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TPLF Ethiopia’s Genocidal Mass killings against Oromo People in Eastern and Southern Oromia: Hamma Yoom Oromoon Lafa isaa tirraa arihama? #Oromo #Oromia #BecauseIAmOromo November 30, 2014

Posted by OromianEconomist in Africa, Ethiopia's Colonizing Structure and the Development Problems of People of Oromia, Ethnic Cleansing, Janjaweed Style Liyu Police of Ethiopia, Land and Water Grabs in Oromia, Land Grabs in Oromia, Oromo the Largest Nation of Africa. Human Rights violations and Genocide against the Oromo people in Ethiopia, The Colonizing Structure & The Development Problems of Oromia, The Mass Massacre & Imprisonment of ORA Orphans, The Tyranny of TPLF Ethiopia.
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Hamma Yoom Oromoon Lafa isaa tirraa arihama? Gaafif Deebii Keessummaa keenyan waliin goone hordofaa







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