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Macron hails reformist Ethiopia PM Abiy Ahmed on first Europe trip. France/Ethiopie: Emmanuel Macron salue les réformes menées par Abiy Ahmed October 30, 2018

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Ministirri Muummee Dr. Abiy Ahimad affeerraa pirezidantiin Faransaay Imaanu’eel Maakroon isaaniif taasisaniin kaleessa Faransaay turtii taasisaniiru.

Jarman: MM Abiy walgahii Compact with Africa irratti hirmaataa jiru, BBC Afaan Oromoo

ለ ጠ/ሚ አብይ አህመድ ከፖለቲካ በፊት ሰውነት ይቀድማል፡ ከምርጫ በላይ መሳም ይበልጣል. ሰው ሰው የሚሸት መሪ .


Macron hails reformist Ethiopia PM on first Europe trip

French president Emmanuel Macron (R) and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed are both keen to present themselves as reformist leaders


French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday hailed “unprecedented” moves by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to transform his country as the young African leader makes his first trip to Europe.

Abiy, 42, has won global praise for forging peace with neighbouring Eritrea, announcing economic reforms and reaching out to dissidents, but is grappling with bloody ethnic disputes which have displaced some 1.4 million people.

Macron offered “all my support and that of France” in reforming Ethiopia and “in calming domestic tensions”, telling Abiy at a press conference in Paris: “You have here a country which loves yours but also admires the transformation you are carrying out”.

“I know how much he has risked to see these reforms through and how much these reforms are fraught with difficulties, but also how much Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has chosen a courageous path,” Macron told reporters.

“The political, economic, social and cultural transformation that you are in the process of carrying out and that you’ve committed to in Ethiopia is unprecedented,” added Macron, another leader keen to present himself as a reformer.

Abiy vowed to tackle the violence gripping Ethiopia, saying it would be resolved through “greater peace-building in the whole country”.

“The communal conflicts cannot undo the reform agenda,” he added, arguing that economic reforms would help end the violence by bringing greater prosperity.

“The reform process is contributing to greater peace in the country,” he said.

Analysts see no single cause for the killing that has stretched from the countryside to the capital and left scores of Ethiopians dead.

But they say Abiy, who inherited a vast, ethnically diverse nation used to the iron-fisted rule of his predecessors, has his work cut out for him as he seeks to impose his leadership without tipping into authoritarianism.

French officials signed a string of cooperation deals with their counterparts from Africa’s second most populous nation, in areas ranging from transport and energy to culture.

French experts are set to advise Ethiopian officials on how to open the national palace, dating back to the rule of Haile Selassie who was emperor until 1974, to tourists.

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has started his tour of Europe. He will start in France where he will meet with President Emmanuel Macron. Ahmed will then proceed to Germany to attend the G-20 meeting. CGTN’s Girum Chala has more


France/Ethiopie: Emmanuel Macron salue les réformes menées par Abiy Ahmed

Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed on Tuesday arrived in Germany on the second leg of his three cities Europe tour.

He was received by German’s Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The Prime Minister is expected to have bilateral discuss with Merkel shortly.

The Premier will address 25,000 Ethiopians drawn from different European countries in Frankfurt tomorrow.

Moreover, he will attend the second edition of the Compact with Africa (CwA) meeting schedule to take place later today. At least 12 African heads of state will also attend the event.

The CwA was initiated under the German G20 Presidency to promote private investment in Africa, including in infrastructure.

The CwA’s primary objective is to increase attractiveness of private investment through substantial improvements of the macro, business and financing frameworks.

It brings together reform-minded African countries, international organizations and bilateral partners from G20 and beyond to coordinate country-specific reform agendas, support respective policy measures and advertise investment opportunities to private investors.

The initiative is demand-driven and open to all African countries. Since its launch in 2017, the CwA has sparked great interest.

So far, 11 African countries have joined the initiative- Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Morocco, Rwanda, Senegal, Togo and Tunisia. Click here to read from the source, Fana


1. OromianEconomist - October 31, 2018

Welcoming PM Abiy Ahmed by OROMO/ETHIOPIA DIASPORA IN GERMANY ON 31 OCTOBER 2018, FRANKFURT https://www.facebook.com/OromiaMedia/videos/297820771087750/

2. OromianEconomist - October 31, 2018

Ethiopia’s Premier banks on reforms to woo investors on Europe tour

3. OromianEconomist - October 31, 2018

Simmannaa Mummicha Ministeeraa Dr. Abiy Ahmed, Frankfurt, Germany https://www.facebook.com/OromiaMedia/videos/527611847714541/

4. OromianEconomist - October 31, 2018
5. OromianEconomist - October 31, 2018

The current Ethiopian leader, Abiy Ahmed, appears to be a peacemaker with a developmental agenda for the wider region. He has wasted no time to end the senseless war with neighbouring Eritrea. The peace with Eritrea is part of Ahmed’s broad strategy of reforms in Ethiopia. He has filled half of the national parliament with female MPs, breaking with the tradition of having a male-dominated national assembly like most African countries.

In recent weeks, the prime minister has appointed a female scholar and diplomat Sahle-Work Zewde to the position of president. Although this remains a largely ceremonial position it has nonetheless sent a positive signal to Africa’s male-dominated body politic.https://www.iol.co.za/news/opinion/ethiopias-rise-out-of-famine-and-war-has-worlds-attention-17712906

6. OromianEconomist - October 31, 2018

Simannaa Muumicha Ministeeraa Abiy Ahmed, Firaankifart, Jarman

7. OromianEconomist - October 31, 2018
8. OromianEconomist - October 31, 2018
9. OromianEconomist - October 31, 2018
10. OromianEconomist - October 31, 2018
11. OromianEconomist - October 31, 2018
12. OromianEconomist - October 31, 2018
13. OromianEconomist - October 31, 2018

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was feted like a superstar by his countrymen in Germany, whom he called on to return home and help build a new Ethiopia. DW https://www.dw.com/en/prime-minister-abiy-ahmed-on-tour-to-mobilize-ethiopians-abroad/a-46107833?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-xml-mrss

14. OromianEconomist - October 31, 2018

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