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The Record: a compilation of reports of victims of the Ethiopian government violence against its own citizens. #OromoProtests July 11, 2016

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Odaa Oromoo#OromoLivesMatters!Freedom for Oromo People, #OromoProtestsSay no to the master killer. Addis Ababa master plan is genocidal plan against Oromo peopleStop TortureNo To Fascist TPLF Ethiopia's genocidal militarism and mass killings in Oromia, Ethiopia

The Record is a compilation of reports of victims of the Ethiopian government violence against its own citizens in general and the Oromo in particular for peacefully protesting lethal government policies or expressing a general political dissent.

The Record is prepared by compiling reports of victims from human rights organizations, reliable social media activists and media outlets.

The names of the Martyrs is taken from the June 2016 report of Human Rights Watch. And the source of most of the social media reports is the Facebook page of political activist Jawar Mohammed of Oromia Media Network and other activists.

The Record now has four pages: Martyrs, Injuries, Incarcerated and Political Trials.

Martyrs page lists the names [and pictures if available] of the Heroes and Heroines whose lives are cut short by the Ethiopian government forces.

Injuries page lists the names and pictures of a few selected victims who are ruthlessly beaten, tortured, bullet wounded or have lost their limbs.

Incarcerated page lists the names [and pictures if available] of a few people who are arbitrarily arrested and detained or whose whereabouts is unknown.

Political Trials page shows the detail of the political trials of a few incarcerated people who are charged by government prosecutors before their kangaroo court. [This page is under construction]

Unless specified, all the Heroes and Heroines in the above four categories are of Oromo national [ethnic] group or victims of the Oromo Cause, and are from Oromia Regional State of Ethiopia.