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Oromia: Irreecha Arfaasaa: Irreecha Oromo Spring Celebrations: Ayyaani Irreecha Arfaasaa Oromoo haala ho’aa fi gammachiisaan Baatii Caamsaa Bara 2017 kabajamee jira May 25, 2017

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Dressed in cultural costumes, the Oromo people   revel in the return of spring by visiting the ancient sites including   at Bulee Horaa, Southern  Oromia.

Ayyaanni Irreecha (irreessa) Arfaasaa bara kanaa, bara 6411 A.L.O.,  Bulee Horaatti ummata Oromootiin Caamsaa kana  haala gaariin kabajamee jira.






Irreechaa Arfaasaa: Oromo Festival of Good Spirit – celebrated in Australia

#IrreechaaArfaasaa-Oromo Festival of Good Spirit (Irreecha Arfaasaa) celebrated at Mount Dandenong, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia .



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