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The 2015 annual Prosperity Index:Ethiopia ranks 126, coming in at 17 of the bottom 20 least most prosperous countries, and 137th in a sub-category that measures Entrepreneurship & opportunity. Theranking has named Norway as the world’s most prosperous economy. November 5, 2015

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Ethiopia ranked 126 out of 142 countries on a new prosperity index, and  137th in a sub-category that measures Entrepreneurship & opportunity. The index ranked Ethiopia 132nd in education.

The index was released by the London based  The Legatum Institute on 2nd November 2015. According to the institute, the index assesses how prosperous an economy is based on more than just macroeconomic factors – it also takes into account wellbeing. Using rigorous research and in-depth analysis, the Index ranks countries based on their performance in eight sub‐indices—Economy, Entrepreneurship & Opportunity, Governance, Education, Personal Freedom, Health, Safety & Security and Social Capital.

The Index assesses 142 countries, representing more than 96% of the world’s population and 99% of the world’s GDP.

The latest ranking has named Norway as the world’s most prosperous economy. Norway topped the list for the seventh consecutive year. Along with Norway, three other Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, and Finland) made the top 10, and Iceland (another Scandinavian country) coming in at number 12, behind the United States, in the top 20.

Ethiopia ranks 126, coming in at 17 of the bottom 20 least most prosperous  countries. Ethiopia is ranked between Nigeria (125th) and Republic of Congo (127). The bottom 20 nations are mostly  sub Saharan African countries, with the exception of  countries like Afghanistan (141), Syria (136), Yemen (135), Pakistan (130), and Iraq (123).

The least prosperous nation of all the 142 nations sampled for the second year in a row is the Central African Republic.

In terms of specific sub categories of performance, the following countries were ranked number 1 in the world:

1. Economy: Singapore

2. Entrepreneurship & Opportunity: Sweden

3. Governance: Switzerland

4. Education: Australia

5. Health: United States

6. Safety & Security: Hong Kong

7. Personal Freedom: Canada

8. Social Capital: New Zealand



See interactive rankings table in the following link:-