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France 24: Focus: Anger among Ethiopia’s Oromo boils over. #OromoProtests March 30, 2016

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Oromo students Protests, Western Oromia, Mandii, Najjoo, Jaarsoo,....#OromoProtests of 7 December 2015

Focus: Anger among Ethiopia’s Oromo boils over

France 24,  March 29, 2016


In recent months, Ethiopia has seen its worst unrest in a decade. Members of Ethiopia’s Oromo ethnic group, which feels left out of the country’s booming economy, have taken to the streets in protest.

Protesters are calling for equal rights and an end to what they call corruption, land grabs and government oppression. Some Oromo families have been forced off their land, and the government refuses to officially recognise the Oromo language. The government has cracked down on the protests, and activists and human rights groups say over 200 people have been killed. FRANCE 24’s reporter spoke to the families of several victims.

Click on the video player above to watch FRANCE 24’s full report from Ethiopia.