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Self-Determination: Catalan people back independence in the symbolic referendum vote. #Oromia November 10, 2014

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OVoters queue to take part in the symbolic Catalan independence referendum.

Over 80 percent of people who took part in the symbolic referendum voted in favor of cutting ties with Spain

About 1.6 million people in Spain’s northeastern region of Catalonia have voted in favor of breaking away from the country and carving out a new nation in a symbolic independence poll, according to partial official results.

Results released early on Monday with 88 percent of votes counted showed that over two million people voted and 1.6 million favored forming a new nation.

More than five million were eligible to vote, meaning many did not bother to participate amid worries about the vote’s lack of legal guarantees and its non-binding status.

Catalan lawmakers opted for the watered-down poll after plans to hold an official referendum on independence were suspended by Spain’s Constitutional Court amid the central government’s challenge that the referendum was unconstitutional. The court then suspended the mock vote on the same grounds.

Spanish state prosecutors said they were continuing an investigation to determine if by holding the informal vote the Catalan government had broken the law.

Justice Minister Rafael Catala called the vote “an act of propaganda organized by pro-independence forces and lacking any democratic validity.”

The regional government defied the suspension, manning polling stations with 40,000 volunteers.

“Despite the enormous impediments, we have been able to get out the ballot boxes and vote,” Catalan president Artur Mas said after casting his ballot at a school in Barcelona.

Polls in recent years say the majority of Catalonia’s 7.5 million inhabitants want an official vote on independence, while around half support cutting centuries-old ties with Spain.  It came two months after the Scots voted to remain in the United Kingdom.

Sunday’s symbolic vote was the latest massive pro-independence demonstration in the wealthy region fiercely proud of its own traditions and language.

“I voted for independence because I’ve always felt very Catalan,” said Nuria Silvestre, a 44-year-old teacher. “Maybe I wasn’t so radical before, but the fact that they are prohibiting (the vote) from Madrid has made me.”

Mas has said the vote was only symbolic. It likely will lead to regional elections that would stand in for a referendum on independence, unless the Spanish government relents. http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2014/11/9/catalonia-symbolicvotefavorsindependence.html


Read also @ http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/nov/10/catalans-vow-push-independence-80-favour-split



Cooperation with the Regime Hostile to the Peoples’ of Ethiopia is Against the Principles of International Law (A Statement by the Oromo Liberation Front in Support of Report of Amnesty International on Human Rights Violation Against the Oromo People) November 10, 2014

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Cooperation with the Regime Hostile to the Peoples’ of Ethiopia is Against the Principles of International Law

(A Statement by the Oromo Liberation Front in Support of Report of Amnesty International on Human Rights Violation Against the Oromo People)


Date: 10-11-14    No.: 004/stm-abo/2014
In the history of shocking tortures of dictatorial regimes against the peoples ruled under their iron fist, the Ethiopian government cruelty is unparalleled. Since its ascension to power by force in 1991, the Ethiopian government’s records of human rights violations through extraordinary killings, forced disappearances, massive imprisonments, displacements and other means of suppression against the Oromo people is incalculable. The world has repeatedly witnessed that the incumbent regime of Ethiopia is a government that has adopted a policy of ruling by violence, and commit harsh and cruel actions flagrantly.

Although the political objective of the Oromo Liberation Front is primarily to achieve and protect the rights of the Oromo people, it has never remained silent when other oppressed peoples of the Ethiopian empire were attacked by the regime. It has confronted the regime, exposed and denounced its maltreatment and gross human rights abuses. The Oromo Liberation Front has accomplished its duty by repeatedly exposing and denouncing the brutal annihilation committed against the Sidama, Gambela, Ogadenia, Amhara and other peoples and also asked those powers assisting this government to stop and re-evaluate their policies and relations with such government. The Oromo Liberation Front will continue to do so. However, lack of adequate response and action from outside for the cry and appeals of these oppressed peoples fighting for democracy and liberty has encouraged the TPLF Government to continue its brutal actions against these peoples and still it has intensified state terrorism.

It is to be recalled that on October 28, 2014 the international human rights organization, Amnesty International, exposed and released a report on a gross human rights violations specifically focusing on the Oromo that has been committed by the TPLF government. The Oromo Liberation Front would like to thank Amnesty International in general, and the head of this report Mrs. Claire Beston in particular, for releasing this genuine and detailed report.

The Oromo Liberation Front understands that the investigation and compiling of this gross human rights violations has been conducted under difficult circumstances where the government of Ethiopia never allows such inquiry. Because of this, though Amnesty International has worked hard under such difficult situation and revealed the suffering of the Oromo people, the Oromo Liberation Front would like to inform the international public that the gross human rights violations committed by TPLF government against the Oromo people is by far larger, wide and shocking in scope than the report of Amnesty International.

Nowadays, no one knows how many prison cells exist in the empire state of Ethiopia. However, even if the places and the number of the prisons are not exactly known, the peoples in Ethiopia know very well that there are a number of secret prison cells in different parts of the country. In particular, members of the Oromo nationals who are suspected having link with the Oromo Liberation Front have been detained in prison cells outside Oromia so as to distance them from their relatives. Most of these Oromo nationals are detained in the region of TPLF, Tigray, and mistreated by TPLF loyalists who are purely Tigrayans.

In addition to mass killings, the TPLF government torture the Oromos psychologically, mutilate men’s sex organs, extract their teeth, rape Oromo girls and women, detain the Oromos in extremely hot and cold rooms, shower boiled and cold water on their body. They shoot and kill one Oromo in front of the other, and commit so many other types of torture in order to force the Oromo to refrain from demanding and exercising their rights. Arbitrary killings, mass detention and eviction of the oppressed peoples in general, and the Oromo in particular, from their ancestral land are the crimes against humanity that are blatantly committed and known to everyone.

These crimes have been committed for the last 23 years in front of the Western and Eastern diplomats, the African diplomats, and regional and international human rights organizations. It is sad that when all these gross human rights violations are committed in front of them, including the DAG and African Union (AU) – all of them remained silent. When such International entities are silent on such criminal acts, the peoples in Ethiopia are forced to raise questions, such as what are the meanings of good governance, democracy, and human rights that these institutions and organizations are talking about.

Consequently, based on the existing reality, the Oromo Liberation Front would like to pass the following messages:

1. Advocates of all human rights have a moral responsibility to thoroughly investigate and work on exposing and reporting the ongoing brutal actions by the Ethiopian government;

2. The diplomatic communities of different countries, including African diplomats, should not be silent on the brutal actions committed against the oppressed peoples of Ethiopia in general, and the most targeted Oromo people in particular. They should expose and put pressure on the TPF government to stop its inhuman actions;

3. Above all the African Union(AU) and DAG should stop their attempt to conceal the reality of the Oromo people, and they should work on stopping the inhuman actions of the TPLF regime;

4. The Oromo Liberation Front also calls on local and international media to assess the injustice that the TPLF government commit against the oppressed peoples of the empire state of Ethiopia and disclose it to the international public;

5. There are no peoples unaffected under the brutal and hostile regime of Ethiopia. All the peoples have faced their children detained, their properties confiscated and displaced from their ancestral land. Therefore, the Oromo Liberation Front would like to remind the oppressed peoples in Ethiopia that the only means to remove the dictatorial rule of the TPLF is a concerted action. The success of the Oromo liberation struggle paves way for the success of all other peoples; hence, the Oromo Liberation Front calls for other peoples in Ethiopia to cooperate with the Oromo people to remove this brutal regime of the TPLF;

6. The Oromo people: you are the prime victim, and you know more than anybody else that the Ethiopian government categorized you as its main enemy. Although others understand that great majority of you have been impoverished and subjected to harsh rule during the whole reign of the TPLF government, it is only if you step up the struggle for your rights that others extend their hand. Therefore, you should understand that there is no other way than intensifying your struggle, and we call for strengthening your resolve and unity for the struggle. You should understand that there is no alien who will willingly lose its advantage to protect your rights;

7. In addition, the Oromo Liberation Front calls on the Oromos in the Diaspora, to energetically appeal to different governments, human rights organizations, donors and organizations based on Amnesty International report and expose that the Oromo people are suffering under the TPLF regime and deserve attention to end this agony.

Victory to the Oromo People!

Oromo Liberation Front

November 10, 2014






Mootummaa Itophiyaa Ummata Diina Godhate Tumsuun Fallaa Seera Addunya ti

(Ibsa ABO Gabaasaa Amnesty International Deggaruun)


Guyyaa: 10-11-14   Lakk.: 004/stm-abo/2014

Mootummoota darara suukanneessaan ummatoota humnaan bulchan irratti raawwatan keessaa mootummaa Wayyaanee kan dursu hin jiru. Dhufaatii isaa bara 1991 irraa eegalee waggoota aangoo irra ture kanneen keessatti kan ifatti fixee fi dhoksaan dhabamsiise, jireenya irraa mancaasee kadhattummaaf dabarse kenne lakkoobsaan kaa’uun mootummaa abbaa irree kanaafuu hin laaffatu. Mootummaa “Humnaan bitaa jiraatuu” imaammata godhatuun raggaafatee bittaa isaa gara jabinaan itti fufee jiru, gochaa suukanneessaa fi faashistummaa raawwadhus “maaltu ana gaafata?” tuffii jedhuun ifatti raawwatu addunyaan irra deddeebi’ee kan ifatti arge dha.

ABOn mirgi ummatni Oromoo akka kabajamuuf durummaan qabsaa’uun akeeka isaa tahullee yeroon inni itti miidhaan ummatoota cunqorfamoo Empaayera Itophiyaa irra geessifamu dantaan sobamee callisuun bira hin tarre. Dura dhaabbatuun balaaleffateera. Saaxiluun abaareera. Fixiinsa gara jabinaa fi diinummaa ummatoota Sidaamaa, Gambeellaa, Ogadeniyaa fi Amaara dabalatee kanneen biro irratti raawwatame ifatti balaaleffatuun kanneen mootummaa shororkeessaa kana duuba goruun jajjabeessanii fi tumsan akka hariiroo isaanii gamaaggaman yaadachiisuun gahee isaa bahatee jira. Fuula duraafis kun kan itti fufu taha. Haa tahu malee iyyatni ummatoota cunqurfamoo bilisummaa fi dimokraasiif falmanii hawaasa addunyaa irraa deebii fi tarkaanfiin quubsaa fudhatamuu dhabuun mootummaan Wayyaanee sodaan alatti tarkaanfii suukanneessaa ummatoota irratti fudhatu akka itti fufuuf onnachiisee shororkeessummaa moootummaan durfamu akka itti fufetti jira.

Onkoloolessa 28, 2014 dhaabbatni mirga namoomaa Amnesty International dalagaa faashistummaa ummata Oromoo irratti xiyyeeffate mootummaan Wayyaanee raawwatu saxiluun gabaasa dhiheesuun kan yaadatamu dha. Amnesty International gabaasa kana dhiheesuu isaatiif galata guddaa jedhan. Addatti ammo itti mataa gabaasa kanaa Mrs. Kleer Bestonf ABO galata kenna.

Gabaasi dhihaate kunis haala ulfaataa bakka mootummaan qorannoo bifa kanaa geggeessuuf hin haayyamne jalatti kan adeemsifame tahuun hubannoo ABO ti. Kanaaf, haala ulfaataa jalatti hojjatuudhaan dhugaa ummata Oromoo hanga kana ifa gochuun kan galatoomfamu tahullee dalagaan suukanneessaa fi gara jabinaa ummata Oromoo irratti raawwatame kana irra guddaa, bal’aa fi suukanneessaa ta-huu ABOn hubachiisuu fedha.

Wayta ammaa kana Empaayera Itopiyaa keessa manneen hidhaa meeqa akka jiran kan beeku hin jiru. Kanneen ifatti beekamaniin alatti manneen hidhaa dhoksaa baay’inni fi bakki isaanii hin beekamne naannoolee hedduu keessa jiraachuun kan ummata bal’inaan beekkamu dha. Addatti ammoo ilmaan Oromoo ABOf hojjataa jirtan jechuun hidhaman ummata isaanii irraa fageessuuf manneen hi-dhaa naannoo dhuunfaa mootummaa Wayyaanee tahe keessatti tolfame, kanneen hidhaman amanamoo isaaniin alatti kan biraa arguu hin dandeenye Tigraayitti dabarsuun irratti roorrisaa akka jiran ifatti beekama.

Manneen hidhaa keessatti dalagaalee sukanneessaa Amnesty International himeen olitti raawwataman jiraachuu kanneen akka tasaa hidhaa Wayyaanee keessaa ba-hanii lubbuun jiran hedduu ragaaf dhiheessuutu danda’ama. Jumulaan ajjeesuu caalaatti kan qor-qalbii hidhamaa fi ummataa miidhaa jiru ummatni mirga isaatiif akka hin falmanneef “jiilchuu qabna” yaada jedhuun jumulaan gudeeddii raaw-watuu, dhiira kolaasuu, ilkee irraa fixuu, qaamaa hir’isuu fi gochaalee kan biroo as irratti ibsuun ulfaatu manneen hidhaa Wayyaanee keessatti ilmaan ummatoota cunqurfamoo addatti ammo lammiilee Oromoo irratti raawwatamaa jira.

Ummatoota cunqurfamoo addatti ummata Oromoo jumulaan fixuu, hidhuu, lafa isaa irraa beenyaan alatti buqqaasuudhaan ari’uun gochaa ifatti raawwatamu eenyuyyuu argaa turee fi jiru dha. Diplomaatota biyyoota Dhihaa fi Bahaa, Diplomaatota Afrikaa, dhaabbattoota mirga namoomaaf falman hunda duratti waggoota 23 dabraniif raawwatamaa har’a gahe. DAG fi Tokkummaa Afriikaa (AU) dabalatee qaamotni kanneen hundi osoo fuula isaanii duratti kun hundi raawwatamuu callisanii ilaaluun dhimma ummatoota miidhaan irra gahaa jiru hunda kan aja’ibe dha. Gocha kana irratti erga callifamee bulchiinsa gaarii fi mir-gi dimokraasii baanan hiikti isaa maal jechuu akka tahe hanga gaafatuu fi huba-tuu irratti rakkoo itti uumu gahe.

Waan taheef haala qabatamaa fi ifatti mul’atu kana irratti hundaa’ee ABOn:

1. Jaarmayaaleen mirga dhala namaaf falman tarkaanfii shororkeessummaa mootummaan geggeeffamaa jiru kana qoratuun ifa gochuun gaafatama na-moomaa irra jiru tahuu beekuun qoratuun haqa jiru akka ifa godhuu irratti hojjatan;

2. Diploomaatotni biyyoota gara garaa fi Afriikaa dalagaa faashistummaa um-matoota cunqurfamoo addatti ammo ummata Oromoo irratti xiyyeef-fatamee mootummaa Itophiyaan adeemsifamaa jiru kana callisanii ilaaluu dhiisanii akka saaxilanii fi dhaabsisuuf dhiibbaa barbaachisu akka taasisan;

3. Hundaan olitti ammoo Tokkummaan Afriikaa (AU) fi DAG dhugaa jiru dhoksuuf tattaafatuu dhiisanii daba kana daangessuu irratti akka hojjatan;

4. Midiyaaleen daba ummatoota cunqurfamoo irratti raawwatamaa jiru kana gadi faginaan hubatuu fi qoratuun hawaasa addunyaa akka dhaqqabsiisan ABOn waamicha dabarsaaf;

5. Ummatoota cunqurfamoo Itophiyaa keessaa bittaa Wayyaanee gara jabinaa fi diinummaan guutameen kan ilmaan isaa hin dhabiin, qabeenyi isaa hin saamamiin, qe’ee isaa irraa hin ari’amiinii fi hin hidhamiin hin jiru. Kanaaf, kana hubatuun ummatootni cunqurfamoo mootummaa Abbaa Irree kana of irraa jijjiiruuf falli jiru qabsoo qofa tahuu beekuun akka mootummaa kana irratti jabinaan qabsoo isaanii itti fufan ABO yaadachiisa. Milkaa’uun QBO milkaa’ina isaaniif kan xurree saaqu tahuu hubatuun ummata Oromoo wali-in akka dhaabbatan waamicha isaa dabarsaaf;

6. Ummatoota Itophiyaa keessaa mootummaan Itophiyaan akka diina duraatti fudhatamuun miidhaan ol aanaa sirra gahaa akka jiru sihi abbaa dhimmaa ummata Oromoo caalaa kan beekuu fi hubatu hin jiru. Waggoota bittaa Wayyaanee keessatti harka guddeessaan hiyyummaatti ittifamtee kadhaan jiraachuu dirqamaa akka jirtu kan biraa siif argullee akka kee itti dhaga’amuu dhiisuu mala. “Abbaan iyyate Ollaan dirmata” waan taheef qabsoo itti jirtu jabeessuun alatti daandiin biraa akka hin jirre hubatuun qabsoo kee akka finiinsitu. Alagaan kamuu dantaa isaa dura dhimma keef akka hin dhaabbanne hubadhu. Kan mirga Abbaa biyyummaa fi dimokraasii si gonfachiisu jaarmayaa kee ABO kallacha godhatuun falmaa kee itti fufuu tahuu ABO irra deebi’ee yaadachiisa;

7. Kanatti dabaluun lammiileen Oromoo biyyoota ambaa gara garaa keessa ji-raatan, akkasumas jaarmayaaleen mirga namoomaa fi gargaarsaa miidhaa Oromoo irra gahaa jiru kan Amnesty International ifa godhe kana qabatuun sagalee ummataa tahuun mootummootaa fi dhaabbiilee adda addaatti akka iyyata ummata Oromoo dhiheessitan ABOn waamicha isaa isiniif dhi-heessa.

Injifannoo Ummata Oromoof!

Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo

Sadaasa 10, 2014