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Oromo: Cities in Minnesota ( Minneapolis, St. Paul & Brooklyn Park) have proclaimed “Oromo Week” August 3, 2017

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To acknowledge the growing importance of the Oromo people in the three cities,  the  mayors have officially declared July 29 – August 5, 2017 “Oromo Week”.

Here is the proclamation from Brooklyn Park


Oromo: From Cab Driver to CEO: An Immigrant’s Drive for School Bus Success July 10, 2017

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From Cab Driver to CEO: An Ethiopian Immigrant’s Drive for School Bus Success

By Nancy Kirk,  School Bus Fleet, 26 June 2017

The transition from Ethiopian culture to that of the U.S. may have been drastic, but for Metropolitan Transportation Network (MTN) Inc. President and CEO Tashitaa Tufaa, an Ethiopian of the Oromo ethnic group who immigrated here in 1992, adjusting to baseball-consumed television and the occasional unrelenting Minnesota snowstorm was a small price to pay for a life of security.

“Let me put it this way: Whatever I did not have back in Ethiopia, I have it now through my freedom,” Tufaa says. “If you are free, then your mind is free, and you can use your talent wherever you want to go.”

While Tufaa’s talent eventually brought him to own and operate MTN —  a school bus company based in Fridley, Minnesota, that provides student transportation for dozens of local public, private, and charter schools and owns more than 300 vehicles — the road to success was windy and unpaved. Although he majored in political science and diplomacy, he couldn’t legally work for the U.S. State Department because he wasn’t yet a U.S. citizen, so he started working a civil service job with the Minnesota government.

Tufaa’s drive to drive
Tufaa wasn’t earning enough to pay his mortgage, so he started working nights and weekends as a driver for Metro Mobility, a Minneapolis-area transportation provider for people with physical and mental disabilities. There, he discovered an unexpected passion.

“I fell in love with driving, really,” he says. “It’s very flexible and there’s fresh air, and instead of being in the office, you go to the parks and drive around with open windows. There are so many different things to love about it.”

Desiring more flexibility and hoping for higher pay, Tufaa left Metro Mobility and started driving a cab, where, he says, “I would drive drunk people from the bar, people coming from work, and everyone else.”

Despite his formal education and his urge to succeed, Tufaa struggled to hold these jobs. Unsatisfied with unsteady employment and energized with his newfound craving to get behind the wheel, Tufaa was determined to dive into the city of Osseo’s school transportation scene.

“In the summer of 2003, I started actually writing letters and delivering them to the school districts, offering them services that weren’t around,” Tufaa says. “Many of them made fun of me, but there was one transportation director who was willing to give me a chance because I had been bothering him so much.”

“We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes, and we listen to the feedback we receive. As a result, people want to do business with us, and we don’t turn our backs.”
Tashitaa Tufaa, president and CEO, Metropolitan Transportation Network

Expanding the business
Because of his persistent effort, Tufaa was awarded a single opportunity to transport three homeless children to school with the van he owned, a task that he says he succeeded at, receiving no complaints. From there, the director started offering him more consistent work, and this one-time errand steadily matured into a full-blown company that he now conservatively estimates to be worth $35 million. Today, Tufaa employs over 400 people who transport more than 15,000 K-12 students to school every day across the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Fleet Facts
Headquarters: Fridley, Minnesota
Vehicles in fleet: Over 300
Fleet mix: IC Bus, Thomas Built Buses
Fueling mix: Diesel, CNG
Service area:Metropolitan Twin Cities area
Routes serviced daily:Over 400
Drivers: 275 and 125 contracted
Staff members: 30
Students transported daily: Over 15,000

“I did see a need here in the school bus industry for a contractor that was dedicated, that was doing business wholeheartedly,” he says.

Tufaa capitalized on this recognized need and founded MTN in 2004. More recently, MTN’s expanding customer base inevitably resulted in the need for a space about 30% larger than the existing one. The new facility is expected to be ready in July. The redevelopment will cost about $2.7 million and is being handled by Thor Companies, a real estate development and construction company that is also based in Fridley.

“It will have corporate offices, a break room where drivers can enjoy themselves, a fleet maintenance shop, and parking storage inside for the buses,” Tufaa says. “It’s a much better and newer space — a good image for both our customers and those who work here.”

The majority of updates will focus on the exterior site improvements, such as landscaping, a complete resurfacing of the asphalt parking lot, and enhancements to the security systems.

Top-notch equipment
Because the agency is responsible for the well-being of thousands of students, Tufaa says he ensures that each bus is equipped with top-notch technology, from two-way radios to GPS to surveillance camera systems.

“We want the maximum safety possible in all of our buses in order to protect the families and children that we service,” he says. “Safety is number one.”

He recounts an instance where a driver’s bus had broken down and hisradio had stopped working. Fortunately, the team realized it had broken down because of its lack of movement on the GPS system. Sure enough, upon physically locating the bus through the ground tracking system, Tufaa and his team found it immobile and were able to service it.

Because Metropolitan Transportation Network transports more than 15,000 students daily, Tufaa says he ensures each bus has quality safety equipment, such as two-way radios, GPS, and surveillance cameras.
Because Metropolitan Transportation Network transports more than 15,000 students daily, Tufaa says he ensures each bus has quality safety equipment, such as two-way radios, GPS, and surveillance cameras.

Leadership style
Tufaa calls himself a “field guy,” meaning he does not like to remain in the office. In fact, despite MTN’s recent expansion, Tufaa decided not to build himself a personal office. Instead, he works in available desk spaces when necessary and still drives buses every day.

“I don’t want to be a guy who just stays inside. I want to be out there in the field,” he says. “I sit with the drivers and I listen to them. I listen to their stories in the morning and the afternoon, and then I drive the bus to see what the issue is. This way, instead of someone reporting to me, I see it firsthand.”

Tufaa attributes his leadership style to his perilous upbringing in Ethiopia. Because he spent many years of his life in danger, he’s able to more easily adapt to everyday business challenges.

“We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes, and we listen to the feedback we receive. As a result, people want to do business with us, and we don’t turn our backs,” he says. “In Ethiopia, I was raised in harm, and so it’s easier for me to understand where people come from, whether it’s with our customers or our employees.”

MTN is undergoing a $2.7 million expansion, which includes renovated corporate offices, a fleet maintenance shop, a break room, and parking inside for the buses.
MTN is undergoing a $2.7 million expansion, which includes renovated corporate offices, a fleet maintenance shop, a break room, and parking inside for the buses.

Employee appreciation
Appreciation for MTN employees stands tall on Tufaa’s priorities as a business owner. Every year, the company holds an employee appreciation banquet where everyone, from the human resources team to the workshop mechanics, is invited to mingle with their peers, along with their plus-one.

“We want to show our employees that we value them,” Tufaa says. “We are a family, and the MTN family gets together once a year, every year, to enjoy this classy corporate-style dinner.”

Other MTN-planned gatherings that aim to boost company morale include a monthly bulletin that informs the team about company happenings and employee birthdays, as well as weekly prepared breakfast for drivers, blood drives, summer barbecues, and day trips to support the local pro baseball team at the Minnesota Twins stadium.

Sometimes the recognition goes beyond simple social events, like when Tufaa expressed his gratitude by naming a newly built site the Iverson Terminal, after the last name of a driver who had suddenly passed away.

“We named it after her because our drivers have an ownership in our company,” he says. “We don’t want to be just another corporation.”

Challenges, rewards
Tufaa’s triumph does not come without its challenges. As with school bus contractors and districts across the U.S., he has been affected by the widespread driver shortage, and he worries about Minnesota’s slippery roads in the winter. He’s also had to forgo significant family events in order to keep his business afloat, especially while it was just getting started.

“There are some things I’ve had to compromise to get where we are as a business, but as long as my wife and family understood me, that was all that mattered,” Tufaa recalls. “I had to work extremely long hours in the beginning, and sometimes it came down to paying the people who were working for me before being able to pay myself.”

Eventually, the achievements overcame the hardships, and now Tufaa and the whole MTN team work fervently to transport the community’s youth to their daily education.

“As a contractor, it’s important to love what you do,” he says. “I still drive, and I love taking those children to school.”

Oromia Media Network (OMN) 3rd Year Anniversary, Little Oromia (Minnesota), Minneapolis May 15, 2017

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OMN: Gratitude to German people & Government (Caamsaa 3, 2017)


OMN: Tumsa Hundeeffama waggaa 3ffaa OMN, Manchester, UK ( Caamsaa 8, 2017)

Little Oromia: PRESS RELEASE ON THE ADDIS MASTER PLAN: Miniyaapolisitti mariin Master pilaanii Finfinnee irratti taasifame ejjannoo dabarfachuun xumurame. November 18, 2015

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???????????Oromo Street in Little Oromia

Say no to the master killer. Addis Ababa master plan is genocidal plan against Oromo people. Say no.Say no to the master killer. Addis Ababa master plan is genocidal plan against Oromo people


(OMN:Oduu Sadaasaa 15,2015 Qopheessummaa):  OMNiin Dhimma maaster pilaanii Finfinnee irratti xiyyeeffachuun, Dilabata darbe, kutaa bulchiinsa Minnisoota magaalaa Minniyaapoolisitti hawaasa Oromoo waliin mariin geggeeffamee ture milkiin xumuramee jira.

Marii kanarraatti, Jaarmayaalee siyaasaa Oromoo, ogeeyyota lafaa fi, hawaasni Oromoo Minnisotaa baldhinnaan irraa qooda fudhatanii jiru.

Marii kana irratti Jaarmayaaleen siyaasaa Oromoo irratti hirmaatan, Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo, Adda Dimokiraatawa Oromoo fi, Tokkummaa Humnoota Bilisummaa Oromoo yemmuu ta’an, mata dureewwan maaster pilaanii Finfinneerratti gadi fageenyaan mari’atamee ture.

Marii hawaasa kana irratti ogeessa lafaa kan  ta’an Obbo Bizuwarq Ballaa, waraqaa qorannoo waa’ee seenaa lafaa kan Itoophiyaa  keessaa dhiheessanii jiru.

Qorannoo isaan dhiheessan kanaan, sirnoota bulchiinsa abbootii irree darban irraa jalqabee haga ammaatti, biyyattii keessatti bifa jijjiiratee saamichi lafaa geggeeffamaa jiraachuu himan.

Maqaa guddinna misooma biyyattii jedhuun, qotee bultoonni hedduun lafaa fi qabeenya isaanii irraa kaafamaa jiru.

Qotee bultoota lafa isaanii irraa kaafamaa jiran kanaaf beenyaa gahas ta’ee, bakki qubsuma biroo kennamaafii akka hin jirre obbo Buzuwarq qorannoo dhiheessan kanaan hirmaattotaaf ibsanii jiru.

Hogganoonni jaarmayaalee siyaasaatis dhimma maastar Pilaanii Finfinnee irratti ejjannoo dhaaba isaanii wal duraa duubaan ibsanii jiran.

Hawaasni Oromoo marii kanarraa qooda fudhatanis, yaada kennaniin, tokkummaan jaarmayaalee siyaasaa Oromoo murteessaa ta’uu dubbatanii, mastar Pilaaniin mootumaman karoorfame kun, guddinna misooma biyyattii osoo hin taane eenyummaa fi maalummaa Oromoo balleessuudha jedhan.

Ummanni Oromoo biyya keessaa fi biyyoota gara garaa keessa jiraatan, tokkummaadhaan mastar pilaanii qindaawaa jedhamee mootummaan lallabamaa jiru dura dhaabbachuu akka qabnis dhaamanii jiru.

Jaarmayaaleen Oromoo kun, gara fuula duraatti tokkummaa jabaa uumuun walii galuudhaaf karoora qabaachuu isaaniillee marii kanarratti hawaasa Oromootiif ibsanii jiran.

Jaarmiyaaleen siyaasaa Oromoo kun, mormii maastar Pilaanii Finfinnee irratti qaban ilaalchisuun, ibsa ejjannoo qabxii 15 ufi keessaa qabu tokkummaadhaan baafatanii jiru.

Ibsi ejjannoo isaaniitis  gargarummaa xixiqqaa qabnu moggaatti dhiifnee,  Master Pilaanii Finfinnee dura dhaabbachuu fi, dantaa saba Oromoo hundarratti   waliin hajjachuu fi marii fakkaataa  itti fufuuf waliif gallee jirra.

Shira Maaster Pilaanii kanaa fi roorroo  bifa adda addaatin Oromorratti adeemsifamaa jiru hambisuuf,  furmanni dhumaa Oromoon sirna gabroomfataa kana hiddaan buqqisee bilisummaa isaa goonfatee abba biyyummaa isaa mirkaneeffachuu qofa.

Kana males  ummanni keenya bakka jiru maratti shira maqaa Master Pilaaniitiin oofamaa jiru kana tokkummaadhaan daran akka mormuu qabu waamicha dhiheessuu isaanii ibsa kanarra baruun danda’ameera.

Dhumarrattis balaa sabaaba Maastar Pilanii kanaan walqabtee uumamuu malu hundaaf, itti gaafatamaan mootummaa amma biyya bulchaa jiru ta’uullee ibsi kun nu mullisaa.

Kana mirkaneessuuf ammoo qabsoo roga hundaan bifa qindaaween geggeessuun barbaachisaadha jechuun ibsi jaarmiyaalee siyaasaa Oromoo irraa bahe eeree jira.

Usmaan Ukkumeetu qindeesse.




Nuti hirmaattooni walgahii shira Marii Maastar Pilaanii Finfinnee waliin walqabatee balaa ummata Oromoo irratti aggaammate ilaalchisee marii bal’aa erga goone booda murtiilee armaan gadii dabarfannee jirra.

1) Karoorri maqaa Maastar Pilaanii Finfineetin mootummaan TPLF/EPRDF dhiibaa jiru, kan magaalota 37 Oromiyaa irraa muruufi, qunnaan bultoota miliyoonotaan lakkaayaman ol lafa isaanitirraa buqqaasu ta’u waan amannuuf akka fashalu ni qabsoofna

2) Akeekni karoora kanaa maqaa magaalaa babal’isuutiin Oromoo lafa isaatirraa buqqisanii gaaga’ama hamaaf kan saaxilu waan ta’eef dura dhaabbanna

3) Magaalota kana dhuunfannaa Oromiyaa jalaa baasuun gahee Oromoon aadaafi sochii diinagdee magaalotaa keessaa qabaachuu malu hoongessuu waan ta’eef fashaluu qaba

4) Labsiin Magaalota Oromiyaa dhihoo kana bahe shira Maastar Pilaanii Oromoon mormu kana kara biraatin hojiirra oolchuuf kan saganteeffame waan ta’eef ni balaaleffanna.

5) Karoorri Maastar Pilaanii qaama imaammata duula saamichaa lafaa Oromiyaa guututti godhaamaa jiru keessaa tokko ta’uu isaatiin ni mormina

6) Saamichi lafaa Oromiyaa gututti deemaa jiru imaammata Oromoo hiddaan buqqisuufi duguuginsa sanyii waan ta’eef fashalsamuu qaba.

7) Olollii mootummaan sun akka waan Maastar Pilaanii kana mormuun guddina diinagdeefi ammayyummaa jibbuu fakkeessuuf yaalu dhara. Oromoon kan mormaa jiru guddina diinagdeefi amayyummaa osoo hin taane saamicha lafaa abba biyyaa hiyyoomsee amba sooromsuudha.

8) Qabsoo barattoonnifi qaamoleen Oromoo biroo karoora diinaa kana hoongessuuf godhaa jiran ni deeggarra.

9) Tattaffii dhaabbileen siyaasaafi sivikii Oromoo dhimma kanarratti hubannaan akka uumamuuf, ummanni tokkummaan akka sochoo’uuf godhaa jiran ni dinqisiifanna, waan dandeenhyu maraan bira dhaabbanna.

10) Tarkaanfii ukkaamsaa mootummaan barattootaafi jaarmayoota Oromoo Maastar Pilaanii kana kara nagaan morman irratti fudhatu cimsinee balaaleffanna.

11) Ummanni keenya bakka jiru maratti shira maqaa Maastar Pilaanitin oofamaa jiru kana tokkummaandhaan daran akka mormu waamicha goona.

12) Mootummaan shira saamicha lafaa Oromoon hundi tokkummaan mormaa jiru kana humaanaan dhiibuun gaaga’amaa hamaa fiduu malee faaydaa biraa akka hin qabane hubatee badii isaatirraa akka dhaabbatu akeekkachiifna

13) Balaa sabaaba Maastar Pilaanii kanaan walqabtee uumamuu malu hundaaf itti gaafatamaan mootummaa TPLF ta’uu hubachiifna.

14) Nuti jaarmayoonni siyaasaa marii kana irratti hirmaannes, gargarummaa xixiqqaa qabnu moggaatti dhiifnee Maastar Pilaanii Finfinnee dura dhaabbachuufi fi dantaa saba Oromoo hundarratti waliin hajjachuu fi marii fakkaataa itti fufuuf waliif gallee jirra.

15) Shira Maastar Pilaanii kanaafi roorroo bifa adda addaatin Oromorratti godhamaa jiru hambisuuf furmanni dhumaa Oromoon sirna gabroomfataa kana hiddaan buqqisee bilisummaa isaa goonfatee abba biyyummaa isaa mirkaneeffachuu qofa. Kana mirkaneessuuf ammoo qabsoo roga hundaan bifa qindaaween geggeessuun barbaachisaadha.

16) Oromia Media Network (OMN) marii seena-qabeessa kana qopheessuu isaatiif galateeffachaa, miidiyaan kun daran jabaatee hojii kana caalaa akka hojjatuuf gargaarsa keenyaan bira dhaabbanna; ummanni Oromoolleen deeggarsa OMNif godhaa jiru dacha dachaan addaan kutiinsa malee akka itti fufu waamicha goona.

Sadaasa 15, 2015

Minneapolis, Minnesota

– Misooma Hin Falminu


Welcome to Oromo St in  Little Oromia, Minnesota September 14, 2015

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(Advocacy4Oromia, 11 September 2015) Minnesota Oromos get their very own street under their community’s name-Oromo Street, today, 11 of September 2015.

Oromo St 2

Little Oromia’s ‘Oromo Street’  was officially inaugurated on September 12, 2015.

Minnesota of United States of America is widely known as “Little Oromia” among Oromos with an estimated 40,000 Oromos who flee from their homeland,Oromia, East Africa, due to political persecution.

The Oromo are the single largest national group in Ethiopia, constituting nearly half of the country’s 98 million population.

Oromo St

Public Reaction 

“To the Oromo who has for so long remained invisible in its adopted home after home, a well-deserved recognition, and a breath of warm air in the thick of Minnesota’s bitter winter,” said Hassan Hussein, the executive director of the Oromo Community of Minnesota. (

“Picture of the Day: Little Oromia (Minneapolis) Now Has ‘Oromo Street,’”

“Minnesota Oromos get their very own street under their community’s name today! How Awesome!,” said Demitu Argo on her Facebook timeline.

“It is official that the most anticipated commemoration of ‪#‎Oromo‬ and ‪#‎Somali‬ street is happening this coming Saturday. Cheers to all my East African immigrants! In celebration, the WestBank communities are hosting 1st Annual Block party. Here is the program breakdowns on Saturday 12, 2015. Can’t wait to park on Oromo street!,” said Edao Dawano on his Facebook timeline.

“Oromo Street is in effect in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Can’t wait to visit. Thank you America for recognizing the people you saved for the brutal Ethiopian government,” said Birhanie Beka Geleto on her Facebook with a feeling hopeful, from Washington, DC, United States ·

“Minneapolis to officially designate Oromo street in a ceremony on Saturday,” said on its Facebook


This street name was proposed by Abdi Warsame who was born in Somalia and grew up in the United Kingdom of Great Britain where he studied and obtained a B.Sc. in Business and a Masters Degree in International Business.

Following that proposal, the Minneapolis City Planning Commission held a public hearing on Jan. 12 to decide on Council Member Abdi Warsame’s application for commemorative street names along the city’s Cedar riverside area.

Warsame’s proposal called for 4th Street South between Cedar Avenue and 15th Avenue South to be named “Oromo Street,” and for the stretch between 6th Street and Cedar Avenue to 15th avenue South to be called “Somali Street.”

Additional background information can be get from


Oromo Week 2015/North America Oromummaa Week: The 2015 OSFNA Oromo Sports and Cultural Festival Conducted in Minnesota, Minneapolis (August 1-8). Torbaan Oromoo Minisootatti Geggeeffamaa Ture Milikiin Xumurame. August 13, 2015

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Oromo Week 2015 in NorthAmerica,Little Oromia,Oromo SportCulture, Farda.Oromo Week 2015 in NorthAmerica,Little Oromia,Oromo SportCulture, Farda1Oromo Week 2015 in NorthAmerica,Little Oromia,Oromo SportCulture, Farda2Oromo Week 2015 in NorthAmerica,Little Oromia,Oromo SportCulture, Farda fi GaachanaOromo Week 2015 in NorthAmerica,Little Oromia,Oromo Sport Culture,Oromummaa

The eventful 2015 Oromummaa Week in North America colorfully celebrated from 1st to 8 August 2015 in DC  and Little Oromia (Minnesota).  The events were marked by conferences, OSFNA Oromo Sports and cultural shows.

Ayyaana Torbaan Oromoo Minisootatti Geggeeffamee Ture. OMN irraa caqasaa:-

Qophiin Torban Oromoo Ameerikaa Kaabaa milkiin xumurame

(OMN:Oduu Hag.10,2015) Torban Oromoo Hagayya 1 haga 8 bara 2015 Minisootaa keessatti kabajamaa ture haala gaariin xumurameera.

Hirmaattonni ayyaana kanarraa qooda fudhatan akka dubbatanitti, torbaan Oromoo kun, walitti dhufeenyaa fi tokkummaa hawaasa Oromoo biyyoota ambaa keessa jiraniif caarraa guddaa uumeera jedhan.

Ameerikaa kutaa bulchiinsa Minnesootaa magaalaalee lakkuu keessatti, torbaan Oromoo jalqabamee ture, haala gaariin xumuramee jira.

Hawaasni Oromoo biyyoota adda addaa irraa heddumminnaan torbaan Oromoo kana irraa qooda kan fudhatan yoo ta’u, inni kun walitti dhufeenya hawaasa keenyaa daran kan cimsuudha jedhan.

Torban Oromoo Minnesootatti geggeffamee ture kun, caarraa namoota wal arguu fi wal baruudhaa uumee jira kan jedhan hirmaattonni kun, halli kun gara fuula durattis cimee akka itti fufuu qabu dubbatanii jiru.

Hawaasni Oromoo biyyoota akka Awustiraaliyaa, Awurooppaa, Kanadaa fi Oromiyaa dhufuun, torbaan Oromoo kana irraa qooda kan fudhatan yoo ta’u, Ameerikaa kutaalee bulchiinsa hedduu irraallee heddumminnaan argamanii jiru.

Haala gara garaatiin dhalattoonni Oromoo biyya isaanii irraa bahanii biyyoota ambaa keessa jiraatan, torbaan Oromoo kun, jaalala, tokkummaa fi wal barumsa guddaa akka uumeef itti gammadanii jiru.

Hawaasni Oromoo biyyoota gara garaa irraa dhufan akka himanitti, simannaa hawaasni Oromoo Minnesootaa keessa jiraatan isaaniif taasisanitti gammaduun, Minnesootaan bu’uura tokkummaa hawaasa keennaati jedhan.

Walitti dhufeenyaa fi, jalalalli ummata keenyaa, yeroo gara yerootti dabalaa jira kan jedhan hirmaattonni kun, inni kun mallattoo tokkummaa saba keenyaa kan agarsiisuudha jedhan.

Torbaan Oromoo Minnesotatti, Hagayya 1 haga 8 bara 2015tti kan geggeffame yoo ta’u, torbaan Oromoo kun, jaalalaan kan jalqabamee fi, gammachuudhaan kan xumuramee ta’uun beekkamee jira.

Usmaan Ukkumeetiin.

#OromoWeek2015 Concert

Powered with Youth Leadership and Volunteers, the 19th OSFNA Oromo Sports & Cultural Festival Rises with Time | Celebrate #OromoWeek2015 in Little Oromia (August 1-8, 2015)

Adoolessa/July 22, 2015 · Finfinne Tribune |

It is not an exaggeration to say that the OSFNA annual Oromo Sports and Cultural Festival is the biggest celebration of Oromummaa, outside of Oromia. Kicked off in Toronto, Canada, in 1996 with a handful of soccer teams from around North America, the OSFNA annual Oromo Sports and Cultural Festival today has become a national icon of Oromo sportsmanship and cultural identity. Since the Twin Cities in Minnesota (Minneapolis and St. Paul), also coined as “Little Oromia,” have the largest Oromo population outside of the Horn of Africa, “Little Oromia” has become the most favorite host for the OSFNA annual festival, though other cities in North America had also been given the chance to host the festival over the years.

This year, too, “Little Oromia” will host the OSFNA festival from August 1 to August 8. During this week-long festival, members of the Oromo community in Minnesota as well as visitors from around the globe celebrate Oromummaa (being of the Oromo nation) with passion. Customarily, the City Councils of the Twin Cities also acknowledge the positive contributions of the OSFNA festival to the local diversity and economy by declaring the week-long festival an “Oromo Week,” thus the hashtag #OromoWeek2015 represents the OSFNA week-long Oromo Sports and Cultural Festival in “Little Oromia.” The OSFNA festival is also a moment for other civic activities, such as OLF meetings and campaign stops by Minnesotan politicians (for instance, Sen. Al Franken made a campaign stop at the OSFNA 2014 festival to help drive votes for his senatorial election).


Over the years, the OSFNA festival has shown great improvements with depth and breadth, especially since the election of the new youth leadership in 2014. Armed with the youth leadership and tens of other young volunteers from around North America, OSFNA – more than anything – is a venue where the dispersed Oromo community around the globe comes to connect to home away from home. With the increasing Oromo Diaspora population, OSFNA’s rise with time is a testament of the commitment of the leadership as well as the volunteers.

This year’s OSFNA events include men’s soccer, women’s soccer and the Abebe Bikila Legacy Race, which is a 2-mile running competition in honor of the Greatest Oromo Olympian and Barefoot Marathoner Abebe Bikila.

OLF Opens Branch Office in Little Oromia (Minnesota), Oromo-TV Reports August 9, 2015

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Board of Oromo Community of Minnesota Approves to Raise Flag of Oromia at Oromo Center in St. Paul, Little Oromia (Nageessaa Oddoo Reports for Oromo-TV) July 20, 2015

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Oromo Street January 13, 2015

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The Proposal to Name a Road in Minneapolis as “Oromo Street” is Approved.

Minneapolis approves Oromo Sreet

The hearing held by the Minneapolis City Planning Commission on Jan. 12, 2015, to decide on Council Member Abdi Warsame’s application for commemorative street names along the city’s Cedar riverside area has approved Warsame’s proposal.

According to the now approved Warsame’s proposal, the section of the 4th Street South in Minneapolis, Minnesota, between Cedar Avenue and 15th Avenue South will be named “Oromo Street.”

The Oromia Media Network (OMN) covered the news during its January 12, 2015, nightly news as follows:

Source: Finfinne Tribune |

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