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Oromia’s Ambo city: ‘From freedom to repression under Abiy Ahmed’ March 13, 2020

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Ethiopia’s Ambo city: ‘From freedom to repression under Abiy Ahmed’

By Bekele Atoma, BBC Afaan Oromoo, 12 March 2020

People gather for the rally of Ethiopia's new Prime Minister in Ambo, about 120km west of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on April 11, 2018
Image captionAbiy Ahmed drew a huge crowd when he visited Ambo city in his first week in office

Under Ethiopian Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize winner Abiy Ahmed, the city of Ambo has turned from being a symbol of freedom into a symbol of repression, as the security forces try to curb the growth of ethnically inspired rebel and opposition groups that threaten his “coming together” vision.

Ambo, which has a large student population because of its university, was at the centre of mass protests that saw Mr Abiy rise to power in April 2018 with a promise to end decades of authoritarian rule in a nation with more than 100 million people belonging to at least 80 ethnic groups.Getty ImagesAmbo is where we are going to build the statue of our liberty, our New York”Abiy Ahmed
Ethiopia’s prime minister

Most of Ambo’s residents are Oromos – and the protests were largely driven by anger that despite being Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group, they were marginalised from political and economic power, with no Oromo ever serving as prime minister.

Acknowledging Ambo’s role in bringing about change during a visit to the city within days of becoming the first Oromo to hold the prime minister’s post, Mr Abiy said: “Ambo is where we are going to build the statue of our liberty, our New York.”

At a fund-raising event in February 2019, the prime minister sold his watch for 5m birr (about $155,000, £120,000) to kick-start development in the city.

It was a further indication of the huge political significance he attached to Ambo, traditionally regarded as a stronghold of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), a former rebel group which laid down arms following peace talks with Mr Abiy.

People fill the road after the rally of Ethiopia's new Prime Minister in Ambo, about 120km west of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on April 11, 2018
Image captionStudents were at the forefront of demands for change

But a year later, there are few signs of development in Ambo, which is about 100km (60 miles) west of the capital Addis Ababa. Instead, residents are once again complaining of a return of police brutality, with young men being randomly beaten up or detained as they go about their daily lives.

‘I was lucky’

I witnessed some of this during a visit to Ambo.

In one instance about six policemen forced two young men to kneel in front of pedestrians, before kicking them and hitting them with sticks.

In another instance, two young men were forcibly taken to a police station. Their elbows were tied behind their backs. One of them pleaded, in vain, with the officers to untie him.

No-one dared to intervene for fear that the police would assault them too.BekeleBBCI saw policemen walk around with scissors, giving haircuts to young men perceived to have long hair or afros”Bekele Atoma
BBC journalist

The policemen were from the regional force – and their numbers were swelled last Sunday when hundreds more graduated, raising fears that the crackdown will intensify ahead of the general election slated for August. That is the first time that Mr Abiy will face the voters since the ruling coalition chose him as prime minister to order to quell the nationwide protests.

I also saw policemen walking around Ambo with scissors, giving haircuts on the spot to young men whom they perceive to have long hair or afros.

They considered my hair to be an afro but I was lucky – they let me off with a warning to chop it off myself, which I did not do as I was going to leave Ambo in two days’ time.

‘I was unable to access the internet’

Police just assume that men with such looks are troublemakers and supporters of rebel leader Kumsa Diriba, who they see as a major threat to western Oromia’s stability and Mr Abiy’s vision of forcing a new sense of national unity, known as “coming together” .

Kumsaa Diriba
Image captionRebel commander Kumsa Diriba refuses to make peace with the government

Having spurned Mr Abiy’s peace overtures in 2018, Mr Kumsa, who is also known as Jaal Maro, is continuing to push for the “liberation” of Oromia from his forest hideout in the remote west.

He split from the OLF, the biggest Oromo rebel group, after it decided to turn into a political party, taking with him an unspecified number of fighters under his command.

The government suspects that Mr Kumsa’s rebels have infiltrated Ambo, and were responsible for the bomb blast at a pro-Abiy rally held last month to show that the prime minister still commands significant support in the city.

The rebels, via their supporters and anonymous accounts, have also been slowly gaining a profile on social media in an attempt to raise discontent against the government, especially through the circulation of the names of victims of alleged brutality by the security forces.

The government’s attempt to keep a lid on dissent has led to frequent internet shutdowns in much of western Oromia since January, and in some areas people cannot even make or receive phone calls. This is despite the fact that Mr Abiy has promised to liberalise the telecom sector and end the monopoly of state-owned Ethio Telecom.

Presentational grey line

Read more about Ethiopia:

Presentational grey line

In an interview with BBC Afaan Oromoo, the deputy chief of staff of Ethiopia’s Defence Force, Gen Berhanu Jula, hinted that the shutdowns were linked to military operations to dismantle camps under Mr Kumsa’s control, while a senior official of Mr Abiy’s newly formed Prosperity Party (PP), Taye Dendea, denied that innocent people were victims of the security force operation.

“The government has no reason to target civilians, we care about our people more than anyone else,” Mr Taye told BBC Afaan Oromoo.

In Ambo, I was unable to access the internet over my mobile phone throughout my three-week stay. On the two occasions I went to an internet cafe, it had poor broadband connection and I had to wait for a long time before I could check my emails and social media accounts.

Residents suspect that apart from government concerns about the rebels, the shutdowns are intended to limit political campaigning and starve young people of news ahead of the general election.

Residents point out that Jawar Mohammed – who is probably the most prominent and controversial Ethiopian social media activist – is now also making life difficult for the prime minister.

Jawar Mohammed (C), a member of the Oromo ethnic group who has been a public critic of Abiy, addresses supporters that had gathered outside his home in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa after he accused security forces of trying to orchestrate an attack against him October 24, 2019
Image captionSocial media activist Jawar Mohammed has joined an opposition party

When exiled in the US, Mr Jawar used Facebook effectively to get Oromos on to the streets to rise against the former government.

Having returned to Ethiopia after Mr Abiy took power, he briefly became a supporter of the prime minister but is now a fierce opponent.

Nobel laureate booed

Mr Jawar put out a video on Facebook soon after Mr Abiy was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in October, accusing the government of trying to remove his guards from his home in Addis Ababa as part of a ploy to orchestrate an attack on him.

Despite government denials of any such plan, Mr Jawar’s supporters staged protests against Mr Abiy in parts of Oromia – in one instance, burning copies of the prime minister’s newly published book, which outlines his “coming together” vision.

When Mr Abiy subsequently visited Ambo for a meeting with selected guests in a hotel, pro-Jawar youths staged a protest and booed the prime minister, who had been awarded the Nobel prize for his “decisive initiative” to end the border conflict with Eritrea, and for the “important reforms” he had initiated in Ethiopia with a pledge to “strengthen democracy”.Abiy AhmedGetty ImagesKey facts: Abiy Ahmed

  • Bornto a Muslim father and a Christian mother on 15 August 1976
  • Joinedthe armed struggle against the Marxist Derg regime in 1990
  • Servedas a UN peacekeeper in Rwanda in 1995
  • Enteredpolitics in 2010
  • Becameprime minister in 2018
  • Wonthe Nobel Peace Prize in 2019

Source: BBC

Mr Jawar has joined the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), which has formed an alliance with the OLF and the Oromo National Party (ONP) to contest the election on what is expected to be a strong ethno-nationalist ticket.

In Oromia, it is likely to pose the biggest electoral challenge to Mr Abiy’s PP, which was launched in December after a merger of eight of the nine regional parties which make up Ethiopia’s ruling coalition.

Mr Abiy hopes that the PP will foster national unity and keep ethnic nationalism in check.

Chart showing the ethnic make-up of Ethiopia

But he has taken a huge risk as the mass protests that propelled him to power were not just about political freedom – but also about the right of each group to express their ethnic identities more freely and to have greater autonomy for their regions.

So, as far as ethno-nationalists in Ambo and elsewhere in Oromia are concerned, Mr Abiy has sold out.

Worrying for the Nobel laureate, Defence Minister Lemma Megersa, a fellow Oromo with political clout, also expressed doubts about the PP’s formation in November, though party officials say he and Mr Abiy have been ironing out their differences since then.

“The merger is not right and timely, as we are in transition, we are on borrowed time. Dissolving the regional party to which the public entrusted their demands is betraying them,” Mr Lemma said at the time.

For Mr Abiy’s supporters, he offers the best hope of getting Ethiopia’s myriad ethnic groups to work together, and avoid the country’s disintegration.

They are confident that he will demonstrate his popularity by leading the PP to victory in the election, though its legitimacy is bound to be questioned if the crackdown in Ambo continues.

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???????????Oromo Protests defend Oromo National Interest

#OromoPRotests tweet and shareOromo Students protest @ Mandii, Western Oromia 25th November 2015Oromo Students protest @ Ambo, Oromia 25th November 2015 picture1


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Loltooti Itiyophiyaa(Agaazii) Godina Shaggar Lixaa Gandoota Gindabarati Keessa Deddeemuun Uummata Nagaa Ajjeessuu fi Hidhuutti Bobba’anii Jiru.Ummanni Oromoos FXG Gootummaan of Irraa Deebisaa Jira.

Muddee 31,2015 Gindebarat.

Anoota Gindebarat humni federal fi Agaazii jedhamu  uummata keessa deemuun miidhaalee haalaan gurguddaa geessisaa jira, Gaafa Mudde 29,2015 irraa kaasee hamma har’aa Mudde 31,2015 itti  manneen jireenya uummataa saamuu irratti dabalee uummata nagaa reebuu fi kanneen kaanis gara jabeenyaan  ajjeessuu hojii godhatee jira. Haala Kanaan ganda Kaachis mana barnootaa sadarkaa 2ffaa keessaa barattoota haalaan reebaman lubbuun darban keessaa:- 1, Inaagawuu Hayilu Gindabaratti irra
2,Bayisaa Bulto Abuuna irraa
3,Gandaa Bitee Abuuna irra
4,Gandaa Jammo Abuuna irra
5,Gandaa Goroo jalatee Abuuna irra, Gama biraan ammo namooti qabeenya saamamanii hanga ammaa seeraan ala qabamanii hidhaman keessaa hammi tokko:-1,Obbo lataa Hordofaa qotebula Abuuna
2,B/sa Asmaara Abuuna
3,B/sa Geetuu Abuuna
4,Fixa Gaasasee Abuuna QB
5,B/sa xafaa Ejetta Abuuna
6,Zalalam Taddasee Abuuna QB
7,Durbeen tokko bay’ee kan qabso irratti lubbun ishee dararamaa cimaa keessa kan jirtu maqaa ishee kan issin erginu ta’a. Kanen Gindaratitti argaman
1, Haacaluu didha
2,Hojettaa wajjira barnootaa
3,Baratoota university gadi lakisan dhufan gandaa sankoorri bartoota sadii isaan kun miseensoota ABO jechudhan kan rakkisaa fi reebicha guddaan irraan gahame dha. Aanoota lachuu irraa namoota maqaan isaani hin eramnee yoo xiqqatee nama 300 ol ta’u,qindeefanee kan gabaasnu ta’a.


Har’a Mudde 31,2015,Diddaan Itti Jira Oromiyaa Godinaalee Garagaraa fi Yuuniverstiilee Keessatti Itti Fufe

Maraa yeroo lammee FXG har’a Muddee 31,2015 Oromiyaa bakkoota adda addaatti itti fufee jira. Godina Arsii lixaa onoota adda addaa fi dame Yuuniversitii Asellaatti diddaan xumurrii diddaa gaggeeffamaa jira. Har’a barattootni barumsa dhaabuun bilisummaa booda itti deebina jechuun dhaamsa dabarsaa kan jiran godina Arsii lixaa aanaa Qoreetti FXG barattootaa fi uummataan gaggeeffamaa jira. Wayyaaneen nuuf xumurame jechuun waraana humna agaazii garasitti guurrachaa jirti. Manneen barnoota hedduun Oromiyaa keessa godninaalee garagaraatti cufamaa jiru.

Daandiwwan karaa Arsiitti geessan cuccufamaa akka jiranis Qeeyeroon gabaasee jira. Godina Harargee keessatti humna addaatu uummata keessa jira jechudhaan waraanni wayyaanee furgiggifamaa jira. diddaan uummataas har’a aanaalee hedduu Harargee keessatti haalaan itti fufeera. Yeroo ammaa Harargeen lixaa waraanan marfamtee argamti.

Qonnaan bulaan Godina Harargee Lixaa keessa aanolee jiran maratti ukkaamama mana hidhaatti guuraama kaan ammoo bakka buuteen isaanii ammo bakka buuteen isaanii dhabamaa akka jiru odeessaan nu gahee jira.

Baha wallaggaa Giddaa Ayyaanattis yeroo ammaa kana fincilli barattootaan itti fufee galgala kana illee itti fufee jira,ABO fi WBO faarsuun magaalaa keessatti uumatii fi barattooti wallisaa fi dhadachaa jiru.


Wallaggaa Waamaa Hagaloo Magaalaa Moxeetti Keessatti OPDOn Qarshii Gudddaa Namootaa Kafaluun Hidhamtoota Irratti Ragaa Sobaa Akka Bahan Taasisaa Jiru.

Mudde 31,2015, Godina Wallaggaa naannoo Waamaa Hagaloo Jedhamutti Oromoota FXG irratti hidhaman irratti ragaa sobaa akka bahaniif kaabinooti  OPDOn qarshii guddaa ittti kaffaluun akka ragaa sobaa ba’an taasisaa jirti.

Namoonni hanga ammatti qarshii kaabinoota Wayyaanee irraa fudhatanii uummata irratti ragaa bahaa jiran keessaa hammi tokko:-

1 Siwayyaa Rabbummaa
2 Barsiisaa Olumaa
3 Kaabinee kanta’e Guutamaa
4 Moosisaa Tarfaa kanneen jedhaman ragaa sobaa uummatarratti namoota qindeeffaman dha.


Godina Wallaggaa Bahaa fi Dhiha Keessatti Ficilli Xumura Gabrummaa Haalaan Jabaatee Itti Fufee Jira. Mootummaan Itiyophiyaa(Wayyaanee) Barsiisotaa fi Hojjettoota Sababa FXG Godhatee Isaan Miidhaa Jiraachuu Qeerroon Gabaase.

Mudde 31,2015,Godinoota Wallaggaa Bahaa, Dhihaafi Horro Guduruu keessatti fincilli FXG itti fufeera Aanaa Gimbii magaalaa Gambeellaa jedhamtu keessatti FXG akka itti fufu kan taasisaa jiru barsiisota sababaa jedhuun ka’ee mootummaan abbaa irree Wayyaanee  barsiisaan Waggaarii jedhamu achi buuteen isaa kan dhabamee yeroo ta’u, FXG kana irratti Gammachiis Asafaa Guutamaa akka garmalee humna waraanaan miidhames beekameera

Godina Wallaggaa Bahaa Aanaa Guutoo Giddaa Magaalaa Naqamtee keessattis barattoota Qophaa’inaa Naqamteetiin FXGn guyyaa kaleessaa marsaa sadaffaa jalqaban har’as akka itti fufetti jira

Barattooti Qophaa’inaa Naqamtee barattooti isaan keessaa ukkaamfaman,Oromooti mana hidhaa jiran hanga lakkisamanitti,gaaffiin abbabiyyummaa keenya hanga deebi argatutti gaaffiin keenya itti fufa jedhaniiti

Godina Horro Guduruu Wallaggaa aanaa Jimmaa Raaree mana barumsaa Babal’aa sadarkaa duraa fi lammaffaa keessattis FXGn itti fufee akka jiru beekameera.







Hidhaan, Ajjechaan fi Madeeffamuun Osoo Duubatti Nun Deebisne Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa (FDG) Gara Fincila Xumura Gabrummaatti  (FXG) Cehuun Yeroon Isaa Amma   


QeerrooQeerroon Bilisummaa erga oromiyaa keessatti gadi dhaabbatee mormii karaa nagaatiin mootummaa shororkaawaa fi nama nyaataa Wayyaanee waliin gaggeessuu eegalee waggoota muraasa lakkoofsisee jira.

Qeerroon jajjabeen sabaa 0romiyaa keessatti uummata isaa waliin mirga uummata isaa kabachiisuuf, ciramuu lafa 0romiyaa dura dhaabbataa, falma hadhawaaa fi suukkanneessaa keessatti hedduun osoo ajjeefamuu, hidhamuu, ariyamuu fi gudeeddaan shamarraan Oromoo irratti osoo raawwatuu gabrummaa jalaa bahuuf maqaa FDG jedhu qabatee diina dura dhaabbatee wareegama guddaas baasee injifannoo guddaas galmeessaa Oromiyaa fi uummata Oromoo bilisa baasuuf sadarkaa mootummaa gabroonfataa mootummaa abbaa irree wayyaanetti xumura taasisuu irra gahee jira.

Seenaa darban keessatti FDG barana Sadaa fi Muddee 2015 keessa gaggeeffamaa jiru seenaa Oromoo keessatti iddoo olaanaa tahee yaadatamuu fi dubbifamuu akka qabu hubachaa wareegamni FDG amma gaggeeffame keessatti wareegamni lubbuu, qabeenyaa fi diinagdee guddaa tahus Injifannoon galmawaan daran guddaa fi gammachiisaa akkasuma uummata Oromoo kan boonsuudha.

Egaan FDG amma gara xumuraatti dhufnee jirra. Qeerroon fincilli isaa kana booda itti fufuu qabu maqaa kana ofirraa jijjiiruudhaan FDG- Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa kan jedhu gara

FXG-Fincila Xumura Gabrummaatti jijjiirruun qabsoo isaa Bilisummaadhaan xumuratuu fi yeroo gabrummaa ofirraa xumuru yeroo kana tahuun sochiiwwan yeroo ammaa gaggeeffamu irrraa kan hubannuudha.

Yeroo kanaa akkuma beekamu hidhaan uummata Oromoo irratti raawwataa jiru hammaachaa, gocho mootummaa shororkeessaa wayyaaneetiin godhamaa jirus suukkanneessaa shamarran Oromoo irratti gudeeddaa dirqiin raawwataa jiraachuu osoo argaa jirru, rasaasaan kan ajjeefaman daa’imaa hanga maanguddootti dhibbaan lakkaawam mul’ataa fi dhokaatatti beekame, ilmaan Oromoo yeroo ammaa kana mana hidhaatti guuramaa jiran kumaataman lakkaawamaa jiran kun gonkumaa qabsoo keenya duubatti osoo hin deebisnee Qeerron Bilisummaa FXG mirkaneeffachuun isaa amma tahuu wal hubachisuudhaan waamicha itti fufiinsaan qabsoo keenya dhaabuu hin qabnee taasisna.

FXG Amma!

Qeerroo Bilisummaa

Muddee 30, 2015

Ficila Xumura Gabrummaa Mudde 30 2015

Mudde 30,215 Godina Kaaba Shaggar (Godina Salaalee)tti Warraaqsii Fincila Xummura Gabrummaa (FXG)n Daran Jabaachuun itti Fufee Oromoonni 150 Loltoota Itiyophia Wayyaaneen Hidhaman.

Mudde 30,2015 Godina Kaaba Shaggar (Godina Salaalee)tti Warraaqsii Fincila Xummura Gabrummaa (FXG)n Daran Jabaachuun itti Fufe abbaan Irree Wayyaanee  humna waraanatti dhimma bahuun Ilmaan Oromoo 150 olitti lakka’aman ukkamsee hidhe, Adeemsii kun immoo daran uummata Warraaqsaatti jabeessee kan jiru ta’uu Uummatni Oromoo Godina Salaalee Aanaa Hidhabuu Abootee Mudde 29/2015 irraa egaluun Guyyaa hardhaas Gandoota baadiyaa fi manneen barnootaa sadarkaa 1ffaa fi 2ffaa fi Qophaa’ina Taddasaa Birruu, Mana barumsaa Gidaamoo Sadeenii fi uummatni Ganda  Amuumaa Machaaraa, M/B  Darroo Ammuumaa wajjuu(Amaraaftee)  Aanaa hidhabuu Abootee  keessatti kanneen argamaan Manneen Barnoota sadarkaa 1ffaa Gandoota baadiyyaa keessatti argaman hunda kan dhuunfate Warraaqsii Fincila Xummura Gabrummaa(FXG) daran jabaachuun itti fufuun uummatni Oromoo mirgaa keenyaa falmachuuf manaa baanee shororkeessaa waraanaa wayyaaneen manatti hin deebinu jechuun warraaqsii daran jabaachuun itti fufe jira. Ilmaan Oromoo 150 humna Waraanaan ukkaanfamuun hidhaman keessaa namoota muraasaa maqaan nu qaqqabee jiru keessatti kan argaman:

1.       Barataa Tolasaa Dabalaa

2.       Barataa Girmaa Zawudee

3.       Barataa Eliyaas Salamoon

4.       Barataa Shallamaa Girmaa

5.       Barataa Zarihuun Kabbadaa

6.       Barataa Mulggeetaa Admaasuu

7.       Barataa Dajanee Baruudaa

8.       Barataa Tayyee Fayyee

9.       Barataa Tolasaa

10.   Barataa Abarraa Muldhataa

11.   Barataa Abarraa Girmaa

12.   Barataa Hayiluu Shonkooruu

13.   Barataa Barraakaa Gurmuu

14.   Obboo Hindaalee Miidhaksaa qotee bulaa

15.   Obboo Tasfayee …….. Qotee bulaan kanneen keessatti argaman ilmaan Oromoo gaaffii mirgaa karaa nagaa fi dimookiraasii waan gaafatan qofaaf humna waraanaan ukkanfamuun hidhatti darbamuun dararamaa jirachuun ibsamee jira. Uummata hidhaa fi Ajjeechaa waraanaan dararuun gaaffii keenyaaf deebii kennuu jechuu miti yoo daranuu akka warraaqsaa  Fincila Xummura Garbummaatti akka seennu nu dirqisiisee jira jechuun guyyaa hardhaas Warraaqsii FXG daran jabaachuun itti fufee jiraachuu madden qeerroo bilisummaa Oromoo gabaasan.



Qindeessaan Mana Barnoota Sadarkaa 1ffaa Wallaggaa Jaarsoo fi Solomoon Takiluu Hojjetaa Mana Murtii Aanaa Jaarsoo Loltoota Wayyaaneen Qabamanii Bakka Buuteen Wallaalame.

Muddee 30,2015 Barsisaa Ifaa Hailee kan jedhamuu qindeessa ykn itti gaafatamaa mana barumsaa sadarkaa 1ffaa Jaarsoo Gabaa Dafinoo kan ta’ee galgalaa har’aa 30/12/2015 jechuun manaa jireenyaa isaa sakkata’uun isaa immoo qabanii manaa hiidhaatii darbatanii jiru! Barsisaa Ifaan kan inni qabameef yakka dallagee osoo hin tanee Gaafiin bartootaa gaafii keenya jechuun namoota Caffee Oromiyaa irraa dhufaniif gaafii hedduu kan dhiyyeef mormii waltajii irraattii kaaseef  guyyaa manaa hiidhaa anaa Jaarsoo galee jira.

Kana malees Solomoon Takiluu kan jedhamuu hojeetaa mana murtii Anaa Jaarsoo kan ta’ee guyyaa kalleessa sa’a 11:30 irraattii qabamee kan turee guyyaa har’aa eessa akka isaan busaan hin beekne! Dabalaataniis qerroon anaa jaarsoo gandaa Adda’aa Gorbaaf Gandaa Odaa Qanqaa torbee darbee keessa goddo Shanee naannoo sanii gubbuun bakka teessoo Wayyannee dhorkaa jiru!




Godina Horroo Guduruu Wallaggaa Magaalaa Obarraa Keessatti Diddaan Jabaatee Itti Fufee Jira

Har’a Mudde 30,2015, Goodina Horroo Guduruu Wallaggaa Magaalaa Obarraa keessatti jabaatee itti fufee akka jiru maddeen keenya gabaasaniiru.

Barattootni Mana Barumsaa sadarkaa 1ffaa fi Qophaa’inaa Amuruu ganama irraa jalqabuun mormii isaanii dhageessisaa oolaniiru. Mormii guyyaa har’aa geggeeffame irratti Goototni barattoota Oromoo Manneen barumsaa sadarkaa 1ffaa fi qophaa’inaa Amuruu Karaa guddaa gara Magaalittii seensisu cufuun balaaleffannaa isaanii dhageessisuu kan jalqaban yommuu ta’u, balaaleffannaa jechaa gara handhuura Magaalittiitti kan dhufan yommuu ta’u, Poolisoonni Wayyaanees barattoota irratti reebicha gara jabeenyaa kan raawwatan ta’uu isaanii maddeen keenya gabaasaniiru.

Humnoonni tikaa Wayyaanee aara ija boossisu uummataa fi barattoota irratti dhukaasuun barattoota hedduu kan reeban yommuu ta’u, Barattoota hedduu hammi isaanii hin beekamnes hidhuun reebaa akka jiran beekameera. Yeroo barattootni Oromoo fi sabni Oroomoo FDG cimsee geggeessaa jiru kanatti Bulchiinsi Magaalittii (Magaalaa Obarraa) Qabsoo Oromoo dhaamsuuf guyyaa guyyaan walgahii jechuun uummata yaamaa kan jiru yommuu ta’u, Uummatni Oromoo Magaalittiifi naannawa ishees walgahii nuffisiisaa Wayyaanee lagachuun diddaa isaanii agarsiisaa akka jiran maddeen gabaasaniiru. Hawaasni Oromoo Magaalittii fii Aanaa Amuruu keessa jiran qabsoo keenya bilisummaan alatti humni dhaabuu danda’u hin jiru jechuun qabsoo isaanii cimsanii itti fufuuf keessa keessaan marii guddaa geggeessaa akka jiran maddeen keenya gabaasaniiru.

Wallagga Lixaa Jaarsoo Keessatti Daldaltoota Nagada Isaanii Guutummaatti Cusiisuun Kaabinooti Wayyaanee Walaghii Uummata Yaaman Irratti Salphatan.

Mudde 30.2015 Jaarsoo, Guyyaa har’aa Mudde 30,2015 Wallagga Lixaa Magaalaa Jaarsoo keessatti motummaan Wayyannee ummaata daldaltoota ta’aan hundaa isaa kan manneen nagadaa isaanii  cufsisuun  hojii malee dirqamaan wal ga’ii jedhee yaasa olee!

  1. Ummannii Oromoo dirqiin wal ga’ii ya’eess yaada mormii kaneen dhiyyeessa olaan!
  2. Maaliif ilmaan keenyaa gaafii seeraan gaafateef deebiin isaa rasasaa ta’a?
  3. Motummaan gibirraa humna olii nutii ramadanii
  4. Master pillaniif labsii magaalootaa Oromiyaa ummaaniif ilmaan keenya lubbuu isaa dhiigaa isaa lafee isaa itti dabarsee nun ta’uu osoo maaliif motummaa yoo ummannii itti amanee malee jedha?

Kana caalaa akkamiin mormaa ummannii jechuun gaafii hedduudhan jalaa deemtoota wayyannee mataa dhukkubbsaa ollaan boriis itti fufa jecha jiru warri Wayyaanotaa.

Barsiisaa Seenaa Kan Ta’e Sabboonaan Oromoo Aliyyii Kaasaa Godina Shaggar Lixaa Mana Baantuu Irraa Loltoota Wayyaaneen Ukkaamfame.

Aliyyii Kaasaa

Aliyyii Kaasaa

Barsiisaa Seenaa (History) Kan ta’e  Aliyyii Haasaa Guyyee mana barnootaa Baantuu Sadarkaa 2ffaa Godina Kibba lixa Shaggar,  halkan keessaa sa’aatii 7 itti mana jireenya isaa irraa human Waraana Wayyaaneen hanga ammaa bakka buuteen isaa hin beekamu.


#OromoProtests Global Solidarity Rally, London Dec 29,2015

#OromoProtests Global Solidarity Rally, Yemen

#OromoProtests Global Solidarity Rally, Toronto

Seattle: Protests over civil rights abuses in Ethiopia: The protesters, many of them members of the East African community — want Washington senators to pressure Ethiopian leaders or cut U.S. aid in the wake of the ongoing mass killings that they say are targeting ethnic Oromos in Ethiopia. #OromoProtests

OromoProtests, 29 December 2015: Oromo students at Machara High School, West Hararghe, Say No to the Master Plan and the Mass Killings in Oromia.
Barattoonni Oromoo mana barnoota Machaaraa, Harargee Lixaa,  diddaa isaanii bifa suuraa  arma kanaan gadiin argamuun Muddee 29 bara 2015 agarsiisan.

students at Machara High School (West Hararghe) Say No to the Master Plan and the Mass Killings, 29 Dec. 2015

OMN: Oduu Mud. (Dec.) 29, 2015


#‎OromoProtests The Moment TPLF Soldiers Killed Lucha Gamachu, 9th Grade Student In Inago Town West

Ibsa Sochii Dargaggoota Biyyoolessaa Bilisummaa fi Dimokiraasii (Qeerroo Bilisummaa) Irraa Kenname








Haala Yeroo Warraaqsaa Biyyoolessaa FDG Gaggeessa Jirru Ilaalchisuun Ibsa Gabaaba Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo fi Gamtaa Barattoota Oromoo Irra Uummata Oromoo Hundaaf  Kenname!!

Muddee 28,2015

Finfinnee Oromiyaa

Nuti dhaloonni haaraan fi qaroon Hawwaasaa keenyaa addunyaa qaroomtetti dhiyoo jirru jarraa 21ffaa keessa gabrummaaf jilbeeffannee hin jiraannu, Uummata keenya adeemsa qe’eerraa buqqisuu teenyee hin ilaallu, Biyyaa keenya biyya mirgi ilma namaa fi mirgi dimookiraasii keessatti dhiitamaa jiru tole jennee hin fudhannu . Sagantaa fi karooraa duguuginsa sanyii (Genocide) Maqaa Master Pilaanii Finfinnee fi labsii Magaalota Oromiyaa jedhuun as ba’ee mormuu fi gaaffii kabajamuu mirga abbaa biyyummaa, mirga dimookiraasii fi mirgi namummaa nuuf haa kabajamu jennee karaa nagaa dhiyeeffannee mormii waan jabeesinee fi dhimmichi dhugaa qabatamaa dhimma uummata Oromoo ta’uu uummatni Oromoo akka guutummaa Oromiyaatti gamtaan dhaabbatne falmachaa kan jirruuf Mootummaan Wayyaanee EPRDF/TPLF/deebii armaan gadii kana nuuf deebisaa jiraachuun seeraa fi heera ofiin tume illee cabsuun yakka dugugginsa sanyii uummata Oromoo irratti rawwate jira.

  1. Uummata karaa nagaa fi Dimookiraasii gaaffii mirgaa dhiyeeffachuun sagalee mormii dhageesisaa jiru irratti poolisii federaalaa,waraana agaazii, fi humna raayyaa ittisa biyyaa jedhamu bobbaasuun oromiyaa godinaalee cufa keessatti yakka ajjeechaa genocide’n wal madaalu fudhachuun hanga ammaa ilmaan Oromoo kan maqaan adda bahee beekamu 125 ol ta’an warreeguun,kumootaan kanneen lakka’aman madeessuun, kumoota dhibbootan kenneen lakka’aman immoo ukkamsee hidhuun mootummaa fashistii ta’uu isaan addunyaa biyyaa lafaa fi biyyoota dhiha warra mirga namaa fi dimokiraasii leellisan fulduratti ilaalcha keessa galee jira.
  2. Uummaata Oromoo karaa nagaa mirga isaa fi karooraa fi sagantaa master pilaanii Finfinnee fi Labsii Magaalota Oromiyaa hin fudhannu jedhee falmachaa jiru uummata Sivilii irratti waraana labsee uummata Oromoo irratti tarkaanfiin waraanaa fudhatamee namootni hedduun du’anii, hedduun madaa’uun hedduun immoo ukkanfamanii lafa buuteen isaanii kan dhabame ta’uun ifadha. Ibsa Qeerroo Bilisummaa Muddee 28 2015   ibsa-qeerroo-bilisummaa-muddee-28-2015

Barattooti Oromoo Wallagga Magaalaa Naqamtee Mana Barnoota Qopha’inaa FXG Itti Fufan.

Mudde 29,2015 Guyyaa har’aa sa’a ja’a irraa eegaluun barattoonni Qophaa’inaa Naqamtee dhumaatii fi daguuggaa ilmaan Oromoo irra gahu balaaleffatan.Barattooti kun mootummaa garboomfataa ilmaan Tigiraay humna waraanaa Oromiyaa keessaa baasuu qaba afaan qawwee jalatti akka barannus dhabneerra jechuun mormii isaanii karaa nagaa wayita adeemsisaa jiranitti,homaan waraanaa barattoota bittinseera Uummati Magaalaa Naqamtee barattoota cinaa dhaabbachuun mootummaa Wayyaanee balaaleffataa jiru.

Oromia: Partial list of Oromos mainly students that have been killed by Ethiopian regime police, security agents, Special and armed force during peaceful demonstration of last three weeks (updated stand. 26 December 2015). #OromoProtests


Mormiin Barattoota Yunvarsitii Wallagaa fi Salaalee Hidhabuu Abooteen itti fufee ooleera. 28 Muddee Dec. 2015


OromoProtests (Muddee/ Dec. 28, 2015): Godina Addaa Oromiyaa Walloo/Kamiseettis mormiin Uummataa fi barattootaa itti fufee jira.




Courageous High School Oromo Students in second round  silent protest and resistance inside the room after prevented by soldiers from marching outside. #OromoProtest in Adama at high school, 28 December 2015.

Barattoonni Mana Barnoota Sadarkaa 2ffaa Adaamaa keessatti argaman kutaa isaanii keessatti diddaa fi mormii callisaa daree fi gabatee gurraacha irratti mul’isan. Barattooti kunneen ala bahuun mormii isanii mul’isuuf fedhii qabaatanis, humni waraanaa gad bahuu waan isaan dhorkeef tooftaa isaanii jijjiiran.

Courageous High School Oromo Students in continue silent protest and resistance inside the room after prevented by soldiers from marching outside. #OromoProtest in Adama at high school, 28 December 2015












#OromoProtests December 28, 2015 Akkoon mormii irra jiru

Mulu Rafiisa, Col Alemu Kitessa’s 90 years old cousin says enough!

Aadde Muluu Raffisaa, dubriin Kol Alamuu Qixxeessaa gabrummaan nu gahee bu’a nurraa takkaa gadi si harkifnaa jedhu.

#OromoProtests December 28, 2015 Akkoon mormii irra jiru#OromoProtests December 28, 2015 Akkoon mormii irra jiru The struggle continues

#OromoProtests Second Round at General Tadesse Biruu School, Ejere town, North Shawa December 28, 2015
Mormiin Oromoo marsaa lammaffaa mana barnoota janaral Taaddasaa Birruu kan magaalaa Ejeree ( Shawaa Kaabaa) keessatti bifa kanaan eegale


#OromoProtests second round at General Tadesse Biruu School, Ejere town, North Shawa December 28, 2015



Godina Horoo Guduruu Wallaggaa Aanaa Guduruu Magaalaa Kombolchaatti Keessatti Warraaqsi Xumura Gabrummaa Jabaatee Itti Fufuu Qeerroon Gabaase.

Mudde 28,2015 Godina  Horoo Guduruu wallaggaa Aanaa Guduruu Magaalaa Kombolchaatti Gootota Qeerroo Barattoota Oromoo fi uummataa Oromoon  Warraaqsii Biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa Fincilli Xummura Gabrummaa (FXG)’n utuu Wal irraa hin citiin itti fufinsaan gaggeeffamaa jiru daran jabaachuun itti fufe.

  Guyyaa har’a goototni Barattootni Oromoo Aanaa Hidhabuu Abootee M/B  Kombolchaa Sadarkaa 1ffaa, 2ffaa fi Qopha’inaa fi Uummatni Oromoo jiraattootni Magaalaa Kombolchaa waliin Ta’uun Gaaffii mirgaa waan karaa Nagaa gaafatneef Yakki waraanaa nurratti labsamee kaafamuu qaba, awarranni Uummata siivilii mirga Isaac falmatu irra qubsiifamee yakka waraanaa dalagaa jiru seeraatti dhiyaachuu qaba; Dullii hidhaa Oromiyaa keessatti Uummata Oromoo irratti banamee atattamaan kaafamee hidhamtootni ilmaan Oromoo hidhaman Oromiyaa bakka hundaa iyyuu hiikamuu qabu, Waraanaan waan Doorsifamnee fi ajjeefamaa fi hidhamaa jirruuf mirga keenyaaf falmachuu irraa duubatti hin deebinuu itti fufinsaan hanga gaaffiin mirga abbaa biyyummaa kabajamutti ni falmanna;  Mootummaa goolessituun Wayyaanee atattamaan Aangoo gadi Lakkisuu qaba. Ergaa Mootummaan karoorri Master pilaanii Finfinnee fi Labsiin Magaaloota Oromiyaa fedhii ummataa aladha; waan ta’eef balleessa keenyaadha  ni fudhanna jedhee dubbate  Sababii karoora dogooggoraa fi saamichaa Oromoo irraatti aggamameen  kanaan ilmaan Oromoo akeekaa dogoggoraa fi saamichaa kana mormuun didan irraan balaan ulfaataan  madaa’anii  qaamaa hir’achuu fi Loltuu wayyaaneetiin warreegamaniif Itti gaafatamaan Mootummaa dha. Malee uummatni Maal Balleesseetu Jumlaan hidhamaa? Maal balleessetuu Ajjeefamaa?? Mootummaa yeroo Jalqabaaf Uummata isaa bulchaa jiru irratti waraana Labsee Mootummaa EPRDF qofaa ta’uu Addunyaa irratti kallatti heddujn ibsamaa waan jirruuf mootummaan yakkamaan kun nu hin bulchu. Gaaffii keenyaaf deebiin nuuf haakennamuu qaba jechuun  Guyyaa har’aa Warraaqsii Xummuraa sirna Garboomsaa  (FXG) gochuutti seenaan. Mootummaan Abba irree Wayyaanee Uummata karaa Nagaa gaaffii mirgaa gaafachaa jiruu irratti  loltuu isaa bobbaasuun Uummata goolaa jiraachuun ibsame.

Diddaan Gabrummaa Oromiyaa Keessatti Itti Fufee Godinaa fi Anaalee Akkasumas Yuniversitiin Guyyaa Har’aa FDG Itti Jiru.

Mudde 28,2015 Gabaasa Qeerroo

FDG Shaggar Kibbaa lixaatti har’a Muddee 28,2015 aanaalee hundumaa uummata qonaan bulaa hanga baadiyaatti dabalatee finiinaa jira.
Uummanni Oromoo guutuun guututti gara ona Gincitti bahuun isaan booda gara Ambootti bahuuf imala eegalee jira. FDG oromiyaa guutuutti har’aa
fib or kan eegalu godinaalee kanneen akka shawaa lixaa,Shaggar kibba lixaa fi dhaabbilee barnootaa Yuuniversitii Haromayyaa, Amboo,Wallaggaa, Bulee Horaatti diddaa barumsa dhaabuun har’a kan eegale yoommuu tahu mootummaan wayyaanee ammas humna waraana barattoota gaaffii mirgaa abbaa biyyummaa gaafatanitti bobbaasaa jiraachuun gabaafamee jira.
Har’a Muddee 28/2015 waraanni Wayyaanee barattoota doormii seenuun caccabsaa jiraachu fi barattoota irratti miidhaa gurguddaan gahaa jiru
Yuuniversitii Haromayyaa fi Ambootti itti fufeetu jira. Gabaasa Qeerroon ganama kana Yuuniversitii Haromayyaa irraa dhiyeessaa jiruun
barattootni waraana humna agaazii irratti haleellaa dhagaa fudhataniin waraanni wayyaanee mooraatti kan madoo tahes hedduu yoommuu tahu
barattootni miidhaman hedduunis dhiiga isaanii dhangalaasaa gara mana hidhaatti guuramaa akka jiran Qeerroon gabaaasee jira.
Magaala Wallisootti har’a ganama uummanni daandii cufee ergame. Mootummaan wayyaanee namoota isaa ramaduudhaan konkolaataa
doozeriidhaan daandii cufame kaasuun dhaga’amee jira.


Oromia Youth Association (MN) presents global solidarity with #OromoProtests


Guyyaa Har’aa Mudde 27,2015 FDG Yuuniverstii Madda Walaabuu Keessatti Ka’een Humni Waraana Agaazii Dabalataan Naannicha Weerare.

Madda walMadda Walaabuu









Gabaasa Addaa Amboo Mudde 27 2015



Helicopters dropped the notorious TPLF Agazi army unit forces at Ambo University overnight, terrified students can be heard screaming.




Mudde 27,2015 Kibba Shaggar Lixaatti FDG Itti Fufee Jira.

Godina Shaggar Kibba lixaa Aanaa Tolee ganda Jiwwaaroo Kaarratti Muddee 26/2015 fi Mudde 27,2015 walgayii Wayyaaneen uummata waamteen walgayiin feshalaee fi diddan dhowesniis uummata irratti waraanni wayaanee dhukaasa baneen lubbuun nama tokkoo darbee jira. akka gabaasni nu gahet addessutti anaa Toleetti halkan keessaa gartuu hin beekamneen dhaabbanni leenjii qonnaa opdon ittiin uummata oromoo gowmsitu misooma misooma jechuun dhaabbanni kun ibiddaan gubatee hojiin ala tahuun yoo gabaafamu haaluma kanaan humni darbatamaan wayyaanee halkan kana ona Tolee keessa buufate bule. Bariuunis FDG itti fufuun magaala Wallisootti dhimma kana tasgabbeessuuf mootummaan wayyaanee abbaa ergamtoota isaa OPDO dhaan uummanni akka tasgabbaauuf walgayii uummata waamsiste. Ummannis Diddaaf gara walgayii wayyaanee kan deeme yoo tahu haala uummata sodaachuu irraan waraanni wayyaanee uummata irratti dhukaasa bane jira. lubbuun dargaggoo tokkoos yoo badu kaanis madeeeffamanii kan jiran tahuu Qeerroon gabaasee jira. Hara muddee 27 daandiwwan godina shawaa kibba lixaa keessi cuccufamaa tahuu Qeerroon gabaasee jira.




“Wal-Gargaaraa” Wallee Warraaqsaa Haaraa Sabboontota Artisitoota Hinookii fi Naasifaaye /Muddee 2015





Mudde 25,2015 Yuuniverstii Wallaggaa Mooraa Naqamtee Keessatti Diddaan Sirna Wayyaanee Itti Fufe.

Mudde 25,2015 Naqamte

FDG itti fufuun gaaffiin uummata Oromoo deebii argachuu qaba hidhamtootii fi hogganootiin siyaasaa hidhaman daddaffiin haa gadhiifaman jechuun barattooti Oromoo Yuuniversitii Wallaggaa mooraa Naqamtee sagalee isaanii dhageessifataa oolan,mootummaan Wayyaanee Itiyophiyaan waraana fi humna poolisaa mooraatti guuruun barattoota burjaajessaa oole.Qawwee dhukaasuu fi humnaan barattootatti roorrisuu irraan kan ke’e humni waraana Wayyaanee kun ammoo gaaffi haqaa barattooti qaban keessatti ukkaamsuu hin dandeenye.


#OromoProtest, Muddee (Dec. 25, 2015) Tulluu Milkii

Kaaba shawaa aana Kuyyuu magaalaa garba gurraachaa fi Aanaa warra jaarsoo magaalaa Tulluu Milkiii, fincillii ummaataan raafamaa ooltee. Haaluma kanaani namoonni baayyeen waraana agaazitiin reebbamuu fi hidhaamuun beekkamee jira. Ummaanni Oromoo fincillii jalqabee bakka hundatti finiinsee akka itti fufuu dhamnatanii jiru.


#OromoProtests in Kuyyuu, Garba Gurraachaa and warra jaarsoo, Tulluu Milkii on 25th December 2015

#OromoProtests @Kuyyuu, Garba Gurraachaa and warra jaarsoo, Tulluu Milkii on 25th December 2015



#OromoProtests:  Muddee 25 Harargee Lixaa magaalaa Cirootti joollee barnoota dhisuun karaa mana gala jiran. Sababni joolleen barnootaa dhisani galaniif hangaa joolleen mana hidhaa jirtu gad dhiftani nuutis hin baranuu jechuun dhaadatanii jirani!

#OromoProtests in Ciroo, West Hararghe, on 25th December 2015

#OromoProtests in Ciroo, Hararghe, on 25th December 2015

OromoProtests: Salaalee, Oromia,  Muddee (Dec. 2015)

Oduu addaa guyyaa har’aa
Godina Sshawaa kaabaa, salaale, dirree Taaddee Birruu tti wanti nama boonsu godhameera. Gootni Oromoo humni addaa tarkaanfi fudhateen magaalota akka Garba Gurrachaa, Milkii fi Qarree gohaa harka diinaa jalaa baasee bilisoomsee oolee jira. 





VOA – Gaazexoonni Addunyaa Bebeekamoon Hiriira Mormii Oromiyaa Irratti Maal Jedhan?



A Call for the UN Human Rights Council to Create a Commission of Inquiry for Oromia State/Ethiopia





#‎OromoProtests‬ US Congress Members Keith Ellison, Betty McCollum & Tom Emmer write letter to U.S. Department of State. Page1

#‎OromoProtests‬ US Congress Members Keith Ellison, Betty McCollum & Tom Emmer write letter to U.S. Department of State

Members of U.S. Congress write to Secretary of State Kerry on Oromo Protests in Ethiopia

The following is a letter written by members of the U.S. Congress: Reps. Keith Ellison (MN), Betty McCollum (MN) and Tom Emmer (MN), to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.


December 24th, 2015

Ellison, McCollum, Emmer Send Letter to Secretary of State Kerry Regarding Protests in Ethiopia

WASHINGTON DC – Reps. Keith Ellison, Betty McCollum, and Tom Emmer sent the following letter to Secretary of State John Kerry regarding the student protests in the Oromia region of Ethiopia calling for stronger action against human rights violations:

December 23, 2015

The Honorable John F. Kerry
Secretary of State
United States Department of State
Washington, D.C. 20520

Dear Secretary Kerry:

We are writing in regards to the recent student protests in the Oromia region of Ethiopia that have erupted in response to the Ethiopian government’s Master Plan to expand Addis Ababa into surrounding farmland. Minnesota is home to the largest Oromo population in the United States and we have been contacted by hundreds of constituents concerned about the violence and intimidation these protesters have faced from government security forces. We would like to commend you for condemning the recent killings and violence against peaceful Oromo protesters. However, our constituents feel that stronger action is required to address the deteriorating human rights situation in the region.

The United States and Ethiopia have shared a long, fruitful relationship and are partners on a number of issues important to the region. This ongoing relationship, coupled with the extensive foreign assistance that the United States provides Ethiopia each year, should be used to leverage the United States’ position that inclusive democracy be practiced in Ethiopia.

Numerous reports from organizations such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and Committee on the Protection of Journalists have revealed the growing practice of government security forces using arbitrary arrests and prosecution to silence journalists and Ethiopian citizens who are simply exercising freedom of expression—a fundamental right and the cornerstone of a democratic society. These individuals are often charged under the draconian 2009 anti-terrorism proclamation. The continued mistreatment and displacement of the Oromo ethnic group in the Oromia region is especially troubling. Furthermore, the Charities and Societies Proclamation (CSO law), enacted in 2009, has made it nearly impossible for non-profits to operate in Ethiopia.

Similar protests last year left dozens of Oromos dead and hundreds arrested. This year, there have already been five officially recorded deaths, although constituents close to the issue have informed us the true number of deaths is much higher with a death toll of at least 75. Recently, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said that authorities “will take merciless legitimate action against any force bent on destabilizing the area.” This aggressive approach to peaceful protesters is cause for major concern by the United States and we therefore urge you to engage the Ethiopian leadership in a serious dialogue in order to prevent further loss of life and to ensure that Ethiopia is adhering to democratic principles.

The United States Congress has already sent a strong message regarding Ethiopia’s response to protests. The 2015 Omnibus Appropriations Bill has provisions to ensure that the U.S. funding to Ethiopia cannot be used to support forced evictions in the country. Furthermore, the bill requires U.S. assistance to be used to support local community initiatives aimed at improving livelihoods and be subject to prior consultation with affected populations. The bill also opposes U.S. funding to international financial institutions such as the World Bank for programs that could lead to forced evictions in Ethiopia.

We respectfully ask you to conduct a full, thorough review of this ongoing situation. We cannot look the other way when our allies are violating the human rights of their citizens. If during your investigation you find violations of the Leahy Law, we ask that you respond by taking appropriate action. Thank you for your attention to this important human rights matter.


Keith Ellison
Member of Congress

Betty McCollum
Member of Congress

Tom Emmer
Member of Congress

Cc: Susan Rice, National Security Advisor, White House
Samantha Power, United States Ambassador to United Nations
Congressman Ed Royce, Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee, United States House of Representatives
Congressman Elliot Engel, Ranking member of Foreign Affairs Committee, United States House of Representatives


 OMN Oduu Muddee 24 bara 2015





Family of Ob Bekele Gerba Speaks to OVR/RSO about the process of re-arrest from his resident, Adama, on 24 December 2015. He was arrested on 24 December 1:30 PM local time in Adama by 21 uniformed and armed Federal Police.


25 December, 2015 00:06

Muddee 23/2015 Waarraaqsii BiyyoolessaaOromiyaa FDG gootota Qeerroo Barattoota Oromoo Jimmaan qabsiifameen Waraannii Wayyaanee torbee Lama Guutuu erga moorraa YuunibarsiitiiJimmaa Main Cumpaasii fi MooraaSaayinsii Fi Teeknoolojii keessa qubsiifame barattoota Oromoo reebuu fi hiraasuun daran jabeessuun itti fufuun Barattoota Shaamarraanii dhagaa Cirrachaa irra jilbibiin fiqoqsuun yakkaa suukkaneessaa irratti fudhachaa jira. Barattoota Oromoo 55nis ukkaamsuu mana hidhaa Magaalaa Jimmaa keessatti ukkaamsee jiraachuu madden keenya gaabasaan.



Warraaqsii FDG Kaaba shaggar Godina Salaaleetti Jabaachuun itti Fufe!

Mudde23/2015 Uummatni Oromoo Godina Kaabaa Shaaggar Aanaa Abootee fi Dagaam daandii konkolaataa bakkoota hedduutti cufuun poolisiin federaalaa fi waraanni Agaazii akka uummata baadiyyaa keessa fiiguun uummata hin hiraarsinee dhorkan .haalli sochii uummataa kun daran itti hammachaa waan dhufeef ammas mootummaan wayyaanee human dabalataa Fiichee irraa gara Abootee fi Dagamitti dabalaa jiraachuu madden ibsan.





OMN: Oduu Mud. 23, 2015





Muddee 23,2015 Warraaqsi Bilisummaa Jabaachuun Itti Fufee Jira.

Mudde 23,2015 Godina Lixa Shaggar Aanaawwaan Jalduu, Gindabarat, Meettaa Roobii, Adaa’aa Bargaa, Magaala Baabbicha fi uummata Gandoota baadiyyaa baabbichaa,, Geedoo, fi uummata Baadiyya, Aanaa Midaa Qanyii, amboo fi uummata Baadiyyaa Waddeessaa,  Xuuqur Incinnii, Tokkee Kuttaayee, Iluu Galanii fi Baakkoo Tibbee fi Uummatni Gandoota Baadiyyaa sadarkaa Maayibaasii fi gandoota walitti Aanaaniin Walitti dhufuun Mootumma nu ajjeesaa jiruu fi warana nurratti labse waliin hin jiraannuu, ilmaan keenya ajjeesuu irra darbuun waraana kallattiin waan nurratti labsaniif mottummaan kun mootumma keeny akka hin taane mirkneeffannee jirra jechuun hanga bilisummaa keenya gonfannuu fi mirga namumma fi Dimookiraasiin qabnu nuuf kabajamutti Jaarsolii biyya fi Abbootii Gandaa naannoon wl bulchna malee mootummaa nu ajjeesuu fi nu hidhu jalatti hn bullu jechuun murteeffatan.
Yeroo kanatti Maqaa master Pilaanii Finfinnee fi Labsii Magaaloota oromiyaa mootummaan balleessa keenyaa jedhanii fudhachaa waan jiranif Mormii sababaa kanaan ka’een Lubbuu badee fi qaama hir’ateef kan itti gaafatamuu qabuu fi seeraatti dhiyaachuu qabu Mootummaa dha malee Nu hidhuu fi nu doorsisuun, Nu ajjeesuun nurraa dhaabbachuu qaba, warri karoora kana baasee ittin nu fixaa jiru seeratti dhiyaachuun itti gaafatmuu qabu jechuun uummatni Yaadaasaa kaasee warraaqsii itti fufee jira.

Kanan Boodaa hariiroon mootummaa gabrooonfaata waliin qabnu hin jiru, walga’ii kamuu kara ergamtootaa fi jaarsolii ergamtuu isaniitiin dhufuu hin fudhannu, Kanfaltii gibra hin kanfallu, diddaan keenyaa hanga mirga abbaa biyyummaa keenyaa eegsifannutti jechuun murtii jabaa fi sirna fudhatan





OMN: Oduu Mud. 22, 2015





Sirna Awwaalcha Goota Oromoo Seifu Tura Magaalaa Gincii Keessatti Raawwate. Qabsaawaan ni Kufa Qabsoon Itti Fufa!


Blood and terror on the streets as protests grip Ethiopia





Adeola asks why TPLF is once again killing ‪#‎OromoProtesters














Oduu Injifatnoo:- Qellem, Anfilloo Gandi Garjeedaa Toohannoo Uummataa Jala Jirti. Poolisoonni Wayyaanee Reebamanii Gandicha Gadhiisan, Hidhamtootni Mana Hidhaatii Uummataan Gadhiifaman!‏

Godina Wallagga Qellem, Aanaa Anfilloo ganda Garjeedaa jedhamutti Muddee 21/2015 FDG uummataan dhoween uummanni poolisootaa fi kaabinoota wayyaanee irratti tarkaanfii fudhateen ganda Garjeedaa keessaa arga ari’een booda hidhamtoota tokko osoo hin hambifnee mana
hidhaa keessaa yaasee jira.
Akka gabaasni Qeerrroo nugahe ibsutti uummanni sirna wayyaanee of keessaa baasuu qabna jechun tokkummaadhaan barattoota waliin
poolisoota wayyaanee irratti tarkaanfii fudhate. Poolisoonnis sodaa uummataan dhukaasa banuun lubbuu isaaniin uummata jalaa baqatanii
bahan, uummanni hidhamtoota mana hidhaa keessa jiran erga yaaseen booda bulchiinsa mataa ofiin of bulchaa jira. Yeroo ammaa Garjeedi
bakki gabaa kamisaa fi sanbataa jedhamee waamamu toohannoo uummataa jalatti argamti. Manni hidhaa banamee hafe. Alaabaan biyya Itoophiyaa bakka bu’u gadi bu’ee jira. Yeroo kana fakkaattii fi ergamtuun Wayyaanee magaala Garjeedaa keessatti hin argamtu.

FDG Wallagga Aanaa Waamaa Hagaloo Keessatti Ka’een Wal Qabatee Dargaggoonni 11 Waraana Agaaziin Qabamanii Bakka Bu’an Hin Beekamu Jedha Gabaasi Qeerroo.

Mudde 22,2015 Waamaa Hagaloo,

Because I am OromoHiriira diddaa garbrummaa mootummaa Wayyaanee irratti gaggeefameen wal qabatee Godina Wallaggaa Bahaa Aanaa Waamaa Hagaloo magaalota Moxeefi Qassoo jedhamanitti barnooti erga dhaabbatee bubbuleera

Haala Kanaan uummanni nagaa waraana Agaazii Wayyaaneen qabamanii bakka buuteen isaanii hin beekamne, uummanni naannoos namoonni hidhaman hanga deebi’anitti qabsoo keenya itti fufna isa jedhuun diddaa isaanii dhageessisaa jiru.

Mudde 21,2015 Oromoonni nagaa qabamanii bakka buuteen hin beekamne keessaa

  1. Konkolaachisaan Taarikuu Mokonnoon jedhamu rasaasaan rukutamee qabame.
  2. Waardiyyaan Baankii daldalaa kan ta’e Dirribsaa Waaqumaa
  3. Barataa Geetuu Baqqalaa
  4. Zalaalam Amaaree
  5. Misgaanuu Addunyaa 
  6. Misgaanuu Alamaayyoo
  7. Nagaasaa Beekumaa
  8. Caalaa Bantii
  9. Mo’iiboon Tasfaa
  10. Eebbaa Surraa
  11. Dassaalenyi Waggaarii
    Kanneen jedhaman humna tikaa wayyaaneetiin Ukkaamfamanii konkolaataa Ambulaansii aanichaan kan fuudhamanii dhabamsiisaman yeroo ta’u,

Tikoonni Wayyaanee Daggafaa Tamasgeen fi Bultii Fiqaaduu jedhaman dararaa ilmaan Oromoo irratti raawwachaa warra jiran keessaa gahee guddaa kanneen qaban dha.















OMN: Hiriira Diddaa Gabrummaa fi Mormii Master Pilaanii Finfinnee ( Vaankovar , Swiidin) Muddee 21,2015






Warraaqsii Biyyaalessaa Oromiyaa FDG Itti Fufe!!

Muddee 21/2015 Mooraa Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaatti Warraaqsii biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa daran jabaachuun kaleessa galgala qabsiifame Guyyaa Har’aas Gootottni Barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa Waraana Wayyaaneetiin hiraarfamaa jiru, Mooraan Yuunibarsiitii jimmaas Waranumaan Dhunfatame jira.
Barattootni Oromoo kaleessa galgala jechuun Muddee 20,2015 Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa mooraa guddicha (main campus) keessaa waraana mootummaan guuraman namoota 55 ukkanfamuun Magaalaa Jimmaa wajjiraa Poolisiitti Guuramuun hidhaman. Barattootni Hedduun Reebamanii midhaa guddaan irra ga’ee Hospitaala Ispeeshaalaayizdii Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa (JUSH) galfamanii jiru, akka namni itti siqee hin gaafannee waraanaan eegamaa jiru.



Mudde 21/2015 Warraaqsii biyyoolessaa oromiyaa FDG Godina Horroo guduruu keessatti Jabaachuun itti fufe,Warraaqsaa guyyaa har’aa Magaalaa Haratoo keessatti gaggeeffamaa jiruun hanga ammatti Ilmaan Oromoo Madaa’an 8 ga’aniru,.
Godina Lixa Shaggar aanaa Gindabaratitti Diddaan Uummataa daran Jabaachuu Guyyaa kaleessa irraa eegaluun daandiin Konkolaataa Gara Abunaa gindabarat geessuu bakkoota hedduutti cufamuun waraannii wayyaanee daandii banuuf rakkoo ulfaataan muddamee jira.
Aanaa Meettaa Roobii keessatti Yakki Waraanaa ilmaan oromoo irratti rawwatameen lubbuun namoota hedduu galafatame, hanga ammaa reffii namaa barbaadamaa jiraachuun ibsame jira. Gabaasaan itti fufa.

Godina Horroo Guduruutti Warraaqsii Biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa Magaalaa Haratootti daran Jabaachuun Itti Fufe,

Mudde 21/2015 Warraaqsii Biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa FDG Godina Horroo Guduruu wallaggaa Aanaa Jimmaa Gannatii Magaalaa Haratoo keessatti Gootota Qeerroo Barattootaa Oromoo M/B Haratoo sadarkaa 2ffaa,Qophainaa fi sadarkaa 1ffaa, Barsiisota ,Hojjettootaa fi qonnaan bultootaan daran Jabaachuun itti fufe.ilmaan Oromoo 4 rasaasaan madaa’an.

Hanga gaaffiin Mirga abbaa biyyuummaa, gaaffiin karaa nagaa fi dimookiraatawaa taeef deebiin sirnaa kennamutti Warraaqsii keenya itti fufa jechuun Goototni Oromoo godina horroo Guduruu guyyaa haraa Warraaqsaa gaggeeffama jiru daran jabeessuun itti fufuun, labsii waraanaa kan Mootummaan Wayyaanee EPRDF Uummata karaa nagaa falmatu irratti labse gadi jabeessuun balaaleffatan. Mootummaan atattamaan ajjeechaa , hidhaa fi shororkeessaa nurraa dhaabuu qaba, kanneen hidhaman attattamaan gadhiifamu qabu, kanneen wareegamaniif mootummaan gaafatamuu qaba, waraannii nurraa kaafamu qaba jechuun warraaqsaa ganama irraa eegaluun finiinsuutti fufan.

Mootummaan Wayyaanee akkuma amalasaa human waraanaa guddaa uumatatti bobbaasuun namootni 4 rasaasan madeeffamuu fi namootni lama lubbuun haala sodachisaa keessa jiraachuu madden keenya gabasan. Yeroo amma kana Magaalaan Haratoo Dirree Waraanaa Fakkaatti.

Daandiin konkolaataa Shambuu gara haratootti Geessuu fi Haratorraan gara Fincaaaatti geessuu bakkoota hedduutti cufamee jira gabaasaan itti fufa.


Wallagga Magaalaa Mandii Keessaa Maanguddoonnii fi Dargaggoonni Qaroo Ukkaamfamaa Jiraachuu Qeerroon Gabaase.

Jaarsolii fi Dargaggoonni qaroo uummata Oromoo ta’an magaalaa Mandii keessaa uukkaamfaman

Jaarsolii kanneen akka


  1. Oljirraa Dibaar
  2. Oljirraa  Guutaa
  3. Miizanaa Gammadaa

Jaarsolii biyyaa umurii 75 olii yeroo ta’an,jimaata darbe mana cabsuun humni tikaa Wayyaanee ukkaamsee achi buuteen isaanii dhabamera

Guyyuma kana Barsiisaa Qananii Geetaanee dargaggoota magaalaa Mandii wajjin qabamee achi buuteen isaanii dhabamee

Yeroo ammaa kana magaalaan Mandii dargaggootii fi jaarsoliin hawaasi kan keessa hin jiraanne ta’uun beekamaadha!





No taxation to Tyrannic  Ethiopian regime (TPLF).

20 December 2015: #OromoProtests:has continued in various area in Oromia. Today the people of Tokke Kutaye West Shawa, farmers from several villages marched. They have now promised to boycott market and refuse taxation.
Mormiin ummata Oromoo akkuma itti fufetti jira. Har’a qonnaanbultoonni gandoota heddurraa walitti dhufan Godina Shawaa Lixaa, Aanaa Tokkee Kuttaayee keessatti mormii godhaat oolan. Bittaa gurgurtaa gabayaa dhaabuufi gibira kafaluu dhaabuuf waliin galanii akka adda bayan beekameera. Source; Social Media via Jawar Mohammed.


OromoProtests @Tokke Kotaye, Ambo, Central Oromia, 20December 2015

 Goototni Qeerroon Barattootni Oromoo Mooraa Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa Main Cupasii  FDG Itti fufun Qabsoo Finiinsan. 

Warraaqsii Biyyoolessa Oromiyaa FDG’n  Galgala kana sa’aa 11:00 irraa eegaluun  Goototni Qeerroon Barattootni Oromoo Mooraa Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa Main Cupasii  Itti fufun Qabsoo Finiinsan.

Addaatti Labsii Waraanaa Mootummaan Ethiopia EPRDF/TPLF/OPDO’n Dabarse gadi jabeessuun balaaleffachuun Hanga gaaffiin Mirgaa Abbaa biyyummaa Oromoo kabajamuu fi mirgootni Namummaa fi Dimookiraasii kabajamuutti Warraaqsii keenya wal Irraa hin citu jechuun Warraaqsaa FDG jabeessuun itti fufan.

Goototni Qeerroon Barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa Utuu humna waraana agaazii fi Humna ittisa biyyaa guddaan Marfamanii eegamaa jiranii warraaqsaa Finiinsan.  Ilmaan Oromoo utuu jilmaan humna waraanaan ajjeeffamanii, utuu Lollii Duguuginsa Sanyii nurratti Labsamee jiruu, utuu ilmaan oromoo hidhaatti Guuramanii, utuu Oromoon dararaa ulfaata keessa jirruu falmaa irraa duubatti hin deebinuu,jechuun  warraaqsaa FDG jabeessuun  Mootummaan Hatattamaan Waraanaa ittisa biyyaa , Waraana agaazii fi Poolisii federaalaa Oromiyaa keessa baasuu qaba. Ilmaan Oromoo jumlaan Wareegamaniif Mootummaan gaafatama fudhachuu qaba jechuun Warraaqsaa jabeessuun itti fufan.

Mootummaan Wayyaanee akkuma amala isaa barattoota karaa nagaan gaaffii mirgaa fi dimookiraasii gaafachuun qalma malee homaa of harka hin qabne irratti waraana bobbaasuun gaazii Summaa’aa haalaan ulfaatu mooraa Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa keessatti dhoosuun qilleensaa uumamaa illee faaluun barattoota Oromoo fi barattoota mooraa yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa irraan balaa guddaa qaqqabsiisa jira. Warraaqsa kanaan walqabatee galgala kana goototni barattootni Oromoo waraanaa waliin waldura dhaabbachuun warraaqsa itti fufan, Barattootni hedduun Mooraa gadi lakkisaa jiru, guutummaa gabaasa kanaa walitti deebina…

Mudde 20,2015

Godina addaa Oromiyaa naannawa Finfinneetti mootummaan hojjattoota mootummaa mana hidhaatti guuraa jira.

Akkuma beekamu FDG yeroo ammaa guutuu Oromiyaa keessatti gaggeeffamaa jiru kanaan raafama guddaa keessa galuun isintu uummata nurratti kakaasaa jira jechuun hojjattota mootummaa maqaan isaanii

1ffaa. Darajjee magarsaa hojjataa waajira qonnaa

2ffaa. ASheetuu tolaa barsiisaa kan jedhaman guyyaa kaleessaa mana hidhaa aanaa sululta magaala caancotti darbatamuun reebichaa fi dararaan garagaraa irratti raawatamaa ji1a





Mudde 19,2015 Barataan Oromoo Tasammaa Ittisaa Barataa Engineering waggaa jalqabaa Yuunibarsiitii Walqixxee guyyaa lama dura erga humna tikaan qabamee achi buuteen isaa dhabamee jira. Tasammaa Ittisaa Shaggar Dhiha Gindabaratitti dhalatee guddate.

Kana malees har’a Mudde 19,2015 Barruu Qeerroo  magaalaa Naqamtee keessatti facaeen guutummaan magaalaa Naqamtee har’as fincila addaa keessa jirti.



‘The political leaders of the Ethiopian Government have a policy of killing all opponents who take to the streets to demonstrate against them. Other opponents who do not demonstrate but make public statements instead, are sent to jail for long periods.’    Kank Cohen ‪






Dirreen interneetii wayyaanee qaamaa hin beekamneen dhunfatumee FDG irratti maxxansaa jira.

An unknown group hacked and vandalized Ethiopian Ministry of Defense website. Graphic images from the recent Oromo student protests were posted on the site.

Read more at:-









‘Greater Addis’ anger

Africa Confidential (Vol 56,  No. 25  December, 18,  2015):

 Human rights groups have accused the security forces of killing more than 40 people in Oromia state after renewed student protests broke out over the planned expansion of Addis Ababa. The protests spread to more than 100 towns, leading to confrontations with armed police. Gruesome photos of injured protesters were widely shared on social media with the hashtag #OromoProtests.


Human Rights Watch (Oromia): Ethiopia: Lethal Force Against Protesters. #OromoProtests



#OromoProtests: The United States Concerned By Clashes in Oromia, Ethiopia

Press Statement, Washington, DC  December 18, 2015

The United States is deeply concerned by the recent clashes in the Oromia region of Ethiopia that reportedly have resulted in the deaths of numerous protestors. We greatly regret the deaths that have occurred and express our condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives.

We urge the government of Ethiopia to permit peaceful protest and commit to a constructive dialogue to address legitimate grievances. We also urge those protesting to refrain from violence and to be open to dialogue.

Read more at:-


US ambassador calls on Ethiopia to ‘use restraint’

The US ambassador to the UN has described the Ethiopian prime minister’s reaction to the recent Oromo protests as “concerning”.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said on Wednesday that the government “will take merciless legitimate action against any force bent on destabilising the area”.

Godina Kibba Lixa Shaggar Aanaa Tolee Magaalaa Abeebee Keessatti FDG Ka’een Oromoonni 5 ol Wareegamuu Qeerroon Gabaase.

Mudde 19,2015

Godina kibba lixa Shaggar aanaa Tolee magaalaa Abeebee keessatti gaafa guyyaa gaafa Mudde 18-19/2015 sa’aatii sadiirraa eegalee sabboontota barattoota fi ummata Oromootin eegalame haala ajaa’ibaatin diinan waldura dhaabbannan fi sodaa tokko malee mormii qaban ibsataa oolan.

Mootummaan gabroomsaa fi nama nyaatan Wayyaanee ummata hirira baherratti gara jabeenyan humna Agaazii fayyadamuudhan rasaasa roobsaa oolen qotee bulaa shan ajjeesuudhaan kudhanii ol akka malee madeessun lubbuun isaanii du’aaf jireenya gidduu kan jiruudha.Namoonni wareegaman maqaan isaanii

1.Obbo Mokonnin Guddisaa

2.Obbo Daadhii Kumsaa

3.Obbo Kumaa Leenjisaa

4.Obbo Abarraa Dhaabaa

5.Haga ammaa Maqaan kan nun gahin battalatti kan du’an yoo ta’u,kan lubbuun hafan magaala walisoo hospitaala Kaatoolikii luqaas,Finfinnee fi Hospitaala tulluboollotti yaalamaa kan jiraniidha.

Ummanni oromoo bakka hundaa waltumsee mootummàa Lubbuu ilmaan oromoo akka malee duguugaa jiru kana waloodhan ofiirra darbuu qaba.Qabsoon itti Fufa.



#OromoProtests @Finfinnee (AAU) breaks over kidnapping of two female students by Fascist TPLF (Agazi) forces. Their name is Lomitu Waqbulcho ( 3rd year Afan Oromo & Hirut Tule (2nd year Chemical Engineering). 18 December 2015

#OromoProtests @Finfinnee (AAU) over kidnapping of two female students. Their name is Lomitu Waqbulcho ( 3rd year Afan Oromo & Hirut Tule (2nd year Chemical Engineering). 18 December 2015

Mudde 18,2015  Goototni Barattootni Oromoo Mooraa Yuunibarsiitii Finfinnee Killoo 6 Warraaqsaa Biyyaalossaa Oromiyaa FDG jabeessuun itti Fufuun Guyyaa har’aa Warraaqsii Finiinsuun Labsii waraanaa Uummata Oromoo uummata karaa nagaa Mirga isaaf falmachaa jiru irratti dabarfame balaaleffachuun hiriiraa Mormii ba’uun sagalee guddaan dhaadannoo ‘’Uummata Civilii irratti waraana labsuun Yakka Genocide
dhuguuginsa Sanyii ta’uu aaddunyaan nuuf haa hubatu ‘’ jechuun mormii jabeessuun itti fufan. Gaaffiin Keenya gaaffii uummata Oromooti, gaaffii mirgaa fi dimookiraatawaa ta’ee, Mormii Master Pilaanii Finfinnee fi mormii labsii magaalota naannoo Oromiyaa irratti dhiyaatee fi gaaffii mirga abbaa biyyummaati. Malee Shororkeessuumma waliin haalli wal qabachiisuu tokko illee hin jiru jechuun yaada isaanii ibsachuun ,Yakka Labsii waraanaan Uummata Ukkamsina jedhu kana gadi jabeessuun ni balaaleffanna jechuun sagalee guddaan mormii isaanii jabeessuun itti fufan.


FDG Godina Wallaggaa Aanaa Qeellam Magaalaa Shebel Mudde 18,2015

ShabalShebel AnfillooShebel





Ogeessi Fayyaa Poolise Federaalaa Kan Ta’e Dargaggoon Wayyuu Beekaa Galeeraa Ukkamfame

Mudde 18,2015

12399794_483675665157188_1447812698_oDargaggoo Wayyuu Beekaa Galeeraa jedhamu finfinnee Nifas Silkii Laaftoo bakka hojii isaa waajjira fayyaa irraa Police federalan kaleessa guyyaa 17/12 /2015 ukkamfamee. Wayyuu Beekaa kan dhalatee guddatee Amboo yoo ta’uu dura illee maikalawiiti hidhamee kan turee fi waggoota lamaan darban hordoffii jalaa akka ture dhagahame.



FDG Godina Wallaggaa Aanaa Qeellam Magaalaa Shebel Mudde 18,2015

ShabalShebel AnfillooShebel





Barattoota Mana Barnootaa Sadarkaa 1ffaa Waayyuu Tuqaa,Wallagga,Mudde 18,2015


#OromoProtests @Bulloo (Sulultaa), Central Oromia Near Finfinnee, December 2015.

Har’a Muddee 18,2015 Godina addaa Oromiyaa naannawa Finfinnee aanaa Muloo Keessa itti FDG haalaan jaabate itti fufuun warraanni sirna nama nyaataa Wayyaanee uummata irratti rasaasa roobsaa jiraachuu Qeerroon gabaase.

#OromoProtests @Bullo (Sulultaa) 18 Dec. 2015







VOA Afaan Oromoo,  17 December 2015

Mormii Oromiyaa keessatti geggeessamaa jiru ilaalchisuun Muummicha-ministaraa Itiyophiyaa dabalee aangawoonni biyyattii ol’aanoon ibsa kennanii jiran. Ministarii Dhimma Koomiyuunikeeshinii Mootummaa Itiyoophiyaa, Obbo Getaachew Raddaa, tuta sabaa-himaa biyya keessaaf ibsa kennanii fi Raadiyoo Sagalee Ameerikaa waliin gaaffii fi deebii geggeessaniin, jeeqama dudduuba taa’anii akka inni belbelu ka gochaa jiran dhaabota biyya keessatti sirnaan galmaawanii sosso’anii fi kanneen biyya alaa jiran akka shororkeessotaatti ramadamani jechuun balaaleffatanii jiran.

Ibsawwan Ministarichi Dhimmoota Komiyunikeeshinii Itiyoophiyaa kennan kanaaf akka deebii kennan ka gaafataman Addi Bilisummaa Oromoo fi Kongiresiin Federaa;awa Oromoo, “mootummaan Itiyoophiyaa maqaa adda addaa waamee itti-gaafatama dhaaba biraatti dabarsuu yaaluu irra gaaffii uummata irraa dhihaateef iddoo kennee deebii barbaachisu kennuu qaba” jedhan.

Dubbi-himaan Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo, Obbo Toleeraa Adabaa Raadiyoo Sagalee Ameerikaaf ibsa kennaniin, “ABO miti ka mormicha kakaase.Mormiin Oromiyaa keessaa mormii uummataa ti. Uummaa miidhaa barootaaf irratti geggeessame baachuu dadhabee ka’e.” jedhan.

Gama biraatiin, dhaaba mormituu biyya keessaa irraa barreessaan Koongiresa Federaalawa Oromoo, Obbo Beqqelee Nagaas, kan uummaticha mormiif kakaase hammaachaa deemuu hacuuccaa mootummaa akka tahe dubbatu. “Miseensonni keenyas tahe uummatni mirga isaaf karaa nagaa falmachuun mirga heerri biyyaa kenneef” jedhu.

The Independent

Ethiopia security forces kill up to 50 people in crackdown on peaceful protests

17 December 2015

Attempted land grab by Ethiopian government has led to violence against ethnic group
Attempted land grab by Ethiopian government has led to violence against ethnic group

People from the Oromia region, close to Addis Ababa, have been discriminated against by Ethiopia’s ruling ethnic groups Reuters


Human rights groups say an attempted land grab by the federal government has seen violence flare in the Oromia region, with up to 50 protesters killed by security forces so far this month.

Campaigners from the Oromo ethnic group say they have been labelled “terrorists” by Ethiopian authorities as they fight the government’s plan to integrate parts of Oromia into the capital Addis Ababa.


Horroo Guduruu Wallaggaa,Aanaa Giddaa Ayyaanaa Keessatti FDG Dargaggootaa fi Uummataan Mudde 17,2015 Gaffeeffame


Godina Lixa Shaggar Keessatti Uummanni Oromoo Gamaa Gamanaa Malakata Afuufuun Wal Yaamee Milishootaa fi Poolisoota Irraa Meeshaa Hikkachiisaa Jira.

Muddde 17,2015 ,

Godina Kibba lixa Shaggar aanaa Daawoo gandoota baadiyyaa kan akka Boombii Musguree fi Daalachaa keessatti Mormiin uummata itti itti fufee jira.

Ummatni gamtaan malakata afuufe sirba yaa’a halkan Edaa (17/12/2015)hidhataa gandaa tokko osoo bira hin dabarre qawwee irrs gurrachaa jiru. Amma halkan illee imala isaanii itti fufan jedhan. Qaamni motummaas polisiin sodaatte caluma jetti. Agaazin waan wal hanqate fakkata hanga amma irra hin dhaqabne. Ummatnis ykn hidhattonni erga humni motumman laafee nu dhaqabuu dide jedhanii lubbu isaani sodaf jecha mormi tokko malee hidhannoo isaani hikatani kennaa jiru.


Gaaffiin Keenya Hundee Hamma Hiikkaa Argatutti FDG Itti Fufna!! Jedhu Gootonni Barattooti Oromoo Yuniverstii Jimmaa/Mudde 17,2015




“The Oromo protest movement burns out of the general socio-economic and political marginalization and exclusionary features of the current regime.”

“The party [Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front] looks to have neither developed the society — we are begging food aid now — nor democratized the state-society relationships in Ethiopia.”

Read more in Sahara Reporters, 16 December 2015


Protesters and opposition party members say they are fighting against an urban plan — commonly referred to as the master plan — that would link infrastructure development in Addis Ababa with that of surrounding towns in Oromia, including Burayu. Critics say the plan threatens the sovereignty of Oromo communities.

“The request of the Oromo people is this: Do not expand Addis into Oromia,” said the Burayu resident who asked that his name not be disclosed.

“The government has admitted that it didn’t do enough to introduce the master plan,” said Hallelujah Lulie, a researcher at the Institute for Security Studies in Addis Ababa. “However, beyond the issue of the proposed master plan, the protests are caused by broader issues, including the proper implementation of federalism and the capital’s relationship with the Oromo community that surrounds it. The movement, which is informed by historic injustices, also targets bad governance and calls for respect for human and political rights.”

Read more in New York Times , 16 December 2015





Mudde 17,2015 #OROMOPROTES:  Warraaqsii Biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa FDG jabaachuun itti fufe Godina Wallagaa Bahaa Waamaa Hagalootti Warraaqsii daran jabaachuun itti Fufe, Guyyaa hardhaa Aanaa Waamaa Hagalootti warraaqsii finiina jira, uummatni Baadiyyaa fi Magaalaa hin Hafnee hunduu ba’ee falmachuu irratti argama. Godina Lixa Shaggar Aanaa Iluu Galaan Magaalaa Ijaajjii keessatti warraaqsii  guyyoota Sadiif itti fufinsaan gaggeeffamaa jira. Magaalaan Ijaajjii Dirree waraanaatti jijjiramee jira.

Aanaa Midaa Qanyiitti Warraaqsii  Uummataan jabaachuun hojjettootni mootummaa hundii hojii dhaabaan, Milishoonnii gandaa Uummataa waliin hiriiruun Mootummaa Wayyaanee Ganuun Uummatatti hidhannoo isaanii waliin harka kennatan , Mootummaan Wayyaanee Har’a Humna waraana Isaa guddaa konkolaataa 7 Fe’uun gara Aanaa Midaa Qanyiitti geessa utuu jiruu Daandii Konkolaataa Leencaa irraan jallatee Midaa geessuu bakka Goodaa Abbaa Caalaa jedhamuun Beekamutti uummatni riqicha kutuun waraanni wayyaanee karaa darbee Midaa seenuu dhabuun rakkacha jiru. Aanaa Calliyaa Magaalaa Gedoo fi Baabbichaa Humna Loltuu Makelakeya jedhamuun beekamuun qabamte ganama kana.

  Kaayyoon Waraanni Wayyaanee Midaa Qanyiitti geeffamaa jiruuf hidhattoota gandaa fi poolisoota Meeshaa hiikachiisuuf waan ta’eef  hidhattootni gandaa fi poolisootni of eeggannoo akka godhanii fi haala akkan ulfaatu kana keessatti meeshaa akka hin hiikkatne dhaamsii darbeefii qophiitti jiru.




Mudde 16.2015 galgalaa fi har’a Mudde 17,2015   Warraanni Agaazii  Wallagga Shaambu galchanii jiru. Waraanni kun konkolaataa 7 seene Barattootni Oromoo magaalichaa waraana seenetti dhagaa darbachuun itti chookanii dhadachuu fi WBO ABO dhadessaa jiru. Bulchiinsi magaalaa Shaambuu sagalee guddistuu dhaam namni tokko illee akka magaalaa keessatti gadi bahee hin argameef konkolaataan olii gadi fiigee labsii dhageessisaa jiru illee uummanni diddaa isaa itti fufee jira.


FDG Har’aa Mudde 17,2015 Qeerrolee Yubdoo Wallaggaa,







Addis Standard, 16 December 2015 :-



Amnesty International Press Release, (December 16, 2015):

Ethiopia: Anti-terror rhetoric will escalate brutal crackdown against Oromo protesters


BBC News (16 December 2015): Ethiopia: Amnesty warns against ‘brutal crackdown’ on protesters


VOA News (16 December 2015): More Than 40 Killed in Ethiopia Protests








How The Oromo Protests Are Exposing Ethiopia’s Longstanding Political Vulnerabilities


Ethiopia opposition tells government to stop killing protesters


There have been tensions in Ethiopia’s Oromia region and political organisations representing the Oromo people-have been banned. Over the last few weeks, thousands of students have been protesting and they say, many have been killed in clashes with the police. The tensions are over the plans to expand the capital Addis Ababa. So why are they against this master plan? Henok Gabisa is a visiting international law fellow at Washington and Lee University School of law and also president of the Oromo Studies Association in Washington DC. He spoke to Focus on Africa’s Audrey Brown. BBC Africa, 15 December, 2015







Oduu Injifatnoo:- Magaalonni Oromiyaa Hedduun Bilisoomanii Jiru,Dambi Doolloo,Boojjii,Baha Oromiyaa Awadaay Ummataan Dhuunfataman!

Dambi dooloo





Har’a Mudde 15,2015 Godina Wallaggaa Aaanaa Waamaa Hagaloo Keessatti Barattooti Waraana Meeshaan Itti Dhukaasuu Dura Dhaabbachuun Diddaa Gaggeessaa Jiru.

Mudde 15,2015

Godina Wallaggaa Aaanaa Waamaa Hagaloo irra barattooti mana barumsaa Qassoo sadarkaa duraa fi lammaffaa(2ffaa)  hiriira uummata magaalaa wajjin adeemsisaa jiru humni waraanaas magaalaa Moxee irraa itti guuramee barattoota irratti dhukaasa banaa jira,uummanni ammoo diddaa isaa jabeessuun sa’aa kanatti baadiyaa fi magaalaa keessaa tokkummaan ka’ee Wayyaanee of irraa arihaa jira.



Diddaa Barattoota Oromoo Magaalaa Naqamtee Mudde 14,2015


Oduu Ammee:- Dambi Doolloo Wallaggaa Magaalaan Ummataan Bilisoomtee Bultee Har’a Ammo Dhukaasi Meeshaa Gurguddaan Irratti Ta’aa Jira.

Mudde 15,2015 Dambi Doolloo

Uummatni magaalaa Dambi Doolloo Wallaggaa tokkummaan dhaabbachuun kaabinootaa fi loltoota Wayyaanee of irraa baasee bulchiinsa magaalaa tolfatee bule. Haala kana keessatti dhukaasaa fi lola loltooti Wayyaanee irratti bananiin namni 8 uummata irraa kan wareegaman yeroo ta’u ammo dhuma irratti injifatnoon kan uummataan xumuramee magaalittiin dhuunfatamuun alaabaa Oromoo dhaabbattee bulte, Har’a Muddee 15,2015 ammoo loltooti Wayyaanee humna guddaan magaalittiitti bobba’uun meeshaalee gurgurddaa dhukaasaa fi qabeenya uumataa miidhaa akka jiran gabaasi Qeerroo addeessa.

Ummanni Baadiyyaa kallattii 4 n waan qabu qabatee gara magaalaatti birmachaa jira.Dhiiraa dhalaa osoo hin jenne jaarsaa jaartii osoo hin jenne gara magaalaatti duuluun Wayyaanota of irraa baasuuf qabsoo guddaa gochaa jiru.









Jalduu, Muddee 13, 2015










Elemo Ali & Habtamu Lamu: “Maaluma Maaliinni?” [New Oromo Protest Music]





Oromia: OSA Statement on the Master Plan and the Oromo Protests


Oromia Support Group Asutralia Statement on the Current Situation in State of Oromia.


Freedom House: In response to the ongoing protests in Ethiopia’s Oromia regional state and authorities’s violent response, killing and injuring several peaceful protesters.



Les Oromos d’Éthiopie se rebellent contre Addis Abeba

For 10 days, violent clashes took place between police and protesters in the Oromia region in Ethiopia. The activists, many of them students, denounce a project “land grab” led by the government.

Depuis 10 jours, de violents affrontements ont lieu entre les forces de l’ordre et des manifestants dans la région d’Oromia en Éthiopie. Les militants, pour beaucoup des étudiants, dénoncent un projet “d’accaparement des terres” mené par le gouvernement.



Violent clashes in Ethiopia over ‘master plan’ to expand Addis



Outcry as Oromo protests in Ethiopia turn violent


VOA: Several Killed in Ethiopia Oromia Protests


Oromia: Vice News: Deadly Protests in Ethiopia as Students Defend Farmers from Urban ‘Master Plan’


Ethiopia: Oromo community protests in London over ‘forced eviction and ethnic cleansing’


Ethiopian police killed 10 Oromo students who were demonstrating peacefully overplans to integrate the capital, Addis Ababa, with surrounding towns in Oromia region in the past three weeks. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-12-10/ethiopian-opposition-say-10-oromo-students-killed-at-protests

#OromoProtests 11 December, 2015 OMN: Breaking News


Al Jazeera Covers #oromoProtests December 11,2015









Our Redeemer Oromo Evangelical Church Praying and in solidarity with our people | Video


– See more at: http://www.zehabesha.com/our-redeemer-oromo-evangelical-church-praying-and-in-solidarity-with-our-people-video/#sthash.IJKvrn2y.dpuf







Warraaqsi Bilisumma Godina Lixa Shaggar Aanaa Meettaa Roobii fi Aanaalee Ammaayyaa Keessatti Bifa Adda Ta’een Itti Fufee Jira

Mudde 14,2015 Godina Lixa shaggar Aanaa Meettaa Roobiitti warraaqsii Warraaqsii biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa FDG daran jabaachuun Uummataa,
Dargaggootaa ,Hojjettoota Mootummaa,Barattoota fi Uummata Qonnaan Bultootan jabaachuun itti Fufe jira. Sochiin uummataa kun Aanaa
Guddicha lixa Shaggar Meettaa Roobii keessatti Gandoota 41 fi Magaalota Xixiqqoo hedduu kan Of keessa qabu,keessatti qabsisan.
Uummatni magaalota akka Minaaree, Eelaa fi Goorootti akka waraanni hin seenne ittisan . Erga Waraanniuumataa Oromoo Jalduu karaa nagaan
Jaarsaa biyyaan Bulaa jiru irratti Banamee dhumuu qabna Malee uummata keenya Meeshaa malee dhumaa jiruuf haa dirmannu jechuun warraaqsii
itti fufuun yeroo amma kana Sochiin warraaqsaa uummata haalaan jabaachuun itti fufe. Waraanni Wayyaanee Raayyaan ittisa biyyaa
konkolaataan Oraalii 7tti fe’amee Gara Meettaa Roobiitti geeffamaa jira, daandii uummatni cufeen karaa dabaa dhabuun rakkoo meeqa
keessaan Uummata Oromoo Meettaa Roobii fixuuf adeema jiru, Halli har’an tana gara Meettaa Roobii jiru haalaan yaaddeessadha.

Mudde 14/2015 Godina Kibba Lixa shaggar Aanaa Ammayyaattii Warraaqsii biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa FDG daran jabaachuun Uummataa, Dargaggootaa ,Hojjettoota Mootummaa,Barattoota fi Uummata Qonnaan Bultootan jabaachuun itti Fufe jira. Erga Waraanni Magaalaa walisoo fi aanaawwaan Godina walisoo keessa qubsiifamee jiru Aanaa Ammayyaatti uummata irratti dhukaasaa jira.
Haaluma walfakkaatuun uummatni oromoo Aanaa Wanciis dhaadannoo sagalee jabaan dhageesisa jira. Guutummaan godina Kibba lixa Shaggar
godinni walisoo warraaqsaa guddaa keessa galtee jirti. Waraannis sagalee dhukaasaa meeshaa gurguddaa dhageesisuu itti fufe. Uummatni
daandii Cufuun karaa nagaa sagalee mormii guddaa gochuu fi daandii cufuu itti fufe!!

Hiriirri Mormii Naannolee Oromiyaa Keessaa Itti Fufe

Mudde 14, bara 2015

Godinaalee Oromiyaa bakka adda addaa keessatti hiriirri mormii har’as itti fufee oole. Akkuma kanaan kutaa addaa Oromiyaa Buraayyuu ganda Annee diimaa jedhamu keessatti hiriira mormii uummati geggeessu bittinneessuuf humnootiin mootummaa itti bobba’uu isaanii jiraattonni dubbataniiru.

Humnootiin mootummaa duraan samiitti ol qabanii dhukaasan iyyuu booda irra uummatatti qabanii dhukaasuu qaban, qabeenyaan kan gubate ennaa ta’u lubbuun namaa garuu akka carraa ooleera jechuun nuuf ibsaniiru.

Wallaggaa lixaa Caliyaa, shawaa lixaa Gindabarat aanaalee kaachisii fi Abuna keessatti hiriirri uummataa itti fufuu dhaan bakkuma kanatti humnoonni poolisii rasaasa dhukaasaniin lubbuun namaa darbuu illee jiraattonni kun ibsaniiru.

Wallagguma lixaa magaalaa Mandii keessatti illee hiriirri mormii guddaan geggeessamuu dhaan uummati mormii qabu dhageessiaa kan oole ta’uu jiraattonni magaalattii nuuf ibsanii jiran.

Hoogganoota paartii mormituu keessaa haala har’a Oromiyaa keessa jiru irratti gabaasaalee harkaa qabna ka jedhan barreessaa Kongresa Federaalawaa Oromoo Obbo Baqqalaa Nagaa ti.

Muddee 14 Bara 20115:   Jimmaa Arjootti ummata hirira bahan irratti dhokaasaan.


#OromoProtests @Mandi, Wallagaa, 14 December 2015

#OromoProtests @Mandi, Wallagaa, 14 December 2015.png

#OromoProtests @Mandi, Wallagaa, 14 December 2015 picture2

Muddee 14 Bara 20115: Barattonni mana barnootaa Sad 2ffaa Qeellam, kan Dambi Doollotti argamuu mormii godhaan.

#OromoProtests @Laaloo Qilee. Qellem Wallagaa, 14 December 2015

#OromoProtests @Laaloo Qilee. Qellem Wallagaa, 14 December 2015.png

Mass #OromoProtests @Bako, Central Oromia, 14 December 2015


Mass #OromoProtests @Bako, Central Oromia, 14 December 2015

#OromoProtests @Ambo, 14 December 2015

Ummanni Oromoo Amboo sirna awwalcha wareegamaa goota tokko yoo geggeessanitti  mormii suuraa armaa kanaa gadi fakkatun magaalatti human waraanaa 3,000 of keessaa qabdu raasaa oolan.

#OromoProtests @Ambo, 14 December 2015Oromo people of VS Fascist (TPLF) Agazi forces. #OromoProtests. 14 December 2015.

#OromoProtests, healthcare professionals at Bishoftu hospital saying No! to the Master Plan, 14 December 2014

#OromoProtests, healthcare professionals at Bishoftu hospital saying No! to the Master Plan, 14 December 2014

Mudde 14, Bara 2015: Barattoonni Hospitaala Xuqun Ambsaa mormii isaanii bifa kanaan agarsiisaan.

#OromoProtests @Black Lion Hospital Oromo Medical stodents, 14 December 2015

Mudde 14,2015 Godina Lixa Shaggar Aanaa Jalduutti Mootummaan Abbaa irree Wayyaanee warraaqasaa biyyoolessa Oromiyaa FDG gaaffii Mirgaa Karaa Nagaan dhihaate Dura dhaavbbachuuf Uummata Oromoo Jalduu irratti Waraana bane, Jalduu Guyyaa sadiif Uummatni Waraanaa Raayyaa ittisa biyyaa fi waraana Agaazii Jedhamuun waraanama jira. Hanga ammatti namootni qabatamaan Wareegamaan bira ga’uun hedduu rakkisaa ta’aa jira. Jalduu Naannoo koluutti ilmaan Oromoo Kanneen Waraana gaggeeffama jiru keessatti wareegaman keessa;
1. Damissee Baayisaa
2. Milishaa Dhugumaa
3. Nimona Tilahuu
4. kebebaa Xaafaa,
5. Dirribaa Dabal,
6. Geeddafaa Guddisaa, kan keessatti argaman dabalatee ilmaan Oromoo hedduun kan Wareegaman ta’uun waraana guddaa hanga ammaa uummatarratti gaggeeffama jiru irraa tilmaamuun danda’amera.
Yeroo ammaa Godina Lixa Shaggar Aanota akka Gindabarat Magaalaa Abuunaa , Giincii Magaalaa Asgorii fi Magaalaa Amboo keessatti yakka
Waraanaa loltootni wayyaanee uummata Civilii irratti waraana banuun ilmaan Oromoo hedduu wareegamuun hubatame jira.

Mudde 14,2015 Goototni Qeerroon Barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Madda Walaabuu Sabaa fi Sablammoota Biyyattii Hunda dabalachuun halkan Guutuu FDG finiinsaa Bulan. madda Walaabuutti Warraaqsii Biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa FDG jabaatee itti fufe. Barattootni Ilmaan sabaa fi sablamoota biyyattii Mooraa yuunibarsiitii Madda Walaabuu barattoota Oromoo waliin ta’uun sagaalee dhaadannoo dhageesisaa bulan. humni waraana wayyaanee Agazii jedhamu barattoota dura dhaabbachaa kan jiruu fi Akka Magaalaatti gadi hin baane humnaan Ittisaa jira.


#OromoProtests @Buraayyuu (C. Oromia), to obstruct the movement of fascist TPLF Ethiopia’s forces (Agazi), elementary school students blocked roads, 14 December 2015. Muddee14 Bara 2015 barattoonni sadarkaa 1ffaa Burrayyuu  socho’ina loltuu fshistii wayyaanee danquuf daandii cufan.


#OromoProtests 4th round@ Wara Jiru town, Najo District , December 14, 2015

#OromoProtests 4th round@ Wara Jiru town, Najo District , December 14, 2015#OromoProtests 4th round@ Wara Jiru town, Najo District , December 14, 2015 picture2






#OromoProtests @Buraayyuu (C. Oromia), elementary school students bloocked roads, 14 December 2015

#OromoProtests @ Qobboo (Eastern Oromia), 14 December 2015

Harargee Bahaa, aanaa Dadar magalaa Qobbootti hiriira mormii bahanii turan. Humni tikaa agazii ijoollee baratootta mana barumsaa sadarqaa 2ffaa Qobboo warreen hiriira bahanii dhaadannoo isaani yeroo dhageesisaa jiran uleen fi rebbichaan addaan bittinneessanii jiru. Barattoota tumanii kaaniis mana hidhaatti guuraa jiru, warri gariin ammoo gaarratti baqachaa jiru.

#OromoProtests @ Qobo (Eastern Oromia), 14 December 2015



Ethiopia: 25 More Oromo Protesters Killed Today


Clashes between the military force and protesters in Ethiopia’s Oromia region today left 25 people killed, according to the Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT). The army that took over the mandate of the regional police used live ammunition against the demonstrators.

The students were protesting against a controversial proposal, known as “the master plan”, to expand Addis Ababa into surrounding Oromia state, which they say will threaten local farmers with mass evictions.

The death toll so far had reached more than 55.

The protests first started on November 20 in the Western Oromo region cities of Ambo, Ginchi and Western Welega, and gained momentum within schools and other educational institutions.

It is now spread to more than 100 Oromia towns and villages.

Protests against the plan first turned violent in April 2014. At least 47 people were killed when security forces used excessive force and live ammunition to disperse the crowds.

By some estimates, there were as many as 20,000 Oromo political prisoners in Ethiopia as of March last year.

As always, the local and mainstream media has paid little attention to the ongoing #OromoProtests. Demonstrators have been taking to Facebook and Twitter to report the clashes, with additional coverage coming from diaspora media.

Oromos make up the largest chunk of Ethiopia’s 95 million people, and their language is the fourth most widely spoken African language across the continent. Yet Oromo is not recognized as a federal working language in Ethiopia.

The ruling elite and members of government are mostly from the Tigray region, which is located in the northern part of the country.

Har’a Muddee 13/2015 Godinaalee Oromiyaa Keessaa Kan Itti Fufee Oole.

Har’a Muddee 13/2015 Godinaalee Oromiyaa keessaa kan itti fufee oole
1. Godina shaggar lixaa –Amboo, Gudar, Baakkoo, Gincii, Gindabarat, Jalduu, Skukutee, Xiqur Incinnii keessatti itti fufee oolee jira.
Ona Jalduu fi Gindoo keessatti FDG mootummaa wayyaanee bakkaa raasee jira. Meeshaaleen waraanaa lafa irraa fi qilleensarras dabalatee gara onoota kanaatti humna dabalataaf guuraa oolan, uummanni ona kanatti kaleessaaa kaasee hanga har’aatti diddaa isaa ittti fufee jiru lakkoofsa guddaadha, namni mana isaatti hafe hin jiru waraana Wayyaanee marsaa lamaa oliif magaala keessaa baasanii jiru, hanga bilisummaa fi walabummaatti diddaan uummataa hin dhaabbatu
2. Godina Shaggar kaabaatti- kuyyuu, Gabra Gurraachaa, Muka Xurii, Salaale keessatti diddaan daandii cufuudhaan kan wal irraa hin cinnee guyyaa guyyaatti haaromsuudhaan itti fufaa jiru. Humnoota waraana Wayyaanee Agaazii fi poolisoonni oromiyaa onoota kanneen keessaa ariyanii yeroo ammaa daandiin cufamee akka jiru odeessaan ibsee jira
3. Iluu Abbaa Booraa- Buree, Mattuu, fi kkf keessatti walgayiin OPDOn waamtee uummata gowomsuuf gaaffii uummataa yeroo kanaa miliyoona 40 oliin farreen nageenya jechuun dhaadattu walgayii ishee fesheleessuun uummanni deggeroota keenya ofiin jettus dhiitee bahuun qaanesse gara diddaatti seenee jira.
4. Godina Qellem wallaggaa- Jimmaa Horroo, Sayyoo, Dambi Doolloo, Anfilloo, Gidaamii fi Begii keessatti FDG barattootaan itti fufee jira. ona Jimmaa Horroo keessatti dhukaasni darbee darbee uummata irratti tahaa jira, qonnaan bulaa fi barattootni qabamaa jiru. Daandin konkolaata darbee darbee cufamaa jira.
5. Wallagga Lixaa-Najjoo, Manasibuu, Gimbii, Mandii, Ganjiitti diddaan hin dhaabbanne itti fufeetu jira.
6. Dhaabbilee barnootaa yuuniversitiilee adda addaa keessatti sochiin nyaata lagachuu, hucuu gaddaa uffachuun diddaa isaanii har’a diddaa isaani mul’isaa oolanii jiru

Qeeroon Bilisummaa Galmee Oromoota Rasaasa Wayyaaneen Hanga Ammaa Wareegamanii Baase.








Galmee Jaallan Mirga Isaaniiif Osoo Falmanii Rasaasa Wayyaaneen Wareegamanii.

Galmeen Kun Sadaasa 10-Mudde 12 Qoafatti

Maqaa  Guutuu Age Godina Ona Ganda
1 Alezar Benti Aggizahuu Wallagga Lixaa Laaloo Asabii Inangoo 01
2 Gutuu Abera 18 Wallagga Lixaa Gullisoo Calliyaa
3 Gudeta Bayyisaa 19 Shawaa Lixaa Calliyaa Tulluu Boojoo
4 Fikaduu Girma Shawaa Lixaa Calliyaa Gooda Walliyyee
5 Shabe Diba Shawaa Lixaa Abuna Gindabarat Anfaaree/Holoto/
6 Misir Haji Namo Arsii Lixaa Adaabbaa
7 Nasiru Mohamad Arsii Lixaa Adaabbaa
8 Luchee Gamechu Kumera Wallagga Lixaa Laaloo Asabii  Waanjoo 01
9 Ayana Banti Duguma Wallagga Lixaa Laaloo Asabii Waanjoo 01
10 Kenasa Lenca 17 Wallagga Lixaa Gullisoo Calliyaa
11 Dereje Gadisa Taye 14 Shawaa Lixaa Calliyaa Liiban Gaamoo
12 Bu’e Dhaba Shawaa Lixaa Abuna Gindabarat Fiinoo
13 Dajane Sarbesa 20 Ki/Li/Shawaa Tolee Abebe
14 Teshale Humnasa 18 Ki/Li/Shawaa Wancii Cittuu
15 Habtamu Tasfaye Wallisoo Fida Goraa
16 Ayyansa Mekonin Wallisoo Dirree Daalattii
17 Garredo Tolesa Wallisoo Guraaraa Bokkuu
18 Husen Dalu Ule 16 Arsii Lixaa Adaabbaa Adaabbaa 02
19 Amare Arsii Lixaa Adaabbaa
20 Lammeessaa Fayeeraa 12 Shawaa lixaa Amboo
21 Girmaa Raggaasaa 35 Shawaa Lixaa Amboo

FDG erga Oromiyaa keessatti dhowee asitti waraana Wayaaneen kan wareegaman hanga ammaa kan qindaawee dha. Kan hafan kaanis ni jiru gabaasa seenaa caasaa irraa eegaa jirra. Hordofuun kan gabaafamu ta’a.




Qeerroo Bilisummaa

Guutummaa Gabaasaa PDFn Argachuuf:- Galmee Barattoota Oromoo Wareegamanii Muddee 12 2015


Mudde 13,2015 Magaalaa Baabbichaa Aanaa Calliyaatti Keessatti FDG Itti Fufeen Wal Qabatee Mootummaan Wayyaanee Uumata Itti Dhukaasaa Jira.

Mudde13,2015 Warraaqsii Biyyaaleessa Oromiyaa FDG’n Haalaan Jabaachuun Aanaa Calliyaa Magaalaa Baabbichaa keessatti gaggeeffamaa jiru irratti Mootummaan wayyaanee EPRDF humna Waraanaa raayyaa ittisa biyyaa bobbaasuun Uummata Oromoo irratti waraana banuun duguginsii sanyii rawwate jira.

Caliya Mudde 13,2015

Gootonni Shamarran Oromoo Universitii Jimmaa Irraa Guyyaa Har’aa Qabaman Gootummaan Dhadachaa fi Faaruu Tokkummaa Faarsaa Mana Hidhaa Seenan.

Mudde 12/2015 Goototni Barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa Warraaqsa Biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa FDG jabeessuun itti fufan, Mooraa Yuunibarsiiti Jimmaa Arfan keessatti warraqsii jabachuun itti fufe. Guyyaa kaleessaas itti fufuun akkuma warraaqsa finiinsuu egalaniin
hoomaan waraanaa yeroo moora Main Cumpasitti barattotatti seensifamu, Barattootni mooraa gadi lakkisuun Magaalaa Jimma keessatti walitti qabamuun sagaalee dhaadannoo dhageesisuu itti fufan . Humnootni tikaa Wayyaanee fi loltootni abbaa irree barattoota Oromoo irratti gaazii
Summa’aa dhukaasuun qabanii hidhaatti guuruu irratti argamu.kanneen ukkanfamuun qabaman keessatti barattootni dubaraa fiigaanii jalaa ba’uu hin dandeenye akka heddummatan hubatame jira. Kanneen keessa
1. Kibbee Lamuu Barattuu Muummee Ispoortii waggaa 3ffaa
2. Zannabach …Barattuu muummee Herregaa waggaa 2ffaa
3. Magartuu…Barattuu muummee Ispoortii waggaa 3ffaa
4. Bashaatuu…Barattuu muummee Ispoortii waggaa 3ffaa. Kanneen
Shammarran Oromoo kun yeroo qabamanitti gootummaan dhadachaa fi tokkummaa jechaa akka qabaman barattoota kaan irraa beekamee jira.

Gootonni Barattooti Oromoo Yuniversitii Haromaayaa Irraa Qabamanii Mana Hidhaa Haromayaa fi Harar Jiran Birmatnaa Isaan Barbaachisa.

Mudde 12,2015 Haromayaa
Barattooti Oromoo Yuuniversitii Haromyaa Keessaa Qabamanii Mana Hidhaa Haromayaa Jiran dararaa haalaan hammaataa keessa galanii waan jiraniif birmatnaa hatattamaa isaan barbaachisa.
1. Hanbisaa Lameessa dep’t vet medicine 4 years
2. Yonas Abay depn’t Food Engineering 4 years
3. Eebba Garramuu depn’t vet medicine 3 years
4. Dajanee Baqallaa depn’t Engineering 1years
5. Sanyii Baayisaa depn’t Engineering 1 years
6. Abarraa Baqallaa depn’t Engineering 1years
7. Abdisaa(Taddasaa) Dhaabaa depn’t Geography 2 years
kan jedhaman gaafa muddee 09/2015 Dormii fi daree barnoota keessa qabamaani qoonqo fi reebichaa daraara buufata poolisi dallaa keessati argamuu, mana hidhaa magaala Haramaayaa fi magalaa Harariitt reebamaa fi haala hamaan waan dararamaniif iyyanaa barbaahisa.
Itti dabalees warreen qabamanii kana qabeenya gaafa barattoonni hiriraa nagaa gaafa sadaasa 30/2015 bahameera irrati humni waraana barattoo reebuf fullee, balbala fi lookara caccabsanii turan isintu qabeenya yuunivarsitii mancaasee jechuun mana murtii magaala Harariiti argamuutti himaatamaniruu. Raagale soba immoo basaasto isaanii itti bitaaniruu..

Yuniversitiin Jimmaa Mooraa Kittoo FDG Itti Fufanii Jiru,Waraanni Abbaa Irree Wayyaanee Mooricha Marsee Barattoota Gidirsaa Jira. Students at Jimma University Techno College boycott food. Hundreds have been arrested from the main campus.

FDG Muddee 12,2015 Oromiyaa Bakkoota Gara Garaa

Uni Jimmaa Muddee 12

Wallagga Magaalaa Naqamtee Muddee 12,2015

Wallagga Magaalaa Naqamtee Muddee 12,2015

















Diddaa Gabrummaa Ginda Barat Muddee 12.2015

Diddaa Gabrummaa Gindebert












#OromoProtets, Gindo, 12 december 2015#OromoProtets, Gindo, 12 december 2015 picture2







Muddee 12,2015 Godina Lixa Shaggaar Magaalaa AMBOOtti Warraaqsii Biyyaalessa Oromiyaa FDG haalan jabachuun itti fufe, humni waraanaa
Agaazii fi Humni Poolisii Federaalaa humnaa Olii fi Humni ittisa biyyaa Magaalaa AMBOOtti guuramaa jiraachuun itti fufe, daandiin bakkoota hedduutti cufamee jira. dhukaasni Meeshaa gurguddaadhan Magaalaa Amboo irratti baname jira.… gabaasaan itti fufa!


Mudde 12/2015 Godina Kibba Lixa Shaggar Magaalaa Walisoo fi Baadiyyaa walisootti Warraaqsii Biyyoolessa Oromiyaa FDG jabaachuun itti fufe,Addatti Qonnaan Bultootni Walisoo Aanoota akka wancii, Roggee, fi Ammayyatti warraaqsii Haalan jabaachuun itti fufe. Waraanni Agaazii fi humni ittisa biyyaa uummata irratti waraana banuun guyyaa kaleessa hanga har’atti namootni 7 Wareegamuun mirkanaa’ee jira. Guyyaa
kaleessa sa’a booda irraa eegaluun network balleessuun uummata Baadiyyaa walisoo Irratti waraanni baname. Kanneen madaa’an lakkoofsaan hedduu ta’uu fi kanneen wareegaman hedduu ta’uu ibsuun, hanga ammatti namootni 7 wareegamuun ibsame. Guyyaa hardhaas Warraaqsii jabaachuun itti fufee jira…gabaasaan itti fufa.


FDG Magaala Qarsa Godina Haragee Bahaa, Muddee 12,2015 jabaatee jira.


Har’a Muddee 12,2015 Ammayyaa keessatti mormiin uummata itti fufiinsaan dabalee kan jiru yeroo ta’u mootummaan Wayyaanee waraana isaa Xoolaayi irraa gara naannichaatti ergaa jira.Uummanni Oromoo diddaa jabeessee of irraa ittisaa akka jiru beekamee jira.

Barattoonni Yunivarsitii Jigjigaa nyaata lagachuun mormii isaanii agarsiisasan, Muddee 12 bara 2015.
#OromoProtests food boycott at Jigjiga University, 12 December 2015.
#OromoProtests @ Jijjiga University, 12 December 2015
Mormii ummataafi barattota oromoo oromiyaa baha/ harargee magaalaa lagayye (Aanaa Qarsaa) guyyaa arraa Mudde 12 fincilli mormii jabaatee itti fufa jira. #OromoProtests @ Lagayye town (qarsaa district) E.Haraghe, 12 December 2015
#OromoProtests @ Lagayye town E.Haraghe, 12 December 2015

Mudde 12,2015 Mootummaan abbaa irree Wayyaanee waan qabee gadhiisu dhabuun Wallagga Dambi Doollootti waraana isaa guuraa jiru dhalootaan Tigiroota kan ta’an qofa naannichatti geessuun ganda 03 keessa qubaachiisaa akka jiru beekame. Ummanni diddaa isaa daran jabeessee jira.

Yuniversiti Wallaggaa Naqamtee ammoo barattooti baadiyyaatti guuramaa jiru.

Uni Wallaggaa













The Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) will hold peaceful demonstrations in all major cities and towns of Oromia tomorrow (Saturday, December 12, 2015 – or Muddee 2, 2008 ALH). The cities’ or towns’ major gathering venues (such as squares and stadiums) are expected to accommodate the peaceful demonstrations. The demonstrations are said to be for all: students and the general public.

Here’s a sample permit letter written for the Bule-Hora town.



OFC to Hold Peaceful Demonstrations Across Oromia (Dec. 12, 2015)


Godina Arsii Lixaa Aanaa Dodolaa Magaalaa Serofta Keessatti FDG Har’a Muddee 11, 2015 Itti Fufee Oole.


Lixa Shaggar Magaalaan Cituu Fi Ammayyaa Diddaa Isaanii Akka Itti Fufanitti Jiru.


Bulchiinsa Beeneshangul Keessatti Barsiisoti Oromoo Mormii Sirna Mootummaa Itiyoophiyaaf Qaban Muldhisaa Jiru.

Diddaan Uummataa Magaalaa Jimmaa Keessatti Cimee Itti Fufuun,Waraanni Wayyaanee Uummata Jeeqaa Jira.Muktar Kadir Akka Dhaamsuuf Ergamus Itti Hin Milkoofne.

Barataa Oromoo guyyaa har'aa magaalaa Jimmaa Keessatti rasaasa Wayyaaneen rukutame.

“Roorroo Abbaatu Falmata” Gootonni Ummanni Oromoo Waliisoo Akkanatti Jiru. Mudde 11,2015

Ummatii fi Barattooti Oromoo Waliisoo Diddaa Sirna Mootummaa EPRDF Gaggeessan.


Mudde 11,2015 FDG Itti Fufuun Gootonni Barattooti Oromoo Uni Hawaasaa Nyaata lagatan,Wallagga Naqamtes Diddaa Itti Fufan.

Yuniversitii Hawaasaa Muddee 11 2015

Naqamte mudde 11 2015

Laqamte Kaatolikii mudde 11



Yeroo Ammaa Kana, Godina Shaggar, Salaalee,Kuyyuu,Garba Gurraachaa fi Aanaa Dagaam Keessatti FDG Itti Fufe,Bakka Hedduutti Karaan Cufamee Jira.

ShaggarHar’a Mudde 11, 2015 Warraaqsii Biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa FDG Godina Kaaba Shaggar(Godina Salaalee) Aanota garagaraa keessatti jabaachuun ittifufuun Guyyaa har’aa Aanaawwaan kanneen akka Kuyyuu Magaalaa Garba Gurraachatti hiriirrii Mormii guddaan Gootota uummata Oromoo Salaalee fi Qeerroo dargaggoota Barattoota Oromoon jabaate itti fufe jira,
Akkasumas Aanaa Dagaam keessatti warraaqsii haalaan jabaachuun Magaalaa Shanoo keessatti daandii bakkoota hedduutti cufamee
warraaqsii jabaate jira. Anaawwaan Kanneen Akka Wucaalee Magaalaa Muka Xurii fi Hidhabuu Abootee wajiraaleen mootummaa hundii cufamanii hojiin dhaabbatee jira., Uummatni fi dargaggootni Oromoo gaaffii keenyaaf deebii barbaadna, ilmaan Oromoo wareegamaa jiraanniif
Mootummaan itti gaafatamuu qaba jechuun dhaadannoo isaanii jabeessuun daandiiwwaan gara Garba Gurraachatti geessaan ganamarraa eegaluun bakkoota hedduutti cufamee jiraachuun ifa ta’ee jira. Hummni waraanaa gara Garba Gurraachaatti ramadamee karaa darbaa dhabuun hedduu rakkachaa jiraachuun gabaasaan…. itti fufa!!

Har’a Muddee 11,2015 Godina Wallagaa Onoota Qeellam Gara Garaa Keessatti FDG Haala Daran Jabaateen Itti Fufee Jira.

Har’a ganama irraa kaasanii uummanni Godina Qeellem Onoota garagaraa keessatti didaa isaanii itti fufanii akka jiran Qeerroon gabaasaa jira. Amma sa’a kanatti ona Jimmaa Horroo irratti dhukaasni jabaan akka jiruu fi uummanni fi barattootni walitti dhufuudhaan dhaadannoo

-Lafa keenya hin laannu
-Oromiyaan kan oromooti malee kan Tigree miti
-Wayyaanee hin barbaannu
-ABOn nu haa bulchu
jechuudhaan sagalee diddaa dhageessisaa jiru.
Waraanni wayyaanee gara sanatti bobbahee kan jiruu fi eda kaleessaa kaasee humni jabaan naannoo Jimmaa Horroo buufatee akka jiru Qeerroon gabaasaa jira. Uummanni gaaffii isaa jabeessee itti fufeetu jira.

Diddaa Gootota Oromoo Magaalaa Ijaajjii

Magaalaa Ijaajjii Waggaa 120 Har’aan Dura Bakka Waraanni Minilki Cabsuu Dadhabee Yeroo Dheeraaf Itti Dhaabbate Waan Ta’eef Maqaan Lafa Sanaa Ijaajjii Jedhamee Yaamamee Hafe. Lola Bara sanaa Geendaa Buushan Mijuutu weerartoota Habshaa lolee lafa sanatti waraana Minilik Ijaajise(Dhaabe) sababa kana irraa mogga’e. Har’as gootonni barattooti Oromoo fi Ummanni Oromoo diddaa magaalaa sanii haalaan jabeessee jira.











“Bilisummaa Barbaadna” Gootota Oromoo Godina Harargee Magaalaa Machaara.






FDG Wallagga Biilloo Boshee fi Shaggar Aanaa Ammayyaa,Mudee 10,2015


Mudde 10,2015 Gootonni Barattooti Oromoo Machaaraa Godina Harargee “Oromiyaa Ka’i Ni Kaana,Qabsoo Malee Hin Argamtu Bilisummaan” Jedhu.

Tokkee Kuttaayee,Lixa Shaggar Keessatti Alaabaa ABO(Oromoo) Finnisuun Mormii Sirna Wayyaanee Gaggeessan.Mudde 10,2015

Tokkee Kuttaayee


Wallagga Magaalaa Muggii Keessatti Diddaan Uummataa Itti Fufe. Mudde 10,2015

Arsii Nagallee Gootota Barattoota Oromoo FDG Guyyaa Har’aa Kana Itti Jiran,Mudde 10,2015


Har’a Godina Shaggar Lixaa Magaalaa Baabbichaa Keessatti Gootonni Barattoota Oromoo fi Uummanni “Oromiyaa Bilisoomsuu Qabna” Jedhu



Wallagga Dambi Doolloo Keessatti Diddaan Itti Fufee Bulchitooti Wal Reebaa Jiru. Itti Gaafatamaan Civil Service Godinaa Kan Ta’e Yaadataa Ababaa FDG Walii Jirta Jechuun Reebamee Hosptala Gale.

Mudde 10,2015 Dambi Doolloo

Wallagga Dambi Doolloo Keessatti Diddaan Itti Fufee Bulchitooti Wal Reebaa Jiru. Itti Gaafatamaan Sivil Service Godinaa Kan Ta’e Yaadataa Ababaa FDG Walii Jirta Jechuun Reebamee Hosptala Gale.

Haala Kanaan manneen barnootaa Dambi Doolloo keessaa fi baadiyyaa jiran cufamuu Qeerroon gabaase. Ummannis ergamtoota Wayyaanee warra odeessa kennanii barattoota funaanisuuf socho’an barbaadee qabuuf adamsaa jira. Basaasonni kunis:-  Qamadii ykn Ibraahim Horaa nama jedhamu kan Garaamuu qabsiisee fi  Masaratii akkasumas Shuumaa Yosuuf jedhamu.

FDG Itti Fufee Magaalaan Baakkoo Akkasitti Jirti. Muddee 10,2015

Baakkooobaakkooo1bakkkobako mudd10Baakkoo mudde 9Bakkoo


FDG Wajjiin Walqabatee Oromoota Hidhamanii fi Loltoota Wayyaaneen Ajjeefaman Keessa Hanga Tokko

As of December 9, 2015, Oromo national arrested and killed by fascist TPLF forces during the latest #OromoProtests

Gabaasa Qeerroo Bilisummaa, Mudde 09, 2015

FDG gaaffii abbaa biyyummaa fi Maaster Pilaaniif mootummaa Wayyaaneetiin hidhaman kan naannoo Finfinnee irraa funaaname akka rmaan gadii ti.

 Lakk.        Maqaa Saala  



Sadarkaa banootaa

Hojii Teessoo Jireenyaa
Kutaa magaalaa Aanaa Ganda
1 Habtamu Milkeessaa Dhiira 26 G/Afdaa Sabbataa Digrii Alpha Uni. Barataa  w.1ffaa Godina Addaa FF Buraayyuu 03
2 Girma Xiruneh Saaqqataa ,, 34 Wallagga lixaa,Mandii 6ffaa Weellisaa Bole 12 12
3 Immiruu Nagawoo Jimmaa ,, 42 Wallagga Lixaa, A/Walal 6ffaa Bole Mikaa’elatti waardiyaa churchii Makana yesus Bole 12 12
4 Shifarra Girma Sanbata ,, 23 Gindabarat dippiloma Barsiisaa Godina addaa Sabbataa 01
5 Sajin Cala Fiqadu Abdata ,, 25 Wallagga Bahaa, Waamagalo 10+3 Poolisii Finfinnee Bole 12 12
6 Dajane Fayisa Xaafa ,, 32 G/Addaa, Sabbataa Hin baranne Ogeessa ijaarsaa Bole 12 12
7 Komsisa Dhuguma Milkeessa ,, 23 Amboo 10+3 Poolisii Finfinnee Bole 01 01
8 Gammachu Tariku Ijjigu ,, 23 Qellem wallagga, 10ffaa Poolisii Finfinnee Bole 01 01
9 Bekuma Tadese Sande ,, 23 Naqamte 10+3 Poolisii Finfinnee Bole 03

Guutummaan Gabaasaa Kanaaf PDFn Kunooti:- Gabaasa Qeerroo Bilisummaa Mudde 09, 2015

Wallagga Ayiraa Gullisoo, Arsii Adaabbaa Keessatti Mudde 10,2015 Diddaan Siran Mootummaa Itiyoophiyaa Itti Fufee Jira












#OromoProtests, Haromaayyaa University students mourning in protest of master plan, 9 December 2015

#OromoProtests 9 December 2015:

Barattoonni yunivarsitii haramayaa bifa gaddaan mormii isaanii agarsiisaa oolan. Baahir Dara, Debre Tabor, Axum fi Samaarattis haaluma kana fakkaatu raawwatan.

@Haromaayyaa University Oromo students staged silent mourning in protest of master plan, 9 December  2015.  Similar protests staged in University of Bahir Dar, Debre Tabor, Axum and Sumaara.

Barattooti Oromoo Yuuniversitii Finfinnee Mudde 9,2015 Gaddaan Mataa Qabachuu fi Calleensaan Diddaa Sirna Wayyaaneef Qaban Muldhisan.


” Bilisummaa Barbaadna! Gaaffiin Keenya Bilisummaa Dha” Jedhu Gootonni Oromoo Gara Kibba Lixa Shaggar Magaalaan Gindoo, Mudde 9,2015


Godinni Kaaba Shaggar (Godinni Salaalee) Daandii Cufuun Bulchiisa Wayyaanee Lagatan, Midaaqenyii fi Gincis Hamma Galgala Kanaa Diddaa Itti Fufan.

Muddee 09,2015 Gabaasa Qeerroo
Haa dursuu nagaan Oromummaa!, Godinni Kaaba Shaggar(Godinni Salaalee) bulisummaa ishee labsachuuf jirti!! Yeroo amma kana Daandiin Finfinnee Gara Kaabatti Naannoo Amhaaraa fi Goojjamitti Geessuu Guutummaatti Cufamee Jira. Konkolaataan Finfinnee gara Kaabatti adeemu karaa darbaa dhabee Caancoo hanga Muka Xurii Ga’utti karaa Darbaa Dhabee hidhamee wal cufee dhaabatera, Kellaawwaan hedduun daandiin citee, bakkoota hedduutti Cufamee jira, Uummatni hanga gaaffiin mirga abbaa biyyummaa deebii argatuutti poolisiin Federaalaa nutti hin seenuu hin qabu. poolisiin Federaalaa nuti seennaan Dubbiin akka hammaatu akeekkachiisan, Gabaasaan kun Amma mudde 9/2015 halkan keessa sa’aa 4:20 irratti kan isiniif erginedha. Jaalli keenyaa Hoogganaan Godina Salaalee amma achuma uummata keessatti argama.

Alaabaan Keenya Ni Fannnifame Godina Shawaa Lixaa Ona Miidaqanyi fi Gincitti Diddaan yeroo ammaa kana oromiyaa keessatti uummataan qabatee jiru
gara dhumaa fi Bilisummaatti dhiyaatee yeroo uummanni oromoo biyyattii keessa jiru bilisummaa faarsaa jiruu fi gaaffiin walabummaas kaatee
finiinaa jirtu kanatti sirna mootummaa abbaa irree Wayyaanee waliin fonqolachiisuuf wareegamni bahaa jiruun FDGn oromiyaa keessatti
finiinaa jira.
Akkuma yeroodhaa yerootti gabaasa jirru uummanni yeroo kana diddaa daandi cufuu, tarkaanfii diinaa fi qabeenyaa wayyanee irratti fudhataa
jiraatuun waanuma ganamaan itti fufeedha. Hara Muddee 9/2015 galagala keessaa saa 10:00 booda shawaa lixaa aanaa Miidaqanyii fi
Gincitti FDG dhoween Alaabaan Itoophiyaa manneen barnootaa fi waajjiraalee OPDOtii gadi buee Alaabaan keenya ( Adda Bilisumma
Oromoo) fanifamee jira.
Galgala kana magaalan Gincii dhaadannoo WBO fi Dhaabni keenya ABOdha abbaan lafaa ABO dha, Abbaan Biyyaa ABO dha, Lafti Kan Oromooti,
Wayyaanee miti ABO kan nu bulchuu qabu jechuudhaan galgala kanaa dhaadannoon gootota dargaggoota oromoo magaalota Gincii keessatti
alaabaan erga olkaee booda dhaadannoo dhageesisuun beekamee jira.

Ummanni Oromoo Magaalaa Naqamtee Walgahii Wayyaanee Guutuutti Lagate. Achuma Naqamtee fi Godina Arsiitti Nagallee Ammoo Barattooti Rasaasa Wayyaaneen Rukutaman.

Wallagga Naqamtee Muddee 9,2015

Arsii Nagallee,Mudde 9,2015

Arsii Nagallee,Mudde 9,2015

”Daandii Kutna Akka Wayyaaneen Biyya Keenya Hin Seenne” Jedhu Barattooti Oromoo Lixa Shaggar,Shututee Irraa,Mudde 9,2015


Shaggar Kaabaa Naannoo Muka Xurii Irraa Gara Finfinnee Karaan Geessuu Uummataan Daandiin Cufamee, FDG itti fufe!

Gabaasa Qeerroo Shaggar Mudde 9,2015

Gabaasa Qeerroo godina shaggar Kaabaa naannoo Muka Turii irraa amma saa kana addeessuun FDG oromiyaa keessatti yeroo ammaa uummataan dhowee gaggeeffamaa jiru adda kan taasisu didda amma godina Shaggar Kaabaa keessatti gaggeeffamaa jiruudha. FDG shawaa kaabaa naannoo Fiichee, Sulultaa, Kuyyuu fi Muka Turi keessatti kaleessa irraa eegalee jiru hara haala mootummaa wayyaanee sodaachisuutiin itti fufeetu jira.

Kunis daandiin konkolaataa Finfinnee irraa gara Shaggar kaabaa geessu Finfinneerraa kiilomeetira 89 kan fagaatu boode mukeeniin, dhagaadhaan, ricqichis cite daandiin cufamee jira. Yeroo ammaa kanatti magaala Muka Turii keessatti qabeenyaan diinaa keessattuu konkolaataan 30 tahan hojiin ala tahanii jiru humni waraana wayyaanee gara sana deemee jiru tarkaanfii uummata irratti fudhateen namni lamaa ol lubbuudhaan darbuu fi FDG magaala Muka Turiitti gaggeeffamaa jiru haalaan jabaataa tahuu Qeerroon gabaasee jira. d

Uummanni qonnaan bulaan WBO fi ABO guutummaatti faarsaa jira. tarkaanfiin uummataan diinaa fi qabeenya diiraa irratti fudhatamaa jira. Humni waraana wayyaanee daandii cufameen karaa darbuu hin dandeenye daandiirra buufatee jira.

Konkolaataan Bishooftuu Bus Jedhu Oromiyaa Irraa Gara Maqaleetti Hidhamtoota Geessee Baratoota Yuniverstii Adigrat 25 Irraa Ammoo Waraqaan Eenyummaa Fuudhamuu Qeerroon Gabaase.

Muddee 09,2015 Gabaasa Qeerroo Maqalee

Guyyaa hardhaa Mudde 9 ,2015 konkolaataa gabateen isaa 07404  Bishooftuu bus kan  jedhu Tigiray magaalaa Maqalee ganda Kuha jedhu keessatti kan argame baratoota Oromoo Oromiyaa irraa fe’ee dhufee akka dhaabataa ture odeeffanoon nu gahe ture, haaluma kanaan wal qabateen yeroo ammaa baratoota Oromoo Yunbarsitii Maqalee mooraa Adiyaaqii keessatti
argamanu immoo  sagalee gadda keenya  dhageesifachu erga sambata darbee ittti jirra, Bartooti lama yeroo ammaa barbaadamaa jiru, barataan tokko akka qabame oduun na gahee jira.
Haaluma kanaan kan wal qabate Yuunbarsitii ADIGRAT keessatti baratoota Oromoo 25 harka iID card n funaanamee kan immoo qabamani kan immo mooraa keessa baqatani bosona keessati kan argaman jiru, haa tahu male Yunbarsiti Adigrat yeroo amma waraanan marfamtee jirti waraani kun kan dhufe reebichuma baratoota oromoof ykn baratoota id card harka funaname guure bahuuf jedhaniti jedhu baratoonni yunbarsiti adigrat.




FDG Gootota Oromoo Hararge Magaalaa Millee


Qeellam Wallagga,Magaalaa Haroo Sabbuu Aaanaa Dallee Waabaraa Keessatti Diddaa Barattoota Oromoo

Muddee 9,2015

Gootinni Barattooti Oromoo Yuuniversitii Finfinnee Science fi Technology Uccuu Gurraacha Gaddaa Uffachuunii fi Nyaata Lagachuun Diddaa Sirna Wayyaaneef Qaban Mudhisaa Jiru.



Gootota Oromoo Magaalaa Alii Godina Arsii ,Mudde 9,2015


Gootota Barattoota Oromoo Horroo Gudruu Shaambuu Mudde 9,2015

FDG Godina Shaggar Lixaa Aanaa Jalduu Magaalaa Goojjoo fi Wallagga Aanaawwaan Heebantuu, Giddaa Ayyaanaa, Haroo limmuu, Limmuu Galiilaa, Diggaa saasiggaa,Guutoo Giddaa(Ukkee) Gatamaatti Itti Fufee Jira.

Muddee 9, 2015 Godina Bahaa wallaggaa Aanaawwaan Heebantuu, Giddaa Ayyaanaa, Haroo limmuu, Limmuu Galiilaa, Diggaa saasiggaa,Guutoo Giddaa(Ukkee), fi Gatamaatti Goototni Barattootni Oromoo Mana Barumsaa Sadarkaa 1ffaa,2ffaa fi Qopha’ina Uummata Waliin Walitti Dhufuun Warraaqsaa FDG jabeessuun finiinsan . Gaaffiin mirga abbaa Biyyummaa, Kabajamuu Mirga Namummaa fi Mirga Dimookiraasii Gadi jabeessuun Gaafatan, Karoorri Master Pilaanii Finfinnee fi Labsiin  Magaalota Oromiyaa haqamuu Qaba jechuun Mormiin uummataa haalan
jabaatee itti fufee Olee!! Daandiin konkolaataa Magaalaa giincii fi  Olaankomii keessatti uummataa fi Qeerroo dargaggoota Oromoon cufame. Goototni Uummatni Oromoo fi Qeerroon dargaggootni Oromoo Waarraaqsaa FDG , Hanga bilisummaatti jedhu jabeessuun Warraaqsii Jabaan Oromiyaa keessatti gaggeeffamaa jiru daran jabaachuun Aanaawwan Heebantuu, Giddaa Ayyaanaa, Haroo limmuu, Limmuu Galiilaa, Diggaa  saasiggaa,Guutoo Giddaa(Ukkee), fi Gatamaa tti Goototni barattootni  manneen barnoota sadarkaa 1ffaa hanga qophaa’inatti jiran irraa  uummata waliin walitti dhufuun daandiin konkolaataa Bakkoota  hedduutti cufuun warraaqsaa finiinsuun MOOTUMMAAN DHUKAASEE NU AJJEESAA JIRU NU HIN BULCHU JECHUUN Ofiin of bulchina malee mootummaan  akka diinatti qawween reebee nu ajjeesaa nu bulchuu hin danda’uu, hanga gaaffiin GAAFFIIN MIRGA ABBAA BIYYUMMAA FI BILISUMMAA KEENYAA NUUF KABAJAMEE, mirgi dimookiraasii fi namummaa nuuf eegamutti takkaa  warraaqsaa FDG irraa hin dhaabbannu jechuun Warraaqsaa FDG itti fufinsaan gaggaassaa jiru. Dhaadannoowwaan arman gadii dhageesisuun  Warraaqsii haalan jabaate.

Kana malees Muddee 8/2015 Godina Lixa Shaggar Aanaawwan Adaa’aa Bargaa Magaalaa Incinnii fi Mogor fi Aanaa Meettaa Roobii Magaalaa Shinoo keessatti Uummatni Baadiyaa fi Magaalaa fi Barattootni Manneen Barnootaa  Sadarkaa 1ffaa,2ffaa fi Qopha’ina Walitti Dhufuun Warraaqsaa FDG  jabeessuun finiinsan . Daandiin Konkolaataa bakkoota hedduutti Cufuu  uummatni Gaaffi isaa jabeessuun Gaaffiin mirga abbaa Biyyummaa,  Kabajamuun Mirga Namummaa fi Mirga Dimookiraasii nuuf Haa Kabajamu, Karoorri Master Pilaanii Finfinnee fi Labsiin Magaalota Oromiyaa haqamuu Qaba jechuun Mormiin uummataa haalan jabaatee itti fufee oolee!!


The Oromia-Wide Oromo Protests Against the Master Plan in Video Clips (Nov./Dec. 2015)


Har’a Mudde 08,2015 Wallagga Aanaa Waamaa Hagaloo Keessatti FDG Gootota Barattoota Oromoon Itti Fufuu Qeerroon Gabaase.

Mudde 08,2015 Waamaa Hagaloo Qassoo

Qeerroo Bilisummaa

Qeerroon magaalaa Qassoo akka hubachiisetti ona Waamaa Hagaloo mana barumsaa sadarkaa duraa fi sadarkaa lammaffaa Qassoo akkasumas mana barumsaa sadarkaa duraa Ifa Waamaa fi Qophaa’inaa Moxeetti walirraa fuudhuun guutummaa aanaa Waamaa Hagaloo keessatti fincilladiddaa garbummaa dhoosuun itti fufanii jiru

Sa’atii gabaasaa kana dhiyeessaa jirrutti dhaadannoowwan barattooti uummata wajjin ta’uun dhageessisaa jiran keessaa:-

Jechaa dhaadhannoo gargaaraa dhageessisaa magaalaa Qassoo fi Moxee keessatti warraksa jabaa geggeessaa akka jiran beekameera

Mootummaan garboomfattuun Tigiraay magaalaa Moxee irraa barataa Bilisummaa Guddinaa Waaqumaa qabanii achi buuteen isaa kan dhabame yeroo ta’u, hanga barataan kun dhufutti mara keenya hidhi jechuun barattoonni humna kora bittenneessaa fi loltuu biyyoolessa kan fincilan yeroo ta’u, jaarsoliin biyyaa akka tasgabbeessaniif itti bobbaasamanii jiru

Nami Oromummaan keessa jiru kamuu dhaloonni biyyasaa akka hin falmanne sossobbaa gochuun seenaadhaan waan nama gaafachiisuuf jaarsoliin biyyaa FDG kana dhaamsurra ofii isaaniitiifuu gaaffiin barattootaa kun gaaffii isaanii ta’uu beekanii cinaa barattootaa akka dhaabbatan jenna

Onuma Waamaa Hagaloo keessaa utuu hin ba’in uummati ganda baataa kusaayee gaaffii Abbaa biyyummaa fi mormii maaster pilaanii finfinneetti dabaluudhaan lafa isaanii saamamaa jiru  fuuldura dhaabbachuun lafa keenya maqaa investimentiitiin hin saamamnu jechuun mormii addaa dhagewssisuun hidhannoo diinaa laga ce’ee dhufe kana fuuldura dhaabbataniiru

Isaan keessaas namooti hedduun mana hidhaatti guuramaa akka jiran beekameera.







 Mudde 8,2015 Barattooti Oromoo Godina Kibba Lixa Shaggar Aanaa Ammayyaa Diddaa Sirna Wayyaanee Jabeessuun Magaala Naannawuun Qabsoo Faarsaa Jiru.



Shaggar Dhihaa Mugar Keessatti FDG Goototi Barattooti Oromoo Gaggeessaa Jiran.



Muddee 08/2015 Godina Lixa Shaggar Aanaa Calliyaa Magaalaa Geedootti Har’a Warraaqsii FDG Ummata Oromoo Magaalaa Geedoo, Qonnaan Bultootan Bifa Adda Ta’een Itti Fufe.

Geedoo fi tokkee kuttaayyeeCalliyaa GeedooCalliyaaMuddee 08,2015Godina Lixa Shaggar Aanaa Calliyaa Magaalaa Geedootti Har’a Warraaqsii FDG Ummata Oromoo Magaalaa Geedoo, Qonnaan Bultoota Calliyaa, fi Gootota Qeerroon Barattoota M/B Geedoo sadarkaa 2ffaa fi Qopha’inaa fi Manneen Barnootaa sadarka 1ffaa dabalatee Warraaqsii Cimaa Magaalaa Geedoo irratti gaggeeffama jira. Ummatni Oromoo Qonnaan Bultootni Oromoo Aanaa Calliyaa Geedoo Gandoota Baadiyaa garaagaraa dabalatee ,Gootota Barattoota Oromoo M/B Geedoo, Sadarkaa 2ffaa fi Qophaa’ina fi mannee Barnoota Baadiyyaa utuu hin Hafiin hiriirri mormii guddaan Magaalaa Geedoo keessatti gaggeeffama jira. Daandiin Konkolaataa Gara Godina hOrroo guduruutti Geessuu fi Daandiin Konkolaataa Gara Wallagga Lixaatti dabarsuu Cufamee jira. Warraaqsii kun Kan Uummatni kumoota hedduun Lakka’aman irratti argaman fi Humni Waraana Wayyaanee Magaalaa Geedoo irra jiru to’achuu kan hin dandeenye ta’uun hubatamera. Uummatni Mootummaa nu ajjeesaa jiru jalatti hin bullu jechuun Warraaqsaa mormii guddaa gaggeessa jiru. Uummatni fi Qeerroon dargaggootni Barattootni Oromoo FDG fininsuun Gaaffii mirga Biyyummaa fi Karoorri Master Pilaanii Finfinnee fi Labsiin Magaaloota Oromiyaa Caffeen Naannoo Oromiyaa Murteesse Atattamaan Haqamuu qaba jechuun Warraaqsaa Finiinsuun Magaalaa Geedoo keessatti uummata Magaalaa fi Naannoo baadiyaa cufa dabalachuun Hiriira Mormii guddaa gaggeessa jiru. Dhaadannoowwan armaan gadii itti fufinsaan dhageesisan.
-Master Pilaaniin irratti wareegamaa jirru haqamuu qaba.
-Wayyaanee OPDO’n Nu hin bulchitu, ABO’n abdii uummata Oromooti,
-ABO’n Mirga dimookiraasii fi namummaa ni kabachiisa, ABO’n biyya hin gurguru
-Mootummaa Dhukaasee nu ajjeesaa jiru jalatti hin bullu, mootummaan EPRDF/TPLF/OPDO’n bakka nu hin buutu, mootummaan uummata isaa ajjeesuu addunyaa irra hin jiru.
-Nuti bilisummaa barbaadna, Mirgii Dimookiraasii fi Namommaa Nuuf Haa Kaabajamu,
-Ilmaan Oromoo Oromummaan Yakkamuun Hidhaman hatattamaan Haa hiikaman.
-Mootummaan Yakka Duguginsa sanyii ummata Oromoo irratti rawwacha jiru seeratti haa dhiyaatu
-Labsiin Magaalota Oromiyaa Caffeen Murteesse haqamuu qaba.
– Lafti Keenya Lafee keenya lafee keenya murree hin Kennu.
– Gaaffiin keenya gaaffii mirgaa mirga abbaa biyyummaa, kan bilisummaa fi dimookiraasiiti,
Gaaffii uummataa Oromoo karaa nagaa fi Dimookiraasii Adeemaa jiruuf fallaa sopchii kana Mootummaan Wayyaanee humna waraanaa bobbaasuun Sochii Ummata to’achuuf humna waraanaa Gara Geedootti guura jiru.
Haaluma Walfakkaatuun Magaalaa Baabbichaa keessatti Goototni Qeerroon barattootni Oromoo m/b Baabbichaa sadarkaa 2ffaa Baabbichaas Guuyyaa har’aas itti fufani jiru.Uummatni Oromoo fi Dargaggootni Qeerroon Barattootni Oromoo gamtaa isaanii jabeessuun waraana wayyaanee dura

Mudde 8,2015 Guyyaa Har’aa FDG Itti Fufuun Magaalaa Waliisoo,Ada’aa Bargaa,Ejeree fi Geedoo Keessatti Jabaatee Itti Fuee Jira.

Mudde 8,2015 Guyyaa Har’aa FDG Itti Fufuun Magaalaa Waliisoo,Ada’aa Bargaa, Ejeree,Geedoo fi Shashammannee Keessatti Jabaatee Itti Fuee Jira.

Addatti  Walisoo dirree waraanaa fakkaattee jirti. Manneen tajaajila kennan kan akka Hoteelaa, Suuqii fi dhiimmi daldalaa hundi dhaabatee waraani tikaa waayyaanee qawwee waaqatti olqabanii dhkaassaa jiru. Kan namatti tolu ummaann magaalichaa bartoota cinaa graa jira. Loltooti Wayyaanee dhukaasa bananiin meeshaa gurguddaa yeroo shanii ol dhukaasanii jiraachuu Qeeroon gabaasa.

Gootonni Barattooti Oromoo Yuniverstii Rift Valley Kaampaasiin Shaashammannee Diddaa Sirna Wayyaanee Gaggeessaa Jiru.

q9Mudde 8,2015 Gootonni barattooti Oromoo Yuuniversitii Reft Vally warraaqsa Bilisummaa qabsiisaniin sirna gabroomfataa mootummaa Wayyaanee balaaleffataa jiru,gaaffii mirga abbaa biyyummaa fi mormii maaster plaanii Finfinnee jabeessanii kan itti fufan yeroo ta’u barattoota hidhamani akka gadhifamanii fi kanneen rasaasaan rukutamanis warri loltoota Wayyaanee kana taasisan seeraan akka gaafataman gaaffii kaasan keessa jira.Kana malees walleelee warraaqsaan diddaa isaanii dhageessifataa jiru.





Mudde 8, FDG Itti Fufeen Waraanni Wayyaanee EPRDF Godina Horroo Guduruu Aanaa Abbayyi Comman Sulul Finca’aa Keessatti Hojjetaa Warshaa Sukkaaraa 1 Yeroo Ajjeessan Barattoota 4 Ammoo Haalaan Madeessan.

Fichaha horroo mudde 7 2015Muddee 08/2015 Godina Horroo Guduruu Aanaa Abbaayi Cooman Suluula Fincaa’aa Magaalaa warshaan Sukkaara Finca’aa Keessatti Argamu Keessatti Warraaqsii FDG Gootota Uummata oromoo fi Gootota Barattoota Oromoo M/B Suluula Finca’aa tti Jabaatee itti fufe, Waraanni Wayyaanee Uummata irratti waraana bane ilmaan Oromoo 4 rasaasaan rukutaman. Namni tokko ajjeefame.
Mootummaan abbaa irree Yakka ulfaataa fi garaa jabinaan guutameen uummata mirga isaaf falmachaa jiruu irratti waraana banuun ilmaan Oromoo madeessaa fi Ajjeesuu itti fufe. banuun Ilmaan Oromoo barattoota 4 rasaasaan rukutamuun yeroo amma
du’aafi jireenya gidduutti argamu’.
1. Eebisaa nama jedhamuu fi Hojjetaa Warshaa Sukkaara Finca’aa kan ta’ee Mooraa Mana Galmaa isaa keessa utuu dhaabatu waraanni wayyaanee dhukaasee ajjeesee, yeroo amma kana wareegamee jira.Namootni 4 ol immoo Madaeeffamuu kaleessa gabasne kanneen :
1. Barataa Wakjiraa Giddisaa Mitikuu
2. Barataa Masarat Xilahuun Oljirraa
3. Barataa Alamuu Likkisaa Kabbabaa
4. Barataa Zarihuun Raggaasaa Teessoo kanneen jedhaman dabalatee Amma illee namootni kan biraan kan ajjeefaman maqaan adda kan hin bane jiraachuu madden gabaasa jiru. Warri rasaasan rukutaman 4’n kun yeroo amma gara hospitaalatti fe’amuu madden keenya gabaasan. Uummatni mootummaa ilmaan keenya fixaa jiru waliin hin jiraannu jechuun amma illee warraaqsaa itti fufee jira, galgala kanaa Waraanni Wayyaanee ittuma fufuun uummata irratti dhukaasaa banaa kan jiru yoo ta’uu ilmaan Oromoo hidduun hidhaatti guuramuu maddi keenya gabaase.






#OromoProtests of 7 December 2015


#OromoProtests has taken place in at least  30 locations in Oromia and academic Institutions in Ethiopia (see the lists below):
Magaalonni Oromiyaa fii Dhaabbilee barnootaa olaanoo kan wixata Muddee 7 bara 2015 Mormii Master Pilaanii Finfinnee dhageessisan 30 olitti laakkawamu, muraasa isaanii (27/03/2008) (December 7, 2015)
1. Magaalaa Sulultaa
2. Magaalaa Ciroo (Harargee Dhihaa)
3. Yunivarsiitii Bulee Horaa
4. Yunivarsiitii Dillaa
5. Yunivarsiitii Jimmaa
6. Yunivarsiitii Finfinnee
7. Yunivarsiitii Adaamaa
8. Yunivarsiitii Amboo
9. Magaalaa Mugar
10. Magaalaa Arjoo (Wallaggaa)
11. Magaalaa Bulee Horaa
12. Magaalaa Fincaawaa (Wallaggaa)
13. Magaalaa Dugdaa Daawwaa (Naannoo Bulee Hora)
14. Yunivarsiitii Maqalee (yeroo 2ffaaf silent protest)
15. Magaalaa Burraayyuu
16. Gandoota Magaalaa Haromayaa (Daamotaa, Baatee, Finqillee)
17. Magaalaa Dodolaa (Arsii Lixaa)
18. Magaalaa coobbii (Shawaa Dhihaa)
19. Aanaalee sababoru fii Adoolaa (Godina Gujii)
20. Magaalaa Gabatee (Horro Guduruu, Wallaggaa)
21. Magaalaa Mogor (Shewa Dhihaa)
22. Aanaa Anfilloo (Qeellam Anfilloo)
23. Magaalaa Habaaboo Guduruu (Horro Guduruu, Wallaggaa)
24. Magaalaa Bookee (Hararghee Dhihaa)
25. Magaalaa Asaboot (Hararghee Dhihaa)
26. Magaalaa Guder (Shewaa Dhihaa)
27. Magaalaa Tullu Boolloo (Shewa kibba Lixaa)
28. Incinni Hospital (silent protest)
29. Aanaa Meettaa Roobii, Shawaa Lixaa

30.  Nuunnuu Qumbaa (Wallagga)

31. Yunivarsiitii Walqixxee


#OromoProtests @ Dodolaa (Arsi Lixaa), December 2015


Wallagga Shaambuu Keessatti “Say No! Stop Killing Oromo Students’ Jedhchuun Magalaa Shambuu Keessatti Hiriira Bahuun Sagalee Dhadatnoo fi Wallee Warraaqsaa Dhageessisaa Jiru

Mudde 07,2015 Shaambuu

OromoProtests @Shaambuu, Horroo Guduruu Wallaggaa, Dec. 7, 2015

Guyyaa har’aa ganama barattootni Kutaa 12 ffaa mormii m.plaanii dhageessisan. Barattootni kunneen waraqaa facaatuu ‘say no m.plan’stop killing Oromo students’ jettu qabatanii mana barumsaa tii magaalaatti bahuuf yaalanii poolisootaa fi humna ittisaan gargar facaafaman. Haalli ulfaatus dhaamsa isaanii dabarfatiiru. Hoo korma guduruu ABOn leencuma duruu jechuun ABO haalaan faarsan. Barattoota isaanirra darbanii magaalaa seenan reeban ,hidhaniis. Warri mooraa keessatti hafan barachaa oolan. Garuu,sa’aa barumsaa gaggabaabsuun utuu barattootni kutaa 11ffaa dabaree galgalaa achi hingahiin barattoota 12 ffaa gaddiisan utuu sa.atiin hingahiin. Barattootni kutaa 11ffas waraqaa facaatuu waliif daddabarsaniiru. Kan armaan olii mana barumsaa qophaa’inaa dha. Elementary dhaa ammoo barattootni kutaa 9 yaalanii hinmilkoofne. Ammaaf kana fakkaata.

Godina Kibba Lixa Shaggar Magaalota Adda Addaa Keessatti FDG Deemaa Jira, Barsiisoti Oromoo Qaama FDG ti Jedhchuun Wayyaanoti Hidhaa Jiru.

ahGodina Kibba lixa shagar magaalota hedduu keessatti diddaan uummata kan itti fufee fi wal gaarreeffannaan humna police mootumman akkuma itti fufeeti jira. Jalaa deemtoonni sochii uummata doo’aa jiru kana ukkaamsuuf humnaa police federaalaa hedduu meessuudhaan sochii uummata humnaan gooluu irratti argamu. Akkuma beekkamu Torban darbee Aanaa Tolee magaala Baantuu keessaa hiriira mormii ta’een Barataa Dajanee Sarbeessaa rasaasa police wayyaaneen akka darbee fi kanneen hafan miidhaa guddaan irraa ga’ee hospitala akka jiran ni beekkama, Aanaa Walisoo magaala Dillalla’aa keessatti hiriira mormii ka’een barattoonni Rasaasan rukutamanii hospitaal walisoo ti akka argamanii, Aanaa Bachoo magaala Tulubolloo keessatti hiriira mormii ka’een reebicha fi hidhaan barattoota fi barattoota akka dararaa turan fkn Barsiisota ja’a hidhaman keessaa barsiisaa Girmaa Caalaa keessatti akka argamuu oduu nu gahee ni ibsaa.

Kaleessa guyyaa 6/12/2015 Aanaa Daawoo magaala Buusaa guyyaa gabaa waan taheef police federaalaa hedduuminan magaala keessaa facaasuun uummata sodaachisaa akka turan fi uummannis dallaansuu guddaa keessaa akka galchaan odeessaa argannee, har’aa 7/12/2015 sa’aa amma kana walgahii jedhanii hojjattoota mootumma magaala Tulubolloo hundaa walitti qabuun tasgabeessuuf yaala jiran illee keessattuu hojjattootni fayyaa dallansuun nurraa bahaa ijoollee teenya ajjeessaa, barsiisota hidhaa maal isin waliin dubbannaa jechuun dallansuu ibsataa akka jiran dhagahame.


Barattoonni Oromoo Yuuniverstii Finfinnee fi Maqaleen Calleensaa fi Gaddaan Gochaa Hammeenya Wayyaanee Ibsataa Jiru.

231OromoProtests @Finfinnee University Dec. 7, 2015OromoProtests @Finfinnee University Dec. 7, 2015 picture2



Mudde,7 bara 2015 Barattooti Oromoo Yuniversitii Finfinnee gamtaan hiriiruun ayyaana Sabaa fi sab-lammii Wayyaanee kabajju irratti calleensaan gadda isaanii muldhisuun gochaa sirnichaa diduu muldhisan. Kana irratti dabalees Barattooti Oromoo Yuuniversitii Maqalee guyyaa har’aa gaddaan baratoota Oromoo rasaasa Wayyaaneen dhuman yaadataa oolan.

Yuniverstii Maqalee

Yuniverstii Maqalee

Shaggar Sulultaa fi Horroo Guduruu Aanaalee Hunda Keessatti FDG Jabinaan Itti Fufee Jira.Loltooti Wayyaanee Warraaqsa Dhaamsuu Hin Dandeenye.

Mudde 07, 2015 Gabaabsa Qeerroo

Shaggar Sulultaa keessatti diddaan sirna abbaa irree Wayyaanee jabaatee itti fufuun uummanni gamtaan ka’uun sa’aa ammaa kanatti guutummaatti FDG gaggeessaa jira.Kana malees har’a Muddee 7,2015 Godina Bahaa Wallaggaa Aanaa Heebantuu, Giddaa Ayyaanaa ,Kiiramuu fi Nuunnuu Qumbaa keessatti Warraaqsii FDG Gootota Qeerroo Barattoota Oromoo fi Uummata Qonaan Bultoota Oromoon Haalaan
Jabaachuun Warraaqsii Diddaa Garbummaa Lafa Sochoosa jira, Barataan Oromoo Tokko Giddaa Ayyaanaa irratti rasaasan rukutamee jira.
Gaaffiin mirga abbaa Biyyummaaf deebiin haa kennamu fi Karoorri Master Pilaanii Finfinnee fi Labsiin Magaaloota Oromiyaa Caffeen Naannoo Oromiyaa Murteesse Atattamaan Haqamuu qaba jechuun diddaa isaanii haalan jabeessan. mootummaan Wayyaanee sochii FDG uummatni karaa nagaa gochaa jiru irratti dhukaasa banuun goolaa jiraachuun ibsame. Aanaa Giddaatti dhukaasa Wayyaaneen uummata irratti baneen barataa Saamu’eel Kabbadee barataa kutaa 12ffaa rasaasan rukutamee mana yaalaa galee jiraachun ibsame jira.Goototni Barattootni Oromoo dhukaasaa wayyaanee dura dhaabbachuun dhaadannoowwaan itti aanuu kana sagalee guddaan dhageesisuun FDG jabaatee itti fufe.


Arjoo Guduruu




Sulultaa mudde 7


Har’a Mudde 7,2015 Shaggar Kibba Bahaa Tullu Boolloo fi Horroo Guduruu Magaala Gabatee Akkasumas Anfilloo Qeellam Keessatti FDG Itti Fufe.

Anfilloo Magaalaa Muggii

Anfilloo Magaalaa Muggii

Horro magaalaa Gabatee

Horro magaalaa Gabatee

Har’a Mudde 7,2015 Shaggar Kibba Bahaa Tullu Boolloo fi Horroo Guduruu Magaala Gabatee Akkasumas Anfilloo Qeellam Keessatti FDG Itti Fufe.

Godina Shaggar kibba dhihaa garuma Yuunibarsiitii walqixxeetti kan dhiyaattu magaalaa tullu boollottis gaaffi abbaa biyyummaa Barattoonni dhiyeessaniin Magaalaan tullu boolloo humna waraanaan marfamtee jirti.

Qeellami Anfilloo fi Horroo magaala Gabatee keessatti barattooti manneen barnoota Qophaayinaa haala qindaaween diddaa isaanii deemsifaa jiru,haala kanaan waraanni Wayyaanee doorisisuu fi barattoota akka hiriira irratti hin hirmaatne guddoo rakkisaa jiraachuun beekame.


Barattooti Oromoo Yuniverstii Diillaa fi Walqixxee Diddaa Itti Fuun Waraanni Wayyaanee Gaazaa fi Ulee Sibiilaan Walqixxeetti Dhimma Bahaa Jira.

Mudde 7,2015 Gabaasa Qeerroo

Barattooti Oromoo Yunivarsitii Dillaa guyyaa har’aa FDG itti fufanii jiru.Barnooti guutummaatti dhaabbatee jira. Kana malees Yuunibarsiitii Walqixxees sagalee isaanii dhageessisuun mootummaa Wayyaanee uummata Oromoo daguugaa jiru balaaleffatan. Qeerroon Yuunibarsiitichaa har’a ganama obboroo walga’uun gaaffii aabbaa biyyummaa erga bulchiinsa mooraa Yuunibarsiitii Walqixxeef dhiyeessaniin booda,humni tikaa itti bobbaafamuun barattoota Oromoo gaasii summii,uleedhaanis kan caccabsan ta’us,biyya abbaa keenyaa kabachiisuuf wanti dugduuba nu deebisu hinjiru jedhaniiru Humni tika qabeenya barattootaa saamaa kaan mana hidhaatti guuraa kan jiru yeroo ta’u, Barattoonni barnoota dhaabanii jru.

Mooraa Yuuniversitii Adaamaa, Amboo, Finfinnee, Hawaasaa fi Jimmaatti Har’a FDG Itti Fufee Jira.

Mudde 07,2015 Finfinnee

32Mooraa Yuuniversitii Adaamaa, Amboo, Finfinnee, Hawaasaa fi Jimmaatti har’a FDG itti fufee jira. Yuuniversitiiwwan kanneen irra adda kan taasisu yuuniversitii Adaamaa keessatti FDG qabatee jiru kan dhaamuu fi humna waraana wayyaaneen boodatti deebi’u osoo hin taanee kan ijaarsa hundee gadi fageeffatee jiru hojjettoota mootummaa mooraa yuuniversitii guutummaa habashaa irraa kan hafe, barataan oromoo guutummaan yuuniversitii keessaa miseensotaa fi deggertoota OPDO dabalatee gaaffiin keenya gaaffii sabaati gaaffiin kenya lafaati saamamuu lafaa fi ciramuu lafa keenyaa jabeessine mormina kan jedhanis msieensota OPDO gaaffii abbaa biyyummaa har’a FDGn magaalaa fi mooraa yuuniversitii Adaamatti gaggeeffamaa jira.Humni waraanaa magaala Adaamaa buufatee jiru kan har’a magaala Finfinnee irraa ergame poolisii federaalaa lakkoofsa 5,6, fi 7 keessa magaala Finfinneetti argamu  diddaa yuuniversitii Adaamaa dura dhaabbachuuf guuuramee jira.

Dhaadannoowwan yeroo amma barattootaan gaggeeffamaa jiran
-Abbummaan oromiyaa oromoodhaan haa mirkanooftu
-Maaster Pilaanii tooftaa duguuggaa sanyii ilmaan oromoof kaayyeffameedha hojiirra ooluu hin qabu
-caaseffama magaala oromiyaa jedhamee bahe ni mormina
-Mootummaan wayyaanee nun bulchin
-Qaroon keenya WBO dha!
-Abdiin keenya ABO!
-Gumaa barattoota keenya ni baasna!
-Alagaan nun dhaalin!
-Maasteer pilaanin gonkumaa hojirra hin oolin
jechuudhaan har’a ganama sa’a 1:00 irraa kaasee FDGn magaalaa Adaamaa fimooraa yuuniversitii Adaamaa akkasuma koollejjiwwan garagaraa magaala Adaamaa keessatti itti fufee jira.
Oromiyaan hanga bilisoomtutti, diinni uummata oromoo mootummaan wayyaanee abbaa irree hanga xumuree oromiyaa gadhiisutti diddaan Qeerroo fi uummata oromootiin itti fufa!

Godina Harargee Aanaa Ciroo fi Godina Lixa Shaggar Aanaalee Adda Addaa Keessatti FDG “Dinne Didaa” Jedhu Qabatee Uummanni Jabinaan Waraana Wayyaanee Dura Dhaabbataa Jiraachuu Qeerroon Gabaase

Muddee 7,2015 Gootonni Barattooti Oromoo godina Harargee Aaanaa Ciroo sirna mootummaa abbaa irree Wayyaanee balaaleffachuun guyyaa har’aa hiriira mormii guddaa bahuun gaaffii mirgaa kaasan, kana malees Godina Lixa Shaggaritti warraqsii FDG Guddaan Uummata Oromoo Magaalaa Amboo , Yuunibarsiitii Amboo, Qonnaan Bultoota Amboo fi Magaalaa Gudar, Qonnaan Bultoota Aanaa Tokkee Kuttaayee fi Barattoota Oromoo Magaalaa Gudar Dabalatee Warraaqsii Seenaa qabeessi bifa adda ta’een gaggeeffama jira. Gaaffiin mirga abbaa Biyyummaaf deebiin haa kennamu fi Karoorri Master Pilaanii Finfinnee fi Labsiin
Magaaloota Oromiyaa Caffeen Naannoo Oromiyaa Murteesse Atattamaan Haqamuu qaba jechuun Uummatni Daandii konkolaataa cufee Hiriira
Mormii guddaa itti fufee jira. Qonnaan Bultootni Oromoo AMBOO-GUDAR daandii konkolaataa cufuun Warraaqsii FDG haalaan jabaatee jira,
Waraanni Wayyaanee uummata gaaffii mirgaa gaafachaa jiruu irratti sagalee dhukaasaa Gurguddaa nama naasisu dhukaasa jira, Gaazii
Summaa’aa Uummatarratti waraanni Wayyaanee dhukaasaa jiruun Magaalaa GUDAR keessatti qonnaan bultootnii fi uummatni hedduun kukkufee
jiraachuun ittumaa Warraaqsaa Mormii uummatni gaggeessa jiru ulfaachisee jira.

Kana malees  Barattootni Oromoo AANAA MIDAA QANYII M/B Baallammii sadarkaa 2ffaa fi Qophaa’inaa warraqsaa FDG Guddaa Uummata Oromoo Magaalaa Ballammii fi Goototni Barattoota Oromoo MIDAA QANYII Warraaqsaa FDG dhoosuun mootummaa abbaa
irree wayyaanee dura dhaabbatan. Gaaffiin mirga abbaa Biyyummaaf deebiin haa kennamu fi Karoorri Master Pilaanii Finfinnee fi Labsiin Magaaloota Oromiyaa Caffeen Naannoo Oromiyaa Murteesse Atattamaan Haqamuu qaba jechuun goototni Barattootni Oromoo dhaadannoowwaan itti aanuu kana sagalee guddaan dhageesisuun FDG jabaatee itti fufe. Dhaadannoo haala walfakkaatuun dhageesifama jiru:
-Master Pilaaniin irratti wareegamaa jirru haqamuu qaba,
-Mootummaa Dhukaasee nu ajjeesaa jiru jalatti hin bullu, mootummaan EPRDF/TPLF/OPDO’n bakka nu hin buutu, mootummaan uummata isaa ajjeesuu addunyaa irra hin jiru.
-Nuti bilisummaa barbaadna, Mirgii Dimookiraasii fi Namommaa Nuuf Haa Kaabajamu,
-Ilmaan Oromoo Oromummaan Yakkamuun Hidhaman hatattamaan Haa hiikaman.
-Mootummaan Yakka Duguginsa sanyii ummata Oromoo irratti rawwacha jiru seeratti haa dhiyaatu
-Labsiin Magaalota Oromiyaa Caffeen Murteesse haqamuu qaba,
– Lafti Keenya Lafee keenya lafee keenya murree hin Kennu,
– Gaaffiin keenya gaaffii mirgaa mirga abbaa biyyummaa, kan bilisummaa
fi dimookiraasiiti, jechuun Waarraaqsaa FDG jabeessuun itti fufan, Waraanni Wayyaanee lakkoofsaan Heddumina qabau uummata irratti
bobba’ee jiruun wal dura dhaabbachaa jiru.



Ummanni Magaalaa Dambi Doolloo Walgahii Wayyaanoti Yaaman Gamtaan Dide,Manneen Barnootaa Hundi Akka Cufamanitti Jiru.

Mudde 07,2015 Dambi Doolloo

Ummatni magaala Dambi Dolloo walgahii aangawoonni OPDO Wayyaanee yaaman diduun diddaa fi jibbiinsa sirna mootummaa Wayyaaneef qaban ifatti muldhisaa jiru.

Guyyaa kaleessaa fi har’aa gandootiin Yaabaloo fi Biiftuu jedhaman nama mootummaa Wayyaanee bakka bu’u tokkotti haasawuu waan hin feeneef akka gara keenyatti dhuftan hin barbaadnu jedhanii jiru, barattoota waliin gamtaan dhaabbatanii FDG gaggeessas jiru.

Waraanni Wayyaanee haala kana sodaachuun humna guddaa Gambeela irraa gara Dambi Doollootti guuree qubachiisaa akka jiru Qeerroon gabaase.

FDG Oromiyaa Dhihaa Godina Horroo Guduruu Wallaggaa Aanaa Abbaayi Coomaan Suluulaa Finca’aa Keessatti Jabaatee Itti Fufe!!‏

diddaa9Muddee 7/2015 Godina Horroo guduruu Wallaggaa Aanaa Abbay Coommaan Sululaa Finca’aa keessatti Warraaqsii FDG Gootota Qeerroo Barattoota Oromoo M/B Suluula Finca’aa Sadarkaa 2ffaa fi Qophaa’inaan daran haalaan jabaatee itti fufe! Guyyaa har’aa ganama Baree Lafaa irraa
eegaluun Gaaffiin mirga abbaa Biyyummaaf deebiin haa kennamu fi Karoorri Master Pilaanii Finfinnee fi Labsiin Magaaloota Oromiyaa Caffeen Naannoo Oromiyaa Murteesse Atattamaan Haqamuu qaba jechuun Sagaleen Dhaadannoo guddaan Suluula Finca’aa keessa dhageesifama jiraachuu Maddeen Keenya gabaasu. Dhaadannoowwan Walfakkaataa Amboo irraa dhageesifamaa jiruu Suluula Fincaa’aa Horoo guduruu keessaas itti fufuun dhageessisan.:
-Master Pilaaniin irratti wareegamaa jirru haqamuu qaba,
-Mootummaa Dhukaasee nu ajjeesaa jiru jalatti hin bullu,
-Nuti bilisummaa barbaadna, Mirgii Dimookiraasii fi Namommaa Nuuf Haa Kaabajamu,
-Ilmaan Oromoo Oromummaan Yakkamuun Hidhaman hatattamaan Haa hiikaman.
-Mootummaan Yakka Duguginsa sanyii ummata Oromoo irratti rawwacha jiru seeratti haa dhiyaatu
-Labsiin Magaalota Oromiyaa Caffeen Murteesse haqamuu qaba,
– Lafti Keenya Lafee keenya lafee keenya murree hin Kennu,
– Gaaffiin keenya gaaffii mirgaa mirga abbaa biyyummaa, kan bilisummaa fi dimookiraasiiti,jechuun Warraaqsa haalan jabaata ta’ee fi uummata
Oromoo Jirattoota naannoo warshaa kan hirmaachise ta’uun gabaafame.

Warraaqsi Biliisummaa Yuuniversitii Amboo fi Oromiyaa Bakkoota Kaan Har’as Itti Fufee Mootummaa Wayyanee Sardaa Jira.

Gabaasa Qeerroo Mudde,07,2015 Amboo

AboooMuddee 7,2015 Goototni Barattootni Oromoo Yuunivarsiitii Amboo fi uummaatni Oromoo Amboo Warraaqsaa FDG dhoosuun Gaaffiin mirga abbaa Biyyummaaf deebiin haa kennamu fi Karoorri Master Pilaanii Finfinnee fi Labsiin Magaaloota Oromiyaa Caffeen Naannoo Oromiyaa Murteesse Atattamaan Haqamuu qaba jechuun warraaqsaa FDG qabsiisuun Ganama barii Irraa eegaluun Warraaqsii Magaalaa Amboo keessatti Barattoota Oromoo Yuunivarsiitii Amboo fi Uummata Oromoo Magaalaa Amboon Itti Fufe.
Dhaadannoo Guddaa Mooraa yuunibarsiitii Amboo Damee Awwaaroo fi Magaalaa Amboo fi Mooraa Yuunibarsiitii Amboo Main Campus keessattidhaadannoowwan Qabasoo bilisummaa OPromoo faarsuu fi Warraaqsaa FDG leellisuu dhageesisuun qabsoo finiinsuu eegalan.Dhaadannoowwan:
-Master Pilaaniin irratti wareegamaa jirru haqamuu qaba,
-Mootummaa Dhukaasee nu ajjeesaa jiru jalatti hin bullu,
-Nuti bilisummaa barbaadna, Mirgii Dimookiraasii fi Namommaa Nuuf Haa Kaabajamu,
-Ilmaan Oromoo Oromummaan Yakkamuun Hidhaman hatattamaan Haa hiikaman.
-Mootummaan Yakka Duguginsa sanyii ummata Oromoo irratti rawwacha jiru seeratti haa dhiyaatu
-Labsiin Magaalota Oromiyaa Caffeen Murteesse haqamuu qaba,
– Lafti Keenya Lafee keenya lafee keenya murree hin Kennu,
– Gaaffiin keenya gaaffii mirgaa mirga abbaa biyyummaa, kan bilisummaa
fi dimookiraasiiti,
Gaaffii uummataa Oromoo karaa nagaa fi Dimookiraasii Adeemaa jiruuf Fallaa sopchii kana Mootummaan Wayyaanee humna waraanaa bobbaasuun Uummata goolaa jira. Magaalaan Amboo dirree Waraanaa fakkaatti. Uummatni Oromoo fi Dargaggootni Qeerroon Barattootni Oromoo gamtaa isaanii jabeessuun waraana wayyaanee dura dhaabbatan. Gabaasaan itti fufa…

December 6, 2015: Overnight protest underway in Ambo.






Yuniversti Wallaggaa Campus Shaambuu Keessatti Warraaqsi Bilisummaa Qabateen Loltooti Agaazii Mooricha Dhufachuun Barattoota Sagalee Ukkamsuu Yaalaa Jiru.

Mudde 06,2015 Shaambu

BaakkoGodina Wallaggaa Yuniversitii Wallaggaa Kaampaasii Shaambuu Keessatti diddaan barattoota Roromoo Mudde 6,2015 eegalee dhadatnooleen adda addaa faca’uu fi gidaarota kaampaasii mara keessatti maxxanfamuu irraan kan rifatte mootummaan Wayyaanee humna waraana Agaazii guddaa itti bobbaasuun barattoota hanga galgala kanaatti hunkuraa akka turte gabaasi Qeerroo ibsa. Network kutanii ibsaa kaampaasicha irraa ciranii jiru.FDG ammoo akka itti fufu barattooti ibsanii jiru.



UNPO: Oromo: Attack on Protesting Students by Government Forces Caught on Video


Citizens from all over Oromia have been protesting for months against the Addis Ababa Master Plan, which would see Oromo farmers around the capital evicted from their land with the city’s expansion. Marches have intensified since the events at Haromaya University last week, where Oromo students, protesting peacefully against the government plans, were shot at by the Ethiopian Federal Police, killing at least three and injuring many more. The attack was recorded on a video, which can be viewed from the link below.

Read the full article from Finfinne Tribune below:

The following video shows as the Ethiopian Federal Police, known as Agazi and part of the elite force of the ruling Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), shooting at Haromaya University’s Oromo students – who were out protesting against the Addis Ababa Master Plan in late November 2015. According to media reports, at least three were killed and many more were wounded. The students were protesting against the Addis Ababa Master Plan, whose goal, they say, is to expand the City of Addis Ababa by many folds by evicting Oromo farmers from their land around the City of Addis Ababa in Oromiyaa. The Oromo people, especially students, have been expressing their protests against the Addis Ababa Master Plan, ever since it was unveiled by TPLF officials in April 2014. As a result of the Oromiyaa-wide protests against the Addis Ababa Master Plan, over the last year and half, more than a hundred Oromos were killed by the Agazi force, including the four who had been reported dead at the recent Haromaya protest.


The students, pronounced dead, and those others protesting, come from all sections and all zones of Oromiyaa for their higher education at Haromaya University.


Click here to watch the video of the attack.

Click here to see more photos of the protests.


Photo credit: Gadaa.com @Flickr

Human Rights Watch says the bloody crackdown on Oromo protesters must stop



አዲስ አበባ በኦሮሚያ ክልል ውስጥ ላሉ ከተሞች እቅድ የማውጣት አቅሙም ስልጣኑም የላትም፡፡ በህገ መንግሥቱ በምንም መንገድ አዲስ አበባ ለነዚህ ከተሞች እቅድ የማውጣት ስልጣን አልተሰጣትም፡፡ በአዲስ አበባ ከተማ ቻርተርም፣ በኦሮሚያ ክልል ህገ መንግሥትም፣ በሀገሪቱ ህገ መንግሥትም ቢሆን ይሄን ስልጣን አልሰጠም፡፡ የፌደራል መንግሥትም በከተሞች ፕላን ውስጥ ጣልቃ የመግባት  ስልጣን አልተሰጠውም፡፡ እንደዚህ ከሆነ ከተሞች ራሳቸውን አስተዳደሩ ማለት እንዴት ይቻላል? ህዝቡ ምኑ ላይ ነው ራሱን አስተዳደረ የሚባለው? እንደዚህ ከሆነ ትናንት ከ25 ዓመት በፊት ወደነበርንበት ተመልሰን እየገባን ነው ማለት ነው፡፡

Read more at:-



Two Weeks in Pictures | Oromo Protests Against the Master Plan

Muddee/December 6, 2015 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com |

Unveiled by the ethic-Tigrean-dominated Federal government of Ethiopia in April 2014, the Addis Ababa Master Plan intends to expand the borders of Addis Ababa by many folds into the adjacent Federal State of Oromia.

The City of Addis Ababa, known as Finfinne by Oromos – who make up the largest ethno-national group in Ethiopia, is itself part of the State of Oromia, but the Federal government instituted a “Charter City” status (self-governing status) over the city in 1995 without the approval of the State Representative Council of Oromia (known as Caffee Oromiyaa). Through the “Charter City” status, the city has become a self-governing region, but, to fend off the ethnic Oromo opposition to this secession of Addis Ababa from Oromia, the 1995 Constitution, in Article 49, has recognized the “Special Interests” of the Federal State of Oromia over Addis Ababa (Finfinne). However, experts say this Article 49 of the Constitution has never been put into effect, rather, what has happened over the last two decades since 1995, they say, is essentially the opposite. Caffee Oromiyaa and many other vital State institutions of Oromia, which used to be located in Addis Ababa, had been forced out of Addis Ababa and relocated to elsewhere, especially, to Adama, by the Tigrean-dominated Federal government, which has become the governing body of the City of Addis Ababa.

Over the last two decades, Oromo institutions had been cleared off from Addis Ababa: Oromo music bands, Oromo civic societies (such as, the Macha-Tulama Self-Help Association), Oromo newspapers, venues for expression of Oromoness (such as, Hawi Hotel) and so on, were criminalized and banned on fictitious accusations that these institutions of Oromoness had connections with the outlawed Oromo Liberation Front (OLF); today – Addis Ababa has become a ghost town from the Oromo view – a city cleansed of its Oromo ethnic origin and features. Opponents of the Master Plan say, it is this “City of Addis Ababa” that wants to expand into the rest of Oromia by cleansing Oromos and Oromoness along its way.

What the Federal government proposed in April 2014 in its “Addis Ababa Integrated Regional Development Plan,” known in short as the Addis Ababa Master Plan or the Master Plan, was essentially expanding the “Charter City” of Addis Ababa beyond its current limits by taking more land from Oromia. Opponents of the Master Plan say, this is a gradual, but definite, trampling of the Constitution as well as a threat to the existence of the Federal State of Oromia as a region (Addis Ababa sits in Central Oromia; if allowed to expand with a “Charter Status,” it will ultimately cut off the Federal State of Oromia into two: East and West – see the map drawing attached here). Opponents have counter-proposed their own plan, which supports the development of the region without the expansion of the “Charter City” of Addis Ababa and the restoration of Addis Ababa (Finfinne) as an integral part of the Federal State of Oromia. However, the Tigrean-dominated Federal government seems to use the mantra of “development” for its main objective of expanding the “Charter City” in order to decapitate the Federal State of Oromia as a coherent region.

What has become more appalling to the opposition is the way the Master Plan is being put into effect. The Addis Ababa Master Plan of the Tigrean-dominated Federal government intends to expand the “Charter City” by depopulating the region of its ethnic Oromo population and settling non-Oromo ethnic people. Since the ethnic Oromo population of the region lives on farming, the Federal government’s “development” mantra, with a focus on ‘industrialization,’ has meant the eviction and removal of the ethnic Oromo farming population, while those being settled there as an ‘industrial population’ are of non-Oromo ethnic groups, especially from the dominant Tigrean ethnic group. Therefore, by covering the Master Plan with “industrialization” and “development” buzz words, the Federal government has, albeit unsuccessfully, hidden its genocidal agenda against ethnic Oromos in the region. Opponents say the ethnic Oromo farming community itself must be supported to industrialize, instead of be evicted from its land and thrown to become homeless, as a new non-Oromo ethnic community take over the ethnic Oromo land through the Federal government’s apparent militarized implementation of the Master Plan.

In addition to the Addis Ababa Master Plan, the Federal government has recently outlined a new comprehensive Master Plan for all cities and towns in Oromia to be given “Charter City” statuses under the disguise of “development.” With the “Charter City” status comes the project of cleansing these towns and cities of their Oromo residents and Oromoness.

The past weeks’ Oromo protests, which are currently being waged by Oromo students, come with this background of life-and-death for the Oromo people in the Oromian region adjacent to Addis Ababa and other major towns, and Oromia itself as a coherent region. The Oromo protests have been staged all over Oromia; the following are some pictures from the week’s Oromo protests against the Master Plan.

Reports say the latest Oromo protests against the Master Plan were triggered when Federal authorities, using the State of Oromia’s officials as vehicles, started an indoctrination campaign to force the Oromo people to accept the Master Plan. Another event that led to the escalation of the Oromo protests was the cutting down of an old-growth (virgin) forest in Ginchi, known as the Chilimo State Forest, for “development;” residents opposed it in light of the drought and famine risks associated with deforestation; the government, as it fails to feed the 15-million people affected by the recent drought, continues its deforestation policy in the name of “development.”

In late November 2015, residents of Mendi in Western Oromia blocked the road to make the town inaccessible for an entourage coming in for the indoctrination. The Federal government, in overreaction, according to observers, sent in its Special Federal Paramilitary-Police force (known as Agazi) to quell the tension …  see the  pictures in this link:-  http://gadaa.net/FinfinneTribune/2015/12/two-weeks-in-pictures-oromo-protests-against-the-master-plan/









#OromoProtests (5 December 2015): has continued  across Oromia  with population from villages participating. Here is the picture of protesters against the genocidal master plan of the TPLF at Gujee Gafarsaa village ( in Buraayyuu, central Oromia). Source: Jawar Mohammed (Social Media)

OromoProtests @Gujee Gafera village ( in Buraayyuu, Central Oromia). 5 December 2015

Mormiin Oromoon Muddee 5 Bara 2015 hirmaannaa jiraattotaanOromiyaa ganda heddutti  itti fufee jira  Suuraa kanaratti kan agartan mormii atileetonni ganda qonaan bulaa Gujee Gafarsaa kan naannoo Burraayyuutti.

Oromo Protest against Master Plan in Meettaa, Gooroo Muxii town, East Hararghe, Oromia, December 4, 2015.png

Baha Oromiyaa, Harargee aanaa Meettaa, magaalaa Gooroo Muxiitti kaleessa Mudde, 4, 2015 hiriira diddaa mormii maaster pilaani yoo gaggessan.
Gooroo muxii jechuun magaalaa Calanqoo irraa kibba bahatti kiloometira 28 tan fagaattuudha.

Oromo Protest against Master Plan in Meettaa, Gooroo Muxii town, East Hararghe, Oromia, December 4, 2015


Silent sit-ins in the campus arena seem to become the new norm of protest (#OromProtess) when physical challenge of barbarism lets nearly impossible to otherwise. Arba Minch University, Dec. 2015

Silent sit-ins in the campus arena seem to become the new norm of protest (#OromProtess) when physical challenge of barbarism lets nearly impossible to otherwise. Arba Minch University, Dec. 2015. image2

Oromo students Protest against the Master Plan ! Walaita Sodo University, silent sit ins.png

Oromo students Protest against the Master Plan ! Waldia University, silent sit ins

Oromo students Protest against the Master Plan at Maqalee University, silent sit ins

Barattoonni Oromoo Yunvarsitii Aarbaa Mincii, Walaita Sodo, waldia fi Maqalee mormii sanii gaddaani agarsiisani.

Silent sit-ins in the campus arena as protest (#OromProtests) in Arba Minich University, Walaita Sodo University, Waldia & Maqale University. #Oromo  December 2015, Dec. 2015.

Lixa Shaggar Aanaa Ejeree fi

Wallagga Horroo Guduruu Aanaalee Adda Addaa Keessatti FDG Itti Fufee Jiruun Warranni Wayyaanee Barattoota Hedduu Ulee Sibiilaan Reebuun Miidhaniiru.

Gabaasa Qeerroo Mudde 5 ,2015   Aliiboo

IMG_20150509_060148Mudde 5,2015 Godina Wallaggaa  Horroo Guduruu  Goototni  barattootni Oromoo Aanaa Jaardagaa Jaartee M/B Aliiboo Sadarkaa 1ffaa, 2ffaa fi Qopha’ina fi Uummata Oromoo Magaalaa Aliiboo kan hirmachise Warraaqsii FDG , Mormiin Master pilaanii Finfinnee fi Labsii Magaalota Oromiyaa Warraaqsii jabaatee itti fufe.
Gootottni dargaggootni barattootni Oromoo M/B sadarkaa 1ffaa,2ffaa fi qopha’inaa Aliiboo Gaaffii mirga abbaa biyyummaa fi bilisummaa uummata
Oromoo fi Mormii karooraa badii balleessii uummata Oromoo fi Dachee Oromiyaa kan ta’ee Master Pilaaniin Finfinnee fi Labsiin Magaalota
Oromiyaa caffeen Oromiyaa wayyaaneen Labsame guutummaatti haqamuu qaba jechuun dhaadannoo guddaa Magaalaa Aliiboo keessatti dhageesisuun uummata Baadiyaa kan dammaqfatan goototni barattootni Oromoo warraaqsaa FDG jabeessuun itti fufan. Mootummaan abbaa Irree
Waayyaanee humna waraana isaa poolisii federaalaa fi Kora bittinneessa jedhamu Godina Horroo Guduruu irra gubsiisee jiru uummata karaa nagaa hiriira ba’ee jiru irratti bobbaasuu sochii karaa nagaa gaggeeffamaa jiru irraatti dhukaasaa banuun uummata gooluutti gadi ta’ee jira.

Warraaqsaa gaggeeffamaa jiru kanaan ilmaan Oromoo 4 humna poolisii Fedraalaa fi Kora bittuinneessaa rukuttaa ulee sibiilaan rukutamanii haalaan kan madaa’anii haala rakkisaa keessatti argama ta’uu fi barattootni hedduun waraana Wayyaaneen qabamanii hidhamuun ibsamera.

Kana malees gaafa  Mudde 4,2015 Godina Horroo Guduruu Wallaggaatti Aanaa Jimmaa Raaree M/B Wayyuu 2ffaa fi Qopha’ina Uummata Oromoo Jaarsolii Biyyaa Qabachuun Bulchiinsa Aanaa Jimmaa Raareetti Gaaffii Isaanii Dhiyeeffachuun Sagalee isaanii dhageesifachuu Egaalan. Deebii Gaaffii isaaniif Wiixata dhufutti deebiif beellamni waan qabameef, Wiixatatti Aanaa Jimmaa Raaree Magaalaa Waayyuu keessatti Goototni Barattootni Mana Barumsaa Wayyuu fi Uummatni Oromoo Jaarsooliin Biyyaa utuu hin hafiin deebii gaaffii Mirga Abbaa Biyyummaa fi Mormii karoora Master Pilaanii Finfinnee fi Labsii Magaalota Oromiyaaf godhame fi yeroo amma kanatti duguuginsa sanyii ilmaan Oromoo irratti Mootummaan Wayyaanee gaggeessa jiruuf Mootummaan kun itti gaafatamuu qaba jechuun waan gaafataniif Deebii keessan Wiixata isiniif kennina jechuun Beellamni qabame jiraachuu fi Humni waraanaa fi poolisiin Federaalaa Magaalaa Waayyuutti guuramaa jiraachuu maddeen keenya gabaasan.

Lixa Shaggar Aanaa Ejeree fi Wallagga Dambi Doolloo Keessatti FDG Itti Fufee Jira,Barattooti Harka Qullaa Loltoota Dura Dhaabbataa jiru.

Gabaasa Mudde 05,2015

Muddee 5,2015 Godina Lixa Shaggar Aanaa Ejereetti Goototni Barattootni Oromoo M/B Sadarkaa 2ffaa fi Qopha’ina fi AAnaa Wal Maraa Magaalaa Holotaa M/B Sadarkaa 1ffaa Gooroo Qeerransaa keessatti waarraaqsii FDG mormii karooraa Master Pilaanii Finfinnee fi Labsii Magaalota
Oromiyaa irratti sagaalee dhaadannoo Guddaa dhageesisuun Gaaffii Mirga abbaa biyyummaa dhiyeeffachuun Warraaqsaa FDG jabeessuun itti

Mootummaan abbaa irree wayyaanee humna waraana poolisii kora bittinneessaa fi poolisii Federaalaa uummataatti bobbaasuun Oromiyaan dirree waraanaatti jijjiramtee jirti.

Mormiin master planii itti fufuun, mana barumsa Qellem sad 2ffaa fi qopha’ina keessatti mormii jaban itti fufe jira,Akkasumas dhabbata leenji doona barbaar keessatis itti fufe jira! Hospita keessa baraattota yaalaman gadi basa jechuun gasi ija nama imimanessu hospitatti gadi dhisan! Godina Qellem Wolleggaa Dambidollotti eega mormiin itti fufe jira namoota heddus hidhaniru! Ama mani barumsa cufameera.

Yuuniverstiin Bulee Horaa Akka Jeeqametti Jira,Loltooti Wayyaanee Barattoota Oromoo Ta’e Jedhanii Miidhaa Jiru.

Mudde 05,2015 Gabaasa Qeerroo

BuleeeeYeroo ammaa kanatti Oromiyaan biyya mootummaa dhablee dha. Mootummaan Wayyaanee kan filmaata dhibbantaan mohadhe jechaa ture uummatuma na fileera jedhutti dhukaasa banuun Oromoo lafa irraa fixaa jira. Sabi Oromoo dhaa mootummaa mataa isaa dhabuu irraan miidhaan akkaanii irraan gahaamaa akka jiru eenyuufuu ifaadha. Haalli kun hammaatee deemuu irraan guyyaa har’aa kana Oromiyaa bakkoota adda addaatti FDG itti fufee jiraatu iyyuu addatti Yuuniversitii Bulee Horaa barattoota Oromoo ta’e jedhanii adamsuun reebuu,qabeenya isaanii doormii galanii bittinsuu fi doormii itti galanis jalaa gubuun mootummaan ta’e jedhee yakka hiriyyaa hin qabne ilmaan Oromoo irratti hojjechaa jira.

Barattoota Oromoo qalamaa fi dabtara ykn waraqaa malee of harkaa hin qabne sababumaa mirga gaafataniif jecha ajjeessuu fi jumulaan rasaasaan miidhuu beekumsa siyaasaa godhatee itti jira. Haalli kun MOOTUMMAA WAYYAANEE HIN BAASU! BuuuleeHoraa



Muddee 4 Bara 2015: Yunivarsitii Bulee Horaatti har’a hiriirri yeroo lamataaf bayame ture. Agaaziin miidhaa guddaa geessisee jira.

Shashamanee Mana Burumsaa qophayinaatti, Awwadaayi, Meettaa (Gooro Mixii), Gaasaraa, Ejeree, Hara Qallo, Yuniveersiitii Walayittaa Sodoo, Universsiitii Hawwaasaafi  Holotaa  mana barnoota Burqaa Harbuutti barattooni Oromoo mormii wal fakkattuu dhageessisan.

#OromoProtests, Dec. 4 2015: Oromo Students at Bule Hora University held demonstrations. Fascist TPLF/Agazi/forces broke into the campus and injuring several students.


Shashemene Prep School OromoProtests, 4 December 2015.png

Shashemene Prep School  students walked out when prevented from staging a demonstration. Oromo students in university of Walyita Sodo, university of Hawwasa  and  in Holota, Burqa Harbu school, Gaasaraa, Awaday  (East Hararghe),   Meettaa (Gooro Mixii, East Hararghe) Hara Qallo school ( Goro Dola) in Guji zone held their protests against genocidal  master plan.

Guyya Jimaataa Muddee 4 Bara 2015 akka lakkofsa habashatii ganama sa’aa 2 irraa eegalee baratoonii Oromoo mana barumsa qopha’inaa Shashamanee  master pilaanii Finfinee akka hojii irraa hin olee jechuudhaan mormii isaanii cimsanii dhagessisani jiru .waarri opdo bakka bu’ee dhufe kootaa laybrariisenaa ni mari’anaa jedhanisi barattooni isin woajjiin mar’annee homaa debbii hin arganu jechuun wal-gahii jarrii waammatte tuffatanii itti dhisaan.Humnii waaranaa polisii fi agaziin mana barumsa marsee jira .woyanneen lola kasuuf polisoota keessaa tokko barataa fakkatee osoo sura kasu barattooni harkattii qabani rebanii warri kaabinee dhufee fudhe lixeen baratooni hiriraa nagaha bahani naghummani gara mana isaan debi’aniiru. Hirirri mormii nagaan xumarame.

Har’a Muddee 4,2015 Balee Gasaraa fi Yuuniversitii Bulee Horaa Akkasumas Magaalaa Najjoo Keessatti FDG Itti Fufee Oole.





Qophii Addaa;Mormii Barattoonni Oromoo, Guutummaa Oromiyaa keessatti taasisan irratti gabaasa qindaa’e. (OMN, Muddee 3, 2015)



Yuunibarsiitii Walisoo Damee Amboo Guyyaa Guutuu Waraana Wayyaaneen Eegamaa Erga olanii Halakn Edaa Irraa FDG Eegalan.

WalisoooMudde 04,2015 Goototni Barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Walisoo Damee Amboo Guyyaa Guutuu Waraana wayyaaneen Eegamaa olani galgala
kana FDG Sirna Faashistii Wayyaanee irratti kaachisuun mormii karoora master pilaanii Finfinnee fi Labsii Oromiyaa dura dhaabbachuun Gaaffii
mirga abbaa biyyummaa kaachisuun Falmachuutti seenan.
Goototni Barattootn Orpmoo Yuunibarsiitii Walisoo Damee Amboo halkan guutuu dhaadannoo Mootummaa Wayyaanee uummata keenya karaa nagaa fi Dimookiraasii gaaffii gaafachaa jirru ajjeesaa jiru seeratti dhiyaachuu qaba, karoorri master pilaanii finfinnee fi labsii Magaalota Oromiyaa haqamuu qaba, Gaaffii mirga Abbaa Biyyummaaf deebiin nuuf kennamuu qaba, mirgootni dimookiraasii fi namummaa nuuf
haa kabajamu jechuun Dhaadannoo guddaa dhageesisuun Warraaqsa FDG jabeessuun itti fufan. Mootummaan Wayyaanee humna Waraanaa Poolisii Federaalaa halkaniin barattootatti seensisuun dhaadannoo gaaffii mirgaa dhageesisaa jiran ukkamsuuf barattoota goolaa kan bulan ta’uun
ibsame jira. Barattootni Oromoo diddaa isaanii jabeessuun itti itti fufan haaluma Walfakkaatuun Halkan edaa mooraa Yuunibarsiitii Wallaggaa fi Walisoo keessatti FDG halkanumaan gaggeeffamaa kan bule ta’uun gabaafamera.


Hiriirri Mormii fi Barattoonni Ajjeefamuun Oromiyaa Keessatti Itti Fufe Jedhu Mormitoonni

 VOA Afaan Oromoo,  Muddee 3 bara  2015

Wallagga Lixaa fi Shawaa Kibba-lixaa keessatti mormiin itti fufuu isaa fi lubbuun dhabamuu jiraattonni naannoo fi hoogganoonni paartilee mormituu dubbataa jiru. Akka jiraattonni fi hoogganoonni Koongiresa Federaalawa Oromoo Raadiyoo Sagalee Ameerikaaf ibsanitti, guyyaa har’aa jechuun, Mudde 3, bara 2015 hiriirri mormii godinaa Wallagga Lixaa magaalaalee Gidaamii, Ayiraa fi Boojjii Birmajii keessatti geggeessamee jira.Godinaa Shawaa Kibba-Lixaa, aanaa Tolee, magaalaa Baantuu keessatti hiira barattoonni sadarkaa lammaffaa geggeessan irratti poolisiin dhukaasa banuun barataa Dajanee Sarbeessaa jedhamu ajjeesuu isaa fi barattoota ka biroo madeessuu – Godinichatti, hoogganaan Koongiresa Federaalawa Oromoo, Obbo Gabre-mikaa’el Dhaabaa ibsa Raadiyoo Sagalee Ameerikaaf kennaniin beeksisanii jiran.

Wallagga Lixaa, aanaa Gullisoo, Mana-barnootaa Qophaa’inaa Calliyaa bakka kaleessa barataan kutaa kudha-lammaffaa Guutuu Abarraa itti rasaasaan ajjeesametti, barataan ka biraan madaa’e Hospitaala Ayiraa geessamee ture, Kennasaa Caalaa har’a ganama du’uu isaa jiraattonni naannoo beeksisanii jiran. Oduuwwan guyyaa har’aa dhaga’aman kanaaf Koomishina Poolsii Oromiyaa irraa deebii argachuuf deddeebisnee bilbillee iyyuu itti hin milkoofne.

Kaleessa garuu, sadarkaa Koomishinaraatti Abbaa Deemsa Hojii fi Dhimmoota Koomiyunikeeshinii Koomishina Poolisii Oromiyaa, Salamoon Taaddesee, dhimmoota mormii barattootaa fi deebii gama mootummaa irratti bal’inaan kan haasofsiisne kutaa lammataa qaba.


Gabaasa guutuu armaan gaditti dhaggeeffadhaa

OromoProtests @ Baddannoo, East Hararghe, Oromia, 3 Dec. 2015

#OromoProtests, Baddannoo, East Hararghe, Oromia, 3 Dec. 2015

#‎oromoprotests‬ Muddee 3, 2015: Godina Qellem Wallaggaa Magaalaa D/Dolloo Keessatti uummatni ganda 04 tti argaman sochii master pilaanii magaalota sababeeffachuun barattoota irra goruudhaan Poolisotaa fi tika humna waraanaa wayyaanee irratti duula banuun FDG cimaa geggeessaa fi tumaa akka jiran odeeffannoon amma nu ga’e,uummatni magaalicha irra goruu irraan kan ka’e ammaaf lubbun barattotaa darbellee akka hin jirre kan himame,…… Yaa uummata Oromoo maarri akkuma beekamu Oromoon gootaa fi kuteessa kanaafuu bakka hundumaa kan jirtan akka uummata magaalaa D/Dolloo wali hidhachuudhaan fincila fi mormii barattoota cina goruudhaan akka kaatan jenna.

FDG Yuniversitii Wallaggaatti Qabatee Itti Fufeen Barattooti 100 Ol Hidhaman,Irra Guddaan Isaanii Barnoota Waggaa 4ffaa Kanneen Baratani Ta’uu Qeerroon Gabaase.

Mudde 04,2015 Naqamte

Because I am OromoHalkan edaa Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa Yuuniversitii Wallaggaa keessatti qabate irratti mootummaan barattoota Oromoo hedduu reebuu fi doormii galee qabeenya isaanii gutuu saamuun bittinsuu fi sakatta’uun mancaasaa ture. Irra Guddaa isaanii reebichaan yeroo mooraa keessaa wal qabaa turanitti barattoota Oromoo ta’an 100 ol ammo mana hidhaatti guuree jira.

Kanneen keessaa:-

  1. Barataa Gaxxuu Abdiisaa  Elektirical engineering Waggaa 4ffaa
  2. Barataa Badhaasaa Tufaa Mechanical engineering Waggaa 4ffaa
  3. Barataa Ayyanoo Kumsaa Elelctiral Waggaa 4ffaa

Kanneen jedhan keessatti yeroo argaman galmee namoota hanga ammaatti hidhamanii yeroo gabaabaatti Qeerroon ni gabaasa.

Godina Lixa Shaggar Aanaa ADA’AA BARGAA Magaalaa MOGOR Keessatti Warraaqsi Bilisummaa Itti Fufee Oole.

Muddee 3,2015 Ada’aa Bargaa

Irree diinaa ni cabsinaMuddee 3,2015 Warraaqsii FDG Godina Lixa Shaggar AANAA ADA’AA BARGAA Magaalaa MOGOR Keessatti Uummataa fi Gootota Dargaggoota Qeerroo Barattoota Oromoon haalan jabaatee gaggeeffama ole, Warraaqsaa Gaggeeffameen Qabeenyaan Investeroota Wayyaanees barbadeeffame.
Goototni Uummatani Oromoo fi Qeerroon Dargaggootni fi Barattootni Oromoo Uummata Waliin ta’uun Qabasoo kabajamuu Mirga Abbaa Biyyummaa fi Mormii Master Pilaanii finfinnee fi Labsii Magaalota Oromiyaa irratti dabarfamee duula duguuginsa Sanyii , saamichaa fi diigumsa
biyyaa nurratti labsame gamtaan kaanee of irra ittisna, Ilmaan Oromoo Warraqsaa FDG irratti wareegamaa jiraaniif Dirmannaa gochuu qabna, Qabsoo irratti Wareegamaa jirru hanga galii bilisummaa keenya Gonfannee samtoota investeroota Wayyaanee of keessa baasuu qabna jechuun Warraaqsi haalan jabaa ta’ee finiine itti fufe!. 

Dhaadannoon Gurguddaan kan Qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo faarsuu fi Mootummaa Wayyaanee balaaleffatu, Mormii Master Pilaanii Finfinnee fi Magaalota Oromiyaan Mormu haala dhageessifatan. Guyyaa Har’aa Magaalaa MOGOR keessatti Warraaqsaa FDG uummatni gaggeessaa jiruun hanga ammatti Warraaqsaa FDG uummataa fi dargaggoota Qeerroo Barattoota Oromoon gaggeeffamaa jiruun :

Goototni Uummatni Oromoo fi Qeerroon Dargaggootni Oromoo Biyya abbaa keenya Investerootaa fi Angawoota Wayyaaneetti dabarsinee hin kenninu jechuun Waarraaqs FDG jabeessuun Uuummatni Magaalaa fi Baadiyyaa walitti Dabalamuun warraaqsa Injifannoo guddaa qaqbu gaggeessa kan olaan ta’uu Qeerroon Mogor irraa gabaase jira. Mootummaan Wayyaanee Sochii Warraaqsaa FDG Mogoritti Gaggeeffamaa jiru kana irratti Waraanaa Agaazii, Poolisii federaalaa fi Poolisoota Liyyuu Haayilii Kora Bittinneessa jedhaman garta Mogoritti guuraa jiraachuu fi yeroo
amma kanatti dhukaasnii mootummaa Wayyaanee irra Magaalaa Mogor irratti banamee jiru haalaan ulfaata ta’uu madden keenya gabaasan,


(OMN:Oduu Mudde 03,2015) Godina Showaa kiba Lixaa aanaa Walisoo Magaalaa Dilallaa Keessatti Tarkaanffii barattoota Mormii isaanii dhgeessisaa jiran Irratti Humnootiin Mootummaa Fudhataniin barattooti shan rasaasaan rukutaamanii Hospitaala Qiddus Luqaas Keessatti waldhaansarra akka jiran himame.

Jiraattota Naannoo sanaa Irraa akka Mirkaneeffannetti aanaa Walisoo Magaalaa Dilallaa keessatti Mormii barattootaa bittimsuuf tarkaanfii humnootiin Mootummaa fudhataniin barattoota shantu rasaasaan rukutame.

Barttoota rasaasaan ruktaman keessaa dargaggeessa  tokkorra Midhaa jabaan akka ga’e kan nuu himan jiraataan aanaa Walisoo kun akka jedhanitti barataan kun Hospitaala Qiddus Luqaas Keessatti tajaajila baqaqsanii hodhuu argataa jira.

Yeroof Haalli jiru hundi kan tasgabbaa’e fakkaatuyyuu loltooti Mootummaa Uummata Nagaatti Makatanii jiraachuu kan nuu himan Namni kun akka jedhanitti Haaloti jiran garuu yaaddessaa dhaa jedhu.

Abdii Fiixeetiin.

Goototin Baratoota Yunivarsitii Dirre Dawaa Muddee 3 Bara 2015 ganama Lafa barii sa’satii 5:00 ykn Akka Lakkoofsa warra Habashaati sa’aatii 11:00 irraa jalqabanii gaafii Mirgaa kaasuun Yeroo ammaa Humna Poolisa Federaalaa Mooraa keessatti Afaan qawwee itti garagalee jiraachuu  Odeessi Dirre Dawaa irraa agame ni ibsa.

Asuma Oromiyaa Bahaa magaalaa Calanqootis hiriira mormii gaggeefame. Ganama kana ijoollee mana barnoota sadarkaa lammataa hiriira erga bayanii booda, bulchitoonni gaafilee keessan dhageeffannee isin waliin mari’achuu feena jedhaniin. Joolleenis tole jedhanii yeroo ammaa bulchitoota, barattootaafi jiraatota waliin mana barnootaa keessatti walgahiin taa’an.


Residents of Haromaayyaa, #OromoProtests.pngResidents of Haromaayyaa, #OromoProtests, Oromo protests against TPLF Ethiopia tyrannic regime.png

Muddee 3 Bara 2015: Haramaayaaatti barattonnifi jiraattonni  hiriira mormii bahuun Maastar Pilaaniifi haleellaa barattoota irra gahee balaalefachaa oolan.

December 3, 2015: Oromostudents and residents of Haromaayyaa marching through the city denouncing the Master Plan and the recent TPLF’s brutal crackdown against the University students.

Godina Baha Oromiyaa, Haromaayaa Keessatti Ummanni Oromoo Barattoota Tumsuufn Diddaa Sirna Abbaa Irree Wayyaanee Irra Jira.

Muddee 03,2015 Oromiyaa Bahaa Haroomayaa Keessatti Diddaan Gabrummaa Uummata Oromoo Itti Fufeen Waraanni Wayyaanees Dhukaasa Uummata Nagaa Irratti Roobse.


Barattooti Oromoo Riiftii Vaalii, Teeknikaa fi Ogummaa Naqamtee, Kolleejjii Barsiisotaa Naqamtee Warraaqsaa Bilsummaa Qabsiisan.

Mudde 3,2015 Gabaasa Qeerroo Naqamte


Waajjira Barnoota Godina Wallaggaa Bahaa fincila diddaa garbummaa maksuuf barattooti sadarkaa duraa fi lammaffaa barnoota akka dhaaban taasisanis dhaabbileen barnootaa hafan magaalaa Naqamtee keessatti itti fufanii jiru.

Sa’a sadii hanga sa’atii ja’aattikan itti fufe hiriirri kun poolisooti Oromiyaa hidhannoo hiikkachiisaman callisanii waan ilaalaniif poolisiin federaalaa itti ramadamee bittinneesseera. Yeroo ammaa kana konkolaattoti kallatti kamittuu Naqamtee keessaa socho’aa waan hin jirreef sosochii uummataa fi rukkinni jabaan mul’ata

Dhaadhannoon kunis uummata wajjin kan geggeeffame yeroo ta’u,
1 Maaster pilaanii finfinnee hojiirra hin oolu
2 Faayidaan uummati keenya finfinneerraa argatu habeekamu
3 lafti walabummaa Oromoon Bilisummaa dheebonne

Jechaa kan turan yeroo ta’u, amma kana magaalattiin afuura bilisummaatii irraa bubbisa.
Qabsoon Itti Fufa

Sabboontoti fi Dargaggooti Oromoo Magaalaa Buraayyuu Waraana Wayyaaneen Marfamanis Diddaa Sirnicha Itti Fufanii Jiru.

Mudde 03,2015 Buraayyuu


Magaalaa Burraayyuutti Gootootni Dargaggootni Qeerroon barattootni Oromoo fi Sabboontootni uummatni Magaalaa Burraayyuu Mootummaa Abba irree Uummata dararaa jiruu fi dirqamaan karoora Master Pilaanii Finfinnee fi labasii magaalota Oromiyaa Hojiitti hiikuuf tattafatu irratti FDG dhoosuun Sagalee Mormii Magaalaa Burraayyuu keessatti Waraana Waayyaaneen Utuu Marfamanii jirani kaachisan, Magaalaan Burraayyuu Caalmatti kaaleessa galgala irraa eegaluun eeggichi warana Wayyaanee akkan kan irratti jabaate yoo ta’u, Guyyaa Hardhaas warraaqsaa FDG itti kaachisuun Hoomaa waraana Magaalaa Burraayyuu Keessa yaa’u waliin waldura dhaabbatan. Magaalittin Waraanaan qabamtee eegamaa waan jirtuuf Akkuma Dargaggootni Qeerroon Oromoo haala rakkisaa eeggicha waraanaa keessatti FDG itti
kaachisanitti Waraanni fi Poolisootni Magaalaa Burraayyuu eegaa jiran itti duuluun bittenneessan.

Dargaggootni fi Uummatni sabboontootni Oromoo humna waraanaan bittinneeffaman kun walitti deebi’uun FDG kan itti fufsiisan ta’uun dhaammatan. Mootummaan Wayyaanee Uummatnii fi Daraggootni Qeerroon barattootni Oromoo Magaalaa Burraayyuu keessa
jiran FDG narratti kaachisuu soda jedhuu irraa eeggicha guddaa gochaa kan ture, Guyyaa Goototni dargaggootni fi uummatni Oromoo Magaalaa
Burraayyuu Xalayaa Iyyannoo Qopheeffachuun Bulchiinsa Magaalaa Burraayyuutti galchuuf utuu jiranii Waraana Wayyaaneedhaan wal dura
dhaabbachuun FDG qabsiisan. Ammas sa’aa booda Warraaqsii FDG kan itti fufu ta’uu ibsatan,Warraaqsi FDG Magaalota Addaa Nannawaa Finfinnee Magaalaa Sabbataa, Holotaa, Galaan, Sulultaa, Laga Xaafoo Laga Daadhii, Duukam fa’attis ergaa qeerroon dargaggootni Oromoo waliif
dabarsaniin soda guddaa FDG irraa ka’een Wayyaaneen waraanumaan uummata ittisaa jiraachuun ibsame jira.


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The Ethiopian Federal Police, known as Agazi and part of the elite force of the ruling Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), responded heavily when young students of an elementary school in Chancho (Sululta) protested against the Addis Ababa Master Plan on Wednesday, December 2, 2015.

Ethiopian Federal Police shooting at protesting students in Haramaya University | November 30, 2015





Opposition party Oromo federalist Congress once again denounces the Addis Abeba integrated Master Plan, excessive police response to fresh student protests

The Federal High court 19th criminal bench in Addis Abeba has today passed a guilty verdict on five of the six Oromo university students who were under policy custody since May 2014. Only one was set free.



Muddee 3 Bara 2015 Burrayyuutti mana barnoota sadarkaa 2ffaafi qophaa’inaatti barattonni mormii godhan. Humni  federaalaa (Agaaziin) reebicha hamaa irratti geessisaa jira.

Dec. 3, 2015 #OromoStudents Protest against the master plan staged  at Burayu Secondary and Preparatory school. Agazi/ TPLF’s federal forces cruelly attacked the students.

Oduu Ammee:-Barattootni Oromoo Magaalaa Burraayyuu Amma Galgala Kana Sa’aa 11:30 Irraa Egaluun Warraqsaa FDG Itti Fufuu Qeerroon Gabaase.













Muddee 02,2015Barattootni Oromoo Magaalaa Burraayyuu Amma Galgala Kana Sa’aa 11:30 Irraa Egaluun Warraqsaa FDG dhoosuun Sagaalee Mormii Guddaa karoora Mastyer Pilaanii Finfinnee fi Labsii Magaalota Oromiyaa fi Kabajamuu Mirga abbaa biyyummaa Oromoo mormii isanii dhageesifachuun mooraa M/B Barumsaa Burraayyuu Sadarkaa 2ffaa fi Qopha’ina keessatti dhaadannoo dhageesisuun gara Magaalatti gadi ba’uun Iyyaan Mootummaa Abbaa irree Wayyaanee Sagalee Dhaadannoo guddaan balaaleffachuun Warraaqsaa FDG Oromiyaa hundarratti gaggeeffamaa jiru daran jabeessuun Warraaqsaa itti fufsiisan.
Mootummaan Wayyaanee Uummatnii fi Daraggootni qeerroon barattootni Oromoo Magaalaa Burraayyuu keessa jiran FDG narratti kaachisuuf jedhee sodaa guddaa irraa kan ka’een Waraanaa guddaa Magaalaa Burraayyuu irra qubsiisuun uummata eegsiisa kan oole yoo ta’u, eeggichi Wayyaanee galgala kana gootota barattoota Oromoo Mana Barumsaa Burraayyuu sadarkaa 2ffaa fi qophaa’ina ittisuu hin dandeenye Barattootni galgala kana sa’aa 11:30 iirraa eegaluun Warraaqsaa FDG qabsiiasanii sagalee dhaadannoo Oromiyaan kan uummata Oromooti, Burraayyuu dabarsinee hin gurgurruu, waraannii uummata goolaa jiru nurraa dhaabbachuu qaba, Gaaffii mirga abbaa biyyuummaa fi kan bilisummaaf deebiin haa kennamu sagalee jedhu dhageesisuu eegalan .
Goototni Dargaggootni Qeerroon Barattootni Oromoo Magaalaa Burraayyuu fi Dargaggootni oromoo Magaalaa Burraayyuu keessatti argaman guyyaa hardhaa Warraaqsaa dhoosuuf Yaalii guddaa gochaa kan olaan, waraana Wayyaanee guyyaa guutuu namni lama fi sadii ta’ee wal duukaa akka hin adeemne ittisaa turaniin danqaa guddaan utuu jiruu waraanni Wayyaanee sagalee dhaloota qubee ittisuu hin dandeenye galgala kana sagaalee mormii guddaa dhageesisuu akkuma eegalaniin humna waraanaa guddaa itti bobbaafamee fi aduu dhiha irra bu’uu irraan addaan bittineeffaman.FDG daran jabaatee itti fufa hanga Oromoon bilisoomuu fi Oromiyaan Walaboomtutti.

Godina Wallaggaa Qellem Dambi Doollotti FDG Finiine, Aanaa Jimmaa Horroo Irra Barattootni 4 Ukkaamfaman.‏

Muddee 02,2015 Dambii Dolloo

Mormiin Maaster Pilaanii kallatti hundattuuu bal’atee yoommuu itti jabeeffameedha. Godina Qellem wallaggaa manneen barnootaa sadarkaa garagaraatti Muddee 2/2015 sa’a booda mana barumsaa cufuudhaan hiriira mormii bahuun dhaga’ame.  Mana barumsa Oliiqaa Dingil, Mana qophaayinaa Qellem, Mana barumsaa Maskaramii fi koolleejjiiwwan barsiisotaa garagaraa walitti dhufuudhaan mormii master pilaanii ifatti mul’isanii jiru. Uummanni bahee FDG barattoota waliin finiinsee jira. humni waraana wayyaanee godina dhiyaa irratti ramadame gara sanatti bobbaafamaa jira.

Itti fufuudhaan aanaa Jimmaa Horroo keessatti dargaggootni oromoo ukkaamfamaa jiru.  Qindeessitoota FDG jedhamuun waraana wayyaaneen qabamanii bakka buuteen isaanii dhabame godina Qellem wallaagaa aanaa Jimmaa Horroo irraa

1.       Oliiqaa Israa’el

2.       Nagaasaa Hiisaa

3.       Dirribaa Jabeessaa

4.       Sanbataa Oljiraa

Daraggoota oromoo sabboontota qabamanii gara akka bu’an hin beekamin yoo jiraatanillee


–          Loli hin lollaa  ABO tu lola beela

–          Loli hin lollaa Injifannoon gallaa

–          Loli hin lollaa WBO tu lola beeka

Jechuudhaan sirbootaa fi dhaadannoo dhageessifamaa jira. dargaggootni kunneen yeroo ammaa eessatti akka hidhaman wallaalamullee FDG uummataan itti fufee kan jiru godina Qellem Wallaggaa aanaalee garagaraa keessatti itti fufee jiraachuu Qeerroon gabaasaa jira.

OMN: Oduu Muddee 2, 2015




Muddee2, 2015  Gaazaan Oromoo Fixaa Jiru
Godina addaa Oromiyaa naannawa Finfinnee aanaa Sululta magaala Caancoo mana baruumsa Caancoo sad.1ffaa keessatti guyyaa har’aa gaasii summaa’aan biifuun barattooti balaa dhibee tasaa mudachuun barattoonni 40 ol gara mana yaalaa fi hospitaala Finfinneetti guurama jiru.

Mootummaan Wayyaanee Gaaza Summaawaan Baratoota Oromoo 40 Ol Miidhuu Qeerroon Gabaase.

Muddee2,2015 Gabaasa Qeerroo Sulultaa.
Godina addaa Oromiyaa naannawa Finfinnee aanaa Sululta magaala Caancoo mana baruumsa Caancoo sad.1ffaa keessatti guyyaa har’aa gaasii summaa’aan biifuun barattooti balaa dhibee tasaa mudachuun barattoonni 40 ol gara mana yaalaa fi hospitaala Finfinneetti guurama jiru.


Oromo Schoolchildren Protesting Against the Addis Ababa Master Plan Met with Federal Police’s Violence in Chancho

Parents and residents of Chancho, a small town in Central Oromiyaa, returned to their children’s elementary school on Wednesday, December 2, 2015, to sort through the aftermath of the Ethiopian Federal Police’s, known as Agazi and part of the elite force of the ruling Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), violent response when Oromo young students of an elementary school in Chancho (Sululta) protested against the Addis Ababa Master Plan on Wednesday, December 2, 2015. The following are photos from the incident.

See Photos in the links: Sululta in the Aftermath of Violent Federal Police Response at Elementary School



Barataa Yuuniversitii Haromaayaa Department Cooprative Waggaa 2ffaa Kan Baratu Barataan Gazzahinyi Oliiqaa Rasaasa Wayyaaneen Wareegame.

Gootichi Barataa Yuuniversitii Haromaayaa Department Cooprative Waggaa 2ffaa Kan Baratu Barataan Gazzahinyi Oliiqaa Rasaasa Wayyaaneen Wareegame.

Barataa Gazzaahiny  dhalootaan godina Wallaggaa Horroo Guduruu yeroo ta’u University  Haroomayaa keessatti department cooperative wagga 2ffaa barata osoo jiruu sochii warraaqsaa FDG fi didda master pilanii Finfinne mormuuf hiriraa naaga sadaasa 30,2015 saboonta bartoota ilmaan Oromoo ba’aani turaan kessa isaa Tokko Ture .
Barataan gootichi Gazaahinyi rebichaa cimaa humnaa Agazitiin irra ga’een hospitala University  Haroomayaatti utuu yalamuu lubbun isaa darbitee hara’aa Muddee 2,2015 reeffi isaa gaara naannoo dhaloota isaa Horroo Guduruutti ergamee jira .

Qabsa’aan ni kufaa qabsoon itti fufaa !



Guyyaa Har’aa Gootonni Barattooti Oromoo Godina Horroo Guduruu Magaalaa Kombolchaa Falmaa Cimsuun Waraana Wayyaanee Dura Dhaabbatan.

Godina Horroo Guduruu Aanaa Guduruu Magaalaa Kombolchatti Goototni Qeerroon Barattootni Oromoo M/B Kombolchaa Sadarkaa 2ffaa fi Qophaa’ina Warraaqsaa FDG Golee Oromiyaa keessatti Finiinaa jiru daran Jabeessuun guyyaa har’a FDG dhoosuun  Waraana Wayyaanee Horroo Irra qubatee jiruun wal dura dhaabachuun qabsoo finiinsan.Qeerroo Kai

Muddee 02,2015 Godina Horroo Guduruu Aanaa Abbaayi Cooman Magaalaa Fincaa’a Barattootni Oromoo M/B Finca’aa 2ffaa fi Qophaa’ina FDG Itti Fufan.

Fincila-Diddaa-GabrummaaMuddee 02,2015 Godina Horroo Guduruu Aanaa Abbaayi Cooman Magaalaa Fincaa’atti Goototni Qeerroon Barattootni Oromoo M/B Finca’aa 2ffaa fi Qophaa’ina Warraaqsaa FDG Golee Oromiyaa keessatti Finiinaa jiru daran Jabeessuun guyyaa Guyyaa Kaleessa galgala FDG dhoosuun Waraana Wayyaanee Horroo Guduruu Magaalaa Fiincaa’aa Irra qubatee jiruun wal dura dhaabachuun qabsoo finiinsuu eegalan.
Goototni Qeerroon barattootni Oromoo Godina Horroo Guduruu Wallaggaa Aanaa Abbaayi Coomman M/B Fincaa’aa sadarkaa 2ffaa fi Qophaa’inaa uummata Oromoo jiraattoota Magaalaa Fincaa’aaf Guyyaa har’atti Waamicha gochuun Mana Barumsaa Cufuun kanaan Booda manatti hin
deebinuu itti fufnee falmanna jechuun Xalayaa Iyyaannoo facaasuun Labsii FDG dabarfachuun Warraaqsaa galgala kaleessa irraa jalqabuun eegalan, Waayyaanee Waraanaa guddaa itti bobbaasuuf dhukaasa kan irratti banuu eegale.

Battaluma sochiin kun eegaletti Wayyaaneen humna Ibsaa fi Network balleessuun ibsame jira . Gaaffii mirga Abbaa biyyummaa fi Mormii Guddaa karoora Master Pilaanii Finfinnee fi Labsii magaalota Oromiyaan mormuun gaaffii isaanii dhiyeeffachuuf Sagaalee mormii guddaa dhageesisaan. Uummatni Oromoo kanaan Booda deebi’ee sirna wayyaanee Jalatti akka hin bullee Labsii guddaa uummataaf dabarsuu itti fufan., Karoorrii master Pilaanii Finfinnee haqamuu qaba, labsiin Magaalota Oromiyaa haqamuu qaba jechuun labsatan. Guyyaa Hardhaa magaalaan Fincaa’aa Waraanaa wayyaaneeneen dhiphachaan jirti Warraaqsii FDG itti fufe!! Mootummaan Wayyaanee FDG’n Muddamee Jiruu tajaalia Network fi humna ibsaa Oromiyaa irraa balleessuun FDG dura waraanaan dhaabbachuu itti fufe jira.

Muddee 02/2015 Godin a Kibba Lixa Shaggar Aanaa Walisootti Wa rraaqsii FDG Goototn i Qeerroon Barattoot ni Oromoo M/B sadark aa 1ffaa, 2ffaa fi Q ophainaa Diilallaan Jabaatee Itti Fuf.

diddaa9Muddee 02/2015 Godina Kibba Lixa Shaggar Aanaa WalisoottivWarraaqsii FDG Goototni Qeerroon Barattootni Oromoo M/B sadarkaa 1ffaa, 2ffaa fi Qophainaa Diilallaan jabaatee itti fufun Gaaffii mirga abbaa biyyummaa Oromoo fi mormii Master Pilaanii Finfinnee fi Labsii magaalota Oromiyaa gadi jabeessuun mormuun hiriira guddaa bahan, Barattootni Oromoo Afur(4) rasaasan rukutaman. Gootota Qeerroo Barattoota Oromoon M/B sadarkaa 1ffaa,2ffaa fi Qophaainaan Diilallaan qabsiifame haalan jabaachuu irraa hawwannaa Uummata Oromoo jiraattoota Magaalaa Diilallaa fi Qonnaan bultoota Oromoo dabalatee guyyaa haraa Warraaqsa FDG haalan godina Kibba Lixa Shaggaar keessatti qabsiifamee fi gaaffii mirga Abbaa biyyummaa mormii master Pilaanii Finfinnee fi Labsii Magaalota Oromiyaa wal qabatee Goototni barattootni M/B Diilaallaa sadarkaa 1ffaa hanga msadarkaa 2ffaa fi Qophaainaatti jiran IYYANNOO gaaffii mirga qabatee fi hiriirri nagaan nuuf haa eeyyamamuu rakkoo guddaa duguginsa sanyii fi saamichaa fi mirga dhabnee qeeee keenyaa irraa buqqaaa waan jirruuf jechuun Muddee 01/2015 bulchiinsa Magaalaa Diilallaatti galfachuun eeyyama hiriira nagaa gochuu waan dhorkatamaniif Hiriirra mormii guddaa daandii daandiitti bahuun gaggeessuun dhaadannoowwaan mirga abba biyyummaa Uummata Oromoo faarsuu fi mootummaa abbaa irree wayyaanee balaaleffatu dhageesisuun warraaqsa guddaa gaggeessan. Warraaqsaa qindaaaa hawwaannaa uummata Oromoo naannoo argatee kanatti abbaan irree wayyaanee Poolisoota dhalootaan Oromoo hin taanee fi kanneen garaaf bulan itti bobbaasuun Dhukaasaa wal irraa hin citne barattootaa fi uummata irratti banuun barattootan Oromoo afur(4) rasaasaan rukutamuun Hospitaala Waliisoo kan galanii jiran tauun ibsame jira.maqaan barattoota rasaasaan rukutamani kunis. 1. Barataa Maamoo Muldhisaa barataa 10ffaa M/B Diilallaa sadarkaa 2ffaa fi Qophainaa 2. Barataa Eebisaa Dirribsaa barataa kutaa 11ffaa M/B Sadarkaa 2ffaa fi Qophaina Diilallaa 3. Barataa Yaadannoo Baahiruu barataa kutaa 8ffaa M/b Diilallaa sadarkaa 1ffaa 4. Barataa Obsan Bahiruu barataa kutaa 7ffaa obboleessa barataa Yaadannoo , kanneen jedhaman rasaasa mootummaa wayyaanee irraa itti dhukaafameen rukutamanii yeroo amma kana Hospitaala Walisoo galanii duaa fi jireenya gidduutti kan argaman tauu hubatamee jira. Poolisootni Kora ajaja diinaa fudhachuun barattoota Oromoo karaa nagaa gaaffii mirgaa gaafachaa jirtu kana dhukaasanii rasaasan rukutan kun dhalootaan illee ilmaan Oromoo tauun kan shakkisiisuu fi garaaf dhiiga ijoollee Oromoo dhangalaasuun jiraachuu kan barate 1ffaa Poolisii Taaddasaa, 2ffaa Poolisii Taammiruu fi Gosaayee kanneen jedhaman guyyaa saafa gochaa duuguginsa sanyii ilmaan Oromoo karaa nagaa gaaffii mirga gaafatan irratti fudhachuun bira gaame jira. Warraaqsi itti fufee jira, Magaalaan Walisoo fi Yuunibarsiitiin Walisoo Damee Amboo humna Waraanaa Wayyaanee guddaan marfamtee jirti, sochiin barattoota Yuunibarsiitii Walisoo humna waraanaan eegaama jira,suuraa barattoota Oromoo rukutamanii fi warraabbii warraaqsaa isin qaqabsifna.

Wallaga Dhihaa, Magaalaa Calliyaa Keessatti Walitti-bu’insa Uumameen Barataan Tokko Ajjeesame

VOA Afaan Oromoo, Muddee 2, 2015


Wallgga Lixaa, aanaa Guullisoo, Mana-barnootaa sadarkaa lammaffaa Calliyaa keessatti, kutaa kudha-lama barataa ka ture Guutuu Abarraa, walitti-bu’insa humna poolisii kora-bittimsaa wajjiin uumame irrattti rasaasaan rukutamee ajjeesamuu isaa fi barataan ka biraan Kennasaa Caalaa jedhamu rasaasaan Somba isaa dhawamee Hospitaala Ayiraa keessatti ka yaalamaa jiru ta’uu dubbatu, jiraattonni magaalattii.

Koomishina Poolsii Oromiyaatti, Itti-aanaa Koomishinaraa fi Abbaa deemsa hojii fi dhimmoota koomunikeeshinii Solomoon Taaddesee immoo, jeeqama magaalaa Calliyaa keessatti uumame sana keessatti barataan sun du’uun mirkana. Humna nageenyaa mootummaa irraa qofa otuu hin taane, gama kaaniis akka dhukaasamaa ture waan ta’eef eenyu akka ajjeechaa kana raaw’ate sirnaan qorannee tarkaanfii fudhanna, jedhan.

Rasaasaan dhawamee Hospitaalatti yaalamaa jira, ka jedhame barataa ka biraa Kennasaa Caalii jedhamu ilaalchisee garuu akka quba hin qabnee fi qulqulleeffatanii nutti deebi’an nuuf ibsan. Barattooonni fi jiraattonni akka jedhanitti,  magaalaa Najjoo keessatti, akkasumas Walliisoo fi Tulluu Boolloo keessatti hiriira geggeessame irratti tarkaanfii humni mootummaa fudhateen barattoonni garii hidhamanii, kaan madaawanii jiran. Itti-aanaa Koomishinaraa Solomoon immoo, hiriirri geggeessamuu isaa mirkaneessan iyyuu, barataan miidhames tahe hidhame hin jiru, jedhan. “Namoonni hidhaman garuu, kanneen dudduubaan barattoota jeeqamaaf kakaasani” jedhanii jiru.

Gaaffii fi deebii geggeeffame dhaggeeffadhaa



GALATOOMAA! Ummanni naannawa Haromayaatifi kan Roobee kaleessaaf har’a barattota diinni mooraa barnootatti seenee reebee ari’e ofitti fudhachuun diina jalaa dhoksuun, kan miidhame wal aanuun beelaa dheebuu baasuu keessatti barattoonni bakka hedduudhaa bilbilaafi gara facebook nuuf himtee jirti. Nulleen Oromoofi waaqa irraayis galata guddaa akka qabdan isiniif ibsuu feena. Aantummaan qonnaan bultoonnifi jiraatoonni Haramayaafi Roobee agarsiisan kun waan nama onnechiisuufi jaala Oromummaa daran jabeessuudha. Jiraattanni naanawa Yuniversitileefi manneen barnootaa birootis aantummaa akkanaatin barattota cina akka dhaabatan abdii qabna.  Jawar Mohammed, Mudde 1, 2015

Finfinnee fi Buraayyuu Hin Laatnu, ABO Leellisuun Warraaqsi Bilisummaa Aanota Godina Wallaggaa Hedduu Keessatti Itti Fufee Oole.

Gabaasa Qeerroo Wallaggaa Muddee 1,2015

Godina Wallagga  dirree Warraaqsaatti jirjjiramtee jirti, yeroo Ammaa kana FDG Godina Wallagga Aanotaa garaagaraa kanneen akka Ayiraa Gullisoo, Laaloo Asabi , Jaarsoo, Mandii,Gimbii,Najjoo, Qilxuu Karraa, fi Aanota garaagaraa keessatti haalan jabachuun kan itti fufee jiruu dirmaanna uummata qonnaan bultoota baadiyyaa argachaa kan jiruu ta’uun madden keenya gabaasan.
Caalmadhumatti immoo guyyaa har’aa kana AANAA GULLISOO MAGAALAA GULLISOO keessatti FDG uummataa fi dargaggootan haanan jabaachuun itti fufe jira. Mootummaan wayyaanee waraanaa guddaa bobbaasee dhukaasaa guddaa barattoota fi uummata karaa nagaa falmachaa jiru irratti dhukaasuus FDG dhaabuu hin dandeenye, Warraaqsaa kanaan Magaalaa Gullisoo keessa naanna’uu sagaalee mormii jabaa erga dhageesisanii booda dhaadannoo guddaa dhageesisuun . Warraaqsa kana keessatti bakka hundattuu uummatni fi Qeerroon dargaggootni barattootni Oromoo dhaadannoo dhageesisaa turaniin sagalee guddaan Master Piliaaniifinfinnee balaaleffachuu fi ABO Irree fi gaacha uummata Oromooti, ABOn nu haa bulchu, ABO’n Biyya hin Gurguru, ABO mirgoota dimookiraasii fi namommaa ni kabachiisa jechuun jaalalaa fi kabaja guddaa ABOf qaban ifatti argisiisuun gabaafame. Dhukaasaa guddaa gaazii summaa’aa fi meeshaa gurguddaa dhukaasaa kan ture ta’uun ibsame. Gabaasaan itti fufa…

 Mudde 1 Bara 2015; FDG. Godina Shawaa dhihaatti Aanaa Jalduutti magaalaa shukuteetti barattoonni, dargaggoonni, hojjattoonni,akkasumas hawwaasni maagaalaa FĎG dhageessinuun mormii isaanii it to fufaa jiru. Dhaadannoo Uummataafi barattoota maagalaa
1″Master plan” Magaalota Oromiyaa saamuuf jedhen nurraa haa dhaabbatu.
2.Bosonni cillimoo Saamtota warra abbaa garaan gurguraamuun ciramuu haa dhaabbatu.
3.Bu’uraalee misoomaa magaalaa tokko argachuu qabdu m agaalaan shukutee haa argattu.
4.Ajjeechaafi hidhaan Barataa Oromoo irratti raawwatu haa dhaabbatu kan jedhuufi kkf irratti mormii isaanii dhageessisa. Kun gahaa waan hin taaneef beellamaan gargar bahaaru. Hunda K eenya bakka jirruu mormii K eenya itti haa fufnu!
Fdg. Godina shawaa dhihaatti aanaa jalduutti magaalaa shukuteetti barattoonni, dargaggoonni, hojjattoonni, akkasumas hawwaasni maagaalaa fďg dhageessinuun mormii isaanii it to fufaa jiru. Dhaadannoo uummataafi barattoota maagalaa
1 “Master plan” magaalota oromiyaa saamuuf jedhen nurraa haa dhaabbatu.
2. Bosonni cillimoo saamtota wannish abba garaan gurguraamuun ciramuu haa dhaabbatu.
3. BU ‘ uraalee misoomaa magaalaa if argachuu qabdu m agaalaan shukutee hah argattu.
4. Ajjeechaafi hidhaan barataa oromoo irratti raawwatu haa dhaabbatu right jedhuufi kkf irratti mormii isaanii dhageessisa. Kun gahaa wwan hin taaneef beellamaan gargar baharu. Hunda k eenya. Jirruu mormii k eenya itti haa fufnu!

Muddee 1/2015 Goototni barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Madda Walaabuu Warraaqsaa FDG Golee Oromiyaa Keessatti Qabsiifame Cinaa Dhaabbachuun Diddaa Qabsiisaan

DIDDAA 2Muddee 1, 2015 Goototni barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Madda walaabuu Warraaqsaa FDG Golee Oromiyaa keessatti qabsiifame adeema dara
jabeessuun itti fufsiisuun Hanga Mastern planii Finfinnee Haqamuu fi Gaaffiin Mirga abbaa biyyummaa deebii argatutti warraaqsii keenya itti
fufa jechuun Xalayaaa Iyyannoo Gaaffii Uummata oromoo 11 ol qabate dhiyeeffachuun FDG finiinsaa jirachuu maddeen keenya gabaasan.
Goototni Barattootni oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Madda Walaabuu FDG Mooraa yuunibarsiitii Harammayyaa keessatti qabatee adeemaa jiru
jabeessuun sadaasa 30/2015 mootummaan wayyaanee sodaa keessa galuun Waraanaa Mooraa Yuunibarsiitii Madda walaabuutti ol naqee barattoota sodaachisuu fi ukkamsuuf yaalii guddaa godhullee Warraaqsaa FDG guyyaa har’aa Mooraa yuunibarsiitii Madda walaabuu keessatti Adeemsifamaa jiruu dhaabuu kan hin dandeenye ta’uu goototni barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Madda Walaabuu ifatti beeksisuun Qabsoo
finiinsan.goototni barattootni oromoo yuunibarsiitii Madda Walaabuu GAAFFII ISAANII IYYANNOO dhaan qopheeffachuun waraqaa iyyannoo isaanii kan gaaffii mirga abbaa biyyummaa Oromoo fi Master Pilaanii Finfinnee fi Labsii Magaalota Oromiyaa mormuu dhiyeeffachuuf wayita hiriiranii jiranitti bulchiinsii Yuunibarsiitii madda Walaabuu gaaffii barattoota irraa fudhuu dhiisee waraana waan itti gadhiiseef barattootni Oromoo iyyannoo isaanii waraana Wayyaanetti dhiyeeffachuun Warraaqsa FDG jabeessuun itti fufuun Waraana wayyaanee isaan bittinneessee hidhuu, ajjeesuu fi reebuuf bobba’e dura dhaabbachuun falmachaa jiraachuun gabaafamera.Gabaasan kun Iyyaannoo barattoota Oromoo yuunibarsiitii Madda Walaabuu dhiyeeffataniin kan walqabatedha. ilmaan Oromoo hedhamanii fi waraana wayyaaneen Madeeffaman addabaasuun isiniif gabaasna, Gabaasan itti fufa.


Fascist TPLF (Agazi) is attacking peaceful students and residents in City of Naqamte , Oromia today (1st December 2015). Similar situation is happening in Haromayyaa, Madda Walabuu and in different parts of Oromia. .

Magaalii ‪#‎Nekemte‬ alaa kaanaan oltee jiirtti.
Halaa kaanaan umataa sodachisaa namni tokkoo akkaa hin sosonee godhammani jiiruu. ‪#‎Electrice (ibsaa)_fi_network‬ baleesuudhan akkaa namni wall hin qunamnee godhaan jiiruu. Akkasummasi moo policiin Federaalaa magaalitti keesatti bay’iinaan akkaa argaamuu tamsasnii oduu achiraa nugahee jiiraa, Magaalaan nekemte yaroo ammaa kaan halaa sodachisaa keessaa jiirtti maneen barnotaaraa demuun baratotaa wanaan garaa mana hidhatti guraa jiiruu. Source, Social Media (FB)

Wallagga Gimbii Keessatti Poolisootaa fi Kora Bittinneessaa Oromiyaa Irraa Hidhannoon Hiikame, Baalee Roobetti FDG Finiine‏

Muddee 1,2015 Gabaasa Qeerroo Gimbii

photo0765 001

Mootummaan wayyaanee humna dafee qaqqabaa fi kora bittinneessaa kan Oromiyaa hidhannoo hiikkachiise.
Wayyaaneen hidhattoota kora bittinneessaa fi humna dafee qaqqabaa Oromiyaa magaalaa Gimbiitti ed hidhannoo isaanii irraa hiikkachiisuun Qeerroon gabaasee jira. FDG aanaa Ayiraa, wanjoo fi Gimbiitti kaleessaa dhoween waraanni wayyaanee biyyatti hin hafne magalaa Gimbii dhufee buufate jedha Qeerroon. Battala kanatti uummata hedduutu qabame reebame hidhaatti guurame. Sababa kanatti poolisoota Oromiyaa fi kora bittinneessaa oromiya irraa ergamee gara sana jiru irraa hidhannoo hiikkachiisuun Qeerroon gabaasee jira. Yeroo ammaa kanatti magaalli Gimbii buufata waraana wayyaanee taatee argamti. Uummanni mirga keenyaaf falmachuu hin dhaabnu jechuudhaan itti fufee jira.
Baalee Roobetti FDG eegalee jira. Halkan edaa Qeerroon waraqaa bittimsuun
– Barataan kamuu ka’ee mirga isaa akka falmtu waamicha taasie
– Mormiin master pilaanii yoomiyyuu akka hin dhaabbanne waamichi bakka uummanni argutti maxxanfamee bule
– Sirbootni qabsoo Qeerroodhaan dhageessifamaa bulan haaluma kanaan guyyaa har’as kan itti fufee jiru tahuu Qeerroon yeroo ammaa gabaasaa
jira. Waraanni wayyaanee magaala Roobee buufatee jira.Itti Fufa FDG! Oromiyaan ni bilisoomti


“Ka’i Yaa Oromoo Obsa Fixatteetta!” Walaloo Gootittii Oromoo fi Qeerrittii Biiftuu Galmoo



(SBO – MUDDE 01,2015) FDG sadaasa 30/2015 oromiyaa dhaabbilee barnootaa fi godinale garagaraa keeysatti itti fufee jira.

Godina wallagga lixaa aanaalee garagaraa keessatti torbee darbe FDG finiinee jiru osoo wal irraa hin cinne hanga har’aatti jabeeffamee itti fufeera.

Bifa haaraadhaan har’a barattootni mana barumsaatii bahuudhaan aanaa Aayiraa keessatti dhagaa fi dullaa qabachuun dhaadannoo dhageesisaa humna waraana wayyaanee diddaa kana dura dhaabbatuuf ramadame waliin lola gaggeeysaaa oolaaniru. Barattoota deggeruudhaan qonaan bulaan diddaa magaala Ayiraatti barattootaan qabateen itti hirmaachuudhaan wal’aansoo fi dhaadannoo dhageesisaa jiru.

Maanguddooliin akkasuma gaaffii barattootaa ni deggerra jechuun daandii bahan. Sagalee barattootaa dhaadannoo dhageessifameen sirbootni qabsoo sa’a kana ganama irraa kaasee kan itti fufeedha. Godinaalee mara magaalota keessattis haaluma wal fakkaadhaan itti fufee jira.


Roobee ( Baale) irraa: Odeeffannoon  Mudde 1, bara 2015 akka jettutti humni federaalaa guddaan ganama kana magaalaa Roobee (Baalee) tti gadi naqamee jira. Akkuma gayaniin “akka ummanni Adda baabayii J.Waaqoo Guutuu bira gadi hin dabrine poolisaa ittifamaa jira.Karra Koollejji Barsiisota Roobee, Manneen Barnootaa Madda Walaabuu,Gaalamaafi Highschool Robe duratti Poolisa gadi naquun Roobe Cinqaa guddaakeessa jirti!” jedha. Ummata baadiyyaa gara magaalaa dhufaa jirus of duuba deebisaa akka jiranis ragaan ijaa tokko nuuf barreeessee jira. Barattoota Yunivarsitii Madda Walaabuufi poolisii jiddutti walitti bu’iinsi uumame oduun jettu amma nu geesse garuu hin mirkaneeffanne. Adda baafannee isinitti deebina.

( suuraa kanarratti kan gartan poolisiin federaalaa yeroo daandii badiyyaarraa gra magaalaaa fidu cufuudha)


Protest at Madda Walabu University in Bale on Monday 3oth November evening around 8 PM.

Student chanted slogans denouncing the Master Plan and the killing at Haromaya University and dispersed. There was no confrontation with police as campus security refrained from calling reinforcement.
Sadaasa 30 bara 2015 Galgala, Baale, Yunivarsitii Madda Walaabuu keessa hiriira mormiitu ture. Barattonni irbaata booda walgahuun dhaadannoolee Maastar Pilaanii mormaniifi ajjeechaa Haramayaatti raaw’atame balaaleffatan erga dhageessisanii booda nagayaan gara doormii galanii jiran. Jeequmsi uumame akka hin jiraatins beekmee jira.





“WBO Koo Maalooree” Jedhu Qeerroon Magaalaa Mattuu Irreessa Kabajame Irratti.






Oromo students Protests, Western Oromia, Mandii, Najjoo, Jaarsoo,....

Aanaa Jaarsoo Gandi Baadiyyaa Haro Birruu Jedhamu Gutummaatti Mormii Sirna Wayyaaneen Diddaa Irra Jiru.Barattooti Oromoo 3 Waraana Wayyaaneen Rukutamanii Madoo Ta’an.

Sadaasa 30,2015 Gabaasa Qeerroo Jaarsoo

Jaarsoo har'aaWallagga Aanaa Jaarsoo baadiyyaalee adda addaa fi gandoota baadiyyaa Haro Birruu jedhamu keessatti uummanni gamtaan ka’ee diddaa guddaa deemsisaa jira.

FDG aanaa kana keessatti ta’een wal qabatee barattooti Oromoo sadii rasaasa Wayyaaneen rukutamanii buufata fayyaa aanaa Jaaroo keessatti waldhaanamaa jiru haala Kanaan barattootaa fi qonnaan bulaa akkasumas jiraattota aanicha keessaa manneen hidhaatti guuraman hedduu waan ta’aniif ammatti guutuutti adda baafachuun nama dhiba.Jaarsoooooo

Haala walii galaan aanaan Jaarsoo qabsoo farra gabrummaa olaanaa keessa galanii jiru,waraanni Wayyaanee humnaa ol ta’uu irraan humna dabalataa Gimbii irraa yaammatee naannichi dirree lolaa fakkaachuun waraana Wayyaaneef buufata ta’aa jira.


Barattoonni. Poolisiin Immoo Dhara Jedha

Hiriirri mormii barattoota Godinaalee Oromiyaa adda addaa keessatti geggeessamaa jira. Akka jiraattonni fi barattoonni jedhanitti, bakkaawwan adda addaatti haga lubbuun namaa dhabamutti illee midhaan barattoota irra ga’ee jira.


Yunivarsitii Haromaayaa keessatti, hiriira kaleessa geggeessame irratti tarkaanfii humnoonni mootummaa fudhataniin barattoonni lama du’uu dubbatu barattoonni Yunivarsitichaa. Kan maqaan isaa akka himamu hin feene baratan tokko akka ibsetti hiriira farra maastar Plaanii geggeessuuf wixata ganama walitti qabamne.

Sadaasa 30/2015 Goototni barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Haromayyaa Warraaqsaa Bilisummaa Kaasuun Gaaffii Mirgaan Mootummaa Wayyaanee Sardaa Jiraachuu Qeerroon Gabaase.

Oromo students, voices of the voiceless
Oromo student protest at Haromaya University, Oromia, on 30 November 2015. The peaceful protesters ruthlessly attacked by TPLF (Agazi) fascist Ethiopian regime forces.
Sadaasa 30,2015 Goototni barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Harammayyaa Warraaqsaa FDG dhoosuun gaaffii Mirga Abbaa biyyummaa dhiyeeffachuun karoorri Master Pilaanii Finfinnee fi Labsii Magaalota Oromiyaa mormuun Warraaqsa Finiinsuun Waraana Wayyaanee Waliin Waldura dhaabbatan.
Goototni Barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Harammayyaa FDG golee Oromiyaa dhihaa keessatti finiinaa jiru daran jabeessuuf har’a ganama barii irraa eegaluun gaaffii Mirga Abbaa biyyummaa fi Mormii master Pilaanii Finfinnee fi labsii magaalota Oromiyaa Mormuun FDG bifa jabaa ta’ee fi qindaa’een Iyyannoo gaaffii mirga Abbaa biyyummaa Oromoo gaafatuufi duula duguuginsa sanyii maqaa master Pilaanii Finfinnee fi Magaaloota Oromiyaan wal qabateen Mootummaan abbaa irree Wayyaanee uummata Oromoo qe’ee fi qabeenyaa dhabsiisuuf karoorfatee Oromoo
lafarra duguuga jiru irrattimormii guddaa dhiyeeffachuun .Iyyannoo gaaffii waliigala rakkoo haala yeroo uummata Oromoo mudatee jiruu irratti qindeeffachuun gaaffiilee 11 kan of irra qabuu aangawoota bulchiinsa Yuunibarsiitii Haramayyaatti kennuuf sochii gochaa akkuma jiranitti Waraanni Wayyaanee Mooraa Yuunibarsiitii Harammayyaa marsee eegaa jiru mooraa cabsee seenuun brattoota irratti dhukaasa banuun dirree waraanaa fakkeesse jira. Goototni barattootni Oromoo afaan qawween gaaffiin mirga abbaa biyyummaa karaa nagaa dhiyeeffachaa jirruu hin ukkanfamuu, hidhaa, du’aa fi waraanaan roorrifamuu hin sodaanuu jechuun FDG itti fufuun waraanaa Wayyaanee waliin yeroo amma kanatti wal jala dhaabbachuun falmii guddaatu gaggeeffamaa jira, aangawoonni mootummaa bulchiinsii yuunibarsiitii Harammayyaa gaaffii barattoota irraa fuudhuu diduun waraanaa itti bobbaasuun waraana guddaa mooraa Yuunibarsiitiitti seensiisuun Yuunibarsiitiin Harammayyaa dirree waraanatti waan jirjjiramtee jirtuuf Barattootni Oromoo mooraa gadi gadhiisuun gara uummataatti bahaa jiraachuun ibsame, yeroo amma kana warraaqsii haalan jabaatee waan itti fufee jiruuf Qeerroon gabaasa irraa jalaan ni dhiheessa.


Barruuleen Warraaqsaa Qeerroo Tamsa’uu Kan Itti Fufe Yeroo Ta’u FDG Qellem A/Jimmaa Horrootti Ka’een Jiruun Baattooti Oromoo Ukkamfamaa Jiru.

Sadaasa 30,2015 Qeellam

23Godina Qellem Wallaggaa aanaa Jimmaa Horroo keessatti halkan edaa dargaggootni goototni Oromoo dhaadannoo dhageesisaa fi waraqaa qabsoo adda addaa maxxansaniin FDG qonnaan bulaa, hojjetaa fi maanguddoota osoo hin jenne  saamicha lafaa fi karoora Maaster Pilaanii dura dhaabbannee fesheleessuu mirkaneessu qabna jechuun diddaa taasifamaa buleen har’a itti fufee jira. akka maddi odeessa nu gahe ibsutti kaleesa sadaasa 29/2015 manneen uummataa keesattuu dargaggoota mana qaban sakatta’aa ooluun gabaafamee jira. sakatta’iinsi taasifame kunis diddaa kan itti jabeesseedha. Halkan edaa mirga keenyaaf ni falmanna, oromiyaaf ni wareegamna jechuun barattootni godina Qellem aanaa garagaraa keessatti waraqaa maxxansanii buluun kan beekame yoommu tahu har’a akka odeessi nugahetti aanaa Jimmaa Horroo keessatti FDGn finiinaa jiruun dargaggootni fi barattootni humna waraana wayyaaneen ukkaamfamaa jiru. Humni waraanaa magaala Jimma Horroo keessa buufatee dirree waraanaa fakkeessanii jiru. Dhaadannoon barattootaa itti fufe. Qonnan bulaan, xiqqaadhaa hanga guddatti, milishootni fi deggertootni QBO hunduu FDGtti hirmaatanii jiru. Ganama kanaaf isin FDG qindeessitu jedhamee kanneen ukkaamfaman keessaa dargaggoota muraasa maqaan nu qaqqabee jiru

  1. Saamu’eel Masgabaauu –barataa
  2. Abbushaa Buzaayyoo- barataa
  3. Raamataa Tashoomee
  4. Raamataa Solomoon
  5. Milkiyaas Addisuu fi
  6. Saamsoon Solomoon

Kanneen jedhaman sabboontotaa fi Qeerroo oromoo magaalaa Jimmaa Horroo keessaa har’a lafa barii sa’a 12:00tti ijoolleen kunneen waraanan qabamanii bakka buuteen isaanii dhabame.







Ethiopian Towns Rocked By Protests

On Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015, young Oromo protesters demanding a halt to Addis Ababa Integrated Regional Development plan, also known as Addis Ababa Master Plan, swarmed Ambo and Mendi towns, located in the western parts of Ethiopia.

According to social media updates, roads were blocked by burning tires and rocks in Mendi, a town located 350 miles to the west of Addis Ababa, in Oromia Regional State. Read more at:-  http://thehornpost.com/ethiopian-towns-rocked-by-protests/

Barattooti Oromoo Gullisoo Mormii Dhageessisan

(Oromedia, Gullisoo, 27 Sadaasa 2015) Barattooti Oromoo Gullisoo miidhaa fi roorroon ummata Oromoo irraa akka dhaabbatu gaafachuuf hará Sadaasa 27 bara 2015 waaree booda mormii bahan.

Oduun Oromiyaa Lixaa Gullisoo irraa nu gfahe akka ibsutti, gaaffiin barattoota Oromoo bakka iyyuutti bifa walfakkaataan belbelaa jira.

Godina Wallaggaa Lixaa, Aanaa Gullisootti guyyaa haráa waaree booda  sa’a 2:30-2:45  keessatti hiriirri fi mormiin gaggeeffame kan miira hooáa qabu ture.

Mormii Barattooti M/b Qophaa’inaa fi Sad. 2ffaa adeemsisan kanatti kan rifate mootummaan Wayyaanee humna hidhataa guddaa barattootatti bobbaaseera.

Sababa kanaan barattooti mormii isaanii dhageessisaa jiran, otuu gara ummataatti hin dabalamiin addaan citanii jiru.

Akka gabaasaan keneya ibsetti, humni poolisii konkolaataa lamaan godina irraa ergame gaasii imimmaan nama boochisuun hiriiricha addaan bittineessaniiru.

HIriirri kun kaayyoon isaa dhiittaa fi saamicha Oromiyaa keessatti raawwatmaa jiru balaaleffachuu fi gaaffiilee mirgaa barattooti Oromoo bakka addaddaatti kaasan cina jiraachuu isanii mul’isuuf taúu odeessi nu gahe dabalee hubachiiseera.

OromoProtests, Naqamtee, Oromia, November 27, 2015

(SBO – SADAASA 27,2015) Barattootni Oromoo Mana Barnoota Qophaa’ina Naqamtee Ittisa Humna Tika Wayyaanee Cabsuun Guyyaa Har’aa Hiriira Mormii Sirna Wayyaanee Irratti Bahan.

Manni barumsaa Daaloo Sadarkaa duraa barnoota cufanii wayita geggeessaman, qophaa’iinni immo barattooti dareedhaa kaasanii guutuu magaalaa Naqamtee keessatti FDG itti fufanii jiru.
Wayita barattoonni FDG dhageessisan kanatti poolisoonni Oromiyaa suuta jedhanii ilaalaa kan turan yeroo ta’u, boodarran humni kora bittinneessa deeppoo bakka kuusaa peetiriyooliyeemii jiraatan konkolaataadhaan itti fe’amaa turan, haala kana hunda mo’achuun gootonni barattooti Oromoo diddaa isaanii argisiisaa fincila diddaa gabrummaa itti fufaa hiriira bahanii jiru.
Dhaadannoon isaanii

1. Finfinnee handhuura Abbaa keenyaa murree hin kenninu
2. Ijaarsi marfata konkolaataa bifa Jawween ijaarame”jawween Naqamterraa haa ka’u”
3. Uummati Oromoo mana hidhaati haa lakkifamu
4. Saamichi lafaa hadhaabbatu
5. ABOn abdii fi irree uummata Oromoo ti.
6. Hoji dhabdummaan haa furamu
7. Lammiilee FDG irratti ajjefamaniif mootummaan itti gaafatama haa fudhatu Jechaa kan turan yeroo ta’u, Barattoonni kun karaa nagaa dhaadhannoo isaanii hanga sa’a gabaasaa kanaatti dhageessisaa jiru.

Barattoonni Magaalaa Gullisoo fi Najjoo mormii jabaa gaggeessaa oolan.

(OMN:Oduu Sadaasaa 27, 2015): Hiriirri mormii barattootaa Godina Wallagga Lixaa magaalaa Najjootti kaleessa eegalem har’as itti fufeetu oole.

Haaluma walfakkaatuun, aanaa Gullisoo fi, Laaloo Assaabii keessattis mormiin kun babaldhachuu isaa barattoonni OMN tti himan.

Mastar pilaanii Finfinnee fi labsii misooma qindaawaa magaalaalee Oromiyaa Federaalatti makuuf karoora Caffee Oromiyaatiin dhihaatee ture ilaalchisuun mormiin barattota  Oromoo bakka hedduutti itti fufee akka jiru himame.

Mormiin barattoota godina Shawaa lixaa aanaa Daandii magaalaa Gincii keessatti torbaan darbe jalqabamee ture babaldhachuun godina Wallagga lixaa aanaalee hedduu keessatti itti fufee akka jiru barattoonni dubbataa jiran.

Mormiin barattootaan eegalame kun jiraattota hedduu kan makate yoo ta’u, mormii kana dhaabsisuuf hunootiin kora bittinneessaa fi poolisoonni Oromiyaa tarkaanfilee reebichaa barattotaa fi jiraattotarratti geggeessaa akka jiranis himameera.

Wayta ammaa kana mormiin kun jabaachuun, guyyaa hardhaatis godina Wallagga lixaa magaalaa Najjoo keessatti itti fufee ooluu isaa barattoonni OMN tti himan.

Barataan tokko akka jedhutti, magaalaa Najjoo keessatti mormiin kun erga jalqabee guyyoota afru laakkofsiisee jira. Mannin barumsaa hedduunis akkuma cufametti jiru. Mormiin dhaadannoolee hedduu ufi keessaa qabu kun, ammas kan hin dhaabbannee ta’uu akkasitti nuuf himee jira.

Barataan kun akka jedhutti, barattoonni mana barumsa qophaahina fi jiraattonni magaalattii waliin ta’uun mormii isaanii dhageesisanii jiru.

Reebichi gara jabeennaan guuttame hunoota kora bittinneessaan barattoota irratti raawwatamaa jira.Daandiileen magaalaa hundi humnoota meeshaa waraanaa hidhataniin guuttamee jiraachuu nuuf hime.

Haaluma wal fakkaatuun mormiin barattootaa kun itti fufuun, aanaalee Gullisoo fi Laaloo Assaabii keessattis gegggeeffamee akka jiru himame.

Barataan tokko magaalaa Gullisoo irraa akka nuuf himetti, magaalaa Gullisoo keessatti hiriirri mormii bifa adda ta’een itti fufee oolee jira.

Barattoonni mormii isaanii karaa seera qabeessa ta’een hiriira geggeessuuf wayta bulchiinsa magaalattii gafatanii turanitti, bulchiinsi magaalaa Gullisoo humnoota kora bittinneessaa itti ergisiisuudhaan, barattoota hedduu irraatti reebicha hamaa geggeessuullee barataan kun akkasitti himee jira.

Aanaa Laaloo Assaabii keessattis barattoonni mana barumsa sadarkaa 1ffaa fi 2ffaa qophaahinaatis mormii dhageesisaa ooluu isaanii barataan tokko Laaloo Assaabii irraa nuuf himee jira.

Barataan kun akka jedhutti, barattoottoonni mormii nagaa gegegessaa osoo jiranii, humnootiin tikaa boombii imimmanessutti fayyadamuun hiriira kana bittinneessuuuf yaalanii jiru.

Magaalaa Najjootti barataan mormii irraa qooda fudhate akka jedhutti ammoo, ganama barii irraa jalqabee dhukaasni hamaan magaalattii keessatti dhagahamaa ture.Magaalaan Najjoo wayta ammaa kana humnoota kora Bittinneessaan guutaamtee jirti.

Humnootiin tikaa barattoota irratti reebicha hamaa geggeessaa jiru. Barattoonni hedduunisa qabamanii hidhamaa akka jiranis barataan kun ni dubbata.

Godina Wallaga lixaa aanaalee hedduutti, manniin barumsaa baay’ee keessatti gaafileen barattoonni dhageesisaa jiran kan wal fakkaatu yoo ta’u, keessumattuu mormiin maastar Pilaanii Finfinnee akka ijotti geggeeffamaa jira.

Mormii barattoonni Oromoo dhageesisaa jiran kana, mootummaan biyya bulchaa jiru, furmaata kennuu dhiisee reebichaa hamaa geggeessaa akka jiru barattoonni kun dubbataa jiran.

Dhadannoolee isaan dhageesisaa jiran keessatti, Mastar pilaaniin Finfinnee hujii irraa ooluu hin qabu. Maqaa misooma biyyattii jedhuun ummanni Oromoo lafaa fi qabeenya isaa irraa buqqifamuu hin qabu jechuun, haala wal fakkaatuun mormaa jiran.

Kana males labsiin qindaawaa magaalaawwan Oromiyaa akka Federaalatti makamuuf, murtiin Caffee Oromiyaa irraa dhihaatee ture, kan hin dhaabbanne yoo taate mormiin keenna itti fufa jechuun barattoonni kun ibsataa jiru.

Tibbuma kana keessa godina Shawaa lixaa aanaa Daandii magaalaa Gincitti mormii barattootaan eegalamee tureen wal qabatee, namoonni 80 ol hidhamuu isaanii kan jiraattonni dubbatan gabaasuun keenna ni yaadatama.

Usmaan Ukkumeetiin gabaafame.

Gaaffii Mirgaa fi Mormii Maaster Plaaniin Finfinneen Wal Qabatee Godina Lixa Wallaggaa Aaanaa Jaarsoo Keessa Barattooti Oromoo 21 Hidhaman.

Sadaasa 28,2015 Jaarsoo
JaarsooGaaffii mirgaa fi diddaa Mormii master Pilaanii magaalaa Finfinnen  wal qabatee G/Wallaggaa  Aanaa Jaarsoo keessa bartonnii 21 ta’aan qabamanii manaa hiidhaa anaanichattii darbatamanii jiru. Barattootii fi jiraattoti naannichaa mana barnootaa dhaabuun dhadatnoolee adda addaa qabatanii gaaffi dimokiraasii fi mirga namoomaa irratti hundaayeen mormii sirna abbaa irraa Wayyaanee yeroo dhageessisanitti,loltooti mootummaa Wayyaanee heddumminaan naannciha qubachuu irraan kan ka’e barattootatti dhukaasuunii fi reebichaan naannicha irraa adda tamsa’anii yeroo yaalanitti gootonni barattooti Oromoo diddaa itti fufuun walleen warraaqsaan ABO fi WBO,Qeerroo faarsaa magaalichatti naannwaa akka turan gabaasi Qeerroo addeessa.
Haaluma kanaan qonnaan bultooti Oromoo   Gandaa Baaboo Garjoo fi Ganda Haro biruu jedhamu keessattiis FDG haalan jabbeessuun kaabinootaa fi dabballoota Wayyaanee naannoo isaanii irraa akka bahanii fi hidhatnoo isaanii hiikkatanii nagaan saba isaanii Oromoof akka qabsaawan akeekachiisanii jiraachuun beekame.

Qonnaan Bulaa, Guddaataa Dhuunfaa Jedhamu Wallagga, Laaloo Asabii Irraa Rasaasaa Loltoota Wayyaaneen Rukutame Mirga Sabummaaf Jedhcha Wareega Kafale.‏

Gabaasa Qeerroo Sadaasa 28,2015 Gimbii

Oromian resistanceOdeessa Qeerroo Wallagga lixaa Laaloo Asabii irraa FDG yeroo ammaa kana godinaalee Oromiyaa garagaraa keessatti finiinaa jiruun mootummaan wayyaanee humna waraana uummata nagaatti bobbaasuun rasaasaan reebuu jabeessaa jiruudha. Haatau male gaaffiin, dhaadannoowwan barattootaan, uummataan taasifamaa jiru godina Wallaggaa lixaa keessatti kan jabaatee itti fufeedha.

Sadaasa 28,2015 FDG Wallagga lixaa aanaa Laaloo Asabiiitti ka’een qonnaan bulaan tokko rasaasaan rukutame har’a buufata fayyaa magaalaa Gimbiitti addunyaa kana irraa godaanuu Qeerroon gabaasee jira.
Qonnaan bulaan kun Guddataa Dhuunfaa kan jedhamu gaaffii abbaa biyyummaa qabatee barattootaa fi uummata waliin dhaadannoo dhageesisaa osoo jiru waraana humna Agaaziin rasaasaan rukutamuun gara buufata fayyaa godina Wallaggaa lixaa Gimbiitti dabarfamuu Qeerroon gabaasee ture. Guyya har’aa qote bulaan kun hafuu akka hin dandeenye lubbuun boqochuu Qeerroon gabaasera. Akkasuma anaama kana keessatti kan gurri rasaasaan rukutamee irraa citee fi miidha gurguuddaan irra gahe akka jirus Qeerroon gabaasee jira. Dhimma kana ilaaluun odeessa dabalataan kan walitti deebinu yoommuu tahu FDG kan wal irraa hin cinneen itti fufe hanga galii isa gahutti kan dhaabbanne dhaadannoo fi sirboota qabsootiin wal deggeree jabeeffamee itti fufee jira.


Barattoonni Magaalaa Najjoo mormii jabaa gaggeessaa oolan.


 OromoProtests, Najjoo, Oromia, November 26, 2015

(OMN:Oduu Sadaasa 26,2015): Hiriirri mormii maastar pilaanii Finfinnee fi labsii Caffeen Oromiyaa dabarseen wal qabatee, mormiin jabaan Godina Wallagga lixaa magaalaa Najjotti gegegeffamaa akka jiru himame.

Haaluma wal fakakatuun mormiin kun itti fufuun magaalaa Jaarsoo keessattis geggeeffamuu isaa barattoonni dubbatan.

Godian Wallaggaa lixaa magaalaa Najjotti hiriirri mormii barattootaa guyyoota sadiif lakkofsiisee kan jiru yoo ta’u, guyyaa hardhaatis haala adda ta’een itti fufee oolee jira.

Barataan tokko akka nuuf himetti, wayta ammaa kana magaalaa Najjoo keessatti barattoonni manniin barumsaa gara garaa mormii isaanii dhageesisaa akka jiran dubbatee jira.

Mormii kanaan haga ammaatti miidhaan nama irra dhaqqabe kan hin jirre yoo ta’u, barattoonnis mooraa mana barumsaatiin alatti bahuun magaalaa keessatti mormii isaanii cimsanii itti fufaa akka jiran akkasitti ibsa.

Barattoota mormii nagaa geggeessaa jiran kanarratti poolisoonni Oromiyaa ammaf tarkaanfii reebichaa kan irratti raawwataa hin jirre ta’uullee barataan kun nutti himee jira.

Barattoonni fi jiraattonni magaalaa Najjoo tokko ta’uudhaan, wayta ammaa kana daandii magaalattii hunda keessa naannahuun, dhaadannoolee adda addaa dhageesisaa akka turan barataan kun ni dubbata.

Itti dabaluun, wayta ammaa kana magaalattii keessa humnootiin kora bitteenneessaa fi kanniin meeshaa waraanaa hidhatan heddumminnaan jiraachuu kan nuuf hime barataan kun, garuu barattootarratti rakkoon uumame ammaf hin jiru.

Mormiin kun magaalaa Najjoo keessatti guyyoota sadiif kan itti fufe yoo ta’u, mormii kaleessa geggeeffameen ammoo, humnootiin kora bittinneessaa fi poolisoonni Oromiyaa barattootaa fi jiraattotarratti reebicha hamaa geggeessaa akka turan barataan kun dubbatee jira.

Haaluma wal fakaatuun, magaalaa Jaarsoo keessattis mormiin barattootaa kan itti fufe yoo ta’u, mormii kana dhaabsisuuf humnoonni kora bittinneessaa heddumminnaan gara magaalattiitti kan bobbafame ta’uu barataan tokko akkasitti nuuf himee jira.

Gaafilee fi mormiin barattoota Oromoo kun bakka hundatti kan wal fakkaatu yoo ta’u, keessumattuu, Karoorri Mastar pilaanii Finfiinne hujii irra ooluu hin qabu.

Labsii Caffeen Oromiyaa dhiheenna kana baaseen, magaallaawwan Oromiyaa gara Federaalaatti makuuf karoorfame, murtii haqaa akka hin taanee fi, kana gochuuf yaaluun mootummichaa guutumatti eenyummaa Oromoo dhabamsiisuuf kan qindaayee waan ta’eef ni mormina kan jedhu ture.

Mormiin barattoota mana barumsa sadarkaa lammaffaatiin eegalamee kun, barattoota manniin barumsaa birootii fi, jiraattota magaalaa Najjoo dabalatee haala jabaan itti fufee akka jiru bartaan kun nutti himee jira.

Usmaan Ukkumeetu dhiheesse.

Godina Wallaggaa Aanaa Jaarsoo Keessatti FDG Jabaachuun Magaala Irraa Gara Qonnaan Bultoota Baadiyaatti Cehaa Jira.

Gabaasa Qeerroo Jaarsoo Sadaasa 27,2015

Godina Wallaggaa aanaa Jaarsoo keessatti FDG haala jabaateen itti fufuun barattooti Oromoo aanichaa mormii master Plaanii Finfinnee fi gaaffii mirgaa Oromoo walii galaaf jecha diddaa sirnichaa jabeessanii jiru. Haala kanaan barattooti Oromoo hedduun waraana Agaazii Wayyaaneen sababaa qabamanii hidhamanii fi haala sochii mirgaa irraan kan ka’e uummati naannichaa fi qonnaan bultooti diddaa jabeessanii hanga yeroo ammaatti dabbaloootaa fi milishoota naannoo aanotaa fi gadoota hunda keessaa arihanii uummatichi ofiin of bulchuu filataa akka jiru Qeerroon gabaasee jira.

FDGn Oromiyaa Itti Fufee Oole Magaalaan Jaarsoo Godina Lixa Wallaggaatti Argamtu Keessatti Barattooti Mormii Sirna Wayyaanee EPRDF Dhageessisaa Oolan.

Sadaasa  26,2015 Gabaasa Qeerroo Jaarsoo

Maddi oduu Qeerroo akka ibsutti barattooti Mana barnootaa Jaarsoo Sadarkaa duraa,Sadarkaa 2ffaa,qophaa’inaafi Kolleejjii teeknikaa fi ogummaa Jaarsoo sa’atii jahaa hanga sagaliitti FDG irra irra turan

  1. Maaster pilaaniin Finfinnee gokuma hojiirra hin ooluQaami barattoota Oromoo fi hawaasa Oromoo bara 2014 ajjeese seeratti dhiyaatee itti gaafatama haa fudhatu
  2. Dhagaa hoofii,warqee,meerkurii fi albuuda oromiyaa kamuu saamuun hadhaabbatu
  3. Miidiyaan Afaan amaaraan Oromiyaa keessatti tamsaasan haa dhaabbatan
  4.  Biyya Abbaa keenyaa irratti TPLFn ajjeesamuun keenya haa dhaabbatu.
  5. ABOn Kallacha Qabsoo Oromoo waan ta’eef akka inni nu bulchu barbaadna.
  6. Barattooti,hojjettooti,daldaltooti fi hawaasi Oromoo wayyaaneedhaan mana hidhaatti guuramee jiru haa lakkifamu
  7. Baaburri minilik maqaa minilikiin Oromiyaa keessa akka hin qaxxaamurre

Oromoon Afaan Oromoo Afaan hojii federaalaa taasisuu Caalaa mirga hire murteeffannaa ofii waan barbaaduuf mirgi hire murteeffannaa keenyaa nuuf ha eegamu.


(OMN:Oduu Sadaasa 26,2015):  Hiriirri Mormii Magaalaa Mandii keessatti guyyaa kaleessaa jalqabe kan tasgabbaa’e fakkaatuyyuu Kora bittinneessaan alatti Magaalattii keessa sochiin tokkollee akka hin jire himame.

Magaalaan Mandii har’a calleensaan haguugamtee jirtii jedhu Jiraattoti. Uummati Magaalatti Mana isaa cufatee gadi ba’uu hindanda’u// Sagalee ol qabanii haasa’uun kan yaadamu miti haasofnaan mana cabsanii itti seenuu jedhan.

Akka namni kun jedhutti har’as dargaggoota Magaalatti  hedduutu qabame. Bulchinsa Magaalaatu Manneen namaarra deemee dargaggoota kana qabsiisaa jiraa kan jedhan namni kun Magaalattin kora bittinneesaan guuttee jiraachuu dubatu.

Mormiin Mooraa Mana Barumsaa keessatti guyyaa kaleesaa jalqabe kun, bifa seera qabeessaan kan geggeessamaa ture ta’us bifa hokkaraa akka qabaatu kan taasise kora bittinneessaa magaalatti keessa buufatee jiru kana ta’uu kan nuu himan namni kun guyyaa itti mormiin kun jalqabe guyyaa gabaarra ta’uun isaa namooti baayyeen akka mormii barattootaa kanarraa qooda fudhatan taasiseraa jedhu.

Haga ammaatti nama tokko qofaan rasaasaan rukutamuu dhaga’e kan jedhan jiraataan Magaalaa Gimbi kun akka jedhanitti Mangoon biyatti haala sana tasgabbeessuuf yaalaa turan garuu kora bittinneessaan reebamanii miidhaa jabaan akka irra ga’e nuu himaniru.

Barattooti hangi tokko qabamani to’annaa mootummaa jala jiraachuu kan nuu himan Jiraataan Mandii kun, haalli Magaalattii kan tasgabbaa’ee jiru haa fakkaatuyyuu malee, Mormiin sun mana barumsaa keessaa waan eegaleef ammas barattootaaf yaaddoo guddaa dhaa jedhu.

Nama nuti dubisne kun Mana Maatii isaanii waliin keessa Jiraatan keessattillee gaasa Imimmaanessu akka darbataniif sanumaan wal qabatee abbaan isaanii namni dhukkubsatani sireerra ciisaa turan akkaan miidhamuu nuu himani jiru.

Abdii Fiixeetu gabaase.

Barruun Qeerroo Oromiyaa Bakka Gara Garaatti Tamsa’uu Itti fufee, Wallagga Magaalaa Mandii Keessatti Ammoo Diddaan Gabrummaa Jabaatee Itti Fufuun Manneen Daldhalaa fi Waajiraaleen Mootummaa Cufaman. Namoonni Sadiis Maddawuun Lama Ammoo Loltootaa Wayyaaneen Ukkamfaman.

Gabaasa Qeerroo Sadaasa 26,2015 Mandii

FDG Oromiyaa keesatti yeroo ammaa kana mormii MP wal qabatee ka’ee jiruun Wayyaanee daran sodaachisee jira. Kaleessa lixa Wallaggaa Mandiitti diddaan ka’e Wayyaanen uummata naga irratt dhukaasa bante namoota 3  madoo goote 2 kan biro ammo ukkaamsuun bakka bu’an hin beekamu. Haala Kanaan diddaan kan itti caalu malee kan laaffate miti.Kanumatti fufuudhaan halkan edaa ergamtoota wayyaanee magaala Gimbii keessaa adamsanii Oromiyaa hin gurgurtan jechuun gootonni Oromoo tamsaasaa jiru.

Kana malees magaalaa Mandii,Najjoo fi Qilxuu Kaaraa jedhamu keessatti barruun warraaqsaa Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo jedhu heddumminaan faca’uu fi buufata fayyaa fi manneen barnootaa akkasumas waajjiraalee Mootummaa biratti faca’ee kaan maxxanfamaa ooluun loltootaa fi kaabinoota Wayyaanee guddoo kan rifachiise ta’uu Qeerroon gabaasa.

Magaala Mandiitti diddaa ka’een wal qabatee har’a suuqiwwan, waajjiraaleen, daandiin ummanni irra deemuu fi konkolaataa waanni hundumtuu cufaa akka tahe Qeeyroon gabaasaa jira. Magaala Mandii keessi dirree waraanaa taatee jirti yeroo kana. Namni dhimma isaa daandii irra deemus qabamuun qoratama waajjira poolisiitti. FDG ammallee kan boodatti jedheen osoo hin taane jabaatee itti fufeera Wallagga keessatti Gimbii, Dambi Doollo, Najjoo,Manasibuu fi Naannoo Gullisootti.Odeessaan waliin jirra.


(SBO – SADAASA 26,2015): Godina Qellem wallaggaa magaala Dambi Doollootti diddaa lafa keenya murree hin laannu jechuun oromiyaa keessatti jabeeffameen mootummaan wayyaanee abbaa irree hojjetoota isaa fi poolisoota dursee toohachuu jabeesse.


Hidhatoota keessa poolisoota nannoo fi milishoota akkasuma hojjetoota mootummaa waajjiralee garagaraa keessaa gaaffii uummataa deggeru kan jedhamuuf milishoota irraas hidhannaa akka hiikkachiisuuf deeman dursuun odeessaan bahee nu dhaqqabee jira. ilmaan oromoo waraana keessa jirais toohannoo keessa akka galantu gabaafame. Akka gabaasa Qeerroo magaalaa Dambi Doolloo irraa addeessutti hojjetootni mootummaa kanneen FDG deggeruun shakkamanii fi waraanni motummaa wayyaanee magaalicha keessa buufatee jiru akka bahuuf uummata kaastan jedhameen yaadni ka’e kan taasise hojjetoota mootummaa fi hidhattoota tahuutti shakkame.

Godina Qeellem wallaggaa anaa Jimmaa Horroo, Gabaa Arbii, Sayyoo keessa tikoonni wayyaanee ramadamaa kan jiran tahus jajjabeewwan dargaggootni oromoo sodaa rasaasaa fi doorsisaaf hin jilbeenfannu uummanni oromoo bakka jirtanii nu qaqqabaa jechuun gara FDGtti seenaa jiraachuun gabaafamera. FDG haala wal irra hin cinneen lixa wallaggaa Najjoo, Manasibuu, Mandii, Gimbii fi Ganjii keessatti akkasuma Qellem wallaggaa Dambi Dolloo fi aanaa Jimmaa Horrootti haalaan jabaatee itti fufeera.

Burraayyuutti barattoonni Oromoo leenjii Master pilaanii morman.

(OMN, Sadaasa 26, 2015):Oduu Labsii qindaayaa magaalaalee Oromiyaa ilaalchisuun, magaalaa Burraayyuu keessatti, qondaalonni mootummaa barasiisotaa fi barattotaaf leenjii kennaa akka jiran himame.

Barattoonni leenjii irraa qooda fudhatan ammoo mormii kaasaa akka jiranis jiraattonni OMN tti himan.

Labsii qindaawaa magaalaalee Oromiyaa jechuun, murtii Caffeen Oromiyaa dabarse ilaalchuisuun, bulchiinsa magalaa Burraayyuu keessatti, qondaalonni mootummaa, barsiisotaa fi barattootaa mana barumsaa sadarkaa lammaffaa magaalaa Burrayyuuf leenjii keennaa akka jiran jiraattoonni dubbatan.

Jiraataan magaalattii tokko OMNf akka himanitti, wayta ammaa kana qondaalota bulchiinsa fi, hoogganoota waajjira dhaabaatiin leenjiin kennamaa kan jiru yoo ta’u, barattoonni ammoo mormii qaban dhageesisaa akka jiran duubataniiru.

Kaayyoon leenjii kanaa, labsiin qindaawaa magaallaawwan Oromiyaa hujii irra akka ooluuf, leenjiin kun barattootaa fi barsiisotaaf kennamaa jiraachuu kan nutti himan namni kun, leenjii kennamaa tureen booda, barattoonni kun faaruu Oromiyaa Amaariffaan akka faarfataniif wayta qondaalonni mootummaa dhiibaa turanitti mormiin dabalataa ka’ee jira.

Barattoonni leenjii irraa qooda fudhachuu diduun wayta mormii dhageesisaa turanitti, humnoota kora bittenneessaan doorsisaa akka turanis himame.
Hojjattoota mootummaa tokko tokko ammoo, mormii barattootaa kana keessaa harka qabdu jechuun, qabamanii kan hidhaman jiraachuullee namni kun akkasitti himan.

Leenjiin kun guyyoota lamaaf kennamaa kan jiru yoo ta’u, guyyaa hardha ni xumurama jedhama eeggamaa akka jirus namni kun dabbatanii jiru.

Akka namni kun jedhanitti, maqaa misooma biyyatti jedhuun, namootaaf hubannoo kennuudhaaf leenjii kana geggeessuun mootummichaa, dhuguma misooma biyyattiif yaadee osoo hin taane, saamicha ufii barbaade gaggeessuuf kan karoorfateedha jedhan.

Usmaan Ukkumeetu gabaase.


Gootootni Qeerroon Barattootni Oromoo FDG Magaalaa Dirree INCINNII (Dirree Badhaas) Keessatti FDG Mormii Maaster Palanii fi Gaaffii Mirgaa Abbaa Biyyummaa Kaasuun Waraana Wayyaanee Waliin Walitti Bu’iinsi Ta’e.