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Oromia: Irreecha 2017: The blessing season celebrated in Arjo at Odaa Arjo in Caffee Arjoo November 6, 2017

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A week after a colorful event in Naqamtee, the Oromo national and cultural season, Irreecha (Irreesaa) Birraa 2017  successfully celebrated on 5 November 2017 at Odaa Arjoo in Caffee Arjoo, Jimmaa Arjoo, East Wallaggaa, Oromia.

Sadaasa 5 bara 2017 Irreechi Malkaa kan Baraa kanaa Odaa Arjoo, Caffee Arjoottii haala ho’aa fi nagaan Kabajamee oole.

Here are some of the pictures on social media. Suurrawwan Irreecha Odaa Arjoo hammi tookoo kan armaa gaditti argamanidha.





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