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The Village School Project. #Africa #Oromia August 7, 2015

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One village school at a time  sees a world where every child and every community are empowered by access to quality education so that all people may reach their full potential. Watch the founder Urge Dinegde with Mr Abdi Fite from the Oromia Media Network (OMN) as Urge shares The Village School Project vision.

Afaan Oromoo Translation: Mul’atni keenya, si’a tokkotti mana barumsaa ganda tokkoo tumsuudhaan namoonni hundinuu humna dandeettii isaanii bira akka ga’anitti, barnoota qulqullina qabu argatanii addunyaa itti ijoollee fi sabni hundinuu jabaatanii of danda’an arguu dha

For more information about The Village School Project please visitwww.thevillageschoolproject.org. You can also LIKE and Follow us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/VillageSchoolAU), Intstagram and Twitter @VillageSchoolAU


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