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Our hearts are bleeding with our siblings the Wala’ita people August 11, 2020

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Our hearts are bleeding with our siblings the Wala’ita

By Ibsaa Gutama

The Nafxanyaa has been eulogizing SNNP’s as a model of Ethiopianism, because identity of each member was suppressed and they use Amharic as official language. This has political, economic and social benefit for remnants of the Nafxanyaa system. It is to maintain that status quo that Wala’ita are now subjected to inhuman suffering. Wala’ita, a people with proud history having own language and culture; is one of the most industrious peoples in the region. Relation of Wala’ita with Oromo goes beyond occupation not to mention relations with Maccaa and Tuulamaa Association, Icaat and Transitional government of 1991. Both had put the toughest resistance individually for years before they fell to superior fire power supplied by imperialists. They have stood in domestic and foreign slave market like cattle. This could have been avoid had they resisted together. Now let us hope they will not make the same mistake as then, in trying to rise separately. The Nafxanyaa system is still lingers around as our main problem. The Ethiopian constitution is the result of years of relentless struggle. Wala’ita and other people are demanding rights recognized by that constitution. But the response they got is killing, torture and imprisonment. Today our hearts are bleeding with our siblings the Wala’ita. They are being butchered in their homes, their own country. Wala’ita had suffered under all Ethiopian rulers but this one reminds them the first colonizer. It is at this very moment committing genocide on that great people. All the oppressed have to stand in solidary with them before it turns against them. All those that have the same question will not be spared. Nations nationalities and peoples have the right to national self-determination that no one has the right to deny. Victory to Wala’ita people! Long live solidarity of oppressed nations, nationalities and peoples!

Oromiyaan haa jiraattu!


New York Times: At Least 10 Dead in Ethiopia Protests Over Autonomy: Health Officials


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