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Oromia: Resolutions of the Union of the Oromo Gadaa Councils February 27, 2016

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Odaa OromooWaajjira Gadaa Tuulamaa

From: The Union of the Oromo Gadaa Councils
Re: Announcing Resolutions of the Union of the Oromo Gadaa Councils
Date: February 24, 2016

The Union of the Oromo Gadaa Councils,
Alarmed by of the recent disturbances in the Oromia Regional State,
Cognizant of the need to find solutions to the causes of the disturbances,
Deeply disturbed that the lives of our compatriots were lost and properties damaged in connection with the unrest and disturbance of the peace in Oromia,
Having deliberated on the matter as representatives all Gadaa Councils sitting together in Finfinnee on February 23-24, 2016, we

  1. Call for the immediate cessation of the ongoing conflict; financial compensation to be paid for loss of life in accordance with Gadaa tradition; and release of all those imprisoned without any charge against them,
  2. Request the government to address the demands of the people immediately,
  3. Encourage our people to continue to present their demands peacefully; we plead for everyone to refrain from damaging property while doing so,
  4. Demand an immediate halt to the practice of evicting farmers from their land without their consent and without adequate compensation. We call upon the government to look into the damage created by past mistakes and ensure that the victims are made whole,
  5. Announce that the Union of the Oromo Gadaa Councils is ready to discuss and seek solutions to the crisis that has now disrupted the peace of our country,
  6. Have decided that the upcoming Irreecha (Thanksgiving holiday of the Oromo people) festival be celebrated in the City of Finfinnee,
  7. Have resolved to create an independent source of income for the Councils in order to strengthen the Gadaa system,
  8. Have resolved that henceforth the Spring Irreecha festival be celebrated at Tullu Bossettii, Bossettii District, East Shawa and a week later at Tullu Sirree, Iluu Galaan District, East Shawa,
  9. Call upon people with no affiliation with the Gadaa councils who are now interfering in Gadaa affairs to refrain from engaging in Gadaa-related acts for which they have no representation; and strongly urge government and media agencies not to extend any assistance to anyone who do not have the authority of the Gadaa Councils,
  10. Demand that Oromo cultural centers and sacred sites be respected and the sites be legally-protected with issuance of title deeds; and declare that the Union of the Oromo Gadaa Councils is prepared to work with the appropriate agencies to implement this resolution,
  11. Resolve to strengthen Waaqeffanaa, the Oromo traditional religion, in accordance with the Gadaa System, the religion’s original tenets and the Oromo moral system of safuu,
  12. Resolve to do our part to protect our natural resources everywhere in our regional state.

The Union of the Oromo Gadaa Councils
Agreed upon in Finfinnee
February 24, 2016
Gadaa Will Flourish in Peace
Developing a Self-Sufficient Nation


Oduu Amma Nu Gahe/Breaking News (Gur. 25, 2016)