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WBEZ Radio: Wordview: Ethiopian Olympic Runner Protests for Oromo August 28, 2016

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Fayyisaa lalisaa Oromo national hero, After received his Rio 2016 Olympic medal, 21 August 2016Fayyisaa lalisaa Oromo national hero, at  Rio 2016 Olympicmarathon in the podium, finishing line in #OromoProtests as winning theOlympic  medal, 21 August 2016

Oromo Olympic marathon athlete Fayyisaa Lalisaa in the social and international media. #OrompProtests global icon. p7

Click here to Listen to WBEZ Radio:  The Olympic Runner Protests for Oromo

As Feyisa Lilesa crossed the finish line to win the silver medal in Rio, he crossed his raised arms in an act of defiance against the Ethiopian government’s treatment of the Oromo people. We talk about Lilesa’s protest with Oromo activist, Seenaa Jimjimo.


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