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Ethiopia: The prison house of nations: The prison is breaking up June 29, 2020

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The Prison is breaking up: It is said tall sorghums are either for birds or for slings. Pioneers of liberation struggle rose at a time when majority of the oppressed were not aware of their capabilities to challenge the oppressors. They paid in their lives to bring the masses to today’s level of political awakening. Now prisoners of the Ethiopian empire have started to break the prisons in unprecedented numbers after more than a hundred years. Those for whom oppressing is normal order of life are now running up and down making sounds of fury and empty threats to stop them but in vain. It is too late, to stop Wala’ita, Kaficho, Hadiyyaa, Silxee, Guraagee, Kambaataa, Gedi’o, Konsoo, and their Nilotic neighbors etc. from determining own destiny. Nafxanyaa system empire is crumbling. They have to know that the name Ethiopia should not be used to blackmail others by a group in particular oppressor group. What is important is not the name but the love and interest peoples show to live together. One oppressor group accepted the federal system confident it could disable and do whatever it likes with it. But the oppressed grabbed it and adopted it as their own dismissing the authoritarian selfish group. They are the peoples; it is their time; no force can stand against them. All have to come around a table and negotiate.
Though declaring their independence is a right, these peoples are offering continuing to live together in a democratic union of equals refraining from such declarations. Not understanding this, those with crooked decadent outlook are trying to reinstitute the defunct Nafxanyaa unitary system. On the other hand, nations and nationalities are holding hands for federal system to be realized. No more South, no more cluster but a federal republic coming to existence by will of the free and the equal. No more language, no more culture, no more symbols, no more authority of one is superior to the others. All present cacophony and diversions are only bubbles and dust that will blow away soon leaving sovereignty and rights of each and all peoples intact. In their last kick the reactionaries may harm the oppressed but people will always survive to judge. Together nations, nationalities and peoples will recommit themselves to principles of the federal constitution and safeguard their national sovereignty and federal interests without fail. A time wheel that no power can stop is in motion. Thanks to the tall sorghums, lusher and more yielding ones have sprouted irrigated by their blood. Oromiyaan haa jiraattu!



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