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Obbo Tarfaa Dibabaa, the father of Oromo Relief Association (ORA), passed away July 31, 2016

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Odaa OromooObbo Tarfaa Dibaabaa 1940-2016It is along way, a book by Tarfaa Dibaabaa

We are deeply saddened by the news of Obbo Tarfaa Dibabaa passing, the father of ORA whose life long dedication saved thousands of Oromo refugees in the Horn of Africa.  May our beloved hero rest in peace!


Oduu Gaddisiisaa

Obbo Tarfaa Dibaabaa, har’a Adoolessa 29, 2016, magaalaa Hamburg, Jarmanii, keessati addunyaa kana irraa dhukkubaan boqoochuu isaanii gadda guddaan isin beeksisna. Obbo Tarfaan, Amajjii 6, 1940 magaalaa Dambidoollo, Wallaga, Oromiyaa tti dhalatan.

Obbo Tarfaan abbaa manaa Adde Arfaasee Gammadaa, abbaa Yared, Benjamin fi Talile, fi akaakayyuu Gilcha, Galan Hirtz-Dibaba, Hawani Yonas and Yadani Yonas turan. Maatii fi firootin isaanii jaalala fi kabaja guddaanisaan yaadatu.

Sirna, bakka fi yeroo awwaalcha isaanii yeroo dhihooti beeksisna.

Maatii Oboo Tarfaa Dibaabaa

Sad News

Our family is deeply saddened to inform every one of the passing of our beloved Obbo Tarfaa Dibaaba, on July 29, 2016 in Hamburg, Germany. Obbo Tarfaa was born on January 6, 1940 in Dambidollo town, Wallaga, Oromia.

Obb Tarfaa is survived by his dear wife Adde Arfaasee Gammadaa, his loving adult children Yared, Benjamin and Talile, and his beloved grandchildren Gilcha, Galan Hirtz-Dibaba, Hawani Yonas and Yadani Yonas. He will be missed terribly and remembered fondly by his family and friends.

Obbo Tarfa’s funeral arrangements will be announced soon.

Obbo Tarfa’s Family


A reflection on history of ORA by Obbo Tarfaa Dibaaba

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1. Obbo Tarfaa Dibabaa, the father of Oromo Relief Association (ORA), passed away — OromianEconomist | Fighting for Freedom and Equality - August 1, 2016

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2. OromianEconomist - August 2, 2016

Sagantaan geggessaa Obbo Tarfaa Dibaabaa Jimaata Hagayyaa 5, 2016, sa’aa 10:00 akka yeroo biyya Jarmanitti, mana sagadaa Altona Kreuzkirche, Hohenzollernring 78a, 22763 Hamburg, Jarmanii, keesatti erga raawatamee booda bakka Friedhof Bernadottestr. 32, 22763 Hamburg ti sirna awwaalchaatiin xumurama.

Itti aansee sa’aa 14:00 irraa eegalee sagantaan yaadannoo obbo Terfaa Dibaabaa iddoo Kulturkirche Altona, Bei der Johanniskirche 22 , 22767 Hamburg jedhamu keessatti geggeffama.

3. OromianEconomist - August 2, 2016

A Brief Memory of Obbo Terfa Dibaba’s Dedication to Oromo Cause

I am deeply saddened by the news of Obbo Terfa Dibaba’s death. Obbo Terfa was a true Oromo nationalist, a man of sterling integrity, a loyal family man, a dedicated relief worker, and trustworthy individual. I met Obbo Terfa and his loving wife Addee Arfase Gamada for the first time at the meeting of the Union of Oromo Students in Europe 37 years ago and later on worked closely with him for more than twenty years when he was serving as a representative of the Oromo Relief Association based in Germany. The last time I communicated with Obbo Terfa was when he sent me a copy of the book he wrote entitled, “It is a Long Way-A reflection on the history of the Oromo Relief Associaton (ORA).”

Obbo Terfa was a humble and compassionate person who loved his people and cared deeply about the plight of Oromo Refugees. He made significant contributions to the Oromo cause and stayed true to the end to the principles he believed. In the early days when there were very few Oromos in diaspora, Obbo Terfa and Addee Arfase’s home was a resting place for many newly arriving refugees, and Oromo freedom fighters living in Germany and in transit.

Obbo Terfa dedicated his entire life by providing humanitarian assistance to Oromo refugees in a variety of countries, including the Sudan, Kenya, Somalia Djibuti and Germany since the Oromo Relief Association was legally recognized as a humanitarian Organization in 1979. He was among the first Oromo nationalists I know of who made o the world aware of Oromo sufferings under the yolk of the Abyssinian regime. Obbo Terfa spent most of his time travelling back and forth between Germany and East African countries, visiting refugee camps, advocating, fundraising and educating Europeans, Africans and Americans about the predicament of Oromo Refugees. Obbo Terfa’s more than 40 years of dedicated services have saved the lives of thousands Oromo refugees, internally displaced Oromos, families of Oromo political prisoners and freedom fighter. Among the many monumental contributions of Obbo Terfa’s – which history may record one day – is his unflinching dedication to successfully saving/rescuing some Oromo heroes’ very lives at dangerous moments. Obbo Terfa was a selfless and dedicated professional. He was highly respected by people privileged to know and work with him, and by many non-governmental and governmental humanitarian organizations around the world. His passing is a big loss not only to his beloved family, and friends, but also to the entire Oromo Nation. We are already missing him deeply. May his soul rest in peace! May God comfort his family.

Belletech (Chaltu) Deressa

(Lives in Washington, DC, Metropolitan area)

4. OromianEconomist - August 3, 2016

We just heard a sad and heartbreaking news. It is the pass away of a great political tower in the Oromo national liberation struggle, Comrade Tarfa Dibaba.

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