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Afar People’s Party: Condolences and Solidarity message to Bishoftu Massacre October 5, 2016

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Condolences and Solidarity message to Bishoftu Massacre


 October 4, 2016

Afar People’s Party is dismayed by the mass killing of our Oromo brothers in Bishoftu, while celebrating the Irrecha seasonal holyday. This act of state-terror and coward action on civilian population is a testimony for that the Woyane regime is falling apart and the situation is getting out of its control. It’s time to make sense of the causes, the causes that people are scarifying their lives for all over the country. Many heroic Ethiopians have been killed, prisoned, tortured and driven from their homes because they merely voiced their grievances and said No to social injustice and said Yes for human dignity.

In this trying time our hearts are bleeding and our souls are mourning with all families who lost their beloved ones. Afar People’s Party would like to express its solidarity with all Ethiopian people in general and with our Oromo brothers in particular.

Since its control of power, the EPRDF/TPLF regime has been systematically dismantling every aspects of societal institutions to create fertile ground for its divide and rule policies. The paradox is that those who have been killed repeatedly are civilians not armed opposition groups.

  • For instance, since 2005 Ethiopian have been massacred when they protested to protect their votes from being snatched;
  • Our Muslim brothers were killed and prisoned and tortured when they say “listen to our voices” and respect our religious freedom and demanded to restrict state interference in religious affairs;
  • Ethiopians were massacred in Gambela to give land for foreign investors;
  • Ethiopians were massacred and villages were burned in Ogaden when people asked for full-fledged federal arrangement;
  • Ethiopians were massacred in Gonder/ Wolkait/ Bahirdar/ Konso/ Sidama/ Konnaba/ Sawne/ Gawani etc., when they demanded that one’s identity should be determined by a group or individual but not by the state;
  • Ethiopians are massacred, prisoned and displaced in Afar because of they protested against land grabbing, territorial claims and marginalization;
  • Ethiopians were massacred in every corner of Oromia and now while celebrating the traditional ceremony of Errecha; and the list can continue…

The question is now, how long shall we wait and see while such gross human rights violations and crime against humanity are committed in daily basis? We believe that it’s our responsibility to accomplish the dreams and aspiration of many fallen brothers and sisters and we can only achieve that when we are united against the tyrannical regime.

  • We condemn all forms of barbaric acts and convey our condolences to those families who lost their beloved ones.
  • We call up on all Ethiopians to unite for lasting peace, justice, freedom and peaceful coexistence among Ethiopian.

Together we can make it happen !

Afar People’s Party



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