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Oromia: Jubilation in Finfinnee to welcome ABO/OLF September 15, 2018

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Odaa Oromoooromianeconomist


Millions converged at    Hulluuqoo Kormaa,  Dirree Masqalaa (Meskel Square) in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) from all corners of Oromia to welcome OLF/ OLA top leader. 15th September 2018. Former rebels in triumphant return to Ethiopia

 Ethiopians hail return of once-banned Oromo group
Oromo Liberation Front given a hero’s welcome in Addis Ababa

Thousands of flag-waving supporters were out on the streets to welcome the returning OLF 

The awesome Oromo horseman (Obbo Siidaa Dabalee) is the picture of the day  on this very jubilation and victory day for freedom, democracy, unity in diversity and multinationalism for the oppressed nations in Ethiopia.

Oromoo fi firooni saba Oromoo miliyoona hedduun lakkaawaman Finfinnee,  Hulluuqoo Kormaatti walga’un ABO/WBO gammachuun simatan. Fulbaana 15 Bara 2018.

Oromo Horseman in Finfinnee, Hulluuqoo Kormaa, at the event ABO (OLF) leaders welcome, 15th September 2018, victory day..png

7 million strong freedom-loving #Oromo have converged onHulluuqoo Kormaa,  Dirree Masqalaa (Meskel Square) in Finfinnee  to welcom OLF leaders, 15 sept. 2018.png

Oromia, FInfinnee, Hulluuqoo Kormaa, Dirree Masqalaa, the Oromo moment celebrating, victory, OLF.  15  September 2018.png



The Guardian: Jawar Mohammed’s red-carpet return signals Ethiopia’s political sea change #Qeerroo August 20, 2018

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Odaa Oromoooromianeconomist

Jawar Mohammed’s red-carpet return signals Ethiopia’s political sea change

Two years ago, the state branded him a terrorist. Now, after years in exile, activist Jawar Mohammed is back – and determined to see democracy in his country

A man holds an Oromo Liberation Front flag as people in Addis Ababa celebrate the triumphant return of Oromo activist Jawar Mohammed
 A man holds an Oromo Liberation Front flag as people in Addis Ababa celebrate the triumphant return of Oromo activist Jawar Mohammed. Photograph: Tiksa Negeri/Reuters

Jawar Mohammed never travels alone. When the US-based Ethiopian activist returned to his home country on 5 August, he was treated like royalty. A posse of sharply suited young men hovered by him at all times. Jeeps carrying security guards patrolled his hotel in central Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital. Supporters from the provinces arrived in droves to pay their respects. Over the course of a two-week visit he held about 25 to 30 meetings a day, according to an exhausted aide.

After meeting with the Guardian in his hotel suite he rushed off to give a lecture at the capital’s main university, entourage in tow.

Nothing demonstrated the breathtaking transformation in Ethiopian politics over the past four months quite like the red-carpeted return of a figure who was once the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front’s (EPRDF) most wanted man.

From a studio in Minneapolis, where he founded the controversial Oromia Media Network, Jawar has spent the past decade agitating over social media for political change back home in Ethiopia, which he left as a scholarship student in 2003. This was his first time in Ethiopia since 2008.

Jawar Mohammed, U.S.-based Oromo activist and leader of the Oromo Protest, addresses a news conference upon arriving in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia August 5, 2018. REUTERS/Tiksa Negeri
 Jawar Mohammed addresses a news conference upon arriving in Addis Ababa in August. Photograph: Tiksa Negeri/Reuters

So effective was he as an activist that by late 2016, as anti-government protests billowed across the country compelling the EPRDF to impose a state of emergency, the Oromia Media Network was banned and Mohammed declared a terrorist.

By early 2018 the revolutionary fervour had grown so loud that Hailemariam Desalegn was forced to resign as prime minister, paving the way for his enormously popular successor Abiy Ahmed, a young reformist from Oromia, Jawar’s home and the country’s largest and most populous region.

The Oromia Media Network, along with some smaller outlets and activists, has used social media to devastating effect over the past few years, coordinating boycotts and demonstrations and bringing Ethiopia’s large and often brutal security apparatus close to its knees.

“We used social media and formal media so effectively that the state was completely overwhelmed,” Jawar says. “The only option they had was to face reform or accept full revolution.”

During the course of a triumphant homecoming, the former terrorist (charges were dropped in May) toured the country, mostly around Oromia, where he was welcomed by vast and jubilant crowds. On his first day he led a tub-thumping rally in the capital’s main concert hall.

Later he travelled to Ambo, the epicentre of the Oromo protest movement – a struggle for political freedom and for greater ethnic representation in federal structures, which Jawar played a main role in orchestrating. Tens of thousands arrived to greet him, more than when Abiy visited the town shortly after his inauguration in April.

As Jawar had promised his supporters – mostly young, politically active Oromo men known as the Qeerroo – he took off his shoes and walked prophet-like through the streets of the city. He then planted a tree at the site where a young man was killed by security forces nearly 15 years ago, long before the rise of the movement that threw him into the national spotlight.

“They used to make me so happy and proud with what they did,” he said of Ambo’s Qeerroo. “So I told them: ‘One day I will come to your city and show my respect by walking barefoot.’ That day came and I had to deliver.”

Few doubt the importance of Jawar in recent Ethiopian history. Perhaps more than any other single individual, he took the once-marginal politics of Oromo nationalism and made it mainstream. Today, Oromos – the country’s largest ethnic group – dominate the highest offices of state, and Jawar enjoys significant personal influence over the country’s new leaders, including Abiy himself.

In a recent interview with local media he claimed – to the dismay of many Ethiopians – that the country now effectively has two governments: one led by Abiy, the other by the Qeerroo. This puts him in a position of extraordinary responsibility, since he is “one of the Qeerroo” and “a significant portion of the country listens to me”, he admits.

Many are uncomfortable with the whiff of demagoguery that accompanies Jawar. One Ethiopian journalist (who asked to remain anonymous) notes his “Trumpian sense of truth when inconvenient facts surface”.

He has been accused of inflating the numbers of protesters killed by security forces and, infamously, telling his followers (73,000 on Twitter and more than 1.4m on Facebook) that army helicopters fired live bullets at civilians during the tragic stampede that occurred during an Oromo cultural festival in October 2016. Independent journalists present confirmed this did not happen. He has a history of smearing journalists he disagrees with as government “agents”.

He has also been accused of inciting ethnic and religious violence. In a 2013 video, for example, he is heard saying: “My village is 99% Muslim. If someone speaks against us, we cut his throat with a machete.”

In recent years, he has whipped up his supporters against the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front, the once dominant ethnic Tigrayan wing of the ruling coalition, which critics argue led to attacks against Tigrayan civilians as well as those of other ethnic groups. Jawar says that he has long sought to steer his supporters towards “non-violent resistance”, and adds that “even when TPLF was in power and actively killing our civilians we ensured Tigrayan civilians were not subject to attacks”.

These days, Jawar comes across as a more moderate and conciliatory figure. He says he plans for the Oromia Media Network to set up offices across Ethiopia and become a professionalised outfit. He points to the BBC and NPR as models. He insists he has no intention to enter formal politics, preferring to remain an activist.

“I want to help us in the next couple of years transition to democracy. And for that I want to use my influence over the population so that they can calm down, contain themselves, and ensure peace while the political leadership works out arrangements for transition,” Jawar says.

The last point is especially significant. In recent weeks instability across Ethiopia has escalated sharply, especially in his own region. The day after his interview with the Guardian a rally in the town of Shashamene turned violent, as a crowd of Jawar followers publicly hung a man they suspected of carrying a bomb. Two more died in the carnage that followed. Many Ethiopians blame him for the unrest, and he was compelled to cancel the rest of his tour.

Jawar nonetheless remains optimistic about the country’s future, and about the prospect of a peaceful politics free from violent expressions of ethnic identity. “I do believe if we democratise the Ethiopian state – allowing people of all ethnicities to participate in the political process and to get a fair share of power and wealth – there is a possibility the next generation will be proud Oromo and proud Ethiopian at the same time. I think that is possible.”



Oromia: Simannaa Jawar Mohammed: Amboo fi Shashamannee August 12, 2018

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Odaa Oromoooromianeconomist


Jirra, Jirtuu?: Hacaaluu Hundeessaa Geerarsa galma barkumeetti. ተወዳጁ ሀጫሉ ሁንዴሳ በድጋሚ ቀውጢ አደረገው The one & only Hacaaluu Hundessaa at Millennium Hall, Finfinnee July 17, 2018

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Odaa Oromoooromianeconomist



Geerarsa Haacaaluu

Jirtuu?, Hin Dhagaahamu, hin dhagaahamu jechaa jiru warri
Jirtuu?, Jirtuu?…
Ijoolleen Goojjam Jirtuu?
Goojjam Matakkal Jirtuu?
Ijoolleen Raayyaa Jirtuu?
Raayyaa Raayituu Jirtuu?
Ijoolleen Walloo Jirtuu?
Walloo Kamisee Jirtuu?
Ijoolleen Wallaggaa Jirtuu?
Ijoolleen Arsii Jirtuu?
Ijoolleen Booranaa Jirtuu?
Ijoolleen Tuulamaa Jirtuu?
Ani Maalan godheree
Maalan gochuu dideree
Manni Keenya holqaare(×)
Tabba Gubbaadha malee(×2)
Oromoon Biyya Diigaaree
Biyya Ijaara Malee(×2)
Ya Ijoollee Biyya kootii(×2)
Hundumtuun Haadhoo Kooti(×2)
Hangariin Garaa siree
Nooraan garaa dhidheessaa
An Yooman garaa hiree
An Haacaaluu Hundeessaa
Nan Joore Nan Joorekaa
Foon maddii na qoorekaa
Ya ijoollee biyya kootii(×2)
Hundumtun haadhoo kooti(×2)
Qamalee koo Qamalittii(×2)
Yaa Ishee goongoorra utaaltu
Arbi ciinjiijjiitti dhale
Akkamiin rafnee bulla
Fuulduraan otoo eegnuu
Diinni boroodhaan gale
Akkamiin Rafnee Bulla
Nuti Jaalala jenna
Diinni Ammas nuun ciisne
Kunoo mi’eessoon galee
Rasaasaan nu waxalee
Akkamiin rafnee bulla
Diinni silaa nuun ciisne
Kunoo cinaaksan gale
Rasaasaan nu waxalee
Nurraa Dhowwi ya Lammaa
Nurraa Dhowwi ya Abiyyii
Nurraa Dhowwaa yaa biyyaa
Yookaan qeerroottan iyyaa…
Gaarri shiraan tuulame
Biiftuu Baatu Dhoksaaree
Kan Du’e Seenaatti Hafe
Kan lufe silaa lufe
Kan dhufes dhiigaan dhufe
Dhiigni qeerroo inni jige
Itiyoophiyaa jigde kaasekaa
Dhiigni qeerroo inni jige
Itiyoo_eertiraa walitti araarsekaa
Nan sobee…Nan Sobee…Nan Sobee
Nan Sobee Ijoollee Oromoo
Nan Sobee Ijoollee Biyyakoo
Galma Dhugaa Ijaaruuf
Galma Sobaa Raasekaa
Galma Dhugaas Lafeedhaan
Ni Ijaarranna Boru
Galma Dhugaas Jaalalaan
Ni Ijaarranna Boruu
Otuma Moortuun Moortuu
Ni Hora Abbaan Horuu
Otoo Addageen Moortuu
Ni Hora Abbaan Horuu
Ni Hora Abbaan Horu
Ni Hora Abbaan Horuuu.

Dumesaaye caamaaree? Caamus hongee taharee?
Namni ibidda beeku daara argee nahaaree?
Bakka ajaan bay’atu bakka tortooraf raqaa
Allaattif saree malee kan biraa maltuu dhaqa?
Daandii dheera na hafe kan fuldura koo ta’uu
Booddetti garagalee bookef tafkii hin lakkawu
Lubbuu biliqa baatuf maafan gola nanna’aa
Saba koof falmee du’een #Taaddasa_birru ta’aa
Saba koof falmee du’een #Waaqoo_Guutuu koo ta’aa
Biyya koof falmee du’een #Oliqaa_Dingil ta’aa
Saba koof falmee du’een #Balay_Zalaqaa_Qilxuu ta’aa
Biyya koof falmee du’een #Abdisaa_Aagaa ta’aa
Saba koof falmee du’een #Bakar_Waare koo ta’aa
Saba koof falmee du’een #Lagasaa_Wagii ta’aa.

Harreen diidoo itti duulteef haroo dhugaa gogsaare
Gaarri shiraan tuulame biiftuu baatu dhoksaare
Kan du’ee seenatti hafe
kan lufe sila lufe
kan dhufes dhiigan dhufee.

Dhiigni qeerroo inni jige itiyoophiyaa jigde kaase kaa
Dhiigni qeerroo inni jige itiyoo-ertiraa walitti araarsee kaa!

Nansobee? Nansobe?
Nansobee ijoollee oromoo?
Nansobee ijoollee biyyaa koo?

‘Freedom!’: the mysterious movement that brought Ethiopia to a standstill.- The Guardian March 13, 2018

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Qeerroo – young Oromo activists – drove the mass strike that helped topple the prime minister of one of Africa’s most autocratic governments

Supporters of Bekele Gerba, secretary general of the Oromo Federalist Congress, celebrate his release from prison, in Adama, Ethiopia on 14 February 2018.
 Supporters of Bekele Gerba, secretary general of the Oromo Federalist Congress, celebrate his release from prison, in Adama, February 2018. Photograph: Tiksa Negeri/Reuters

Today, Desalegn is a banker. But once he was a Qeerroo: a young, energetic and unmarried man from Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group, the Oromo, bound by what he calls a “responsibility to defend the people”.

Twelve years ago he helped organise mass protests against an election result he and many others believed the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) had rigged. This landed him in prison, along with thousands of others, on terrorism charges.

Since then he has married and, like many of his generation in Ethiopia, mostly avoided politics. That was until 12 February, when he joined almost everyone in the town of Adama, and in many others cities across the region of Oromia, in a strike calling for the release of opposition leaders and an end to authoritarianism.

The boycott, which lasted three days and brought much of central Ethiopia to a standstill, culminated on 13 February with the release of Bekele Gerba, a prominent Oromo politician who lives in Adama, and, within 48 hours, the sudden resignation of Ethiopia’s beleaguered prime minister, Hailemariam Desalegn. The shaken federal government then declared a nationwide state-of-emergency on 15 February, the second in as many years.

“It was a total shutdown,” says Desalegn, of the strike in Adama. “Almost everybody took part – including government offices. You wouldn’t have even been able to find a shoeshine boy here.”

For him and many other residents of Adama, about 90km south-east of the capital, Addis Ababa, there is only one explanation for how a normally quiescent town finally joined the uprising that has billowed across much of Oromia and other parts of Ethiopia since late 2014: the Qeerroo.

Police fire tear gas to disperse protesters during the Oromo festival of Irreecha, in Bishoftu, Ethiopia, in October, 2016
 Police fire teargas to disperse protesters during the Oromo festival of Irreecha, in Bishoftu, October 2016. Photograph: Tiksa Negeri/Reuters

Who the Qeerroo are, and how they have helped bring one of Africa’s strongest and most autocratic governments to its knees, is only dimly understood.

In traditional Oromo culture the term denotes a young bachelor. But today it has broader connotations, symbolising both the Oromo movement – a struggle for more political freedom and for greater ethnic representation in federal structures – and an entire generation of newly assertive Ethiopian youth.

“They are the voice of the people,” explains Debela, a 32-year-old taxi driver in Adama who says he is too old to be one but that he supports their cause. “They are the vanguard of the Oromo revolution.”

The term’s resurgence also reflects the nature of Oromo identity today, which has grown much stronger since Ethiopia’s distinct model of ethnically based federalism was established by the EPRDF in 1994.

“In the past even to be seen as Oromo was a crime,” says Desalegn, of the ethnic assimilation policies pursued by the two preceding Ethiopian regimes, imperial and communist. “But now people are proud to be Oromo … So the Qeerroos are emboldened.”

As the Oromo movement has grown in confidence in recent years, so the role of the Qeerroo in orchestrating unrest has increasingly drawn the attention of officials.

At the start of the year police announced plans to investigate and crack down on the Qeerroo, arguing that it was a clandestine group bent on destabilising the country and seizing control of local government offices. Party sympathisers accused members of being terrorists.

Bekele Gerba waves to his supporters after his release from prison in Adama, Ethiopia on 13 February 2018.
 Bekele Gerba waves to his supporters after his release from prison in Adama, on 13 February. Photograph: Tiksa Negeri/Reuters

Though many dispute this characterisation, few doubt the underground strength of the Qeerroo today.

Since the previous state of emergency was lifted last August, Qeerroo networks have been behind multiple strikes and protests in different parts of Oromia, despite obstacles like the total shutdown of mobile internet in all areas beyond the capital since the end of last year.

Bekele Gerba, the opposition leader, credits the Qeerroo with securing his release from prison, and for sending hundreds of well-wishers to his home in Adama in the aftermath. But like many older activists, he confesses to limited knowledge of how they organise themselves.

“I only became aware of them relatively recently,” he says. “We don’t know who the leadership is and we don’t know if they have a central command.”

But in a recent interview with the Guardian, two local leaders in Adama, Haile and Abiy (not their real names), shed light on their methods.

According to the two men, who are both in their late 20s, each district of the city has one Qeerroo leader, with at least 20 subordinates, all of whom are responsible for disseminating messages and information about upcoming strikes.

They say their networks have become better organised in recent months, explaining that there is now a hierarchical command chain and even a single leader for the whole of Oromia. “This gives us discipline and allows us to speak with one voice,” says Abiy.

Their job has become more difficult in the absence of the internet.

“With social media you can disseminate the message in seconds,” says Abiy. “Now it can take two weeks, going from door to door.” Instead of using WhatsApp and Facebook, they now distribute paper flyers, especially on university campuses.

The role of Oromo activists among the diaspora, especially those in the US, also remains crucial, despite the shutdown.

Zecharias Zelalem, an Ethiopian journalist based in Canada, argues that it is thanks to prominent social media activists that the Qeerroo have acquired the political heft that youth movements in other parts of the country still lack. He highlights in particular the work of Jawar Mohammed, the controversial founder of the Minnesota-based Oromia Media Network (which is banned in Ethiopia), in amplifying the voice of the Qeerroo even when internet is down.

“[Jawar] gives us political analyses and advice,” Haile explains. “He can get access to information even from inside the government, which he shares with the Qeerroos. We evaluate it and then decide whether to act on it.”

He and Abiy both dismiss the assumption, widespread in Ethiopia, that Jawar remote-controls the protests. “The Qeerroos are like a football team,” counters Haile. “Jawar may be the goalkeeper – helping and advising – but we are the strikers.”

Supporters of Bekele Gerba, secretary general of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), chant slogans to celebrate Gerba’s release from prison
 Supporters of Bekele Gerba chant slogans to celebrate Gerba’s release from prison. Photograph: Tiksa Negeri/Reuters

The reimposition of the state-of-emergency has angered many Qeerroos in Adama and elsewhere in Oromia, where the move was widely seen as heavy-handed bid to reverse the protesters’ momentum.

Some analysts fear further repression will push members of a still mostly peaceful political movement towards violence and extremism.

Many in the government, as well as in other parts of the country, worry about a rise in ethnically motivated attacks, on people and property, and especially on ethnic Tigrayans, who make up about 6% of the population but are generally considered to dominate politics and business.

Late last year federal troops were dispatched to university campuses, in large part due to escalating ethnic violence, which included several deaths. There were reports of similar incidents during protests throughout the past month.

Jibril Ummar, a local businessman and activist, says that he and others tried to ensure the protests in Adama were peaceful, calming down overexcited young men who wanted to damage property and attack non-Oromos.

“It worries me,” he admits. “There’s a lack of maturity. When you are emotional you put the struggle in jeopardy.”

Gerba says he worries about violence, too, including of the ethnic kind. “We know for sure that Tigrayans are targeted most, across the country. This concerns me very much and it is something that has to be worked on.”

In the coming days the EPRDF will decide on a new prime minister, and many hope it will be someone from the Oromo People’s Democratic Organisation (OPDO), the Oromo wing of the ruling coalition.

This might placate some of the Qeerroo, at least in the short term. But it is unlikely to be enough on its own to dampen the anger.

“When we are married we will retire from the Qeerroo,” says Haile. “But we will never do that until we get our freedom.”





Oromia: DHAAMSA QEEROO IRRAA. #OromoProtests  February 24, 2018

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Odaa OromoooromianeconomistNo To Fascist TPLF Ethiopia's genocidal militarism and mass killings in Oromia, Ethiopia


Peresedantii Mootummaa Xoophiyaatii
Af-Yaa’ii Mana Mare Bakka Bu’ootaa Ummaataa Xoophiyaatiif
Koree ministiroota zoophiyaatiif
Mana Marii Bakka Bu’ootaa Ummaataa Xoophiyaatiif
Dh.D.U.O Tiif
Geggeessitota Sadarkaa Adda Addaatiif
Saba Ballaa Uummata Oromootiif
Qeerroo Naannoo Oromiyaatiif
Fannoo Naannoo Amaraatiif
Zermaa Ummatoota Kibbaa Guraageetiif
Wadala Ummatoota Kibbaatiif
Nabiroo Ummatoota Kibbaatiif
Raayyaa Ittisa Biyyaatiif

Dhimmi isaa: Labsii Yeroo Muddamaa Kan Ilaalatu

Barri hedduun darbaniiru, jechootni akka nadhii dammaa dhamdhamaa tolaanii fi urgaa foolii bookaa qaban waa’ee tokkummaa biyyaa xoophiyaa faarsan baayyeen taphatamaniiru, faarfatamaniiru akkasumas walaloon, Og-barruu fi wellistoonni bayyeen faaruu meshaalee muuziqaa aadaa fi ammyyaan dabalame sirbaniiru waa’ee tokkumma xoophiyaa. Kana duwwaa miti gotootni bayyee aarsaa heddu kaffalaniiru waa’ee tokkumaa xoophiyaatiif. Ammas yeroon dabaree nuuf laattee tookkuma keenya akka mirkaneessinuuf qeerroon Oromiyaa qaamota armaan oliitiif hundaaf waamicha gochaa jirti. 

1. Perezedaantii mootummaa xoophiyaatiif

Yeroo kumaatamni du’ee, kumaatamni mana hidhaatti dararamuu fi Kumatamni biyyaa tokkummaan xoophiyaa kessatti faarsamu kessatti qe’ee, sabni guddaan salphate fi qabeenya isaa irraa buqqa’ee beelaaf hongeen dararamu hin dubbanne, akka perezendaantii biyyaa tokkottillee miti akka nama dhuunfaa tokkoottillee yaada kee hin ibsanne. Yoo aangoon siharkaa jiraattee maaf midhamtu, maaf dararamtu jechuudhaa yoo baatteyyuu as baatee baga duutan , baga qe’ee fi qabeenya keeessan irraa buqaatan osoo jeette nutti tola akka qeerrooti. Silaa maal buuftaa miti waa’ee labsii muddamaa kana irratti waa jechuu kee barbaanna akka lubbuun jirtuu fi hin jirre baruuf. Ta’uu yoo baate reeffa Perezendaantii ta’ee biyya bulchaa jiruu jechuu genus book irraatti si galmeessina. mee onnee godhu, jiraachuun garaa duwwaaf miti, barri dhufee darba seenaa garuu baraan jiraatti.

2. Af-yaa’ii mana mare bakka bu’oota uummataatiif

Gaafa mootiin fari’oo saba israa’el waanjoo garbummaa jalatti waggaa hedduu rakkisaa ture Museetu ka’e . Ulee Museen harkatti qabatee ture saba israa’eeliin garbummaa mootii fari’oonii, loltuu fari’ooni fi bishaanii nyaatamuu galaana diimaa jalaa isaan baase malee garbummaaf yokkiin du’aaf isaan hin laanne. Sobaaf muka walitti hin rukkuttin uleen siharka jirtu yeroo tokkoo fi isa xumuraaf dhimmaa haabaastu , uummata bakka buutee jirtuuf sagalee haa dhageesistu.

3. Koree Ministiroota xoophiyaatiif

Seenaa daba dalaguuf demaa jirtu, nama ni dagoggortu, dogoggara keessaniif immoo qeerroon garaa dhiifamaa qabdi, tarkaanfii fudhachuuf deemaa jirtan kanarraa yoo debitan fi jijjirama siyaasaa fi sirna dimokiraasii hundeen isaa heeraa fi seeraan ol aantummaan isaa mirkanaa’ee akkasumas biyyaa walqituummaan lammiilee keessatti mirkanaa’ee ijaaruuf waadaa seenuun har’uma hojiitti yoo jijjiirtan qeerroonii fi uummanni oromoo afaanuma haak jedhee isin tufuuf ka’een isin degera isin waliin guddina xoophiyaa haaromteef hojjeta. Yoo ta’uu baatee fi humna waaraanaa abdachuun labsii kana uummata nagayaa irratti garee faayyidaa dhuunfaa isaa eeggachuuf carraaqu waliin taatan, waraanni isin ittin boontan kun harki caalaan dhaloota qubee fi qeerroo akka ta’e isin hubachiisuun barbaanna. 

4. Mana Marii Bakka Bu’ootaa Ummaataa Xoophiyaatiif

Uummanni xoophiyaa:

a. Qotee bulaan barressuuf fi dubbisuu hin dandeenye beekumsa naaf ta’i, naaf barreessi naaf dubbissi ,beekumsa naaf ta’i naaf dubbadhu jedhee isin filatee hin dagatiinaa adaraa abba keessannii, adaraa harmee fi adaraa biyyaa.
b. Qaro dhabeenyiin qaroo naaf ta’aa naqaraa, karoo hin qabuu qaroo naaf ta’aa jedhee isin filatee hin dagatiinaa. Adaraa qaroo, argaa ilaalaa murtee kennaa
c. Qoomaa hir’uu bakkan fiiguu dadhabetti fiigii naaf qabi, jedhee sagalee siniif kennee hin daagatiinaa.
Walumaagalatti isin afaan uummataati afaan saba balaati sammuu uummata keessaniin yaadaa. Afaan uummata keessaaniin dubbadha. Rakkoon fi gadadoo uummata keessanii hin dagatiinaa. Nidagattu jennee hin yaadnu haadha fi abbaa ilmoo isaanii ol adeemtoota qeerroo fi qarree dabtaaraa fi qalama qabataniif ganama mana bahanii osoo manatti hin deebiin hafan. Qeerroo fi qeerre fulbaana birraa bariite nagaa dhaammatanii digirri fideen dhufa jechuun waadaa seenanii garaa unirsiitii deeman garuu reeffi isaanii manatti galu. Qabsoon qeerroo homaa kaayyoo kan biraa hin qabu innis tokkoo fi tokkodha. gochaalee armaan olitti caqafaman hanbisuun xoobiyaa biyya dimokiraasii fi biyya walqixxummaan lammiilee keeessatti mirkanaa’ee taasisuu qofadha. Kanaafu uummata bakka buutan dagattanii afaan badii hin ta’iinaa jetti qeeroon.

5. Dh.D.U.O fi Geggeessitota Sadarkaa Adda Addaatiif

Isiniif ergaa gabaabduu fi ijoo taate qabna. Dhuguma qaama uumata oromoo geggeessu yoo taatanii fi boor uummata oromoo waliin biyya geggeessina jettanii abdii qabdu ta’e labsii muddamaa kan gonkuma hin fudhatiinaa, yoo diddee kan murtooftu taate illee hojirra oolmaa isaa irraatti akka qooda hin fudhanne uummata oromoo waliin gumaa taatu of eeggannoo godhaa. Kun akkeekkachiisa uummanni oromoo marti fi qeerroon yeroo xumuraaf isinii kennudha .
Hubachiisa: Mootummaan garboomfataan sadarkaa addunyaatti caaasaa mataa isaatiin biyyaa yokkin saba tokkoo kolonii jala galfatee hin beeku. Kun dhugaa qorannoon mirkanaa’edha. Garuu dabalee bitamtuutti fayyadamuun bandaa warra jedhaman jechuudha, garboomsuu ni danda’a . isin garuu gocha akkasiif karaa fi garaa akka hin laanne abdii qabna nuti qeerroon.

6. Saba Ballaa Uummata Oromootiif 

Labsiin muddamaa kun labsii duguuggaa sanyii ittin raawwachuuf labsame dha. Uummanni oromoo rooroo ofirra qolachuus ni baaka. Nuti oromoo akka beeknutti uummata yeroo obboleessi isaa du’u irraa dheessu, yeroo ilmoo isaa birratti duutu irratti ilaalu miti saba wal irratti du’u male. Kanaafuu labsiin muddamaa kun humnaan nurratti kan labsamu yoo ta’e afaan tokkoon yaada tokkoon xiqqaa fi gudda , dhalaa fi dhiira, qeesii fi sheekii osoon hin jedhiin akka ofirra mormitan dhaamsa isinii dabarsina. Qeerroo egeree biyya irraa akka hin hafne abdii uummata oromoo mara irraa qabana.

7. Fannoo,Zarmaa,wadala fi Nabirootiif 

Nuti keessatuu qaama qabsoo bilisummaati. Biyyi xoophiyaa kun boor nu eeggati, mana keenya booriiti akkasumas biyya nuti kunuunsinee dhaloota nuti aanuuf keninu nudha abdiin biyyaa. Biyya lama hin qabdu boor yoo feene kan dhiifnee demnu miti. Biyya tokkitti qabdu kana immo yeroo gartuun fedhii dhuunfaa isaaf kallatti isatti tale irra yoo barbaade heera fi seera baasee yoo fedhi immoo diigee akka shaqaxaa mummata isaa aangoo harkaa qabuu fayyadamee daldalu teenyee hin ilaalu. Afaan tokkoon aagoon kan uummataati jedha yoo fedhe immoo aangoo siyaasaa haa hafuuti aangoo uumamaa fi mirga namoomaa illee nurraa muulqee uummata balla dararu kana afaan tokkofon kaanee yoo labsiin kun hojiitti jijjiirame mormuu fi yeroo xumuraaf ofirraa fonqolchinuf dursitanii qophii ballaa fi tarsiimoon degerame akka gootan qeerroon dhaamsa isiniif dabarsina. Waliin biyya dimokraasii fi dinagdeen badhaate xoophiyaa haaraa ijaarra.

8. Raayyaa Ittisa Biyyaatiif

Dhumarratti raayyaan itti biyyaa uummata keessaa kan walitti qabame ( ijaarame) uumata isaaf kan hojetu, daangaa biyya isaa diina alaa irraa akka eegu nageenya uumata isaa geeguu dangaa biyya fi gammojjii keessa beelaa fi dheebuu obsuun akka eegan qeeroo sirritti beekti. Haala michataa keessa akka hin jirre ni beekna. Haata’u harmee isaanii ji’a sagal garaatti baatte ciniinsifatte deesse fi abbayyee isaanii marrummaan hidhate isaan guddise , obboleeyyan isaanii waliin tiruu takka boraafatanii dhalatan, qotee bulaa fi daldalaa dafqa isaa cobsee hojjetee mindaa isiniif kaffalu, barataa baradheen bor matii koo fi biyya koof bu’aa buusa jedhee xaaru irra irraatti akka afaan qawween hin dorsisne fi dhukaafne qeerron abdi qabna. Garuu tarii hubannaa fi hariitti dagattanii dogoggora seenaa keessa akka hin seenne qeerroon waamicha isiniif goona. Mootiin ni mo’a ni kufas uummanni garuu ni jira gara kaayyoo keessa dagattaniif harkaa abba irree ta’uu uumata harka duwwaa irraatti ol aantummaa qawwee akka hin agarsiifne irraa deebinee waamicha isiniif goona.
Hubachiisa: Qaama dhimmi ilaaluuf
Keessumaa warri qeerroo xiqqisitanii yaaddan,qeerroo booda uummata ballatu jira, kaan kaan yoo hafe iyyuu humna waraana isin itti biyya bulchina jetteanii abdatan gariin qeeroodha. Ilaallataa lolaa.
Dhugaa qabna ni injifanna!!!!!!!!! injifannoon kan uumataati ballaati.

Qeerroo irraa 


Dr. Mahammad Hassan (Ciro) 0911865071
Awwal Mahaammad (Ciro) 0924620033
Aliyyii Kaliifaa (Doobbaa) 0910336695
Fooziyaa Amiin (Bookee) 0911219219
Caaltuu Saanii (Habroo) 0911075558
Dassaaleny Dhugumaa(O/Bultum) 0912008135
Jibriil Yuyyaa (Masalaa) 0912308272
Kimiyaa Jundii (Habroo) 0910033517
Awwal (A/Xuulloo Hirna) 0924620033/0929105631
#Qaama dhimmi ilaalu hundaaf

ክፍት ደብዳቤ ለህዝብ ተወካዮች ምክር ቤት አባላት በሙሉ
ከኦሮሞ ቄሮ የተላለፈ ጥሪ

ከሁሉም አስቀድመን ባላችሁበት ሰላምታ ይድረሳችሁ።

ሁላችንም እንደሚናውቀው የኦሮሞ ቄሮዎች ህይውታችንን መስዋዕት አዲርገን የኦሮሞ ህዝብ መብትና ብሄርቤረሰቦች እኩልነት የተረገጋጠባትን ኢትዮጽያ ለመመስረት ሰላማዊ ትግል እያደረግን ነው። የኦሮሞ ህዝብ ሰላማዊ ትግል ይህችን አገር እየቀየራት ይገኛል።

ይሁን እንጅ አንባገነን የሆኑ የTPLF ጥቂት ኮንትሮባንዲስቶች ቡድን አገሪቷን ለማዝረፍ በተሃድሶ መሪዎች ና በቄሮ የተዘጋባቸዉን የዝርፍያ መንገድ መልሰዉ ለመቆጣጠር ፣ አገርቷን በጦር ሀይል ለማቆጠጣር አስቻኳይ ግዜ አወጅ እያዋጁ ይገኛሉ። ይሄ አዋጅ በማንኛውም ሁኔታ ተቀባይነት አይኖረዉም።

የተከበራችሁ የህዝብ ተወካዮች ምክር ቤት አባላት ኮንትሮባንድስቶች አገሪቷን ለመበዝበዝ እና ለመበታተን በኦሮሞ ህዝብና በመላው ብሄርቤረሰቦች ላይ የታዋጀ አዋጅ እንዲሰረዝ የበኩላችሁን የዜግነት ግደታ በመወጣት አገሪቷን ከዉድቀት እና ከመበታተን እንድታድኑ የኦሮሞ ቄሮ በዚህ ደብዳቤ ጥሪያችንን እናስተላልፋለን።

ከዚህ እልፎ አዋጁ የሚጸድቅ ከሆነ የኦሮሞ ቄሮና ህዝብ የአፀፋ ምላሽ ተጠያቂዎቹ TPLF ና የህዝብ ተወካዮች ምክር ቤት አባላት መሆናችሁን እናሳስባለን።

የኦሮሞ ቄሮ

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Oromia: Crackdowns on Qeerroo? Good Luck Intimidating the Tiger! #OromoProtests #OromoRevolution January 8, 2018

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Odaa Oromoooromianeconomist

#OromoProtests, Oromo students movement for freedom


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Oromia (#OromoProtests) :Shirri Xaxamuu fi Ololli Geggeeffamu Falmii Bilisummaa Fi Mirga Abbaa Biyyummaa Finiinaa Jiru Hin Dhaabu! May 1, 2016

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Odaa OromoosboKa'i Qeerro


Shirri Xaxamuu fi Ololli Geggeeffamu Falmii Bilisummaa Fi Mirga Abbaa Biyyummaa Finiinaa Jiru Hin Dhaabu!

(SBO/VOL – Caamsaa 01,2016) Fincilli Diddaa Gabrummaa gara Fincila Xumura Gabrummaatti jijjiiramee falmaan mirga abbaa biyyummaa fi bilisummaa ummata Oromoo fi ilmaan isaa barattoota/dargaggoota Qeerroo Bilisummaan finiinuu erga eegalee ji’oota shanii ol lakkoobsisaa jira. Warraaqsa ummata Oromoo FXG kanaan mootummaan wayyaanee haalaan rukutameera. Hundeen sirna cunqursaa wayyaanee/TPLF Oromiyaa keesssaa asitti hafee kan hin qabneen haleelamee caasaaleen sirnichaa diigamanii burkutaawaniiru. Waggoota 25 bara bulchiinsa abbaa irree wayyaanee kanneen keessattis diddaan mul’ataan akkanaa gamtaa ummata Oromoon oggaa mul’atu kun isa jalqabaa ti jechuunis ni danda’ama.

FXGn har’a golee Oromiyaa cufa keessatti finiinaa jiru wayyaanee qofa kan rukutee fi wayyaanee qofa kan baaragse osoo hin taane, leellistootaa fi harka mirgaa mootummichaa kan ta’an, lukkeelee, ayyaanlaallattootaa fi fakkaattota fedha adda addaa qaban, kanneen gufuu qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo ta’an hunda kan haleelee dha.

Adda durummaan barattoota/dargaggoota/Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo hirmaachisuun kan geggeeffamaa jiru warraaqsi ummata Oromoo FXGn akka ibidda saafaa sirna cunqursaa mootummaa abbaa irree fi goolessaa wayyaanee guggubee waxalaa jiru kana gartuun kun akkuma inni jalqabeen of booda deebisuu fi dhaamsuuf ayinaa fi baay’inaan waraanaa fi basaasosta isaa guutuu Oromiyaatti bobbaasee ummata Oromoo addatti ammoo dargaggoota/barattoota Oromoo dhibbootaan ajjeeseera; kumootaan qaamaa hir’iseera; kumoota kudhanootaan ammoo guuree hidhaatti naqee jira. Kun hundumtuu ta’ee ummatni Oromoo ajjeefame, hidhame jedhee yakka diinaan isa irratti raawwatamuuf jilbeenfatee falmaa biyya abbaa isaaf jalqabe irraa hin deebine; hin deebi’us. Daangaa hamma daangaatti, golee arfan Oromiyaa irraa ibiddi warraaqsaa daran belbele. Kun mootummaa wayyaanee guddoo rifaasise. Ummata Oromoo akka duraatti gowwoomsaa fi sossobbaan dallaa gabrummaa keessatti ittisaa itti fufuu akka hin dandeenye hubachiise.

Murni TPLF/wayyaaneen aangoo humna waraanaan of harkaa qabu kana yeroof illee taatu jiraachisuu fi warraaqsa ummata Oromoo FXG dadhabsiisuuf, danda’u ammoo dhaabuuf ijibbaata garagaraa taasisuu ammas itti fufee jira.

Humna warraaqsaa fi qabsoo Oromoo kan ta’an, FXG finiinaa jiru keessattis adda duree hiriiruun wareegama bifa hundaa baasaa qabsoo Oromootiif injifannoo galmeessaa, mootummaa gabroomfataa ammoo hundeen raasaa kan jiran dargaggoota Qeerroo Bilisummaa irratti xiyyeeffatee laaffisuuf duula ololaa fi shiraa irratti geggeessaa jira.

Akka hubatamutti sochii ummatni Oromoo keessaa fi alaan gamtaan itti jirutti mootummichi haalaan rifatuu irraa, adeemsa jiru laaffisuu fi gara dabarsuuf keessaa fi alatti duula adda addaa kan olola dabalatu geggeessaa jira. Shira xaxuu fi olola adda addaa Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo irratti geggeessuunis qaamuma duula kanaa ti. Arraata Qeerroo kan ta’e Sagalee Qeerroo irrattis bifa adda addaan dalagaan diinummaa fi diiggaa geggeeffamaa jirus duuluma kanaan walitti hidhata.

Duula shiraa fi olola dharaa banamee jiru keessatti hogganootni wayyaanee kan akka ministeera dhimmoota kominikeshinii mootummaa Geetaachoo Raddaa jedhamuu faa keessatti argaman. Isaan kun hanga biyya alaatti dalagaa shiraaf bobbaafamaniiru.

Duulli sochii Oromoon amma godhaa jiru busheessuu fi Gamtaa Qeerroo laaffisuu ykn gara dabarsuuf itti jiramus akeekni isaa dargaggootni humna qabsichaa, warraaqsa finiinaa jiruufis adda duree ta’anii waan socho’aa jiraniifi. Humni dargagootaa kun humna gowwoomsaa fi sossobbaa wayyaanee xumurate, fayidaalee gara garaaf garaa hin hirre, wareegamii fi bobbaan diinaa kamuu of duuba isa hin deebisne, akeeka qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo tarkaanfachiisuu fi mirga ummata Oromoo guutuutti falmu ta’uu irraa diinaa fi kanneen fedha adda addaa qabaniif yaaddoo guddaa dha. Kanaafi kan diinni Qeerroo Bilisummaa warraaqsa finiinaa jiru kana keessatti taargeeta godhatee itti duulaa jiruuf.

Ogguu hundaa hirriba keessallee waa’een ABO kan isa baaragsu wayyaanee/TPLF waggoota aangoo irra jiraate kana hunda keessa guyyaan itti ABO maqaa hin dhahin hafe hin jiru jechuutu danda’ama. Waraanaan, basaasotaan, shirootaa fi ololootaan osoo irratti duuluu bakka har’a jiru kana gahe. Har’as warraaqsa kana kan geggeessaa jiru ABO ti, miseensota ABO qabanne, murtiif dhiheessine…..ololaa fi jechoota nuffisiisoo baroottan darbaniif midia irra jiraatan, kan namnuu dhagahuu hifate san har’allee deebisee ittiin weeddisaa jira. Har’as ABO irratti ololaa fi shira xaxaa jira. Kunis akkuma duraa sochii ABO danquuf akeekkatuu isaa mul’isa.

Cuunfaatti akeekni olola amma deemaa jiruu fi bobbaalee diinaa bakka hundaayyuu, sochii Qeerroo Bilisummaa gufachiisuuf, adeemsa QBO ABOn hogganamuu danquuf, waliigalatti ammoo sochii QBO fi adeemsa warraaqsa FXG sadarkaa olaanaa irra gahee jiru kana gara gulantaa itti aanuutti akka hin tarkaanfanne gufachiisuuf karoora diinaan baafamee ittiin sossohamaa jiruu dha. Haa ta’u malee, shirri xaxamuu fi ololli geggeeffamu falmii bilisummaa fi mirga abbaa biyyummaa finiinaa jiru tasumaa dhaabuu akka hin dandeenye diinnis firris jala muree beekuu feesisa.

Xumura irratti dhaamsi dabarfamu hubannoo tokkoon maleetti murnootni hawaasa Oromoo kan keessaa fi alaa marti olola faajjessaa adda addaa waan gara garaa maqaa dhahatee diinaa fi farreeniin Qeerroo Bilisummaa irrattis ta’u ABO irratti ololamuu fi hafarfamu keessatti hirmaachuun meeshaa diinaa ta’uu irraa of qusatuu dha.

Miseensotanii fi deggertootni, ummatni Oromoo addatti ammoo warraaqsa ummata Oromoo belbelaa jiru keessatti duree hiriiranii kan jiran Barattootni/ Dargaggootni/ Qeerroon olola bifa fedhee diinnii fi ergamtootni diinaa ta’e jedhanii oomishanii ololaniif osoo gurra hin ergisne, falmaa finiinsuun FXG milkeessuu qofa irratti cichoominaan hojjechuun xumura sirna gabrummaa wayyaanee gabaabsuu dha.

Oromia: Waamicha Hatattamaa Hawaasa Oromoo Biyya Alaa fi Oromiyaa Keessa Jiraataniif February 28, 2016

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Odaa OromooNo To Fascist TPLF Ethiopia's genocidal militarism and mass killings in Oromia, Ethiopia

Ka'i Qeerro

Waamicha Hatattamaa Hawaasa Oromoo Biyya Alaa fi Oromiyaa Keessa Jiraataniif


Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo Irraa


YEROO AMMAA KANA WAYYAANEE TPLF UUMMATA OROMOO IRRATTI  WARAANA BANEE JIRA,KANAAF:- Waanjoo Gabrummaa Waggaa 130 ol Uummanni Oromoo baate haalaan uulfaataa ta’aa dhufuu irraa yeroo ammaa kanatti cunqursaa hadhaawaa if-irraa darbuuf sabni Oromoo alaa keessaa wal gurmeessuun mootummaa abbaa irree Wayyaanee dura dhaabbachuun mirga abbaa biyyummaa fi eenyummaa falmachaa jira.

Qabsoo hadhaawaa uummanni Oromoo gochaa jiru keessatti wareegami gama hundaan uummata keenya irra gahaa jiru haalaan ulfaataa ta’u iyyuu falmaan osoo hin dhaabbatiin cunqursaafis osoo hin jilbeeffatiin qabsoon galama isaa gahuuf haalaan daran finiinaa jira.

Qabsoo Fincila Xumura Gabrummaa(FXG) guutuu Oromiyaa keessatti finiinaa jira kana dura dhaabbachuu fi uummata Oromoo lafa irraa duguuguuf Wayyaanee TPLF qajeelfama baaseen waraana isaa aayinaan gara Oromiyaatti galchuun baadiyyaa irraa hamma magaalaatti Oromoo mirgaaf falmus ta’e Oromummaa isaan if beeksisu haxaawuuf ykn sanyii balleessummaaf daran if qopheessaa jira. Haalli itti deemnu daran ulfaataa tahuu hubatnoo keessa galchuun uummanni Oromoo alaa keessaan mirgaa fi eenyummaa keessan kan durii irra daran jabeessuu waan qabdaniif Qeerroon Bilisummaa Waamicha Hatattamaa Qaamota Hawaasaa Oromoo maraaf Taasisa:-

  1. Uummanni Oromoo fi matootiin hawaasa Oromoo biyya alaa jiraattan,har’aa booru osoo hin jedhiin duula sanyii duguuggaa mootummaan Wayyaanee TPLF uummata Oromoo irratti karoorfate itti jiru dura dhaabbachuun saba keessanii fi biyya keessan Oromiyaa baraaruuf jecha daddaffiin hiriira kan ammaan duraa irra daran dacha dachaan biyya alaa adda addaatti yaamuun mootummootaa fi qaamota mirga namoomaa aduunyaa mara sagalee fi iyyannaa saba Oromoo akka dhageessiftan imaanaa dhaammanna.
  2. Ummanni Oromoo Oromiyaa keessa jirtan gootummaa abbootii keenyaa dur deebftanii yeroo ammaa kanatti cunqursaa dura dhaabbataa jirtu,haalli kun wareegama guddaa isin gaafatu iyyuu gabroomfataatti xumura itti gochuuf tarkaanfii keessan daran jabeessuun barbaachisaa dha,murannoon keenya doorsisaa fi meeshaa lolaa diinni kuufateen duubatti hin deebi’u waan ta’eef gootummaa abbootii durii daran jabeessuun gabroomfataa fi cunqursaatti xumura gochuun barbaachisaa dha.
  3. Caasaan Qeerroo Bilisummaa gandaa hamma onaatti,onaa hamma godinaatti akkasumas guutuu Oromiyaa irraa sosso’aa jirtan bakka jirtanitti naamusaa fi sansakkaa qabsoo karaa nagaa gaggeessuu keessan jabeessuun,bakka jirtanitti uummati keenyaa fi barattooti Oromoo qalamaa fi dabtaraan uummati keenyas saboota kami fi uummatoota kamitti osoo hin bu’iin,qabeenya nama kami iyyuu osoo hin tuqiin nagaan mirga isaa akka falmtu muuxannoo ammaan dura jiru daran jabeessitanii akka cicoominaan mirga walabummaa fi dimokraasii sabootaaf qabsooftan waamicha goona.


Oromia:Statement of Qeerroo Bilisummaa and Union of Oromo Students on the Ongoing ‘Revolution to Culminate Slavery’ (RCS) January 1, 2016

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Odaa Oromoooromoprotests-tweet-and-share11#OromoProtests, Qabosoon itti fufa jedhu aayyoleenOromo students Protests, Western Oromia, Mandii, Najjoo, Jaarsoo,....

Statement of Qeerroo Bilisummaa and Union of Oromo Students on the Ongoing ‘Revolution to Culminate Slavery’ (RCS)


Statement of Qeerroo Bilisummaa and Union of Oromo Students on the Ongoing ‘Revolution to Culminate Slavery’ (RCS)

December 31, 2015, Finfinne Oromia.

We the new Oromo generation living close to the civilized world are not willing to live in slavery in the 21st century. As we are the most conscious of our society, we cannot watch idly as our people are evicted from their ancestral land; we cannot accept the fact that our country is a place where human liberty, dignity, and democratic and human rights are violated.  The minority TPLF-led Ethiopian government’s so called ‘Integrated Master Plan’ is a genocidal plan concocted to irradiate the Oromo race from the face of the earth and incorporate our forefather’s land, Oromia, into their own property. We are presenting our legitimate questions using our democratic rights in a peaceful manner and will not stop our non-violent struggle until all of our questions have been answered. Instead of answering our legitimate questions the government has dispatched the so called Agazi, Federal Police, and the regular army and committing a genocidal crime on Oromo students and the Oromo people in general. Over the past five or so weeks, the answer of the TPLF/EPRDF regime to our legitimate questions has been the following.

  1. The government ordered its brutal forces and committed a mass massacre which is equivalent to genocide. So far 125 people have been confirmed killed, thousands severely wounded, and hundreds of thousands arrested from every corner of Oromia.
  2. The government has declared war on the Oromo people who have peacefully opposed the Master Plan and the declaration of Oromian towns labelling the protesters as “terrorists” and ordered its armed forces to shoot and kill civilians and unarmed protesters.
  3. The Master Plan which has been an immediate cause for our protests still stands. Although the government officials are deceiving the public indicating that “the Master Plan will not be implemented if the public opposes it”, there is no law or declaration officially cancelling the Master Plan. Nothing is mentioned about the so called “Proclamation of Oromian towns”.
  4. The Oromo people do not have proportional power share and economic and political influence according to their population and the area of land they cover based on the rules of federalism.
  5. The government continues distorting our legitimate questions of democracy, human rights issues, and justice by labelling peaceful protesters as “terrorists” and charging them using the “terrorism law” which it uses as a weapon to quash dissenting voices since it was declared in 2009.



Statement of Qeerroo Bilisummaa December 31 2015 Finfinnee

Oromia: Ibsa Sochii Dargaggoota Biyyoolessaa Bilisummaa fi Dimokiraasii (Qeerroo Bilisummaa) Irraa Kenname December 29, 2015

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Odaa Oromoooromoprotests-tweet-and-share11#OromoProtests December 28, 2015 Akkoon mormii irra jiru The struggle continuesSay no to the master killer. Addis Ababa master plan is genocidal plan against Oromo people. Say no.#OromoProtests, Qabosoon itti fufa jedhu aayyoleen

Ibsa Sochii Dargaggoota Biyyoolessaa Bilisummaa fi Dimokiraasii (Qeerroo Bilisummaa) Irraa Kenname








Haala Yeroo Warraaqsaa Biyyoolessaa FDG Gaggeessa Jirru Ilaalchisuun Ibsa Gabaaba Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo fi Gamtaa Barattoota Oromoo Irra Uummata Oromoo Hundaaf  Kenname!!

Muddee 28,2015

Finfinnee Oromiyaa

Nuti dhaloonni haaraan fi qaroon Hawwaasaa keenyaa addunyaa qaroomtetti dhiyoo jirru jarraa 21ffaa keessa gabrummaaf jilbeeffannee hin jiraannu, Uummata keenya adeemsa qe’eerraa buqqisuu teenyee hin ilaallu, Biyyaa keenya biyya mirgi ilma namaa fi mirgi dimookiraasii keessatti dhiitamaa jiru tole jennee hin fudhannu . Sagantaa fi karooraa duguuginsa sanyii (Genocide) Maqaa Master Pilaanii Finfinnee fi labsii Magaalota Oromiyaa jedhuun as ba’ee mormuu fi gaaffii kabajamuu mirga abbaa biyyummaa, mirga dimookiraasii fi mirgi namummaa nuuf haa kabajamu jennee karaa nagaa dhiyeeffannee mormii waan jabeesinee fi dhimmichi dhugaa qabatamaa dhimma uummata Oromoo ta’uu uummatni Oromoo akka guutummaa Oromiyaatti gamtaan dhaabbatne falmachaa kan jirruuf Mootummaan Wayyaanee EPRDF/TPLF/deebii armaan gadii kana nuuf deebisaa jiraachuun seeraa fi heera ofiin tume illee cabsuun yakka dugugginsa sanyii uummata Oromoo irratti rawwate jira.

  1. Uummata karaa nagaa fi Dimookiraasii gaaffii mirgaa dhiyeeffachuun sagalee mormii dhageesisaa jiru irratti poolisii federaalaa,waraana agaazii, fi humna raayyaa ittisa biyyaa jedhamu bobbaasuun oromiyaa godinaalee cufa keessatti yakka ajjeechaa genocide’n wal madaalu fudhachuun hanga ammaa ilmaan Oromoo kan maqaan adda bahee beekamu 125 ol ta’an warreeguun,kumootaan kanneen lakka’aman madeessuun, kumoota dhibbootan kenneen lakka’aman immoo ukkamsee hidhuun mootummaa fashistii ta’uu isaan addunyaa biyyaa lafaa fi biyyoota dhiha warra mirga namaa fi dimokiraasii leellisan fulduratti ilaalcha keessa galee jira.
  2. Uummaata Oromoo karaa nagaa mirga isaa fi karooraa fi sagantaa master pilaanii Finfinnee fi Labsii Magaalota Oromiyaa hin fudhannu jedhee falmachaa jiru uummata Sivilii irratti waraana labsee uummata Oromoo irratti tarkaanfiin waraanaa fudhatamee namootni hedduun du’anii, hedduun madaa’uun hedduun immoo ukkanfamanii lafa buuteen isaanii kan dhabame ta’uun ifadha. Ibsa Qeerroo Bilisummaa Muddee 28 2015                                                                         ibsa-qeerroo-bilisummaa-muddee-28-2015

Oromia: FDG Eegale Tokkummaa Ilmaan Oromoon Jabaatee Mootummaa Abbaa Irreetti Xumura Ni Taasisa! November 29, 2015

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???????????Say no to the master killer. Addis Ababa master plan is genocidal plan against Oromo people. Say no.

FDG Eegale Tokkummaa Ilmaan Oromoon Jabaatee Mootummaa Abbaa Irreetti Xumura Ni Taasisa!








FDG Eegale Tokkummaa  Ilmaan Oromoon Jabaatee Mootummaa Abbaa Irreetti Xumura Ni Taasisa!

Ibsa Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo

Uummatni Oromoo waanjoo garbummaa jalatti kufe jedhee guyyaan itti tole jedhee bule hin jiru. Hin jiraatus. Qabsoo Bilisummaa Uummata Oromoo gaggeeffamaa asiin gahe keessatti uummatni Oromoo waanjoo garbummaa of irraa buusuuf qabsoo hadhaawaa gaggeessaa tureera. Addatti Jaarmayaan Qeerroo Bilisummaa bara 2011 akka Jaarmayaatti erga of labsee asitti FDG mootummaa Wayyaanee hundeen raasan gaggeessaa turee ammas itti jira. Keessumaa ammoo bara 2014 keessatti uummatni Oromoo tokkummaadhaan diina dura dhaabbatee ‘‘ Haqa Keenyaa fi Biyya Keenya Diinaaf!’’ jechuudhaan wareegama qaqqaalii kaffaleera. Kumaatamaan mana hidhaatti ukkaamsamanii jiru. Dhibbootaan ammoo irbaata rasaasaa tahuudhaan dargaggootni Oromoo abbaa biyyummaa uummata Oromoo mirkaneessuuf rasaasa dura dhaabatanii ammas itt jiru.

FDG amma Oromiyaa keessatti qabatee finiinaa jiru galmaan geessisuudhaaf gumaatni nama tokkee murteessaa dha. Kanaaf uummatni Oromoo FDG kanatti dabalamuudhaan mirga saba Oromoof falmuun saba keenya “Mootummaa Dhablee” tahee bara baraan itti roorrifamaa jiruu fi qabeenyi biyyaa irraa saamamaa jiru bilisa maasuuf jecha, hiree murteffannaa isaa akka mirkaneeffatuuf dirqamni olaanaan nurra jiraachuu hubachuu barbaachisa. Keessumaa ammoo FDG amma eegale galmaa geessisuudhaaf dirqamoota armaan gadi hojiitt hiikuuf jabaatnee hojjechuun dirqama.

  1. FDG amma eegale namuusa FDG tiksinee galmaan geessisuuf gumaata barbaachisu gumaachuu;
  2. Qajeelfamootaa fi ajaja mootummaa kan dantaa umamta keenyaa tuqu kamuu hojiitti hiikuu diduu fi dura dhaabbatuu;
  3. Tooftaawwan Qabsoo Fincilaa kan karaa caasaa fi bifa adda addaan baafaman hordofuun FDG dhaabbataa gaggeessuuf murannoon socho’uu;
  4. Bakkeewwan garaa garaatti dhaadannoowwan garaa garaa maxxansuu;
  5. Omisha mootummaan dantaa uummataa miidhuuf fayyadamutti dhimmi bahuu dhiisuu;
  6. Mirgi dimokraasii dhugaa fi sagaleen uummataa kabajamee hireen murteeffatnaa hanga argamutti haqaaf jecha wareegama karaa hundaan nu gaafatu baasuu.

Akkuma beekamu yeroo ammaa kana FDG Oromiyaa bakkeewwa garaa garaa addatti magaalaa Gincii, Amboo, Najjoo, Mandii, Gidaamii fi bakkeewwan birootti finiinuu eegaleera. FDG kun itti fufinsi isaa mirkaneeffamee uummatni Oromoo tokkummaadhaan FDG kanatti makamaa deemaa jira;  mootummaan Wayyaanee guyyaan itti hundeen buqqaatu dhiyaachun mirkana. Kana taasisuuf ammoo nuyi miseensotnii fi deeggartooni Qeerroo Bilisummaa dirqama olaanaa ofitti fudhatnee soho’uun nurraa eegama.

Oromia: Barattooti Oromoo Mooraa Yuuniversitii Wallaggaa Gaaffiileen Mirga Uummata Oromoo Kabajechiisu Bulchiinsa Mooraatti Dhiheessatan November 7, 2015

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Barattooti Oromoo Mooraa Yuuniversitii Wallaggaa Gaaffiileen Mirga Uummata Oromoo Kabajechiisu Bulchiinsa Mooraatti Dhiheessatan

Qeerroo JimmaaAkkuma beekamu barri itti dhalannee fi umurii irra jirru kun uummata keenyaaf biyya keenya Oromiyaadhaafis bara itti garbummaa fi roorroo alagaa jala jirru ta’uun ni beekama.
Garbummaa itti fufee fi fincila walirraa fuunee adeemsisaa jirruun hanga Bilisummaa,walabummaafi birmadummaatti kan itti fufu ta’uunis imaanaa goototaa fi jaalleewwan kaleessa kufaniiti. Haata’u malee diinni bara dhufee darbu dhiiga keenya dhangalaasu,nama keenya lubbuu baasu, qabeenyaa biyya keenyaa saamu kunoo qaanii tokko malee miseensa isin godhadha jedhee mooraa yuunibarsiitii wallaggaa keessa oliif gadi jooruun tokko shanee maqaa jedhuun afaan nufaajjessaa jira.
Akeeki mootummaa ash-kabeera kanaa uummati keenya biyya waloo akka hin ijaarranneef namoota ga’umsaa fi dandeettiillee hinqabne,eenyummaa isaanitti kan hin boonne,uummatichaaf kan hin quuqamne,firaafi alagaa uummata Oromootti hidhachuun bara bittaashee dheereffatuuf akka carraaqxu fi ittis jirtu beekamaa dha .Akkuma mooraa Yuunibarsiitii Wallaggaa keessa warri jirru arginutti namooti tokko shanee kanatti ijaaraman nama shan tiksaa,hojii basaastummaatti kan bobba’an yeroo ta’u, guyyaa jimaataa torbaniin gabaasaa wayyaanee fi jala deemtotasheef akka dhiyeessan beekamaadha.
Yeroo ammaa kana Yuunibarsiitiin Wallaggaa Yuunibarsiitota marsaa lammaaffaa keessaa sadarkaa tokkoffaa irra jira jechuun kan beekamaa jiruuf jijjiirama ajaa’ibaa fidee utuu hin taane,
1, Bara 2011 geggeessitooti mooraa barnootichaa ilma Oromoo rasaasaan ajjeesanii
2, Baruma 2011 barataa Tolaa damee barnoota afaan ingiliffaa waggaa sadaffaarraa dabarsanii kennuun qaallitti maqaa ABO tiin hisisanii barnootasaarraa hanga har’aatti ari’uun
3, Bara 2013 keessa maqaa hidha abbayyaa jedhuun nyaati barataa,bajatii yuunibarsiitichaa citee barataan ji’a tokko hanqisee barnoota addaan kutee gara maatiitti yeroo galu kunis bajatatu nu hanqate jedhanii yeroo ta’u, wayita baasiif galiin waggichaa hojjetamu kaasanaa mootummaatti miliyoona dhibba tokkoof soddomii afur deebisuun
4,Bara 2014 mormii maasterpilaanii finfinnee tiin wal qabatee yuunibarsiitiin Oromiyaa keessaa poolisa federaalaa mooraa seensisuu ifaan yoo eyyamuu didan  Pr Fiqaaduu Bayyanee Alaqaa  dhalootaan Habshaa waan ta’eef looggii taasisuun  uummatichallee gandaan walitti buusaa jiraatu,gara laafina tokko malee humna waraanaa itti ajajuun barattoota caccabsiise,kanis lubbuu galaafachiisun
Gameeyyii fi barattooti qaroon kan barnootarraa ari’aman,kan biyyaa bahan,kaanis dararaa maa’ikelaawwi,jaatoo Naqamtee, waajjira tikaa Naqamtee,fudhachiisuun  Bara 2015 keessa barattoota Oromoo irratti filmaata sobaa adeemsisamu irratti sodaa qabaniif jecha boombii dhukaasuun barattooti Oromoo shan garmalee gaaga’aman moorichi tika barbaachisu gochuufi utuu irraa eegamuu barattoota kan doorsisa garagaraa irratti geggeessuun qaama isaanii miidhameef beenyaa kaffalafiin haahafuutii wayita Hospitaala ciisanitti illee waan nyaataniif qaami isaan deeggaru waan hin jirreef barattooti Oromoo qofti kan itti waliif dhaabnachaa turan dhaabata hojii barnoota dalagurra hojii mana hidhaa diinaa dalagu ta’uun 5 hanga har’aatti gumii aadaafi dagaagina afaan Oromoo cufuun bakkasaa habashootaaf immoo “aarti club” maqaa jedhuun habashoota gurmeessuun amanammummaa Wayyaaneerraa argateen malee sadarkaa qulqullina barnootaa jedhamuun utuu hin taane tika barattoota Oromoo irratti raawwateen ta’uun ifaadha.
Geggeessitooti mooraa Yuunivarsiitii Wallaggaa akka adurree aannan bartee afaan mi’eeffatan, miseensummaa OPDO/TPLF Tigiraayitti makuuf afaan nufaajjessan akka hatattamaan nurraa dhaaban,guddina siyaasaatiin nuburjaajessurra guddina qabatamaa,barnoota qulqullina qabu akka nuuf laatan Moorichi mooraa siyaasarraa walaba ta’ee barnooti itti qixaan nuuf kennamu akka ta’u hubachiifna .

Dhumarrattis gocha qaanessaa fi salphina ta’e kanatti nama ijaarurraa fi warra didan warri tikasan gaafatama seenaa jalaa akka ofbaasan waamicha isaaniif goona

Ibsa Bara Haaraa Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo Irraa Kenname. #Oromo January 1, 2015

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qeerroo2Amajjii 1, 2015

Uummata Oromoo hundi baga nagana bara haraawaa  Amajjiin 1, 2015 fi guyyaa WBOn isin gahe.  Barri 2015 Sabni Oromoo bara cunqursaan jaarraa olii keessaa hiikamee Oromiyaa keessa nagaa, tasgabbii fi jaalanaan abbumaan jiraatu akka nuu ta’u hawwii fi dhugoomsa kaayyoo kanaaf ciccoominaan qabsaawuu qabnuu isinii dabarsina.

Bara 2014 darbe keessatti uumati Oromoo baadiyyaa irraa hamma magaalaatti dararaa sirna bulchiinsa EPRDF Wayyaanee jalatti argaa bahe dha. Qabeenya saamamuu irra darbee hidhaa,ajjeechaa fi biyyaa arihamuu dhittaa mirga namaa haalaan hammaataa keessa darbe. Haalli gabrummaa dhufaa darbaa daran hammaachuu irraan dargaggooti Oromoo(Qeerroon) cunqursaa kana darbaa baadhachuun nu gahe jechuun fincila diddaa gabrummaaf (FDG)Oromiyaa guutuu keessatti qabsiisuun mirga uumata keenyaa yeroo falmataa turre dha. Haala kanaan gaaga’ami lubbuu dhabamuu fi hidhaan uumata Oromoo addattis dargaggoota Oromoo irraan gahe kan yeroo kamuu caalaa hammaataa ture. Falmii mirga Oromoo fi dhumaatii uumata Oromoo irraanis lammiileen Oromoo biyyoota ambaa jiraatan tokkummaan dhaabbatanii mirga sabaa falmuu irratti eenyummaa fi jalaala biyyaaf qaban muldhisanii jiru. Haalli tokkummaa Oromoo waliigala bara 2014 keessatti muldhate jabinaan itti fufuun waggaan itti deemnu 2015 keessa kan kaayyoo saba Oromoo injifatnoon golboobu akka ta’u hogganni Qeerroo bilisummaa Oromoo gadi jabeessee dhaammata.

  1. Guyyaa seena qabeessa guyyaa WBO Amajjii tokko bara 2015 sababeeffachuun  hojii qindeesitooti Qeerroo bilisummaa Oromoo  Oromiyaa bakka maraa walitti dhufuun walitti dhufuun haala qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo  sochii warraaqsa FDG Qeerroo bilisummaa Oromoon durfamuu, haala Siyaasaa Impaayerri Itoophiyaa  keessatti kuftee jirtuu, gochaa hammeenya  mootummaan abba irree Wayyaaneen EPRDF itti fufinsaan uummata Oromoo irratti gaggeessa jiruu, olola maqaa filannoo dimookiraasii sobaan oofaa jiru, haalaa Master planii Finfinnee  fi waligalatti haala uummatni Oromoo fi lammiileen cunqurfamoo biyyatti keessa jiran irratti hundaa’uun marii bal’aa gaggeessuun uummata Oromoo hundaa fi lammiilee cunqurfamoo biyyattii hundaaf ibsa gabaaba armaan gadii dabarsee jira!!
  2. Amajjiin tokko guyyaa WBO, guyyaa warannii Oromoo mirga uummata Oromoo kabachiisuuf bara baraan wareegama qaalii kanfaluun Oromiyaan har’a arginu kunii fiuummatni Oromoo har’a jiraatnu kun akka jiraannu waraana uummata Oromoo irraa ijaaramee fiuummatichi bilisummaa isaa fi birmadummaan isaa kabajamee fi mirgi abbaa biyyummaa isaaeegamee fi Oromoon qabeenyaa isaa fi uummata isaa fi biyya isaa irratti aangoo siyaasaa qabateeakka ofiin of bulchuuf waraana wareegama qaalii fi bu’aa ba’ii qabsoo keessa darbuun as ga’eewaan ta’eef nuti Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo WBOf kabajaa fi jaalala guddaa qabna.Uummatni Oromoo hundi waraana kana akka qaroo ija isaatti akka ilaallatuu fi tumsa gamahundaan godhamuun akka cina dhaabbatu waamicha dabarsina. Amajjiin tokko guyyaan WBObarri 2015 guttummaa Oromiyaa fi biyyoota Oromoon jiru hundatti sirnaan akka kabajamuudhaamsa dabarsaa, addatti Qeerroon bilisummaa Oromoo guyyaa kana bifa adda ta’een lafacaasaan Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo jiru hundatti kabajuuf qophii dursaa xummuruu keenya nihubachiifna.
  3. Mootummaan abbaa irree EPRDF gochaa hammeenyaa uumata Oromoo Oromiyaa irraa kaasuu fiballeessuu imaamata godhatee jiruu fi olola dharaa uumata Oromoo irratti gaggeessa jiruufseeratti dhiyaachuu qaba. Dhiitaa mirga dhala namaa fi ukkamsaa mirga dimookiraasiimootummaan abbaa irree gaggeessa jiruuf mootummootni gamtooman, dhaabbileen mirga dhalanamummaa addunyaa, fi uummatni Oromoo gama hundaan mootumman yakkamaanWayyaanee himatamee mana murtii idil addunyaa ICC ‘tti dhiyaachuun yakka duguginsa sanyiigaggeessa jiruuf akka itti gaafatamu jabeessinee gaafatna!! Kana irratti irra guddaan hayyoonniOromoo alaa fi biyya keessa jirtan tokkummaan irratti akka qabsooftan abdii isin irratti gatna.
  4. Biyyaa fi dachii Itiyopiyaa dimookiraasiin hin jirretti maqaa Filannoo jedhuun mootummaan Wayyaanee olola deemsisaa jiru ni balaaleffanna. Filatnoon dharaa baroota 23 deemaa jiru umriiWayyaanee dheeressuuf kan deemu malee diimokiraasii dhugaa kan muldhisu akka hin taanebeekama. Kanaafuu filmaati ammaa kunis lammiilee cunqurfamoo biyyattii fi uummata Oromoohunda kan hin ilaallannee ta’uu hubachiisuun uummatni Oromoo cufti dimookiraasii dhugaa, kanmirgi ilma namaa fi mirgootni dimookiraasii keessatti kabajamanii fi bilisummaan uummataOromoo kan itti mirkanaa’uu fiduuf Warraaqsi FDG haalaan jabaatee kan itti fufuu ta’uu nihubachiifna!!
  5. Dhaabbileen mormitoota biyyatti maqaa uummata Oromoon ijaaramtanii diraama dimookiraasiikijibaa Wayyaanee keessatti hiriirtanii jirtan, maqaaf malee mirga kan hin qabne, miseensabilisaan ijaarrachuu kan hin dandeenye, uummata Oromoo bilisaan ijaaruu fi sochoosuu haalaahin dandeenyee fi bakka barbaadanitt wajjiraalee banachuun socho’uu kan hin dandeenyee ,taatanii utuu jirtanii, Dimookiraasiin jira filmaatatti seenee Wayyaanee waliin morkii goonajechuun sochii bu’aa hin qabnee fi jijjirama fiduu hin dandeenye keessatti waan argamtaniifyeroon gara sochii Warraaqsa FDG ‘tti makamuun akka mirga Oromoo dhugaaf falmitanwaamicha lammummaa isinii dabarsina.
  6. Goototni Qeerroon (dargaggootni Oromoo) bara darbee jalqaba baatii Ebla 2014 irraa eegaluungaaffii mirga abbaa biyyummaa fi dimookiraasii karaa nagaa bifa qindaa’een mootummaa abbaairree Wayyaanee gaafachuun FDG irratti kaasuun sagaleen uummata Oromoo hanga sadarkaa idil-addunyaatti dhaga’amuu danda’ee jira, gaaffii karaa nagaa fi dimookiraasii dhiyeeffanneefdeebii ajjeechaa fi hidhaa Oromoo irratti raawwachuu EPRDF/TPLF fudhateen ija mootummataaddunyaa duratti yakkamaa ta’uun isaa hubatamee jira. Sochiin FDG bifa garaagaraan jabaachuunhanga guyyaa har’atti itti fufinsaa fi qindoomina haala qabuun jabaatee itti fufaa jira. UummatniOromoo bakka jirtan hundaa warraqsa kana cina akka dhaabbattan waamichaa keenya dabarsina!!
  7. Hogganni Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo yeroo kamiinuu olitti qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo galiiisaan ga’uuf sochii warraqsa FDG qindeessuu, uummata Oromoo sadarkaa garaagara keessa jiruuijaaruun jabeessuu, garaagarummaan ilaalchaan akka wal hin qoodnee fi tokkummaa UummataOromoo jabeessuun ,mootummaa abbaa irree Wayyaaneetti xummura gochuuf kutannoo fimurannoodhaan qabsoo warraqsaa biyyooleessaa (national revolution) gaggeessuuf qophii ta’uuni hubachiifna.
  8. Walii galatti Oromiyaa irratti Oromoon ofiin of bulchuuf furmaatni guddaan jiru FDG jabeessuufi Uummani Oromoo bakka hundatti gaaffii mirga hiree murteeffannaa jabeessuun sagaleetokkoon harka wal qabatnee yeroon gamtaan warraaqa biyyalessaa FDG keessatti hiriiruuntokkummaan qabsoofnu amma jechuun uummata Oromoo waliigalaaf dhaamsa dabarfatna.

Gadaan Gadaa Bilisummaati!

Injifannoon Uumata Oromoof!

Bara Milkii

Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo

Amajjii 1,2015 Oromiyaa