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Oromia (Finfinnee): OLF Press Statement (13 September 2020): Ibsa Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo (Fulbaana 13, 2020) September 14, 2020

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OLF Press Statement[VOL – September 13,2020] The Oromo Liberation Front passionately believes that sustainable and permanent solution to Ethiopia’s complex political problems could only be attained with an All-Inclusive democracy and participation of all political forces. To this effect, OLF had been working with various political forces including those in power of ruling the country and opposition groups to create a national consensus to solve the political crises in Ethiopia.

Since, the OLF moved its leadership to the country on 15th September 2018 it committed itself to work with honesty and integrity for the success of the peace process that lead to inclusive true democracy. Although OLF was not happy on how the transition to democracy in Ethiopia was handled by PM Abiy Ahmed’s government from the very beginning, we patiently dealt with the situations with the hope that it would be improved; but not without price. However, the Political reform started in 2018 have faced huge challenges both internally within the ruling party as well as externally with the opposition groups. The situations are getting worse from time to time and currently it reached at stage where everything is out of control leading the government to collapse. Now there is very alarming instability and fractured political prospect in the country and the public have lost hope and trust from the ruling party.

We observed a clear ‘’constitutional crisis” in the country and the party in power has fallen short of its initial promises and has been using the government organs responsible to protect the Constitution towards its own political benefits. Detaining leaders and members of opposition political parties and gross human rights violations is a day to day job of the Government security forces. Despite the atrocities, OLF and other opposition parties have continued to express their willingness to support the reform, individually as well as jointly.In addition to our individual proposals, the OLF is involved in different fora of opposition parties to support the democratic transition. One of the fora was the Alliance for Multi-nation Federalism (Alliance) that aim to provide joint support to the transition and democratic process. In April 2020, this Alliance provided comprehensive recommendations to the government on the transitional process. The recommendations clearly set out how to continue with the reform towards political settlement based on consensus and spelled out how stable democratic governance could be formed through a step- by- step process.The recommendations were drafted within the framework of the Ethiopian constitution and considered the fallacies of the change process and the behavior of the ruling party; the current instability and security issues; and the human rights violations. In general, we analyzed the challenges of the reform system in both directions (the ruling party and the oppositions) and proposed workable recommendation that will be implemented jointly by the ruling party and the opposition groups. The proposed recommendations highlighted to have binding political convention that enables other political parties to take part and to ensure proper oversight of the change process in order to build genuine democracy and help create sustainable peace in the country and would ensure livelihood improvement of citizens in which the Alliance and its member organizations, as well as all other forces would play their part. The proposed binding political convention include the establishment of:

1. Council of Foreign Relation to inspire domestic trust and gain international legitimacy.

2. Coordinated National Security Council for monitoring the implementation of the Security arrangements in regions.

3. Democratic Building Institution to protect the autonomy and authority of independent judiciary, electoral board and independent media that could hold the executives accountable.

4. A body that resolve conflict and disparity between State building and Nation building to create national consensus on resolving outstanding political problems.

5. A body that would monitor the implementation of the convention to limit the quest of any further extension to the election and set out appropriate election date. We also indicated the implementation of the recommendations including the details of responsibilities, system, and mechanism by which these parties would operate.

We believe implementing these proposed recommendations will help to build democracy and help create sustainable peace in the country. It also addresses the security issues in regional states among themselves as well as the disparity between the government and opposition parties and differences among the oppositions themselves as well as address issue of contradictory stand on “State-Building” and “Nation-Building.

Therefore, we strongly suggest that the Ethiopian government should reconsider these recommendations as we believe it will resolve the current widespread crises. Also, we would like to reiterate our willingness to play our part in genuine democratic process if stakeholders discharge their responsibilities.

In this instance, we would like to appeal to the international community to take serious action to safe Ethiopia from constitutional crises and total chaos. Particularly, we strongly appeal to the African Union’s (AU), the UN bodies, EU, and other international community to urge the Ethiopian government to engage with negotiation with opposition parties and jointly set out a road map to all-inclusive democracy through power sharing transitional government that will prepare and implement free and fair elections.

We praise the African Union’s (AU) role in leading and promoting dialogue-centered approach to conflict prevention and resolution in many African countries to maintain peaceful and secure Africa. We believe that the current crises in Ethiopia demands, more than any other entity, serious attention from the AU. In accordance with the article 4(h) of the Constitutive Act of the AU the Union has a right to intervene in a member state to prevent grave violations of human rights.

The national and international evidence clearly shows the continuous gross violations of human rights are committed by Ethiopian Regime on Ethiopian civilians for the last 27 years and in unprecedented scale in the last two years. In addition, there are Organized and strong armed forces emerging in most regional states that threaten the general governance and bring about security crises throughout the country. Given the current crises and fast-moving potential conflicts and threats, the AU must intervene and excel its responsibility sooner than later. Also we would like to stress that the current situation in Ethiopia not only disintegrate the second largest country in Africa but also one of the biggest impediments to achieve AU Aspiration 4 of Agenda 2063 which aspires for “A peaceful and secure Africa”. Moreover, being Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) is the seat of FDRE, capital city of Oromia and the seat of AU headquarters, the security of the AU office and safety of more than 2000 employees working there must be taken into account in line with current peace and instability issues Ethiopia and in particular in Oromia.

We realize the role of UN in averting crises in the world and would like the UN bodies including UN Security Council (UNSC), the UN Human Rights Council, and others play their part in averting the current crises in Ethiopia. Particularly, the UNSC who has primary responsibility, under the UN Charter, for the maintenance of international peace and security, should not give a blind eye when one of the second largest country in Africa is encountered with political, social, human rights and economic crises and eventually collapse.

We appreciate the leading role the EU is playing in promoting economic integration, peace, and stability in Ethiopia, whilst supporting the implementation of national reform agenda and forming diversified development cooperation with Ethiopia. However, the Political reform started in 2018 have faced huge challenges, miss managed by PM Abiy and collapsed. This will halt the EU partnership and all the EU ambitions to Ethiopia. So, we believe that the EU will intervene with its capacities to avert the huge political crises that its key partners in the region is facing now. Therefore:

1. We call up on the AU to intervene into the crises in Ethiopia based on its constitutive right stated in article 4(h) and other supporting articles of the Union.

2. We call up on the UNSC to take appropriate measures in accordance with its obligations stated in Article 39 and 41 of the UN constitutive act as the threats to peace and security is clearly evidenced in Ethiopia. We also appeal to UNHRC to act accordingly to address gross human rights violations in Ethiopia.

3. We call upon the EU to give serious attention to the instability in Ethiopia, especially Oromia, as this is huge conflict of a century and immensely affect the peace and stability in the horn of Africa, and affect the diplomatic and development partnerships of European countries with Ethiopia.

4. We call upon all Political Parties in Ethiopia to seriously take our proposal and work with us to avert looming and eminent chaos. We hereby also call upon Independent Oromo Political Forces and the General Oromo people to prepare for Transitional Government of Oromia to avert any form of political and Security crisis. The OLF will continue to consult stakeholders on this position at both levels of government.

Victory to the Masses! Oromo Liberation Front Finfinnee September 13, 2020

Ibsa Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo (Fulbaana 13, 2020)[SBO – Fulbaana 13,2020] Addi Bilisummaa Oromoo rakkoo siyaasaa Itoophiyaa walxaxaadhaaf furmaanni amansiisaa fi waaraan, dimokraasii hunda hammatee fi hirmaannaa humnoota siyaasaa maraan qofa argama jedhee amana. Kana gochuufis, ABOn jeequmsa siyaasaa Itoophiyaa furuudhaaf kanneen aangoo biyya bulchuu qabani fi gareelee mormitootaa dabalatee humnoota siyaasaa garagaraa waliin waliigaltee biyyoolessaa uumuuf hojjetaa bahe.

ABOn erga Fulbaana 15, 2018 hogganni isaa ol’aanaan gara biyyaatti galee, adeemsa nagaa kan gara dimokraasii dhugaa hunda hammateetti geessu milkeessuuf haqaa fi amanamummaan hojjetuuf murteesse. Jalqabumarraa kaasee akkaataa qabiinsa jijjiirama dimokraasii Itoophiyaa keessaa mootummaa Muummee Ministeeraa Abiyyi Ahmadiin raawwatame irratti ABOn gammachuu kan hin qabne tahullee, ni fooyya’a abdii jedhuun haalicha obsaan eegne; garuu gatiin odoo itti hin kafalamini miti. Haa tahu malee, jijjiiramni siyaasaa bara 2018 eegale Paartii biyya bulchuu keessattis tahee alaan gareelee mormitootaa irraa didhaalee guddaan isa mudate. Haallan jiran yeroo irraa gara yerootti hammaataa deemuun, wayta ammaa kana sadarkaa wanti hundi tohannaan ala baherra gahuudhaan, mootummicha kufaatiitti oofaa jira.

Wayta ammaa kana biyyattii keessa tasgabbii dhabiinsa akkaan yaaddessaa tahee fi hegeree siyaasaa cabaatu mul’ata; ummanni paartii biyya bulchurraa abdii fi amantaa dhabeera. Biyyattii keessatti “Jeequmsi Heeraa” ifaa tahe mudachuu akkasumas paartiin aangoorra jiru waadaa jalqabarra seene dhugoomsuu hanqatuun dabrees qaamota mootummaa silaa heera tiksuuf gaafatama qaban bu’aa siyaasaa isaatiif itti fayyadamaa jiraachuu ifatti argaa jirra. Hidhaan hogganootaa fi miseensota paartilee mormitootaa fi dhiittaan mirgoota namoomaa suukaneessaan hojii guyyaa humnoota tikaa mootummaa taheera. Gochaaleen hammeenyaa jiraatanis, ABO fi paartileen mormitootaa kanneen biroo mata-mataani fi waloon jijjiiramicha deeggaruuf fedhii qaban ibsuu ittuma fufaniiru. Yaadota akka dhaabaatti qabnutti dabalee, ABOn jijjiirama dimokraatawaa deeggaruuf waltajjiilee paartilee mormitootaa hedduu irratti hirmaatee jira. Waltajjiilee kanneen keessaa cehumsichaa fi adeemsa dimokraasiif deeggarsa waloo gochuu kan akeekkate Tumsi Federaalizimii Dimokraatawaa Sab-daneessaa(Tumsa) isa tokko. Baatii Eblaa 2020 keessa tumsi kun adeemsa cehumsaa irratti mootummaaf yaadota furmaataa guutuu dhiyeesseera. Yaadni dhiyaate kunis furmaata siyaasaa walhubannoo irratti hundaa’eef akkaataa jijjiiramicha itti fufsiisuun danda’amuu fi bulchiinsi dimokraatawaan sabatiinsa qabu adeemsa gulantaa-gulantaatin ijaaramu ifatti kaa’ee jira. Yaadni furmaataa kun heera Itoophiyaa bu’ura godhachuun kan wixiname yoo tahu, dogoggoroota adeemsa jijjiiramichaa fi amala paartii biyya bulchuu, dhimmoota nageenyaaf tasgabbii dhabiinsaa amma jiruu fi dhiittaa mirgoota namoomaa hubannaa keessa kan galche dha. Waliigalatti, didhaalee sirna jijjiiramaa kallattii lachuu(Paartii biyya bulchaa jiruu fi mormitootaa) irraa xiinxaluudhaan, yaada furmaataa paartii biyya bulchaa jiruu fi gareelee mormitootaan waloodhaan hojiirra oolfamuu danda’u dhiyeessinee jirra. Yaadotni dhiyaatan, paartileen siyaasaa birootis akka irraa qooda fudhataniif waliigaltee siyaasaa dirqisiisaan akka jiraatuu fi biyyattii keessatti dimokraasii dhugaa ijaaruu fi nagaa waaraan akka bu’u gochuuf tohannaa sirnaa adeemsa jijjiiramicha mirkaneessuuf akkasumas wayyoomina jireenya lammiilee kan Tumsichii fi dhaabbileen miseensota ta’an darbees humnoonni biroo hundi qooda isaanii itti gumaachan mirkaneessa. Waliigalteen Siyaasaa dirqisiisaan hundarraa eegamu kunis kanneen asii gadii hammata:-

1. Gumii Hariiroo Alaa: amanamummaa biyya keessaa kakaasuu fi fudhatamummaa idil addunyaa akka argatu gochuuf,

2. Gumii Nageenya Biyyoolessaa Qindaa’e: naannolee keessatti raawwii caasaalee nageenyaa to’achuudhaaf,

3. Dhaabbilee Ijaarsa Dimokraasii: hoji-raawwachiiftota gaafatamoo kan taasisan sirna haqaa, boordii filannoo fi miidiyaa bilisaatiif walabummaa fi aangoo isaanii tiksuuf,

4. Qaama waldhibdee fi garaagarummaa biyya ijaaruu fi mootummaa ijaaruu jidduu jiru furu: rakkoolee siyaasaa cimoo furuurratti waliigaltee biyyaalessaa waloo uumuudhaaf,

5. Qaama hojiirra oolmaa waliigaltichaa to’atu: kan gaaffii bifa kamiinuu yeroon filannoo dabalataan akka dheereffamuuf dhiyaatu daangessuu fi guyyaa filannoo mijataa kaa’u,Kana malees gaafatamummaa, sirnaa fi tooftaa ittiin paartiileen kunniin hojjetan dabalatee akkaataa hojiirra oolmaa yaada furmaataa kanaa gadi fageenyaan akeeknee jirra. Yaada furmaataa dhiyeessine kana hojiirra oolchuun biyyattii keessatti dimokraasii ijaaruu fi nagaa waaraa buusuuf gargaara jennee amanna.

Dhimmoota nageenyaa bulchiinsotni naannoo walii isaanii jidduutti qabanii fi garaagarummaa mootummaa fi paartileen mormitootaa akkasumas paartileen mormitootaa walii isaanii jidduudhaa qabanii dabrees “Biyya ijaaruu” fi “Mootummaa Ijaaruu” irratti dhimmoota ejjennoo waliifaallaa qabaniif fala dhawa. Kanaafuu, jeequmsa wayta ammaa kana biyyattii keessatti babal’ateef furmaata ta’a jennee waan amannuun, mootummaan Itoophiyaa yaada furmaataa kana irra deebi’ee xiyyeeffannaa itti laachuun akka ilaalu gadi jabeessinee gaafanna. Kanuma waliin yoo qooda-fudhattoonni gaafatamummaa isaanii bahatan adeemsa dimokraasii dhugaa keessatti qooda keenya bahachuuf fedhii qabnu irra deebinee mirkaneessina. Hiree kanaan, hawaasni idil addunyaa Itoophiyaa jeequmsa siyaasaa fi balaa waliigalaa irraa baraaruuf tarkaanfii jabaa akka fudhatu gaafanna. Addatti, Gamtaa Afrikaa, Qaamota Dhaabbata Biyyoota Gamtoomanii, Gamtaa Awrooppaa fi hawaasni idil addunyaa kanneen birootis mootummaan Itoophiyaa paartilee mormitootaa waliin araaratti akka seenu fi filannoo bilisaa fi haqa-qabeessa qopheessuu fi dhugoomsuuf mootummaa cehumsaan aangoo walii qooduudhaan dimokraasii hunda hirmaachiseef karoora waloo akka baasaniif akka dhiibbaa irratti taasisu cimsinee gaafanna. Gamtaan Afrikaa biyyoota Ardittii hedduu keessatti waldhibdee ittisuu fi furuu irratti tooftaa marii jiddugaleessa godhateen nageenyaa fi tasgabbii Afrikaa mirkaneessuuf shoora gumaacheef guddoo galateeffanna. Jeequmsi Itoophiyaa keessaa kan ammaa, qaama kamiyyuu caalaa xiyyeeffannaa Gamtaa Afrikaa barbaada jennee amanna. Akkaataadhuma labsii Gamtaa Afrikaa Keeyyata 4(h) jalatti eerameen, Gamtichi biyyoota miseensa tahan keessatti dhiittaa mirgoota namoomaa suukaneessaa raawwatamu ittisuuf mirga jidduu galuu qaba. Dhiittaan mirgoota namoomaa ulfaataan sirna Itoophiyaatin siviilota biyyattii irratti waggoota 27n dabraniif raawwatamaa bahe waggoota lamaan dabranis itti fufiinsaan sadarkaa mul’atee hin beekneen raawwatamaa jiraachuu ragaaleen biyyaalessaa fi idil addunyaa ifatti agarsiisu. Dabalataan bulchiinsota naannolee hedduu keessatti humnoota hidhattootaa ijaaramanii fi jaboo bulchiinsa waliigalaa balaarra buusanii fi guutummaa biyyattiitti jeequmsa nageenyaa fidantu jira. Jeequmsa amma jiruu fi yaaddoo walitti bu’iinsaa fi balaa shaffisaan deemaa jirurraa, Gamtaan Afrikaa daddafiin dhimmicha jidduu seenuu fi gaafatama isaa raawwachuu qaba. Haalli Itoophiyaa keessaa kan ammaa biyyattii Afrikaa guddinaan 2ffaa taate tana diiguu qofa odoo hin taane, “Afrikaa nagaa-qabeettii fi amansiiftuu” kan hawwu Ajandaa 2063 hawwii Gamtaa Afrikaa 4 milkeessuuf gufuu guddaa tahuu cimsinee hubachiifna. Kanamalees, Finfinneen teessoo Mootummaa Itoophiyaa, magaalaa guddoo Oromiyaa fi teessoo waajjiraalee muummee Gamtaa Afrikaa tahuun ishee, nageenyi waajjiraalee Gamtichaa fi nagummaan hojjettoota isaa 2000 caalanii, dhimma nagaa fi tasgabbii-dhabiinsaa Itoophiyaa keessaa addattis Oromiyaa keessaa waliin xiyyeeffannaa keessa galuu qaba. Addunyaarratti jeequmsa hambisuudhaaf shoora Dhaabbatni Biyyoota Gamtoomanii kan hubanno yoo tahu, Golli Nageenyaa(UN Security Council) fi Gumiin Mirgoota Namoomaa(UN Human Rights Council) dabalatee qaamonni Dhaabbata Biyyoota Gamtoomanii fi kanneen biros jeequmsa Itoophiyaa keessaa kan ammaa hambisuuf qooda isaanii akka bahatan gaafanna. Addattis, akka Chaartara Dhaabbatichaatti nagaa fi sabatiinsa idil addunyaaf gaafatama ol’aanaa kan qabu Golli Nageenyaa, biyyi Afrikaa keessaa guddinaan 2ffaa irra jirtu wayta jeequmsa siyaasaa, hawaasummaa, diinagdee fi dhiittaa mirgoota namoomaa ishii mudatuu fi kufaatiitti deemtu ijaa-gurra irraa cufatuu hin qabu. Gamtaan Awrooppaa Itoophiyaa keessatti akkaataa hojiirra oolmaa ajandaa jijjiirama biyyoolessaa deeggaraa fi tumsa misoomaa adda addaa uumaa, qindoomina diinagdee cimsuurratti, nagaa fi tasgabbiin Itoophiyaa keessatti akka bu’uuf gahee dursitummaa bahataa jiruuf dinqisiifannaa qabnu ibsina. Haa tahu malee, jijjiiramni siyaasaa 2018 keessa eegale qabiinsa dogoggoraa Muummee Ministeeraa Abiyyiin didhaalee guguddoo mudatee gufateera. Kuni michoomaa fi hawwii Gamtaan Awrooppaa Itoophiyaadhaaf qabu hunda dhaaba. Kanaafuu, Gamtaan Awrooppaa jeequmsa siyaasaa guddaa waahillan isaa naannichaa furtuu tahan mudataa jiran hambsuuf dandeettii qabuun jidduu seena jennee amanna. Kanaafuu:

1. Gamtaan Afrikaa mirga Keeyyata 4(h) fi keeyyatoota deggaroo kan Gamtichaarra jiran irratti hundaa’uun jeequmsa Itoophiyaa jidduu akka seenu waamicha dhiyeessina.

2. Itoophiyaa keessatti balaan nagaa fi nagummaa ifatti waan mul’ateef, Golli Nageenyaa kan Dhaabbata Biyyoota Gamtoomanii, haaluma dirqamoota isaa Labsii Dhaabbatichaa Keeyyata 39 fi 41 jalatti eerameetin tarkaanfii malu akka fudhatu waamicha dhiyeessina. Gumiin Mirgoota Namoomaatis sarbamiinsa mirgoota namoomaa ulfaatoo Itoophiyaa keessaa hubachiisuu irratti akka tarkaanfii fudhatu waamicha goona.

3. Kuni rakkoo guddaa jaarraa lakkoofsise, nagaa fi sabatiinsa Gaanfa Afrikaa irrattis dhiibbaa ol’aanaa kan qabuu fi waahilummaa dippiloomaasii fi misoomaa Biyyoonni Awrooppaa Itoophiyaa waliin qaban kan tuqu waan taheef, Gamtaan Awrooppaa tasgabbii-dhabiinsa Itoophiyaa keessatti addattis Oromiyaatti uumameef xiyyeeffannaa ol’aanaa akka laatu gaafanna.

4. Paartileen Siyaasaa Itoophiyaa keessa jiran hundumtuu yaada dhiyeessine xiyyeeffannaa itti kennanii cimsanii ilaaluun, jeequmsa uumamee fi balaa as deemaa jiru hambisuuf akka nu waliin hojjetan waamicha keenya dhiyeessina. Humnoota siyaasaa Oromoo walabaa fi waliigala Ummanni Oromoo rakkoo siyaasaa fi nageenyaa dhabamsiisuuf mootummaa cehumsaa Oromiyaaf akka qophaawan waamicha dhiyeessina. Addi Bilisummaa Oromoo ejjennoo kanarratti sadarkaalee mootummaa lameenittuu qooda-fudhattoota mariisisuu itti fufa.

Injifannoo Ummata Bal’aaf!

Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo Finfinnee Fulbaana 13, 2020

የኦሮሞ ነጻነት ግንባር መግለጫ (መስከረም 13, 2020ዓም)[SBO – Fulbaana 13,2020] የኦሮሞ ነፃነት ግንባር(ኦነግ) ለኢትዮጵያ ውስብስብ የፖለቲካ ችግሮች ኣስተማማኝና ዘላቂ መፍትሄ ሊገኝ የሚችለው ሁሉን በሚያካትት ዲሞክራሲና በሁሉም የፖለቲካ ኃይሎች ተሳትፎ ብቻ ነው የሚል ቅን እምነት ኣለው። ይህንንም ለማድረግ ኦነግ አገሪቱን የማስተዳደር ስልጣን ያላቸውን እና የተቃዋሚ ቡድኖችን ጨምሮ ከተለያዩ የፖለቲካ ኃይሎች ጋር በመሆን በኢትዮጵያ የፖለቲካ ቀውሶችን ለመፍታት የጋር ብሔራዊ መግባባት ለመፍጠር ሲሠራ ቆይቷል። ኦነግ ከፍተኛ ኣመራሩን ወደ ሀገር ካዛወረ እ.ኤ.አ. ከመስከረም 15 ቀን 2018ዓም ወዲህ ወደ ሁሉን አቀፍ እውነተኛ ዴሞክራሲ የሚያመራውን የሰላም ሂደት ስኬታማ ለማድረግ በሐቀኝነትና በታማኝነት ለመስራት ወሰነ።ምንም እንኳን ከመጀመሪያው ጀምሮ በኢትዮጵያ የዴሞክራሲ ሽግግር ኣያያዝ በጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር አብይ አህመድ መንግስት እንዴት እንደተከናወነ ኣስመልክቶ ኦነግ ደስተኛ ባይሆንም፣ ይሻሻላል ብለን ተስፋ በማድረግ ሁኔታዎችን በትዕግስት ተቋቁመናል፥ ያለ ዋጋ ግን አይደለም። ሆኖም እ.ኤ.አ. በ2018ዓም የተጀመረው የፖለቲካ ለውጥ ከውስጥ ከገዥው ፓርቲ እንዲሁም ከውጭ ከተቃዋሚ ቡድኖች ግዙፍ ተግዳሮቶች አጋጠመው። ሁኔታዎቹ ከጊዜ ወደ ጊዜ እየተባባሱ በመሄድ በአሁኑ ወቅት ሁሉም ነገር ከቁጥጥር ውጭ ወደሆነበት ደረጃ በመድረስ መንግስትን ወደ ውድቀት እያመራው ይገኛል። አሁን በአገሪቱ ውስጥ በጣም እጅግ ኣሳሳቢ አለመረጋጋትና የተሰበረ ፖለቲካ ተስፋ ይስተዋላል፥ ህዝቡ ከገዢው ፓርቲ ተስፋና እምነት አጥቷል። በአገሪቱ ውስጥ ግልጽ ‘’የሕገ-መንግስታዊ ቀውስ’’ የተመለከትን ሲሆን፡ በስልጣን ላይ ያለው ፓርቲ መጀመሪያ ከገባቸው ቃላት ማሽቆለቆሉና ህገ-መንግስቱን የማስጠበቅ ሃላፊነት ያለባቸውን የመንግስት ኣካላት ለራሱ የፖለቲካ ጥቅም ሲገለገልባቸው ቆይቷል። የተቃዋሚ ፖለቲካ ፓርቲዎች አመራሮችንና አባላትን ማሰርና ከፍተኛ የሰብአዊ መብት ጥሰቶች የመንግሥት የፀጥታ ኃይሎች የዕለት ተዕለት ሥራ ናቸው። ምንም እንኳን የጭካኔ ድርጊቶች ቢኖሩም፥ ኦነግ እና ሌሎች ተቃዋሚ ፓርቲዎች ለውጡን በተናጥል እንዲሁም በጋራ ለመደገፍ ያላቸውን ፍላጎት መግለፃቸውን ቀጥለዋል።በተናጠል ካለው የመፍትሄ ሀሳብ በተጨማሪ የኦሮሞ ነጻነት ግንባር ዲሞክራሲያዊ ሽግግሩን ለመደገፍ በተለያዩ የተቃዋሚ ፓርቲዎች መድረክ ላይ ተሳትፏል። ከመድረኮቹ መካከል ለሽግግሩ እና ለዴሞክራሲያዊ ሂደቱ የጋራ ድጋፍ ለመስጠት ያለመው ትብብር ለህብረ-ብሔር ዴሞክራሲያዊ ፌዴራሊዝም (ትብብር) ኣንዱ ነበር። እ.ኤ.አ. በሚያዝያ 2020ዓም ይህ ትብብር በሽግግር ሂደት ላይ ለመንግስት ሁሉን ኣቀፍ የመፍትሔ ምክረ-ሃሳቦችን ኣቅርቧል። የመፍትሄ ምክረ-ሃሳቦቹ በመግባባት ላይ ለተመርኮዘ የፖለቲካ እልባት በለውጡ እንዴት መቀጠል እንደሚቻልና የተረጋጋ ዴሞክራሲያዊ አስተዳደር እንዴት በደረጃ-በደረጃ ሂደት ሊመሰረት እንደሚችል በግልጽ ኣስቀምጧል።የመፍትሄ ሃሳቦቹ በኢትዮጵያ ህገ-መንግስት ማዕቀፍ ውስጥ የተቀረፁ ሲሆን የለውጡ ሂደት ስህተቶችና የገዥው ፓርቲ ባህሪይ፥ አሁን ያሉ የአለመረጋጋትና የፀጥታ ጉዳዮች፥ እና የሰብአዊ መብት ጥሰቶችን ግምት ውስጥ ያስገባ ነው። በአጠቃላይ የለውጥ ስርዓቱን ተግዳሮቶች በሁለቱም አቅጣጫዎች (ገዥው ፓርቲ እና ተቃዋሚዎች) በመተንተን በገዥው ፓርቲና በተቃዋሚ ቡድኖች በጋራ የሚተገበር ተግባራዊ የመፍትሔ ምክረ-ሀሳብ አቅርበናል።የቀረቡት ሀሳቦች ሌሎች የፖለቲካ ፓርቲዎች እንዲሳተፉ የሚያስችላቸው አስገዳጅ የፖለቲካ ኮንቬንሽን እንዲኖርና እውነተኛ ዴሞክራሲን ለመገንባትና በሀገሪቱ ውስጥ ዘላቂ ሰላም እንዲሰፍን ለማድረግ የለውጡ ሂደት ትክክለኛ ቁጥጥርን ለማረጋገጥና ትብብሩና አባል ድርጅቶች እንዲሁም ሌሎች ሃይሎች ሁሉ የበኩላቸውን ሚና የሚጫወቱበትን የዜጎች ኑሮ መሻሻልን ያረጋግጣል።የታሰበው አስገዳጅ የፖለቲካ ኮንቬንሽን የሚከተሉትን ያካትታል፦1. የውጭ ግንኙነት ምክር ቤት፡ የአገር ውስጥ አመኔታን ለማነሳሳት እና ዓለምአቀፍ ተቀባይነት እንዲያገኝ ለማድረግ 2. የተቀናጀ ብሔራዊ ደህንነት ምክር ቤት፡ በክልሎች ውስጥ የፀጥታ አደረጃጀቶችን ትግበራ ለመከታተል።3. የዴሞክራሲ ግንባታ ተቋም፡ አስፈፃሚዎችን ተጠያቂ ሊያደርጉ የሚችሉ ገለልተኛ የፍትህ አካላት፣ የምርጫ ቦርድና ነጻ ሚዲያ ራስን ማስተዳደርና ስልጣንን ለመጠበቅ4. ከፍተኛ የፖለቲካ ችግሮችን ለመፍታት ብሔራዊ የጋራ መግባባት እንዲፈጠር መንግስት ግንባታና በአገር ግንባታ መካከል ያሉ አለመግባባቶችንና ልዩነቶችን የሚፈታ አካል።5. ማንኛውንም ለምርጫው የሚደረግ ሌላ የጊዜ ማራዘሚያ ጥያቄን ለመገደብና ኣመቺውን የምርጫ ቀን ለማስቀመጥ የኮንቬንሽኑን አፈፃፀም የሚከታተል አካልበተጨማሪም እነዚህ አካላት የሚሠሩበትን የኃላፊነት፣ የሥርዓትና የአሠራር ዘዴ ዝርዝርን ጨምሮ የመፍቲሔ ምክረ-ሃሳቦቹን ተግባራዊነት አመልክተናል። እነዚህን የመፍትሔ ሃሳቦች ተግባራዊ ማድረጉ ዲሞክራሲን ለመገንባትና በአገሪቱ ውስጥ ዘላቂ ሰላም ለመፍጠር ይረዳል ብለን እናምናለን። ከዚህም ሌላ በክልላዊ መንግስታት መካከል ያለውን የፀጥታ ጉዳዮች እንዲሁም በመንግስትና በተቃዋሚ ፓርቲዎች መካከልና በተቃዋሚዎች እርስ በርሳቸው መካከል ያሉ ልዩነቶችን እንዲሁም “በመንግስት ግንባታ” እና “በሃገር ግንባታ” ላይ ተቃራኒ አቋም ላላቸው ጉዳዮችም መፍትሄ ያቀርባል። ስለሆነም በአሁኑ ወቅት በኢትዮጵያ የተስፋፉ ቀውሶችን ይፈታል ብለን ስለምናምን የኢትዮጵያ መንግስት እነዚህን የመፍትሄ ምክረ-ሃሳቦች እንደገና እንዲያጤን በጥብቅ እናሳስባለን። እንዲሁም ባለድርሻ አካላት ኃላፊነታቸውን የሚወጡ ከሆነ በእውነተኛ ዴሞክራሲያዊ ሂደት ውስጥ የበኩላችንን ለመወጣት ፈቃደኛ መሆናችንን በድጋሚ ለመግለጽ እንወዳለን።በዚህ አጋጣሚ ዓለምአቀፍ ማህበረሰብ ኢትዮጵያን ከህገ-መንግስታዊ ቀውሶች እና ከጠቅላላው ትርምስ ለመታደግ ጠንካራ እርምጃ እንዲወስድ ጥሪ እናቀርባለን። በተለይም የአፍሪካ ህብረት፣ የተባበሩት መንግስታት ድርጅት አካላት፣ የአውሮፓ ህብረት እና ሌሎችም ዓለምአቀፍ ማህበረሰብ የኢትዮጵያ መንግስት ከተቃዋሚ ፓርቲዎች ጋር ድርድር እንዲያደርግና ነፃና ፍትሃዊ ምርጫን የሚያዘጋጅና ተግባራዊ የሚያደርግ በሥልጣን መጋሪያ የሽግግር መንግሥት አማካይነት ሁሉን አካታች የዲሞክራሲ ፍኖተ-ካርታ በጋራ እንዲያስቀምጥ እንዲያሳስቡ ኣጥብቀን እንጠይቃለን። የአፍሪካን ሰላምና ፀጥታ ለማስጠበቅ በብዙ የአፍሪካ አገራት ግጭትን ለመከላከል እና መፍትሄ ለማምጣት ውይይትን ማዕከል ያደረገ አቀራረብን በመምራት እና በማስተዋወቅ የአፍሪካ ህብረት እየተጫወተ ያለውን ሚና እናደንቃለን። አሁን በኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ያለው ቀውስ ከማንኛውም አካል የበለጠ የአፍሪካ ህብረትን የላቀ ትኩረት ይጠይቃል ብለን እናምናለን። በአፍሪካ ህብረት አዋጅ አንቀጽ 4(ሸ) መሠረት ህብረቱ ከባድ የሰብአዊ መብት ጥሰቶችን ለመከላከል በአባል ሀገር ውስጥ ጣልቃ የመግባት መብት አለው። ብሔራዊ እና ዓለምአቀፉ ማስረጃዎች የኢትዮጵያ ስርዓት ቀጣይነት ያለው የሰብአዊ መብት ጥሰቶችን ላለፉት 27 ዓመታት በሃገሪቱ ዜጎች ላይ መፈጸሙንና ባለፉት ሁለት ዓመታትም ታይቶ በማይታወቅ ሁኔታ እንደተፈፀመ በግልጽ ያሳያሉ። በተጨማሪም በአብዛኛዎቹ የክልል መንግስታት አጠቃላይ አስተዳደርን አደጋ ላይ የሚጥሉና በመላ ሀገሪቱ የፀጥታ ቀውስ የሚያመጡ የተደራጁ እና ጠንካራ የታጠቁ ኃይሎች አሉ። አሁን ካሉት ቀውሶች እና በፍጥነት ከሚጓዙ እምቅ ግጭቶች እና ስጋቶች አንጻር የአፍሪካ ህብረት በኣፋጣኝ ጣልቃ ገብቶ ኃላፊነቱን መወጣት አለበት።አሁን በኢትዮጵያ ያለው ሁኔታ በአፍሪካ ሁለተኛዋን ትልቅ ሀገር መበታተን ብቻ ሳይሆን “ሰላማዊና የተረጋጋች አፍሪካን” የሚመኝ አጀንዳ 2063 የተባለውን የአፍሪካ ህብረት ምኞት 4 ለማሳካት ካሉ ዋና እንቅፋቶች መካከል አንዱ መሆኑን ማሳሰብ እንወዳለን። በተጨማሪም ፊንፊኔ(አዲስ አበባ) የኢ.ፌ.ዲ.ሪ መቀመጫ፣ የኦሮሚያ ዋና ከተማና የአፍሪካ ህብረት ዋና መስሪያ ቤት በመሆኗ የአፍሪካ ህብረት ጽ/ቤትና እዚያ የሚሰሩ ከ2000 በላይ ሰራተኞች ደህንነት አሁን በኢትዮጵያ በተለይም በኦሮሚያ ካለው የሰላምባ የኣለመረጋጋት ጉዳዮች ጋር ከግምት ውስጥ መግባት አለበት። የተባበሩት መንግስታት በዓለም ላይ የሚከሰቱ ቀውሶችን በማስወገድ ረገድ የተጫወተውን ሚና የምንገነዘብ ሲሆን የተባበሩት መንግስታት የፀጥታው ም/ቤት(UNSC)፣ የተባበሩት መንግስታት የሰብአዊ መብቶች ጉባዔ እና ሌሎችም በአሁኑ ወቅት በኢትዮጵያ የሚከሰቱ ቀውሶችን ለማስወገድ የድርሻቸውን እንዲወጡ እንጠይቃለን። በተለይም በዓለም አቀፍ ደረጃ ሰላምንና ፀጥታን ለማስጠበቅ በተባበሩት መንግስታት ቻርተር መሠረት ቀዳሚ ሃላፊነት ያለው የተባበሩት መንግስታት ድርጅት የጸጥታው ምክር ቤት በአፍሪካ ካሉ ትልልቅ ሀገሮች ሁለተኛ የሆነችዋ ኢትዮጵያ የፖለቲካ፣ ማህበራዊ፣ ሰብአዊ መብቶች እና ኢኮኖሚያዊ ቀውሶች ሲያጋጥሟትና ወደ ውድቀት ስታመራ ጆሮ ዳባ ብሎ ማለፍ የለበትም። የኣውሮፓ ህብረት ብሄራዊ የለውጥ ኣጀንዳውን ለመደገፍና ከኢትዮጵያ ጋር ልዩ ልዩ የልማት ትብብሮችን በመፍጠር በኢትዮጵያ ኢኮኖሚያዊ ውህደት፣ ሰላምና መረጋጋት እንዲሰፍን እየተጫወተ ያለውን የመሪነት ሚና እናደንቃለን። ሆኖም እ.ኤ.አ. በ2018ዓም የተጀመረው የፖለቲካ ለውጥ በጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር ዐብይ በአግባቡ ባለመመራቱ ግዙፍ ፈተናዎች ገጥሞት፡ ወድቋል። ይህም የአውሮፓ ህብረት ከኢትዮጵያ ጋር ያለውን አጋርነትና ህብረት ለኢትዮጵያ ያለውን ሁሉንም ምኞት ይገታል። ስለዚህ የአውሮፓ ህብረት በቀጠናው ያሉ ቁልፍ ኣጋሮቹ ያጋጠማቸውን የፖለቲካ ቀውሶችን ለማስቀረት ባለው ኣቅም ጣልቃ እንደሚገባ እናምናለን።ስለሆነም፡ 1. በአፍሪካ ህብረት በአንቀጽ 4(ሸ) እና በሌሎች የህብረቱ ደጋፊ አንቀጾች ላይ በተቀመጠው መብቱ ላይ በመመስረት በኢትዮጵያ ቀውሶች ውስጥ ጣልቃ እንዲገባ ጥሪ እናቀርባለን።2. በኢትዮጵያ የሰላምና ደህንነት አደጋዎች በግልጽ የሚታዩ በመሆናቸው የጸጥታው ምክር ቤት በተባበሩት መንግስታት ድርጅት አንቀፅ 39 እና 41 ላይ በተመለከቱት ግዴታዎች መሰረት ተገቢ እርምጃዎችን እንዲወስድ ጥሪ እናስተላልፋለን። የመንግስታቱ ድርጅት የሰብዓዊ መብቶች ጉባዔም(UNHRC) በኢትዮጵያ የተፈጸሙ ከባድ የሰብአዊ መብት ጥሰቶችን ለመቅረፍ በዚሁ መሰረት እርምጃ እንዲወስድ እንጠይቃለን።3. ይህ የመቶ አመት ግዙፍ ግጭትና በአፍሪካ ቀንድ ሰላምና መረጋጋት ላይ የጎላ ጉዳት ስለሚያስከትልና የአውሮፓ ሃገራትና የኢትዮጵያና ዲፕሎማሲያዊ እና የልማት አጋርነት የሚነካ በመሆኑ ነው የኣውሮፓ ህብረት በኢትዮጵያ በተለይም በኦሮሚያ ለተፈጠረው አለመረጋጋት ከፍተኛ ትኩረት እንዲሰጥ ጥሪያችንን እናስተላልፋለን።4. በኢትዮጵያ ያሉ ሁሉም የፖለቲካ ፓርቲዎች ያቀረብነውን የመፍትሄ ሀሳብ በቁም ነገር በመመልከት እየተቃረበ ያለውን ኣስከፊ ቀውስ ለማስቀረት ከኛ ጋር እንዲሰሩ ጥሪያችንን እናስተላልፋለን።ገለልተኛ የኦሮሞ የፖለቲካ ኃይሎችና መላው ኦሮሞ ህዝብ ማንኛውንም ዓይነት የፖለቲካና የፀጥታ ችግር ለማስወገድ ለኦሮሚያ የሽግግር መንግስት እንዲዘጋጁ ጥሪ እያቀረበ፡ የኦሮሞ ነጻነት ግንባር በዚህ አቋም ላይ ባለድርሻ አካላትን በሁለቱም የመንግስት ደረጃዎች ማማከሩ እንደሚቀጥል ያሳውቃል።

ድል ለሰፊው ህዝብ!

የኦሮሞ ነጻነት ግንባርፊንፊኔመስከረም 13, 2020ዓም

UNPO: Oromo: Dr Geleta’s Daughter Calls for Urgent Support of the German Government July 24, 2020

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Jul 23, 2020

Oromo: Dr Geleta’s Daughter Calls for Urgent Support of the German Government

In a letter addressed to the German government, Bonsitu Shigut, the daughter of Dr Shigut Geleta – Chair of the OLF and UNPO Presidency Member – has asked for urgent international support to end the arbitrary arrest of her father. Dr Geleta has been jailed by Ethiopian security forces without a court order or warrant by Ethiopian federal security force on 3 July 2020 in Addis Ababa. Since then, his family has not been able to determine his whereabouts and has no information about his well-being. This was his second imprisonment in which the arresting officers did not have a warrant.

Bonsitu highlighted that her father has been working hard to foster a strong cooperation with a multitude of other oppressed ethnic groups in Ethiopia while also actively engaging with many notable human rights organisations. “Since his return to Ethiopia, my father has dedicated his efforts exclusively to peaceful and democratically motivated causes. Despite all of this, he was arrested without a court order or warrant”. Bonsitu’s letter recalls that Dr Geleta requires daily medication, without which his health condition in prison could deteriorate quickly.

Below is a letter signed by Ms Bonsitu Shigut

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Bonsitu Shigut. I was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and moved to Germany with my family when I was seven months old. I am a German citizen; I have completed my secondary school and university education in Germany, and currently I am working and reside in Munich, Bavaria. I am writing you this letter to act your part  for the release of my father, Dr. Shigut Geleta, member of the OLF, who was arrested unlawfully by the Ethiopian security forces on 03.07.20.

After assassination of the prominent Oromo singer Hacaaluu Hundessa on 29.06.20, massive protests broke out throughout the country. The Ethiopian security forces were unable to contain the people’s anger despite the widespread unlawful imprisonment of innocent individuals and mass killings. 

My father had been jailed previously, in February 2020 he was arrested without a court order or warrant by Ethiopian federal security forces. This episode is his second round of imprisonments (Friday, 03.07.20 during the evening hours he was taken away from his home by the security forces), the process of imprisonments happened as previous one without court order or warrant. Despite intensive actions of searching to determine whereabouts (embassy, security forces, his organizations…). I Myself and other family members have been unable to determine the place of his detention.

Due to his medical condition (daily medication use) me as his daughter and other family members are devastated by all the process. Our daily question was did he get his medication daily? How is it his physical condition? How is it his emotional status? ….My father has been an active member of the Oromo Liberation Front for a long time, and has been in charge of all diplomatic matters for the organizations internally and externally. In September 2018, when the Oromo Liberation Front returned back to Ethiopia it was primarily to focus on the federal elections through democratic process and peaceful manner, originally planned for late 2020.

It has always been the OLF’s conviction that democratic elections will only be realized in a healthy political environment that allows peaceful collaboration with other political parties and the incumbent administration. Therefore, the organization has always made it clear that it does not condone any form of violence and has distanced itself from those to believe otherwise. With its return, the OLF intentionally sought out a peaceful path into Ethiopian democracy. As a result, my father Dr. Shigut Geleta has worked hard to foster a strong cooperation with a multitude of other oppressed ethnic groups in Ethiopia while also actively engaging with many notable human rights organisations.

His objective has been to establish the foundations that will eventually lead the Oromo people into a free and democratic future. Since his return to Ethiopia, my father has dedicated his efforts exclusively to peaceful and democratically motivated causes. Despite all of this, he was arrested without a court order or warrant. I am worrying  for the safety of my father due to the blatant aggression and cruelty security forces have exhibited towards innocent civilians, and the rapidly rising death toll in the country. Ethiopia’s terrible record of human rights violations and the torture of detainees and prisoners is widely known.

We, the family of Dr. Geleta, have been unable to obtain any information about where he has been detained and what condition he is in. His daily medication need is also another independent factor of humanity. For us, Dr. Shigut Geleta is not merely an innocent member of the OLF, but a beloved husband and father first. We fear that the dictatorial administration of Dr. Abiy Ahmed poses an immediate threat to his life and us, the family, call on you to stand with us and to demand the immediate release of my father Dr. Shigut Geleta, a German citizen.


Bonsitu Shigut

Oromo political parties agreed to establish a united forum December 6, 2018

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Ethiopia’s ODP building alliances with opposition in Oromia, African News

Ethiopia's ODP building alliances with opposition in Oromia


The ruling bloc in Ethiopia’s Oromia region, the Oromo Democratic Party, ODP, continues building political alliances with competing parties ahead of elections slated for 2020.

ODP’s spokesperson, Taye Dendea, confirmed this information to the Voice of America’s Amharic service. He said the party was preparing to enter talks with over ten parties that shared a similar political agenda and plan of action.

Dendea added that further talks were being held with the Oromo Liberation Front, an ex-rebel group that returned from Eritreaafter a peace deal was signed between the two countries in July this year.

ODP led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed recently agreed a dealwith the Oromo Democratic Front, ODF, led by Lencho Leta. The merger was announced in late November after a meeting between Leta and Oromia region president Lemma Megerssa.

The 2020 elections will be the first vote after Abiy began his sweeping reforms aimed at opening the country’s political and democratic space.

Abiy, an Oromo, has pledged to ensure that the vote is free, fair and credible and has stated publicly that he will handover power if the ruling Ethiopia Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front, EPRDF, lost.

He has held talks with registered opposition groups and nominated a new elections chief to undertake reforms of the electoral body in the lead up to the polls. Birtukan Mideksa, a former judge and political dissident has been praised as being a right fit for the job.

The Ethiopia People Revolutionary Democratic Front comprises four main blocs:

  • The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).
  • The Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO) now Oromo Democratic Party.
  • The Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) now Amhara Democratic Party.
  • The Southern Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement, SEPDM.

More from Oromian Economist sources:l

Korri paartileen Oromoo ‘haala qabatamaa naannichaafi cee’umsa gara dimokiraasii irratti’ xiyyeeffate taasifame, BBC Afaan Oromoo

Waltajjii Marii jaarmiyaalee Siyaasaa Oromoo har’a Finfinneetti geggeeffamaa jira
Waltajjiin marii Jarmiyaalee Siyaasaa Oromoo hundi irratti argaman kun mata duree marii “Ce’umsa gara Dimookiraasii fi haala qabatamaa Naannoo Oromiyaa” jedhurratti Finfinnee Galama Aadaa Oromootti geggeeffamaa jira.
Kaayyoon kanaas Jarmiyaaleen Siyaasaa Oromoo dhimma Waloo Ummata Oromoorratti dhimmoota waliin hojjechuu danda’anirratti wal hubannaa uumifi jedhameera. 
Ka’umsa marii kanaatiif barreeffama qabsoo Ummata Oromoo eessaa garamitti, qormaatileefi sadarkaa qabsichi yeroo ammaa irra gaheefi kallattii qabsoo fuulduree Oromoo ilaalchisee qophaa’e Itti GaafatmaanSiyaasaafi Ijaarsa Baadiyyaa ODP obbo Addisuu Araggaatiin dhihaatee jira. Itti aansudhaanis Perofeesar Isqeel Gabbisaa bareefffan “eessaa kaanee eesssa turre, amma hoo eessa gahuuf deemaa jirra kan jedhu keessattti ummanni Oromoo yeroo ammaa kanatti gaaddisa tokko jalatti hiriiranii kan argamaniidha jedhaniiru. Kunummoo iccitiinsaa tokkummaa waan ta’eef jarmiyaaleen siyaasaa Oromoo maqaasaatiin ijaaramanis yeroon tokkummaan itti hojjetan amma jedhaniiru.
Yeroo ammaa Pirez. BMNO Dr. Kabajaa Lammaa magarsaa yeroo ammaa ce’umsaa dhufaa jiru waltaanee ceesisuun murteessadhaniiiru. Mariin itti fufeera bal’inasaa qabannee dhihaanna.


Guyyaan har’aa ganda TPLFitti guyyaa gaddaa tahuu argine. Mirqaanni isaanii guyyoota muraasa dabranii har’a bakka san hin jirtu. Sababni ifaa dha. Jaarmayaalee siyaasaa Oromootu waltajjii tokkorratti argamanii waan hegeree isaanii maryachaa jiran. Humnoota amma wal ajjeesu, amma wal diiganii qaawwa nuu banu jedhanii eegaa jirantu nagaaf dursa kennee maryachuu jalqabe. Kana caalaa kan boquu diinaa cabsu hin jiru. Humnoonni siyasaa Oromoos kana beekuu qabu. Waan diina gammachiisu irraa of qusatanii waan saba keenya mirqaansutti xiyyeeffachuu dha. Waamichi gabaa lagannaa fi dhaadannoon ‘Lammaa fi Abiyyi diina keneya, nun bulchanu’ jedhan Oromiyaa keessatti dhagahamuun fafa. Kun hawwii warra TPLF akka tahe beekuu feesisa. Oromoonis waamichoota mormii kan qaamonni tokko tokko dhiheessan hundumaa eeggannoodhaan laalee kan tahu fudhatee kan diina gammachiisu diduuf dammaqiinsa dabalachaa deemuutu irraa eegama. 


alqabbii Gaarii, marii bu’a qabeessa

Har’a waltajjii marii dhaabbilee siyaasaatu ture. Waltajjiin kun ji’oota heddu dura waan eegalu qabu ta’s amma jalqabuunuu waan guddaadha. Waltajjii kanarratti 
– Injifannoo qabsoo wlaootiin argame waliin tiikfachuun barbaachisaa akka ta’e
– Jeeqamuun nageenya Oromiyaa nu hundaaf balaa hamaa akka qabu
– Mootummaa kana tumsuun cehuumsa kana bakkaan gahuuf murteessaa akka ta’e, hoggansi mootummaas dhaabbilee siyaasaafi qaamota biroo ofitti qabee gargaarsifachuun murteessaa ta’uu isaa. 
– Dhaabbileen siyaasaa waliin mari’achuufi waliin dalaguun rakkoo nageenyaa furuufi tokkumma saba kanaa cimsuuf murteessaa ta’uu isaa. 
– Mariin bifa kana akka itti fufuuf foramiin paartilee akka jaaramus waliif galameera.

Prez Lammaa Magarsaa kaka’uumsa kanaan as bahuu isaafii hogganoonni dhaabbilee hundaa hirmaannaa isaaniif ni galateeffanna. Hojiin kun cimee itti fufuu qaba.

Oromia: Jubilation in Finfinnee to welcome ABO/OLF September 15, 2018

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Odaa Oromoooromianeconomist


Millions converged at    Hulluuqoo Kormaa,  Dirree Masqalaa (Meskel Square) in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) from all corners of Oromia to welcome OLF/ OLA top leader. 15th September 2018. Former rebels in triumphant return to Ethiopia

 Ethiopians hail return of once-banned Oromo group
Oromo Liberation Front given a hero’s welcome in Addis Ababa

Thousands of flag-waving supporters were out on the streets to welcome the returning OLF 

The awesome Oromo horseman (Obbo Siidaa Dabalee) is the picture of the day  on this very jubilation and victory day for freedom, democracy, unity in diversity and multinationalism for the oppressed nations in Ethiopia.

Oromoo fi firooni saba Oromoo miliyoona hedduun lakkaawaman Finfinnee,  Hulluuqoo Kormaatti walga’un ABO/WBO gammachuun simatan. Fulbaana 15 Bara 2018.

Oromo Horseman in Finfinnee, Hulluuqoo Kormaa, at the event ABO (OLF) leaders welcome, 15th September 2018, victory day..png

7 million strong freedom-loving #Oromo have converged onHulluuqoo Kormaa,  Dirree Masqalaa (Meskel Square) in Finfinnee  to welcom OLF leaders, 15 sept. 2018.png

Oromia, FInfinnee, Hulluuqoo Kormaa, Dirree Masqalaa, the Oromo moment celebrating, victory, OLF.  15  September 2018.png


Oromia: Ibsa Koongirasii Feederalawaa Oromoo (KFO) fi Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo (ABO) iraa kenname September 9, 2018

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Odaa Oromoooromianeconomist



Ibsa Koongirasii Feederaalawaa Oromoo (KFO) fi Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo (ABO) irraa kenname

Addi Bilissummaa Oromoo (ABO)n qabsoo hidhannoo fi siyaasaa geggessaa turee qabsoo karaa nagaa geggeessuuf mootummaa Ityoophiyaa waliin waliigaltee uumeen booda Kongirasa Federaalawaa Oromoo duraanu qabsoo karaa nagaa gaggeessaa ture waliin egeree
siyaasaa ummata Oromoo irratti marii jalqabaa geggeessee jira.

Marii kana keessattis Sirna ijaarsa dimookiraasii, federaalizimii dhugaa fi olaantumaa seeraa kabachiisuu keessatti dhaabileen lamaan karaa itti dantaa ummata Oromoo fi Oromiyaa dursuu fi kabajchiisuu irratti yaada
wal jijjiiruun hubannoota irra gahameera.

Uummanni keenya yaroo adda addaa wal-taanee akka itti dhiyaanu nu gaafachaa jiru hubtuun bu’uuruma kanaan Addi Bilissummaa Oromoo (ABO) fi Kongirasiin Federaalawaa Oromoo (KFO)n marii gaafa 24/12/2010 gaggeesinneen akkaataa garaagarummaa jiru dhiphisuun waliin hojjatuun danda’amu irratti wal hubachuun waamicha armaan gadii waloon dabarsina.

1. Koongireesii Feederaalawaa Oromoo (KFO) fi Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo (ABO)n biyya kana keessatti federaalizimiin dhugaa akka dhufu, mirgi hiree murteeffannaa ummatootaa fi olaantummaan seeraa
kabajamee nageenyii amansiisaa itti fufiinsaan akka lafa qabatuuf qabsoo uummatni keenya taasisu keessatti sagaleen uummatta keenyaa akka addaan hin hiramneef karaa danda’ame hunda hojjatana.

2. Uummanni keenyas wal hubannoo irra gahame kana beekuun qabsoo nuyi waliin gaggeessaa jirru kana nuuf beekuun akuuma kana duraa nu cina dhaabbachuun qabsoo bilisummaa milkeessuu keessatti qooda keessan akka gumaachitan waamicha seena qabeessa kana dabarsina.

3. Jaarmootni siyaasaa, Beektootni, Dargaggotni abbaa qabsoo Barratootni,Hojjatootni, Daldaaltotni, Abboottiin Gadaa fi Abboottiin Amantaa Oromoo kana beekuun itita aangoo siyaasaa uummata Oromoo amma argamee kana gara fuulduraatti tarkaanfachiisuuf qabsoo KFO fi ABOn taasisan kana akka cimsitan, utubdanii fi deegartaniif waamicha keenya isinii dabarsina.

4. Dhumarratti uummatootni Itiyoophiyaa qabsoo
uummanni Oromoo kabajamuu mirga dimokraasii, mirga hiree murteeffatanaa, olaanttumaa seeraa, guddina federaalizimii dhugaa fi nageenya waaraa dhugoomsuuf warraaqu kana keessatti akka nucinaa dhaabbattan kabajaan waammicha isinii goona.

Injifannoon uummata dhugaan qabsaa’uuf haata’u !!!

Fulbaana 5, bara 2018
KFO fi ABO irraa

ONLF and OLF Holds the Ethiopian government and its ruling Coalition Parties as solely responsible for the mass killings of Oromo and Somali peoples December 22, 2017

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ONLF and OLF Holds the Ethiopian government and its ruling Coalition Parties as solely responsible for the mass killings of Oromo and Somali peoples

Joint Statement by Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF)

December 21, 2017

The Ethiopian government has been systematically instigating conflict between and within nations in Ethiopia to divert the attention of the stakeholders from its failing rule for the last two years. Although, the Ethiopian government has continually employed divide-and-rule tactics across the country by systematically instigating and promoting civil war among the nations; such war is specifically orchestrated between the Ogaden Somali and the Oromo nations, under the stage management of both Federal government security apparatus, and agents of both regional states.

Such Machiavellian policies of the ruling regime and its regional collaborators has costed both communities, countless lives, and it is affecting not only Oromo people and Somali people in Ethiopia, but also spreading across borders in the Horn of Africa, from Djibouti to Somalia and Kenya. Today, the situation is rapidly deteriorating as hundreds of civilians are massacred. Left unaddressed, the conflict will undoubtedly lead the two fraternal communities to a horrific civil war. Furthermore, if the
Ethiopian regime is left to succeed, such a war inevitably will cost millions of lives with dire consequences for both communities and the communities of wider Horn of Africa.

Cognizant of the fact that, the unfolding tragedies are meticulously masterminded and implemented under the leadership of the regime with the objective of staying in power, employing divide and rule methods as means of governance; the ONLF and OLF holds the Ethiopian regime and the ruling EPRDF party as solely responsible for the crimes committed against both peoples and the wider peoples of Ethiopia. Therefore, we urge the regime to unconditionally and immediately stop such criminal practices.

Furthermore, both fronts request the AU, EU the UN and the international community to urgently start an independent international investigation into the unfolding tragic and continuous massacres of civilians in both sides; that is to date worsening in the entire Somali-Oromia borders including, the other parts of Ethiopia; to be able to bring those responsible for such abhorring crimes to an international tribunal.

The OLF and ONLF call upon the Somali and Oromo people, to stop being used as agents of EPRDF regime to aide it to commit crimes against each other. ONLF and OLF further call upon the traditional elders, civil society, religious leaders, political organisations and intellectuals of both communities to come together and fight this menace against the wellbeing of both nations. ONLF and OLF also call upon all organisations, civil societies and communities in Ethiopia to condemn the current barbarous acts and desist from talking part in it.

OLF and ONLF also call upon media sources to both locally and internationally to expose this heinous crime and avoid fanning the conflict further and report responsibly.
The Oromo, Somalis and the other nations of the Horn of Africa will always remain neighbours; hence those who want to destroy the centuries old fraternal relationships between all communities in the Horn of Africa and Ethiopia are doomed to fail.

Finally, instigating ghastly killings and decapitation of the Civilians in Ogaden Somali and Oromia will never compromise our fraternity and never deviate us from our struggle for Freedom and Self-Determination.

Peace shall prevail!
Issued by The OLF and ONLF on December 21, 2017


OLF logo

Ethiopian government’s attempt to blame the victims (the Oromo people) unravels TPLF’s war plans on Oromo people

It has now been more than a year since the Ethiopian government, controlled by the Tigrai People Liberation Front (TPLF), clearly and openly declared a war on Oromo people. In addition, the TPLF government has also promoted conflict between the Oromo people and its neighbors, which have lived together in peace, love and mutual respect for decades.

This TPLF orchestrated conflicts has caused a huge crisis on the life, property and overall wellbeing of hundreds-of-thousandth of Oromo people. In fact, the Ethiopian military generals and leaders have planned, trained and deployed the Somali special forces (aka Liyu Police) to carry-out the killings of the Oromo people and destruction of their homes. As a result of this war, hundredthof-thousandth of Oromos were either killed, wounded, their homes and properties were completely destroyed or displaced. While these all heinous acts have been taking place on Oromo farmers, the TPLF government has never had any saying.

The war currently declared on the Oromo people by TPLF and the Somali regional government is a well-researched and planned war for a long time. To make sure that their plans are being executed, first, they disarmed the Oromo farmers and made them defenseless. After they disarmed the Oromo farmers, TPLF ordered their well-trained and armed Liyu police to carry-out the killings, including kids and women, destroying their homes and confiscating their properties.

As one might recall that Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) has exposed the secret plan of TPLF to open war on Oromos from Eastern to all the way to the Southern Oromia border, which covers a
distance of over 1000km. Not only OLF exposed TPLF’s plan, it has also warned those who were playing political games to stop their evil act before it resulted in such a tremendous crisis. We have also pre-informed the secret plan of TPLF to the world community as well as to the Ethiopian people.

The main purpose of TPLF’s current war is to weaken the Oromo, stop the Oromo Youth-led movement for freedom and overall the Oromo people’s struggle for Freedom and justice. In addition, this is a strategy to divert the real demand of the people and maintain their power and continue their exploitation. Therefore, TPLF and their agents are the main actors of these conflicts. Nonetheless, TPLF’s strategy of promoting conflict between the regions will neither bring a shortterm nor a long-term peace to the country as well as to the region.

While conflicts were taking place in the Eastern, South Eastern and Southern Oromia for over a year, the Ethiopian government has never taken any action to resolve the issue. Contrary to this, TPLF government has trained, armed and deployed the Somali region special forces to perpetrate havoc on the Oromo farmers along the border. Though the Oromo People living along the border have requested the government to secure their peace and defend them against the perpetrators, the Ethiopian government instead continues to support Liyu police with military equipment as well as logistics. As a result, over 700,000 Oromos were displaced from their lands and their homes were burned down. The Ethiopian government did not offer any support to these displaced people.

Perhaps, the burden was left to the Oromo people themselves. Similarly, when many Oromo were massacred at Calanqo, Daaroo Labuu at a place called Hawwii Guddinaa and in many more places, we haven’t heard any press release or any condemnation of the perpetrators from the Ethiopian government, further confirming that the life of the Oromo people worth nothing for the Ethiopian government.

Contrary to these war crimes taking place on Oromo people, we have observed when the Ethiopian prime minister, Hailemariya Dessalegn in his December 17, 2017 press statement, trying to make the Oromo people accountable for the crimes that their military force and Liyu police have done. The Prime minister’s attempt to blame the victims here instead of the killer, Liyu police and military forces, is rather disgraceful. The prime minister would have asked himself, before reading his shameful statement, questions such as who started this war? Where was the war started and why? and try to get the answers.

As head of a state, the prime minister should have rather admitted the crisis and assure the people that the perpetrators will be brought to justice. At the same time, he should have also assured the Oromo people that his government will maintain their peace. But the prime minister’s statement was completely the opposite, trying hard to make the Oromo people accountable for the heinous crime done by the Liyu Police. Such Ethiopian government’s betrayal of the Oromo people has been observed on multiple occasions and thus, we should expect neither any justice nor any support from the Ethiopian government.

Therefore; The Oromo people must understand that it is their right to defend themselves from the war currently declared on them from multiple fronts by TPLF government and its agents. While admiring the generous support that the Oromo mass was giving to its fellow citizens, OLF wants to stress that there is no one for Oromo other than Oromo and nothing is more evident for this than what is currently happening in Oromia. Therefore, such support for our people must be strengthened and continue.

OLF also call upon all Oromo in diaspora to feel the pains and the crisis that the Oromo people are going through in Oromia and work hard to expose the evil acts of TPLF to the international community, and also continue to support our people. It is equally important to make sure that the support that you contribute is in fact reaches the people in need.

The Oromo people and the Somali people have lived together for so long without any issues. However, now the Liyu police and the TPLFgovernment are orchestrating a conflict between these people. We want to renew our call to our brotherly Somali people to let work together to thwart the TPLF’s evil plan.

Lastly, trying to blame the Oromo people, victims of the Liyu police, instead of the perpetrators will never solve the problems. Furthermore, the heinous killings and displacement taking place on Oromo people will not stop by simply blaming on the so-called corruption and illegal trading (contraband) that is taking place in the country. These excuses will never let the Ethiopian government be free from accountability. OLF strongly condemns those who are involved in planning, organizing, and commanding the military and Liyu police forces to open war on Oromo people, those who involved in the killings and displacement of peaceful Oromo and the Somali people. 

In addition, the international community should know that ethnic cleaning is taking place in Oromia by the Ethiopian government and its surrogate Somali National government. Keeping silent, in another term, is giving a license for the Ethiopian government to continue killing and displacement of the Oromo people. Thus, OLF call upon the international community to immediately take appropriate action to stop the ethnic cleaning, establish independent enquiry to the killings and attacks that is taking place right now in Oromia-Ethiopia before it is too late.

Victory to the Oromo People

Oromo Liberation Front

December , 2017


Remembering the Heroes of Revolt Against Subjugation of the Oromo Students on November 9, 2015. #OromoProtests November 9, 2017

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Odaa Oromoooromianeconomist

#OromoProtests, 2nd August 2016 and continues

Remembering the Heroes of Revolt Against Subjugation of the Oromo Students on November 9, 2015

By Yunus Abdellah Ali, ayyantuu.net

timthumbNovember 9 is the day we remember Oromo student martyrs for just cause of the Oromo people. In 2005 OLF made a call for revolt against the dictatorial government of Ethiopia and on 9th November 2005, the Oromo students began the revolt in response to the call. Since that day the struggle continued to this date.

In April 2011 Qerroo stretched the struggle for freedom of the Oromo people into every part of Oromia. The struggle which is ongoing with full support of youth and students of Oromia embraces the causes of the people of Oromia.

The well coordinated revolt of last year against the dictator Wayyane government on the issue of land ownership is still continuing in a more aggressive way. In this ongoing struggle many precious lives have been sacrified. Those fallen heroes let their blood to flow like a flood, but left their bones to be broken into pieces just for the freedom of the Oromo people. So every year the history of Oromo people will remember it.

November 9, is the memorial day of the struggle against subjugation and it will be held in different parts of Oromia and all over the world by Oromo communities and the friends of Oromos. On this special day, the Oromo youth who sacrified their life for their goal, their heroic hard word for freedom, and their painful journey they had been through will be remembered and honored. By doing so we show our respect and love that we have for our heroes and it is also our responsibility as a citizen of Oromia.

On this day we also remember the Oromo political prisoners who are in torture and we also make a way of struggle that can bring the freedom of our political prisoners and how we can apply it in to practice.

If Oromos united and revolt with one voice, we can over throw the dictator wayyane government from its root with in just one night. And then we can have our free independent state of Oromia. All we need is a focused struggle with unity and aggressive revolt with any weapon we have. The last year revolt is our positive sign to understand how impactfull our united struggle was.

So that by using our experiences and our achievements of revolt against subjugation and the struggle of Oromo liberation , we can launch stronger and more intensive struggle that will remove the dictator TPLF government painfully from our land Oromia.

On this day ,the Oromo youths, the freedom fighters, the heroes and other Oromos who have been sacrified on the struggle of Oromo people will be remembered!
We will fulfil the dream of our heroes which they sacrified for!

November 9 every year, we will remember the day of Revolt Against Subjugation of Oromo Students.

Victory For Oromo People!!!
Yunus Abdellah Ali

Oromia: Kenyan Government is Held Accountable for Supporting Ethiopia TPLF Dictatorship and Hunting Freedom Fighters September 21, 2016

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Odaa OromooOromianEconomist

OLF logo

Kenyan Government is Held Accountable for Supporting Ethiopia TPLF Dictatorship and Hunting Freedom Fighters


OLF Press Release

Foreign assistance from foreign countries near and far has helped the Tigirean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) government of Ethiopia to stay in power unjustly for the last 25 years. Unintentional or intentional, foreign assistance provided to Ethiopia, has made it difficult for the peoples of Ethiopia to free themselves from the imposed orders of the anti-democracy and anti-human rights TPLF regime of Ethiopia.Because of the current popular uprisings in many parts of the country, the TPLF Ethiopian regime is hysterically paranoid, desperate and callous. In the same way the regime has been protecting its power by force and by begging for foreign support. Now the regime is attempting to enlist the help of neighboring and distant states to save itself from collapsing or to prolong its life. The TPLF regime is using its experience of begging for food handouts also plan to stay in power by soliciting foreign assistance in order to weaken domestic protests, armed and unarmed oppositions. By responding to the sinister invitation from the Ethiopian regime, the Kenyan government has agreed to provide military support and has ordered a joint military operation against the Oromo Liberation Army of Southern Zone.Holding Kenya and the sovereignty of Kenya in contempt, the TPLF regime of Ethiopia has crossed borders into Kenya several times and has been inflicting massive damage on Kenyan citizens under the pretext of searching for OLF/OLA. The crimes Ethiopia’s TPLF army is committing in Kenya include, massacre of the Turkana people, abduction and refoulement of Oromo refugees by interfering and infiltrating Kenyan policy and security operatives. Some Kenyan police fulfilled the wishes of Ethiopian government by letting it avoid responsibility for engaging in wanton criminal activities. The fact that the Kenyan government is entering into alliance once again with the Ethiopian regime by ignoring Ethiopia recurrent attacks against Kenyan civilians will make Kenyan people lose their respect and trust for their own government, which is continuously being treated as a puppet for Ethiopia dictatorship. Fulfilling the interests of the Ethiopian government at the expense of Kenyan interest amounts to complicity in the crimes against humanity being committed by TPLF regime inside Ethiopia and in Kenya’s own territory.

By enlisting the assistance of the Kenyan government, the TPLF regime and the Kenyan government have finalized plans to launch a campaign of attacks against the OLA operating in the south. It has been known that Kenya is planning to participate in this anti-OLA campaign by mobilizing its Special Forces unit GSU (General Service Unit), and its infantry (Kenyan Defense Force) and specially KA1 to take action in Moyale area across the border. There is no doubt that Kenyans citizens opposing the action of Ethiopia totalitarian regime and Oromo refugees are going to be the groups that are going to be the most hurt by Kenya’s blind support for TPLF. This military action by the two forces is not new.

Despite the search and joint operation conducted by Kenyan army and Ethiopia regime military repeatedly before, it has been impossible to stop OLF activities in the south. And it is meaningless if it is thought to reverse the ongoing Oromia wide struggle to uproot the TPLF brutal regime once for all.

Like many failed joint past campaigns, there is no doubt that this campaign is also going to fail again. We believe that it’s clear to everyone at this juncture that as long as the Oromo questions ofbilisummaa (freedom) are not answered, the Oromo liberation struggle will not be contained.

The OLF strongly condemns military, security and other forms of assistance the Kenyan government provides to Ethiopia’s tyrannical regime. Because these acts target freedom fighters struggling for the just cause of their people and because it will contribute to depriving the Oromo of freedom and to perpetuating dictatorship and slavery for the majority, the OLF again strongly asks the Kenyan government to stop providing assistance to the Ethiopian regime. Kenya should not be fighting a proxy war in which it has no stakes just to prolong the life of a dictatorial regime of Ethiopia.

Kenya’s government’s participation in wars planned by Ethiopia has no use except expanding the conflict into a regional conflict. It is possible to learn from the long history of the Oromo people that the Oromo have practiced peaceful relations, respect, love and mutual co-existence with neighboring peoples. Violating this long history/code of brotherhood/ good neighborliness, the role of the Kenyan government should not be one of being a proxy war monger on behalf of the TPLF regime that is staggering to collapse because of concerted and unstoppable popular movements at home. The OLF would like to remind Kenya that it will be responsible for perpetuating dictatorship and injustice and slavery against the Oromo people in Oromia and Ethiopia if it proceeds with this an unwelcome alliance and proxy effort with the fragile military regime of Ethiopia. Kenya will be responsible for all the damages this unholy alliance will inflict on the Oromo people and the Oromo national liberation struggle. Kenya should not interfere in the domestic political affairs of Ethiopia by picking Ethiopia’s regime’s side against the will of the Kenyan people who would want a respected and sovereign Kenya.

We call on the Kenyan people to confront and protest repeated unjust and illegal actions by their government, which will negatively impact the relationships between the peoples of Kenya and the Oromo people and others fighting for freedom from military dictatorship in Ethiopia. Kenyan people have the obligation to hold the Kenyan government accountable; they have the responsibility to object to continued Kenyan interference in the domestic affairs of its neighboring country. This actions will harm Kenyan people, Kenyan history and the relationship of Kenyans with their neighbors.

Beyond silently watching the Ethiopian government shed the bloods of the peoples of the Horn of Africa who struggle for their freedom every day, if the Horn of African countries silently watch the military support Kenya gives to Ethiopia regime, history will judge these governments. We appeal to regional governments to stop the Kenyan government for acting as a proxy warrior for Ethiopia in a conflict that does not concern Kenya and its peoples altogether.

Victory to the Oromo People!
Oromo Liberation Front
September 20, 2016

Oromia: Shirri Haaraan Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo irratti Hojjatamaa Jiraachuu ABOn Saaxile.Reiterating the Oromo political Questions and Ultimate objectives of the Oromo struggle August 13, 2016

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Odaa OromooOromianEconomistOLF logo

Shirri Haaraan Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo irratti Hojjatamaa Jiraachuu ABOn Saaxile.

(Oromedia, 13 Hagayya 2016) ABO fi QBO irratti shirri haaraa xaxamaa jiraachuu saaxile. Haata’uutii, ABO fi Ummatni Oromoo lammata shira akkasii akka hin keessumeessine ABOn gada jabeessee hubachiiseera.

Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo ibsa Hagayya 13 bara 2016 mata duree “Gaaffii fi Galii Siyaasaa Ummata Oromoo Caalaatti Ifa Gochuu” jedhuun baaseen karoorri haaraan qabsoo Oromoo dadhabsiisuuf qopheeffama ajiraachuu ibse.

Karoorri kun akak ABOn ibsetti, akkuma London Conference 1991 irratti godhame marraa lammataaf shira qabsoo Oromoo irratti akeekame, kan mirga hiree murteeffannaa Oromoo hin kabajne ta’uu addeesse.

“Akeekaa fi yaada farrummaa QBO kan mirga hiree murteeffannaa Oromoo hin kabajne kana ABO-Qeerroo fi ummatni Oromoo jabinaan dura dhaabbatu,” jedhee jira ABOn.

Itti dabaluunis, “mirgii fi dantaan ummata Oromoo alagaa fi humnoota alaa irraa kanneen dantaa aangoof bulaniin osoo hin taane ummata Oromoo abbaa dhimmaatiin murteeffamuu qaba,” jechuun ejajnnoo jabaan ibseera.

“Ummatni Oromoo Mirgi hiree ofii ofiin murteeffatuu ifaan kabajameefii dhiibbaa tokkoon maleetti sagalee isaatiin kan barbaadu wayta murteessuu danda’etti gaaffiin isaa deebii quubsaa argata,” jechuuni gaaffiin  fi galii siyaasaa ummata Oromoo hubachiiseera.



Reiterating the Oromo political Questions and Ultimate objectives of the Oromo struggle
The OLF press release

The aims of the Oromo struggle led by the OLF is to realize the Oromo people’s selfdetermination right; to dismantle colonial system from Oromia and to free Oromo from subjugation and to establish free Oromia state. This can be achieved through the sole decision of the Oromo people who will choose either to establish a free Republic of Oromia or to make new political arrangement with neighboring nationalities based on interest, equality, mutual respect and democratic values and principles. This means that the OLF struggles to make an arrangement for Oromo people for free referendum rights.
The Oromo people has struggled and made huge scarifies to fulfill the aims and objectives of the Oromo struggle set out by the OLF. When the Oromo elites and committed individuals developed the OLF program, the central aim was to solve the fundamental political problem of the Ethiopian empire from its roots. The program was not only based on the interest of Oromo people but also considered the interests of other peoples in the Ethiopian empire who were colonized in a similar way and benefit from this struggle.
Thanks to Oromo heroes and heroines, today the Oromo people liberation struggle has reached the stage where every Oromo has gained a full confidence to achieve its long awaited freedom. Also millions of Oromo heroes and heroines are ready to sacrifice their lives for freedom until
the liberation of Oromia is realized. We have no doubt that with the sacrifices of committed Oromo heroes and heroines, the OLF vision, which is also the vision of vast Oromo people, will be achieved. However, we cannot deny that there are internal and external forces that want to give the Oromo liberation movement a blind eye and want to divert the Oromo genuine questions for their own political agenda and strategic interest.



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Odaa OromooOLF logo


ABO“Banned and forced out of Transitional Government”: Struggle for National Rights and Democracy, in the Era of a “New World Order” – the Case of OLF by Dr. Shigut Geleta full speech.

Dear Mr. Chairman,

Esteemed members of the Swedish Parliament,

Dear Honourable guest speakers,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all, I would like to thank and convey my deepest gratitude to the organizing committee for inviting me to present a paper on this seminar on behalf of the Oromo Liberation Front, OLF. It is a great privilege and honour for me and my organization to be here today representing the Oromo people.ABo1

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The topic on which I am going to speak is “Banned and forced out of Transitional Government: Struggle for National Rights and Democracy – the Case of OLF”.  My presentation is organized in five main parts:-

  1. I will give some background on the Oromo people and Ethiopia.
  2. I will elucidate the birth and grand objectives of the OLF and its formidable role in the past, today, and the future politics of Ethiopia.
  3. I will try to indicate how the vision of “New world order” challenged by Global War on Terror (GWOT).
  4. I will skim over the current situation in Oromia/Ethiopia, and finally,
  5. I offer my organization’s view on the way forward.

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Oromia: Ibsa Walgahii Gumii Sabaa Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo March 4, 2016

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Ibsa Walgahii Gumii Sabaa Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo


Gumiin Sabaa Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo haala Dhaaba ABO fi waliigala Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo yeroo ammaa irratti kan xiyyeeffate walgahii hatattamaa Gurraandhala 27, 2016 gaggeeffatee milkiidhaan xumuratee jira. Walgahii kana irrattis dhimmotni fardiin adda addaa dhihaatanii irratti mari’atamuudhaan tarkaanfiileen fudhatamuu qabanis qajeelfamanii jiru. Akka kanaanis: Haala Ummata Oromoo kan yeroo ammaa ilaalchisee Itti-fufa Qabsoo Diddaa Gabrummaa fi falmaa mirga Bilisummaa fi Abbaa-biyyummaa Saba Oromoo waggoota dheeraadhaaf gaggeeffamaa dhufee kan tahe falmaan hadhaawaa fi seena-qabeessi Ummatni keenya baatiilee afran dabraniif osoo addaan hin citin walitti fufiinsaan belbelchaa jiru (Fincilli Xumura Gabrummaa) akeekaa fi galiin isaa Bilisummaa Sabichaa mirkaneessuu dha. Ummatni Oromoo sochii kana kan gaggeessaa jiru harka qullaa karaa nagaa osoo mirga Ummata biraa tokko illee hin tuqin roorroo fi hacuuccaa mootummaa Itoophiyaatiin isa irra gahaa turee fi jiru mormuudhaan mirga ofii gaafachuudhaani. Mootummaan Itoophiyaa gaaffii haqaa fi sochii karaa nagayaa Ummatni keenya gochaa jiru akka weerara alagaatti ilaaluudhaan humna waraanaa maqaa Ittisa Biyyaatiin ijaarrate itti bobbaasuudhaan afaan qawweetiin dura dhaabbatee Ummata karaa nagaa mirga isaa gaafatu fixaa jira. Tarkaanfii faashistummaa Wayyaanee kanaan baatiilee afaran dabran keessatti qofa lubbuun ummata nagaa dhibbootaan lakkaawaman galaafatamee kanneen kumootaan lakkaawaman madaawuu fi kuma kudhanootaan kan lakkaawaman hidhaatti guuramanii jiru. Gochaan suukanneessaan kun ammas akkuma itti fufetti jira. Haa tahu malee Ummatni keenya ajjeecha fi hidhaa dabalatee miidhaa bifa kamiinuu Wayyaaneen irraan gahuuf osoo duubatti hin jedhin murannoo ol’aanaadhaan wareegama bifa hundaa baasee mirga isaa kabajsiifachuuf guutuu Oromiyaa keessatti tokkummaadhaan sochii isaa finiinsaa jira.   ibsa-gumii-sabaa-abo

Oromia: Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) Honours the European Union Parliament that it stood up publicly against assaults on Oromo peaceful protesters. Ibsa ABO Murtii Paarlaamaa Awroppaa Ilalchisee January 23, 2016

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Odaa OromooEU


Oromo Liberation Front Press Release

ABOOn 21st of January all party Groups of European Parliament debated and passed a resolution on the current political situation in Oromia, Ethiopia. Since mid-November 2015 another round of enormous wave of mass protests that started over respect for the right of Oromo People in general and against the expansion of the capital Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) that triggered more to be demanded on the basic fundamental and democratic rights that have been supressed for the last century and half. Instead of looking for the solution the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF/EPRDF) led Ethiopian government declared war on the Oromo people and deployed its terrorizing special force (Agazi), the military and the federal police against peaceful Oromo demonstrators and the public at large. In doing so, it put Oromia under martial law tantamount to declaration of a state of emergency. The deployed forces have wantonly killed more than 180 people and wounded hundreds and detained thousands of Oromo farmers, students, teachers, merchants and government employees, including the medical staff trying to treat the overwhelming numbers of the brutalized mass.


Read More:-olf-statement-regarding-european-parliament-resolution-on-ethiopia




Ummatoota Beela Irraa Baraaruun Akeeka Mootummoota Itophiyaa Tahee Hin Beeku. August 31, 2015

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Ummatoota Beela Irraa Baraaruun Akeeka Mootummoota Itophiyaa Tahee Hin Beeku.

Ummatoota Beela Irraa Baraaruun Akeeka Mootummoota Itophiyaa Tahee Hin Beeku.

(Ijoo Dubbii ABO)

Hagayya 31,2015
OLF logo


Hawaasni addunyaa Itophiyaa empaayera ummatootni beelaan keessatti dhuman tahuutti eerga hubatee dhaloota tokko ol lakkoobsisee jira. Hundaan olitti ammoo beelli Kaaba Itophiyaa bara 1974 mul’ate, hawaasa addunyaa mara rifaasise. Ummatoota Itophiyaa dheekkamsiisee sirna Nugusummaa irratti kakaase. Barattootaa fi hojjattootas fincilsiise.

Beela bara 1974 sanaanis namootni kuma kudhanootaan akka baala mukaatti harca’an. Daa’imman harma haadha duutee osoo hodhanii addunyaan daawwate.  Kumoota dhibbaan qe’ee dhiisanii baqatuun mudate. Kun hundi oggaa tahu kanneen “Ummata keenya nu jaallatuu fi jaallannu” jechuun empaayeritti walakkaa jaarraaf bitan, rakkoo ummatootaa furuuf tattaafatuu irra beelli ummatoota harcaasaa jiru addunyaa biratti akka hin dhaga’amnee fi hin mul’atneef ukkaamsuuf tattaafataa turan.

Mootummaan barcuma nugusummaa dhaalee empaayera Itophiyaa jijjiirraa kabeebsaan jireessuuf aangootti ol bahes, mootummaa isa dura ture dhumiinsa sababa hongeen dhaqqabeef abaaruu fi balaaleffatuun aangoo humnaan argate ittiin jabeeffatuuf itti gargaarame malee furmaatni argamsiise hin mul’atne.

Mootummaan Dargiis mirgi ummatootaa kabajamuu, mirgi lammiileen walabummaan hojjatanii jiraatuu tikfamuu irraa dantaa waan hin qabneef empaayerittii keessaa beela dhabamsiisuu hin dandeenye. Waan taheef bara Dargiis beela xiqqaatu marroo lama mudateen ummatootni miidhamuu jalaa  hin baraaramne. Sababa beelaan  biyya ollaatti baqaan godaanuun itti fufe. ijoo-dubbii-abo-hagayya-31-2015

OLF Opens Branch Office in Little Oromia (Minnesota), Oromo-TV Reports August 9, 2015

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UNPO’s XII General Assembly Adopts Oromo Resolution July 15, 2015

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Oromia map (green)

Oromia map (green)


On 3 July 2015, representatives of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) presented their resolution to UNPO’s XII General Assembly, affirming their abhorrence of the current situation for Oromo people in Ethiopia, and expressing their desire for more genuine democracy, greater involvement from the international community, and an end to state-sponsored violence. The UNPO adopted the resolution, thus affirming its support for the Oromo’s demands for justice and equality.

Below is the full text of the resolution:


The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) was established in 1973/1974 by Oromo nationalists in the heart of Oromia, Finfinne (Addis Ababa) to exercise the Oromo people’s inalienable right to national self-determination, to terminate a century of oppression and exploitation, and to form the independent republic of Oromia, or where possible, a political union with other peoples based on equality, respect for mutual interests and the principle of voluntary association. Today OLF has grown and…

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Obama’s Planned Visit to Ethiopia is Incompatible with Claims of Democratic Principles of the U.S. Government. Daaw’annaan Obaamaa Gara Itoophiyaatti Saganteeffame Imaammata Sirna Dimokraasii Faallessa July 7, 2015

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???????????OLF logo

OLF Statement on President Obama’s Planned Visit to Ethiopia

Obama’s Planned Visit to Ethiopia is Incompatible with Claims of Democratic Principles of the U.S. Government
Statement from the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)
OLF Statement
The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) strongly opposes the planned visit to Ethiopia of the U.S. President Barack Obama on the end of July 2015. As Ethiopia is one of the most brutal regimes of the world, OLF believes that such a visit will result in strengthening the dictatorial minority regime, will boost the regime’s confidence to strengthen its ruthless human rights violations, will give a green light to the regime to continue its repression, economic exploitation, and marginalization of various nations and nationalities of the country under its usual pretense of democracy. OLF also believes that a lasting national and security interest of the U.S. is better protected not by blessing and supporting such a well-known ruthless regime, but by being on the side of the people, supporting the struggle of the peoples of the country for freedom, democracy and justice by using its leverage through exerting the necessary pressure on the regime on power.
In 1991, when the dictatorial military regime of Mengistu Hailemariam was overthrown by the combined struggle of the oppressed peoples of Ethiopia and a Transitional Government was about to be established, a commitment given from the U.S. government to the Ethiopian people was an assurance of “no democracy, no cooperation.” It was the then U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Herman Cohen, who gave such assurance in public. However, the TPLF/EPRDF group, which took over the government not only by using the military upper hand it had, but also using the blessing of the U.S. official Herman Cohen, demonstrated its anti-democratic nature in practice in a matter of less than one year. Several organizations which struggle for the right of their people, including the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), opposed the tyrannical and authoritarian practices of the TPLF/EPRDF party as the dominant force and left the then Transitional Government of Ethiopia.
Today, 24 years have passed under the totalitarian TPLF/EPRDF regime erected and protected by the West, mainly the United States of America. It is impossible to enumerate the widespread political repression, economic exploitation, and monopoly of a minority regime in all sectors political, economic and social life. Among many other reports, the repeated reports of human rights organizations, such as Amnesty InternationalHuman Rights Watch, the Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa, and including the Country Report U.S. State Department all shed light to the atrocities of the current Ethiopian regime committed on the peoples of the country, mainly on the Oromo people. Nonetheless, it has to be noted that all these and many other reports show only a small fraction of the repression and brutalities perpetrated by the regime. Most of the political killings, barbaric acts of torture, politically charged arrests, abductions and disappearances carried out by the regime are hidden and remain unreported. The OLF has ample evidence that most acts of ruthlessness committed on the Oromo nationals in several parts of Oromia are not reported at all.
Overall, although some knowingly or unknowingly deny or diminish the repressive nature of the current Ethiopian regime, the truth is that the basic democratic and human rights and freedom of peoples of the country is denied in Ethiopia. While Ethiopia has never seen democratic election in its history, the undemocratic and fake nature of so called “election” carried by the current regime has no parallel even in the Ethiopian standard. Over the last 24 years, the Ethiopian people have been forced to “elect” the TPLF/EPRDF party under the barrel of the gun. The 2015 so called “election” is a clear evidence that, for the people of the country, let alone electing whoever they want, any suspicion about electing the opposition parties the government conveniently put in the election drama has been a crime subjecting citizens to severe punishment. While the so called election drama and its result in which the TPLF/EPRDF declared 100% victory are officially over, as we speak, thousands of Oromo and other nationals are being hunted down and thrown into jail for suspicion of “electing” the few opposition who didn’t even win a single seat in the parliament.
If the U.S.’s claims of strengthening democratic process were true, what is expected of President Obama at the moment was not to plan an official visit to Ethiopia, but to use his leverage to put pressure on the minority Woyane (TPLF) regime to stop terrorizing its citizens, and hold democratic election by openly condemning the process and rejecting the results of the current sham election. It is disturbing that, to the contrary, the U.S. government, looking at the temporary benefit it may or may not get from alliance with the brutal regime and ignoring the suffering of the peoples of the country, is encouraging the regime towards committing more crimes and rewarding the regime for the endless atrocities it has already committed. This is not what is expected of a country which claims to be democratic and acts as the “police” of our planet.
It is to be recalled that, the U.S. Under Secretary for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman, appeared in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) on one of the days leading to the regime’s “election” drama of 2015, and endorsed the election by suggesting that “Ethiopia had made great strides toward an open and inclusive electoral process.” She went on saying that the U.S. hopes the then upcoming election would be “free, fair, inclusive, and peaceful.” Her endorsement and blessing of the so called “election” as an official U.S. position came at a time when the regime was completing its preparation to run a sham election marred with harassment, arrests, intimidation, and several schemes of vote rigging. The irresponsible blessing and approval by Wendy Sherman of an election which is universally well-known to be full of fraud was condemned by many human rights and other international organizations. Clearly, the endorsement and blessing of this U.S. official has bolstered the confidence of the government to continue its crackdown on dissenting voices, blatantly harass the entire public, and finally, committed naked election fraud and now shamelessly declared 100% victory. The current planned visit of President Obama has no benefit to the peoples of Ethiopia or the region. To the contrary, it is another endorsement and blessing of an election which is very well known by the Ethiopian people and the entire world to be bogus.
The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) earnestly appeals to the U.S. government to reconsider its position and cancel the planned visit to Ethiopia of President Barack Obama. The OLF would like to reiterate that, although such a visit of a U.S. President could temporarily seem to reinforce the confidence of the brutal regime on power, it will never reverse or pull back the struggle the oppressed peoples of the country are waging to gain their freedom. The history of the struggle of the peoples of the region confirms that no external force can reverse the just fight of people against dictators. Sooner or later, brutal regimes will disappear like a dust. It is only a matter of time.
Victory to the Oromo People!
Oromo Liberation Front
July 4, 2015

Daaw’annaan Obaamaa Gara Itoophiyaatti Saganteeffame Imaammata Sirna Dimokraasii Faallessa

Ibsa Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo

ABOn daaw’annaan Prezidant Obaamaan dhuma baatii Adoolessaa 2015-tti Itophiyaatti adeemsisuuf karoorfate, abbootii irree kan jajjabeessu, bittootni hacuuccaa fi saaminsa ummatoota irratti gaggeessan akka itti fufaniif kan hamilchiisu waan taheef jabeessee morma. Bara 1991 Itoophiyaa keessatti oggaa mootummaan Abbaa Irree Dargii qabsoo ummatootaan aangoo irraa darbamee Mootummaan Cehumsaa kan yeroo hundeeffamu waadaan U.S. irraa dhagahamaa ture yoo sirni dimokiraatawaan mirkanaawe malee gargaarsi gama Ameerikaa irraa hin jiraatu (“No dimokraasii, no cooperation,”) kan jedhu ture. Waadaa U.S. kana ifatti kan dubbatan I/A Gaafatamaa Haajaa Alaa U.S. oggasii Herman J. Cohen turan.

Kan yeroo sanatti caalmaa humna waraanaa qabutti gargaaramee aangoo mootummaa kan dhuunfate Wayyaaneen (EPRDF) yeroo waggaa tokko hin caalle keessatti farra dimokraasii tahuu isaa hojiidhaan mirkaneesse. Dhaabotni siyaasaa kanneen bilisummaa ummataa fi sirna dimokraasii dhugoomsuuf qabsaawan kanneen akka Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo oggasuma adeemsa farra dimokraasii Wayyaanee mormuudhaan irraa adda bahan.

Erga sanaa jalqabee waggoota 24 dabraniif sababaa adeemsa farra dimokraasii Wayyaaneen filateen hacuuccaan gama siyaasaa, dinagdee fi hawaasummaa ummatoota irra gahaa turee fi gahaa jiru kan salphaatti tarrifamee keessaa bahamu miti. Gabaasaan Dhaabbattootni mirga dhala namaa kanneen akka Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa, Country Report U.S. State Department mataan isaa … fi kkf. hedduun yeroo adda addaatti baasan, roorroo Wayyaaneen (EPRDF) ummatoota irraan gahu hundas tahuu baatu hanga tokko ni mul’isu. Haa tahu malee sunuu miidhaa suukanneessaa Wayyaaneen dhoksaadhaan goleelee biyyattii iddoo caasaan miidiyaa kamuu hin dhaqqabnetti (keessattuu goleelee Oromiyaa hunda keessatti) raaw’atu hedduu isaa kan hin dabalannee dha.

Walumaa gala warreen maalummaa Itoophiyaa isa dhugaa hin beekne yookaan osoo beekanii haalan, miidhaa mootummaa Itoophiyaatiin ummatoota irra gahu akka cabiinsa mirgoota murtaawootti dhiheessuu yaalan iyyuu, dhugaan jiru garuu, Itoophiyaa keessa hundeedhumaan bilisummaa Ummatootaatu guutuutti sarbamee jira. Waggoota 24 dabaraniif (akkuma sana duras godhamaa turetti) Ummatootni biyyattii dirqama murna aangoo irra jiru deggeruu fi filuu qawweedhaan irratti fe’ame baadhachuu malee mirga abbaa barbaadan deggeruu fi filachuu gonfachuun hafnaan yaaduunuu yakka guddaa itti tahee gidiraa hedduuf kan saaxilu akka tahe “Filannoo” Wayyaaneen dhiheenya kana gaggeesseetin 100% mohadhe jedhe caalaa ragaa biraa dhiheessuun hin feesisu.

Osoo imaammatni sirna dimokraasii jajjabeessuu kan U.S. nin hordofa jettu dhugaa tahee, yeroo ammaatti kan mootummaa U.S. irraa eegamu President Obaamaan akka Itoophiyaa daaw’atan saganteessuu osoo hin taane, murna Wayyaanee kan bilisummaa Ummatootaa guutuutti sarbee afaan qawweetiin ummatootatti akka fedhe roorrisaa turee fi jiru yoo xiqqaate ifatti balaaleffachuudhaan akka inni karaa badii kana irraa deebi’u gaafachuufaa tahuu male. Faallaa kanaa garuu U.S. dantaa yeroo kan mootummaa America qofa ilaaluudhaan gochaa Wayyaanee karaa badii inni hordofaa jiru irratti jajjabeessu raaw’achuu itti fufuun hedduu gaddisiisaa dha. Mootummaa akka poolisa addunyaatti of herreguu fi sirna dimokraatawaa hordofa ofiin jedhu irraa kan eegamus miti.

Akkuma beekamu jal-bultii “Filannoo” 5ffaa Wayyaanee dhiheenya adeemsifamee irratti aangawaan mootummaa Ameerikaa Wendy Sherman jedhamtu Finfinneetti argamuudhaan Itoophiyaa keessatti filmaatni adeemsifamu yeroo irraa gara yerootti wayyoomina argsiisaa deemuutti jira jettee ragaa bahuufiidhaan inni ammaa kunis dimokraatawaa akka tahu, iftummaa qabaatu, hunda hirmaachisuu fi nagaan kan gaggeeffamu akka tahu abdii qabna jechuudhaan filannoo doorsisa, hidhaa, dinniinaa fi hannaan geggeessuuf Wayyaaneen itti qophaa’aa ture eebbisteefii deebi’uun kan yaadatamuu dha. Kana irrattis dhaabbattoota mirga namoomaa hedduu fi jaarmayoota gara garaa irraa mormiin guddaan mudatee ture. Eebbi Wayyaaneen aangaawaa Ameerikaa kana irraa argates gochaa farrummaa filannoo irratti raawwatuuf karoorfate akka itti fufu onnachiisee haala addunyaa irratti mul’atee fi dhaga’amee hin beekneen dhibbaa-dhibbatti mo’atuu labsate. Daaw’annaan Prezidant Obbaamaa kan ammaa kunis kana eebbisuufiin alatti fayidaan biraa ummatoota Itophiyaa fi naannoo keenyaaf fidu hin jiru.

Daaw’annaan dhuma baatii Adoolessaatti saganteeffame kun, murna abbaa irree aangoo irra jiru caalaatti jajjabeessee, dhiittaan mirga namoomaa, preesii walaba ukkaamsuun, saamichaa fi roorroon ummatoota irra geessifamu biyyattii keessatti akka daran babal’atu kan taasisu dha. Hidhamtootaa Oromoo fi kanneen mirga falamatan biroo kuma kudhaniin lakkaawaman mana hidhaa keessatti akka tortoran irratti murtii gadi jabeessuu dha. Kana malees imaammatni Ameerikaan hordoftu kan dantaa ummatootaa fi mirga namoomaa herrega keessa galchu osoo hin taane dantaa Ameerikaa qofa kan dursu tahuu caalaatti hubachiisa.

ABOn daaw’annaan akkanaa abbootii irree kan jajjabeessu, bittootni hacuuccaa fi saaminsa ummatoota irratti gaggeessan akka itti fufaniif kan hamilchiisu waan taheef jabeessee morma. Hiree kanaanis mootummaan Ameerikaa karoora isaa kana akka irra deebi’ee ilaalu deddeebisee gaafata. Kanuma waliin dantaan Ameerikaas kan caalaatti tikfamuu fi iggitii qabaatu abbootii irree jajjabeessuudhaan osoo hin taane qabsoo haqaa ummatootni bilisummaa fi sirna dimokiraasii dhugoomsuuf gaggeessan deggeruu fi jajjabeessuudhaan akka tahe hubachiisa. Hundaan olitti ammoo daaw’annaan akkanaa abbootii irreef yeroof kan fayyadu tahus qabsoo ummatootaa kan boodatti deebisuu hin dandeenye tahuu hubachiisa. Seenaan qabsoo ummatootaa kan dhiheenyatti naannoo kanatti tahaa tures, ummatoota mirga isaaniif falmatuuf murteeffatan humni dhaabuu danda’u kan hin jirre tahuu mirkaneessan.

Injifatnoo Ummata Oromoof!

Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo

Adoolessa 4, 2015

Oromia: QEERROO: Adeemsi Qabsoo Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo Adeemsa Qabsoo Jaarraa 21ffaati! July 1, 2015

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Adeemsi Qabsoo Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo Adeemsa Qabsoo Jaarraa 21ffaati!

Kutaa 1ffaa …

Waxabajjii  18, 2015 Finfinnee



Oromoon erga Oromiyaa dhabdee, mirga, bilisummaafi demokiraasummaa isiis walumaani dhabde.

Dhimmi amantii dhimma siyaasaati. Amantiifi Siyaasaa addaan baasanii ilaaluun hin danda’amu. Sababiinsaa mirga amantii qabaachuun mirga demokiraasummaa qabaachuudha. Namni mirga demokiraasii hin qabne waan fedhe amanuu hin danda’u!

Erga Maqaan Oromiyaa, Daangaan Oromiyaa, Qabeenyaan Oromiyaa, Bulchiinsi Oromiyaa, Dinagden Oromiyaa, … kkf Itoophiyaa jalatti kolonneeffatamee jalqabee hanga guyyaa har’aatti Oromoon mirga demokiraasummaa waan barbaadetti amanuu dhabee, Amantii bittoota isaa akka hordofu, bifa garagaraatiin dhiibbaa gurguddaan, yakki jajjabaan iratti gaggeefamaati as ga’e.

Bara Minilik amantii Ortoodooksii akka hordofu dirqisiisuuf jecha, Hordoftoonni Waaqeffataa, Musliimaafi Protestaantii qawween ajjeefamaa turan. Hordoftoota amantaa Waaqeffataa adamsanii sassaabanii bakka tokkotti jumlaan rashanaa turaniiru. Akka fakkeenyaatti erga mootii Shawaa/Gullallee Tufaa Munaa ajjeesanii booda, Qaalluu Oromoo, Naannawa Finfinneetti argaman mara mana mana isaanii irra adeemanii guuranii fidanii magaalaa Finfinnee lafa amma piyaassaa jedhamutti bataskaana Giyoorgis ammaa cinaatti Jumlaan jiraa qotanii akka owwaalan seenaafi ragaaleen ni ibsan. Bara dabre kana Bakka awwaala qaallota Orommoo kana wayyaanticha Alaamuddiiniif akka gamoo guddaa gidduu gala gabaa/isa ‘Mall’ jedhan/ akka ijaaru yeroo kennaniifiitti wayta lafa kana bu’uura gamoo kanaa dhaabuuf qochisiisutti Lafeen qaalluulee Oromoo jumlaan ajjeefamanii kumaatamaan lakkaa’amu argamuu isaa irraa, akka uummanni seenaa kana beekee fincila hin kaafne dhoksaan halkan siinoo tiraakii chaayinaan guuramee bakka yeroof hin beekamnetti akka geeffame irra gahameera.

Akkasumas, Nama Macaafa Qulqulluu, Afaan Oromootti Hiike, Oniis Moos Nasiib /Abbaa Gammachiis/ Hiikaa irrattis amantii proteestaantii akka hin lallabne murtii du’aa itti murteessee akka ture seenaan dhugaa baha!





Adeemsi Qabsoo Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo Adeemsa Qabsoo Jaarraa 21ffaati (Kan dabreerraa kan itti fufe)

Waxabajjii 30, 2015 Finfinnee

barruuHariiroo Jorgoo – Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo – Oromiyaa!

Lafa kana kan uume Waaqa yoo ta’ellee, lafa Oromiyaa kana irratti eenyuuyyuu dura kan uumame Oromoo waan ta’eef, lafti kun kennaa Waaqni Oromoof kennedha. Kanaaf lafti kun kan Oromooti! Akkasumatti Waaqxi ardiilee kaanittis biyyoota hundatti uummata uumeera. Biyyootni kunneen lafa Waaqxi isaaniif kenne seera ittiin tikfatan niqaban.  Lafti uumaa waaqaa ta’us, abbaan arge akkuma arge utaalee biyya namaatti hin seenu.

Kankeenya garuu lafuma keenya irratti; biyya abbaa keenyaa irratti kan silaa warra kaan gabbarsiisnee of jalatti seera keenya keessatti bulchuu malletti nuti halagaa biyya keenya seeraa ala humnaan nudhaaltee koloneeffatte gabbarree bulaa jirra.  Yeroo har’aa biyyattii kana irratti kan gibira ol aanaa kaffallu Oromoodha. Kan vaatiifi taaksii kkf biyyattiif galchu Oromoodha. Sharafa biyya alaatiis kan argamsiisu qabeenyaa Oromoofi Oromiyaati! Albuuda Oromoof Oromiyaa kanneen akka warqee Shaakkisoo,pilaatiniyeemii Yuubdoo, Oppaalota Harargeefi godinaalee hedduu saamanii gurgurachaa jiru.

Bunaafi jimaa gogaa beeyladaa, oomishoonni qibaa kanneen akka nuugii, salixaafi suufii kkf Oromiyaarraa maddan. Lafeen dugdaa dinagdeefii jiruu biyyattii kanaa Oromoofi




Sirna waayyaanee tajaajilaa kan turan qondaaltonni waraanaa olaanoo 9 sirna abba irree kana ganuun WBOtti akka makaman odeeffame. June 7, 2015

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???????????   Moonaa Leenjii Giddu Gala ABO

Moonaa Leenjii Giddu Gala ABO

Sirna waayyaanee tajaajilaa kan turan qondaaltonni waraanaa olaanoo 9 sirna abba irree kana ganuun WBOtti akka makaman odeeffamme. Haala kanaan yaaddoo cimaa  keessa kan seente wayyaaneen sakkata’inaa qondaaltota kanaaf  akka saree maraatuu gaanfa Afrikaa keessa olii gad akka fiigaa jirtu ibsame. Qondaaltota waraanaa olaanoo sirna faashistii wayyaanee kan ganani keessaa:– 1. Kolonel Yaasin Huseen, 2. Kolonel Nagaraa Iddoosaa fi 3. Kolonel Nuuruu Aslii Akka keessatti argaman himamaa jira. Qondaaltonni waraana kun icittii karoora duulaa kan waraana wayyaneesi akka uf harkaa qaban dubbatama. Waayee dhimma kanaa kan Afaan Amaaraatiin barreessame kan armaa gadii kana irraasi hubbachuun ni danda’ama.

የሕወሓት መንግስት ስርዓቱን የከዱትን 9 የጦር መኮንኖች እያደነ ነው * መኮንኖቹ ኦነግን ተቀላቅለዋል እየተባለ ነው

(ምንሊክ ሳልሳዊ) ከደቡብ ምስራቅ እዝ የከዱ ዘጠኝ የባሌ ክፍለሃገር ተወላጅ የሆኑ የሰራዊቱ መኮንኖችን ለመያዝ ማደኑን አንደቀጠለ አና አስካሁን ከኦነግ ኣማጽያን ጋር ተቀላቅለዋል ከሚባል ውጪ ያሉበት ቦታ ምንም ፍንጭ እንደሌለ ለጦር ሃይሎች መምሪያ የደህንነት ክፍል የመጣ መረጃ መጠቆሙን የመከላከያ ምንጮች ገልጸዋል::
በተለያዩ ጊዜያት ከባለፉት ሳምንት ጀምሮ ድንበር ዘለል ወረራ በኬንያ ላይ ያደረገው የወያኔ ሰራዊት ከኦነግ ኣማጽያን ጋር ጦርነት ገጥሞ አንደነበር ሲታወስ የከዱ የመከላከያ ሰራዊት መኮንኖች ከኦነግ ኣማጽያን ጋር ተደባልቀው የወያኔን ሰራዊት አንደወጉ ቢገለጽም አስካሁን ድረስ የኦነግ ታጣቂ ሃይሎችን ያሉበትን ኣከባቢ ለማግኘት ኣለመቻሉን መረጃዎቹ ሲጠቁሙ ኣሉበት የተባሉ ኣከባቢዎችን በሃገር ውስጥ ደኖች ላይ ኣንደተለመደው አሳት በመልቀቅ አና ጎረቤት ሃገሮችን በመውረር በሃይል ለማዳከም ስራዎች አየተሰሩ አንደሆን ምንጮቹ ለምንሊክ ሳልሳዊ ተናግረዋል::
ሰራዊቱን ከድተው ወተዋል ከተባሉት ከፍተኛ መኮንኖች ውስጥ ሶስቱ ኮሎኔሎች የጦር መሪዎች መሆናቸው ሲታወቅ አነሱም ፩ = ኮሎነል ያሲን ሁሴን ፪ = ኮሎኔል ነገራ ኢደሳ ፫ = ኮሎኔል ኑሩ ኣስሊ ይገኙበታል::
የሰራዊቱ የዘመቻ እንቅስቃሴ መረጃዎች በጃቸው አንደሆነ የሚነገርላቸው የጦር መሪዎች መክዳት ከፍተኛ ድንጋጤ አንደፈጠረ ታውቋል፥፥ ይህ በእንዲህ አንዳለ በሶማሊያ አና በኢትዮጵያ ድንበር ኣከባቢ በወያኔ ሰራዊት እና በኦብነግ ኣማጽያን መካከል ግጭቱ የቀጠለ ሲሆን በክዐንያው ድርድርም አስካሁን የተገኘ ውጤት አንዳሌለ ታውቋል:

Déjà vu in Ethiopia’s May 24, 2015 Sham Elections: Marred by rampant electoral fraud, malpractice and violence by the ruling TPLF to stay on and maintain the 24 years tyrannic rules May 24, 2015

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???????????TPLF in electoral fraud, 24 May 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Video: Oromo University Students Rally Against Vote Rigging in Oromia (Ethiopia)

“90% of MEDREK election observers in Oromia are harassed & aren’t on election observarion.”

-Obbo Bekele Naga

“BREAKING NEWS | OFC/Medrek Leaders Report Election Irregularities (OMN).”

“Merera Gudina (PhD), a candidate of MEDREK, told Fortune that observers of his party are being massively harassed. .”
-Addis Fortune

In Hadia Zone, Mehar Kerga-“Ha” Polling Station,the ballot box got moved to a nearby health centre due to power outage.

Deja vu in 2015 Ethiopian Elections

VOA: Mr. Elias Hadero, Hadiya National & Medrek Candidate in Southern Region, Claims Vote Rigging.

 VOA: Mr. Elias Hadero, a Hadiya National and a Regional Parliament candidate of the Ethiopian Social Democracy-Southern Ethiopian People’s Democratic Union (a Medrek party), explains the vote rigging in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region.    http://gadaa.net/FinfinneTribune/2015/05/voa-mr-elias-hadero-hadiya-national-medrek-candidate-in-southern-region-claims-vote-rigging/

-Souce: Caamsaa/May 25, 2015 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com

VOA Afaan Oromoo: Guyyaa Filannoo (Qophii Addaa)


Oduu Owwituu!!! Oduu Owwituu!!!!!! ================================ ////////Filannoon osoo hin jalqabamiin xumurameeee!!!!!!//////// Godina Harargee Bahaa Aanaa Giraawaa Araddaa Raasaa Nagayaa je’amanitti filannoon…xumuramee tahu maddeen oduu gabaasan.

Naannoo oromiyaatti Godina Harargee Bahaa aanaa Giraawaa araddaa Raasaa nagayaa Akka maddeen keenya nuf gabaasanit Hawaasa naannichaa humna waraansatin eega waliti qaban booda Kaardi filannoo eega irra sasaaban booda Wanta irraa hafe nutu guuta jechuun ummanni gara mana isaati akka gale beekun dandayameera . Mootummaan wayyaane yeroon filannoo osoo hin gahiin humna woraana issat fayadamuudhan Gandoota baadiyyaa adda addaati gochoota akkas ni geggeeysa jedhame kan sodaatama ture yommuu tahu , akkuma jedhameeti Haraarge bahaa Aanaa Giraawwa ganda raasaa keeysati filannoon yeroo isaa male akka geggeeyfame xumurame madden keenya nuf gabaasaniiru . Akkasumaas bifuma walfakkaatuun Naanoo oromiyaa Godina Arsii Aanaa Balee Ganda Xaqqetti Waraqaan Kaardi filannoo Qaamota mootumaatin haawaasa doorsisuudhan kaardi filannoo hunda isaan irra guurani akkaxumuran madden gaabasiniiru .

Roorroo Falmataa Roobsan


– Social Network ( Facebook)

No Democracy in Ethiopia. No fair and free election in Ethiopia.   Caamsaa 24/2015 Mooraan Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa, Mattuu, Wallaggaa, Amboo, fi Dirree Dawaa addatti humni waraanaa guddaan itti seenee jira.

Caamsaa 24/2015 Gabaasa Qeerroo Jimmaa,img101861

Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo barruulee warraaqsaa belbetuu qabxiiwwaan armaan gadii of irraa qabduu Mooraalee Yuunibarsiitii biyyaatti hundarra facaasuun mootummaa Wayyaanee raafama guddaa keessa galche jira. waraanni wayyaanees bifa lamaan mooraa Yuunibarsiitii seenaa jira, inni tokko uffata sivilii uffachuun, inni lammaffaa immoo hidhannoodhan, barruulee qeerroon facaasaa jiruu adamsuufis lafa waranni kun hin seeniin hin jiru, qabxiiwwaan barruu qeerroo irra jiru muraasni isaa: 1. Dimookiraasiin hin jiru, filannoon hin jiru (No Democracy in Ethiopia and no fair and free election in Ethiopia) 2. Gaaffii mirga abbaa biyyummaa uummata Oromoof deebiin kennamuu qaba. 3. Ilmaan Oromoo jumlaan hidhaman gaaffii tokko malee hiikamuu qabu. 4. Mootummaan Ce’umsaa hundeeffamee, filmaanni demookiraatawaa ta’ee fi haqaa fi bilisa irratti hundaa’ee akka gaggeeffamu jabeessinee gaafatna. 5. Nuti Qeerroon dargaggootni barattootni Oromoo bilisummaa fi dimookiraasii barbaadna, hanga Oromoon bilisoomuu fi Oromiyaan Walaboomtutti FDG jabaatee itti fufa. 6. Waranni nagaa biyyaa,fi daangaa biyyaa eeguuf ijaarame malee dhaaba siyaasaa tokkitti EPRDF/TPLF eeguuf hundeeffame diigamuu qaba. 7. Humni waraanaa Mooraa Yuunibarsiitii seenee barattoota gooluun yakka. waraannii uummata keenya irra qubsiifame kaafamuu qaba, barruun jedhuu mooraalee dhaabbilee barnootatti raamsuun wal qabatee wayyaaneen lafa seentuu dhabuun humna waraanaa guddaa mooraalee Yuunibarsiitiitti ol seensisuuf dirqamtee jiraachuun gabaafame.. gabaasaan itti fufa!!

Ethiopia’s May 24, 2015 election in Oromia Special Zones near Finfinnee voters were not allowed their phones


OLF Statement: The Ethiopian sham election serves only the dictatorial government. #Oromia. #Africa May 24, 2015

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OLF Statement: The Ethiopian sham election serves only the dictatorial government

  The Ethiopian sham election serves only the dictatorial government OLF logo
The Tigray dictatorial ruling class was built on excessive military power. The regime indulged the country into extreme poverty. The corruption of the ruling class was one of the main machinery that put the country into the highest level of economic inequalities where the few members of the ruling class became the richest and the majority of the citizens are unable to even earn their daily bread. This high level of inequality resulted into absolute poverty, migration and loss of lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Today hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian people are living in hunger and insecurity in their own country. Some are cherished in Sahara desert and Mediterranean Sea while they were trying to escape from unfair and abusive government. For the last 24 years, since the Tigray ruling class came to power, the corruption, displacement of people and human rights abuses have increased with the tremendous speed. This misery darken the political space and eradicated people’s hope for democracy. The Ethiopian people have been denied political freedom and rights of expression of their opinions. In this current regime, it is a crime to have different political opinion rather than supporting the Tigray ruling class’s party. The Ethiopian regime recorded highest level of Human rights abuses, killings, and intimidations not only in African continent but also in the world. The Tigray ruling class came to power with military force; it has built its dictatorial regime on military power and will continue to do so. One party dictatorship rule was the vision they had from the very beginning. They proved their vision within the last 24 years. In the future, they want to rule Ethiopia under one party dictatorship rule. The Tigray ruling class never listened to the Ethiopian people, nor willing to listen in the future. The responses to peoples’ questions were imprisonments, tortures and killings. The main priority for the Tigray ruling class is to stay on power. One of the strategy they designed to stay on power is to carry out fake election every five years. The last four elections proved that the ruling class is the most dictatorial regime on the planet. This 5th election that will take place on May 24, 2015 is not different from the previous elections. This election will not make any change to the political system and democracy in the country but it is only to renew the power of the ruling class for the next 5 years. This election is not democratic and not expected to fulfil the interest of the Ethiopian people. The election board is established by the current ruling class; the so called participating political parties are not treated fairly; the members of the opposition parties are arrested, harassed and beaten; the election process do not follow the democratic principle. Therefore, one can easily to judge the outcome of such unfair and sham election. The Ethiopian people was struggling for peace and democracy for several years. Among the people struggling for their rights the Oromo people was on the forefront. The Oromo people was struggling for many years and made huge sacrifices to regain their freedom and democracy. The Oromo people is not struggling to gain nominal seats in dictatorial government system but to become free from a century long political, economic and social domination. This objective cannot be achieved through participating in the election organised by the dictatorial ruling class. Particularly to the Oromo youngsters and students, you have made significant sacrifices to move the Oromo struggle forward. In order to make your sacrifices yield a fruit, you must continue your struggle for freedom and democracy. Participating in this fake election means that you forget the sacrifices your brothers and sisters made. Participating in this election means that you’re building the power of your perpetrators. From many years’ experience, the OLF knows the plan and behaviour the Tigray ruling class. The OLF knows that this regime is not prepared to leave its position even if they lose the election, which is unlikely within the current election process. Therefore, the OLF wants to inform the Ethiopian people in general and the Oromo people in particular, that this election stands only to serve the Tigray ruling class and to keep them in power for the next 5 years. This election does not fulfils the interest the Ethiopian people and do not lead to peace, stability and economic development of the country. The OLF wants to remind the Oromo and other people in Ethiopia that it should not mislead by this sham election. Particularly to the Oromo people, you are the first target of the Tigray ruling class. The power and strength of this regime works against you. So the OLF remind you to stay away from any activity, including the current election that build the Tigray regime and keep them in power. Victory to the Oromo people! Oromo Liberation Front May 23, 2015

Filannoon Fakkeessaa fi Kijibaa Abbootii Irree malee Ummatoota hin Fayyadu.

Filannoon Fakkeessaa fi Kijibaa Abbootii Irree malee Ummatoota hin Fayyadu. Bittaan gita bittoota Tigraay ummatootaa Itophiyaa irratti humna qawween of irroomse Itophiyaa tarree biyyoota hiyyeeyyii keessaa baasuu hin dandeenye. Kadhaa gargaarsa alagaa irraa argamuun jireessuu keessaa baasuu dadhabee har’as taanaan Impaayerittiin hiriira biyyoota gargaarsaan jiraatan keessatti akka hiriirtetti jirti. Saaminsi daangaa dhabe murna aangoo irra jiruun adeemsifamu abbootii aangoo duroomsee lammiilee sadarkaa of jiraachisuu dadhabuu fi abdii dhabuu irraa, kanneen osoo jireenya barbaadanii galaana keessatti dhuman, biyyoota gara garaa keessatti haala suukanneessaa fi gaddisiisaan ajjeefaman lakkoobsi guddaa dha. Bilisa tahanii gurmaa’uun, yaada qaban ibsatuun guutummaatti yakkatti fudhatamee hidhaa, ajjeechaa fi roorroo gosa gara garaa lammiilee irraan gahuun Itophiyaan biyyoota Afriikaa irra dabree sadarkaa addunyaatti iyyuu tarree duraa keessatti argamuun haala qabatamaa biyyattii keessaa ibsa. Saaminsi, cunqursaan, buqqa’insi fi dhiittaan mirga dhala namaa waggoota 24 dabraniif adeemsifamee fi sadarkaan har’a irra gahe egeree biyyattii kan dukkaneesse, ummatoota kan abdii dhabsiise dha. Wayyaaneen qawween dhufe. Qawweenis jiraate. Fuula duras Itophiyaa abbaa irrummaa paartii tokkoo jala tursuun murtii isaa bosonaa qabatee dhufe tahuun kan shakkamu miti. Ammas kana ifaan labsatee jira. Mootummaan Wayyaanee, ummatootni maal barbaadan? maal gaafataa jiran? Maalis hawwan? jedhee yaada ummatootaa hubatee gaaffii isaaniif deebii kennuuf kan fedhii hin qabne tahuu irraa gaaffiin ummatootaa deebii hin argatiin jiran. Kan Wayyaaneetti fardii, akkaataa itti aangoo humnaan argate tiksatuu danda’u irratti bobba’uu qofa. Waan taheef aangoo isaatti iggitii godhatuuf mala adda addaatti fayyadama. Tooftaalee aangoo irra ittiin of tursuuf itti gargaaramaa turee fi jiru keessaa filannoon kijibaa waggaa shan shanitti adeemsifamu isa tokko. Filannoon Caamsaa 24, 2015 itti baallamamee jirus Wayyaanee aangomsuun alatti faydaa biraa argamsiisu hin qabu. Sababootni isaas haalli filannoon kun ittiin adeemsifamu kan ulaagaa filannoo dimokraatwaa hin guutne tahuu qofa osoo hin taane murni Wayyaanee sagalee ummataan aangoo kan gadi hin dhiisne tahuu murteeffatuu irraa ti. Filannoon 5ffaa kun filannoota kanaan duraa irraas addummaa hin qabu. Kan filannoo kana mataa itti tahuun geggeessaa jiru boordiin filannoo kan sirnichaan sirnichaaf utubame dha. Kana waliin dorsisii fi dinniinni, hidhaa fi dhaaninsi mootummaa Wayyaaneen ummatoota irratti raawwatamaa jiru nageenya isaa kan gaaffii jala galche, bilisummaa isaa haqee sodaa itti bulche dha. ABOn akeekaa fi amala Wayyaanee bareechee waan beekuuf, akkasumas, itti bahi filannoo iftoomina hin qabnee, haqa irratti hin hundoofnee fi dimokraatawaa hin taanee maal akka tahu waan hubatuuf filannoo Caamsaa 24, 2015 hawwii fi fedhiin ummatootaa ittiin guutamaa irraa hin eegu. Kana irraa ka’uudhaanis yeroo gara garaatti ummatootni Itophiyaa addatti ammo ummatni Oromoo filannoo fakkeessii Wayyaanee akka lagatu waamichaa kan dabarsaa ture. Har’a Itophiyaa keessatti jibbinsa Wayyaanee fi sirna cunqursaa Wayyaaneen durfamu irraa ummatootni qabsoo hadhaawaa geggeessaa fi gaaffiilee adda addaa kaasaa jiran. Kanneen sirnicha irratti mormii finiinsaa jiran keessaa ummatni Oromoo durummaan hiriiree argama. Ummatni Oromoo kan ilmaan isaa wareegaa jiru, qabeenya isaa itti dhabaa fi baqaaf saaxilamee mankaraaruu irratti argamu, filannoo kijibaa keessatti hirmaatee barcuma lamaas tahe kudha lama argatuuf miti. Rakkoo siyaasaa, dinagdee fi hawaasummaa jaarraa tokkoo oliif irratti saare dhabamee walabummaan isaa dhugoomee bilisa tahee jiraachuufi. Akeeknii fi hawwiin ummata Oromoo kun ammoo filannoo sirna abbaa irrummaa jalatti geggeeffamuun tasa hin argamu. Waan taheef ummatni Oromoo haqa kana hubatuun furaan dhibdee isaa qabsoon malee kan hin argamne tahuu beekee, filannoo kijibaan akka hin dagamne ABO irra deebi’ee gadi jabeessee hubachiisuu fedha. Filannoo kana keessatti hirmaatuun mootummaa irratti qabsaawaa jiru seeressuu qofa taha. Filannoo mootummaa farra ummata Oromoo irroomsu keessatti qooda fudhatuun haada sirnichi mormatti nu kaa’ee jiru ofitti jabeessuu qofa taha. Addatti ammo dargaggoon Oromoo qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo fuula dura tarkaanfachiisuu keessatti wareegamni baasaa turtanii fi jirtan akka firii godhatu dandeessisuuf Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa jabeessuun filmaata isa duraa akka tahetti itti fufsiisuun murteessaa dha. Morkaa fi xiqiin ykn jibbiinsa Wayyaanee qofa irraa ka’uun filannoo kijibaa jala gugatuun wareegama kanaan dura baafame irratti bishaan naquu taha. Waan taheef ummatni keenya sochii aangoo mootummaa Wayyaanee seeressuu kamuu lagatuun mirga isaa qabsoo isaan harka galfatuuf akka qabsoo isaa finiinsu ABO gadi jabeessee waamicha isaa haaromsa. Injifatnoo Ummata Oromoof! Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo Caamsaa 18, 2015




Ethiopia’s election is a wake-up call on human rights and sound governance. The international community must challenge Ethiopia’s oppressive regime by funding local human rights and democracy groups May 23, 2015

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???????????TPLF's sham elections

Ethiopia’s election is a wake-up call on human rights and sound governance

‘Ethiopia’s elections are just an exercise in controlled political participation.’
Jason Mosley

On Sunday, millions of Ethiopians will line up at polling stations to participate in Africa’s largest exercise of political theatre. A decade-long campaign by Ethiopia’s government to silence dissent forcibly has left the country without a viable political opposition, without independent media, and without public challenges to the ruling party’s ideology.

For most Ethiopians, these elections are a non-event.

The one potential dividend of these sham polls, however, is the international attention they will garner for the government’s growing political repression. The blatant disregard for internationally recognised standards for free and fair elections just might convince Ethiopia’s largest donors that it is time to rethink their relationship with an increasingly authoritarian government.

As long as democratic governance and respect for human rights are pushed aside by donors in favour of economic development and security cooperation, Ethiopia’s long-term stability is at serious risk.

Since 2005, the ruling Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front’s (EPRDF) has cracked down on independent media and human rights groups.

In 2009, parliament passed the charities and societies proclamation, which placed restrictive regulations on non-government organisations, including limitations on foreign funding. Today,only a handful of these groups exist, and most are struggling to survive.

The preferred government strategy for eliminating independent media is to file criminal charges against publishers, and to impose hefty fines and prison terms. When lawsuits do not succeed, the government simply arrests journalists, as occurred last year when bloggers and journalists affiliated with the Zone 9 blogging collective were apprehended. The group remains imprisoned and charged as terrorists.

Post-election, the EPRDF, secure in its hold on power, might be willing to allow a small degree of dissent: Ethiopian officials are increasingly wary of reactions by the international community to the crackdown on critics and in 2013 published a national human rights action plan.

Global development podcast What causes conflict and how can it be resolved? – podcast
From the ready availability of weapons to the marginalisation of women, many factors can push a population towards conflict
The US, UK and European Union – Ethiopia’s largest donors – need to increase their support for democracy and human rights because much can be done right now.

Despite years of political repression, a new generation of human rights defenders is slowly emerging. The Zone 9 bloggers represented this new generation, using new technologies to educate fellow Ethiopians on exercising and defending their rights.

The human rights and democracy groups that remain are finding creative ways to conduct their work. This includes working with traditional development organisations, which the government generally tolerates, or focusing on seemingly apolitical issues, such as government accountability and corruption, that are important in strengthening Ethiopia’s democracy.

Donor countries fall short in their support for these groups. In the US, President Barack Obama’s latest budget request includes some $400m (£257m) in assistance to Ethiopia – but only $2m of it is for democracy and human rights programming.

The UK is equally parsimonious in democracy support. One reason is that the EPRDF makes it difficult for domestic groups to accept outside aid.

Donors could take concrete action right now. First, supporting off-shore programming allows activists to travel outside Ethiopia to get technical and strategic advice. Second, donors’ strategies for Ethiopia should include funds specifically dedicated to strengthening independent media outlets and journalists; the EU intends to take this step after the election.

Placards belonging to protestors outside the Foreign Commonwealth Office to demand the immediate release of UK citizen, Andargachew Tsege, who is being held in incommunicado detention in Ethiopia, having been kidnapped in Yemen in June 2014. Facebook Twitter Pinterest
A poster demanding the release of UK citizen Andargachew Tsege, who was kidnapped in Yemen last June and is being held in Ethiopia. Photograph: Stephen Chung/Alamy
Also, donors can find ways around foreign funding restrictions by pushing for the creation of funding pools considered local under Ethiopian law. The EU did this in 2011, when it created the Civil Society Fund, providing assistance to local human rights and democracy groups. The US should use its economic and diplomatic leverage to do likewise, a move that would provide a much-needed lifeline for these groups.

Greater funding for human rights will be vital for Ethiopian activists, whose reach has been limited by the charities and societies proclamation.

Before that came into being six years ago, the country’s leading human rights organisation, the Ethiopian Human Rights Council (EHRCO), operated with a budget of $400,000 and 60 employees.

Today, its budget is less than half that figure, and staffing is down 80%. The only thing keeping EHRCO alive is financial aid from the EU Civil Society Fund.

Ethiopia receives nearly $4bn in official development assistance. This is more than any other country in Africa and makes up a significant portion of the government’s annual budget. If the US, UK, EU and Canada coordinated policies, Ethiopia would have to respond to their human rights and democracy concerns.

Ethiopia’s election should be a wake-up call for the international community. With each successive election that does not allow genuine choice, both apathy and resentment grow, and Ethiopia risks falling prey to the same instability that has plagued its neighbours.

Daniel Calingaert is executive vice-president of Freedom House. Kellen McClure is an advocacy officer in its Africa programmes.



What’s at stake when Ethiopians vote in May 2015

Even by Ethiopia’s own standard, the 2015 elections appear to be far less competitive than the last two polls. The country’s one-time vocal opposition is all but decimated, in part because of their own undoing but largely due to the ever-tightening political space and the lack of freedom to organize.


Oromiyaa: Tarkaanfii Sukanneessaa Libiyaa Keessatti Fudhatame Irratti Ibsa ABO April 23, 2015

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Tarkaanfii Sukanneessaa Libiyaa Keessatti Fudhatame Irratti Ibsa ABO


Lammiilee mootummaa dirmatuu fi lammii dhaqqabuuf dhihooti hin qabne, rakkoo fi hiraara jalaa of baasuu fi abdii nuuf dabra jedhuun gammoojjii hamaa qaxxaamuree Libiyaa gahe irratti tarkaanfii sukaneessaa ISIS (Mootummaa Islaamaa) ofiin jedhuun lammiilee Saboota Iyophiyaa irratti fudhatame tarkaanfii namoomaa ala kan tahee fi dhala namaa kamuu irraa hin eegamne waan taheef ABO gadi jabeessee balaaleffata. Gochaan bineensummaa akkanaa ulaagaa kamiinuu fudhatama kan hin qabne tahuus dabalee hubachiisa. Tarkaanfii loogummaa amantii irratti hundaauun namoota harka qulleeyyii fi sivilii irratti fudhatame kanaan gadda itti dhagaame maatii lammiiwwan gaagaamni irra gaheef ibsaa jajjabina hawwaaf. Loogummaa bifa kamuu ummataa fi lammiilee miidhu kamuu jabinaan kan dura dhaabbatu tahuus mirkaneessa. Hiree kanaanis hundee rakkoo lammiilee Itophiyaa balaaf saaxile kana hawaasni addunyaa akka hubatu yaadachiisuu fedha.

Empaayerri Itophiyaa empaayera bittaan abbaa irrummaa irratti dagaagee lammiileen mirga dhablee taasifamuun keessatti hiraarfaman,

Biyya hacuuccaan siyaasaa fi dhiittaa mirga ummata fi ilma namaa hadhaawaa tahee keessatti gaggeeffamu tahuu irraa fi tarree biyyoota hiyyeeyyii keessaa bahuu dadhabuu irraa lammiileen dhibbeentaa 40 ol tahan hiyyummaa maayyiin keessatti dhamaaa jiraatan,

Empaayera saaminsaa fi malaammaltummaan keessatti saaree murni bicuu keessatti duroomee, wayyabni keessatti hagabee jiraatu,

Empaayera ummatoota biyyattii keessaa kan miliyoonotaan lakkaaaman harayyuu gargaarsa alagaan jiraatuuf dirqaman keessa jiraatan,

Biyya bilisummaan ummatootaa fi matayyaa kabajamuu hanqatuu irraa barattootni, beektotni, gazexessotni, hogganootni jaarmayoota siyaasaa keessatti hidhaman, ajjeefamanii fi dararaman, Empaayera mirgi walaba tahanii bakka buaa ofii filatuun abjuu itti tahe, lammiileen kan hin beeknee fi hin feene filuuf itti dirqisiifaman, filannoo fakkeessiin hawwaasa addunyaa sobaa jiraatuun filmaata itti tahe,

Empaayera mootummaan Heera ofiif raggaase cabsuu dhaan dhimma amantii keessa harka naqatee matootii amantii sirna abbaa irrummaaf amanamoo tahan amantoota irratti muudamanii fi kan mootummaan dhimma amantii keessa seenuu hin qabu jedhan ariamanii fi hidhaman tahuu irraa lammiileen biyyaa kumoota dhibbaan keessaa baqatan taatee jirti.

Tarkaanfii suukanneessaa Liibiyaa keessatti fudhatame irratti Ibsa ABO.pdf


OLF: Appeal Letter to #UN General Secretary Mr. Ban Ki Moon. #Oromia. #Africa December 18, 2014

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OBecause I am Oromo



His Excellency Mr Ban Ki-Moon
United Nations Secretary-General
Office of the Secretary General of United Nations
885 Second Avenue
United Nations Headquarters
Room DHL-1B-154
New York, NY 10017
Fax +1 212-963-4879

Your Excellency

I write on behalf of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) to bring to your kind attention the plight of the Oromo people and to ask you to request the Security Council of the United Nations to treat the matter as a priority, to condemn the lawless atrocities by the Ethiopian regime, adopt appropriate actions to bring perpetrators to account, and safeguard the wellbeing of the Oromo and other peoples in Ethiopia.

In the land of their birth, the Oromo, who constitute the single largest national group in Ethiopia, are denied the most basic democratic right to organize freely and legally and express their political opinion. We do not know any country in the world, expect Ethiopia, where 35 million Oromo people are denied the right to have their own newspapers, to elect their own leaders and support an organization of their choice. Today, it is a serious crime, even punishable by death, to support independent Oromo organizations, such as the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), internationally recognized organization, which jointly ruled Ethiopia with the TPLF in 1991/92. Supporters of the OLF and other independent organizations are harassed, detained for years without charge and their property confiscated without due process. Your Excellency, there is no doubt that the OLF enjoys support from the majority of the Oromo population. The current Ethiopian regime is dominated and controlled by the ruling Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). The TPLF represents less than seven percent of the population of Ethiopia. The TPLF, which fears the Oromo numerical voting power in any free and fair election, has directed multi-faceted attack on the Oromo political organizations, cultural institutions, educational establishments, the press and the killings of Oromo men and women, young and old, truly reaching a very dangerous proportion. This has to stop before it is too late. Today in Ethiopia all independent Oromo organizations are crippled and our people’s legal newspapers and magazines closed down. Even the Matcha and Tulama Association, a civic association, which was established in 1963 was closed down, its leaders detained and its property confiscated. We believe the TPLF dominated Ethiopian government deliberately targets the Oromo for persecution. This has been well documented by several human rights organizations, including the Ethiopian Human Rights League, European Parliament, Human Rights Watch/Africa, and Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa, Oromia Support Group and the State Department Annual Human Rights Report. The very recent 156 page Amnesty International October 2014 report clearly demonstrates that the TPLF dominated Ethiopian regime deliberately targets the Oromo population for persecution. This attack on the Oromo must be stopped before it is too late.
The Amnesty International, AI, report contains graphic accounts of arassment, intimidation, arbitrary and indefinite detention in formal and secret detention centres, extra-judicial killings and disappearances of innocent civilians on mere suspicion of individuals for sympathies with the Oromo Liberation Front. Collective punishment sometimes punishing entire neighbourhoods and penalising a close relative in place of a suspect, and mutilation and rape in detention are also common place in Oromia.
Peaceful demonstrators are wantonly beaten, tortured and mutilated, and many suspects indefinitely disappeared. The AI report is thoroughly detailed and it is based on information gathered in real time from real victims past and present, and from close family and friends of victims and from observers on the ground. The report provides specific cases that constitute crimes against humanity and violation of international law against arbitrary and cruel punishment. Whilst the report brings forth the regime’s
arbitrary and lawless behaviour, it must be said that it only scratches the surface, as the reality is even much worse.
There is no question that details unearthed by AI constitute extra-judicial killings and violations of international law. If disputed, the facts can be verified but the regime has to agree and guarantee another neutral investigation. The fact remains that the Oromo people and indeed all the different population groups in Ethiopia are undergoing a harrowing experience under abject misrule with no respite. What is happening in Ethiopia that AI report brought forth is a denial of basic freedoms including freedom to organise, freedom of expression, freedom to life and personal security, the freedom to be judged and the freedom to take part in decisions over ones affairs. As experience somewhere showed such lawlessness by governing elites lead to complete breakdowns and increased violence leading to even worse mass suffering and deaths and engulfing ever wider areas within the country and beyond. On experience of similar tragedies elsewhere including Somalia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, the behaviour of the current Ethiopian regime constitute a clear and present threat to international peace and security, which should not be ignored.
Your Excellency, my people were brought under Ethiopian domination through violent conquest during the Scramble for Africa and made part of the expanded Empire of Ethiopia. My organisation was forced to resort to armed resistance to regain Oromo people’s national rights only after the previous imperial regime adopted violent repression to Oromo attempts at peaceful processes to regain their basic human and democratic rights. The military dictatorship that replaced the imperial regime in 1974 initially raised hopes for a democratic alternative but soon snuffed the life out of any such hopes by instituting an intolerant one party dictatorship that respected no law, trampled elementary democratic practices and denied our people’s right to determine its destiny. The violation of basic human rights by that regime was also well documented by AI and many other human rights organisations.
My organization the OLF and the core of the present regime the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front, TPLF, were during the Marxist military regime on the same side opposing and exposing the lawlessness and excesses of that regime, and they solemnly committed themselves to institute a democratic future for all the oppressed peoples in Ethiopia. They also agreed to recognise their respective peoples’ rights to decide their own affairs and to freely determine their future destiny. They were partners also in organising a transitional programme enshrined in a charter which guaranteed basic liberties for the individual and self-determination of peoples including the Oromo.
According to the transitional programme, all peoples in Ethiopia would govern their affairs and participate in central government on equal basis. The process meant to guarantee equality and a level playing field for all parties with stake in the process. Unfortunately, within less than two years of the transitional exercise, the TPLF and its stalking-horse the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front, EPRDF, systematically drove all autonomous organisations out of the transitional process and ever since running a one party dictatorship. While opposition parties are registered in name, in an echo of practices in eastern European countries during the Cold War, their members face constant intimidation, harassment and repression and their political activities severely curbed. Similarly, the regime in Ethiopia does not tolerate any criticism of its arbitrary actions, not even a peaceful demonstration by the affected people. The peaceful protests in Oromia at the beginning of the current year 2014 was triggered by the regime’s arbitrary plans to extend the city limits of Addis Ababa against the wishes of the Oromo people, when, as witnessed, the regime unleashing severe repression firing live ammunition on peaceful demonstrators killing many, and detention, torture and disappearance of many more.
Your Excellency, there are undeniable changes from the era of the imperial rule and the Marxist military regime when the very name Oromo and Oromia were outlawed. However, mere facade of federal framework on paper that the current regime boasts does not amount to a real change. The trampling of basic human and democratic rights and the denial of our people’s right to decide their own affairs is fraught with further resentment and resistance. As the saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine. That is why we call on Your Excellency to bring the ever deteriorating situation in Ethiopia to the attention of the Security Council asking them to adopt measures that impress on the TPLF/EPRDF regime to uphold basic freedoms including freedom of expression, organisation, peaceful demonstration, and respect for the national rights of the Oromo people.
It will be recalled that the regime in Ethiopia has on several occasions during the past two decades organised sham elections to justify its misrule. However, far from giving it legitimacy, the charade has only deepened the mistrust and scorn of the Oromo and all other peoples and political players in Ethiopia. Regardless, the regime is again busy to run a similar election in 2015. The result is of course simple to predict. In view of the total obliteration of any meaningful competitors, the TPLF/EPRDF will retain power and the status quo will be maintained. This is an opportunity for the Security Council to
act to prevent maintenance of the status quo, which would speed a slide down the treacherous trail trekked in the past by similar tyrannical regimes in Sierra Leone, Somalia, Liberia and Syria with ruinous consequences. Your kind and swift action is much appreciated.

More @ https://oromianeconomist.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/appeal-letteer-to-un-general-secretary-mr-ban-ki-moon-12-11-2014.pdf