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Situation in Ethiopia October 30, 2016

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The current situation is based on the build up of years of frustration from ethnic groups who have felt marginalized by the government. Ethiopia is made up of about 80 different ethnolinguistic groups with the Oromo nation comprising the largest ethnic group in the country. The communist regime was overthrown in 1991 and the current government, which acts essentially as a single-party, has been ruling as an authoritarian regime since that time.Throughout the years, there have been varying degrees of unrest and protest, the biggest and until now occurring in 2005 during the country’s heavily contested elections. The results of that election, which sustained the ruling party’s power (the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF)), was considered fraudulent by both the opposition as well as outside observers. Now, the country’s two largest regions – Oromia

Source: Situation in Ethiopia


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