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#IstandwithJawarMohammed: Protests Oromia wide against Ethiopia’s government’s security forces attempts to assassinate Jawar Mohammed, prominent political analyst and director of the Oromia Media Network, independent media. October 24, 2019

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Massive Protests held Oromia wide including in the state’s capital, Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) against Ethiopia’s government’s security forces attempts to assassinate Jawar Mohammed, a prominent political analyst and the director of the Oromia Media Network, independent media. #IstandwithJawarMohammed

‘A military force came to the residence of Oromo rights activist Jawar Mohammed in the middle of a night and asked his security details to leave their post. The security That suspected a foul play, replied to his commanders order “I will not leave my brother to the animals, if you force me, you have to kill me first” the conversation was captured in the video and shared on Facebook by Jawar himself. There is a lot to unpack here and lot will discussed in the coming days. Yet, the night raids that took many out of their house not to return back, like my dad, will never ever produce anything positive. I am glad he is ok for now and I pray that this will not lead to any blood shed like we witnessed in Amhara region that took the life’s of the president and army chief of staff. I am glad qerro arrived to protect the area but I ask them and the government to exercise restraint and independent body to investigate what happen. it seems this might make some happy but for some that can forecast what it intel, there is nothing good that come out of this derg era foolishness.’ Yadesa Bojia

Oromo youth shout slogans outside Jawar Mohammed's house, an Oromo activist and leader of the Oromo protest in Addis Ababa

At least 400 young men joined the protest at Jawar’s house in the capital Addis Ababa while some two dozen police officers stood nearby [Tiksa Negeri/Reuters]
According to Aljazeera Demonstrations spread to other cities in Oromia, the region that was the centre of protests that brought Abiy – the diverse country’s first Oromo leader – to power last year, residents told Reuters news agency.

In a Facebook post, Jawar said police had surrounded his house late on Tuesday and ordered his bodyguards to leave. He added that he did not know who had ordered the deployment of the security officers.

Addis Standard: Protests erupted in several cities and towns across Oromia regional state and various spots surrounding Addis Abeba after Jawar Mohammed, executive director Oromo Media Network (OMN) and prominent activist posted information in his Facebook page that his security detail were told “to pack their stuff and leave the compound quietly without alerting me.”
Jawar has been posting several messages throughout the night including an audio/video purportedly carrying a conversation between his security detail and a third person who Jawar said was a security official. In it, Jawar’s security can be heard saying they will not leave their post in the middle of the night without replacements.