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Ethiopia: Abiy Ahmed is a Security Threat in the extremely volatile region of the Horn of Africa! September 23, 2020

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Abiy Ahmed is a Security Threat!

By Dr. Tsegaye Ararsa

Abiy Ahmed is the number 1 security threat in this extremely volatile region of the Horn of Africa. Peace has long been suspended in the entire region ever since he came to power and drove Ethiopia into chaos. Ethiopia has truly gone from crisis to crisis and a deeper and multifaceted set of crises.

Everywhere, across the country, the level of insecurity has risen. In most parts of the country, people live under the shadow of:

a) extra-judicial killings;

b) massacre of civilians;

c) political assassinations;

d) tortures;e) political rape;

f) arbitrary arrests;g) mass detentions;

h) evictions; and

i) various other acts of state terror.

Societal militarization through arming of vigilante groups has risen. Urban violence is rampant. Lawlessness and banditry has become the norm in some of the regions.

Abiy goes to the extent of randomly authorizing soldiers to “serve themselves” by confiscating money from people if people are seen with an amount that is above the legal limit.

Land grab, illegal settlement, an outright scramble for farmers’ land has been done before the watching eyes of officials who act as patrons to the criminals.

Virtually all the important opposition political leaders are in jail.Selected media outlets are targeted for arbitrary persecution. OMN is a case in point.

In the last two years alone, as per a conservative estimaate of the dead, over 3000 persons have been killed, and countless people have been subjected to enforced disappearance.

Millions have been internally displaced.

Victims of natural disaster such as flood, wild locusts, drought, environmental pollution, the global pandemic, and other local epidemics have all been left unattended to and unassisted by the government.

Development projects have been stalled.

Foreign relations, and treaties thereof, have been terribly mismanaged.

Foreign interferences that has compromised the national security architecture and has exposed strategic economic, military, and geopolitical, interests to risk has also been witnessed.

Constitutional institutions and their procedures are utterly undermined.

The defense forces’ constitutional responsibility is trivialized, and the army is threatened with the risk of being disbanded. They are publucly told that, unless they support Abiy’s personal right of rule (with or wothout election), they will soon be replaced by his ‘republican guards’ and ‘special forces’.

The Regional States’ constitutional authority is usurped or severely undermined. Those states which insisted on self-rule (eg. Tigray) are threatened with war.

Each nation’s sovereignty has been trampled upon and several times violently repressed.

Unconstitutional and unbridled use of power by the executive (treaty power, war power, emergency power, power over fiscal decisions, etc) has become the new normal.

The country’s international reputation and standing is at its lowest ebb. Our neighbours and strategic allies cannot trust Ethiopia anymore.

The internal instability, much of which is caused single handedly by Abiy’s political (and arguably psychological) insanity has thrown the country’s peace and security into chaos. This instability–especially the ebb in trust in Ethiopia’s leader–has now started to spill over to the countries in the region all of whom are currently unsure of how things unfold. The distant and not so distant superpowers who have a stake in the region are now openly looking for another reliable partner in the region.

Abiy is radiating peacelessness and insecurity to to the entire region. By default, he is exporting Ethiopia’s instability.

Internally, the country and its peoples are going through hell. Thankfully, though, it will end soon. In fact, it should end soon. And then, there will be a respite before hurrying on to start afresh. A respite is nigh. የእፎይታ ጊዜ ቅርብ ነው።

And then, … we will start again.

Yes, we will restore peace. We will free the oppressed. We will restore agency to the people. We will thereby restore sanity to public offices, and dignity and integrity to public service.And then, we will be “ready to run, to win, and to serve, in style”–again!

#Abiy_must_be_removed because #Abiy_is_a_security_threat! #Abiy_is_the_past!


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