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Characteristics of a Totalitarian Rules of TPLF Ethiopian Regime August 23, 2017

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Characteristics of a Totalitarian Rules of TPLF Ethiopia Regime

1. Terror: Use of violence (Agazi, secrete policy, state terrorism) or the threat of violence to produce fear so that people will obey the regime.

2. Extreme Nationalism (Nepotism): The belief by TPLF that its Tigray more than anything else.

3. Propoganda (Monopolistic control of the state and the mass media) : Using newspapers, magazines, radio, speeches, movies, lobbyists to give people and the world a one sided message.
4. Economic Control: The TPLF decides (owns) who/what/where to be made and sold.

5. Charisma: Creates imaginary quality about a leader that makes people eager to follow him. still Melese Zenawi is on tv although dead.

6. Indoctrination: To teach people to accept a system of beliefs without questioning.

7. One Party Rule: Only TPLF (EPRDF) that made up of minority Tigray ethnic is allowed to exist. it has complete power though has no mandate of 95% (96 milliion of) the population.

8. Censorship: The removal of anything objectionable to or critical of the TPLF.