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Consumerism = Corruption? March 10, 2015

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‘So yes, the media manipulates people into buying things they think they need to become someone they think they should be, but that is not the only way consumerism exists. We are just as easily manipulated by other people and by what is “normal” for our class – or our perceived class – in society. And of course, we always have a choice. The magazine or TV advertisement doesn’t force you off the couch and to the bank to extend your credit card limit, and drag you mercilessly to the nearest mall to purchase that iPhone you need to live . . . so next time your credit card maxes out, don’t be too quick to blame the media and advertising. It’s just as likely something (or someone) closer to home has planted and nourished that seed of consumerism inside you. And even that doesn’t have the final say, you do – so stop blaming the media and the rest of the world, and learn to budget, folks!’

Consumerism can be defined as the creation of material needs in order to swipe mediamoney off the unsuspecting consumer. It blurs the line between a need and a want, and companies all around the globe use it, via the media (TV, radio, print media etc.), to manipulate us into thinking we need their products. We will be happier, smarter, more beautiful, more popular . . . you get the picture. But do you want to know the really sad part? It nearly always works. That’s the common perception, anyway.

But is it that simple?

Consumerism is a current anxiety trend regarding contemporary media practices. And rightfully so – media practices promoting consumerism do have detrimental effects on society. Think of all the photo-shopped models in magazines. This is done to convince a person they will be of equal beauty or social status if they purchase the product the model is advertising, without the advertisement actually saying so (because…

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