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Oromo Week 2015/North America Oromummaa Week: The 2015 OSFNA Oromo Sports and Cultural Festival Conducted in Minnesota, Minneapolis (August 1-8). Torbaan Oromoo Minisootatti Geggeeffamaa Ture Milikiin Xumurame. August 13, 2015

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Oromo Week 2015 in NorthAmerica,Little Oromia,Oromo SportCulture, Farda.Oromo Week 2015 in NorthAmerica,Little Oromia,Oromo SportCulture, Farda1Oromo Week 2015 in NorthAmerica,Little Oromia,Oromo SportCulture, Farda2Oromo Week 2015 in NorthAmerica,Little Oromia,Oromo SportCulture, Farda fi GaachanaOromo Week 2015 in NorthAmerica,Little Oromia,Oromo Sport Culture,Oromummaa

The eventful 2015 Oromummaa Week in North America colorfully celebrated from 1st to 8 August 2015 in DC  and Little Oromia (Minnesota).  The events were marked by conferences, OSFNA Oromo Sports and cultural shows.

Ayyaana Torbaan Oromoo Minisootatti Geggeeffamee Ture. OMN irraa caqasaa:-


Qophiin Torban Oromoo Ameerikaa Kaabaa milkiin xumurame

(OMN:Oduu Hag.10,2015) Torban Oromoo Hagayya 1 haga 8 bara 2015 Minisootaa keessatti kabajamaa ture haala gaariin xumurameera.

Hirmaattonni ayyaana kanarraa qooda fudhatan akka dubbatanitti, torbaan Oromoo kun, walitti dhufeenyaa fi tokkummaa hawaasa Oromoo biyyoota ambaa keessa jiraniif caarraa guddaa uumeera jedhan.

Ameerikaa kutaa bulchiinsa Minnesootaa magaalaalee lakkuu keessatti, torbaan Oromoo jalqabamee ture, haala gaariin xumuramee jira.

Hawaasni Oromoo biyyoota adda addaa irraa heddumminnaan torbaan Oromoo kana irraa qooda kan fudhatan yoo ta’u, inni kun walitti dhufeenya hawaasa keenyaa daran kan cimsuudha jedhan.

Torban Oromoo Minnesootatti geggeffamee ture kun, caarraa namoota wal arguu fi wal baruudhaa uumee jira kan jedhan hirmaattonni kun, halli kun gara fuula durattis cimee akka itti fufuu qabu dubbatanii jiru.

Hawaasni Oromoo biyyoota akka Awustiraaliyaa, Awurooppaa, Kanadaa fi Oromiyaa dhufuun, torbaan Oromoo kana irraa qooda kan fudhatan yoo ta’u, Ameerikaa kutaalee bulchiinsa hedduu irraallee heddumminnaan argamanii jiru.

Haala gara garaatiin dhalattoonni Oromoo biyya isaanii irraa bahanii biyyoota ambaa keessa jiraatan, torbaan Oromoo kun, jaalala, tokkummaa fi wal barumsa guddaa akka uumeef itti gammadanii jiru.

Hawaasni Oromoo biyyoota gara garaa irraa dhufan akka himanitti, simannaa hawaasni Oromoo Minnesootaa keessa jiraatan isaaniif taasisanitti gammaduun, Minnesootaan bu’uura tokkummaa hawaasa keennaati jedhan.

Walitti dhufeenyaa fi, jalalalli ummata keenyaa, yeroo gara yerootti dabalaa jira kan jedhan hirmaattonni kun, inni kun mallattoo tokkummaa saba keenyaa kan agarsiisuudha jedhan.

Torbaan Oromoo Minnesotatti, Hagayya 1 haga 8 bara 2015tti kan geggeffame yoo ta’u, torbaan Oromoo kun, jaalalaan kan jalqabamee fi, gammachuudhaan kan xumuramee ta’uun beekkamee jira.

Usmaan Ukkumeetiin.

#OromoWeek2015 Concert

Powered with Youth Leadership and Volunteers, the 19th OSFNA Oromo Sports & Cultural Festival Rises with Time | Celebrate #OromoWeek2015 in Little Oromia (August 1-8, 2015)

Adoolessa/July 22, 2015 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com

It is not an exaggeration to say that the OSFNA annual Oromo Sports and Cultural Festival is the biggest celebration of Oromummaa, outside of Oromia. Kicked off in Toronto, Canada, in 1996 with a handful of soccer teams from around North America, the OSFNA annual Oromo Sports and Cultural Festival today has become a national icon of Oromo sportsmanship and cultural identity. Since the Twin Cities in Minnesota (Minneapolis and St. Paul), also coined as “Little Oromia,” have the largest Oromo population outside of the Horn of Africa, “Little Oromia” has become the most favorite host for the OSFNA annual festival, though other cities in North America had also been given the chance to host the festival over the years.

This year, too, “Little Oromia” will host the OSFNA festival from August 1 to August 8. During this week-long festival, members of the Oromo community in Minnesota as well as visitors from around the globe celebrate Oromummaa (being of the Oromo nation) with passion. Customarily, the City Councils of the Twin Cities also acknowledge the positive contributions of the OSFNA festival to the local diversity and economy by declaring the week-long festival an “Oromo Week,” thus the hashtag #OromoWeek2015 represents the OSFNA week-long Oromo Sports and Cultural Festival in “Little Oromia.” The OSFNA festival is also a moment for other civic activities, such as OLF meetings and campaign stops by Minnesotan politicians (for instance, Sen. Al Franken made a campaign stop at the OSFNA 2014 festival to help drive votes for his senatorial election).


Over the years, the OSFNA festival has shown great improvements with depth and breadth, especially since the election of the new youth leadership in 2014. Armed with the youth leadership and tens of other young volunteers from around North America, OSFNA – more than anything – is a venue where the dispersed Oromo community around the globe comes to connect to home away from home. With the increasing Oromo Diaspora population, OSFNA’s rise with time is a testament of the commitment of the leadership as well as the volunteers.

This year’s OSFNA events include men’s soccer, women’s soccer and the Abebe Bikila Legacy Race, which is a 2-mile running competition in honor of the Greatest Oromo Olympian and Barefoot Marathoner Abebe Bikila.



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