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Oromia (Ethiopia): EU Raises Concern Over Unrest. #OromoProtests March 26, 2016

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Odaa OromooEU#OromoProtests against the Ethiopian regime fascist tyranny. Join the peaceful movement for justice, democracy, development and freedom of Oromo and other oppressed people in Ethiopia#OromoProtests, 5 January 2016, Nurses and Medical Doctors in Asallaa (Oromia) Say NO to master plan and mass killings.#OromoProtests iconic picture#OromoProtests in Buraayyuu, 15 March 2016, akkeekkachiisa#OromoLivesMatters!

(Oromia Press): EU Raises Concern Over Unrest

The European Union (EU) has once again voiced its concern over unrest that has been occurring in Ethiopia. In a media brief held at Desalegn Hotel on March 16, 2016, the EU expressed the need for dialogue to resolve the issues that escalated in Oromia Region and parts of Amhara Region.“We ask for more transparency – sharing information to know what is exactly happening there,” said Chantal Hebberecht (Amb.), Head of the EU delegation to Ethiopia.

The emerging conflict in Konsso, Southern Ethiopia was also raised. The delegation has already held discussion with the people from this specific area.

The press briefing also touched on the ongoing El Niño induced drought.



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