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Time: How the Murder of an Ethiopian Singer Triggered an Uprising Against a Disintegrating Democracy July 25, 2020

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Time: How the Murder of an Ethiopian Singer Triggered an Uprising Against a Disintegrating Democracy

Members of the Oromo community march in protest after the death of musician and revolutionary Hachalu Hundessa on July 8, 2020 in St. Paul, Minnesota.Members of the Oromo community march in protest after the death of musician and revolutionary Hachalu Hundessa on July 8, 2020 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Photo by Brandon Bell—Getty ImagesIDEASBY RIBKA AYANA JULY 24, 2020

Ribka is co-chair of the Oromo Advocacy Alliance, which advocates for peace, justice, inclusive governance and the economic well-being of the Oromo and other peoples of Ethiopia

The June 29 murder of Haacaaluu Hundeessaa, singer and activist, has triggered a popular uprising in Ethiopia. TIME columnist Ian Bremmer described the protests in a recent piece; since he wrote it the death toll has risen to at least 289, with over 7,000 detained. Internet services were shut down within hours of the assassination, and were only restored after four weeks.

But it’s important to understand what is taking place from the point of view of the grassroots in Ethiopia. That this single event would cause such a country-wide uproar has many asking, who was Haacaaluu? What are his songs about? Why did his death evoke such an outpouring of anguish, pain, and rage?

Haacaaluu, 34, was a bold performer and artist considered a cultural treasure, particularly by the Oromo people, the country’s largest nationality, cultural and linguistic group with a population of around 40 million.

His killing has touched every young person among the Oromo and many more who had access to a radio or a playlist. Haacaaluu’s songs breathed life into an ancient art form with great skill, making his music accessible across generations as well as nationalities.

Most notably his messages propelled the politically active grassroots youth movement often referred to as Qeerroo (meaning young unmarried person) in ways that the world beyond Ethiopia is just beginning to understand.

They played the leading role in creating the political opening that brought the current Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, into his position. Haacaaluu’s musical messages deeply resonated with the historically marginalized who regard him as the embodiment of standing proud in their own identities.

Haacaaluu’s music provided the soundtrack for youth protests that erupted in 2014 against the expansion of Addis Ababa into Oromo territory. At the heart of these grassroots protests was the question of rights in the face of past and current land grabs that left Oromos dispossessed and strangers on their own lands. With his words playing in their ears, they persisted against brutal crackdowns to turn out en masse in the streets. This movement brought down the repressive regime of Hailemariam Desalegn, demanding fundamental freedoms and justice.

Haacaaluu’s songs highlighted deeper historical injustices and resonated deeply with those whose lands were confiscated to create Ethiopia and its capital city in the late 19th century. He spoke to their dream of building a decentralized Ethiopia that reflects the rich diversity of its many peoples. However, this desire creates alarm and fear among Ethiopians who support the kind of assimilation that created the country. From the view of the dispossessed, Haacaaluu’s assassins crushed their hopes. His death evokes anguish and rage because it symbolizes an assault on their identities, their human dignity and their deepest aspirations.

The idea that the Ethiopia is divided into ethnically-based territories by its constitutions is the issue most misunderstood in the West. It is only one one side of a major debate in Ethiopian politics today.

The constitution drawn up in 1995 starts: “We the nations, nationalities, and peoples of Ethiopia….” capturing the commitment of the country’s diverse peoples to build and live together in a multinational federation in Ethiopia that reflects the identities of all its peoples. Prior to this, the majority of the country’s population lived under governments that pursued assimilationist policies which suppressed cultural expression and diversity.

Creating constitutionally-protected multinational states was the first sign of a historic transition from autocracy to democracy. The grassroots in Ethiopia treasure the constitution and they are determined to protect it.

Surprisingly, the vision that Abiy offers now stands in contradiction to the will of the majority that brought him to power. His vision of a single national identity purports to “transcend” ethnic divisions. On the contrary, for the grassroots movements, it is a return to the assimilationist politics of the past. This vision has been tried time and again by Ethiopia’s emperors and by the Dergue military regime, which was in power from 1974 to 1987, but it has failed utterly.

The constitution enshrined multinational federation as a democratic response to the age-old question of nationality or cultural identity in Ethiopia. What is cloaked as “unity” in Abiy’s vision erases and persecutes ethnic identity and associated rights. As such it is seen by the grassroots youth movement as anti-democratic. Haacaaluu, inspiring the youth, championed a view which Abiy has turned against.

The grassroots movement has resumed because Abiy Ahmed has resorted to a politics that is deeply troubling, opening old wounds of conquest and historical trauma and indefinitely postponing elections. Further, he has jailed opposition leaders Bekele Gerba and Jawar Mohammed on false accusations of inciting violence — ironic because they have championed peaceful protests and civil disobedience since 2014. This on top of the closure of the country’s only independent Oromo news outlet, the imprisonment of journalists and the killing of protesters shows that Ethiopia’s democratic transition is in peril.

Until this renewed crackdown on opposition the movement had been remarkably peaceful. Yet as JFK said, “those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” The current situation where the people are subdued by brute force is not sustainable. As Africa’s second most populous nation and an important regional political broker, the root causes of Ethiopia’s current crisis must be politically addressed and resolved to achieve stability in the region.

The international community can make a great contribution by taking steps to promote a democratic process, encouraging Abiy to return to the promises made at the outset of the transition, reinstating freedoms of speech and assembly, democracy and access to opportunity. Abiy cannot presume to pursue democracy with the opposition in custody. In addition to urging the release of prominent opposition leaders, journalists and protesters, global institutions must support a genuine political dialogue with input from all parties and stakeholders, including youth, to develop a roadmap to participatory democracy by way of free and fair elections.

Even though he is gone, Haacaaluu’s call for people to come together and build an Ethiopia that reflects all of its peoples still resonates.

Foreign Affairs: Gongresswoman McCollum Stands Up For Human Rights In Remarks to Minnesota’s Oromo Community. #OromoProtests April 19, 2016

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Odaa Oromoo#OromoProtests against the Ethiopian regime fascist tyranny. Join the peaceful movement for justice, democracy, development and freedom of Oromo and other oppressed people in EthiopiaNo To Fascist TPLF Ethiopia's genocidal militarism and mass killings in Oromia, Ethiopia

McCollum Stands Up For Human Rights In Remarks to Minnesota’s Oromo Community

Apr 19, 2016 Issues: Foreign Affairs

Congresswoman McCollum addresses the Minnesota Oromo community.
McCollum Stands Up For Human Rights In Remarks to Minnesota Oromo Community

WASHINGTON — This morning, Congresswoman Betty McCollum addressed a large delegation of the Minnesota Oromo community visiting Washington today to attend a briefing held by the United States House of Representative’s Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission. In her address, Congresswoman McCollum reiterated her concern about human rights abuses against the Oromo people in Ethiopia.

Congresswoman McCollum delivered the following remarks:

Greetings and welcome to Washington! Thank you for being here today in the U.S. House to add your voices to the cause of human rights in Ethiopia.

The Lantos Human Rights Commission briefing today is an important step to informing and educating Congress about the unacceptable treatment of Oromos in Ethiopia. The current situation in Ethiopia must not be allowed to continue. The Oromo people are suffering and I share your concern. Peaceful protesters are being imprisoned, they are being tortured, they are being killed.

The Ethiopian Government must be held accountable and it will take pressure from Congress and the Obama Administration to end the repression of the people of Oromia. Later this week I will be meeting with Ethiopia’s ambassador to the U.S. and the message that I will deliver is – stop the detentions, stop the repression, stop the killing – and respect human rights!

Ethiopia benefits greatly from its relationship with the United States. The American people provide hundreds of millions of dollars of food aid, health care funding, and agriculture assistance to Ethiopia. We must demand in return that human rights be respected. We must demand human rights for the Oromo people!

Friends, I am proud to represent so many Oromo Americans who live my district in Minnesota. Thank you for sharing your strong voices! Thank you for fighting for human rights!


Oromia: Waamicha Hatattamaa Hawaasa Oromoo Biyya Alaa fi Oromiyaa Keessa Jiraataniif February 28, 2016

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Odaa OromooNo To Fascist TPLF Ethiopia's genocidal militarism and mass killings in Oromia, Ethiopia

Ka'i Qeerro

Waamicha Hatattamaa Hawaasa Oromoo Biyya Alaa fi Oromiyaa Keessa Jiraataniif


Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo Irraa


YEROO AMMAA KANA WAYYAANEE TPLF UUMMATA OROMOO IRRATTI  WARAANA BANEE JIRA,KANAAF:- Waanjoo Gabrummaa Waggaa 130 ol Uummanni Oromoo baate haalaan uulfaataa ta’aa dhufuu irraa yeroo ammaa kanatti cunqursaa hadhaawaa if-irraa darbuuf sabni Oromoo alaa keessaa wal gurmeessuun mootummaa abbaa irree Wayyaanee dura dhaabbachuun mirga abbaa biyyummaa fi eenyummaa falmachaa jira.

Qabsoo hadhaawaa uummanni Oromoo gochaa jiru keessatti wareegami gama hundaan uummata keenya irra gahaa jiru haalaan ulfaataa ta’u iyyuu falmaan osoo hin dhaabbatiin cunqursaafis osoo hin jilbeeffatiin qabsoon galama isaa gahuuf haalaan daran finiinaa jira.

Qabsoo Fincila Xumura Gabrummaa(FXG) guutuu Oromiyaa keessatti finiinaa jira kana dura dhaabbachuu fi uummata Oromoo lafa irraa duguuguuf Wayyaanee TPLF qajeelfama baaseen waraana isaa aayinaan gara Oromiyaatti galchuun baadiyyaa irraa hamma magaalaatti Oromoo mirgaaf falmus ta’e Oromummaa isaan if beeksisu haxaawuuf ykn sanyii balleessummaaf daran if qopheessaa jira. Haalli itti deemnu daran ulfaataa tahuu hubatnoo keessa galchuun uummanni Oromoo alaa keessaan mirgaa fi eenyummaa keessan kan durii irra daran jabeessuu waan qabdaniif Qeerroon Bilisummaa Waamicha Hatattamaa Qaamota Hawaasaa Oromoo maraaf Taasisa:-

  1. Uummanni Oromoo fi matootiin hawaasa Oromoo biyya alaa jiraattan,har’aa booru osoo hin jedhiin duula sanyii duguuggaa mootummaan Wayyaanee TPLF uummata Oromoo irratti karoorfate itti jiru dura dhaabbachuun saba keessanii fi biyya keessan Oromiyaa baraaruuf jecha daddaffiin hiriira kan ammaan duraa irra daran dacha dachaan biyya alaa adda addaatti yaamuun mootummootaa fi qaamota mirga namoomaa aduunyaa mara sagalee fi iyyannaa saba Oromoo akka dhageessiftan imaanaa dhaammanna.
  2. Ummanni Oromoo Oromiyaa keessa jirtan gootummaa abbootii keenyaa dur deebftanii yeroo ammaa kanatti cunqursaa dura dhaabbataa jirtu,haalli kun wareegama guddaa isin gaafatu iyyuu gabroomfataatti xumura itti gochuuf tarkaanfii keessan daran jabeessuun barbaachisaa dha,murannoon keenya doorsisaa fi meeshaa lolaa diinni kuufateen duubatti hin deebi’u waan ta’eef gootummaa abbootii durii daran jabeessuun gabroomfataa fi cunqursaatti xumura gochuun barbaachisaa dha.
  3. Caasaan Qeerroo Bilisummaa gandaa hamma onaatti,onaa hamma godinaatti akkasumas guutuu Oromiyaa irraa sosso’aa jirtan bakka jirtanitti naamusaa fi sansakkaa qabsoo karaa nagaa gaggeessuu keessan jabeessuun,bakka jirtanitti uummati keenyaa fi barattooti Oromoo qalamaa fi dabtaraan uummati keenyas saboota kami fi uummatoota kamitti osoo hin bu’iin,qabeenya nama kami iyyuu osoo hin tuqiin nagaan mirga isaa akka falmtu muuxannoo ammaan dura jiru daran jabeessitanii akka cicoominaan mirga walabummaa fi dimokraasii sabootaaf qabsooftan waamicha goona.


Oromo mothers are in danger : Fascist Ethiopia’s regime military forces killed a 7-month pregnant and mother of six kids February 28, 2016

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Oromo under attack, fascist Ethiopian regime military  forces  killed a 7-month pregnant and a mother six


‪#‎Oromoprotests‬ this mother is a 7 month pregnant and has 6 kids, lives in the West Arsi zone ofthe ‪#‎Oromia‬ state in ‪#‎Ethiopia‬. When the Tigreans led security forces came to her home searching for her husband, she came out of her home and falled, kneeled down to his legs and begged him, not to kill her and her kids. Other militias went to her home to search for her husband and couldn’t find him. She kept begging them in ‪#‎AfaanOromoo‬ and ‪#‎Sidama‬languages, as she doesn’t speak Amharic. The militias don’t speak either of these languages. Finally, they have mercilessly killed her firing five bullets to her. It is a very painfully to see such a tragedy, and her kids are now orphans. That’s how ‪#‎democracy‬ is being built in #Ethiopia by‪#‎TpLF‬.

በጣም ሰቅጣጭ አሳዣኝ ሁላችንም እናት አለን ገዳይቹም እናት አላቸው የዚህ አይነት የሰይጣን ቁራጭ የሆነ ክፉ ምግባር መፈፀም ምን ሆነው ነው ያስብላል በእርግጥ የየሰው ልጅ የሰውን ልጅ ለዛውም የደረሰች ነብሰ ጡር በዚህ መልኩ መግደል ኢትዮጵያዊያን ምን ሆነው ነው ያስብላል ይሄን አይቶና ተመልክቶ ዝም ማለት ከህሊና ዳኝነን ማን ያመልጣል ይሄን አይቶ ዝም ያለ ስውና የሀይማኖት አባት ምን ልበለው መልሱን ለእናንተው አዲስ አበባ ሆይ ሰምተሀል !!!

ያለእናት የተፈጠረና ሜስት የማይኖረው ነገ ልጅ ሊኖረው የማይፈልግ የለም የዚህ አይነት ውንብድና ግን አይቼም ሰምቼም አላቅ ያማል



ያለእናት የተፈጠረና ሜስት የማይኖረው የየለም የዚህ አይነት ውንብድና ግን አይቼም ሰምቼም አላቅ ያማል
Genocide by AGAZI NAZI Tigray Army on oromo peaceful protesters.

#OromoProtests #Ethiopia

Ethiopian security force killed a 7-month pregnant

Oromia: Humnaa fi Kijibni Furmaata Rakkoo Siyaasaa hin Tahu February 27, 2016

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Odaa Oromoosbo



SBO (Guraandhala 27 bara 2016):Haalli Oromiyaa yeroo ammaa, duula jaarraa 19ffaa ummata Oromoo fi Oromiyaa irratti gaggeessameen wal fakkaata. Duulli jaarraa 19ffaa, ummata Oromoo waan hunda dhabsiise. Akeekaa fi kaayyoon humnaan jaarraa 19ffaa keessa raggaafame ummata Oromoo biyyaa fi qabeenya dhabsiise. Of lagatuun eenyummaa alagaa akka maxxanfatuuf dirqee, Oromummaa daandii dhabamaa qabsiise. Aadaa isaa boonsaa fi sirna bulchiinsaa dimokraatawaa dhabamsiisee sirna cunqursaa fi saaminsaa bakka buuse. Duulli jaarraa 21ffaa kana keessatti ummata Oromoo irratti Wayyaaneen gaggeeffamaa jirus kana irraa addummaa hin qabu.  Mootummaan Wayyaanees ummata Oromoo jilbeenfachiisuun ol aantummaa ofii irratti dagaagsuun, qabeenya isaa saamuu fi booji’uun abbummaa irratti qabaatee saamaa jiraatuun akeeka isaa ti.

Sirni gabrummaa ummatni Oromoo Jaarraa 19ffaa irraa eegalee keessa jiraatuuf dirqame bifa isaa jijjiirrataa hanga ammaatti itti fufus, Ummatni Oromoo gabrummaa jalaa of baasuuf qabsoo adeemsiisaa tureen dhabama irraa kan of baraare tahullee, alagaa of irraa qaarsisuun mirga isaa hin gonfatne. Hanga ammaatti alagaatu ummata Oromoo fi Oromiyaa irratti ajaja. Qabeenya ummata Oromoo irratti alagaatu abbaadha.  Kanneen isa bulchan ofiif filatuuf mirga hin arganne. Kan bittootni muudaniif jalatti bula.

Kana kan ummata Oromoo baadiyyaa maayyii irraa hanga magaalota gurguddootti gaaffii tokkicha qabatuun akka fincilu taasise. Gaaffiin qabatee ka’ees, gaaffii mirgaa, gaaffii dimokraasii, gaaffii ofiin of bulchuu ti. Gaaffilee ummatni Oromoo yeroo ammaa kaasaa jiru irraa, haalli Oromiyaa keessatti  mul’ataa jiru hundeen sirna gabrummaa raasamuu fi kan itti fufuu hin dandeenye tahuu hubachiisa. Bittootnis qabrii irraa of hambsiuuf diddaa ummataa kana ukkaamsuuf tarkaanfii faashistummaa fudhataa jiran. Tarkaanfii bittootaa kanaanis Oromiyaa fi ummatni Oromoo jeeqamaa jiran. Ji’oottan sadan dabraniif humni addaa fi amanamaa sirnichaa, Agaazii, gandeen Oromiyaa hunda keessatti bobbaafamee lammiilee Oromoo ajjeesuu, hidhuu fi ummata hiraarsuu irratti argama. Tarkaanfii gara jabinaa humna Wayyaaneen fudhatamaa jiru kanaanis, lammiileen Oromoo xiqqaa hanga guddaatti, dhalattootni Oromoo hawaasa keessatti mul’atoo fi beekamoo ganda mara keessatti ajjeefamaa jiran.

Bittootni tarkaanfii suukanneessaa kanaan ummata Oromoo jiilchuun qabsoo bilisummaa irraa fageessuu, akkasumas Ummata Oromoo Bahaa fi Dhihatti qooduun garaagarummaa uumuudhaan qabsoo itti jiru akka dhaabu gochuuf  guddoo hojjatan.  Kana malees tarkaanfii suukanneessaa ummata Oromoo irratti fudhataniin ummatootni cunqorfamoo biroo gaaffii fakkaataa qabanii  fi sirna mootummaa Wayyaanee bututee jiru morman, “Nutis gaaffii mirgaa yoo gaafanne hiree fakkaataatu nu mudata” jedhanii sodaatuun adabatanii akka taa’aniif tarkaanfii bineensummaa fudhatan. Kun garuu yaada hokkolaa fi fudhatama hin qabne tahuu irraa  lagatamee Fincilli Xumura Gabrummaa (FXG) itti fufe.  Ummatoota kan fincilsiisu roorroo dha. Jiraatuu fi duuti garaa garummaa dhabuu irraa mirgaa fi kabajaa ofiif qabsaawaa dabruu akka filatan taasisa. Murtiin ummata Oromoos kanuma.

Ummatni Oromoo qabsoo bilisummaa wayta eegale qabsoo isaatiin mirga isaa dhuunfatuuf  malee bittoota  cunqursaa fi saaminsa galii godhatan gaaffii isaaf deebii ni kennu jedhuun, akkasumas ofiin alatti humna biraa abdatuu irraa miti.  Kana irraa ti, har’a qe’ee Oromoo keessatti kan ajjechaan babal’ate. Hidhaa fi roorroon kan hammaateef.

Mootummaan Wayyaanee har’as furmaatni rakkoo afaan qawwee keessaa argama jechuun tarkaanfiin fudhataa jiru kanneen isa waliin hiriiran illee isa dhabsiisaa akka jiru tarkaanfii lammiileen Oromoo fudhataa jiran ragaa taha. Hidhattootni gandaa, poolisootnii fi bulchitootni sadarkaa adda addaa tarkaanfii Wayyaaneen ummata keenya irratti fudhataa jiru sirrii miti jechuun sirna saaminsaa fi cunqursaa Wayyaaneetti gara galaa jiran. Kana irraa kan rifate mootummaan Wayyaanee karaa ministera beeksisaa ibsa Guraandhala 26, 2016 gazexeessotaaf kenneen Fincila Xumura Gabrummaa ummatni Oromoo itti jiruuf yakka hin jirree fi hin fakkaatneen isaa yakkuuf osoo yaaluu dhagahamee jira.

Sadarkaa duraatti, hogganootni sirnichaa, “ Jaallattanis jibbitanis” jechuun doorsisanii gaaffii ummata Oromoo dhaamsuuf abbalan. Wayta kun fashaletti “gaaffiin ummata Oromoo gaaffii haqaa ti! Bulchiinsi

Gaarii dhabamuu irraa madde” kan jeddhuun, gaaffii isaa kan deebisan fakkaatanii dhihaatan. Ummatni Oromoo waadaa kijibaa tahuu hubatuun mormii eegale itti fufuu irraa ,” kanneen fincilan farra misoomaa ti, sheexanootaa fi  kashlabbootaa ” jechuun ummata doorsisuu fi arrabsuutti tarkaanfatan. Kanaanis ummatni Oromoo kan hin dhaabbanne tahuu wayta hubatanitti ammoo yakka kijibaa “Ergamtoota Shaabiyaa ti” jedhu qabatanii gadi bahan.

Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo yakkuu fi qabsoo ummatootaa Shaabiyaan wal qabsiisuun haaraa miti. “Kan bishaan nyaate, hoomacha qaqqabata” akkuma jedhamu tahee sababa itti barbaadan  malee gaaffiin ummatni Oromoo kaasee gaaffii haqaa, gaaffii dimokraasii fi kan mirgaa ti. Kaleessas ni ture. Hanga deebii quubsaa  argatuttis itti fufa. Ummatni Oromoo mirga isaaf kan falmatu ajaja ykn qajeelfama alagaa irraa argatuun akka hin taane ammoo Wayyaaneen olitti kan beeku hin jiru.

Mootummaan Wayyaanee, mormii ummatni Oromoo karaa nagaa itti jiru dhaamsuuf humnatti gargaaramuu  ykn sababa biraa itti barbaaduun,  rakkoo siyaasaa biyyattii hin furu. Hadhaa’u illee haqa jiru beekanii fudhatuudhaan furmaata waaraaf sosso’uutu irra qajeelaa tahuu ABOn har’as irra deebi’ee hubachiisa. Ummata gabrummaan haa gahu! jedhee murannoon ka’e qawween boodatti hin deebisu. Ummata bilisummaan wareegama malee akka hin argamne hubatee bilisummaa isaaf wareega fedhe baasuuf murteeffate heddumminni ajjeechaa manatti isa hin dachaasu.

Kanaaf karaan tokkichi jiru gaaffii ummataa dhaggeeffatuu danda’uu dha. Gaaffii ummatni karaa nagaa dhiheesseef karaa nagaa deebii itti kennuun tarkaanfii baranee fi qaroomaa ti.  Kanaan alatti “Humnaan waanan dhufeef humnaanan bitaa jiraa dha!” jedhanii tarkaanfii humnaa fudhatuu itti fufuun, karaa badii qabriitti geessu tahuu hubatuun gamnummaa dha.