight. Kenya has yet to fully overcome the ramifications of post-election violence in 2007–2008, not to mention its inability to ward off al-Shabab’s cross border attacks. Eritrea, dubbed by some as the North Korea of Africa, remains a highly repressive police state from which hundreds of thousands continue to flee. Further afield, Yemen is in a state of bloody lawlessness. By contrast, Ethiopia has remained largely stable.

Despite this outward veneer of stability and progress, Ethiopia’s current system is unsustainable. A one-time vocal opposition has been systematically weakened. Ethnic discontent is rife. Religious revival has been met with brutal state repression. Economic prosperity is not widely shared and inequality continues to rise. Nepotism and corruption plague an already bloated bureaucracy. Youth unemployment is a persistent and serious challenge. Independent media, the human rights community, and civil society writ large have been decimated. And countless citizens arebeing displaced from their ancestral lands under the guise of development. These factors, taken together, may ultimately sow the seeds of a tangled conflict that could reverberate across an already troubled and tense region.

In this context, Obama’s upcoming visit to Ethiopia sends the wrong message on Washington’s stated commitment to strengthening democratic institutions — not strongmen — in Africa. What is more, turning a blind eye to widespread human rights abuses for the sake of counterterrorism cooperation and so-called “regional stability” may prove to be a self-defeating strategy that is bad in the long term for the United States, as well as for citizens throughout the Horn of Africa.

If the United States wanted to help strengthen democratic institutions and stand in solidarity with Africans, who are now more than ever demanding democracy, then Nigeria would have been a much better alternative model. Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation and its largest economy, held landmark elections this March, in which an opposition candidate ousted an incumbent who then graciously accepted defeat. In Ethiopia, this scenario remains a pipe dream for its 96 million citizens. The EPRDF is now set to lord over the country at least until 2020, allowing the party to further entrench its repressive machinery and to extend its dominance long beyond its current mandate.

It is unlikely that Obama and his handlers will change the itinerary of his upcoming trip. However, it is not too late for the president, and for the United States government, to speak honestly to the people of Ethiopia, making it clear that the historic visit is not intended to validate or otherwise endorse the EPRDF’s autocratic dominance. Rather, Obama should be clear with EPRDF leadership, both in private and most importantly, in public that the United States appreciates the complex challenges facing the country and that repression is not an acceptable means of addressing them.

Obama and his staff should also meet openly with Ethiopia’s political opposition and civic leaders, including those based in the country and abroad in Kenya, where many have been forced to relocate due to increasing oppression at home. Obama should additionally raise the issue of the recently murdered opposition members, as well as the many cases of journalists, activists, and political prisoners who have been wrongly jailed and arbitrarily detained under a raft of draconian laws that have criminalized dissent.

In the long-term, the U.S. government should redouble its commitment to Ethiopia’s beleaguered civil society. Obama’s 2016 budget request includes more than $400 million in assistance to the country, of which less than 1 percent is allocated for democracy and human rights programming — an actual improvement from last year, when zero was devoted to this vital sector, much of the spending going towards health and humanitarian aid. A robust, reenergized, and empowered Ethiopian civil society, in which human rights groups are free to operate, is central to deepening democratic principles, not only in Ethiopia, but also throughout the East and Horn of Africa.

Overall, Obama must firmly reiterate that stability and security, and respect for basic human rights and the legitimacy of civil society, are not mutually exclusive objectives in Ethiopia, or elsewhere. Rather, he should be unequivocal — in both rhetoric and in practice — that, together, these issues help form an unshakable and long-term pillar for U.S. engagement on the African continent.

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Obama’s Planned Visit to Ethiopia is Incompatible with Claims of Democratic Principles of the U.S. Government. Daaw’annaan Obaamaa Gara Itoophiyaatti Saganteeffame Imaammata Sirna Dimokraasii Faallessa July 7, 2015

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OLF Statement on President Obama’s Planned Visit to Ethiopia

Obama’s Planned Visit to Ethiopia is Incompatible with Claims of Democratic Principles of the U.S. Government
Statement from the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)
OLF Statement
The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) strongly opposes the planned visit to Ethiopia of the U.S. President Barack Obama on the end of July 2015. As Ethiopia is one of the most brutal regimes of the world, OLF believes that such a visit will result in strengthening the dictatorial minority regime, will boost the regime’s confidence to strengthen its ruthless human rights violations, will give a green light to the regime to continue its repression, economic exploitation, and marginalization of various nations and nationalities of the country under its usual pretense of democracy. OLF also believes that a lasting national and security interest of the U.S. is better protected not by blessing and supporting such a well-known ruthless regime, but by being on the side of the people, supporting the struggle of the peoples of the country for freedom, democracy and justice by using its leverage through exerting the necessary pressure on the regime on power.
In 1991, when the dictatorial military regime of Mengistu Hailemariam was overthrown by the combined struggle of the oppressed peoples of Ethiopia and a Transitional Government was about to be established, a commitment given from the U.S. government to the Ethiopian people was an assurance of “no democracy, no cooperation.” It was the then U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Herman Cohen, who gave such assurance in public. However, the TPLF/EPRDF group, which took over the government not only by using the military upper hand it had, but also using the blessing of the U.S. official Herman Cohen, demonstrated its anti-democratic nature in practice in a matter of less than one year. Several organizations which struggle for the right of their people, including the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), opposed the tyrannical and authoritarian practices of the TPLF/EPRDF party as the dominant force and left the then Transitional Government of Ethiopia.
Today, 24 years have passed under the totalitarian TPLF/EPRDF regime erected and protected by the West, mainly the United States of America. It is impossible to enumerate the widespread political repression, economic exploitation, and monopoly of a minority regime in all sectors political, economic and social life. Among many other reports, the repeated reports of human rights organizations, such as Amnesty InternationalHuman Rights Watch, the Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa, and including the Country Report U.S. State Department all shed light to the atrocities of the current Ethiopian regime committed on the peoples of the country, mainly on the Oromo people. Nonetheless, it has to be noted that all these and many other reports show only a small fraction of the repression and brutalities perpetrated by the regime. Most of the political killings, barbaric acts of torture, politically charged arrests, abductions and disappearances carried out by the regime are hidden and remain unreported. The OLF has ample evidence that most acts of ruthlessness committed on the Oromo nationals in several parts of Oromia are not reported at all.
Overall, although some knowingly or unknowingly deny or diminish the repressive nature of the current Ethiopian regime, the truth is that the basic democratic and human rights and freedom of peoples of the country is denied in Ethiopia. While Ethiopia has never seen democratic election in its history, the undemocratic and fake nature of so called “election” carried by the current regime has no parallel even in the Ethiopian standard. Over the last 24 years, the Ethiopian people have been forced to “elect” the TPLF/EPRDF party under the barrel of the gun. The 2015 so called “election” is a clear evidence that, for the people of the country, let alone electing whoever they want, any suspicion about electing the opposition parties the government conveniently put in the election drama has been a crime subjecting citizens to severe punishment. While the so called election drama and its result in which the TPLF/EPRDF declared 100% victory are officially over, as we speak, thousands of Oromo and other nationals are being hunted down and thrown into jail for suspicion of “electing” the few opposition who didn’t even win a single seat in the parliament.
If the U.S.’s claims of strengthening democratic process were true, what is expected of President Obama at the moment was not to plan an official visit to Ethiopia, but to use his leverage to put pressure on the minority Woyane (TPLF) regime to stop terrorizing its citizens, and hold democratic election by openly condemning the process and rejecting the results of the current sham election. It is disturbing that, to the contrary, the U.S. government, looking at the temporary benefit it may or may not get from alliance with the brutal regime and ignoring the suffering of the peoples of the country, is encouraging the regime towards committing more crimes and rewarding the regime for the endless atrocities it has already committed. This is not what is expected of a country which claims to be democratic and acts as the “police” of our planet.
It is to be recalled that, the U.S. Under Secretary for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman, appeared in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) on one of the days leading to the regime’s “election” drama of 2015, and endorsed the election by suggesting that “Ethiopia had made great strides toward an open and inclusive electoral process.” She went on saying that the U.S. hopes the then upcoming election would be “free, fair, inclusive, and peaceful.” Her endorsement and blessing of the so called “election” as an official U.S. position came at a time when the regime was completing its preparation to run a sham election marred with harassment, arrests, intimidation, and several schemes of vote rigging. The irresponsible blessing and approval by Wendy Sherman of an election which is universally well-known to be full of fraud was condemned by many human rights and other international organizations. Clearly, the endorsement and blessing of this U.S. official has bolstered the confidence of the government to continue its crackdown on dissenting voices, blatantly harass the entire public, and finally, committed naked election fraud and now shamelessly declared 100% victory. The current planned visit of President Obama has no benefit to the peoples of Ethiopia or the region. To the contrary, it is another endorsement and blessing of an election which is very well known by the Ethiopian people and the entire world to be bogus.
The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) earnestly appeals to the U.S. government to reconsider its position and cancel the planned visit to Ethiopia of President Barack Obama. The OLF would like to reiterate that, although such a visit of a U.S. President could temporarily seem to reinforce the confidence of the brutal regime on power, it will never reverse or pull back the struggle the oppressed peoples of the country are waging to gain their freedom. The history of the struggle of the peoples of the region confirms that no external force can reverse the just fight of people against dictators. Sooner or later, brutal regimes will disappear like a dust. It is only a matter of time.
Victory to the Oromo People!
Oromo Liberation Front
July 4, 2015

Daaw’annaan Obaamaa Gara Itoophiyaatti Saganteeffame Imaammata Sirna Dimokraasii Faallessa

Ibsa Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo

ABOn daaw’annaan Prezidant Obaamaan dhuma baatii Adoolessaa 2015-tti Itophiyaatti adeemsisuuf karoorfate, abbootii irree kan jajjabeessu, bittootni hacuuccaa fi saaminsa ummatoota irratti gaggeessan akka itti fufaniif kan hamilchiisu waan taheef jabeessee morma. Bara 1991 Itoophiyaa keessatti oggaa mootummaan Abbaa Irree Dargii qabsoo ummatootaan aangoo irraa darbamee Mootummaan Cehumsaa kan yeroo hundeeffamu waadaan U.S. irraa dhagahamaa ture yoo sirni dimokiraatawaan mirkanaawe malee gargaarsi gama Ameerikaa irraa hin jiraatu (“No dimokraasii, no cooperation,”) kan jedhu ture. Waadaa U.S. kana ifatti kan dubbatan I/A Gaafatamaa Haajaa Alaa U.S. oggasii Herman J. Cohen turan.

Kan yeroo sanatti caalmaa humna waraanaa qabutti gargaaramee aangoo mootummaa kan dhuunfate Wayyaaneen (EPRDF) yeroo waggaa tokko hin caalle keessatti farra dimokraasii tahuu isaa hojiidhaan mirkaneesse. Dhaabotni siyaasaa kanneen bilisummaa ummataa fi sirna dimokraasii dhugoomsuuf qabsaawan kanneen akka Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo oggasuma adeemsa farra dimokraasii Wayyaanee mormuudhaan irraa adda bahan.

Erga sanaa jalqabee waggoota 24 dabraniif sababaa adeemsa farra dimokraasii Wayyaaneen filateen hacuuccaan gama siyaasaa, dinagdee fi hawaasummaa ummatoota irra gahaa turee fi gahaa jiru kan salphaatti tarrifamee keessaa bahamu miti. Gabaasaan Dhaabbattootni mirga dhala namaa kanneen akka Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa, Country Report U.S. State Department mataan isaa … fi kkf. hedduun yeroo adda addaatti baasan, roorroo Wayyaaneen (EPRDF) ummatoota irraan gahu hundas tahuu baatu hanga tokko ni mul’isu. Haa tahu malee sunuu miidhaa suukanneessaa Wayyaaneen dhoksaadhaan goleelee biyyattii iddoo caasaan miidiyaa kamuu hin dhaqqabnetti (keessattuu goleelee Oromiyaa hunda keessatti) raaw’atu hedduu isaa kan hin dabalannee dha.

Walumaa gala warreen maalummaa Itoophiyaa isa dhugaa hin beekne yookaan osoo beekanii haalan, miidhaa mootummaa Itoophiyaatiin ummatoota irra gahu akka cabiinsa mirgoota murtaawootti dhiheessuu yaalan iyyuu, dhugaan jiru garuu, Itoophiyaa keessa hundeedhumaan bilisummaa Ummatootaatu guutuutti sarbamee jira. Waggoota 24 dabaraniif (akkuma sana duras godhamaa turetti) Ummatootni biyyattii dirqama murna aangoo irra jiru deggeruu fi filuu qawweedhaan irratti fe’ame baadhachuu malee mirga abbaa barbaadan deggeruu fi filachuu gonfachuun hafnaan yaaduunuu yakka guddaa itti tahee gidiraa hedduuf kan saaxilu akka tahe “Filannoo” Wayyaaneen dhiheenya kana gaggeesseetin 100% mohadhe jedhe caalaa ragaa biraa dhiheessuun hin feesisu.

Osoo imaammatni sirna dimokraasii jajjabeessuu kan U.S. nin hordofa jettu dhugaa tahee, yeroo ammaatti kan mootummaa U.S. irraa eegamu President Obaamaan akka Itoophiyaa daaw’atan saganteessuu osoo hin taane, murna Wayyaanee kan bilisummaa Ummatootaa guutuutti sarbee afaan qawweetiin ummatootatti akka fedhe roorrisaa turee fi jiru yoo xiqqaate ifatti balaaleffachuudhaan akka inni karaa badii kana irraa deebi’u gaafachuufaa tahuu male. Faallaa kanaa garuu U.S. dantaa yeroo kan mootummaa America qofa ilaaluudhaan gochaa Wayyaanee karaa badii inni hordofaa jiru irratti jajjabeessu raaw’achuu itti fufuun hedduu gaddisiisaa dha. Mootummaa akka poolisa addunyaatti of herreguu fi sirna dimokraatawaa hordofa ofiin jedhu irraa kan eegamus miti.

Akkuma beekamu jal-bultii “Filannoo” 5ffaa Wayyaanee dhiheenya adeemsifamee irratti aangawaan mootummaa Ameerikaa Wendy Sherman jedhamtu Finfinneetti argamuudhaan Itoophiyaa keessatti filmaatni adeemsifamu yeroo irraa gara yerootti wayyoomina argsiisaa deemuutti jira jettee ragaa bahuufiidhaan inni ammaa kunis dimokraatawaa akka tahu, iftummaa qabaatu, hunda hirmaachisuu fi nagaan kan gaggeeffamu akka tahu abdii qabna jechuudhaan filannoo doorsisa, hidhaa, dinniinaa fi hannaan geggeessuuf Wayyaaneen itti qophaa’aa ture eebbisteefii deebi’uun kan yaadatamuu dha. Kana irrattis dhaabbattoota mirga namoomaa hedduu fi jaarmayoota gara garaa irraa mormiin guddaan mudatee ture. Eebbi Wayyaaneen aangaawaa Ameerikaa kana irraa argates gochaa farrummaa filannoo irratti raawwatuuf karoorfate akka itti fufu onnachiisee haala addunyaa irratti mul’atee fi dhaga’amee hin beekneen dhibbaa-dhibbatti mo’atuu labsate. Daaw’annaan Prezidant Obbaamaa kan ammaa kunis kana eebbisuufiin alatti fayidaan biraa ummatoota Itophiyaa fi naannoo keenyaaf fidu hin jiru.

Daaw’annaan dhuma baatii Adoolessaatti saganteeffame kun, murna abbaa irree aangoo irra jiru caalaatti jajjabeessee, dhiittaan mirga namoomaa, preesii walaba ukkaamsuun, saamichaa fi roorroon ummatoota irra geessifamu biyyattii keessatti akka daran babal’atu kan taasisu dha. Hidhamtootaa Oromoo fi kanneen mirga falamatan biroo kuma kudhaniin lakkaawaman mana hidhaa keessatti akka tortoran irratti murtii gadi jabeessuu dha. Kana malees imaammatni Ameerikaan hordoftu kan dantaa ummatootaa fi mirga namoomaa herrega keessa galchu osoo hin taane dantaa Ameerikaa qofa kan dursu tahuu caalaatti hubachiisa.

ABOn daaw’annaan akkanaa abbootii irree kan jajjabeessu, bittootni hacuuccaa fi saaminsa ummatoota irratti gaggeessan akka itti fufaniif kan hamilchiisu waan taheef jabeessee morma. Hiree kanaanis mootummaan Ameerikaa karoora isaa kana akka irra deebi’ee ilaalu deddeebisee gaafata. Kanuma waliin dantaan Ameerikaas kan caalaatti tikfamuu fi iggitii qabaatu abbootii irree jajjabeessuudhaan osoo hin taane qabsoo haqaa ummatootni bilisummaa fi sirna dimokiraasii dhugoomsuuf gaggeessan deggeruu fi jajjabeessuudhaan akka tahe hubachiisa. Hundaan olitti ammoo daaw’annaan akkanaa abbootii irreef yeroof kan fayyadu tahus qabsoo ummatootaa kan boodatti deebisuu hin dandeenye tahuu hubachiisa. Seenaan qabsoo ummatootaa kan dhiheenyatti naannoo kanatti tahaa tures, ummatoota mirga isaaniif falmatuuf murteeffatan humni dhaabuu danda’u kan hin jirre tahuu mirkaneessan.

Injifatnoo Ummata Oromoof!

Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo

Adoolessa 4, 2015

Oromia: Macha-Tulama Association Requests President Obama to Rethink Visit to Tyrannical, Undemocratic Ethiopia July 6, 2015

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???????????Machaa Tuulamaa in USA


The following is a letter to President Obama from the Macha-Tulama Association-USA, Inc.


Macha-Tulama Association – USA, Inc
811 Upshur ST NW
Washington, DC 20011

July 2, 2015

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
NW Washington, DC 20500

Your Excellency President Obama,

The Board of Directors of the Macha-Tulama Association (MTA), U.S.A., is writing this urgent letter regarding your plan to visit Ethiopia in July 2015. The MTA is a non-profit organization incorporated in the U.S.A. because it was banned in Ethiopia. It advocates for human rights and for social justice for the Oromo and others in the Horn of Africa and beyond. For almost a quarter of a century, Ethiopia has been ruled by the Tigre People’s Liberation Front, which calls itself the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front. This minority regime has been engaging in sham elections, which are elections only in name. The regime disregards all the principles and practices of democracy in spite of its pretension to be democratic since 1991. The regime’s promise of democratization by restructuring the state, liberalizing the economy, and respecting and protecting human rights has been subverted. While claiming to be a democratic government in order to receive ‘development aid’ and to gain political legitimacy, this regime has killed, imprisoned and tortured the Oromo and other ethno-national groups who have struggled for democracy, national self-determination, human rights, and social justice. In fact, the Oromo people have been mainly targeted for elimination and repression because they are the largest national group in Ethiopia, and they have started to recover, manifest, and exercise their rights to culture, history, and language, which have been repressed by the state of Ethiopia for over a century.

According to a recent Amnesty International report, entitled ‘Because I am Oromo: Sweeping Repression in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia,’ between 2011 and 2014 alone, at least 5000 Oromo were arrested, tortured, and sentenced with extra-judicial executions because of being Oromo and for also peacefully demonstrating against the regime’s land grabbing policies and the so-called Addis Ababa Master Plan, intended to evict millions of Oromo farmers from their homelands in and around Addis Ababa (which the Oromo call Finfinnee), the capital city of Ethiopia. Since 1992, several human rights organizations have been reporting that Oromo prisoners have been predominantly populated Ethiopian prisons and other detention places. As a result these prisons and concentration camps speak Afaan Oromo (the Oromo language), as testified by many nonOromo prisoners.

Mr. President,

It is with shock and profound sadness that we received the message of your intention to visit Ethiopia in July. As the leader of a great country that subscribes to the principles of democracy and fundamental rights and liberties for all human beings, and as the leader of a country whose foreign policy in principle is committed to promoting the ideals of human rights, the rule of law, and democracy around the world, we believe your visit will send a wrong message to the regime and its likes across the globe that they can get away with grotesque violations of human and democratic rights as long as they remain ‘strategic allies’ to the United States.

Mr. President,

Because of these reasons, we earnestly request that you rethink your intention to visit Ethiopia. We believe your visit to the country also sends three messages: First, it encourages the Ethiopian government to continue intensifying its repressive policies. If your government continues to support and finance the regime regardless of what it does, the regime will see no reasons for changing its violent and dictatorial policies. Second, your visit to Ethiopia demonstrates to the affected people that the United States government only gives lip service to democracy and human rights while supporting the dictatorial minority regime of Ethiopia. To the 90 million people who are facing massive human rights violations in Ethiopia, particularly to the over forty million Oromo, your visit will mean that the U.S.A. does not care for the aspiration to live in a free, open, and democratic society. Your visit will also mean that human rights and democratic self-governance are not part of the list of U.S. priorities in Africa and beyond. Third, it convinces the people in Ethiopia and beyond that your policy is not different from some of your officials, such as Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman, who recently undermined the process of democratization in Ethiopia by endorsing the regime’s record whose democracy, she said, is ‘improving.’ The Undersecretary has been roundly criticized, and we believe, rightly so.

In closing, we would like to bring to your attention that when, in July 2009, you visited Ghana, you made a speech in which you promised that the U.S.A. does not, and will not, support dictatorship and strongmen, and that you seek to assist the development of “strong and sustainable democratic governments” everywhere in Africa. We believe it is only appropriate now to request that you do not ignore your commitment and promise of that historic speech you made in Accra, Ghana, by visiting Ethiopia, the graveyard and prison house of thousands of men and women who have been killed, imprisoned, tortured, maimed, and disfigured only because they have aspired to exercise their God-given rights and to live in a democracy by demanding national self-determination and democratic rights in their own country.


Asafa Jalata, PhD.,
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Macha-Tulama Association &
Professor of Sociology and Global and Africana Studies


Obama’s plan to visit Ethiopia criticised as ‘gift’ for repressive government June 24, 2015

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Obama’s plan to visit Ethiopia criticised as ‘gift’ for repressive government

Activists express anger at US president’s trip to country widely criticised for human right abuses. Global Voices report

Barack Obama during a to Wajir in Kenya, close to the Ethiopian border, before he was elected US president in 2008.
Barack Obama during a to Wajir in Kenya, close to the Ethiopian border, before he was elected US president in 2008. Photograph: Stringer/AFP/Getty Images

Barack Obama’s decision to visit Ethiopia has shocked human rights activists, who say the visit sends the wrong message to a repressive government widely accused of clamping down on dissent.

A White House statement said Obama will visit the east African country for meetings with government officials as part of his last African trip as president. As well as meeting the leadership of the African Union, the visit will form part of US efforts to strengthen economic growth, democratic institutions and improve security in the region.

But as activists and social media users have been making clear, Ethiopia’s track record on human rights and democracy is deeply troubling.

In its 2014 report, Human Rights Watch noted that Ethiopia increasingly clamps down on the freedoms of its citizens “using repressive laws to constrain civil society and independent media, and target individuals with politically motivated prosecutions”.

Last month, Ethiopians voted in parliamentary elections which were widely denounced as unfair. Though the African Union declared that the vote was peaceful, they fell short of using the words “free and fair”.

While the US state department has expressed concerns about restrictions on civil society, media, opposition parties, and independent voices, Ethiopia remains a significant recipient of foreign aid money and security support.

On Twitter Hannah McNeish, a freelance journalist , juxtaposed last month’s suspicious elections results with the White House’s decision to honour Ethiopia with an official visit: