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Oil, Commodities, And The Dollar Trade January 8, 2015

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‘The world’s debt situation has become a gigantic Ponzi scheme that makes all others look like children trying to sell candy to a baby. So what is the world situation on oil supply? There is currently an excess of supply and a reduction in usage. China is no longer using oil at a burn rate that makes the Americans look like Sunday drivers. But that is not all that is happening. Commodity prices are falling greatly due to lack of demand. China is no longer building factories and cities that will never be used. Their demand for electrical production has been reduced through lack of industrial activity and gigantic construction projects. In the past ten years the play was in commodity speculation and boy did the speculators speculate, steal, even. Not that demand has collapsed the prices for raw commodities has collapsed with it. Australia is hurting and will suffer some severe economic reverses. Already mines are closing and layoffs appearing. Their housing bubble is bursting as it their job markets. And they are the only ones. Many developing countries are starting to see their trade with China decline. Right now China has become the middle man in the world markets. Where it once produced products using its own labor forces and factories, it has out sourced the unfinished parts to the various undeveloped countries where labor is still cheaper. But here in America we have seen a downturn in demand of goods coming from China.’