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Region in danger: Saving Oromiyaa is in the interest of the world May 10, 2020

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Region in danger: Saving Oromiyaa is in the interest of the world. Colonialism is refusing to go away from Oromiyaa. Oromo land and resources are still in the hands of alien government or its agents. Gleam of hope that has come increasing ever after fall of the last emperor has never been under so much threat of extinction as the present. Reversal of all the gains of half a century is underway. Supporting one of theirs to power made the matter worse than when power was in the hands of aliens. Culling of Oromo youth is going on daily to deny Oromiyaa stable, strong organization and leadership. Oromo nationalists are being accused of provoking killings of the youth and grieving of mothers in anticipation of own more plans ahead. This should have been an era when past oppressed and oppressors reconcile and build new relations, not campaigning to retake what the oppressor lost. Sovereignty belongs to all peoples not to old Ethiopia. To whine about it is not the wisest thing to do for it amounts to call for arms. Whatever was left of EPRDF was entrusted to what was referred to as “Team Lammaa” till power is transferred to peoples peacefully. That trust is betrayed with the trustee dashing peoples’ hopes. The Oromo nationalist that gave his name to the team, Lammaa Magarsaa is not tolerated even for his grief to a compatriot to be aired. This is never done in democratic country. How can one trust the establishment which has no harmony even between its functionaries? Over all, present attitudes of politicians of empire Ethiopia does not give hope for any meaningful relation, rather eminent danger is looming over her. All nations, nationalities and peoples of the region have to build together a new sovereign union of the willing and equal, not a chip of Old Nafxanyaa empire Ethiopia. It is their sovereignty not of a myth that peoples should uphold. Oromiyaa will never give up her sovereignty again and be governable without Oromo expressed free will.
Temperature and craving for power of some is high, rationality is getting zero. Concern for peoples’ interest is at its lowest. All are unable to relate today with yesterdays. The road taken to reach here has its own irreversible history. It is only if we could accept that reality that we can talk about togetherness of today and tomorrow. Still there are Amharic speaking groups that are clinging to old Ethiopia and are refusing genuine federal system which only could cement relations of colonies and their former colonizers. That constitution is not a gift like all in the past but a result of blood and sweat of the oppressed. Today the oppressed cannot cite that right without getting barrages of verbal attacks branding them as “Zaranyaa”; imprisonments and killings from Amharic speaking organizations and the rulers. Many contemptuous demands are being forwarded as if they can pass without a fight back, as in the dark yesteryears. Oromiyaan haa jiraattu.
Until consensus is achieved, the Oromo says let us sleep over it and group or individual does not say I know all for you and decide. Now strange thing is happening; to force his own will on them PP chairman has started threatening the opposition and calling names. He is probably seriously taking that he has divine mandate to lead the empire. What does rebuke and warning a senior freedom fighter in public for politely presented opinion imply? As heir to an autocracy, reverting to tradition seems inevitable and that is force not will of the ruled. That seems the way resolving the present cris is going to be tried. There is no article to twist for face saving; a lame duck illegitimate government cannot meddle with the constitution. Unprecedented arrogance and furry cannot cover the shortfall. It is good to realize that uncontrolled power leads to absolute power which in turn leads to downfall. The empire is going berserk; it is getting more dangerous than COVID 19.
It requires selfless group to avert the danger. Some fails to understand that there is no force in the empire that can now try to impose its will on others and expect to remain unscathed. On the contrary no one will be spared from hurting by the resulting chaos and destruction. Losers from democratic transformation are trying hard to destabilize Oromiyaa in perpetuity because of its potentials to bring peace, freedom, equality and stability to the region. When push comes to shove Oromo will have the least to lose. Preparing to face the worst could save not only the nation but also the region as well. That is why we say, “Saving Oromiyaa is in the interest of the world”. For the sake of peace, let all beseech the PM to save his furry and bow for reason and look for solution with all others not only the Neo-Nafxanyaa. Any aggressor Virus or Human shall be defeated by cooperation of forces of peace and freedom. Oromiyaan haa

Ibsaa Guutamaa