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Ethiopia: The TPLF Tyrants clan encapsulated in the Ring oF Fire October 23, 2016

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Odaa OromooOromianEconomist

The TPLF Tyrants clan encapsulated in the Ring oF Fire



By Odaa Hora,  Bilisummaa.com, 23 October 2016

An Irish proverb says, “Put a silk on a goat and it is still a goat.”  As whatever  pretext, name they attest to themselves,  portrayes and propagates, history has repeatedly proved that tyrants are always tyrants independent of time and place.


They possess contradictory behaviors of an anomaly, live with fear because  they do  know their deeds in thier life. They consistency lies, and posses the culture of denials, hypocrsy, nepotism, fabrications used to erect false edifices that must maintain at all costs till they cought red handed, captured and brought to justice or killed. Power for the tyarnt is a license to corruption, killing, torturing, incarcerating, burning, looting and lust for wealth. Tyrants held power by armed supression, grisly combination of maschine-gun and mysticism on down-trodden populations.


They  generally moves with four M’s (Motivations, Muscles or Maschine-guns, Murder and Mysticism) in their lifetime. Their primary motivation sets on lust to acquire wealth, chauvinism, cynicism, greediness, and selfishness. To achieve their goal they implementes a grisly  combination of muscle; machine-gun in holding, maintaining  and clinging into  political power as the main means to achieve their goal and solutions  for ever challenges they face.


A year after the  current regime led by Meles, the architect and the brain of the TPLF–gangster clan took power planned, calculated and systematically implemented Stalin style of power-holding and maintaining. The regime began the process of elimination of  the genuine political parties and their  political leaders with whom they drafted the charter of transition after the collapse of the military junta in 1991.


The regime began in overt and in covert operations against them, began targeted killing,  jailing in mass, hunting closed all offices, facilites, pludrerd  their properties and forced to exile. The overt and covert elimination was  ordered against formidable political forces, personals and institutions and systematically and cold-blooded killings followed all form atrocities committed  against their sympathizers, business mean artists, e.t.c. people from all sphere of life, indiscriminately, who said no to the tyrant WAYANE hegemony.

The regime operated and still do operates under the masks of Federalism, Democracy, Terrorism, Development, e.t.c., as a client stuck with the political west, mentored,  financed, blessed as “good guys” by the same people who tells us today that  the regimes stakeholders belongs to one clan, the very minority and tell us the statistics.


During his Stalinist-style of power consolidation and maintenance, the regime conducted the act of genocide, in Oromia, Ogaden, Gambel, the lists go on, and evicted millions of the  indigenous people from the ancestral soil,  incarceration  in  one of the poorest barbaric, predatory empire in the horn of  Africa ruled  iron-fisted until his death  in the year 2012.


Haile Mariam Desalgn a perfect assimilate from the south was brought to the position from nowhere to avoid the internal clashes between the deep-rooted TPLF rival groups after his master, Legesse “Meles” Zenawi has physically gone that turned his back against his own people and becomes a marionette and  a talking drum of the TPLF commanded and ruled regime. fabricated, cloned, branded  by Meles as a good product, loyal servant during his iron-fisted rule.That is why  people official says and continues saying that “Meles is ruling from his graveyard” and that does not come out of the vacuum, rather based on the facts on the ground of the commanding power of WEYANE. Once they brought him to the post, H. Mariam sworn to proceeds with his master’s project, plans, and preaches in the name of his master.


The famous anti-slavery hero of the  African-American  Frederick Douglass reminds us that:

Those who profess to favor freedom; and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its waters. This struggle may be a moral one ; or a physical one ; or it  may be both moral and physical; but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them;and this will continue till they are resisted with other words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress. He further said: Where justice is  denied, where poverty is  enforced, where ignorance prevails, and  any one class is made to fill that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and  degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.

Today while we thank our Heroes and Heroines of our people who sacrificed their life to preserve our culture and tradition that went through planned, calculated  and implemented wars and waged to wipe out Oromummaa:, the Gada-Seeqqee System:the unique primordial pure African culture and holidays like Irrecha, the apex of  Oromo cultural celebration  among many others.


Oromummaa went through extremely genocide and ethnocide for centuries by aliens of the north, the Habeshas /Abyssinia to the very date. Never theless, whatever vilification was done and still do, It survived. Now more than every, our culture is found in renaissance (the revival of of anything which has longbeen in decay or  extent), in the position of flowering, in each and every angle of Oromia and no one on the planet reverses it and  furthermore gained global reckon. Let the pictures of Hora Sadii speak for itself.


Irreesa as the apex of  the holidays of thanksgiving to Waaqa to all Oromo people, the  Omnipotent, the creator of the universe according to Oromo philosophy, and Worldview. Irreessa  has been celebrated two times annually, in Birraa (Spring) and Arfaasaa /Afraasa (Autumn) seasons before it suffered extreme ethnocide since the Occupation of Oromia. Irreessa a signature of the  identity of the Oromo people (Orommumaa/ Oromonesss) part and parcel of the complex  unique egalitarian system of Gada-Seeqee System of Oromos in the horn of  Africa.


The  Oromos celebrate their symbolical rituals of their Irrecha in the open air around their Waaqas (God) given beautiful natural lakes (Hora), Malkaa (Streams), Mountains, Hills, e.t.c. Water is  primordial, a source and maintains of Life  in Oromo philosophy and mythology.  They prepare from one to the next Irrecha holiday  celebration and show up with their beautiful cultural dressings and symbolical  tools and express their personal and collective experiences of the past and their hopes for the future after the Rainy season (Gana) has passed.


Nothing is new, but there are new Ears!  

The Declaration of a state of emergency by TPLF tyrant regime: Today, while we thank the heroes and heroines who sacrificed their life for freedom and liberation with empty hand crossed and  to the technological advances of human endeavor, Internets, face books, youtubes, twitters, google etc, an era of flowering Oromo medias and  global medias like Aljazira,  the gruesome acts of the regime, at list can’t leave hidden to the world. It will not stay long as untold history buried in the empire whatever major the tyrants deploys.


The planned, calculated and systematically implemented massacre (ethnocide) committed by the regime  on  holy Ireessa  celebration of 2016 Sunday,  October the 2nd  in Bishooftu at Hora Arsadii on Pilgrims  was brought to the world at the spot to be watched and judged.


The world had witnessed  fighter jets flying lower and lower to the Masses, again and again, spraying  tear- and- burning gasses, dropping  stones packed with paper right from the top  tanks  rolling and shooting on the ground, armed disguised surrogate killers intermingled within the crowd and shooting the person next to them


The atrocities committed  by trained sniper-shooters with modern automatic rifles hidden in the bushes around Hora Arsadii hills began precise shot in the head and heart. As the military jet began spraying the gas and shooting began from all sides the masses of the pilgrims were turned into panic, Hora Sadii was turned to a death toll of the beautiful colored Oromo pilgrims.


The massacre what the world has destined to witness in Horsade, Bishooftu at an umbilical cord of Oromia on the day of IRREECHA PLIGRAMAGE on October 2, 2016 is nothing more than spilling more Benzine to the Ring of Fire and Flame of the Liberation Struggle people blowing toward the  the heart of OROMIA, and to others with similar historical fates and victims of genocide and ethnocide  to dismantle one of the most gruesome tyrant’s, TPLF-Fascist regimes that controlled the empire at gunpoint for the last solid 25 years and conducted genocide and annihilation policy.


The year 2016 was expected  to be the final phase of Irreessa or Irrecha Oromo culture and Religion celebration in Bishooftu, Hora Arsadii  to be registered as the UNESCO World Heritage in Human History. For this unique holiday, a conservative estimation of about two million people who succeed to arrive at  Hora  Sadii/Sadee, Bishoftu to their destiny for celebration by hook or crook, breaking down all hurdles and manipulations the regime has worked on it  in every angle to  block them once the Abba Gada had announced the Date of  celebration of Irrecha festival of year 2016 on Sunday, October the  2nd.


Right know we are witnessing that the tyrant TPLF gangsters are acting like a dog  infected by theRabies virus and do not know what come out of their stinging mouth and calcified Brain. They do sense that they are sitting on the epicenter of the  HOT VOLCANO at the umbilical cord of OROMIA in Finfinne surrounded by the RING OF FIRE and FLAME blowing toward them in every direction with tempo and to melts them as a piece of butter droped in to flame the  very soon.


Attribute to those Pilgrims who lost their life by TPLF-Bloodthirsty Ogres in Hora Sadii, Bishooftu;Oromia. one of my favor Poet, let her Soul RIP, Maya Angelou:


A Last love,
proper in conclusion,
should snip the wings
forbidding further flight.
But I, now,
reft of that confusion,
am lifted up
and speeding toward the light. 

Maya Angelou


Oromia: Ibsa Ejjennoo Qeerroo Bilisumaa Oromoo Hojeettoota Mootummaa Naannoo Oromiyaa Keessa Jiran Hundaa Irraa Ba`e October 23, 2016

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Odaa OromooOromianEconomist

Ibsa Ejjennoo Qeerroo Bilisumaa Oromoo Hojeettoota Mootummaa Naannoo Oromiyaa Keessa Jiran Hundaa Irraa Ba`e



Ibsa Ejjennoo Qeerroo Bilisumaa Oromoo Hojeettoota Mootummaa  Naannoo Oromiyaa Keessa Jiran Hundaa Irraa Ba`e

Akkumaa armaan Olitti Ibsuu yaalametti  Nuttii qeerroon bilisumaa Oromoo  Oromiyaa keessa kan jiranuu yeroo gargara fi kallatti kamiin Fincila Xumura garbumaa gaaggeessa turun keenya ni yaadatama.

Akkasumsaa Injjifaannon irraa aana  turuun keenya ni beekama ammas hanaga xumuraa gabrumaa kanatti cimsinee akka itti fufunus gamanumaan cimsinee isiin beeksifna .Akkasumas Hojiillee Qeerroon Bilisumaa Oromoo hojecha tures Ummaata keenyaf Injjifannoo, Dinnaaf immoo Yaadoo dhumaa kan Abdii kuutan ta`eraf.Haa ta`u malee Oromoo ta`anii kan gocha diinaf ergamanii hojii adda adda fi Video adda adda warrabanii kan ummaata keenya tokko ta`e ka`e fi mudhii isaa walitti hidhatee yeroo ka`ee diina duraa dhabbate.

1.Mirga abbaa biyyummaa; sabni guddaan biyya dhabaatti jira jedhe falmacha jirutti

2. Gaaffii guddinaa fi dagaagina Afaan Oromoo (Afaan Oromootu lafa Oromoo Finfinneerratti lagatame..mana barnootaa dhabe…afaan biraan garboomfame jedhe yeroo dhiiga dhangalaasa jiruttii.

3. . Bara dhufaa darbaa dhalootatu dhume, dubbiin awwaallee gallee taa’uu qofaa taatetti jedhe yeroo itti Oromoon hundi walqabatee ka`eetti.

4. Garraamota hedduutu ragaan sobaa irratti qindaa’amee mana hidhaatti darbataman; baay’een reebicha achi keessaa dandamachuu dadhabanii du’anii reeffi ba’eera; kan reeffisaanii dhokfames hedduu qabna… jedhe Oromoon tokkumaa isaa yeroo labsaateetti.

5.Beekttoota silaa Biyaa keenya irraatti dhalane guddisuu qabna jedhanni quuqama saba isaanif qaban akkasumas bu`a guddaa buusu danda`an akkatta itti biyaa isaanirraa ta`anni hojjeetan waan dhabbaniif biyaa isaani gadhisani biyyaa namaf bu`a buusa jiran kana booda biyaa kootti dhaloonni koo naaf galuu qaba jedhe Oromoon Baha, dhihaa, Kaba fi kibbaa yeroo itti iyyee iyyaa dabarfaatte Adunyaa Hundaatti Beeksifateetti.

5. Barattoota silaa baratanii bor biyya guddisantu umurii isaanii mana hidhaatti fixaa jiru( walakkaa umuriisaaniitu itti murtaa’e)…humna biyya guddisutu ukkaamfame kallatti hundumaan Laamiin keenya yeroo Itti Diina duraa Harka isa duwwaan dhabacha jiru kanatti.

6. Uuummata Oromootu beelarra jira (Yeroo itti qabeenyaan Oromiyaa marti harka saba garboomfataatti galee) abbaan biyyaa beelaan harca’e dhumaa jiru kanatti sabni ciisnee hin du’uun ni falmaana jedhe yeroo itti ka`eetti.

7. Dhalataan Oromoo barachuu malee akka hojii hinqabanneef tarsiimoo hamaa baasuun dhimmi federaalaa keessa sabasaanii qofa hojjechiisuuurratti argamu; kun sababa afaaniifi oogganaa sabaaf hoo’u dhabuu waan ta’eef kun diiggachuu qaba jedhe Oromoon Bilisumaa isaa yeroo itti labsateetti.

8 Oromoo qulqulluu kan ta’e Hooggansa biyya Xoophibiyaa keessatti muudamee hinbeeku; muudamus ni ajjeefama, kun gonkumaa natti hin deebi`uu jedhe Lammiin keenya  hundi ol ka`e yeroo dhabatetti.

9. Lammii Oromoo mara sirni garboomfataan biyyaa baasuudhaan kaan bishaan, kaan bineensi, kaanimmoo shororkeessitoonni addunyaa fixaniiru; kun dhaabbachuu qaba, humni barate biyyaasaa gadi lakkisee biyya Ormaatti baqachuun hafuu qaba…hayyoonni Oromoo ..saba Oromoo isa barsiifateef hojjechuu qaba…..wayyaaneen garuu hayyoota Oromoo kaan biyya hambaatti, kaan mana hidhaatti guurtee fixxeetti jedhe Oromoon diina kallatti kamiin dhufu hundaa of irraa ittisuuf yeroo itti ka`eetti

10.Agaaziin meeshaa warrana kam iyyuu  fidu dhistee waan barbaade osoo goote iyyuu kana booda wanti duubatti nuu deebisuu hin jiruu jedhe yeroo ummaanni Oromoo ka`e harka isaa duwwaan lolaa jirutti.

Ergamtoonni waayanne fi OPDO kan biyyaa Baakee fi biyaa keessaa tokko tokko jiran kallatti gargaaran ergamaa waayannee fudhatanii ummaata keenya kan  biyyaa Alaa jiraatan akka dogogorsaa jirtan Qeerroon bilisumaa oromoo Oromiyaa keessa jiruu kana sirritti Hubate xinxaalota sisyaa keenya waaliin irraa ga`uun keenya beekame jira.Kanafuu gocha isiin gootan kana irraa ka`uun .

Qeerroon Bilisumaa Oromoo Wal ga`ii arifachisa goodhateen Ibsaa Ejjennoo fi Labsii armaan gadii Labsateera.

 ibsaa Eejjenno Qabxiillee armaan gadii of keessaa qabu baafate jira .kanafuu gocha gootan kana  irraa of eegadanni yoo dhabbatanii of ilaalu baatan qeerroon bilisumaa Oromoo Ibsaa eejjennoo armaan gaditti baase kana hojiirrra oolchuuf dirqamee jira.

 1.Wayyaanee gochaa ajjeechaa ilmaan oromoo irratti raawwataa jiru yoo kan hin dhaabne ta’e nuti hojjettootni mootummaa biiroolee oromiyaa kanen Biroo Federaa garagaraa keessatti argamnu guutummaa guutuutti hojii dhaabuuf ni dirqamna akka dirqamne jiru Qeerroon Bilisumaa Oromoo Ejjennoo isa mootumaaf ifa gochaa akka jiru beeksifna.

 2.Hoggannota ABO keenya fi Xinxaaloota sisaayas keenya irraatti Ololaa soba yoo hin dhabbadaan ta`e qeerroon bilisumaa oromoo  Qarshii Isiin wayyaanee irraa argattaniin Ololaa soban lubbu lammii keenyatti taphacha jirtan qabeenyaa  mataa keessanii fi maatii keessaniin biyya keessaa qabdan irratti  tarknaafii fudhachuuf akka dirqamuu hubbate jira.

3.ABO  qofa osoo hin taane dhabba  dhugaan oromoof dhabbate nan falmaaf jedhu hundaa irraatti namooni Oduu fi Olala soba Oddeessa jirtan  yoo Hatatamaan dhabuu baatan tarkanfii kallattii kamiin isiin irraatti fudhatamuuf qeerrooon bilisumaa oromoo akka itti hin gaafatamne gamanumaan isiin beeksifna.

4.Yeroon kun yeroo itti Midea Haawassumaa tola argatanii itti ol baa`anii nama arrabsan ykn ergamaa diina fudhatanii hojiirraa olchan osoo hin taane yeroo itti waan qabanin qeerroo bilisumaa oromoo deegarannii Bilisumaa keenyaa saafisisan ta`u osoo qabu gochallee kana rawwachuuf wareen ariiftan deebii isaa qerroon bilisumaa oromoo isinif deebisuuf qophiidha.

5.Qeerroon Oromoo oromiyaa keessaa jiraatu hundii Aanutmaa Lammii isaa fi ummaata isaaf qaburraa ka`e Osoo tarkaniif isiin irraatti hin fuudhattin Ibsaa kana baafate jira.kanaf isinis kana hubbatani Hattatamaan akka daaftani qalbii keessan jijiraatanii Qabsoo Bilisumaa Oromoo qeerroon bilisumaa Oromoo gocha jiruu faana akka hirirtaan waamichaa isiniif gocha jira.kana hin ta`u taanan ejjennoon kenyaa guyyaa  ibsii ejjennon kun baa`e irraa eegale akka hojii irraa oolu Cimsinee isiin beeksifna.

6.Qabsoon oromoo kalleessa eegale osoo hin taane  waggoota baay`ee lakkoofsisera Lubbun da`immaa hanga Abbootatti, barataatti hanga Beektootatti kan irratti dhumee isiin jala dhokaate osoo hin taane Fayyidaa har`a  dhunfaa keessani f argatan Giddugalleessa goodhatanii Lubbuu million 40 olitti kan taphachaa jirtanif

            1.1 Akka biyyittiin seera hin qabnee beektani silaale seera hin sodaattani aadaa keenyaatti waaqayyo sodaadhaa jennee isin gaafana, yo heeras seeras waaqas sodaachuu baatanii immoo gochaa keessan hammeenyuma kana yoo  itti fuftan ammoo qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo bifa kamiinuu tarkaanfii fudhachuuf akka qophaaweefi dirqame isin beeksifna

 1.2. Nuttis seenaf akka ta`utti akkumaa goobana Dacheetti haasofne darbiina osoo hin taane  video keessan waaliin walitti qabne akka Documeenteriitti  galmeefachu keenyas  akka   hubbatan isiinif ibsiina.maaliif yoo jetan lubbu amma dachee keenya irraatti darbaa jirtuuf daa`immaa, beektoota, Abootti, Haadhoolii, baraata, barsisaa fi Hojeetaf walumaa galatti lubbu amma darba jiruf  bor akka itti gaafatamtanniif shaakii tokko akka hin qabne isiinuu ni beektu kun immoo yeroo fagoo miti .

7.Goocha isiin kallatti garagaara Videonis ta`e Barreeffaman Maaxxansaa jirtan  kun Agaazii ummaata keenya Fiixa jiru waaliin akka waal hin caale isiinu sirritti beektu.

Dhumaarraattis Dhamasaa Haggannoota keenya fi Xinxaalaootaaf keenyaf Waamichaa goona.

Haggannooni Fi Xinxaallooni siyaasa keenyaas akkumaa kanan duraa deegaarsa nuuf goocha turtaan ibsaa keenya kana ilaaltan kan kanan duraa caala hubbannoofi toofta qabsoo keenya kan kaanan duraa dubbaatti nuu hanbisa turee sana kara qabsoo keenya akka nuuf arifatuf daandii Bilisummaan keenya lubbu ummaata keenya Hanbisuu danda`urraatti akkumaa kanan duraa nuuf gocha turtan tofta lola akka nuuf maddisistan  Kabajaa waliin isiin gaafana.Akkasumas gorsaa fi qajelcha kanan dura qeerroo bilisumaa oromoof gocha turtaan caala FXG kana irratti akka nuuf gootan Asummaan dhamsaa keenya dabarfaana.

Onkoololeesaa 21/2016       

Qerroo Bilisumaa  Oromoo 

Oromoo Oromiyaaraa   



ABC News: #OromoProtests Global Solidarity Rally in Perth, Australia on 23rd October 2016 October 23, 2016

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Odaa OromooOromianEconomist


Perth Ethiopians protest against government crackdown

Hundreds of members of Ethiopia’s ethnic communities have marched in Perth to raise awareness of a government crackdown leading to the detention of thousands of people.

Authorities in Ethiopia have detained more than 2,000 people in recent weeks, amid large anti-government protests.

President of the Oromo Community in Perth Nuru Said has called on the Australian Government to put pressure on its Ethiopian counterpart.

“What we say is the Australian Government [should] not support this terrorist government who is killing [its] citizens and also to put pressure to abide human rights in Ethiopia,” he said.

“Australia is one of the leading democratic countries with respect for human rights.

“And this Government is violating the basic human rights and the constitutional rights of the people.

“So I think the Australian Government can play a major role on this.”

State of emergency

Human rights groups say hundreds of people have died over the past year as a result of clashes with authorities.

A state of emergency was declared a week after more than 50 people died on October 2, when an Oromo religious festival in the town of Bishoftu turned into a protest and a stampede ensued.

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister said the state of emergency was declared due to the “enormous” damage to property.

An Ethiopian Government statement last week said more than 1,600 people had been detained in the Oromia and Amhara regions, on top of 1,000 arrests near the capital.

Authorities said the arrests near Addis Ababa were made in response to attacks on warehouses and factories, which had been set on fire.

Members of the Oromo, Amhara and Ogaden communities came together for the protest march in Perth.

Chairman of the Ogaden community Omar Hasan said there had been many deaths in detention.

“The Ethiopian Government gained the power and they want to keep the power by gun,” he said.

“We’re urging the Australian Government to stop financing, and cut off all the democratic relationship.

“Investment should be stopped – foreign aid is misused.

“There’s a lot of civilian unrest and it’s not appropriate for Australian companies or corporates to try to invest in Ethiopia.”

#OromoProtests Global Solidarity Rally in Washington DC on Oct. 21, 2106: Oromoonni Ameerikaa Jiraatan Diisiitti Hiriira Geggeessan October 23, 2016

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Odaa OromooOromianEconomist



#OromoProtests peaceful global solidarity rally was held on Friday, October 21, 2016 in Washington, DC., USA. The rally was  jointly organized by Oromo Communities Association-North America (OCA-NA) and Oromo Community Association of Washington, DC (OCO).  A large number of Oromos who came from different states of the US were gathered in front of the White House to express their opposition and anger against the Irreecha Massacre of Bishoftu, Oromia in which TPLF/Agazi military force have committed genocide on peaceful Oromo people who have been attending the nation’s only annual Thanks Giving festival on October 02, 2016.

The rally also protesting against fascist TPLF Ethiopia’s regime emergency and the going on mass arrests and killings.




The protesters were chanting slogans that denounce the Irreechaa Massacre and the on going killing, mass incarceration and all rounded crimes against the Oromo people in all corners of Oromia by the dictatorial and minority regime led by TPLF in Ethiopia.

The rally covered a march to World Bank head office here in Washington, DC up on which president of the Oromo Communities Association-North America, Dr. Gulumma Gammada presented a letter detailing the grave human right abuses, killings, torture, forceful evictions, displacements including the recent Irrecha Massacre that the TPLF led minority regime has been committing against the Oromo and other peoples in Ethiopia with the fund it get from the World Bank and other international financial institutions under the disguise of development.

The World Bank representative after receiving the appeal letter from Dr. Gulummaa, expressed that his organization is closely following the situation in Ethiopia & Oromia and also handed to Dr. Gulumma a press release issued by World Bank (WB) on October 18, 2016 regarding the situation in Ethiopia and the Banks activities in the country.

After a brief stay in front of the World Bank the Oromo protesters who were outraged by the brutality of the TPLF Agazi marched towards the US State Department chanting slogans that request the US government to stop financing and supporting the brutal TPLF led regime in Ethiopia that is on the verge of collapse and civil war that can lead to genocide at large.

In front of the State Department, the Oromo protesters were loudly asking the US government and State Department to support the Oromo just struggle and demanded US to stop financing the undemocratic & killer regime in Ethiopia that is committing all kinds of crimes against humanity by keeping the people in dark away from international media.

The Organizers of the rally submitted another appeal letter to the Ethiopian Desk Officer in State Department. The Officer then promised to examine the concerns and demands of the Oromo protesters.

Oromoonni Ameerikaa Jiraatan Diisiitti Hiriira Geggeessan. Mootummaan Itoophiyaa Labsii Atattamaa Dahoo Godhachuudhan Lammiilee Dararuun Isaa Nu Yaachiseera Jedhan


Huntington Post: The Blog: What Is Going On In Ethiopia? #OromoProtests #OromoRevolution October 23, 2016

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Odaa OromooOromianEconomist

What Is Going On In Ethiopia?

By Charlotte Allan,  , Lawyer, Blogger, Hyper-Activist, Huntington Post, 20 October 2016



(Huntington Post) — The athlete looked up at the sky when he crossed the finish line, and made an X shape above his head with his wrists. The stadium cheered, a new moment in history was made. Later when he took to the podium with ‘Ethiopia’ written across his top to collect a medal for the marathon he had run, he made the gesture again.

Two months after the 2016 Olympics, this protest salute made by runner Feyisa Lilesa before a TV audience of millions, is still the most audacious red flag on what was a largely ignored iceberg. The iceberg being the Ethiopian state’s deadly crackdown on its Oromo people. His protest was in support of the struggles of an estimated forty million Oromo in Ethiopia’s Oromia region against an authoritarian rule historically committed to keeping them in their place. In a month that has seen Ethiopia call a State of Emergency in an attempt to stop the massive Oromo protests from spreading, Lilesa’s daring stand and thewill he-or-won’t he question of whether he will return to Ethiopia continues to force the subject onto the global news agenda and encourages people to ask: who are the Oromo and why are they protesting?

The answers lie in the history of the Oromo. The Oromia region was once made up of autonomous sultanates with distinct cultural traditions. Its people lived on the land for over five hundred years before the Abyssinian Empire moved in and established its new capital of Addis Ababa in the centre of Oromia at the end of the 1800s. What followed was a mass eviction of the Oromo, and then a state waged campaign against them, continued to this day by the modern Ethiopian government, which has previously sought to extinguish Oromo traditions, ban the language of Oromiffa in schools, and prevent Oromo civil and political status.

For the last year, the Oromo have been protesting the Ethiopian government’s plans to extend the capital into Oromia further still, however in recent months the protests have turned into a broader call for a multi-ethnic government, justice and the application of the rule of law. The Amhara ethnic group, their number estimated at 20 million, have now begun their own protests in the Amhara region and voiced their concern at a repressive government made up of one ethnic group. However since the protests began, at least 500 deaths have been confirmed, reports of torture and forced disappearances are widespread and an additional one thousand people have been detained so far in October alone.

Media attention on the protests therefore couldn’t come at a more important time. Since Lilesa’s salute and following a horrific stampede at an Oromo thanksgiving festival at the start of October, killing between 52 and 300 people (concrete figures are difficult to come by in Ethiopia) after police used teargas, rubber bullets and batons on protesters, the Ethiopian government has ordered a six month state of emergency. It has also continued to blame the violence and deaths at protests on banded opposition groups and gangs funded by Ethiopia and Eritrea, the former of which has already denied the claim and the latter of which has maintained a frosty silence. Human Rights groups however implicate the security forces in the deaths.

As a result of the state of emergency, Ethiopia is on lock down. Foreign diplomats have been banned from travelling more than 40kms outside the capital, protests in schools, universities and other higher education institutions are forbidden, there are country-wide curfews, security services are barred from resigning, satellite TV, pro-opposition news and foreign news are banned and posting links on social media a criminal activity. In short, there is a total news black-out of anything that is not state sponsored.

On the African continent, condemnation of Ethiopia’s actions by African governments has been very quiet. However, the protests have been well covered by African media and civil society organizations particularly in Uganda, Kenya and South Africa, while protests supporting the Oromo have taken place in South Africa and Egypt.

Although it is disappointing that African governments have not spoken out, it is important that the Ethiopian diaspora, along with African and global civil society continue to call loudly for an independent investigation into the deaths and violence occurring and that wealthy Western governments continue to evaluate their support for the increasingly authoritarian Ethiopian state.

Indeed an independent investigation is key and not without precedent. The Burundian government vowed to cooperate with an African Union investigation into state abuses only this week. However, the Ethiopian government should also be pressed to pass inclusive multi-ethnic state reforms as quickly as possible before this crisis escalates. The Oromo and Amhara are 65% of the Ethiopian population so it is suggested the Ethiopian government tread more thoughtfully and less violently because as precedents on the continent show, mismanagement can lead to devastating losses in any numbers game.

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Charlotte Allan is a lawyer and human rights activist from the UK. She has lived in Egypt, Switzerland, France and Tanzania, and is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa as the Policy & Advocacy Officer for CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation. She has previously worked as a Protection Advisor for UNHCR and as a Legal Advisor for African Middle Eastern Refugee Assistance (AMERA). Her specialisms are refugee law, women’s rights and global protest movements while her other passion is using pop culture to engage youth in politics and activism. You may tweet with Charlotte at twitter

Ethiopia’s Declaration of State of Emergency on Oromia is an equivalent of Derg’s “Red Terror.” : Here is why. October 23, 2016

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Ethiopia’s Declaration of State of Emergency on Oromia is an equivalent of Derg’s “Red Terror.” : Here is why.


By Leelloo Sabaa, October 20, 2016

In Ethiopian Empires’ political history, the year 1977-78 is remembered as the year when Mangistu Haile Mariam’s political power   was absolutely threatened and his rulmengistue was shaken. The opponents to his power became so strong and lethal such that Mangistu was forced to declare “Red Terror” on its real or imagined enemies to its reign in Ethiopia between 1977-78.  By this declaration of “Red Terror”(Mangistu’s state of emergency),  Mangistu asserted that all “progressives” were given freedom of action in helping to root out enemies of his rule. Peasants, workers, public officials and even students loyal to the Mangistu regime were provided with arms to: assassinate, kill, imprison and loot as they wished. Militia attached to the Kebeles, the neighborhood watch committees were given freedom to train their gun on anyone with whom they have even personal but no ideological disagreement. All people allied to Mangistu went into killing spree and even children were not spared. During these years of “Red Terror”, Amnesty International estimated that up to 500, 000 to 2,000,000 people were butchered and thousands were left on the street for their body to decompose. In May 1977, the Swedish general secretary of  Save the Children Fund estimated too that “1000 children have been killed and their bodies are left in the streets and being eaten by wild hyenas.” Parents of the deceased were asked to collect the bodies of their loved ones by paying money for the bullet wasted killing their children.

All this crimes against humanity and genocide were planned and executed under the watch of the United Nation, United State of America, Europe and African Union.  However, all this horrendous decision and action by Mangistu Haile Mariam did not safe his regime from collapse but lead to the collapse of his terrorist regime and his demise from the political scene by running for his life to Zimbabwe were he was sentenced to death in absentia in the year2008.
Having got freedom to: kill, loot, rape, arrest, imprison, and torture Oromians from the Prime Minister of Ethiopian colonial and brutal rule in Oromia, Ethiopian: military, security and administrative organs have intensified their “Red Terror” on innocent Oromians since October 11, 2016. In Oromia, bodies  of innocent Oromian killed on the :street, in the forest, in the mountain, urban, towns and country sides are decomposing and being eaten by wild hyenas and rogue dogs. On the top of big trees in Oromian forests today, you can see vultures who fed on the bodies of young Oromians butchered by wayyaanee under those trees. You can see young and innocent Oromian students riddled by Ethiopian soldiers bullet who got full lee way to do whatever they want on Oromians from: Haile Mariam Dessalegn, Abbay-Tsehaye, Saamoraa and Abbaa Duulaa Gamada. The entire Oromia is in prison today.All this crimes against humanity and genocide against Oromians have continued to be committed, still under the watch of : United Nations, European Union, the USA, African Union in Oromia and all foreign Ambassadors. As we witnessed the Ruwandan genocide of the 1994 under the watch  of the United Nation then lead by Kofi Anan, we are witnessing genocide being committed on Oromians under the watch of the United Nation lead by Bank Moon. As Menelik, killed 5,000,000 Oromians and reduced Oromian population by half, the reign of “Red Terror” declared  on Oromians today  by Haile Mariam Dessalegn and his god fathers will definitely going to be existential threat to Oromia and Oromians. This “Red Terror”by Haile Mariam and his god fathers is involving poisoning: rivers, food, drugs, alcohol and beverages. Viruses (HIV/AIDS)and bacteria, as well as using poisonous gases (chemical weapon) are being used. Than more than any time in its history of slavery under Ethiopia, Oromians are under threat  of extinction today.As the Oromians struggle for the right to self-determination for Oromia started to tie a rope around the neck of Ethiopia’s colonial and brutal rule in Oromia,  on October 11, 2016, the government of Ethiopian Empire lead by Wayyaanee declared its so called state of emergency, Derg’s equivalent of “Red Terror.”  According to this declaration of ‘Red Terror” on Oromians, Ethiopian colonial government in Oromia suspended all rights that have never been there after all. It declared that all human right laws provided for in its colonial constitution (that have never been there after all) have been suspended for six months. According to this declaration of “Red Terror” by the terrorist Ethiopian empire government in Oromia, all military, security and administrative agents loyal to the regime have the right to: kill, arrest, rape,  imprison, confiscate properties of Oromians who Wayyaanee considers real or imagined enemy. No warrant of arrest or search are required from the court to : arrest, imprison, kill, torture Oromians and confiscate the properties they got by their sweat labeling them they belong to the Oromo LiberatinFront, the vanguard, the restorer and the savior of Oromian independence and the dignity of its citizen.

The national duties under such a circumstance is to rise up in unity to defend ourselves from Ethiopia and its puppets that is bent on securing its life only by exterminating us from the face of Oromia.  If we think, we are going to be immune from this reign of horror by Ethiopian colonial rule lead by Haile Mariam, the 500,000 up to 2000000 people killed by Mangistu Haile Mariam is going to be like a Christmas gift. Before it is to late, the national call for all  of us Oromians from all walks of life is to rise up and save ourselves from extinction.   Today, we are witnessing “the harma muraa and harka muraa Annoolee”repeating itself by the order from Haile Mariam Dessalegn. Today, we are witnessing “the Calii Callanqoo and Watar Massacre” repeating itself. Today, we are witnessing the repeat of Boruu Meda”  massacre by Yonnis of Tigray. If we do not stand up for our survival today, the killing spree of 5,000,000 Oromians by Menelik is going to look like a Christmas movie.

Today, Oromia is in crisis of unparalleled magnitude ever seen since its birth.  We are under the threat of the enemy that is determined to destroy us the same way aborgines were exterminated in the USA, Australia and  Europe. If we are expecting any foreign power to save us, we are going to be like a sheep that is waiting to be slaughtered on the Christmas or Arafa .

The vehicle is already on the road and moving forward toward securing our survival and freedom from all threats in its all forms from Ethiopia and its colonial governor Haile Mariam Dessalegn. That vehicle is the Oromo Liberation Front, committed from its establishment to guarantee the survival and freedoms of Oromians by defeating Ethipian colonal rule in Oromia and declaring an Independent and Democratic Republic of Oromia, the surest way to save Oromians from extinction. The Oromoo Liberation Front is our insurance and guarantee for safety and security  tomorrow and for posterity. The Oromoo Liberation Front lead by Chairman Daawwud Ibsaa isour: Spear, shield and sword. Our todays situation does not need any bickering but   to be at the war front defending our people from extermination. At the war front, in the trenches of Oromia, defending our people and securing our future, we find our gallant sons and daughters of Oromoo Liberation Front, the Oromoo Liberation Army and its Youth wing Qeerroo Bilisummaa. From each one of us, big or small, old or young, female or male, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, from urban or countryside, from students or teachers, from employed or unemployed, the situation in which we find ourselves need unwavering and practical support for   The Oromoo Liberation Front and its armed wing, the Oromoo Liberation Army and its youth wing, Qeerroo Bilisummaa.  


Haile-mariam Desalegn

By all means at our disposal, lets sharpen its capability and strength over the enemy whose dream is only to eradicate us from our God given and blessed country, The Republic of Oromia. Let’s rise up and stop this enemy from achieving its dream of finishing Oromians and  bring them to the court of free Oromia. We have to redouble our effort more than ever before. We have to mobilize all our savings and wealth for our survival through The Oromo Liberation Front.We have to witness the day Haile Mariam Dessalegn and his god fathers face justice in our life time.  Lets give Ethiopian colonial rule in Oromia the last blow. Lets show to our enemy the miracle of the power of Oromians. Lets defeat this enemy and freely exercise our right to self determination for Oromia through free and internationaly observed referendum.Lets realize :free, united, peaceful, prosperous and happy life the pioneers of the struggle for Oromian independence envisaged for Oromians.

By our blood we shall defend ourselves!

The bickering is the flood gate of the enemies!

Victory to the Oromoo People!