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Ethiopia Ranks 47th in Mo Ibrahim 2014 Governance Index Human Rights category October 1, 2014

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Ethiopia has been  ranked 47th out of 52 countries in Africa by the Mo Ibrahim 2014 governance index on Human Rights.  Ethiopia’s score in this category is 28.8/100.  Ethiopia (28.8), CAR (27.9), Gambia (26.2), Equatorial Guinea (10.5), Eritrea (8.6) and Somalia (7.3) are  the worst performing in this category. Ethiopia has been one of the most deteriorating trend for the  last five years with score for change of -6.3. Top 5 performing countries in this category are: Cabo Verde (84.4), Mauritius (81.7), Ghana (78.1), Senegal (74.7),  Namibia (73.3). Average African score for human rights category has been 49.4. The 2014 Ibrahim Index of African Governance, launched on  29 September 2014.

  See Chart @http://www.moibrahimfoundation.org/interact/#phr;root

In accountability which includes corruption in government and public officials, Ethiopia has  scored 38.9  and has been ranked 25th with deteriorating trends. The highest performing Botswana has scored 77.3. The average for all Africa is 38.9. See Chart @http://www.moibrahimfoundation.org/interact/#srl;root

Ethiopia ranks 32nd in over all Ibrahim Index of  2014 African Governance with score of  48.5/100. The top 5 scorers are Mauritius (81.7), Cabo Verde (76.6), Botswana (76.2),  South Africa (73.3) and Seychelles (73.2).

According to the Index,  governance is defined as:

“The provision of the political, social and economic goods that a citizen has the right to expect from his or her state, and that a state has the responsibility to deliver to its citizens.”

The foundation conducts its assessments with four main conceptual categories: Safety & rule of law,  participation and human rights,  sustainable economic opportunity and human development.

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