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By Ibsaa Guutama

Getting away from present confusing state, direction of our struggle has to be determined before it costs us too much. One is to be Oromo and go in the direction Oromummaa dictates; the other is be Ethiopian without bargaining, tolerating insults, contempt and humiliation and be satisfied with available crumbs. We have seen that it is a joke to think of democratizing and living with equality and Oromummaa intact. If we select the first one, there are two choices; one is continuing with the present constitution and struggle for its implementation. The second is leaving the constitution and directly go for referendum and agitate for independence. It worth paying anything that costs. For this reason, goal of the struggle should be clear to Oromo youth and the people. Transparency in all national concerns wins trust from all. Above all, anything done in the name of the people should have someone who takes responsibility and accountability. If force of habit tries to hoodwink one, one has to get off the way fast for time is for the fresh. Leaders and nationalist are imprisoned while seeking to be Ethiopians. However, Ethiopia did not accept them. They are being abused for their being Oromo and daring to think of competing for Ethiopian power. It is not them that are despised but the nation they came out from. Therefore, the ongoing struggle is not only to condemn their imprisonment but must go far beyond. No reconciling before the Oromo are in full control of Oromiyaa. It is doom or liberation. Hacaaluu’s death has united the nation. Schism before that have to be forgotten not to divide support for Qeerroo struggle and prisoners. Those that joined PP camp have made their choice to live kowtowing for aliens. Bureaucracy, that is going to run the election, guns and intelligence, are built by PP who has them in his hands. Therefore, election run with it can never be fair and free. So, PP has to be excluded from next election or the election must run by third party all agree upon. Nations, nationalities and peoples have to found a new system of equals based on will of each of them. Oromiyaan haa jiraattu!


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