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Human Rights Watch: Ethiopia: State of Emergency Risks New Abuses October 31, 2016

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Ethiopia: State of Emergency Risks New Abuses

Directive Codifies Vague, Overbroad Restrictions

(HRW, Nairobi,  31 October 2016) –An Ethiopian government directive under a state of emergency contains overly broad and vague provisions that risk triggering a human rights crisis, Human Rights Watch said today in a legal analysis. The government should promptly repeal or revise all elements of the directive that are contrary to international law.

A woman cries as she attends a prayer session at Biftu Bole Lutheran Church during a prayer and candle ceremony for those who died in the town of Bishoftu during Ireecha, the thanksgiving festival for the Oromo people, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, October 9, 20

A woman cries as she attends a prayer session at Biftu Bole Lutheran Church during a prayer and candle ceremony for those who died in the town of Bishoftu during Ireecha, the thanksgiving festival for the Oromo people, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, October 9, 2016.

On October 9, 2016, the government announced a six-month state of emergencyfollowing the destruction of some government buildings and private property by demonstrators. Over the past year, security forces have killed hundreds of protesters and detained tens of thousands in two regions where there have been numerous protests over government policies.“Ethiopia’s state of emergency bans nearly all speech that the government disagrees with anywhere in the country for at least six months,” said Felix Horne, senior Africa researcher at Human Rights Watch. “The state of emergency hands the army new sweeping powers to crack down on demonstrators, further limiting the space for peaceful dissent.”

Under the new state of emergency, the army can be deployed country-wide for at least six months. The implementing directive prescribes draconian restrictions on freedom of expression, association, and assembly that go far beyond what is permissible under international law and signal an increased militarized response to the situation. The directive effectively codifies many of the security forces’ abusive tactics that Human Rights Watch has documented since the protests began.

The directive includes far-reaching restrictions on sharing information on social media, watching diaspora television stations, and closing businesses as a gesture of protest, as well as curtailing opposition parties’ ability to communicate with the media. It specifically bans writing or sharing material via any platform that “could create misunderstanding between people or unrest.”

It bans all protests without government permission and permits arrest without court order in “a place assigned by the command post until the end of the state of emergency.” It also permits “rehabilitation” – a euphemism for short-term detention often involving physical punishment. Many of these restrictions are country-wide and not limited to the two of Ethiopia’s nine regions where most of the unrest took place.

Under international law, during a state of emergency a government may only suspend certain rights to the extent permitted by the “exigencies of the situation.” Many of the measures, including the restrictions on freedom of expression, assembly, and association go far beyond what is permitted under international law.

The government reports that since the state of emergency began, 1,600 people have been arrested, including about 50 for closing their businesses. Human Rights Watch also has received unconfirmed reports of unlawful killings, mass arrests, and looting of houses and businesses by the security forces. There have been some armed clashes between security forces and unidentified groups. Mobile phone access to the internet has been blocked since October 5. Addis Standard, a monthly English language magazine and one of the few independent publications left in Ethiopia, announced on October 25 that it was halting publication of its print edition due to state-of-emergency restrictions.

Large-scale, and mainly peaceful anti-government protests have been sweeping through Oromia, Ethiopia’s largest region, since November 2015, and the Amhara region since July 2016. Ethiopian security forces have killed more than 500 people during protests over the last year. These protests occurred in a context of the near-total closure of political space.

Protesters have voiced a variety of concerns, including issues related to development, the lack of political space, the brutality of the security forces, and domination of economic and political affairs by people affiliated with the ruling party. The emergency measures send a strong and chilling message that rather than dealing with expressed grievances and ensuring accountability for violence by both government forces and protesters, the government will continue and probably escalate the militarized response.

On October 2, in Bishoftu, a town 40 kilometers southeast of the capital, Addis Ababa, tensions ignited at the annual Irreecha festival – an important Oromo cultural event that draws millions of people each year. Security forces confronted huge crowds with tear gas and fired shots and scores of people then died during a stampede. Since then, alleged demonstrators have damaged a number of government buildings and private businesses perceived to be close to the ruling party, setting some on fire.

The government has in part blamed human rights groups seeking to document violations of international law for the recent unrest. Human Rights Watch has repeatedly called for an independent and credible investigation into the security force response to the protests and to the deaths in Bishoftu.

“Many of the abuses committed by security forces since November 2015 have now been codified under the state of emergency,” Horne said. “Trying to use the legal cover of a state of emergency as a pretext for the widespread suspension of rights not only violates the government’s international legal obligations, but will exacerbate tensions and long-term grievances, and risks plunging Ethiopia into a greater crisis.”

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Devex: Inside Development: Ethiopia’s state of emergency silences aid workers. #OromoProtests October 31, 2016

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The Ethiopian government’s recently imposed state of emergency, which followed months of clashes between political protesters and security forces, has imposed new curfews, limited the movement of civilians and diplomats and outlawed opposition media.

It has also largely silenced the extensive international aid community operating in the country from speaking about what effect the current political dynamic is having on their work.

The quiet itself is telling of the fear NGOs and agencies are operating under. More than a dozen agencies working in a variety of humanitarian and development fields — including the United Nations’ resident humanitarian coordinator — either did not respond to interview requests or declined to speak to Devex for this story, most citing concerns about the potential risk to staff operating in Ethiopia.

Meanwhile, some development projects have been slowed by the government’s reaction to the protests, according to NGO officials. Security forces have fired tear gas and bullets into crowds and temporarily shut down some channels of communication. Transportation restrictions threaten to wreak havoc with the ongoing efforts to address food shortages following monthslong droughts. If violence broadens, it could precipitate a larger humanitarian crisis.

International officials — including from U.N. agencies — appear reluctant to speak candidly on the situation for fear it could cost them access to the communities they are trying to assist or even result in their agencies being expelled from the country. That could be devastating in a country where 9.7 million people are estimated to need food relief before the end of the year.

Can USAID’s disaster team avert catastrophe in Ethiopia?

In Ethiopia, the U.S. Agency for International Development has a “crucial window of time” to use disaster response tools to prevent the very worst impacts of drought.

Yet if not aid agencies, human rights activists wonder who is going to speak up about the situation in Ethiopia. They say the state of emergency has presaged a crackdown on local journalists and civil rights groups. Most diplomats have been wary about offending a key regional partner, even as the situation looks set to worsen.

“Right now the general intolerance the government is demonstrating toward criticism is only fueling people’s frustrations,” said Clementine de Montjoye, the advocacy and research manager for the East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project. With the violence looking to continue, aid agencies will remain in the precarious position of calibrating how — or whether — to respond.

Roots of discontent

The current protests date to November 2015 and began in Oromia, the region that extends over much of the country’s south and east like a sideways “V”. Demonstrators initially reacted to a government plan to take land from Oromia to expand the capital, Addis Ababa, which falls inside the region. The proposal stoked long-simmering feelings of marginalization among the Oromo ethnic group — the country’s largest, accounting for more than a third of Ethiopia’s 100 million people.

Clashes recently spread to the Amhara region in the country’s north, home of the country’s second-largest ethnic group. Though the demonstrations are unrelated, they are both rooted in feelings of exclusion from the government, which is dominated by the Tigray — a community that makes up only 6 percent of the population. The government has acknowledged that more than 500 people may have died because of the security force’s response to the protests or in stampedes that have followed, as people have tried to escape.

The roots of the discontent extend beyond political marginalization, said Yared Hailemariam, the executive director of the Association for Human Rights in Ethiopia. Cyclical humanitarian crises — including periodic food shortages — and the slow pace of infrastructural development have deepened frustration. Despite the country’s rapid economic growth over the past decade, progress has come unevenly and left some regions lagging behind.

Oromia and Amhara, in part because they are the largest regions, have the largest numbers of people in need of food assistance, according to a midyear review by the government and aid agencies. After a failed rainy season in 2015 and a drought so far in 2016, three times more people are in need of aid this year, according to the review.

Many areas in these regions rely on domestic and international agencies for support. If the state of emergency interferes with humanitarian relief efforts or development projects, Yare said it could push more people onto the streets. The declaration includes not just a ban on protests, but also a 6 p.m. curfew and a prohibition on foreign diplomats traveling more than 40 kilometers from Addis Ababa without approval.

“Some of the embassies have development projects, for example,” he said. “If they can’t visit those areas and can’t communicate with the staff on the ground, they won’t know what’s going on. Maybe it ignites another round of protests. It’s ridiculous.”

Impact on aid work

The few NGO officials willing to talk told Devex that they are still waiting to find out how the state of emergency will impact their work. Location seems to be the most critical determinant of whether aid projects are directly affected.

Most of Mercy Corps’ projects, for example, are far from the areas where the clashes have taken place, and their services have not been interrupted, said Christine Nyirjesy Bragale, the director of media relations. The organization works on emergency responses to the droughts as well as long-term climate change and other environmental adaptation.

Some of WaterAid’s projects, have been forced to slow down as contractors have refused to show up for work if there are nearby protests, said Lydia Zigomo, the organization’s head for the East Africa region.

Focusing on access to water and raising hygiene and sanitation standards, the organization has funded more than 50 projects in Ethiopia, including ongoing sites in Oromia and Amhara.

Officials and activists also said aid projects experience some overarching challenges in communication as the government regularly shutting down the internet and phone lines.

WaterAid’s Zigomo said the organization has been helped by the perception of the water and sanitation sector as nonpolitical. “We tend not to be in the first line of any problems that are going on.”

The danger of being viewed as political is something the international community is very attuned to, and their caution is likely warranted. The government maintains acute oversight of the international community, including through a 2009 law regulating the activities of nongovernmental organizations. That alone already makes it difficult for groups to even do their work, Yared said.

His own experience is telling of the challenges: Though he operates out of Brussels after escaping into exile in 2005, he said he still gets calls from international aid agencies asking him if he has reports from communities outside Addis Ababa he can share. Relief organizations “can’t get information,” he said. “The government restricts them from moving in these conflict areas.”

Yared said he understands international agencies are in a difficult position. Even the perception of commenting on the effect of the government’s policies could prove devastating for their programs. But he also wonders who will tell the world what is happening in Ethiopia.


Oromia: #OromoProtests: Gabaasa Fincila Xumura Garbummaa (FXG) Oromiyaa 2016 (October) October 31, 2016

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Oromo Protests defend Oromo National Interest

#OromoPRotests tweet and share#OromoProtests against the Ethiopian regime fascist tyranny. Join the peaceful movement for justice, democracy, development and freedom of Oromo and other oppressed people in Ethiopia


an-oromo-youth-hero-shanted-down-down-woyane-on-the-face-of-mass-killers-tplf-agazi-at-bishoftu-2nd-october-2016-oromoprotestsFeyisa Lelisa Rio Olympian and world icon of #OromoProtestsQuebec City Marathon winner, Oromo athlete, Ebisa Ejigu, replicates Rio Olympic medallist’s #OromoProtests. p3Athlete Fraol Ebissa Won the Germany 10Km race and shows his solidarity with #OromoProtests. 4 September 2016. p2oromo-athlete-tamiru-demisse-center-reacts-after-the-final-of-mens-1500m-of-the-rio-2016-paralympicoromo-oromo-athletes-tamiru-demisse-c-megersa-tasisa-l-and-sport-journalist-adugna-angasu-r-who-are-in-rio-de-janeiro-brazil-for-the-paralympic-2016-show-solidarity-in-a-world-stage-to-oromoathlete-hajin-tola-winner-of-mississauga-canken-5k-race-protests-in-support-of-ethiopias-oromo-peopleathlete-hirut-guangul-joined-the-brave-movement-as-she-won-the-womens-marathon-and-in-solidarity-with-oromoprotests-25-september-2016-this-video-is-viral-on-social-media-in-her-adoration
Oromo Students protest @ Mandii, Western Oromia 25th November 2015Oromo Students protest @ Ambo, Oromia 25th November 2015 picture1

Gaaffiiwwan yeroo ammaastop killing Oromo People#GrandOromoProtests 6 August 2016, in Oromia including in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa), the capital.

Oromo Olympic marathon athlete Fayyisaa Lalisaa in the social and international media. #OrompProtests global icon. p7


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Down! down! Down With Wayyanee! Down TPLF!


#OromoProtests: International Community Alarmed as Ethiopia Crisis Worsens

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Ethiopian regime guilty of crime against humanity

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HRW: Ethiopia: State of Emergency Risks New Abuses: Directive Codifies Vague, Overbroad Restrictions. 

 An Ethiopian government directive under a state of emergency contains overly broad and vague provisions that risk triggering a human rights crisis, Human Rights Watch said  in a legal analysis. The government should promptly repeal or revise all elements of the directive that are contrary to international law.  31 October  2016.

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Oromia: Yakka Waraanaa Ummata Oromoo Irratti Gaggeeffama Jiru Ilaalchisuun Ibsa Gamtaa Barattoota Oromoo (Oromo Student Union )

Ibsa Ejjeennoo Barattoota Oromoo Yuuniversiitii Jimmaa,  October 7, 2016

Irreecha Massacre: Bishoftu Massacre: Fascist Ethiopia’s regime (TPLF) has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in Oromia (Ethiopia) on the peaceful Irreecha ceremony- Oromo thanksgiving day, 2nd October 2016 where over 4 million celebrating the Oromo National Cultural Day at Horaa Harsadii, Bishoftu, Oromia.


Gabaasaa qindaawaa armaan gadii kan nama balaa san irraa hafeen nuu dhihaate kana obsaan dubbisaa. Sana booda wanti kaleessa Hora Haarsadeetti tahe maal akka fakkaatu hubannoo gahaa horattu.
“Kan dhagaa darbaate ummata miti. Yeroo dheeraaf mormiin walitti fufinsaan deemaa ture. Waanuma godhan dhaban. Gubbaan helekoopitara nurra naanneessaa turan. Helekoopitarri marsaa duraa ergaa baga geessan jedhu gubbaa gad facaasaa ture. Sun kan akeekkameef ayyaana ummataaf yaadamee miti. Sodaachisaaf ture. Yeroo helekopitarichi nurratti gad siqee naannawuu umman guutuun harka wal qaxxaamursuun mallattoo didda itti agarsiisaa ture. Haalichi cimee itti fufe. Mormiin bifa adda ta’een deeme. Qeerroon guutummaan iddoo silaa Opdof isaan qabachiisu barbaadan dursite ganamumaan waan qabatteef kallattii dhaban. Karaa mormii ittiin qabaneessan dhaban. Midiyaaleen addunyaas ta’e isaan biyya keessaa bifa danda’aniin haalicha waraabaa turan. Guutummaan mormii waan tureef kallattiin dabarsu hin dandeenye. Fuuldura keenyatti faranjoota heedduu argaa ture. Waraabaa turan.

Midiyaaleen alaa carraa nu bira ga’uu hin arganneef malee gara ummata mormii irra jiruutti seenuun jiddu jidduun gaafiif deebii taasisaa turan. Qeerroon sodaa tokkoon alatti isaanitti himaa ture. Manguddoonnis akkasuma himaa turan. Mootumma shiftaa kana hin barbaannu,opdo hin barbaannu,ofiin of bulchina jechaanii ture. Ammas mormiin cimaa dhufe. Ummanni kallattii hundaan gara irreechaatti dhufu mormii dhaggeesisaa dhufa. Sagantaa gaggeeffachuu taasuma isaan hin dandeenye. Haalli kun hedduu isaan aarse. Ni boba’an. Naannolee adda addaatii qarshii kanfalaniif ummanni isaan geejibbaan fidatanis isaanitti gara gale. Mormiin liqimfamee mormitti seene. Woyaneen waan qabdee gad dhiiftu dhabde. Poolisoonni jidduu ummataa dhaabde hidhannoo hin qaban. Agaazii gara duubaatiin dhaabdee jirti. Booda irra as ba’an malee tasuma hin mul’atan ture.

Adaduma baayinni ummata gara horaa dhufu dabaluun mormiin haala duraanii caale cime. Dirreen irreechaa dirree mormii qofa taate. Kanatu isaan dhukkubse. Ummanni miliyoona heddu dirree irreechaa irratti bakka miidiyaaleen addunyaa baay’een argamanitti isaan salphise. Kanaaf maratan. Summii saamii irraan helekopitaraan gad roobsan. Ummata joonjesan. Sab booda dirreen aaraan guutamte. Agaaziin iddoo jirtuu as baate. Rasaasaan dha’amuu ummata arguu qofa taate. Boolla meetira 10-15 gad fagaatutu jidduu waraanaaf ummataa jira. Boolla kanatti baayee fixan. Lakkofsi ummata dhumee hedduu dabaluu danda’a. Rasaasa isaanii cinatti boollichis isaaniif tumseera.”
Yaya Beshir irraa

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Ana Gomez, MEP, Statement at European Union regarding the mass killings conducted by fascist Ethiopia’s regime (TPLF) at Irreecha Oromo National Cultural celebration event in Bishoftu, Oromia where over 4 million people congregate on 2nd October 2016

Risk Advisory: Ethiopia | Assessment of government stability amid ongoing protests

The Ethiopian government is looking increasingly unstable, and the security environment in Ethiopia is looking more dangerous.

This is Africa: Ethiopia at a crossroads: apartheid, civil war or reconciliation?


Lelisa’s Message

A wave of protest in Ethiopia highlights the country’s history of exploitation and dispossession.

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“Internet mobile irrati fayadamuuf mali argameera… akkas agodhani qeeroon Setting..more network….mobile network… access network name…. harka mirgara + kan jedhu tuqu… name kanjedhu … et.wap… APN… et.wap…. proxy…… port…9028…. authentication… PAP or CHAP kan jedhu guutu… kana booda qeerroon mirgaan galte Mobile jam Tplf irraa hanu… sanan fayadama jira amaan kana.” #OromoRevolution.

The Grand Oromo Rally in Ottawa, Canada Monday October 31,2016. #OromoProtests #OromoRevolution

FXG Onkoloolessa 31 bara 2016: Qeellam Wallaggaa naannawa Dambi Doollootti qabsaa’oti Oromoo weerartuu Wayyaanee haleelan.
Haleellaan kun naannawa QACCII, ALAKUU, NAANNOO HOLQA OLIIQAA DINGIIL jedhamu keessatti fudhatame.
Waraana ilmaan Oromoo bosona galaniifi Agaazii jidduutti ta’een Wayyaanonni jaha ajjeefamanii lama immoo madoo ta’aniiru.
Haleellaa kanaan qabsaa’oti Oromoo qaqqaalii sadii wareegamaniiru.
Qabsoon itti fufa!!


OMN: Oduu Onk. 31, 2016





#OromoProtests global joint (Oromo, Ogaden, Afar, Gambella, Amhara) solidarity rally Minneapolis, Minnesota, 29 October 2016


Waamich Dirmannaa Xumura Fincila Garbummaa fi

Tumsa Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo fi WBO!

Haala yeroo irratti MGS-ABO fi itti gaafatamaa Birkii Diplmasii biyya alaa J/Dr.Shigux Galataa, Miseensa hoggana WBO Zoonii Kibbaa fi J/Seenaa Dhugaa miseensa hoggana Qeerroo Bilisumaa irra ibsaa  ni kennama. Akksumsas haala qabsoo kenyaa irraa jiruu fi egereen qabsoo keenyaa irraatti marii bal’aan ni taasifama.

Kutaa ABO Scandinavia (Iskandiinaviaya) Guuyyaa Yaadannoo FDG wagga 11ffa bara kana bifa addaan yaadachuuf karoorfatee jira. Haala qabatamaan biyya keessatti raawwatamaa jiruu fi sadarkaa qabsoo keenya irra jiru  xiyyeefanna keessa galchuun; wareegama ilamaan Oromoo kaffalaa jiran galmaan ga’uun dirqama Oromoota hundaa ti.

Kanaaf Miseensonni, Deegartoonnii QBO fi Oromoon sabboonummaa Oromummaa qabnu hundi gumaacha qabsoo nugaafatu keessa;  addatti Tinnisa diingdee fi yaadaa gumaachuun  yaadannoo guyyaa FDG bara kana akka kabajaan isni afeerra.

Akkasumsa Artistoonni Oromoo Kanneen akka Hirphaa Ganfuree, Tottobaa Taddasaa fi Dangaa Hayile- Iyessuus sirboota qabsoo fi warraaqsaan hirmaattota walga’ii kan bohaarsuuf qopha’anii jiru.

Oromoon hundi Wareegama Oromoonni qabsoo Abbaa biyyummaa fi Bilisummaa isaanii baasa jiran galamaan ga’uuf gumaacha qabsoon nugaafatu ba’uuf koottaa waliin Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo fi WBO bira waliin haa dhaabbannu!


Kotaa ABO Scandinavia!

Onkoloolessa 29 Bara 2016:  ODUU GAMMACHIISAA

warraanni ethiopia somaaliyaatti qubatee ture, guyyaa jimaataa darbe kanattii ajajoota muraasaa sanyiiwwan TIGRE taate ajjeesuun meeshaa waraanaa hedduu waliin dhalatootnii saba OROMOO fii AMHAARAA ta’an gurmaahuun wal qabatanii mootummaa irratti garagaluun halleella itti banuuf sochii cimaa ofii xumuruun qabsoo uummataatti makamaniiruu.
Jajjabaadhaa qeerroo koo injifannoon keenna.
Dabalataf namoota achitti beektan yoo jirate bilbilaan qulqullefadhaa.

SBO: Oduun keeysa beeytoota Raayyaa Wayyaanne “Misraaq Iz “jedhamu. akka nuti himaniti torbaanuma kana keeysati Naannoo Harar, jijjigaa fi Awwadaay itti humna waraana qubate keeysaa lakkooysaan 200 kan tahan hidhanno wajjiin ABO MAKAMAN Via Gadaa Araaraa

Godina Arsii Keessatti Waraanni Wayyaanee Dhumaatii Ummata Oromoo Irraan Gahaa Jiru.



Labasii Wayyaanee Hojii Irra Oolchuuf Jecha  Godina Arsii Lixaa fi Arsii Bahaa Keessatti Waraanni Agaazii Wayyaanee Gaga’ama Ajjeechaa fi Hidhaa Ummata Oromoo Irra Gahe Daran Ulfaataa Ta’uu Qeerroon Saaxile.

Onkoloolessa 29,2016

Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo

  1. Nageellee Arsii irraa kanneen hidhamaan *335*, kan ajjeefaman *70*, kan dhabaman hin beekkamne.

2. Kofale irraa kanneen hidhaman nama *87*, kan ajjeefaman *6 *kan dhabaman hin beekkamne.

3. Shaallaa fi Ajjee irraa kanneen hidhaman *400*, kan ajjeefaman *85*, kan dhabaman hin beekkamne.

4. Adaabbaa irraa kanneen hidhaman *65*, kan ajjeefaman *3*, kan dhabaman hin beekkamne.

5. Dodola irraa kanneen hidhaman *77*, kan ajjeefaman *17*, kan dhabaman hin beekkaman.

6. Jaju irraa kanneen hidhaman *97*, kan ajjeefaman *5*, kan dhabaman hin beekkamne.

7. Saddiiqa irraa kanneen hidhaman *361*, kan ajjeefaman *16*, kan dhabaman hin beekkamne.

8. Munessa irraa kanneen hidhaman *345*, kan ajjeefaman *12*, kan dhabaman hin beekkamne.

9. Xiyyo irraa kanneen hidhaaman *180*, kan ajjeefaman *2*, kan dhabaman hin beekkamne.

10. Heeban Goljootaa irraa kanneen hidhaman *213*, kan ajjeefaman *2*, kan dhabaman hin beekkamne.

11. Digalu fi Xiijoo irraa kanneen hidhaman *235*, kan ajjeefaman *3*, kan dhabaman hin beekkamne.

12. Qoree irraa kanneen hidhaman *311*, kan ajjeefaman *25*, Isaan keessaa Fayyisoo Gammadaa Xabboo fa’aadha. kan dhabaman hin beekkamne.

13. Leemmoo fi Bilbilloo/Boqqojjii irraa kanneen hidhaman *300, *ajjeefamanii fi dhabaman hin beekkamne.

14. Shirka Xannaa irraa kanneen hidhaman 700, kan ajjeefaman 2, kan dhabamn hin beekkamne.

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Lixa Oromiyaa Gimbii Keessatti Walitti Bu’insi Qaama Humna Waraana Mootummaa Keessatti Mudate

Onkoloolessa 29,2016

Guyya kaleessaa Gimbii keessatti Loltoota Mootummaa Wayyaanee gidduutti walitti bu’insi jabaan uumamee jira.Walitti bu’insa Kanaan Qaamota uummata nagaa gooluuf bobbaafaman irraa namni 3 Wareegamuu akkasuma loltotta dhiiga Oromummaa qaban 6  humna Ittisa Uummata ta’uuf uummatatti makamanii jiraachuu maddeen keenya gabaasan.

Magaalaa Naqamtee Keessatti Qeerroon Afaan Qawween Hin Bullu Jechuun Warraqsa Finiinsan

Onkoloolessa 28,2016

Itti fufaQeerroon Leeqaa yoomiyyuu afaan qawween buluun nuuf hin ta’u jechuun humna diinaa hidhannoo guutuun magaalaa Naqamtee weeraree jiru dura gootummaa jabaan Uummata Magaala Naqamtee waliin takaroo wal qabaa jira.Mormii guyyaa gara guyyaatti Mootummaa shororkaa Wayyaanee hudhee qabaa kan ture,guyyaa har’aa Magaalattii keessa bakka Boordii jedhamtutti humna diinaa ofirraa gaggeessuuf waloon itti bobbaa’ee ba’aa gala diinaa yaaddoo jala oolchee jira.Sababa Sochii warraaqsaa har’a finiinfameen uummatarra tokko wareegamuunis akkasuma hedduun hidhamaa jiraachuutu dubbatamaa jira.Uummati ammas gootummaan diina dura akka dhaabbatu Waloon akka falmatu wal hubachiisaa jira.

Diraamaan  Maqaa jijjiramaatiin OPDO keechatti Raawwachaa Jiru Wayyaanee Badiirraa Hin Baraaru.

 Baarentuu Gadaa Irraa
Diina waggoottan 25n darbaniif nu weerartee; nusaamaa, nujjeesaa fi biyyaa nu godaansisaa  turtee fi jirtu wayyaanee akka kamittuu kaban qabsoo ummanni Oromoo taasisaa jirurraa baraaruun hin danda’amu. Ammaan achi eenyuyyuu dhufu wayyaanee fi ummata Oromoo walitti
araarsuu hin danda’u.
Wayyaaneen har’a  qabsoo Ummata Oromootin baaragdee kan qabduu fi gadi dhiiftu wallaalaa jirti. Ilmaan  Oromoo Kaan qaawween itti bobbaatee fixaa, kaan ammoo hololaan, kan hafe ammoo horiin burjaajeessuuf tattaaffin taasisaa jirtu amma hin qabu. Ibidda qabsoo Oromootin itti qabatee jiru, FXG ummanni Oromoo keessumaa qeerroon Oromoo itti qabsiisee jiru ofirraa dhaamsuuf asiif achi utaalaa jirti. yaalii ijibbaataa gaggeessaa jirti. Yaalii itti jirtu kana keessaa ammoo tokko ajjeechaa, hidhaa fi dararaa cinaatti holola yeroon itti darbe maqaa jijjiramaatiin OPDO fi ergamtoota ishii dhaaboolee bixxilte keessatti diraamaa  hojjechuudha. Continue reading

OMN: Oduu Onk 28, 2016





Yuunvarsiitii Bulee horaa kessatti fincilli barattootaa bifa haaraan dhoheera

Qeerroo KaiOnkoloolessa 28,2016 . Fincilli kun otoo uummanni keenya dhumaa jiruu hamlee ittiin nyaata nyaannu hin qabnu jechuun,  nyata lagachuun kan eegale yemmuu ta’u Humni AGI’AZII dirqamaan nyaachisuuf jecha barattoota kanarratti dhukaasa banen BARATAA ABDII ADULAA KAN JDHAMU BARATAAN INJINARING WAGGAA 2FFAA DHALATAAN Gujii battalumatti lubbuun darbuun gabaafameera.


Jiraattotni gandichaa toora mooraa sanaa irra illee akka hin baane dhorkamanii nami achiin darbuuf yaletti hoggusuu dhukaasni akka irratti banamus beekameera. Sababaa kanaan namootni hdduun qabamanii kan hidhamaa jiraniifi reebichaan ulfaataan irra gahuunis addaateera.

Bifuma wal fakkaatuun Aanaa Booseet ganda Boolee keesssaa Qeerroolee hidhannoo hiikkatan maanguddummaan deebisanii mana hidhaatti guuruuf namoota OPDO fi hogganootni Agi’aazii duula eegalanii jiraachuunis saaxilame.

Qeerroolee kunneen to’achuuff kan dadhabd wayyaaneen maanguddoota gandaafi bera q’eetii funante hudhaatti ukkamsaa akka jirtus ifa ta’ haaluma kanaan gandaa xiqqoo BOOLEEE jedhamtu keessaa qofaa namoota 110 ol hidhaa keessatti dararamaa jirachuufi Abbootiin Gadaa duula araaraa wayyaanee kana irratti hiriiruun dargaggoota kenya dabarsitanii diinaf lataa jirtan akka irraa uf qusattan feena dhamsa jedhus dabarsuu, Qeerroon gabaasee jira.

Kun kanaan otoo jiruu Aanaa Adulaalaa gandoota Dirree, Cuqqaalfi Gafaat keessatti Abbootiin Gadaa fi Qeesotni maqaa araaraan Qerroo dabarsitanii diinaaf lachaa jirtan akka irraa uf qusattan Qeerroon gad jabeessee isin akeekkachiisa!

Onkoloolessa 26,2016 Yuunibarsiitii Bulee Horaatti Waraanni Koomaandii Poostii Wayyaanee Loltoota Agaazii Barattoota irratti Bobbaasuun Barataa Oromoo Abdiisaa Duulee jedhamu ajjeesani. Barataan Oromoo Abdiisaa Duulee kan kaleessa galgala waraanaa Agaaziin Wareegamee, Yuunbarsiitii Bulee Horaatti Barataa FBE waggaa 2ffaa fi Bakki dhaloota isaa Godina Gujii ta’uu maddeen Qeerroo Yuunbarsiitii Bulee Horaa gabaasan. Goototni Barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Bulee Horaa Yakka ajjeechaa Barataa Oromoo fi Barattootaa Oromoofi uummata Oromoo Waliigalaa irratti rawwatamaa jiruu Sababeeffachuun guyyaa har’aa guutummaatti Nyaataa dhaabuun mormii isaanii itti fufanii jiru. Dirmannaan Uummata Oromoo biyyoota hambaa jiraanii akka jabaachuu qabuufi yakka waraanaa Oromiyaa keessatti gaggeeffamaa jiruuf iyyannoon mootummoota gamtoomanii fi jaarmiyoota mirga namummaa akka itti fufinsaan gaggeeffamuun gaafataniru Injifannoon Uummata Oromoof.



Sagalee Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo (SQ) Qophii Onkoloolessa 25, 2016

Akkatti Jirru.

akkatti-jiruGadaa Maccaa Irraa

Akki itti jirru,akkataan itti jirrus kan wal nama gaafachiisu miti! Kan wal gaafatanis miti!.Haa ta’u malee, dhimma sirni garboomfataa afaan faajjiiuummata keenya taasisuuf yaalu irratti barreessuuf,afaan kobbee kootii saaqe!

Sirni garboomfataa kun salphina hin beeku,qaanii hin beeku,Gadaa hin beeku,caaccuu,bokkuu,siiqqee,dhaabata,alangaa hoodaa,meedhichaaf moggaasas hin beeku! Waraanni wayyaanee kun  wanbadee badduu  akka taate,murna kana keechaa qaamni ergamtuu dhalatte OPDOn illee xurree   wanbadee kanaaf haala aanjessaa,mijeessaa ilmaan Oromoof qilee dhiphinaa qotuun Oromoon gaaga’ama hammana hin jedhamne keessa bu’eera!

Yeroo ammaa kana Oromoon diinaaf akka hin jilbeenfanne,biyyasaa akka hin saamsifneefi eenyummaa isaaf eegumsa fi jaalala guddaa akka qabu hubachuun diinaayyuu diina Uummata Oromoo boqonnaa dhoorgee jira!.Kanaaf Oromoon ammas waan isa barbaachisu mijeeffatee itti fufuu….biyya isaaf Bilisummaa,dachee isaaf walabummaa labata isaaf birmadummaa gonfachuun kanaafimmoo wareega hanga dhumaatti baaasuun dirqama

Haala qabsoo Oromoon amma irra ga’e kana gara fuuladuraatti nu tarkanfaachisuu danda’an irratti jabaachuun egeree Oromiyaa milkeessiif wantoota nu barbaachisan! Continue reading

Walii Galan Alaa Galan

Damee Boruu irraa

Uummatni rakkina mataa isaa furachuu hin dandeenye rakkina ormi biraa wajjin qabu  hikkachuuf ayyaana qabaachuu hin danda’u. Burqaan rakkinaa kan maddu walaalumaa irratti. Hawaasa keessatti harki guddaan isaa walaalaa fi doofa tahee yoo jirate namoonni qaroon fedhii isaanii bakkaan gahuuf kan tattaafattan namoota walaala kanaof of dura oofudhaan taha. Warri walaalan yaadni oofan kun mataa isaanii iyyuu boola keessa gashuuf yoo kan deemu tahe tahe naannesanii  ilaaluuf beekumsa gahaa  hinqaban. Kanaafuu isuma isaanitti himame qabatanii boola seenu malee of duuba deebi’anii maal hojjechaan jiraa? jedhanii of hin gaafatan. Warri ayyaana ilaallatoonni immoo uummatatti bahanii waan  isaan dubbatan ifatti dubbatanii of saavila hin baasan. Continue reading



Gabaasa Haala Waliigala Oromiyaa

qeerroo1Onkoloolessa 23/2016 Ergaa Labsiin Hatattamaa Wayyaaneen Labsiitee Humna waraanaan Biyyaa Shoroorkeessuu Eegaltee Oromiyaa keessaatti Yakki Waraanaa Daangaa hin qabnee Uummata Oromoo Waliigalaa irratti bifa armaan Gadiin Rawwatamaa Jira!!
  1. Yeroo Ammaa Hoomaan Waraanaa hanga sadarkaa Gandaa, Maayibaasii, Aanaalee Oromiyaa, Godinaalee, Magaaloota Oromiyaa, fi Oromiyaatti Qubsiifamuun Uummata Ajjeesuu Saamuu, hidhuu, reebuu, yakkaa gudeeddii fi yakka duguggaa sanyiituu ifatti rawwaachaa jira.
  2. Uummatni fi Qeerroowwaan sodaa Waraanaa qajeelfamaafi akeekaa wayyaaneen karaa waraanaa fi ergamtuu isaa OPDO dabarsuu hin fudhannuu jechuun akkuma wayyaanee irraatti fincilee jiruutti waadaa waliif galee wayyaaneen nurraa bu’uu qaba jechuun dideetti itti fufee jira.
  3. Waraanni Wayyaanee humnootaa Ittisa Uummataa Tarkaanfii waraanaa Agaazii fi Roorriftuu irratti fudhachuun meeshaa hiikkachuun miliqanii jiran adamsaa jiraachuun cinatti dargaggoota Oromoo fi sabboontoota homaa hidhannoo of harkaa hin qabne bakkootaa hedduutti Oromummaa qofaan yakkuun dhukaasanii ajjeessuu ittuma fufanii yakka duguuginsa sanyii balleessuu rawwachaa jiru.
  4. Oromiyaa Keessaatti Manneen Barnootaa Sadarkaa 1ffaa, 2ffaa fi preparatory Guutummaatti 80% Cufamanii jiruu, mooraan manneen barnootaa waraanaan marfamee biyyattiin Raafama Guddaa keessaa waan jirtuufii Waraanni Wayyaanee dhukaasee ajjeesaa waan jiruuf maatiin barattootaas ilmaan keenyaa waraannii waan fixaa jiruuf manneen barnootaatti hin erginuu jechuun mormii waraanaa wayyaaneef qaban ibsatani.

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Iyyii Iyya  Labsi

Damee Booruun

Barreessaa dhugaa baasa!Waraanni Wayyanee guyyaa hundaa Oromoota sammuu qaban adamsee ukkaamsuu, ajjeessuu fi mana hidhaati dararuu irraa darbee uummata Oromoo nagaa dhowwachuudhaan akka goolaa jiru gabaasaa Qeerroo irraa hubachaa jirra. Keessattuu hammeenyi bartootaa Oromoo irra gahaa jiruu dhaga’uunu  garaa nama hammeessa. Warri ukkamaman yaroo dhumasana akka ajjefaman mamii qabaachuu hin qabnu. Qoteebulaa, hojjetaa, barataa fi artistiin Oromoo uukkaman duba kan quba itti qabutu jira. Qubni cituu malee fala biraa hin qabu.

Qeerroon nagaa eegduu TPLF tokko shan diigee of ijaaree warra quba ilamaan Oromoo itti qabanii ficcisisaa jiran kana hubachuu ni dadhaba jedhee hin yaadu. Warra garaa malee sammuu hin qabnee kanaan ilmaan Oromoo dhumuu fi biyyi Oromoo saamamuun fudhatama hin qabu. Tooftaan TPLF inni duraa Oromoota qara tahan fixxuu dha. Warri qara tahan yoo dhuman isa hafe gowwosaniis tahe dorsiisudhaan hin bitna abdii jedhuu qabu. Kunis kan madduu tuffii fi oftulummaa Wayyaannee irraa akkeeka ka’e akka tahe ifa jira. Akka amma deemaa jiru kanatti yoo qabsoon kun kan itti fufu tahe humni injifachuuf deemu gara kamitti akka madaalaa deemu hubachuun rakkisaa miti. Continue reading

Hawaasni Oromoo Biyya Ugaandaa jiraatu, ayyaana irreechaa bara 2016 kabajate .

yogaBaqattoonni Oromoo Biyya Ugaandaa keessa jiraatan, sirna kabajaa ayyaana irreechaa fi Lammiilee keenya Oromiyaa, Ona Bishooftuu Hora arsadeetti  dhumaniif, akkasumas sirni Biyya Itoophiyaa bulchaan jira jedhu, labsii hatattamaa mirga umamaa ukkaamsuu Ummata isaanii irratti lbsamee mormuun, Onkololessa 16, 2016 Magaalaa kaampaalaatti sirna ayyaana irreechaa, gaddaa fi yaadannoo gaggeessaniiru.

Qophii Koreen Waldaa Baqattoota Oromoo Mooraa Kominiitii seentaritti qopheessee kan eegalamee,  Hawaasi Oromoo kominiitii seentaritti ega wal argee booda, gara Malkaa irreeffannaa ykn bakka kabakaa lake  jedhamutti argamuun sirna Irreeffanna yk waaqa galateeffachuun ture.Hawaasi oromoo Ugaandaa/kaampaalaa jiraatuus, uffata Aadaa uffachuun, AADAA BOONSAA OROMOON qabu Ummata magaalaatti mul’isaa sirna irreeffannaa gaggeessaniiru.oduu-ayyaana-irreechaa-2016-kaampaalaa

Sagalee Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo (SQ)Qophii Onkoloolessa 21,2016



OMN English News, October 22nd 2016

Central Oromia, in the county of Jarso, Selale zone, the Ethiopian government forces (Agazi) have been raiding homes asking residents to hand in their guns, residents informed the government forces that they have no guns to surrender.
The government forces have used this as an excuse to continue harassment, arresting and killings in this area. The residents when attacked have defended themselves and in result one military representative has been killed.

Family members have witnessed horrific abuses againts the prisoners in Kilinto Prison. This notorious prison is well known to imprison innocent Oromo and other political prisoners.

West Hararge in the county of Tullo, in the city of Hirna Agazi militants have targetted Oromo nationalists and have raided and exploited individual homes. The targeted individuals have been taken by the Agazi militants and there whereabouts are not known.

The Oromo community in Perth, Western Australia organised a rally to condemn the killings and human rights abuses conducted by the Ethiopian government. The Oromo community liased with other ethnic groups to hold a successful rally.

ABC News: #OromoProtests Global Solidarity Rally in Perth, Australia on 23rd October 2016October 23, 2016

#OromoProtests Global Solidarity Rally in Washington DC on Oct. 21, 2106: Oromoonni Ameerikaa Jiraatan Diisiitti Hiriira Geggeessan



(SBO/VOL – Onkoloolessa 22,2016) Mootummaan ayyaanee Humna Waraana isaa keessaa bahuun aantummaa ummataa agarsiisee QBOtti makametti duuluuf loltoota amanamoo sirnichaa Oromiyaa keessa kallattii adda addaatiin bobbaasaa jira.Ilmaan Oromoo humnoota waraanaa fi tikaa keessa jiran akkasumas bifa adda addaatiin sirna farra- Ummataa tahe, TPLF/EPRDFn hidhachiifaman faashistummaa isaa hubachuudhaan qawwee fi hidhannoo isaanii waliin gara mooraa QBO ABOn hogganamuutti kamamuudhaanwayyaaneerratti tarkaanfii laalessaa fudhataa akka jiran ni beekkama.

Haala kanaan kan yaadda’e gartuun abbaa irree wayyaaneen, labsii yeroo hatattamaa jechuudhaan baafateen dahatee loltoota amanamoo sirnichaa Oromiyaa keessa bobbaafatudhaan warreen waraana isaa keessaa bahuun QBOtti makamanii ummata isaanii falmaa haqaatti jiruuf aantummaa qaban dalagaan mul’isan irratti duulaa jira.

Akka kanaanis loltoota ‘Liyyuu Hayil’ jedhaman 400 ergama farrummaa kanaaf qopheeffaman keessaa 150ni Baha Oromiyaa Mi’eessorraan akkasuma 250ni ammoo Kibba-Baha Oromiyaa naannawa Madda-walaabuurraan Onkoloolessa 19 bara 2016 akka Oromiyaatti bobbaafaman barameera.

Humni mooraa QBOtti dabalame, qabsaawotaa fi ummata waliin tahuudhaan duula mootummaan wayyaanee waraana bobbaaseen irratti bane kana qolachuuf tarkaanfii fudhateen Madda-walaabuutti loltoota diinaa 4 ajjeesuu fi hedduu madeessuu akkasumas Mi’eessotti ammoo 2 ajjeesuun akka of duuba deebise ibsameera.

Bobbaa isaatiin kasaaraa haguuggatee kan of duuba deebi’e waraanni wayyaanee meeshaa guguddoo fi loltoota dabalataa waliin duula marsaa biraa banuudhaan Naannoo Somaalee keessatti of qopheessaa jiraachuunis bira gahameera.

Oromia: Ibsa Ejjennoo Qeerroo Bilisumaa Oromoo Hojeettoota Mootummaa Naannoo Oromiyaa Keessa Jiran Hundaa Irraa Ba`e.  



Hiriira Mormii Ambootti Geggeessame, Jedhamee fi Himannaa Hidhaa; Ajjeechaa Arsii Nageellee Keessaa. Onkoloolessa 19, 2016.

Magaalaaleen Oromiyaa Maal Keessa Jiru?

(VOA Afaan Oromoo, Onkoloolessa 19 bara 2016) Magaalaalee shan irraa jiraattoota hasoofsiifne haallii isaan keessa jiran harka caalaan wal fakkaataa dha.Kunis uummata dorsisuu, reebuu, hidhuu akkasumas manneen namaa cabsanii halkan seenuun qabeenyaa jiran kan akka bilbilaa harkaa fi maallaqaa saamuun namoota qabanii deemuu ka jedhu. Darbee darbee shamarranii fi dubartoota abbaan warraa irraa hidhame gudeeduun akka jiru illee ibsan jiraattonni. Nama lama ta’uun dhaabachuu ykn adeemuun dhorkaa ta’u isaa, bakka bakkatti immoo manneen barumsaa cufaa ta’uu jiraattonni dubbataniiru.

Kanneen daldala akka Jimaa irratti bobba’an immoo yeroon gabaa iddoo biraa dhaqqabuuf uggurri sa’atiin ka’ame danquu isaa fi daandii irra kokolaataan yeroo deeman dhabsiifamanii reebamuu fi ajjefamuun kan isaan mudatu ta’uu dubbatu.

Labsii yeroo hatattamaa sana booda biyyatti bulchaa kan jiru komaand postiin sabaa himaa mootummaa Itiyoophiyaaf ibsa kenneen Godina Qellam wallaggaa magaalaa Dambii Dolloo fi naannoo sanatti meeshaa saamamee ture ittiin jedhe 70 deebifamuu fi kannen jeeqamsa kakaasan jedhaman 110 to’annaa jala ooluu fi kanneen hafan qabuuf hordoffiin itti fufuu isaa beeksiise.

Komaan post itti fufuun magaalaa Shaashamannee keessaa namoonni 450 Godina Arsii Lixaa keessaa namnii 670 shakkiin qabamanii dhimmi isaanii qoratamaa akka jiru ibse.Meeshaa waraanaa saamamee ture jedhe 162 keessaa 88 deebi’uu isaa fi Godina Gujii Dhiyaa keessaa meeshaa waraanaa saamamee keessaa Kilaashiin 32 deebifame jedha. Godiinuma kana keessaa shakkamtoonni 302 to’annaa jala ooluu fi 20 harka kennuuf dubbataa jiru jedha.Godiina shawaa bahaa aanaalee 8 keessaa meeshaa waraanaa 92 fi shugguxiin 8 deebifamuu ibsee waluumaa gala Oromiyaa meeshaa waraanaa saamamee ture 513 keessaa 384 akka deebi’uu ta’eera jedha Komaan Poostiin ibsa karaa sabaa-himaa baaseen.

Gabaasa guutuu dhaggeeffachuuf kana cuqaasaa



Genocide: The person killed in Badessa, West Hararge this morning (19 October 2016) is identified as Koome. He is a businessman. He was arrested by Agazi this morning, forced to withdraw 900,000 birr from his bank account and executed him in the afternoon. Three more people who tried to lift his body were shot.

Goota Oromoo Qaxalaa Dafarshaa Raggaasaa Wareegameef Sirna Gaggeessaa Magaalaa Qaxqaxo Naannoo Mettaa Roobii Keessatti Ta’e.

Ilmaan Oromoo kun kaleessa (Onkoloolessa 17 bara 2016) Arsii Lixaa Aaanaa Kokosaa keessatti loltoota Wayyaaneetiin rashanamanii argaman. Namni Agaazii itti fidee qabsiise ergamtichaKadiro Kerroo jedhamu akka taheefi yeroo amma dargaggoota Kokosaa irraa baqatanii Shaashamannee galan qabsiisuuf garas imaluun beekameera. Irra of eegaa waan dandeessaniin dura dhaabbadhaa.

Genocide: Oromo youth murdered by fascist TPLF Ethiopia’s Agazi forces, in Oromia, Arsi, Kokosaa dstrict on 17 October 2016.


Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront half Marathon winner Kinde Asafa shown the#OromoProtests  juster. #OromoRevolution. 16 October 2016.


Qabsoon Kara Maraan Itti Fufe Jira, Hactivistonni Oromo Marsarratti Dhabata Sabqunnamti Itiyoophiyaa Cabasu Isaanii Gabaasne Ture, Itti Aansun Kan Wajjira Barnoota Amma Immo Kan Dhabata Teliviziyinii Fi Radiyoo Itiyoophiyaa Cabsani Jiru! #OromoRevolution #OromoProtests Onkoloolessa (October) 16 bara 2016

Oromia (WBO): Irree fi gaachaanni ummata Oromoo WBOn, kan Zoonii Kibbaa Injifannoo galmeeyse October 16, 2016

Magaala Arbaaminci Geedoon fincila itti fufee jira.

2016-10-10-04-06-07Onkoloolessa 16,2016/ Akkuma beekamu sochiin naannoo kibbaa jiru daran jabaa kan tahe mootummaa Wayyaanee dura dhaabbachuudhaan FXG Oromiyaa keessatti
egalee jiru deggeruun fincila itti fufanii jiru.
Magaala Arbaaminci Geedoon fincila itti fufuudhaan waraqaa garagaraa dhaadannoo bittimsaa jiru waraqaan bittimsan fuula kana irratti kan argamuudha. Akkasuma sochiin paartilee mormitootaa kanneen akka SINEG walaghii addeemsisaa jiruun  ijoolleen oromoo miidhama guddaa keessa jiru waan taheef nuti ijoolleen sidaamaas boo’icha finncila ijoollee Oromoo bira dhaabbachuu qabna wayyaanee kana ofirraa arihuu qabna kanaaf sochiin keenya jabaatee itti fufuu akka qabu jechuun walgahii adeemsisaani jiru.
Kan malees Miseennif hoggantoonni paartii Madrek naannoo kibbaa hadiyyaatti argaman  mare taasisaniin ,obboleessi pro. Beyene Pheexroos Bezabih Pheexiross haala inni irra jiru mootummaan akka uummata beeksisuuf sochii godhaa jiraachuun dhaga’ame.  Dabalataanis Deengessuu daangaa irratti  bara 2000 aanaa Miidaa jala kan tuurte soqqeen  guraageef akka kaennamtu kan godhe mootummaa kana kanaaf amma deebihuu qaba jechuun sochiin fincilaa eegaleejira.
Naannoo Sidaamaa walumaa galatti sochii Qeerrroon Bilisummaa oromoo taasisaa jiru deggeruudhaan mootummaa wayyaanee sirna isaa ofirraa
barbadeessuuf sochii isaanii itt fufaniitu jiru.

Godina Arsii Aanaaleen Shan Bulchiinsa Wayyaanee Jalaa Bahuun Jaarsolii Biyyaan Bulaa Jiru.

4-must-go1Onkoloolessa 16,2016, Godina Arsii bahaa aanotni shan Aanaa Roobee Diida’aa Aanaa Balee gasgaar Aanaa Amiinyaa Aanaa suudee Aanaa Xannaa baadiyyaaf magaalaanis caasaa mootummaatin ala jaarsolii biyyaatin bulaa jiru Aanaa Roobee Magaalaa Roobee diida’aa keessatti namni maqaan isaa Saadiqoo Kiyaaroo Jedhamu manguddummaaf ummataaf mootummaa walitti araarsa jechuun ummataaf mootummaa jidduu deemee waan ummanni hin barbaanne dalaguurratti bobba’ee jira.

Aanuma kana keessatti basaastonniifi milishoonni ganda Jiddaa Roobee KAN Maqaan isaanii Baahmud Ahmad fi Bunee Amaan jedhaman FXG tibba kana naannawa sanatti godhamaa jirurratti ummanni meeshaa irraa hiikkatee ture. haata’u malee jarri kun ammas gocha isaanii itti fufuun waraana agaazii magaalaa keessaa yaasanii uf jalaan deemun dargaggoota guursisaa jiraachunis dhagayameera Daandii Adaamarraa Roobee Diida’aa deemu laggeen Roobe fi Moorxuxaa jedhamanitti riqichi isaa ummataan addaan citee tures akkasumatti jira Agaazii ilikopteran gadi fidaa jiru.

#OromoRevolution #OromoProtests,  Kofale responds to TPLF state of emergency in massive defiant rally. 15 October 2016.

“Miseensonni Sochii Fincila Xumura Gabrummaa damee Iluu fi Jimmaa kan magaalaa Riyaaditti argamnu Sochii qeerroon biyya keessaa gochaa jirani deeggaruuf tumsa goone irratti qarshii Itoophiyaa 250,000 oli walitti qabuu dandeenyeerra. Tumsi kana gochuuf kan nukakaase immoo goototni Aarsii lixaa Yeroo jarri fooxaa hafatanii qarshii rasaasa bitu walitti buusanu fb kee irratti erga arginee booda nuti atattamaan akka walgeenyee buusii goonu nutaasise.”


Joint candlelight vigil in Munich, Germany  October 15, 2016

#OromoProtests #OromoRevolution #AmharaResistance joint candlelight vigil in Munich, Germany October 15, 2016.

Hiriira harra Brasulsitti geggeeffame, Beeljiyem, Onkoloolessa 13, 2016

Hiriira harra Brasulsitti geggeeffame, Beeljiyem, Onkoloolessa 13, 2016

#OromoProtests. #OromoRevolution. Madda Walaabuu University. 12 October 2016


#OromoRevolution, Oct 13, 2016

OMN: ሰበር ዜና/Breaking News (Oct. 13, 2016)

OMN: Oduu Onk. 12, 2016

#OromoRevolution, Oct 12, 2016



Down! Down! Down TPLF! #OromoProtests Global Solidarity Rally in London (UK)

OMN Hiriira Hawaasa Oromoo fi Sabaaf Sablammii Magaalaa London (Onk.11, 2016)

Ziway Prison in Central Oromia is burning

Manni Hidhaa Zuwaay Yeroo ammaa Kanatti Gubataa Jira, Oromiyaa Shaggarii fi Arsii,Gujii fi Wallagga Lixaa Magaalotiin Gariin Agaazii Harkaa Bahee Bulchiinsa Ummataa Jala Jira.

Mooraa Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa Keessatti Humni Agaazii Halkan Edaa Mooraa Cabsee Seenuun Dararaa Hamaa Irraan Gahe

Uni JimmaaOnkoloolessa,10,2016
Sababa FXG mooraa yuunibarsiitii keessaa qabsiifamee wayyaaneef ergamtootashee roqomsiisaa jiruun wal qabatee,eda galgala humni hidhannoo guutuu socho’u mooraa cabsee seenuu dhukaasaa jajjabaa barattootarratti dhukaasaa bulee jira.Dararaa jajjabaa barattoota moorarraan gaheen hanga ammaa barataan caccabee ciisaa jiru hanga kana jechuun nii ulfaata.

Akkasuma mana hiraarsaattillee barattoora danuu qabuun keessatti kunaanaa jiran.Haa ta’u malee kutannoof murannoon Qeerroo moorichaa akka reebicha sodaaf hidhaa sodaaf kaayyoo isaa duuba hin deebine gadi jabeessee diinasaa itti dhukaasu dura dhaabbachuun himeefii jira.

OMN: Oduu Onk. 9, 2016

OMN: Oduu Amma Nu Gahe (Oct. 8, 2016)

Waldaa Warra Wangeelaa Makanaa Yesuus Betel Kan Magaalaa Jimmaa Dungoo Yaadannoo Qabsoosuun Gootota Bushooftuurratti Wareegamaniif Guyyaa Kaleessaa Yaadatan.

crossWWWMY Beetel kan magaalaa Jimmaa dungoo yaadannoo uummata lubbuun darbee taasisee akkasuma kadhannaa kan nu miidhu nurraa kaasi jedhuun sagantaa akkaan barbaachisaa taate guyyaa kaleessaa taasisee jira.Daraaraa uumnatarraa gahaa jiru kun hanga uummata keenyarraa kaafamutti soomaan kadhannaa akka yeroo yerootti itti fufu,dabalatee utuu lammiin oggaayyuu gadda taa’uu farfannaa galataaf dhiichisaa qabuun sagantaan akka hin gaggeefamne walii dabarsanii jiran.Sagantaan akkanaa akka bakka hundatti itti fufu,Walgeelli garbuummaatti jiraachuu utuu hin taane Bilisummaa keenyaaf nuu laatame jechuun dhaamsa waldoota biraaf dabarsanii jiran.

Diddaan Barattoota Oromoo Yuniversitii Jimmaa Itti Fufee Daandiileen Cufaman.

GGO Ebla 15 JimmaOnkoloolessa 8,2016 /FXG Godina Jimmaattis jabaatuudhaan daandileen magaalota keessaa gara Yuuniversitiiwwan Jimmaatti geessaan irree gootota barattoota Oromoon kaleessaa kaasee halkan edaas itti buluudhaan cufameera. Waraanni agaazii halkan edaas gara Jimmaa yuuniversiti seenuun barattoota irratti tarkaanfi Barattootni Qeerroon Bilisummaa godina Jimmaa keessaa diina hidhannoodhaan guutame duubatti deebisuudhaan magaalicha dhuunfatanii daandiis cufuudhaan Injifannoo hin eegamne galmeessaa jiru.
Kana malee godinuma Jimmaa aanaalee adda addaa keessatti diddaan dargaggoota Oromoo Qeerroo haalaan jabaatee jiraachuu irraan loltooti Wayyaanee sadarkaa tohachuu dadhabuu irra gahanii jiru.

Godina Iluu abbaa Boooraa sochiin FXG haalaan jabaatee itti fufuu irraa kan ka’e poolisoonni Oromiyaa waan dargaggoota Oromootti dhukaasuu didaniif loltoota Wayyaanee Agaazii waliin walitti bu’aa akka jiranii fi yeroo amma wal dhabbiin isaan jidduu akka jiru beekamee jira.

Caasam Wayyaanee Godina Arsii Lixaa Keessaa Guutummaatti Badeera,Injifatnoon Qeerroo Bilisummaa Itti Fufe!

fxgOkoloolessa 08,2016, Guyyaa har’aa godina Arsii lixaa magaalota akka Kofalee, Shaashimannee fi kkf keessatti sochiin FXG Qeerroodhaan jabaatee jiru daran kan duuba hin deebine wayyaaneen humna hidhataa meeshaan ijaarame uumatatti erguun qbsoo amma sadarkaa bilisummaa irra gahe duubatti deebisuuf yaalii gootee jirti irree abbaa qabsoo Qeerrootiin diina kana dura dhaabbatuun uummatasaarraa duubatti deebisee jira. Haaluma kanaan godina Arsii lixaa aanaa Nagalleetti tarkaanfii humni hin beekamne fudhateen
1. Paarkii Sagoon
2.Hoteela Laanganoo fi
3.Mana jireenyaa qondaala ergamaa Wayyaanee tokkos hojii ala ta’uun beekama.
Guyyaa gaaafa Onkoloolessa 7/2016 qabsoo Qeerroon taasisaa jiruunis kanneen Wayyaaneef garaa tahanii hojjetan keessattuu kaabinoonni fi caasaan mootummaa Wayyaaneef amanamoo tahan akkasuma humni waraanaa fi poolisii godinicha keessaa kan gadhiisaa jiran akka tahe Qeerroon keenya gabaasee jira.
Aanaa Dallootti waajjralee fi manneen jireenya poolisoota Wayyaanee barbadeeffamaa ooleera.
Sochiin abbaan qabsoo Qeerroo Bilisummaa mootummaa Wayyaanee hundeedhaan raasee jiru kun xumura sirna mootummaa Wayyaaneetti gochuuf murteeffatee ka’een qabeenyi Wayyaanee Oromiyaa godina kam keessattuu kan hojiidhaan ala tahee jiruudha.
Godinuma Ars lixaa keessattti aanaa Loom Bilbilleetti waajjjiroonni gandaa shan (5)n daaraa tahanii jiru. Bulchiinsi wayyaanee guutummaatti godina Arsii lixaatti badeera caasaan qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo Qeerroonis dhuunfataa jira. Alaabaan keenyas waajjirottaa fi magaalota keessatti fannifameera.

Qabeenyi Hogganoota Wayyaanee Humna Hin Beekamneen Oromiyaa Keessa Dhabamaa Jira.

Onkolooleessa 08,2016, Magaalaa sabbataatti kan argaman warshaa BMT,warshaa uffataa Arbaaminci,warshaa shittoo,dhaabbata DST,warshaa abaaboo  dabalataanis manni jireenyaa tigirootaa  ganda 02  fi 08tti argaman gubatniiru. Kana malee sochiin itti fufee diimaa bakka jedhamutti warshaa biiraa meettaa sheh alhamuddin warshaa uffataa siyaagil 2, warshaa uffataa arbaamincii, konkolaataa daandiirra turan  wajjira gandaa 1,barbadeeffameera.
Konkolaataa warshaa ayikaa 14 caccabsaniiru. Onkoloolessa5,2016 magaalaa Alam Ganaa keessatti mana jireenyaa fi mana barumsaa diiguun,warshaa suuraa keentiri jedhamu gubuun lammileen Oromoo hin tahiin magaalitti lakkisanii akka bahan ta’ee jira.

Aaanaa Aqaaqii Qaallittiitti waajiirri poolisii walii gala tarkaanfiii humna addaatiin gubatee barbadeeffameetu jira. Arsii bahaa aanaa  Limmuu fi Bilbiloo ganda Gimbichuutti daandii addaan kutuudhaan riqichi guddaan caccabee jira. Akkasuma aanaa mertiittimmoo waajjirri ganda fi warshaan cuunfaa Afriikaa jedhamu humna addaatiin gubatee jira.
Magaalaa Shaashamanneetti magaazanni xaa’oo fi midhaanii gubatee jiraattonni Oromoo hin tahiin akka magaalitti gadilakkisan taasifamaa jira keessasttuu ilmaan tigooraa. Ganda baadiyyaaatti immoo waajjirri ganda gubaniiru. Aana gadab asaasattis magaazanni midhaanii gubatee jira.
Daandiwwan kaleessaa kaasanii Arsi lixaa fi Arsii bahaatti akkasuma baalee fi harargetti guutummaadhaan cufameetu jira. Ammas humini addaa  injifannoo kanaa oliif karoora bahe bakkaan gahuuf hanga dhumaatti itti fufeetu jira. Wayyaaneen sochii kana tasgabbeessuuf humna waraana fi meeshaa lolaa qopheessaa jirti.

OMN: Oduu Amma Nu Gahe (Oct. 8, 2016)

#OromoProtests #OromoRevolution


OMN: Oduu Onk. 7, 2016 #OromoProtests #OromoRevolution

Ibsa Ejjeennoo Barattoota Oromoo Yuuniversiitii Jimmaa

Uni Jimmaa Muddee 12Nuti barattoonni Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa haala biyyaa keenya keessatti ta’aa jiru addatti humna shororkaa mootummaa abbaa Irreetiin uummata Oromoo irratti raawwataa jiru,keessattuu gocha uummata Oromoo waaqa Uumaa isaa kadhachuuf baherratti humna hidhannoo fayyadamee waraana lafoof waraana qilleensarra fayyadamuun ilmaan Oromoo egeree biyyattii ta’an qaqqalii kanneen lakkoofsaan 700 ol ta’an irratti dhukaasa banee lubbuu hanga kana daqiiqaa 30 gidduutti galaafachuu isaa gadi jabeessinee nii balaaleffanna,Akkasuma erga mormiin diddaa
Maaster Plaanii eegalee asitti qe’een Oromoo guyyaa tokkoof bohichaaf awwaalcha du’a suukanneessaa ilmaan isaa beektootaaf haayyootaa
bahanii galuu dadhaban dhabee hin beeku.Hidhaan uummata nagaarraa takkaa dhaabatee kan hin beekne yoo ta’u .Akkasuma gochaa duguuginsa
sanyii uummata Konsoorratti ganna darbe fudhatamee ilmaan uummata Konsoo barbadeessuuf waraana irratti labsamee lubbuun kumootaan
laakaahamu biyyaattii keessaa humna mootummaan of cinaa dhabuu keenyatti addatti gadda guddaan nutti dhaga’ama.Dabalataan uummata
Amaaraa irratti ajjeechaa raawwatamee hayyuuwwan qaroo biyya kana jijjiiruu danda’an barattoota adda duree of cinaa dhabuun keenya
godaannisa sammuu keenya keessa hin haqamne ta’uu jabeessinee hubachiisuu barbaanna.Gochi kun gocha addunyaarratti raawwatee hin
beekne ta’uu hubachiisuu feena.Mootummaa nama nyaataa Wayyaanee kana seenaan addunyaa akkuma Adolf Hitilar galmeessee jiru mootummaa
Dhiittaaf nama nyaataa ta’uu seenaa Addunyaa akka nuu bartu cimsinee nii gaafanna.Continue reading



 Click here for Oromia wide #OromoProtests (Reports covering 4-6 October 2016) Continues post Bishoftu Massacre


VOA:  #OromoProtests Onkoloolessa (October) 3 bara 2016: Ayyaanni Irreechaa kaleessa Danqamuutti Aansee Mormiin Itti Fufeera

#OromoProtests hit Ethiopia after #IrreechaMassacre.  3rd October 2016 . Crusader Journal.

(Independent, 3rd October 2016)Violent clashes continued in Ethiopia as the relatives of dozens killed during a protest on Sunday flocked to the scene of the deaths, creating further tension.  “Some people tried to come out en masse this morning to protest the deaths of holiday-goers on Sunday and also demand the release of people arrested during the celebrations,” Nimona Negash, a tuk-tuk driver in Bishoftu, told the Associated Press.


Gabaasa Haala Irreecha Hora Arsadee

Wayyaaneen TPLF,Ayyaana Irreechaa bara 2016 gara Calanqoo fi Anoolee lammataatti geeddaruun uummata Oromoo 320 ol jumlaan galaafattee namoota 150 akka jabaa madeessuun Hospitaala seensiste.

Ganamuma “Ayyaana irreechaa baranaa UNSCO irratti waanan galmeessisuuf Alaabaa ABO qabattanii akkka hindhufne, nutis kan OPDO qabannee hin baanu…kan abbootii gadaa malee…” jechuun baasiilee miiliyoonotatti lakkaawamu baasuun Abbootii gadaa Hooteela Soodareetti walitti qabanii keeyyata qabxii 13 kan uf keessaa qabu baasan keessaa kan keeyyata 12ffaa irratti labsame uummatni alaabaa ABO qabatee akka irreecha kana irratti hin argamne kan akeekkachiisu yoo ta’u, uummatni xiiqiin guutame garuu alaabaasaa fannifatee soda tokko malee harkasaa ol qabee walirra qaxxaamursuun karaa nagaa qofa mallattoo Diddaa uummata Oromoo agarsiisaati gara irreeffannaatti seene.

Guutummaa Gabaasa Kanaaf:- ayyaana-irreechaa-bara-2016-wayyaaneen-gara-calanqoofi-anoolee-lammataatti-geeddaruun-uummata-oromoo-320-ol-jumlaan-galaafattee-namoota-150-akka-jabaa-madeessuun-hospitaala-seensiste

Ayyaanni Irreechaa Birraa Hora Arsadiii Guddaan Goolabame.

Onkoloolessa 3,2016
black-irreechaaUummanni Oromoo waggoota 6010 darban duraa eegalee Ayyaana guddaa Uumaa isaa itti galateeffatu ayyaana Irreecha Birraa qaba.Baroota darban keessatti gammachuuf jaalaalaan bahee wal gaggeessaa ture.
Guyyaa kaleessaa jala bultiirraa jalqabee uummanni tilmaamaan miliyoonotaan lakka’amutu fuula ifaa hawwii guddaan waaqa Uumaa galateeffachuuf magaalaa bushooftuu keessa ture. Ayyaanicha jaleewwaaniif mootummaan abbaa irrummaasaa addatti addunyaaf lallabu,Afarsa Siyyaasaa isaa taasifachuuf walitti qabachuun buchulloota isaanii.Kan naannoo sana qubatan Guyyaa har’aa ganama sa’a lama keessa oduu isaanii dubbatachuuf yoo ka’an Qeerroon mallattoo mormiif iyya dhageessisuun,akka hin waraabbanne taasisanii achii ari’anii jiran.Gootonnni Qeerroo ilmaan Oromoo diina isaanii hidhannoo guutuun itti dhukaasaa deemu,keessattuu dhukaasa Helekoptaraa irra keessaan jala warra lafoon irratti banamullee alaabaan barattoonni Oromoof Sabboontonni hedduun itti lubbuu isaanii dhabaa jiran Alaabaan ABO balali’ee oolee jira.

Helekoptarri dhufullee Uummanni jabaatee waltajjii Wayyaanee injifannoon diigee harka qullaa isaan lakkisee jira. Maaloo jedhanii jilbatti hanga kufanitti yoo kadhatanillee,gootonni dargaggoon Oromoo sagalee guddiftuu harkaa butuun sagalee guddaan mormiin gaggeefame aarii kanaaf jecha dhukaasi banamee qareeyyiin hedduun
lubbuun dabartee jirti. Continue reading


Down! down! Down With Wayyanee! Down with Fascist TPLF. OromoProtests 2nd October 2016 at Irreecha. #IrreechaMassacre.


Irreecha Massacre: Bishoftu Massacre: Fascist Ethiopia’s regime (TPLF) has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in Oromia (Ethiopia) on the peaceful Irreecha ceremony- Oromo thanksgiving day, 2nd October 2016 where over 4 million celebrating the Oromo National Cultural Day at Horaa Harsadii, Bishoftu, Oromia.



#OromoProtests 1st October 2016 in the eve of Irreecha in Bishoftu, Oromia.

Jalabultiin Irrechaa Kana Fakkata! Onkoloolessa 1 bara 2016.


#OromoProtests, Arsi (Leemmuu & Bilbilloo) 29 September, 30 September,  1st October 2016

Arsii Limmuuf Bilbilotti har’allee Qeerron FXG cimsee itti fufee oolee jira.
Kana malees Godina Arsii bakkoota heddutti wayyaanen dargaggoota duraan humna waraanaa keessaa Oromummaa isaanitiin ari’ee ture Mindaa gahaa isiniif kaffalama manni finfinnee fi magaalota Oromiyaa gurguddoo keessatti isiniif ijaarama jechuun Qeerrotti warwaataa jirti.keeñyumaan keenya fixuun hafe jechaa jiru Qeerron. Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo









Imala gara Bishooftuu Irreecha 2016 kabajuuf jecha sabboontoti Oromoo buufata Konkolaataan Qaallittii argamu,Kunkolaataa argachuuf hiriirri isaa haalaan jabaadha

https://videopress.com/embed/B4flKAIs?hd=0&autoPlay=0&permalink=0&loop=0Continue reading