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Northern Frontier Voice: Oromos face chilling oppression in Ethiopia as AU & UN watches August 31, 2016

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Odaa OromooOromianEconomistGrand #OromoProtests Global Solidarity Rally, 16 August 2016 Held in London 13


Oromos face chilling oppression in Ethiopia as AU & UN watches


It is happening again, sadly. The government in Ethiopia is back to its signature of killing, maiming and jailing its own people because they are exercising their chance of rejecting state excesses using the only means available: taking to the streets to protest.

Ethiopia is a country that has effectively obliterated several channels that normally help foster a healthy communication between citizens and the state .The sorry state of independent media and civil society organization is distressing; and every day lived experienced of Ethiopians and their contacts with authorities at any level is alarmingly toxic.
Authorities in Ethiopia should have therefore been the last ones to get started by the idea of citizens taking to the streets to make their grievances heard. Alas, that is not to be.

Hundreds and thousands of students and residents in more than 100 cities and towns in Oromiya Regional State (Oromiya for short), the largest and most populous state in Ethiopia, are in and out of the streets since early Nov. last year. Like every experience when Ethiopians were out on the streets protesting state excesses, every day is bringing heart breaking stories of Ethiopians suffering in the hands of security personnel. Since Nov.12th 2015, when the first protest broke out in Ginchi, a small town 80km west of Addis Ababa, countless households have buried their loved ones; young university students have disappeared without a trace; hundreds have lost limbs and countless others are jailed

Ethiopians are once again killing, miming and jailing Ethiopians.
The immediate trigger factor is the possible implementation of the infamous Addis Ababa and Surrounding Oromiya Special Zone Integrated Development Plan, popularly known as ‘the Addis Abeba Master Plan.’

The federal government claims it is a plan aimed at only creating a better infrastructure link between the capital Addis Abeba and eight towns located within the Oromiya Regional State Special Zone. But the reason why it is having a hard time selling this otherwise fairytale like development plan is the same reason why it is responding heavy handedly to any dissent against it: it is what it wants to do.

The current protest is led by the Oromos, who are the largest ethnic majority in Ethiopia. In all the four corners of the Addis Ababa surrounding localities, Oromos also make up the single largest majority whose way of lives have already been affected by mammoth changes Addis Ababa has been having over the last Century.

Domocracy Yes, #OromoProtests

They are rejecting the central government’s top down plan because they are informed by a merciless history of eviction and dispossession. Several researches show that over the last 25 years alone about half a million Oromo farmers have unjustly lost their farmlands to give way to an expansion of a city that is xenophobic to their way to being.

Not the first time

Sadly, this is not the first time Ethiopians are pleading with their government to be heard in regards to the so-called ‘Master Plan.’ The first protest erupted in April-May 2014 when mostly Oromo student protesters from universities in Ambo and Jimma in the west, Adama in the east and Medaawalabu in south east Ethiopia, among others, expressed their disapproval of the plan. Like today, they have resorted to communicate with authorities the only way they possibly can: take to the streets to protest. And like today authorities have responded the only way they have so far responded to Ethiopian voices calling for justice: killing tens, maiming hundreds and incarcerating thousands.

As of 1991, when the current regime first came to power, students, mostly Oromo students, have staged several protest rallies calling for justice. Each time the end result has been nothing short of a disaster.

Although the 2014 Oromo students protest marked the first of the largest protest against the central government, a not so distant memory of Oromo students’ protests and subsequent crackdowns reveal a disturbing history of state brutality gone with impunity. To mention just two, in late ’90s Oromo Students at the Addis Ababa University (AAU) protested against a systematic expulsion of hundreds of Oromo students, who, authorities claimed, had links with the then rebel group, Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). But many of those who protested against the dismissal of their dorm mates soon joined the growing list of expulsion; hundreds of were also jailed. Today mothers speak of their kids who have disappeared without a trace since then. And in early 2000 Oromo students have taken to the streets to protest against the federal government’s decision to relocate the capital of the Oromiya regional state from Addis Ababa to Adama. Many of them were killed when police opened fires in several of those protests, including the one here in Addis Ababa.

Although in 2005 the federal government decided to relocate the capital of Oromiya back to Addis Ababa, fifteen years later Ethiopian prisons are hosting hundreds of students who were jailed following their protest against the decision in the first place; hundreds of them have left the country via Kenya and have become homeless in foreign lands. Less mentioned are also the lives that have been altered forever; the hopes that were dashed; the students’ quest to study and change their lives that were cut short; a country that is deprived of its young and brightest; and family fabrics that were shattered.
State impunity and all that

Following the 2014 Oromo students’ protest and the killing spree by the federal and the regional state police, Abadula Gemeda, speaker of the house of people’s representatives and former president of the Oromiya regional state, promised to bring to justice those who were responsible for the killing.

But two outstanding experiences explain why Abadula’s words were mere rhetoric. And the government in Ethiopia should address both if it wants to remain a legitimate representative of the people it claims to govern.

First, so far no one who represents the government has been held accountable for the killings, maiming, disappearances and unjust incarceration for countless Ethiopians following protest crackdowns. No matter how excessive the use of force by its security agents against unarmed protesters is, the government knows (and acts as such) it can simply get away with it, as it did several times in the past. This is wrong. A state that has no mechanism to hold its rogue agents accountable for their excesses is equally guilty.

In addition to that, in what came as a disturbing twist, the government has adopted a new strategy aimed at portraying itself as a victim of public vandalism. It is rushing to clean itself of the crimes committed by its security agents. Using its disproportionate access to state owned and affiliated media currently the government is presiding over the stories of victimhood more than those whose lives have been destroyed by it. In an act of shame and disgrace to the profession, these state owned and affiliated media are providing their helping hands to complete the act of state impunity.

Second, the central government’s first answer to the repeated cries of justice by Ethiopians is to communicate with them through its army. Like in the past, in the ongoing protests by the Oromo, which have largely focused on cities and towns within the Oromiya regional state, protesters are not only facing the regional state’s security apparatus but also the merciless hands of the federal army reserve. This is an act that not only trespasses the country’s constitutionally guaranteed federal arrangement but also makes the horrific crimes committed by necrophiliac security agents against protesters to get lost in unnecessary details, hence go unpunished.

Public protests in the past and the manner by which the current government dealt with them should teach the later a lesson or two. But the first and most urgent one is that it should stop killing, maiming and jailing its people’s questions.

In addition to the unknown numbers of those who have been killed by the police and the army in the wake of the ongoing protest, cities have seen their hospitals crowded with wounded Ethiopians of all ages; hundreds of individuals, including senior members of the opposition Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), are already thrown into jails without due legal process. In clear violation of the constitution by none other than the state most of them are held incommunicado in places unknown to their loved ones

In the wake of his release after serving four years in prison, Bekele Gerba, the prominent opposition figure, told this magazine in April last year that prison was “not a place one appreciates to be, but I think it is also the other way of life as an Ethiopian.” Sadly, Bekele is once again thrown in to jail because that is Ethiopia does to its people’s questions. But an end to this is long overdue.

AI: Ethiopia unlawful killings: Ethiopia: Civil society groups urge international investigation into ongoing human rights violations August 31, 2016

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Odaa OromooOromianEconomistCruel and fascsit Oromo regime discrimnates and killing Oromo people, children, men, women, old and young just because they are Oromofascsit Ethiopia's regime security forces gunned down Galataa Adimaasuu, an 18 years old Oromo boy with three bullet in Oromia, Dembi Dollo town, Dhanqaa area.

Grand #OromoProtests Global Solidarity Rally in Calgary, Canada on 19 August 2016 p2

Ethiopia: Civil society groups urge international investigation into ongoing human rights violations

 Amnesty International, 30 August 2016

A group of civil society organizations are calling for an independent and impartial international investigation into human rights violations in Ethiopia, including the unlawful killing of peaceful protesters and a recent spate of arrests of civil society members documenting this crackdown.

DefendDefenders (East and Horn of African Human Rights Defenders Project), the Association for Human Rights in Ethiopia (AHRE), Amnesty International, the Ethiopia Human Rights Project (EHRP), Front Line Defenders, and the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), are concerned about the levels of persecution and detention of civil society members in the country. Since last month, four members of one of Ethiopia’s most prominent human rights organizations, the Human Rights Council (HRCO), were arrested and detained in the Amhara and Oromia regions. HRCO believes these arrests are related to the members’ monitoring and documentation of the crackdown of on-going protests in these regions.

On 14 August, authorities arrested Tesfa Burayu, Chairperson of HRCO’s West Ethiopian Regional Executive Committee at his home in Nekemte, Oromia.  Tesfa, who had been monitoring the protests for the organization, was denied access to his family and his lawyer, and released on 16 August without charge. Two days earlier on 12 August, Abebe Wakene, also a member of HRCO, was arrested and taken to the Diga district police station in Oromia. Abebe Wakene remains in detention with no formal charges against him. In addition, on 13 August, Tesfaye Takele, a human rights monitor in the Amhara region, was arrested in the North Wollo zone and is still detained without charge.


The lack of independent and transparent investigation of human rights violations in Ethiopia strongly implies that the Ethiopian government’s investigation of the ongoing human rights crisis will not be independent, impartial and transparent.

Sarah Jackson, Deputy Regional Director for East Africa, the Horn and the Great Lakes

On 8 July, Bulti Tesema -another active member of HRCO – was arrested in Nejo, Oromia. He had been working with HRCO to monitor and document violent repression of the protests. Sources told DefendDefenders that his whereabouts remained unknown for several weeks after his arrest, until they found out that he had been transferred to the capital’s Kilinto prison and charged with terrorist offences.  He has not been given access to either his family or his lawyer. The court has adjourned the hearing to 12 October.

“New levels of violence are being reported in the crackdown on the largely peaceful protests that have taken place across Oromia and Amhara regions in recent weeks,” said Hassan Shire, Executive Director of DefendDefenders. “Instead of investigating and holding accountable those responsible for rights violations, the government is jailing the few independent human rights defenders left working in the country.”

HRCO’s human rights monitors were arrested for attempting to document the large-scale pro-democracy protests and the following violent crackdown by the authorities in the Oromia and Amhara regions, as well as in the capital Addis Ababa on 6 and 7 August. Amnesty International reported that close to 100 protesters were killed and scores more arrested during the largely peaceful protests.

Three journalists were also arrested and detained by Ethiopian security officials for 24 hours on 8 August 2016 in the Shashemene area of the Oromo region. According to the Foreign Correspondents’ Association of Ethiopia, Hadra Ahmed, a correspondent with Africa News Agency, was arrested along with Public Broadcasting Services (PBS) reporters Fred de Sam Lazaro and Thomas Adair, despite having proper accreditation. They were reporting on the government’s response to the drought in the Oromia region, where protests have been ongoing since November 2015. Their passports and equipment were confiscated and they were forced to return to Addis Ababa.

“Despite the systematic repression of peaceful protestors, political dissents, journalists and human rights defenders, the absence of efficient and effective grievance redress mechanisms risks plunging the country into further turmoil,” said Yared Hailemariam, Executive Director of AHRE.”

In response to the on-going crackdown, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, has called for “access for independent observers to the country to assess the human rights situation”.  Ethiopia’s government, however, has rejected the call and promised to launch its own investigation.

Ethiopia’s National Human Rights Commission, which has the mandate to investigate rights violations in Ethiopia, has failed to make public its own June report on the Oromo protests, whileconcluding in its oral report to Parliament that the lethal force used by security forces in Oromia was proportionate to the risk they faced from the protesters. Since November 2015, at least 500 demonstrators have been killed and thousands of others arrested in largely peaceful protests in the Oromia and Amhara regions and other locations across the country.

“The lack of independent and transparent investigation of human rights violations in Ethiopia strongly implies that the Ethiopian government’s investigation of the ongoing human rights crisis will not be independent, impartial and transparent” said Sarah Jackson, Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Director for East Africa, the Horn and the Great Lakes. “It is time to step up efforts for an international and independent investigation in Ethiopia.”

DefendDefenders, AHRE, Amnesty International, EHRP, Front Line Defenders, and FIDH urge the Ethiopian authorities to (i) immediately and unconditionally release civil society members targeted for their work and (ii) facilitate access for international human rights monitoring bodies including the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to conduct thorough, independent, impartial and transparent investigations into the ongoing human rights violations in the Oromia, Amhara and Addis Ababa areas.


Oromia: #OromoProtests: Gabaasa Fincila Xumura Garbummaa (FXG) Oromiyaa 2016 (August) August 31, 2016

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Odaa OromooOromianEconomistOMN on NILESATOromo Protests defend Oromo National Interest

#OromoPRotests tweet and share#OromoProtests against the Ethiopian regime fascist tyranny. Join the peaceful movement for justice, democracy, development and freedom of Oromo and other oppressed people in EthiopiaFeyisa Lelisa Rio Olympian and world icon of #OromoProtestsQuebec City Marathon winner, Oromo athlete, Ebisa Ejigu, replicates Rio Olympic medallist’s #OromoProtests. p3
Oromo Students protest @ Mandii, Western Oromia 25th November 2015Oromo Students protest @ Ambo, Oromia 25th November 2015 picture1

Gaaffiiwwan yeroo ammaastop killing Oromo People#GrandOromoProtests 6 August 2016, in Oromia including in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa), the capital.

Oromo Olympic marathon athlete Fayyisaa Lalisaa in the social and international media. #OrompProtests global icon. p7

Gincii, Amboo, Jalduu, Gudar, Giddaa Ayyaanaa, Mandii, Najjoo, Laaloo Assaabii, Jaarsoo, Gullisoo, Bojjii, Gujii, Dambi Doolloo, Gimbii, Naqamtee, Buraayyuu, sabbataa, Dirree Incinnii, Adaamaa, Harammayyaa, Mattuu, Baale (Robee), Madda Walabu, Walliisoo, Tulluu Boolloo, Sulultaa (Caancoo), Horroo Guduruu, Buuraayyuu, Dirree Dhawaa, Calanqoo, Ada’aa Bargaa, Baddannoo, Holootaa, Shaashee, Awaday (E. Harargee), Hara Qallo (Goro Dola, Gujii), Gaasaraa (Baalee), Bulee Hora, Jimmaa, Arjo, Heebantuu, Giddaa Ayyaanaa ,Kiiramuu, Ciroo, Dodolaa, Anfilloo (Mugii), Walqixxee, Diillaa, Bishooftuu, Finfinnee,  Yuniversiitii Finfinnee, Geedoo, Asallaa,  Shaambuu, Agaarfaa, Sibuu Siree, Kotobee, Wacaalee, Saalaalee, Machaaraa, Ammayyaa, Tokkee  Kuttaayee, Innaangoo, Baabbichaa, Laaloo Qilee, Hiddii Lolaa, .Mugii, Arsi Nagallee, Baabbichaa, Shukutee,  Baakkoo Tibbee, Jalduu, Gindoo, Buun’dho Beddellee, Grawwaa, Gaara Mul’ataa, Qarsaa, Qobboo (Dardar, Eastern Oromia), Sinaanaa (Baalee), Jimmaa Arjoo, Bojjii, Kombolcha,  Aggaaroo,Tajji (Iluu), Qilxuu Kaarraa, Baabboo Gambel, Daawoo,Tulu Milki (Warra Jarso), Hirnaa, Xuulloo,  Masalaa, Galamso, Bordode, Mi’esso, Waheel, Diggaa, Arjoo Guddattuu, Guraawa, waamaa Adaree, Shabee Somboo, Limmuu Saqaa, Amuruu (Agamsa), Daroo Labuu (Gaadulloo), Yaabelloo, Aliboo (Jaartee Jardagoo), Saasigga, Magaalaa Dafinoo, Dhumugaa, Daroo Labuu (Buraysaa) Begii (Kobor), Mardida Halo Guba (Daroo Labuu), Qassoo, Bonayyaa Boshee, Baalee  (Dalloo Mannaa), Jimmaa Raaree (Magaalaa Gobaan), Nophaa (Iluu), Bordoddee, Togowacaalee, Dooguu, Metekel (Wanbara), Asaasaa, Waabee, Heeraroo, Doguu, Quufanziq (Dadar), Boku Luboma (Miyo, Borana), Eddoo, Dirree (Ada’aa), Qilxuu Kaarraa, Shebel town, Bate, Walanchiti, Warra Jiruu,  Boolee Bulbulaa, Diilallaa……………


Gabaasa FDG Oromiyaa Sadaasa (November) 12, 13,  25,  26, 27, 28, 30, Muddee (December) 1, 2, 3, 4,5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13,14, 15, 16, 17/18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25,  26, 27,28, 29,30, 31….    2015

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 #OromoProtests: International Community Alarmed as Ethiopia Crisis Worsens

#OromoProtests. International Community Alarmed as Ethiopia Crisis WorsensEthiopia's scores in freedom in the world 2016, freedom House World Report, January 2016.

Ethiopian regime guilty of crime against humanity


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Ethiopia: Civil society groups urge international investigation into ongoing human rights violations, 30 August 2016

Press Statement: Centre for Human Rights releases a second press statement calling on Ethiopia, the African Union and the United Nations human rights monitoring mechanisms to take steps regarding the gross human rights abuses in Ethiopia.

Labsa Ficincila Xumura Gabrummaa Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo Irraa Bahe: Renewed Declaration of Protest to Culminate Slavery

The Guardian: Olympic medallist Feyisa Lilesa’s gesture was a plea for justice for his people. Click here to read at Oromian Economist, 24 August 2016

EU Ambassadors briefing on Ethiopia, 23 August 2016

Germany: Human Rights Commissioner on the unrest in Ethiopia: Press Release. #OromoProtests

Read more at Pressemitteilung Menschenrechtsbeauftragte zu den Unruhen in Äthiopien



UN calls for probe into Ethiopia protesters killings. #OromoProtests #Africa




A Massacre in Ethiopia

Human Rights League: Ethiopia: Death Squad Killings in Oromia Continue as the World Community Responds with a Deaf Ear


The Tigran fascism: Its State repression, violence and genocide in Oromia


 Stop killing Oromo People

Peoples’ Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD) Categorically Condemns Fascism of the Tyrannic Ethiopia’s Regime: Ajjeechaan Hammeenyaa Lammiilee Karaa Nagaa Hiriira Gaggeessan Irratti Irra deddeebi’ee Raaw’atamu Jeequmsa Siyaasaa fi Nageenyaa Itoophiyaa Daran Hammeessa.

#OromoProtests and the future of Oromo struggle:A keynote speech of Dr. Merera Gudina, Chairman of OFC At OSA Annual Conference 2016.

Telesurtv: Ethiopia’s Crackdown on Dissent: Police Attack #OromoProtests



Oromo Olympic marathon athlete Fayyisaa Lalisaa on the Guardian. #OrompProtests global icon

The Olympian has taken the Oromo call for freedom and justice global. Go go the world. #OromoProtests

The Olympian has taken the Oromo call for freedom and justice global. Go go the world

Diina irra hin bitiini, itti hin gurguriin. #OromoProtests. September 2016


Diina irra hin bitiini, itti hin gurguriin. #OromoProtests. September 2016

#OromoProtests Hagayya (August) 31 bara 2016: Leenconni Oromoota karrayyuu loltuu wayyaanee rasaasaan bobeeysanii 4 ajjeesuun 15 madoo taasisanii lammii garaa qabaneeysan galanni isaanii bilisummaa haa tahu.

Breaking: Ethiopian gov’t security forces killed a man in Jaldu, the birth place of the Olympic hero,  Fayyisaa Leellisaa, 31 August 2016.

#OromoProtests 31 Hagayya (August) 2016: Gootichi Jalduuu Galataa Itichaa yeroo rasaasni harkaa dhumee marfamee jirutti, harka kenni jedhanii iti lallabnaan “harka kiyya Waaqatti malee diinatti hin kennu” jedhee rasaasa hafteen gara waaqaa of geesse. Galataa Itichaa gameessa umrii 60 ture.


#OromoProtests 30 August 2016:  Arsi,Dodola, Gannata Haaraa, Oromia, 30 August 2016
Hagayya  30/8 bara 2016 Godina Arsii lixaa Aanaa dodolaa Qeerroon Ganda Gannata Haaraa bifa kanaan gaddaa ilmaan Oromoo dhumaniif kanneen mana hidhaa jiraniif gaddaa fi finxilaan dabarsan.
Motummaan nama nyaata wayyaneefi jala deemtu wayyanee Opdofi yoomillee hin jilbifannuu mirga kenyaaf ni falmanna haqa qabna ni moona injifannoon kan ummaata Oromoti jedhan.

#OromoProtests Arsi,Dodola, Gannata Haaraa, Oromia, 30 August 2016

#KonsoProtests 31 August 2016: The Konso people have maintained their protests against fascist TPLF Ethiopia’s regime.

Uuummanni saba koonsoo kan naannoo uummattoota kibbaatti argamu wayyaanee waliin walitti bu’aa jiru. Barana kan wayyaanee hin jibbine hin jiru.




#OromoProtests 31 August 2016: You might recall the report about killing of 15 farmers in West Hararge, masala District Choma village over the last four days. You also remember reading how the military prevented people from burying the dead and helping the wounded. Today they are dressing body of dead civilians in military uniform and video taping it. They want to make fake documentary claiming they killed armed combatants.
Guyyaa hardhaa ilmaan Oromoo 15 Harargee Lixaa Aanaa Masalaa Araddaa Coommaa keessatti ajjeefaman san reeffa isaanii huccuu waraanaa offisuun fiilmii sobaatiif viidiyoo waraabaa jiran. Source: Jawar Mohammed


Frankfurter Allgemeine, Germany’s No 1 well respected newspaper, published a big feature story about Ethiopia and Oromo Protest. It is an in-depth reporting & published on page 3 of the newspaper.

Gaazixaan Biyya Germany Frankfurter Allgemeine jedhamu fi biyyatti keessatti maxxansaan Sadarkaa 1ffaa fi akkaan beekkamaa tahe haala biyya Itoophiyaa keessa jiruu Qabsoo Oromoo irratti maxxansa bal’aa kaa’ee jira. Fuula 3ffaa gaazixichaa irratti maxxansamee jira.


Frankfurter Allgemeine report on Oromo, #OromoProtests

This is Congressman Mike Coffman of Colorado in solidarity with #Oromoprotests at the global Solidarity Rally in Denver, USA. 29 August 2016


Congressman Mike Coffman of Colorado in solidarity with Oromo protests at the global Solidarity Rally in Denver, USA. 29 August 2016Congressman Mike Coffman of Colorado in solidarity with Oromo protests at the global Solidarity Rally in Denver, USA. 29 August 2016 p2


Wayyaanee TPLF Ummata Godina Harargee Lixaa fi Godinoota Oromiyaa Kaan Dararuu Itti Fuftee Jira.

because-i-am-oromoHaayya 30,2016 Mootummaan abbaa irree Wayyaanee ajjechaa suukkanneessaa amma uummata bal’aa irratti raawwataa jirutti qoosuudhaan uummata mirga isaaf falmataa jirutti maqaalee adda addaa itti  maxxansuun tooftaa ittiin umurii isaa dheereffatu daandii cirataa jiraatuun beekame.
Harargee Lixaatti qonnaan bulaa gaaffii abbaa biyyummaa gaafatanii fi FXG finiinsan baatiwwan wal irraa hin cinneen humna waraanaa ramadee gocha suukkanneessaa kan ajjechaa raawwataa jiruun shororkeesitoota jechuudhaan gaazixessitoota isaa gara sanatti geessee miidiyaaf reeffa
namoota waraana isaan ajjeefaman dhiibbaa qaama biraadhaan itti dhufu jalaa bahuudhaaf shira reeffa uummata oromootti gaazixaa qopheessuudhaan gara Masalaatti ergitee jirti.
Gochi suukkanneessoon wayyaaneen adeemsisaa jirtu kun FXG kan duubatti deebisu itti fakkaatus yeroo ammaa haalli wal fakkaataan Oromiyaa keessatti adeemsifamaa jiru duula hidhaa jumlaa fi saamicha Wayyaaneen uummata Oromoo irratti raawwataa jirtuudha. Inni kunis karaa ergamtootaa fi saroota ishee mandaraa fi magaalota keessa meeshaa qabatanii sosso’aniin uummata oromoo irratti kan raawwataa jiruudha.
Hidhaa jumlaadhaan oromiyaa keessatti amma mul’ata jiruun sochii warraaqsaa biyyoolessaa kan Qeerroodhaan adeemsifamaa jiru hagam wayyaanee kan raasee fi kufaatiif saaxile tahuu isaa kan hubatamuudha. Sodaa kanaaf mootummaan abbaa irreeTPLF FXG gama ittiin qabbaneessuu fi gufuu sochii warraaqsaa kana tahu falachudhaan duula hidhaatti amanee jira.

Godina Wallaggaa Qeellam Aanaalee Gara Garaa Keessatti FXG Jabaatee Itti Fufe,Loltooti TPLFs Barattoota Heddumminaan Hidhaa Jiraachuu Qeerroon Gabaase.

JHHagayya 30,2016, Qellem, Ona Anfilloo,Jimmaa Horroo, Dambi Doolloo, Qaaqee, Qeebbee fi ona garagaraa godinicha keeysatti argaman irraa Qeerroon humna badii kan taate loltoota Wayyaanetin funaanamaa jiraachuun gabaafamaa jira. Wayyaaneen amma kan abdii kutee fi  waggaan dhuftu kun Wayyaanef salphina tahuutti hubatee ilmaan Oromoo jajjabee fi abdii boruu tahan mana hidhaatti guuruun ejjennoo isaa tahee itti fufee jira. Qeerroon Qellem irra odeessa dhiyeessaa jiruun torbee kana keessa dargaggoonni hedduun dhabamaniiru halkan halkan mana mana irrra deemuun humni addaa Wayyaanee dargaggoota ukkaamsaaa jiraatuun kan gabaasanii fi akkasuma barattootni kutaa 12ffaa baratan magaala Jimmaa Horroo irraa hidhaa fi ajjechaa amma oromiyaatti gaggeeffamaa guyyaa qabxiin deebii isaanii biiroo barnota biyyattiirraa kennametti walitti dhufuudhaan mallattoo FXG sodaa malee humna wayyaanee dura dhaabbatanii agarsiisuu irraan kan ka’e ukkaamsamuun gabaafamee jira. suuran asirratti argamu barattoota kutaa 12ffaa JImmaa Horroo irraa barataniidha.

Odeessi dabalataa Godina sanarraa dhufes yeroo ammaa kana dargaggoon mana isaanii gadhiisanii kaan bosona kaan laga keessa kaanis bakka birootti godaanaa jiraachuun Qeerroon gabaasee jira.
Akkasuma ona hedduutti “Barri 2009 Mootummaa Wayyaaneef Salphina Tahuu Qaba” jedhu waajjiraalee fi bakka oolmaa hojjetoota mootummaa hedduutti maxxanfamaa buluun tikni fi ergamtootni Wayyaanee kan baaragan naasuu keessa seenanii ijoollee hidhaatti guuruu hidhatoota isaanii guurratanii halkanii guyyaa kufaati isanii kana oolfachuuf ona hedduurra deemaa jiru. Kun yeroo kana Qellem qofa kan hin taane Oromiyaa guutummaa tahuunis shakkii kan hin qabne hidhaanii fi ajjechaan ammallee hiika akka hin taanetti wayyaaneen hubatee jira.
Tikoonni isaa kufaatii mootii isaanii kana oolfachuuf humna hidhannootiin Qeerroo hidhaatti guuruu jabeeffataa jiraachuun kan godinaalee mara irraa odeessi Qeerroo nu gahaa jiruudha. Hidhaa fi Ajjechaan FXG Duubatti Hin Deebisu

Athletic Nation Report: The winner of Quebec City Marathon, Oromo athlete Ebisa Ejigu crossed the finish line in an almost-identical fashion as Fayyisaa Leellisaa (Lilesa) did one week earlier in Brazil Rio Olympic Marathon, solidarity to #OromoProtests. 28 August 2016

Quebec City Marathon winner, Oromo athlete, Ebisa Ejigu, replicates Rio Olympic medallist’s #OromoProtests. p2


The African Sports Federation (ASF): Feyisa Lilesa Heroic Race: ASF honoured the Olympic hero and named its 5k race ‘the Feyisa Lilesa Heroic Run’




Afar people protests, #AfarProtests 29 August 2016 and solidarty with #OromoProtests

 Afar people protests, #AfarProtests


Melody Sundberg in solidarity with #OromoProtests 27 August 2016

De senaste månaderna har otaliga kvinnor, män och barn dött i Etiopien. Ännu fler har fängslats. Detta för att de valde att inte blunda för de orättvisor som pågår. Detta för att de valde att säga ifrån när människor behandlas illa. De senaste dagarna har Facebook fyllts av bilder som denna, människor som visar sin heder för alla de som inte längre är bland oss. Vi fotograferas med händerna korsade, en symbol för att om några av oss fängslas för att ha krävt att mänskliga rättigheter respekteras, är vi alla fängslade med dem! Vi måste säga ifrån när människor mister livet för att helt enkelt ha brytt sig om varandra! Låt oss fylla internet med bilder som denna. Tagga dem med #OromoProtestsoch #AmharaRistance. Det visar att du står med Oromofolket, Amharafolket och alla etiopiens folk som i årtionden förtryckts av den etiopiska regimen. Visa att du bryr dig. Om vi alla gör något litet blir det tillsammans något stort. Tack!  By Melody Sundberg

#Amhara Protests in Gojjam, 28 August 2016, Road closure in action in Kosobar, Gojam and also they are in solidarity with #OromoProtests.   More anti TPLF protests are going on in various cities and towns in Gojjam and Gonder.

#Amhara Protests in Gojjam, 28 August 2016 and also they are in solidarity with #OromoProtests


Ethiopians Shave Heads to Mourn Fallen in Oromia, Amhara, VOA 29 August, 2016

#OromoProtests 27 August 2016 Qeerroo biyya keessaa:#OromoProtests in Oromia, Walisoo, Diilallaa town 27 August 2016

“Akkuma ajajamnetti Qeerron Godina Shawaa Kibba Lixaa Aanaa Walisoo magaala Diilallaa hundi mataa keenya haaddachuun sagantaa dungoo ibsuutin gootowwan wareegamtoota keenya akkanatti yaadannee oolleerra.Injifannoo Uummata oromoof!”. Dammaqaa Nagaasaa

#OromoProtests in Oromia, Walisoo, Diilallaa town 27 August 2016


#OromoProtests in Dillaa University 27 August 2016



#OromoProtests in Dillaa University 27 August 2016

#OromoProtests in Oromia, 27 August 2016

#OromoProtests in Oromia, 27 August 2016



#OromoProtests 25 – 27 August 2016 : 

#AmharaProtests have continued in Gojjam with stay home protests.

Africa News: Streets deserted during renewed protests in some Ethiopian cities

The #OromoProtests would continue in remembrance of the massacred martyrdom for the coming three days.

BEEKSISA: Baqqalaa Garbaafi hidhamtoonni siyaasaa biroo guyyaa boruu Hagayya 25 bara 2016 irraa hanga Hagayya 27, bara 2016  Guyyaa Gaddaa Biyyoolessaa akka ta’u labsanii jiran. wareegamtoota keenya harka diinaatiin galaafataman yaadachuufis rifeensa isaanii haaddachuufi gochoota gaddaa biroo agarsiisuuf qophaayanii jiran. Ummanni keenya Oromiyaa fi addunyaa biroo jirus gadda kana isaan waliin akka taa’u, keessattuu maatii wareegamtootaa gaafachuun akka dabarsu waamicha dhiheessanii jiru.

Remembrance of the massacred martyrdom for the coming three days. #OromoProtests 25 -27 August 2016


Remembrance of the massacred martyrdom for the coming three days. #OromoProtests 25 -27 August 2016Remembrance of the massacred martyrdom for the coming three days. #OromoProtests 25 -27 August 2016 p2Remembrance of the massacred martyrdom for the coming three days. #OromoProtests 25 -27 August 2016 p3



Beektoti Oromoo Hedduun Hiriira Yeroo Darbee Irratti Ukkamfaman Bakka Bu’an Hin Beekamu

Hagayyaa 26/2016 Eengıneer Gammachuu Hirphasaa kan keessatti argamuu Ilmaan Oromoo Jumlaan ukkanfaman Warraaqsaa Biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa FXG marsaa 8ffaaf utuu walirraa hin citin gaggeeffamaa jiruun wal.qabatee torbanoota darban  warraaqsaa magaalaa Fınfınnee keessattı Gaggeeffameen ilmaan Oromoo qaroo hawaasaa ta’an 3500 oliittı lakkaa’aman Magaalaa Fınfınnee qofa keessa ukkaanfamuun gara dabarfamuun mooraa leenjıı waraanaa Awaash Arbaa jedhamuu fı bakkoota garaagaraa hın beekamneettı ukkanfamuun hıdhaman keessa:

1. Engıneer Gammachuu Hirphasaa Oromummaa isaan yakkamee kan ukkanfame Awaashaa Arbaattı hıdhamee kan jıru

Ing Gammachuu HIrphaasa

Ing Gammachuu HIrphaasa

Barsiisaa Olyaad

Barsiisaa Olyaad

2. Barsıısaa Oliyaad Hirphasaa , Barsiisaa afaan Ingliffaa godina/k/l/Shaggar ture.Yuuniversiitii Finfinneettii barnootaa peedaagojii osoo hordofaa jiruu qabamee dhabame.

3. Dargaggoo Guutuu Abarraa kan jedhamu  jedhamu.nannoon dhalootaa godina wallagga lixaa aanaa Gimbiiti.Magaalaa Finfinneetti warshaa kophee china hojjetee jiraata. Innis gafa qabamee dhabame, ta’uu maddeen Qeerroo Bilısummaa Oromo gabaasan.

Mootummaa Cimdeessa

4.Ogeessaa Fayyaa Mootummaa Cımdeessaa Godına Lıxa shaggar Aanaa Midaa Qanyii bakka Hojıı Aanaa dandıı Buufata Fayyaa Daanisaa ırraa Agaazıın Qabamee Sanqalleettı hıdhame

Dargaggoo Guutuu Abarraa

Dargaggoo Guutuu Abarraa

Uummatni Oromoo ilmaan ısaa hidhaman hiiksıfachuufi kanneen Wareegamaan gumaa baafachuun Bilisummaa isaa gonfachuuf Qabsoo isaa roga hundaan jabeeffachuun motummaa wayyaanee hudhee qabuun  Qabsoon Warraaqsaa Bıyyoolessaa Oromıyaa FXG  bakka hundaaıttı jabaachuu akka qabu hubachııfna!!

 #OromoProtests Hagayya (August) 27 bara 2016:  FXG:

mana jireenya itti Aanaa bulchiinsaaf nageenya Aanaa dodolaa kan taee Isaa Jamal edaa qeerroon gubatee.
Obboo Essaa Jamaal kan jedhamu gaafa hiriira saan ijjoolee hiriira bayan tumee ture. akkasumaas ganda bariisaa wajjira maal sodaatan cuftan jedhee isiini goosisna jechuun hawaasa dorsisaa tureedha. warra Facebook maal isiin godha mee ammaa isiinii godhaa jedhee hawaasaa aanaa gandaa bariisaa sodaachisaa kan turee yemmuu ta’uu. qeerroon aarii garaa isaanii guutee bahuudhaan halkaan edaa manaa isaa kan bariisaatti argamuu ibiiddaan agaayyaa’aanii bulaan.
Qabsoon ittii fufaa bilisummaan ni dhufaa qabsoon kaabinoota qabeenyaa fi lubbuu isaanii galafachuu jabaatee akkaa ittii fufuu ergaa asumaan dabarsiinaa.



Mootummaan wayyaanee gidduu kana Bakka bakkatti Milishaa Ganda irraa sassabee leenjii Kenna jiraachu qabatamaadha. Milishooti gandaa gariin leenjii kana mormuun itti hirmaachu dhiisa jiru Bakka tokko tokkotti Warra murtii saboontotaa qarqaratti dhiisee hirmaata jiran irratti tarkaanfii fudhatamaa Jira. Ergaa nannoo Gudar, giddugala Oromiyaa irraa


Jaleen basaasa irratti hidhatee ummata dararaa ture tarkaanfiin irrattii fudhatamee lubbun isa darbeera.
God/sh/lixa Aanaa Tokkee Kutaye (Gudar) obboo Alemu Biratu Ganda munyoo kashambal jedhamu jirata kan ta’ee fi hidhataa ganda basaasa irratti waggaa baayyeef hirmaachaa ture irratti guyyaa 19/12/08 tarkanfiin fudhatamee jira.
Sababiin isa leenjii milisha wayyaneen qinda’ee irratti hundii hin hirmaannu jedhee waligalaan qobaa isa gandicha dhokatee Aanaa haaraa amma Gudar irra citteetti(Aanaa Liban jawwee ) jedhamu tti waan hirmaateef yeroo achii galu dandii irratti tarkaanfiin irratti fudhatameera.



#OromoProtests 26 August 2016: 


Ethiotelecom has lost at least 30 million birr in potential revenue as a result of yesterday’s hacking that enabled customers to make free call domestically and international. The company is now trying to recover its loss by billing customers although it mostly provides prepaid service. Looking at the bills it is been sending, the loss could be way higher than the above estimate.

INJIFANNOO: Guyyaa kaleessaa Koodiin Ethiotelecom waan cabsameef ( hack godhameef) maammiltoonni kaffaltiin maletti sa’aa 12 oliif bilbila fayyadamaa turan. Ummanni kumaatamaan shallagamus hiree kanattis fayyadamuun firaafi hiriyoota isaanii biyya ala jiraniif qillisuun hanga gurri hadooduu haasayaa turan. Kun kan agarsiisi Wayyaaneefi dhaabbileen isiin too’attu adaduma qabsoon jabaataa deemtuun laaffachaafi diigamaa deemuu isaaniti.

Ethiotelecom kasaaraa kaleessa irra gahe deeffachuuf bifa kanaan idaan isinirra jira jechaa jira. Warri fayyadamtanii jirtan, maallaqa isaan gaafatanirra SIM card haaraya bitachuu isiniif wayya. SIM cardkaleessa bilisaan bilbiluuf fayyadamtan irratti maallaqa hin guutinaa, guutumatti isin jla fudhataatii. Jawar Mohammed


Ethio Telecom in #OromoProtests 26 August 2016

Qabsoon itti fufa, #OromoProtests, 26 August 2016

Qabsoon itti fufa, #OromoProtests, 26 August 2016

Qeerroo Karrayyuu. Qabsoon itti fufa, #OromoProtests, 26 August 2016

Qeerroo Karrayyuu. Qabsoon itti fufa, #OromoProtests, 26 August 2016


Click here for #OromoProtests, August 26, 2016 (updated at 10:00 PM)

Somali Community in Seattle in solidarity with #OromoProtests, 26 August 2016


Somali Community in Seattle in solidarity with #OromoProtests, 26 August 2016

Gootichi Oromoo Girmaa Galataa Tulluu Jedhamu Qonnaan Bultoota Oromoo fi Dargaggoota Gurmeessite Jedhamee Lafa Qonnaa Isaatti Poolisootaan Reebamuun Wareegame.

IMG_20160824_064726Hagayya 26,2016 ,Gootichi beekamaan ilma Oromoo onneen isaa waa’ee saba isaaf quuqamu kun kan dhalatee guddate Godina Wallaggaa bahaa aanaa Kiiramuu  nannoo Burqaa Soorumaa  bakka addaa Gooftoo jedhamutti dhalatee akka guddate beekamee jira .
Kan inni irraa dhalates haadha isaa aadde Buzee Abbabaa Rorroo fi Abbaa isaa obbo Galataa Tulluu irraa dhalatee akka guddate jiraattonni naannoo sanaa  nuuf himanii jiru.
Gootichi Oromoo oromummaa isaaf  diinaaf hin jilbeenffanne kun xinnummaa isaa irraa kaasuun falmaa hadhaawwaa gochaa kan turee fi jala deemtota diinaa waliinis waliin gaareffachaa imala jireenyaa isaa keessattillee doorsisni jumlaan irra ga’a akka  ture beekamee jira.
Girmaan osoo barnoota isaa kutaa 10ffaa barachaa  jiruus doorsisni mootummaa gabroonffataan waan itti jabaateef barnoota isaa kanas  addaan akkanni  kutuuf yaaliin guddaan godhamaa turus Girmaan garuu jabaatee barnoota isaa kanatti qaxalee ta’uudhaan diina waliin wallansoo wal qabaa barnootasaa itti fufee ture .
Haaluma kanaanis guyyaa dhaloota isaa irraa ka’uun naannoo inni jiraatu keessatti doorsisni jabaan irratti akka raawwatamaa ture jiraattonni naannoo sanaa tokko tokko nuuf imanii jiru.
Kanneen keessaas Saamichi  lafaa kan maatiisaatii  irraa fuudhuun beenyaa tokko malee waajjira qonnaa naannoo isaaniif galii ta’ee akka jiru akkasumas bakka ijaarsaa waldaa Bu’uuraa Caffee Eebbaa jedhamuufis kaffaltii tokko malee lafa maatii isaa irraa booji’uun waldaa sanaaf akka laatame  beekamee jira.
Kanumarraa ka’uunis Girmaan aarii jabaan mootummaa faashistii Wayyaanee irratti duuluu jalqabee. Mootummaan Wayyaanees Girmaa irratti humnoota qaama nageenyaa naannoo sanaa irratti duulsisuun isa hordofsiisuu jalqabani.
Keessumaa namni miseensi poolisii naannoo Kiiramuu ta’e tokko maqaan isaa Abiyoot namni  jedhamu irra deddeebiidhaan nama mana jireenyaa Girmaan jiraatutti deemuudhaan doorsisaa turee fi  abbaasaaf haadhasaallee nama deemee  mana jireenyaa isaanii keessatti reebaa nama ture akka ta’e beekamee jira.
Akkasumas akka jiraattonni naannoo sanaa  nuuf eeranitti guyyaa gaafa 13/10/2008 waajira gandaa irraa situ ijaarsa ijaaramee jiru diige maqaa jedhuun bakka inni qonnaa qotaa jirutti osoo inni qotiisa dhaabee ciree isaa nyaachaa jiruu bulchaan gandaa naannoo isaa namni maqaan isaa Fiqaaduu Soorii Baayyisaa namni jedhamu poolisoota aanaa nama lama fudhatee deemuudhaan bakka inni qonnaa qotaa jiruu butuudhaan reebicha jumlaan irratti raawwachaa gara waajjira poolisii aanaa kiiramuutti geeffamee dararaa guddaan achi keessatti irratti raawwatamaa akka ture jiraattonni naannoo isaa nuuf eeranii jiru.
Girmaan turtii hidhaa torban lamaa boodas mirgi wabii eegamee fi ba’u danda’ee tureem. Haa ta’u malee gootichi Oromoo Girmaa Taakkalaa rakkoo daangaa hin qabne hamma kanaa dandamatee ,roorroo alagaaf otuu harka hin laatin guyyaa dhaloota isaa irraa ka’uun osoo oromummaa isaaf diinaa wajjin wallaansoo wal qabuu guyyaa gaafa adoollessa 30 bara 2008 hiriira guddicha akka guutuu Oromiyaatti finiinaa ooleen innis gaaffii Abbaa biyyummaa isaa gaafachuuf gaafa ba’u humnoota poolisii duraan naannoo isaatti isa adamsaa turaniin akka ajeefame maddeen keenya nuuf eeranii jiru.
Sirni geggeessaa awwalcha isaas hagayya 01bara 2008 waldaa warra waaqeffannaa warra wangeelaa Tokkummaa waldoota kiiramuu Fissoo bakka jedhamutti sirni awwaalcha isaa akka raawwate maddeen keenya nuuf himanii jiru.
Qabsa’an du’us qabsoon itti fufa.









Lammiin lammii gargaaraa jira. #OromoProtests in Qellem Wallaggaa, Anfiilloo, Suddii. 24 August 2016

Suuraan argitan kun godina Qellem Wallaggaa, aanaa Anfiilloo, ganda Suddii keessatti Qeerroon naannoo sanaa gurmuu dhaan daboo bahanii maatii sabboonaa Addisuu Tasamaa, kan mana hidhaa keessatti dararamaa jiru, yeroo isaan gargaaran kan kaafameedha. Qeerroowan kun maasaa bunaa Addisuu Tasammaa haramuu dhaan maatii isaa gargaaraa oolani. Yeroo isaan jiruu boonsa kana hojjetan saroonni ganda bulchan Agaazii itti waamaniyyuu gooototni kun sodaa malee haramaa sana xumuranii galaniiru.

Lammiin lammii gargaaraa jira. #OromoProtests in Qellem Wallaggaa, Anfiilloo, Suddii. 24 August 2016


Seatlle Oromo stands with #OromoProtests 24 August 2016


PicturesSeatle Oromo stands with #OromoProtests








#OromoProtests (FXG)  Hagayya (August) 23, 2016: Hiriira Oromoo Finfinneetti Hagayya 6a bara 2016 godhame irratti ukkaamfamtee kan hidhamte, Haannaa Adam Oromooat 1000 ol ta’an waliin hiikamteejirti.
Akka manatti deebiteenis dhaamsa galateeffannaa fi abdachiisaa maatii ishii fi Oromoota maraaf dabarsite.
“Dhiphinnii fi gidirfamuun koo, hirribaa fi boqonnaa isin dhoowwee karaa maraan na iyyaafataa turtaniif jechan ittin isin galateeffadhu hin qabu; fayyaa naaf ta’a! Abjuun keessan haa dhugoomu! Dhugaan keessan haa mul’atu! Naaf jiraadha! Isinin jaalladha! Yoomuu duubatti hin jennu! Horaa Bulaa Deebanaa! Kan garaa garaatu beeka! ‘Bulu cooma,’ jennaan Ittuu doomaa jira,’ jedhan. Raajiidha! Jiraadha!”

Labsa HDABO J/DAWUD IBSAA Irraaa kenname.

 Fayyisaa lalisaa Oromo national hero, at Rio 2016 Olympicmarathon in the podium, finishing line in #OromoProtests as winning theOlympic medal, 21 August 2016Fayyisaa lalisaa Oromo national hero, After received his Rio 2016 Olympic medal, 21 August 2016#OromoProtests image, Addis StandardOromo Olympic marathon athlete Fayyisaa Lalisaa in the social and international media. #OrompProtests global icon. p5Oromo Olympic marathon athlete Fayyisaa Lalisaa in the social and international media. #OrompProtests global icon. p3Oromo Olympic marathon athlete Fayyisaa Lalisaa in the social and international media. #OrompProtests global icon. p4Oromo Olympic marathon athlete Fayyisaa Lalisaa in the social and international media. #OrompProtests global icon. p2Feyisa Lelisa, Oromo Olympic Marathon silver medalist and #OromoProtests global icon and Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya, Rio 2016 Olympic Marathon Gold medallistFeyisa Lelisa Support Fund, #OromoProtests iconHero Hero, double hero in Olympic Marathon, Rio 2016 and Oromummaa. Oromo athlete. Fayyisaa Lelisa as he speaking to media plHero Hero, double hero in Olympic Marathon, Rio 2016 and Oromummaa. Oromo athlete. Fayyisaa Lelisaa.Hero Hero, double hero in Olympic Marathon, Rio 2016 and Oromummaa. Oromo athlete. Fayyisaa Lelisa. p1

SB Nation: Olympian Fayyisaa Lalisaa stood up to Ethopia’s state-sanctioned violence and became a national hero August 23, 2016

Oromia: Athletic nation Report: Short poem (Rio) about Oromo Olympian Fayyisaa Lalisaa, the world icon of #OromoProtests (the call for social justice). Oromian Economist  August 23, 2016

Oromia: Athletic Nation Reports: Crowdfunding campaign for #OromoProtests world icon, Rio 2016 Olympian, Fayyisaa Lalisaa has been exceeding the target. Dirmannan Goota Oromoo Fayyisaa Lalisaaf ta’aa jiru hamma abdatamee oli ta’aa jira. Oromian Economist  August 22, 2016

Oromia: Athletic Nation Report: #Rio2016 Olympic Marathon: Oromo athlete Fayyisaa Lalisaa has demonstrated his Solidarity to #OromoProtests as he wins silver medal. Oromian Economist August 21, 2016




Ilma Ummatni Oromoo Itti Boonuu Qabu

OLF logo

Ilma Ummatni Oromoo Itti Boonuu Qabu

Addunyaan Itophiyaa akka lamatti beeka. Mootummootni Itophiyaa empaayera humnaan ijaaramte humnaan tikfatuu fi dantaa isaanii guuttatuuf jecha hacuuccaa fi saaminsa gaggeessaniin biyyoota addunyaa jiran keessaa biyya hiyyeettii maayii taasisuu fi biyya ummatootni kumoota dhibbaan sababa beelaan keessatti dhuman tahuun beekan. Dhugaan kun sirna ykn mootummaa tokko jalatti qofa osoo hin taane mootummoota hunda keessatti mul’atuun Itophiyaan maqaa salphinaa kana jalaa akka hin baane taasise. Itophiyaan kan ittiin beekamte kan biraa waltajjii ispoortii ti. Waltajjii nagaa kana irratti maqaa Itophiyaa kan waamsisan irra hedduun ilmaan Oromoo ti. Ilmaan Oromoo waltajjii ispoortii irratti maqaa Itophiyaa bareechan: 1974 dura, Abbabaa Biqilaa, Maammoo Waldee, Waamii Birraatuu…… 1991 dura, Muhammad Kadir, Tolasaa Qottuu, Abbabaa Makonnin, Fiixaa Baay’isaa, Warquu Biqilaa….. 1991 irraa eegalee, Daraartuu Tulluu, Faaxumaa Roobaa, Xirunesh Dibaabaa, Ganzabee Dibaabaa, Ijjigaayyoo Dibaabaa, Qananiisaa Baqqalaa, Silashii Sihiin, Taarikuu Baqqalaa, Almaaz Ayyaanaa, Masarat Daffaar, Fayyisaa Leellisaa, Amaan Kadir………. Atleetotni kanneen dorgommii adeemsifamuun injifannoo argataniin maqaa Itophiyaa sababa beelaan xuraawe akka atletiksiin beekamtu taasisuun salphinaa fi qaanii irra caalaa irraa dandamachiisuu keessatti qooda guddaa kennan.ilma-ummatni-oromoo-itti-boonuu-qabu

OMN: Gaafiif Deebii Gabaabaa Atleet Fayyisaa Leellisaa Waliin

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

(Yahoo Sports) — With the eyes of the world upon him, Ethiopian marathonerFeyisa Lilesaused the stage of Sunday’s Olympic marathon to daringly protest his own government back home.

As he neared the finish line and a silver medal, Lilesa raised his arms to form an ‘X’. The gesture is a peaceful protest made by the Oromo people, the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia and one that is facing a brutal response to widespread protests that began late last year.

Human Rights Watch estimated in June that 400 people have been killed and thousands more injured as the government attempted to stop the estimated 500 protests that the Oromo people staged to draw attention to systemic persecution by the govermnent.

Lilesa is from Oromia, which is home to a large majority of the country’s 35 million Oromo. He didn’t back down from the protest after the race either, flashing the sign for cameras as a press conference and pledging to do it again during Sunday night’s closing ceremony.

Rule 50 of the Olympic charter bans political displays or protests and the American duo of Tommie Smith and John Carlos was famously stripped of its medals after the pair flashed the black power salute on the medal stand at the 1968 Summer Games.

Lilesa, however, has bigger things to worry about than just losing a medal as such dissent puts his life in real danger if he returns to Ethiopia.

Columbia University students in USA are in solidarity with #OromoProtests

 Columbia University students in USA in solidarity with #OromoProtests calling Congress to act now for Oromo people justice  Columbia University students in USA in solidarity with #OromoProtests calling Congress to act now for Oromo people justice p3 Columbia university students in solidarity with #OpromoProtests say the Oromo students deserve justice, 22nd August 2016

Korri Bakka Bu’oota Qeerroo Bilisummaa Godina Wallaggaa Magaalaa Naqamtee Keessatti Gaggeefame Murtiilee Jajjabaa Fudhachuun Xumurame.

Qeerroo Bilisummaa


















Qeerroon Bilisummaa Godina Wallaggaa walitti dhufuun Leeqaa Naqamtee kora isaa magaalaa Naqamtee keessatti godhateen injifannoon xumuree jira.
Hagayya 22/08/2016 Qeerroon godina Wallaggaa bahaa magaalota kanneen akka Kiiramu,Giddaa ,Shaambuu,Gimbii,Dambi Doolloo fi Arjoo bakka jedhamu irraa walitti dhufuun  kora isaanii magaalaa Naqamtee keessatti tasifatani jiru.


Qeerroo Bilisummaa

Qeerroo Bilisummaa


Marii isaanii kana irrattiis gara fuulduraatti sochii Qeerroo bilisummaa Oromoon guutummaa Oromiyaa mara keessatti adeemsifamaa jiru keessatti adda dureen hirmaachuuf waadaa isaanii haaromsatanii jiru.
Haaluma kanaan korri Qeerroo leeqaa Naqamtee sochii qabsoo Qeerroon godhamaa jiru keessatti faayidaa dhuunfaa isaaniif qabsaa’uu otoo hin taanee dantaa saba isaaniif dursa kennuun kutannoon qabsaa’uuf walii galtee isaanii cimsatanii akka  jiran beekamee jira.
Ba’aan garbummaa saggo abbootii keenyaa qunciisaa tures asumatti hundeen unkuteessinee  yeroo kamiyyuu caalaa murannoon uummata isaaniitti abdii horuuf  qoophii ta’uu isaanii  waadaa isaanii kana irratti walii galanii  jiru.
Qeerroon Leeqaa Naqmtee akkuma beekamu warraaksa biyyaalessaa guutummaa Oromiyaa keessatti finiinaa jirru keessatti qooda guddaa fudhachuudhaan injifannoo cululuqaa fi boonsaa ta’e ilmaan oromoo mara birattillee fakkeenya gaarii agarsiisuudhaan mootummaa wayyaanee boqonnaa dhorkaa jiraachuun isaanii beekamaadha. Bilisummaa saba keenyaaf yoomiyyuu taanaan halkaniif guyyaa osoo hin jedhin dirqama fudhannee addattimmoo humnoota qabsoo bilisummaa saba keenyaa gufachiisuuf socho’an irratti tarkaanffii laalessaa fudhachuuf qoophii ta’uu isaaniis kora isaanii kana irratti waliigalanii akka jiran beekamee jira.

#OromoProtests 19 August 2016:

The U.S. State Department issued a travel alert for Ethiopia on Friday 19  August 2016 over anti-government protests.

“Protests are likely to continue, and could spread to other parts of the country, including the capital, Addis Ababa,” the State Department said in a statement. The embassy said disruptions and internet services have hampered its ability to communicate with American citizens.

(Reporting by Lesley Wroughton)

Global Oromo Communities’ #OromoProtests Solidarity  Ralies, August 16-26.


August 16, 2016

Chicago, IL, US

London, UK

Geneva, Switzerland

August 18, 2016

Seattle, Washington, US

Melbourne, Australia

Western Australia, Perth

Johannesburg, SA

Las Vegas, Nevada

Minneapolis, Minnesota

August 19, 2016

Washington DC, US

Nashville, Tennessee, US

Oslo, Norway

The Hague, Netherlands

Central Europe, Germany

Stockholm, Sweden

Paris, France

Adelaide, Australia

Toronto, Canada,

Edmonton, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

Galgary, Canada

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada



August 24, 2016

Las Vegas, Nevada, US

August 26, 2016

Los Angeles, California, US









(SBO/VOL – Hagayya 20,2016) Warraaqsa Biyyaalessaa Oromiyaa FXG daran jabaatee jiruun mootummaan wayyaanee abdii kutannaa isa dhumaan duula hidhaa geggeessaa jira.

Mootummaan goolessaan kun waan qabuu fi dhiisu wallaalee jira, yeroo lamaa fi sadii namoota hidhee gadhiisaa jira kan jedhan maddeen keenya, ammas waanuma godhu wallaalee ija qabatee dargaggeessaa fi ummata gara mana hidhaatti guuruu furmaata xumuraa godhatee jira jedhaniiru. Kun ta’us FXGn daran babal’atuu addeessu.

Lixa Wallaggaa Qellem Onoota gara garaa irraa namootni baay’een hidhamaa kan jiran oggaa ta’u, Anfilloo irraa Hagayya 18,2016 namootni 15 ukkaamfamanii fudhatamaniiru. Jimmaa Horroo irraa dargaggootni Hasan Jamaal, Bulchaa Qalbeessaa, Tizaazuu akkattii fi Qalbeessaa Tolasaa jedhaman ukkaamfamaniiru.

Onuma kana keessaa manneen jireenyaa Obbo Lataa Wiirtuu, Obbo Caalii Ganjoosaa, Obbo Yaadasaa Danuu fi Obbo Solomoon Gurichoo WBO jiraachistu ykn galaa dhiheessituuf jedhamuun waraanaan marfamee eegamaa akka jiru maddeen keenya mirkaneessaniiru.

Onoota Gaa’oo Qeebbee, Gidaamii fi Begii keessaas dargaggootni baay’inaan hidhaatti guuramaa jiran.
Lixa Wallaggaa magaalaa Gimbii irraa ammoo dargaggootni Abraham Dhiyaanoo, Amaanu’eel Irranaa, Yohaannis Kumaarraa fi Saamu’eel Ittaanaa jedhaman hidhamuun gidirfamaa jiran.

Godinoota Baha, Lixaa fi Kaaba Shawaa keessatti duulli hidhaa akkaan babal’atus ummatni xumurri wayyaanee haga dhugoomutti kun FXG irraa nu hin dhaabu jechuun falmaa finiinsee jira.

Ummatni gibira baasuu fi walgahii wayyaanee dhaquu diduus bal’inaan itti fufeera. Hidhamtootni hedduun bakka itti hidhaman irraa bakka hin beekamnetti dabarfamuun itti fufee akka jirus ibsameera.

Oduu walfakkaatuun Warraaqsa Biyyaalessaa Oromiyaa FXG guddicha Hagayya 06,2016 Godina Arsii Ona Adaabbaa ganda Gadeedoo irraa qeerrowwan hidhaman 31 yeroo ta’an, isaan keessaa 15 mana murtii Ona Adaabbaatti akka dhihaatanis barameera. Dargaggootni 16 ammoo Kibxata darbe mana hidhaa Adaabbaa irraa gara hin beekamnetti akka fudhataman maddeen keenya ifa godhu. Walumaagalatti magaalaa Adaabbaa irraa qeerroleen 52 mana murtii Adaabbaatti kan dhiheeffaman oggaa ta’u, 48 ammoo bakki geeffaman hin baramin jira jechuun maddeen keenya gabaasaniiru.

Qeerroo Oromoo ganda Gadeedoo irraa hidhamanii fi murtii dabaa wayyaaneen isaanitti murtu eeggataa jiran keessaa kanneen maqaan isaanii nu gahe:
1.Ahmadaa Amaan
2.Jamaal Leenjisoo
3.Taajuree Kadiiroo
4.Idiriis Kaddee
5.Muhaammad Sa’idoo
6.Muktaar Ibraahim
7.Abdee/Haylee Ismoo
8.Umar Ibraahim
9.Seeyfuu Huseen
10.Abdulhakiim H.hedoo
11.Aabbuu Qaasim
12.Abdulsamad Qaasim kanneen jedhamanii dha.

Warreen Kibxatatti bari’u mana hidhaa Adaabbaa irraa fuudhamanii bakki isaan geeffaman wallaalamee jiru keessaa kan maqaan nu gahe:
1.Muhaammad Ismaa’il
2.Musxafaa Yuunaa
3.Abdulrazzaaq Mahmuud
4.Abdulra’uuf Amaanaa
5.Abdulra’uuf Sh.Hasan
6.M.Huseen Heebboo
7.Jamaal Hasan
8.Hasan Abdaa
9.Abduljaliil Turaa
10.Abduu Kadiir
11.Muddassir Maammaa
12.Abdulrahmaan H/Maroo kan jedhamanii dha.

Dargaggoota Oromoo kanneen irra miidhaan akka gahuuf dabballootaa fi ergamtoota wayyaanee hojjechaa turanii fi jiran:

1. Amaan Nageessoo,Afayaa’ii aanaa Adaabbaa lakk.bilbilaa isaa 0912265034

2. Umar Roobaa, bulchiinsa Ganda Gadeedoo, kan qabame baasuu dhiisii kan gandatti hafee mana hidhaatti guursisuuf kaabinee Adaabbaatti booyaara. lakk.bilbilaa isaa 0910708879

3. Doftora Diidoo, itti aanaa bulchiinsa gadeedoo. lakk.bilbilaa isaa 0913711336

4. Muhaammad Gansaa, bulchiinsaa fi nageenya Gadeedoo

Basaasotni wayyaanee biiraa fi sigaaraa irraa hin hafne miidhaa guddaa gandicha keessatti dhaqqabsiisaa jiran:

1. Kadiir Amaanoo
2. Ahmad Ibraahim Qaabatoo,itti gaafatamaa liigii dargaggoo Gadeedoo
3. Husaa Gishuu


#OromoProtests:  August 19, 2016, around mid night fascsit Ethiopia’s regime security forces gunned down Galataa Adimaasuu, an 18 years old Oromo boy with three bullet inOromia, Dembi Dollo town, Dhanqaa area.
Hagayya 19, 2016 halkan walakka keessa, magaalaa Dembi Dollo, bakka Dhanqaa jedhamutti, dargaggeessa Waggaa 18, Galataa Adimaasuu jedhamu, waraanni Agaazii rasaasa sadiin rukutanii ajjeesanii jiru.

fascsit Ethiopia's regime security forces gunned down Galataa Adimaasuu, an 18 years old Oromo boy with three bullet in Oromia, Dembi Dollo town, Dhanqaa area.

Hidhaan Uummata Oromoo Irratti Daran Jabaatuu Qeerroon Godinaalee Oromiya Garagaraa Irraa Gabaase.

Because I am OromoHagayya 19,2016  Gguyyoota lamaa asitti godinaalee Oromiyaa hundarraa Qeerroon hidhamaa jiru. Sababa addaa hin qabu gochi addaas hin jiru garuu Bilisummaan waan dhiyateef wayyaaneen kufaatii ishees waan mirkaneessiteef jecha uummata oromoo hidhaatti guuruu murteesse. Kaan tarkaanfii ajjechaan diinni uummata oromoo irratti aggaamee jiru biraa deebihaa kan hin jirrree fi bakka uummanni fi iji namaas hin arginetti ilmaan Oromoo ajjeessuunis Oromiyaa keessa magaalota tokko tokkotti kan mul’ataa jiru tahuunis Qeerroon gabaasaa jira.  kun uummata Oromoof haaraa tahuu baatus FXG oromiyaa keessatti isa xumuraa itti fufuu irraan amma hidhaan daran jabaatee jira.
Godina Qellem ona garagaraa irraa Qeerroon gabaasaa jiruun fakkeenyaaf Anfilloo irraa namotni 15 ol tahan kaleessuma ukkaamfamuu akkasuma
Jimmaa Horroo irraa
–       Dargaggoo Hasan Jamaal
–       Dargaggoo Bulchaa Qalbeessaa
–       Dargaggoo Tizaazuu Akkattii fi
–       Dargaggoo Qalbeessaa Tolasaa kan jedhaman ukkaamfamuun gabaafamee jira.
Dabalataan onuma kana manneen jireenya namoota 4 WBO jiraachisu jechuun humna waraana Wayyaaneen sakatta’amuu irraa eegamaa jiraachuun kan gabaafame
–       Mana jireenyaa Lataa Wiirtuu
–       Mana jireenyaa Caalii Ganjoosaa
–       Mana jireenyaa Yaadasaa Danuu fi
–       Mana jireeenyaa Solomoon Gurichoo
Kan jedhaman humna agaaziitiin eegamaa jira. Akkasuma ona Gaa’oo Qeebbee, Gidaamii fi Begii keessaa ijoolleen dargaggeyyiin hidhaatti guuramaa jiru. Kun godina oromiyaa maratti akka tahes Qeerroon gabaasaa jira.
Godina Shaggar kaabaa, shagger Bahaa fi shaggar Lixaa Qeerroon hidhamuun daran jabaatee jira. uummannis hidhaanii fi ajjechan Bilisummaa nun dhorku nu doorsisuun FXG hin hambisu jechuun dhaadannoo isaa itti fufee jira. Hidhamtootni hedduun bakka itti hidhaman irraa bakka biroottis jijjiiramuudhaan hedduun namootaan bakka buuteen isaanii dhabamaa jira. Kanuma keessatti FXG ammas yeroo dhumaa kanaaf kan wayyaanee aangoo isheetti xumura taasisu itti fufuun uummannis gibira diduun, walgahiin wayyaaneen oromiyaa magaalotaa fi godinaalee adda addaatti gaggeessuuf uummata mariisisuuf deemtus bakka hundatti gara FXGtti jijjiramuu fi feshelatuun Wayyaanee isa dhumaa abdii kutachiisuudhaan bifa naasuutiin uummata hidhaatti guuruu murteeffachuun beekameera.

#OromoProtests, Black Lion Medical school students in Finfinnee, the capital, Oromia, protesting fascist Ethiopia’s regime mass killings on 18 August 2016.

#OromoProtests, Black Lion Medical school students in Finfinnee, the capital (Oromia) protesting fascist Ethiopia's regime mass killings on 18 August 2016.

Grand #OromoProtests Solidarity Rally Held in London, 16 August 2016


Seattle Solidarity protest





Hiriira Mormii biyya Switzerland Magaalaa Genevatti gaggeeffame ilaalchisee.(Hag.16,2016)



OMN: Oduu Hagayya 16, 2016

OMN: Oduu Hagayya 16, 2016




Dr.Gabayyoo Jaallataa Waraana Wayyaanee Agaaziin Rukutamuun Wareegaman.

Maqaan isaa Dr.Gabayyoo Jaallataa jedhama.
13912905_10102477986247493_4426160628839170158_n13932770_10102477993473013_1430970379927856315_nKaninni itti dhalatee guddate godina Wallaggaa lixaa aanaa Gullusoo jedhamtu keessatti.
Ga’een hojii isaa Dookteerummaadhaan kilinika Abdii kan jedhamu magaalaa naqamtee keessaa naannoo Hoospitaala naqamteetti kan argamu keessatti ramadamee hojjechaa nama tureedha. Dr.Gabayyoo jaalataa xinnummaa isaa irraa ka’uun nama diinaaf harka hin laanne nama oromummaa isaatti boonee jiraatuu fi nama ilmaan oromoo akka lubbuu isaatti jaallatu keessaa nama tokko ture.20160815143921
Haata’u malee yeroo darbe hiriira guddicha magaalaa naqamtee keessatti akka abidda saafaa belbelaa ooleen wal qabatee sababii inni oromummaa isaa jaallatuuf  jecha akkasumallee ati dhoksaadhaan qeerroo mana hojii itti ramadamtee hojjettu keessatti ol seensistee walla’aansa gochaafii jirta maqaa jedhuun humni agaazii guyyuma hiriira guddichaa sana  bakkuma hojiisaatii deemanii rasaasa itti roobsanii deemanii jiru.
Haa ta’u malee dr  Gabayyoon yeroo sanaaf rukutamee hatattamaan gara hoospitaala naqamteetti ergamee yaaliin deddeebiin torban tokkoo oliif osooma godhamaafii jiruu hoomaayyuu fayyuu hin dadhabuurraan kan ka’e guyyaa har’aa jechuun Hagayya 15/08/2016 du’aan addunyaa kanarraa boqotee jira. Reeffi isaas gara bakka dhaloota isaa kan taate godina wallagga lixaa  magaalaa gullusootti ergamee jira.
Qabsa’aan du’us qabsoon itti fufa.


Sochiin Warraaqsaa Biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa FXG daran jabaachuun Walqabatee Magaalootni Gurguddoo Oromiyaa fi Magaalotni Oromiyaa naannawaa Finfinneetti argaman homaa waraana wayyaaneen shororkeeffaama jiru.

Hagayya 14,2016 Sochiin Warraaqsaa Biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa FXG daran jabaachuun Walqabatee Addaatti Magaalootni Gurguddoo Oromiyaa fi Magaalotni Oromiyaa naannawaa Finfinneetti argaman homaa waraana wayyaaneen shororkeeffaama jiru.
Sochiin warraaqsaa biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa utuu wal irraa hin citiin ji’oota 8 guutuu gaggeeffamaa jiruun motummaan abbaa irree raafama ulfaata keessa seenuun kasaaraa Siyaasaa , Dinagdee fi hawaasummaa ulfaataa keessa seenee kan jiru abbaan Irree Wayyaanee EPRDF/TPLF ummata Oromoo Uummata Sivilii mirgaa fi haqa dhugaa isaaf falmatu irratti hoomaa waraanaa bobbaasuun uummata shororkeessuu ittuma fufe jira . Magaalootni Oromiyaa Naannawaa Finfinnee Sulultaa, Burraayyuu, Sabbataa, Holotaa, Aqaaqii Qaallittii, Duukkam, Galaan bishooftuu, Moojoo, Adaamaa, Laga Xaafoo laga daadhii fi Sandaafaa Hoomoo waraanaan shororkeeffamaa kan jiran Yoota’uu, Oromiyaan  Bulchiinsa Waraana Wayyaanee Komand post  ifatti labsiin jala erga galfamtee ji’oota 8 oli lakkoofsisaa kan jiru. Uummatni Oromoo fi goototni dargaggootni  Qeerroon Oromoo soda waraanaa gabrummaaf harka akka hin kennineefi hanga gaaffiin mirga abbaa Biyyummaa uummata Oromoo deebii argatutti warraaqsaa irraa duubatti akka hin deebine diinaaf mirkaneessan.
Warraaqsii Biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa FXG Gaaffiin mirga abbaa biyyummaa haalaa caalatti mootummaa wayyaanee kasaaraa guddaa keessa galchuu danda’uu fi aangoo irraa qaarisuu danda’uun jabaatee rogaa hundaan kan itti fufu malee shororkeessa waraana wayyaanee fi hidhaa jumlaa, ajjeechaa duguginsa sanyii  wayyaaneen rawwachaa jirtuun kan hin dhaabbatne ta’uu Qeerroon bilisummaa Oromoo hubachiisa.

A massive deployment of police in Ethiopia’s restive Oromo and Amhara regions prevented fresh anti-government protests over the weekend, an opposition leader said Monday. #OromoProtests 15 August 2016.




Aljazeera Inside Story – What is triggering Ethiopia’s unrest?

Calls for an international investigation in Ethiopia have surfaced after more than 100 people were killed in demonstrations.It is a conflict that has led to 400 deaths since November, 100 of them in the last week alone, according to human rights groups.The Ethiopian government is cracking down on ethnic Oromos and Amharas, who are calling for political reforms.Human rights groups have called the reponse ruthless. And the United Nations wants to send international observers to investigate.Ethiopia has denied that request, saying it alone is responsible for the security of its citizens. But what can be done to ensure the Ethiopian government respects human rights?Presenter: Folly Bah ThibaultGuests:Getachew Reda – Ethiopian communications affairs minister.Felix Horne – Ethiopia reseracher for Human Rights Watch.Ezekiel Gebissa – Profesor of History and African studies at Kettering University.- Subscribe to our channel: http://aje.io/AJSubscribe– Follow us on Twitter:https://twitter.com/AJEnglish– Find us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/aljazeera– Check our website: http://www.aljazeera.com

#OromOroprotests 14 August 2016:  Walfalmii mooraa OPDO keessatti deemaa jiru kam miliiqee saba gahe:

“Opdon guutumatti sirni tplf laamshahuu ifatti nutti himte. Nuti miseensotni akka basaastuu cimaa taanu nu akeekkachiifte. Jawaar nu injifateera, du’arraa of hambisuuf cimnee basaasuu qabna jetti. Miseensi garuu isin hooggantoota malee nuti hawaasa keenya waliin hiree wal fakkaatu qabna, isinumaa magan malee nuti falli harka keenya jira jedhan. Injifannoon galuun baranuma( Itti muddi, Ittiiqaa Tafarii affeeraa)”


#OromoProtests Hagayya (August) 13 bara 2016: Oduu Gammachiisaa Dodolaa irraa


Arsii Lixaa Dodolaaa fi nannaawa Dodolaa Hiriira Woyyaanee(OPDO)’n guyyaa kaleessaa (13/08/2016) qopheessite sabboontota maanguddoo Oromoo Qaroo, antummaa Hawaasaa qabaaniif fi hojjattoota Mootummaa kan sirnaa kana kuffisuuf qinxaanin akkasumaas ilmaan Oromoo guutuu sodaachuun harkaa fashalaayee jira.
OPDO’N hiriira bifa kanaa guutuu biyyattii yaaddee sodaa ummaataatiin hanga hardhaa milkaayin hafe, kana boodas hin milkaayuuf. Ammas iddoo tokko tokkotti qopheessuuf waan yaadaa jirtuuf iddoo hundaattuu bifuma wol fakkaatuun hiriira shira ittiin xaxuuf deeggara Afaan qawweetin horatuuf deemaniif jarri gumaa fi kaayyoo sabaa balleessuudhaaf yaamtu kana gara qabsootti harkaa jijjiiruudhaan shira diinummaa kana fashaleessuun barbaachisaadha. Kanaa booda maqaa Hiriraa OROMIYAA keessattii akka OPDO’n lagattuu godhuu.

#OromoProtests Hagayya (August) 13 Bara 2016: Qeeron Magaalaa Gadab Hasaasa Hooji boonsa dalgdeen konkolaata Agaazi boola keeysa buufte. Agaazon lamma haalan miidhaman.

Akkamit boola keeysa buufte konkolaata yoo jetani taate, Qeeron Hasaasa akkas jechuun nuf ibsani.

Osso Woraani mootummaa nu hin argin Karaa qonee biyyee keeysa baafnee Kaaricha sharaa itti ufisuun biyyee gubbat deebifne ,Kana booda hooji hoojachu qabnu waajiraale Mootumma gubuu qabnu Eegi tarkaanfi fudhanee hooji xumureen booda , Agaazin ganamaan fiigde yoo karaa qaxaamuruf jetu , karaan armat ittiin citee Agaazin lammaa haalan miidhamera , konkolaatanis gargaleera 

Yeroo amma kanat Agaazon konkolaata dhagaa kaasu qabatani gamasit imalaaru .

Qeeron Ergaa kana nuf dhaqabsani Poolisa Oromiyaa Toofta kana nuf hime maqaa Hawaasa Oromoon nuf galatoonfadha jedhaniiru .

Nus Yaa Ilma Oromoo dhugaa Hori buli deebani jenaan Poolisa keenya goota kanaaf.

Poolisota Oromiyaa biraf kun barnoota guddadha .Yaa gantuu OPDO Tari kana irraa barnoota fudhata laata ?

Injifanoo Kan Hawaasa baldhaat !!!

#OromoProtests Hagayya (August)  13 bara 2016: Tarkaanfii halkan edaa waajjira Wayyaanee godina Arsii aanaa Gadab Asaasaa irratti fudhatameen waajjirricha gutummaatti daaraa taasisamee jira. Waajjirri  bulchiinsa wayyaanee kun ganda qonnaan bulaa Woqeenxaraa Eddoo keessatti kan argamuu caasaa Wayyaaneen ummata keessatti hiraarsatte yoo ta’u guutummatti barbadaayeera.





#OromoProtests: A candlelight vigil in in front of The White House in honor of innocent peaceful protesters -brutally gunned down in cold blood by Ethiopian government. 12 August 2016

#OromoProtests, A candlelight vigil in in front of The White House in honor of innocent peaceful protesters -brutally gunned down in cold blood by Ethiopian government. 12 August 2016



Fascist Ethiopia’s regime’s detaining and torturing Oromo children.

#OromoProtests 13 August 2016: Children make up a third of the protesters jailed in connection with Grand #OromoProtests. This photo was taken at Iyasu IV prison in Gara Mulata, East Hararge. (The former emperor was jailed there after loosing power to Hailesilassie)

Fascist Ethiopia's regime's detaining and torturing Oromo children. This photo was taken at Iyasu IV prison in Gara Mulata, East Hararge, Oromia. 13 August 2016Fascist Ethiopia's regime's detaining and torturing Oromo children. This photo was taken at Iyasu IV prison in Gara Mulata, East Hararge, Oromia. 13 August 2016. p2Fascist Ethiopia's regime's detaining and torturing Oromo children. This photo was taken at Iyasu IV prison in Gara Mulata, East Hararge, Oromia. 13 August 2016. p1

 Ijoollee Oromoo kan Waajjira poolisii magaala Burrayyuutti hidhamanii darara hamaan irra ga’aa jiru irraa dhaamsa nu gahe. I#OromoProtests 12 August 2016.

#OromoProtests: Dhaamsa Hidhamtoota irraa.
Ijoollee Oromoo kan Waajjira poolisii magaala Burrayyuutti hidhamanii darara hamaan irra ga’aa jiru irraa dhaamsa nu gahe. Ijoolleen kun meeshaa nyaata itti gessinuuf keessa ka’uun nutti laataan jedhu hiriyoonni isaanii. Adaara adaara jedhu.

Ijoollee Oromoo kan Waajjira poolisii magaala Burrayyuutti hidhamanii darara hamaan irra ga'aa jiru irraa dhaamsa nu gahe. I#OromoProtests 12 August 2016Ijoollee Oromoo kan Waajjira poolisii magaala Burrayyuutti hidhamanii darara hamaan irra ga'aa jiru irraa dhaamsa nu gahe. I#OromoProtests 12 August 2016. p2


This is martyred Oromo teenager girl Mamiituu Hirphaa who was killed by cruel fascist Ethiopia’s regime Agazi forces in Ambo town, West Shawa, Oromia on 6 August 2016, Grand #OromoProtests

Kun wareegamtuu keenya Maammituu Hirphaa, kan godina Shawaa Lixaa, magaalaa Amboo keessatti hiriira guddaa Oromoo irratti Hagayya 6 bara 2016 wararana Wayyaaneen wareegamte.
Mammituu intala sabboontuu otuu mirga saba Oromoof falmituu wareegamte. Gootota Oromoo kumaatamaa wajjin nagaan nuuf boqodhu!
Qabsoon hanga bilisummaatti itti fufa!!
Rabbi lubbuu ishii haa qananiisu.



This is martyred Oromo teenager girl Mamiituu Hirphaa who was killed by cruel fascist Ethiopia's regime Agazi forces in Ambo town, West Shawa, Oromia on 6 August 2016


#OromoProtests, a determination of an Oromo man, 80 years old confronting fascist Ethiopia’s regime, Agazi forces, Arsi, Oromia, 12 August 2016

#OromoProtests, an Oromo man, 80 years old confronting fascist Ethiopia's regime, Agazi forces, Arsi, Oromia, 12 August 2016


20160808082937Gooti Oromoo kun Maqaansaa Melese Teshome, jedhama.Kaninni dhalatee guddate magaalaa naqamtee keessa naannoo safara maaramii 05 bakka jedhamu keessatti nama hojii suphaa Moobaa’ilaa hojjetee jireenya isaa of jiraachisaa tureedha.
Meleseen xinnummaa isaa irraa jalqabee nama oromummaa isaatti boonuu fi oromummaa isaaf jedhee nama dararaa guddaan irraan ga’amaa ture keessaa nama tokko.
Haa ta’u malee  yeroo darbe  Innis  karaa nagaan gaaffii abbaa biyyummaa isaa gaafachuuf ba’e namoota lubbuun isaanii irbaata rasaasaa ta’e keessaa tokko.Qabsa’an du’us qabsoon itti fufa.






#OromoProtests Hagayya (August) 10 bara 2016: Godina Baalee Aanaa Gaasaraa Magaala Danbal Misra. Uummanni Bifa Kanaan konkolaataa fi waajira poolisii Bifa Kanaan Barbadeessan.

#OromoProtests, Danbal Misra, Bale, Oromia, 10 August 2016



#OromoProtests, Alaabaa, 10 August 2016

Mudannoo ‪#‎HiriiraGuddicha‬ magaalaa Finfinneetti!
mudannoo kana kan naa qoode namoota hiriiricha irratti hirmaatan keessaa warreen harka diinaatii waaqnii isaan baasedha. Akkas ture Magaalaa sabbataarra deemne, yeroo naannoo xoor ayiloochii geenyu sakatayiinsa cimaatu ture, animmoo alaabaa qabsoos qabadhee waanan jiruuf dhugaa dubbachuuf na’eera falli narkaa bannaan peestaalii keessaa baasee suurreekoo hiikeen maree of keessa kaa’ee dhokse. eessa dhaqxu jennee gaafatamne an meeksikoo mi’a bituun dhaqan jedheen. warreen naduuka turanis sababa addaa dhi’eessan akkasittiin keellaa jalqaba dabarre!
yeroo bakka stadeemii geenyu wanti poolisii jedhame biyyatti hinafne ture, hundi jaraa ejeja qofa waan eegan fakkaatu, yeroo gootota hiriirtota keenya agarru wanti sodaa jedhame nukeessa barbadaa’e. an alaabaan sila dhokse polisiidhumaa na’ilaaluun of keessa baasee itti agarsiisaa dhaqnee hiriiratti makanne, achii ituma xiqqoo hinturin dhukaasni jalqabe ijoollee keenya akka malee reebuu jalqaban hiriirris hinbittinaa’e.
hunduu kotte nabaasii jalqabe ammam akka diina harkaa ba’e rabbi qofaatu beeka. anis ituman baqadhuu yeroon asiin argu asiin ituun jedhuu madhee jaraattin dhaqee ba’e, yeroon ofirran deebi’a jedhee garagalu boodden warra nafiiksaa turan nabira ga’aniiru. utuun hinjaallatin harka diinaan bu’e. achiikaa maalan sitti hima isportii isa shaakalaa turan hunda piraaktisii narratti ba’an. mucaa naannoo kolfeerra dhufe tokko akkuma kana reebaa turan. gidduma jaraatii hingaa’an mana adabaa geessa jedhee ejeja dabarse, polisoota keessa lama nuti fuunee deemnaa isin warra kaan adamsaa jedhanii afaan amaaraatin itti dubbatan, walii galanii nufuudhanii deeman xiqqoo yeroo jarasanarraa fagaannu ( inante kesawu altefeterachum serken wayim gedlen iko ayidelem, mabtachinin nasanetin new yeteyeknew ashabari ayidelenim nege yisesitachowal jenne ariidhaan hasaa’uu jalqabne walirkaa fuudhaa mucaa sana faana) kanumama gidduudhaan tokko afaan oromootiin afaan keessan hincufttumoo caccabsee lafa isin kaa’u jedhe gurrakoon amanuu dadhabe! arraba keenya gad itti fuune, gantuu, ishee akka keeti gabrummaa nurra turse walirkaa fuunee utuu hinfixin afaan kee qabitii akka nama nurkaa ba’eetti asiin fiigaa badaa xiqqoo sin duuka fiigna yeroo boodaa nudhabdan suuta jedhaatii nama kaaniin wal fakkaadhaa deemaa jedhe, arrabsuukootti bayyee gaabbee galatoomaa jenne akka jarri yaadan raawwanne! jara keessas kan dhiigni lammii isaa isa gubu meeqaatamatu jira. baga waaq lubbuu keessan baase, warreen arka diinaa bu’an waaqayyoo nagaan walitti nuu adeebisu. sheer godhaa polisoota oromoo ta’anii diinaaf hojjetaa jiranii fakkeenya ta’aa. Via 
Jiituu Qananii Urgeessaa

Grand#OromoProtests: POWERFUL!! A woman takes the stage during saturday protest in Dallo Manna ( Bale) moves the crowd to a higher spirit of resistance.
Hidhamuun nu gaya
Ajjeefamuun nu gaya
Oromiyaa waraanni hin bulhu
oromiyaan bulchiinsa ofiitin bulti




Grand #Oromoprotests: Aanaaa Kiiramuutti bulchaan ganda Burqaa Soorumaa Fiqaaduu Soorii jedhamu guyyaa gaafa sanbataa barataa Girmaa Taakkalaa Galataa akka humna kora bittinneessaan ajjeefamuuf sababa kan ta’e yeroo ta’u guyyaama sana halkan.Ummanni aanicha duula waan irratti baheef jecha naannicha gadhiisee badee jira .manni ergamaa kanaa guutummaa guutuutti uummata magaalaa Kiiramuun barbada’ee jira.

Grand #OromoProtests, Soqa Town, Dadar District, Hararge, Oromia. 9 August 2016.

Grand #OromoProtests, Soqa Town, Dadar District, Hararge, Oromia. 9 August 2016.

Grand #OromoProtests, Dire Qulu village, Bordade District, West Hararge, Oromia. 9 August 2016

Grand #OromoProtests, Dire Qulu village, Bordade District, West Hararge, Oromia. 9 August 2016Grand #OromoProtests, Dire Qulu village, Bordade District, West Hararge, Oromia. 9 August 2016. p1Grand #OromoProtests, Dire Qulu village, Bordade District, West Hararge, Oromia. 9 August 2016. p2



 Grand #OrmoProtests, Naqamte

Sirna Gaggeessaa Awaalcha Barataa Amanu’el Girmaa Magaalaa Naqatee Keessatti Alaabaa ABOn Kuulamee Kabajaa Gootummaa Guddaan Gaggeefame.



























Hagayya 07/08/2016 Sirni geggeessaa awwaalcha barataa Amaanu’eel Girmaa kan guyyaa gaafa hagayya 06/08/2016 Magaalaa naqamtee naannoo boordiitti kan wareegamee alaabaa adda bilisummaa oromoodhaan faayyamee geggeessaan Isaa raawwatee jira.
Sirna geggeessaa isaa irrattis dhaadannoolee dinqisiisoo fi wallewwaan warraaksaa dhageessifamaa oolanii jiru.
Uummanni magaalaa naqamtees sirna geggeessaa barataa Amaanu’eel girmaa irrattis diddaa mootummaa wayyaaneef qaban guutummaattis sagalee isaanii dhageessiffachaa  akka oolan beekamee jira.
Gara fuula duraattis tokkummaan kaanee mootummaa wayyaanee hundeen buqisnee guutummaa oromiyaa keessaa baasuus qabna jechuun geggeessaa barataa Amaanu’el xumuranii oolanii jiru.
Mootummaan wayyaanees Sirna geggeessaa awwaalchaa barataa Amaanu’eel dhorkuuf yemmuu yaalutti qeerroon magaalaa naqamtee garuu sodaa tokko malee dhaadannoo dhageesisaa geggeessaa barataa kanaa akkanni raawwatamu godhanii oolanii jiru.
Mootummaan wayyaanees akkuma amala isaa uummata karaa nagaan Sirna awwaalchaaf ba’an irratti dhukaasa banuun uummata nagaa goolaa akka oole maddeen keenya ifa godhu.

Grand #OromoProtests 8 August 8 2016 Report, OMN



Grand #OromoProtests Dambi Doolloo

Grand #OromoProtests 8 August 2016 Dogo, Gurawa, East Hararge



Grand #OromoProtests Gindhir, Bale, Oromia. 8August 2016.

Grand #OromoProtests Dogu, Gurawa District, East Hararge. 8 August 2016

Grand #OromoProtests Dogu, Gurawa District, East Hararge. 8 August 2016


Grand #OromoProtests in Adama, Oromia. 8 August 2016.



 Grand #OromoProtests: 8 August 2016: Youth Returning from a funeral service for Zubeyri Kadir in Robe, Bale

Grand #OromoProtests Youth Returning from a funeral service for Zubeyri Kadir in Robe, Bale. 8 August 2016

Grand #OromoProtests, Shaggar, East Shawa, , Walanchiti, 8 August 2016

Grand #OromoProtests, Shaggar, East Shawa, , Walanchiti, 8 August 2016

Grand #OromoProtests, Qobo, East Hararge, Oromia. 8 August 2016.

Grand #OromoProtests, Qobo, East Hararge, Oromia. 8 August 2016.

This Grand Oromia Rally is from Inchini, West Shawa. Grand #OromoProtests, 8 August 2016.

This Grand Oromia Rally is from Inchini, West Shawa. Grand #OromoProtests, 8 August 2016.This Grand Oromia Rally is from Inchini, West Shawa. Grand #OromoProtests, 8 August 2016. p1This Grand Oromia Rally is from Inchini, West Shawa. Grand #OromoProtests, 8 August 2016. p2

This Grand Oromia Rally, in Bate, Haramaya district, East Hararge Grand #OromoProtests, 8 August 2016

 This Grand Oromia Rally, in Bate, Haramaya district, East Hararge Grand #OromoProtests, 8 August 2016

Grand #OromoProtests





Lixa Shaggar Amboo





































#Grand Oromorotests Mormii Sira Wayyaanee Baha Harargee Dadar










Grand #OromoProtests 7 August 2016 in Amboo Continues:Guyyaa 07,08,2016 Oduu oromiyaa magaalaa Amboo irraa
Magaalii Amboo kaleessaa irraa kaassee hangaa ammaatti raafama guddaa keessaa jirtii ,finciili uummaata har’as itti fufee oole jedhu jirraatoon ,poolisiin oromiyaa fi poolisiin fedderaala magaalaa keessaa hin muldhatani, magaalaa kan dhunfatee jiruu raayyaa ittisaa biyyaa(agaaze) yoo ta’uu isaannis irraa caalii saba Tigiree afaan Tigirfaa dubbatani,nama argani hundaa daa’ima,jarsaa fi jartii osoo hin jedhiini mana cabsanii reeba fi hidhaa jiruu .
hangaa ammaatti sagaleen dhukaasa magaalaa keessaa dhaga’amaa jiraa ,kan hidhaa jiruuf kan du’ee addaan baafachuun hin danda’aminee jedhuu.
Finicilaa kaleessaa keessaatti magaaluma ambootti mucaa waggaa kudha sadii (13) hin caalee alaabaa abo qofaa waan qabatee deema tureef Agaazen konkolaatan ari’anii irraa baasuun gara jabbinaan ajjeesaniiru jedhuu warrii ijaan argan.

Grand #OromoProtests, Ambo, 7 August 2016

Grand #OromoProtests, Grand ‪#‎OromoProtests‬ full scale Military massacre has been conducted by Ethiopia’s fascsit regimei n Naqamte, East Walaga. 6 August 2016 pcture.

Similar genocidal  mass killings all over Oromia (in town and rurals of Hararghe, Shaggar, Finfinnee, Arsi, Baalee, Boranaa, Gujii, Walloo, Wambaraa, Jimmaa and Eluu Abbaa Booraa).

Grand #OromoProtests, Grand ‪#‎OromoProtests‬ full scale Military massacre has been conducted by Ethiopia's fascsit regimei n Naqamte, East Walaga. 6 August 2016 pcture


Gabaasa Addaa Dhaamsa Dargaggoota Haroomaayaa.( Hag.07,2016)


Oromia: Grand #OromoProtests Rally  6 August 2016


#Grand #OromoProtests 6 August 2016: Massive #OromOProtests  rally held all over the State of  Oromia including in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa), the capital.

BEEKSISA hatattamaa,daddaffiin waliif SHARE godhaa

Guyyaa Sanbata duraa as deemu kana (Saturday, Qidaamee) Hagayya 6, 2016 A.L.A ykn Adoolessa 30, 2008 A.L.H guutuu Oromiyaa keessatti hiriirri mormii ni godhama. Bakka jirtanii kan bilisummaaf hawwitan hundi kan mirga keessan kabajsiifachuuf qabsoorra jirtan hundi dhaadannoollee barbaachisu qopheeffadhaa. Seenaa Oromoo keessatti guyyaa seena qabeessa ta’ee akka galmaa’u kutannoo fi hirmaannaan ilmaan Oromoo murteessaadha.

Injifannoo Ummata Oromootiif!

#OromoProtests, beeksisa, Hiriiraa Hagayya 6 bara 2016

#OromoProtests, beeksisa, Hiriiraa Hagayya 6 bara 2016 p1

1) Hiriirri kun magaalota aanaaleefi kan Zoonilee hunda irratti geggeeffama.
2) Hiriirri kun guutumatti kan nagayaa ta’a. Kanaafuu meeshaan waraanaa kamuu hin dhufu, daandiin hin cufamu, waajjiraaleenfi qondaalonni mootummaa hin tuqaman
3) Qabeenyi jamiiyyuu hin tuqamu
4) Hiriirtonni fiiguun osoo hin taane tasgabbiidhaan socho’uu qaban.
5) Magaalota gurguddoo irratti bakki itti walitti bahamu haala nama hundaaf mijaahu laalamee labsama.

* Qajeelfamni dabalataa dhawaataan ni raabsama.

#OromoProtests: United voices of millions of Oromos will win! Ni moona. Oromia Times

#OromoProtests, United voices of millions of Oromos will win! Ni moona. Oromia Times

#OromoProtests 5 August 2016:

Leading opposition party, leaders call for the grand .

BREAKING: Here is the hand written letter of Bekele Gerba and other political prisoners

DR Merera Gudina, Chairman of OFC Speaks about to Sadik Ahmed of BBN


Grand #OromoProtests on August 6, 2016, Norwegian Embassy in Finfinnee, travel restrictions

Grand #OromoProtests on August 6, 2016, Norwegian Embassy in Finfinnee, travel restrictions

BBC: Oromo community calls for more protests in Ethiopia

Emmanuel Igunza

BBC Africa, Nairobi

Activists from Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group, the Oromo, have called for more anti-government protests this weekend, days after thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in the northern city of Gondar.

#OromoProtests in Oromia

The Oromo's claim that hundreds of the community members have been killed
Activists say that hundreds have been killed in a security crackdown

They say they will hold countrywide protests against what they describe as continued killings and other abuses by the authorities.

In the latest incident earlier this week, at least six people were allegedly shot dead by police in the eastern town of Awaday.

Prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn warned on Tuesday that Ethiopia was sliding towards ethnic conflict similar to that in neighbouring countries.

Ethiopia’s second largest ethnic group, the Amhara, held a large demonstration last Sunday in Gondar.

The ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front has been in power since 1991 and won all seats in parliament in last year’s elections.

Ibsa Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo Haala siyaasaa Itoophiyaa yeroo amma irraatti kenne. Hagayya 2 Bara 2016

Bara 2011 keessa yeroo Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo bu’ureffamu namoota tokko-tokkootti akkuma mormitoota Itoophiyaa hedduu jaarmaa yeroo gabaabduuf ifee deebi’ee ammoo dhaamu itti fakkaatee ture. Bu’uureffamuu Qeerroo keessaas ta’e alaan kanneen busheessaa turanis lakkoobsaan xiqqaa hinturre. Akkasumas, baatii Sadaasaa bara 2015 keessa wayitii Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo Gabrummaatti xumura gochuuf murateeffachuu isaa labsu, kanneen dalagaatti hiikamu labischaa irratti shakkii qabaachaa turan hedduu turan. Keessattuu matootni TPLF gosuma sochiilee mormiitoota Itoophiyaa kan isaan bara baraan caccabsaa as gahan waan itti fakkaateef, murannoo Qeerrootti karaa hedduu bishaan itti naqaa turuun isaanii ni yaadatama. Haata’u malee, Qeerroon Bilisummaa battala murtii Xumura Gabrummaa labsetti tarkaanfilee seena-qabeessyyi tahan hedduu fudhachuun hawwii Wayyaanee fi yaaddoo shakkitootaa fashalsiiseera.

Qeerron Bilisummaa eegala sochii isaa irratti Hooggana qaroo sagantaa isaa jiddu-galummaan taliigu utubachuun murannoo cimaan karoora isaa mirkaneessuutti bobba’e. Qeerroon naamusa sibila irra jabaataa fi gootummaa seena biyya keenya keessatti gita hinqabneen gartuu saba keenya acuucaa fi biyya keenya saamaa jirtu, TPLF jala kallattiidhaan dhaabachuu eegale. Qeerroon hooggantoota TPLF kanneen beekumsaa fi gootummaan akka waan samii keessa teessoo addaa qabanitti of tuulaa turan sochii yeroo gabaabduutiin waaroo salphinaa itti huffise. Gootummaan Qeerroo imaammata TPLF ummatoota biyyatti sodaachiftee bara dheeraa bulchuuf baafatte dhadhaa abidda buute jalaa godhe. Har’a kan sodaan urgufamaa oolee bulu ummata bal’aa biyyatti osoo hintaane Wayyaanee fi lukkeewwan ergaa ishee raawwachuuf oomishaman qofa.    ibsa-qeerroo-bilisummaa-oromoo-hagayya-2-2016-finfinnee

Godina Arsii Aanaa Roobee Keessatti Diddaa Ummata Oromoo Dhaamsuu Basaasoti 10 Ramadamanii Ummata Gooluu Eegalanii Jiru

Hagayya 4,2016/Godina Arsii aanaa Roobee Diida’aa keessatti hojii basaasummaarratti bobba’anii hiriira sanbataarrattis ummata hirmaachuf sochii garagaraa godhaa jiru goolaa jiran yoo ta’uu maqaa basaasota Wayyaanee naannichatti bobba’anii jiranii keessaa:

1, Zowduu Rattaa bulchaa ganda

2, Fayyoo Qaadoo itti aanaa ganda 01

3,Keerroo saanii kantiibaa magaalaa Roobee

4,Jundii Kamaaloo milishaa gandaa

5, Geetuu Shagguu itti gaafatamaa misooma qonnaa fi bulchiinsa aanaa

6,Qaasoo Umar itti gaafatamaa dhimma nageenyaa aanaa

7,Sulxii manzaa itti gaafatamaa milishoota gandaa

8, Amaan IBraahim itti gaafatamaa milishoota duraanii

9, Jamaal Kadiir itti gaafatamaa dhaabaa OPDO

10,Sammaan Idiriis bulchaa ganda ataabaa Roobee

Namoonni Kanaan olii hundi yeroo ammaa Aanaa Roobee keessatti uummata keessa deemanii doorsisuu fi gooluu eegalanii jiru.



#OromoProtests on August 3, 2013, in Bisidimo town, Babbillee, Hararghe, Oromia

#OromoProtests Hagayya (August) 3, 2016: Guyya har’aa Godina Hararge Baha Aanaa Babbillee magaalaa Bisidimootti umaani Hiriira bahun mirga isaanii haala ho’an falmachaa oolan. Hiriira gutuu Oromiyaa guyyaa Sanbataatif (Saturday) of qopheessinee jirra jatti Qeerroon magaalaa Bisidimoo.

#OromoProtests on August 3, 2013, in Bisidimo town, Babbillee, Hararghe, Oromia

#OromoProtests on August 3, 2013, in Seeruu town, Arsi, Oromia.

 Hagayyaa (August) 3, 2016:  Godina Arsii bahaa magaalaa Seeruu keessatti barruuleen warraaqsaa bifa kanaan maxxanfamaa jira.

#OromoProtests on August 3, 2013, in Seeruu town, Arsi, Oromia#OromoProtests on August 3, 2013, in Seeruu town, Arsi, Oromia p1#OromoProtests on August 3, 2013, in Seeruu town, Arsi, Oromia p2

#OromoProtests, Qobboo town, Hararghe, Oromia 3 August 2016

FXG  Hagayya(August)  3, 2016
Guyyaa arraa Harargee Bahaa magaalaa Qobbootti sababa waraanni wayyaanee iddoo haawwan jimaa itti daldalataniitti boombii darbanii jalaa gubaniif mormiin kun itti oole. Magaalaa Qobboo arrii ukkaamsee oole. Waraanni eega hoggaasii magaalaa keessa makiinaan olii gad deemaa jira.

#OromoProtests, Qobboo town, Hararghe, Oromia 3 August 2016

Hagayya 2,2016 Qophii Baniinsa Kora ABO fi Halkan Irbaata WBO

#Oromoprotests in Nadhi Galan Sadi village, Deder District, East Hararge, Oromia. Aug. 2, 2016.

Harargee Bahaa aanaa Dadar, Araddaa Galan Sadi keessatti guyyaa har’aa mormiin godhamaa oole.


” Biyya Keenya Ni Falmatna” Jedhu Goototi Godina Harargee Bahaa Aanaa Dadar, Araddaa Galan Saadii Hagayya 2,2016,

#OromoProtests 2nd August2016 in Odaa Bultum, Hararghe, Oromia.

#OromoProtests, 2nd August 2016 in Odaa bultum, Hararghe, Oromia#OromoProtests, 2nd August 2016 in Odaa bultum, Hararghe, Oromia p1

#OromoProtests in Hirna, Hararghe, Oromia, 2nd August 2016

FXG Hararge lixaa magalaan Hirna guyya arraas falmmiin itti fuftee jira. Hagayya 2 bara 2016.


#OromoProtests in Hirna, Hararghe, Oromia, 2nd August 2016

#OromoProtests continue in Habe town, Robe District, Arsi, Oromia. Aug 2, 2016

Gaafiin deebii hin qabne addunyaarra hin jirtu jedhu dargaggoonni
Godina Arsi Anaanaa Roobee Magaalaa Habe.


#OromoProtests  underway in Badessa, West Hararghe, Oromia, Aug. 2, 2016.

Guyyaa Har’aa Hagayya 2,2016 Godina Harage Magaalaa Baddeessaa keessatti diddaan ummata Oromoo akkasitti jira.


#OromoProtests, Baddeessaa, Hararghe, Oromia 2nd August 2016


#OromoProtests 2nd August 2016: Funeral Service for Ibsa Ahmed, one of the people who were killed in Badessa town, West Hararge on August 1, 2016.


#OromoProtests 2nd August 2016, Funeral Service for Ibsa Ahmed, one of the people who were killed in Badessa town, West Hararge on August 1, 2016. p2#OromoProtests 2nd August 2016, Funeral Service for Ibsa Ahmed, one of the people who were killed in Badessa town, West Hararge on August 1, 2016.

#OromoProtests  Hagayya (August) 02, 2016, Naqamtee, Oromiyaa):  Qeerroon Leeqaa Naqamtee tarkaanfii barsiisaa aanota magaalaa Naqamtee jalaatti diriirsee fudhachaa jira. Tarkaanfii kanaan manni kaabinee wayyaanee magaalaa

Saasiggaa, Dhugumaa Dinagdee, namni jedhamu mana isaa waliin adabbii cimaa adabamee jira.
Namni kunis yeroo ammaa kana hospitaala Naqamtee keessatti yaalamaa jiru.
Qeerroon tarkaanfii kana fudhachuun dura akeekkachiisaa fi beekkachiisa duraa waraqaa barreessuun mana isaa jalaatti dhoobee ture.
Qeerroon Leeqaa Naqamtee akkuma kanatti namoota gara diinaa goranii uummata Oromoo miidhan barsiisuufi adabuu itti fufa!!
Kanneen diinaaf ergamaa jiranis, daddaffiin harka isaanii uummatatti akka kennattan Qeerroon Leeqaa Naqamtee dhaameera.

#OromoProtests, 2nd August 2016 and continues




#OromoProtests 1st August 2016 in Baddeessa, Hararghe, Oromia.

Guyyaa har’aa August,2016, harargee lixaa magaalaa baddeessatti mormiin bifa kanaan deema jira.

#OromoProtests 1st August 2016 in Baddeessa, Hararghe, Oromia.#OromoProtests 1st August 2016 in Baddeessa, Hararghe, Oromia. p1


#OromoProtests in Dadar (Qobboo), East Hararge, August 1, 2016

Harargee Bahaa Magaalaa Dadar keessatti mormiin godhamaa jira.

#OromoProtests 1st August 2016 in Dadar, Hararghe, Oromia.#OromoProtests 1st August 2016 in Dadar, Hararghe, Oromia. p1

#OromoProtests 1st August 2016 in Dadar, Hararghe, Oromia.TPLF (fascist) Ethiopia’s regime forces firing live bullet on protesters.


#OromoProtests 1st August 2016 in Dadar, Hararghe, Oromia.TPLF (fascist) Ethiopia's regime forces firing live bullet on protesters


Godina Arsii Bahaa Aanaa Shirkaa,Baalee Aanaa Gaasaraa Akkasumas Wallagga Naqamte Keessa FXG Itti Fufe.

Hagayya 1,2016/ Arsii bahaa aanaa Shirkaa magaala Shirkaatti poolisoota Agaazii afur irratti uummanni reebicha irraatti fudhatame gara Hospitaala Asallaa geessaa jiru. Magaalan Zuwaayis waraana Wayyaanee agaazii ganama kana du’eef jecha halkan kana ummata reebaafi mana hidhaatti guuraa jiran seeruu abbaas namni keessaa waan baqate fakkaata daldalli hin jiru waraana qofatu magaalattii keessa jira Asaasas waraana malee namni magaala keessa sossohu hin jiru.

Godinuma Arrsii aanaa Roobee magaala Habeetti mormiin FXG finiinaa oole. Nu kan bulchu ABO malee wayyaanee miti jechaa oolan namoonni kudha shan hidhaman kan yeroof maqaa isaanii addaan hin baane.

Kana malees  Godina Baalee aanaa Gaasaraa Dambalitti halkan kana mormii cimaatu godhamaa jira Wayyaanen hin bullu jechaa jira. Qeerron Dambal

Godina Wallaggaa Magaalaa Naqamtee keessatti guyyaa Har’a jechuun Hagayya 01/08/2016 galgala kana saatii lamaa jalqabanii nama dhimma isaaf karaa deemu Agaaziin qabdee reebaa jirti.Naannoo ani arge safara maaramii bakka jedhamutti namoota hunda lafarra ciibsanii reebaa jiru.baayyee kan nama dhibu namoota barumsa galgalaa baratan,namoota waldaa amantaa garaagaraa kessaa galan hunda jilbeeffachiisanii reebaa jiru.



Gootonni Godina Harargee,Arsiitti fi Naannoo Oromiyaa Kaan FXG Itti Fufuudhaan ABOtu Nu Bulcha Jechaa Dhadachaa Jiraachuu Qeerroon Gabaase.

Gootota Awadaay Adoolessa 31,2016



Mootummaan Wayyaane gaaffii uummata kara nagaatiin  gaaffii abbaa biyyummaa dhiyeessaa jiruuf dirree waraanaa gochuun uummmatarratti dhukaasni wal irraa hincinne banamee jria. Godina Harargee fi Arsii lixaatti baatii 8f kan wal irraa hin cinneen itti fufee jiru Kaleessa Adoolessa 30 fi  31 FXG itti fufuu irraan dhukaasni guddaan uummata irratti banamee jiraatuun Qeerroon kan gabaasu yoommuu tahu har’s itti fufuudhaan namootni 26 ol kan rukutamanii fi namootni 7 ol ajjeefamuun kan gabaafame yoommuu tahu ummanni dhukaasa meeshaaf osoo booda hin deebihin FXG itti fufanii mirga isaanii falmachaa jira.
Halkan kanas FXG godina Harargee lixaattis itti fufuudhan wal qabatee akkasuma naannoo Arsiiittis uummanni FXG itti fufuudhaan waajjiraleen OPDO fi Manneen jireenya kaabinoota hedduus gubataa akka jiru gabaafamee jira.
Halkan kana aanaa Awwaaddaayi dirree waraanaa tahuudhaan humni waraana agaazii jedhamu sun weeraree jira. Dhaadannoon uummataa ammas itti fuduudhaan
Oromiyaa qabsoo keenyaan bilisa ni baasna
Ajjeefamnus haga dhunmutti mirga keenyaaf falmachuu hin dhiisnu
FXG hanga bilisummaatti deebii hin qab
Gumaa ajjefamanii ni baasna
Dhiigni dhangala’e bilisummaa mirkaneessa
Oromia shall be free
Jechuun halkan sa’a 3 kaasuun FXG itti fufuun uummanni bahee godina Harargee bahaa ona Awwaadayitti jabaatee jira. Injifannoo gurguddaanis galmaawaa jira.

Gaaffii Abbaa Biyyummaa Uummanni Oromoo Gaafatu Itti Fufuun Godina Arsii Keessatti FXG Guutuutti Itti Fufee Jira. Waraanni Wayyaanees Magaalota Adda Adda Addaa Weeraree Jira.

Adoolessa 31,2016 Godinni Arsii guutumaan guututti dirree waraanaa fakkaatee jira waraana agaaziif feederaala qofaan guuttamtee jira. Har’aa fi  halkan edaa Adolessa 30, 2016 magaalota Asaasaa, Adaabbaa Dodola, Xijjoo qanxeraa Xiyyootti mromiin cimaan godhameera.

Ummanni magaalaa Asaasaa waraana Wayyaanee Agaazii lama irratti tarkaanfii fudhachuun tokko yeroo lubbuun darbu kaan ammo Hosptaala Awaasaa jiraachuun beekamee jira.

Godinuma Arsii bahaa magaalaa Ashmiira jedhamtu keessattis Adoolessa30, 2016 sagaleen mormii dhageesifamaa oluu Qeerroon naannicha irraa gabaase.

Asaasa keessatti qabeenya mootummichaafi jala deemtota Wayyaanee kanneen ta’an irratti uummani aariin guutamee fi roorroon itti hammaate adabbii sirreessaa kenneen mootummicha rifaasisee jira. waajjirri bulchiisa magaalaa kan balbala shan qabu waajjira bulchiilsa gandaa buusaa gonnoofa dhabamee jira. Kanumaan wal qabatee magaalaa Asaasaa keessaa dargaggoonni hedduun FXG qindeessaa jirtu sababaa jedhuun guyyaa har’aa hidhamanii kanneen jiran keessaa:-


  1. Dargaggoo Kaddii Abdallaa oggatoo
  2. Muktaar Abdallaa
  3. Daawud Abdallaa

Keessatti argamu.

#‎OromoProtests‬ Must watch HundredThousand of resident in Aweday East Hararghe has Protesting




Press Statement: Centre for Human Rights releases a second press statement calling on Ethiopia, the African Union and the United Nations human rights monitoring mechanisms to take steps regarding the gross human rights abuses in Ethiopia August 31, 2016

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Freedom for Oromo People, #OromoProtests



Press Statement: Centre for Human Rights releases a second press statement calling on Ethiopia, the African Union and the United Nations human rights monitoring mechanisms to take steps regarding the gross human rights abuses in Ethiopia
30 August 2016 – The Centre for Human Rights, Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria, is deeply alarmed by the deteriorating human rights situation in Ethiopia, and especially, the arbitrary killing, arrest and detention of protesters.


According to reports, the Ethiopian government forces have killed more than 500 protestors since November 2015, and have arrested and detained thousands.

We recall that on the eve of calls for protests, the Ethiopian Prime Minister Haile-Mariam has warned that measures will be taken against protesters. Eventually, when protests took place in the Amhara and Oromia regions in August 2016, nearly a hundred protesters were killed. The public statements of warning by the senior government officials stirred the suspicion that the ongoing human rights abuses by government forces are happening by the approval of the Ethiopian government.

The Ethiopian government has rejected the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights’ (UNOHCHR) request that the government allow international observers to assess the human rights violation in Ethiopia. The government has stated that it would establish a domestic body to investigate the matter.

However, the findings of the commissions of inquiry established in the past by the Ethiopian Parliament (House of Peoples’ Representatives) have generated mistrust by stakeholders, human rights organisations and other bodies. In the past, instead of the main perpetrators of the violence that actually committed the arbitrary killings and detentions, individuals who took part in the protests have been held accountable on charges like incitement and terrorism. The commissions of inquiry have not implicated members of government forces and senior government officials, and as a result, they have not been held accountable. These commissions of inquiry have also lacked adequate participation of stakeholders and transparency.

Moreover, the fact that senior government officials have been, and continue to make statements threatening protesters from making peaceful protests amounts to approving the human rights violations. Such statements send a signal to the Ethiopian security and military forces to assume that the ongoing arbitrary killings, arrests and detentions are legitimate.

With a view to addressing these problems, making a credible, independent, impartial, effective and transparent inquiry is imperative. To this end, the Centre is convinced that international or regional inquiry mechanisms are better suited than domestic commission of inquiry in Ethiopia.

Therefore, the Centre for Human Rights makes the following requests:

  • The United Nations Human Rights Council should put the serious human rights violations in Ethiopia in its agenda on the 33rd regular session in September 2016. It should be noted that Ethiopia is currently a member of the Human Rights Council. The Council should consider whether to suspend Ethiopia’s membership of the Council for having committed “gross and systematic violations of human rights” (as provided for under A/RES/60/251 paragraph 8).
  • The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Killings should make an urgent appeal to the Ethiopian government, and undertake a visit to Ethiopia with a view to gather first-hand information of the arbitrary killings according to its mandate, and to release it reports.
  • The UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions should investigate the arrests and detentions of protesters in Ethiopia.
  • While we take note of the letter expressing grave concern about the violations by the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, we urge the Commission to undertake a visit into the country and in order to assess the human rights violations.
  • The Chairperson of the African Union, with its seat located in Addis Ababa, should denounce the human rights violation in Ethiopia
  • The Ethiopian government should consent to fully cooperate with international and regional inquiry mechanisms to undertake their investigation; it should release political detainees; it should respect the right to peaceful demonstration, which is protected in art 30(1) of the Ethiopian Constitution and various human rights treaties to which Ethiopia is a party; it should note that the limitations of this right are to be construed narrowly; and it should desist from further using excessive force and violence to disperse peaceful protests.

For more information, please contact:

Prof Frans Viljoen
Director, Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria
Tel: +27 (0) 12 420 3228 / 3810
Mobile: +27 (0) 73 393 4181
Email: frans.viljoen@up.ac.za