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Ethnic Cleansing against Kemant People: Genesis of Agaw People Suffering June 26, 2015

Posted by OromianEconomist in Ethiopia's Colonizing Structure and the Development Problems of People of Oromia.
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???????????AgawFocus on Cushitic Nations, Explore the Agaw Nation

Focus on Cushitic Nations: Discover Agew, Awi and Kemant

Voice of Justice - VOJ

By Mizigena A

From the start of Christianity introduction to Ethiopia, the North Western Cushitic Agaw people was suffering from multidimensional socio-economic prospective (such as religion, politics, social, economic, culture and language) for over 1600 years. With the rising and expansion of Christianity in the fourth century, the majority of Agaw were forced to accept Christianity following the conversion of the two Agaw king brothers, Aezana and saezana and received Christian name as Aberha and Atsibeha. Those who resisted and adhered to their original and former belief (Judaism and paganism) fled from North to South and South-East direction along Tekeze River and settled in Gondar and around Gondar and Lasta and gradually to North Shewa, Jemma and Abay rivers and beyond.
The Agaw population who resisted for centuries long the state religion after conversion of majority had been divided into smaller enclaves (Awi, Kementy, Himita, Blen, Alien/Falasha and more others)…

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Kemants, Neglected Ethnic Group in Ethiopia– Deserve Your Voice January 8, 2015

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Why the world cry for Mandela? He has many qualities among them are democracy and fairness. The Kemant people had suffered in previous regimes and the suffering is now reaching its peak. One may despise these oppressed people, should not been forgotten that God is also observing injustice taking place.

Voice of Justice - VOJ

By Prof. Yigzaw Kebede (e-mail message)

We speak Amharic, but we are not Amharas, but Amharas are our … friends and neighbors.

Dear all,
You might have heard about the Kemant request which is not yet settled. I am distributing this e-mail to clarify some confusion on issues which are circulating in the community. We are also ready to receive your genuine comments.

Here are some of the facts and false rumors:

1. What is the Keamnt’s request? The request is for recognition of identity and self rule. This is the same request that some people characterized as the demand for secession. Actually, the secession was neither our request and nor our interest, will never be our concern in the future.
2. Is our request illegal? Not at all. Our request is constitutional on basis of Article 39. Despite this is the truth, some government officials say the group who…

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