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‘Oromo Diaspora Day’ Celebration with Dictatorship Appalling, Press Release of Oromo Community in Australia July 6, 2015

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The following is a press release from the Australian Oromo Community Association in Victoria Inc.


Australian Oromo Community Association in Victoria Inc
A.B.N. 52 554 165 204

Level 3. 225 Bourke Street,
Melbourne VIC 3000

P.O.BOX 2123
Footscray VIC 3011
Tel: + 61 412 795 909 | 61 422 869 709
Email: ocaustralia@gmail.com
Web: OromoCommunity.org.au

4th July 2015

Dear Oromos and friends of the Oromo worldwide,

I would like to bring to your attention the latest disgraceful plan of the Ethiopian government to divide the Oromo people’s worldwide communities under the banner of ‘Oromo Diaspora Day’ from 3rd August 2015 to 10th August 2015. This disguised and sugarcoated plan may sound attractive to some, but it is an old poisonous tactic commonly played by all dictators to divide and rule their subjects. We, members of the Australian Oromo community, completely denounce this day and urge the Oromos and friends of Oromo to refuse to celebrate this day with the Ethiopian dictatorship regime that continues to perpetrate heinous crimes against our people. Celebrating this day with the Ethiopian dictatorship regime is rewarding this government that murders women, children and elderly; that imprisons and tortures our youth, intellectuals and business people; and that confiscates our farmland and leaves our farmers destitute and beggars. We call all Oromos to not be fooled by the dictator’s plan with a hidden agenda to further subdivide us, and reduce us to humiliation and subjugation. It’s very appalling to disregard the sufferings of our people in Oromia and celebrate with the tyranny. We condemn any fake investment plan that comes with the ‘Oromo Diaspora Day’ that will lead to the displacement and the suffering of Oromo farmers and residents in Oromia.

Oromia is under occupation, and our people are under a colonial rule in Ethiopia. Our people are subjected to unimaginable sufferings unparalleled in the history of the Ethiopian empire. Our people have been persecuted, and thousands of Oromos have been killed; thousands have been abducted and disappeared; and thousand have been tortured; thousand have run for their lives and have become refugees. Our farmers have been pushed out of their land, and our people have been marginalized – and Oromia has been put for sale. Oromo has suffered direct and systematic subjugation under this government. The Australian Oromo Community does not recognize anyone or any group that takes part in this very dishonorable ‘Diaspora Day’ in the name of Oromo, for we don’t recognize people who betray their nation for selfish gains.

The August 3-10 ‘Oromo Diaspora Day’ celebration with dictatorship is an appalling day!

Yours Sincerely,

Yadata Saba
President, Australian Oromo Community Association in Victoria Inc