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#OromoProtests: A year on struggle: This is a video made by Swedish students in Skara about the protests going on in Ethiopia. #OromoRevolution November 13, 2016

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Odaa OromooOromianEconomisttweet tweet #OromoProtestsGrand #OromoProtests, Ambo, 7 August 2016#OromoProtests iconic pictureOromo Students Protests, Gincii, Central Oromia, Nov. 12, 2015#OromoProtests, Qabosoon itti fufa jedhu aayyoleenstop-killing-oromo-peopleOromo Olympic marathon athlete Fayyisaa Lalisaa on the Guardian. #OrompProtests global icon p1oromo-athlete-tamiru-demisse-center-reacts-after-the-final-of-mens-1500m-of-the-rio-2016-paralympicoromo-athlete-tamiru-demisse-in-solidarity-with-oromoprotests-reacts-after-the-final-of-mens-1500m-of-the-rio-2016-paralympic-he-is-the-silver-medallistQuebec City Marathon winner, Oromo athlete, Ebisa Ejigu, replicates Rio Olympic medallist’s #OromoProtestsAthlete Fraol Ebissa Won the Germany 10Km race and shows his solidarity with #OromoProtests. 4 September 2016. p2kindi-asefa-toronto-waterfront-half-winner-protests-in-support-of-oromo-people-oromoprotests-oromorevolution-16-october-2016as-hirut-guangul-of-ethiopia-crossed-the-quad-cities-marathon-finish-line-as-the-first-woman-overall-for-the-fourth-consecutive-year-she-crossed-her-arms-above-her-head-in-an-xan-oromo-youth-hero-shanted-down-down-woyane-on-the-face-of-mass-killers-tplf-agazi-at-bishoftu-2nd-october-2016-oromoprotestsorompoprotests-picture-from-the-economist-13-october-2016oromorevolution-thefinalmarchforfreedomoromorevolution-oromoprotests




This is a video made by Swedish students in Skara about the protests going on in Ethiopia that have been going on for more than a year. Share the message and you definitely don’t need to be oromo to support this!

Deeggartoota oromoo biyya Sweden kan magaalaa Skaratti baratan. Kani oromoon fira godhatte. Qabsoo teenyaaf akkanatti fira horachuun barbaachisaadha.

Det här är en video gjord av svenska elever i Skara om oroligheterna i Etiopien som har pågått ett helt år. Dela videon och budskapet. För man behöver definitivt inte vara oromo för att stå i solidaritet med oromo folket!

Thanks to Aseel Ajaj, Asma Tribis, Avura Omorojor, Hanna Berg, Julia Andersson, Klara Mäkitalo, Martynas Valkiunas, Omar Tribis and Sam Boekelman. And Elin Abelsson for recording!



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